By Jackbnimble

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Description: Two Outsiders die before Wonder Woman is beaten, raped, murdered and cannibalised

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Additional Credit: Story requested by Cloak, who seems to be a fan of Wonder Woman.


Perhaps this story begins in the time of Hellasf greatest heroes, when the Olympian pantheon were at their might. If you accept the past as unchanging, then it was nearly 3000 winters ago when the immortal Vandal Savage bound Hecate by ancient ritual, force, and the magic of others. He raped the Goddess within her own temple on a mattress of slaughtered priestesses, and raped her again at a crossroads bounded by the corpses of hounds.

The shame of being violated thus left Hecate unwilling to turn to the gods for aid, nor to those great witches, or the sorceress Circe, to whom she was patron deity. Had she done so, word would have spread amongst the storytellers. The seed of Vandal Savage took root in her belly, but even to one such as Hecate, the future had become clouded. She could perhaps suffer an accident, and end the pregnancy. Unwilling to risk the wrath of the Kindly Ones if she were to kill the child on purpose, Hecate sought out the great winged horse Pegasus and offered herself to the beast.

The goddess took Pegasus into herself again and again; the violent, bestial sex was within her domain. If Hecate acting according to her nature should harm her unborn child, it would be no true fault of the goddessf own. Yet, though Pegasus mated with Hecate one thousand times in nine months, she swelled to a full term. The combination of her own divine nature, and that of Vandal Savagefs immortal genetic stock, meant that the child was unharmed by the savage horse thrusts into its mother. The regular doses of Pegasusf ejaculate had an alchemical effect on the unborn in the manner of the Gods, and gave some of his bestial nature to the child of rape.

The violated goddess gave birth alone in her desecrated temple to a babe, which could fly unaided, and bore the genitals of a horse. Also it had the divinity of a goddess and the innate cruelty of Vandal Savage. Freed of bearing the child, Hecatefs vision of the future cleared. The goddess was able to foretell he would be un-harmed if she flung her son from Hellas, all the way across to the empire in Persia. She did so, with her thighs still slick with the bloody mess of the birth. Across the sea an inhuman child falling unharmed from the skies was seen as a good omen, and the boy-with-a-horse-cock was raised in the Imperial household.

So began the life of Darius Savage. He was raised in old Persia and indoctrinated with all the hatred of the people of Hellas. He grew to be nearly 7 feet tall, a true giant by the standards of any age, and very broad across the chest. At the age of 18 he personally slaughtered a questing group of battle hardened Amazons, breaking them and raping them with a phallus to rival the largest stallion. Pegasusf gifts saw him well throughout the centuries. He did not restrict its usage to women, and many men were split utterly before they died in humiliation and pain.

Once he was of age, Vandal came to him and told him much. As the age of heroes passed, He taught the boy how to travel between worlds, to find foes worthy of his mettle. There were still gryphons out there, great basilisks and worse, if one knew where to look. Darius fought in wars of faerie - though he took no food there - and across the far realms, wherever people could offer good payment in coin or kind. He kept in contact with his father across the gulfs, and aided him from time to time on Earth, taking his reward handsomely.

Vandal never expected his son to work for free. It was to Vandalfs benefit that Darius preferred being in service as a warrior or assassin for hire rather than wanting to turn his mind and time to ruling great tracts of land. Darius preferred to murder and rape Kings and their Queens rather than rule himself. Many a ruler in the realms gained his throne from Dariusf brutal suppression of his predecessor, only to lose it when another prospective King made a better offer.

Hecate strengthened her defences, that no man would violate her again. As the paths of destiny became clear to her, she found that Darius would slaughter many of her foes, many which had stood against her or rivalled her power. Darius would be as powerful an unknowing servant to her cause as the willing Circe, though she could not bear to even think of him as her flesh. At least she knew he too could not survive the primal force of the furies, and so would not come to spill his motherfs blood. For her, her inability to successfully take vengeance on Vandal Savage made that outcome a small consolation. After all, the goddesses of ancient Greece did not always act rationally.

Once such enemy of Hecatefs was Princess Diana of Themyscira, the heroine known to humanity as Wonder Woman. Born of clay and bestowed of gifts beyond her Amazon sisters, Diana was the truest superheroine on Earth. She was an enemy both of Hecate, and her servants, and of Vandal Savage. Vandal had sought her as a bride, imagining the power of their children. Diana had laughed at the suggestion, and called him mad. Wonder Woman had thwarted his schemes previously, alone and with mighty allies, but the humiliation of rejection was enough for Vandal to bring in Darius, his secret weapon. It wasnft enough for Wonder Woman to die; she had to die horribly, and never return as Goddess, heroine or ghost of the underworld.

He summoned Darius from a bone fire he had made on the edge of The Dreaming. Darius abandoned his business there and walked between the worlds to Vandalfs latest home high in the Canadian Rockies. Vandal wore a finely tailored suit, and sipped elegantly from a vintage wine. Dariusfs dark hair and beard were long and unkempt, his wide chest bare save for the strap that held an axe to his back. He wore a kilt of rough and blood spattered green tartan with a leather pouch, and boots of soft green leather. Hefd skinned and tanned the leather himself from a handsome elf rake whofd offended him. He quaffed greedily from an entire bottle of the very fine wine.

Vandal told him of Wonder Woman, of her strength, her beauty, her skill and reputation as a warrior. He also told his son that she would be no match for his strength, skill and experience. He made it clear that he wanted her to suffer. He wanted her beaten, raped, broken and mutilated. He wanted her to suffer worse than any woman who had ever lived, or would yet live.

"Bring mec bring me her breasts, bring me her clitoris. Tear them from her while she yet lives. These symbols of femininity will make a fine meal."

"Just the nub? I could cut out her whole cunt for you!"

"You can have the rest, any choice cuts you want yourself. I may have invented cannibalism, but Ifm happy to share, my son."

"Very well. Hmmc Herafs champion too? I will need to bury her head in the cursed ground at the edge of Faerie and Hell to ensure she does not return. Her soul will suffer in torment there until there is no more time left to pass. I will eat every other morsel of her; I will eat steaks from her muscles, and make sausages from her viscera. Her bones will be broth, and ground finally to make bread. Shall I go immediately to track her?"

Vandal shook his head. There was no need.

"In her role as protector of humanityfs weak and worthless, she is rarely in the same place regularly. However, there are a few of those wounded that she visits both in sympathy and for her own pathetic humility. I have learned her schedule; the next visit is to the heroine known as Thunder.

"I will be waiting for her, father. You can rely on me."


Grace hoped to raise her lover, the superheroine Thunder, from an explosion-induced coma by stimulating her. Sometimes, she just talked to her. Others, she ate her pussy. Wonder Womanfs visit was due in an hour, so she knew she had time for a little fun with her lover. Grace gently slid Thunderfs gown off, and spent a moment massaging her chocolate brown breasts. She worked the nipples to hardness before kissing down Thunderfs stomach to her neatly shaven pussy. Grace had ensured no stubble grew throughout Thunderfs coma.

"I love you, precious. Wonft you wake up for me?"

Grace whispered, before spreading Thunderfs legs wide on the hospital bed. She reached again for Thunderfs breasts before she began gently tonguing the vivid pink flesh in her dark brown slit. As the door to the private room opened silently, she continued lapping at the moistening flesh. Thunder always had responded quickly, and Grace lovingly tasted every drop as she began working on her limp loverfs swelling clit. Thunderfs breasts were rising and falling faster in Gracefs oversized hands as she urged her lover to climax. Grace had hope in her heart and her mind as she brought pleasure to her lover, hope that Thunder would rise from the bed and look into her eyes with the gaze so loving Grace had quit sleeping around for her.

The muscular Amazon loved cock, so much so she had once shared Solomon Grundy with Jade, but her love for Thunder overcame a mere physical desire. Her heart had felt broken when Thunder had gone down as still as death during the explosion at the Outsidersf Penthouse. She looked up a moment from Thunderfs sopping folds, hoping to see open eyes, but there was only the usual fluttering of eyelashes from an approaching orgasm. Grace, sighed sadly, and went back to work with her tongue.

A momentary glimpse of movement in her peripheral vision was all Grace had as Darius pressed a firm hand down onto Thunderfs stomach. In the same instant he gripped Gracefs head at the back of her neck and rammed her hard into Thunderfs pussy. Grace didnft have time to react as his inhuman strength made Thunder stretch to take in Gracefs whole skull, short hair and all, as far as her hard shoulders would allow. The butch Amazonfs cry of surprise and rage was muffled in Thunderfs slick uterus as Grace tried to pull her head free.

Darius pulled up Thunderfs left eyelid, and upended a strong magical stimulant into her eye socket. Immediately, the black superheroinefs power activated and her body became incredibly dense and heavy. The bed buckled, while only Gracefs own super endurance prevented her head being immediately crushed; even so, there was no way she could pull her head loose. Gracefs enraged struggling served only to stimulate Thunder further. Darius calculated that the black girlfs orgasmic spasms would pulp Gracefs head before her over-stimulated muscles ended in a massive heart failure.

Grace broke nails as her impressive muscles bulged, but she could barely shift Thunderfs super dense body. With the end of the bed buckled, Gracefs muscular ass was up in the air, because her feet were still firmly on the floor. Darius wanted to fuck that ass, but his considerable willpower kept his cock flaccid. He had a greater superheroine to save his abuse for. Instead, he reached out to influence the mind of a well-hung black porter a few rooms down. A few seconds later and Gracefs well-plowed furrow had another client as she fought desperately for freedom. Darius stood against the wall, and awaited Wonder Womanfs arrival.

The hard thrusts shook Gracefs struggling body, and stimulated Thunderfs obscenely stuffed cunt further. Deep in her comatose mind she dreamed of fisting. The porter knew only that he had to fuck, to rape, to take. A normally kind and gentle man, his face was twisted with lust as he bent over to rip up Gracefs top. He groped her swinging tits. The sounds in Thunderfs pussy grew wetter and wetter as her girlfriend unwillingly head-fucked her. Gracefs swearing had stopped, as her air supply grew non-existent, so the only sound was the slap of flesh against flesh. In her dark, constricted prison Grace feared for her life. She was genuinely afraid as it became clear she could not pull free. She might have expected scenes from her life passing her eyes - a lot of fucking with a lot of partners - but all she saw was loving, tender, moments with Thunder. Even as the hard cock thrust deeply into her, and she starved of air, Grace prayed to any gods who could help to save Thunder, not herself.

There were no gods to save either of them. Thunder came hard before Grace lost consciousness. As Darius had predicted the intensity of her unconscious orgasm shattered Gracefs skull. She felt the shards in her brain for just a moment before the gray matter was shredded and pulped. The warm bloody mash was squeezed both deeper inside the super-dense black girl, and out around Gracefs shoulders. Her statuesque body was reduced to twitching limply under the porterfs fast, deep thrusts. A moment later and Thunderfs heart gave out. The girl never regained consciousness. Still the porter raped Gracefs corpse. Hefd already climaxed into Gracefs shit, but an outside force drove him mindlessly on. Darius had been born of rape, raised to rape, and spent the best part of three millennium in rape; he could act as an avatar of a hypothetical erape forcef and influence the weak minded, as he had the porter. It was harder to restrict his influence to one room than to spread it over a wide area, but he didnft want Wonder Woman alerted before she arrived in almost an hourc


"Vile, evil man! You will be punished severely for this injustice."

So it was that when Wonder Woman came for her monthly visit to the comatose Thunder, she found instead a black man balling Grace Choifs cool, dead ass. She recognized the sheer size of the formerly 7f tall womanfs body, as well as her tattoos and muscular build. The smell of death in the air was all to familiar to the beautiful Amazon. Diana was so angry; she didnft even notice Darius to start with. She pulled the black porter off of Grace hard enough to break his arm, and felled him with a heavy punch in the jaw. Her eyes turned to the bodies of Grace and Thunder as the heady stench of sex and death filled her nose. It only took a momentfs viewing of the bloody mess leaking from between Thunderfs dark skinned thighs to decide that the porter couldnft have forced Gracefs head where it seemed to have been crushed. Dianafs warrior training kicked in, and she calmed her rage into purposefulness.

Dariusf first impression of Wonder Woman, seeing her shapely ass and long legs, was that she was more a whore than a warrior. He raised his estimation only slightly as she hurt the porter, but visibly calmed himself. Taking the briefest moment to influence the porter to ignore his pain and go rape a Doctor, Darius struck Diana from behind. He took a hold of the back of the Amazon Princessf red and gold top, and flicked his wrist hard enough to throw her entirely through the roomfs closed window.

Wonder Woman grunted in surprise at the force of the throw, though she was pleased to have located her apparent target-for-vengeance so quickly. She regained control enough to fly under her own power and twisted in the air back towards the hospital window. The safety glass had been installed the year before, and Dianafs skin sustained not even a graze. The tall, muscular man who climbed onto the ledge was unknown to her, but she had no reason to believe he could defeat her too. To Wonder Woman, Grace Choi had only ever really been a third stringer at best.

"You will pay for your crimes! You may have taken me by surprise once, but it wonft happen again!"

Darius sneered, amused by Dianafs self belief.

"Fucking Amazon! I thought your kind extinct, once Ifve killed you, Ifll destroy the rest of your bitch race!"

Darius leapt from the window, but to Dianafs surprise moved fluidly in the air and caught her around the waist as she intended to dodge the assault. She realized the mystery man could fly, too, and in his arms she sensed his previously masked demigod nature. Wonder Woman had bested demigods before, and still felt confident as she brought her elbows down hard on Dariusf shoulders. His grip on her waist didnft shift, and as they flew through the air he tightened the pressure on Wonder Womanfs back to painful levels.

"Isc is that all you have?" she mocked.

Dairus didnft have time to answer before he drove Wonder Woman hard into the wall of the comic store across the road from the hospital. He felt the impact in his arms, but the pain was much worse for Wonder Woman who shamed herself with a first cry of pain. She controlled her anger as Dairusf axe came within reach. It was heavy and reeked of power beyond the mortal, but Wonder Woman had used godly weapons before. A smash across Dariusf face with the butt released his armsf grip and she rolled clear. A discarded burger smeared across her ass as she stood before the kilted man.

He smiled. The axe wouldnft work quite how the Amazon hoped. It had once belonged to the demon Baytor and was semi-sentient in its own right. Darius reached out with his mind. He was going to provide a distraction for the noble-hearted Amazon and more importantly enjoy his power. As Dariusf influence spread through the fat comic book nerds in the store they turned their unwashed attentions to the small group of girls shopping for mangas, and a few more on their own shopping for the odd western comic and rare Twilight poster. One manga fan soon found that there was nothing kawaii about having a 300 pound throatbeard in a Hyperman T-Shirt rape away her virginity while the others were dragged down and assaulted equally brutally amongst the shelves. cosplay outfits and gothic fashions were stripped and ripped as the obese fumbled for stubby cocks and sheathed them in screaming or cock gagged teen girls.

Wonder Woman noticed the assault begin, but she couldnft concentrate on saving the girls and not being knocked down by Darius. One handed, she pulled out her golden lasso and tied extra loops. Not taking her eyes from Darius she lashed it out with perfect timing to capture three comic fans as they converged on a desperately fleeing college girl in a Black Leaf Lives! T-shirt and perky cat ears mounted on her hair band. As the girl made it out of the store, Diana activated her JLA emergency signal to call for help. The girl ran to Diana, fear evident in her eyes and breaking voice.

"Please! Youfve got to help, theyfve got my friend! There are three floors in there, and therefre others trapped! Please!"

"A moment, sister! Help is coming!"

Diana caught Dariusf movement towards her in time to swing his own axe towards his head. He expected the blow a little higher and snarled as the Amazon princess lopped off a few of the greasy hairs from his head. Wonder Woman realized the axe swing was dragging both of her arms to the side, and somehow stopping her releasing her grip or pulling back. The sleek muscles on Dianafs arm as showed hard and veiny as she fought the arc towards the pleading girl, but watched with horror as the wickedly sharp blade slashed straight through her slim waist. The girl fell screaming in two halves, and tried to pull lower body back onto her uncoiling intestines before the shock claimed her.

Wonder Womanfs face was unshielded as Darius dodged her kicks and rained medium strength blows into her jaw, her nose, both her eyes. He pulled his punches enough to hurt and bruise, but without breaking anything, not yet. He wanted to humiliate and shame the Amazon before he raped and killed her. Her was certainly as cruelly evil and sadistic as any costumed supervillain. Wonder Womanfs head rocked back like a boxerfs speed training ball as Dariusf huge fists opened gashes across her beautiful face.

As the blows landed Diana experienced a helpless rage. The JLA had a member who was the fastest man on Earth, but there was no sign of his arrival to help the girls in the comic shop. The beginning of similar alarm from the hospital told her that Dariusf influence was spreading. She had no way to know that the JLA, JSA and numerous reservists had been engaged by a rampage of destruction at the hands of numerous villains organized covertly by Vandal Savage. Her JLA signal had been received, but there was nobody free to respond or send help. Hundreds were dying to give Vandalfs son time to face Wonder Woman uninterrupted.

"Ifmc going to kill you, vermin! I swear it by Hera!" Diana spoke in a low voice between bruised lips; there was no doubt she believed her threat.

"Glad tidings, Amazon! Where youfll be spending eternity Hera wonft be able to take revenge on you for breaking that oath in her name. Shefs a spiteful bitch, worse than even my mother!"

Darius commanded the axe to release Wonder Womanfs hands from the hilt. He dropped his guard and allowed the princess to land the hardest blows she could to his face, and his chest. Even a solid punch to his solar plexus was just a tap to Darius Savage. To him, it was like being attacked by a weak child, sick with a chronic disease. His lack of reaction and grinning added to Dianafs rage, and she smashed her godly bracers against his face. The assault hurt only slightly more, and so he parried her nect blow and punched Wonder Woman so hard she flew down the alley next to the comic shop, and garbage bags exploded around her. It was the second time Diana had landed in filth, and the realization only added to her anger at Darius, and shame at her inability to hurt him.

Darius noticed the gathering crowd of witnesses - there was even a man doing a roaring trade with a snack stall - and again extended his influence. The local news copter would have caught the sudden explosion of sexual assaults if the film crew hadnft been men, and the pilot a suddenly terrified woman. The chopper crash added to the chaos while a grossly obese woman found herself face down in hot dogs as a greasy Albanian cock filled her buns.

Darius took to the air before Wonder Woman could stand, and came down with a low flying kick that stretched his kilt and brought the heel of his sandal hard into Wonder Womanfs stomach at just the rights spot. Diana tried to fight her stomach spasm, but couldnft even manage that. She vomited hard, retching down her garbage spattered costume until the golden adornments were dulled. Darius barely got his foot back from the stream of Amazon sick. He idly considered making her eat it as he stood back, and let Wonder Woman get back to her feet.

"Ready to see what else Ifve got?" he laughed

"Hera give me strength to beat this foec"

Diana was humiliated at being forced to vomit by her foe. When she heard of it happening to Zatanna, for all her power, Dianafs pride had taken it as a sign of her own superiority to the sorceress. As her nutritious breakfast splattered into the alley floor under the convulsions of her belly, Diana was herself reduced. Even as she involuntarily spewed, Dianafs strategic mind had searched the alley beside the comic book store for assistance in her struggle. A high-slung electric cable seemed the best option. Her opponentfs godlike nature, and the fact she had not heard of anyone with his description on Earth, meant there was a good chance he wasnft familiar with modern technology. Diana crouched quickly and reached into the garbage for a flattened can. She threw it with her superhuman might at the cable. An ordinary human throw would have had no effect, but the can sliced straight through under Dianafs strength.

The cable sparked wildly as it swung down across the narrow alley and into Dariusf hulking body. The electricity held similarities to Zeusf lightning, as all electricity does, and even the Demigod son of Vandal Savage was dropped to his knees by the power as it earthed through him. A cry of pain emerged from his lips as Diana jumped up, intending to take a position of strength and find a good solid weapon to hit her foe with. Knowing he was weak to electricity, she wanted to lure him into the nearest substation. As Wonder Woman rose through the air she thought herself momentarily free until the end of the electric cable pierced the metal W of her costume and lodged snuggly sparking between her awesome tits, just as she steadied herself against comic storefs wall.

Darius had forced his spasming muscles to respond by sheer force of will, and taken the end of the cable. His strength was so much greater than Dianafs that the cable flew like a spear. Sparks lit up the alley as it brushed her stomach before discharging between Dianafs breasts. To Darius, it seemed as if the Amazon hung in the air for a moment, and then fell with a glass shattering screech back to the floor of the alley. She writhed on the floor as the valley between her breasts burned, while the current carried through the metal of her costume and burned her own Wonder Woman symbol across her breasts. The flesh hissed and blistered; Diana screamed with a new raw agony until somewhere a connection melted or a fuse burned out and the current died, but the immediate damage had been done. Diana groaned softly, still in terrible pain, as Darius pulled the end of the cable from the valley of her breasts. The end was still extremely hot from the electricity that hard earthed through itt, and Darius didnft consider the crotch of her costume would provide much protection.

"Herac please, send me aidc Herac"

Dianafs plea turned into a new scream as Darius penetrated her with the smoking cable. The end was thankfully melted smooth, but that just meant it pressed deeper inside her as a white star tore around the metal. He lodged it into her cervix with a hiss of escaping steam as her cunt juices cooled the metal. She could feel every inch of the metal invasion between her olive skinned thighs. Still, she would not quit. Wonder Woman groaned softly as she tugged the cable from inside her. The smell of charred blood and flesh was horrible even in the filthy alley. With that, Darius was on her. He grabbed her by the hair and smashed her against the wall of the alley. Brickwork cracked, but so did Wonder Womanfs skull. The sound she made was a mixture of yelp and grunt, and would have aroused Darius under normal circumstances, but at that point he was too angry.

"You actually hurt me!"

As he lifted the Amazon by her beautiful black hair, he was surprised as she still lashed out at him with powerful kicks. Wonder Woman hadnft given up yet.

"Goingc going to kill you!"

Darius could see that Wonder Womanfs shame at her weak showing was driving her to defiance. He wanted her shame to drive her to beg him for mercy. He punched Dianafs burnt breast hard enough to drive her back into the garbage. Her costume hung loose, displaying tits that were even more arousing for their wounds. He followed up with a brutal barrage of blows against both of her breasts, holding back just enough to avoid bursting them; his father would not mind them bruised, but would hate to have to pick pieces from the garbage.

Wonder Womanfs bracers shone dully as she tried and failed to parry blows. Dianafs voice was hoarse with her pain as her breasts soaked up Dariusf fury. It was the worst moment of her life, worse than seeing friends die or taking any other defeat. Her shame at expressing her pain, at being defeated, led to her crying streams of tears at the humiliation and pain. Her breasts felt like theyfd swollen to double size under the bony knuckles of Darius, while blisters burst and sent pus running down her chest.

"Enough! Please, I acknowledge you have beaten me! You are the greater warrior! Please end thisc" Dianafs words were much more broken, between gaps and cries, but Darius had the gist.

"Okayc Ifll batter your cunt instead!"

The son of Vandal Savage was much taller than Diana, so he lifted her by the hair and smashed his knuckles up into the torn white-on-blue star field at Dianafs crotch. Diana had tried to shield herself with her hands, but been too slow. Her cunt was already burned deep within, but the new blow virtually had her eyes bugging from her head. Diana thought she might pass out with the pain as she gripped her bruised and pained crotch in shaking hands. It was too much, she felt her pride in tatters, her name as a warrior destroyed. Darius released his grip, allowing Diana to collapse against the wall,

"Spill your bladder on the ground! Show me your fear!"

"Nc No!" There was a final spark of defiance still burning in Diana, once essential to her character. No matter what happened, it would never be extinguished. Still, it could be ignored with the right persuasion.

"Listen, Amazonc all those women being violated. Some by friends or loved ones. Therefs even a few men obeying their own orientation, raping other men theyfd normal love and cherish under my controlc Do you hear them? Yet, most of them will live, unlessc"

It was only an indirect threat, but Diana knew what she had to do. She accepted the humiliating order, and stood from the wall. Her bladder and kidneys had been beaten earlier on, and the yellow stream that came heavily through the hole at her costumefs crotch was tinged with blood. It seemed there was no end to the flow as Diana released the last intended urine of her life in a filthy alley, for the pleasure of an evil and unstoppable foe.

"Farhh! Your piss smells worse than Hell, bitch."

Darius waved a hand in front of his nose to add to Dianafs shame as the last drops spilled from her crotch, though a part of him was impressed. Shefd pissed a stream to compete with Pegasus!

"Pleasec no morec kill me if that is your aim, orc"

Darius reached into Dianafs mouth and took her tongue between his thick fingers. Her words were choked off immediately. The tongue muscle superhumanly strong as, just like the punches and kicks which had failed to defend the Amazonian Princess from Darius. He pulled it out between her teeth as far as it could be stretched, always looking Diana in the eye. She realized he had purposely avoiding bruising her eyes until they were swollen shut. He wanted her to see. That last spark of defiance made her grip his wrist in both hands, but Darius already intended his other arm to do the damage. Darius gave Diana an uppercut punch that first forced her to bite her own tongue off and second shattered her jaw.

"There. No more worthless threats and proud boasts, no more dull pleas for mercy."

On her knees in a pool of her own piss, her chest bruised a dozen dark colors, and her chin red with blood, Diana wept. She had rarely ever entertained the thought of a fatal defeat; when she had, it was always in a clean death against numerous superior foes. Even Doomsday had worked harder to knock her down in their battle years before. The Princess knew she was beaten, but couldnft allow herself to quit her shows of defiance. Her face had been battered into an almost unrecognizable shape. Through a half closed eye and a tear-soaked haze of pain, she recognized the shape of the long, thick shaft standing to attention before her.

Darius had unwrapped his kilt and placed it aside. When he was un-aroused sexually, or maintained control, his horse cock remained sheathed. As he stood before the almost entirely broken Amazon princess his equipment was hardening and growing fast. Dianafs nose was blocked with blood and snot, otherwise she was sure shefd smell the distinctive smell of an aroused stallion as clear fluid already leaked from the large flat head of Dariusf cock. She had seen horses mate before, been impressed with the strength and size of a stallion, but never considered she would ever be on the receiving end. A new kind of fear exploded deep in her belly.

Wonder Woman threw a punch directly at Dariusf shaft. He caught her fist entirely in one of his huge hands and squeezed cruelly. He was long past pulling punches and holding back. Blood squirted through his fingers as he casually pulped Dianafs fist into a ragged lump of agonizingly throbbing gristle. Looking around, Darius considered the alley a good place for the brutal rape of the Amazon, but not quite unpleasant enough. He intended to eat the Amazon when she was dead, and supply his fatherfs portion, but that didnft mean he couldnft clean her if she got too dirty to eat. There had been occasions when hefd had to clean shit from slaughtered cattle, after all.

Diana clutched her mutilated hand between her thighs. The end dipped unnoticed in her own stinking cooled pool of piss. Her mind was coming apart; she still imagined her friends speeding in to save the day; mighty Superman, cunning Batman, Magical Zatc but in Dianafs mind, any woman who tried to take Darius was immediately defeated and brutally raped. In her mindfs eye Diana saw the huge horse cock tearing through fishnets as Zee screamed and cried. Lost for a moment in her pessimistic fantasies Diana didnft react as Darius reached down and tore away the ragged remains of her burnt and stained uniform. He tossed her tiara casually into a dumpster, and with his inhuman strength tore her bracers from her wrists as if they were cardboard. He took her sandals from her, and left further rich blood dripping from her ears as he even tore out her earrings.

Out in the street and in the surrounding buildings the great rape orgy continued. Police back up had arrived, only for the officers to be dragged into the expanding sphere of Dariusf influence. There wasnft a female officer within a blockfs radius who didnft have at least three cocks inside her as Darius dragged Wonder Woman back into the street. The strong smell of his demigod arousal drove the rapists to greater brutality as he stamped down hard on a manhole cover, and sent the metal disk splashing deep into the main sewer below. Still dragging the beaten and naked bitch by her hair, Darius jumped down into the fetid tunnel.

There was a further splash as Darius drove Wonder Womanfs face into the slimy floor of the sewer channel. He kept her face down as he bent her legs backwards toward him until her feet pointed down towards her head. Diana was in a virtual circle, with her crotch over the back of her head as he aimed his huge horse cock into her furry slit. Unlike Grace and Thunder, Wonder woman only shaved her armpits. With the thick river of effluent flowing 10 inches deep around her, she couldnft see what Darius intended as she fought to hold her breath. The dunking had revived her a little, and brought her survival instincts back to the fore in her mind. Darius smiled as Wonder Woman found one of his ankles with her remaining hand, and pulled hard enough to send a mere mortal crashing down into the sewage. She still had inhuman strength, yet Darius didnft even shudder as he penetrated her.

So very tight. Princess Dianafs royal cunt was as tough as the rest of her; where a human girl would have split messily from being so roughly penetrated by so large a horse cock, Diana stretched agonizingly. It was the most intimate pain she had ever felt, worse even than the burning to her cervix, but her Amazon training allowed her to keep broken boned jaw shut against the flowing sewage when her body demanded a scream. She realized her brutal assailant was using her superhuman abilities against her; her back took the strain of being bent like a bow, just as her lungs allowed her to hold her breath under the sewage for long minutes of rape. Silently, she called once again to Hera, though the goddessf past record for cases of divine beings, like Zeus, raping women and girls was usually to punish the girl.

Darius pushed straight through Dianafs blistered cervix, stretching a path only a baby should travel. Wonder Womanfs pain intensified as the horse-cocked Savage sank his full length deep into her torso. It seemed to Diana as if an entire Amazon warriorfs helm had been pressed without ceremony into her guts, but to Darius it was intensely pleasurable. He could see Dianafs filth encrusted hair floating on the surface of the fast flowing sewage, and the bulge in her stomach where his cock pressed out from within.

His fuck thrusts were like mortal blows inside Wonder Woman. The flat mushroom head of Dariusf horse cock didnft allow for a smoother passage like the rounded crown of a human cock. Dariusf heavy balls slammed into Wonder Woman hard enough to hurt her, though the impacts only stimulated him to rape Diana harder until finally she screamed under the sewage. The filth flowed into her mouth as Darius pumped his seed deep into her. His cock expanded more than any ordinary horses to allow his heavy divine flow. The sudden expansion followed by literal pints of semen forced Dianafs physical and emotional suffering to a new depth. Not only had she been beaten and raped, but the rapistfs seed burned deep inside her.

His yell as he came was almost deafening, even up in the street above. Rapists and victims paused in their struggles and pleasures for a moment, and then the savage assaults continued. Diana emerged from the open manhole at speed, fully ten feet above the street, before landing with a wet splat on the blacktop. She was still trying to get to her knees when Darius followed her up. She heard him land through ears blocked with shit, but couldnft find the strength to fly. Diana no longer prayed for the intervention of Hera, but for the eldest sister of the Endless. The brutal rape had been a greater shame for her than even vomiting and pissing before her foe.

While Diana was despairing and near-deliriously dreaming of death, her final destiny, surely, Darius was desirous of more destruction. His semen leaking horse cock was still stiffly erect, though thick spunk poured from Wonder Womanfs gaping cunt. He let her crawl a few feet more, and then kicked hard at a fire hydrant. Dianafs body moved like a crash test dummy under the force of the blow. The hydrantfs cover shattered and a high-pressure blast of water knocked Wonder Woman onto her back. Her shoulder had shattered against the red metal, though she hardly noticed the bone fragments spearing through torn muscle.

Wonder Woman couldnft see anything, but she felt the bony fingers cruelly gripping at her cunt, taking her swollen clitoris and then pulling hard. She felt the nerves tear inside the nub of flesh. She screamed again, weakly, and cupped one-handed at her bloody, cum-drenched cunt. Dianafs mental wish for death grew stronger etil she would have sworn any further humiliation in the afterlife to die then. Wonder Woman had never really used her clitoris, never really played with herself for pleasure, or allowed men to do so. Yet, as Vandal had declared, a completely un-masculine symbol had been ripped from her body. That something so small could give so much pleasure and so much painc

Triumphant Darius lay his fatherfs first trophy to one side, and then took a mighty Amazonian breast in each large hand. Though grown with bruising, and not small to start with, Dianafs once-perfect breasts were dwarfed in Dariusf grip. Diana knew what he intended, but her strength was gone, and she couldnft beat him while fresh.

"You are truly pathetic, Amazon.

There was just a moment where Diana wanted to shout defiance, but she couldnft form the words. Dariusfs foot pressed down against her stomach as he pulled on her breasts. Another heavy stinking squirt of bloody cum flowed from Dianafs cunt as her breasts tore like butter in Dariusf fingers. The torn flesh ragged around her breasts, and gobs of fat stayed behind on Dianafs chest, but there would be enough to satisfy Vandal Savage. Darius again placed them aside, with her torn clitoris. He lined them up so that the electrical burns showed the same pattern they had on her chest. The road was not quite clean, of course, but Vandalfs chefs before their consumption would prepare Wonder Womanfs breasts and even her clitoris for their master.

His son dropped down upon the broken bodied Amazon. Darius had an appetite of his own to satiate, and enjoyed taking meat raw from a foe, even as it lived. He pressed his cock between Wonder Womanfs unresisting lips to muffle her moans for the last time. She knew the end was finally upon her, and gave silent thanks. He pressed harder, entering her throat and cutting off her air. Her neck expanded visibly around the hugely invasive shaft until Darius had Dianafs face impaled deeply enough upon him. The stench of blood and semen was strong in his nostrils, and even the lingering smell of sewage, as he ripped open Dianafs stomach with his bare hands. Her shaking body seemed like paper before his incredible strength as muscles came easily free from bone. Darius brought the bloody bounty to his mouth and feasted even as he raped Dianafs throat all the way down to her guts.

Somehow Wonder Woman was still alive, still conscious of her defeat, her humiliation, her brutalisation. She felt the wounds in every part of her body, and the fresh pains as Darius Savage pulled out her guts and ate great chunks of her body with barely a chew. . She swore vengeance in the next life; unaware her head would soon come away from her neck and be buried where her soul could not be brought back. Dariusf brutal strength had seen his entire horse cock sheathed in Dianafs beaten-ugly face, and the heavy balls beat the last of the life from her with rhythmic blows. It felt good to have his foe die with the full length of his cock gripped inside her body. She didnft even manage a death rattle. Darius tore another great handful free and saw the expanding flat-head of his cock he climaxed again, tainting his meal with his own salty ejaculate.

His expanded cock was wedged firmly inside Wonder womanfs corpse, and so it was time to take her head. He pushed down hard on her chest as he stood, with his cock still firmly through her mouth, and down her throat. Dianafs spine split under the pressure, muscle tore, and he stood with Dianafs head upside down on his shaft. Her black hair was matted, but still shone as it slapped wetly against Dariusf hairy thighs. Darius wiped his wrist across his mouth as he considered the many future meals he would take from her corpse; bits of Diana would be salted and should last him for months.

"She was a weak warrior, and a worse fuck," he muttered, having only climaxed twice, "but shefll make fine food for the trail."

If you walk along the boundary between Hell and Faerie you can still hear Diana, Wonder Woman and Amazon Princess, screaming.