Enter the cheetah  

By Flir


This story is set in the first CBS season TV show world of Wonder Woman. That is with no other super people to speak of just Wonder Woman and the odd supervillain/ess. For reasons of plot I have advanced some of the technology a bit.

Priscilla Rich was watching television, she had watched this recorded news footage three times already since she had returned from the party. Olympic gold medalist, wealthy heiress, bisexual and party animal she had become the epitome of a serious debutante. The action on screen however was much more important than any party and had her full attention.

Wonder Woman: The news story had featured actual footage of the "Amazing Amazon!" dealing with a gang of foreign agents operating out of a health spa. Priscilla had been aware of this super powered woman for a while but only as a name, she had been at the Hacienda spa when the news event had occurred and she'd been stunned by her beauty, agility and strength. This Wonder Woman was truly magnificent as a warrior and a woman and Priscilla could not stop thinking about her. She'd heard about the superheroine in history books and seen a little newsreel footage of her but none of these accounts did the amazon justice, to actually watch this incredible woman do her stuff was without doubt the most arousing thing she'd ever seen. Wonder Woman had only recently returned to the US after an absence of over thirty years, Priscilla didn't know how or why and didn't care. The challenge this woman represented to her was irresistible, Priscilla had to rise to this she wanted to defeat the amazon champion, to crush her into submission and what Priscilla Rich wanted she got.

The next few months were busy ones for the obsessive debutante, quietly bribing a low paid filing clerk working for the military archives department at the pentagon got her all the useful data about Wonder Woman's exploits in world war two. Another discreet bribe to a typist in the IRS gave her the names and some details of the personnel employed by the IADC which her intended prey was closely affiliated with. Priscilla also stepped up her personal fitness program, she hadn't exactly gone to seed since winning the gold medal for sprinting and gymnastics was not a hobby for the slow and lazy but she'd need to once again be the fastest woman on earth to chase this quarry down. In addition to physical fitness training she was receiving instruction in martial arts varying from tae kwon do to fencing. This left little enough time to read and assimilate the files she had aquired but read them she did. Her intended target was immensely strong, inhumanly fast and agile there was also an invisible aircraft to worry about but the files did reveal a few weak points. Wonder Woman was as vulnerable as anyone to drugs and if her golden belt could be removed she was no stronger or faster than the average well trained six foot athlete and warrior. It was with surprise and glee that Priscilla found the most useful information in the paycheck files of all places. A certain Diana Prince had been paid by the war department in the years 1942 to 1945 and now in 1977 another Diana Prince was being paid by the IADC. Photographs from other sources revealed a likeness between the two women that could not be purely coincidental, Wonder Woman's identity was no longer a secret and Priscilla began to plan.

Priscilla was looking in the mirror it showed an athletic female body in a cheetah costume, she had decided to wear a mask to protect her own identity from any unanticipated civilian eyes and when she'd seen a pair of fake leopard skin boots in the window of a shoe shop she decided on a costume and a name. Cheetah the fastest predator on earth it was so fitting she thought to herself. Priscilla had not bought the boots in the store, four inch heels and no grip were not a good design concept for this sort of work, so she had ordered a pair to be custom made from a costumier along with a suit that was comfortable to move in, gave her a cowl and mask to conceal herself with and looked slinky as hell. The tail had been a problem just hanging limply until she'd looked into false limb technology, recent advances in robotics and neurological research were on the verge giving people replacement limbs - poor people that was being rich had it's advantages. She moved her tail now, it was a fantastic piece of work made of duraplas and molybdenum steel it moved less like a jointed construct and more like a natural limb, it was light, quick as a flash, strong enough to crush a brieze block and hard as a hammer. The appendage required a special harness to be worn made of moulded steel plates with a rubber surround and neuroelectric connectors positioned against the base of the spine, it would get hot with prolonged use but this was acceptable. After all Wonder Woman had her belt and lasso so she would need an equaliser or two. The second weapon she had custom built was a pair of dart firing bracelets the pay loads of which could be varied to suit her needs. In addition to the offensive weaponry she had slipped in some light weight armour to protect her thighs, upper and fore arms. They would not withstand the amazons blows more than once but could prevent a broken limb or so she hoped. It had meant some additional work to be carried out on the costume but this was of no great concern. The basement of her eighteen room house had been outfitted with items she'd seen advertised in Fit to be tied magazine and would provide a suitable suite for her as yet unknowing guest. Priscilla had bought an unassuming grey van and had used this to scout around Washington DC for a suitable hunting ground, several disused warehouses provided a location which was quiet, out of the way and could be prepped thoroughly for the match. All that was left now was to bring Wonder Woman to what she now thought of as the hunting preserve and there defeat her. It wouldn't be as easy as that but then what worthwhile thing was, if she succeeded the victory would make the olympics look like a kindergarten playtime period. She smiled as she thought of Diana Prince's expression as she opened her mail, it should be just about now.

Dear Wonder Woman:

Don't you think Agent Diana Prince looks just as good now as Yeoman Diana Prince did in world war two? If you wish this idle speculation to remain between us you will come alone to unit B2 Holton industrial park at 18.00 hrs this evening don't be late or early. If you fail to comply with these instructions the national dailies will get the goods on your "Secret identity." See you later!

Agent Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman had just finished the latest sadist inspired load of paperwork when an envelope was deposited by one of the receptionists. Diana groaned as she read the contents of the courier delivered envelope, two photographs one black and white of yeoman Prince and one glossy coloured of agent Prince had been included with the letter, this was for real. Diana didn't bother chasing up the courier and instead rang the firm but the inquiry was not what she'd hoped for. The person who'd ordered the one hour or your money back delivery was a Miss Smith described as overweight but with strangely thin hands and a nice face, she'd been wearing a scarf over her head and dark glasses. The return address had been given but when Diana ran it through IRAC it turned out to be a maildrop belonging to a Mr James Unwin and she was willing to bet that Mr Unwin knew nothing about the message. The woman who'd sent the letter had departed the despatch office thirty minutes ago and was obviously disguised. Diana had three and a half hours before the deadline so she started to think furiously: The letter itself was printed rather than typed or written so no handwriting to go on but the quality of the print was unusually high and that meant an expensive laser printer along with a computer. This suggested that Miss Smith had a great deal of money as well as good sources, okay so she wasn't likely to want or need any of Diana's measly salary. What then would she require? If she wanted to kill Wonder Woman then Diana would probably have woken up to an explosion by now. Information? perhaps; but then Miss Smith didn't seem to lack that and there were obviously easier ways to get it than trying to blackmail Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman; perhaps that was it. Diana knew that she was provocative and beautiful and living on an island populated entirely by women meant that being desired by other women was less an exception in her life than a rule. What then could she expect? A darkened room and the old chloroform pad trick maybe - it had worked in 1942; but her adversary was being very careful and might be aware of what had happened to the last two idiots to try that. Diana could hold her breath for a long time, long enough to throw her optimistic assailants into the middle of next week. Diana reasoned that as she herself was the most likely objective for this exercise she should prepare for this eventuality.

After she had told her boss that she was going to take some time out starting this evening Diana stopped by the IADC's impressive drugs testing laboratory. The most likely attack would be a muscle relaxant drug either neuroactive or respiroactive. Sleeping gases would not knock a target out fast enough to affect the outcome of the fight. If her enemy/s tried respiroactive chemicals then all she had to do was evade someone wearing a gas mask and make a temporary retreat. There might be poisoned darts in the offing even ones that were made to shatter spraying her with toxins but she'd been practicing counter measures for a while now. That left neuroactive muscle relaxants and they could be tricky. With this in mind Diana checked out a couple of doses of universal antidote; a revolting concoction containing crushed charcoal, magnesium oxide and tannic acid amongst other pleasant ingredients. She also got two vials of concentrated dantrolene sodium; something doctors used if a patient was overdosed on muscle relaxants. She would take the universal antidote before going to the rendezvous this would lower her body's absorption rate, the dantrolene she would secret between her belt and bustier and administer if she thought she had been chemmed* as the military put it.
(*Chemmed: Slang term for attacked using chemical weapons.)

With two hours to go before the deadline Diana pulled a blueprint of the Holton industrial park from IRAC's database and examined unit B2 thoroughly. As she had expected it wasn't very revealing, there would be disused machinery and crates that were not marked on this plan but it gave her a rough idea of the ground she would be operating over. The floor was concrete, walls made of brieze blocks and roof of corrugated iron, the ceiling was quite low for an industrial unit and the roof supports offered a good attack platform. Other than this there were two entrances she could see on the map and that was about it for pre battle reconnaissance. Diana considered using her plane for a quick flyover but it was unlikely to reveal any more useful information and if she was seen she didn't know how Miss Smith would react. Diana was almost certain that this was a setup a sort of "Come to the bottomless well at midnight, don't tell anyone where you're going and be sure to tie a fifty pound metal weight round your neck." but there remained a small chance that Miss Smith was a cheap hustler and would indeed blow her secret identity. It would have been nice if her mystery correspondent was a spotty faced comics fan with a chloroform fetish but that was never the way of things in real life.

At four thirty Diana went back to her apartment and ate a hasty meal of soup, bread and fruit after she'd eaten she did some simple exercises to calm her mind and ready herself for her confrontation. The time was now five o'clock.

As Diana was limbering up Priscilla Rich drove a nondescript grey van into Holton industrial park, once she'd eyeballed the site checking for obvious agency prescence she pulled into a gap in the wall of unit B2 and parked in the building itself. Priscilla checked the restraints that she had brought with her and then became her alter ego; the Cheetah.

At ten past five Diana took one dose of the universal antidote and went for a quick shower. The Cheetah loaded her bracelets with succinylcholine filled glass darts then ate some rice and drank some fruit juice.

At five forty Diana exited her apartment, locked the door and went to the top floor of the building; with nobody in sight she whirled into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman emerged onto the roof of the building and got into her invisible plane.

At five forty eight the invisible plane took to the skies of Washington DC, Wonder Woman had already checked the exact location of Holton industrial park and flew directly there.

Nobody was around to see an invisible plane bearing a beautiful passenger alight on the roof of unit B4 and Wonder Woman jumping to the ground below. The superheroine looked around herself as she made her way to the front entrance of unit B2, she stopped in front of the door. The fast setting sun cast shadows to Wonder Woman's right side and Wonder Woman had been careful to avert her eyes from it all through her flight, she would need her night vision. She had chosen the front door to avoid being sillhouetted even for an instant. The time was five fifty nine and counting.

At six o'clock Wonder Woman kicked the door open and strode into unit B2.

The warehouse was decorated only by a few worn crates and some stacks of pallets, over by the breach in the east wall Wonder Woman could see a grey van and by it stood a figure coloured by a yellow, brown and black costume. The figure moved toward the heroine, there was a tail coming from the back of the costume and it hung limply behind the oncoming woman. The two women walked quickly across the smooth concrete floor neither saying a word and then they halted as if by choreography fifteen feet from each other. "You're late Wonder Woman, twenty seconds overdue by my watch." Said the woman known only as Miss Smith to Wonder Woman, she was definitely not overweight. Her body was not displayed fully by her costume but Diana could see by the way she walked that her correspondent was very fit. "I'm sorry I didn't wear my watch and my timepiece is in my aircraft. Are you supposed to be leopardwoman or something?" Wonder Woman asked the masked female. "That's the Cheetah honey I think I'll forgive your tardiness, you look superb Diana you really do!" Said the Cheetah as she slowly moved her arms up making the movement look like a languid stretch. "As do you Cheetah, but why did you ask for this meeting?" Said the amazing amazon as she idly ran her fingers through the loops of the magic lasso. "I have a gift for you Diana." Replied the Cheetah and fired six darts from her right hand bracelet at Wonder Woman.

Poison darts; bit of letdown after my preparations thought Wonder Woman as she moved her bracelets in a pattern that struck the sides of the darts and swept them aside rather than intercepting the projectiles point first. The Cheetah fired her left hand bracelet even as the previous salvo was shattering on the floor and switched to plan B. Wonder Woman deflected the the second flight as easily as the first, taking care not to rupture the fragile constructs and splash herself but this took time and time is a weapon of itself. As the amazon's arms started to weave their intricate pattern the Cheetah moved with the speed of her namesake following the darts in and ramming her fist into Wonder Woman's abdomen. The blow sent the amazing amazon flying eight feet back into a stack of pallets; as Wonder Woman sucked for air she used the rebound to dodge to her left side and the Cheetah's right cross hit empty space. Wonder Woman chopped her enemies right side with more than her usual restrained force and the Cheetah flew sprawling. The Cheetah sprang up in an instant to meet Wonder Woman's follow up attack and the amazon recieved a jab to the shoulder as her own fist hit Cheetah's sternum driving her breath from her. The Cheetah sank back to the ground trying to breathe as Wonder Woman rubbed her shoulder whilst unhooking her magic lasso. Cheetah knew she only had moments to act and her until now dormant tail snaked around Wonder Woman's red and white boots. Wonder Woman fell backwards as the tail jerked her off her feet, then incredibly she was rising again as the cybernetic appendage slammed her from right to left like a cartoon character. The harness around the Cheetah's abdomen twisted horribly under the strain and she could not rise from the floor with such a heavy weight to balance but it was worth it, Wonder Woman was being pounded and had discarded her lasso. The amazon protected her head as she impacted the ground and used her strength to force her legs apart, she succeeded after the third slam and found herself in free fall. Wonder Woman twisted her body and managed to land on her feet facing the Cheetah who had risen to crouch preparatory to another attack her tail making snake like motions over her head. Both Women were panting as they readied themselves for futher conflict.

Wonder Woman knew that the tail gave her enemy a weapon with strength almost equal to her own as well as an additional attack to guard against and she quickly planned her next move. The Cheetah burst forward keeping low to the ground her cyber tail questing for Wonder Woman's neck and her hands reaching for her quarry's legs. Wonder Woman was shocked by the speed of the attack but she herself was equally swift as she leapt over her foe and grasped the tail with both hands. Now it was the Cheetah's turn to be swung like a rag doll and dashed to the ground but even as the amazon started another swing she used her tail to pull her body close in to Wonder Woman and her hands chopped both sides of the heroine's head. The stunned amazon released her adversaries tail and jumped twenty feet back trying to gain time for her head to clear. Again the Cheetah sped toward her foe ignoring the pains coming from her sides and her hands grasped Wonder Woman's wrists as the tail found it's mark. Wonder Woman breathed deeply just before the tail looped around her neck and began it's throttling attack, it looked dire but her feline adversary had made a mistake. Wonder Woman's hands moved to grasp her opponent's tail with all her superhuman strength and Cheetah could not stop this. The heroine's throat was being squeezed with tremendous power but she tightend the tendons in her neck and methodically crushed a section of the tail. Cheetah felt the intricately wrought piece of cyber technology die as Wonder Woman crushed and then tore it in half and swung a vicious kick into Wonder Woman's groin. Although the tail was no longer actively trying to strangle her Wonder Woman could not yet breathe, she had to break away and get some air the kicks from her attacker didn't help either. The Cheetah kept hold of Wonder Woman's wrists as she maintained her savage barrage of kicks to the amazon's thighs and groin, she thought she had her prey now but Wonder Woman's head butt not only mashed her lips and broke teeth but stunned her also. With her vision rapidly diminishing Wonder Woman sensed rather than saw the Cheetah falling back, her hands moved to the half tail still wrapped around her throat and broke it into several more parts, with her airway at last cleared although bruises were already coming up Wonder Woman's lungs sucked in life saving oxygen.

The heroine regained her equalibrium even as the Cheetah cleared blood and bone and tears from her face. Cheetah was enraged as she climbed a stack of pallets "How dare she do this to me? Where the hell did she learn that?" she asked herself. Wonder Woman finally able to take normal breaths looked up to see the Cheetah on the stack of pallets and heard her foe ask. "Want to come up and play with me honey?" Wonder Woman's thighs and crotch ached abominally and throat was swelling to a possibly dangerous level, the question infuriated her this wasn't some kind of game! Wonder Woman moved closer to the stack before leaping up to join the Cheetah, as she alighted on the precarious platform Cheetah leapt to the ceiling but instead of climbing on to the overhanging girder used it to launch herself feet first at the amazon. Wonder Woman could see the attack develop just but could not evade it and Cheetah's drop kick impacted on her belt driving first her then the Cheetah back to the floor below. Wonder Woman was grateful for the protection afforded by her only piece of body armour and somersaulted to land on her feet. The Cheetah ended up landing hands first behind Wonder Woman but disregarded the abrasive pain of her landing and launched her body towards the amazon's back with her legs splayed apart. Wonder Woman was beginning her about face turn just as the Cheetah's groin kissed the back of her head and the legs scissored around her already abused throat. The superheroine's hands siezed the feet of her foe and forced them apart with superhuman strength but even as she did this Cheetah's fingers undid the catches of her golden belt. As the magical belt hit the floor Cheetah's legs closed back in on Wonder Woman's neck, with her super strength gone the amazon could not keep this from happening so she jumped backward landing on top of the predator with an impact that made Cheetah's head spin. The amazon freed her head from the villainess's thighs and rolled to one side, the Cheetah rose unsteadily to her feet again and moved toward Wonder Woman. Meanwhile on ground level the heroine was aware of many pains in her beautiful body but did not give in to them and spun her right leg in an arc which ended with her boot hitting the Cheetah's inner right thigh. Pain blossomed like a flower as the impact drove the Cheetah in a quarter circle, she used her left leg to hop at her target and Cheetah's fists preceded the rest of her body's landing on the amazon's torso. Wonder Woman gasped as her breasts soaked up the impact of Cheetah's falling body it made her giddy with agony but her own fists still delivered their vicious blows to the Cheetah's sides. Hurt as she was the Cheetah brought up her mental and physical reserves and delivered two savage strikes to Wonder Woman's temples even as the amazon pounded her torso again. As the heroine's vision slipped all the way into black her arms fell away to the floor, the battle was finished and almost as finished were the combatants!

Cheetah knew she had to move fast to secure her unconcious prize but her best speed was only a limping crawl, the fifty feet to the van were only possible due to what was left of her adrenaline surge. She climbed into the drivers seat of the van and reversed it to Wonder Woman's location, she had only one limb that didn't hurt too much and her once swift body conducted the operation at a snail's pace but conduct it she did. Wonder Woman was injected with a sedative, her hands were cuffed behind her back and her feet manacled together, how Cheetah managed to lift her quarry to the hospital guerney in the back of the van she herself was not quite sure. With her own vision dimming intermittently she policed the battlefield picking up Wonder Woman's lasso, belt and the remnants of her tail she took a last look at her captive and gagged her before driving back to the Rich mansion.

Thankful to the Gods and Goddesses of bad guys for not letting her get stopped by the police Cheetah reversed into her garage twnty minutes later. She was dreadfully tired and hurt but managed to push the guerney and it's captive passanger to the elavator and then to the basement. Leaving Wonder Woman on the guerney she took a couple of painful steps toward a black leather couch and slumped on to it fading out immediately her head came to rest.

At ten past nine next morning Cheetah woke with a start of fear, she'd only used one of the straps to secure the amazon to the guerney but as she turned her head to check the captive she saw that Wonder Woman was still asleep. Cheetah hobbled over to the guerney and transferred it's passenger to an adjustable bench, she undid the cuffs and secured her captive's wrists with the restraints attached to the bench then looped other straps over her body and fastened them with buckles; every movement was made with a wince if not a cry of pain. With her prize secured the Cheetah went up to the bathroom.

The Woman in Priscilla's mirror looked like hell, as if a mad tatooist had splashed her with streaks of colour ranging from poisonous yellow through deep violet, deeper purple and black. Her palms were encrusted with blood and her face had swollen lips and a now rather jagged looking smile. At least she missed the nose thought Priscilla, she'd had to cut the once sexy costume off herself and it was now just a sweat soaked pile of shreds. Priscilla shouldn't really have been smiling but she knew that despite every goddamn thing going to hell she had won and that was the best kind of victory. Her beautiful quarry had obviously had more than two brain cells and this had surprised Priscilla, the "Amazing Amazon" did not give the impression of intelligence on screen but she could fix that. With that in mind Priscilla took her overdue bath and felt the exultation of a successful mountain climber.

Priscilla had planned to enslave her captive the day after she captured her; as it turned out it was two and a half weeks and some expensive dentistry before she got around to initiating her sexual depravities. Priscilla had used this time to degrade Wonder Woman's mind; spoon feeding her baby food laced with drugs ranging from sodim pentathol to Azidofluoramine to LSD derivatives. It irked Priscilla that her captive healed so much faster than she herself did but even as Wonder Woman's body recuperated from her fight her mind became mush under the assault of the drugs. The nineteenth day after the battle Priscilla entered the basement dressed in a red and black p.v.c. bikini, black leather gloves, thigh high boots and a black leather mask covering her face from the nose up. Today was the day, she'd laid the groundwork and at last she could begin Wonder Woman's enslavement.

Wonder Woman's world had become grey and cloudy, the only real thing seemed to be a bowl, a spoon and her potty all else was confusion. She was standing in an X position which made it harder to breathe but when she tried to move she couldn't but this wasn't terribly important was it? She knew that she had to eat all her food and go to the potty this was her function in life. The figure in front of Wonder Woman was saying something but it was hard to understand, the words did mean something but what? "Hmm perhaps I overdid the dosages, Wonder Woman listen to me you will please me and be a good girl won't you?" Wonder Woman said "Yes!" this was what she always said when told to be a good girl but it was hard to see how, she couldn't see a bowl or a spoon anywhere. Perhaps the woman called Mistress wanted her to go to the potty but she still coudn't move. "You don't know how to be good yet do you? Well I'll show you what happens to good girls and then I'll tell you!" Priscilla could see most of this going straight over Wonder Woman's head, she had kept the doses to a level that would not inflict permanent damage but it seemed that the combination was having extra oomph. Wonder Woman was naked except for her boots and tiara, she was kept immobile by chains running from the ceiling to her wrists and manacles attaching her ankles to the floor. Priscilla began to massage Wonder Woman very carefully, rubbing and teasing her nipples, making slow circles around her labia and stroking her buttocks. Wonder Woman was being aroused by the tender massage even though she could no longer understand the concept of sex her body remembered. "You like that don't you?" Said Priscilla and Wonder Woman nodded eagerly. "You will like this even more!" Priscilla went over to a table and returned with a dildo that she knew anyone who didn't want to be split in two would have trouble with. Priscilla lubricated the toy and pushed her now slippery fingers in and out of Wonder Woman's sex. "Your getting wet now Wonder Woman so I'll untie you." When Wonder Woman was freed she started toward the potty in the corner of the room but Priscilla held her back. Wonder Woman thought that she should go potty and couldn't think why Mistress wouldn't let her but it didn't matter Mistress was laughing and that meant she'd been good. "No Wonder Woman I want you to put this inside you right in here." Said Priscilla sticking a finger into Wonder Woman's sex, Wonder Woman took the dildo from Priscilla's hand and began to push it inside herself, the first three inches brought her to a climax and she was fearful that Mistress would be angry that she had wet herself but her Mistess just smiled and said "keep going." It hurt, the thing was not small enough to fit and there wasn't any more room so with six inches still outside her she said "It won't go anymore!" "Take it out then Wonder Woman and let's see if it fits your other hole!" Replied the still smiling Priscilla, Wonder Woman didn't comply immediately she had to be shown where to put the dildo by her Mistress. The dildo refused to enter anymore after five inches and Wonder Woman felt hurt again but then Mistress ordered her to sit down on the floor, with her mind unable to countenance complexities Wonder Woman innocently sat down driving the dildo into her anus a further six inches and she screamed. Priscilla helped her stand up again beaming all the while then with a tug she withdrew the dildo from Wonder Woman's bottom and it came free with a pop. "There there Wonder Woman I've made it all better don't cry." Wonder Woman was consoled by Priscilla stroking her hair but was horribly confused now had she been bad or good, she couldn't tell. "Wonder Woman pull my panties down and lick me with your tongue" instructed Priscilla. Thinking she had been bad and eager to please her Mistress Wonder Woman moved quickly in obedience to the command. She pulled Priscilla's bikini bottom down and licked her thighs, Priscilla was giggling by now and pulled Wonder Woman's face into her bush instructing her to lick inside her sex. Wonder Woman had done this with her amazon sisters back on paradise island and once in the right location her mouth knew what to do. Priscilla came rapidly the amazon seemed to know exactly how cunnilingus should be performed and kept the brunette's head close for another two orgasms. At length she separated from the amazon telling her that she'd been very good indeed, Wonder Woman flushed with joy. Priscilla pulled her bikini bottom up then sat down on the leather couch and told Wonder Woman to come and sit beside her. "Tell me Wonder Woman do you know what you are and what you will be?" Wonder Woman replied that she was a good girl but couldn't even begin to answer the second question the blancmange in her brain precluded speculation. "Oh dear and you were doing so well, I've told you before that you're going to be a slut and a whore and a disgrace to your costume. You've been a bad girl now lie across my knee." Wonder Woman lay across her Mistress's knees, it simply didn't occur to her to do otherwise. Priscilla moved Wonder Woman so that she had the heroine's legs trapped between her own in a scissor like grip and grasped both her hands with her own left hand, with the appendages secured she began to spank Wonder Woman's bottom harder and harder. Wonder Woman couldn't remember being told anything like this and didn't know what it meant anymore anyway. The spanking started to get harder as Mistress discarded her glove Wonder Woman couldn't understand what she'd done wrong and began to cry.

The second day of Wonder Woman's enslavement began with a tremulous amazon being asked if she had ever played ponies. Wonder Woman said she had not, this was a different person she thought, there was something about the new Mistress that was important but what was it? Priscilla had chosen to wear a copy of her original Cheetah costume for this the same except for the lack of the cyber tail but it appeared that Wonder Woman could not remember the significance of this. It occured to Priscilla that Wonder Woman could not tell that she was the same person wearing a different outfit. Priscilla got Wonder Woman dressed into her boots, pants, bustier tiara and bracelets and led her up to the gym. The rooms normal equipment had been removed and a series of track lanes had been painted on to the floor a light carriage was in one corner and a television camera was set up to record what followed in another. Priscilla harnessed Wonder Woman to the carriage then switched the camera on and recorded a twenty lap race against the clock; could Wonder Woman make twenty laps in five minutes? Wonder Woman might have done this but for the rider hooking her whip around the heroine's ankles, she needed an excuse to punish her slave. Wonder Woman went down to her knees and Priscilla jumped before being thrown out. It was a silly thing to have done she thought but poor little Wondy's response was priceless as she weepingly said she was sorry for being bad and dumb. It was hard for Priscilla to keep her grin from ruining her stern glare, she thrust the amazon toward the camera asking her again what she was going to be. Wonder Woman could get as far as slut and whore but no further and Priscilla thrashed her with the riding whip, at every crack Wonder Woman said thankyou Mistress as she had been instructed to do. Priscilla instructed Wonder Woman to say that she had been utterly defeated by the superior Cheetah to the camera and she did this dutifully. Priscilla was thrilled; the once strong willed and powerful heroine was like a child under the influence of her drugs and she revelled in degrading the amazon under the camera's eye.

On the third day Priscilla dressed Wonder Woman only in her boots and tiara then slipped her into a large plastic nappy, it seemed appropriate. Priscilla again filmed the games she played with Wonder Woman, bottle and breast feeding, restraining her limbs so that she could only crawl, putting her into an open topped cage that looked a bit like a childs playpen. She left her captive in there for hours and when Wonder Woman soiled herself she was punished for doing so, after she'd been wiped of course. Sometimes Priscilla thought that this was the very best life had to offer, it was phenomenal how trusting the stupid cunt could be, how she seemed to accept that it was her own fault when she was punished and her crying became a kind of nectar that Priscilla fed off. She had to go out that evening to attend some idiotic function but Wonder Woman lacked the wherewithall to even cry for help so she did not worry about leaving her on her own. Sure enough when Priscilla returned Wonder Woman was still in her cage sucking her dummy and even better she'd soiled herself again, which meant she had to be punished again.

The fourth day was a little more stylish thought Priscilla to herself, she had taken delivery of a new costume it was a nice black nazi uniform made mostly of rubber although not like any official uniform of that regime it radiated power and unquestioned authority. Along with another dominatrix style mask Priscilla was turned on even before she collected Wonder Woman from the basement. Priscilla dressed her captive in her full costume belt, lasso and all, it had to be just right for her next home movie and Wonder Woman was not going to suddenly throw off her substance induced stupor anytime soon. During the day she rewrote a little history showing Wonder Woman's defeat at the hands and feet of the master race. The amazon's dulled brain could not keep up with the athletic Priscilla who had also compelled the heroine not to land any blows via her magic lasso earlier in the morning. Wonder Woman was essentially a punch bag for this day's exercise and Priscilla chortled as she relieved her opponent of her belt and tied her with her own lasso. As Priscilla instructed the amazon to demean herself she felt a strange tingle; the lasso? well it was magical wasn't it? Priscilla commanded Wonder Woman to pleasure her then raped her again and again with a strap on dildo. She finished the movie with a tremendously satisfying face sit forcing Wonder Woman to lick her anus. Wonder Woman had been stripped to her boots and tiara by the end of the session and Priscilla led her back to the cage by her lasso. She buckled the hobbling restraints back on to Wonder Woman's body and tied the lasso to one of the bars of the cage as if it were a lead for a dog. Wonder Woman asked what she should do now unaware it seemed that that was it for the day! Priscilla told her get some rest and think about all the things she could do to please her Mistress tomorrow and went back upstairs.

In her bed Priscilla was thinking of the further pleasures ahead, she would degrade her simple minded super heroine for a couple more days and then she would replace the regular drugs with small amounts of succinylcholine, as Wonder Woman's mind cleared up her body would lose strength. Priscilla could hardly wait to have the paralysed amazon at her side watching the home movies with her, the blow to her morale would be exquisite and this was only really the the start. Priscilla would turn Wonder Woman into the highest priced whore in history she would be leased to wealthy gentlemen who asked no questions, one hundred thousand a day wasn't that much for Wonder Woman now was it? She pictured Wonder Woman's new life in her minds eye and masturbated herself to sleep.

Wonder Woman awoke at six thirty the following morning sufficiently rested and began to follow the second of her lasso induced commands. The heroine now knew what her Mistress truly craved, the woman known as Mistress, Cheetah and Miss Smith would never get enough of her humiliation. She seemed to draw a kind of energy as well as a sexual thrill from Wonder Woman's submission, bondage, beatings and tears especially tears. Having thought of a number of ways to pleasure her tormentor she thought for herself. It had been twenty two days since she had been able to comprehend the time of day but the drugged haze had been excised from her mind by the magic of the lasso. The command to think, no matter what the subject in question had brought Wonder Woman all the way back. The restraints were no more than toys for kinky men and women and she soon contorted herself into a position to undo the bonds. With the restraints on the floor she undid the lasso from the cage bar and vaulted the over the cage walls and stealthily made her way upstairs as quietly as any cat. At the scene of yesterday's humiliation she soon found her costume, belt and bracelets and dressed herself There was no sound as Wonder Woman made her way up to the top floor on the landing she halted and listened for the sound of a sleeper, when she heard it she moved to the door of that room. The door had been well oiled thank Hera and there was no noise as Wonder Woman entered the room and stepped over to the bed. A beautiful statuesque blonde woman was sleeping peacefully on top of the covers wearing only a pair of silk panties, the Cheetah, her Mistress Wonder Woman still didn't know her name. The heroine had followed her instructions from the lasso and had thought of several ways to pleasure this beautiful woman but what she really wanted to do was use her amazon strength to rip her Mistress's arms and legs off and a great wave of loathing engulfed the superheroine.

Priscilla Rich a.k.a. the Cheetah was roused from her pleasant dreams by a hideous pain shooting through both her shoulders. Her eyes were not focussed enough to see Wonder Woman raise her stiffened fingers and drive them down again, this time they sank deeply into Priscilla's thighs and although she didn't see she could feel and screamed. Although her foe was not going to move without a lot of pain Wonder Woman did not stop, she became like an automaton and began to methodically bruise every inch of the flesh in front of her. Pri scilla's shrieks were filtered out by Wonder Woman's enraged brain and the scream that hal ted her came not from without but within, a voice that beat at her conscience as if to say you 're better than this! Wonder Woman backed away from the job unfinished, the Cheetah was incapable of movement and futher subdual would be sadism. She was better than this and wou ld not become her enemy, atrocity was something of the world of men and her foe now vic tim must not be permitted even the small satisfaction of knowing Wonder Woman too had the ability to commit such an act. She wrapped the lasso around the sobbing woman and com manded her to go back to sleep..ee

Wordlessly Wonder Woman searched the room seeking her assailant's identity, she found credit cards in a purse on the dresser, Priscilla Rich: The Woman who had everything except a toy superheroine to play with. Wonder Woman sat and considered what she should do. Trial: Wonder Woman knew some of the intricacies of justice in mans world and calculated a twenty percent probability of successful conviction and then an uninstructive term in a woman's cesspit. There was a fifteen percent probability of the entire jury getting cramp of the right hand, some of them would for sure but probably not all of them. Judicial process was not going to deliver the goods in this case. Wonder Woman mused sadly that justice didn't really exist on earth, the guilty could never truly understand what they did to their victims, trying to teach a perpetrator the wrongness of their actions was the best that could be done. This incident was Wonder Woman's responsibility she felt so she decided to leave judicial process out of it. The amazon commanded Priscilla never to do this or anything like it to anyone ever again, never to tell anyone what had transpired without the heroine's permission and then she instructed the still sleeping villainess to devote at least thirty hours a week to working to help abused people even if it was only making coffee. Wonder Woman released Priscilla from the lasso then phoned the IADC saying she would be in later that day. The heroine summoned her invisible jet with her tiara and looked herself over in a mirror. She had not been badly battered by her enslavement and the weals would disappear in a day or so although she had been pummeled yesterday there were few real bruises. Priscilla had obviously not wanted to mark her toy too much, all in all her body would soon betray no indication that it had ever occured in the first place.

Wonder Woman parked the plane in the drive, there were a couple of things she wanted to do before she left. The amazon spent twenty minutes eradicating everything that had been involved in her abuse, smashing and crushing fetters, cameras, whips, dildos; the cage and the pony girl carriage were reduced to fragments and distorted metal. Even costumes were shredded and as she tore through the symbols of bondage she felt release in so doing as though the process was freeing her. Finally the superheroine walked out of the house, got into her invisible jet and took to the air, as she flew back to her apartment she tried not to think about anything and just to fly like a bird.


When agent Prince returned to work she was thrown into an investigation almost immediately and this kept her busy for the next few days. Wonder Woman was not her usual self though, she was cautious nervous even; her reflection inspired a curious sense of anger. When she had deflected doctor Chapman's laser cannon she had not truly cared if she survived or not, she just wanted to feel the cleansing light. When she got back to Washington DC Diana was hyper sensitive and irritable at the office and she couldn't seem to concentrate. She was very fortunate that it was agent Barbara Minerva who had entered the bathroom just as Diana in a strange fugue was about to cut her face off with a piece of broken mirror. Barbara understood completely what was wrong with her colleague, she herself had been "interrogated" by enemy forces in Azerbaijan three years previously. When she had persuaded Diana to go home and have some time to herself Barbara went shopping and bought a very large floppy eared stuffed toy rabbit, she had found that a cuddly toy was a great comfort during bad nights. Barbara presented the rabbit to Diana that evening, as Barbara tried to initiate healing within her Diana came to a decision. Diana stepped back and whirled into Wonder Woman then haltingly began to talk to her new found friend.