The Club  

By Greymatter

The Club

By GrayMatter

Heading back to the club hadn't been on her agenda when Diana had left the night before. Her bosses at the Bureaux had sent her there after a complaint had been received from a couple, their daughter had apparently gone every night for a fortnight before turning up at home claiming she'd never been. The investigation had been thorough but the convoluted levels of ownership hadn't revealed anything untoward. The door policy had raised eyebrows however and there'd been some debate around whether a male or female member of the Bureaux should be sent in. Diana remained fairly convinced the 'females free, men pay $75' policy had a big impact on the decision. She'd been chosen because she would fit right in with the other clientele, because of her age (well her apparent age) and her figure. The club was known to turn girls away who weren't deemed 'appropriate'. Although there'd been some negativity around the policy in the city's press it hadn't stopped women turning up in their droves. The place had quite the allure.

Diana's first visit had been uneventful, she'd worn something smart and visited in the late afternoon when the place would be quieter. The club opened for lunch, with a discounted rate for men who had visited before, operating like an expensive restaurant you had to pay entry for. What was the appeal of the place for the men? And who were the men? All that was clear was that they had a separate entrance, rarely as busy as the women's and entry was vetted thoroughly. At least half of the men that turned up were turned away.

Diana had sat at the bar that afternoon sipping on a glass of white wine recommended by the bar tender. She always felt vulnerable investigating in her civilian clothing. It was a job, but she'd lost count of the times she'd found more evidence by becoming Wonder Woman and scaring the crap out of a criminal. There was satisfaction to be had though, from doing it the hard way. The club was luxurious but set up as a restaurant. She'd opted not to eat, but watched as men, all in suits, sat around big round tables chatting and leering at the women who had joined them and the three or four perched on bar stools beside her by the thirty foot long bar. There was no sense of anything actually wrong, the women were all smiles and clearly enjoying themselves. Diana had already turned down two table invites but had politely declined, when a third party of men had entered. She recognised one of them as Lance Valter, an unpleasant man, who'd been investigated by the Bureaux many times but had always managed to avoid prosecution. She was pretty sure he was a drug dealer and a pimp, but he covered his tracks well, his legitimate chain of bookmakers his only apparent source of income.

She watched as Valter and his friends and sat at a big round table in the cavernous room, a pretty waitress taking drink orders from his three friends. Diana decided that if she got invited over to the table, she would go. But the invite never came. Women were invited over, but Valter and his three friends clearly knew them already.

"Maybe next time beautiful,' the bar tender said as he dried a wine glass.

"Sorry what?" said Diana.

The barman continued drying the glass, "I saw you watching those guys, guessed you wanted an invitation over, gets lonely here at the bar huh?"

"I was just curious, I'm not really sure how it works in here to be honest," said Diana as she weighed up the harm of the conversation.

"Women come here to meet rich guys mainly, I guess you've seen some of the press we've had. You should come one evening, wear something a little less conventional, you'll bag a man gorgeous." He held her gaze as he poured white wine into the glass, "It's always quiet in the afternoons, at night it really comes to life in here. Half the guys that come here this time of day come here just want to eat and talk, not meet the woman of their dreams."

"Maybe, I'll come another time…" she took the glass of wine and took a sip, "Not sure it's really my thing though."

"Let me stamp your wrist. The mark lasts for 48 hours and you're guaranteed entry with the mark. It only shows up under a UV light, you won't even know it's there."

Diana mulled it over quickly. Something did feel off here, but she couldn't place it. She'd report back but doubted another visit would be required by her superiors as there was no evidence of anything untoward. Out of politeness though she decided she'd get the stamp, if her boss wanted her to come back at night at least she'd be able to get in.

Five minutes later she was back outside and heading for an alley. No point hailing a cab when she could head back to the apartment as Wonder Woman.

The following morning she filed a report, fully expecting her boss to tell her another visit to the club was unnecessary. An hour later an email came back thanking her for the report and confirming it would stay on file for now pending investigations into the clubs financial backers. Diana felt a strange pang of disappointment and glanced at her wrist. She remembered the bartenders words as she'd slipped of the bar stool to leave, "See you tomorrow night gorgeous." She'd smiled politely and left but now… now… she was thinking she might go anyway. Diana shook her head. What was she thinking, she smiled to herself as she thought about how the club was set up to lure you back. How the bartender was set up to lure you back. She wasn't going to fall for that kind of ploy was she? Certainly not.

Diana did her best to push all thoughts of the club from her mind. The occasional tingle from her wrist reminding her of the stamp but by the end of the day she'd decided that instead of patrolling she would go shopping and treat herself to something nice. It was an unusual decision for Diana, patrolling the streets at night from the rooftops was one of the things she liked best about being Wonder Woman but in her mind it had been a long week and there was no harm in taking just one night off.

She went from shop to shop at the mall eventually deciding on a black dress that clung to her curves. She vaguely remembered something the bartender had said to her after he'd stamped her and she'd nearly finished the second wine. Something about the girls that really made an effort getting a man, something about how all men liked a girl in stockings and heels… Had he really said that, she wasn't sure, the conversation seemed a little blurred in her mind. Maybe she'd dreamt it. None the less she walked out of a department store with a new pair of black patent leather heels and a pair of black stockings.

An hour later Diana was looking at herself in a full length mirror in her apartment. She drew many admirers as Wonder Woman, a few as Diana Prince but she'd always, well almost always, remained unobtainable as both. Dressed as she currently was, she looked anything but unobtainable and she rather liked it. Her wrist glowed warmly and she stared at it for a while and smiled. Decision made. Back to the club it was to find out exactly what was going on there and well, maybe have a bit of fun.

The queue to get in was large but she breezed past it and showed her wrist to a bouncer who scanned it and smiled.

"In you go gorgeous," he said, staring at her arse as she breezed past.

Inside the club had been transformed from the previous afternoon. It was much much darker and the music was very loud. Thudding, impenetrable dance music with a relentless beat. The tables were gone and she realised they had been placed on a dance floor and the dance floor was full of women. There were huge sofas dotted around the dance floor with groups of men sat on them, watching the floor. They pay to come in and watch women dance, she thought to herself. She could feel eyes on her as walked up to the bar.

"Hey beautiful, told you you'd be back, another wine?" said a familiar voice.

"Sure, thank you. This place is very different at night" she shouted over the din of the music.

"Sure is gorgeous, sure is," he said as he poured her glass.

Diana perched on a stool at the bar, hastily pulling her dress down to cover her thighs. She watched the girls on the dance floor. She watched the men. Were they banned from dancing? The women looked happy enough, they were smiling, laughing, pointing out guys on the sofas to each other. The men were doing much the same, some would occasionally beckon a girl over to them but from where she was sat she couldn't see them so well once they'd sat down. The place was buzzing and full of people, the music a little overwhelming. The men were being served on their sofas, the women were coming to the bar for drinks, free drinks she suddenly realised. She'd not paid the day before. It sure is an odd set up here she thought.

"You should go dance gorgeous, the guys like the girls who dance," said the bartender.

Diana smiled, "Maybe I will, I've not danced for a long time."

"You look like you could do with it beautiful. Go on, go dance, I'll watch your drink"

"Thanks," she said as she slipped off the stool, "See you shortly"

Half an hour later and Diana was still on the dance floor. She'd joined a group of three other girls. She towered over all of them. Dancing like she'd never danced before, her wrist purred to the music as she let herself go. Men were looking at her a lot. Slowly but surely she'd moved to the centre of the dance floor and then to the edges nearest the sofas and she could feel eyes looking her up and down. It was then she spotted Valter. He was watching her closely. He repulsed her. But she felt a tingle through her spine as she saw him staring at her. She danced harder. He smiled and called a waitress over and whispered in her ear. The waitress smiled and walked towards her. Diana let the waitress take her hand and guide her over to Valter. he rose and gestured for her to take a seat. She sat down next to him, crossing her legs, her skin shining in perspiration.

Valter leant in close to her ear, "Saw you here yesterday, you look better tonight."

Diana smiled coyly, "You didn't invite me over yesterday." She felt herself almost pout and silently admonished herself.

"No one gets invited over on their first visit dear."

"Oh, why's that?" she asked.

"You'd not been inducted," he said with knowing smile on his face.

"What do you mean inducted?" she asked, squirming a little uncomfortably in the luxurious sofa.

She felt an arm reach around her, Valter's arm. His hand started playing with the strap on her dress, "Don't worry dear," his mouth an inch from her ear and moving closer, "You've been inducted now, just relax and enjoy your night."

She felt some of the tension ease as his hand moved down behind her back, her mind was still racing though, trying to resist his instruction to enjoy. But she did nothing to stop his hand as it slid over her hips, clamping on her thigh and pulling slightly on her dress. She felt it ride up slightly and looked up at the other sofas. Her eyes drew wide in shock at what she'd not noticed before. How had she not noticed? How on earth had she not seen what was going on from the dance floor?

Everywhere Diana looked beautiful women were in various states of undress and being pawed at and played with by men. In many cases more than one man. In many cases it was much more than just being played with. Opposite her one pretty girl was being vigorously fucked from behind, to her left a brunette was sucking two men's cocks, switching between the two at regular intervals.

"Ah the veil has lifted I see." said Valter. He smirked as he moved in closer bringing his other hand round to her thigh as the one behind her fondled her arse. "Quite the scene isn't it dear. All those pretty girls being fucked. You didn't notice before, that stamp on your wrist saw to that. Ah I see the realisation in your eyes now, how you've been tricked, shame a nice girl like you from the Bureaux didn't notice before hand eh? Now move your legs a little, I need to pull your knickers down. Oh, and call me Sir and don't speak unless I ask you too. There's a good girl"

"Yes Sir…."

Diana's adjusted her position, lifting her arse from the sofa and felt his hand move underneath her, inside her dress and under her buttocks. He grabbed her knickers and pulled them down her legs, down her stockinged thighs, down to her high heels and off. She stared at them on the floor as his hand slid back up her dress, under her crossed legs, a finger probing between what she now realised were very damp lips.

"Sit yourself back down dear, I'm going to finger you while I tell you how much I know about you."

She felt his finger slide inside her as she lowered her self back onto the seat. Legs still crossed. Eyes wide as he leaned in close.

"I know who you are Diana Prince. And I know who else you are too. You think I don't have people everywhere? Even at the Bureaux? You think you got sent here randomly? Your boss suspected you might be Wonder Woman but couldn't prove it so he got us to watch you. He also really liked the idea of fucking you and hated the idea of you ruining our little club."

His finger was thrusting into Diana as she took in his words. He was pumping his hand in time to the music as he slid another finger inside her.

"We came up with a little solution where everyone's a winner." He laughed, "Well everyone but you. Ah here he comes now. Good evening David."

Diana looked up at her boss. He stood in front of her staring down at her and smirking. he turned to Valter.

"For Christ sake Valter, you've not even got her tits out yet, what are you playing at?"

Both men laughed. "She's all primed for you my friend and she's very good at taking orders, aren't you Wonder Slut?"

"Yes Sir," moaned Diana, struggling to contain the pleasure she was feeling between her legs.

"A few last orders from me before I leave you with David. You're going to love whatever he asks you to do. When you leave tonight, you'll remember all of it but you will not tell anyone about the club. You're going to be David's fantasy fuck. Oh and he also wants you to call him Sir, just like you do at work. Do you understand Diana?"

Diana came on his fingers, her legs clamping together as she moaned. "…. yes…. Sir…."

Valter got up and smiled at Diana, "Good girl. Have fun, that's an order."

And with that he was gone, she watched him disappear through the crowd as she felt her boss sit down next to her.

"He's probably told you not to talk hasn't he? He likes them quiet. I'm sorry Diana, but I couldn't let this place get ruined, it's a licence to print money and well, I have always wanted to get you to suck my cock. So why don't we start with that, feel free to say whatever you want, I kind of like that. You can keep playing with you cunt while you suck me too. Now get on your knees, there's a good girl."

Diana moved to her knees, "What are you doing Sir?! Think about what you're doing," her hand moved to his fly, "This is crazy," she licked her lips as her hand reached for his belt. "We've worked together for years Sir!' She pulled down on his suit trousers and boxers at the same time. "I… I know I've been told to enjoy this… I know it's not really what I want…" Her hand took hold of cock.

"Keep talking, tell me everything you're feeling."

"I want to suck it Sir," Diana said as her fingers moved up and down his shaft. "I know I shouldn't… but… but I can't help myself you utter" her mouth, her warm wet mouth engulfed his cock. The word 'bastard' silenced as her tongue swirled around his hardness. Diana's fingers moved between her thighs as her head bobbed in his lap. She felt his hand behind her neck pulling her onto him. Her mouth full of his cock.

Diana moaned onto his cock as she teased her clit. She couldn't deny the pleasure she was feeling, the cock in her mouth was almost giving her as much pleasure as the fingers on her clit. She realised she wanted to sit on it. To have it inside her, pounding her cunt. The thought of it brought her to the brink of an orgasm just as he pushed her back, away from his engorged cock. She glanced up at him, a sneering grin on his face as her mouth hungrily tried to find it's way back to it.

"Stop touching yourself Diana," he said.

She stopped, "What…? Did I do something wrong Sir?"

He held her by the shoulders, keeping her mouth away from his crotch. "It's just time for you to go for a ride, don't you think? That's what you want right? To ride my cock?"

"Yes Sir, I want it inside me," said Diana.

"Do it."

She stood up and lifted her dress, pulling it up around her waist and straddling his thighs. Lowering herself eagerly on to his cock. She felt it slide up inside her, filling her. She felt his hands on her shoulders, tugging the straps of her dress down and then the straps of her bra. He groaned as he released her tits and she started to ride. His tongue on her nipples. He sucked them hard on them one at a time and then bit them, almost gently as ground herself against him.

"Ride me properly Wonder Slut."

"Yes Sir, I will Sir."

She leant back, thrusting her tits into his face as she bounced on his cock. She felt his hands on her arse, he was slapping her she realised, spanking her buttocks.

"You're such a bad girl aren't you Diana?"

"Yes Sir, very bad."

"Play with you tits."

"Yes Sir."

She teased and squeezed her nipples as she rode him, not caring anymore that the club was still full of people. Full of people doing what she was doing. Fucking the rich and powerful men of the City. She felt the orgasm build within her quickly. Throwing her head back as she came on his cock, she smiled at him once it was over. Gratitude, she thought. I'm even feeling thankful.

David continued to fuck her. He made her turn around and ride him, facing away from him. He slapped her arse some more while he did that. She loved it. At one point he invited two other women over. Both were naked apart from their heels, both had clearly been fucked and he made them suck her nipples while he fucked her over a table. He had one sit on her face and made her lick the woman's cunt until she came while the other offered her tits for him to suck while he pounded Diana's cunt. All she wanted was his cock. Deep inside her.

Eventually he'd had enough and pulled her face down to his lap while he jerked himself off. "Tell me you want it Diana, tell me you want my cum on your face."

"Please Sir, spunk on my face Sir."

As soon as she said it he was cumming on her. Thick, sticky cum on her face, dripping down onto her tits. I love this, she thought, as she licked her lips.

Half an hour later she'd been cleaned up in one of the most luxurious bathrooms she'd ever seen. David had given her a friendly slap on the arse which had made her giggle when he left. "Can't wait to see you in the office tomorrow Diana," he'd said as walked away from her.

She was asked to leave by a different exit, one she'd not been aware of before. A limo was waiting and she was soon being ferried back to her apartment. The taste of his cock still in her mouth.

"I'm such a bad little Wonder Slut," she said to herself when she got home, her wrist tingling pleasantly. "Very bad indeed."