The Conquest of Paradise  

WARNING: Bad, naughty, awful sex-things are all over this. You should be ashamed of yourself for even looking at it. If you're under-age, or may be upset by superhero-bondage-mind control-sex, skeedattle now before your eyes melt out. Everyone else, have fun. Comments are, of course, welcome. Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Hippolyta, etc. are registered copyrights of DC comics. This story is not intended as an infringement upon those copyrights; it is distributed freely and is for entertainment purposes only. We're not making any money off of it, so please call off your attack lawyers. Thank you. And away we go. Wonder Woman: The Conquest of Paradise by Knyght The Warlock sighed, and turned to contemplate the view his underground headquarters gave him. Since the super-heroine Wonder Woman had defeated his plans, he could think of nothing but revenge. Now, at last, everything was in readiness. With luck, Diana and her entire people would soon be under his thumb, and he could leave this cursed planet once and for all. He shut off the monitors and turned to face the lab behind him. Bound spread-eagle on a trio of metallic tables were three women: a lithe blonde, a tall redhead and a supple brunette. Models from the agency he had contacted; he would need some initial servants if his plans were to work and these three fit the bill perfectly. They lay unconscious on the sleek metal; a little stun gas had been enough to knock them out. The computers behind him hummed to life as he moved menacingly towards them... Several hours later, he examined his handiwork. The women were putty before the conversion devices, their will and memories erased in favor of his matrix. They stood before him on a set of softly glowing pedestals, standing motionless at attention as he adjusted his control console. They were clothed only in skintight silver bodysuits, the legs and arms bare before him. Silver gloves sheathed their hands, while silver boots rose up to their calves. Their ample chests rose and fell with their breathing, the beautiful curves of their bodies highlighted by the soft light of the machinery. Alpha slaves, he called them. They were ready. "You understand the parameters of your mission, slaves?" "We understand and obey, master." they intoned as one. "The subjects Wonder Girl and Wonder Woman are to be captured and brought here for processing. We are not to return here if we should be discovered. The master must be protected." "Excellent. Then go!" They stepped off the pedestals and walked out of the room towards a waiting elevator. Their eyes returned to normal as they did so, and their mouths curved in a trio of cruel smiles. Hundreds of feet above them, at the front of an innocent looking warehouse, a pair of red, white and blue-clad forms advanced forward. Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl looked every bit the heroines, their stunning bodies covered by their satin costumes. The older Wonder Woman took the lead, with her sister right behind her. "Are you sure it's okay for me to come with you, Diana?" the younger girl inquired. "Oh, I'm sure mother would throw a fit if she knew, but I don't see the harm. The radiogram said the terrorists haven't even armed the bomb yet. You'll be fine." "It seems odd that the tip-off was anonymous like that. Does that happen often." "No, hardly ever," Diana returned. "But it was on a secure I.A.D.C. channel; only an agent could have sent it. Who knows? Maybe they caught him before he could finish the transmission." "Then we'd better get there fast." Wonder Girl couldn't help but suppress a smile. "I'm looking forward to teaching those terrorists a lesson," "I agree. Whoever they are, they've made a big mistake," she replied , advancing upon the building's locked doors. With a quick twist, she wrenched the lock off. "Now remember, stay close and move when I do. With luck, we'll have them before they know we're here." Several hundred feet below, the Warlock watched them on his monitors. Wonder Girl was beautiful, but it was Wonder Woman he was truly fixated with. She was every bit as magnificent as he remembered, her perfect body moving with the grace and fluidity of a panther. Her breasts stood erect beneath the curves of her costume, the blue trunks hugging every line of her perfect legs. What a prize she was! He touched a button on the console and spoke softly. "The time has come, my puppets. Execute the plan. now." The two heroines advanced through the corridors and passageways formed by the warehouses crates. They stood taut and relaxed, ready for anything. Suddenly, from up ahead, a tall redheaded woman in a skimpy silver body suit stepped into view. That was strange, Wonder Woman thought. The radiogram hadn't said anything about a supervillainess. "Welcome to the party, girls. We didn't think you'd make it." the red-head sneered. Lifting a silver-gloved hand, she fired a blue arc of pure energy from her extended arm at the Amazons. Diana deflected it easily with her bracelets, as Drusilla moved forward towards the woman. "Sorry, honey, you'll have to do better than that," she purred arrogantly, moving forward to subdue her would-be attacker. To her surprise, the red-head grinned evilly and touched a button on her glove. A burst of sonic energy extended from her clenched fist and caught the young Amazon full in the head. Her ears rang and she cried out in pain as the wave overwhelmed her. She brought her hands up to her temples and collapsed on the floor, unconscious. The red-head smiled. "The little fish is down; it's time to see what the big one can do." "Why you. you. hussy!" Wonder Woman sputtered angrily. If she had hurt her sister. She charged forward, flexing her muscles in preparation for a fight. She'd pound this little girl into. Suddenly, she stopped. The woman hadn't moved a bit. It seemed like she almost expected the heroine to come to her. The situation seemed to be too neat, too easy to follow. Time to change the rules. With a graceful bound, she leapt up to the top of the crates, providing her with a greater view of the situation. Sure enough, two other women, dressed in similar suits, stood just out of sight, waiting for her to walk by and be stunned. "Up here, girls," she taunted as she leapt down among them. The two women looked surprised and turned to run, but the Amazon was too quick for them. Twirling her lasso of compulsion, she snared them both in its coils and began pulling them towards her. "Too bad your little trap didn't pan out," she asserted smugly. `Now, if you don't tell me where I can find the bomb right now, I'm going to get angry, and I haven't done that in four or five hundred years." The brunette in her lasso touched a button on her belt. Instantly, a shock of electricity erupted from the woman's hands, surging up the magical rope towards her. In an instant, she was overwhelmed, and dropped her hold on the lasso to steady herself. Before she could react, the redhead ran up behind her and snatched the belt from around her waist. Instantly, the heroine felt her mystical strength leave her. Swaying with the barrage of sensations, she couldn't react when the red- head's glove shot a second arc of electricity into her. She froze, paralyzed and helpless as the energy worked through her. Their three captors smiled. "Inform the master that the operation was successful. The targets have been subdued." The elevator door opened, and the trio came sauntering out, leading their prizes before them. The two heroines' belts had been removed and they were each bound by their own magic lasso. When they had regained consciousness, both of them had been ordered not to try and escape; the power of their lassos had forced them to acquiesce and they could now only move forward, unable to take the golden strands from around their bodies. They stumbled forward into the sleek laboratory, eyes widening at the sight they saw. The great chamber was dominated by banks and banks of computer monitors, control panels, lasers - an endless array of sinister-looking machinery. In the center of one wall stood a pair of apparatuses, encircled by claps, diodes and bindings. They looked as if they could suspend a person spread-eagle above the whole affair. In front of it all stood a grinning man whose visage Wonder Woman had no trouble identifying. "Warlock!" she snarled. "So this is your doing! What fiendish plan are you up to now?!" "`Fiendish plan'?! My dear, you can be shamelessly melodramatic at times. That's a flaw I'll have to correct." "What do you mean?!" Diana retorted. "What is this place?" "Oh, I assure you, you'll get the idea soon enough. Slave, the lassos, please." Nichole - the brunette Alpha slave - handed the lassos that bound the heroines to the Warlock and took a seat next to her fellow slaves in front of the huge array of computers that surrounded the room. Flipping a few switches, the computers hummed to life. A small tube shot out from the console and attached itself to her breast, just below the nipple. She sighed and her eyes rolled up to the white, a perfect interface connecting between her being and the computer's program. Wonder Girl looked around fearfully at the noise and at the odd change in the woman. The Warlock smiled at the look on her face, and nodded with satisfaction at the whir of electronic activity surging through the walls and consoles around him. Every array and microchip was now focused on the captured heroines, every circuit designed to catalogue their reactions and note the process of their conversion. If the Warlock was to capture the whole of Paradise Island, the next few hours would be crucial. The information he gleaned from the experimentation upon the two sisters would pave the way to his final victory. A staccato series of pulses - sent by Nichole - interrupted his musings and he turned his attention to the deed at hand. The computers were ready, and the conversion of his first two prizes would now begin. Ignoring the elder amazon for the moment, the Warlock grasped the two magic lassos in his hand and spoke to Wonder Girl. "There's no need to fear me, my dear, I intend you no permanent harm," "Oh yeah?" she sputtered. "Then what do you want with us?" "Merely to ask you a few questions. That's what these are for, aren't they?" he gestured at the rope in his hand. "Asking questions?" "Yes," she replied, the mystic artifact forcing the answer from her. "The magic lassos of my sister and I compel anyone trapped in them to tell the truth." "Just as you are doing now?" "Yes," she replied again, the lasso's compulsion overriding her defiance and fear. Wonder Woman seemed about to speak, but with a sudden "Shoosh!" from her captor, her voice was cut off. She tried to say something but her throat would not respond. Her mouth opened and closed in silence as the Warlock continued to interrogate her sister. "But that's not all your lassos can do, is it, my child?" "No," Drusilla replied as the lasso again made her to speak. "It forces its victims to obey any order the user commands, to fulfill any wishes she issues." "Indeed. And so, if I were to command you to remove your bracelets, you would do it." "Yes," she nodded. "Then do so please." A pair of clinks issued as she pulled her two bullet- proof bracelets off and dropped them to the floor. "Excellent. Now tell me, Wonder Girl, how many times have you used your lasso on people the same way I'm using it now." "Gosh, hundreds of times!" the memories of her triumphant adventures came rushing back to her, allowing her to cast off some of her fear and apprehension. "And you sister, Wonder Woman, how many times has she used hers?" "Oh, even more! Probably thousands!" "Yes, I'm sure. So it stands to reason that you and your sister have performed this action upon thousands of different people." "Yes, that's true." "Now tell me, Wonder Girl, do you enjoy being ordered in such a fashion?" "Wha." a confused look on her face answered his question. "Do you like what's happening Now? Do you enjoy being probed and questioned this way?" "No!" she finally answered emphatically. "Not at all!" "It feels like a violation, doesn't it? It feels like your mind and spirit are open to the manipulation and control of another." "Yes, it does." she answered. "Like I'm being." "Like you're being raped?" "Yes! That's it," she beamed, her confused mind latching on to the lasso's commanded truth. "It's like you're taking my mind away without my letting you." "Indeed. Then every time you or Wonder Woman has used your lassos, you have committed a form of rape." She stopped, suddenly, the words ringing through her mind. "But we only used it on bad people." "IN YOUR OPINION, they were bad." "Yesss.n-n-no," she faltered, the confusion returning. "We knew they were bad." "Even if they were bad, as you say, did what they do deserve the sort of treatment you gave them? The sort of treatment I'm giving you now?" She stopped for a moment, her emotions conflicting within her. "No." she finally answered. "No, they didn't." "And yet you did it anyway." "Yes." "Why?" "B-be-because we needed to know things. Because we had to stop them from doing what they were doing." "No Drusilla, that's what you told yourselves. What was it really?" Silence followed for a few moments. "Because we wanted to," she finally said, the perplexity apparent on her face. "Because it let us hold our power over them." "Both you and your sister?" "Yes. It let us assert ourselves on them while serving a cause we knew was noble." "But my dear, wasn't the domination of other people exactly what you and Wonder Woman tried to prevent? You've fought crime and conspiracy, you've battled evil masterminds from controlling the fates of millions." "Yes, yes we did." "But what is the nobility of your cause if you use the same tactics that they do?" "I.I don't know." she answered. "The truth be known, you're no better than they were." "No! That's-that's not true." "Isn't it? You merely use your concepts of justice and freedom to excuse your own desires for power and control. You've hidden behind the `superhero' facade to indulge in your own arrogant confirmation of power. In fact, your entire people have! Answer me, Drusilla, THIS IS THE TRUTH." She looked ready to cry, as her shoulders slumped. The lasso forced the truth of the matter before her. "Yes! Yes it is," she sobbed, hiding her face in her hands. Diana could stand no more. "Stop it! Stop it! Dru, you don't know what you're saying!" she thought, but she still could not speak. The Warlock looked over and flashed a frightening smile at her. "I want you two to remember that over the next few days. We are separated only by a thin line of morality - a line that can be crossed if you're not careful. He stepped back and examined Drusilla's tightly-clad form closely. "Remove your costume please." She moved to obey him, the voice of the lasso once again sending a clear message through her brain. She slid the shoulder straps of her leotard down, then pulled the one-piece fabric over her legs and off. While still leaned over, she removed her boots, then stood straight, the lasso around her shoulders and the tiara on her forehead the only covering. The Warlock nodded at the beautiful sight of her form. Despite her age of nearly fifteen-hundred years, she looked no older than seventeen, a young woman just coming into herself. Her breasts hung round and shapely, like two creamy orbs in her chest. Her legs were long and slender, and her hips, while a bit thin, still had a fine womanly curve to them. The bare slit between her crotch indicated that she had shaved recently. Wonder Girl shivered at the sight of a man viewing her helpless, naked form. "And now Wonder Woman. Disrobe, if you will." As he spoke, the lasso blasted the command into her mind, and she felt her hands move against her will to the zipper below her shoulder blades. Her ample cleavage compressed for a moment, then sprang back as her luscious breasts came free of the boustierre. They rolled slightly before coming to rest in perfect spheres, their rounded tops rising and falling with the heroine's breath. She wanted to scream, to cry out and make a stand against this. this violation. But she could not. All she could do was pull the remainder of her outfit off as the Warlock had commanded. Do you have any idea how attractive you are in that outfit?" the Warlock queried as she removed her bracelets. "You prance around with bare arms and legs, revealing your flesh for the world to see. Yet, you decry sexual attraction as an evil against women and you yourself are oblivious of the arousal you inspire. I intend to pay you back in kind for that hypocrisy," he finished. With a soft thump, the remainder costume hit the floor. Her tan, wide hips curved out in graceful arcs before an untouched thatch of dark pubic hair. The soft lines of her body hid well- formed muscles, exuding strength - yet femininity - in a striking way. She was a vision. "Indeed, you are truly a Wonder Woman. I look forward to making you my queen. Now, it is time to begin." He gestured to her remaining two Alpha slaves, who stepped up behind him. "Attach Wonder Girl to the first converter." They moved instantly to obey, grasping Drusilla's bare arms and dragging her towards the machinery in front of her. With a flourish, he pulled the magic lasso free of her. With her mind cleared, Wonder Girl immediately began struggling against her captors. But without her power belt, it was no use. They easily dragged her up to the first apparatus, and fitted her clenched fists into the waiting bindings. Her legs were caught by a pair of stirrups which fitted around her ankles, forcing her to spread them wide. There were other attachments as well. Each slave produced a diode, attached to the nearby computer with a wire. They attached each diode to Drusilla's nipples, and the young nymph could feel the equipment hold fast to her skin. A series of circuitry and wires spiderwebbed out from them, covering her chest with a glittering network of electrical wiring. A strange headgear, like a clear set of VR goggles descended over her face. More wires and diodes shot out from the top, securing themselves to her forehead and tiara. Even bound like this, she refused to give up, battling helplessly against her restraints. Diana could not help but be proud of her fighting spirit. "And now the elder." With a flash, the two slaves returned and pulled Wonder Woman towards the waiting machine. She fought and battled even harder than Wonder Girl, but in the end, she was attached to the second converter the same way. There was nothing attached to her chest however, no diodes or other equipment. She couldn't understand quite what that meant. The Warlock watched them for a moment as the fought against their binds, then nodded to Nichole, who began executing a series of commands. Still struggling, Wonder Woman looked over at him and snarled. "What do you intend to do?" she hissed, trying to sound fierce. "Why, make you my slaves of course. This machinery is designed to rewrite codes of memory and personality in the brain, making them fit any pattern I desire. I'm going to transform you into personal servants - villainesses more than willing to do my every bidding. And that's just the beginning, Wonder Woman. Just the beginning." The conversion device hummed to life, and Wonder Woman felt a low buzz at the base of your neck. A needle-like wire had pushed through her luxurious hair and entered the soft flesh beneath. Beside her, her sister's eyes widened as a similar wire entered the base of her skull. Their struggles increased. "The sensations you are feeling is a set of microscopic circuitry, implanting itself in your nervous system. As the process develops, your nerve endings and brain cells will become grafted to the circuitry. The technology controls the firing of synapses in your brain, allowing me to alter them at will. I can control your movements, your emotions, even your memories and personality. I will have access to every facet of your being, and can mold you to suit my desires. Being an amazon, however, you might summon the will to resist the process, so I thought I would...distract you while it takes place." Smiling evilly, he removed the leggings and boots he wore, revealing a large member stiffening with arousal. A few muttered words, and he was rising off the floor to float menacingly towards Diana. She shuddered as he approached, and redoubled her efforts against her bindings. He moved next to her, felt the closeness of her flesh and the fear in her sweat. Grasping each of her clenched fists, he slowly forced her fingers apart, intertwining them with his own. She thrashed and kicked, but the restraints held her tight. "Leave. leave me alone," she managed to assert. "Oh no, my dear," he smiled, telekinetically maneuvering into position. "You are about to learn what it means to be my slave." He planted a kiss on her soft, sensual lips, then slowly thrust his penis up into her crotch. She realized what was happening and tried to clench her pubic muscles shut, but it was no use. He slid his member easily into her exposed vagina. At the same time, a concentrated series of lights began flashing from the goggles into her eyes. The lights contained subliminal suggestions which they planted in her brain, enhancing her sexual arousal while weakening her ability to resist. As she focused on the new sensations bombarding her mind and body, she was forced to divert her attention from the nanotechnology invading her. The pounding in her head continued as the Warlock's computers dug deep into her mind. While she still struggled bravely against the process, she couldn't help but be aroused by the situation she found herself in. Never before had she been reduced to such powerlessness...the Warlord could do what he pleased with her. Despite all, the prospect did not seem an entirely negative one. "OH!" she gasped, her arousal growing at the computer's bidding. Her psyche was now irretrievably connected to the machinery around her. Instinctively, she thrust upward, a flood of repressed sexuality overcoming her in a wave. She wanted to reach out and grab him, but the bindings around her wrists prevented her from moving. Her muscles loosened to give him better purchase, then clamped shut again. The computer delved deep into her brain, releasing erotic tensions held in check for thousands of years. He began to pump in and out and she moaned in time with his pumping. The sexual stimulation was overpowering as he continued to thrust into her exposed clitoris. Her hips struggled to straddle him, to take him into her as he thrust again and again and again. And all the time, his nanotechnology burrowed deeper into her being. "Oh-oh-oh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-UH-UH-UH-UH-AAAAAAHHHHH!" she screamed as the climax overcame her. She twisted and thrashed, impaling herself on him, her body doused in sweat. She discharged heavily and threw her head back, cooing erotically as the sensations blotted out any thoughts of her predicament. Her orgasm spent, she collapsed amid the restraints, semi-conscious and fulfilled. The Warlock dismounted her, apparently satisfied. "Not bad for the first time. Still, you could use some. fine tuning. The next few weeks should be interesting indeed." Wonder Woman looked passively over at her sister, who writhed in pleasure beneath the converter's machinations. She did not have the Warlock to pleasure her, but the machinery around her seemed to be making up for it. A mechanical dildo had slid up between her legs like a snake, its tip imbedded deeply in her crotch. As Wonder Woman watched, the dildo pulsed and pushed; it was obviously stimulating her sister very deeply. Drusilla pumped her hips back and forth in time with the dildo between her legs, sending her into heights of ecstatic stimulation. The circuitry on her breasts pulsed and hummed, and Wonder Woman could almost feel the pleasurable pain they were sending deep into Drusilla's chest. The girl's fists clenched and unclenched, her toes curled and straightened as she struggled to take in the totality of the experience. Beneath the goggles, her eyes had rolled up to the whites. Whatever resistance she had was long since spent, and now the Warlock's circuitry was penetrating every facet of her being. As Diana watched she could sense her sister's spirit, the bright ray of joy and innocence slowly twisting into something else - something much darker. Wonder Girl screamed orgasmically, and Diana turned away with a shudder. "We're in trouble," she thought. "Deep trouble." A stirring in the machinery around her rose her from her thoughts. With a cry, she saw a series of appendages launch themselves at her defenseless form. A dildo like Wonder Girl's rose up from the floor, sinking deeply into her sex. She cried out at the shock as a pair of diodes connected to her breasts and expanded, sending their circuitry across the luxurious curves. And still, the humming at the base of her skull continued to plant more and more of the Warlock's machinery into her. "Unfortunately, Wonder Woman, I have other things to attend to." The Warlock's chuckle rumbled through her. "There are plans afoot, great plans that require my attention. But I do not wish you to become bored while the conversion process continues." The computers hummed to life and began to stimulate her body much the way her sister. She cried out as she felt her arousal growing again. "The machines are designed to test your limits. They will push your body as far as it can go and further. Further than you ever dreamed. It's all quite necessary, I assure you. Enjoy." he turned and strode from the room. Diana now found herself locked in battle with the machinery around her, which stimulated her faster and faster. Her strength, already reduced, was no match for the machines, and as she rose to orgasm a second time, she knew she could do nothing. Hours went by, of endless struggling against a relentless tormentor. Orgasm after ograsm washed over her and each one took its toll on her stamina. Eventually, she stopped fighting altogether, allowing the machine to engage in its erotic torture at will. After a time, her stopped discharging as well, her body fluids spent in relentless physical stimulation. Still, she rose on, climbing to increasingly painful heights of sexuality at the now-unresisted bidding of the machine. Finally, mercifully, she lost consciousness. ****** "Wake up, big sister." the voice penetrated her brain. It sounded familiar, yet sinister too. She opened her eyes, still suspended in the apparatus. The machine was quiet but the appendages attached to her were still in place. Her body felt raw and used, her lump breasts swollen from over-stimulation. And something in her mind did not feel quite right - like a quiet buzzing that would not go away. The shadowy of shape of the speaker stood before her, cloaked in the darkness of the Warlock's lab. "Who are you?!" she demanded. "Show yourself." The darkened form stepped into the light for Wonder Woman to see. "Dru!" she gasped. It was Wonder Girl, but her sister had changed. The tight red jumpsuit was gone, replaced by an outfit of black leather that revealed significantly more. Dark boots went up to a set of black see-through stockings that hugged every curve of her sister's legs. They swelled up over her hips, terminating in a thin bikini brief that V-ed sharply over her crotch. Two pieces of black leather material continued up her sides, lifting and separating the twin globes of her chest and terminating behind her neck. A pair of black gloves and a black tiara completed the outfit, leaving her belly, arms, and upper chest completely bare. Drusilla's patented mischievousness still gleamed in her eyes, but now it was tainted with something darker, more cruel. She walked up to her sister and planted a deep, sensuous kiss on her shocked lips. "What have they done to you?!" she whispered. Wonder Girl laughed. "Just let me grow up a bit, Diana. And in time, you will too." Diana stared, shocked, at what had become of her sister. The Warlock strode up behind her with a sinister smile on his face. He cusped Drusilla's breast with one hand and began softly kneading her flesh. Wonder Girl, moaned and let herself lean back against her new master's muscular form. "This is just a taste of things to come, Wonder Woman. You sister has been converted and soon you will too. Did you enjoy the experience my machines gave you? As my slave/queen, you will be expected to serve my appetites at any time, and I've found this to be an. adequate substitute. I must say, even without your magic belt, your stamina was quite.impressive. I can hardly wait until you submit to me fully." "I'll never submit to you," she gasped weakly. "You can never break my spirit." "Oh, I'm afraid I already have, my dear. My nanocircuitry has successfully been implanted into your body. At a single command, you will surrender yourself to me, your previous life wiped out in an instant. Like your sister, your innate goodness will be replaced by evil, your great strength will be harnessed to serve my every whim. But where's the fun in that? When you submit to me, Princess Diana, I want you to submit of your own free will." "And how do you expect me to do that?" "When you wish it. You may execute a mental command that fully activates the circuitry in your mind. Your soul will give itself fully to me, and you will exist as my willing slave until the end of time. First, however, you must don your new uniform, as a gesture of obedience." He stepped aside, patting Drusilla's hip and pointed at a glowing platform in the center of the room. A black leather uniform hung there, suspended to match her perfect dimensions. Like Drusilla's, it was a mockery of her old strapless costume. Black boots, black gloves and a black tiara hung in their appropriate positions, a black leather bikini bottom covering the crotch. A strapless brassiere designed to look like an eagle in flight covered the chest, leaving just enough to the imagination to arouse the onlooker. Diana shuddered and stared at her sister. Submit, as she did? become a willess agent of evil? Never! Yet at the same time, an unknown longing rose from the depth of her soul. To be stimulated as she had... to taste the pleasures that came with such slavery... and that new uniform, for all its twisted mockery, seemed strangely. arousing. "Never," she said, resisting the siren call. "I'll never submit to you." The old arrogance had crept back into her voice. "We'll see if you're so proud when your people are converted." "What?!" she gasped. "What are you talking about?" "Your cherished homeland. My revenge against you would not be complete if I didn't take Paradise Island with me. Drusilla here will infiltrate the island and bring your mother here. Once she is corrupted, it won't be long before we can bring your entire people under my thumb." He chuckled evilly while softly exploring Wonder Girl's exposed flesh. "Can you imagine how mother will take this stimulation, Di? Don't you want to give he the same sense of fulfillment we had?" Drusilla sighed softly as her master caressed her skin. "No!" Paradise Island! Converted to the Warlock's evil! "Dru, you can't!" she pleaded. "It's our people, you can't turn them over to him!" "Oh, but I look forward to it. Being bad is so much more fun than being good, Diana. You'll see. Besides, the Master commands it, and I must do his bidding." she smiled evilly. "No!" once again, Wonder Woman began to struggle against her bonds, hoping against hope to stop the coming conquest. "Save your strength, my slave. You'll need it. And now, Wonder Girl, if you will..." "I hear and obey, master," She left his side and touched a control on a nearby console, turning back to Wonder Woman as she did so. Instantly, the machinery hummed to life again, and the Princess Diana found herself sucked once more into the maw of erotic stimulation... An unknown time later, she awoke. The last few days were a haze of pain, struggling, and a floodgate of sexual awakening. She now knew intimately what her people had denied themselves for so long. Sitting up slowly, she found herself in a small room lit by a constant white glow from the walls, floor, and ceiling. Even the cot which she had laid on was glowing, connected as it was to the wall. A pedestal stood in the center of the room, and above it floated her old uniform, its star-spangled silk curved in precise proportion to her dimensions. "Minus the useful stuff, naturally," she thought, noting the absence of her belt and lasso. Even so, any covering at all would be welcome - stripped naked as she was - and the costume revived feelings of her old self - the self before the Warlock had come - within her. They might just get out of this yet. As she dressed, she took care to examine her body for any signs of damage. Surprisingly, there was none. Her breasts, pumped raw and red by the conversion device, had returned to their former perkiness, and her soft white flesh showed no marks of the torment she had undergone. Even her crotch looked strangely untouched, as if the incredible penetration she remembered had never occurred at all. She felt fine. A door in the far corner opened out from the wall as she straightened her bracelets, and in marched the three silver-clad slaves . Their eyes glowed in time with the surroundings, the pupils absent from the softly lit whites. Before she could react, the red head shot out her arm and an arc of electricity engulfed her. She froze as it played up and down her body. "The master orders you to attend him," they spoke as one, the flat monotone of their voices sending shivers up her spine. "Resist and we will be forced to pacify you." "Don't worry," she muttered, her paralysis vanishing as the red-head lowered her hand. She didn't feel up to another burst like that. She would bide her time until the odds seemed better. Nodding silently at the trio, she allowed herself to be escorted out of the room. The Warlock sat on an ornate chromium throne, the seat affording a view of the immense antechamber before him. A similar, smaller throne sat to his left and several pedestals like the ones seen earlier descended down the dais before him. A huge screen dominated the far side of the room, and several smaller screens hung on the wall to his left. He rose and smiled as she entered the room. "Ah, Wonder Woman, so glad you could make it. I trust you wouldn't want to miss this historic moment." He gestured and the trio grabbed her, forcing her up the dais towards the smaller throne. She struggled weakly, but her heart simply wasn't in it, and they had no trouble sitting her down in the chair. Once secure, a set of restraints slammed shut over her wrists, knees, ankles and waist, binding her to the seat. The trio descended to take three of the platforms, kneeling before the man who owned their souls. He looked at Diana and smiled. "My headquarters is now hundreds of feet beneath your hidden island home. Wonder Girl has been sent to the surface in your plane, equipped with several. unique pieces of jewelry." As he spoke, he produced a pair of circular diodes and leaned over to her. She shuddered at his approach, but could not move against her restraints and he attached the pair to her tiara. "they're similar to these, my dear, although not quite the same. These will block any telepathic transmissions you try to make, while those your sister is armed with have a more pragmatic purpose." As he spoke, the screen flickered to life, showing a view of Drusilla - garbed in her red jumpsuit - setting down her invisible jet in her ancestral palace home. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, descended the marble steps to meet her, her tall blonde form positively glowing with joy. "Mother," Diana whispered. "Help us please." "She cannot hear you, my slave queen. She is oblivious to your presence, as are your friends. I have seen to that." The screen continued to follow Drusilla through the palace as she spoke words of unheard greeting to her mother and hurried back to her rooms. There, she quickly changed out of her costume into a short white hunting toga, ideal for playing with her friends. Diana could see the dark gleam in her eyes, though, and shifted uncomfortably as she produced a set of circular discs similar to the ones attached to her tiara. Placing them in a pouch at her belt, she bounded out her room and towards the exist, her long tan legs bare below the thigh. "She's going to the beach to play with some friends, my dear. Watch closely. The conquest of paradise is about to begin." The scene shifted again to a wide sandy beach, where several youthful girls were frolicking. Diana started as she saw it, a small gasp escaping her lips. She knew this place. It was Olympus beach, on the north shore of the island, where she had played a thousand times in the past. And the women there. they were her friends. Here was Atalanta, the lithe hunter, bronzing her bare body on the sand. There were Castrella and Polixia, the best weavers on the island, splashing each other playfully in the surf. She had known all of them from her earliest childhood, had grown up with them as they bloomed and developed into the gorgeous Amazons they now were. She could almost hear the laughter as their tunic-clad forms leapt to and fro on the screen before her And now they were in mortal danger. From a woman they trusted as one of their own. Their scantily-clad bodies seemed vulnerable in ways she never knew existed while she stared fascinated at their unknowing frolics. As she watched helplessly, Wonder Girl came bounding up to meet them, her chest bouncing beneath the thin white cotton of her tunic. They all rose to greet her - some clothed, some not - jabbering excitedly about news from the world of men. She answered them animatedly, flashing the mischievous smile they all knew and loved. And then, nodding knowingly at their excited conversations, she produced her discs and handed one to each girl. Expressions of naive joy flashed across their faces as the princess helped each of them secure it to their persons. Those with clothing pinned it to their cloth, those without to their hair or ears. Atalanta fitted it snugly to her sandal thong, admiring its glitter against her tanned, shapely calf. Once they had all been secured, they pranced about in mock vanity, bragging jokingly to each other about how much more beautiful they were with Drusilla's new presents. "No." Diana gasped, painfully aware of what would soon occur. "Please, don't. They're innocent, they've done no wrong." "Except be close to you, you self-righteous do-gooder!," the Warlock turned with sudden, savage fury. "your people have remained isolated and cut off, awash in their own narcissistic desires and unaware of the darkness that covers so much of the world. It will be my great pleasure to correct that oversight." On the screen, Drusilla glanced up and down the beach to make sure she wasn't watched, then raised her hand and gave a slight nod. At the signal, the Warlock touched a button on his belt, then turned to his captive. With a flash, he produced her magic lasso and tied her tight to the chair, wrapping it about her middle with deft dexterity. That done, he issued an order to her tortured mind which she could not help but obey: "watch." Suddenly, each of the discs ensconced on the Amazon girls sprang to life. Nanocircuitry spiderwebbed out across their tanned, smooth flesh, snaring them in a glittering web that hugged them like a second skin. Their exclamations of joy turned quickly to confusion and fear as the wiring criss-crossed their bodies. The swell of their breasts were captured in the Warlock's devices, their smooth bellies and wide hips vanishing beneath a thinly knitted veil of conversion circuitry. They cried out as one, struggling to escape the rapidly expanding cocoons that had emerged from their gifts. As the nanotechnology spread down their thighs and legs, they lost their balance one by one and thrashed madly in the sand. Drusilla stood watching their confused struggles, a wicked smile on her lips. "Great Hera, no." Diana moaned, watching the unfolding sight with increasing horror. The circuitry slowed and eventually stopped, leaving each girl's head still visible. Their bodies were encased in a perfect web of nanotechnology, their arms and legs pinned to their sides. Small bursts of electricity played across their curves as their struggles slowed dramatically, becoming more rhythmic, less forced. Their cries of fear were soon replaced by moans of ecstasy as the circuitry began stimulating their erogenous zones. Wonder Woman's eyes widened in fear. "You're not." "Indeed I am, Diana. As my devices imbed themselves in your Amazonian sisters' nervous systems, they are experiencing sexual stimulation similar to what you have. I take it they are all virgins, yes? Then this should be quite an experience for them." The coos and moans coming from the screen soon lost all urgency as the girls were completely overcome by the sensations playing across them. They thrust their hips in an instinctive parallel of the sex act, their breasts rising and falling in rhythm with the machines. Their eyes rolled up to the whites and began glowing softly as their breath came shorter and shorter. With a cry, Atalanta climaxed, the orgasm shuddering up her body like a shock wave. Polixia soon followed, her glowing eyes coming to match the others. Slowly, the circuitry across their skin vanished, sucked inside to become one with their minds. With each gasp and moan, they came more and more under the Warlock's spell, their innocence and naivet‚ rewritten into something darker. They climaxed again and again moving in time with the machinery that molded their bodies and souls. As each nerve ending became computerized, as each synapse fell under the control of the Warlock's insidious machines, their personalities began to alter. Their ethics and morality - unquestioned since their birth - vanished in place of something far more sinister. Their sexual appetites increased, their desire for peace and love disappeared. And overshadowing it all was the presence of the Warlock, his computerized converters chanting "obey.obey." into every corner of their being. With a final climax, Atalanta sat up, her pupils returned and the nanotechnology invisible beneath her tanned skin. With a dark smile and a knowing nod, she joined Drusilla in watching the others. One by one, they completed their transformations and rose, testing their newly sensualized bodies like cautious experimenters. Castrella was the last, her golden tresses standing in sharp relief to the darkness that swam in the depths of her eyes. Their innocence had vanished completely, replaced by a cruel sensuality that spoke to depths of unexplored carnal pleasure "Did you notice how fast the conversion was?" the Warlock turned and asked conversationally. "I have you and your sister to thank for that. With the reading I gained for your conversions, and with help from the telepathic link you share with your sisters, I can convert and enslave a given Amazon within minutes. The diodes on your forehead." he gestured as Diana looked on in mute helplessness. ".send them subtle commands to cease resistance. In conjunction with the microcircuitry, it's quite effective." On the screen, the girls had come to attention with a sharp explanation from Drusilla. Gathering up their scatter clothing, they bean to dress quickly as the princess produced her bag of discs. Handing a few to each girl, she gave a series of instructions and commands, telling them how to plant them on their fellow Amazons. The girls quickly nodded, then scattered to the four winds, their games forgotten beneath the siren call of a sinister purpose. The invasion had begun. The screen shut off and the Warlock turned to Wonder Woman, a mental command releasing her from her restraints. The buxom heroine stood up slowly, confused. As each of her friends had been engulfed by the Warlock's spell, she had felt something inside her vanish, some small good part of her soul replaced with something darker. The communal link she shared with her sisters on Paradise island had become tainted, and with it, a part of herself had become tainted as well. She shuddered as she thought of what lay ahead. As if reading her thoughts, the Warlock nodded, smiling wickedly as he rearranged her lasso around her. "Yes. That's how it begins. With each new convert, your desire to fight me will lessen and lessen. Your soul is tied to your people, Wonder Woman, and as they fall to me, so too will you." Diana shook her head, struggling to come to grips with this horrifying truth. The lasso around her was making it hard to think, to rationalize what had transpired away. "They'll fight you. They'll beat you back. My mother will not stand for this invasion of her people." "Oh, I think you'll be surprised at how easy it will be, my pet." The Warlock smiled and reached behind her to loosen her costume. She felt him close to her, his hands exploring her tanned shoulder blades as he reached for the zipper. Her costume fell off like a husk and she felt, unbidden, an overpowering sense of sexual arousal from within her. The heat rose from her loins and a need for fulfillment overpowered her rational mind. She didn't have the strength to fight it. The Warlock swung behind her and wrapped her chest in a soft embrace. His hands slowly squeezed her huge breasts, exploring and stimulating the generous curves of her flesh. He kneaded and rubbed them between his fingers, delighting in their instinctive arousal. She tried to cry out but she found that she couldn't, and as he leaned over to whisper in her ear, all thoughts of resisting him vanished. "You'll forgive me, my dear, but watching your sister in action has put me in the mood. It seems as if you too have been aroused, yes?" A shuddering nod answered him, her mind all but overwhelming by the stimulation. "Slaves!" He barked to the three women who instantly rose at his command. "Monitor the progress of the invasion and inform me of any significant developments." His hands slid down her bare belly and he rocked her motherly thighs in time with his movements. She let out a soft cry of eroticism and despair. "My queen and I will be busy for the next few hours." Descending the dais, he led the now-docile Princess Diana away into the depths of his fortress. ***** Queen Hippolyta sat uneasily on her marble throne and stared quizzically at the strange jewelry she held in her hand. It was shaped like a disc, with a metallic glint and a strange glittering pattern across the front. She did not know what to make of it, but was sure it had not been manufactured here. Which meant it came from the outside world. Reports for the last few days had given her cause to worry. Some of her subjects claimed a conspiracy was afoot, that members of the community were being changed by some outside force. Girls returned from walks with darkness in their eyes, a form of moving and acting that was alien to them. Some claimed that their condition was infectious, that they should be quarantined until they learned what was wrong. And within the last few hours, reports of fights had come in, of tainted and untainted Amazons battling against each other for supremacy. A civil war was apparently brewing. One of her loyal servants had brought her this disc a few minutes ago, claiming it had come from one of the defeated "foes." Hippolyta was convinced it lay at the heart of the mystery and that solving it would end this destructive conflict. She needed to find out what it meant. If it came from the world of men, then her daughter Diana would be the one to question. She had tried contacting Wonder Woman telepathically, but got no response, a development that unsettled her even more. Where was Diana when her people needed her? Fortunately, Drusilla was here, and she could certainly answer some of the questions that troubled the royal brow. A mental command summoned her youngest daughter from her chambers into the throne room. With a start, the Princess strode in, her friend Atalanta behind her. Apparently, the two had been together sewing or some such, and hadn't felt like separating. No matter. Any insight the dark-haired huntress could add would be beneficial - if not entirely expected. "You called mother?" her daughter's cheerful voice assuaged her dark concerns. "You have no doubt heard my child, of the madness infecting our people?" "Only bits and pieces, mother," the buxom nymph replied, her brown eyes wide. "It sounds like it's just another new game." Hippolyta smiled at her youngest's innocence. How could she explain this to one so untouched? "By Hera, I wish it were, my daughter. I wish it were. The truth however is far more serious." She held up the disc for the two girls to see. "We have found these on the persons of tainted Amazons, and I am convinced it is the cause of the problem." Drusilla stared at it intently, her face scrunching thoughtfully. "It looks like something from the outside world." "My thoughts exactly, daughter. Have you seen it's like in your travels." The Princess glanced at Atalanta, then shook her head. "No mother. Never. Wait." She stopped, her eyes growing wide. "We saw these. We saw these just yesterday in a pile out by the forest." "Where?" Hippolyta leaned forward, her eyes frantic and blazing. "Just out past the palace walls. Atalanta was there, she saw them with me." Her friend nodded helpfully. "We thought somebody stacked them there, but didn't want to touch them." "You were wise to do so children. Can you show me where they were?" "Oh yes, mother, it wasn't far at all!" The two stood up excitedly, pointing the way out of the palace. Hippolyta stood up to her imposing six-foot four, and shaking her regal blonde tresses turned to the ceremonial guards flanking her. "I shall be gone momentarily. Inform any audience seekers that I will hear their concerns later." The guards nodded silently, their ornate Grecian breastplates matching their tall spears and plumed helmets. They stood at rapt attention as their queen and princess strode out of the room. The trees grew tall and thick out beyond the castle walls, and Hippolyta had to lift her royal robes to keep from dragging them on the forest floor. They soon lost sight of the palace. "Where did you say they were, Drusilla?" Her daughter and the other girl had bounced far ahead on the path. "Just up here, mother. Not far," the voice sounded distant, and she hurried to catch up. Pushing past the vines and branches, she saw the two girls standing at attention in a small clearing. Drusilla seemed to be muttering something. "Where? Where did you see them." "Right here, mother," the last word was spoken with an icy grate, and Hippolyta realized the awful truth. Somehow, her daughter had been infected! She only had a split second to contemplate the revelation before her feet slipped out from under her. A deep hole, apparently out of nowhere, appeared beneath her golden sandals, and she lost her balance. She had time to glance up and see the pit close above her and then she was falling. falling. falling. Diana floated in mid-air, completely naked save for her tiara. Below her, the pedestal in the conversion chamber cast a pillar of light up towards the ceiling, a pillar which held her in its grasp. Her muscles were completely frozen, save for her mouth. She could open it enough to speak but could conduct no other action, nor could she look away from the sight before her. In front of the pedestal sat a conversion machine, identical to the one which had transformed her. The sight of it conjured up countless memories in her. of violation, awakening, and utter, utter servitude. She could not help but shudder in anticipation of its next victim. Behind her sat the Warlock ensconced on his metallic throne. She could feel his eyes bore into her, could feel them exploring every inch of her body, but she could do nothing to stop it. During the last few days, the villain had taught her sexual techniques and ways of behavior she scarcely knew existed. She had tried to fight, to avoid listening to his sinister lessons, but the combination of his dominance, the magic lassos and her own desire had worked to undo her. She still resisted with all of her strength, but each new convert among her sisters brought her closer to the abyss. And she could not help but be curious as to what her captor had planned next. A door to her left slid open and in walked the three Alpha slaves, leading Queen Hippolyta behind them. The older woman was bound by a set of glowing manacles attached to a chain, held by the red-headed Victoria. As they walked into the throne room, Diana recognized her mother and tried to cry out. "Mother! Run, get away from here, it's." "That will be enough, slave," the Warlock interrupted from his seat. "It's far too late for any of that." He rose and moved towards his latest prize, who was beside herself with shock and rage. "Diana! What has happened to you? By Hera, who is this imputant male, and why has he attacked our people in such a manner?!" She pulled herself to her full six foot-four - towering above her three jailers - and stared the Warlock straight in the eye. "What is the meaning of this? How dare you attacked my person and those of my daughters! I demand to be released this instant!" even bound as she was, her voice carried an air of imperial authority that caused the three slave girls to shift uncomfortably. The Warlock, however, merely smiled. "I know now where Wonder Woman gets her fire. My conquest of her is now all but complete." He reached out and tore her imperial toga away, leaving her naked save for her sandals and crown. The room was silent. Diana's bountiful figure was recognizable in the form of Hippolyta, but it was older, more matured. Her breasts hung like ripened melons, the nipples tan and slightly raised. Her wide hips showed the strain of childbirth, but still curved down smoothly to her well-muscled thighs. Her clitoris was untouched - as befitted a virgin queen - but her crotch was smooth and shaven, the blonde thatch that should have been there long since removed. She looked as fertile as a spring valley, a motherly sexuality not quite like those of her offspring. Hippolyta was now incoherent with shock and rage. "How dare you." "I dare, slave, because I have the power to do so. I have your daughters, and once you are converted I will have your people." He reached out to touch her breast, but she pulled away, disgusted. "I am Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons! I will not permit you to continue this rape of my land and my people!" "I'm afraid you have no choice, slave Hippolyta. Secure her to the conversion device!" Wonder Woman could only look on in shock and horror as the three girls dragged her mother into the machine. Soon, she was secured and spread-eagled, her body splendid in all its bound glory. The computerized dildo hung between her legs. Her telepathic link freed, Diana called out to her mother's mind, and was recoiled by the emotions she found: Hippolyta was deathly afraid. "Fight it mother," she called out telepathically. "Fight with all your strength!" But beyond that, deep in the recesses of her subconscious, she was glad that Hippolyta would soon feel the same stimulation she herself had, and she knew that the queen could sense those emotions in her Nichole produced a pair of metal diodes, attached by computer wires to the wall, and connected them to the Queen's nipples. They grasped on with a slight sucking sound, and Hippolyta thrashed around madly, attempting to dislodge them. Her massive chest sloshed back and forth, rising and falling with her panicked breathing. The converter's VR goggles swung down across her face and strapped themselves to her head. Wonder Woman held her breath as she remembered the same experience she had felt only a few days before. "As the only Amazon capable of bearing children, you will serve me quite well. I hope you enjoy the process as much as your subjects have." The conversion device hummed to life, and Hippolyta was soon engaged in a struggle for her soul as the Warlock's nanotechnology began to interface with her nervous system. The Queen sweated and strained and, for a moment, seemed to be holding the invasion off, but then the computer's sexual program engaged and she was lost. Diana floated, horrified as she watched her mother get sucked into the maw of the machine. The older woman's eyes opened wide at the influx of stimulation, her hips writhing with enforced passion. The diodes on her nipples hummed and whirred, and Diana could see the curves of her breasts - breasts she herself had fed from thousands of years ago - rise and harden at their touch. Hippolyta gasped as her chest rose and fell, thrashing her head in an attempt to escape the subliminal assault of the goggles covering her eyes. The dildo plunged into her crotch and began moving in and out, like a piston on a locomotive. The Queen squealed with surprise, but could do little to escape its machinations. She moaned and thrashed, her crotch moving in time with the dildo, the sexual stimulation beginning to overcome her. Her breathing increased, her eyes rolled up to the whites, and she tossed her head to and fro as the machine commanded her to climb to orgasm. Her hair came loose and fell in golden cascades around her shoulders, tossing like a silky sea as she moan erotically. Her eyes began to glow blue, and Diana could feel the goodness that was her mother slowly slip away. With a start, Wonder Woman realized that she was aroused at the sight. As if on cue, she heard the Warlock's voice in her brain. "You mother, the virgin queen, is quickly falling to my designs. The converter moves much more quickly now, and I expect her to be mine within the hour. With her gone, the remainder of your people will flock to me, eager to join their royal family on the dark side." "No." she pleaded "Please, no." She felt his touch upon her bare ass, stroking the naked curves of her buttocks. "I sense you reaching out to her, trying to comfort her. Why? My slave, have you ever thought about her relationship to you. She is a ruler! the Queen of an immortal race of Amazons! She cannot die and her aging stopped after her immaculate conceptions of you and your sister. Why on Earth would she need an heir?" With a start, Diana realized she was right. Hippolyta had never mentioned stepping down, and among a race of immortals, there seemed no need to. So why did she need a daughter? "You would always have been her inferior, Diana," The Warlock intoned as Hippolyta shrieked with orgasm. "You would always have had to bow and scrape before her whim, always had to play the second fiddle to her." "No." Diana tried to argue. "That's.not right." "Of course it is, my slave. But I am here to correct that oversight. You are destined to be my queen, not her. You are the one who will lead your people, you will be the one that all must answer to. You will have such power as you never dreamed of at your command, and all you must do is give your soul to me." He gestured and directed her attention to the right. Sitting next to the device was another pedestal, one she hadn't noticed before. Floating upon it, in proportion to her dimensions, was the black leather uniform she had seen earlier. It's twisted homage to her was as loathsome as ever, but now she looked at it with slightly different eyes. She saw the way it would reveal her figure, recognized how it highlighted and enhanced her sexual characteristics. She realized now how she had appeared to the outside world: an untouchable nymph who could be desired but never achieved. She had not know then how much sexuality she had exuded. Now she knew, and the siren call of that dark costume was difficult to resist. And she would still be untouchable, wouldn't she? Ruling and beholden to none, save her master, the Warlock. Her mother would fall beneath her and she would rule her entire people, leading them on whatever crusades her master had planned, while indulging in that sexual openness that before she had been so blind to. "No!" She cried, breaking the hypnotic charm. "I'll never submit." "Have it your way, then." She felt him leave her mind and she focused back on the sight before her. The cycle had concluded. With a hum, the conversion device lowered, and released its victim to the floor. Hippolyta fell to her knees as Barbara moved over and unstrapped the goggles from her head. Looking down, Diana saw her mother's eyes glowing with an unholy light, and as she looked on, she saw the Warlock, approached the fallen queen. "Who do you serve, slave?" he asked, laying his hand on her head. "You master," Hippolyta spoke in a mindless monotone. "I exist to serve your whim and will give my body and soul to further your cause." Wonder Woman uttered a cry of shame and despair at the sight of her queen and mother kneeling before her nemesis. As she did so, she felt something within her soul twist and vanish. The goodness of her mother, the warm light of her presence that she and all her people carried within them had disappeared. The light had been almost all that had let her resist the Warlock to this point, and now it was gone. She felt her shoulders slump in defeat as she fought to grasp the implications. The Warlock nodded as this and gestured to the Alpha slaves, who rose from their posts to join him. "It is time we left my greatest prize to contemplate her destiny." Here, he lifted Hippolyta's docile form and grasped her left breast with one hand. "Meantime, I need you to help me educate this slave in her new duties. Come along." He gestured, and the entourage sauntered slowly out,. as they did so, the lights and the machinery around them dimmed until the room was smothered in utter darkness. Only two sources of light penetrated the blackness: the energy pillar which contained Diana, and the pedestal lighting the black leather uniform. As the echoes of the Warlock and his slaves dimmed, she could not help but stare at the costume. The part of her that still fought wanted desperately to look away, but the other part - the evil side she had kept repressed for so long - reveled in the thought of a Wonder Woman reborn. Time passed; an hour, a day, she could not tell. All that mattered was the image before her, and the thoughts in her head. She could feel her mother still, now willingly participating in the sensual stimulation the Warlock was subjecting her to. The darkness called out again within her heart, urging her to join her family in servitude. Despairingly, she turned to thoughts of her fellow Amazons. only to realize that they had lost the fight as well. There were still a few unconverted, but they no longer fought now; their resistance had ended with the conversion of their queen, and now they flocked to be transformed into slaves like her. Even now she could sense their awakening, feel their souls twist into black reflection of their former selves. She could feel the light of Paradise Island flickering within her soul. flickering, sputtering, and all but vanishing. With a shock, she realized that her sisters had all been converted now - all knelt before the Warlock in utter, utter servitude. With a start, she realized that the energy pillar had been shut down. She did not know how it had happened, only that it felt right. Suddenly, she was filled with the overwhelming urge to wear the leather uniform, to don it as the symbol of her new identity. As if on cue, the three Alpha slaves appeared, standing in formation around the pedestal. They reached up and grasped the pieces of the uniform and brought them before her, kneeling as they did so. Smiling cruelly, she took the clothing from their waiting hands and began to dress. She gently slipped the black bikini thong on, sliding it up her quivering tan legs, fitting it over her wide motherly hips and positioning it within her crotch. As she did so, she felt a surge of power; somehow, her old belt had been incorporated into this new design, and her strength had returned. Too late, it seemed. The eagle boustierre came up behind her, enveloping her enormous endowment. The huge breasts were pulled up and together forming two perfectly round, spherical mounds of flesh. The eagle's head was directed downward, kneading her chest together and allowing for a generous amount of cleavage. She could feel the mounds of flesh rising above part the leather contained. The calf-high boots had heels, which caused the muscles in her long legs to shape and tighten, turning them into incredible showcases of form and beauty. The leather was tight and form-fitting, and hugged every sensuous curve of her perfect legs. Finally, the black gloves fit over her hands and wrists, and Nicole placed her new black tiara just above her forehead. she smiled, a dark smile unlike any emotion she had expressed before. She was a vision, and she knew it, the most beautiful woman in the world. And now, for everyone save her Master, she was truly untouchable. And this seemed right, somehow. After everything she had been through, she now truly believed this was her destiny. She strode into the throne room, her servants following mindlessly in her wake. Her shapely hips swung from side to side as she passed through the crowd that had gathered. All of her sisters were here, all of the Amazons from Paradise Island. Their clothes had been exchanged for revealing black uniforms, each one different but each one highlighting their womanly desirability. The nanocircuitry of the Warlock swam through their systems, and she almost sang with the thrill of it. They belonged to him; they would be his army, and she would be the one to lead him. As she approached the throne, she saw her mother, collared and chained to the right armrest of the Warlock. She was dressed in the same sensuous uniform as Drusilla, who sat collared and chained to the left side. Hippolyta's eyes had returned to normal, but the nobility and motherly love that had once filled them was gone. In its place was a wild carnal desire and an absolute willingness to serve, the same look that dominated her people. Diana nodded slowly at her fellow slave ("mother" was no longer a term that fit) and advanced up the stairs. The Warlock stood, and gestured at the smaller throne, where the three Alpha slaves knelt. "Well, my queen, it seems you have accepted you fate after all." The Warlock intoned. "I have indeed. Master," the word sounded just right to her ears. "Then what are you waiting for?" "For your permission, my lord," she knelt before him and he laughed. "Excellent! You already have the bearing of a slave/queen. Engage your final transformation, and embrace your fate." With a silent nod, Diana activated the dormant nanocircuitry inside her. With a rush, it filled her being, and she could sense her mind and soul falling irrevocably under her grip. Memories were altered, her personality was transformed, and the last few vestiges of the old Wonder Woman vanished beneath computerized commands. Her eyes rolled up and began glowing, she let out an overwhelming gasp, and the transformation completed its programming. Her eyes rolled back, now wilder, now darker. Her bright spiritual base was now totally gone, replaced by erotic desire and the total willingness to serve the man before her. "I am you slave, master," she spoke as she hugged his knees and buried her face in his crotch, which stiffened at her touch. He grasped her shoulders and turned her around, raising her to her feet as he did so. "Arise my queen, and greet your people." "I hear and obey, Master." Smiling fiercely, she turned to her fellow Amazons and raised her hands. "Kneel before me, slaves, and give homage to your rightful Mistress!" As one the converted sex slaves of Paradise Island, knelt in submission to their new queen. Glancing down at Drusilla, she noticed her sister wink, and noted how arousing she looked in her own uniform. As she smiled at the cheers and took her place at her master's side, her only thought was: "How could I have fought against this?" The End