My Life of Crime Part5  

By Flexman


Part 5



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The characters in this story, with the exception Riley Parkin and Kitty, all belong to DC comics. This is a not for profit story. No one under eighteen should read it.

It’s a nice classy shopping center, has a Gold’s Gym, a wine and cheese shop, a brokerage firm, insurance agency, a karate place, a bakery and the flower shop is at the end of the block.

Tracing the broadband line got me an address. The reverse directory told me it belongs to a flower shop. Hacking in to the Business License Bureau told me who owns this business, one Diane Laurel Lance and, of course, the Bureau of Records told me Bruce Wayne, through Wayne Reality, owns the whole shopping center, he’s her landlord. The DMV got me a photo of Lance. In her driver’s license picture she’s a brunette, so she either wears a wig when she goes out as Black Canary or she has since dyed her hair. She probably dyed it since she was a blond at the Wayne luncheon. Either way, it’s confirmed, Diane Laurel Lance is the Black Canary. With a name and a social security number it was off to the races. In a day I put together an extensive profile of her life, complete with finances, education, history, and every other bit of private information she would not want me to have. Now, that’s power. I even answered the big question that was bugging me, how does a heroine who doesn’t wear a mask keep her identity a secret? The answer is she doesn’t have to. Black Canary is not a heroine per se. Not like Bats, Hunty or Wonder Sacks, she more of an agent. She doesn’t go on patrol like the others; instead she goes on specific missions for Batman. While Batman, Robin, Nightwing and the rest of the heroines, are a reactive force, ready to deal with whatever comes up, Black Canary is proactive; she deals with situations before they become problems. As such, she is not generally known to the public. The only reason Ivy, Harley and Cats knew about her is because they tangled with her in the past. I guess she’s known to her enemies, but not to the general public. She a member of the Justice League of America, but she’s stays in the background unlike the more famous members. The news groups sites have next to nothing about her, only certain blogs that follow these things, or that are dedicated to the Justice League, ever mention her and there are never any clear pictures of her. That’s how she able to run a flower shop business when she’s not on missions and not have anyone recognizes her.

I take that back, there are articles about her in the news sites, but they’re all historical, going back to the seventies and early to mid eighties. According to the DMV, Ms. Lance is only twenty-eight, obviously not the same woman. I got curious about that; two women, both apparently blonds, dress very similar in fishnet stockings and with the same power but operating about twenty years apart. Coincidence, I think not. Unless both these women were bitten by a radioactive canary, their powers can only have come from a metagene, which could easily be passed down from mother to daughter. Lance’s mother, Diane Drake Lance, is retired in Florida.

OK, so now I know my target. What now? Riley’s rules for turning a heroine in to your own private, personal fuck toy: rule 1 - when blackmailing a heroine it is not enough to merely threaten her, you have to also threaten innocent people. Why? Because being a heroine by nature always involves sacrifice. You sacrifice making big money, you sacrifice your time, having a social life, having a family and all the other things you miss while you’re out saving the world, and of course, you’re always prepared to sacrifice your life. Therefore, being threaten with having their secret identity exposed is just one more sacrifice to make, no big deal. So what if I threaten to tell her enemies her real identity? All that means is she has to close her shop and move on. Just another sacrifice she has to make to be a heroine. It’s not going to get her to bend to my will. On the other hand, threaten innocent people is another thing. Protecting innocent people is why she became a heroine in the first place, it why she makes all these sacrifices. Having innocent people run up to her with tears and admiration in their eyes saying, “You saved me. How can I ever thank you, you’re my hero,” is what it’s all about for these ladies. I swear it gives them an orgasm. It takes the place of hot sex in their lives. For that she will do whatever I demand. With Bats, I threatened all her friends and family in her address book. With Hunty, I threaten to include a list of two of her classes in my emails to the dons. I didn’t have to do any of that with Cats because she is not a heroine, she’s a villain. With villains, threaten them is enough because they only care about their own asses.

This rule presents me with a problem. It appears Ms Lance and I have one thing in common, we are both natural born loners. As far as I can tell, she has no close friends and aside from her retired mother, she has no family. No one I can use to get to her. There are a couple of college girls she employs part time to help her run the flower shop, but that’s it. I need something more overwhelming then a couple of college girls for this to work. I need more information on her life and the only way to get it is to get in to her place.

The flower shop is on the ground floor. The floor above it is her residence. If Wayne set it up like he did Bat’s and Hunty’s apartments, there is a secret garage where she can exit with her cycle. I’m sure it’s in the back of the building. There’s a large park behind the shopping center, no houses. The park has a curfew; no one allowed after dark. So there’s no one to notice her when she rides out at nights. The secret garage door opens and the security system deactivates by a coded signal the cycle sends out when she returns. The signals for Bat’s and Hunty’s places are both different, so I must assume Black Canary’s signal is also different. To get in I have to get that signal. Not a problem, I’m familiar with the technology. There is a lamp high on the wall to either side of the secret garage door. The lamp on the left hides an infrared camera. This allows her to check if there’s anyone hanging around before she exits the garage. The lamp on the right hides the antenna that receives the signal from her cycle. I planted a radio receiver near the antenna. That way when she sends the signal I can record it. I also planted my own infrared camera on top of a tree in the park across the street. I wanted to monitor her coming and goings. It’s worked perfectly. During the seven days I monitored her she went out four times. I got her signal and quickly decoded it. I also think I established a pattern to her movements.

It’s seven-thirty in the evening; the flower shop doesn’t close until eight. There’s a diner across the street. I sit in a booth by the window facing the shopping center and order dinner. At six minutes after eight the last customer leaves and I can see Lance locking up. Another twenty minutes and the lights in the shop go out. The question is will Black Canary go out tonight? If she doesn’t then it’s a scrub and I’ll have to try again tomorrow night. My luck is good tonight because at twenty minutes after nine the image on my laptop, coming from my infrared camera behind the shopping center; show her leaving, in uniform, on her cycle.

Alright, here we go. Showtime! I pay my bill and head to the back of the flower shop. The second I open the garage door her security system will record it. That means once inside I have to find the computer that records the image and erase it. I pull the transmitter from my backpack. Look around to make sure no one is watching and I send the signal. For a minute nothing happens; maybe I decoded it wrong, but then it works, the secret door opens up. I quickly run inside, before the door closes behind me. For a minute it’s pitch black. I reach for my penlight, but once the door is shut the lights come on by themselves. The entrance ramp is on a decline. I walk down and find her secret headquarters is in the basement below the flower shop. Like Bats and Hunty’s, it’s a simple set up; a space in the middle for her to park her cycle, tool rack on one side for minor repair work, storage lockers on the other wall and two desktop computers in the far corner.

Of the four missions she’s been on in the past seven days, the shortest one was for three and a half hours, the longest was a little over five. The goal of any break in is to be in and out as fast as possible. I’m out of here in three hours whether I’m finish or not.

First I sit in front of the first computer. It takes me fourteen minutes to figure out her password, Bird Of Prey. Yeah, right, like that really fits a canary. I hook up a cable to my laptop and download her files. The password on the second computer almost threw me; Green Arrow. Go figure. The second computer is the one that records the images from the security system. I erase my image at the door. It’s also the computer that’s taking in the images from the cameras watching Bat’s and Hunty’s apartment through the broadband line. Those images I leave alone.

Next I check the storage lockers. They have spare uniforms and utility belts. I take a quick inventory of the belts to see what kind of equipment she uses. There’s a smart phone in there, a Blackberry Curve. Like Bats and Hunty, she has two of them. One she takes with her on missions and the other one, the one I’m holding, is a back up in case the first one is damaged or destroyed. The back up is updated daily just in case. I also download its memory in to my laptop. There twelve unmarked DVDs. I carry a portable DVD player in my backpack, but I don’t have time to view them now, so I download the first four on to my laptop. I packed it with extra memory for this operation. I’m done with the basement, now for her apartment upstairs. As I leave the basement the lights automatically shut off.

I go up the stairs; there are no cameras on the stair wells. I reach the door of her apartment, the lock is a good one; it takes me five minutes to pick it. No alarm on the door. My time so far is forty-six minutes. It’s a nice apartment, neat, tasteful, plenty of flowers. I pull out my penlight and start looking around. I can’t explain it, but being in Diane Lance’s apartment gives me a hard on, it feels like I’m violating her. I check her desk; maybe she also has a diary. No such luck, but I look at her bank statements, check book and anything else I find. No major revelations, I was well aware of her finances before I ever came in here. Yes, I check her underwear draw; plenty of silk bras, thongs and V-strings, some sports bras, nylons and, of course, more of those famous fishnet stockings. I wonder if she gets them wholesale. I move on and get to her night stand, that’s where I find them, her collection of top of the line dildos. I knew it; you can put money on it. It’s standard equipment for all super heroines, just like utility belts and hi-tech cycles. All super heroines use them; their sex life is so pitiful they need them. Blackie has several good ones, including two that are motorized. Why two? Come on, can’t you guess; one for her cunt and one for her asshole. You don’t want to get the two mixed up. It’s nice to know there is some consistency in the world. On the top shelve of her closet I find a blond wig. That’s odd because I also found blond hair dye in her medicine cabinet and blond hairs on her brush. Maybe she once wore the wig but eventually decided to dye her hair blond. Finally, I find her regular Blackberry. As the Black Canary she uses a Curve, in her personal life she also uses a Curve. Needless to say I download the memory for that as well. I’m done, time to leave. I can’t leave by the secret garage door because the security system will record me again and this time I won’t be able to erase it. So I leave through the flower shop. I hacked in to the security company’s files so I know how to get out without setting the alarm off. I get back to my truck and drive off. I’m done in less than two hours, excellent.

Cats is in Metropolis tonight taking down a score. Some rich lady is going to lose her collection of diamond necklaces. I know because I help her get the plans for the security system of the lady’s mansion; in exchange for a cut. Since she’s not home tonight that’s where I go, besides, for obvious reasons I don’t Bats and Hunty involved with this in anyway. I make sure the security system is on, head for Cats’ entertainment room. I start by making DVD copies of the DVDs in Lance’s locker that I downloaded to my laptop. When I’m done I insert the first one in Cats’ player and sit back in the easy chair with a beer.

JACKPOT!!! Home made porn. It’s recordings of Ms. Lance having sex with some guy. I don’t recognize him but it is her and I got to tell you, as I sit there with my mouth open, the Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee video has nothing on these two kids. Blackie and this guy are going at it with total, and I mean total, abandonment. She’s licking his balls nonstop, then she deep throats him like a piston in a formula one race car. He sits on the edge of the bed while she rides his cock like a bucking bronco. They fuck in every possible position imaginable; standing up with her leaning against the wall and him behind her. Her on her back, her feet in the air and him pumping away, doggie style, missionary, you name it. Another one where they are standing again, only she is bent at the waist, her palms flat on the floor, and him behind her pumping away, that’s flexible and of course, the ever popular doggie style, only this time he’s fucking her in the ass and she is enjoying it. There’s orgasm after orgasm for both of them. In a couple of scenes he pulls out and shoots his wad all over her face and hair. Sometimes he shoots his load on her tits and stomach. Either way, judging by the smile on her face, she’s enjoys it and he’s not having any problems with it either. By the time the DVD is done, my cock is ready to explode. I do wish Cats was here right now. I’m thinking of jerking off or something. In the DVD she’s a brunette. The guy is tall, very muscular, with hard ridged abs and pretty well endowed. He’s Caucasian with light brown, almost blond, long hair. It’s not shoulder length, but it is long and he’s got a beard entirely on his chin connected to a thick mustache; I think they use to call it a Van Dyke. There’s sound. When they are not moaning and screaming, he’s calling her Di and she calls him Ollie. Di and Ollie, sound like a kids Saturday morning cartoon.

I put on the second DVD, expecting more of the same. Was I ever wrong? Just when I think I seen it all, our Ms. Lance finds a new way to shock and amaze me. The second DVD is more of Di having hot sex, except it’s not with Ollie, it’s with another woman. Just like the first DVD, Diane and the other woman are really going at it. This other woman is magnificent, better than Blackie. I can’t take my eyes off of her. She is full bodied, muscular with massive tits and nipples even bigger then Hunty’s. She has an absolutely beautiful face with shoulder length, full bodied raven hair. She looks like an Amazon.......Holy Shit!!!

I freeze the disk and get a closer look, it’s her! Wonder Woman. I died and gone to haven, because in front of me is Wonder Woman wearing absolutely nothing but a smile. I can die happy now; I’ve seen Wonder Tits naked. I stand there frozen staring at the screen, half in shock and half in awe. How many men in this world have ever seen Wonder Woman completely naked? Hell, how many ever seen her even partially naked? She’s absolutely perfect, everything about her is perfect. She is the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world. I restart the disc and sit down. There’s Wonder and Blackie stand in a tight embrace in a passionate kiss, their respective tongues going in and out of each other’s mouths. They are pressed against each other tight, tits against tits, cunt against cunt. Wondie has her arms around Blackie’s back, Blackie has her hands all over Wondie’s magnificent ass, squeezing and massaging it hard. Now that’s where I’d like to have my hands right now.

The action moves to the bed where Wondie is lying on her back, tits point up, nipples hard as diamonds, while Blackie is on her stomach, her head between Wonder’s legs. Blackie’s doing it all. She pulls back Wondie’s flap and exposes her clit, her wonder clit, its size is as impressive as her tits. Blackie then goes to work on it. She stick her tongue so deep in to Wondie’s snatch I’m surprise they’re not tongue kissing. Wondie just lies there with one hand on top of Blackie’s head and the other playing with her own tits. Her mouth is open, eyes closed, breathing steady. It looks like she’s enjoying it. This goes on for a while, but I don’t get bored. Finally, Wondie has her orgasm. It took a while but it’s big, Wondie grips the bed, her hips are bucking and she keeps yelling for Hera. It lasts several minutes, longer then any of Bats, Hunty and Cats orgasm. It last longer then any that Blackie had with Ollie. Wondie knows how to drag it out. While she’s having it, Blackie keeps working on her cunt, holding on to her hips to keep them from getting away from her. It’s fascinating to watch.

Now its Blackie’s turn, she gets on her back, Wondie gets on top and begins licking Blackie’s neck, gently kissing her checks, lips, ears and nose; it’s face to face sex at it’s best. It looks so intimate. After a few minutes Wondie starts rubbing her hips in to Blackie’s, as her legs are open. They stimulate each other like that slowly for a while. Eventually, the look on their faces and the way their bodies are moving, show an intense fire building up in their loins. Suddenly Wondie grabs Blackie’s wrists and forces them over her head, restraining Blackie. Wondie’s so strong, it doesn’t look like Blackie can resist, nor does it look like she wants to, as she is fighting a powerful oncoming orgasm. By this time their hips are moving against each others fast and furious, their faces look like their both under assault. A minute later, Blackie blows big time; her screams are loud, her body twitches like she’s having convolutions. Wondie doesn’t seem to be there just yet; she keeps rubbing her hips through Blackie’s orgasm. Wondie has a lot more energy than Blackie, she lifts Blackie’s legs, pushes her thighs against her chest and goes to work on her cunt and clit. Wondie looks like she knows what she’s doing, there’s a style to it, a polished techniques. She even sticks two fingers in to Blackie’s asshole at the right moment. It drives Blackie crazy, she’s making noise like she’s delirious, there’s that cross eye thing again. It doesn’t take Blackie anywhere near the time it took to get off the first time. She explodes after only a few minutes and Wondie keeps her going for several minutes, until Blackie passes out. Bats would love that because Wondie timed the ass insertion perfectly. There’s no doubt about it, Wondie knows her way around a woman’s body. There’s something about Wondie’s manner that reminds me of Cats. She looks like she likes to dominate, to be the one in control. She’s definitely the one who’s leading this dance. While Blackie lies there passed out, Wondie stands there looking down on her. There’s no mistake, she has a look of superiority on her face; I’ve seen that same look on Cat’s face when she’s doing Hunty. She walks over to the table and pours herself a glass of wines, then walks back so she can stand over Blackie again, looking down on her while enjoying the wine.

After a few minutes Blackie starts to come out of it. Wondie doesn’t give her much of chance to recover. She slowly pours some of the red wine on Blackie’s tits, puts the glass down, gets on top of her and starts working Blackie’s tits over with her tongue. Blackie reacts immediately. Her skin is already flushed, but somehow it gets redder. Her breathing picks up again. After a minute, it’s Blackie’s turn again; she flips Wondie on to her front with her legs over Blackie’s shoulders and begins to aggressively lick Wondie out from behind. Bats and I have done this before. This position allows stimulation to different parts of the vagina; Cats loves it and even Hunty goes crazy when Cats or Bats does it to her. It allows you to go deeper inside of her, allowing you to work her G-spot which is usually tough to reach. The second orgasm hits her faster then the last one, and Blackie makes it last. For the first time it looks like Blackie has the upper hand. It almost looks like Wondie will pass out, especially when Blackie sticks her thumb up Wondie’s magnificent asshole. Then the money shot; Blackie sticks her tongue in Wondie’s asshole. Wow, I never seen anyone do that before. While Blackie is ass licking, she reaches around to Wondie’s clit while sticking her thumb in Wondie’s cunt. Wondie’s enjoying it; she stretches her arms over her head and then runs her fingers through her thick raven mane. She expertly plays with her massive tits. Like the last time, it takes a good long while for Wondie to cum, but she does all over Blackie’s face.

That was the end of the disc and I’m reaching for the hand lotion. I need a few minutes before I load the next disc. While the DVDs may be very entertaining, and in the case of Wonder Woman, life affirming, they’re not very helpful. There’s nothing I can use. I can put them on line for the viewing pleasure of the masses, but there’s nothing that will make Blackie follow my orders.

When I finally load the next DVD, I see its Blackie doing it with a different guy. He’s black, tall, and extremely muscular; even more so than Ollie, but what stand out is this guy’s cock; it’s huge, massive. How any woman can tolerate his tool shoved into them is beyond me. This guy would make a horse envious. His balls are equally massive. He stands there tall, proud and completely naked. His hands are on his hips, classic super hero pose, while a totally naked Blackie is on her knees in front of him, licking his balls. There sound; he’s encouraging her in her efforts to lick his balls, saying “Yeah, that’s it; harder, harder.” Blackie complies as she licks harder in between giving each ball a long hard French kiss. He’s not calling her any names, but there is definitely an air of superiority about him over her. In the first two DVDs, Blackie is a brunette, in this one she’s a blond. It doesn’t look like a wig. He calls her Diane; she calls him John and refers to him as her big stud; how quaint.

She spend a good long time on his massive balls before moving on to that tree trunk he calls his cock. From there, it’s a lot of the same as the DVD of Blackie fucking Ollie. It’s entertaining but nothing new. It’s the forth DVD that produces yet another shock, a big one; Blackie and Hunty.

Holy shit! I’m sitting there watching Blackie and Hunty standing completely naked in a tight embrace; tit to tit, cunt to cunt, clit to clit, doing a passionate open mouth kiss, their tongues having a hard fencing match while their respective hands are grabbing each other’s asses, and who said romance is dead.

This sucks, Hunty cheated on me. How could she? I’ve always been faithful to her………..and Bats…….….and Cats….well, that’s different. She always knew about them, and even participated, but here she’s been stepping out on me with Blackie and didn’t even invite me, how rude. I share Bats and Cats with her. Just goes to show, I’m too nice a guy, I’m being taken advantage of.

Now back to the show. Blackie began caressing Hunty’s hard, smooth rump. She then reached into her side table draw and pulled out her dildos, vibrators and a tube of lubricants. Blackie opened the tube and squeezed some cream on her fingers and rubbed a healthy dose of the cream all over, including deep inside Hunty’s anus. Hunty just laid there and let her do it, even positioned herself to make it easier for Blackie to do her task. Blackie then picked up what looked like an eight inch vibrating dildo, flipped it on and looked down on Hunty with an evil smile on her face. She let’s the anticipation build for maybe a minute, then inserts the vibrating dildo up Hunty’s asshole. Hunty’s reaction is immediate, her athletic body tenses, her eyes look like their about to pop out of her head, her mouth drops.

“Aaaaaaauuuuugggghhhh!” she moans. Blackie’s other hand goes for one of Hunty’s tits, mauling it and twisting her inflated nipple.

There was something wrong. After fucking Hunty constantly for over a year I got to know her body, moods and reactions very well and I can tell that all was not as it seems. To begin with, Hunty’s reaction is not what it should be, I’m sure she’s feeling something but not a whole lot, she’s faking it. It takes a long time for Hunty to get orgasm hot. She is one woman who really needs a patient lover. It takes a serious amount of effort and time to get her in hot like that. In addition, she’s not wet enough. When Hunty get excited, she cums, really cums. She produces more cum than any women I’ve ever seen in real life or film; buckets full. Bats and Cats were both amazed at how much she produces. If you do it right, fucking Hunty is a very wet experience. In the DVD, Hunty’s wet, but nowhere near wet enough for it to be a real orgasm. Besides, Hunty’s ass is not her most sensitive area. She gets some pleasure, but when it comes to ass fucking she can take it or leave it. If this was Bats, the vibrating dildo up her well lubricated ass, while I played with her nipples, would send her climbing the walls, her ass is that sensitive. Hunty’s super sensitive areas are her nipples and clit. When she’s really aroused they engorged to unreal proportion. In this DVD they are somewhat inflated but not pumped to the degree I’ve seen them.

So what the hell is all this about? Why is she with Blackie and when was this video made? I’d come out and ask Hunty, but I’m still at a point where I don’t want to get her involve in all this, so I focus on Blackie, my target. What have I leaned from her home movies? That Blackie is an outright nymphomaniac. In addition to all her dildos, which I have no doubt she uses extensively, she also has a very active sex life with both men and women. That makes her bisexual, like Cats. This is good; it means I don’t have to break her in to sex with other women, like I did with Bats and Hunty. The videos show someone who depending on the partner can be both aggressive and submissive in the bedroom; she was submissive with Wondie who seemed to dominate her and with this John. With the rest of her lovers, she was definitely the one on top. The most obvious thing it shows is someone who likes to videotape herself having sex. The tapes display shots from two different angles, edited together to produce one tape. That means she rigged up two cameras in her apartment; from the angle of the shots I can visualize where they may be hidden. This leads to a big question; do her lovers know they are being videotaped? Nothing in the DVDs give any indication that they know, no one is smiling or even looking at any of the cameras, no one is posing, acting like or even acknowledging their existence in anyway. I look at the DVDs again and count only a couple of times that Blackie looked directly in to the camera and that’s only when her lover is looking away. That’s a useful fetish to know, because if her lover don’t know that means they might not approve and that gives me something to use against her. Hey, I know I wouldn’t want Wonder Cunt mad at me for betraying her. If any of these images show up on the web, I know a number of people who will be pissed at Blackie.

The second question I have is where does she have the time to meet people and have a social life? Bats and Hunty can’t seem to find the time. Until they met me, their sex life was shit. I thought about it for a minute and I realize there’s a pattern here; both Wondie and Hunty are heroines. She would have met them going about her business as a heroine. What about this Ollie? Is he’s a hero too? Blackie might have stumbled on a solution to a good sex life for a heroine; fuck other heroes. They’re in the same line of work, same problems and constraints on their spare time, shared experiences; yeah, that’s what Blackie’s doing. It seems so obvious. I wonder if she ever done it with Bats? If I could figure out who Ollie is, it might give me the secret identity of another hero, same with this John. I wonder if she’s ever made it with Batman? I have to get my hands on the rest of the DVDs in her locker; all of a sudden they have significance far beyond mere jerk off material.

Ok, lets get to work. I open my laptop and start going through her files. The one I’m most interested in is her phone book. Fortunately, in this day and age, the name Ollie, which I presume is short for Oliver, is not so common. Scanning her list of entries I come across only one; Oliver Queen. I hack in to the DMV and pull up his driver’s licence, complete with picture. Jackpot! That’s him, Oliver Queen is the guy Blackie was fucking on the first DVD.

I have a working theory I’m operating under; that Blackie is fucking other members of the Justice League. This is because that’s the other heros she’s most associates with. Wonder Women is a founding JLA member, the problem is that Hunty is not. Neither Bats or Hunty are members of the JLA, they’re both locals, but I cast that aside for now, hoping that maybe Hunty was an exception. I then pull up all the sites devoted to the JLA. There are a lot of muscular male members in the JLA. Queens’ address is in Star City. Which male JLA member operates primary there? Green Arrow. I pull all the photos of Green Arrow, which I remember was the password of one of her computers, and compare. Both are white male, both a well built, muscular men. Green Arrow wears a face mask, but the hair color is the same and more importantly, they both share the same Van Dyke beard. Coincidence? I think not. There’s no doubt, Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

Next comes John. There are five Johns in her phone book. I go through each one’s driver’s licence picture and find that only one is black; John Stewart. His face matches exactly with Blackie’s lover on the DVD. There have only been two members of the JLA that are black, a woman named Vixen and Green Lantern. The thing with Green Lantern is there have been several of them, I lost count how many. The current one is white, but there once was a black man who was the Green Lantern. I manage to dig through the files and come up with a couple of photos of him, and guess what, he never even wore a mask. How about that? Anyway, that makes it easy, John Stewart is clearly one of the Green Lanterns.

So, it seems I’m on the right track, four lovers, three of them members of the JLA; Hunty must have been a fluke. The only way to confirm for sure is to look at the other DVDs she has in her locker and that’s my next job.

The next night it rained, so nothing happened. The night after that I go to the diner and have dinner. The flower shop closes at it’s usual time at eight. I wait, but by ten she still hasn’t gone out. I have since left the diner and am monitoring the garage door in my truck. By eleven I figured it’s a scrub and go home. I’m staying at Hunty’s.

The next night I arrive at the diner twenty minutes to eight. I’m becoming a regular, the owner waives hi. I sit at my usual table and watch the shop. At eight it closes; I wait. At eight-forty Laurel goes out, but not as Black Canary. She leaves the shop by a side door. She’s dress to party, wearing a hot little blue cocktail dress, heels and a small purse. Her hair is made up and she looks like she put on makeup. Great, she’s got a date; that’s just as good, she won’t be back for at least two hours. She gets in her car and drives off. I wait ten minutes before heading for the back of the shop. I transmit the signal, the secret garage door opens and I’m in. This time I’m not exploring, I go right for the computer, punch in the password: Green Arrow and erase the image of me coming in through the door. I open the locker, pull out the fifth DVD and get my laptop to start downloading it. I bought more than enough memory to down load the eight remaining DVDs, no problem.

It’s going smoothly, I finish downloading the eighth one, put it back and start doing the ninth, and that’s when the problem starts. I’m sitting there waiting as the DVD is downloading when I hear something. I freeze. For a minute nothing, but before I can relax again I hear voices. They’re in the stairwell. Two people, I can’t make out what their saying, but I’m sure it’s two people and then I hear them getting closer; the sound of the voices and footsteps on the stairs confirm they are heading my way. Shit! Think fast little rabbit. I put the empty DVD case for number nine back on the shelf, close the locker doors and pick up my backpack. I’m still holding my laptop, with the DVD in it, with my other hand. Where do I hide? The locker is not big enough for me to fit in. I kill the lights and rush to the only spot in the basement where they might not see me; the exit ramp. The ramp is on an incline to the door. The garage door is not immediately visible from the basement, unless you take a couple of steps up the ramp. I get to the door and plaster myself against the wall. I stand there absolutely quiet. The lights come on in the basement and I hear people walk in. I hear their voices talking, one of them is Blackie, I’m sure of it, the other is a man with a fairly deep voice; I don’t recognize it. At first it seems peculiar, it’s very conceivable that she’d bring a date back to her place for some fun and games, but why bring him down here to her secret headquarters? Then it hit me, if she only dates other heros from the JLA, then they would know all about her alter ego and this place wouldn’t be a secret to them. Still, this is not her bedroom, why bring him down here?

I’m able to hear what they’re saying. She’s showing him her cycle; she’s going on about the engine, the electronics and weapons. Great, like a guy, she’s showing off her wheels to her date. She’s saying how Bruce upgraded the electronic not too long ago and describes the various upgrades. The man asks a question every few minutes, but she would just say that she didn’t know or that it was over her head. This pisses me off because I can answer his questions, in great detail. The upgrades Blackie is showing off, to whomever her male caller is, are mine. I designed them for Bats and Hunty’s cycles within the last year, and they work great. I’m talking about upgrades to the navigation system, the security system, to weapons aiming, even to the tracking system. What is Blackie’s cycle doing with them?

It goes on for a while, I can’t check the time. Then they start flirting, they go quiet and I’m picturing them in a hot tight kiss. I hear Blackie say “Let’s go upstairs.” The man answers “Yeah, that’s what I was waiting for.” I hear them move, but Blackie suddenly says, “Oh, wait a second. I have to do something on my computer.” Again there’s silence. The man’s voice asks “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing surveillance and I want to make sure the system is operating. I’m almost done.”

A minute later. “All done,” she says. They walk out, killing the lights as the door closes. I stand there in the silence for several minutes. I can hear them on the stairs, but I’m still worried they might come back, so I don’t move. Finally, I get my courage up and move back down the ramp. I stand in the dark, quiet, hoping I’m really alone. I get my pen light and scan it around; yeah, I’m alone. I look at my laptop and see that it’s finished downloading number nine. I put my backpack down, pull out the DVD and put it back in the case in the locker. Anyone with half an ounce of brains would be getting the fuck out of here. So, why am I still standing here? Well, three reasons mostly. First, I want to get a closer look at her cycle and those upgrades Bruce Wayne made not too long ago. Second; I want to see what kind of surveillance she’s doing on her computer. I mean, last time I looked, she was keep tabs on Bats and Hunty’s places. Could whatever she was doing on her computer have something to do with that? And third, there are still three more DVDs to download on my computer. Ah, what the hell, she’s obviously busy right now, I’ll may never get a better chance.

I pull DVD number ten and load it on my laptop. I hit the light switch and walk over to her cycle. For the next ten minutes I looked it over. There’s no doubt in my mind, these are my upgrade; Bruce Wayne stole my designs. I’d upgrade Bat and Hunty’s cycles, Brucie would get a hold of them, copy them and use them himself, without my permission or without any compensation; the bastard! Now, I don’t feel so bad about selling the plans for his game system to his competition or for helping Luthor steal the Jem Hadar bid out from under him.......Well, truth be known, I never really felt bad about doing those things. I actually felt pretty good about it, but the point is, now I’m justify in feel good about ripping him off. All rich guys are bastards, that’s how they become rich guys and that’s why I’m fighting so hard to become one myself.

I walk back to my laptop, DVD ten is done. I put in DVD eleven and turn my attention to her computers. I get in to the second computer, which I know is the one she’s using to record the feeds from the cameras watching Bat and Hunty’s place. It’s working fine, but it was doing that when I first accessed it earlier. I don’t see what it is she did just now. I go in to the other computer and there it is; she has two feeds coming in. Naturally, I’m curious as to what she is recording, so I access them. If I didn’t need to be absolutely quiet I would have laughed my ass off; she activated the two cameras in her bedroom. She’s recording her date upstairs. It’s funny because she activated them right in front of him and he didn’t even know it. If this is his first time with her, then this is his premier as a porn film star. If they been together before, then he’s adding to his resume. Either way, I’m sitting here watch what’s going on upstairs right now.

Her date is black, but it’s not John Stewart. In doing my research last night on the JLA, I read they taken on some new members not too long ago and one of them is black. I didn’t get any details because I already identified who John was. I’ll look him up later. He’s not as tall as Stewart, but like the rest of the men she fucks, he’s very muscular. Isn’t that always the way with hot chicks? They go for the big jocks, the hunks. Brains like me never have a shot; unless of course I blackmail them. They’re doing something I’ve read about but never actually seen done before, nor could do myself; a standing 69. They’re both completely naked, as usual. He’s stand straight, holding her with one of his twenty inch arms around her waist, upside down. Her face is in front of his crotch, her hair and tits dangling, his cock in her mouth, her head pumping away. He has his face buried in her bush, his index finger deep in her asshole, her thighs resting on his broad shoulders. Do you know how much strength you need to do that. I can’t do that, despite the fact that none of my ladies are overweight. From the side view camera, I get a great shot of her head pumping away at his cock, back and forth. I can only see the top of his head because her thighs resting on his shoulders obscure the lower half of his face. He tits look cool from this angle. I switch to the second camera, which is overhead and at an angle and see him licking away at her pussy. It also shows a great shot of her peach ass and the soles of her feet(yeah, I got a foot fetish, so what?). Both are really in to it. Man, to be in that kind of shape where I could do something like that must be great.

DVD eleven is finished. I replace it with twelve; that’s the last one, at least until she burns one of what’s going on upstairs now. They go at it for a while; his arm does not look like it’s getting tired; amazing. He shoots off in her mouth first, she cums a couple of minutes later. They make all the usual moans. They then move to the bed, where he has to recharge. DVD twelve is downloaded. I put it back in the locker, make sure everything is as I found it and close it up. I shut down my laptop and pack it away in my backpack; I’m ready to depart. As much fun as it would be to sit here the rest of the night and watch these two kids go at it, I have to go. The problem is the man’s friend is resting and they’re lying there waiting for him to get his second wind. She’s lying with her head on his chest and her hand resting on his crotch. She’s gently raking her nails on his sack to encourage his friend to wake up. He has his hand on her ass, gently massaging it. It’s best to wait until they’re at it again before I make my exit, they’ll more distracted. The man’s buddy starts to come around and he starts sucking on Blackie’s tits, while she rubs his emerging cock. I’m getting ready to depart when her Blackberry sounds off. Talk about bad timing. They stop what they’re doing and she reaches for the smart phone on the side table. He looks a little annoyed, or disappointed, it’s hard to tell.

“Yeah,” she says. A thought suddenly hits me. If that’s a call for her to do something as Black Canary, then I’m fucked. She’s going to have to come down here to change and ride out; shit!

For a couple of minutes she just listens, then she finally says “Yes, Bruce, fine. Tomorrow at ten, I’ll be there. No, it’s no problem. Ok, good night.” She ends the call and puts the Blackberry back on the night stand. I’d be relieved, if it wasn’t for what happens next. The guy lying there asks, “Who was that, the Bat?”

“Yeah,” she answers.

“Doesn’t that guy ever take any time off?”

“Not that I’m aware of. Now where were we?”

They go back to what they were doing before the call. He starts sucking, squeezing and licking her tits, she’s playing with his cock and balls and his hand finds it’s way to her clit for some manual stimulation. It looks interesting, but I’m not paying attention. I stare at the monitor in total shock. Did I hear that right? She refer to her caller as Bruce. He asks if it was the Bat and she says “Yeah.” Holy shit! Did I just find out that Bruce Wayne is Batman? I can’t believe it; it makes no sense on any level. I have to think this through, but not here. Time to book. I shut down the monitor, pick up my back pack and kill the lights on the way out. I make my way up the stairs slowly and quietly to the flower shop. I disable the floor alarm, I know the code. I go to the side door, unlock it and step out. I first make sure there’s no one around, especially no police cruiser patrolling by, then I reactivate the alarm, and lock the door with my lock pick. I get back to my truck and drive off. I head for Bats’ apartment, but I can’t get my mind off of it. Billionaires do not do their own dirty work and they don’t risk their asses; they hire people to do that, usually high price lawyers, occasionally hired guns, but they never get their own hands dirty; that’s one of the privileges of being a billionaire. Yet, if what I heard tonight is true, billionaire Bruce Wayne puts on a high tech costume and mask and goes out and fights crime, while running a massive business empire during the day. How ridicules is that? What the hell am I dealing with? This man must be more psychotic then the Joker.

With everything I’ve learned, my theory, before tonight, was a billionaire, like Bruce Wayne, with vast resources at his disposal and with a long family history connected to Gotham City, see his city going down the toilet. Organized Crime has taking over, street thugs are running rampant, murder rate is the highest in the nation, the police and politician are all corrupt, so he decides something must be done and he’s the one to do it. He organizes his own personal, secret vigilante force. He brings in a highly trained special forces type, gives him high tech, state of the art equipment and creates a mythical persona to inspire the public and scare the shit out of the bad guys. Who knows how he came up with the Bat as the symbol. He also brings in others to back him up, like this Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Huntress and Black Canary, plus probably a bunch of people operating behind the scene supporting them. They probably also have connections on the police force; honest cops that hate what’s going on. Batman is his field commander, he fronts for Wayne, running all the other heros.

It’s a good theory, but now it’s out the window, because there is no special forces warrior playing Batman, it’s Bruce Wayne. That’s one hell of a hands on approach. It’s still hard for me to accept. If Wayne gets discovered or something goes wrong the consequents would be devastating, he’d have no plausible deniability, no layers between him and this vigilante operation to insulate him from anything that can go wrong. Is he just stupid, fanatical or is there really something wrong with him? I remember meeting him. He is a big guy, looks well built, like he can handle himself. His manner was serious, even intimating. Based on that meeting I could believe it.

So the question now is what do I do about it? I have no idea, I’m in possession of arguable the hottest, most sought after secret in Gotham City and I have no idea how to use it. I could try and blackmail him for a lot of money, I can make him leave me along, hell the things I can get out of this is unlimited. So what’s the problem? I’m scared of him; this is not some heroine that I’m looking to make my fucktoy, this is a powerful man who knows how to deal with impossible situations, Bats might have been right, I’m in over my head. I have to think about this. I really have to think this through.

I get to Bats’ apartment. She’s in tonight, sitting on the coach reading. It’s late, about ten. She’s curious as to where I’ve been. Great she wants to me to account for my time. I tell her I’m working on something. She wants to know if it’s this Poison Ivy business. I tell her that’s over with. The local papers are filled with articles about the corruption probe on the Land Commission; it’s a real mess. Luthor is denying the whole thing; he says it was an overzealous vice president who acted without authorization, named Lou Asher. So what else is new. Guys like Luthor never get touched by shit like this; they’re too well insulated. But at least the Richland Project has been stopped, which is what Ivy wanted, she must be real happy. Bats looks at me for a moment. “Yeah, I guess you did good. Now what did she give you in return for your precious help?”

I tell her I’ll explain it all to her and Hunty in a week. She’s not happy about that, but resigned; I mean it’s not like she doesn’t have any secrets from me. I want to ask her how my upgrades ended up on Blackie’s cycle, but I don’t.

She wants to go to bed, but we don’t even make to the bedroom. After watching Blackie get laid so much and finding out about Bruce Wayne being Batman, I can’t believe how horny I feel and how much pent up energy I have in me. I fuck the hell out of her on the spot. I feel like abusing and dominating her tonight and the fucking cunt loves every minute of it. I strip her naked right there on the coach and nail her every which way there is; me standing by the end of the coach with her upper body lying on the coach, her knees on my shoulder while I bang away at her. I get her doggie style on the floor. I have her suck me off while I’m standing up and she’s on her knees in front of me. Yeah, that’s it, her on her knees in front of me, where she belongs and my cock in her mouth where it belongs. I’m sitting on the edge of the coach, with she sitting on my lap, my cock buried deep in her ass and her riding me hard while I mauling her hard, inflated tits. Back to doggie style only this time I’m again fucking her ass, all just like the heroic cunt likes it. I give her one orgasm after the other. She yells like crazy every time as she cums. It give me such a high; here she is, the hard, athletic heroine, good at martial arts with the killer body and me this skinny geek. Tonight she’s my fucktoy, good for nothing but pleasing me. If I didn’t want to make it so obvious, I’d have her wear her mask.

After an hour of this, she lying face down on the floor drenched in sweat. She passed out after her last orgasm. I’m standing above her feeling so powerful. I put my foot on her ass, just like I did that day we met in the store. This is the way guys like the Joker, Penguin and Riddler would like to have her. They were never able to do it, but I did and do so anytime I want. I pick her up and put her in bed. She wakes up after a while.

“What’s gotten in to you tonight?” She asks.

“Hey, you got to change it up now and then or else it goes stale and you get bored.”

“Yeah, well it wasn’t boring. I’m going to be walking bow legged for a week. I may not be able to sit down for a while. I don’t know how I’ll ride my cycle.”

I shrug. “Would you like me to kiss it and make it better?”

She gives me a weak smile. “No, I think I’ll be alright.” She snuggles close, putting her head on my should, her leg over mine. “I hope whatever you’re in to doesn’t blow up on you. You now have a lot to lose.”

She slowly dozes off. She’s right of course, but you don’t always get to pick your battles, sometimes your battles pick you and you just have to deal with them.

The next day we shower together, I cook her breakfast and off she goes to work. I get on the computer, download Blackie’s tapes in to DVDs and watch them. The rest of the tapes are amazing. Blackie is amazing. In the process I learn the secret identities of three more super heroes, including Blackie’s visitor last night; one Jefferson Pierce, Black Lighting. What’s interesting about him is that he isn’t only Black Lighting of the JLA, but he was also Secretary of Education when Lex Luthor was President. It’s the ninth and tenth tapes that sends me in to a hysterical laugh for several minutes. I’m not sure why I think it’s so funny, but I do. More important, when done I now know how to blackmail Blackie. I have a way to put her hard nipples in a clamp. She’s mine. I spend the rest of the day setting it all up. When I done I feel satisfied. Now, it’s my turn.

The Flower Shop: The Next Day.

Diane Lance sits behind her desk in her small office in the back of her shop. She’s catching up on the bothersome paperwork that comes with running a business. At ten sharp, Jo Ann, a college girl she hired to help around the store comes in.

“There’s someone here to see you,” she says.


“He didn’t give his name, he just says he wants to see you.”

Diane shakes her head. “Probably a wedding planner who has some crazy idea for a floral arrangement. They’re all frustrated artists,” she says, as she comes around her desk. She walks out of her office, in to the main floor and stops dead in her tracks, her eyes go wide. The shock on her face is obvious. “You!” she blurts out.

He stands there, backpack over his shoulder, and smiles at her. “Hello,” he says. “In case you don’t remember, my name is Riley Parkin.”