Wonder Woman: Stripped, Spanked, Raped  

By RWilson

Wonder Woman: Stripped, Spanked, Raped

by RWilson


There was an all points alert out for the Parasite. The villain had not
simply escaped his holding cell at Belle Reeve, he'd been abducted. Like the
other heroes, Princess Diana, or Wonder Woman, had studied the reports of how
two helicopters had sprayed the prison with a paralizing gas, then mercenaries
in gas masks and flak jackets stormed the place.

Parasite had been the only one they'd taken, helpless in his chamber. The
chamber had provided him with just enough substenance to stay alive, alive but
powerless. Who had taken him and why?

No leads and no sign of Parasite had appeared in the six months since his
abduction. The thought of such a power eating creature disturbed many heroes,
including Wonder Woman. Yet, so far, nothing.

She'd usually just ignored the way men looked at her body, after all, they
couldn't help staring anymore than Diana could help being beautiiful. The men at
the table in Sultan's bar looked at her that way, it was where she was meeting
Tony Cavella.

Tony was a former Marine, who turned spy for his government. He gave a
wolfish whistle.

"I'm used to getting more respect than that," Diana told him.

"Sorry, no disrespect intended," Tony said. "You are a very
good looking lady, Princess. Even when you're not wearing that skimpy heroine
costume of yours."

Diana laughed, "Somehow it didn't seem appropriate in here, Capt.
Cavella." She'd elected instead to wear a basic black blouse and skirt.

Tony laughed, he took a drink, "Care for anything, Princess?"

"No, thank you. So what have you got Captain?" Diana asked.

"An international terrorist by the name of Edmund Cross, his men have
inisignias on their uniforms like those worn by the goons who busted out
Parasite," Cavella informed. "Anyway, seems ole Ed and his gang have
been reported in Kentucky."

"Oh really, going to rob Fort Knox?" Diana asked.

Tony laughed. "And die trying. No, Princess, but there is an armored car
which will be transporting some heavy cash from a bank in Louisville to a bank
in Nashville, and they won't be taking any main roads."

"You think Cross will go after it?"

"Wouldn't be the first armored car his gang's gone after," Cavella
said. He gave her a piece of paper with the armored vehicle's route, and other
info. "Talk has it Cross has some major expenses to take care of."

"Really?" Diana wondered if, and why, this Cross could be involved
with Parasite.

Wonder Woman talked to the armored car company and offered to serve as an
escort. The men gladly agreed. So, she climbed in the back and with two guards
was off.

The road they were on was not heavily traveled. The vehicle stopped.
"What's the matter?" Diana asked.

"Car blocking the road, something's interfering with our radio
signals," the driver answerred.

Then an explosive boom, rocked the vehicle, front and rear doors blew open.
Diana felt the vehicle shake, she lept out, "All right, boys."
Insignia's on the shoulder pads of the men before her were black crosses, Ed
Cross' men. She smiled, "Ready to rumble."

The leader manuevered forward, he held a strange looking weapon, kind of like
a rifle, and yet it also looked like some sci-fi piece. "Well, Wonder
Woman. Nice to see you."

Diana smiled, "I'm sure."

"No really," He said. "We were hoping one of you costumed
heroes would show up. Gives us a chance to test this."

Wonder Woman glanced at the two guards, incapacitated by tear gas, then back
at the five before her, and their cocky leader. "And what if you're toy
doesn't do what you think it will?"

He shrugged, "What can I say. You'll beat us and send us to, uh,
jail," The men chuckled. "And someplace else, a scientist will

"And what do you call your new toy?" Diana asked.

He wore a mask, hard to see expressions. "It's called a parasite."
He announced.

Diana's eyebrows arched in surprise. "Parasite?"

"All that remains, well, almost all, of that villain," The man
said. "We found a better, more controlable use for him."

My Lord, Diana thought, was he serious? Canned Parasite in a gun? He pulled
the trigger. A strange seneation came over her, as she felt her powers draining
away, her stomach twisted. She had to run, Diana took off.

"After her, " She heard the man order. But, the princess was able
to outrun the men, even though she felt something hit the back of her neck. She
ran, then collapsed.

Wonder Woman was lying in the road, when she saw the pickup. She started to
push herself up. The truck stopped. Two young men hopped out of the back, and
older man from the front. The boys whistled.

"Help me," DIana asked. "My powers are gone."

"Well ain't that a shame," The older man said. "You really
Wonder Woman?"

"Yes," Diana admitted, feeling embarrassed about her predicament.
The boys helped her up. "Take me to the police."

"Well, now, we don't get along too well with them," The old man
said. He shook his head, "Women, trying all the time to be like

"Can we take her home pa?" One of the boys asked. He licked his

"Sure, can't have a sexy woman like that runnin' around causin'
trouble," He said. "My names Otto Bolin, my boys Zeke and

"Let me go," She squirmed, but they held her fast. "WHen my
powers return," she was cut off when Otto smacked her across the face.

"Well until they do return, if they do, you'd better get a new attitude,
super bitch," Otto snapped. They used her lasso to secure her arms and
legs, then tossed Wonder Woman into the truck.


Her heart raced, she'd never been so powerless, never felt so helpless. Great
Hera, she thought, help me. No answer from the gods. Diana rode in the back to
the truck. Zeke and Roy stroked her body with their hands, a handkerchief was in
her mouth as a gag.

Finally they arrived at the Bolin farmhouse. Roy tossed Diana over his
shoulder and carried her out of the truck.

The powerless heroine's heart pounded. When her powers returned she'd get
even, if they returned. She was taken into the barn, freed and ungagged and
thrown into the hay.

Otto held a leather strap. "You will learn to obey us, little

She hated those words, she hated them.

"'bout time this Wonder babe ws shown her place," Roy commented.
"Now strip girl."

She looked up at him, defiant. Otto snapped the strap at her, the stinging
pain hurt. Diana lept to her feet, she jumped at the old man. She tried to
wrestle him, but he twisted her arms behind her back, then sat on a bench, put
her over his lap and began spanking Wonder Woman.

"Please, stop it," Diana shrieked. "I'll do whatever you
want." She cried, and felt herself breaking inside. His blows had hurt so

Otto pushed Diana off his lap. "Apologise for being a bad

"I-I'm sorry for being a bad girl, I promise to be good and obey,"
Diana's eyes watered with tears as she spoke." She stood and removed her
uniform and her tiara, no longer feeling like a princess heroine.

Roy reached out and grabbed her breasts, he fondled and licked at them. The
boys pushed her down into the hay and screwed the heroine there. Diana moaned
and cried. She dreamed of the old days, when villains just threatened to kill
her, but, no, not these guys.

As Roy jutted into her he was surprised, "Somehow I figured you for a

"Sorry," She replied. She moaned as he throbbed in her.

Otto laughed, "Don't be silly boy, she's a slut."

After finishing with her, they secured her arms and legs, a leash extended
from her collar to a pole. She spent the night, helplessly crying, wondering
when and if her powers would return.

Morning came. Roy and Zeke came out to get her, they left her up and tossed
her back and forth like a ball, a few moments. Then as some excercise attached
her leash to the large family dog's coller. The dog pulled her around the yard,
while they laughed.

Otto yelled for them to bring Diana inside. The heroine was taken into the
house, the old man gave her a list of chores and she sat about doing them.

It was towards the afternoon when the limo arrived at the farmhouse. She
watched the muscular man talking to Otto. "Diana, come here," the old
man called.

"Yes sir," She obeyed, approached the man and sat on her knees.

The stranger smiled, "I am Edmund Cross, Wonder Woman. " She wanted
to tear him apart, but if she tried that would just get her another beating. He
continued, amused, "Just been talking with your master here, now I shall
explain what is about to happen to you, mainly to disabuse any foolish hopes you
may have."

"Yesterday, not only did we use the Parasite gun on you, a device was
attached to the base of your neck, it affects the central nervous system,
permanently cancelling your powers." Her eyes widened. "At least so
long as we wish. "The U.S.A. has too may heroes, we plan to capture certain
ones with this new weaponry, and sell them internationally as not only powerful
weapons, but breeding stock."

"Mr. Bolin has agreed to warehouse for us, and we will let him keep you
as his personal property," Cross said.

Diana's head sunk, and she started crying. Cross returned to his car and
left. Otto grasped her hair, and laughed