Wonder Woman's Final Mission  

By Flamingo Boy

Wonder Woman’s Final Mission

By Flamingo Boy (flamingoboyfun@gmail.com)


It had been many years since Wonder Woman had piloted the Invisible Plane. Even after such an absence, it still handled like a dream. She thought she had forgotten how to work the controls, but in minutes, it had come back to her… just like riding a bike.

Although she had long mastered her additionally gained power of self-flight (much like Superman) and that her own air speed and maneuverability surpassed that of her faithful plane, circumstances of this particular mission warranted that the aircraft be temporarily brought out of retirement.

One of the main reasons was that her sister, Drusilla, aka Wonder Girl, could not fly and she would need transportation to get back home…

Also… Wonder Woman would not be able to carry Wonder Girl in her arms because… Wonder Girl would be returning home… alone!!!!

Wonder Woman could have set the auto-pilot to follow the coordinates that she was instructed to memorize and let the plane do all the work, but she decided to fly her plane one final time… for old time’s sake… as this would probably be her final mission… a mission she had a gut-feeling… that she would not be returning from.

After all these years, the infamous villain, the Black Hood, finally turned the tables on Diana and got the upper hand… and their was nothing Wonder Woman could do but to comply to his demands.

Somehow he had captured Wonder Girl.

How did he know about Drusilla? She had retired from being Wonder Girl for over sixty years when World War II ended. How did he get her to leave the safety of Themyscira (aka Paradise Island)?

It didn’t matter now. All that mattered was her beloved, younger sister’s safety. Wonder Woman agreed that in exchange for her sister’s release, she would take her place as the Black Hood’s prisoner. The Black Hood gave his word that if Wonder Woman could endure what he had in store for her for the next twenty-four hours, she was free to go. But until her time was up, she had to give her solemn word as an Amazon princess not to escapes or resist him.

If Wonder Woman didn’t agree to this, then Drusilla be on the receiving end of whatever devilish things that he had originally intended for the Star-Spangled Heroine, and that was more than Diana could bear.

The Black Hood, although a villain, was still a man of his word. Wonder Woman knew that the Black Hood would not double-cross her. He would let Drusilla go as promised.

The Black Hood was also a fiendishly clever foe, and now that he was on the verge of having Wonder Woman in his clutches, he wasn’t taking any chances. He made sure that Wonder Woman told no one else where she was going. He made sure that she wasn’t being followed. He made Wonder Woman disable any location-finding devices and had coordinates erased so that her steps couldn’t be traced. He made precautions that would ensure that Wonder Girl would be taken straight back to Justice League headquarters and… without fear of her returning with the members for a rescue of Wonder Woman… at least, not for twenty-four hours… and by then, it would be too late.

The Black Hood thought of everything. The bastard had all his bases covered.

The irony of it all. For many months, he tried to capture Wonder Woman… and failed miserably. Before he escaped by the skin of his teeth on their last meeting, Wonder Woman warned him not to try to go after her again. He was way out of his league. He took those words to heart and lowered his sites to easier prey. If he couldn’t have a Wonder Woman for his very own, then perhaps a Wonder Girl would suffice.

As instructed, she landed her plane on a deserted bench on the southern coast of the island. She activated the homing beacon so that her “host” could find the plane.

When she stepped out of her plane, she immediately spotted the rendezvous point. It looked like a large shed stuck smack-dab in the middle of the sandy beach, but in fact, was an elevator shaft that led to the Black Hood’s secret underground lair.

When Diana eventually got close to the shaft, she immediately noticed a speaker and monitor camera mounted on the top. As promised, a small metal strong box was placed next to the shaft with the lid still open. Diana went to the box to examine the contents.

Inside she found both of Drusilla’s bracelets as well as her Belt of Amazon Strength, Lasso of Truth, and tiara. Upon closer inspection, Wonder Woman determined that these were, indeed, the genuine article and not fakes.

“Are you satisfied with the authenticity of the artifacts?” the voice of the Black Hood emerged from the speaker and momentarily startled Wonder Woman.

“Yes,” Wonder Woman hoped that her enemy didn’t pick up on the hint of nervousness that she had in her voice.

“Just as I gave my word… all of Wonder Girl’s items are returned and she’s free to use them once she’s return to JLA headquarters and out of my hair. Now lock the box to insure that your sister can’t access them until she’s back in the States.”

“When will she get the key or code to open it?” Diana asked.

“Superman can easily rip it open for her… or if he’s not around… some other muscle-bound buffoon will happily oblige. If worse comes to worse, a good blow-touch will burn it open. I’m sure that Batman still carries one in his utility belt. Now, please leave the box outside and come in. You have my word that Wonder Girl will be released the moment you have handed yourself over to me.”

The elevators doors opened to reveal a small room that was empty except for a television monitor, a few cameras placed at strategic positions and a backless swivel stool that was mounted in the middle of the floor.

Wonder Woman reluctantly stepped inside the room as the elevator doors closed behind her. She nervously looked at the forward camera and cleared her throat to speak.

“I know that you are a man of your word, Black Hood. I know that you have not harmed Wonder Girl as of yet… but… before I surrender myself to you, I would like to see my sister one last time.”

“Of course,” The Black Hood’s image appeared on the screen. He wore a Grim Reaper cloak which totally covered up his head to conceal his facial features and identity. “I may be an evil genius but I am not without some measure of sentimentality or compassion. Take as much time as you need to say your farewell… but the clock to your twenty-four hour sentence does not start ticking until you are finished speaking with her… understand?”

“I understand,” Wonder Woman signed. “And thank you.”

Seconds later, Wonder Girl’s image appeared on the screen. To Diana’s relief, Drusilla was still dressed in her Wonder Girl costume and was not stripped down naked. The only items that she was stripped of were her bracelets, magic belt, and tiara. Other than the fact that her arms were bound behind her back, ankles tied together and her mouth gagged, she appeared unharmed as the Black Hood had promised.

The guard armed with a sub-machine gun that was watching over here had picked her up from her prone position and assisted her so that she could kneel. He pointed the screen to her and then removed her gag.

“Diana,” Drusilla said as if she saw a ghost. “Y-you’re alive! Thank Hera. I thought you were dead.”

That statement puzzled Diana but she put it to the side for the time being. “Dru… dearest… I’m so sorry that you had to be put through this. I’m so sorry that they had to use you in order to get to me. Are you all right?”

“I’m okay,” Wonder Girl managed a weak smile. They were both glad to see each other after such a long time… if only it we under better circumstances. “They haven’t hurt me, Diana… only my pride when they tied me up like a dog. I’m so sorry that I let them capture me. I feel so stupid. It’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, they wouldn’t have gotten you, too.”

“No, sister,” Diana said with all sincerity. “This is my fault. My arrogance made me underestimate the villainy of the Black Hood. I should have seen this coming and taken measures to prevent this. I’m sorry that you had to get involved and be used as a pawn against me… but not to worry… I’ve arranged for your release… and what did you mean that you thought that I was dead?”

“That’s how they trapped me,” Drusilla successfully fought back her tears. “Mother told me that she received word from the Justice League that you were killed in battle while bravely defending the Earth from an alien invasion. The League wanted a replacement for you and they requested me. Mother sent me to America to retrieve your body to bring home for a burial fitting an honorable Amazon Warrior Princess. She also told me to tell the League that I couldn’t automatically wear the mantle of the new Wonder Woman as a new contest would have to be ordered to determine that.”

“Just before I arrived at JLA headquarters, I was greeted by some nice Girl Scouts who asked me come with them to visit some children in the burn unit of a nearby hospital. I didn’t see any harm in that. I was led into a room and somebody shot some gas into my face. I was only stunned for a minute… but it was enough for them. I felt something tug at my waist… someone tore off my belt… and my Amazon strength was gone. The next thing I knew... a bunch of thugs were on top of me. I tried to fight them off but there were too many of them. Eventually, they overpowered me… forced my arms behind my back and tied my wrists. I was totally helpless and could do nothing to stop them from binding my ankles and gagging me. It was so humiliating. They threw me on a plane and took me here. How could I be so stupid to fall for such an obvious trap?”

“It’s typical for villains to confuse our compassion for weakness and exploit it,” Diana reassured her sister. “You’ve been out of the super-heroine business for a long time, Dru. You were just out of practice. It happens to the best of us. Now listen carefully… I need you to promise me something.”

“Of course, Diana. Anything.”

“You swear?”

“I swear. What is it?”

“When they release you and you get to JLA headquarters, you are to sit tight for the next twenty-four hours. If I am not heard after that, you are to go back to Themyscira and ask our mother to order a tournament of champions to determine a new Wonder Woman. I want you to be in that contest, too, Dru. I think you have an excellent chance of winning.”

“I could never replace you,” Wonder Girl was confused. “Why would I ever do that?”

“Because I know that it’s your dream to someday take my place as the Champion of the Amazons.”

“As any one else, Diana… but not under these circumstances… Wait a minute…” Only then did Drusilla realize the gravity of the situation and that her sister manipulated her into swearing an oath prematurely. “This doesn’t make sense. Why would they release me when they have both of us… unless… By Athena’s spear, Diana… No! You’re not coming back with me… are you? You speak as if you may not return at all. You made a deal with this devilish Black hood… didn’t you! What did you do?”

“Nothing to concern you,” Wonder Woman answered. “Just remember that I love you with all my heart and I will always love you no matter what happens. You are the most precious thing to me in the entire world and I would do anything to protect you… even die for you.”

“What deal did you make, Diana?” Drusilla persisted.

“You swore an oath, Drusilla,” Diana remained steady in her resolve. “You are bound to Amazon Law to keep it.”

“Tell me what you did!” Drusilla demanded.

“Simple prisoner exchange, dear sister,” Diana said nonchalantly. “Me for you.”

“That’s insane, Diana. Why would you agree to that? I’m the one that was stupid enough to be captured… not you.”

“If I don’t do it, Drusilla, then the Black Hood will do to you what he originally intended for me… and I could never bear that.”

“That’s not fair!” Drusilla screamed. “You tricked me. You can’t take the consequences for my folly. I won’t subject you to the indignities that are meant for me. It’s not right. I’m the prisoner… not you. I’m not afraid of what the Black Hood will do to me. I’m an Amazon. I will face my destiny bravely.”

“I know you have courage,” Wonder Woman said with all sincerity. “But the deal has been made… and you promised….”

“Then release me from my oath, Diana. Please! Before it’s too late.”

“I won’t, Drusilla. It’s for your own good.”

“No!” Drusilla looked around the room desperately. “Please, Black Hood… I beg you. Release my sister from your deal. I’m your prisoner. I swear to willingly submit to whatever you have in store for me. Please… let Wonder Woman go. Let me stay.”

“The deal has been made,” Wonder Woman again remained stern.

“No, Diana!” Drusilla futilely struggled in her bounds which perfectly rendered her helpless. “You don’t have to do this! Don’t do this, Diana! Please! Please!”

No longer able to bear her sister’s brave pleas, she discretely signaled to the camera to have her sister’s gag replaced.

“No!” Drusilla screamed one last desperately plea as she saw the gag coming toward her mouth and knew that her sister’s fate was sealed and that she would never see Diana again.

Drusilla was able to struggle just enough to prevent her mouth from being covered those extra few precious seconds to utter, “I love you, Diana! I’ll never forget you! Never! I swear! I love you, sister! I love you! I lov…. Mmmmph! MMMMMPPPH!”

Diana turned her head away from the screen as a few tears formed in her eyes.

“I love you, too, Dru,” she answered softly. “Please forgive me… baby sister.”

Having a sense of compassion, the Black Hood turned off the feed so that Wonder Woman would not be subjected to her sister’s indignity any longer.

“Thank you for not hurting her,” Wonder Woman tears became more abundant. “I’m ready to be your prisoner now. Shall we begin?”

“Take a minute or two to re-compose yourself,” the Black Hood showed just the slightest hint of tenderness. “I don’t want to see your tears just yet. That will come later. Any further tears you shed will be my own personal doing.”

It took Wonder Woman a good minute and a half to get her crying under control. She never realized, until this very moment, how precious her sister was to her.

When her last tear was wiped away, Wonder Woman, with a straight face and a proud stance, stood before the camera, cleared her throat, and said, “Okay… now I’m ready.”

“Are you?” the Black hood answered.

“I am,” Wonder Woman said with all her conviction and confidence that she normally displaced when faced in a crisis.

“We shall see,” the Black Hood resumed his normal tone. “I’ve waited years for this moment. I’m going to savor this victory forever… and perhaps... you’ll savor it as well. Let the games begin! My God, this is going to be fun!”

“You’ll have plenty of time to gloat over me later,” Wonder Woman resumed her smugness. “Stop talking and do whatever you want to me. The sooner I see my sister leave here the better.”

“As you wish, my raven-haired beauty. Time is short and I plan to do a lot to you.”

“Very, well. What do you want me to do first?”

Part II

“Allllrigggghhhttteeee, then,” the Black Hood said as Wonder Woman looked and saw a small hole open up in the floor. “Let’s start the ball rolling by making sure that you’re weaponless. That’s see how high and mighty you are without your precious little arsenal. I know that you gave your word that you wouldn’t resist me… but I prefer not to take any chances with a cunning vixen like you. I know that you would not resist meconsciously… but I know your ordeal could send you into your infamous “berserker rage” and you would not be in control of your actions and you would not be bound by your word… and I prefer not to be on the receiving end of your unrestrained battle fury.”

“You know about that?” Wonder Woman was caught by surprise. “That hasn’t happened in over twenty years. I assure you that I’m over that terrible phase in my life.”

“Nevertheless… it’s still an infinitesimal possibility that I prefer not to gamble on. I know that I am acting like an over-cautious old-lady… but surely you can see my position? Please indulge me… I know you really won’t go psycho… but… I find that stripping you of your power very slowly is most exhilarating to me.”

“That’s obvious,” Wonder Woman rolled her eyes.

“Let’s start with those fabulous bracelets that can deflect just about anything. If I decide that I want to shot you… I can’t have you instinctively react and get hit with my own deflected bullet… now can I?”

“We wouldn’t want that to happen,” Wonder Woman mocked.

“Now… nice and slow… remove your bracelets and throw them down the hole. Not to worry… I’ll take good care of them.”

Wonder Woman froze for a second, hoping that there was something she could do to prevent her from giving up her bracelets… hoping that perhaps Superman would bust in with a rescued Drusilla in his arms.

“Your bracelets, Wonder Woman,” the Black Hood’s voice startled Diana out of her thoughts. “Now!”

Seeing she had no choice and no other way out, Diana slowly, reluctantly, and methodically undid the clasp that fastened her bracelet to her left wrist with a loud metallic snap. She took it off her wrist and stared at it.

“Down the hole, please. Don’t worry. It will only hurt for a second. Come on… you can do it.”

Instead of throwing it down, Diana simply walked over to the hole and opened up her fingers to merely allow the bracelet to drop out of her hand and fall into the hole. She heard a few thuds and bangs as it hit against the metal sides of the shoot as it fell.

“And the other one, please.”

Diana unsnapped the bracelet from her right hand and surrendered it to the hole much in the same manner as the first.

She rubbed her bare wrists… hoping that by doing so she could somehow magically conjure them back on her wrists. Already she felt vulnerable… almost naked… and the Black Hood was only getting started.

Wonder Woman felt great shame in surrendering her bracelets that she once wore so proudly, without so much as putting up a fight… making it so easy for the Black Hood. It was the first time in many, many years that she gave them up so voluntarily. Previously, they would have to forcibly removed while she was overpowered… and all the while she was fighting back viciously. Other times, she had to be rendered unconscious before someone could remove them. Diana knew that the Black Hood was employing this tactic as a way to psychological wear her down and eventually break her… and so far, there was nothing she could do about it… unless she broke her vow, disgraced her honor, and sentenced her sister to death.

“Thank you, Wonder Woman,” the Black Hood said. “That wasn’t so bad… was it? I see you’re taking the loss very well.”

“I hope you choke on them,” Wonder Woman refrained from rubbing her bare wrist any further. Her oath never mentioned anything of verbally defying her abductor.

“And now… your magic belt of Amazon strength and your lasso, please. I don’t think I need to explain way I need to relieve you of those.”

Diana hesitated again. “It doesn’t have to be this way, Black Hood. In all the time, I’ve known you, you haven’t hurt anybody. End this now. Let my sister go and surrender to me. I give you my word that I will personally see that the authorities treat you fairly. You might not even have to go to prison. I can help rehabilitate you. I don’t think you’re really evil… just twisted. You have an illness and I can help cure you.”

“You are in no position to make demands.”

“I not demanding, Hood. I’m just offering to….”

“Your belt, please!”

“In the name of Justice, please stop….”

“Take off your belt and throw it down the hole!” The Black Hood demanded. “Until you do it, your sister remains my prisoner. Perhaps I should let you go and play this little game with her instead? How about....”

“All right!” Wonder Woman shouted back.

Slowly, she reached around her back and undid the multiple series of tiny hooks that fastened her belt to her waist in the same way an ordinary woman might take off her bra (but with a lot more hooks). Wonder Woman could easily remove it instantly by grapping on both ends, pulling one side while pushing on the opposite, so that all the hooks would release simultaneously. She did this to stall for time and manipulate the Black Hood’s order to “do things slowly” against him. Somehow, she hoped that by taking her time and undoing the hooks, one at a time, it would afford the precious seconds needed for her silent prayer to Hera to be answered for some timely outside intervention… again hoping Superman or Batman would rescue her.

What Diana didn’t know was that her slow technique were making very distinctive subtle popping sounds that was getting the Black Hood sexually aroused… just as he planned.

As the last hook popped and Diana felt her belt slide off her waist, she knew that her prayer for aid would reamain unanswered. With her belt stripped from her waist, she immediately felt her great power evaporate from unearthly to normal. Only seconds ago, she had strength that almost rivaled Superman… and now she was as vulnerable as any other mortal woman… well… perhaps an above-average woman. Even without Amazon strength, Diana training and exercise regiment was still equal to that of an Olympic athlete.

As she let her belt drop down the hole, she began to have a new-found respect for her friend and team mate, Batgirl, who relied on fighting crime with their own mortal limitations… using cunning, fighting skills, and a few gadgets to overcome foes rather that superior brute force.

“Now we can arm wrestle on equal terms,” the Black Hood joked.

Even with mortal vulnerability, Diana still refused to look dejected. “I can still beat you, two out of three.”

“I doubt that I could even beat you once. Belt or not… you still are a magnificent specimen of womanhood… and I plan to get to know every last inch of you. Even now, you still admirably hold your chin up… that’s why I love you… and soon you will learn to love me back. That’s why I must possess you… but I must break you first… only then can I truly make you mine.”

“I’ll never let you break me,” Diana said confidently. “It doesn’t matter what you do to me. I’ll die before that happens. Even if you do break me, I’ll be a slave… but never truly or willingly loving you. You can never force anyone to love. It must come freely….”

“You will be my wife and you will love me!” The Black Hood suddenly realized that he allowed Wonder Woman to rattle him. He quickly resumed his calm demeanor. “I mean… I will break you… and you will come to your senses that I am the only man that can have you. Just you see.”

“Yes, let’s see, you poor deluded man.”

“Now then… we’re were we?”

Wonder Woman paced around the room. “As you can see, I’m totally powerless now. No bracelets. No lasso, No belt. Are you satisfied? Now release my sister. You gave your word.”

“I am not satisfied.”

“What do you mean?” Wonder Woman pretended that she didn’t know what he was talking about. “You have all my weapons. I’m not a threat now. Let Drusilla go.”

“Do you think me a fool? You’re not powerless yet… or weaponless. There’s one more thing you possess.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your tiara, please.”

“Why would you want that old thing? It’s just an ornamental headdress.”

“Ornamental headdress… my ass! Thatold thing can be used as a throwing weapon. It’s also a transmitter so you can send telepathic messages to your sister once she puts her own tiara back on. Then the JLA can track you to my island.”

Damn! How did he know that?

Outwitted again, Diana carefully removed her tiara. Without realizing it, she shook her head in order to put her messed up raven-hair back into place. This made the Black Hood get even hornier.

After throwing her tiara down the hole, it quickly closed up signaling to Diana that the Black Hood knew that she was hiding nothing else.

Diana stood in front of the camera and folded her arms. “Now I am powerless and weaponless. Now will you let my sister go?”

“Powerless and weaponless…yes… but not helpless. I need to have you bound and secured… just to be on the safe side.”

“Y-you… you’re going to tie me up?” Diana grew nervous. “You don’t have to do that. I gave you my word that I wouldn’t try to escape. Whatever you want to do to me, I won’t resist you. I swear by Hera, I won’t… but please don’t bondage me. I beg you. I don’t think I could endure that.”

“I know you won’t resist me and that I don’t have to bind you helpless… but I want to do it anyway. You have no idea how desirable you are with some rope wrapped around you. It’s every heterosexual male’s dream to tie you, of all women, up. Besides, I have to secure you as I said that I can’t risk….”

“Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything else….”

“Have a seat, Wonder Woman.”


“Sit down or your sister dies right now.”

Wonder Woman immediately approached the backless swivel stool and managed to calm down slightly. Her love for her sister was the only thing that was keeping her from going over the edge. It was theonly thing that kept her under the Black Hood’s thumb. Diana vowed that if she somehow got through this, she would make the swine suffer as he never suffered before.

A hole in the floor opened again and a thin cabinet with two drawers rose up and strategically placed itself adjacent to the stool.

“Open the top drawer, please. Remove the contents.”

Diana opened the drawer. It was empty except for a long elastic cord with hooks on both ends.

“Bind your ankles together,” the Black Hood fought to keep from drooling. “Take off your boots first.”

Diana picked up the cord and her nervous tone continued. “I-I-I’m not sure that I can do this… to myself, that is.”

“I’m trying to save you the indignity of being bound by a man. You can do it yourself… or I can call one of my male guards in to do it….”

“No… not that,” Wonder Woman. “I’ll do it myself… but… why can’t I leave my boots on?”

“One… because I have a foot fetish and I want to see your bare feet… and two… those boots have a subtle amount of padding, giving you just enough clearance to slide out of any foot bindings. You see, I’ve done my homework on you. Boots off… now… or I’ll call my guard in.”

“Don’t…” Diana quickly removed her red boots and threw them to the side. Then she bent over to put the coil around her bare ankles.Damn again! How does he know all this shit?

“Make a figure eight,” the Black Hood instructed. “Get the cord between your ankles… don’t just wrap it around the outside. Make sure you put the hooks together behind your feet… not in front.”

Wonder Woman did as instructed. When she put the hooks together, she found her new binding to be strong and inescapable. Her captor knew about proper bondage techniques. The pattern of the coil also prevented her from slipping her feet free and the hooks were in an awkward position where she could not rub them against anything to pop them loose.

“Hmmm…. you polished your toenails. That is a most classy shade of red.”

“I wore it just for you,” Diana used her sarcasm to mask her steadily increasing nervousness.

“Now open the top drawer….”

Diana gulped when she saw the pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs. Again she had to make another joke to mask her nervous as she picked them up. She let them dangle on one finger. “For me? A new pair of bracelets to replace the ones I lost? Why, darling… you shouldn’t have.”

“Still making light of the situation? I like your spirit… all the more enjoyable when I break it. Try them on my love… unlike those antiques that you graciously gave to me… you’ll find these bracelets to have a more… permanent fit. Remember… Daddy is watching to make sure that you close them all the way.”

Wonder Woman had a feeling of both fear and excitement as she felt the cold steel press against her skin as she closed the first cuff of her left wrist. The sinister sound of the slowclick… click… click… click echoed through the shaft.

“No!” the Black Hood’s voice boomed just as Diana was about to apply the cuff and restrain both hands in front of her. “Not the front. Cuff yourself behind your back.”

This was the request that Diana hoped that she wouldn’t hear. She placed her arms behind her back but hesitated again.

“Very good. That’s it. Do it… nice and slow. I want to hear, at least eight… slow… clicks… to know that they’re on all the way and you can’t slip your hands out. No tricks. I have a camera trained in behind you and I can see what you’re doing.”

“Please….” Diana nervousness overwhelmed her. “I-I-I can’t.”

“Do you want me to call for my guard to help you?”

“No,” Diana started to sweat and breathe heavy much to the sensual delight of the Black Hood. “Please… just give me a little time. I’ll do it! I swear. I just need a minute… please!”

“Very, well,” the Black Hood wanted to savor the anticipation that he was mere moments away for finally making Wonder Woman his totally helpless captive and plaything. “One minute. Relish your final moments of freedom. You won’t experience that ever again… but just to make sure you don’t have a change of heart….” The Black Hood activated his communicator. “Captain Morris. Are you outside with Wonder Girl?”

“Affirmative, sir,” a male voice answered. “Awaiting your orders.”

“Good. In exactly one minute… set your watch… would you be so kind as to put a slug into Wonder Girl’s head?”

“With pleasure, sir.”

“Damn you,” Wonder Woman tired not to cry as she mustered the willpower to close the handcuff on herself. “Hera, give me strength to do this….”

The image of her beloved sister’s brain splattered across the beach was enough of a motivation to lock the handcuff on herself behind her back. With each ominous click, she knew that she was that much closer to her own self-doom. Each click sent chills down her spine.

With the last and final click, she knew her fate was sealed… her captivity and helplessness and possible servitude were now complete and absolute. There was no escape now.

When she heard the final click of the handcuff, it also signaled that she relinquished the last bit of control that she had on her own destiny. Now the Black Hood was in total and absolute control… and it was a heavy thought for Diana to contemplate.

She was scared and aroused at the same time. For the first time in decades, she felt her crotch area beginning to feel moist. She was defeated and humiliated, but her dark side was letting her get turned own. She felt knots in her stomach and she keeled over briefly. She felt like she wanted to throw up and wretched a few times. She was so over-whelmed by the multitude of senses that her hair became drenched with sweat. Her breathing become heavy and erratic and caused her to moan as she exhaled… almost as if she were hyperventilating.

She was in conflict with her inner being. Her Amazon side loathed bondage and it was her duty to prevent it at all cost… while her dark, kinky seductive side loved it. The battle of these two egos were taking its toll on Diana.

It was bad enough that she found herself bound and helpless… but it was worse in the fact that she now allowed herself to be put into this situation.

This time, her bondage was different. In the past, she had to be rendered unconscious before being tied up. Now she was bound… by her own hand… and by her own free choice… given if she didn’t do it, Drusilla would die… but the choice was Diana’s and Diana’s alone.

Again, without knowing it, she allowed herself to be manipulated by the Black Hood into self-bondage. It was another psychological ploy to batter and weaken her will… and it was working. Panic took over and Diana began to struggle but her bounds refused to yield.

Feeling shame and defeat, Wonder Woman’s panic turned to anger and frustration.

“AHHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOO! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Screaming was the only outlet she had.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Wonder Woman,” said the Black hood before he went back to his communicator. “Captain Morris, please cancel the last order. Wonder Woman is now secure. Take the girl and load her on the plane. Set the timer for take-off at three minutes.”

“You mean… we’re actually going to release the prisoner, sir? You meanreally let her go?”

“Of course, Captain. We made a deal. Make sure to load the box with the magic items. Take a camera man with you so we can prove that Wonder Girl is safely loaded and sent away.”

“Yes, sir. Morris out.”

“Damn you, Black Hood,” anger and her viper-like tongue were the only ammunition that Diana had left. “Curse the day you were born. If there’s a last dying breathe in my body, I’ll making you pay for this humiliation. If not, the Hand of Justice will surely catch up with you eventually. You won’t get away with this. You’ll nev---arrrgggghhhh!”

Wonder Woman’s words were cut short with a quick flood of pain as she felt a part of her will suddenly get sucked away as the Black Hood sneaked up behind her and wrapped her lasso around her shoulders and totally immobilized her arms onto her sides.

The fiend tricked her again! The image she saw on the monitor was just that… an image. He was actually lurking elsewhere ready to blindside her with this tactic to erode away more of her will to make the job of breaking her all the more easy.

“Just a little insurance so you remain helpless,” the Black Hood said as he roughly wrapped and tied the lasso across her chest. The pain and pleasure of the ropes… as well as the unexpected ripping away of part of her will… caused Diana to squirm and gyrated in her new bondage with both anguish and delight.

This was also a new experience to her. She had been bound by villains with her own lasso before and had her will weakened… but she always had her belt on before she was ever entwined. Although her belt of strength did not make her immune to her will-breaking lasso, it helped to absorb the initial shock. By the time the villain ripped her belt off her body, Diana already braced for the shock. This time she didn’t have her belt… and she never saw it coming. The pain and pleasure was unique and her crotch got even wetter… much to her chagrin.

“Can you escape now?” the Black Hood said as he held one end of the lasso.

“No,” Wonder Woman reluctantly answered as the lasso compelled her to tell the truth.

“Any chance that you can break free… wiggle out?”


“So you can only be freed now by some outside intervention… correct?”


“Have I broken you, yet?”


“Do you like your bondage?”

Although, she knew that it was useless, Diana tried to fight the answer but the lasso forced the answer to her lips. “Y-y-yes!”

“I knew it,” the Black Hood was related. “Wow! This lasso really works. Let’s test it out some more… shall we? Are you a lesbian?”


“That’s good. You had me wondering about that? Now… have you ever desired a man?”


“Best news I’ve heard all day. What else can I ask? Ah! Got it! Are you are virgin?”


“That’s a shock… a gorgeous hunk of woman like you… but you’re not a dyke and you do like men?”


“Are you a virgin because you’re frigid?”


“Whew… had me worried there for a second. Are you capable of being in love?”


“Have you ever been in love?”


“With who?”

“Steve Trevor.”

“The dead war hero pilot from World War II?”


“You have good taste. If I were gay or a woman of the time period, I’d bang him myself… but you didn’t bone him because you’re a virgin. You must have great willpower or maybe the rumors of Trevor being a closeted fudge-packer were true.”

“No… Steve was all man.”

“How would you know, Virgin? Did you, at least, kiss him?”


“With tongue?”


“Did he ever feel you up?”


“Did he ever finger you?”


“Hmmm… second base… not too shabby. So you are a semi-slut, at least… but still wouldn’t give it up for old Stever, huh? How come?”

Diana didn’t want to answer but had no choice. “I wanted to save myself for our wedding night.”

“How noble. You were going to marry him?”


“But you didn’t… because he was killed on a mission?”


“Have you loved anyone else since?”


“Why not?”

“After the war, I returned home. It turned out that Steve wasn’t dead. His plane crashed on a desert island and he lost his memory. Eventually, he was found and rescued. He forgot all about me… married someone else and went on with his life. When his wife died in childbirth, the shock of the loss made him remember about me… lost his chance for true love. He became depressed and died a broken man. It was all my fault. I did that to him. I should never have told him that I loved him. For my penance, I would never have another man again.”

“Well… I guess asking you to love and marry me is out of the question.”

“I’d rather have the crows peck my eyes out while I’m still alive.” For once, Diana didn’t mind that she was compelled to answer.

“I’ll change your mind,” the Black Hood released the rope. “I grow on people… just like fungus.”

With the release of the rope, Diana was able to get a small iota of her will back and speak her own mind. Her anger gave her a reserve of mental fortitude. Unfortunately, she was also overcome with emotion and she really didn’t know what she was saying. It was mostly sub-conscious babble and ranting.

“May Lord Hades torment you wicked soul the day you enter his kingdom, Black Hood. Release me at once! I am an Amazon Princess, Champion of my people, and a High Priestess to Hera and Athena and I will not be subjected to this. I hate you, Black hood.”

The Black Hood seemed stimulated by this sudden leave of Wonder Woman’s sense. “Alright… your Highness… let’s make this game a little more fun and interesting. I’m so confident that you can’t escape my clutches that I now release you form your oath to resist or escape.”

Upon hearing this, some of Diana’s anger passed. “And resist, I will. You are a fool to release me.”

“But I want you to resist. I want you to struggle and squirm and try to fight back. I want to see your lovely body gyrate in pain and pleasure. It’ll be more fun that way. I get to deflower you. I’ll be the first to shove my hard cock between your legs… then up your ass. That’s right… you never had a rear-entry before… but I’ll soonrectumfy that situation. Get it? Rectumfy? Rectify?”

The sudden thought of that turned Diana’s anger to panic. She started to struggle violently within her bounds.

“Take it easy, Kiddo. Being your first time, I’ll be nice and gentile with you. Ha… there I go again. Get it?”

“Noooo! NOOOO!” Wonder Woman lost leave of her senses. “Sweet Hera, please help me? I beseech you. Help! Helmpph! Mmmmphh! Mmmmmph!”

Wonder Woman’s anxiety came to an abrupt halt when the Black Hood silenced here when he shoved the ball gag into her mouth and fastened into place by tightening the strap behind her head. To his relief Wonder Woman, calmed down and dropped her head to her lap so she could catch her breath? As much as the Black Hood wanted to mess with her head and possess the infamous femm fatale, he didn’t want to drive her insane either… that and the fact that her screaming was getting on his nerves… and he wanted her to save her energy for screaming for later. Also, a part of him was concerned that she might actually be able to invoke Hera to aid her. He knew it was nonsense… but the Black Hood was never one to take chances.

“Mmmmpphh,” Wonder Woman growled in disgust as the Black Hood lifted her head and started to kiss and lick her face.

“Shhh… there… there. Good girl. Stay calm… in your little tirade, have you forgotten about your sister?”

Diana’s eyes widen in terror as she realized that she was totally helpless and Drucilla was still in the villain’s clutches. The thought of “there’s a first time for everything” entered her mind. Could this be the first time that the Black Hood would go back on his word? Now that he had the “invincible” Wonder Woman in his clutches, would he still feel the need to release Wonder Girl?

Wonder Woman was given a brief reprieve from her dilemma when the Black Hood pointed to the screen. Captain Morris was carrying the still bound and gagged Wonder Girl in his arms. As he carried her, she struggled in her bounds and uttered inaudible pleas and objections through her gag… somehow hoping that her captors would have a change of heart and let her remain prisoner while letting Diana go.

As much as Drusilla struggled, her bounds would not budge and Morris’ huge masculine shoulders kept her struggling and squirming under control.

The guard that accompanied Morris made sure to wave the lockbox that contained Drusilla’s belt, lasso, bracelets, and tiara in front of the camera for Diana to see.

Morris careful placed Drusilla into the seat of the cockpit and then took some rope to secure her in place. Drusilla objected with a loud groan through her gag as a blindfold was placed over her eyes. Apparently, this was a precaution so that Wonder Girl would not be able use visual markers to locate the island when the aircraft reached JLA headquarters. After the lockbox was placed on Drusilla’ lap, Morris pressed some buttons on the control panel and the two men ran out of the plane.

Seconds later, the plane took off. A video feed was kept in the cockpit so that Diana could constantly see that her sister was safe and sound. The Black Hood feared that if Wonder Woman believed that her sister was dead, she would lose her will to live and allow herself to die during the breaking process… and he didn’t want to share his bed for the rest of his life with a corpse.

“The plane and Wonder Girl are off the island now, sir.”

“Very good, Captain. Now see to it that all personnel are off the island for the next twenty four hours… at once.”

“Did you say, ‘all’ personnel, sir?” Morris seemed surprised by the order.

“Everyone, Captain,” the Black Hood affirmed the order. “I do not wish to be disturbed. Wonder Woman insists that we spend some time alone together. Isn’t that right, my divine captive?”


“What… Yes, sweetheart… Of course, I agree that you have an awesome rack… second to none.”

“Very good, sir. I’ll have everyone out of here in ten minutes. Have a good time, sir.”

“That I will, Captain. That I will.”

The Black Hood grabbed Wonder Woman by the chin and lifted up her slumped down head so that he could look into her gorgeous blue eyes. “My God! You truly are beautiful… especially in those ropes. Hahahahaha! At last, the mighty Wonder Woman is bound, helpless and humbled before me… and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. HAHAHAHAHAHA!”


Part III

“Going down,” said the Black Hood as pressed a button and the shaft suddenly descended into his underground lair. “Welcome to my parlor, my little trapped fly.”

The elevator doors opened to a long hallway. Despite that she was almost six feet tall (large for a woman), the Black Hood effortlessly lifted Wonder Woman over his shoulder and carried her down the long hallway. She knew that the Black Hood did not possess Super-strength, but he carried her with gentle grace and she did not feel discomfort while she rested on his shoulder. It was obvious that he had the same training to lift and carry… much like a firefighter or a combat soldier moving an injured comrade to safety.

As they walked through the corridor a crowd of the Black Hood’s minions pass them by. They were all on their way out to enjoy some “R & R” as the boss had ordered.

Of course, they took this opportunity to congratulate their employer and gloat.

“Thanks for the night off, Boss. I know I’m going to have a good time tonight… but not as good a time as you.”

“I never thought I’d see the day when someone finally bagged Wonder Broad.”

“She was so cocky coming in here… talking all tough. Now look at her… tied up in a nice, neat little package. Not so tough now… are you, bitch?”

“Mmmmppph!” Wonder Woman gave a look of scorn to the guard despite her predicament.

“I heard that she could hold her own against Superman, and all it took was a little brain to outsmart her. Great going, Boss.”

“Oh,” the Black Hood answered with mock modesty. “It was nothing… really nothing. I can’t believe how easy it was. She knew that she was out-classed and had no choice but to surrender. She’s been most cooperative so far… model prisoner.”

“Mmmmmppphhh!”Easy? If you didn’t have my sister, I’d squeeze your neck until your head popped off!

“Are you going to kill her, Boss? Is it going to be a quick shot in the head… or something painful and slow?”

“That would be a shame,” a female guard gently grabbed Diana’s chin to get a close look at her face. “My God! She’s absolutely lovely, gorgeous and divine… almost makes me what go bi-sexual.”

“Mmmmppph?”Thanks… how very kind of you to say… I think.

“Is she really thesame Wonder Woman from World War II?”

“The one and only,” the Black Hood answered the female guard.

“Holy shit… that was over sixty years ago… which would make her somewhere in her eighties. She doesn’t look a day over twenty-five. No amount of make-up or plastic surgery could cover up age like that. What’s your secret, Hon?

“Mmmph.”Well… it helps that I’m almost immortal.

“Please have mercy on her, Boss,” the woman pleaded. “If you do decide to kill her, make it painless and quick. She has been a worthy adversary… and after all… she is Wonder Woman.” Then looking to Diana, she said, “I know that we work on opposite sides of the law and moral spectrum, Sweetie, but I’ve always admired you and hold you with the utmost respect. I named my cat, Diana… after you.”

“Quit being so soft, Matilda,” another guard jumped in. “I say that we should burn the bitch nice and slow. Because of her, we all spent time in the joint… except for the boss. My ass still feels sore from time to time when I did that stretch in Joliet and accidentally dropped my soap in the shower.”

“No, don’t kill her!”

“Yeah, Matilda’s right, Boss. How about a nice humiliation instead? And I can’t think of a better way… than a gang bang.”

“Kill her!”

“Gang bang!”

“Nothing of the sort,” said the Black Hood. “I have no intention of killing or sharing his delicious virgin morsel… especially after all the planning and trouble I went through to kidnap… the future Mrs. Black Hood.”

“Not shit, Boss? She’s a virgin?”

“Wow! Who’d a’ thunk it?”

“Knock it off,” said Matilda. “I think that’s so sweet and noble… saving herself for you, Boss.” She leaned over and kissed the Black Hood on the check and began to cry. “Congrats, Boss. I very happy for the two of you.” Then she kissed Wonder Woman on the forehead. “It’s gonna be great to have someone else around to do girly stuff with. You are one lucky bitch. I’m going to throw you one hell of a bachelorette party”

As the Black Hood’s minions marched off, they shouted chants of “Bag that bitch! Bag that bitch!” as the villain softly patted the star-spangled heroine on her behind.

Diana’s face grew red with both anger and humiliation. She had never been so demoralized in such a short amount of time. It was so easy for a coward like the Black Hood to gloat while she was tied up and helpless. If only she could get free… just for a minute or two… she would put this smug asshole in his place… even without super-powers.

The Black Hood opened the door to his private quarters, and gently placed Wonder Woman on a wooden chair in the middle of the room. Unlike the stool in the elevator shaft, the chair had a back and was more comfortable.

“I’ll take off your gag if you promise not to bitch and moan or try to invoke any Greek gods. If you do that again, this thing goes right back on and I’ll tighten the strap so hard, I’ll make your eyes pop out of her head. Got it?”

Wonder Woman nodded her head.

“Thank you,” Wonder Woman wiggled her mouth to help get the dryness out of her voice but it was still a little hoarse.

“Would you like some water?”


The Black Hood went to a mini-refrigerator and grabbed a cold bottle of water. He carefully and gently poured the water into her mouth without spilling any or making her choke on it.

“Thank you,” she said.


“No. I’m fine.” Diana suddenly remembered that she was a prisoner and not a guest. “You know… for an evil genius you show some hints of compassion.”

“I only gave the water to help save your voice… when you’ll be screaming my name later.”

“You’re all heart, Black Hood. Do you take all your girlfriends down here?”

“Nope. Actually, you’re the first.”

“I’m honored,” Wonder Woman said sarcastically.

“I’m surprised you’re calm again. Just a few minutes ago you were ranting and raving. I really hope I don’t have to put that ball gang on you again.”

“I don’t know what came over me. I never reacted like that before.”

The Black Hood grabbed the end of the lasso. “Simple humiliation… you’ve never been in such a situation like this before… have you?”


“Or been captured with such ease before?”


“Are you afraid?”

“A little.”

“Not to worry. Your little panic act didn’t lower my opinion of you. I assure you of that. Everyone slips… even a Wonder Woman. No shame in that.”

“Really?” Wonder Woman was able to sneer when the Black Hood released the rope. “Yet, you still saw to shame and humiliate me in front of your minions. Isn’t it enough that you’ve totally stripped me of my powers… bound up me up helpless… and eventually intend to rape me?”

“Making you powerless was step one of the process. Binding you was step two. Humiliating you was step three. As for raping you… I won’t need to do that. When I eventually take you… it will be by your consent.”

Diana couldn’t believe the arrogance of this villain. Did he really believe that she would _willingly_allow him to have carnal knowledge of her?

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, Black Hood. As charming a host you are… but if you think that giving me a little water is going to woo me into your bed, then you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Charming?” The Black Hood caught Diana’s sub-conscious slip of the tongue and took hold of the lasso. “Were you speaking sarcastically or did you really mean that?”

“I meant it… damn you. You are charming in you own twisted way.”

“You find me attractive, don’t you?”

Diana’s next word came out like a spitting cobra spewing its venom. “Yes! Ahhhhh! Curse this lasso. Hera… forgive me!”

“It’s the hood, isn’t it? It’s the hood that turns you on?”

“Yes, it’s the hood.”

“Does the bondage turn you on… the helplessness?”


“Can I kiss you?”

“I’m hardly in a position to stop you.”

Realizing that Diana bounced around the question because he loosened his grip on the lasso, the Black Hood took another good grip. “Would you spit in my face if I kissed you?”


“Do you want me to kiss you?”


The Black cupped Wonder Woman’s chin and then leaned his head in. He kissed her gently at first… lips on lips… then slowly rolling his tongue along the outer rim of her mouth. As he slowly worked it inside, he could fell her getting stimulated with pleasure.

“Mmmmm! MMMmmmm” Diana moaned as she kissed him back more vigorously.

After several minutes, the Black Hood broke away. “Wow! Thunder lips… just like I thought. I look forward to tasting more of you. By the way… that was step four… stealing a kiss.”

“I can’t permit that to happen. That last sample is all I can allow.”

The Black Hood made sure that he was still holding the lasso. “But you enjoyed the kiss, didn’t you.”

“I did… but that hardly steals my heart. It changes nothing. I still cannot let myself be your consort. I must be true to my vow.”

“There is no such Amazon rule. You are allowed to love and marry.”

“Not an Amazon rule… my rule! I swore to remain true to Steve… hurt no other man.”

“That’s bullshit! Trevor abandoned you and your vow is null and void. You’re scared of loving again… aren’t you? You’re afraid. Being Wonder Woman is all you know and you don’t know what to do with your life otherwise.”

Emotions and the lasso made her shout. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Yet you still resist?”


“It’s a stupid rule. Why do some of you stubborn heroines take on this I-cannnot-have-a-man-unless-he conquers-me-first attitude?”

“Hey, it worked for Red Sonja.”

“Red Sonja used that ploy because she couldn’t deal with the fact that she was a lesbian. And that horrible movie…Brigitte Nielsen? Yuck? What was Stallone thinking when he married her? He must have taken too many shots to the head in all those _Rocky_movies he made.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“No matter,” the Black Hood walked to a wall panel and slowly slid it open.

“I see,” Diana sat in her chair proudly. “Now that I turned away your indecent marriage proposal, you have a most grisly fate for me.”

The Black Hood said nothing in response and slowly continued to open the panel. With everyone inch it opened, Diana grew more and more nervous… as the Black Hood hoped.

Diana could no longer hold it in.

Was it fear or curiosity that made her ask the question typical of all damsels in distress?

“W-W-What are you going to me?”

Part IV

“What am I going to do?” the Black hood revealed the panel and behind it consisted his tools of pleasure and pain… a cat o’ nine tails… a paddle…. a metal glove… there were some other things that Wonder Woman couldn’t quite make out.

“This can be easy or hard,” the Black Hood continued. “This can be long or short. It’s all up to how you cooperate.”

“Is that supposed to scare me?” Diana was intimidated but didn’t want to show it. “Now that I won’t kowtow to you willingly, you need to break me into your obedient slave… beat me down until I call youmaster?”

“I don’t want your obedience. I want your love.”

“I can’t love you,” Diana persisted. “And I won’t submit to you… ever! I don’t care how you torture and humiliate me. You will never break me. Never!”

This did not surprise the Black Hood. “Isn’t it strange? You used the wordswon’t andnever when it came to making you submit to me… yet, you used the word can’t as opposed to won’t when it came to loving me. It applies that you might but something beyond your control is preventing you…”

“What are you getting at?”

“You are banking on the fact that you can endure the breaking period for twenty-hour hours. There’s no doubt in my mind that you will not break in so short a time… I even doubt that I can do it if I had twenty-four years.”

Diana was totally confused. “If you know that you can’t break me… and I can’t willingly be with you… then why am I here? You’ve just wasted your time.”

The Black Hood paced back and forth like a university professor giving a lecture. “It’s not about breaking you… it’s about wearing away some of your emotional barriers… so see… it’s not really your fault that your alone. There is a deep, dark reason why you refuse to take a man and once I get you to admit that… you’re all mine. How do I do that, you ask? Therein lies the rub: I can’t make you love me without putting you through ‘the gauntlet’... and I don’t want you to submit to me either… but… I am a genius… and I found a loophole.”

“Loophole? What are you up to?”

“It’s all right here,” the Black Hood pulled out an old scroll. “It’s a step by step instruction manual on how to win the heart of an Amazon and make her yours forever.”

Diana’s eyes widened in terror as she saw the broken seal on the scroll… Athena’s seal!

“W-W-Where did you get that?”

“I’m afraid that answer must never leave my lips,” the Black Hood unraveled the scroll. “If I do, then the ritual is broken. I can, however, tell you in all honest sincerity, that I didn’t steal it. I also know that, deep down, this is what you really want. I know that you no longer wish to be Wonder Woman anymore. You yearn for a life of your own… and I can give it to you.”

“That’s not possible,” Diana muttered.

“It is so,” the Black Hood turned the scroll around for Wonder Woman to view briefly but made sure to keep the bottom part rolled up so she couldn’t see what was in store for her. “See for yourself. Athena’s own hand writing. She would never lie.”

“By Hera… it is her writing. What madness is this?”

“It doesn’t have to be madness. It could end right here....” The Black Hood saw that his intended love was still unconvinced but he tried one more time. “Would you give yourself to me if I gave up all my evil schemes and devoted my life to live up to the same principles that you uphold? What if I told you that I could make you happy and sexually satisfy you every time… treat you like the queen that you deserve?”

“I believe you could to that,” Diana dropped her head and a single tear rolled from her eye. “But… I’m sorry. I can’t.”

“There we go again… the word…can’t. It’s that very word that made you lose ground before you even arrived here. You just haven’t realized it, yet.” The Black Hood read through the scroll. “It’s all right here. I’m following the steps and it’s all falling into place. You’ve been helping me, too… again, you just haven’t realized it. As see… I’m getting to you already. Not too long ago, you preferred have your eyes pecked out than to marry me… and now you’re apologizing. You want to… but something still holds you back. But you need not hold back for long. The scroll states that this will only work if there is a mutual attraction… and there is! The lasso got the truth out of you. Step one… make you powerless… check. Step two… bind you helpless… check. Step three… present my captured trophy and humble you in front of witnesses… check… my minions saw to that. Step four… steal a kiss… just did that. This has been tried before you see… but always failed. Men just can’t get through steps one and two. It’s ancient male ego mentality… don’t you see? They believed that they had to do it through force. Some smarter men tried outwitting their intended Amazon… but found that the Amazon was smarter. I know that you are smarter than me… so I had to manipulate you. I used your nobility against you. I knew you would trade places with your sister if I kidnapped her… and she’s still young and gullible enough to fall into an obvious trap that you would have been wise to… she is so easy to trick….”

“Don’t make me face that… I beg you.” Diana broke in. “I can’t do it! If you love me like you say you do… then kill me. Allow me to die with my honor.”

Diana was surprised that the Black Hood agreed and pulled out a hand gun. He made sure to remove a pair of thin metal gloves from his “console of tools” and put them on his hands before picking up the gun. Wonder Woman concluded that the purpose of the gloves were to prevent fingerprints and power marks and blood on the hands… but why metal gloves? Why not inexpensive latex gloves?

“I do love you,” the Black Hood cocked the hammer back. “And if this is what you really want… but it would be a shame. Still… I guess I could go down in Super-villain History as the one that finally did the invincible Wonder Woman in.” He pointed the gun to her head and held the lasso. “Aren’t you afraid to die?”


“But you want to die anyway?”


“What holds you back from loving me?”

“I don’t know.”

“You zee,” the Black Hood did his best Sigmund Freud impersonation.“Zee root of zee subject’s problem is zo deep rrrooted in zee subconscious zhat not even the Lasso of Truth can bring it out on account zhat zee subject don’t know zee truth herself.” The Black Hood steadied the weapon near her temple. “But we will never know… try not to flinch… and it will end quickly.”

Diana closed her eyes tightly… waiting for the end… hoping that the pain would only last a split second.


Diana screamed as nothing happened.

The Black Hood laughed and threw the gun to the side. “Step six… make her look death in the face. You made that so easy… walked right into that. I knew you would ask me to kill you… but did you actually think that I would do it after all the trouble I went through to get you in my clutches?”

“You’re not going to kill me?” Diana secretly cursed herself. She had used a great deal of her inner strength to prepare for the shock of a bullet in her brain and now it was expended… more of her emotion barriers had been stripped away.

“How about a little wine to get you into a more romantic mood?” the Black Hood reached into the console, pulled out an old bottle and removed the cork.

Diana noticed that the bottle was old… like the scroll. It wasn’t made from glass either… almost looked like ceramic… a small jug just like the ancient Greeks and Romans used.

Knowing that this was not a request, the Black Hood put the jug to her mouth and poured the contents. When the wine hit her taste buds, she knew that it was not ordinary wine.

Only two sips went down before Diana keeled over and coughed most of it back up. The little that was in her system was already giving her a buzz. Normally Amazons, even without their powers, were conditioned to withstand the effects of alcohol. It shouldn’t be hitting her so quickly and after only imbibing a small amount.

“Next step… you drink the Wine of Dionysus. It’s a special vintage that can even get a god tipsy. Bottom’s up!”

Before she knew it, the Black Hood grabbed hold of her black hair and yanked it, forcing her head back and her neck straight up. In this position, her gullet was completely open and the entire jug of wine went down her throat as the Black Hood poured it into her mouth.

Diana staggered, trying not to fall off her chair. She was dizzy and disorientated… but not nauseous. It was as if her body was now totally numb and relaxed.

“That will help keep your body somewhat limp… so you don’t tense up or cringe your muscles during the ordeal.”


Diana’s head snapped to the side as the Black Hood slapped her with his metal gloved hand. Stinging pain flooded through her head.

“Now that’s what I call a bitch slap,” mocked the Black Hood. “Next step. Let me introduce you to the Gauntlets of Athena. She used them on honorable prisoners of battle that needed to know their place… but being compassionate… she didn’t want to leave marks or bruises. She wanted them to feel pain without leaving permanent scars to remind them… so she had Hephaestus, blacksmith of the Gods, forge these special gloves for that purpose. I’m glad as I don’t wish mark up your lovely face.”

The Black Hood lifted her body straight and her head up for another shot. “Just say the word… and it will all be over.”

“You will not break me,” Diana’s speech was almost slurred.

“I’m not breaking you. Tell me your secret… and I will stop.”

“No. Never!”


Diana raised her head proudly. “Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”


“Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”


“Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”


And so it went… until Diana passed out from the pain.

Part V

The sudden splash of cold water against her face and upper body caused Diana to immediately regain consciousness and come to her senses. She was hoping that she was waking up from a bad dream, but reality sunk in as she could not move her arms because they were still secured behind her back with the handcuffs that she had little choice but to apply to herself.

She looked down and found a new binding… a leather strap across her chest that assured that she remained affixed to her chair. She surmised that whatever was in store for her next, the Black Hood didn’t want her to fall off.

“Rise and shine,” the Black Hood used a towel to wipe the excess water from his captive. “Break time over. No sleeping on the job.”

Despite that she was still under the influence of the godly wine… despite the will sapping power of her lasso and the ordeal she was being put through, Diana was able to gather a part of her senses… hoping to reason with the villain before it was too late.

“This has to end while the damage can still be undone,” her tone was shallow. “Don’t get me wrong… I like you… I really do… but any relationship would never work out. It’s impossible and you know it. I can’t be with you. I’d liked to… but I can’t.”

Seeing another barrier down, the Black Hood grabbed the lasso. “And why do you think it’s impossible?”

The Black Hoods process had finally made her realize the answer. The wine, lasso and slapping removed the mental barriers of the answer that she had buried in her sub-conscious.

“Can’t you see? I’m an Amazon. You are mortal.”

“Afraid of a mixed marriage? It worked for Samantha and Darren Stevens?”

“I’m immortal… you are not. I can’t love you. I can’t be your wife. Don’t you see? I would remain young for the rest my life... while you would grow old before my eyes and whither away. That’s why I couldn’t be with Steve. I just didn’t want to face the facts. I can’t watch you die and be powerless to stop it. I couldn’t bear it. My heart ached for decades after Steve died… and can’t go through that pain again. Please… don’t make me go through that again.”

“At last,” the Black Hood beamed. “The crux of the problem… but I beg to differ… because you wouldn’t see me die… because I can’t die. As a matter of fact… I don’t eat. I don’t need water. I don’t need air. I don’t need sleep as I cannot get fatigued. I cannot even be injured.”

“What are you talking about?” Wonder Woman couldn’t believe his lies. “You’re a normal human. I scanned the island before I landed. There were no readings of meta-humans or mutants.”

“That’s because my body’s metabolism can adjust to outside stimuli to make all believe that I am just a normal man… as I used to be. That was why your lasso never worked on me the first time we met.”

“What are you talking about? I was never able to lasso you. That never happened. You were always too clever for that.” Then Diana slowly made the connection. “By Hera! We know each other. Y-y-ou’re….”

“That’s right,” the Black Hood ripped off his clock to reveal himself. “I am…. Bryce Kandel … the man who cannot die! The experiment of the mad Dr. Reichman to create a race of Super-beings. The man who loved you as both Diana Prince and Wonder Woman.”

“You knew that I used to be Diana Prince? How?”

“Come on!” the handsome Bryce laughed. “Did you actually think that a pair of glasses and pulling your hair back into a ponytail would actually disguise your features? You were even so bold at times as to wear your hair down and not have glasses when you were Prince. At least, as Yeoman Prince of the 1940s, you wore your hair up in that dowdy bun and looked prudish and matronly in that naval uniform to avoid suspicion. Did you actually think it that others believed it a coincidence that you bared a remarkable resemblance to an “unrelated” person sixty years earlier whojust happened to have the same name as you? I also loved it when Diana Prince would be chased by bad guys… then when she had a free moment she would transform into Wonder Woman and then yell ‘Diana! Run!’ before dealing with the thugs. Simply priceless!”

“But… Bryce… I don’t understand. We had a mutual attraction… in both my guises. If you felt that way about me, then why didn’t you ask me out? I would have accepted, you know. I would have slept with you, too… after all…. Being immortal like me, you were the type of man I could get involved with. Why didn’t you ask me out, Bryce? By Hera, I gave you all the signals. I even flirted with you at the office every chance I got.”

“What?” Before Bryce could slap Diana and call her a liar, he realized that he was still holding the lasso. Diana was telling the truth. “But I thought… that you and Steve Trevor, Junior were… you know….”

“Steve, Junior and I were just friends. By Athena’s spear, Bryce, give me some credit. That’s the son of the man I almost married. I wouldn’t get romantically involved with him. That’s just plain sick… even for me.”

“You mean… you and I….”

“Of course, you idiot. I was waiting for you to make the first move. I would have made it but I was afraid that, doing so, it would scare you off. I wanted for months… then you disappeared… never to be heard from again… until now.”

“I went to the Himalayas.” Bryce paced about the room and told his bittersweet tale. “I heard of a Lama that could answer the Mysteries of Life. You see… immortality is a curse... always living while watching the ones you love grow old and die. I wanted to die… or have my mortality restored.”

“Finally, after many years, I found him. I begged the Lama to give me the key to lift my curse. He told me that my curse was only my curse because I was alone… but there was someone in this world that I could share my life with so that my life would be bearable. Then it dawned on me… you… Wonder Woman… Diana! The answer was already in front of me and I didn’t even know it.”

“I knew that I would have to win your heart. That’s why I took the Black Hood guise… to study you… to gather my arsenal to break your emotional barriers.”

“And now you have that arsenal,” the fires of Diana’s desire started to ignite. “And you have me at your power as well. Finish you ritual, Bryce. I beg you.”

“Oh,” Bryce folded his arms. “Now you want me, huh?”

“That was before I knew it was you… before when I thought you were only mortal. Make me yours! Take me. Break the barriers that hold me back.”

Bryce grinned with delight as he reached in his console of “goodies” and pulled out an ominous feather about three feet long.

“What’s that?” Diana asked with nervous curiosity.

“The feather of Pan.”

“No wait, Bryce… You’re not going to… oooo! HAHAHAHAHA! Ohhh! HAHAHAHAA!”

Bryce proceeded to rub the feather against all the parts of Diana’s lovely firm body. Sometimes, he would tickle softly… sometimes vigorously. Now Diana knew why Bryce had taken the precaution of strapping her down so that he unexpected spasms would not cause her to fall out of her chair.

And so, Bryce went on and on… tickling her feet… under her arms… between her cleavage… and then slowly working the feather down between her legs…

After a good hour of tickling, Diana collapsed… almost out of breath.

Bryce put the feather away, but he was far from finished.

He lifted Diana’s head with one hand and held the lasso in the other. “I want you to try to answer my next question as untruthfully as possible. I want to see something.”

“Can’t....” Diana still hadn’t caught her breath. “The lasso always compels me to always tell the truth.”

“Humor me, Diana. What did you have for lunch today?”

“An elephant sandwich,” Diana managed to blurt out. It took a few seconds before she realized how easy the false statement came. “What the…”

“It works,” Bryce shouted. “The first barrier is broken. It is your denial of love that kept you prisoner all your life. You don’t need your magic artifacts to give you power. Already you are immune to the lasso. Soon it will no longer be able to hold you at bay. You won’t need this lasso anymore, for soon you will be able to duplicate its truth and binding powers with any ordinary piece of rope you weld… for you see… the power will be channeled through your will instead… not the rope. Soon you will have no need for bracelets as your skin will deflect anything that tries to injure it. Soon you will not need your Belt of Strength for you will be able to channel your might without it.”

Diana struggled in her bounds but still found herself trapped.

“Patience, my dear. All in good time… but until then….”

Bryce quickly undid the leather strap as well as untied the lasso and then picked her up from out of the chair. When she stood her up, he firmly applied pressure to the back of her knees… forcing her to kneel.

Bryce stood before her with a very nasty looking whip… with nine sinister tails on it!

“Bryce… Noooo!” SMACK! “Arrgggghhhh!”

Diana could feel the lashes biting into her back… breaking skin… drawing blood. A surge of burning pain coursed throughout her body… but it was a good burn… and a somewhat good pain. She was glad that her hands were still bound behind her back and that she couldn’t stop the lashes.

“The whip of Nemesis,” Bryce said proudly. “She used this to punish other gods and heroes. It’s supposed to take away invulnerability… but it will eventually restore yours… no more bracelets as promised.”


“No!” Diana cried. “I won’t yield. I won’t break. I must not submit.” Swacckkk! “Uggggghhhh!”

Diana could feel blood and pieces of her skin fly off as Bryce retracted the whip and hit her with it again and again.

After, twelve strikes and Diana was ready to pass out form the pain… it suddenly stopped. She could actually feel her skin close up… her wounds healing…. No sign of scars.

Bryce still continued to hit her with the whip and it hurt less and less with every strike. “You see. It can’t break your skin anymore. Nothing can penetrate it now. Soon you will not feel pain as objects strike your body… unless you allow it.”

Then it happened… something Diana never experienced without outside aid. She felt her crotch get warm and tingly… she felt the spasms in her thighs. She fell to the hard ground as her vaginal muscles suddenly tensed up. She was going to cum! Bryce had made her cum! It wasn’t a big one… but it was pleasant.

“Ohhhhhoooooooo,” Diana moaned as she felt her juice leave her body.

As Diana let herself go limp because she was momentarily spent, Bryce sat on the floor and pulled her on to his lap, stroking her soft raven-black hair.

“You see, you did not submit.”

“Yes, Bryce,” Diana found it a habit that she was constantly out of breathe. “Thank you for that. Thank you.”

She brought her lips to Bryce’s face so that he could kiss her.

Again, after several minutes of tender kissing, Bryce suddenly rolled Diana over so that she was now on her stomach.

“Ohhhhh!” she cried as Bryce smacked her on her awesome ass with the Paddle of Hera… the same one that the Mother Goddess used on her husband, Zeus, every time he strayed to have sex with mortal woman (which happened quite a lot).

Although Diana was now immune to pain, she voluntarily allowed herself to feel her discipline. “Yes, Bryce. I’ve been a bad girl… a very bad girl for resisting you before…” Smack! “Ohhhh!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, Bryce, pleassse!” SMACK! “Ohhhhhhoooo”

Bryce kept paddling… and again Diana felt that familiar feeling between her legs.


Diana collapsed in Bryce’s arms again. “That’s twice you made me cum, Bryce. I love you for that. I love you.”

After kissing and being held in Bryce’s arm tenderly, he suddenly unhooked the cords that bound her feet. She knew what was coming next. Diana made no effort to struggle or voice her objection as Bryce put his hands on her back and slowly pulled down the zipper of her uniform… making sure to kiss her as he did so.

Diana’s sweaty body made it effortless to slide down her costume until it was entirely off her body… and now she was totally naked… totally exposing herself to Bryce. The only thing she had on now was her handcuffs.

She cooed with delight as Bryce licked her earlobes and worked his tongue down to her neck and down her chest. Her muscles tensed and she arched her back as her nipples got licked. Thousands of tiny pleasure centers went off.

She could stand no more tearing… but something was missing.

“Take me, Bryce… I want to feel your long hard cock inside me… but something is wrong. You made me cum twice… but I am dry again and cannot get wet. Did the last two times use me up?”

“On the contrary, my love,” Bryce stroked her face and pushed away the hair that had stuck to her sweaty face. “The last barrier needs to be broken.”

Gently, Bryce picked her up and took her to his bed.

Part VI

“Oooooohooooooahhhhhh! Yeeeessssssss!” Diana screamed as Bryce gave her the full pleasure of the Vibrator of Aphrodite. “More! More! Please!”

“Are you sure?” Bryce teased.

“Yes! By, Hera… by Zeus… by Apollo… Athena… Hermes… Poseidon… and all the gods of the freakin’ pantheon…. Yes! Ahhhhooohhhhhh!”

Bryce put the sacred pleasure-tool artifact inside Diana and hit the trigger again… this time for more than a few seconds unlike what he did before. He left it stay on… forcing Diana to experience all the pleasure that she could stand.


With the last climax, Diana felt her strength return. With one mighty pull of her arms, her final restrains shattered and she was now free of all bondage.

She grabbed Bryce and forced his naked body on top of her. She was totally mad with lust and desire. “Take me! Curse you, Bryce. Take me or I’ll rip your damn head off.”

Bryce obliged Diana by impaling her with his hard, long, and mighty shaft of manhood. Even after a few thrusts, Diana was arching her back in pleasure and she could feel the spasms starting up in her loins.

“Sweet Mother Hera,” she pulled Bryce into her bare breasts. “What have I been missing all my life. I love you… I lov…ugghhh!”

Bryce trusted and pumped more hard and vigorous. “Be my wife? Say it?”

“Yes! Yes!” Diana screamed as Bryce’s love hammer wreaked havoc into her crotch!

When Bryce heard those words, he let his cannon fire. Diana’s could feel the warm cum pass through her entire body… engulfing all her pleasures and her senses.

When she gave her scream for her final organism, their minds joined together… they knew from that point on that they were the meant for each other. I was destiny!

They caressed their naked bodies still covered in their own sweat and cum… taking a momentary breather.

“Will it always be like this?” Diana asked.

“Of course, my love,” Bryce answered. “Wonder Woman and the Black Hood are no more. It’s just Bryce and Diana now.”


“My pleasure.”

And so they went at it for hours and hours. With Diana’s renewed Amazon strength (without needing her belt), she was able to keep the pace of passion. Since Bryce could never feel fatigue, it was child’s play to keep up with her.

That was why Diana was hesitant in taking a man before. Only someone like Superman and a few other super-powered being could keep up with her… and they were all taken! Now she could give away the full force of her centuries-buried desires without fear of hurting her partner. Bryce was created to take it. He wouldn’t die on her. She couldn’t injure him!

Best of all… just like the Energizer Bunny…. He could keep going… and going… and going….

Epilogue I (Four days later)

“I’m sorry, Wonder Girl,” Batman said. “We searched every inch of this island. There’s no sign of your sister, Wonder Woman, anywhere. There’s no sign of anyone. The island has been completely abandoned.”

“I’m not surprised, Batman,” Wonder Girl answered. “It’s only through your great deductions powers that we found the Black Hood’s lair this soon… otherwise, it would have taken weeks. I already knew that we would be too late… but one still can hope. Thanks for your efforts.”

“Don’t give up that hope,” Batman put his arm on her shoulder. “The JLA won’t give up until she’s found. We’ll find Wonder Woman. You have my word on that.”

“Thank you, Batman,” Drusilla knew that Batman meant what he said but the reality was that Diana was gone forever.

“Drusilla,” Superman approached her carrying a box. “This is obviously for you. Diana wrote your name on the box. I recognize her handwriting. “I used my X-ray vision only to see if there were booby-traps inside… but I did not read the letter inside. We will… of course… give you some private time to examine the contents. You need not divulge any personal details… but if there are any clues in the box as to your sister’s whereabouts, please let us know.”

“I certainly will,” Wonder Girl opened the box as Batman and Superman stepped away.

Inside Wonder Girl found Diana’s combination bustier and star-spangled shorts (contrary to popular brief, the costume was one piece, like a bathing suit, and not two separate pieces) as well as her tiara, bracelets, belt, lasso, and boots.

The note inside read as follows….

Dearest Dru,

I have finally found my happiness.

I have decided that it is time to retire as Wonder Woman and run away from home.

Please make sure that my uniform goes to the new Wonder Woman once a champion has been crowned (my money is on you).

I will always love you, my dear, sweet kid sister.


* * * *

Even from the remote tropical island that was thousands and thousands of miles away, Diana could feel the presence of her sister taking possession of her former uniform of office… also proving that she no longer needed her tiara to communicate with her Amazon sisters if she ever needed.

Being satisfied that the mantle of Wonder Woman was in good hands, Diana relaxed in her lawn chair and continued to soak in the sun wearing only her string bikini.

Bryce approached her, looking just as stunning in his Speedos as he handed her a drink.

“Margarita, my dear?”

Epilogue II (A week later)

Having been crowned the new Wonder Woman and Amazon Champion, Drusilla admired herself in the full-length mirror when she donned her new costume formerly worn by her older sister. Even through she was a foot smaller than Diana, the costume fit like a glove as it magically contoured to her build.

It was a bittersweet moment, nonetheless.

Queen Hippolyta noticed some reluctance in her daughter’s eyes.

“What troubles you, Drusilla? This should be your greatest and proudest moment. I do not disapprove of you being Wonder Woman. I know that your sister had to don a disguise to take part in the Contest of Champions many years ago, but that was foolish of me to deny her rightful place of destiny. Now destiny dictates that you succeed your sister. I know it has always been your dream to be Wonder Woman some day… and mine as well. Just think… you are now almost as strong as Superman… and you can fly on your own without that bulky Invisible Plane.”

“I didn’t earn this,” Drusilla tried not to sound like a pouty child. “The title was handed to me.”

“But you have performed so admirably as Wonder Girl that it is only fitting that you upgrade to Wonder Woman status.”

“I still say that we should have had a tournament. Magda was the runner-up when Diana won the title. She would have given me a run for my money.”

“We didn’t have the contest because no one disputed your right. It was mutually agreed by all your Amazon sisters that you should be the new Wonder Woman.”

Drucilla was still a little skeptical. “Are you just saying that to make me feel better? Are you sure that you didn’tcommand everyone not to challenge me.”

“I swear by Athena’s spear,” Hippolyta crossed her heart. “Even as Queen I cannot forbod any Amazon-in-good-standing’s right to vie for the title of Wonder Woman.” She bit her lip.

Although she didn’t lie to her daughter, she neglected to tell Drusilla that no one else wanted to be Wonder Woman as it was a thankless job to begin with. There was also a disturbing tendency of late in which costumed super-heroines were getting captured, bound powerless, and forced to perform lewd sexual acts. The consensus of the Amazons was that it was better to happen to Drusilla than any of them. Since Drusilla never asked about the actual reason, technically, the Queen was not lying to her.

“Don’t get me wrong, Mother. I want to be Wonder Woman… I only wish that the circumstances to my ascension weren’t so grim.”

“How are they grim?” Hippolyta seemed genuinely surprised.

“Because… I gained Diana’s position because she… disgraced herself.”

“How did she do that, my daughter?” More surprise.

“You know,” Drusilla was annoyed that her mother was actually making her spell it out. “She had sex… with a man.”

“How it that forbidden?”

“Are you pulling my chain, Mother? Diana broke our most sacred law.”

“No she didn’t,” the Queen insisted. “If that were the case, I would be a law breaker, too. By Hera, Dru, where in Heaven do you think you and your sister came from?”

“But… you were pregnant with Dianabefore your conversation to an immortal Amazon.”

“Right… and you were bornafter my conversation.”

“Because Diana wanted a baby sister to play with. So, you prayed to Mother Hera and she blessed you with another child… me… right?”

“You poor thing,” Hippolyta touched Drusilla’s face. “You still believe that cock-and-bull story that the other girls told you about Immaculate Conception? I thought you caught on to the fact that they were only teasing you and you learned the truth long ago.”

Drusilla turned to the Queen with an expression that could only be described aspriceless. “Whatchu' talkin’ about, Willis… I mean… Mother?”

“You are the daughter of Hercules… just like your sister.”

Since Drusilla stood with a blank look on her face, the Queen continued.

“You see… two hundred forty-three years ago… I was invited to Mount Olympus to attend a surprise party for Aphrodite. She was turning 29,999… again… vain bitch! Anyway… I ran into your father. He invited me to his place after the party. He had some wine… and well… one thing led to another… and along came you. After that fiasco, I decided to swear off men forever.”

“Then you commanded all other Amazons to follow your example of chastity… right?” Drusilla was still hopeful.

“Heavens, no, Child. The other Amazons follow my example because they choose to do so… not because they are bound by a law. They do so to emulate and honor me.”

“Are you for real, Mother? Then why did you banish Helen when you she did it? The history scroll state that you declared that she committed an Act of Desecration… your very own words.”

The Queen shook her head. She couldn’t believe how naïve Drusilla truly was. “The blasphemy was not because she had a man… but because the little tramp banged him… while on our island. I believe myself to be a liberal and open-minded woman… but I have to draw the line somewhere and declare the island sacred from the flesh of man. All I commanded of my subjects is that they refrain from ‘doing the nasty’ while on Themyscira… but anywhere else in the entire known world is free game. And believe me, Dru… if I had any idea that Helen-slut would run around the world and start that nasty war between the Greeks and the Trojans, I would have sentenced her to five hundred years community service rather than banishing her.”

“What a cotton-pickin’ minute, Mother. Are you saying that I am allowed to have a man… and I would still be considered, in your eyes, to be acting as an Amazon Princess?”

“Dru, dear… of course I expect you to act like an Amazon Princess… but not like a nun for crying out loud.”

“By Poseidon’s trident, Mother! You mean… after all this time… sixty-plus years ago… when I had that adventure with Diana to rescue Steve Trevor and the other war heroes who were making that movie… and being kidnapped by Nazis… that gorgeous Private Ames… Jim! I could have had a quickie with him before boarding the Invisible Plane to go home? Have you any idea how badly I wanted to mount his flagpole? It took every iota of my inner strength to resist him because I believed, that by succumbing to my desires, you and the gods would condemn me forever. All this time… I could have ‘done him’ without punishment?”

“That’s right, dear… so long as you didn’t ‘do him’ on our island.”

Drusilla stormed the room and kicked some furniture around. “It was all for nothing? It took me sixteen years to get over Jim. Every night for those ‘long sixteen years,’ I couldn’t sleep unless I took a cold shower or pleasured myself first. I thought I had it all under control until Diana sent me back to JLA headquarters. Then I saw that scrumptious Superboy. How I wanted to ride him like a wild stallion. He’s a virgin, too… I can feel it… just like me… ripe for the picking. By Hera, I want to deflower that boy!”

“Snap out of it,” the Queen gave Drusilla a light slap. “You are now free to roam the world and sew your wild oats so long as…”

“I know,” Drusilla completed her mother’s sentence. “As long as I don’t sew them on our island.” Then she had an afterthought. “Did Diana know it was okay to have a man?”

“Of course.”

“Then why did she resist… even when she admitted that she was madly in love with Steve? She didn’t ‘do it’ with him and she wanted him so bad that it wasn’t even funny. Why did she resist all the time?”

“Frankly, I glad she never ended up with Steve Trevor. He was such a dork… nonetheless, I always hoped that your sister would find a good man and settle down… even if it was with a dullard like Trevor. Now don’t get me wrong… I love your sister with all my heart… and always will… but sometimes she can be such a stubborn ass. It turned out that the poor thing was afflicted withRed Sonja Syndrome… she had it in her narrow-mind that she had to be conquered before having a man. It wasn’t all her fault. Being Wonder Woman for so long… it was all she knew… and she had been a virgin for so long that she was scared to death. Don’t ever let that happened to you, Drusilla, dear. I had to go through a lot of trouble to save Diana from that fate… for her own good… mind you.”

“Saved her?” It was a lot for Drusilla to absorb.

“Yes… you see… the Black Hood… I mean… Bryce Kandel secretly paid me a visit. He wanted to marry Diana but sought to get my blessing first before asking her. I guess some men can be noble. Every week, when Diana would use the Magic Mirror to check in with me, she was always talking about the ‘new computer programmer that couldn’t die.’ I saw the sparks in her eyes and knew that she was smitten… even if she was too obstinate to admit it. Anyway… I told him that melting her heart of ice would take some doing… so I gave him the scroll of Athena with instructions on how to break her emotional barriers and win her heart. Many of the gods even lent some tools to help out as well… and so did you.”

“I did?”

“By Hera,” the Queen gasped. “I used a lasso to make you forget. I forgot to make you un-forget. I’ll have to fix that.”

“Now I remember,” Drusilla said as the Queen removed the lasso and replaced it on her daughter’s belt. “In order to make it sound more convincing to Diana that I was the Black Hood’s prisoner, you used to the lasso to make me believe that I was actually kidnapped and not merely pretending to be. How ingenious.”

“Exactly, Drusilla. You were also having second thoughts and you had doubts about betraying your sister… even if was for the greater good. That’s why we used the lasso.”

“Your Majesty, Your Highness,” an Amazon walked in the room. “The transport from the JLA has arrived to pick up Wonder Woman.”

“How many guest do we have?” asked the Queen.

“Only one… Superboy.”

Drusilla made a wicked smile.

“Did you ask him to join us in the palace for lunch?”

“I have, Your Majesty, but he begs your pardon. He says that Wonder Woman is needed back as soon as possible. Also, although he has permission to set foot on the island, he still wishes to respect our ways and remain in the craft. He’s loading all of Princess Drusilla’s luggage and furniture inside.”

“Time for you to go, Drusilla,” the Queen hugged her daughter. “Go out there and make me proud.”

“I will, Mother.”

“Thanks for loading up all my things,” Drusilla said in the passenger seat of the JLA transport hoping to start some conversation for the girl-shy Superboy. She prayed to Hera that he wasn’t gay. She gave a sigh of relief when she caught his eyes wandering near her cleavage area.

“You’re welcome, Ma’am.”

“Ma’am?” Drusilla laughed. “Listen, Superboy, I appreciate that you’re acting like a gentlemen but I’m a hardly a ma’am. You obviously been taught to respect your elders but I’m not ‘eld.’ Chronologically, I may be over two hundred years old… but physically and mentally, I’m only a teenager… just like you.”

“I meant no disrespect, Wonder Girl… I mean… Wonder Woman. Sorry… it might take me some time to get use to that.”

“I think it would be easier if you just called me Dru.”

“Alright… Dru… but only if you call me, Connor.”

“So… Connor. Are you from Krypton just like Superman and are you just as strong?”

“Actually, Wonder Wo… Dru… I’m a clone. I guess… like yourself… my age is an anomaly of sorts. Chronologically, I’m only five years old. I was a teenager when I was created. So… like you… I will age slowly over the next hundred years until I peak at twenty-five… and then not age at all.”

“So you’re immortal… like me.” Her eyes glowed.

“I guess you can say that. And in answer to your other question… I’m not really strong like Superman. You see… I have telekinesis so it appears that I’m lifting heavy objects. I also use the telekinesis to simulate Superman’s powers of fight and invulnerability. I just thought that you should know that… because… you seem very nice and I don’t want you to think later on… when you find out that I’m not really like Superman… you won’t be disappointed and not want to be my friend… I mean… for withholding information on you.”

In a few minutes, Drusilla was totally taken in. He was so innocent and adorable that she could hardly contain herself.

“Does this thing have an automatic pilot, Conner?”

“Sure. Why?”

“I thought it would be nice to get acquainted without you being distracted.”

“Of course,” Superboy set the automatic pilot. “How rude of me. I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay. So… Connor… are you familiar with the Mile High Club?”

“No,” Superboy looked totally puzzled. “Is it like the Boy Scouts or 4-H Club?”

“Not exactly.” By Athena’s spear, this boy really is innocent. This is going to be fun. Thank you, Hera, for this untouched flower….

“Are you a member of this club, Dru? Can I join, too?”

Drusilla smiled a wicked smile as she slowly reached for her lasso.

The End.

Flamingo Boy