By Helena Aranatovya

Wonder Woman
Mary Marvel

Author’s Note:

Hello my fellow readers. This was asuperheroine story I always wanted to write on. After having watched a horror film called Hellraiser:Hellworld, I asked myself what would happen if that Italian flirt in that film had many superheroines as his slaves and that they had to obey his every command. In that film, he was only a sideline character but what I liked about that part of the film was that when he touched the Blonde protagonist on her ass, she used her martial arts skill to pull his entire body over her shoulder. I then wondered what would have happened if that same guy suddenly had the power of mind control and he made that Blonde who snubbed him earlier as his personal slave.

As for this story, I am not writing this for profit. I am writing this for out of pure joy. As for the characters, they are from Marvel and DC Comics. But in my story, I have merged the two separate universes because it is more fun that way.

Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Mary Marvel and Powergirl are from DC Comics.

Invisible Woman, Warbird, Scarlet Witch and Wasp are from Marvel Comics.

The History of Luigi

Luigi was a flirt in his hometown in Italy. He had dark haired and fit the stereotype people outside Italy have about Italians, that they love to flirt and have sex with Blondes. But even inItaly when he was back in his home city ofNaples, every time he would try flirting even with the local women they often gave him the cold shoulder. But one day he made a grave mistake. Supergirl was inItaly trying to fight The Parasite. But she eventually defeated the Parasite and many of the people and eye witnesses during that time period were excited to see Supergirl come to their hometown. Luigi came up behindSupergirl and patted her in the ass, saying

“Would you like to be mybaby”

Supergirl turned around and lifted him by his collar, with his feet no longer touching the ground and the spectators laughing at his predicament. Supergirl told him

“Don’t ever touch me again”

She had dropped him in the ground and flew off. The next day, Luigi touching Supergirl and getting the cold shoulder from Supergirl became headlines. The man had never been so embarrassed in his life. He was tall and good looking but yet Supergirl did not like him. But ever since that event everyone in his area and in the country knew all about him and kids would laugh at him across the streets. He could not stand it anymore.

One day Luigi went on a cruise around the Indian Ocean. He could afford it as he was a businessman and every woman that he had sex with had to be bought. His looks did not help much as women in general got turned off by his arrogant personality. But that cruise went horribly wrong. A powerful thunderstorm had caused a massive accident in the middle of the Ocean and the cruising ship was destroyed during the storm. There were no survivors and when Luigi woke up next, he found himself on a beach on some island. He looked and searched to see if there were any other survivors. None. He was all alone.

The island was something likeMadagascar except that it had no real inhabitants. It had palm trees and had some animals in it. But as he continued to travel all around the island, he finally came across something that had made him totally excited. He found an electronic fortress in the middle of the island’s jungle. But it also looked like as if it was some kind of strange alien spaceship.

But all of a sudden, he disappeared and found himself in some kind of strange lab. He was inside a human-sized tube. He was shocked and scared. But suddenly he found out who his host was. It was a small greenish alien. It communicated with him telepathically

“At last. I will transfer all my knowledge to you as I am about to die.

This ship will be yours. You will know how to use it. Use this

knowledge well and for good”

1. Restof the Story

Supergirl was flying all over the world. There were so many superheroes and superheroines and yet they were always preoccupied with all sorts of threats from normal villains to super-powered ones to mystical ones and to deadly aliens like Darkseid or Mogul. As Supergirl was flying the skies over the Pacific Ocean, suddenly something had shot at her from underneath. She neither heard it nor sensed it. But it was quick. Before she knew it, she found herself inside some human-sized tube. She tried breaking out but her strength would not prevail.

All around her, she could see that she was in some kind of alien lab. She wondered. Was itKryptonian? She screamed

“Let me out”

She also noticed that there was someone with her. It was Luigi. He was eating a banana and was smiling at her. She looked at him and then said in astonishment and said

“You?? I remember you?”

“Do you?”

“Let me out before I break out of here myself and break your neck”

Luigi was smiling. This Alien Fortress with superior AI (Artificial Intelligence) had power and energy source even beyond the dreams of someone like Superman’s orIronman’s. It was even so superior that like the spaceship in Star Trek: The Next Generation, it could create any Earth food that Luigi asked for? But it was even far beyond that as well. It was an alien fortress that was not just a spaceship but also comparable to having powers similar to that of Q from that tv show. One could say that it was a God Ship. Supergirl said to him

“Let me out. I don’t deserve this”

“You humiliated me in front of so many people”

“No one asked you to touch my ass”

Luigi then gave a command to the ship

“Take away her powers”

Suddenly inside the tube where Supergirl was, an energy force was manifesting all around her. She then realised that she had no powers. She screamed at him like hell

“You bastard.”

She tried her heat ray vision or super blow. Nothing happened. She screamed at him even more frantically

“You asshole. This is not fair”

Luigi then gave another command to the ship’s computer

“Energise a pain chip inside her body”

Once more another energy force was manifesting itself all aroundSupergirl. He then said to the ship’s computer

“Teleport her to myberoom”

Supergirl found herself in a strange kind of room. It was the kind of bedroom people had in that show Star Trek The Next Generation, inside the spaceship. Supergirl was standing in the middle of the room. She saw the window, and as she went towards it. She could see palm trees outside. She realise that she must be in some island somewhere or somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere.

The electronic door to that bedroom opened and Supergirl saw Luigi enter it. He was dressed as if he was on holiday, withshorts and slippers and some Hawaiian polka dot buttoned shirt.Supergirl got angry and she then rushed for her captor but suddenly, her whole body ached and she was down on the floor, shaking in agony. It was the worst feeling she ever had. Luigi then concentrated for her pain to stop. Luigi’s mind and the ship’s AI were linked. Luigi helped Supergirl to get up

“Are we ready to cooperate now”

Supergirl no longer looked tough. That entire pain had not only made her humble but frightened and meek as well. She shook her head

“Please don’t hurt me. I will do anything you want”

Her mind was subdued and her will to fight gone. Luigi was a bit taller than Supergirl but wasmore skinnier than muscular. Luigi smiled at her

“So will you behave”

Supergirl nodded but Luigi was not satisfied. He had to humiliate this golden-haired goddess. Luigi then said

“From now on you must call me master. Got that?”

Supergirl nodded but Luigi shouted

“I can’t hear you”

Supergirl responded

“Yes master”

“Good. Now take off your costume.”

Supergirl slowly stripped out of her costume including her boots, cape and shirt. She was completely naked before Luigi now. Luig then said to her

“Now go lie on the bed Superbitch”

Supergirl went and climbed on top of the bed. Luigi then climbed next to her but still kept his clothes on. This was to show who was master. Once he was lying beside her, Luigi pressed his lips towardsSupergirl and she complied by kissing back. But as they were French kissing, he was fondling with her right breast. He then started sucking on her left breast and was starting to squeeze on the other. All Supergirl could do was moan. He was sucking on her nipples too hard and without her powers, she was even more weaker than a normal Earth girl.

Luigi got up and took some bonds and had tied Supergirl’s wrists and ankles to the four posts of his bed. She was now helpless, being tied up spread-eagled. Luigi then pulled down his short pants and took out his cock. He put one hand on Supergirl’s jaw and was laughing at her situation. She was aware that he was raping her and abusing her but that she was too powerless to protest no matter how much she had wanted to fight back. Better to be his sex slave than to have the pain of a billion Kryptonians. As he held her jaw, he said to her

“I am going to enjoy fucking youSuperBitch”

With one thrust of his dry cock on her dry pussy, she screamed in pain and agony. He was feeling good as he felt his sperm going down her pussy



Luigi was sat by one of the ship’s many canteen tables. Supergirl was serving him food and drinks as he was sat down. She was naked and had rings on her nipples and those rings had bells on them. Every time she walked, her boobs would shake and the bells hanging on her nipples would jiggle. It made Luigi laugh but Supergirl feel like crying. She carried his tray full of spaghetti Bolognese on a plate with fork and knife and his cappuccino, saying to her master

“Your food is ready master”

AllSupergirl had to do was just order from the food energiser which could manifest anything. Supergirl placed the tray in front of her master and as she had to bend over to do it, Luigi was fondle with her breast, saying

“I had great fun with you today. Later tonight I am still going to fuck you”

As Luigi laughed, Supergirl was looking down, being ashamed of what she become. Later, Luigi was having sex with Supergirl, fucking her pussy and sucking and groping her breasts, while she made moaning sounds and even screaming ones too. The more Luigi was hammering Supergirl’s pussy and squeezing and feeling her pale tits, the more he was getting ideas. There were othersuperheroines out there whom he would not mind enslaving too.


Powergirl and Mary Marvel found themselves on top of some stage and they could make out dancing poles. They realised that they had an audience, all Italian men who were sat down together on round tables, cheering on them and waving their ¬s at the two women. One moment they were fightingDespero and the next they were inside a strip bar, already naked. The men were screaming to them in Italian accented broken English

“Strip. Perform. Strip. Perform”

Mary Marvel shouted at them

“I don’t know what is going on here but I would like to know some answers”

Powergirl then shouted to them

“I second that motion”

Suddenly Luigi came from out the crowd and said to the two women

“Give the audience what they want”

Powergirl looked at him defiantly

“Or else what?”

Suddenly, both Powergirl and Mary Marvel felt that they were in immense pain. As their bodies were shaking on the stage’s floor, Luigi then made it stop. The two women had never felt so much fear and pain in their entire lives. If the villains knew this technique, they would have been beaten a long time ago. Luigi then said to the two

“Now are you going to give what your audience wants or perhaps you need another demonstration again”

Mary Marvel andPowergirl shook their heads in fear. They had a feeling that he was behind all this and was as powerful as someone from New Genesis, perhaps a thousand times more. Luigi evilly smiled and then shouted

“Now strip”

Powergirl and Mary Marvel were stripping but Luigi screamed

“You must have seen the way strippers perform when they strip. Do it that way”

Mary Marvel andPowegirl were erotically stripping by smiling and winking and being flirtish themselves. As their audience were throwing their ¬ at the two women, they continued to dance and strip until they were both completely naked. Once naked, they started moving their bodies erotically by the two poles and started sexily moving their bodies against those poles.

But it was not over. The audience screamed then

“69. Perform 69”

Powergirl and Mary Marvel looked at each other. Powergirl then lied her body at the stage floor and spread her legs. Mary Marvel came on top of her and lied her body on top of her but both women were licking each other’s pussy. The more they licked, the more the crowd cheered. Luigi was sat down and drinking with his “hologram friends”. They were just a program made to mimic real life events as if they were real and don’t even know that they don’t exist. The two superheroines were performing and sexually degrading themselves for an audience that were created by this hologram room.

Suddenly a Mexican looking lady had appeared on the stage with them. She was pulling two Dobermans by their leashes. Mary Marvel andPowergirl were very shocked. The Mexican woman (hologram figure) was very beautiful and looked like a model. She smiled atPowergirl and Mary Marvel and said to them

“I think the audience want to see something even more exciting”

As Mary Marvel andPowergirl had fear in their eyes, they could see that their audiences were cruel and excited enough to wanting to see the two once-proud heroines do something as debasing as this. They shook their heads and then Luigi had to shout

“The rest of us want to see do what she tells you to do”

Just one look at Luigi and the two heroines had no choice. They had to obey. The Mexican lady said

“Now you two. Go on all fours and face each other”

Powergirl and Mary Marvel dropped down on all fours and faced one another. But they both had fear in their eyes and awaited something horrible that was going to happen to them. The Mexican lady had led each dog behind each crouchingsuperheroine. All she did was shout an order in Spanish and with quick speed, both dogs went behind both women and just quickly thrust their penises inside both women’s asses and started fucking them. The audience went evenmore wild while the Mexican lady shouted for the dogs to keep on fucking the American heroines harder and faster.

As for Luigi, he was drinking his beer and a naked Supergirl was approaching him, saying to him

“Would you like a blowjobsir”

Luigi looked atSupergirl and said

“Yes I would like a blowjob from those beautiful lips of yours”

Supergirl went below the table and started sucking off Luigi’s cock. The more the dogs kept on fucking the two former superheroines on their asses, the more his cum was coming out, down towardsSupergirl’s mouth, flooding her throat and going down her body. Luigi was smiling. A real audience would have been much better but this was the next best thing. And he had moresuperheroines in mind to have some fun with


With Wonder Woman, Luigi had a strange fetish for her. When he asked the ship’s AI to capture her, he wanted the AI to make her immobilized and her mind in some kind of blank status. Once he did that, he was contemplating his next plans for the tall raven-haired queen of the Amazons.

Wonder Woman woke up and found herself in some red light district (an illusion within the ship’s hologram room). All she wore was a lingerie and some fishnet stockings, the type a hooker would wear going to work. And high heels too. As far as she could remember, she had been beaten by Cheetah and as a result Cheetah had the lasso around her body, reducing Wonder Woman to personally become her slave. And as her slave, the first demeaning act she had in store for her former nemesis was to become her whore and whore her body, getting money from clients to pay to her new owner and mistress Cheetah. And that hew name now was Wonder Whore.

Wonder Whore was whoring by some deserted street at night where the shops are closed and only some cars passing by with men honking their cars, asking her how much. She hated it but she had no choice. And then Wonder Woman’s heart sunk. She was approached by TheRiddler. The Riddler came up to her and smiled

“My how the mighty had fallen”

Wonder Woman gulped. TheRiddler was taking out his money and was waving in front of Wonder Woman, saying

“How much is it an hour Wonder Whore?”

“$200 an hour”

“I can afford it”

Riddler handed Wonder Whore two $100 bills. She took it and kept it between her left leg and the fishnet stocking. Wonder Whore made a forced smile on her face, asking her client,

“So where do you wanna do it”

“By the alley over there”

Riddler pointed to an alley not far from the street she was whoring herself and that was where they walked towards to. Once by the alley, Riddler was pushing her lingerie panty down and pushed her back towards the alley wall. As Riddler was taking out his cock, he was smiling at Wonder Whore

“I am going to enjoy fucking you out right here and right now”

Riddler pumped his cock inside Wonder Whore’s cunt while pulling her bra down and started sucking on her right breast and fondling the left one roughly. Riddler was fucking Wonder Whore for roughly half-an-hour before pulling his cock out and leading her by the hand towards the street again. He then made her bent her body over some large garbage can, while pushing his cock up her ass, fucking her right in front of the other whores and the people that passed by. As Wonder Whore was getting fucked from behind, she was looking at everyone else, making weak eye contact with all those people laughing at what she had become. After suffering her anal ordeal, she was then made to go on her knees and giving him a blowjob, right in front of everyone and Riddler was pushing her head down, saying to the rest of the world

“I am fucking Wonder Whore”


The three beautiful members of the Avengers found themselves inside a large giant bowl. Naked. Powerless. And right on top of the open space of the bowl were coming 3 giant flies, taller than humans. Wasp, Scarlet Witch and Warbird started screaming. They had never been in such a perilous situation like this one before and were clueless as to why they were there.

When the giant flies started hovering above them, all three heroines fell on the ground. Each fly was hovering very quickly on top of each heroine and each fly was pressuring each heroine down. Wasp was screaming. Warbird had tears in her eyes. Scarlet Witch tried to push it back, hoping that she had her powers and that they would still come back to her. But it was too late. All three heroines had fallen and before their unseen audience, each of them were getting raped by their fly rapists, inserting their giant insect-type penisses within each of the heroine’s pussy. As they were getting fucked and impregnated (at least they thought they were), their eyes were closed and were screaming.


Whenever Luigi was not using any of the heroines, he had them teleported in to another part of the ship were their bodies were in status and their minds blank but still alive. But when Luigi used them, he either had brutal sex with them and used them as slaves. Sometimes one. Sometimes two. Or he would always put them inn the hologram room and put them in some pornographic erotic situation, to see how they would cope with it. But he often had sex with both Wonder Woman andWarbird at the same time, having threesomes.

Eventually he got tired. After all there was only one superheroine whom he always fantasized about.Emotionally. He decided that this was the onlysuperheroine he ever really wanted and that he was just going to get rid of these other seven. He then gave the AI some final orders about what to do with these sevensuperheroines


Somewhere in the streets of Bangkok,Thailand, were seven beautiful Caucasian women walking around in their lingeries and panty hoses. Clients would stop their cars in the middle of the streets and would pay for the services of any of the women. They had no recollection of who they were. All they knew was that they were whores who had sex with clients for money. They did not even have any of their powers or old possessions. And since they were whoring for nights, it was always a question of where they were going to retire for sleeping. The way Thai men were paying for their services, they earned too much money and so need some rest too and something to eat.


Sue Richards had disappeared from Manhattan and no one knew what happened to her. She was just one of those superheroines who had vanished from the face of this planet. But in reality she was now with her new master/lover.

In Luigi’s bedroom, he was naked and fucking a beautiful American Blonde on the ass, as she on all fours. She was moaning and his cum was rushing all the way into her cunt. He had the AI re-program her mind. She was not only made to be in love with Luigi but her powers and old memories taken away from her as well. She now only spoke Italian, not English, as well. After fucking her ass, he turned her around and started fucking her pussy and sucking very affectionately on her breasts.

After sex, they both lied in bed together. Invisible Woman was moving her head close to his face, saying to him in Italian

“I love you Luigi”

Luigi held her by the face, lovingly saying

“I love you too Maria”

Luigi kissed her on the lips