Wonder Woman sees a mouse…  

By John Feer

Wonder Woman sees a mouse…

by John Feer

"Ill be right back Angel as soon as take a quick shower,I comb my hair and straighten my tie!" said Major Steve Trevor with a smile.
The pilot and his long time girlfriend Wonder Woman were going out for a quiet intimate dinner at his place.
The heroine was grateful for the offer, she'd had a hard day talking up women's equality to various groups around the country. To mark the occasion Wonder Woman bolstered her look with sheer nylons, and red high heels with the matching calve straps.
"I can play up to my man and still be emancipated" she thought.
Besides, Steve loved it when Wonder Woman wore heels and hosiery. He liked his women to be feminine.
"I'll be waiting Darling" promised the Amazing Amazon. Steve left Diana's office with a smile on his face, he was sure to get lucky tonight!
Meanwhile, for the umpteenth time in her career the heroine despaired of the tiny office her secret identity Diana Prince rated in the Pentagon. It wasn't so small though that she couldn't afford a small vanity mirror on the wall. Bored, the Amazon fished her compact out of Diana's desk, powdered her nose and touched up her lipstick.
"Hera!" thought Wonder Woman "What is taking Steve so long…"
Distracted she piled her hair up atop her head and wondered if it was time to change her famed coiffure.
"I'm a woman" thought the heroine "I get tired of the same old look". Wonder Woman blew at kiss at her reflection and giggled.
Out of the corner of her eye though, she could see something moving in the corner of the tiny office.
Spinning around quickly, Wonder Woman saw it was a tiny black mouse with beady little eyes foraging for crumbs.
Give the amazon credit, she tried to repress her most basic feminine urge to squeal, wail and climb up on a chair…oh how she tried.
Finally though, female nature won out over amazon training, the heroine reacted with atypical fear "EEEEEEKKKKK!" she squealed "A MOUSE!"
And with that the mighty Wonder Woman climbed up on the nearest chair in pure feminine panic.
Tears sprang to her eyes…she was petrified of mice.
"G-go away you awful beast!" quavered the heroine.
But the mouse simply scampered about oblivious that it had reduced "Superheroine Number One" to a blubbering caricature of womanhood.
For the moment all the years of mental discipline and hard amazon training were lost with Wonder Woman's big tits jiggled up and down as she cringed atop the chair.
"Nnnooooo….a mouse a mouse can't beat me!" she wept.
In sheer desperation, Wonder Woman removed one of her red pumps and threw it at the mouse. Alas in her terror, she "threw like a girl" and missed the tiny rodent entirely. To make matters worse, the mouse crawled over closer to the chair Wonder Woman was standing on and lifted is nose in the air to sniff quizzically. Too bad the tiny creature couldn't appreciate the unobstructed view he had of the amazon's huge breasts and tight "camel toe" sharply outlined on her star spangled briefs.
The Amazing Amazon started trembling in raw fright, she felt distinctly faint.
"A little mouse can't o-overcome me I'm Wonder Woman!" gasped the heroine. Gathering what little courage she had left, Diana tried to force herself to step down from the chair and face her fear…but the tiny rodent heedlessly scampered closer which left the mighty amazon sobbing in frustration and fright.
She suddenly felt so exposed, soft and vulnerable in her satin tights and skirt.
"Ooohhh Steve mustn't see me like this!" she sobbed.
Wonder Woman yanked off her remaining shoe and tossed it at the mouse…but again she missed by a wide margin.
"Hera! What is wrong with me?" remonstrated the heroine.
She had never felt so helpless and weak before in her life!
She was barefoot now as well….wasn't there some amazon law about going barefoot in the "Man's World"?
She couldn't remember.
"Stay away you awful thing!" pleaded Wonder Woman.
Second by second the Amazon Princess could feel her former confidence and strength ebbing away. Her coochee felt moist and hot, Wonder Woman was becoming aroused at the thought of Steve seeing her in this fearful feminine condition.
"I'm Wonder Woman…WON-DER WOMAN!! I-I'm NOT afraid of mice! I'm not a weak helpless female I'm not!!!" said the heroine to herself in a panicked sobbing tone.
For all her brave talk, Wonder Woman felt distinctly soft, weak and well….excited.
"Wha-when STEVE sees me up here? What will he do??" speculated the panicked super heroine.

Wonder Woman had forgotten the most shameful chapter in amazon history, their captivity under Hercules, the Son of Zeus.
The legend was, Hercules had seduced Hypolyta and stolen her magic girdle.
The reality was, mice were released into the amazon camp, the woman warriors all screamed, dropped their weapons and fainted dead away.
Indeed going barefoot in front of a man was a serious thing for a young beautiful amazon. When Hypolyta and the amazon nation were the captives of Hercules, footgear of any type was forbidden for the slavegirls. Going barefoot in front of Hercules' soldiery increased the amazon's sense of vulnerability and made them easier to dominate.
Many of Hypolyta's mighty female warriors simply gave up and became contented barefoot harem girls.
Hypolyta herself used to dance for Hercules every night stripping herself naked for the pleasure of the Son of Zeus.
Amazon history conveniently overlooks that their mighty Queen happily cooked for Hercules and avidly kept his tents neat and tidy.
Eventually, prodded by the goddesses, Hypolyta and most of her warriors escaped, but not before the amazon queen was impregnated by Hercules himself.
Now however, all Wonder Woman could think of, was the possibility that Steve might see her atop the chair, helpless and fearful.
The thought of Steve discovering her awful feminine weakness though, turned on the Amazing Amazon … her twat was puffy and moist!
"Must fight this urge! I'm an ICON!" thought the heroine.
Suddenly, the Amazon maid felt something warm and furry gently bounce off her shoulder blades and slide down her back…it was it was…ANOTHER MOUSE!!
Frantically, Wonder Woman flailed around trying to grab or even flick off the tiny rodent.
"Ack ugh!!" she wailed "I…hate MICE!!"
But it was to no avail, the clever beast had snagged the tab to her hidden zipper in his paws and was drawing the fastener, loosening the heroine's famous bustier!
Diana was so panicked by this new mouse attack she never noticed the cups to her golden eagle bustier coming loose and leaving her famed tits in a wonderfully jiggly exposed state.
No she was too busy staggering atop her chair vainly grabbing at a mouse that had already dropped off her person in a suspiciously well trained manner!
So panicked was the mighty amazon that she never even noticed another mouse, dropping out of the HVAC above straight down her bustier where the happy creature scrambled around between the two hills of Wonder Woman's breasts alternately tickling and stimulating the heroine.
"WHAHAHAAAA!!" squaled Diana who clumsily fished around her bustier's cups desperately trying to pull out that awful little mouse. His little tail lashed at her exposed nipples bringing them to a fearful state of excitement as the amazon maid giggled from her tickling and wept from fear all at the same time.
"Tee hee hee hee!! Ohh you awful little thing…get OUT of there!"gasped Superheroine Number One.
And then as if invited a third mouse plunged from the ceiling carefully hooking onto the clasp of her precious magic belt source of ALL her superpowers!
With a deft tug the tiny creature unfastened the belt causing both belt and mouse to drop to the floor with a thud!
Wonder Woman straightened up as if some creep had just pinched her lithesome ass!
"Oohhhh!" she squealed feeling her strength leaving her! The amazon looked around wildly her magic talisman lay on the floor guarded by a mouse! She was now officially powerless!
Which is when her bustier came completely undone and fell to the floor as well, leaving the embarrassed amazon in a delightfully topless condition.
"EEEP!" Wonder Woman tried to cover up her magnificent breasts with her hands, she HAD to find the courage to climb down, retrieve her belt, top, magic lasso and escape those nasty little mice with dignity!
With a quivering lower lip she pointed her dainty foot and tried to climb down from the chair, she really did.
But those mice were all over the floor! With a squeal of disgust Wonder Woman pulled her bare foot back!
"Must will myself down from this chair…I AM AN AMAZON!" she raged inwardly.
Wonder Woman pointed her dainty toe and slid it down towards the floor, her fear filled imagination though, suddenly pictured one of those carefree rodents scampering across her bare foot.
"EEEPP!!" gasped the heroine who pulled her foot back up to the safety of the chair.
The mere thought of one of those awful creatures touching her made Wonder Woman shudder.
It made her bare tits shudder as well.
"Oohhh Ohhh!! EEEE!!" she squealed bravely willing one tiny bare foot onto the floor, then slowly the other.
A false sense of courage filled the amazon princess, she straightened up with a triumphal look, a bare too steps and she'd retrieve her belt from her mouse attackers!
"As soon as I get my powers back, I'll fix you little monsters!" she promised.
Bending over her beautiful breasts swayed in the air, her nipples taut and erect as if awaiting the kiss of some masterful lover.
So of course, Wonder Woman couldn't see that one of the mice had gone…missing.
The rest of the little beasts had reassembled under a nearby coach, which is what gave Wonder Woman the opportunity to nerve herself down from the chair.
Mincing off the chair, the lovely topless heroine seized her precious belt and lifted it in the air in a gesture of sheer triumph…"Got you now you little AWWWW EEEEKKK!!!"
Sure enough Wonder Woman had grabbed a mouse along with her belt, the tiny creature hung by his tail between her knuckles and twitched his whiskers impassively.
The color drained from Wonder Woman's face, her eyes rolled back in her head…it was all too much for the amazon maiden, the room spun about her and the mighty Wonder Woman simply collapsed in a fetching heap on the floor in a dead faint!
A moment passed, then a small concealed door in the wainscoting opened, a tiny man in a grey mouse costume rode out atop… a mouse! He was proud as any cavalryman atop his unorthodox mount.
"Squee squee! Perfect, I've at least defeated Wonder Woman!" he trilled. The infamous Mouseman was a tiny villain who used his small sized and control of rodents to commit admittedly ridiculous crimes. The normal antipathy of the female sex for small rodents made him a natural opponent for the prideful amazon Wonder Woman. This was the first time though, the Mouseman had deployed his "mice legions" in a natural way against the haughty heroine.
He surveyed the sprawled crimefightress with evident satisfaction before stripped off his own grey mouse costume. Naked, the tiny terror produced a small aerosol canister from his "mouse utility belt" and liberally spraying himself all over. Whereupon the tiny villain began to grow and grow until he was a normal sized and quiet naked man!
Smiling evilly he walked over to the insensible amazon, gave her left nipple a hard little pinch and snapped up her magic belt.
"You won't be needing this anymore my dear!" he gloated.
Seeking to steal US secrets, the Mouse Man had equipped some mice in the Pentagon with tiny video cameras, keeping Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's long suffering boy friend under surveillance seemed a natural thing, so when the Mouse Man discovered the meek secretary Lt. Diana Prince was his nemesis Wonder Woman, well…this plan seemed obvious!
The Mouse Man now stepped over to a seldom-used closet and removed the uniform of a technical Sergeant in the US Air Force, complete with proper ID badge; he'd hidden them there the night before.
Adjusting his beret the Mouse Man rolled up Wonder Woman's precious belt& lasso into a tight tube and stuck it in his pocket.
His plan all along was simple, rob Wonder Woman of her powers permanently, and leave her with the knowledge that she'd been defeated by her own stereotypical fear of mice!
Moved to whimsy, the Mouse Man rooted around Diana's desk until he found a spare pair of the Lieutenant's glasses…these he stuck on her nose before kissing the ex-heroine on the cheek and leaving. He gave his mice a mental command to scatter and hide, he wanted no to leave no evidence for Steve Trevor to mull over when he returned from his shower.
Whistling a happy tune the now disguised Mouse Man exited Diana Prince's office, he got out of the Pentagon easily the whole adventure made him so confident he began planning similar attacks on other heroines.

"Diana!" pap! "Wake UP Lieutenant!"
Wonder Woman, topless, glasses and all was tenderly stretched out on the couch. Steve had returned to find her unconscious and in an arousing semi-exposed state.
At the moment he was gently slapping Wonder Woman into wakefulness.
"Oohh Steve….there were MICE!!" Wonder Woman surged up in a panic, eyes wide with fear.
Steve gripped her by the bare shoulders and held her tight "There there Diana, it's all over now…but why are you dressed as Wonder Woman?" asked the pilot.
"Huh? Wha?" groaned the amazon who was unaware that she was beltless, in costume and was incongruously wearing her glasses, it gave her a forlorn helpless look.
"What do you mean? I am Wonder Woman…" the amazon looked down she was stricken with terror, her tits were exposed and her magic belt was gone!
Thoughtless of her topless condition with boobs swaying majestically, Diana sprang off the couch and searched the floor in a distracted fashion.
"My magic belt, source of all my powers when I'm away from Paradise Island!" she announced in a fretful tone.
Steve looked nonplussed, his secretary looked cute in her satin tights, but where was the real Wonder Woman, they had a date!
"Um did Wonder Woman leave a message before she left?" he asked innocently.
"Steve I'm Wonder Woman why do I have to repeat myself? But without my belt I'm an ordinary female!" said the heroine crossly.
"I thought she got her powers from her bracelets!" asked Steve aloud.
By now, Diana was under her desk "Bracelets that's a crazy idea it's always been my belt!" she answered from under the desk.
"Your belt yeah? but you aren't Wonder Woman are you? Because Wonder Woman does generally wear glasses" rejoined Steve.
"Of course I'm Wonder Woman Steve I…" just then, Diana straightened up and saw in the reflection of the President's picture that she was still wearing her glasses!
"Uh oh!" she peeped.
"LIEUTENANT!" roared Steve "You are out of uniform and topless and where the hell is Wonder Woman?!"
The amazon straightened up at attention, before realizing that she was Wonder Woman and couldn't submit to a man's orders!
Flushing with embarrassment she babbled "I errr…always wanted to try on Diana's glasses she and I are friends you know…anyhow I didn't think she would mind then there were mice in the room and they stole my belt and and…"
Diana was making no sense and sounded frankly irrational.
Steve decided to overlook her topless condition for the moment, and that took a real act of will as one might imagine!
HE stroked his chin quizzically "Mice…mice stole the Mighty Wonder Woman's … belt??"
Wonder Woman bent down on both knees she was searching for the hidden mouse-hole, she thought it was under some heavy wall shelves.
"Yes I'm powerless without it…didn't you know that?" asked the heroine as she felt around the baseboard.
"Oh….no well losing your powers isn't so bad is it Diana? I mean you can take a vacation and get away from crimefighting" noted Steve soothingly.
Wonder Woman looked over her shoulder at her boy friend, he had a suspicious look on his face.
Suddenly she realized "Great Hera…he thinks I'm Diana in some rented costume curse these glasses!"
Diana's left eye twitched this was becoming too much for her, fifteen minutes ago she was Super Heroine Number One, now she was a babbling topless bimbo in satin tights!
"Hey you believe I'm Wonder Woman don't you?" quavered the heroine.
"Of…course you are Wonder Woman" said Steve in an insincere tone.
"Look I can prove it, my lasso can…OOHHHHH SHADES OF PLUTO the mice stole my lasso too!" howled the topless amazon in a tone of real anguish.
Steve started forward and gripped Diana by the shoulders, and turned her around without her powers the ex-amazon found herself helpless in his grip "Diana get up and face me, we've got to talk!"
His voice trailed off, incensed Diana shot to her feet only to have her head smack right into the shelving knocking her completely unconscious!
She swooned prettily in Steve's arms "Who knew my secretary was this cute and this crazy?" he thought.

Two hours later, "Diana Prince" was being bundles down the hallway of the "Saint Janet Hospital for Troubled Girls" clad in a tight straitjacket. Two beautiful but no-nonsense female orderlies were harrying her along; indeed the staff of this institution was mostly female!
Diana fidgeted and twisted, desperate to get free of her captors, the tile floor was cold to her bare hosiery shod feet.
"You DON'T understand I'm WON-DER WOMAN! I don't belong here!" she whined.
"Sure Miss Prince, we understand, even amazons need to relax," said the first orderly in an indulgent tone.
"Noooo I-I'm Won-der Woman let me go!" begged Diana.
The second orderly was more of a cynic "Well if you are Wonder Woman, then bust outa that straitjacket wit' yer super strength!"
The two of them stood back and sneered at Diana expectantly.
"I-I can't I've lost my strength, my magic belt…mice got it please take me back to the Pentagon so I can search for it!" begged the captive crimefightress.
A voice can out from a nearby locked door, "No I'm Wonder Woman! I lost my powers when the guards took my power-panties!"
Another: "No she is an imposter, I'm the REAL Wonder-Woman from Earth Two, I got a run in my magic nylons now I'm powerless!"
And yet another: "These girls are all evil fakes, I'm Wonder Woman, I lost my powers when I lost my magical mind!!!"
Diana looked around in terror; it was a whole ward full of insane females who thought they were Wonder Woman!!
Petrified with fear, the amazon took off down the corridor at a dead run!
"Hey come back here!" yelled the orderlies.
Diana rushed past the ward, into a long hallway beyond, she was still on the first floor if she could get out a window, get out of her restraints and hide, she could escape!
Not thinking she crashed thru the first ajar door she could find and found herself in a nicely appointed office presided over by a slim 40-ish woman in an expensive business suit.
She smiled guilelessly at the helpless heroine.
Diana pushed the door shut with her toned butt "I'm Wonder Woman!" she gasped.
"Of course you are…" soothed the woman.
"I'm an icon to women everywhere!!" noted the captive crimefightress.
"Indeed I am one of your greatest admirers" said the woman with quiet gentility.
"I've been sent here by mistake…please help me escape…I could burst out of my straitjacket unaided but mice stole my magic belt and so I've lost my amazon strength!"
The woman walked over to the panting amazon "I'll help you, I'm doctor Rebecca Baxter I'm the Hospital Director…just come over by the window Sister!"
Diana breathed a sigh of relief she'd be free!"Y-you believe me?"
"Of course I do…now somewhere down on the window sill is a catch for the secret exit, look for will you? I'll get the key to your straitjacket!" whispered Dr. Baxter smoothly.
Wonder Woman gazed at the window sill intensely, she had to find that catch and escape.
Poor thing, she never saw the big cotton pad soaked with chloroform as the doctor expertly clamped it over her nose and mouth.
"MMMMMpphhh!!" wailed the betrayed beauty, she bucked and tossed helplessly…but the evil soporific fumes stole away what little strength she had.
Dr. Baxter smiled grimly as as Diana's eyes rolled up in her head and she slipped off to dreamland.
Gently she lowered the conquered crimefighter to the floor.
The orderlies then entered shamefaced.
"Another Wonder Woman Dr. Baxter sorry she got away from us…" said the first.
Baxter smiled, "that is all right Teresa, have our guest washed and prepped for vellication therapy no doubt she'll have to be persuaded to give yup her costume like the other Wonder Women we have!"
The orderlies picked up the unconscious amazon and carried her out the door.
"We'll try harder next time" promised the second.
"That is all I can ask you to do!" said the Doctor.

A scant half hour later, the ex-amazon was strapped down in four point restraint in a padded cell. A robot pin-wheel device gently spun feathers against her bare feet. The fastidious orderlies had stripped her of her nylons while she slumbered from the chloroform.
Wonder Woman was laughing hysterically and writhing in her bonds, begging for mercy. She wasn't even being the slightest bit subtle about her supplication, she offered the co-ordinates of Paradise Island and the secret identities of all her heroine friends.
Fortunately, the staff had no interest in any of this babble and merely insisted that the therapy would stop when Diana agreed to strip off her costume, bracelets & tiara.
"Whahahahahaaahhaaa!!! Oh please anything but that!!!" wept Wonder Woman.
"Okay then" said Doctor Baxter "20 more RPMs!"
"Paranoia!" diagnosed Dr. Baxter, lets leave her like this until morning see if the delusion cycle gets disrupted.
"Nnnoooo! I give in you can h-have my costume! AHAHAHAAA!!!" groveled the amazon.
Vellication therapy was one of the few formers of invasive persuasion sanctioned by the District of Columbia. By the standards of Saint Janet's Hospital Diana didn't last long.
But then, the object wasn't torment, it was to get her to give up her costumery of her own accord.
Freed from her gurney the ex-heroine sobbed and whined her way thru her striptease, gently folding her famous satin tights and placing them in a cardboard box with her name written on it.
"W-will I get it back?" she quavered.
"I suppose, when you are cured!" reflected Doctor Baxter.
"Buh but I'm Wonder Woman you've got to understand…"
Dr. Baxter silenced the hysterical heroine with one sharp look, shamefaced, Diana added her tiara and bracelets to the box. Her whole identity was going into storage, without her magic belt and costume, no-one believed her!
Weeping and sniveling, Diana donned her crisp white patient's tunic and slipped her dainty ticklish feet into a matching pair of ballet flats.
Still sobbing she was lead out of the vellication therapy room to her own private padded cell.
One of the orderlies trailed behind her carrying paperwork "Now Miss Prince…does anyone in your family have a history of mental illness?"

Thereafter the heroine began a steep decline and total immersion into the life of Saint Janet's Hospital for Troubled Girls.
She had therapy three times a week with Dr. Baxter in the standard talking cure format. Initially she tried to resist by asserting her status as amazon royalty and recounting all the rules by which amazon's had to live. The doctor was brisk and dismissive sending her back for more vellication therapy or an increase in her meds whenever Diana became too strident on the topic.
After a while Diana couldn't keep track of all those rules, was it she couldn't let a man see up her skirt or else she'd lose her powers or was it she wasn't supposed to let a man pick up the check?
She couldn't recall, it didn't help matters that she was tired all the time from her meds and the high stepping gait all patients had to effect when moving around in the corridors.
"If I am Wonder Woman" she thought "Then WHY am I in a mental hospital?"
The ex-heroine was signed up for classes on the most curious subjects, the comparative study of modern male and female sexuality, Lamaze exercises, the theory and practice of fellatio, home economics, cooking and she was encouraged to keep a dream book of any sexual fantasies she might have.
Diana's volume was embarrassingly slim.
The conquered heroine made several attempts to leave the hospital, but without her strength & powers she was no match for the guards who treated her like a bratty teenager who needed to watched at all times by kindly adults.
Once or twice, the guards lost their temper with the "amazon princess" and gave her a hard spanking on the bare butt to punish her for trying to escape.
They even made her stand in the corner like an unruly child…this always made Diana cry from frustration.
No one reported this scenes, Diana was too mortified that Amazon Royalty was being spanked like a naughty child while the guards didn't want to goof up a solid freaky scene.
Mostly though, to help break down her delusions Diana was compelled to wear a sign around her neck saying "Confront me about my oppressive fantasies of power".
So she got confronted, a lot.
Once a week, Diana was "groomed" taken to an in-house salon where her feet were pedicured, her legs given a bikini wax and her coochee keep smoothly shaven.
At first she resisted these ministrations but after a while she began to enjoy the feminine atmosphere in the salon…she could sit for hours under the hair dryer reading some silly fashion magazine and let her thoughts just drift.
Still she didn't fully succumb, the ex-amazon tried writing a letter to the U.S. Secretary of Defense and the President of the U.N. Security Council requesting release from her accidental incarceration.
Unfortunately, the rules forbade her any access to pens, pencils or a computer, so her letters were all composed on blank sheets of paper written in red crayon.
Diana despite her high hopes never received any responses to these carefully worded missives.

Eventually, Steve Trevor began visiting his old aide-de-Camp in the Hospital. He always brought her a treat like a chocolate bar or some other bit of candy. Things were slow now at military intelligence ever since Wonder Woman disappeared.
By now, days would go by before Diana would recall she was Wonder Woman being unjustly detailed but seeing as how Steve was being so nice to her she said nothing.
And that chocolate was so good!

Colonel Trevor went to see Dr. Baxter in hopes of getting other things cleared as potential gifts for his ex-aide. Steve was a good man, he didn't want Diana to start thinking that she'd been abandoned even if she had been given a section eight discharge from the Air Force.
And besides she looked cute in her prison frock.
Baxter was warm to the subject "Frankly Steve, I recommend you start buying her bodice rippers…the raunchier the better…I've never seen a patient with more inhibitions, she is so sexually repressed she doesn't even know what she is repressing!"
"Really? She was very meek and mild as my ADC!" remarked Steve.
"Those are the worse kinds, normally we have to work to get our girls to stop masturbating, but Diana really needs to start bringing herself off as a stress release…I think you should start her on Ann Rice's Beauty series".
Trevor agreed, and the next Sunday Diana presented with a lurid sexy romance paperback that detailed a lovely female pirate captain's intense sexual submission to a handsome navy commander.
Normally the ex-amazon would ignore such trash, but she read it avidly for lack of any other diversion in the mental hospital.

Meanwhile, the Mouseman did not profit one whit from his easy conquest of Wonder Woman. He picked out Supergirl as his next victim and even heisted an irreplaceable syringe of kryptonite serum from one of Lex Luthor's hidden labs. This potion was so powerful that if injected into the Maid of Might it would destroy her super powers forever.
The Tiny Terror learned that the Girl of Steel was scheduled to hoist an M-1 tank over her head for charity on the Johnny Reno late night TV talk show. A consortium of millionaires would endow the heroine's approved charity if she'd balance a tank on one finger. In fact this consortium was a collection of wealthy but decidedly dirty old men who got off on watching a sexy nineteen year old girl's tits bobble as she hoisted heavy objects around.
Supergirl understood the game, though, she went bra-less especially for this TV appearance, it was worth a cool million to her special literacy program.
In the green room, the Mouse Man sent a small grey mouse to panic Supergirl and hopefully get her to faint whereupon he'd inject her with the serum and end her heroic career for good!
Unfortunately, there was one problem, Supergirl had a soft spot for animals, especially mice.
Far from panicking, the Girl of Steel sprang on the tiny creature and placed him on her arm…she crinkled her adorable nose at him and fed the mouse morsels of cheese off the snack table.
The Mouse Man was dumbfounded "Squee Squee! A heroine who isn't afraid of mice, sure statistically it's possible who'd a thunk a silly bint like Supergirl would be so damn brave?"
The Maid of Steel brought the mouse with her out on stage, it was a big hit along with her bouncy breasts as she guilelessly juggled a tank on national television.
After that, Mouse Man bribed a sociopathic fan boy for the apartment used by Powergirl when she was in Metropolis. He reasoned that he could at least recycle the Kryptonite serum on a pesky chesty if lesser know heroine.
Alas the miniature malevolence choose Powergirl's thirtieth birthday for his attack, the heroine spent most of the evening drinking grain alcohol & fruitjuice because she hadn't yet caught herself a man.
When the Mouse Man rode in on his mouse-mount, Powergirl did indeed climb a chair in terror and unleashed a blast of her heat vision vaporizing the Tiny Terror, the one of a kind syringe and the rodent-legion in an instant.
Powergirl then swooned and when she awoke in the morning she thought the mice and that awful little man were some sort of alcoholic delusion. The good news was, Powergirl went cold turkey, wrote a self-help book and finally reeled in a loving husband.
The bad news is, with the Mouse Man reduced to ashes Wonder Woman's magic belt and lasso were finally and irretrievably lost for good. The Mouse Man had no super villainous associations and since he only hung out with mice no one knew where he hid the amazon's precious artifacts.

Back at the hospital, Diana's therapy dragged on.
"admit it you envy her!"
"Wonder Woman!"
"Well who wouldn't…she is smart, brave, beautiful a role model to women…" recited Diana proudly.
"I think she is a repressed tight ass" opined Dr. Baxter " I doubt she ever put out for your boss Steve Trevor!"
"Doctorrrr!" wailed Diana in anguish.
"Did she ever admit to sucking his cock? Of course not…silly bitch was too good to give that poor lug a decent blow job" opined the lady psychiatrist.
Diana lay on the coach, arms crossed blushing.
In truth her therapy had "plateau'd"…she rarely insisted that she was Wonder Woman these days but she still exhibited occasional symptoms of a submerged identity, like when she'd reminisce about riding the wing of her transparent plane like a surfboard.
There were times that during their sessions, all Dr. Baxter and Diana did was watch soft-core porn and then spend the next two appoints discussing the techniques therein depicted.
It helped kill the time.
"Trust me if I could ever get her onto the couch I'd fix her up by God!"
"I er…Wonder Woman helps people a lot!" mumbled Diana truculently.
"And yet she is too much the princess to give her boy friend a happy!" rejoined Dr. Baxter.
"Steve Trevor is a gentleman and kind and…" Diana's lecture trailed off something was moving around on the floor under her desk…it was…it was…no it COULDN'T BE??!!! A MOUSE!!!"
"Feminine instinct kicked in on all eight cylinders "EEEKKKK!!! A MOUSE!" howled Diana who sprang to her feet atop the coach in sheer terror!
Dr. Baxter around aghast, she spotted the mouse and immediately climbed nimbly to the top of her chair "Ooohh NOO!! I HATE MICE!" she wailed.
Both women were sweet caricatures of femininity, cocking their legs, tugging irrationally on their hemlines and weeping with undisguised fear…Doctor Baxter leapt over to Diana who was standing half croached on the couch.
She wrapped her arms around her patient and drew her close to her own formidable breasts…"D'Don't look!! J-just don't it'll go…soon I p-promise!!" wept the scholarly female psychiatrist.
To punctuate her promise, she reached down past her smartly tailored business skirt and pried off her strappy left heel and tossed it in a ungainly arc at the mouse.
She missed by a mile but the rodent got the message and scampered off.
Diana meanwhile had passed out from sheer terror…Dr. Baxter, still quite scared herself lowered her patient onto the coach with quiet tenderness.
After a quick dose of smelling salts, Diana stirred and grimaced…her eyes stayed closed and she whispered "I am NOT Wonder Woman…she was never ever afraid of MICE!!"
Quietly she began to weep.
Dr. Baxter stepped back and repressed a smile of triumph.
"So that's the key to her delusion, Lt. Prince decides to surprise her boss with a sexy Wonder Woman costume…but some mice forcer her to climb a chair in terror…so she bitterly reproves herself for being so afraid, her stereotypical female behavior undermines at the outset her new heroic man-pleasing persona… and thus the whole power loss fantasy ensues and then her breakdown. The fixation on the magic belt is a lesser enabling delusion that compensates for the incomplete costume she was wearing…it all fits, now Diana's real recovery can begin!" thought the Doctor.
Diana continued weeping "There there Diana…you have a few advantages over that chubby snob Wonder Woman I think…if you let me I'll help you…!" soothed Dr. Baxter.
Diana smiled thru her tears.

The rest of the story you know, Mary Marvel came to work for Military Intelligence for a while, she was chummy with the intern Mary Batson. The Girl Gladiator was a big help against some of Wonder Woman's old foes like the Crimson Centipede , The Fireworks Man and Giganta. Although the Pentagon was rife with rumors that Mary Marvel and Mary Batson were both sweet on Buddy, bicycle delivery guy…the DoD held it's breath but no catfight ever ensued sadly.
This freed Steve up to court his ex-aide with gusto.
One day a few months later, the handsome pilot said it with a diamond.
Diana was goggle eyed at the sight; she slipped the ring on her finger and sighed with happiness.
She yes of course.
All the other patients were happy for Diana, they chipped in to buy her a beautiful white wedding gown with a sheer veil. Doctor Baxter was the Maid of Honor for their modest wedding ceremony down at the Justice of the Peace and the Girl who thought she was Lady Blackhawk caught the flowers.

A year later found Diana Prince a happy contented House-wife, Steve had retired for the Air Force and was now a high powered aviation and security consultant.
He'd even arranged to get Diana's pension paid despite her abrupt departure from the Air Force.
Turns out, Diana was a natural housewife, but then she had the unconscious race-memory of the amazon's captivity to Hercules to draw on.
She cooked, cleaned and happily played the submissive little wifey to her handsome virile husband.
One day, Diana was puttering around the house doing housework in her long bathrobe. Steve would be home soon for lunch, he claimed he had a "surprise" for the "Little Woman" . Diana tingled with anticipation.
She had a surprise for him as well!!
Having dusted the living room, the recovering amazon passed a mirror in the hallway, reflexively she began to primp.
But there was something wrong with the mirror's image, instead of Diana in a bathrobe it was Diana in a tiara and tights, WONDER WOMAN!!
Diana was shocked at her own relapse…she was calm though did her affirmations "Would a crazy woman be this beautiful" was one of them.
She even remained calm when her reflection began to talk!!
"Diana listen to me, you are STILL Wonder Woman!! Dr. Baxter and Steve have mislead you…we…ah… I mean you or I mean WE…can still get back the magic belt!!! Diana LISTEN TO ME!! The mice that is the key…it must've been the Mouse Man who used those mice against me at the Pentagon…HE must have the belt!!! All we have to do is assemble a list of his known hide-outs and we are bound to find the belt!! The belt proves we are Wonder Woman Diana!!! PLEASE!!!
Diana shook her head in pain why was this crazy woman talking about mice, she HATED mice, Steve thought her fear adorable but jumping on chairs in three inch heels was murder on the ankles!
"I got news for you toots" said Diana sarcastically "I couldn't fit into that belt even if it existed!"
And with a flourish she opened her robe and revealed she was wearing a special Wonder Woman-style APRON, with white lace trim, an eagle motif over her breasts and a long blue skirt with white stars…she was barefoot, her stomach was round, perfect and six months gone.
She smiled in triumph.
"NOOOOOO!!! Wailed the reflection "Diana you surrendered your womb to a man…no amazon must ever wear an apron and serve a man either"
Diana turned away with a harsh laugh "Tell it to Wonder Tot Bitch!"
Her reflection beat on her "side" of the mirror "Noooo Diana don't leave me, We are I mean you really are Wonder Woman, don't leave me here!!! LET ME FREE!!! NO!!! It can't end this way!!!!" she wailed.
By then Diana was out of earshot in the Living Room.
Her delusion eventually stopped sobbing.
An hour or so later Steve came home and admired Diana's new "Wonder Apron".
"Isn't this a step back though?" he asked solicitously.
"No Dr. Baxter said it was okay as long as I didn't try to take on The Crime Master of Time and just used it as a marital aid" smiled Diana.
Steve grinned lecherously "I have something like a step backwards right here!" he said mysteriously.
The pilot reached into his bag and produced a length of chain with a soft leather cuff on it, silently he affixed the restraint to his wife's ankle and fastened the other end to the stove.
Diana was ecstatic "W-Wonder Woman is…"
"Barefoot.." coaxed Steve
"P-pregnant" moaned Diana.
"And CHAINED to the stove!" concluded the pilot with triumph.
Steve gently bent his ex-amazon wife over the kitchen, table, he rubbed his hands in a claiming gesture over her still lithesome backside and unceremoniously shoved his thick rock hard cock into her cooch doggy style!
Diana was hot and wet, as she'd been since the day they were married…"OOOH AHHH….Harder!" she moaned.
Steve rammed his ten inch babymaker home and roughly squeezed his wife's swollen tits.
As he fell into his reliable sex rhythmn…Diana arched her head back and howled "HOLA!!!"

The End