The Triumph of Pied Piper  

By Jackbnimble

The triumph of the Pied Piper Summary; the scene that always stood out for me from the 1970s Wonder Woman series was when she is hypnotised by the Pied Piper (who reforms and goes on to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch's headmaster!). Of course she outsmarts and defeats him but for whatever reason I was struck by how sexy it was when she reaches her hand up to her temple, as if she's genuine being affected by his brainwashing. And obviously others feel the same to judge by this clip and the comments beneath. So, let's see what happens next? Rating; NC17/18, sexual content and mind control Disclaimer; all characters herewithin belong to DC comics/CBS, this is purely a work of fiction for free internet distribution and I take no profit from it. This is purely a work of fantasy, in real life always practice safe sex (and don't go around becoming a cheesey pop superstar, robbing your own box office and hypnotising nubile superheroines into being your devoted sex slaves, no good can come of it). Setting; during the season 2 Wonder Woman ep 'The Pied Piper'. Wonder Woman has discovered that pop superstar Hamlin Rule is hypnotising his groupies into robbing his own box office. She enters his mansion to rescue his latest recruit. The triumph of the Pied Piper She sprinted into the room. Tina was sitting in the chair, gazing lifelessly at Rule's brainwashing machine. Even Wonder Woman found the flashing lights incredibly distracting, making it harder and harder to concentrate, even from her limited exposure to them as she stood in the doorway. The siren song of Rule's flute music echoed into in her ears. She remember how good it had felt when he had hypnotised her earlier at the studio, forcing her as Diana to sit in the chair and tell him what she knew. She almost wished she could feel that way again.... She snapped out of it, turning the machine off and going over to check out Tina. She never even noticed Rule enter the room. "Hold it!" he ordered. "Why have you been robbing your own box office?" she asked. "That bread was mine!" he declared. "Now back off!" "Not without her" she told him, turning back to Tina. Rule raised the sonic disruptor into his hand, a machine that could turn solid metal to dust. "You know what this can do" he told her. Wonder Woman thought for a moment. She didn't know if her bracelets could stop it's effects. What more she wasn't sure she could protect Tina. She backed off. Never taking her eyes off her for a moment he crossed over and turned the machine back on. The flashing lights filled her eyes whilst the sweet, sweet music was in her ears once more. It seemed to echo through her head. She found it increasingly hard to think, feeling light-headed and dizzy. She also found herself getting increasingly turned on, her nipples hardening, her cunny increasingly damp. Her breathing was growing shallower and slower. Words started forming unheeded in her mind, "OBEY, SUBMIT, SURRENDER, HAMLIN RULE, MASTER OBEY, SUBMIT, SURRENDER HAMLIN RULE MASTER" over and over again. She raised her hand to her temple, trying to remember what she was supposed to do and why that didn't seem important anymore? The pleasurable sensations she was experiencing seemed to blot out all conscious thought, all she could think of was how wonderful it all felt. She now found it impossible to concentrate but that was ok, all that mattered was the lights and the music, they were her whole world now, comforting, enticing, dominating.... She lowered her hand from her temple in a gesture of surrender, staring vacantly at the hypnotising machine, utterly enraptured by it. He laughed in triumph. It was to be his undoing. She snapped out of it in a trice, peeling off her tiara and spinning it like a boomerang towards him, knocking the control out of his hand and leaving him sprawling on the floor. As he recovered she moved over to the brainwashing machine to unplug it. As he watched she hesitated for a moment before switching it off. Now was his chance. "Wonder Woman, wait!" She looked at him, surprised. But she had failed to disconnect the machine which was still doing it's vital work upon her. "Don't you see what will happen if you disconnect the machine? Look at the lights, don't you realise what will happen?" She looked back at it, uncertain. Even better, she was now looking directly into the lights, the Pied Piper's hypnotic music still echoing in her ears. Perfect! "Yes! Yes! That's it! You see it now don't you? You look into the lights and know why you can't disconnect it. You look into the lights and understand?" "I....I..." suddenly she found words so very hard to form. Her hand was once again raised to her temple. But this time it was no trick. "Yes, that's it. Keeping looking into the lights and all will be revealed. Look into the lights and everything will be just fine. Sit down in the chair" he ordered her. Without hesitation she did as instructed, still staring vacantly into the lights of the brainwashing machine, her expression one of contented rapture. He let Tina go with one last instruction to forget everything she had seen. He didn't need her any more, a prize greater than any he could ever have imagined had fallen into his lap. He left Wonder Woman for 5 hours worth of brainwashing, more than three times the standard period. By the time he switched the machine off her brain was reduced to mindless putty, vacant and empty, her only desire to serve and please her new master in every way possible. He turned off the machine. She looked at him as if just coming awake, her expression one of insatiable lust and utter devotion. "Wonder Woman" "Yes master" she responded breathlessly, rising to her feet. "How do you feel?" "I ache for you my one and only master, my mouth, my ass, my cunny, I want you inside me, I need you within me" she begged. He sat down and grinned, enjoying the humiliation of his power over the once mightly Amazon. Well, why deny her what she craved? "Strip for me Wonder Woman" he instructed. "Strip for me slowly" Without hesitation she removed her belt, tiara and bracelets and cast them aside. She took more time with her bodice, slowly unlacing it before letting it drop to the floor. She turned around and slipped her blue and white star -spangled bikini bottoms down her mile long shapely legs. He had to time to appreciate the fine curve of her toned, heart-shaped ass before she turned around, exposing her dripping pink cunny, covered by only a light patch of carefully shaven pubic hair. She placed her hands on her hips, legs slightly apart and shoulders back in the classic superheroine pose, her massive and exquisitely perfect breasts thrusts forwards, shaking pendulously as she breathed rapidly and excitedly. She left her red knee-boots on but he didn't mind, if anything they made her even sexier. The Pied Piper was awestruck for a moment by her incredible beauty but eventually recovered the power of speech. "Wonder Woman you may undress me and suck me o..." He didn't have the time to finish his sentence before she leapt at him, knocking him to the floor. For a second he wondered had she tricked him again but he was reassured as she ripped every shred of his clothing off and eagerly took his throbbing manhood into her mouth, sucking and licking like crazy. He came almost instantly, pouring his seed down her throat, stroking her hair affectionately as she greedily gulped down every last drop, licking up with relish the excess that escaped her pert, ruby red lips. He lay there recovering as she ground herself fervently against his leg, whimpering with desire, feeling her engorged cunny lips rubbing against his skin through her soaking pubic hair. She showered his cock with frantic kisses until her was hard once more. She moved to mount him but he pushed her roughly away. She moaned in protest, half in wanton lust, half in displeasure at his harsh treatment of her. Yet his brutality towards her seemed to only increase the look of sexual ecstasy in her eyes. He threw her on the ground and spread her unresisting thighs as far as they would go before penetrating her. Her cunny was wetter than a waterfall and sublimely tight, practically virgin, both of them groaning in pleasure and pain as she gradually accepted his thrusting cock within her, sighing as it finally reached it's hilt. He fucked her mercilessly, kissing, sucking and gently biting on her huge breasts as he did so. She bucked her pelvis back towards him, meeting each thrust with an enthusiastic one of her own, throwing her arms behind her head in a gesture of utter surrender and moaning unashamedly as he took his pleasure. By the time he had shot his load inside her she was already convulsing with a stream of boneshaking multipile orgasms, her arms flung around his shoulders, her nails frenziedly tearing his back to shreds. They lay there in one anothers arms for some time, gently kissing one another. As he grew hard once more she murmered her disappointment as he withdrew from within her but did not resist as he rotated her onto her front and positioned her on all fours. She bit her lip and writhed and twisted as he began to probe her asshole, his fingertips well lubed with her cunny juices, widening it for the visitor both knew was to come. She gave a cry as his cock gently made it's way within her but thrust her hips back obligingly, sensing her masters intense pleasure, even before he began assfucking her, groaning with delight at the exquisite tightness her found there. The slap of his balls against her ass was music to her ears, all the more so as he began to spank her hips whilst fucking her, the wonderful sweet pain of his hand striking her ass making her hornier than ever. To her surprise and all-consuming pleasure she felt something long, cold and hard penetrating her cunny once again. Her master was fucking her with his own flute! He further showed his consideration for her by using a free finger to stroke her stiff little clitty, bringing them both to an explosive simultaneous climax, shooting his semen deep within her ass as they came wonderously together. --- "Master, I'm home" she called entering his private recording studio. He took her in his arms and kissed her as always, glad to see her back from her long night of working the street as a common whore. He had no need to rob his own box-office any more, Wonder Woman nightly selling her body to her tricks made more money than he could ever have dreamed off. She broke off the kiss and deftly slipped her magic lasso over him. He looked surprised but it was tempered with submission as it's supernatural powers took effect. "Time for you to go to jail honey" 'she told him, a hint of regret in her voice. "How?" he asked, obediently following her from the room. She shrugged. "Elvis died today. Everyone's been playing his music non-stop and it's much more powerful than yours, it broke your spell over me. You may be the master but he's the king baby, he's the king