Wonder Woman ve The Cartel  

By Harrpooner

Wonder Woman Vs The Cartel By The Harrpooner

This story is based on the CBS Wonder Woman series. For many of us, Lynda Carter will always be the only live action Wonder Woman. IADC (Inter-Agency Defense Command) and IRAC (Information Retrieval Associative Computer) are from the series.

Diana Prince sat in her office at the IADC building poring over a computer printout of surveillance information received from Colombia. Agents were attempting to name the top members of the Colombian drug cartel and all their efforts were being funneled through IRAC. Of the hundreds of names entered into its memory banks Diana held a list of five people that IRAC had determined to be in control of the cartel. Diana left her office and went to the radio room. "Can you contact Steve Trevor for me?" She asked the operator on duty. The radio crackled to life and she heard Steve's voice from the speaker as call signs and passwords were exchanged. The operator handed the microphone to Diana. "Steve this is Diana. I have the names you have been waiting for. Are you ready to copy them? Over." "It's really good to hear your voice Diana. Yes, I'm ready. Over." "There are five names Steve. The first is Jose Meunez. The second is Philip Lara. The third is Juan Juarito. The fourth and fifth names are Emilio and Carmilita Diaz, who are brother and sister. Do you have them all? Over." "Yes Diana. We'll begin to locate and arrest them. The Colombian army is assisting us. I'll contact you when we've finished the round up. Over and out." Diana returned to her office and filed the printout away. She didn't like being at headquarters instead of in the field with Steve and the other agents. "Ah well, they'll be back soon and the problems with the drug cartel will be minimal with its head cut off." She thought as she locked her door and left for her apartment.

Days passed and news of the manhunt was routed through Diana's desk. Three of the cartel had been arrested quickly, but Emilio and Carmilita Diaz were still at-large. Steve along with two other agents had left for the mountains with a detachment of troops to locate the siblings' retreat. But no reports had been received from them in four days. Repeated attempts were made by radio to contact the group, but to no avail. A week had passed. A native of the mountain region had reported to an army outpost that he had heard shooting near his hut. That had been five days ago and it had taken him that long to walk out. A helicopter was dispatched and the crew radioed back that they had located the ambush site. The vegetation was too dense to land, but it appeared all of the soldiers and agents were dead. Diana and the rest of the IADC were in shock. How could this happen to their elite personnel? Steve was the top agent in the field and the agents with him were veterans. Another team was dispatched from Bogota to identify and recover the bodies. Five days later their report was radioed to the office. All the troops had been identified and two of the IADC agents were found dead, but Steve Trevor was missing. A complete search of the surrounding area had failed to turn up any clues. A feeling of grief mixed with relief went through headquarters. If Steve was missing he might still be alive and in the hands of the cartel. Nothing could be taken for granted and a search must be initiated. The IADC director gave the order. Find Steve Trevor! Diana feigned a sudden illness and asked the director for some time off. She explained that she would go to her mother's house to recover. He was surprised that she wouldn't be there to aid in the search for Steve, but signed her sick-leave slip and returned to his duties.

A few hours later Wonder Woman in her invisible plane circled the ambush site in Colombia. Setting the controls the amazon donned a parachute and holding a large bag jumped into the forest below. After landing she resumed her alter ego of Diana Prince. Dressed in shorts, with a dungaree shirt over a tube-top and hiking boots she slipped a backpack on her shoulders and assumed the guise of a hiker, who would be less noticeable than a costumed heroine. While in the air, she had spotted a large structure built partially into a mountain. It was well camouflaged and would probably be missed by most flyers. And it was not in an accessible hiking area. Sighting her compass the agent started her trek. If she were correct it would take even an amazon until tomorrow afternoon to reach the building. As darkness settled Diana chose a campsite near a stream and set up her tent. Gathering wood she built a fire and heated some soup. After she had made a pot of coffee she relaxed sipping a steaming cup of it. Enjoying the peaceful forest Diana soon felt a weariness overcome her and banked the fire. She pulled off her boots and crawled into the tent and slipped into her sleeping bag. Soon she drifted off to sleep. Diana was awakened abruptly as she was pulled from her tent still zipped inside her sleeping bag. Her fire had been rekindled and she could make out at least four men in her camp. Two of them wrestled her out of her sleeping bag and pulled her to her feet. They twisted Diana's arms behind her back and held her tightly as she struggled to get free. She realized that she wouldn't be able to fight her way to freedom and decided to try to talk to her captors. "What have I done? What do you want? Can't you just go away?" Using a leather strap they tied Diana's wrists securely behind her back. The men stood back looked at the tall beauty. Seldom had they seen such a statuesque body. One of the men picked up Diana's wallet that had fallen from her pocket and opened it. They began an animated discussion as her IADC identity card was passed around. "OH no. What else can go wrong?" She thought. The men obviously knew what IDAC meant. Though she spoke very little Spanish, she knew that two of the men were talking about killing her. The other two began touching her breasts through her shirt as they talked. One roughly pushed his hand between her legs and cupped it over her vagina. As she attempted to squeeze her legs together, Diana was thrown to the ground. As two of the men ripped her shirt open and freed her breasts from her tube top the others unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off her flailing legs. Two pieces of firewood were fashioned into stakes then driven into the ground next to her legs and her ankles were tied to them. One of the men took a knife from his belt and leaning down cut Diana's panties off her. The four stood and admired their voluptuous captive. Even though Wonder Woman didn't possess her super strength while she was in her alter ego, her body was still magnificent. Her firm breasts sat proud atop her chest and didn't flatten when freed of their support. Her long tapered legs accented her full hips and flat stomach. And her neatly trimmed pubic hair framed her pink labia. Their lust grew as the men surveyed the woman lying helpless before them. Very quickly they started a game to determine who would be the first to enter the beauty. Soon the winner stood between her spread legs as he dropped his pants and underwear. Kneeling, he thrust two fingers into Diana's dry vagina, causing her to cry out in pain. Grinning, he continued to penetrate her and play with her clit until he felt her juices start to lubricate the walls of her vaginal canal. He withdrew his hand and pushed his prick into her velvety hole. The man fucked Diana mercilessly driving hard into her as he rested his hands on her breasts to steady himself. His face became a frozen mask as he pulled his throbbing cock out and ejaculated. Diana wasn't used to being violated. Usually tormenters raped Wonder Woman. And though the act was humiliating the amazon couldn't be hurt. But as Diana Prince the pain was unbearable. Her labia were beginning to swell after the man's pelvis banged against them. And now the second man was ready to enter her sore vagina. The pain was more than she could bear and Diana felt her consciousness blessedly leave her as she fainted. The men continued their rape of the agent throughout the night as she drifted in and out of consciousness. By dawn Diana lay with cum oozing from her abused cunt and drying on her inner thighs and ass-cheeks. Her breasts were bruised from constant groping. The men sat by the fire drinking coffee and talking. They were discussing what to do with her. One of the men walked toward her pulling a knife from his belt. He knelt and cut her ankles free. Roughly the men put her shorts back on and pulled her tube top into place. They tied her ripped shirt at her waist and put her boots on. After breaking camp they lifted Diana to her feet and tied a rope around her neck then began to lead her up the mountain. Diana fought to stay on her feet. She was tired and weak from her captor's abuse, but knew it would do no good to ask for rest. So for the rest of the day she struggled to keep up with the men. Resting when they did and grateful if they offered her water. No one bothered her during the trek, the pace they set didn't allow for wasted energy. Late that afternoon they entered a mountain fortress. Armed men guarded the approaches with automatic weapons. Entry by anyone who had not been recognized was impossible. Their security was impenetrable. Diana was herded past jeering, whistling guards into a passageway. Along one wall were doors and she was pulled through one into a cell. The men cut her wrists free and stripped the clothing off her body. She was then tied spread-eagle to the metal frame of a cot. The men left the nude, exhausted woman and locked the door. Diana lay on the cot drifting in and out of a fitful sleep. The memories of her previous night caused her to awaken with a start. She heard the door open and turned her head to see a dark beautiful woman watching her. From IADC circulars she recognized Carmilita Diaz. "The men told me that we had a guest, but they didn't say how beautiful you are. May I ask what your name is?" Asked the woman in English. "Diana Prince. But you should know that they have my IADC identity card." "Yes I do. I just wanted to test you. You are the second IADC agent I've met recently. The man is also brutally honest." "Man. What man?" "Steve Trevor is what his ID says. Are you familiar with him." "Is he still alive?" Asked Diana as tears formed in her eyes. "Yes but not for long I'm afraid. My brother has taken a great dislike to him and says he has outlived his usefulness! I have to leave now, but I'll have some food and drink brought to you." Diana lay crying quietly. Steve was alive. Now if she could only find a way to become Wonder Woman they could escape. She wondered where he was being kept. Probably close to her cell in the same passageway. Her door opened and a young girl entered carrying a tray. On it was a bottle of wine, bread and cheese. A pitcher, bowl and towels were also on it. The girl hand-fed the helpless woman and allowed her to sip the wine from a glass. When Diana was sated the girl poured water into the bowl and bathed Diana's body then covered her with a blanket. Finished the girl left quietly and Diana fell into a deep sleep. She awoke as the blanket was pulled off her body. A handsome young man looked approvingly at her nude body. Sitting beside her he touched her breast and clucked his tongue. "My men don't know how to treat a woman." He said. They think every woman is a whore to fuck and nothing else. My sister is lucky to be in charge or they'd use her too!" As he talked Emilio Diaz caressed Diana's breast and rolled her nipple. It grew and hardened from his attention. "Did they hurt you badly?" He asked as his other hand stroked her labia. "You seem to be swollen." He added as he slowly slipped a finger into her tender vagina. Slowly he teased her vulva and her juices started to flow. Diana looked into his eyes. It would do no good to beg him not to molest her. He was more civil than his guards, but Emilio had been drinking and it was clear that he planned to fuck her. She watched as he arose and took his trousers off. He wore no underwear and his stiff cock waved in her face. He climbed on the cot and smoothly entered her. Moving with the assuredness of one used to being in charge Emilio enjoyed the feel of her vaginal canal. It hadn't been stretched from the many rapes his men had inflicted on her and tightly held his prick as it milked him to a climax. He pulled out as the pre-cum formed on the head of his dick and pinched her sensitive clitoris as he ejaculated to her cries of pain. Emilio stood and pulled his trousers on. "My men were right. You are a good fuck. We'll keep you to play with until we tire of you. Then we'll sell you to a bordello!" "You shouldn't need these any longer. I think you know now who your master is." He said as he untied Diana's wrists and ankles. "Now get some sleep. The guards change their shift at ten o'clock and will want some entertainment!" He lightly stroked her thigh then left the cell. As the door closed behind Emilio, Diana arose from the cot. On unsteady legs she crossed to the door and peered into the corridor. No one was in sight. Stepping away from the door she began her turn. In a flash of light Wonder Woman appeared.

Turning to the door the amazon princess pulled it from its hinges and leaned it against the wall. Moving quickly into the passageway she looked into cells until she saw Steve hanging in manacles on a wall. His body was bruised and his head lay on his chest, but he was still breathing. Wonder Woman burst through the door. Steve's head snapped up at the sound and a weak smile crossed his face. "Wonder Woman! I've never been so glad to see one of the good guys in my life!" "I'm so sorry it took me so long." The amazon apologized, "But I'm here now and you'll be free in a moment." Reaching up she opened the manacles and caught Steve as he fell. "I'm a little weak, but point me toward the door and I'll find my way out." He joked. Holding Steve's weight with his arm over her shoulders Wonder Woman started down the corridor away from the entrance the guards had brought Diana through. They still had to take Emilio and Carmilita back to face justice. They should be inside the fortress. But where? As Wonder Woman and Steve neared a large hall they heard voices. Peering around the corner they saw Emilio and Carmilita entertaining a group of men and women. Uniformed boys and girls passed among the guests serving food and drinks. "Ladies and Gentlemen." Said Emilio. "My sister and I welcome you to our humble home. Please enjoy its simple pleasures. We have to attend a meeting, but we will rejoin you later." Wonder Woman and Steve ducked from sight as the brother and sister left the hall. As they walked away from the duo toward the stairs Wonder woman asked. "Are you strong enough to walk?" "I won't win any races, but I think I can make it under my own power now." Whispered Steve. They watched as Emilio and Carmilita reached the top of the stairway and entered a room. Following them Wonder Woman helped Steve climb the stairs. Seating him in a chair outside the room she said. "I think it's best if you wait for me here. I shouldn't be long." Steve knew better than to argue. He was so weak he would only hinder the heroine. Resigned he nodded and remained seated. Wonder Woman opened the door and walked into an office. Emilio was seated behind a desk, Carmilita stood behind him and four men were seated before the desk when the amazon entered the room. All their attention was on the heroine as she declared, "Emilio and Carmilita Diaz in the name of the American government I place you under arrest." Emilio stood up holding a pistol in his hand he began firing at Wonder Woman, who easily deflected the slugs with her bracelets. After all his bullets were expended Emilio looked at the uninjured female. "Very impressive, but can you stop a bullet from killing him?" Behind her Wonder Woman heard Steve's voice. "Sorry Wonder Woman!" Turning she saw two guards holding him up and one had a pistol aimed at Steve's head. Showing capitulation she lowered her head and held her arms to her side. "Very good." said Emilio as he came from behind the desk reloading his gun. Walking to Wonder Woman he took her magic lasso from her belt. "And you brought something to tie yourself with. How thoughtful." Putting his pistol on the desk he put the loop of the lasso around one of Wonder Woman's wrists and pulled it behind her. Reaching for her other wrist he muttered his thoughts aloud. "But how do we take your super strength from you?" "Remove my belt." The lasso compelled her to answer. "Remove your belt?" Emilio parroted. "Why your belt?" "My belt is the source of my power without it I am no stronger than any mortal woman." Emilio unfastened the clasp on Wonder woman's belt and took it from her waist. Draping it over his shoulder he asked. "Why are you telling me this?" "My lasso compels me to tell the truth when I am in its coils." "Does it make you do anything else?" "Yes I must obey whoever holds it." "You mean that you must do whatever I tell you to?" Quizzed Emilio. "Yes." She answered. Emilio reached to the desk and grabbed a bottle of rum. Tipping it to his mouth he chugged half the bottle then smiled. "Do you realize what this means?" He exclaimed looking at the assemblage. "With Wonder Woman in my control no one will test my power! I will become the greatest drug lord in the world!" "Take Trevor back to his cell." He told the guards. "I'll deal with him later." Standing close to Wonder Woman, Emilio whispered into her ear. As he explained what he wanted her to do the heroine's face reddened. Finally he stepped away from her. Loud enough for all to hear he said. "You understand what you are to do?" The amazon princes nodded her head and said quietly, "Yes." Emilio finished the rest of the rum and slammed the empty bottle onto the desk. "Now let's go downstairs and really make this party rock!" The group descended the staircase and entered the hall. Oohs and Ahs came from the guests as the heroine's costume of crimson and gold bustier and star spangled blue tights was recognized. They made way for Emilio as he led her to a stage at the far end of the great room. Emilio stood with his hands raised in the air as the crowd applauded him. Waving his hand for silence the exuberant Emilio spoke. "The powerful Wonder Woman is now under my control. She has become a slave to the cartel. Gather round and I will prove my power over her!" The crowd pushed toward the stage to watch Emilio's demonstration. While they waited in anticipation, Wonder Woman knelt before Emilio. The amazon unzipped his trousers and pulled his flaccid cock from his pants. Slowly she stroked and caressed his dick until it hardened. Emilio's cock was not the only hard-on in the hall, as each male imagined the heroine's soft hand stroking him. The princess kissed and licked the head of Emilio's dick then took his cock into her mouth. The sight of her soft red lips engulfing his engorged penis and the sucking sounds she made caused many of the guests to leave the stage to find a sex partner. Emilio grabbed her hair and began violently fucking the heroine's mouth with his prick until his seed spurted into her throat. The princess choked and gagged trying to keep all his semen in her mouth and finally managed to swallow all of it. The humiliated amazon licked and cleaned him with her tongue until his dick glistened with her saliva. She then replaced the deflating cock into his trousers and closed the zipper. Emilio stood on wobbly legs. Between the rum and the greatest blowjob he had ever received he was ready to fall down. Leading Wonder Woman as she moved on her hands and knees he found a chair. He laid her golden belt over the back of it and sat down. "Bring me a bottle of rum!" He demanded and his request was quickly filled. He sat drinking with his prize beside him. He patted her on the head as he watched his guests engage in an orgy. Carmilita stood behind her brother and asked. "If you're finished with her can I play now?" "No!" Was his response, "She's mine until I tire of her! Find your own toy to play with!" Carmilita stormed out of the hall shouting, "I have my own prisoner!" Emilio's drinking and the oral sex had taxed his bladder. Putting the rum on the floor and tying the lasso to the arm of his chair he staggered off to a bathroom. Wonder woman couldn't believe it. The instant his hand left her lasso she regained complete control of her thoughts. And he had left the golden belt within her reach. Quickly she removed the lasso from her neck and fastened her belt on her waist. Then awaited Emilio. As he returned and sat in his chair Wonder Woman quickly placed the lasso around his wrist. Speaking softly she gave him commands. "You will act as if you're still in control of me. We will leave the hall and find Steve Trevor and your sister. Then we will find a way to leave the fortress. Now stand up and act as if you're leading me out of the hall. If any one should ask why we're leaving tell them we are going to your room." Wonder Woman slipped the loop around her neck again and left the loose end in Emilio's hand. People looking at them would think he was leading her. But the guests were so involved with each other that Emilio and his 'captive' left the hall without anyone speaking to them. In the corridor the amazon took the lasso back and followed Emilio to a cell. As they opened the door a bizarre sight awaited them. Steve was tied spread eagle to the cot and Carmilita was riding him. Steve moaned and grimaced as she moved up and down on his crotch. Her head was thrown back and her breasts bounced as she neared her climax. "How dare you!" The heroine sputtered. "Can't you see how Steve is suffering?" Moving forward the amazon started to pull the impaled female off him. "Wonder Woman if you care for me at all. Let her finish! Please!" Begged Steve. She placed her lasso around the woman's neck and commanded, "Continue until Steve tells you to stop!" Then stood by until Steve's body shook from his orgasm. With the act complete she commanded Carmilita to get dressed and be ready to leave. Untying Steve, Wonder Woman helped him to dress. "How can we leave the fortress without going through the guards?" She asked Emilio using the lasso. "We'll use my helicopter. I can fly us out." Came his reply. Wonder Woman commanded the brother and sister to lead her to the helicopter. She lifted Steve in a fireman's carry and followed the pair to the heliport. The helicopter was warmed up and in the air before any guards were aware the prisoners were gone. Two hours later they landed in Bogota and Emilio and Carmilita were placed in custody. Steve was sent to the infirmary for treatment. And Wonder Woman piloted her invisible plane toward Washington D.C.

Diana Prince walked into IADC headquarters and took the elevator to her office. As she unlocked her door the director's voice called her. "Diana. Steve has been found alive and Emilio and Carmilita Diaz are in custody thanks to Wonder Woman!" "Thank goodness!" Said Diana. "Let's get a cup of coffee and you can tell me all about it." The End