The Final Lesson  

The Final Lesson > by John O'Connor

Disclaimer: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl and all related > characters and locations are copyright by DC Comics. > No infringement for profit is intended.

Donna Troy lay entwined with her lover relaxing after > an energetic bout of near-frantic lovemaking.

She looked at her partner, admiring those beautiful > eyes again. It was what she had noticed when they > first met and what continually drew her gaze back. > She sighed as a finger casually traced a random > pattern across her breast. She felt so content.

"So, you really want to know, do you?" she asked. in > response to the enthusiatic nod, she continued, "Okay, > but I don't want you falling asleep."

"Don't worry, I won't," her lover replied, kissing the > soft skin behind the moving finger.

"Well," Donna began, "You know how I was a baby > trapped in a burning tenement and Wonder Woman saved > me? I don't remember much, it was over twenty years > ago. I was so little, I was maybe 3 or 4 years old, > but I do remember her black hair gleaming in the > fire's glow and the radiance of her magic lasso. She > was like an angel coming through the smoke towards me.

"The people who brought me there were dead. It was > assumed they were my parents. It wasn't until much > later I discovered they weren't but were really > running a black market adoption operation. Wonder > Woman, Diana, tried desperately to find any trace of > my family but to no avail. Being a member of the > Justice League, she was able to become my guardian and > shortly after that she took me to Paradise Island to > be raised by her mother the Queen and the other > Amazons.

"Occasionally, she would come and visit and I looked > forward to those visits. I loved my life on the > island, everyone was so good to me. I was only the > second child on the island since they had won their > freedom from Hercules and his minions several thousand > years before. Diana was the first.

"In the 14 years I lived on the island, I was trained > in all the arts, sciences, and ways of fighting known > to the Amazons. Paula, the chief scientist had > developed her Purple Ray and used it to syphon off > part of the power of each of the Amazons to pass along > to me. As a result, I am stronger and more > invulnerable than any normal human. I will probably > live longer too, but not to near immortal standards > like the Amazons. Oh, stop that!"

Donna was interrupted by her lover gently biting her > nipple. She said in a mock stern voice, "Do you want > to hear this or not? It's distracting, > oooh...don't...oooh...Stop!" She reluctantly pulled > away from the insistent lips.

"Okay, anyway, I went through myriad lessons and tests > as I got older. By the time I was 16, possibly 17, I > had passed most of the tests and was ready to take my > place as a full fledged Amazon. There was just one > final step..."

10 years earlier in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle,

Princess Diana was going home. She was returning to > Themyscira to help her protege in her final steps to > becoming an Amazon.

Diana, known to the outside world as Wonder Woman, was > daughter to Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons and the > Amazonian ambassador to the "Man's" world. And much > as she loved the outside world, she also loved her > homeland and journeyed back whenever she could.

This trip was even more special. Donna was about to > become an equal to everyone else on Paradise Island. > And Diana wouldn't, couldn't miss it.

Upon landing in her invisible airplane, a product of > alien science she had discovered near the South Pole, > she was met by her mother. The two could be sisters, > the resemblance was so strong. They shared a warm > embrace as Hippolyta said, "Daughter, it is so good to > see you. The outside world must agree with you better > than it ever did me."

Hippolyta referred to the short period she spent in > the outside world during the Second World War as a > member off the Justice Society of America. While she > enjoyed the excitement and the fellowship of the > mystery men, she never felt she belonged and returned > to her home as soon as she felt she could.

"Yes, Mother, I do like the outside world. It's so > vibrant and exciting. As the Americans say, 'Never a > dull moment.'" Diana replied. "However, when it > becomes too much, I can think of no more tranquil > place on Earth than right here."

As they linked arms and walked to the palace, Diana > was frequently stopped to be hugged and greeted by > many old friends and former teachers. She loved the > sisterly comraderie of the island. Nothing else in > her life came close to it.

They chatted as they progressed to the palace. Often > they were in response to questions from Hippolyta > regarding her old teammates. "Yes, Alan Scott did > change his title. He's now Sentinel but he still > wears the same costume. No, Wesley isn't doing as > well as he could but he is quite old and a mortal. > Jay still races around Keystone like the old days you > told me about."

Finally, the queen asked Diana, "And yourself? Are > you really happy out there?"

"Yes Mother. Although I don't really have anyone I > feel as close to as the Amazons. I do get lonely now > and again." At Hippolyta's raised eyebrow, she > continued, "Not that way. I've taken several lovers > depending upon my desires."

"Good," her mother replied. "Anything serious?"

Laughing and shaking her head, Diana said, "No, except > for Kal. You know him as Superman, I believe. But > his heart belongs to another, a mortal."

It had been centuries since Hippolyta had let another > man touch her intimately. He was the now-legendary > Hercules, the Superman of Ancient Greece. Revered for > his many heroic feats, the Son of Zeus' legend > downplayed the fact that he repayed Hippolyta's > intimacy and love with the chains of slavery for > herself and her sisters. The memory of that > degradation at the hands of a "hero" had never faded.

"Diana, I just don't understand how you can even stand > to have a man touch you in an intimate way. It's just > disgusting to me," Hippolyta shook her head.

"Oh, come on Mother. All those years in the outer > world and you remained celibate?" Diana asked.

Hippolyta threw her head back laughing, her luxurious > hair falling down her back. "No daughter. I did not > remain celibate."

When she did not elaborate, Diana asked, "So, who?" > She paused then added, suspecting the answer, "That > American? The Army Air Corps pilot?"

"Steve? Oh gods, no! He was more like a puppy, > always following me around and getting into mischief." > Hippolyta paused, "It was a fringe member of the > Justice Society. Liberty Belle."

"Oh, I never knew that," Diana replied, an image of > the blond-haired World War Two heroine appeared in her > mind. As always, her mother had superior taste.

"Yes, well, it didn't last. In their world, it > couldn't. Relationships between two women or men, > especially public figures, were stictly taboo. I > don't believe much has changed in the intervening > decades. She married another of those 'mystery men' > as we were called then," the queen said with no trace > of the bitterness she had felt all those years ago.

They entered the palace and the queen continued, "But, > let us change the topic of our discussion. This is a > happy time, a time of celebration. One among us is > becoming a warrior and a woman today." Hippolyta > clapped her hands once and several members of the > royal court left quietly to return moments later with > their charge.

Diana smiled when she saw Donna. The young girl she > had rescued so long ago was becoming a woman. The > teenager was brought before Hippolyta and Diana. > Seeing them both, she tried to suppress the grin > forming on her face.

"Donna, you are to be tested to find out whether you > merit the status of an Amazon warrior! It is a great > and noble tradition stretching back millenia as the > mortals reckon time! Are you worthy?" Queen Hippolyta > intoned, her voice echoing throughout the chamber.

"Yes, my queen. I am worthy. And I am ready to be > tested," the young girl said firmly.

"As is our tradition, albeit one we have invoked but > one other time in the past two thousand years, you can > choose one among us to test you. Have you decided > upon an examiner?" Donna nodded, and Hippolyta > continued, "Very well. Who shall it be?"

"I choose to have Diana to test me and my abilities," > Donna said without hesitation.

Hippolyta nodded to Donna and turned to her side, > "Diana, my daughter, do you accept the charge? Will > you test Donna and her abilities to determine her > fitness as an Amazon?"

"Yes my Queen. I accept the charge," Diana said as > she smiled at her eager young friend.

"Very well. On the morrow, you shall be escorted to > the far side of our island so that you may be tested > without the distractions of the court and the city. > It is so." Hippolyta clapped her hands again and > bowed.

Her retainers led Diana and Donna from the royal > chamber to the temple so that they could pay homage to > the gods and goddesses, asking for their blessing and > wisdom in the coming test. Then they retired to their > chambers to prepare for the coming day.

The Present...

"Were you nervous?" her lover asked.

Donna nodded and said, "Yes, but it was a good kind of > nervous, you know? I knew I'd be fine and could > easily pass any warrior's tes they threw at me. It > was the final part I was concerned about. I was > worried I wouldn't prove worthy." She paused as a > finger slipped between her legs and into her. "Ooooh. > That's so nice..."

Donna closed her eyes and lay back against the pillow > for a moment before gently grasping her lover's wrist > and pulling it away from her mound. "C'mon. Do you > want to hear this or do you want to play?" Normally, > Donna knew her lover would have opted for play but > wanted to hear the tale. She also knew that she had > to finish the story now.

"Okay, no more distractions. Well, that night I don't > think I slept wink. I was excited and nervous. I > prayed to the various gods and goddesses again for > help and inspiration. Finally morning dawned and we > were taken to the other side of the island and left to > ourselves..."

10 years before...

Diana, now clothed in the traditional short white toga > of the island, looked regal with her long black hair > hanging loosely around her face and over her > shoulders. She asked Donna, "Well, my dear, which > test shall be first?"

Donna, dressed in a similar one-piece outfit but with > her hair tied back into a ponytail with a leather tie, > didn't feel anywhere near as impressive as Diana. She > looked at the small array of weapons, all in pairs. > There were two bows with a quiver of ten arrows each, > two swords, two shields, two javelins, two bolas, and > two tridents and nets.

"How about the archery first?" Donna suggested. Diana > nodded and they took their places on a firing line > already established with the twin targets over one > hundred yards away.

Donna, using the American phraseology she had picked > up from monitoring their TV signals, said, "Ready. > Aim. Fire!"

Simultaneously the women loosed the shafts and they > sped to the targets, striking within a second of each > other. Both women had scored bulls-eyes.

They backed up several yards and readied another arrow > then let fly. This continued until they had exhausted > their quivers. As they trotted up to the targets, > Donna laughed and said, "Errol Flynn's got nothing on > us!"

And she was quite correct. The last flight was over > two hundred and fifty yards. When they examined the > targets, they discovered Diana had split her first > arrow with another and then split that arrow with > another. The other seven were tightly clustered > around the center. Donna had split her initial arrow > and her remaining darts were also tightly clustered.

"Very good, Donna. I see your archery is quite > excellent," Diana remarked. Donna blushed redly and > looked at the ground. "Your range is excellent, as > well."

"Let's try the javelins next," Diana suggested. Donna > nodded.

They took the long shafts and, from the point of their > last arrow flight, hurled them at the targets, again > simultaneously. Upon inspection, they had both > obliterated the arrows when they hit the bulls-eye of > their respective target. Diana was again quite proud > of her protege.

Next came the bolas. They marked a tree branch as a > target and each took a turn whirling the bola above > their head before releasing it. Donna threw first and > the leather straps wrapped tightly around the branch, > cutting into the bark.

Diana then threw hers and wrapped Donna's bola in her > own. The leather straps of the second bola cutting > into the straps of the first.

"Donna, your accuracy is unquestioned. Now it's time > to determine your endurance. Swords and shields?" > Diana asked. Donna nodded and gathered the equipment, > passing Diana her weapons.

They started slowly, circling each other before Diana > feinted to her right. When Donna reacted, Diana > lunged to her left. Donna barely got her shield in > place in time. She vowed to herself that she wouldn't > be caught offguard like that again.

The grove echoed with the clang of steel on steel as > the two warriors engaged in a long sword battle. They > parried and thrust, engaging each other time and time > again. Finally, after almost two solid hours of > combat, Diana called a halt.

"You have the stamina and the ability for swordplay, > Donna. We'll take a short rest and then resume with > the tridents and the nets. Okay?" Diana asked as she > wiped sweat from her brow. She didn't say so but her > young charge had given her quite a workout.

Donna agreed and sat in the shade a large tree. She > thought she could fall asleep and not wake up for > days. She used some of the discipline engrained in > her to fight back the fatigue she was feeling. She > drank deeply from the waterskin Diana handed her, the > water was cool and refreshing.

As they sat there side by side, Donna started giggling > and Diana gave her a questioning look. The teen > explained her laughter, "It's just that Hippolyta > seemed so stern and regal when we were in the royal > chamber yesterday. It was such a weird side to her > that I've never seen before. It was funny."

Diana found herself agreeing, knowing well the gentle, > friendly side of her mother.

All too soon it seemed to Donna, Diana rose and picked > up the tridents and nets. Passing a set to Donna, she > said, "This will be the last combat with weapons. Are > you ready?"

Donna nodded and took a stance with the trident > gripped in her right hand and the net hanging loosely > from her left.

Diana attacked first and, using her net, Donna > deflected the trident thrust. She in turn thrust at > Diana but had her lunge deflected as well. This > lunging, thrusting combat continued until Donna > discarded her net, now shredded from the fight and > took the trident in both hands.

As Diana lunged at her, Donna pushed the butt of the > trident into the ground and used it like a > pole-vaulter to leap over her opponent and land ready > to attack. Diana, surprised but quick to overcome any > disadvantage posed by this move, turned in time to > catch the trident in the remains of her net. She then > grasped the shaft just behind the tines and pulled > Donna off her feet.

Standing above the teenager, Diana symbolically held > the trident to her throat, "Do you yield?"

Defeat was difficult for her to accept, but she nodded > and conceded the match to the stronger Amazon.

"Use this as a lesson. Sometimes it's better to yield > to your opponent, you might have the chance to defeat > them later," Diana said as she helped Donna to her > feet. "It can be a hard lesson to learn but a lesson > learned hard is a lesson learned well."

Donna again nodded in acknowledgement, tucking a stray > lock of her black hair behind her ear.

Next came hand-to-hand combat. Both warriors moved in > a circular fashion ready to attack at the first > opportunity or to defend if necessary.

Donna decided to try being on the offensive and leaped > to the right before spinning on her toe and going > left. Grappling with Diana, she forced the older > woman back several feet before Diana regained her > footing.

Each had an arm locked about the other's waist and the > other arm around her opponent's neck, their heads and > upper bodies pressed together. They were locked in > this position for several minutes, muscles straining > and sweat pouring off their bodies.

Finally, Donna began to weaken. She just didn't have > the innate strength of Diana. She held out as long as > she could before ultimately succumbing to the stronger > woman.

Diana released Donna who collapsed on the soft grass > breathing rapidly. Diana smiled sown at her friend > with pride, "You did very well. I haven't had any > mortal resist me as well as you."

"Well, huh-huh, I, huh, had my-uh strngth, huh, > augmented, huh-huh, by Paula's, huh, device," Donna > panted, her hair having come loose from the leather > tie. She pulled the tie off and let her hair hang > loose over her shoulders.

"Even so..." Diana waved off the explanation. "You > did very well. I'm so proud of you. We're near the > end of your tests, only a few endurance tests left and > then the final lesson."

"Well, give me a second and I'll be ready," Donna > said, her breathing already returning to normal. She > stood up unaided, which brought another proud smile to > Diana's face.

Diana led off down a trail at a brisk pace. Donna > easily matched her stride and the two ran through the > trees. Donna knew that Diana, as with the other > contests, could best her without little effort but > reined in her gods-given powers as she would dealing > with a non-superpowered criminal.

They ran a single track around the that end of the > island until Diana steered them towards a hiddne cove > near the contest area. By the time they had reached > the cove, they had run over twenty-five miles.

Resting very briefly, Diana took Donna's hand and led > her to the nearby cove. It was over three hundred > yards across and the water was deep and crystal clear.

As they reached the sandy shore, they removed their > togas. Donna, no stranger to nude women especially > when swimming, found herself staring at Diana's lush > figure. Likewise, Diana was quite impressed at how > well Donna had developed.

They dove into the water and swam back and forth > across the cove until they had crossed the water both > ways fifteen times, equalling roughly five miles of > swimming.

By the time they finished, Donna was feeling the > fatigue build up in her system. She was not about to > let Diana know that however. She sprinted up the > beach and waited for Diana.

Diana strode out of the water like an image of Venus. > Donna stared in wonder at her friend and mentor. She > was suddenly no longer tired as she recalled the last > phase of this trial.

Diana stood before Donna and looked down slightly into > her upturned eyes. "Donna, you have passed the tests > required to prove your worth as a warrior. As you > well know, an Amazon prides herself on her fighting > prowess. She is equally proud of her ability to > exhibit love. This last step will act as both lesson > and an initiation into the way of the Amazon."

Diana stepped towards Donna and took her face gently, > leaning slightly to press her lips to the teen's.

Donna could feel the warmth coming off Diana, and > gasped in pleasure as Diana's lips met hers. Diana's > tongue snaked out and slipped into Donna's mouth. > Donna happily accepted it and allowed the moist flesh > to explore her mouth, her tongue eagerly toying with > Diana's.

Diana slid her hands down to Donna's shoulders and > then around her back, enfolding the girl in her arms. > Donna's hands moved up Diana's back and returned the > embrace, loving the feel of the woman's body pressing > against hers.

The kiss deepened and Donna felt her knees grow weak. > Diana, sensing this, picked her up in her strong arms > and carried Donna to an area of soft grass just above > the beach.

Diana knelt and place Donna on the cool grass. She > then lay down alongside her, leaning on her elbow to > gaze upon the beautiful girl she had the pleasure of > loving for the first time.

"Donna, you have never been with anyone before, have > you?" Diana asked, already knowing the answer.

Donna shook her head, her hair spreading out on the > grass like a thick shadow. "No, but I have seen many > of our sisters together." She blushed and added, "And > I've never been kissed like that. It was wonderful."

Diana smiled and said, "That was just the beginning. > I will help you experience a level of pleasure and > ecstasy you haven't felt before." As she said this, > her hand traced random patterns along Donna's naked > body, causing little shivers of pleasure to race > through the young woman.

Diana leaned over and again claimed Donna's lips in a > searing kiss, her long black hair creating a curtain > around their faces. The teenager was swept up in the > erotic feelings Diana was producing within her. She > moaned loudly into Diana's mouth as she climaxed for > the first time that day.

Diana pulled back, amazed at the girl's reaction. > Donna refused to meet Diana's eyes, looking away and > mumbling, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to > happen."

Diana gently took hold of Donna's chin and turned her > face to look in the girl's tear-filled eyes. The > Amazon leaned over and kissed the salty tracks on the > girl's cheeks and gently, tenderly kissed her lips. > "Ssh. You have nothing to be sorry about. I must say > that I take that as a great compliment that you could > climax from just my kiss."

Donna's tears slowly subsided and she looked at the > woman holding her. What she saw was such a look of > love and tenderness that she imediately felt immense > relief. She smiled and Diana returned it before > pressing her lips to Donna's.

As she again kissed her pupil, she lay the girl back > on the grass and began to nibble on her earlobe and > sliding her tongue along the inside of her ear. Her > fingers slid down and she gently cupped a swelling > breast, flicking her thumb gently across the nipple.

Donna inhaled sharply. She was overwhelmed by the > feelings she was experiencing. She had masturbated > before but it was nothing like this. Part of her > wished that she had done this with the queen or one of > the other Amazons, but she was glad she had waited for > Diana.

Diana began to kiss her way down along the soft skin > of Donna's neck, leaving little nips along the way. > She could feel the girl's pulse throbbing in her neck > with her tongue and lips.

Diana was already aroused by the lovely girl in her > arms. That was intensified by Donna's earlier climax. > Now she wondered if she would come without any > stimulation other than the responses in Donna's body.

Diana continued to lick down the soft flesh to the > firm, round breasts. She placed her mouth over > Donna's right nipple and began to apply suction to it > while flicking her tongue across the very tip.

Donna arched her back and entwined her fingers in > Diana's lustrous hair, pulling her tightly to her > breast. Diana happily succumbed to the pressure of > her young hands and increased the suction as she began > to toy with the nipple.

Diana ran her other hand over the quivering stomach, > through the soft, black curls, and down through the > outer folds of Donna's sex. She jut left her fingers > lay there, enjoying the moist, pulsating warmth of the > outer labia.

Another orgasm was slowly building in Donna, and Diana > could sense it. She released Donna's breast from her > mouth, hearing Donna moan in disappointment. She > smiled as she moved her lips and tongue farther down > the young woman's body, pausing to lick her navel. > This sent another shudder through Donna's body and > Diana could sense an increase in the heat in her sex.

Diana moved further down and kneeled between Donna's > thighs. She gently pulled the outer lips apart and > saw the excited flesh glistening with the fluids of > Donna's arousal. The aroma was like ambrosia to Diana > and she felt more excited than she had been in quite a > long time, if ever.

The woman leaned down and gently kissed the quivering > lips before extending her tongue and lightly licking > the outer lips. The taste of the highly excited young > woman was delicious!

Donna was loosing herself in the exquisite sensations > Diana was creating. She wondered if even the Ellysian > Fields could be this wonderful.

Diana gently but insistently applied her lips and > tongue to the swollen nether lips. She also grazed > her hard clitoris alternately with the tip of her nose > and her upper lip. She could feel the orgasm welling > up from within the young girl and firmly thrust her > tongue into the hot cavern at the core of the girl's > mound.

The sudden penetration of her vagina by Diana's tongue > and the stimulation of her clit triggered Donna's > second orgasm of the day. This was even more intense > than the previous one and the girl almost blacked out > from the waves of pleasure crashing through her body. > She finally screamed out Diana's name as the biggest > wave flowed throughout her.

Diana pulled her tongue from between the girl's pussy > lips and looked up at her. 'She's so beautiful,' the > princess thought gazing her protege. She crawled up > beside her and leaned over to kiss the flushed cheeks > and brow. Donna slowly opened her eyes and smiled > rapturously at Diana.

Diana kissed Donna, allowing her to taste herself in > Diana's mouth. Donna gently moaned as she sucked on > Diana's tongue.

Diana pulled back saying, "You are a highly responsive > young lady. I barely touched your clitoris." She > smiled and asked, "Now, Donna, are you ready?"

Donna looked worried and said, "I guess so. But what > if I'm not good enough? What if I can't please you?"

Stroking her hair back, Diana said, "You'll be > perfect. I know you will." She didn't add that she > was still incredibly aroused and it would take little > on Donna's part to bring her to orgasm.

Diana rolled on her back, pulling Donna with her. > Donna knew what she had to do and let her body drape > the hot, naked flesh below her as she pressed her lips > against Diana's timidly.

Suddenly electrified by her contact with the princess, > Donna opened her mouth and began to hungrily kiss the > woman beneath her, while grinding her pelvis against > Diana's.

Donna copied Diana's love-making and began to kiss her > way down the woman's beautiful body. When she reached > the ripe, full breasts she spent quite a long time > worshipping them, kissing, nipping, and suckling on > the aroused nipples until Diana was writhing on the > soft grass and moaning in delight.

Donna finally decided to continue with her exual > exploration of the woman beneath her. She knelt > between Diana's thighs and stared in wonder at the > sight before her.

She had never seen a woman's aroused sex this close > before but she thought it was lovely. She mentally > pushed her concerns of inadequacy away and leaned in, > catching the scent of the highly aroused princess. > She found the aroma intoxicating.

Now eager to please her mentor, Donna lowered her > mouth to the woman's aroused sex. She rubbed her face > all around Diana's mound before parting her lips with > her tongue.

Donna found the flavor of the princess even more > intoxicating than her scent. Whan she had masturbated > before, she had tasted herself on her hand but had not > found it near as pleasant as this woman's nectar.

Diana was amazed with her young friend's eagerness. > Though unskilled as yet, Donna more than made up for > that with her exuberance. Diana soon found herself on > the verge of a major orgasm.

Sensing the impending climax Diana was about to > experience, Donna moved her lips up and engulfed the > woman's engorged clitoris. As she flicked her tongue > across the tip and sucked on the tender flesh at it's > base, Diana gave a loud groan that grew into a scream > of ecstasy as her orgasm flooded her senses.

Donna moved up alongside Diana even as the spasms of > her climax were ebbing. She saw the look of rapture > on Diana's face and smiled, pleased that she had > caused her friend to experience such bliss. She > leaned over and gave Diana a deep, loving kiss before > resting her head on the soft bosom of the princess.

As they lay on the soft grass resting, they shared > litle kisses and caresses that soon, when their > strength returned, grew more passionate leading to > more lovemaking.

The Present

"And that was the beginning of a night filled with > love and passion," Donna told her partner, stroking > her long blond hair.

"She must be a wonderful lover," Jesse Belle Chambers > (aka Jesse Quick) said as she slipped her finger into > Donna. "I mean to cause you to be this wet just from > the memory..."

Donna closed her eyes, and said, "Jess, you're the one > making me this wet." Reaching between the speedster's > soft thighs, Donna added, "And you are incredible."

"Hey!" Jesse sat up quickly. "I just realized what > you said earlier! Liberty Belle? My mother and Queen > Hippolyta? Wow!"

Donna smiled and pulled the beautiful young woman back > to her. "Yes, but that's in the past. Tonight is for > us." Donna whispered the last statement to her lover > she drew her near.

Their lips met and their tongues performed an erotic > duet as they continued their own night of frenzied > lovemaking.

(c) John O'Conner