Batgirl: The Agony of De-Feet: A Fetish Fable  

By John Feer

Batgirl: "The Agony of De-Feet": A Fetish Fable

This is based on a story posted on a now defunct Batgirl Yahoo Club, author unknown. "Dr. Gunther" and his bizarre theories about female psychology are an invention of "UW and Friend" authors of two very fine Wonder Woman stories found on the Grey Archive, So many people have inspired me to make my own puny contribution to the genre: Mr. X, Gwalb, Trent Wolf, Nergd and many others-thanks to one and all.

Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Steve Trevor, Batman etc. are wholly owned licenses characters of AOL-Time Warner Inc. This is unauthorized non profit fan fiction for the delectation of erotic connoisseurs.

It was a cool night in Gotham. Batman and Robin were out of town at a justice department conference, so Batgirl was in charge of handling the crime. The Catwoman knew this, and was prepared to strike. The Felonious Feline knew she could easily disable Batgirl and rob the First City bank. The plan was unusually obvious so that Batgirl would find out quickly, and intervene. Sure enough, Batgirl sprung into action....nabbing Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman) would earn the Darknight Damsel big props in a city that still though of her as too girlie by half.

The Dominoed Daredoll quickly reached the bank and spotted Catwoman's goons. "Stop right there!" she yelled.

"No," sneered Catwoman "how about you stop!?".

And with that torpid jape, the very ground under Batgirl's boot feet erupted with strong steel cables which formed an instantaneous mesh hog-tying the astonished heroine in the blink of an eye.

Catwoman sauntered over to her helpless prey.

"Catwoman I'll I'll!" gritted the captured crimefightress.

"You'll you'll-work on your repartee Batgirl" smirked the villainess, "I think in your sleep!"

From behind her back Catwoman produced a small brown bottle she soaked a rag with the contents and roughly placed it over Batgirl's exposed nose and mouth.

MMMmmmmppphhhh! Mrrrph! Wailed the costumed cutie, fruitlessly she whipped her head back and forth but the sweet intoxicating vapors stole her resolve and shortly thereafter, her consciousness.

"I'll take care of her," said Catwoman. "You take care of the bank-and remember, chloroform, DON'T leave home without it!."

Catwoman brought Batgirl back to the catlair and strapped her oh so securely to an operating table. "Hello Bat Beauty," said Catwoman. "How are you today, guess what, I have a new plan, one that'll ensure your total defeat!"

"What's that?" asked Batgirl.

"Well," said Catwoman. "I was thinking about what to steal from

you so you can't fight crime. You don't need your gloves, mask, cape, or belt. Easily replaced bat-items from a lady's bat-boudoir. However, with all the running around you do, I'm sure you need your boots. In fact, my woman's intuition tells me your only irreplaceable accessory are those kicky yellow high heeled boots of yours! That's why, I'm going to take them, and then put you out on the street and see you try to fight crime. Genius, isn't it?"

"You can't do that!" said Batgirl.

Batgirl was aghast, yellow high heeled leather boots were IMPOSSIBLE to find in her size!

This would be the end of Batgirl!

"Watch me," said Catwoman.

Catwoman walked over to the end of the table where Batgirl's feet were. She took the heroine's foot gently in her hand. The villainess grabbed the sole of the boot, and slowly pulled it off with practiced skill. After making a long luxurious job of it, the right boot was off. Batgirl's black socked foot wiggled in the breeze. "Meooowwrrr," laughed Catwoman. "I love this!"

"Catwoman, stop this now," quavered Batgirl.

"Purrrfect!," she responded. "This is too much fun!"

Catwoman grabbed the second boot and once again slowly removed it. Catwoman now held both of Batgirl's boots up in the air as prizes. "This is so great, I think I'll take your socks, too, Batgirl!

Anyway, I've never seen you barefoot, I'd love to see what your feet

look like!!!"

Secretly the Queen of Cats was anxious in a odd sort of a way to see what color-if any Batgirl used on her toenails.

"Catwoman, stop this now," yelled the stocking-footed Batgirl.

"No," said Catwoman. "Too bad."

Catwoman walked over to Batgirl's stocking feet. She took her right foot first. He, once again, slowly removed her footwear. First, he bared her ankle, then her heel. She continued slowly

up the sole, then finally to the toes. The sock was off, and Batgirl's

right foot was completely bare. Catwoman did the same process to her left foot. This time, half way up the sole, she rubbed Batgirl's dainty foot with her hand.

Batgirl giggled a little. "Ooooh, ticklish are we?" said Catwoman. "That'll be purrfect for the future Meoow!!!" Finally, the caped crimefightress' left foot was bare as well.

Batgirl's toes were painted dark red, her feet were size 9,

and she had smooth, soft soles. Much as Catwoman expected, the Bat Beauty took good care of her feet which were pink and showed every sign of regular pedicures. It amused Catwoman that the normally uptight Batgirl found time for such a delightfully frivolous feminine activity.

"Wow, they're beautiful. Now, my barefooted beauty, go on and fight crime."

Another chloroform pad came crashing down on Batgirl's astonished face...this time she didn't even bother to mpphhh...but she did prettily wiggle her beautifully bare toes.

Barbara awoke. True to her promise Selina had freed Batgirl, the villainess however was gone and had taken the bat-boots with her. The shocked and surprised heroine felt the cool tiles on the soles of her feet. Barbara thought about tracing Catwoman, but cunning feline felon would probably pin her down and tickle her defenseless feet-a myriad of foot perils ran through the heroine's head, so she calmly exited the catlair.

Batgirl knew it would be tough, but she had to focus on stopping

stop the bank robbers....since it was night no doubt they were still about their nefarious work.

Fortunately it was a short walk down deserted Gotham streets to the Bank...but Batgirl felt nervous about facing the gang in her bare feet, strangely so.

She approached the bank, and lo and behold Catwoman's gang were loading up their van unmolested.

Batgirl tried to put on a brave face she blared "Halt in the name of the law!"

"Aww what cute toes. Where are your boots?" asked a smirking henchman. The Crimfightress didn't reply, but tried to rush them. Batgirl had to be careful and was too slow to get the drop on them. One henchman matter of factly snuck up behind Barbara and tackled her to the ground.

The heroine flailed around ineffectually on the ground, this was becoming embarrassing!

"Run guys," he laughed-Batgirl was not proving much of an obstacle to their crime!

"I got her." He flipped her over-the henchman had an idea! HE started rubbing her barefeet. Batgirl blushed, she found this so

relaxing, she lay defenseless on the ground.

The heroine sighed happily, but no she couldn't relax now this thug had her in his clutches!

Too late, another flip and he'd pushed her upright where he handcuffed her to a telephone pole.

"You look adorable when you are angry!" taunted the crook.

"Ooooooh you!" whined the heroine impotently and adorably.

"Let's take a few snapshots of you and send them to Batman, so he can see that his little sidekick had to run around barefoot and couldn't stop us. He took a few pictures of her and her bootless feet. The gang escaped and left Batgirl there. After an hour of helpless struggles she finally freed herself and went home for the night....hopefully the gang wouldn't use those Polaroid's to embarrass the heroine.

A few days later...

Batman received a package has he stood with Batgirl in police

headquarters-after her recent defeat the darknight damsel had been extra deferential to the older hero...but this package worried her. He opened it and saw a few pictures of Batgirl, tied up

and barefoot. "What's this?" he asked. Inside he saw a note from Catwoman that told Batman all about Batgirl's attempt at crime fighting. He also wrote "P.S. Hey Batgirl. Thanks for the gifts. I have your boots and socks locked in my souvenirs box, so I'll never forget our great night or your beautiful feet. I'll be seeing you soon. Love, Catwoman."

"So," said Batman " you like running around without your boots?

"Well then no new footwear FOR you until your original boots are recovered!!"

Maybe we'll make that a regular part of your costume from now on?"

"No, please, no!" exclaimed Batgirl.

Commissioner Gordon guffawed at the young heroine's plight, since the robbery She'd been sporting a pair of nondescript low heels as part of her costume, Batman was so incensed at this loss of face for the franchise he ordered Batgirl to take her shoes off and leave police headquarters, not to return until she'd recovered her boots.

Gordon and Batman had a good laugh locking Batgirl's heels in an office safe whilst the heroine slunk out of the building. The whole police force was staring at her small bare helpless feet!

"But Catwoman...taking her boots away? That's your trap?"

Catwoman stretched and preened on the throne in her new catlair.

" me Manx, without her boots Batgirl will lose confidence and become delightfully disoriented!"

"All from losing her boots?"

"That's the purrfectly devious part of all this. During my last stay in the state Penn, I happened over some psychology textbooks by Dr. Gunther, Kaiser Wilhelm's chief Interrogator. He was a psychologist who discovered the debilitating effects of leaving a woman barefoot in the presence of fully clothed men over a period of time".

"Sounds screwy to me"

"Of it's anything but, Dr. Gunther learned that the judicious deprivation of footgear would induce tearful heartfelt confessions from captured female spies".


"Yes, A barefoot woman is subject to repressed genetic memories of conquest and submission, it induces both fear and excitement since being captured was always a prelude to sexual congress! Without her boots Batgirl will become completely helpless, she'll give up crimefighting leaving us to run amuck in Gotham!!"

"It's perfectly ridiculous" exclaimed Supergirl.

Batgirl and her best crimefighting friend were on a rooftop near the Gotham Jewelry exchange.

Batgirl was conspicuously barefoot.

"I know...but Batman has already confiscated two other pairs of shoes, he sez I go barefoot until my original boots are recovered!"

"Well he's a pompous bully isn't he!!??"

"Yeah and I think he gets off on my feet..."

"Well they ARE very nicely turned out" opined Supergirl who licked her lips unconsciously.

"What-EVER" said Batgirl sarcastically " It get worse...ever since I lost my boots, it seems like nothing goes right for me, petty crooks laugh at me, serious miscreants threaten to tickle me to death...I haven't made a decent collar in weeks! It's like I've lost my confidence, I've GOT to get those boots back!"

Supergirl was concerned this whole boot thing had Barbara looking stricken.

"So what is the plan?" inquired the Girl of Steel.

"Catwoman has no originality, she likes jewels and diamonds, sooner or later she'll rob the exchange, she always does when she's feeling over confident".

"So that is why we're here?"

"Uh-huh" murmured Batgirl "I-I just hope she doesn't send a male henchman out to rob the exchange...?" a vaguely fearful look crept over the Dominoed Daredoll's lovely features.

"A man-why?" this was sounding way weird to the Maid of Might.

"Th-there is just something about being barefoot in the presence of a fully clothed man...I can't think I can't..." her voice trailed off.

"BATGIRL!" hissed The Kryptonian Crimefightress "Get a hold of yourself, LOOK! someone is leaving the exchange!"

Sure enough Manx, Catwoman's henchcat was furtively skulking down the alley belong with a bag heavy with stolen diamonds.

"Wow" wondered Batgirl, "He's already pulled the job...but such a blatant getaway-seems fishy?"

Supergirl smoothed out her short blue skirt and sat down daintily crossing her legs, with practiced skill she began doffing her boots.

"Supergirl! what're you DOING?" whispered the Darknight Damsel.

"I'm proving to you this bootless-equals-helpless stuff is sheer nonsense! I'll corral this guy we'll make him talk and get your boots back within the hour!"

Batgirl was aghast "B-but Supergirl, he wouldn't be making such an obvious escape unless he was prepared for something, let's track him on the quiet, we'll still find out what we need to know!"

By now Supergirl had doffed both her boots revealing small bare feet, exquisitely shaped with well polished toe-nails.

Suddenly Supergirl looked oddly vulnerable, although she didn't act the slightest bit intimidated.

"Nope! Sorry I'll prove to you that bootless or bra-less a heroine is always a heroine!"

With a toss of her cape Supergirl prepared for her dramatic leap into the air, but something had caught her cape-she whirled around and saw Batgirl looking small and a bit scared holding onto Kara's red cape.

"Um...Supergirl be careful okay?" Batgirl blushed and fingered the cape absent mindedly.

Kara smiled condescendingly "of course I will" and with that she leaped into the air and descended into the alley.

It felt different being barefoot, even though she was invulnerable of course...Supergirl opted for the direct approach she alighted 50 feet in front of the burglar and walked confidently toward him her small bare feet making no sound in the sordid alley.

The crook caught sight of her immediately strangely he did not seem worried one bit.

"Any other burglar out there ever tell you you look like Supergirl sweetie?' he taunted.

"Save the remarks for your hearing, You are coming with me!" grated Kara.

"Naw! you can't be the real're too young!"

Involuntarily Supergirl blushed she'd whack this guy a good one when she got closer, first she wanted to see him sweat!

Not that he seemed perturbed..."And those cute little toes, whassamater Supergirl some big bad man steal your red booties?"

Kara stopped for a moment and lost her concentration...this guy was HUGE...much taller than she was, how could she get away from him her bare....Supergirl shook her head violently, she didn't need to escape him she was SUPER!

"Listen baby doll, you make me late and I'll take you over my knee and give you a real spanking!" He leered at her in an aggravating way.

Kara was furious this guy was making her angry, and it didn't help matters any that she was striding down an alley and never felt more dainty and vulnerable in her life!

"Ohhhh" thought the Girl of Steel "I'm gonna enjoy smacking this one upside the head!" She took a step closer and felt the teensiest bit dizzy.

"Something wrong come closer I've never been beat up before by such a petite little bit of thing like you!"

That did it, Supergirl took a giant leap to close the gap intent on giving this guy a piece of her mind!

Immediately a familiar wave of weakness washed over her curvaceous body..."K-k-kryp-tonite" moaned the heroine, she staggered pitifully flailing her hands around to ward off the relentless radiation.

Manx stood right next to her grinning hugely..."Aw Supergirl feeling a little shaky? Well it is past your bedtime after all!"

"N-no-no-losing my strength" gasped the heroine, her legs were starting to buckle.

"Oh I've got just the thing for you sweetie"

The henchman reached into his sack and produced a small polished chunk of kryptonite on a delicate chain it glowed ferociously in the dark.

Catwoman had thought of everything thought the henchman, she was sure Supergirl would show up to bolster her friend's spirits...Accordingly the whole gang was equipped with kryptonite.

"Beautiful isn't it? Good girls like you love pretty things don't you? Sure you do, it's okay take a closer look!"

Supergirl would've collapsed right then and there had not Manx slipped a helpful arm around her waist to hold her upright...the Maid of Might's head spun she had to get away but she was soo-oo weak!

"Here try it on, it'll look great on you!" The villain draped the kryptonite locket around her neck...which is all it took Supergirl passed out completely with a pretty little sigh.

"WO-MEN!" chuckled Manx, who lifted the helpless heroine up in his arms and whistled for the getaway car, which obligingly rolled up quickly.

The meteorite glowed a sickening green has it hung suspended like talisman over the Girl of Steel's modest schoolgirlish bustline.

He gave his prisoner a sharp smack on her lithesome derriere before bundling her inside the sedan.

Manx called out "Back to the catlair boys wait'll Catwoman sees what we brought her!"

The car disappeared into the night carrying Supergirl to an unknown fate at the hands of Catwoman!

Meanwhile back on the roof, Batgirl had seen the whole tableaux unfold so quickly she couldn't render any assistance to her friend.

"Oh no!" She thought panic stricken, "What'll I do now!?"

"BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA-HAHAHHA-HEE HEE HEE-st-oo-oo-op! p-puh-lease HAHAHAHAH! I-I beg you!!!"

Supergirl was securely strapped down by the ankles and wrists to an examination table in Catwoman's hide-out.

Helpfully the table had been carefully raised such that Catwoman didn't have to stoop to tickle her helpless barefoot captive.

Suspended over the table was the kryptonite sample which cast a pleasing amber tone over the Felonious Feline's fabled torture chamber.

Catwoman licked her lips, she couldn't believe her luck, blonde perky Supergirl was proving to be one of the most insanely ticklish women she'd ever encountered!

A quick scrabble of the villainess' fingers up Kara's tiny bare left foot caused the captive crime fighter to convulse her legs and rear up on her elbows...her lovely face turned pink and contorted into a torrent of giggles.

"HAHAHAHAHaaa-Please Catwoman n-no more!"

Selina said nothing, smiling mirthlessly she slowly traced one of her talon's ever so lightly up the side of Supergirl's shapely bare leg..."such a schoolgirl this one, doesn't even wear nylons" thought the Feline Fury "Her parent's probably forbid it!"

Catwoman smiled at the lovely image of Supergirl submissively obeying the dictates of middle class parents. By now she'd reached Kara's knee deftly she slid her hand under to the soft vulnerable flesh behind the joint...and tickled there.

"C-C-Catwoman HAHAHAHAHAA!! OH GHOD PLEASE STOP!!!" Howled Supergirl between giggles.

"It's the pleading, so out of character for her" thought Selina.

"No" she said Aloud "It's that loud lusty giggle of yours...very sexy" here she looked directly into Supergirl's tear streaked face.

"M-my what?" groaned the heroine in complete confusion.

"Your giggle, and you are gonna go on giggling all night unless you tell me hmmmm...oh I don't know BATMAN'S secret identity!!"

"Oooh nooo-oo I-I don't KNOW who Batman is!" wailed Supergirl.

"Oh perfect!" and with that Catwoman resumed tickling the heroine.

"HAHAHHHHAAA NOOOO! WAHAHAHAHAHAAA-C-C-Catwoman th' kryptonite...puh-lease!!!" wept Kara, a full hour of tickle torture had completely buried her dignity...there seemed no escape from this trap, and Batgirl assuredly didn't know where she was....if ONLY she had listened to her friend!!!

Catwoman ceased her tickle attack, "Okaa-ay" said with mock solicitude "If you don't know who Batman is, I'll settle for Batgirl's name address, telephone number...!"

Supergirl was broken, sooner or later her captor would get everything she knew...this was her worst nightmare!

"Did someone mention MY Name?!"

It was Batgirl standing at the doorway to the torture chamber still barefoot but looking very confident!

Catwoman reared back and hissed in vexation.

Batgirl just stood there, arms behind her back in a studied posture...suddenly a rough male hand shoved her into the room.

Batgirl was hand-cuffed!

Bound and helpless!

Kara's heart sank...she had no hope of rescue now!!

Manx stepped inside with a stupid loutish grin on his face.

"Guess who I found tip-toe-ing around the fence?"

"MANX you thug! that little stunt scared me out of one of my nine lives!"

"Oh it was easy-Batgirl was as easy to capture as Supergirl here-I think you were right about that barefoot thing!"

"You just forget about that and help me get Batgirl secured to the other exam table AND THEN leave us girls alone! We want to have a slumber party!"

"Alright Catwoman" grumbled Manx, he was hoping he could stay for the two-girl tickle torture, but as usual his boss was keeping the goodies to herself.

As if by compensation Batgirl put up a very pretty but ultimately ineffectual struggle for the henchcat...however he soon had her properly strapped down on the exam table with her arms stretched and cuffed over her head.

"Now Go Manx, don't come back unless I call you or you capture another heroine" giggled the Cat-themed Dominatrix.

"B-but I got her utility belt and everything!" whined the henchman.

"Hang it on the hook behind you and GO!" commanded the villainess.

"If I find Wonder Woman sneaking around out there" thought Manx as he left, "THIS will be the last place I bring her!-Maybe Manx will find out if she really IS a virgin!!"

He smiled to himself as he lumbered down the hall.


The Dominoed Daredoll looked piteously at her imprisoned friend...the two heroines silently exchanged defeated looks.

Batgirl noticed one disquieting thing, Kara's lovely alabaster skin was taking on a definite greenish tinge-a sure sign of fatal green kryptonite poisoning a malign consequence of the deadly mineral that hung insolently over her friend's table!

No other thoughts intruded on Batgirl as her nemesis started up with the tickling almost immediately.

"BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA-Ha-HAAA" squeaked Barbara, who was genuinely surprised by the assault.

Catwoman grinned a few fingers on the well tended souls of the heroine's feet and already Batgirl was giggling uncontrollably.

She had the nicest most helpless schoolgirl squeal to her laughter, reflected the Felonious Feline.

"Mmmmm Batgirl my love, poor little Supergirl doesn't seem to know ANYONE'S secret identity, maybe YOU can tell me who Batman is under that mask of his?"

"N-never!" snarled the Dark Knight Damsel.

"Oh God I love it when you act all tough and Batgirl should be so proud when her slim well shaped feet are on display like this!

"L-leave her alone you female fiend!" moaned Supergirl weakly.

The Dark Angel looked at her friend again and was horrified to see Kara had turned completely green save for her long blonde hair, perspiration ran down her amber colored brow...her eyes fluttered weakly.

"Catwoman you are killing Supergirl with that kryptonite, let her go it's me you've always wanted!"

"Nobody leaves this room til I've gotten some secret identities!! Or at least some more, cute, helpless giggles!" laughed the villainess.

Catwoman punctuated this tirade with a renewed assault running her gloved fingers up and down Barbara's soles and cheekily worrying the smooth sensitive flesh between the heroine's toes.

"Ah-ahahahaha-c-c-c-CATWOMAN-nooohohoohoo hahahha!" shrieked Batgirl who bucked and strained hopelessly in her bonds.

A soft warm feeling was coursing up Barbara's body and swirling around her now moist was raw pleasure that stealing her strength and a harbinger of a nice loud gruesome orgasm in the offing.

The heroine looked again at Supergirl, fighting to control her base impulses, what she saw frightened her terribly.

She THOUGHT Supergirl was still breathing, but her face and lovely body had taken on a pretty stillness and tranquillity, she couldn't last much longer.

And the Girl of Steel was now glowing green.

Not that their captor cared one whit.

"MMmmmmm...Batgirl such a lovely shade of red for those toe-nails, no wonder Batman confiscated your shoes...they look so-oo pretty!

Selina danced her fingers lightly up and down Batgirl's toes which flexed uselessly even as the heroine laughed lustily.

Catwoman stared hard at her bat-captive's feet, a thought occurred to her "I just love the thought that it takes you a full half hour to get ready to got out crimefighting"...she lowered her face towards the Dominoed Daredoll's feet "lipstick, blush, a teensy bit of eye-liner, you and I are much alike Batgirl, we are women in full, Men should worship us!"

"Or at least, you should"

Catwoman's face was quite close to Batgirl's two helpless feet..."I'll make a deal with you Batgirl, if you can refrain from cumming while I give your toes a mouth-job, I'll let you both go. If not you both have to remain here as my slaves!

"N-no Catwoman please-please don't, not my feet!" begged Barbara.

"Mmmm I'm on the right track," murmured their captor who enveloped Batgirl's right foot with her mouth and started gently tonguing her toes.

"mmmpphhh n-nuh nooo" moaned the Dark Knight Damsel who pulled uselessly at her bonds. A hot rolling wave came crashing up from her feet it ignited Barbara's crotch and went off in her brain like a twenty megaton bomb!

Batgirl moaned, ground her legs together and came like an express train gasping for dear life as a torrent of happy sensations broke over her.

It felt wonderful.

In fact it took the heroine a full minute to compose herself after her meaty orgasm.

But compose herself she did, and then she noticed a strange thing, Catwoman was nowhere to be found!

And indeed the villainess was sprawled on the floor at the foot of the exam table gently snoring.

Batgirl smiled to herself, the dungeon was silent as a tomb, and it'd be Supergirl's tomb as well if she didn't get free and quickly!

Barbara poked one of her nails hard through the deliberately weaken fingers of her traditional yellow gloves. With practiced skill she peeled her false fingernail off which assumed a gelatinous condition, carefully the heroine stuffed this concoction into the lock of her left handcuff.

A moment passed then a sliver of smoke crept out of the cuff's lock...another moment and Batgirl gave a heave and broke the handcuff in two quite neatly.

"A bit of face powder, and some thermite nail polish-indispensable items on a heroine's vanity table" thought Barbara.

Another finger poke through her other glove yielded more of the strange substance which freed her legs from their restraints in a trice.

Instantly Batgirl sprang over to Supergirl's exam table with an almighty heave she pulled the kryptonite sample off it's chain and looking wildly around she shoved in a conveniently nearby lead lined box.

Frantic now, Batgirl padded out of the room with the deadly rock and left it in Catwoman's over decorated adjoining throne room...a good distance from her ailing girl friend.

Re-entering the dungeon Batgirl could see Kara's green aura was decreasing markedly a vague pink bloom was returning to her cheek-desperate to take her mind off Supergirl's condition, the Caped Crimefightress spent a few moments lifting Catwoman up and securing her to the empty exam table. She made sure to use bat-handcuff, which no super villain had every successfully escaped from and in a moment of cheekiness she removed Catwoman's leather jack-boots.

But Supergirl still looked too tranquil, Barbara released her friend's bonds and noticed with some relief that the Maid of Might was breathing a bit more regularly now.

Overcome with emotion Batgirl climbed up on the exam table and cradled the Kryptonian Cutie in her arms..."Supergirl-baby" whispered the distraught Daredoll, "I-I should've come sooner I didn't think she'd torture you like that...I'm-I'm sorry!"

She kissed Supergirl on the forehead.

Batgirl let out a loud heartfelt sob, tears ran down her face...but at least her friend was still wonderfully warm to the touch and her breathing was deep and regular.

Batgirl kissed Kara on the cheek, she couldn't think of anything else to do now, kryptonite poisoning wasn't one of her strong suits.

"Kara sweetie" crooned the Dark Damsel "I should never have let you come along on this one, I'll never let that bitch get anywhere near you ever again...I have to protect you, powers or not, I know that now...just please-please wake up!!"


The Girl of Steel was still silent, her skin had regained her rosy hue but what if there was some permanent aftereffect!?

Batgirl whispered in Kara's still small ear "I'll never ever let you face someone like that alone and barefoot ever again...I'll ALWAYS be there for you!"

Barbara sobbed again...and was rewarded by a fluttering in Supergirl's eyelids, slowly those perfect baby-blues opened with a sharp wondering light of intelligence in them.

Batgirl grinned hugely and hugged the Girl of Steel tightly..."Kara you're alive!" she crowed.

"Mmmm yeah but wha-a"

Supergirl couldn't get anything else out as the Bat Damsel ruthlessly brought her lips down hard and kissed the Princess of Power hard on the lips.

Normally Kara might've been surprised by this sudden outburst of affection...but this was Batgirl, and Batgirl was a world class kisser among her other talents.

A few minutes later Supergirl's x-ray vision located Batgirl's long lost boots in a display case in Selina's throne room. Happily the Dark Damsel rolled on her yellow boots marveling at how toned and shapely the four inch heels made her legs look.

A secret compartment in Batgirl's utility belt yielded up Supergirl's missing boots as well, Barbara had thoughtfully brought them along...

"Okay what did you do to Catwoman?" Supergirl was pulling her red boots on with practiced skill.

"Oh nothing ...Catwoman is a dreary foot fetishist, so I knew sooner or later she'd give me a "shrimp job"...

"A what?"

"A shrimp job, you know...suck on my toes"


"Aw you've never even tried it" needled Batgirl.

"And I hope I never..."

"ANYWAY!" cut in the Dominoed Daredoll, " I painted by toe-nails before coming over here with my latest invention, a chloroform polymer that bonds beautifully with nail polish".

"So when Catwoman kissed your feet..."

"She passed out from the anesthetic...but believe me she wasn't kissing my feet!" smirked Batgirl.

"Hey that reminds me" wondered the Girl of Steel "How did you find me anyway?"

"Simple, a red bat homing device artfully attached to your cape!"

"So you KNEW I'd get into trouble"

"Well" blushed Batgirl "I just wanted to be safe than sorry".

There was a groan behind them, Catwoman was stirring.

"Have a nice cat-nap Selina?"

"Wha-huh? What happened?" moaned the villainess.

Batgirl and Supergirl loomed triumphantly over her exam table.

"No so tough now are we?" sneered Supergirl.

"What have you, Manx? Manx, MANX HELP!!!!" howled Catwoman.

"Whhaat!?? " bellowed Manx who, right on cue came blundering into the dungeon oblivious as only a dumb-@ss henchman can be as his mistress' reversal of fortune.

He stood there, dumbfounded, what the hell had happened?

Kara and Barbara exchanged smirks-"Allow Me" said Supergirl.

And with that Supergirl dealt out an almighty smack in the jaw to Manx which sent him flying out the door and bouncing off the opposite wall.

"AND THAT is for pulling that kryptonite stunt on me!" taunted the Maid of Might.

The henchman was out like a light-out for hours at least...Supergirl didn't fool around with the small fry.

A friendly hand came down on her shoulder, "Okay...we'll let the police handle him" whispered Batgirl.

"Now then what about you, Catwoman?" smiled the Dark Angel.

"Oh no Batgirl, don't you dare!!!" plead the villainess.

Batgirl limbered up her hands and gave Selina's long bare feet a narrow eyed suggestive look.

"Mmmmm, Catwoman, y'know it's funny all these years you've been bedeviling Gotham City, and I don't think I've ever"

Catwoman's face froze in absolute fear, her most secret weakness were her two terribly ticklish feet!

Batgirl smiled, she was on the right track here "Mmmm Selina how to you ever expect to catch yourself a man, even a Bat-man, if you don't have a nice melodious giggle?"

The Dominoed Daredoll's hand lightly fell on Catwoman's left foot...helplessly she flexed her long perfect toes.

"Supergirl, be a love and find Catwoman's video array with your x-ray vision?"

A quick scan revealed an impression video recording assembly behind a hidden panel, obligingly, Supergirl torn it open.

"Okay, ditch the tape that is in there and replace with a fresh cassette"

The Girl of Steel made the switch.

Batgirl leaned over to Catwoman's forehead, she planted the lightest friendliest kiss imaginable on Selina's forehead.

And in the villainess' ear she whispered "Tit for tat, Kitty girl!"

"N-no-no no puh-leeeeeez Batgirl I'm sorry you know that was all just girl tawwwwww--hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!"

The Darknight Damsel danced her way down to Selina's feet and had commenced a truly awe inspiring tickling...Catwoman writhed and begged very prettily.

Kara was watching all this with bright shining eyes, she licked her lips suggestively this was well worth the kryptonite exposure!

"BWAHAHAHAA-AA-hahahaha! Oh God no Batgirl it's not fair! HAHAHAHA!!" Twist and turn all she might, Selina was held fast by the Bat-shackles.

Batgirl laid off Catwoman's feet for a moment, she never took her eyes off those darling peds though, so perfectly formed, so insolent, so well groomed so deliciously...helpless.


"Yeah Batgirl?"

"You liking this?"

"Great Rao YES!"
"Are we getting all this one tape?"

"Yup, VHS and DVD, multiple camera's quite a show".

"So how much do you think we can make selling a bootleg video of Catwoman being tickled by me?"

A shrewd calculating look entered Supergirl's perfect baby blue eyes-she was starting Stanhope University in the fall, and she did need some new clothes.

"Quite a bit Batgirl..."

"Okay, now how much do you think said tape would sell for if Batgirl AND Supergirl start tickling Catwoman?"

The Girl of Steel took a step forward positioning herself before Selina's bare left foot.

Catwoman was aghast, she was about to make her two worst enemies the queens of underground video!

Ever so carefully Supergirl started scrabbling her fingers delicately up and down the Felonious Feline's foot.

Catwoman officially began crying and laughing at the same time.


Batgirl stood back and smiled wickedly..."Don't worry Selina, I'm going to call the police, in a hour or so...right now I just can't get enough off those sweet little kitty giggles!"


J.L.A. HEADQUARTERS a Friday night, a week later.

"So then I told him, if he EVER humiliated me in front of the GPD like that again, I'd hire Robin away at twice his salary!!!"

Batgirl was on monitor duty, which was strictly dullsville stuff as all heroes know. And it was slow night in dullsville too, the computers, monitors and communications equipment testified to a dearth of super villain activity all over the world. Batgirl had on the teensiest pleated black silk skirt in place of her normal tights-her legs her bare as were the heroine's feet which her casually dropped in the lap of Supergirl, who sat in an adjoining chair.

It being a slow night, the Girl of Steel was painting her friend's toenails a nice vivid shade of red.

"So then what did he do?" asked Kara.

"Nothing, he's kept his distance since then, I think he's learned his lesson...bringing Catwoman in and returning all her loot was a bit of a coup".

"By the way, how is our little bootleg doing?"

Batgirl leaned over to examine a simple internet hook-up.

"Great our so called secret web site has moved 20,000 units in three days!"

"Hmmmm" figured Supergirl "That'll land us both about $50,000 by the end of summer!"

"Hey not bad for a night's work!" opined the Danger Damsel.

"I should say so!" sneered a new voice.

Kara and Barbara craned their heads around to discover that Wonder Woman was striding into the communications room with an angry look on her face.

Supergirl's heart sank, Wonder Woman was the J.L.A.'s biggest prude, being an Amazon Princess didn't help matters any, she seemed to think she was the Dean of all lesser super-heroines or something.

The Amazon loomed over the two heroines, folded her arms across her stupendous bosom and took a haughty tone.

"I read your secret classified report about Catwoman's latest apprehension! And I must say your citations from the works of Dr. Gunther do NOT excuse your poor performance!"

Wonder Woman glared at Supergirl and Batgirl like an angry vice principal.

Kara feigned indifference, and kept polishing her friend's left little toenail..."Such a nice heroic shade of red" reflected the Kryptonian Kutie.

Batgirl was never one to take any crap from Miss High and Mighty Amazon though, "Wonder Woman it's true, bootless and confronted by fully clothed men, we go to pieces! If I were you, I'd pay attention to Dr. Gunther's findings!".

"Until the day I left Paradise Island, I wore boots or sandals only on state occasions, the rest of the time I was barefoot and NEVER experienced any problems, clearly you two need to spend more time training and less time at the vanity table!"

Batgirl sighed, Wondie was on a real righteousness bender tonight..."That is because there aren't any MEN on Paradise Island-look if you don't believe me, doff your boots and contrive to visit Steve Trevor'll see what we mean!"

Wonder Woman bit her lower lip, bringing in Major Trevor wasn't FAIR!

Kara looked up with a sweet expression on her face..."You are not AFRAID to face Steve Trevor in your bare feet are you Diana?"

"Errr...No! Of Course NOT!! And anyway WHY are you wearing that frivolous black skirt-such a garment is useless for serious crimefighting!?" The Amazon was suddenly desperate to change the subject.

"HEY!" Blazed Supergirl "I wear a skirt every day and I'd like to see YOU take out Pulsar Stargrave with one punch and still stay PG-13 below the belly button!!"

Batgirl smiled..."It throws my male opponents off balance...a nice compensation for that whole barefoot-equals-trouble thing-besides I have the legs for it!!"

On cue, Batgirl wiggled her toes suggestively in Supergirl's lap...she did have the most amazing stems thought Kara.

The Dark Knight Damsel was pleased for once she had Wonder Woman on the run...she mock whispered to Supergirl "I think Diana is AFRAID!"
They giggled, which made the Amazon fume helplessly.

"I AM NOT AFRAID!!" she snarled.

"We believe you...really"

The Amazon was taken aback, these silly GIRLS couldn't patronize HER!!

"I'll prove it to you that Dr. Gunther's theories are nonsense!! As it happens I have to bring some important papers for Steve Trevor to read! I'll contrive to doff my boots during the visit, On My Word as an Amazon Princess I'll return and tell you the whole truth of the matter!!"

Kara and Barbara rolled their eyes, Wonder Woman was SO full of herself sometimes!

Batgirl, sensing a comeuppance in the air, stuck out her hand and shook on the deal.

"Back here in a week...and well get the whole truth right?" queried the Dark Angel.

"Yes I swear!" vowed the Amazon who spun on her high heels and marched out determined to put Supergirl and Batgirl in their place!

Epilogue 2

A month passed, and then two.

The summer was hot and dry, Batgirl nabbed Poison Ivy who was cultivated carnivorous plants in Gotham Central Park. A feat which put Batgirl back at the top of the "favorite heroine" poll.

Lex Luthor's latest scheme to hold the world up for ransom via weather control, ended in a severe humiliation at the hands of Supergirl.

Wonder Woman meanwhile had all but dropped out of sight, she was a seldom seen figure around J.L.A. headquarters that July and August.

Busy with a thousand heroinely things, Batgirl and Supergirl forgot about their confrontation with the arrogant amazon.

Supergirl in her guise as meek co-ed Linda Danvers bought herself a stylish collegiate wardrobe and eschewed second hand books when she started her freshman year at Stanhope University that Fall.

Despite her academic commitments, The Girl of Steel still dutifully pulled monitor duty at headquarters.

Which is where we find her on a Friday night, screen and displays free of any nefarious activity...The Girl of Steel passed the time reading Thomas Hobbes' "Leviathan" for her philosophy class and making careful notes on a pad of paper.

"I thought you could read a book in seconds and commit it to memory?" Asked Batgirl who had sauntered in to keep her friend company.

"I can, but super-speed reading robs the text of it's's hard to explain, some authors simply didn't intend their books to be absorbed like that".

Batgirl sat down and reached for Kara's ankle..."All work and no play though, I've a lovely shade of peach here that is to die for!" She worked Supergirl's boot off with practiced skill.

The Girl of Steel set her book down and tittered-this emboldened Batgirl.

"Besides between Linda Danvers Winsome co-ed and Supergirl the heroine you need to make time for the little things after all if you don't keep up appearances how will you ever catch yourself a man?"

"Easy just parade barefoot in front of him for a weekend, Great Hera! He'll catch you soon enough!"

Supergirl and Batgirl swung around in their chairs to see an amazing sight, it was Wonder Woman, but she looked pale and a little....puffy. Her eyes were swollen as if from crying-and Batgirl could SWEAR she had on...lipstick!

Instantly the two younger heroines forgot their rivalry with the amazon and bustled over to her with real concern. They lead her over to a nearby couch and the three sat down...Barbara handed Wonder Woman a fresh Kleenex.

"Where have you been! What happened? Was it some villain?

Steve Trevor did HE do something...?"

"N-nothing happened with Steve, nothing I didn't sanction at any rate...b-but you girls were right, Doctor Gunther has got us all figured out!!!"

Diana looked stricken...but she pulled herself together and continued; "That night after we argued, I went over to Steve's house, he owns a small farmhouse outside Washington it's very...cozy."

" Walked in and took off my boots...I told her my feet hurt from a day devoted to crimefighting exploits, he seemed to accept that and complimented me on the daintiness of my feet!"

"I-I blushed, I NEVER blush, but as soon as I took my boots off, I was putty in his hands!"

"What, what happened..." asked Supergirl.

"He walked over a-and looked down at me! I never realized it b-but, without my high heeled boots I'm almost three inches shorter than him!"

"Steve was pleasant, he asked me if I was hungry...he took my hand in his...I-I felt funny all over, I was weak but I wasn't scared-He must've known something was happening..."

"Then what did he do?" asked Supergirl who could hardly contain her curiosity.

"H-he didn't do anything, Suffering Sappho-I COOKED AND CLEANED for him!!" wailed the Amazon.

"It was awful, as soon as I became barefoot in his presence there was no household task I wouldn't do for him....I threw on a frilly little apron and cooked up a pasta entree' for him!

And then I just sat then gazing at him rapturously while he ate and drank!!

Oh it gets worse! afterwards I shooed him out of the kitchen and did the dishes!"

It was like that the whole weekend, I waited on him hand and foot! B-but the worst part is, I loved it! I felt needed-forefilled!

I didn't give a damn about my autonomy or my career anymore I just wanted to make him happy!"

"And oh Hera! by the next day I was out of control! I told him my every secret happily, I told him my secret identity even...he sentenced me to ten bare bottom spanks on my rear for deceiving him...I never ever in my life felt more loved or more feminine than when I was over his knee getting spanked!!"

All thus rushed out of Wonder Woman in a torrent, both Supergirl and Batgirl were gripping the amazon's hands in sympathy, although they both crossed their legs hard as Diana's tale stirred them in other places as well.

"Well...that isn't quite right....I felt a lot more feminine at the end of the first night when Steve picked me up, carried me into his bedroom and took my-my..." here Diana's voice trailed off.

Kara and Barbara wordlessly hugged the distraught Amazon.

"It was like that all summer, I hardly knew I was a superheroine, I even quit my job at the Pentagon...I did housework all day and sometimes-sometimes I-I (here Wonder Woman's voice fell to a whisper) I watched soap operas on TV!!!"

Batgirl and Supergirl gasped in unison and hid their titters masterfully.

"I went barefoot twenty-four seven and loved it!"

"After a week or so I went on the internet to a special clothing dealer and ordered myself a Maid's uniform, nice and short with a lacy just felt right. Steve called me "Wonder Maid"!"

"My man loved it much so he gave me th-this!"

Wonder Woman raised up her right hand, and on it glittering in all his peculiar power was a diamond engagement ring.

"DIANA!!" squealed the Dominoed Daredoll and the Maid of Might, they hugged her hard for sheer joy.

"Oh Oh! Careful girls, Steve gave me something else with the ring..." Wonder Woman's hand drifted down onto her stomach she smiled shyly. Suddenly Batgirl realized just why Diana looked so puffy when she came in!

"Y-your PREGNANT!!!?"

"I've never ever felt more like a woman, I've never felt more beautiful..."

Supergirl and Batgirl stared google-eyed at the Amazon's slightly paunchy tummy.
"So yes, Steve and I have to get married quickly it seems, I just came by to see if I could use the Hall of Justice for the ceremony?".

"Of course you can!" vowed Supergirl who was turned on by the thought of finally becoming Super Heroine #1 now that Wonder Woman was about to become a wife and mother.

"W-will you girls be my bridesmaids? I mean we might not even have gotten married if..."

"Of course we will," said Batgirl firmly.

Epilogue #3

Steve and Wonder Woman's wedding was the social event of the super hero season!

The bride wore a lovely white gown with a sheer veil attached to her royal tiara...little attention was given to hiding her growing fertile tummy by the dressmaker-but that was at the bride's insistence.

Diana wanted everyone-everyone to know what a virile man she was marrying, a specimen well able to keep and amazon pregnant for a good long while to come.

Batgirl wore a teensy black silk slip dress with her insignia cunning embroidered over her right breast...Supergirl had a demure blue super ball gown in her own wardrobe for the occasion. All the assembled heroes agreed the Bridesmaids looked beautiful, but the bride was truly radiant.

One odd note, Supergirl and Batgirl both wore fashionable heels with their ensembles, and no amount of bridal begging could convince them to go barefoot as Wonder Woman did on her special day.


The End.