Wonder Woman: Tentacle Adventure  

By Greg

Hi, I was inspired by those old, hentai movies and comics and I wanted to write something in similar mood with Wonder Woman. Feedback is much welcome, write at gregnails65@gmail.com Wonder Woman: Tentacle Adventure Wonder Woman hated those chemical industries. They always had to create some dangerous wastes. And there always had to be some creatures to merge with those wastes. She loathed criminals, but from the other hand she felt bit of sympathy to those poor victims. But she had to fight them, otherwise they'd be dangerous to humans. Same old story over and over again. After some mysterious disappearances in the park next to the river, Wonder Woman came there to find that the reason was nothing more but a big mass of the tentacles growing from suspiciously shining, green marsh. She could swear it was just another victim of toxic wastes. Standing there, in safe distance, she thought what to do. It was pointless to fight with something like that. She had to call for... While thinking of it, she missed something important. One of the tentacles moved down, hidden in the grass, surrounding her. Amazon was just about to leave and make a call, when she was suddenly attacked. She made surprised yelp as the tentacle wrapped itself around her feet and yanked her down, making her fall on the earth. Tentacle pulled her towards the marsh. In desperation, Wonder Woman tried to break the slimy knot around her ankle. But it was too late. More tentacles came, lunging from all sides and catching her, immobilizing the victim instantly. She struggled as best as she could, but it was like fighting against the forest. She was attacked from all directions as once. Tentacles lifted her up, so she was already looking down at the slimy mass emerging from the toxic pond. Her limbs were painfully stretched and her strength wasn't much helpful here. Beast forced her legs apart. Wonder Woman made a cry of protest, when she saw the cock shaped tentacle positioning itself for attack. She heard a lot of stories about such things, but she thought they're just a rumors. Now she had to learn that it was brutal reality. She doubled her efforts to free herself, but it was all in vain. More tentacles came, poking and massaging her body, doing their best to strip her costume. It wasn't easy, but they were stubborn. Her boots were first to go, quickly sinking in the toxic pond. Next was her top, revealing her full breasts. They started to sway as her body waved in the air. Finally tentacles managed to get rid of her shorts and panties, making the way to her womanhood. All the torn pieces of her clothes sunk in the green ooze, as well as her lasso. Shiver went down her spine as the tentacle rubbed against her womanhood. Then, without any warning, it pushed itself inside her. Wonder Woman made a cry, but another tentacle found it as a chance and made its way inside her mouth, cutting her screams for good. Disgusting taste, similar to the rotten vegetables, filled her mouth. She tried to bit that damn thing off, but she couldn't. Trying to wrestle it away with her tongue was fruitless as well. Green thing moved further, touching her throat, almost causing her to puke. Tentacles wasted no time, exploring her vulnerable body. They torn the remaining pieces of her uniform, making poor heroine completely naked. They started to rub her entire body, leaving green trails of the ooze all over her. Showing interest in her breasts, two tentacles wrapped themselves around her big boobs and started to squeeze them hard, while their tops were poking her nipples. Another small tentacle probed her belly button, pressing her belly as well. Her armpits were also targets of the attack, as well as her soles. She begun to laugh involuntarily as they tickled her. Tentacle in her mouth cut another of her screams when big tentacle probed her ass cheeks and pushed further, inside her rectum. Wonder Woman moaned, as she was penetrated again. Tentacle produced some green slime, lubricating her tight anal passage. Wonder Woman jumped in the iron grip of the tentacles as these things fucked her pussy, ass and mouth as well. Swaying helplessly in the air, she only made her round boobs bouncing freely. Beast wasn't willing to let her go. Finding that the victim still shows some resistance, remaining tentacles begun to slap her body brutally. They punched her with wet smacks. Even those tentacles that tickled her soles changed routine and started to slap her bare feet. Red and cherry marks started to cover her body. She groaned, getting another mouthful of tentacle and stopped struggling. Pain was too big and she couldn't free herself anyway. In the same time tentacles inside her holes started to thrust in and out simultaneously. As the one inside her pussy was making a move forward, then the one violating her ass would withdraw. And then inversely. Her body rocked in the painful rhythm of the double pounding. Tentacles around her big breasts tightened their grips, squeezing her udders like pieces of meat. The one inside her mouth was already so deep that Wonder Woman had problems with breathing. Her eyes went wide from shock and surprise when another smaller tentacles made their ways to her ears. And she could do nothing to prevent this blasphemous act. Wonder Woman thrust her hips. Despite the whole situation, she couldn't control her lust and urges. Her head bobbed up and down, with tentacle inside her mouth. Still in the air, tentacles kept her safety under the surface of green liquid. Her pussy and ass were squeezing those tentacles. It was brutal rape, but her body was responding for unwanted pleasure. Finally, she came. Tentacle in her mouth made her moan barely audible. Of course, tentacles weren't for her pleasure, so they ignored her muffled moans of passion, even if more climaxes came. Her pussy juices were raining down. Sweat, mixed with green ooze, shone on her skin. Saliva dripped from the corners of her mouth. She looked barely like a heroine. Surprisingly, the big load of thick, warm, syrupy liquid filled her tight ass. It was like getting huge enema out of nowhere. Her pussy was next to be filled and her mouth was last in the line. She was forced to swallow disgusting goo. Torrents of green slime shoot out of her overloaded ass and pussy in fountains. It doesn't stopped tentacles from pumping her for another minute or two, till they were totally spent and withdrew from her. Last one glob landed on her face. As tentacle from her mouth moved back, Wonder Woman started to retch. She couldn't stand it anymore, it was too much inside her. Torrent of green liquid oozed from her open mouth into the pond under her. Her body was all messy and sticky. Drops of the goo still dripped from between her legs and ass. She hadn't any strength inside her. Constant climaxes and rough treatment made the Wonder Woman weak as a child. Bruises were around her skin, expecially in the places were tentacles held her. Her ass and pussy were painfully streched and she hoped they'll regain their original sizes sooner or later. Her jaw still ached and her throat was harsh and dry. She had horrible taste in the mouth. Tentacles put her on the edge of the pond. They placed her on her back, on the grass. She hoped that they'll let her go, but they weren't willing to do so. They spread her legs wide instead. Wonder Woman groaned in discomfort. Were they about to rape her again? She noticed one, important difference. Her belly swell! It looked like she'd swallow basketball. Suddenly, terrible pain hit her out of nowhere, she screamed and tried to roll, but tentacles held her on the place. Wonder Woman gasped, catching the air like a fish out of water. Her breasts were rising and falling. She had a feeling they swell too. Pain crossed her body again, almost knocking her senseless. She clenched her teeth and barely managed to keep herself from biting her own tongue. Third wave of pain caused loud, hysterical scream coming from her dry mouth. Something was moving inside her! She started to thrust her body in various directions, trying to free herself from those tentacles and run away. Wonder Woman was aware that she needs a doctor. But beast just used one tentacle to slap her face hard. Moment later her waters broke. Wonder Woman cried loudly, with disgust, hysteria and shock when her birth channel was painfully stretched by something horrible. Pain was excruciating. She closed her eyes and dig her fingers into her own skin. She begun to push as best as she could, struggling with agonizing torment. Torrents of fluid lubricated her and formed a puddle between her legs. Another long, pain-filled cry echoed as she finally managed to push that blasphemous offspring out of her. She could see a shapeless mass of green, pulsating flesh lying there, between her legs. It couldn't be compared with anything she saw in her life. Alien thing produced some small tentacles out of its body. It started to gather fluids on the earth and absorbed it. She trembled, watching with morbid fascination as her bastard offspring is feasting on her own juices and waters. Then that thing started to crawl slowly in the direction of that green marsh. Wonder Woman never noticed when she tentacles released her. But moment after she found that she is free, she started running on her fours, like a fearful, broken animal, covered with sweat and dirt from her head to the toes. Her hair in the mess, her belly hanging loose, like an empty bag. Naked, in panic, she looked like an outcast. None would recognize proud heroine in this broken, dazed woman that run on her fours as fast as she could, to be out of this horrible place where her pride and bravery were shattered into the pieces.