Wonder Woman in “It’s good to be the Henchman”

Author: Jediah Rikane
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Author’s note: This initial premise of this tale has its origin in, of all things, an episode of the old Super Powers TV show (obvious for fans of the genre, everyone else can look it up). Hope you enjoy it.

Gotham City Police Department – 11:25 pm.

Diana had to force herself not to grind her teeth in frustration. She had spent the last ten minutes following Dr. James Cranston through a multitude of corridors and stairwells, her worry growing with each passing step. She had been in Gotham City for two days, coming to Batman’s aid to help deal with his arch nemesis, the Scarecrow. Batman had defeated the so-called master of fear a number of times in the past. But during their last altercation, the caped crusader became virtually catatonic after pursing the fiend into a decrepit alley in the Park Row district. Not knowing what else to do, Batman’s young partner Robin had contacted the Justice League for assistance and Diana came immediately. Batman revealed to her and Robin that the alley held a special and terrible significance for him. It was the place where the young Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents were murdered. The memory of that traumatic event was the catalyst that led Bruce Wayne to become Batman but also created a deep phobia of the scene of the crime. The Scarecrow had deduced Batman’s phobia of the alley though not the reason why. He’d recently developed an electronic device to induce any phobia into a subject’s mind. Leading Batman back into the alley, he used one of these devices to enhance the fear, causing him to collapse. Wonder Woman arrived to prevent the arch criminal from killing Batman, but not before his thugs kidnapped Robin. Fortunately the heroes had captured one of Scarecrow’s henchmen, bringing him back to the GCPD. Unfortunately, they soon discovered the Scarecrow had planned for this possibility, implanting a post hypnotic command in the thug’s mind, rendering interrogation useless. Frustrated, Batman left to work the streets requesting that Diana summon the rest of the League to assist in the search for Robin. Before she could fulfill her friend’s request, Dr. Cranston told her about a file that he had on Scarecrow that could be useful.

Diana was about to politely thank the doctor and leave when he stopped in front of a door at the end of the hallway. “Here we are.” Diana was surprised to find Cranston’s office so far removed from the detective division, particularly since he was a well-respected profiler. This area was virtually deserted. Cranston said as he unlocked the door. “Apologies for the long journey, workspace is quite spare at the GCPD and this was the only space available”. Cranston opened the door and stood beside it. “After you” he said, beckoning her inside. Diana crossed the threshold into what could only be charitably called an office. The sparse room was only 8’x10’ with a small desk and file cabinet on one wall. A corkboard was on one wall several photos of the Scarecrow and his various crime scenes pinned to it. Cranston walked over to the file cabinet, opening the top drawer and began fingering the files. “Please excuse the cramped quarters Wonder Woman.” Diana studied the photos on the wall, her patience near its end. “What exactly are you looking for Doctor?” she asked her impatience implicit in her tone. “Ah, here it is!” Cranston exclaimed as he shut the drawer. Diana turned, hoping this detour was worth her time. Her eyes grew wide as she saw the Doctor standing a few feet away from her, a wicked grin on his face. Her concern was caused less by his expression and more in what he held in his hand: a bone white skull roughly the size of a baseball. It was one of the Scarecrow’s fear transmitters! Diana instantly realized what was happening and began to move towards the villain. Before she could take a step the device emitted a loud hum and suddenly the room changed: Cranston and the furniture disappeared and so had the door! The walls took on the appearance of forged steel plate rather than drywall and paint. She barely had time to take this in when the walls began moving in towards her. She lashed out with her fist trying to break the wall down but it was too strong, the metal wasn’t even dented. The walls were less than a foot away from her. She quickly raised her arms and tried to push the walls back. For a few seconds she managed to stop the advance but she could feel her muscles begin to falter and the walls began to move inexorably upon her. Within seconds they were pressing against her arms and legs forcing her to draw her limbs closer to her body. She could feel herself begin to hyperventilate as the air in the ever-shrinking space began to drain away. “Have to get out of here!“ she thought as panic began to set in. She thrashed violently against the unrelenting walls finding it very hard to catch a breath. Within seconds she could feel her oxygen deprived lungs burning. “Hera…help..me!” she exclaimed as blackness surrounded her.

Cranston smiled wide as he watched the Amazon fall to the floor. Of course he wasn’t Dr. Cranston, consulting profiler but Professor Jonathon Crane, aka Scarecrow. He’d created the identity a few years ago and decided to use it in Gotham City to keep tabs on the police investigation. He knelt down beside the unconscious heroine, and sighed with relief. He wasn’t certain if his fear transmitter would work on the Amazon. It was gratifying to know his theory was correct: though she possessed superhuman powers her mind was a vulnerable as any other person. Inducing claustrophobia was the right move, causing her to believe she was trapped in an ever-shrinking space, until she ultimately believed that there was no air to breathe. The mighty Wonder Woman, he thought, fainting away from utter fear. She lay on her back, her full breasts rising and falling rhythmically. He reached forward and grasped her chin turning her face towards him. He quickly pried open her eyelid, watching her pupil dart from side to side. “She’s in a deep REM state, as expected.” He thought. His hand moved down from her face along her side, stopping at the golden cord dangling from a catch on her belt. The amazon’s magic lariat would be essential to his plan. “I’ll need to borrow this my dear” he thought as he open the catch and pulled the lasso free. He rose to his feet pulling a phone from his pocket. The line connected in seconds. “It’s me” he answered “come down and receive the package.”

Two minutes later, Crane heard two sharp knocks at the door. Crane opened the door and waved in a man dressed in a janitor’s uniform. The man was a few inches shorter than the gangly Crane, but was well-muscled with large hands. Martin Collins was a career criminal in Midway city for a few years, moving to Gotham after a three year stretch in prison. Scarecrow had hired him a year ago. While his various fear toxins made Crane a very dangerous person, he had no facility for physical combat and chose to surround himself with hired muscle that he referred to as straw men. Normally he’d have at least five men working for him but had only been able to acquire three before coming to Gotham. With one man down from the previous night’s misadventure, Crane decided to move offensively by taking out Wonder Woman. Collins had worked for a number of Gotham’s criminals: Two-Face, Mr. Freeze and the Penguin. He had liked pulling scores, the action and the money was great. The only problem was the constant interference of the goddamn superheroes! Working for Crane was a great gig; it was clear his employer was a psycho, but a very smart one. Scarecrow’s fear toxins always gave Collins an edge against the police. Collins lived by a simple adage: All I want out of life is an unfair advantage. Being one of Scarecrow’s straw men had always meant a good payday. Right until he decided to start playing against the Bat. He’d hoped his bosses’ ego hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew. He rolled a large laundry cart into the room, his eyes growing wide as saw the sleeping Amazon on the floor. “You nailed her! I gotta tell you boss I wasn’t sure you could pull this off!” “Oh ye of little faith” Crane scoffed, “even a superhero can be defeated with the proper tools. Is the transport ready?” Martin nodded. “Yeah Joey’s got the truck at the loading dock. We need to get moving though; the real cleaning crew will start up in five minutes.” Crane nodded, “Very good, put her in the cart, I’ll just need to get one more thing.” He walked over to his desk as Collins quickly removed about half of the laundry bags from the cart. He crouched down over the unconscious heroine. The last time he’d seen her, she’d hurled him across an alley like a rag doll. She’d have done worse to him if Scarecrow hadn’t distracted her with a tear gas bomb. He took a moment to gaze over her body, the shapely well toned legs leading up to a narrow waist with a golden belt around it. His breath caught as he gazed at her crimson top with the familiar double W emblem barely containing her full breasts. He grabbed her chin and looked at her face for a moment. He had her now and she’d pay for what she’d done, one way or another. He reached forward and wrapped his forearms against the woman’s back, lifting her into a standing position. He knelt down wrapping his arms around her upper legs and rose quickly, her limp torso falling over his back, arms dangling. Collins quickly stepped over to the cart and dropped her into the cart, quietly falling against the laundry within it. He noticed quickly that her lower legs were dangling from the edge of the cart. He grabbed her ankles and shoved them inside the cart. He quickly started throwing the rest of the bags over the sleeping princess.

“Just a moment.” Crane said as he touched Collins shoulder, “we’ll need to secure our prize before departure.” Collins was confused “What do you mean boss?” Crane began moving the laundry bags aside as her replied, “She should be out for an hour or so but just in case she wakes up during the drive she’ll need to be properly restrained.” He shifted the bags around to expose her lower torso, and quickly lifted her right forearm. He quickly produced a set of handcuffs from his pocket, locking the steel circle against the bracelet a few inches below her wrist. “And these” he said as he locked the remaining cuff on her other bracelet “will ensure she remains our prisoner.” Collins was incredulous. “No disrespect boss, but are you nuts? How do you figure a set of handcuffs will be enough to hold Wonder Woman? She can knock down a concrete wall with her little finger. She’ll break those cuffs like tissue paper.” Crane smiled at his henchman’s concern. “Trust me, my friend, she will find these bonds all but unbreakable. Like most of these costumed do-gooders, Wonder Woman has a specific Achilles heel.” Collins, utterly confused asked “A what?” Crane looked upon his hired help as a parent would to a dull child. “A weakness Collins, one that is centered around these.” He replied as his fingers lightly brushed against her bracelet, the chrome cuff contrasting against the dark blue metal, “Millennia ago, the Amazons had been enslaved by the demigod Heracles. The amazons eventually won their freedom but their gods demanded a penance: they were to wear the manacles they’d been bound with for the rest of their lives. The Amazons eventually made the best of this, learning to use the bracelets as defensive weapons. This has been frequently demonstrated by Wonder Woman’s bullet deflecting antics. But the gods had a very vicious sense of justice and laid a unique curse upon them. If a man should bind the bracelets of an Amazon together, all of their strength, speed and will are lost to them. They become as weak and helpless as any other female. And fortunately for us, Wonder Woman is no different.” Collins smile grew wider as he understood the implications. “So let me get this straight. As long as we keep her bracelets bound, she’s just a babe in a costume with no freaky powers,?” Crane nodded, “Crude but correct. Now hurry, we’ve got to get her out of here.” Collins smiled as he tossed the remaining bags over their sleeping captive. Crane moved to the door just as his phone buzzed. He quickly retrieved it from his pocket and read the number. “It’s Gordon! Hold on a moment.” He quickly answered “Yes, Commissioner? I see…a meeting…now? It’s just..I have to attend to some other…no I understand, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Goodbye. Damn it!” he cursed after disconnecting the call. “I have to go to Gordon’s office. The mayor’s there expecting me to provide a briefing on my..or rather Scarecrow’s activities. I can’t cancel without arousing suspicion.” Collins wasn’t concerned “No problem we’ll take care of her.” Crane opened his briefcase and removed Wonder Woman’s lasso. “Take this.” He said handing it over to Collins. “You’ll need it.” The henchman looked at the thin cord in his hand. “For what?” Crane looked at him sternly “To gather some information, here’s what you’ll need to do…”

Diana slowly came to her senses, hearing indistinct voices. She shook her head and tried to open her eyes and was shocked to discover she couldn’t. Something was covering her eyes! She took a breath and tried to take stock of her situation. She was on her back, her arms extended over her head. Her legs were bound together, the tight ropes above her knees and at her ankles. She felt the sensation of movement; she was in a vehicle of some kind. How had this happened to her? She remembered walking into Cranston’s office and then..he’d used a fear transmitter on her! Cranston was the Scarecrow! She had to get free and force him to take her to Robin. She tried to bring her hands down to her face but found she could only move them a few inches. She had a sinking feeling as to why. With her right hand she gingerly examined her left bracelet. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt the metal circle around it. “Mercifcul Minerva!” she thought “Handcuffs!” She moved her bound wrists from side to side and quickly discovered that handcuff chain had been threaded through an eyebolt built into the floor of the vehicle. She pulled at the chain with all her might, knowing the effort was useless. Men had chained her bracelets and she was powerless. She suddenly realized that she wasn’t alone; she could hear someone breathing near her. “How ya doin, Wonder Woman? You comfortable?” a man’s voice said coming just to the right of her face. She remembered Scarecrow’s voice and this wasn’t him, must be one of his henchmen, she thought. “I suggest you surrender now” she said with more confidence than she felt “and release Robin to me.” The man laughed long and loud for a few seconds. “That’s real cute, babe. I don’t think you get your situation.” She felt his hand slowly drift up her upper arm. “You don’t give orders. I know as long as you’ve got these on..” He hand clenched around the metal cuff over her bracelet, “you’re no stronger than any other slut.” Damn, she thought, she’d hoped he didn’t know about her weakness. “Now we’re going to have a little talk, but first…” She felt his hand suddenly seize the top edge of her costume and pull her forward lifting her body off the floor. Before she could begin to struggle against him, he pushed her back down violently. She groaned as the wind was knocked out of her. She shook her head trying to regain her senses when she felt something press against her sides, a cord or rope was being wrapped around her. She instantly realized what the man was doing; she was being tied with the magic lasso! She tried to twist away but it was useless. The man tightened the cord, pressing into her middle a few inches below her breasts. “There we are” he said “now I’m sure you’ll tell me what I want to know.” Diana tried to control her breathing as panic spread through her. She heard what sounded like paper being unfolded, then “Okay, so first question, where do you keep your Justice League communication device?” Diana gritted her teeth, trying to keep her mouth shut. The enchantment of the lasso overcame her resistance in moments “It’s in…my tiara.” she confessed. She felt his hand on the side of her face as her reached for the gold band at her forehead. He roughly snatched it away, Diana grunted as several strands of her hair were pulled away with it. Collins studied the metal circlet looking for some indication of a transmitter. “Where the signal device?” he demanded, pulling the lasso tighter against her. “It’s concealed in the star on the front.” She confessed. He examined the raised red star in the front of the tiara as he asked “How do I give the all clear signal to your friends?” Diana gave him the necessary instructions, trying to resist the lasso’s compulsion but to no avail. “There we are” he said putting the tiara down, “now we don’t have to worry about any interruptions and get better...acquainted.” She felt his fingertips glide just above the top edge of her costume, lightly touching her skin. She gasped as she suddenly felt the palm against her breast, the fingers beginning to squeeze hard.

Collins was enjoying himself, groping the Amazon’s full breasts. He released them, slowly moving his left hand down her stomach, past her waist. “You’ve got a tight body, honey. Can’t wait to touch every last inch of it.” He felt the girl shudder for an instant. This small acknowledgement of her fear made his growing erection even harder. He leaned forward and thrust out his tongue, slowly dragging at the top of her right breast, slowly advancing up towards her neck. “No! Stop it!” Diana shouted, struggling futilely at her bonds. He lifted his tongue from her neck and laughed, “I don’t think so babe. In fact I think you want me to keep going.” He put the fingers of his right hand across her mouth. “These lips may say no…” his left hand moved over her mound, the fingers tracing her vagina, “but these lips are saying something different!” Diana thrashed her head, trying to get the man’s hand off her mouth. She couldn’t let this vile man do this to her. Suddenly the van jerked to the right and Collins’ hand slipped below her upper lip. Diana felt the motion and instantly went on the attack opening her mouth leaning forward and closing her teeth on the man’s finger. “Aggghhh!!” he screamed as he felt her teeth draw blood. He quickly slammed his free hand down in the middle of her chest, the pain forcing her to release her bite. “You goddam slut! You bit me!” He looked at his little finger the teeth marks deep into his skin. Diana took several large breaths. “Try that again” she said wheezing “and you’ll lose more than a finger.” Collins looked down at the woman and became enraged. He straddled her midsection and began slapping her “Think you’re so tough, bitch? I’ll make you scream!” Bound as she was, Diana couldn’t block the man’s savage blows and tried to endure the beating without making a sound, trying not to give him any satisfaction. This tactic only enraged him further as he stopped slapping her and grasped her neck in his large hand and squeezed, choking the breath out of her. Diana struggled but could do nothing as he strangled her. She pulled against the cuffs but without her Amazon strength it was useless. She was beginning to feel faint when she heard what she thought was a door opening. “What the hell?” she heard the man say just before the hand released her neck. She coughed for a few moments, the burning in her throat nearly overwhelming. Just as she was beginning to breathe normally again, she felt cold metal pins stab at her neck but before she could move, an electric shock ran through her body, instantly rendering her unconscious.

Joe Harding slipped the stungun onto the holster clipped into his belt, looking down at the sleeping Wonder Woman for a moment. He then looked over at Collins, who held his wounded hand and scowled at him. “What the hell Joey? What are you doing?” Joe grabbed Collins shirt and pulled him toward him. Harding was a head shorter than Collins but just as strong. Harding had grown up in Bludhaven, beginning his criminal career by stealing cars as a teenager. A natural aptitude for computers led him to move into safer scores like identity theft. After one of his partners informed on his he’d done a five years stretch in Blackgate prison where he’d met Collins. The became fast friends and had worked for a few scores together once they were released. “What are you doing Marty? You were supposed to be questioning her, not trying to kill her! The boss gave us a specific job to do and you just decided to mess that up. You don’t do that me!” Collins was cowed by his friend rage “I’m sorry man, but that bitch bit me!” He held up his injured hand. Joe examined it and smirked, unimpressed. “I think you’ll live. You get what the boss wanted?” Yeah, the League won’t be bothering us for the next twelve hours.” Joe nodded, “Good, now come on, we got to get moving.”

“Damn it, where the hell is Crane?” Joe stomped into the room, heading towards a small refrigerator in the large room. Collins, sitting on a couch watched him pull a beer bottle out of the unit. Collins said “Don’t worry Joey, he’ll be here.” Joey sank into the chair next to him and was not to be mollified. “He should have been here two hours ago! I tell you man, something’s wrong. We should get out of here and –“ Collins rose from the couch and grabbed his partner by the collar. “No way we’re leaving! We got Batman’s brat and Wonder Woman! We hold the cards and the boss has a plan! We’re gonna wait for him! You understand me?” Joey stared at him for a few seconds then finally nodded. “Glad we understand each other. You check on our guests?” “Yeah”, he said, “they’re secured.” They were in a small farmhouse thirty miles north of Gotham City, a property Scarecrow had acquired under an assumed name several years ago. He’d spent much of the proceeds from his various robberies converting the old residence into a respectable lair. The two henchmen had brought Wonder Woman inside, still unconscious from the stungun. They carried her into a cell next to Robin. Placing her on a small cot, Collins removed one of her handcuffs. Joey stood close, stungun in hand just in case she began to awaken. Collins quickly threaded the cuff and chain through the metal frame of the cot. He quickly secured the cuff around her bracelet, once again robbing her of her Amazon strength. They placed a cloth hood over her head before they left the room.

Joey took a long pull on the bottle and asked, “So what exactly is Crane’s plan? Do you know?” Collins shook his head. “No, he didn’t say. But whatever it is, it’s big. At the very least he’s going to take down the Bat.” Joey looked doubtful. “You really think he can?” “Course I do” Collins retorted, “He don’t look like much, but he’s the smartest…Hey turn that up!” Collins was pointed at the television. Joey fumbled for the remote for a few seconds before the volume rose “…details are sketchy at this point.” an attractive female newscaster stood in front of the GCPD headquarters. “As we understand it, the Mayor was leaving the station, walking through the detectives’ bullpen when a suspect was somehow able to grab a gun and begin firing. Commissioner Gordon, who was present at the time, shot and killed the suspect but not before he shot Dr. James Cranston. The noted criminal profiler was rushed to Gotham General five minutes ago in critical condition.” Both men had risen from their chairs, staring blankly at the screen. “Ah, hell!” Collins shouted “I can’t believe this! Some two bit punk shot the boss!” Joey started pacing around the room. “No, no, no, no! What are we gonna do? We got two Justice Leaguers, no boss and no plan! We got to run, man!” Collins whirled, standing in front of Joey. He grabbed the smaller man’s arms and shook him. “Calm down, you idiot! I admit this is bad, but we can’t run. Sooner or later the Bat and his JLA pals will find us. We got to do something to even the odds, give us an edge over them.” “What are you talking about?” Joey said derisively “How you going to get over on super people?” Collins was silent for a minute, considering. “I think I got an idea. I need you to get some things. We do this right and I guarantee we won’t hear anything from any of these costumed jokers ever again.” Joey appreciated his friend’s enthusiasm but didn’t share it. “What things, what are you going to do?” Collins grabbed a pen and paper and sat down, scribbling a few lines down. He ripped the paper off the pad and handed it to Joey, who quickly read it. Eyes wide he looked at Collins, disbelieving. “You want me to get this stuff?” Collins answered “You can do it can’t you?” Joey slowly nodded. “Then do it quick and get back here, I should have everything ready when you get back.” Joey sighed as he covered his eyes with his hand. He grabbed his keys and strode out of the room. Collins heard the car pull away as he walked over to a nearby workbench. “Well, like my dad used to say: when life gives you lemons” he thought as he opened a toolbox, “make lemonade.”

“C’mon, lady, move it!” Wonder Woman thrashed her head beneath the cloth hood, struggling against the two men who were forcing her to walk with them. She’d been roused from dreamless sleep minutes before to find herself in darkness, quickly realizing that a hood had been placed over her head. She began to reach for the confining cloth when the two men in the room reached for her arms and pulled her to her feet. Bound as she was, she couldn’t resist the two men from dragging her from the room. She finally decided that resistance was useless and quietly allowed herself to be led. The men suddenly stopped moving forward, and she felt one of the hands around her arm release. She heard what had to be a door opening and was pulled forward by the other man. Seconds later she heard the door close behind her and the other hand released her arm. It was quickly replaced by two large hands clutching her shoulders, kneading them absently. “Okay, Wonder Woman”, the man before her began, “Let me tell you what we’ve got in mind. As it turns out our employer’s busy and can’t be disturbed, so he’s left it up to me on what to do with you and Batboy.” Diana stiffened at the reference to Robin. “We gave it some thought and while my first instinct was to put a bullet in your heart, I realized just how short sighted that would’ve been.” Diana tried to pull away but the man tightened his grip. “I don’t want to kill you that would be way too easy. No, I think humiliating you would be so much sweeter.” He pulled her closer to him, so close she could feel the heat of his breath even through the hood. “You in your little red, white and blue swimsuit, driving men crazy with these tits.” Her grabbed her breast, squeezing it hard. “You think you’re setting some kind of example to all the other bitches out there. I don’t think so, you’re just a tease. An uppity little whore that needs to be taught a lesson. And tonight, babe, tonight you go to school.” He released her and seconds later she felt his hand on her shoulder but now she could feel him standing behind her. So smile, Wonder Woman! It’s time for your close up!” He roughly tore the hood from her head. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light after having been blindfolded for so long. Her eyes grew wide as she took in the scene before her.

She was in a large room, roughly 25’x25’. The walls were covered with dull grey padding and there were mats on the floor, like those used in gymnasiums. She noticed various exercise equipment in the corner of the room, including barbells and weights. Several weight benches had been moved to the walls on either side of her. All of these details fell away as her gaze fell upon Robin! The teen wonder was in the middle of the room roughly 10 feet away from her. He was sitting on an exercise machine, leaning back against the padded seat. His arms were at his sides, metal manacles around his biceps. The manacles were built into the sides of the seat back. His arms were bent at the elbow and from the way he was struggling his wrists must have been bound behind him. His legs were spread, each ankle in a manacle with a short chain running to a staple in the floor. His cape had been removed and was draped over his legs. A strip of tape had been placed over his mouth. He thrashed in his bonds but he was completely immobilized. Diana has glad to see him unharmed. There were spotlights hanging from the ceiling covering the bound teen in a bright white light. Suddenly the two henchmen began to move quickly. They both wore the uniform she’d seen before when they were with the Scarecrow, pale brown unitards with burlap facemasks that only showed their eyes. One of them moved forward standing beside Robin. The other one grabbed her arm and led her towards the bound teen. The thug beside her brought his arm behind her, gripping her shoulder. “So let me tell you what’s going to happen. You are going to get down on your knees and service this boy.” Diana whirled on him “Service? What in Hera’s name are you talking about, I aghhhh!!” She moaned as the thug brutally punched her in the kidney. She winced in pain as her grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced her to look at him. “Sorry lady, I guess that was kind of ambiguous. I want you to suck Robin’s cock like the good little whore that you are.” He nodded to his partner who reached down and pulled Robin’s cape away from his lap. “And as you can see he’s good to go!” Diana couldn’t believe it, he’d been stripped completely naked below the waist. Diana stared in horror at the massive erection Robin had, his member standing tall between his spread legs. Robin, in utter embarrassment tried to hide himself from the captive amazon. However, his bonds prevented any such attempt and he finally stopped struggling and turned his head away from her, completely mortified. “Wish I could say the boy got excited because of you, but I’m afraid not. We had to give him some of these blue babies.” He held up a prescription bottle about half full with small blue pills. “So get down there and go to work!” Diana glared at the masked man, completely disgusted by this vile man. “And if I refuse?” she asked, leveling a frigid stare at him. “Well let me put it this way” he retorted “You either give this boy head or he’ll be losing his.” He nodded towards Robin and his partner, who had silently moved behind the teen wonder and placed a large knife to his throat. Diana was speechless, her eyes darting from the knife at Robin’s throat to his erect member. Her head turned from the henchman to Robin, who began to slowly shake his head. She pulled against the cuffs praying to her Gods to release her from her bondage but to no avail. Resigned, she took a deep breath and slowly approached Robin. Once she stood in front of him, she dropped to her knees and found herself staring at the head of his cock. Forgive me Dick, she thought as she opened her mouth wide.

“Wait, wait one minute!” she heard the other henchman behind her. “You can’t start until I’m ready!” Confused, the amazon turned her head and her eyes grew wide. The other henchman crouched down a foot away from her and Robin, amazing a video camera at them! “What in Hades name do you think you’re doing?” She started to rise when she was suddenly struck in the back. “Agghhh!” she groaned in pain, nearly falling over. “Stay where you are bitch.” Collins said, twirling the bat he’d struck her with. “Didn’t I tell you we’d be filming this? Hmmm..guess not.” He grabbed her arm, pushing her back towards Robin. Diana had to concentrate to focus past the pain. “We want a permanent record of the great Wonder Woman showing what a dirty little slut she really is. Don’t you worry though, I’m sure only a few billion people will watch this once we upload it to the net.” She glared up at the masked man, pure rage in her eyes. He chuckled at her “Don’t be mad kitten, just remember, you never really had a choice.” He looked over at the other man holding the camera. “You ready?” Joey gave his partner a thumbs up, “Five by five.” Collins rubbed his hands together as he stepped back from Diana and Robin. “Excellent. Now lady, time’s a wastin’. Wrap those pretty red lips around the boy’s pole!” Diana turned back towards Robin, who turned his head away from her. She tried to ignore the man holding the camera barely a foot away from her head but it was impossible. Slowly she raised her head above his member, opened her mouth wide and slowly enveloped the head. She fought back tears as she continued taking in his length stopping midway her lips over but not against his cock. “C’mon Wonder Woman!” the cameraman taunted, “take it all in, you can do it!” Diana held back tears as she continued her advance, finally reaching the base of his member, nearly gagging as the head began to touch the back of her throat. She began moving back up, working hard not to allow her lips to make contact. Suddenly she felt hands fall on the back of her shoulders. She stopped moving, trying to make sure her teeth didn’t touch Robin. She felt the burlap mask beside her head as the henchman hissed “Don’t try to play me Wonder Woman; you know how to give a blow job. Get your lips tight on this kid’s dick or I put a bullet in his skull while you watch!” Diana tensed, knowing this thug would make good on his threat. She exhaled slowly then closed her mouth around the organ. The shame she felt was nearly overwhelming. She moved her head out until the head of his member was halfway out of her mouth before starting to continue back down the shaft. “That was nice babe.” The cameraman taunted “smooth and slow like a pro, but let’s pick up the pace, we don’t have all night.” Diana closed her eyes and began moving her head faster. As much as she hated doing this, the only way to end this quickly was to make Robin ejaculate as fast as possible. After a few seconds she began to develop a rhythm and she could feel Robin member twitch as she sucked him. Robin still wouldn’t look at her but she could hear a slow moan begin to come from him. His body was responding to Diana’s ministrations even as his tried to refuse it mentally. Collins stepped forward and grabbed the top of Diana’s hair, pulling her off Robin. “Nice cocksucking babe, let’s try something a little different. Drag your tongue here” He pointed at the underside of the boy’s erection. “That drives the boys crazy! Now get to it!” He released her hair and she whispered a curse at her captors before complying, extending her tongue and dragging it across the sensitive area. Robin’s head suddenly thrust forward, the pleasure overcoming his will to resist. By the time she’d made it to the top of his penis, precum covered her tongue and it was all she could do not to gag on the salty liquid.

The ordeal went on for another ten minutes, Diana alternating her work between her mouth and tongue, all the while being berated and teased by her captors. She had absently pulled at the cuffs binding her, shame and anger burning in the pit of her stomach. Finally as her lips once again reached the base of his member, she began to feel him twitch spasmodically. Collins and Joey could tell from the look in Robin’s eyes he was about to release. Collins grabbed Wonder Woman’s hair again and forced her head to remain in place. “Hold it right there, sweetheart. The kid’s about to burst, so you start sucking him like his life depends on it!” Diana felt a tear fall down her cheek. She hated to obey her captor’s obscene command but there was nothing else she could do. Her cheeks began to hollow and expand as she sucked as hard as she could. Within seconds she felt teen’s hard member twitch and a hot, salty mass began to splash into her throat. She tried to move away but she was held fast by the burly henchman. “Swallow it bitch, every last drop!” Diana, had to comply, taking big gulps of the jism as they fired into her mouth. The hand around her neck released her and she quickly pulled her head away. Tears were falling down her eyes and the knowledge that the camera had captured the entire ordeal was utterly humiliating. Joey kept the camera on the mortified Amazon, enjoying her distress. She turned back towards Robin, whose erection was still present, the drugs maintaining his hardness. Joey laughed “I think he’ll be ready for another round soon. “ He lifted Diana’s chin with his index finger until she was looking him in the eyes. He could see the hatred burning in her eyes, she’d been humbled but not broken. “Damn, lady that was some Class A mouth work, you definitely missed your calling.” Diana slapped his hand away. “I’ve done what you wanted.” She said and gestured towards Robin. “Now release him.” The two henchmen laughed, the larger one placing his large hand on her shoulder. “Neither of you are going anywhere, it’s time for round 2, honey.” Diana’s fear grew as she turned to look up at Collins, who stood before her holding his crotch. His partner lifted his camera taunting, “You’ve had the boy, not you get the men!”

“All right” Collins said rubbing his hands together, “I think we’re ready. You set”? Joey was adjusting the camera’s lens making sure it captured the scene in complete focus. Wonder Woman was lying face down against one of the padded flat benches that had been against the wall. Collins had moved the bench into position five feet away from the bound Robin. Collins quickly bolted the legs of the table to the floor while Joey leveled a gun at Robin’s head to maintain Diana’s compliance. Collins grabbed the Amazon captive and forced her down to her knees facing the bench and Robin. Joey came over; grabbing the chain between her handcuffs and pulling her forward onto the padded surface. He roughly dragged her bound wrists past the edge of the bench and pulled them under it. The bench was more than two feet high and the tips of her fingernails barely made contact with the concrete floor. Joey pulled a metal chain link from the floor, thumbing the snap latch open. He quickly threaded the handcuff chain into the link. He then deftly snapped the link onto a metal eyebolt drilled into the floor. Diana pulled at her restraints, but her arms were pulled nearly taut, her torso tight against the padded surface. Diana winced in pain at her position; one edge of the bench stopped just below the base of her neck, making it difficult to keep her head up. The other end of the bench stopped just below her waist. Collins grabbed her ankle and strapped a manacle around it quickly running the connecting chain to an eyebolt in the floor. He quickly performed the same task on the other ankle spreading her legs. Diana tried to hold down the panic in her chest, she was tightly bound and completely vulnerable.

Joey looked at the camera’s small monitor. “Yeah, we’re good. Camera’s rolling, so let’s get to it!” He ambled over from the camera and quickly stood before Diana. He was naked to the waist, his cock already swelling to full hardness. He got down on his knees and reached forward to grab Diana by the hair, forcing her head up. “Agghhh!” she moaned as she felt her chin brush against the head of his cock. “Alright bitch, I want you to do me special, not that simple shit you did for Batboy. Take that tongue and lick it slow around the tip.” She looked up at him, teeth gritted. “You don’t want to do this. You will aggghhh!!” she exclaimed as Collins slapped her on the rear end. “No talking, cunt. My partner just gave you an order. You obey like a good little whore or your little boyfriend pays the price.” Diana pulled at the cuffs but they held her fast. She tentatively swept her tongue across the tip of the man’s penis. After a few awkward sweeps, she began to develop a technique, circling her tongue around then over the small slit. Joey couldn’t believe how good this felt; the fact that it was freakin’Wonder Woman doing this to him made it all the sweeter. After a full two minutes of her ministrations, he pulled away from her. Diana dropped her head, her neck stiff from being held up. Collins, who had been working the camera to get close ups set the device back on the tripod and walked back over and knelt down between the bound woman’s legs. He slapped his hand against her tight ass, his fingers kneading her satin covered buttocks. He started to move his thumb across her nether regions, his thumb tracing out the lips of her vagina under the material of her shorts. Diana tensed, trying to move away from his rough hands but it was impossible, bound as she was. Collins grinned as he worked his thumb under the leg openings of her shorts; the warmth of her smooth skin was intoxicating to him. Within moments he felt the fleshly folds of her snatch, enjoying the growing wetness he felt as he stroked them. “You like it don’t you slut.” He taunted, pressing against her. “No!” Diana cried defiantly, trying to lift herself off the bench. Joey grabbed a fistful of Diana’s hair and twisted it roughly, smiling as she screeched in pain. “That word’s not in your vocabulary, Wonder Woman! Get back to work. Diana looked down at the floor for a few seconds before she slowly lifted her head and thrust her tongue out. Collins exchanged his thumb for his index finger, thrusting the digit deep into the bound woman’s vagina. He slipped the finger out of her and raised it to his mouth. He dragged his tongue around it. “Ahhh! You do taste so sweet, babe. I think it’s time to give you what you really deserve.”

Grabbing a set of scissors from a nearby tool box, he hooked his fingers in the crotch of her shorts and pulling them out from her body. Within seconds he’d cut the satin material until only a few inches of the shorts remained at her waist. Collins pulls his tights down, his erection harder than any he’d ever known. He slowly rubbed the head of his cock along the folds of the Amazon’s vagina, the hot sweaty flesh driving him mad with anticipation. He told himself to slow down, wanted to draw out Wonder Woman’s humiliation as long as he possibly could. When he could take it no more he grabbed his throbbing member with one hand and her belt with the other. Without warning, he thrust the head of cock into her. “Ahhhhh!!!” Wonder Woman groaned at the invading member. “Don’t do this! Please!” Collins laughed as he pushed a few more inches into her. “No way I’m stopping whore! Shut her up, will you?” Joey nodded, grabbing Diana’s head in her hands, positioning her mouth to receive him. “My turn, lady! Open wide!” Diana obeyed and Joey quickly shoved his full length into her mouth nearly gagging her. “Hold still!” he commanded, as he began to saw his cock into her mouth, pressing against the back of her throat. “That’s it” Joey said as he began to find a rhythm, “keep your lips tight on me!” Diana found herself inhaling with each thrust to breathe inadvertently creating the suction effect her captor wanted. Joey’s oral assault had distracted the woman and Collins took full advantage, shoving his erection fully into her hot sheath. Grabbing her waist with both hands he unleashed a series of hard thrusts, nearly pulling himself completely out of her before savagely slamming his entire length back in. “Nnhh!! Plsss! Dnnntt!!” Wonder Woman’s protests could barely be understood with Joey’s cock in mouth. After four minutes of the relentless pounding, Diana’s resistance began to wane. Joey pulled his member out of her mouth and slapped Collins on the shoulder. “C’mon pal you’ve had your shot! I’m taggin in!” Collins looked at his partner as he made a few final thrusts before slipping out of the battered Amazon. “Okay, but you better make this bitch come!”

The two men traded places, Joey quickly aiming his erection at Diana’s vagina. “No problem old man! Let me show you how it’s done!” He savagely rammed his full length into her and held it there. He leaned forward, placing his hand over her shoulders kneading them slowly. His began to slowly withdraw his erection until he reached the midpoint, then began thrusting back, quickly finding his rhythm. Diana moaned as the henchman’s steady pounding began to take its toil on her will. She could feel the heat in her loins and knew she’d have to release soon. Collins could tell she was faltering and moved quickly to capitalize on it. He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and used the other to position his cock under her lips. “What, you think you’re on break or something? Open that pretty mouth and get it done!” Reflexively, Wonder Woman opened her mouth and took in the man’s cock, deciding the best plan was to end this quickly. She bobbed her head rapidly as she sucked on his erection. Collins was taken aback at the ferocity of the Amazon’s ministrations. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, enjoying the warmth of her mouth and tongue. Joey, determined to break the Amazon, began increasing the power and speed of his thrusts. “Give it up, slut. I’m gonna make you come so hard you’ll beg for more!” His hand darted below his cock and began moving along the folds of her vagina, quickly finding her engorged clit. Firmly grasping it with his thumb and forefinger he began rubbing it intensely. “Ohhhh!!!” Diana began to moan as he continued his two pronged attack. Diana couldn’t take it anymore, feeling the rush of the oncoming orgasm. Joey could feel she was ready to fall but quickly realized he was only seconds away from exploding himself. He began thrusting harder, stroking her clit viciously. Suddenly he felt her walls contract around him as she screamed into Collins’ cock. The spasms of her body were too much for Joey and he felt himself come, splattering his seed deep inside the bound heroine. Collins exploded a few seconds later, pulling out of her mouth before his semen splattered against her cheeks and lips. He quickly pulled off his gloves and wiped the sticky goo onto his fingers and thrust them into the dazed Amazon’s mouth. “Now suck on these honey! Clean em’ good!” Diana, utterly defeated, did as she was told. Joey pulled out of her quickly and ran over to the camera, getting a tight close up of the scene: The great Wonder Woman, utterly helpless, sucking of the fingers of a lowly henchman. This was going to be a great video, and they’d saved the best for last.

“Hold still, lady!” Collins grunted as he held Diana by the back of the neck, pressing her face against the padded bench. Joey was on his knees disconnecting the Amazon’s handcuffs from the floor stanchion. Joey nodded to Collins as he rose, pulling the chain up and over the bench. Collins grabbed her by the hair and roughly pulled her to her feet. Diana tried to pull her chains away from Joey, but she was took weak. Collins quickly unlocked her ankle manacles. He stood beside her seizing her right arm in his thick hands. Joey strode over to the camera as Collins dragged his beautiful captive over to the bound Robin, who strained against his bonds. Collins chuckled, “Now Wonder Woman, we’ve come to the climax of our film.” He suddenly darted behind her wrapping his thick forearm against her neck. “Urrkkkk!” She choked, trying to pull his arm from her windpipe. “Calm down, lady. Just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention.” Collins relaxed his grip slightly and Diana gagged loudly for air for a few seconds. “Good. Now here’s the scene, you’re going to climb on the boy wonder’s prick and give him the ride of his life.” Diana looked aghast. “No, you can’t! I..I won’t do that! It’s wrong!” Collins laughed “What’s wrong? Batboy gets to live the ultimate fantasy, getting fucked by Wonder Woman! Besides, do I really need to tell you what’ll happen to the kid if you don’t? Hey!” he called to Joey who had moved his camera to show Robin in profile. “We ready to roll?” Joey nodded and joined the two, Wonder Woman standing dejectedly, looking down at the floor. Collins moved to her right and Joey to her left. Collins leaned forward and hissed into her ear “Are you gonna get to work?” Diana didn’t raise her head, and after a second began slowly shaking her head. She wanted to keep Dick safe, but this was a humiliation she couldn’t accept. If she did this, there would be no way she could ever look at Robin or Batman again.

Collins saw the hesitation in her face and nodded at Joey who understood the signal. Without warning, each henchman turned towards her, seized an arm with both hands and lifted her off floor. Diana twisted, trying to break their grips as they strode over to where Robin sat immobilized his erect member standing at perfect attention. They set her down and she stood just in front of Robin’s legs, she looked down at the young man, who looked up at her mortified, the fear in his eyes a mirror of her own. The henchmen wasted no time, each one grabbing her arm and leg. Lifting her up they held her high and moved forward, placing the heroine’s exposed vagina just above the head of Robin’s cock. “Congratulations Robin” Collins laughed “today you become a man!” They released their grip and the teen wonder’s long member suddenly filled her still-wet cunt. “Aghhhh!!!” Diana screeched as Collins grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her further down her teammate’s member. Robin moaned as her hot tightness enveloped him. The two henchmen stepped back and admired their handiwork. Wonder Woman was sitting on Robin’s cock! She had her bound hands on Robin’s chest, her feet planted on the floor. She pushed off against the bound teen’s chest, trying to get his cock out of her. Collins realized what she was doing, and quickly slapped her in the face, stunning her. “Where do you think you’re going? Start riding the kid! Like this!” He wrapped his thick arms around her breasts and lifted her until half of Robin’s erection was exposed, then dropped her again. “Now get going! Before the kid loses something he can’t live without!” Diana wanted to fight, but knew she had no choice. Planting her feet on either side of the bound teen, she began to rise off the erection and after a few seconds dropped back down. Needing some balance, she put her hands on Robin’s chest, allowing her to hump him faster. She heard Robin moan through the tape gag as she began to pace her movements, alternating between quick and slow motions. Diana closed her eyes and tried to distance herself from the vile act she was performing. Collins slapped her shoulder. “Open your eyes bitch! Look at kid! He’s so happy he’s speechless!” Joey snapped his fingers “I’m so stupid! Nobody wants to hear this kid moaning.”

He reached over and pulled the tape off his mouth. Robin grunted, working his jaw for a few seconds. He looked at Wonder Woman, a vacant look in her eyes, as she methodically humped him. He understood what she was doing, accelerating her movements to bring him to climax faster. “Wonder Woman!” He shouted to get her attention, “it’s all right! Just look at me please!” The teen’s pleading voice broke Diana out of her fog. They looked at each other intensely as she continued to move her sheath around his member. Joey pulled the camera from the tripod and got close up shots of their captives. Diana began to feel Robin’s cock twitch inside her. Robin pulled against his bonds, but it was useless. Diana rose from and fell upon the boy’s member one final time before he exploded within her. “No, no no! NnAhhhhhh!!” she screamed as she felt the teen’s penis fill her with his hot seed. She tilted her head back in shame and ectasy, pulling against the chains that bound her.Collins was about to pull her off the boy’s lap when he saw something unbelievable. Wonder Woman reached forward grabbing Robin by the back of the head and deeply kissed him. “What the hell?” Collins was incredulous as she saw him working her tongue into his mouth. “Are you getting this?” he asked Joey who had his camera trained on the impossible scene. “Every second” he replied. Moments later, Wonder Woman released Robin, panting as she lifted herself off and ran towards Collins, uncontrolled fury in her eyes. She was in arms reach of him when he pulled a gun from behind his back. “Stop right there, sweetheart.” She froze, but stood there, hands in fists staring at him. Joey came up behind her, grabbing both her arms. “Throw this bitch back in her cell we’ve got to get ready!”

Ninety minutes later, Collins walked into the cell, holding Wonder Woman’s lasso in his right hand. Diana had been lying on the cot, but quickly sat up as he entered. He looked down at her and smiled behind his mask. No longer was she the proud, badass superhero, she’d been reduced to just another useless slut. She kept her head down, her right hand holding her left bracelet. “Look at me lady!” he commanded and she slowly complied. The sweat and grime on her face didn’t detract from her beauty or anger. “I’m going to tell you what happens next. My partner and I will be leaving here in a little while.” Diana was startled by this and Collins saw the confusion. “No, we ain’t gonna kill you. I don’t want the Batman or the rest of your super friends hunting us down. In fact we’re going to make an anonymous call to the cops so they can come and get you. When they come you’re gonna tell them about how you were brought here and that you heard the boss and I arguing about killing Robin. You heard us fight and then doors slamming. It’ll look like we had a falling out and left you two here. Of course, this only works if you can sell it to the cops and Batman. Here’s your motivation: my partner’s got some skills on the computers, a regular genius. He’s got the video of you riding Robin’s meat pole all ready to drop on the internet.” Diana looked dismayed but said nothing. “Don’t worry, honey. It’s not on there, not yet. And it won’t be as long as you and the boy wonder keep your mouths shut. My boy has set it up so the video gets sent to everyone’s mailbox from the President to Playboy if something happens to us”. He crouched down and lifted her head up by the chin. “Now, you gonna play ball?” She stared at him for a few seconds before nodding slowly. “Good girl, but you know I’m not quite convinced.” He held up her lasso, a small noose he’d made dangling from his fist. “Let’s see if you’re really telling me the truth.” With a sigh, Diana dropped her head in defeat. He began to widen the noose to fit her around her head, when she lifted her head and looked at him. “Here’s something you can believe.” She suddenly raised her left hand until it was right next to her face. Collins’ eyes grew wide as he realized the cuff was no longer on her bracelet. “What the aghhkk“ was all he could say before Wonder Woman’s other hand shot forth, her fingers surrounded his throat.

She smiled as she snatched her lasso out of his hand. He choked and struggled as she rose, lifting the large man as easily as a feather. Collins looked down at her arm, the handcuff on her bracelet, its open twin dangling from the chain. She strode across the cell and shoved the henchman against the metal wall. “Aghhhh!!” She held Collins in place against the wall, a full foot above the floor. “Now it’s time for you to answer my questions you vile man. Tell me where is the Scarecrow?” She relaxed her grip slightly to allow him to speak. “D.don’t know!” Diana smirked at him, “You know I don’t think I’m convinced.” She said using the same tone he’d just used on her. She quickly looped her lasso on his wrist. She repeated her question and Collins confessed about his employer’s shooting at police headquarters. “Thank you” she said just before she thumped him on the forehead with her index finger, rendering him unconscious. She was going to pull the door off the hinges then thought better of it. She stood next to the door her mouth next to the small barred window in the door. After taking several deep breaths, she called out in Collins’s voice “Hey get in here, something’s wrong with the Amazon!” She rarely used her ability to impersonate anyone’s voice but it occasionally served her well. Less than a minute later, Joey came through the door and looked in surprise at Collins lying on the cot. Suddenly, Diana’s lasso dropped around his neck. Before her could react she had savagely yanked the lasso back, dropping the surprised man to the floor. Diana crouched over the man’s waist and slapped him across the face twice. She pulled the lasso toward her, lifting the struggling henchman up to look at her. With a wicked smile she held his chin up. “Now, we need to have a little chat.”

Robin rubbed his wrists, trying to get his circulation flowing after having been bound in one manner or another for more than a day. He was now fully clothed, except for the cape he held in his hands. His utility belt was back on after Wonder Woman retrieved it from the locker where it and her tiara had been stored. He was grateful that Diana had caught his signal when she was forced onto him. He blinked the modified Morse code signals Batman and the League had taught him. In the end he was only able to transmit four words: KISS ME HAIR PICK. Thankfully, she remembered the story he’d told her about hiding a miniature lockpick hidden under a false layer of skin between the ear and head. Bruce had used it when he went undercover in a prison earlier that year. He’d advised Dick to have a similar set of picks on him while in the field. He remembered Bruce’s words “Whenever our foes managed to capture you or I they always remove our utility belts. They never think to search for any other tool or weapon and that’s our advantage.” He didn’t see the wisdom of his mentor’s words until today. The lengthy kiss Diana shared with him gave them the distraction needed for Diana to remove the lockpicks without being noticed. He was thrilled to be free, but the ordeal he and Diana had been through was unspeakable. He had just finished attaching his cape, when she felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Wonder Woman! Have you contacted Batman?” She shook her head Once she’d freed Robin, Diana started spinning in place, triggering the Amazon magic that allowed her costume to be restored. She spoke slowly “Not yet, we need to talk first about..about what happened here.” He could tell she was as uncomfortable with this situation as he was. “We don’t have to worry about the video, I was able to convince our former captors where they’d placed the link. With some strong persuasion he told me how to delete the video and all the files.” Robin exhaled, “That’s great but what about Scarecrow’s men?” “They’re sleeping in the cells” she replied “Once Batman and the police arrive we’ll tell them about you slipping me the lockpicks allowing us to take our captors down. There will be no reason for further investigation.” Robin looked dubious, “But Diana, even if we say that, Scarecrow’s goons are bound to say what they did…” he hesitated, “to us. The police might buy it but Bruce won’t.” “It’s not a problem”, she said confidently “They won’t say a word.” Robin was unconvinced, “How do know that?” “With this.” She said holding up her lasso before her. “You know that my lasso can force anyone to tell the truth. Well, what I’ve never told anyone, including the League, is that it has another special power. I can make anyone bound by it to obey my commands. That includes making people forget things” Robin stared at her, shocked. She continued, “I’ve rarely made use of this power, I’ve always felt it was wrong for anyone to control someone else. But this is the right thing to do.” Robin turned away from her. “How can you say brainwashing someone is right? We are part of the Justice League and the last time I checked we don’t do that. Please Diana, don’t do this!” Diana looked at the floor and took a deep breath. “It’s done, Dick. I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m also sorry for this.” Before Robin could react, she’d thown the loop of the lasso over his head and pulled tight. “No!” he shouted as he spun to face her. “Stop!” she shouted as he began to move towards her. He instantly froze, completely paralyzed. Diana stood face to face with the teen wonder, shamed by the anger and disappointment she saw in her teammate’s eyes. “I know you can’t understand this now, but if this…horror we endured tonight became known, it could ruin your life and Bruce’s and I won’t permit that. I hope you can forgive me.” She began instructing him to forget the events of the last few hours and to remember the new history she’d invented. A tear ran down her cheek as she prayed the young man would forgive her. She wiped the tear away, silently praying to Hera that there would come a day she could forgive herself for this. But she knew she never would.