Rebuilding an Amazon  


Rebuilding an Amazon

Along the darkened concrete alleyways of the industrial district, a familiar figure in a red and gold tunic with a blue and star encrusted bottom crept silently . She stayed close to the buildings and out of direct light. The Amazonian Princess knew her prey was close by and that she was closing in. Skirting the corner of the nearest building she saw her target standing in the light. "I have you now!", she thought to herself. Just as she was ready to make her move, two darts sped silently through the night striking her in the small of the back.

"Agggh!", screamed Wonder Woman as the projectiles struck home. Collapsing to her knees Diana reached around and pulled the unwanted parasites from her back, but it was too late. The darts has already delivered their toxic cargo and it flowed through her veins even now.

The Princess strained to get to her feet, but her legs were beginning to wobble and refused to support her weight and she collapsed again. This time she tried to push herself up with her arms but they also failed her. "Poison!" she thought to herself as her vision began to blur and she experienced a dry metallic taste in her mouth. She fell back to the ground and didn't move.

In seconds Wonder Woman began to tremble and her body started to break down and lose shape. Her features began to sag then disappear. In under two minutes she had gone from a beautiful woman to a thick, viscous, gray and shapeless blob oozing out of her costume.

Within moments several figures surrounded the liquefied remains of the heroine. A long, slender, purple haired, woman knelt down and pick up one of Diana's boot and emptied it's content onto the gooey mess that had been Wonder Woman. Turning to the two men beside her, she calmly said, " You two scoop that up and bring it with you". She then turned and walked back into the darkness. The two men each grabbed a flat shovel and began scooping up the remnants of Wonder Woman and dumped them into a barrel which they loaded onto a waiting truck.

Upon returning to their sanctuary, a non-descript, gray. shell building out in the middle of nowhere. The truck backed into a loading dock where the barrel containing Wonder Woman's sloshing remains was unloaded and wheeled into a room where robotic arms took the barrel and poured it's contents into a vat.

Below the vat were several feeder pipes that lead down to assorted molds, approximately ten in all. Each mold was shaped a little differently, but all were in the shape of attractive women each with it's own unique dimensions. Hung on the wall next to the molds were feminine masks. They were also all different with various shapes and varieties of features for the eyes, nose and lips. On a nearby table sat mannequin heads displaying distinctive wigs of style, color and texture.

The purple haired woman reappeared in her skintight pink leather ensemble and mused aloud, "Which one of these molds would best suit a princess?", she laughed. " I tell you what, I can't decide so bring in the other barrels and we'll just mix it up and make all ten". "That way Wonder Woman's last mission won't be a complete failure, she'll have found the missing girls she was looking for"!

Within minutes the vat had been filled and started to rotate like a concrete mixure. After about fifteen minutes of mixing the vat slowly released it's cargo down into the feeder tubes and into the body molds. The purple haired woman grabbed all ten masks and assembled them onto the molds in no particular order. "Capture one Amazon and get nine more in return, that's what you call turning a profit!", she cackled. Steam rose up from the molds as their contents cured and seasoned. After two hours the molds were cool enough to open.

When the molds were opened and their contents removed they were put in bases in a standing position, the gray figurines each sported different facial features, busts sizes and so forth. The figurines were then painted in an assembly line fashion as each passed down a moving belt were every inch, nook and cranny was painted according to the purple haired woman's whims. After the paint had dried and was no longer tacky to the touch. She carefully picked the best wig and colored contacts lens that would best fit a particular face. This done the woman announced to her cohorts that, "This is where the magic comes in". Speaking in an arcane and unknown tongue the woman enveloped the room in colored lights and mists. When she finished the figures started to stir.

Flushed with anticipation, the purple haired woman finally announced her name. "My name is Circe and all of you belong to me!", she stated in a demanding tone. "Now all of you still retain your given names, so announce yourselves ", she commanded. "I am Selene, your obedient slave", said the first in line, a long legged short black haired woman. The women each gave their names as the roll call progressed down the line. Circe was anxious to hear one name and it came from the next to last woman. "My name is Diana, your loving and devoted servant.", she demurely stated. Diana had big, round cerulean blue doe-eyes, long shapely legs a well rounded posterior, a narrow waspish waist and large cantaloupe shaped breasts. However, her most striking feature were the long, curly, platinum locks of hair which cascaded down her back to her waist.

Circe was both intrigued and excited about how the night's events had turned out especially with the new version of Diana, who has no knowledge of her previous life just like the other nine. None of them were completely the person they use to be due to the mixing of their melted down bodies. How much or how little they retained of themselves or received from the others would forever be an unknown.

"There are outfits for each of you in the next room." "Take the door behind you and enter.", Circe instructed, "After you are dressed return here immediately". She was anxious to see what personalities would emerge and this was the first step in that direction.

One by one the newly minted females returned to the room of their birth. Some were modestly dressed as befitted their personalities and some were more risqué. Circe waited intently for Diana wondering what her mindset would be. At long last the former heroine returned.

Diana had chosen to dress herself in skintight jeans and a black bustier which showcased both her waist and breasts. She had also chosen to wear a pair of black leather pumps with narrow four inch heels which caused her to accentuate both her posterior and breasts as she had to project both to keep her balance. She had also added large, gold hoop earrings and black choker around her neck. On her face she had painted her thick, pouty lips a luscious shade of hot pink and added a purple toned silver eye shadow and went heavy on the mascara.

Circe was ecstatic with the choices. It made her decisions so much easier. The other women although very pretty and very sexy could not hold a candle to the revised Diana. They would all be given different assignments and be evaluated on how the assignments would or would not be accomplished. Those that failed or bungled their missions would be sent overseas as either escorts or be sold into brothels. Diana would remain in the sorceress' possession and be evaluated personally.

In the weeks that followed the women were sent out to complete their various tasks and evaluated upon their return. Those that were arrested or failed to return for various reasons were simply written off. Since these artificial females had no past history for anyone to research they were Jane Does as far as the legal system was concerned and there was no way to trace them back to Circe.

Diana had a knack for completing her assignments in a very timely and concise manner whether they included larceny, deceit lasciviousness or physical exertion. She used all of her skills in a planned and decisive manner. Most of all she used her appearance and alley-cat morality to achieve her ends. The platinum temptress always dressed seductively and would play on the weaknesses of others. Especially those who thought because of her tarted up looks she could be easily outsmarted, but would always be decisively beaten at their own game.

Circe loved the irony, a virtuous amazon champion had been destroyed and replaced with malicious scheming hedonist. Diana cared only about two things in her new incarnation, her personal happiness and pleasing Circe. Whatever means she had to employ to achieve these objectives she did without hesitation or regret.