The Psycho Chronicle  

By Interesting Life


A super-heroine story set in a fictional DCU.

Disclaimer : the following is a work of parody and fiction. It contains scenes of violence, bondage and/or sexual situations which may or may not be consensual, and is intended for adult readers only. All characters portrayed in this story are adults. This work in not for profit and is intended as entertainment only. The author does not support or encourage violence or humiliation towards women or anyone. Characters portrayed in this story are the property of DC Comics.



"When all you have is who you hang out with, you don't have a lot of recourse. As I stated previously, the hero community is built upon the network of trust that these individuals have for each other. Granted, as with any large group, relationships vary from one person to the next. Generally speaking though, in times of crisis, heroes rely on each other. This is where we can hurt them.

"Suppose we create a crisis where the heroes cannot rely on each other. Suppose this crisis is so alien to them, so challenging that there is no villain to fight, no civilian to save. It would have to be an internal crisis, something that shakes heroes to their very core. Because, in truth, all heroes are mortals - although some would argue that Superman is not, but that is besides the point. And being mortals, being flawed, they have the same weaknesses as everyone. Only in their case, failure is much worse. Failure means they have failed not only themselves, but their mission and the people they swore to protect.

"You don't kill a hero. You don't maim them. You don't threaten their family. And you certainly don't rape them. As tempting as it may sound. To do anything of the kind is to invite reprisal. Think of Prometheus. He believed himself invincible, capable of taking out the entire Justice League. And he did cause ravages across the Globe. But we know that he targeted Star City, and we know his actions led to the death of people very close to the Emerald Archer. And we all know what happened to Prometheus. And no justice was enacted upon the Arrow for his death. Remember this. If you wish to win the war, you have to wage it in a way that you cannot lose - that you cannot be defeated.

"And the only way to do that is to threaten the very way of life of those heroes, so they can no longer fight crime, work with each other effectively, or even put on their suits. That is how you beat them, as a whole."

Part 7 : Heroes in Chaos

Batman was handling the conference call. It wasn't his favorite activity of the day, and he knew there would be people who would not listen to his recommendations. But none could see the big picture like he could, and he was adamant that everyone be made aware of the potential implications. He had, therefore (after cleaning up the Watchtower), used its resources to get in touch with everyone. The Justice League members, actives and reserves. The Justice Society and their extended family. The Titans in New York and their east cost counterparts, the Teen Titans. The Birds of Prey. The isolated defenders operating out of Metropolis, Coast City or any other locale in the world. He had even attempted to extend the conversation to some of the people working on the fringes of heroic society: the magicians, sorcerers and even some of the private investigators. There were over two hundred people in on the conference call.

Before setting this up, Batman had personally contacted the leaders of each group, to get a general assessment of their current status. It wasn't as bad as he had envisioned, but there were major concerns. Tensions (sexual or otherwise) were starting to be felt among many of the individuals who usually worked together). It seemed tougher for those who were not in any steady relationship, perhaps because there was a lack of focus in that emotional department. Regardless, isolated incidents or behaviors had come to light, and had forced Batman's hand.

"We need to stop working together," was his opening line, and it caused quite a stir in the assembly.

"You'll have to be more specific than that, Batman," Sentinel replied.

As a leader of the Justice Society, many people looked up to him for guidance.

"I mean, we haven't been able to ascertain what is affecting us, as a whole, but we have determined how it is doing so."

Before the meeting, there had been concerns raised about the actions of specific individuals, but Batman had promised that discretion would be maintained, as much as possible.

"I give the floor to doctor Mid-Nite of the JSA," Batman said.

"Thank you... so, let's summarize what we should all know. There's an empathic - possibly telepathic - effect that has affected a little less than half of the hero community. For those of you familiar with the comparison, it falls close to the influence exerted by the Psycho-Pirate, Roger Haydn, and we have suspicions he may be involved. Now, for the science... the effect is increased libido, sexual arousal and powerful hormonal imbalance, enough to cause individuals to act, not out of character, but on their impulses."

"For example," Batman intervened, "people who have regular sexual partners will tend to gravitate towards them in order to get their release. People without may gravitate towards others who would be receptive to the interaction."

"In other words," Mid-Nite continued, "it leads to increased sexual desire and, as a consequence, activity. And because it is emotional in nature, not strictly hormonal, it is connected to those relations which provide us with the most satisfaction, essentially seeking to generate more oxytocin and serotonin, often generated through sexual contact."

Everyone was paying attention, trying to follow along. It was Martian Manhunter's turn to speak.

"We know the spread of the effect is brought on through physical contact."

"Any contact?" Nightwing asked.

"Yes, although sexual contact would greatly increase the exposure, of course. As a Martian, my hormones are not affected; however, as a telepath, I do feel the urge to copulate. However, since there are no compatible mates for my species, I am not drawn to act on it."

"And this is the hard part," Batman intervened, "and why we need to stay away from each other. Because the effect is also telepathic in nature, it resonates between us when we are in close proximity. Therefore, if two of us are infected, the effect doubles; add a third and it becomes quadrupled."

"Exponential?" Oracle asked.

"Absolutely. The more numerous we are, the greater the chance our attitudes degenerate, which is why I had you attend this meeting privately, in your own chambers, and not in group halls."

Every one was horrified at the implications.

"This may be the end game of our enemy," Superman finally said, a dark background behind him. "He may want to divide us. Our strength often lies in teamwork. Break that down..."

"...and we fall," Batman finished his sentence.

The silence that befell the attendees was ominous. It was Raven, of the Titans, who broke it.

"Does your science have any leads?" she inquired in her monotone voice.

"A few. We know that, for some reason, speedsters are affected more than others. The doctor is looking into that aspect. We also know... Kryptonians are highly receptive, as much as humans."

"And metas?" Wildcat asked.

"Same as humans, as far as we can tell."

"There have been no such incidents in my kingdom," Aquaman said.

"And perhaps that is a venue to study," Batman told him. "Get some genetic material to the doctor."

"I will."

There was another silence. It was Red Robin who broke it this time.

"So what are we to do if there's a major emergency. We can't just sit by and wait."

"We play it smart. Everybody must send blood samples to the doctor so we know who is affected and who is not. For accuracy, the sample should be obtained not long after coitus."

"Wait," Starfire said, confused, "you told us not to have sex with each other..."

"Solitary pleasures only, Starfire."

"Ah. Understood. Still... it is a shame we cannot use this to our advantage."

No one answered, but many were thinking the same thing. Then again, many also wondered if it wasn't their increased hormones doing the thinking. Batman's plan was sound, at least for the moment, until a cure or antidote could be synthesized.

"Now, some of you will be taken off active roster... for everyone's safety."

There were no complaints, at least, none voiced out loud. Once the information was given to everyone, Batman cut the feed, keeping only a select few on the line : Sentinel, Nightwing, Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Raven and Wonderwoman.

"So far, we know Hal has not been affected."

"Sometimes being at the other end of the galaxy is a boon," Hal joked half-heartedly.

"Well, we are going to need you to remain out there," Batman told him. "More specifically, I need you to go Zamaron."

"Why? I'm not Carol's favorite person right now..."

"This isn't about you or her. It's about the Star Sapphire Corps, guardians of love. If all else fails to cure this, at least, we can have them come in and help everyone manage."

"You're saying this might be permanent?"

"Not as such, but there may be lingering side effects even if we cure it and... I hate to say it, Hal, bust most of us aren't right in the head."

"Speak for yourself... though I get your point."

Batman turned his attention to Nightwing.

"More than ever, Dick, I need you to keep everyone in Gotham on their toes, operating smart, like we discussed."

"So you're staying up there?"

"Not by choice."

"Fine. Leave Gotham to me."

Batman turned to Sentinel.

"You know best how to use your forces intelligently, Alan... The Justice Society is in your hands."

"I have a contingency at play right now. Jay's been sent home to his family, and the doc has samples from everyone."

"Remember, just because people aren't infected now doesn't mean they won't be infected eventually."

"If it is the Psycho-Pirate," Sentinel asked, "how is he doing it on this scale?"

"I only have theories at this moment," Batman answered.

Sentinel acknowledged the reply and his responsibility.


"Yes, Bruce..."

There was a silence between the two. Superman continued.

"I know. Keep away from the people of Earth. Focus my attention on natural disasters."

"If you were to fall under a spell..."

"I know. I could kill someone."

It wasn't something either wanted to visualize, but it was the truth. There only remained two to address, so Batman let the others go.

"Raven, hold this line."

"Of course, Batman."

Wonderwoman was still in the Watchtower, but she was following the conversation from a remote office on another floor.

"Diana... I'm... sorry."

"I know. I'm sorry I led you on."

"You didn't, and that's what worries me."

"What do you mean?"

"At first, you wanted it... the lasso, remember?"

"I guess so."

"But then, while I was... doing it..."

"While you were fucking me, I changed my mind. The spell broke."

"No. It didn't. That was still the spell."

Wonderwoman didn't understand.

"It was meant to break you. First, you invite me - or anyone else - to do it, and then, the spell switches your hormones around."

"So you think it's magic?"

"It has to be. Explains why Kara and Clark were so quickly affected."

"What of Kara?"

"She is safe. She isolated herself in her own way."

"But... break me?"

"Yes... I believe the goal was to break me as well. Which may confirm a theory I have developed. The individual at the center of this effect is linked to the effect, monitoring it, perhaps even manipulating it remotely."

Wonderwoman seemed to consider.

"I'll need you to do something, Diana."

"What do you need?"

"You need to travel to Olympus... meet with Eros or Aphrodite."

"In my current state? I'll be their... love-slave within minutes. Their beauty is... beyond compare."

"We need to know what artefacts exist that may allow the power of the Psycho-Pirate to be used on such a large scale. Unless you know another way to get this information."

Wonderwoman considered her options. Meanwhile, Batman turned to Raven.

"And on your end, Raven?"

"I have started working with Zatanna on this. We can confirm it was the Psycho-Pirate who influenced Black Alice, but Zatanna also seems to believe someone else is playing the strings of this harp. Splitting us up may only be one of the coveted results of this sexual dance being played on us."

"And are you dealing?"

"I am fine."

"Is your new body still a virgin?"

A few months ago, Raven had been reincarnated.

"Have I had sex with men? No. But I am not a virgin in the mystical sense of the term."

"All right..."

"And how are you, Batman? I feel your anguish."

"Lack of control, Raven. Only that."

"And fear for your friends. Times like these can cause powerful resentments to build... follow your own advice, and seek release when you need it."

"I'll watch my own sex life, Raven."

She half-smiled at the comment. Wonderwoman chimed in.

"Very well... I will... do what I must."

"Thank you Diana."

Batman quickly ended the conversation. He took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself. He had done as much as he could from here. He now needed to coordinate with doctor Mid-Nite, and he could only do that from the lab. He had explored all venues of solution, from the Star Sapphire Corps, guardians of love, to the science of desire, to the mystical powers of the gods, and down to the truly dark forces of magic. If a solution could not be found within one of these realms, there would be none, nowhere, and things would degenerate quickly.

All he could do was work, wait, and wait for results.

Alan Scott turned away from the screen and turned to Doctor Mid-Hite, who was in isolation in the other room; they spoke through the intercom in the glass.


"It's not good, Alan..."

"How many?"

"Practically everyone is infected."

"All right... who's not?"

"Thankfully, Powergirl... Jay is good too, as long as he stays away. So is Doctor Fate, but that's not surprising. The helmet protects him from such manipulations."

"Any news on Jesse and Rex?"

"As far as I know, they're home, together... having the time of their lives."

"And yourself?"

"I'm unfortunately infected, which is why I'm isolated in here."

Alan turned his gaze to the floor, pondering what to do next.

"This isn't like any threat we've ever faced. It's so... insidious."


"All right. Keep working, Pieter, we'll... find something eventually."

Alan walked away. The halls of the base were now deserted, and they felt empty. It almost felt like a defeat, except no blows had been given, there was no villain to fight and take down, no civilians held hostage that needed rescuing. None of the traditional heroic paradigms applied. And Alan wasn't feeling well : keeping all his lust contained wasn't helping at all. Except he had no one in his life. His former flame, the mother of his two children, was dead, and he had never fancied anyone else.

"Father," the voice echoed in the air.

"Obsidian... I thought I told you to isolate yourself."

"I am father... I am safe inside the shadow realm, where no emotions can overtake me."

"That is good to hear..."

"But you father, I see your anguish... do not be ashamed of it."

"It would take my gay son to teach me not to feel shame about sex, wouldn't it..."

There was a silence between them. It had taken a long time for Alan to accept his son's sexuality. He was, after all, very old school. But trust and acceptance had led them to renegotiate the terms of their father-son kinship, and it was stronger than ever.

"You're saying I should find a quiet spot to address the issue, son?"

"I'm saying : whatever you do, do it well."

Alan sneered and started walking towards his quarters. Perhaps some private time might be good for him since, after all, there was nothing else to do. Then again, perhaps he would have been concerned had he known what was transpiring inside the walls of the Brownstone. But people were following orders, at least, the half they wanted to follow by remaining isolated - but certainly not alone.

"I can't believe it took so long for us to do this, Al..." Courtney said.

In Stargirl's room, Albert Pratt, aka the Atom Smasher, was quickly stripping off his suit, watching the lovely blonde stare at his muscular shape. He was almost seven feet tall, bulging muscles, a powerful frame reinforced by his meta-mutation. She was so small compared to him, a little over five feet, with a light athletic frame worthy of a cheerleader.

"Aren't we disobeying orders?" he asked as a simple statement, not really concerned about it.

"Who cares!" Courtney replied. "Let's just have fun... like we couldn't because the others wouldn't allow it."

A moan to their left drew their attention. On the other side of the bed, Tom Bronson, aka young Wildcat, was caressing Maxine Hunkel's neck and shoulders, slowly stripping off the top of her suit. Tom was already topless, his chest excessively hairy despite his young adulthood. Maxine tossed her red hair to the side, casting a glance at Courtney. Tom lowered Maxine's top, exposing her breasts. Courtney's eyes lit up as the flesh became exposed. Meanwhile, Albert was stripping, and he was now down to his underwear. The bulge was massive, proportionate to his size.

"Holy cow!" Maxine said, staring at it. "That's supposed to fit in here somewhere?"

"You work up to it, baby," Tom replied, massaging her breasts.

She moaned in return. They kissed over her shoulder. Courtney moved her hands over Albert's underwear and caressed it through the cloth.

"Wow... you're much bigger than Grant or Cap!"

"Cap? Grant? I'm not your first," Albert asked.

"Oh... well Grant was just a blowjob... and cap, well..."

"Hang on!" Maxine suddenly chipped in. "You had sex with Captain Marvel?"

"Only once... it was... wow..."

"Which version?" Tom asked.

"The tall and strong one," Courtney replied.

She turned her stare to Albert, winking at him.

"Definitely not as tall or strong as you..."

She pulled the cloth over his manhood and exposed it, allowing her fingers to wander over it. Meanwhile, Tom was still stripping Maxine, leaving only her lacy underwear on. Maxine unbuckled Tom's pants and started fondling with his zipper. Tom helped and the pants flew off. He wasn't wearing anything underneath. Maxine smiled at his raised cock.

"Oh yeah... I remember you..."

"You two had sex before?" Courtney asked.

"No... just a few blowjobs... we have been dating..."

"Yeah," Tom said, "we wanted to wait for more but... what the hell... we only got one life."

Albert was staring at Courtney's mouth.

"um... Courtney... can you... um... blow me?"

"I can try, but it's so big..."

Courtney opened her mouth as wide as it could go and attempted to wrap her lip around Albert's enlarged shaft. It wasn't very successful.

"I'm gonna need a bigger mouth," she said.

She looked at her friend Maxine, who was already going down on Tom. A thought came to her mind.


Maxine pulled away.


"Wanna suck on Albert while I suck on Tom?"

"Trade? But Al is so big..."

"Yeah, but you got a big mouth."

Maxine punched Courtney in the shoulder, but then motioned Al to come closer. Courtney went around so she would be nearer to Tom, and the two girls proceeded as suggested. As it turned out, Maxime was able, even if just barely, to wrap her lips around Albert's rod and start sucking. Al's stare went blank at the sensation, which made Courtney smile. She bobbed Tom on her end, mindful to raise her gaze so she could lock stares with him. Both men indulged in the wonderful sensation. As she continued her work on Tom, Courtney started to remove her bottoms, shoes, pants and underwear, exposing her sex and letting her hand wander there. She was pleased to notice that Maxine, not having missed her maneuver, also joined her fingers to tease Courtney.

"Ah my god!" Tom said. "This is the best idea ever..."

"Don't get this wrong," Albert stated, "but I so wish Powergirl were here."

Courtney and Maxine both pulled away from their partners and looked at each other. For a moment, the boys were concerned.

"You know what," Courtney said, " too."

"Me four," Maxine added. "She's so hot. I'm a lesbian for her."

"And for me?" Courtney asked, smiling at Maxine.

The girls exchanged a fleeting kiss. There was a big laugh in the room, and then the girls resumed work on their partners, while at the same time allowing their fingers to tease each other's sexes. The passion was ignited, and there was no way stop it.

It was difficult for Batwoman to handle herself. She was used to operating alone, so Batman's orders really didn't change anything for her. And yet, she was affected, and she knew this clearly. Earlier this morning, training at the gym, she had gotten an irresistible to jump one of the women training beside her, a petite Latina with which she had shared a shower once. It had taken a good measure of will and an awkward escape to avoid acting on it. Later on, she had felt a similar urge while dining out with a friend (with whom she had previously been intimate, many weeks before). Again, only a good dose of resolve had prevented her from dragging said friend to the ladies' room for a quickie.

With the knowledge of what was happening to her, and the realization of its implications, there was no other solution for Kate Kane, and she had set out to make things happen.

The door to the suite opened, and the woman in the blue trench coat walked in, closing and locking the door behind her. She turned her head towards the bed, revealing a faceless visage. She was the Question, detective extraordinaire. And the sight unfolding before her eyes was both troubling and enticing. The large four post bed was adorned with rose petals over satin sheets of wine red. In the middle of the bed, a woman wearing lingerie of matching color was laid out, tied to the post by her wrists. Her legs were huddled together but, looking closely, one could see she was not wearing any underwear.

The faceless vigilante spoke up, her voice carried through the mask.


"Renée... I need you..."

"I see that... this is why you called?"

"I called because... if you don't make love to me... girlfriend... I will go mad."

"We're not girlfriends anymore, Kate. You saw to that."

"We both did... but Renée..."

Kate's voice was sultry, as seductive as ever, and Renée Montoya, the woman bearing the mask of the Question, was not indifferent to the plea - even if she needed to know more.

"I'm here, Kate... And I'm not undressing until you tell me why..."

"You know why..."

"I know the science behind it, and the conspiracy... but why me? Why not another lover?"

"Because... no one can relate to me like you do..."

Renée let the trench coat slide, revealing a camisole underneath, no bra, her nipples visible through the cloth. She started playing with her belt buckle.

"And why the seduction?"

"Because otherwise... it's just sex... and... it has to be more, or else..."

"Or it means nothing, right?"


"And why the restraints?"

Kate didn't answer at first. She just stared at her lover with intensity. Seeing that Renée would not move, she acknowledged the question.

"Because... I'm yours... to dominate. To control."

Kate's voice was pleading. Renée nodded her head. She removed her belt and her pants, revealing sports underwear. She reached the edge of the bed, leaned down beside it, and retrieved a small box. Opening it, she examined the contents.

"You haven't gotten anything new, have you?"

"No... not since you and I..."

Renée's tone became serious.

"If we fuck, Kate... no, if we make love... it doesn't mean we're getting back together."

"No... it doesn't..."

"Then, we're agreed."

Renée slipped off her underwear, revealing a clean shaven pussy. She picked up a strap-on belt with the matching device, holding it high.

"One thing, Renée..."


"You'll be infected too."

"My dear Kate, I already am..."

That last comment threw Kate for a loop, but she was hardly in a position to do anything about it. She watched Renée slip on the device and crawl towards her.

"I'm going to blow your mind," Renée whispered.

She wasn't taking off her mask. A faceless lover would soon be ravaging Batwoman, and she didn't mind. She felt the fingers prodding at her hole, feeling the wetness on Renée's fingers, and then she felt the tip of the dildo against her sex, and her mind was consumed by the lust a moment later.

"Fffuck meee..." Rose Wilson pleaded as her partner pounded her pussy with vigor.

Thankfully, Titans Tower on the west coast was very sound proof, so Rose's screams were not heard anywhere but in the room she was in. Her head buried against the headboard facing down, one hand holding onto it tightly, she was enraptured by the large form pushing in and out of her pussy. With a finger from her other hand playing with her clitoris, Rose Wilson was having the sex of her life. For the past hour, her partner had been ramming her hole practically without stop, and Rose had lost count of her orgasms.

"Aaaarrgghhh yes.... fuccckkk meee.... aaaahhhh!"

And another one rode in as Rose, drained as never before, collapsed onto the bed.

"I so want to feel you come inside me," she said.

"But I can't," a female voice replied in a very neutral tone. "I'm sorry."

Rose tilted her head, looking back at the gorgeous girl behind her, blonde, strong, athletic... Wondergirl, aka Cassie Sandsmark. She was also fully naked, two firm breasts, and bearing a large cock buried deep inside Rose's cunt.

"Yeah... I know... sorry..." Rose said.

"Don't apologize," the girl replied.

Wondergirl pulled out her cock, still wet from Rose's juices, from her pussy and stared at her partner.

"I hope you're having as much fun as me," Rose said, turning on her back.

"I am having fun... but not as much as you," she replied.

Rose stared at the massive cock, still hard, still aimed at her.

"Gotta hand it, that's a good look for Wondergirl. She should be a she-male. Don't tell her that. Or tell here. I don't care."

"I won't. What happens between us is private."

"Good girl..."

The girl smiled. Rose leaned forward and locked lips with her.

"Do you wish to continue, Rose?"

"Oh yeah... but... maybe you can change again?"


"um... well, we've gone through the roster for the team so... someone outside... someone... oh! I know... But it might be weird."

"Weird how?"

"Well... it's just a fantasy, right?"

"Yes, of course."

Rose closed her eyes.

"I'm thinking of someone."

"I see."

Suddenly, the girl's appearance started to shift, going into a transitional state of green color, and then she became Caucasian white again, male this time. A young man with pale blonde hair, cute looking.

"That's it..." Rose said.

"Your brother Joe?"

"Yeah... as long as we're experimenting, let's go crazy."

The shape-shifter, really Miss Martian of the Teen Titans, personally saw no problems with Rose's choice. Rose had approached her earlier, letting her know that she wanted to experiment with her sexually. Since the Martian was not affected by the lust effect, she saw no issue with indulging her teammate's excessive need. It was a great way to understand more about mating rituals for humans first hand. And her ability to shape shift was, as Rose had put it, priceless in the bedroom.

"You look just like Joe..." Rose whispered, biting her lower lip, still aroused.

"Thank you."

"Come here..."

Rose spread her legs as wide as they would part, exposing the small patch of white hair that matched her natural hair color perfectly. Miss Martian, in the guise of Joseph Wilson, pushed her rod deep into Rose's cunt.

"Aw fuck... even better..."

"You enjoy?"

"ah yes, Joe... wow..."

"Perhaps I can simulate an ejaculation..." Miss Martian stated blankly, considering.

"Really? How?"

"Well, I could extract a portion of my flesh and expunge it..."

"Never mind how... just do it if you can..."

"Very well."

Rose welcomed the thrusts inside her, like she had for the past hour, like she would continue to do so with whatever partner Miss Martian would assume the shape of for her. With her Martian lover came the promise of endless pleasure, no questions asked. It was something that a rogue hero like Rose could definitely get behind, or under - or any position, for that matter.

"No, you can't come in!" Superboy emphatically said through the intercom.

"Come on man... I need it..."

The young man called Superboy, aka Connor Kent, was in no mood for sharing. His girlfriend, Cassie Sandsmark, Wondergirl, was lying on the bed, face down, naked and completely spent. She wasn't sleeping, but she was as close to it as she could. For the past hour, Connor and her had been having the most sex ever since that one night in the Kent barn. Both were highly athletic, imbued with supernatural strength and stamina, so for Cassie to be this exhausted meant the ride had been quite intense. The bed springs had cracked here and there during the entire event.

"You are not fucking my girlfriend!" Connor said.

In truth, he wanted to see it. He wanted to see Cassie's raised ass as Bart Allen, the speedster of the Teen Titans, pounded her silly. But his mind wasn't completely lost. The door to Cassie's quarters was locked shut, with a combination that even someone as fast as Bart could not decipher. And he couldn't break through the windows or the walls.

"Go fuck Rose instead! I bet she'd like it."

"I can't find her... look man, my balls are on fire..."

"Then just jerk off to some Starfire nudes... or get your own girlfriend!"

Cassie managed to raise her head, and then rolled to the side. She moved her blonde hair out of her face and then stared at Connor.

"Look, he's just gonna keep bugging us..."

"I am!" Bart said from beyond the door.

"We can turn the intercom off."

"He'd just find a way to bother us... run up the outside the building or some other nonsense."

"I will!" Bart threatened.

Connor shrugged.

"Are you sure you want to let him in? I mean, you and I, you know, we're dating and all so all this sex... really not that bad."

"Theoretically, Connor, we are not dating. We were dating, then you died, then I dated Tim, then you came back, then it was awkward and now, we don't know what we're doing... we only know that, given Batman's warning, it felt safer to be together in here."

Connor pouted a little more.

"You don't want to share me?"


She smiled at him.

"Come on. You aren't even a little curious to see Bart humping my breasts, coming too fast, feeling awkward, apologizing..."

"I don't come too fast!" Bart yelled.

"Shut up!" Connor replied.

He moved towards Cassandra.

"I'm not sure..."

"What's the harm? Are you so possessive? Can't I decide what I want to do with my body?"

"Yeah... you do... I guess... I am jealous."

"Well, you don't have to be. You can be there right along... think of it as a... team-building bonding exercise?"

"Now you're channeling Tim!"

Cassie laughed at the notion.

"Door... open."

The panel slid open. Just beyond, Bart Allen was standing, naked except for his mask. He was much smaller in stature than Connor. He moved into the room and up to the bed in a single instant, settling his cock inches from Cassie's face.

"Hello," he said.

"Hi... shortie."

"Hey..." he replied, feeling insulted.

"Relax, Bart... I'm just messing with you."

She leaned forward, wrapping her breasts around his cock, as she started to knead him gently.


Within seconds, he was blowing his load all across Cassie's chest and chin. She closed her eyes and turned her head. Connor burst out laughing.

"Aha! Fastest teen alive?"

"...shut up!"

Cassie picked up a tissue and cleaned herself up.

"I can get hard again quick," Bart replied. "You'll see."

"I'm still hard," Connor replied," and I already came three times today."

"Guys, it's not a competition," Cassie said. "Although..."

She winked at the both of them, and suddenly, Connor didn't mind so much having a friend in the room. Scenarios started to build inside his head, and he knew he wasn't the only one picturing them.

"What am I to do?" Powergirl asked herself.

From the top of the antenna atop the Empire State Building, she contemplated her plight and that of her friends. Being able to see and hear everything that was happening around was not helping her cope with the uncertainty of her situation. Like everyone else, she had been briefed on what was transpiring. Unlike everyone else, she was apparently not infected, and therefore not emotionally impaired. But even for someone as professional as her, two problems arose. One : just because she wasn't under some kind of telepathic lust effect did not make her immune to normal arousal, and knowing that half of her teammates were engrossed in highly involved sexual games, there was a part of her that was jealous. Karen didn't have any regular sexual partners. Two : with the looming threat of being contaminated somehow (no one yet knew the propagation method), she needed to be extra careful in her dealings with criminals or while saving civilians. Not everything could be done at a distance, unfortunately.

At least, she could account for her own mind. Before leaving out on patrol (it was better out here than in the Brownstone where the sounds of sexual activity could more easily reach her hyper-sensitive ears), her blood had been fully analyzed and compared to her dimensional cousins (Kara and Kal) and the doctor had confirmed she was fully unaffected. She had seen, through the glass, the way Pieter had looked at her, the desire in his eyes. Even Sentinel, ever noble, had allowed some of his own lust to pour through his words as they had discussed. The innuendo was sickening - and perhaps a little flattering. Powergirl knew she was considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. It didn't help with her plight.

Criminals on Lexington and 3rd. A shoot-out. Powergirl flew out and assessed the scene from the air. Three masked gunmen were trying to get to their vehicle to evade the police. Powergirl swooped in and, without actually hitting the ground, flipped their escape vehicle over, taking to the air as quickly as she had arrived. Dumbfounded, the criminals froze and this allowed the police to get them.

Powergirl retreated to the skies and waited. There was nothing else to do, and it was driving her mad. It wasn't lust that would get her in the end, she thought. It was the feeling of being isolated, alone, no one to interact with. Perhaps that was also part of the villainous plot to tear the hero community apart. Drive them all crazy, one way or another.

It wasn't something Diana wanted to do. There were many reasons behind it. She always hated going to Olympus even though, as a daughter of Zeus, she had every right to attend. But she was also mortal, and that meant the gods rarely took her seriously. Even when they did, their attitude was, at best, condescending.

The other reason was, of course, that she was in no condition to deal with gods, least of which the two she needed to interrogate. And yet, her duty was clear. She was the only one who could petition them.

She stood in the hall before entering the parlor. There was decorum to be followed. Under other circumstances, she would have abided by it without hesitation. Still, she stripped down everything, save for her tiara, her bracers and her lasso, the three artefacts of Hephaestus with which she never parted. Aphrodite would not find this an affront to her power, as Hephaestus was her betrothed and father of her son, Eros. To be exposed in front of the goddess of love was no issue to Wonderwoman, who spent most of her days on Themyscera at least half naked in training or meditation, but in her current state, and given her divine blood... she had concerns.

Stepping through the many veils leading into the parlor, a very naked and self-conscious Diana resolutely entered the antechamber. The light was dim. In the back, standing against an arch which seemed to lead outside into the night, the naked form of the goddess, exposed ever so little to make out the outline of her perfect body without revealing her as a whole. Diana felt an immediate attraction and envy at her presence, but it was compounded by the effect gnawing at her loins. She had never felt such desire for the goddess, and she wondered what she would do if the lady of love decided to act on it. But Aphrodite did not move from her position. Instead, movement came from the side, from a young man (or what looked like one at least) wearing nothing but a drape over his mid-section. His hair was blond, almost curly, and his eyes were as deep blue as the ocean. A smell of perfume, flowers unknown to the world, reached Diana's nose and she trembled as the smell of Eros assaulted her senses.

"I see the Amazon princess is presented to us, mother."

Aphrodite did not comment, looking onward, almost as if she paid no mind to the scene. Diana knew better.

"What brings the defender of Themyscera and humanity to our parlor?" Eros asked.

His voice was the definition of sultry and every fiber of Diana's being wanted him, in that instant. And yet, nothing would happen unless he himself wanted it. And he seemed only too pleased with the effect he was having on her to provide her with any form of release. Gathering all her willpower, Diana managed to utter the words.

"There is a... plague among my fellows... heroes of the mortal world..."

"A plague of lust."

The mere sound of the word, uttered by the god of Lust, forced Diana to her knees as her sex ignited with passion.

"I have seen it... I rather like it..."

"I have come..."

"Yes, you have," Eros sneered, not letting her finish. "And you will again..."

Diana began to moan as her entire body became a sexual object in her mind, as Eros played with it using only his gaze projected upon her. Suddenly, Aphrodite's voice rang, echoed in the parlor, and broke the spell. Eros instantly retreated.

"Enough, son!"

She turned around, and Diana was mortified to see the goddess in all her glory. More than anything, she felt unworthy of the sight, and she wanted to bask in her presence, to become her lover for eternity.

"As tempting as the offer is," Aphrodite said, reading her mind, "I'm afraid I would get bored of you too easily... but I will help you. You and your fellows. And in return, you will owe me."

"Any-anything goddess..."

"Do not grovel," she replied. "It is unbecoming."

With a wave of her hand, she broke Eros' spell, and Diana was again in possession of her body, albeit aroused to a level she could hardly contain.

"Thank you, my goddess..."

"I do it out of love of humanity... the consequences of what is being started would be too great for the gods to ignore. I will tell you how it transpired... but you will need to figure out how to stop it."

"I am all yours to educate."

Aphrodite smiled. She turned away from Diana, and this allowed the Amazon to catch a breath and recompose herself, although she remained on her knees.

"In the lands of Atlantis, the fallen city, there were cults who worshipped love and lust in all its forms. They created an artefact, a focus for their raw magic, and they instilled all of their essence into it during a wonderful orgy which lasted over seven days, involving thousands of lovers. All that lust and desire was channelled into the artefact, to be used as a tool in the upcoming god war... but trying to use lust against gods is like trying to fry ants with a lens one at a time. And it was upon the fall of Atlantis that the artefact ended up buried deep in the oceans of the world."

"And that artefact has been found."

"It has. They called it the Vessel of Orgia."

The name was unfamiliar, but that did not mean Diana could not find it. With the right name came the possibility to ask the ether, to let the magicians know of the artefact so they could track its history and its whereabouts. Aphrodite was pleased with Diana's reaction.

"My son," she said.


Understanding exactly what his mother intended, Eros turned his mind back to Diana, and she once again fell under his spell. He pushed her onto her back, spreading her legs. Removing the cloth draped around his waist, exposing a powerful manhood that could only be seen and not defined, he advanced towards her. Diana was already completely aroused, yet she found the energy to ask one question.


"To save you..." Aphrodite answered. "If you find the Vessel in your current state, you will succumb to its lust. My son will... satisfy you, to a point where lust will have no hold on you for a very long time, enabling you to track the Vessel without becoming its pawn - or victim."

Diana didn't want this. She hated herself for feeling so weak. But she didn't fight it when Eros laid on top of her, penetrated her with his divine rod, and proceeded to satisfy her in more ways than could be described. And the echoes of the Amazon's orgasms in the hall of love satisfied not only Eros and Aphrodite herself, but all the gods who took time to listen in. And there were few who passed up this unique opportunity.

"But Carol, we need your help!"

Hal Jordan was pleased, so far, that his visit to Zamaron had been met with peace. His last encounters with the Star Sapphire Corps, not to mention their leader, his ex-girlfriend Carol Ferris, had not gone so well. Now surrounded by a horde of defenders of love, he didn't feel as confident as he could have. But like all heroes, he knew his duty and would see it through to the end.

"And this concerns my corps how?"

"Think of it, Carol. Love is being threatened."

"On the contrary, from what you're telling me, it's not simply that lust is taking over. People are actually being with the ones they love mostly, taking time with them."

"Some of them, yes... but there have been incidents... some women have been... violated. And there's a difference between loving someone... and having sex with them."

She laughed at him.

"Yes, Hal, you would know that difference."

It was a low blow but it was fair.

"I'm asking as a friend, but also as a fellow human... you can't stay out here and pretend you don't care about what happens on Earth..."

"I do care, but my duty is to my people..."

It wasn't that Carol didn't want to help. She didn't truly trust Hal anymore, not after so many failed attempts at reconciliation. Every time she had tried to get close, he had pushed her away. She was done with his love. And yet, there was a part of her which could not ignore his plea.

"I need... to think on this. To meditate. To ask the Predator."

"Do what you must, but make it fast, if you can..."

"I will not be rushed, Green Lantern!"

Hal took a step back. His former flame was as willful as she was. She stared at him.

"Have you been infected?"

"No. I wasn't on Earth. And I had been, I wouldn't have come here and tentatively infect all of you!"

"A shame..."

Hal was surprised at her reaction. She smirked.

"A good fuck might have loosened you up... and me."

She turned away from him, walking up the steps leading to the giant violet lantern atop the slope. Hal couldn't tear his eyes away from her sultry shape, the roundness of her buttocks, the wonderful curves of her feminine figure, and he knew he had blown it again, coming in on his high horse, on this mission, where it would have been much simpler - and perhaps more sincere - to tell her that he had missed her, and then spent some in her bed. Perhaps the conversation would have been more civil.

Or perhaps Hal was already infected and he was starting to reason with his dick, he thought to himself.

Inside the Watchtower, the Martian Manhunter was hard at work in the laboratories trying to work out a way to counteract the effect of lust. His main focus was still Wally West. His reaction to the effect had been the most excessive, and he speculated he had been directly exposed to whatever contaminant was there. This meant that he may have transferred, through the various fluids he had expanded on his wife, the contaminant to Joan Allen, who was in a separate section of the medical bay. So far, blood analysis had revealed the cause of the excessive lust (hormonal imbalance) but not its origin. But Wonderwoman's report, given after she had returned from her exile somewhere in the Pacific islands, held a clue. After taking down the mercenaries, all four of the Justice leaguers had fainted.

Manhunter had therefore dug deep into Wally's psyche in order to figure out what he had perceived, beyond the surface of his senses, while he fainted. And there was a large amount of information recorded in there, thanks to Wally's enhanced and accelerated perception. The first clue was there, in the back of his mind, a glimpse caught from an adjacent rooftop, which the Manhunter had enhanced with his own telepathy.

A man had witnessed the entire scene, a man wearing an ornate mask of white. The psycho-pirate, Roger Haydn. He was directly involved, as everyone had suspected. Knowing the manipulation was similar to his previous manifestations and uses of the Medusa masks helped the Martian narrow down a potential antidote. And with Flash's enhanced metabolism, the hormonal imbalance was accelerated to a level that made him lose complete control, once he got started anyway. The synthesis machine was now working to create a compound that could alter the chemical imbalance caused by the telepathic effect and bring the hormones down to a tolerable or manageable level.

Joan's cry for help in the other room summoned the Martian Manhunter to her. She was shaking, trembling all over. The read outs were not looking good. Entering her mind, the Martian saw what her problem was. After such an ordeal with her husband, her mind had retreated into a part of her brain which fed solely on her base desires. She was now craving sex madly, and short of severing that section of her brain, there was no way for her to get relief. Unless she had intercourse. The Martian sighed, focusing his shape-shifting ability to take on the form of Wally West, naked and aroused. He leaned into Joan's ear.

"I'm here," he whispered.

"Oh... Wally... please fuck me... please..."

The Martian considered for a moment what he was about to do. But she would never know. Neither would Wally. And he would not derive any physical pleasure from this, although he might imprint partly on her emotional state. But this option was better, more humane, than letting her suffer. He moved her naked form, sliding her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs and positioning his human member against her sex. She welcomed it without hesitation, and instantly began to moan. And although the Martian didn't actually enjoy this, his nervous system not being connected to the artificial male genitalia, there was a psychic pleasure to derive from it, he realized, as her own stimulation could be echoed into his own satisfaction. Procreation on Mars had nothing to do with intercourse on a physical level, but Martians could still enjoy a portion of the physical pleasure, a remnant of their previous forms that evolution had not gotten rid of. He could even satisfy her need for an ejaculation, should she beg for it.

It was all very fascinating... and agreeable. And, if indeed this became an issue, he could always transplant the memory of the sexual encounter into Wally's mind, making him believe he had performed the deed. It was, for all involved, a win-win-win.

Raven was standing in front of the mystical door. She wore her traditional costume, dark dress open on each leg, cloak with cowl lowered, her shining golden belt contrasted with the outline. A few feet behind her, Zatanna and Black Alice were in tow, clad in long black robes which covered their full forms. save for their faces. The three mystics had talked about what was transpiring, how it was connected to the old Atlantis, and how demons might be interested in the unfolding of events. They had also been instructed on how everyone else was doing, through Batman. They knew everybody was doing their best, but they were also convinced that everyone was out of their league.

It had therefore been Raven's decision to bring the three of them here. Alice was both ecstatic and frightened. If all else failed, she could always channel the mystical powers of Fate or even the Spectre to get them out of here, but there was something enticing about walking up to danger and looking it in the eye. Zatanna, of course, had prepared as many spells and rituals for the occasion. As much as she had endured the ordeals inflicted on her by the lust demon, she had no desire to repeat the exercise. As a wizard, she was trained to resist this kind of assault, unfortunately too popular with mystical monsters and people. But that didn't mean it didn't hurt, or didn't leave psychological scars. She was just strong enough not to let it affect her in times of need. And Raven - she knew better than anyone what to expect from this encounter. She had been there before, a few times, and she knew the tenant beyond the door wouldn't be thrilled to see her.

And yet, with her telekinetic might, she knocked on the door. It shook, and then opened. The trio walked into the nightmare realm of hell, fully prepared for what was to come - at least, as much as anyone could prepare for the kind of treatment they were about to endure, for the sake of everyone else.

End of chapter 7