The Corruption of An Amazon  

Warning: this story contains sex, nudity, bondage and all sorts of other naughtiness that will doubtless lead to the corruption of your morals. Lynda Carter would be appalled if she read this. So would your mother. If you’re under twenty-one or find such material offensive, please spare us all the headache and stop reading now. Wonder Woman is copyright DC comics. This is intended as a parody and is not considered an infringement of those rights.
It’s just a naughty story, kids. Please try to keep it in context.

The Corruption of An Amazon By Knyght

“Wonder Woman,” Steve Trevor beckoned from behind his desk. “Please come in.”
“Thank you, Steve,” the buxom heroine replied from the door to his IADC office. She sauntered slowly in, her pert breasts bouncing beneath her red and gold bustier. “Diana Prince told me that it was a matter of some urgency.”
“You bet,” he reached into his drawer. “Two days ago, debutante Sidney Flashman was kidnapped from her Georgetown home.”
“Senator Flashman’s daughter?” she asked.
“The same. Yesterday, the IADC received a note from the kidnapper - addressed to you.” He held out a thin parchment of paper, which she examined carefully:

Wonder Woman, it read. Unless you agree to surrender yourself to me, I will sell Miss Sidney Flashman to white slavers within seventy-two hours. I have tried to break her but she seems too stubborn for my mind control devices… a trait I’m sure you’ll approve of. Remain in the IADC office until contacted; a courier will give you the time and place for the meeting. Any tricks, and Ms Flashman learns first-hand what wealthy oil sheiks do with their money.
The Corrupter

Wonder Woman slowly crumpled the note in disgust. As she did, she noticed a flaky silver powder dusted across the bottom; it fell off the note onto the floor, and coated her fingers where she held the paper.
“Any idea who he is?” Trevor chirped.
“A supervillain,” she snarled. “A twisted and evil man who dedicates himself to the ‘corruption’ of humanity. He uses brainwashing techniques to transform ordinary citizens into criminals, then sets them loose to wreak havoc. I sent him to prison a few years ago, but I guess he’s out.”
“And how. Senator Flashman’s going out of his mind over this, and I don’t even know where to start looking”.
“Don’t worry, Steve,” the amazing Amazon smiled. “I’m on the case.”
“I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that.” He stood up and shook her hand vigorously. “So now I guess we just wait until he sends us the rendezvous coordinates.”
“No,” she shook her head. “I already know where he is.”
“He tipped his hand, so to speak” she walked back toward the door and gave him a friendly wave. More powder came off of her fingers.
“I’ll have your debutante back by suppertime,” she smiled, “along with the scum who took her.”
Trevor watched her star-spangled tush go trotting down the corridor and didn’t doubt it for a second.

The sheet metal factory had been abandoned for years, lost in a seedy part of inner-city Washington. But Wonder Woman found her way there with nary a second glance. It was there that she had first tangled with the Corrupter, and where his initial efforts to build a criminal empire had been thwarted. She remembered the encounter as if it were yesterday… and she also remembered the aluminum powder which sifted down from the factory’s ducts. It had taken her days to wash it all off of her, and gave her the careless clue she needed to track down the kidnapper.
As she trotted up to the main loading bay, she noticed a fresh padlock secured over the door. “Someone’s been here,” she snickered to herself. The Corrupter was even sloppier than she remembered. With a sharp twist, she tore the lock to pieces, the shoved the door open with a flex of her mighty muscles. The interior was much like she remembered: forgotten machinery, metal sheets piled up against he walls, a fine coating of dust and rat droppings on the floor. But she could see footprints in the dirt and other signs of recent activity. Her quarry was close.
There. Chained against the wall in the corner stood the young kidnapping victim. Sidney Flashman was a beautiful blonde of nearly nineteen, a young woman just coming into herself. She had been stripped to a dark bra and panties, her round breasts pressing up through the sheer fabric. The chains kept her upright, but she lolled semi-conscious in her confinement, apparently resigned to whatever dark fate was in store for her.
“Sidney!” the amazon called, trotting over to her. “Thank Hera you’re all right!” The girl’s eyes fluttered open, and her mouth gaped in astonishment.
“Wonder Woman!” she groaned. “What are you doing here?”
“Getting you out of this,” the voluptuous heroine returned. With a few sharp tugs, the chains binding the young girl were torn free. She collapsed on the floor, and Diana had to help her gently to her feet.
“Can you walk?” she asked, the concern obvious in her voice.
“I…I think so…” Sidney panted. “…He’s coming back…soon…”
“I know,” Wonder Women’s teeth ground in anticipation. “Once I get you safe, then I’ll deal with him.”
Together, the two women moved slowly back towards the exist. Sidney had to lean on the heroine for support; it was clear that she had been pushed to the limits of endurance. Wonder Woman wrapped her arms around the girl’s shoulders and pulled her carefully along.
“Don’t worry Sidney,” she comforted. “You’re going to be just fine.”
“Yes…” the girl nodded, pulling herself closer. “Now… now that you’re here… everything is going exactly according to the master’s plan.”
In flash, she reached around the heroine’s waist and yanked the golden belt that was the source of all her power. Wonder Woman gasped as she felt the strength flow out of her limbs, leaving her as helpless and vulnerable as any mortal. She looked in shock at Sidney, whose exhaustion had vanished replaced by a cruel smile. With her free hand, she belted the heroine in the chin, sending her sprawling to the ground. Wonder Woman struggled to rise as Sidney turned and tossed the belt towards the corner, where a gloved hand reached out of the shadows and nabbed it.
“Well, well, Wonder Woman,” a baritone voice rumbled. “I never expected your capture to be this easy.”
The Corrupter walked slowly into the room. His black leather costume creaked ominously around his well-built body, while dark hair framed a sinister smile. In his free hand, he carried a strange weapon, which he aimed and fired at the heroine as she pulled herself to her feet. A brilliant white beam shot forth; Wonder Woman tried to it with her bracelets, but her now-sluggish reflexes were too slow. It struck her right in the belly, sending her sprawling to the floor again, momentarily stunned.
“A…a trap…” she managed to croak.
“Yes, I’m afraid so,” The Corrupter returned. “Ms. Flashman proved exceeding vulnerable to my mind control techniques, but she was merely the bait.”
“Have I performed adequately, Master?” Sidney chirped.
“More than adequately. You may go now, slave. Remember the plan and follow it to the letter. I will contact you when I’m ready.”
“Yes, Maser,” she bowed low and trotted off towards the exit, still clad only in her underwear. Wonder Woman struggled to clear her head of the gray fog which had encased it.
“You… you’re letting her go…?”
“Of course,” He grinned. “She’s much more useful to me as a spy than a servant. Don’t worry: my conditioning has made her loyal to me in every way. Besides, I want us to be alone for the beginning of your training.”
Holstering his weapon, the Corrupter plucked the golden lasso from Wonder Woman’s belt. He spun it expertly and threw it to loop around its former owner’s shoulders. Diana felt her mind - still hazy from the stun ray - become weak and pliable.
“Now then,” the Corrupter began, “stand up straight, hands on hips. Do not attempt to move or escape me.”
Wonder Woman heard the order and felt her muscles move of their own volition to comply. She rose from the floor and stood unmoving in the center of the room. Her head began to clear as the Corrupter turned back to her, and she tried to put a brave front on the situation.
“I don’t know what you intend to do with me,” she sneered. “But you won’t get away with it.”
The Corrupter laughed. “Still the brave one aren’t you? Oh Wonder Woman, I’ve waited so long for this opportunity. Now that it’s here, you still want to play the old game of insults and bravado.”
He tightened his grip on the lasso and looked directly into her defiant eyes.
“I could enslave you with this instantly. A single command and you would be my willing puppet for all eternity. But I want my revenge to be complete. I want your corruption to be a singular work of art, and that requires time and patience. Luckily, your overconfidence has given me an ample opportunity.
“I order you not to move unless told to. I order you not to try to harm me or escape in any way. Even if the lasso were removed, these commands will remain. You will not act unless I give the order, do you understand?”
“Yes,” she snarled, unable to resist. “I will do as you command.”
“Good.” He moved behind her, wrapping the lasso slowly around her upper chest. He stepped close and she could feel his breath ripple through her hair as he wrapped his arms around her. She fought the urge to shudder.
“Do you know how beautiful you are?” he whispered. “How desirable your perfect body is? When you are my slave, I intend to teach you the full uses of such an exquisite form.”
He slid his hands across the bare skin of her upper chest, past the lasso and beneath the silk of her bustier to cup her bountiful breasts. She gasped as she felt his fingers exploring her vulnerable flesh, squeezing gently and hardening her nipples with a firm pinch.
“Stop this,” she tried her best to sound dominant. “Let me go, and I’ll go easy on you.”
“You’ll go easy on me, will you? That’s a comfort. Meantime, I order you to become aroused.” He leaned in an gave her earlobe a playful nibble. Her eyes widened as she felt a stirring in her crotch and her entire body broke out in gooseflesh. He continued to manipulate her flesh and her vagina began to grow moist.
“You’re a virgin, are you not?” the Corrupter asked
“Yes,” she responded. “I was forbidden to taste the pleasures of man’s world.”

“‘Forbidden’ is such an ugly word,” he purred, “A word you’ll be doing without soon enough. Why don’t you remove that ridiculous top of yours?”
“No!” she shouted, but the command came through. The she fought with all her might, her hands still moved reluctantly behind her, pressing up against his chest as she found the zipper and pulled it down. He felt the costume compress against his hands, then fall away, revealing her globular mammaries to the air.
“You bastard!” she almost sobbed. “I’ll get you for this!” She could feel his member hardening against her ass, felt it growing larger behind the leather of his costume, and her arousal grew. Repulsion and desire fought through her as he continued to fondle her flesh. She began to pant while he pressed her breasts together into mounds of cleavage, then pulled them apart again.
“Kiss me,” he ordered, and she spun with surprising ferocity, planting her lips deeply onto his. His tongue broke the seal, probing and exploring behind her teeth, then pulled slowly back. Diana stood shivering in place, her chest rising and falling, her body bathed in sweat. The blue trunks around her middle had become stained with fluids, and she could feel her skin sensitized by the intense erotic contact her nemesis had just made.
The Corrupter looked away from her again, and tapped a few buttons on the supposedly-defunct machinery. A piece of wall sunk slowly into the floor, revealing a set of restraints surrounded by computer equipment. An ominous-looking ray gun lowered from the ceiling, aimed directly at the restraints.
“Please step over to the alcove,” he ordered. Wonder Woman moved to comply, still struggling to overcome the desires racing through her.
“What… what’s going to happen…?” she asked.
“Place your hands in the manacles,” he commanded, ignoring her question. She raised her hands obediently and felt the clamps seal shut across her magic bracelets, binding her to the wall. Her back pressed against the brick, and the ray was now pointed at her face.
The Corrupter turned and tapped a few buttons on the computer console. The machinery hummed to life around her and she could feel the slow build-up of electrical energy flowing through her bare flesh.
A small hatch opened in the console, and the Corrupter produced a thin square of metal, about the size of a belt buckle. It hummed softly and several lights blinked from its surface.
“What’s that?” she asked fearfully.
“A sensorgasm device, something you’ll be quite familiar with by the time I’m through with you.” He pressed it against the flesh of her belly, just above the blue silk of her trunks. It connected to the flesh with a slight sucking sound. She could sense mono-molecular hooks digging almost imperceptibly into her skin, holding the device in place.
“Now then,” he said with a grin, “where were we?”
He reached down and unzipped his pants, revealing a huge erect penis. Diana’s eyes widened as he reached up and grasped her breasts once more, kneading and caressing them in erotic stimulation. She let out a moan and clenched her fingers shut as the desire almost overwhelmed her. He planted a deep, sensual kiss on her lips, only to feel her respond eagerly in kind. Her conscious mind screamed in outrage at the degradation, but the combination of the lasso’s power and her own animal desires were quickly reducing her to a state of unfettered lust.
He slid his hands from her chest down her smooth torso and belly, feeling the firm muscles playing beneath the skin. His fingers bathed in the sheen of her sweat and as he pressed against her, she instinctively thrust her crotch towards his bulging member. Grasping the edge of her fluid-stained trunks, he pulled them off with a sharp tug, feeling the silky curves of her hips and thighs as he did so. She allowed the blue-silk cover to slip down her legs and fall to the ground at her feet.
“Fuck me!” he barked into her ear, and may have obeyed even had he not given the order. He thrust into her exposed vagina and she felt her hymen break with a dull stab. Amid the haze of desire, she no longer cared. She wrapped her legs around his thrusting body, using the wrist restraints to support her as he drove into her femininity. They pumped and thrust, together and apart, and she could feel his hands continue to explore her as she surrendered herself to him. He pushed over the ties of the lasso, expertly guiding her body to produce maximum sensitivity. Somewhere, she knew she had lost the fight, but she could no longer summon ever the vestiges of resistance.

“Uh…Uh-uh-uh-uh-UH-UH-UHHHHHHAAAAAHHH!!!!” she screamed, matching her captor’s moans. Sweat poured from every orifice, adding to the sheen which now covered them both. Her shapely hips thrust and pounded while he continued to impale himself against her. She felt him grow ever larger in her womb and the last remaining rational part of her mind wondered is she might not burst. She was far past resistance at this point. The Corrupter, her predicament, the humiliation at being trapped, all faded before the inexorable stimulation swallowing her being.
“OOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as the orgasm consumed her her. Her fists clenched behind her bonds and every muscle froze in perfect ecstasy. Thundering shudders ran up and down her body, shutting down her conscious mind with an overload of stimulus. Her arms jerked within their bonds, her body contorted in a mindless frenzy, and she howled her pleasure as the Corrupter himself achieved climax within her. He grabbed her hips and held her steady as he pounded his seed into her womb. Her sweaty hair flew madly above her chest and her breath came in great heaving gasps as the climax threatened to claim her consciousness.
Then the device on her belly began to pulse. To her shock and surprise, her erotic contractions did not abate, but rather seemed to grow in intensity. The orgasm continued to reverberate through her, forcing her to thrash and moan in uncontrollable ecstasy. Her muscles contracted and relaxed, and every nerve ending felt alive with pleasure. She opened her eyes wide as the Corrupter dismounted her and stepped away from her body with a satisfied grin.
“Please…don’t try to talk…” he panted. “My sensorgasm… is… is designed to extend your climax… beyond the… realm of the merely human. Articulate…expression may be impossible…”
“YOOOUUUUAAAAAUUUHH!!!” She screamed, irresistible pleasure flashing across her face.
“This… particular cycle… will last only an hour. Without your strength, you probably couldn’t endure anything more. Later, we might see about testing its limits.”
He pulled his pants up and turned to the computer, the amazon still pulsing helplessly in her bonds. He pushed a button on the console, and twin beams of light shot out from the laser, locking on the heroine’s bright blue eyes. Her face froze as the rays bathed her retinas, and her whites began to glow a ghostly pale. Still, the orgasm continued, and her muscles continue to jerk in instinctive contractions.
“While you’re engaged, my computers have some work to do on your mind… aided by your lasso, of course.” He grabbed the end of the rope and placed it into a waiting port by the computer. There, it connected to the circuitry and began issuing a new series of subliminal commands into her brain.
“One hour of irresistible pleasure, my dear,” the Corrupter laughed. “Some would kill to be in your position.”
“AAAAAAUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!” The beams continued to fire into her eyes as her consciousness was reduced to sheer mindless fulfillment…

Some time later, she became aware that the contractions had stopped. Her body felt on fire - every muscle aching with effort - but the mighty orgasm no longer claimed her soul. The sound of the firing beams stopped, and her eyesight returned from a cloud of milk-white haze. She saw her tormentor in front of her, arms folded across his chest.
“Did you enjoy your workout, my dear?”
“What… what did you do to me…?” she moaned. Every inch of her ached with exhaustion.
“Just gave you the fuck of your life, among other things. In addition, my machines have planted several subliminal commands which will make it easier to control you when the process moves further.”
“You’ll… never enslave me…”
He smiled. “I already have, my dear. You just don’t know it yet. From this moment forward, you will be unable to attack me unless I command it, you can never use the magic lasso on me again, and indeed, you must ask permission before taking any sort of hostile action against me. But that’s just the start. How’s you sex drive?”
With a start, Wonder Woman realized that desire still burned quietly in her loins. Even after the stimulation she had endured, she still found herself wanting more.
“Yes, once you had the taste, it was an easy thing to develop it further. You now have an acute form of nymphomania, one which will dominate you until the end of your days. In a short time, it will come to dominate your every waking thought, driving you to debaucherous acts of sexual depravity.”
“You… you…” she panted.
“Oh, but that’s not the best part,” He walked slowly up to her and detached the sensorgasm stimulator from her navel. “However I think there’s time for you to discover that on your own. I don’t want to spoil all the surprises.”
Wonder Woman slumped low in her chains, overwhelmed by despair. “Why… why are you doing this?”
“As I said, I want to savor your corruption. It’s not every day that you get to tame a superheroine. Now -” he grasped the lasso in his fingers and looked her directly in the eye. “I want you to forget every detail of the last two and half hours. You will have no conscious knowledge of the things I’ve done to you, though your subconscious will retain every bit of my training.”
“Yes…” she whispered. Already the lasso was erasing the painful memories from her mind.
“In a moment, I’m going to release you. When I do, I want you to put your costume back on and return to your normal self. You will see me and you will take me into custody, having already rescued Ms. Flashman from her confinement. Do you understand?”

“Yes… I understand.”
“Good,” he nodded. “We’ll let your brain chew on what it has for a little while, then see what develops.”
With the flip of a switch, the restraints released, freeing the heroine from her confinement. She bent down mechanically and pulled her trunks on from where they lay on the floor. Like an automaton, she walked from the alcove back to where her bustier lay on the floor. She fitted it on with unthinking precision, re-encasing the globes of her chest in patriotic red and gold. As she zipped it up, the Corrupter produced her magic belt, then coiled the lasso and fitted it on its hook. He handed it to her without a word and she strapped it across her waist, her face blank and unmoving like a zombie’s. As she felt its power rush through her again, her eyes snapped open, as if awakening from a deep sleep.
“Corrupter!” she hissed at the smiling villain. “I should have know we’d meet again!”

She launched a massive punch at his unmoving form, knocking him halfway across the room. He kept his smile hidden as she approached. She reached down to her belt to produce her magic lasso, then twitched unthinkingly for a moment, and lifted him up by the fabric of his costume.
“For what you did to Sidney Flashman,” she boomed triumphantly. “You’re going to jail for a long, long time.”
“It seems as if you won this round amazon.” He allowed her to pick him up as he rubbed his jaw. “Very well, then. I can wait.”
Still struggling to hold in his laughter, he let the heroine push him towards the exit.

“And with Wonder Woman’s capture of the Corrupter,” the newscaster blared. “Ms. Sidney Flashman was returned unharmed to her relieved parents. Ms. Flashman called a news conference this afternoon to praise her rescuer.”
An image appeared of a smartly dressed Flashman, standing before a cluster of microphones. “Without Wonder Woman’s help, I might still be trapped by that psychopath. I know that we’ll all sleep a lot easier tonight knowing that he’s behind bars.”
The image switched to that of the Corrupter, standing in prison orange before a judge. “The villain, whose real name is unknown,” the voice-over said, “pleaded no contest to federal kidnapping and terrorist charges last week. He was sentenced to fifty years in a maximum security penitentiary.”
Steve Trevor switched the broadcast off and turned to the statuesque co-agent, who stood beside his desk. “Well Diana, looks like we won’t have to worry about the Corrupter anytime soon.”
“Yes…” Diana Prince spoke thoughtfully. She was having a hard time concentrating on the good news. Her mind felt fuzzy, not quite centered.
“You should thank Wonder Woman again for me when you see her,” Trevor chirped
“Yes… I will. May I go back to my desk please?” she asked suddenly.
“Um… sure,” Trevor looked surprised. “I thought you might want to celebrate, though. It’s not every day we see a criminal that dangerous taken down.”
“Maybe later,” she put on her best smile. “We’ll go out to lunch in a few days.” With a quick nod, she scurried out of the office, back to her own domicile. Trevor shrugged and went back to his work.
It had been this way ever since the Corrupter had been caught. She found herself nervous, unable to hold lengthy conversations. Her work had begun to suffer as well; every time she sat down to some task, her mind wandered away, roaming to strange new thoughts she couldn’t quite understand. She sat down at her desk and tried to type up a report. A simple debriefing, it had taken her five tries just to start. She was determined to finish it before she left work today. She sat down resolutely and began to go over it on the computer.
A male agent passed her desk and she found herself staring at him. He was well-built and handsome, a fine specimen of American manhood. As she watched him go past, she wondered idly what it would be like to tear his clothes off, to run her fingers down his back and feel his member thrusting into her…
Then he was gone, and she shook her head. What was she thinking? There was work to be done! She turned back to her computer and started to write again. As her fingers clacked across the keyboard, she heard Steve’s voice coming from his office. Such a special man, she thought absent-mindedly. She had had her eye on him for some time. Intelligent, handsome, just the sort to pound her naked body and ravage her like Aphrodite at an orgy. His tongue pressing against her naked breasts, feeling his way across her inner thighs to the secret location where her every inhibition would be surrendered to him…
With a start, she realized she was rubbing her crotch. Fluid had soaked through her panties, and her breath came in short pants. She stumbled to her feet and tried to compose herself. Clearly she was ill. Clearly, she needed to take a few days off. She walked slowly and steadily into the director’s office, trying hard to maintain her composure.
The old man looked up at her with a smile.
“Diana! What can I do for you?”
“Sir, I think I’m-
“-sick. I’ve been feeling-
“-queasy all day. Would you mind if I went-
“-home early?”
He nodded understandingly. “Of course, Diana. You do look a little flushed.”
“Thank you sir, I think it’s-
“-just a bug. I’ll try and be back tomorrow.”

She managed to make it to her apartment without incident, but in the brief period of time, her passion seemed to grow exponentially. She staggered inside, barely cognizant of closing the door as she struggled out of her pants and undergarments. What was happening to her?
Without thinking she began looking around for some sort of stimulator - something she could use to quench the growing fire. All she could think about was Steve and the other men she knew, naked and sweating in the half light of her bedroom. She knew they had what she needed, what she deserved, but she wouldn’t sacrifice her womanhood on that altar. The amazons lived by a creed and as their champion, she must abide by it in all things. Still, these new feelings deserved exploring.
She fumbled through the drawers until she found a rubber dildo, a gag gift from an office party that she had never quite understood. Now, its purpose suddenly became clear to her. It took only a moment for her to bear down upon it, thrusting and pumping with all of her might. She felt it push deep within her, flaring her pleasure centers and sending her into heights of ecstasy. She built up without preamble or subtlety, simply trying to achieve the release that her body so desperately craved. She pumped her hips in time with the device, allowing herself the masturbatory joy of intense stimulation. She built herself closer and closer to the breaking point, climbing higher, higher, almost to the top…
…and suddenly the passion died. Right on the verge of blessed relief, her senses came back to normal. She tried again to build herself up again, and again, her senses betrayed her at the last moment. Her body ached with desire, her nerve endings screamed for release, but she couldn’t seem to push herself to that pivotal point. With a cry of frustration, she threw the dildo away and collapsed on the bed. Her pussy throbbed with frustration, and she could feel her mind wandering back to those passionate fantasies.
A man, her thoughts whispered. You need a man to bring you to orgasm.
“I can’t,” she told herself. “I am forbidden.”
You can go on like this, her mind answered back. And aren’t you in man’s world already?
“Yes…” she nodded.
Then let yourself go. Take what you want, as is an amazon’s right. With your powers, no one will ever know…
“Yes,” she nodded, pleased with the argument, “No one will know. I can take them and make them forget they had ever seen me. But which man shall have the honor of slaking my desire?” The answer came almost before the question had crossed her lips. There was only one, of course. And it wouldn’t do to appear to him as frumpy old Diana Prince…

She knocked on the door to his apartment hard enough to break it down. Closing her eyes, she tried to compose herself before he appeared, but when he opened the door, she was lost.
“Steve,” she said matter-of-factly.
“Wonder Woman!” he exclaimed. “What are you-”
She cut him off with a kiss, pressing her tongue deep inside his mouth, then wrapped her arms passionately around his shoulders. His surprise turned to shock as she pushed him inside and closed the door.
“I want you, Steve,” she whispered huskily. “I’ve wanted you ever since I first laid eyes on you.”
“Wonder Woman,” he stammered. “I mean… what… no…”
She gave him a push and he stumbled backwards to fall prone on his couch. The robe he had been wearing flapped open, giving her a glimpse of his bare chest. It was almost too much.
“Make love to me, Steve,” she advanced readily towards him. “Fuck me the way I know you’ve wanted to fuck me.”
“What’s come over you?” he stumbled to his feet and tried to gather his composure. “You… you’re not acting like yourself.”
“Forget my self! I need you, now more than ever.” She pulled him to his feet and slipped her tongue between his outraged lips. With a start, he pulled himself away.

“No!” he said. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but you’re clearly not in your right mind. I’m going to call the director and -”
“Oh no, Steve,” she barked, detaching her lasso from her belt. “I need this too much!” With a twirl, she looped the magical rope around his shoulders just as he picked up the phone. “Put the phone down and come here,” she commanded. He dropped with receiver and obeyed her orders. “Now… make love to me.”
“Yes, Wonder Woman,” he nodded mindlessly, and swept her up in a deep embrace. She felt his member growing stiff and hard at her order, and her raging desire overwhelmed her. She pulled his pajama bottoms down, revealing his rapidly engorged penis, then shoved him roughly to the floor. Still wrapped in the lasso, he struggled out of his robe as she threw herself upon him. His hands fumbled to pull off her trunks as she raked her fingers down his bare muscular chest. With a short cry, he slipped her bottom off, revealing a naked vagina gleaming with lust. She reared back and thrust herself upon him, feeling his member drive deep within her. It was like the answer to all the wishes she never knew she wanted.
Straddling his hips, she struggled to move in time with him as the lasso commanded him to pump. She felt him pushing harder and harder, each rhythmic thrust building her higher and higher. She leaned down to kiss him again and he slid his hands up beneath her bustier, clasping and kneading the willing flesh that lay within. She squealed with joy as she felt him caress her rock-hard nipples.
“Yes! Yes! That’s it!” she screamed. “Fuck me like a wild horse! Fuck me like a tiger!”
“Oh, yes Wonder Woman!” he moaned, slapping her thighs with his pumping. “You are my goddess… my angel…”
Their gyrations reached a fever pitch, and she built inexorably towards a perfect climax. Her muscles squeezed harder and harder against him, every never felt aflame with desire, and as she bore down on him, she felt the orgasm preparing to claim her…
…and then suddenly nothing. Her desire backed away a microscopic amount, leaving her delirious with passion but unable to realize it. She froze for a minute, and Trevor let out an ecstatic whoop as his own orgasm overcame him. She felt his pumping increase and moved her body to match, but still her own lust remained unslaked. A few seconds later, he fell back exhausted, and she could feel his penis growing limp after expending its wad.
“Again, Steve. Do it again.” Instantly, his cock grew hard again, and she reestablished their rhythm. She felt herself growing tighter and tighter, her mind approaching that elusive release…
…and again, nothing. She pounded harder and harder, but the stimulation seemed to hold her just on the cusp of orgasm. With and angry snarl, she continued her gyrations, still harder, still deeper. Nothing could bring her over the top. As she humped him mercilessly, she felt him climax again, and again the warm seed burned within her.
With a cry of despair, she pulled herself away from him, detaching from his penis with a tight pop. He lay back as the orgasm shuddered through him, exhausted from a second rapid climax.
“Oh…oh Wonder Woman…”
“Shut up, Steve,” she snapped. It was wrong. It was all wrong somehow. “You can’t give it to me. You clearly don’t have what I need. I thought you were the man of my dreams. Now it seems I’ll have to find someone else.”
She leaned over and gave him a kiss, a quiet kiss unlike the frenzied activity of before.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “You don’t deserve this. But until get to the root of this problem, I can’t deal with anything else.”
Brushing back a tear, she stood up and pulled on her trunks.
“I want you to forget everything that just happened, Steve,” she ordered. “You spent the evening watching television, I never came over and we never did… what we just did.” She watched until his eyes gleamed with obedience, then freed him from the lasso and looped it on her belt. Turning and striding out the door, she soon forgot him. Her lust was a harsher mistress than her shame. Somewhere out there was the man to fulfill her… and she wouldn’t rest until she found him.

Two weeks later.
The prison warden had secured a special visitors period just for her. The Corrupter sat on one side of the glass enclosure, smirking in his prison uniform. Wonder Woman sat opposite him, her face a barely-contained mask of iron will. The two were utterly alone; no other prisoners were in the room and even the guards had stepped out at the heroine’s request.
“Hello Wonder Woman,” the Corrupter smiled knowingly. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“You know perfectly well why I’m here,” she snapped. “I’m here to find out what you did to me.”
“So,” he chuckled. “You finally figured it out.”
“I wasn’t acting this way until I arrested you. Ever since then, it’s been a nightmare. For awhile, I thought I was just going crazy. I felt irrational, selfish…”
“And horny, too I expect.”
“Shut up!” she screamed. “I shouldn’t be acting this way! I’m Wonder Woman, a paragon of justice and virtue! I’ve spent the last two weeks acting like a drunken prom queen! And I know you had something to do with it! You did something to me, didn’t you? Somehow, you changed me during our encounter.”
“I should say so,” he exclaimed. “You’re practically aglow, my dear!”
“What did you do to me?!”
He gave her a fiendish smile. “Lust is the most primal of the seven deadly sins. I gave you enough to last an amazon’s lifetime… while denying you the means to satisfy it. My machinery placed those commands in you, turned you into the nymphomaniac you are today. You lasso rendered you unable to climax, turning your sex drive into an exquisite torture device.”
“How…?!” she asked. “I captured you before you could-”
“Are you sure?” he interrupted. The color drained slowly out of her face as realization sunk in.
“You bastard,” she whispered.
“Name calling won’t get you what you want.” His eyes twinkled with glee
“Make it stop. Fix whatever you did…now!”
“Oh no, Wonder Woman. Your magic lasso helped implant those desires, and in order to get them out, you’re going to have to climax.”
“I can’t and I’ve done it with every man I know!” she almost howled. “Steve Trevor, IADC agents, my mailman, the Washington Redskins for Hera’s sake!”
“Even the kicker?” he asked in mock horror.
“It has to stop! Whatever you did, it has to stop now!”
His smile vanished and he leaned in close to the glass.
“Now listen close, you self-righteous do-gooder. I rendered you unable to orgasm, but I left a special stop-gap in as well. You aren’t incapable of orgasm. Far from it. But you are incapable of orgasm with anyone except me.”
“What…what are you saying…?!” she whispered in horror.
“I’m saying if you want to get your rocks off, sugar, you’ll have to do it with me. I’m saying that unless you have sex with me, your desire will drive you mad.”
“No!” she gasped.
“Yes. Believe me, I put the command there. I’m your magic button, Wonder Woman. Without me, your nymphomania will only get worse and worse.”
He smiled again and her shoulders slumped as the implications of his words sunk in. For time, she remained silent, pondering her plight.
“What do I have to do?” Diana asked at last.
“For starters, get me out of here,” he said quietly.
“You’re joking!” she scoffed.
“I was never more serious. My prison stay has been brief, but it’s charms are rapidly fading. I need you to help me escape, so that we can continue the process we started.”

“No! I won’t break a convicted felon out of prison!”
“Have it your way.” He leaned back in his chair. “Do you think you can make it out of here without raping anyone? Do you think your lust will let you see straight enough to fly that plane of yours home? How long before your mind just snaps from the pressure? How long before you turn into a vegetable in some asylum, mindlessly humping whatever’s put in front of you?”
Her eyes blazed with defiance. “Never!” she spat through ground teeth.
“I have time,” he spoke conversationally. “Do you?”
Her fists clenched, she leaned over, and even as she struggled, she could feel the heat pounding in her loins. It was an act of supreme will just to carry on the exchange, and as his words worked slowly into her mind…
With a shout of defiance, she stood up and struck the glass between them. It shattered into pieces, and as the alarm claxons went off, he leapt over the divider, coming to a halt next to her
“My plane is on the roof,” the amazon told him, struggling to hide the tears. He nodded and casually plucked the lasso from her belt. She gasped
“Why don’t I hold onto this?” he grinned. As he spoke, the doors flew open and armed guards spilled into the room, preventing her from making a reply. Without a word, they trained their weapons on the fugitive prisoner.
“Surrender Corrupter!” the lead guard shouted. “Surrender or…”
“No!” Wonder Woman screamed, her instincts taking over. If he died, her unfulfilled lust wold drive her mad.
Somebody flinched and guns spat fire. In a flash, the heroine interposed herself between them and her dominator, her magical bracelets easily deflecting the deadly barrage. Quickly, without bothering to think about the implications of her actions, she launched a rapid assault on the guards. Within minutes, her mighty fists had rendered them all unconscious on the floor.
“Come on!” she screamed, gesturing at the door. The Corrupter pulled her lasso close to himself as he stepped over the comatose bodies.
“You know what this means, don’t you?” he asked as they left the room. “It means that the great Wonder Woman has just joined the ranks of law-breakers…”

The hideout was underground, harder to find than the sheet metal factory. During his brief incarceration, he had had Sidney Flashman move his equipment here, and it hummed to life as he stepped out of the subterranean elevator. Wonder Woman followed some two steps behind. Her wrists and neck were bound by the lasso, which he held firmly in his grip. She had calmed down somewhat, and the Corrupter had used the lasso to keep her urges under check, but she could still feel them just below the surface… throbbing on the edges of her consciousness. She allowed herself to bask in the fog of his control, rather than dwell on the circumstance which brought her here.
“Ahhh, nice to be home,” the Corrupter began flipping switches, examining the machines which surrounded them. “Nicer still to have such a prize in tow. Now then, my dear, I think the time has come to further may control over you.”
“Are you… are you going to fuck me?” Wonder Woman asked, almost timidly.
“Not in your current state. You might kill me with over-enthusiasm, and then where would we be? No, for now, I simply wish to test your limits… and to give you a taste of your new life.”
He turned and faced his captive, giving her his full attention for the first time since fleeing the prison. She watched his eyes study her body, and felt herself grow excited at the prospect. She had always been the subject of attention, but before their encounter, she had never known how…stimulating it could be. Still bound by the lasso, she could do nothing but stand and watch as the Corrupter approached her.
“I think it’s time once again to reveal yourself to me…”
Her wrapped his arms around her, holding her unmoving form in an embrace. Revulsion and lust rose in equal amounts as she felt him loosen the zipper on her top. It fell away like an empty husk, revealing her perfect chest to him again. He leaned back and gave her breasts a short squeeze, delighting in the unbidden desire that flashed across her features. With a smooth motion, he descended and pulled her trunks off pooling them down around her ankles. His hands moved across her silky white hips and thighs, exploring her flesh unbidden as he reached her shapely calves With a soft tug, he removed her red boots, tossing them beside her, then rose again, reveling in her bare flesh against his costume. He slid his fingers through her soft raven hair, and removed her tiara with a quick toss. She was now completely naked save for her belt of power and the bracelets on her wrists - nearly hidden by the loops of her lasso.
The Corrupter turned and gestured at the center of the chamber, where a strange lab table stood surrounded by computer equipment. Diana’s heart filled with fear at the sight of table, but at the same time, she wondered: what was he about to do to her?
A doorway on the far wall slid open and a woman walked in. It was Sidney Flashman, but the heiress had changed. Her face was now blank and unmoving, her blonde hair cut short and slicked back against her skull. She wore what appeared to be a silver two-piece bathing suit, the top covering most of her chest and torso. The black mark of the Corrupter decorated her left breast.
“Ms. Flashman,” the Corrupter commented, “Please assist Wonder Woman into the stimulator apparatus.”
“Yes Master,” Sidney spoke in a unchanging monotone. She walked robotically up to the pair and grasped the lasso, guiding the heroine towards the table. Wonder Woman allowed herself to be taken, curiosity and desire overwhelming her instincts to resist. At a quiet command, she spread herself on the table, slipping her hands free of the lasso only to bind them again with a pair of restraints at the high end. She spread her legs wide and felt them lock in to another set of restraints, holding her firmly to the table.
“The manacles,” the Corrupter said, “were designed by NASA. A new type of metal, able to withstand the pressure of tectonic plates. I doubt you could break them even if I allowed you to.”
With a quiet hum, most of the table dropped away to vanish beneath the floor. She was now supported by a tiny platform below the small of her back, and another one between her shoulder blades,; the remainder of the table was gone. She hung spreadeagle, halfway above a silvery lab floor, her arms and legs still held secure by the manacles. She could now see countless probes, electrodes and other devices surrounding her, connected to the other equipment in the lab.
“What happens now?” she asked fearfully.
“Now we see how much your body can take. I command that your lust return.”
With a cry, Diana felt her desire roar over her, even stronger than it was before. She could feel nothing but the need to mate, could obey nothing but her own carnal instincts. She thrashed about madly, but her binds held her down: even with her full strength, she couldn’t break them.
Sidney began attaching electrodes to Diana’s struggling body - one on each thigh, two on her belly, two on her shins, two on her shoulder-blades, two on her plum buttocks a pair of either side of her neck and one on each naked breast. Each of the electrodes was connected by a cable to the machinery around her. Once the diodes were connected, she produced a familiar-looking flat piece of metal: the sensorgasm. It attached itself to Wonder Woman’s navel and extended a series of cables to connect with the other electrodes on her body. Finally, the brainwashed heiress produce a metallic headband, linked to the computers by a series of wires, and encircled it around the heroine’s forehead. Her ministrations finished, Sidney then stepped back into the shadows.
.As she did so, the devices around Wonder Woman glowed to life. She felt a current run through the diodes into her body, energizing every inch of her skin. At the same time, the headband began to emit a low-frequency hum. More lights lit up, more machines hummed to life. The probes around her stretched forward and attached themselves to her flesh.
“Will this…” she gasped.
“Oh yes,” the Corrupter answered. “All of that and then some.”
He touched a button on the nearby console. Eddies of pleasure began to ripple across her as the machines began to stimulate her erogenous zones. Her flesh sprung into goosebumps then relaxed as the machinery moved softly across her form. She moaned and shook her head as she felt her desire rising against her will. Beneath the diodes, her breasts sloshed and heaved. Despite her overwhelming lust, the stimulation was only enough to whet the appetite.
She continued to tug against the bonds as the pulsing from the machinery increased. She could feel the thrum over every corner of her being, felt the electricity surge through the probes and attachments. The effect transformed her body into one huge erogenous zone. Every touch of the machines sent pleasure through her body. Every probe felt intensely stimulating. A smooth phallus extended from the floor and pushed its way into her vagina. She gasped as it penetrated her, and she could feel tiny electronic wires connect to her labia wall. The tip connected with her clitoris, sending small pleasure charges into it. The effect was almost too much.
“OH!” she gasped. “Oh-uh-uh…”
The phallus began to pump in and out. Almost unconsciously she began to move in time with it, widening her legs to allow the deepest possible penetration. A second phallus extended between her buttocks, pumping in time with its mate. All the while, the probes and diodes continued their relentless stimulation.
“Uh… uh… uh…” she whispered. “Please, *uh*… uh… uh…Uh! UH! UH! UH! UH!”
Lights began flashing in front of her eyes, and she could feel something pressing against her skull from the headband. She no longer cared. All she could feel was the ocean of pleasure roaring around her, touching every corner of her being. Her eyes snapped open and she could sense subliminal messages pounding past them, into her defenseless mind. The phalluses continued their relentless pounding, and she felt herself caress their sides, building higher, ever higher…
“OOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” she screamed as the orgasm devoured her. Two weeks of teasing and countless acts of disappointment were washed away in a single mighty shriek. Her fists clenched behind her bonds and every muscle froze in perfect ecstasy. Colossal shudders ran up and down her body, shutting down her conscious mind with an overload of stimulus. Her body contorted in a mindless frenzy and she howled her pleasure to the pulsing computers. Once again, she felt the climax hold her in its grip, as the sensorgasm buzzed to life again. Her conscious mind shut down and she surrendered herself to the orgasm which never abated but only grew stronger and stronger…
An unknown time later, the pleasure slowly released its hold on her, like a wave retreating from the beach. She threw her head back and sighed orgasmically; her sweaty hair dangled limply above the floor. She could feel her muscles aching slightly as the probes and sensors detached themselves from her, and sensed her power belt around her, coated in sweat.
“Sixteen hours!” she heard the Corrupter cry. “You almost broke the machine my dear.”
The sound of his voice served to shake her from her post-coital fog. With orgasmic fulfillment finally upon her, the full impact of the last two weeks finally hit her. The men… the abuse… the helplessness and semi-willing rescue of her hated foe…
“Oh Hera no!!!” she wailed, the sobs coming quick and easily. “What have I done!?” Her body shuddered with shame and humiliation as the throes of pleasure slowly faded.
“You’ve just undergone the world’s longest orgasm” the Corrupter approached her spreadeagled form. “And thanks to that remarkable belt of yours, you’ve been able to endure it.”
“I’ve disgraced myself!” she wept. “You pulled me down into the depths of depravity!”
“Yes,” he said quietly. “And more than that. You’ve aided in the escape of a convicted felon. You’ve debased and humiliated yourself in front of dozens of men. You’ve forsworn your scared duty, abandoned your noble quest, and forever tarnished your reputation. All for a fleeting carnal pleasure - pleasure which isn’t as easily vanquished as you might believe.”
He ran his gloved fingers slowly up her naked form, gently caressing her exhausted muscles. As he moved across her breasts, she started from her tears. His touch seemed to be reawakening the desire she had only just now quenched. Her crotch began to throb again and - despite her grueling ordeal - she felt her lust begin to rekindle in her soul. It was enough to send her spiraling down to new depths of shame.
“Hera, help me!” she shuddered.
“Your goddess can’t help you,” her tormentor replied, “But I can. My conditioning programs have already made you open to my way of thinking. Your nymphomania can always be contained within these walls, and under my ministrations, you will find fulfillment in countless different ways. Away from here, there lies only humiliation, disgrace and eventual madness as your lust claims your soul. But within my lab, I will reshape you into being Aphrodite would envy. All you need do is call me master.”
“Never!” she tried to sound defiant. “I’ll never submit to you!”
He laughed, and pulled her belt off. Every nerve ending flared with pain as her endurance vanished, leaving her as weak and vulnerable as a normal woman. Her will could no longer contain her reborn desire, and she felt it spread across her body in a flash.
“My machine has already altered your sexuality to match my needs,” he chuckled. “The bondage is a turn-on, yes?”
“Ooooohhhh,” she moaned, unable to affirm what he clearly knew. The feeling of powerlessness - the physical restraint brought on by her imprisonment - served as fuel to the fire of her arousal. It was inconceivable! How could she need it again so soon?
“I can tame you,” he brushed her cheek with his hand. “I can show you how to ride that desire, rather than letting it ride you. I can fulfill you in a thousand different ways, and teach you how your lust can be a blessing rather than a curse.”
“What…” she managed to gasp, “…do I have to do?”
He grinned. “When you have rested, I will return your costume to you. You will then proceed to the Jefferson National Bank on 43rd Street and rob it of every penny. Once you have done so, you will return here, and I will further instruct you on the containment of your desire.”
“Another crime?!” she cried out in despair. “No! Never!”
“Have it your way.” He turned and walked slowly out of the room, shutting out the lights as he went. “We’ll see how a good night’s sleep affects your attitude.” She remained alone in the dark, her tears the only comfort she could find.
Time passed, an hour a day, she could not tell. Wonder Woman fell into a fitful sleep, broken only by the growing heat between her legs. She imagined herself returning to society, doing the right thing by paying for her mistakes. She saw herself stripped of her powers, condemned before a shocked world and imprisoned in a penitentiary not too different than the one she freed the Corrupter from. She saw herself abused in countless different ways - raped in the shower by the inmates, beaten in the yard by the guards, forced to pay for all the criminals she had once put behind bars. She saw herself a broken woman, forced into a living nightmare from which there was no escape. And for all of that, she saw herself unable to purge the needs from her body. Even the women who raped her could not bring fulfillment. She would end her days in a lunatic asylum, screaming out her madness to an uncaring universe…
She awoke with a start. She was thrashing in her bonds, vainly attempting to stimulate her body within her restraints. Her breath came in short gasps and all she cold think about was who could provide the deepest penetration. The Corrupter stood in front of her, holding up her uniform.
“The Jefferson National Bank,” he said simply.
“Yes,” she gasped. With a snap, her bonds were released, and she fell to the floor in a heap. She lay there for a moment, trying desperately to gather herself, when she felt a sting in her left shoulder.
“This should eliminate all traces of exhaustion,” The Corrupter explained as he withdrew the hypodermic needle. The drug ran through her quickly and she felt its healing power like a balm on her drained body. Diana pulled herself to her knees as he dropped the uniform in front of her. She dressed automatically, letting the mechanics of the task keep her from thinking too hard about what she was doing. Part of her still screamed to fight back, to resist the darkness that had seeped into her soul. But she knew she was well past that, and as she slipped on her costume, she resolved to do whatever it took to feed her insatiable lust.

She moved through the bank like a machine, paying no attention to the surprised people around her. The teller’s protestations sounded tinny and distant, like a weak radio signal. When the guards opened fire, she allowed her instincts to move her, and she blocked their bullets with ridiculous ease. The vault door came apart like paper in her hands, and as she placed the stacks and stacks of bills in the waiting duffel bags, she refused to acknowledge the consequences of the act.

The Corrupter watched as elevator to his lair opened, revealing a shell-shocked Wonder Woman whose glassy eyes were devoid of life. She dropped the duffel bags with a thud in front of him, then stood with shoulders slumped while he counted the money within.
“Fifteen thousand dollars in small bills,” Diana said dully. “Was it worth it?”

“Absolutely,” He looked up. “I’ve been watching CNN. You’re now the most wanted criminal in America.”
“I don’t care.” He shame coursing through her did nothing to hide the fire in her eyes. “I have done what you asked,” she whispered huskily. Will you…”
“Will I what?” he returned archly.
“Will you give me what I need?” she pleaded. “Please! It’s all I have left! I need to feel you inside of me!” The stains had returned to her trunks.
“Very well then, since you said the magic word.”
He took her by the hand, and lead her meekly to the far wall, where a huge bed had been placed. A pair of restraints decorated the top corners and the sight of them filled her heart with anticipation.
“Before we begin,” the Corrupter said, “I want to see you demonstrate a slave’s proper obedience. Strip for me.”
She hesitated.
“STRIP WONDER WOMAN, or would you care to wait another week?”
Bowing her head, she reached down to her cleavage and grasped the material of her costume. With a quick tear, it was gone, revealing a body rock-hard with desire. Her trunks and boots soon followed suit and she reached up to remove her tiara with a toss of raven-black hair. Even her bracelets and earrings were pulled off, leaving her utterly exposed and vulnerable. She stood there, her hair falling into her face, willing herself to stay motionless even though every nerve screamed otherwise. Her perfect body shivered in the air, her sensual curves aquiver with anticipation. Fluid flowed freely from between her legs.
“You are magnificent, my dear,” the Corrupter smiled. “The greatest prize I have ever stolen. And soon - very soon - my domination of you will be complete. But first…”

He produced the now familiar sensorgasm and attached it to her belly. Cables and sensors spread forth from it across her body, connecting tiny pads to her breasts, buttocks, hips and torso. A pair attached to the skin of her inner thighs, while another set linked to the sides of her neck. It formed a strange sort of harness, bonding every corner of her body to the thin metal device.
“Will this… help…?” she asked meekly.
“You have no idea.” The Corrupter touched a button, and with a slight buzz, the harness began to merge with the pink of her flesh. She cried out as the cables and sensors connected themselves to her nervous system, then slowly vanished as the nanotechnology was absorbed into her skin. She felt her tactile sensitivity increasing as the process continued. The slightest breeze cause her flesh to break out in goosebumps, while her nipples darkened as nerve endings drew close to the surface of her breasts. Her sensual awareness was now almost inhuman, reacting to slightest stimulus. Her breath came in short gasps.
“Oh… oh my…oh goddess…” she panted.
“Yes. Now that you have merged with the sensorgasm, your body is a singular instrument, designed for the experience of pleasure. But that pleasure comes only at my whim.”
The Corrupter removed his costume, revealing his muscular body and a large erect penis. Diana eyes widened at the sight and she felt her blood nearly boil as he gestured at the bed.
“Get on,” he ordered
She collapsed on the sheets in a near-swoon, spreading her arms and legs to feel the sensual touch of the sheets. She slid her hands into the waiting cuffs and they automatically locked into place, securing her to the bed. She felt her desire grow exponentially with the feeling of imprisonment.
“Please…” she gasped as he rose above her. “Take me now…”
“This is the reward my devoted servants reap,” The Corrupter admonished. And it began.
He reached out and grasped Diana by her slender waist, his hands playing across her tan flesh. He slid them slowly up to her enlarged chest, fondling her massive glands with expert fingers. He caressed and kneaded the flesh softly, feeling the aureole tense and harden beneath his touch. The twin globes were pressed together and apart, forming delightfully curved mounds of cleavage before being flattened and reshaped by his exploring hands. Wonder Woman closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she was overwhelmed by the sensations, her newly-sensitized body acting of its own volition. Almost without realizing it, her long legs widened to allow him access. Her crotch was damp with desire, the lips of her clitoris throbbing ever-so-slightly.
He was on her in a flash, releasing her chest to clasp her firm round buttocks. He stroked her thighs up and down with his thumbs, reveling in the sensuous feeling of her silky skin. Slowly, he guided her legs apart, then, with shocking rapidity, penetrated her vagina with his member.
Wonder Woman cooed erotically as he entered her, her movements guided by the subliminal commands he had placed in her mind over the last few week. She opened herself up to receive him, then clamped shut as his member pulled back. Quickly, they established a rhythm, he pressing her for deeper penetration, she guided by forces beyond her ken. Her calves clasped and locked behind the small of his back, their luxurious touch bewitching to feel. The pattern established, he released her bottom, feeling his hands up the smooth expanse of her belly. Her bound hands clenched into fists as the rhythm continued, her curved thighs thrusting upwards again and again. She moaned erotically as she felt his mouth on her tits, the nipples pert and hard beneath his stimulation. She felt the weight of shame vanish from around her soul, to be replaced by the carnal joy of sexual fulfillment. He knew exactly where to touch her, knew precisely how to fill her with unattainable pleasure. Memories of her tryst with Steve, of the crimes she had committed and the humiliating debasements she had suffered, quickly faded as the Corrupter brought her to heights of erotic stimulation. Surely, this was how it was meant to be, she told herself amid the erotic haze. Surely, he was the mate the gods had intended for her.
Diana tossed her head back and forth as they approached climax, all thought lost save those of him and she swore she would do everything within her power to make him happy. As one, they released, their thighs pumping in and out like pistons. She threw back her head and screamed aloud as the orgasm ran through her like a thunderbolt, every muscle released in a sensuous shudder. As before, it did not face with time, but grew stronger and stronger until her very soul sang with the pleasure. Her consciousness slowly submerged beneath the unspeakable joy, and she allowed herself the bliss of mindless release.

She lay there afterward, intertwined with his body, listening to the gentle rhythm of his breathing. With an unspoken command, he released her shackles freeing her from restraint. There were now no bindings - nothing to hold her body in place - yet she would not leave. Where on earth would she go? Who would take her in after the things she had done? Even her sisters on Paradise Island would shun her, their former champion now disgraced beyond measure. No, this was the only place for her now, and with the fire slowly growing in her loins again, she knew that she did not wish to leave.
“I cannot make love to any man but you,” she whispered softly.
“Yes,” The Corrupter answered.
“And if I leave you, you will never make love to me again.”
“Yes,” he repeated, the dark room hiding his smile.
“And if I am to continue quenching this desire, I must do as you command in all things - I must become your slave.”
“You are a bright one,” he grinned, stroking her hair. “You must commit all manner of villainy, you must surrender yourself to the dark side, and you must obey me in every way - I must control you utterly. Will you do that?”
Silence reigned for several terrible moments, and the darkness hid the tears that once more flowed down her cheeks.
“Yes,” she whispered at last. “I’ll do anything.”
“And so your corruption is complete.” He rose, gathering her up in his arms. “Welcome to your new life… slave.”


Diana knelt before the bed, utterly naked. A brief session with the lasso had removed the last traces of conscience and ethics from her mind, and now she waited, poised with obedience. Her old Wonder Woman uniform had long since been destroyed, and she was waiting while he replaced it with a new one. She sensed his presence behind her, and raised her arms above her head, as she had been taught. He snapped her new bracelets around her wrists, the same Femininum material altered through some unknown technology. They now locked securely, and their sheen was silver instead of gold; a black star decorated each.
She continued to hold her arms up as he slid a black leather bustier over the twin globes of her chest. They laced up the front, revealing a generous amount of cleavage, and as he pulled it tight, she could feel his fingers pushing through the fabric against her skin. Her power belt now had a silver sheen, like the bracelets, and he fitted it below the bustier, closing it around her waist with an authoritative snap. She shifted and leaned back as he slid the black leather bikini bottom up her legs, over her womanly hips to ride snugly against her crotch. The cut was very high, revealing more of her creamy flesh than her old costume had.
The boots were thigh-high, and he allowed her to place them on herself. She remained sitting as she slid them up her legs, revealing in the luxurious feel of the material against her skin. That complete, she sat quietly while he added the final piece to her ensemble (no tiara; he didn’t care for the royal implications). The collar was polished steel, studded with electronics he could use to keep track of her. As it snapped shut around her neck, she could feel with hum to life, sealing itself to her flesh. She bowed her head in absolute submission as she felt his dominance overwhelm the core of her being. She was his, body and soul…

She stood in the street, arms akimbo, as the armored car approached. The driver honked his horn but she smiled smugly and held out her hands. The truck came to a dead stop as she slammed into it, halting its forward momentum as if it were a recalcitrant kitten. With a grunt, she flipped it over onto its side, delighting in the crash it made. The two guards stumbled drunkenly out of the wreck, only to come face to face with the towering black-clad amazon.
“I am Wonder Woman, slave of the Corrupter,” she smiled wickedly. “And your money belongs to me.”