Galaxeena - Troubles in Agony

Author: E.N.Cuire
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Note: Galaxeena is a character I created while working with Eric Stanton and I retain copyright. Gala is more of a 'Wannabe' Superheroine dropped off on Earth because of her abnormal (?) sexual appetites. She had managed to deplete the crew of the Space Cruiser she'd been allocated to and the Captain had taken those drastic measures fearing Gala's appetites to be harmful to her crew.

Having spent many off hours on the Ship viewing vidfilms of an Earthly Female who went by the name of Blunder Broad, Gala decided Blundie's life looked like the kind of fun she'd most enjoy. Therefor, she decided to become a crime fighter in hopes of suffering (?) the same kinds of abuse suffered by that Amazin' Isle Brunette while fighting crime.

Galaxeena would rate herself as XXXX so, if you dont enjoy bondage, torture, rape and more, we suggest you dont read this story. If you enjoy... Enjoy...

Galaxeena was hanging around. Nothing new there. She always seemed to be hanging around in some kind of constraint, bondage, torture or other manner. This time, however, she was sweating profusely while trying to lift alternate ebony thigh booted legs clear of the calf deep, red hot embers her legs had been dangled into. She shuddered as an orgasm exploded through her luscious and overabundant body.

"Darn. These pervs have me all going..." She thought to herself. She could not express her opinions out loud due to the brass ballgag cruelly implanted in her mouth, a ballgag that, due to it's makeup, tasted much like salt from the Ocean, perhaps. To know how she got into this plight, we have to journey back several days.

Her good friend Blundie had been missing for a few days. Unusual for Blundie not to let Gala know where she was going. Blundie gone missing was not that unusual since Blundie, Gala knew, had a penchant for getting captured, all tied up and abused in manners she professed to abhor. Gala knew that Blundie got off on being abused and raped but it was something Blundie admitted to no one, not even to the two bestest friends who sometimes shared her boudoire.

Gala had gone to Blundie's small suburban house and had let herself in with her own key. (Yes, she and IK had keys 'just in case') Gala found herself searching for any clue that might lead to her Friend's whereabouts and was looking high and low through Blundie's well kept pad, not discovering a single thing. This was leading to frustration and Gala, when she got frustrated, translated those frustrations into yearnings for this or that kind of impalement, pain and/or sexual activity. "looks like I've got to take care of myself before I can do anything..." She thought while looking in admiration toward several of the bondage devices that had caused Blundie considerable trouble in the past. She licked her luscious lips and walked over to one she was amazed that the Amazon had retained for her growing, so secret 'museum'.

Standing some six feet tall on it's own platform, the item was well polished wood, about four inches across and capped with an egg shape. At it's base there were a number of wooden boards, some eight inches in length, about five inches across and each a perfect one inch high. Each was stacked one on another at each side of the pole and none were affixed to eachother. Gala ran her goved hand over the top of the pole while her cute pink tongue licked her upper lip. "I wonder what it must have felt like to be stuck on THAT..." she went.

Gala was unaware that one of her gloved hands had strayed down and now had already unzipped her own crotch. She was already fingering herself and gasped at the tremors she was giving herself. Her juices were already running down her booted legs as she continued to admire the stand that she now took a step toward. A high heel booted foot strayed high and another followed as she boosted herself upward.

"Surely, it cant hurt if I just allow SOME of this inside me..."

Her gloved hands seperated her soaked labia as she positioned herself above the pole and s-l-o-w-l-y lowered herself, feeling the wide egg shaped dowel stretch her oft used membranes and she bent her legs to allow more of the pole a deeper penetration.

"U-U-U-N-GHHHH... SO good..." She went as some eight inches of 'lover' was injested. She was close to a climax and brought her gloved hands up so she might free her gigantic boobs and give them some abuse to add to the feeling. She was climbing the spiral at a prodigeous rate yet holding back just that little bit, teasing herself as she flexed her mighty legs in their thighboot confinement to send herself up and down on the prod.

She certainly had not meant any of this to get out of hand. She'd really not intended to climax but she was on that headlong rush now where orgasm would not be denied. She felt her shortness of breath, the rapid heartbeat and the warmth that rushed up her booted legs through her whole system. Gala was CUMING while squeezing her nipples and forcing her own lactation and now shuddering in an orgasm that took her by surprise. Her long legs kicked and several of the boards went flying while Gala, with little to stand on, dropped down four more inches before she caught herself. Slowly, the orgasm subsided.

"Oh, oh... What HAVE I done???"

Gala, no mental Giant at the best of times, realized she was stuck atop the pole which was buried some twelve inches up her now. "I'll have to climb off it..." She said. (Beat-Beat) "HOW do I climb off it when I haven't got somewhere to grab and pull myself up?" (Beat- Beat) "I'll use my legs... They're powerful, as stong as Blundie's..."

She tried to grasp the pole by encircling it with her rubber booted legs and forced herself upward by about an inch. This gave her hope and she redoubled her efforts, forgetting about her own well known penchant for gushing femoil and how slick that femoil might make the pole. Suddenly, she was slipping and kicked two more boards out beneath her feet. On each side of her. 'U-U-U-UNNGGGG!!!"

She screamed as two more inches of 'lover' pushed aside sundry girlflesh and felt the onrush of another (un)wanted orgasm that had one of her rubbergloved hands seeking out her well engorged clittie and wanking it like a miniature cock. Gala was deep in trouble from her own mis-sent masochistic desires and reeling as another, more powerful cumming roared through her wanton bod. How she was managing to pump up and down with fourteen inches of hard 'lover' in her, she'd never know. She was and managed to kick another pair of boards from under her feet on each side, grunting in unspeakable agony as she was additionally impaled.

"I shall just have to go over the biorythm tables to get my mind off sex..." She said to herself as she came down from the last orgasm. "Oh, dear... I never paid much attention to those in school... That Lydia was such a cunt lapper in study hall..."

The thought of Lydia and the pleasure Lydia had given her while between her thighs was taking over Gala's thoughts again and Gala, never one to refuse a good orgasm, was at it again and causing herself another two inches of pole injestion. Thankfully, she passed out from too much in too little time.

A creaking brought Galaxeena back to consciousness, startling her out of her well imapled sleep. "Oh... I hope it's IK and not Blundie... Blundie would laugh her ass off if she saw me like this..."

No and no. T'was not either of the duo who had keys to the small house. Gala was suddenly looking at two pairs of thigh high boots coming down the stairs followed by their owners, a man and a woman.

"Look what we have here?" Spoke the thighbooted, abundantly shaped woman, sending sudders through Galaxeena. Gala had met this one before. This one was Bwitcha and where Bwitcha went, there was sure to be pain and suffering. With her wa a demon Gala had only heard about and who had caused Blundie a lot of distress in her past.

"Dr. Weerde... Bwitcha..." She gasped.

"It's nice to be recognized and you have the better of me..." Said Dr. Weerde looking impressed at how Gala was hung up. "And you know Bwitcha, too..."

"She's almost as good a fuck as Blunder Broad..." Said Bwitcha walking up to Gala and grasping her clittie between gloved fingers. She now applied muscle in abundance making Gala squeal in agony. "We'll have to get you off this THING and bound for some good fun... We'd come here in the hopes of finding Blunder Broad, but I suppose you'll have to do... Go to sleep now, there's a good little whore..."

Bwitcha, the evil witch (In more ways than one) had put a spell on Gala and Gala went under right away. She was not even aware she'd been lifted off her prod by magic and floated out the door and into a waiting limo. First thing she knew was when she came around in a sub basement somwhere in the docklands, standing in the glowing embers of a fireplace. She also noted a familiar figure being hefted aloft and slowly being rearwardly impaled on a cock of HUMUNGOUS proportion. IK looked bleary of eye and pretty much out of it and her own abundance clearly showing. She'd been stripped of her complete costume save her goggles, her ebony thigh boots and her long gloves. She didn't even cry out as her asscheeks were shunted open and Dr. Weerde used her convenient and huge breasts as handles to ram her down on his prodigious member.

"What a waste..." Thought Gala. "When he could have rammed that thing up Me and enjoyed a live ride..."

"Time for some wrestling..." Came the hated tones from Bwitcha. "I'm sure this so-sooper Heroine wont mind taking me on in a bout of mano a mano..."

Gala, suffering from too hot feet, wouldn't mind anything right now. She turned and looked at her enemy to find Bwitcha clad in red rubber with boots and gloves as long as Gala's own. Then gala heard the rumbling and saw the floor parting to reveal a deep mud pit which was now being watered down by a hose caught in mid air by Bwitcha's magic. Gala felt her bonds loosen before again disproving the Laws of Gravity and was sailing toward the mudpit like a slow bird. Suddenly, Bwitcha broke the spell and Gala went headlong. Well, not quite. She went in the direction of her heaviest weight. Make that WEIGHTS as she splashed beep in the mire breast first. She came up spluttering and trying out a new swimming motion called the Panic stroke. Bwitcha climbed through the ropes and gingerly stepped down into the mud.

"If you can defeat me, you will be free to go and you'll be able to take that half hearted butt rapee with you... Lady Lucifer's rules apply... No holds barred... May the best gal win..."

So saying, Bwitcha hauled off and smacked Gala across the face sending her crashing into a corner post. Gala was suddenly groggy and fair game as she was caught from behind and pulled powerfully back to rebound on the ropes which immediately propelled her into a booted knee in a cunt already squishy from past exertion. Gala let out a Blundie-like bleat and her gloved hands went down to accomodate her newest agony while her assailant smashed upward with such force that Gala's boob not only lifted her booted legs from the mire but also hit her in the chin. Gala was staggering already, and groggy and could do nothing to avoid the roundhouse that smashed both her boobs together or the massive headlock that followed. She went to her knees feeling like her head had parted company with the rest of her body.

Gala was too far gone already to notice IK and the fact she was on her knees in front of Dr. Weerde now, cleansing his satyristic organ from it's last intrusion while managing o reinflate the member that was cutting off airflow down her bobbing throat. Gala was in AGONY and picked up bodily to be swung aloft and onto the top rope around the ring. Dr. Weerde, to his credit, was managing to render applause as Gala was run along the rough hemp rope and getting a burning between her outstanding pussy lips as Bwitcha ran her from one end of that rope to the other. Gala then did what she did best. She shuddered in orgasm.

This seemed to annoy Bwitcha who then buried Gala's beautiful visage deep in the mud, butt up. Gala quickly injested about a gallon of the offensive material as she was taken from behind. Bwitcha had grown a cock of immense size through use of her own magic and was already plumbing Gala's more than willing depths.

"You wont be leaving me very much to amuse myself with if you drown her..." Commented Dr. Weerde while allowing his own sex object some air. "Those massive things on her front aren't lungs, you know..."

Gala didn't know which side was Sunday by now. She'd orgasmed again while under the surface and injested a couple of gallons more of the thick mud and could barely open her eyes enough to see the massive member now raping deep into her throat. Nor did she see the two huge dildos that floated toward her and, with arrowlike efficiency, burried themselves deeply in her two holes, one so recently vacated. She felt them, however, and knew them to feel like the real things although humungously BIGGER than any Human Gala had thusfar encountered. Raped and pillaged, specially in all three gaping holes, Gala surcumbed again and again. Before passing out cold.

When Gala awoke again she was aware she'd been repeatedly raped. Again. This time by Dr. Weerde who seemed to prefer his rape victims commatose. "What a waste..." She thought as she received yet another liquid enema. "To fuck this fantastic body of mine while I'm not into it..."

Bettye, IK as she was known to the Criminal World, was down and licking Bwitcha's boots and was undergoing some deep discomfort of her own. Bwitcha had waved a spell that brought five pairs of soft, kidd leahter gloves to attack veroius parts of IK's fabulous form. The gloves had bound themselves around her breasts while others tweaked and pinched her engorged nipples and others sought (and found) entry to her two lower holes and were encouraging her boot licking with fistfucks of those two emmanently fuckable caverns. Bettye had only admitted once to Blundie that she LOVED what in rude parlance was called a 'Hersheybar' routine but was getting off right now while in deep degredation. She wanted this rape to go on and on but knew it was up to Gala and herself to attempt some kind of escape.She shed a tear when Bwitcha suddenly left her hanging in mid air with her gove attackers and went over to where Gala was now filling her puss with Dr. Weerde. Bettye was now exuding her own milks which the gloves were causing to spurt onto the floor, much to IK's disgust.

Gala was in seventh Heaven. She was finally getting it from both ends and was alive enough to contribute mightilly to her own defilement. She was causing both her assailants (?) to cum along with her as she started a sex tryst that had now become a battle. A battle Galaxeena rarely, if ever, lost. Gala was in full swing and happily encouraging her own abuse while drawing one after another orgasm from each of her tormentors. She was in her own element and attacking both Dr. Weerde and Bwitcha into hardening anew so she could abuse their satyristic members. And both Weerde and Bwitcha were growing exhausted!

Bettye and Galaxeena woke in bed together. They both knew they were in Blundie's queen sized bed. (Blundie would NEVER own a bed called King Size)

"What happened? How did we get out?" Asked IK. "Last thing I remember was being raped by all those darned gloves..."

"Shall we say, we wore 'em down in the ends..." Smiled Gala with a grin.

Thas' all folks...