Jubilee's Initiation into the X-Men

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Part 1

Jubilation Lee was trying to study the geometry book the Professor had told her to read when a thunderous boom that echoed throughout the X-Mansion erupted from next door. She groaned. Being the most junior member of the team really sucked, she thought, because they stuck you in the room next to the Danger Room, where the other X-Men would practice not getting killed. That meant Jubilee's room was ten feet away from plasma explosions and twenty-ton weights getting tossed around like baseballs.

"God, shut up over there, you turbo muscle freak! Get a nice quiet power like mine!" she screamed at the steel wall. No answer. The computerized alarm clock holographically showed her it was 10:45 pm. Another boom made the room shake. Jubilee threw the book in the corner and got off her bed. She caught a whiff of foul air as she stood, then realized it was the sweat still on her body from the evening workout she'd had. She opened the thick sliding door and headed for the girls' shower.

In the lightly painted but cold metal hallway, she saw clumps of blue fur strewn about on the floor on the way.

"Geezuz H. Tapdancing Christmas, Beast, can't you clean up for yourself?" she asked to someone in particular, but someone who was probably fast asleep.

Farther down the hallway, she stepped over a large chunk of ice and then in a huge puddle of freezing cold water. Iceman must have just been in the hallway.

"Bobby Drake, you lame-o popsicle, get down here and clean this up!", Jubilee screamed again to no avail.

Finally she made it to the showers. Steam filled the room, and Jubilee heard the water running.

As she got to a set of clothes hooks, Jubilee heard a moan erupt from the showers. It sounded like someone was having fun in there, Jubilee thought. She was pulling off the pink shirt which made up the top half of her uniform when she saw a leg part through the wall of steam that was separating the showers from the changing room. Jubilee watched as Jean Grey's body followed the leg out of the shower.

"Oh, hi, Jubilee, I didn't know anyone else was down here," Jean said, blushing but making no effort to conceal herself.

"Hi, Jean. Is the shower, like, open now? I gotta clean up from my Danger Room session."

"Go ahead, Jubilation," Jean replied, turning to where she had her clothes hung. Jubilee stripped off her blue cutoff shorts and panties and walked into the shower room. As she soaped up her young body, she studied Jean's body with jealous envy. Jean was about six inches taller, but in no way was that a flaw. Jean had very long legs and a tight ass like Jubilee, but Jubilee knew she was outclassed by Jean in every other area. Jubilee had distinctly Asian features that were vaguely attractive and always kept her straight black hair cut short. Jean, however, was strikingly beautiful with big green eyes and long red hair. Jean also possessed more magnificent breasts than any woman outside of the X-Mansion. Jubilee had seen one of Jean's bras while being stuck with laundry duty and knew she wore a 42DD. Feeling her own chest with a soapy hand, Jubilee felt downright pathetic. She couldn't even fill an A cup with her tiny breasts.

"Girl, remember," Jubilee whispered to herself,"you're only, like, thirteen. By the time you become, like, old, you'll have tits like those. All mutant women do."

Jubilee heard the shower room door close and saw Jean had left. Jubilee finished her shower and turned off the water. She stepped out into the changing room and reached for her panties. Her hand did not reach them, though. An invisible barrier stopped her.

"Hey, what the..??" she said, trying and failing again," OK, that's it, I'm getting more than a little peeved here." Jubilee pointed her hands at her clothes and released a blast of pyrokinetic fireworks from her fingers. They just exploded quietly against the barrier. Jubilee turned her hands up to full blast, and as her hands were starting to feel hot from the energy, the fireworks broke the barrier. Unfortunately, they continued to fly toward her clothes and incinerated the fragile garments.

"Dammit!!! Now what am I gonna do???" Jubilee cried, stranded naked in a room five hundred feet from her own. Her perky upturned breasts caught a chill from the recirculated air and her nipples grew hard.

She began to tiptoe down the hallway, one hand over her meager breasts and the other shading her bald pussy. She had made it about fifty feet when the invisible force grabbed her ankle. Jubilee struggled, but the force worked its way up her body, completely immobilizing her. Jubilee could feel herself being lifted six inches off the floor, then floating down the hallway past her room and through the open door of the Danger Room.

Inside, there was a huge round bed big enough for twenty people, with a huge mirror hanging over it. Circling the bed were the members of the X-Men, all in their form-fitting costumes.

"Hello, Jubilee," said Professor Xavier.

Part 2

"Don't be afraid. It's only Jean holding you up with her telekinesis. Jean, please set her down." Jubilee was lowered to the ground, and her arms were released. Jean still had a firm hold around her ankles, though.

"Oh geez, Jean, let me go!! I'm naked here, and there are all these guys around and I think I'm gonna die I'm so embarrassed!!!!!!!!" Jubilee blurted, shielding herself as best she could from the glaring eyes of the X-Men.

"Are you embarrassed about that?" Professor X asked from his wheelchair, almost chuckling, "Well, we can remedy that! X-Men.....disrobe!" Five seconds later, a pile of brightly colored uniforms lay in a pile on the floor.

Jubilee gawked at the rippling muscles and lengthening cocks of the X-Men, and looked sheepishly at the four gargantuan pairs of breasts that jutted from the X-Women's chests.

Professor X continued. "For a while, Jubilee, you have known the X-Men as a team. Now, it is time for you to become a part of the X-Men's LOVING family. Every one of my X-men has participated in a similar initiation, and now it is your turn. In order to truly become as close a group as possible, you will have to submit to the desires of the X-Men until they are satisfied."

"Submit to the desires...you mean have sex with them?"


Jubilee liked the idea of getting a little closer to some of the X-Men, but..

"What about the other girls?" she asked.

"You'll have to please them as well. Now we know you are still a virgin, so we will try to break you into this as easily as possible. Cyclops will go first."

Cyclops lay down on the round bed, and Jubilee was carried over next to him by Jean's power. Cyclops kissed her gently on the lips, then moved his hands down to her tiny breasts. Jubilee felt her nipples tingle from his caresses and her pussy felt wet. His cock rose to full attention and she brought her hands down his washboard stomach to take hold of it. She had touched another boy's dick before, a short Mexican kid's while they hid in the dressing room of a store back in a mall in SoCal. But it was even smaller in her hand than Cyclops' six inch cock was. She stroked it until Cyclops pushed her back down to the bed and positioned himself at the opening to her virgin cunt. Jubilee hissed as the head of his cock slipped between her lips, and shrieked as Cyclops pushed violently into her and took her virginity. She thought she was going to explode because her pussy was filled so completely. Cyclops pumped in and out of her tight crevice in slow strokes. Jubilee felt the pain caused by his intrusion fade and begin to be replaced by a curious feeling. The tingling from her nipples had moved down to her pussy and was growing in intensity. She could feel her clit become erect and Cyclops mashed it against his pubic bone as he thrust into her.

"OHHHH, Scott, OHHHUHHHHH!!!!!!!" howled Jubilee as she quivered and trembled as she had her first orgasm. She could feel her pussy become even tighter as it rippled around Cyclops's cock. Suddenly Cyclops stiffened both above her and inside her and Jubilee could feel his cum jet forcefully into her pussy. Then he pushed himself off of her and pulled out, her juices and his cum leaking out onto the sheets.

Iceman came over next and immediately began to fuck Jubilee with his seven-inch spear. Jubilee could feel the difference in size in her tight cunt. She was kissing him when a shadow loomed overhead. It was Jean Grey, upside down from Jubilee's point of view.

"Jubilee, kiss my pussy" she said as she straddled Jubilee's face, which was soon engulfed in Jean's sopping gash. Not knowing what to do, she just pressed her mouth against the lips. She found the bump of Jean's clit and knowing how good it made herself feel began to tickle it with her tongue. Iceman, while still fucking Jubilee, had moved his head up between Jean's legs and was kissing both Jubilee's mouth and Jean's slit.

"OHHHH, OOH, Use your fingers, Jubes, fuck me with'em" Jean got out between licks of her clit. Jubilee stuck first one, then two, then three of her long slim fingers into Jean's eager hole. It only took one or two strokes before Jean collapsed in orgasm and fell onto the bed above them. Jubilee looked around and saw six of the X-Men fucking each of the three holes of Storm and Psylocke while Gambit was using his gloved hands to pleasure Rogue.

Iceman, seeing Jubilee was losing interest, smiled impishly, then triggered his mutant power. His cock became encased in an sheath of frigid ice. Jubilee shrieked "Bobby, WHAAAAUUUH" as she felt her steaming cunt filled with intense cold, her body quickly orgasming from the sensation. Iceman's cum shot into her pussy soon afterwards.

Archangel sat on the bed next to her, his silver wings folded almost entirely into his back. Jubilee's gaze wandered around his muscular body, concentrating on his face and chest where his blond hair stood out sharply from his blue skin, then down to his crotch, where his blond pubic hair wasn't nearly as interesting as his eight-inch cock. Archangel grabbed her by the hips and rolled her over so she was laying stomach-down on the bed with her legs hanging down to the floor. He dipped a finger down to her pussy and scooped out some of the wetness-cum-water mixture and spread it around Jubilee's puckered asshole.

"No, Warren, what are you doing?" Jubilee yelled, and received her answer in the form of Archangel's cock plunging halfway into her tight ass. Jubilee howled at the intrusion, and felt disgusted as his seemingly giant prick fucked her tight asshole. She felt a slight pain as he thrust into her bowels, then mercifully the viselike pressure on his cock brought Archangel off. His cum shot up into her stomach, and he pulled his azure tool out of her.

Part 3

Jubilee was just recovering from the shock when Gambit and Rogue both walked over to her section of the bed.

"Hello, p'tite, it's your old ami, Remy. " Gambit said, manuevering underneath Jubilee "You gon'get de best kinda lovin' now, petite, de Cajun kind," as he plunged the head of his nine-inch cock up into Jubilee's well lubed cunt. Jubilee lowered herself slowly down onto Gambit's tool. As they pumped against each other, Jubilee could feel the head of his dick penetrate into her womb when she sat all the way down.

"Oh, God, ah could use some of this!" Rogue said, climbing up onto Gambit's face and planting her cunt over his mouth.

"Wait...won't....you....?" Jubilee gasped out between thrusts.

"The..good thing...about the Danger Room..is that it..can make a...

very thin....shield...around me," Rogue explained in her Southern drawl which was even harder to understand because of Gambit's tongueing of her cunt.

"Then...I...can...do...this...!" Jubilee said, reaching up and grabbing the long but rock hard nipples of Rogue's bulging tits. Rogue arched in an orgasm just then, but recovered quickly and felt Jubilee's mounds with her fingertips. Jubilee orgasmed when Rogue tickled her nipples. They bent toward each other and their lips met. Both sighed from the feel of soft feminine lips on their own. Gambit lifted both girls off of him and reversed positions, his cock now plunging into Rogue's tunnel and his tongue snaking up into Jubilee's. Both women almost immediately collapsed from the multiple orgasms happening seconds from each other caused by Gambit's expert Cajun lovemaking.

Jubilee was just recovering her vision when she felt an extremely hairy chest press against her own.

"Mmmmm, Wolvie, 's'at you?"

"The old canucklehead will be engaged coitally with you post haste, young Jubilation. For now, you must make do with the ever-aroused Beast."

"Beast, no, no, not you! Uhhh..."

"This most stimulating conversation will have to be regretfully postponed, my dear, for I have a somewhat different endeavor for your mouth." Beast said, silencing any protest by stuffing his thick eleven-inch monster into her mouth. Jubilee gagged at the feel of the bulbous head and stubbled shaft of his cock beginning to move into her throat.

"I am disinclined to make you aware of this, but you have only ingested half of my phallus. You will swallow all of it, and can only suggest manipulating your various throat muscles to make it as comfortable as possible," Beast said helpfully. Jubilee tried, and eventually accepted all of his horse cock into her mouth. Her nose was buried in a thatch of pubic hair longer than the hair on her head.

Beast looked bored. "My bulbous member will continue to inhabit your esophagus until I am induced to ejaculate, madam. Perhaps you should busy your tongue with facilitating this process."

Jubilee licked the underside of his shaft, and Beast picked her up in his massive blue paws and thrust himself farther down her throat by holding her straightened body out at the angle of his erect member and thrusting her entire body toward his cock. Jubilee reached down and grabbed Beast's balls, which were the size of baseballs and hung in a scrotum as that looked like a blue Crown Royal liquor bag. Her ministrations even made Beast cum, and did he ever, filling her stomach with cum so much that it began to spill out of Jubilee's mouth.

Rogue coaxed Beast away from Jubilee, who was immediately pounced on by Psylocke. She crawled over Jubilee's body and Jubilee took hold of the only tits in the world that made Jean Grey's look small. The areolas were the size of Jubilee's palms, and the nipples looked like thumbs poking out from these firm mounds, which Jubilee thought measured 48F easily. She took hold of these and Psylocke was so sensitive that she came at once. They buried their heads into each other's hairless cunts and licked until each had showered the other in fluids and came at least a dozen times.

Jubilee then crawled around the bed until she found Wolverine, who was busy being sucked by Jean.

"Oh, Wolvie, you've gotta fuck me next," she said, kneeling with the back of Jean's head against her pussy. Jubilee pressed her breasts against Wolverine's face.

"Oh, darlin," was all Logan said. Jubilee slid him to a deserted part of the bed.

"Oh, Jubilee, darlin, you are so beautiful. I've wanted to do this since I first met ya," Wolverine said. He pushed Jubilee down to the bed and revealed his twelve inch cock.

"Can you take this kinda monster inta you yet?"

"I don't care, just stick it in me, Wolvie, fuck me with your huge cock!!" Jubilee screamed, overcome with lust.

Part 4

Logan complied, working himself into her still-very-tight cunt inch by inch. Jubilee felt herself stretching past the limits as Wolverine buried himself in her, thought she was about to rip in half from the size of it. Finally, his pubic hair met her naturally bald Asian cunt, and he began to fuck her with animal intensity. Jubilee came once, twice, then continously as Logan assaulted her cunt. The rest of the X-Men paused their orgy, interrupted by Jubilee's screams. "OHHHHHHH...........WUUUUUUHHH.....UHHHNUHHHNUHHHNUHHHN!!!!!!!!"

Then, she could feel his cock spasm, his cum rolling up his cock in a wave that her tight pussy walls could feel and finally escaping. His cum spurted into her womb, again and again, only slackening twenty seconds later and not stopping for another fifteen seconds.

Jubilee felt Logan's cock pull out of her cunt with a slurp and opened her eyes to see the giant Colossus above her.

"This is how we fuck women back home in the Motherland!!!!" He flipped Jubilee over onto her hands and knees and rammed his thirteen inch cock into her open cunt. The immense amount of lubrication from Wolvie eased his entry, but Jubilee still felt herself being stretched. It felt wonderful to Jubilee to have Piotr's huge cock penetrating her, opening her up.

"OHHHH, PEEEEEETE" yelled Jubilee as she came once more. Colossus stopped banging after a minute or so and began his transformation from skin to steel on the outside. Inside Jubilee, the warm steel increased in length from thirteen to seventeen inches. Jubilee could feel herself ripping as Colossus bucked twice more, then filled her belly with sperm.

Jubilee, her ass abused, her cunt stretched beyond imagination, lay on the bed wondering if she was finished. When she felt another cock laying on her stomach she knew she wasn't. It was the new guy, Bishop. He must have just cum in someone else because his cock was drooping down onto her. She grabbed it and felt that even unerect it was hard to reach around with one hand and already ten inches long! She stroked it eagerly, aroused by its hugeness and curious to see if she could take this monster. It perked up almost immediately, growing to a total length of nineteen inches and a circumference of almost thirteen. Bishop rolled her over into the doggy style position and began to force his gargantuan cock into Jubilee. He smiled as it passed the twelve inch mark. In the future, the girls could take all of him easily, but before eighty years of manic sexual evolution, the girls here in the twentieth century always bottomed out at twelve inches. Jubilee bottomed out at eighteen. Bishop began to thrust his huge ebony cock almost all the way in and out of Jubilee in long strokes that lasted five seconds because of his length. Jubilee thrilled at the feel of this huge cock being stuffed into her. As she thrust herself back against Bishop, Storm slid underneath her. Jubilee slurped at the nipples on top of Storm's enviable brown tits and slid her hands down through the triangle of white pubic hair and stuffed them into the gaping lips of Storm's pussy. Storm was coming so hard that tiny lighting bolts arced from her body and connected her nipples and clit to Jubilee's. The energy made Jubilee begin orgasming against Storm, their clits rubbing against each other. Static electricity stood their pubic and head hairs on end. Bishop began to feel the electricity hit his cock and stored it involuntarily. The rippling bolts soon sent him into the most powerful orgasm he'd ever felt and when he thrust his now-grown-twenty-inch-cock into Jubilee to spray his spunk, the lightning bolts arced through the sperm and into Jubilee's body. After her orgasm, Jubilation Lee lost consciousness, the last thought on her mind was that the team should really be called the XXX-Men.