The Early Adventures of Batgirl: The Curse of Nefertiti

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Batgirl is copyrighted by DC comics, and we are all greatly in their debt for creating an ideal character for bondage adventures. No profit or personal gain of any kind is being sought through the distribution of this story.

WARNING: This story is for adults only. If you are disturbed by scenes involving daring superheroines, sadistic villains, and fiendish death traps then you had best read no further.

It had been one hell of a semester for Barbara Gordon, Gotham State University's 19-year-old whiz kid. The first week she was notified that she had won a Rhodes Scholarship for graduate-level studies at any school in the world. In the second week, the entire city had been rocked by the announcement that a small 3,000-year-old Egyptian tomb had been discovered in the midst of a Indian burial ground just north of Gotham City. In the third week, Barbara's best friend Erin O'Neal had disappeared from a sorority rush event without a trace. In week four, Barbara had linked her friend’s disappearance to a series of similar incidents that had occurred throughout the city and had assumed the identity of her alter ego Batgirl to investigate. And now just five weeks into the term - still two weeks before midterms -- she was about to die.

Or at least it felt like it. Batgirl was in a strict vertical hog-tie with all her weight resting on bare knees against hard wood. Her arms were pulled behind her back, wrists secured to the opposing elbows and forearms lashed together with tight continuous coils of heavy rope. Her ankles too were bound together at right angles, then bent back and secured to her forearms with more ropes, while a knee spreader bar ensured she could not close her legs. Some sort of facial harness with an integrated blindfold and ball gag tightly encircled her head and a chain ran from the top of the harness to a point directly overhead, ensuring that her posture was held bolt-upright and giving her no opportunity to relieve the pressure on her knees. The slow beads of sweat oozing down her body told her that her costume had been removed leaving the teenage dynamo clad only in some sort of thong bikini supplied by her captors. Her attire was appropriate, however, considering the temperature of the room was at least 125 degrees. The Dark Angel had been in the punishing hog-tie for over six hours and she had been completely unable to budge the knots. It was almost a relief when the turn of a key in a nearby lock finally heralded the end of her long ordeal.

"The Batgirl!" said a powerful feminine voice that sent shivers up the Dark Angel’s spine. "So there is such a deliciously deviant vigilante after all! And all this time I just considered it wishful thinking on the part of a male-dominated underworld."

"Yes, Mistress Nefertiti," came the voice of another woman, this one much closer. Batgirl felt fingers working the buckles at the back of her sweat-soaked head and the blindfold fell away to reveal Rachael Ward, manager of the Sun Worshippers Tanning Salon where Batgirl had been captured, standing before her. The platinum blonde manager had shed her slinky sun dress and how wore a brief skirted toga of white satin, sandals, a silver belt with dagger, and a silver tiara bearing a blue gem on her forehead. It seemed like a sort of uniform.

"She defeated your asps but could not overcome the Mist of Isis."

Batgirl had been given ample opportunity to ponder the details of her surprise capture. She had noted that many of the missing women, including her friend Erin, were fitness enthusiasts and that most had frequented the Sun Worshippers Tanning Salon. Batgirl had just started questioning Rachael Ward about the disappearances when suddenly she found herself in the center of a circle of angry asps that had emerged from secret panels in the floor. The lithe vigilante remembered defeating the snakes using a sonic concussion grenade, then leaping over the counter to arrest the manager. Then nothing… somehow the slinky criminal had activated a second gas trap without Batgirl spotting it. With her blindfold removed it was clear that Batgirl had been held in a small stylish sauna room until Nefertitii could come attend her infamous prisoner personally.

"Impressive, she must have the spirit of a mongoose to defeat my royal asps. But her wardrobe seems a bit daring, even for one so skilled."

"The costume change was my idea, Mistress Nefertiti. Many of our clients are exotic dancers and I just happened to have one of their 'Batgirl' costumes on consignment. Do you approve?"

"Ohh yes, Sekhmet. She honors it quite well for one so young. Ungag her so we may speak."

Bound on her knees, Batgirl’s head came to the level of Rachael’s waist, and she could clearly see her own bound body in the highly reflective silver belt buckle. Except for her mask, her costume had indeed been removed and replaced with a bikini of purple wet-look lycra, complete with a low slung “utility belt” of gold links low on her hips and a small yellow bat on the left cup.

The manager of the spa - apparently called Sekhmet by her mistress - removed the huge ball gag and stepped aside, giving Batgirl her first look at her mistress Nefertiti. Batgirl was amazed and couldn’t stifle a small gasp. The woman was easily six feet tall with thick dark hair, and a long robe of translucent silk. Her face was that of a runway model, but was heavily made up with white base, dark eye-lining, and deep cheekbones. She wore a crown of gold and jewels over a stylish headdress of gold lame, and also wore a heavy golden amulet that bore a single huge cats-eye. The woman's appearance was bizarre yet absolutely stunning, like a timeless work of art. If Batgirl had stumbled onto a cult then this was certainly their leader.

"So this is the infamous Batgirl," Nefertiti preened as she stepped closer until her translucent gown brushed up against the young daredevil’s face. The mere sound of Nefertiti’s voice washed over the Dark Angel like a narcotic. Despite the fact that Nefertiti was clearly some sort of super criminal, Batgirl found herself wishing to please her. "I expected someone a little more … butch."

"Sorry to disappoint you. Then I suppose you wouldn't mind loosening these restraints a bit."

At 5'6" and 112 pounds Batgirl was far from imposing. Though lean from years of rigorous training, she had managed to maintain her striking feminine assets. Her young breasts strained against the silky fabric of the bikini top, giving way to flat, muscular abdomen. The "V" waist of the bikini trunks plunged to just above the level her close-cropped pussy. Her legs and arms were lean and strong from a decade of ballet and three years of Aikido. Her face still bore the cute vulnerability of youth, with wide green eyes, a pug nose, rounded features, and a pouting mouth. A luscious mane of soft coppery hair flowed down to her shoulder blades like a Barbie doll, glinting even in the subdued light. In short, she looked more like the captain of a high school drill team than a superheroine.

"In good time," Nefertiti ran her china-doll hand had across Batgirl's cheek, and the teenage dynamo could do nothing but stare up like a child. Her will to resist this strange woman was mysteriously melting away. Something about her hypnotic voice was simply irresistible. "You are a brave girl for one so young and alluring. I would invite you to join us but I'm afraid Sekhmet has planned a most brutal death for you. I would hate to discourage her art."

A thrill shot through her body at the implications of Nefertiti’s words, and this brought Batgirl briefly out of her deepening trance.

"Of course not. But I hope she's a better executioner than kidnapper. It didn't take me long to realize that all four girls you had abducted from Gotham State used this tanning salon. There will be others who reach the same conclusion."

"You have me all wrong, Batgirl,” Nefertiti knelt down until she was face-to-face with her prisoner. Again Nefertiti’s strange spell locked the teenagers gaze. “I haven’t forced anyone to do anything. Yet. Shall we begin?”

At this point the bondage was pointless --Batgirl was completely entranced by the mysterious Nefertiti. Still, Sekhmet produced a thick leather bondage collar lined with steel bands and locking screws and held it out for Batgirl to inspect.

"First, I have a little toy for you, just to ensure you behave."

The bondage helmet left Batgirl’s throat conveniently exposed for Sekhmet to slip the device on and lock it closed from behind. She adjusted the position of the collar slightly while she whispered wetly in Batgirl’s ear.

"This is a constriction collar, Batgirl, a very dangerous toy. The trick is to constrict your windpipe until you hover on the verge of unconsciousness. Quite a horrifying experience to endure I understand."

The shapely avenger struggled against her bondage with mounting urgency as the satin-clad Sekhmet methodically contracted the steel bands lining the collar. Batgirl's breaths became wheezy and finally mere hoarse whispers as her trachea was slowly closed. Her pussy began tingling beneath the thin trunks from the onset of panic and autoerotic asphyxiation.

"You must relax Batgirl,” Sekhmet scolded as she continued to tighten the screws. “Conserve your oxygen and take rapid shallow breaths. Otherwise you'll start blacking out and that could lead to brain damage."

The redheaded daredevil did as she was told, forcing herself to remain calm even as Sekhmet made the final adjustments on the collar. The effort to breathe was tremendous -- it was like trying to sustain life while breathing through a thin soda straw. Her vision was swimming and the panic of drowning was just below the surface of her consciousness. Still, Batgirl had to admire the cruel efficiency of this control technique: any significant exertion to save herself and she would almost certainly pass out.

"There," Sekhmet ran her hands playfully across Batgirl's firm breasts. "That's my little pet. Now you're ready to travel.” The torturess drew her dagger and cut the ropes securing Batgirl’s ankles, but leaving her arms tightly bound. The effect of releasing her legs was almost as painful as the hog tie had been as the bloodflow slowly returned to long-constricted joints. Sekhmet massaged some life back into her prisoner’s legs before lifting Batgirl slowly to her feet.

"I can see you are finding it hard to concentrate," Nefertiti preened as her servant removed the facial harness from their captive and carefully smoothed out Batgirl’s coppery hair. "Its an unfortunate side effect of the collar. It is designed with notches over your major arteries, but some constriction is inevitable. Fortunately your little place in the sun is right down the hall. Shall we go?"

The dominated damsel was half-led half carried by Sekhmet to the very back of the store and down a flight of narrow stairs to the cellar. The close quarters of the stairs would normally have been an excellent place to attempt an escape, but all of her efforts were focused on just remaining conscious. However, the daring heroine was not so far gone that she could not appreciate the terrible machine that awaited her in the cramped cellar.

The room was dominated by what looked like a huge tanning bed, over 5 feet wide and 9 feet long. The bed was currently open like a waffle iron to reveal the inner surfaces of heavy glass. Just behind the panes were delicate glass tubes dense with filaments and twice as thick as a conventional tanning bed. Heavy steel manacles on short, thick chains were secured to each corner, and the upper lid was equipped with heavy latches and padlocks so the "tanner" could be sealed inside. Commanding one wall of the cramped chamber was a bank of buzzing electrical transformers and beside them a simple control panel.

"As you may be aware Batgirl," Nefertiti explained. "The concept of mummification originated in the desert. Dead bodies left in the desert would be quickly purged of all moisture, leaving a very accurate portrayal of the individual as they had appeared in life. Sekhmet has been working very hard to perfect an artificial version of this process, and you are going to be our first human experimental subject. Sound like fun?"

The Dark Angel struggled feebly as she was lifted and deposited lightly onto the glass bed of the infernal chamber. Only when her ankles were firmly secured in the steel manacles did Sekhmet remove her arm bondage, and then only long enough to snap Batgirl’s slim wrists into the cuffs at the top of the bed. Overhead, the long serpentine flash tube that would serve as the surrogate for the desert sun twisted like a snake over and back behind thick glass. The bed was large enough that even her outstretched arms and legs would be fully exposed to the powerful rays. Dispite her horror, Batgirl could only struggle weakly as her hourglass body was positioned precisely in the middle of the high-voltage death chamber.

"I think we can all breathe a little easier now, don't you Bratgirl," Nefertiti leaned close. "Sekhmet, please loosen the collar enough so that she can struggle, but not so much that she can scream."

"Yes mistress." Sekhmet carefully adjusted the knobs toward the rear of the collar and the tension eased. Even the small adjustment virtually doubled the flow of oxygen and Batgirl greedily filled her lungs with the precious air. Her feelings of imminent suffocation eased, only to be replaced by a better appreciation for her current peril. Once completed with the adjustments, Sekhmet sat down on the bed beside her young prisoner and teased Batgirl’s moist pussy beneath the silky fabric of the bikini.

"Your courage in the face of imminent death is admirable Batgirl,” Nefertiti continued, “so we owe it to you to make your demise as slow and painful at possible. This tanning bed is ten times more powerful than a conventional unit, but still not quite as powerful as the desert sun. So we've had to make a small allowance."

The Batgirl watched with wide eyes as Nefertiti wheeled over a pole bearing a suspended plastic bag. Out of the bag came a rubber tube ending at a plastic-covered needle.

"The heating elements of the bed will draw off your surface moisture first without properly draining your core. We've found that a slight infusion of fluids helps to balance out the dehydration process. It has the additional benefit of keeping you conscious longer, and I've added estrogen, adrenaline, sugar and a wonderful South American nerve stimulant to compound your agony!"

Batgirl felt a prick as the IV needle was inserted in her forearm. Sekhmet pressed her mouth against Batgirl's ear even as she continued to work on the sexy vigilante's sopped pussy. "I see you like the rough stuff, ehhh Batslut. Would you like one more climax before we seal your tomb?"

Sekhmet attacked Batgirl's engorged clit as Nefertiti tightened up the restraints until their prisoner was painfully stretched. The tight bondage, extreme danger, and sudden infusion of drugs sent the trapped vigilante hurling towards a climax. But at the last moment, Sekhmet withdrew her skilled hand. The trapped heroine moaned in frustration as she found herself face to face again with Sekhmet.

"There now, just one more thing," The insane priestess produced a pair of dark sunglasses with thick lenses in the latest style and slid them over Batgirl's cute face. "I want you looking your best in my mummy display case."

Then the lid was lowered until the upper surface just touched the Dark Angels hardened nipples. Batgirl pulled hopelessly at her manacles as three separate padlocks were secured into place, sealing her in the chamber. For a moment there was silence except for Batgirl's own pained breathing and the buzz of the transformers. But then the lights suddenly came on, filling the young superheroine’s eyes with blinding radiance even through the thick glasses. Just beyond the frame of her sunglasses her body was bathed in white-hot radiation that seemed to penetrate through her like laser beams.

"We'll be back in 10 hours to recover your body. Enjoy your tan, Batgirl.”

Batgirl tried to protest, but the constriction collar allowed nothing more than a hoarse wheeze to escape her lips. Sandwiched between the strangely cool glass plates, the doomed darling pulled desperately at the steel manacles as the footsteps of her captors receded. Finally there was the sound of a heavy steel door slamming shut, then a key in a lock and she knew she was alone. The Dark Angel was beyond hope of rescue, completely disarmed and fiendishly bound. Sweat was beginning to pour from her body, already dehydrated by the long ordeal in the sauna. If she couldn’t find a way out and soon, she could look forward to a new career as a dehydrated super-trophy of the mysterious and hypnotic Nefertiti.

The press corps waited impatiently while Dr Renuka Dagrose, the suddenly famous Gotham State archaeologist, chipped at the dusty stone sarcophagus with chisel. The discovery of an Egyptian-style burial chamber in an ancient Indian burial ground had generated a media explosion. At first Gotham State University officials insisted that the dig remain absolutely private and security was airtight. But passionate appeals by the newspapers and television networks -- along with generous donations to the university - persuaded officials to change their minds. A narrow press gallery was set up in the tomb so small groups of reporters could rotate through and report on the latest discoveries. The main chamber contained many priceless relics of obviously Egyptian design but none so tantalizing as the large stone sarcophagus carved in the semblance of a young woman. Amid rumors that an Egyptian princess may have died while visiting the ancient American Indians, reporters jockeyed for position hoping to be present for the actual opening of the tomb.

But Dr Dagrose was patient and meticulous to the point of exasperation, carefully removing the tar seal without damaging either the lid or the base of the ancient sarcophagus. Six hours and a score of press rotations later, the last of the seal finally fell away. The stout, swarthy doctor from Cypress finally stood up and stretched her aching back.

“Very good, lets bring in the crane.”

The reporters whispered excitedly while two research assistants swung a small steel lift into position and unwound several chains from the dual ratchets. Flashbulbs added to the illumination from the electric lamps in the tomb as the men slipped steel “L” brackets into the gap between lid and sarcophagus and pulled the chains taught. The ratchets clicked and clacked as the slack was pulled out of the chains, then forearms bulged as the men carefully applied real force to the lid. The beautifully carved 300-pound slab finally gave way with a hiss like someone opening a large soft drink bottle. As the slab was turned aside, Dr Dagrose promptly came forward to examine the contents amid the flash of the cameras.

"The sarcophagus contains a mummy," the doctor said matter-of-factly, "approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall, dimensions consistent with the organs found in the canopic jars in the tomb. The wrapping is consistent with the Egyptian style, strong smell of lotus, frankincense, and reed pollen, spices traditionally associated with Egyptian mummification. Burial mask is solid gold, carved to resemble a young woman. The weight of the mask is appropriate for a lesser member of the royal family.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it seems we’ve found a young Egyptian princess who died a long way from home."

She stepped aside so that the reporters could get a good look at the mummy. To the untrained eyes, the corpse was little more than a shriveled brown cocoon of burlap rags. But the burial mask they could all appreciate - the likeness of a fine-featured Egyptian woman cast in solid gold. For a moment the dim chamber was bright as day as the cameras flashed in a continuous stream.

"That's the show for today, ladies and gentlemen. You will all have to leave so we can remove the sarcophagus."

"Dr Dagrose, where are you taking the relics?"

"Nethanial Bohrs, Director of Antiquities at the Gotham Supernormal Research Center has volunteered the use of his maximum security facilities until we know exactly what we're dealing with.

"After all," the normally dry doctor smiled. "We don't want to take any chances that our globe-trotting princess might slip away in all the excitement."

Even as Dr Dagrose carefully removed the mummified princess from her tomb, another princess struggled desperately to avoid a similar fate. Within the locked stainless steel tanning bed beneath the Sun Worshippers Tanning Salon, the bikini-clad Batgirl was sweating buckets, but for little gain. The intense radiation within the chamber evaporated every drop of moisture the moment it rose to the surface of her skin. The teenage avenger's mouth was bone dry and her lips were cracking. Her head swam as she endured what amounted to a slowly escalating heat stroke. Despite the cool touch of the glass, her entire body stung as if deeply sunburned. If the fluid in the IV was having any impact at all, it was only to pump her full of stimulants to prolong her suffering.

The IV was, however, giving her a slim hope for survival. Even as Batgirl had felt her own self-control slipping away, one of her fingers had brushed up against the thin rubber IV hose. For what seemed like an eternity she probed the white-hot confines of the chamber searching for the line again and at last managed to loop it around her finger. Again demonstrating amazing calm in the face of the cruelest of circumstances, the fearless fatale had managed to draw in all of the slack in the IV. With a strong flick of her bound wrist, she planned to pull the IV stand into contact with the bed. The brilliant coils above and below her were certainly generating a tremendous amount of heat as well as radiation. Since all she was feeling was the radiation, then the heat was certainly being drawn away from the top of the bed. The teenage dynamo mused that if she could draw the IV bag onto the bed - or even very near - the bag would likely melt and douse the high-power electronics with conductive salt water. It was a long shot, but it was her only chance.

Batgirl drew in on the IV line with all of her failing strength and heard to her satisfaction a clunk on top of the bed as the stand toppled over. The effect was more spectacular than she had hoped. Almost immediately the top panel went dark in a shower of sparks. The lower bed followed a moment later, and from painful radiance Batgirl was suddenly plunged into inky darkness. The sudden power failure had even effected the electric winches. The manacles were designed with an automatic tightening mechanism to keep her painfully stretched even as Batgirl shriveled like a raisin. Now without power, the automatic tightening system failed, returning the restraints to their original size. After enduring over an hour in the chamber, it took only a little twisting to slip free form the loosened cuffs.

When Nefertiti returned in eight hours she would be very disappointed to find that her Bat-trophy had escaped. Batgirl was tempted to set up an ambush for the hypnotic woman right in the salon, but something told her that the next eight hours could be very dangerous ones for Gotham City. She needed to get to the bottom this madwoman's scheme and fast.

Barbara Gordon finally stepped out of the cold shower after 45 minutes, and then only reluctantly. She had already consumed over two liters of water and was still very thirsty but for the most part she had come through that tanning bed all right. In fact, the super-illumination had actually given her a dynamite tan and tightened her skin like an all-body face-lift! Looking at herself in the mirror she had to admit the effect was impressive, drawing her golden skin tight over her ripped muscles. And, of course, there was no greater feeling in the world than thwarting yet another sinister deathtrap. The more intricate and inescapable the situation, the greater the rush when she finally got free.

“Face it Barbara,” she said to herself in the mirror as she tossed her hair, ”you’re a danger slut.”

The thought of actually dying in the clutches of a master villain rarely entered her mind. She had already survived dozens of perils and was convinced that super criminals were simply too unstable to create foolproof traps, especially given Barbara’s unusually keen intellect and careful training. She considered crime fighting to be the ultimate test of her intellectual and physical capabilities, for the highest of stakes. Even the sexual perversions of many criminals held no particular horror for her. Sex was a weapon that she used all the time -- to obtain information, to seize the initiative in a fight, and to buy time when captured. It was only fair that this weapon should be used occasionally against her. In fact, the combination of danger and tight bondage was particularly intoxicating to the redheaded femme fatale. The addition of sexual elements actually appealed to her darker, kinkier side.

Barbara pulled on a silk bathrobe and went to work drying her hair as her mind wandered back to the mysterious Nefertiti. She had just finished with the blow drier when the phone rang pleasantly. Taking a final long drag on a large bottle of spring water, the plucky teenager picked up the phone.

“Barbara, dear where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you for hours.”

“Hi, daddy. I’ve been at the library studying for a … history exam. Had my cell phone turned off so I wouldn’t disturb the other students.”

“Ahhh. I was just going to ask you if you knew anything about Egyptology?”

“Just what I’ve learned studying the roots of all world languages. I’ve translated every major work of ancient Egyptian literature from the hieroglyphics into Greek.”

“I suppose that might do. Do you think it might be possible that the ancient Egyptians could have traveled to North America?”

“Well, many scholars have tried to link the pyramid-building cultures in Central America with the Egyptians. Thor Hiederdahl tried to cross the Atlantic in reed boats twice, hoping to prove the Egyptians were capable of long sea voyages. They both sank. Why do you ask?”

“Haven’t you been watching the news? A professor from Gotham State University claims that the tomb in the Old Knob Hill Indian Burial Ground is 100% Egyptian.”

“An EGYPTIAN tomb?”

“Yes, complete with the mummy of an Egyptian princess.”

“A princess? Impossible. Visiting North America is one thing, exporting embalming and burial technology is another. Could it be a hoax?”

“That’s just what I’m trying to find out. But the chief archaeologist on the dig is Renuka Dagrose, and I understand she has quite a reputation.”

“I’ll say. From what I’ve heard, Dr Dagrose could recreate most Egyptian sites from memory. And even SHE believes it authentic?”

“Apparently so. I just wanted to find out if there are any tests that you could run to determine if the mummy was genuine.”

“Sure, I could tell you in a few hours. If the ‘princess’ really was embalmed in North America then I should be able to identify a hundred different molds and spores indigenous to this area..”

“I think we should have some answers in a few hours, but I’ll let you know if I need you for a second opinion.”

“Sure. Where is the official lab work being done?”

“Dr Dagrose has arranged for the relics from the tomb to be examined at the Gotham Supernormal Research Center.”

“Pretty high security for a minor archaeological oddity.”

“Probably only temporary, just to keep it away from prying eyes. Anyway, I must be going. I bet you’re glad to be safe in your ivory tower, away from these nut cases, hugh Barbara?”

“You said it, Daddy. Bye.”

As soon as Barbara hung up the phone, she crossed her arms in front of her and chewed on one lip in a classic Batgirl pose. It always implied she was deep in thought.

“Quite a coincidence that a noted Egyptologist would stumble onto a nearby ancient Egyptian tomb at precisely the same time I come across a cult leader calling herself Nefertiti. I think Batgirl should probably have a look at this so-called tomb in person.”

A final long drag on the water bottle and Barbara made her way across her apartment to the walk-in closet she had converted to her secret dressing room. The area was crammed with the uniforms and equipment of her daredevil alter-ego, Batgirl. Though she operated independently from the legendary Batman, she had assisted with enough of his cases that he had volunteered to “sponsor” her with the latest in high-tech equipment to carry on her crime fighting activities. At times Batman had considered her requests somewhat odd, but he had given her exactly what she asked for.

Her costume was not on the acrylic mannequin where it normally hung, but was still draped over the dressing chair where she had left it after escaping from the Sun Worshippers Tanning Salon. It consisted of a long-sleeve turtle neck body suit and tights made of luxurious, densely woven synthetic material called Polysat that stretched like spandex and looked like glossy kid leather. The costume was deep violet-purple, featuring her own variant of the famous bat symbol in bright yellow. Batman questioned her use of Polysat since it clung suggestively to her body and afforded her no protection like his own heavy rubber-Kelvar suit but she had chosen it for exactly these reasons. The slinky, erotic feel served as a persistent reminder of her feminine strengths and weaknesses, while the lack of protection discouraged her from trying to slug it out in tight situations. Batman understood her reasons, though he still rose eyebrow when she asked for high heels on her boots and for an almost thong-width crotch on the form-fitting body suit.

After dressing in a spandex exercise bra and bikini trunks, Barbara slipped into the oily smooth tights and seamless body suit with rush of guilty pleasure. Both were made of the same material, but the fabric of the body suit was much thicker, folded over many times at the collar to provide bulk. To the sensuous costume she added short gloves of kid leather, calf-length “pixie” boots, a floor-length cape and her low-slung utility belt of subdued platinum. Finally, she added a self-adhering eye mask, which covered her face from cheekbone to hairline with glossy violet-black.

“Alright, lets go adventuring,” she said with a mock British accent, and opened a trap door that led to her Batcycle in the renovated storm sewer below.

Given all the publicity about the tomb, security was understandably tight around the dig. Batgirl left her bike on the very edge of the Indian burial ground, relying on stealth, silent movement, and patience to get her within sight of the inner watch posts. From there she had to arrange a brief malfunction of the perimeter motion detection systems to allow herself access to the tomb unnoticed by the Gotham State rent-a-cops. Once inside she felt safe enough to turn on her small penlight. With all the security outside, they certainly wouldn’t expect anyone to be poking around the tomb itself.

The entry passage was low, narrow and steep, plunging some 60 feet below the surface. The floor was made of terraced stones that formed a sort of closely-spaced staircase, while the walls and ceiling were apparently made of massive stone slabs sealed with pitch, completely devoid of the inscriptions or warnings common in Egyptian tombs. The bare design, however, actually supported the authenticity of the site. Egyptian tombs often took decades to complete, so intricately carved walls would be completely inconsistent with Dr Dagrose’s theory of an accidental death abroad.

The plunging entry passage finally leveled out into a long narrow antechamber and then to the burial chamber itself. This too was entirely consistent with Egyptian design. The antechamber had apparently been cleaned out by the archaeologists, with chalk marks and inventory numbers recording exactly where everything had been found. The burial vault itself, however, was still filled with artifacts, all clearly very old and very Egyptian. On the far wall of the 10 by 10-foot chamber sat a life-size statue of the jackal-headed god Anubis on his throne. The central sarcophagus was still in place, though the mummy and lid had been removed. Near the sarcophagus were a number of canopic jars used to hold the internal organs of the deceased. The tomb also contained an elaborately carved litter chair, a model of a great reed boat, a golden freestanding balance, and the stone bust of an Egyptian man with a long braided beard. Unlike the entry shaft and antechamber, the walls here had been decorated with hieroglyphics and large murals. The tomb was nothing short of eerie in the tiny beam of Batgirl’s flashlight.

“Amazing,” Batgirl whispered to herself. “No wonder Dr Dagrose was impressed.”

Batgirl pulled out her mini-camera and snapped infrared pictures of all the artifacts. Then she turned her attention to the inscriptions on the wall, since she knew much more about hieroglyphics than the dating of artifacts.

“’Unas hath offered incense unto the great and little companies of the gods, and her mouth is pure, and the tongue which is therein is pure. Ye judges, ye have taken Unas unto yourselves, let her eat that which you eat, let her drink that which ye drink, lit her live upon that which ye live upon.’ HMMMM, sounds very authentic. Almost familiar.”

“And over here: ‘Guard well the path of Unas, Anubis, lord of timeless places, until the full measure of her deeds be weighed in eternity.’”

Batgirl placed her hands on her hips and surveyed the cramped tomb, chewing on her lower lip as she tested her intellect against the tomb designer. A gloved finger played lightly on the compartment of her utility belt containing her electronic tracking devices.

“An obscure inscription. Anubis seems to be guarding the entrance to the main chamber, but the entrance is never the path of the dead. Unas’s path would be in another direction. And the weight of her deeds … the Egyptians believed the weight of your deeds could be measured by weighing your brain. ”

The sleekly-clad teenager knelt down to inspect the canopic jars, moving from one to the next until she found the inscription for the brain.

Batgirl broke the wax seal on the jar and pulled out the shriveled brown softball-sized mass stuck to the bottom. She made a face of disgust as she took the organ over to the scale.

“Yuck. Hope you did your homework, Unas.”

The Dark Angel placed the ancient brain on the scale and for a moment nothing happened. But then the scale gradually began to tip and the subtle motion was accompanied by the deep grinding of stone on stone. Batgirl flashed her penlight around the tomb until she noticed that the statue of Anubis was sliding slowly away from the wall.

“A secret passage! This must be a false burial chamber, just like in the larger tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Could Nefertiti be after a genuine relic from this tomb?”

Behind the statue, another low cob web-choked passage sloped down into inky darkness. For the first time Barbara found herself shaking slightly. For some reason, the thought that she could be raiding an actual tomb was far more frightening than the thought of penetrating a villain’s lair. She knew she could out-think any criminal, but many a talented archaeologist had perished in the brutal traps of master tomb-builders.

“Get a grip Barbara, “ she rebuked herself, “You’re supposed to be superheroine. If Nefertiti wants something down here you need to get to it first. Maybe a little light would help.”

Abandoning her small penlight, the caped cutie retrieved three halogen lamps from the antechamber and turned them on. The first lamp she set on the lap of Anubis to illuminate the false burial chamber, the second she would take with her, and the third she secured to a drag line to lower into the steep passage ahead of her. The light improved her spirits greatly even if it slightly increased the possibility of being caught. By the time she began dropping the light down the passage she felt like her old self again.

The passage was steep but mercifully short and ended, just as Batgirl had suspected, in a much larger and lavishly appointed burial chamber. In the center of the chamber was a massive stone sarcophagus over nine feet long, intricately carved with scowling faces and howling mouths. The walls were decorated with huge murals of the underworld and were crusted with precious jewels and inlaid gold. A gilt statue of the sun god Ra stood in an alcove along one wall, holding a crook and flail.

After carefully inspecting the passage for sliding panels and trip wires, Batgirl half stepped, half slid down the chute to inspect the amazing tomb.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Barbara stopped when she halfway to the sarcophagus. “What have we here?”

Batgirl bent down for a closer look at the cobwebs which seemed to run everywhere. In the midst of these ran one strand of nylon filament, straight as an arrow and parallel to the floor at ankle level. A trip wire! Batgirl stood up straight again and with her new perspective could see a dozen other filaments concealed among the webbing.

“Don’t remember seeing nylon thread among the innovations of the Egyptians. Someone booby-trapped this room, and didn’t want to take a chance with using ancient materials. Just as I suspected, this isn’t a real tomb at all…”

“I beg to differ Batgirl, it is a tomb: yours.”

Suddenly, Batgirl heard the sound of a heavy stone drop far off, followed by another one close by. A glance behind her confirmed that one of the massive stone blocks forming the roof of the secret passage was descending to seal her inside. She dashed to the exit and slipped her fingers under the stone but could not even slow the descent of the 2-ton block. The lower lip of the block slipped into a cleverly disguised groove and surged briefly toward her, leaving nothing but a smooth wall with no trace of the original passage. The female fury was sealed in a stone box with no exits. And things were about to get worse.

“Too bad you stumbled onto my little surprise Batgirl. I had hoped to kill 20 people in the tomb tomorrow, including a dozen leading Egyptologists. But it seems you have heroically volunteered to take their place by yourself.”

The voice was coming from the sarcophagus, clearly through a small cheap speaker.

“Clever trick Nefertiti. Too bad your plan has failed.”

“My plan is going perfectly. Killing the defilers of the Old Kingdom was simply icing on the cake. I’m amazed you escaped from my little Bat trap, but you won’t be getting out of there.”

“Can’t … budge it!” Batgirl hissed as she pushed on the trick stone with all her strength. Secretly her pussy was already tingling at the realization that she was completely indeed trapped.

“Of course not, it weighs over two tons. The block sealing the entrance passage weighs over eight tons. It will take weeks for the authorities to chip their way in without collapsing the entire tomb.”

The masked heroine stopped pushing and stepped warily back toward the sarcophagus. The chamber was well lit by the two electric torches and her muscles glistened beneath the skin-tight violet-black costume. She was trapped over 100 feet underground in a stone chamber with no exits, at the mercy of a psychopathic murderer with an Egyptian fetish. Whatever Nefertiti had in mind for the Dark Angel, it certainly would not be pleasant.

“Good thing I packed my lunch,” Batgirl surveyed the chamber with renewed interest. “You didn’t happen to stash a TV down here, did you? I hate to miss X Files.”

“I hope you packed your own oxygen as well, Batgirl. Even alone you will suffocate in less than 10 hours. Fortunately, I’ve brought along a few friends to entertain you while you wait.”

Batgirl whirled to face the huge sarcophagus as the mouths slowly opened with a wet grinding noise. Out of the holes streamed a swarm of angry SPIDERS, each big as a tarantula and sticky with goo. The sexy avenger let out a gasp of surprise as the endless stream of bulbous white horrors skittered all about the room and up the walls.

“Necro Spiders.”

“Very good, Batgirl! I see you know your semi-extinct poisonous vampire insects well. I found them on my first trip to Egypt, lying dormant in a forbidden tomb among the remains of a dozen would-be grave robbers. Each one is 5 time more deadly than an asp.”

“The Necro Spiders were wiped out by the Pharaohs 3,000 years ago,” Batgirl’s mouth was dry with terror but she tried to sound relaxed, “Just wait until I tell Greenpeace you’ve been holding out on them.”

Over 100 spiders in all emerged from the sarcophagus and skittered quickly up the walls. But they didn’t attack their lovely victim at once, instead they began madly spinning webs from every wall with fat, sticky silk. Soon, any travel around the room would be treacherous, and if Batgirl got entangled even for an instant they would certainly strike. Batgirl’s only hope to avoid a grisly fate was to escape the chamber immediately. Unfortunately for the crime-fighting cutie, escape seemed out of the question. Her only chance was to fight. Her entire body tingled from the adrenaline rush and the dark arousal of lethal danger as she reached into her utility belt.

“I think you will find the Necro Spiders most efficient executioners Batgirl. Since you are their only food supply the queen will carefully ration your blood to create the maximum number of offspring, which will be incubated in your abdominal cavity. ”

“Quiet will ya. I’m trying to concentrate here.”

SHIIING! The wings of a razor-sharp batarang sprang open in Batgirl’s gloved hand. In her other hand she held a black sphere the size of a large gumball. Quickly, the Dark Angel untied the electric torch and secured the batarang to the thin line. All around her the walls and ceiling seethed with activity as the spiders collectively spun an interlocking mesh of sticky threads to tighten the noose around their sexy prey.

“Okay bug bomb, do your stuff!”

Taking careful aim Batgirl pitched the sphere toward the sarcophagus where it erupted in a cloud of oily gas that quickly diffused throughout the room. Much to her disappointment, the gas was not lethal to the ancient spiders, but it did seem to slow them down and that gave her a fighting chance. With a powerful flick of her wrist, the teenage dynamo released the batarang, neatly slicing one huge bug in half, trimming the legs off a second and cutting two to the ground. A second flick of the batarang decapitated another nearby web spinner.

At first her attacks were brutally effective, and in the first ten minutes she slew over 40 spiders. But as the webs got steadily denser, Batgirl had fewer and fewer clear lanes of fire and the room began to resemble a piece of loosely-packed fiberglass insulation. Finally, on a last fateful throw, the batarang got snagged in a particularly dense patch of webbing. The ever-resourceful vigilante tried to clear the projectile with a concussion-fired grappling hook, but the hook itself snagged almost instantly, where it was quickly pounced on by a dozen hungry spiders. Batgirl’s breath caught as she realized that it was only a matter of time before a similar fate befell her. But her green eyes opened wide with horror at what happened next.

“My god.”

Out from the sarcophagus emerged a huge queen Necro Spider, fully the size of a Labrador Retriever, with legs spreading out as far as Batgirl was tall. Now safe behind the net of webbing, the queen spider had come to oversee the final attack personally. All out of options, the Dark Angel pressed her back against the wall, chest heaving from exertion beneath her silky skin-tight costume. Batgirl knew now that the battle was all but over Soon she would be at the mercy of creatures that even the ancient Egyptians considered blasphemies to the gods.

“How the hell did you get that thing through customs, Nefertiti?”

Batgirl had no time to hear Nefertiti’s clever reply, for on some inaudible command from their queen, the swarm of lethal spiders surged forward. She met the attack with her own fury, crushing the first wave beneath her boots and against the stone walls. But it was only prolonging the inevitable. She felt powerful twangs all over her body as the slimy white horrors scored bite after bite even as she crushed them to death. The shallow punctures burned like fire, but Batgirl kept rolling and kicking in a stubborn attempt to make them pay. In fact it took several seconds for her to realize when the attack had stopped -- the remaining spiders had backed away. The queen seemed to observe Batgirl intently through her eight eyes from the safe zone behind the webbing.

“Come on, your highness, is that the best you got?” Batgirl spat, her words slurred and footing uncertain. Her body was ablaze with pain as the venom found its way into her circulatory system. After a moment, the room pitched sideways and the caped crusader fell to the ground. She was suddenly horribly nauseous as her vision wavered and she could feel the contents of her stomach surging up through her throat even as the world went black.

The central analysis lab of the Gotham Supernormal Research Center was as high-tech as the newly discovered Egyptian tomb was primitive. The large central chamber gleamed with tables and cabinetry of stainless steel. A bank of networked supercomputers blinked tranquilly on one wall and a spacious elevated observation gallery was hidden by tinted shatterproof glass. A sprawling chem lab divided the open bay in half, with one section devoted to manual inspection and the other half devoted to technical analysis. The wall directly opposite the observation gallery was a matrix of aluminum doors leading to climate-controlled vaults used for the long-term storage of delicate relics. And almost every one of the vaults was occupied by a priceless antiquity, including the now-famous Egyptian mummy of Gotham City.

Within the vault the small mummy, now devoid of its priceless golden mask, awaited further experimentation. Given the sterile hospital-like environment, the clean white sheets, and the subdued high-tech lighting, you could almost miss the fact that the patient had been dead for millennia. But like so many things in Gotham City, everything was not as it seemed. Less than an hour after the mummy had been sealed in the vault for the evening, the brown husky corpse began to twitch and quiver like a butterfly’s cocoon. Smoke filled the cramped chamber as the ancient bandages slowly dissolved into fine black ash. The ash melted away to reveal the body of a young woman - quite alive -- hidden among the false bandages.

It was none other than Erin O’Neal, the close friend of Barbara Gordon whose sudden disappearance had prompted Batgirl’s involvement in Nefertiti’s nefarious activities. She was dressed in a brown spandex unitard that covered her from head to toe, including a full facial hood. Once free from the false mummy, Erin removed the hood and the breathing regulator that had allowed her to survive a full 15 hours sealed in the carefully faked corpse. The petite girl moaned as she worked the kinks out of her cramped muscles.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned softly, “the price we women pay for beauty.”

After working the kinks from her sore muscles, the daring girl unsealed the vault using the interior safety latch and stepped out into the empty lab. Just as she had been told, she kept low to the ground to avoid the security cameras and worked her way over to another of the numbered vaults. This vault had actually been equipped with a lock, but Erin’s mistress had prepared her well and she wasted no time entering the correct sequence and pulling the vault open. From within she drew out what appeared to be a large circular plate of solid gold with a thick, intricately carved lip running around its circumference. The carvings were primarily Egyptian Hieroglyphs mixed with other, much older arcane symbols.

“The Disk of Aten,” Erin could hardly contain her excitement. “Nefertiti will be pleased. Perhaps she will reward me with another night in the Sarcophagus of Sodom.”

The disk was far too heavy for her to lift off of its cradle in the vault, but she didn’t have to. Once she had confirmed that the Disk was in place she crept over to a computer console and logged herself in. Barbara Gordon, Erin’s brainy friend and one-time roommate had once done some work for the Center and Erin knew her backdoor access code to help with remote downloads. Once in the main computer it was only a matter of minutes before Erin had deactivated the entire security system.

“Excellent work, my desert rose,” Nefertiti purred as a steel gate raised to allow her entry with her four powerful male bodyguards. “Did you find the Disk?”

“Yes mistress!” Erin knelt playfully at Nefertiti’s feet. “Right where you said it would be.”

“Excellent,” Nefertiti ran her fingers through Erin’s soft hair like a favorite pet. “Men, make ready to transport the Disk of Aten to my secret lair. It seems my victory is now complete.”

“But my lady,” Erin asked ,”what of Batgirl? She escaped from the dehydration bed.”

“Yes, but you haven’t heard the latest news. She infiltrated the tomb this evening and discovered my trip wires. Fortunately, I insisted that Dr Dagrose install a remote activation device for just such an emergency.”

“You mean she’s … “

“Yes. Buried alive with the Necro Spiders - alone!” Nefertiti laughed.

“How horrible!” Erin giggled with a delicous shiver. “All the girls at school were just mad about her -- so brave and sexy.”

“I guarantee you wouldn’t want to be in Batgirl’s tights right now. But come, we must get the Disk back to my lair quickly. My triumph is at hand!”


Batgirl did her best to focus on the searing pain -- it distracted her from the horrifying sight of the melon-sized spider that was slurping blood from her left thigh through its 3-inch fangs. And it was hard not to watch because the Dark Angel was now tightly suspended in the Necro Spiders’ webbing, ankles lashed together and knees pulled wide with her head near the floor as if she were on an inclined sit-up board. Her arms were pulled straight behind her back and away from her body in what amounted to a tight single glove. The spiders had wrapped thick load-bearing loops of webbing around her knees, waist and upper chest, but left the rest of her body exposed for easy feeding.

And feed they did. The queen directed her brood to the violet heroine in small groups, allowing them to plunge their fangs into her body for a short, noisy drink. Batgirl was conscious for every burning moment of the process, but was powerless to resist due to the very clever self-regulation mechanism instituted by the queen. A dozen young Necro Spiders clung to the webbing all around Batgirl, monitoring a cloud of fine silk strands attached to her body. At the first sign of any struggling, the spiders would instantly attack and inject the Dark Angel with another dose of venom. Their young venom was not as powerful as the adult spiders that had initially overpowered Batgirl, but they would bite her again and again until her struggles ceased. The pain of the feeding was horrible, but it was nothing compared to the agony of being repeatedly injected with the diluted nerve poison.

The room was now choked white with the webbing, and the unseen electric lights suffused the entire network with an eerie glow. But her pale misty surroundings were almost a comfort to Batgirl’s feverish mind -- it helped distract her from the fact she was still sealed in an air-tight stone prison with no route of escape. The masked avenger was sweating profusely, but even her perspiration was eagerly lapped up by the sticky, probing tongues of the bloated nightmares. Batgirl also noted that the spiders were wrapping her arms and legs progressively tighter as the feeding progressed, doubtless to concentrate her remaining blood in her larger arteries for efficient extraction.

But the fact that that they were squeezing her like a toothpaste tube gave the sexy sleuth her first glimmer of hope that she might actually escape the death web, or at least shorten her suffering through courageous action. After resisting the urge to struggle for a full 30 minutes she had regained sufficient muscle control to withdraw a slim blade from her glove. But her awkward positioning and the tireless vigilance of the guard spiders made it all but impossible to saw through the silk shroud securing her arms. Fortunately, she didn’t have to. As the spiders drew the silk single glove into an ever-tightening tourniquet, it naturally pressed harder and harder against the razor-sharp blade. Even the tough webbing grudgingly parted before the micro polished edge. With the next tightening of the bondage, her arms would be free - at least for a moment. She would have a precious few seconds to act before she was painfully subdued by a flurry of poisonous bites. It would have to suffice.

Batgirl waited until the large spider feeding on her thigh had finished before making her move. With a subtle outward pressure she sliced completely through the arm restraint and quickly opened the compartment of her utility belt carrying phosphorus flares. Her motion was so smooth and efficient that the sentry spiders were late in responding. She had emptied her entire load of flares before the first bite struck home and her burning muscles went limp.

The eight small contact-activated flares fell toward the ground, many snagging in the webbing uncomfortably close to Batgirl’s body. All eight ignited with a sizzle and a flash of light and soon things were getting hot for the masked heroine. But the heat was an almost welcome diversion from the torments of the Necro Spiders and they served a very useful if potentially suicidal purpose: they were greedily consuming all the rest of the oxygen in the chamber.

The taste of ashes was strong in Batgirl’s mouth as the remaining oxygen in the room was rapidly depleted. Despite the mounting feeling of imminent suffocation, she forced herself to breathe slow and steady. Her creepy guards required much less oxygen than a full-grown human and if she were paralyzed again she would be unable to reach the oxygen mask in her utility belt. Only when the sexy redhead was absolutely on the verge of blacking out did she risk moving her hand toward her belt. She watched her arachnid jailers intently, but they remained completely motionless as she shakily dipped her gloved hand to her belt and brought the small black mask to her face. The flow of pure oxygen revived her quickly.

“Okay Barbara,” she mused to herself as she cut through her other bonds with her with the blade. “You’ve taken care of the spiders, now you just have to escape a hermetically sealed tomb in the next 10 minutes, before your oxygen runs out.”

Once freed from the death web, the weakened, woozy, and nauseous Dark Angel began slicing her way slowly toward the sarcophagus, pausing only long enough to skewer the queen spider a dozen times with her blade. A plan of action was slowly forming in her mind.

“I have the sonic detonator in my utility belt, but its too small to fracture a 3-ton block of stone. But as I’ve been ‘hanging around’ I’ve developed a new theory about this tomb. If I’m right, there just might be a way out of here.”

It took almost the entire 10-minute oxygen supply just to reach the sarcophagus and pry the lid open. The walls and floor were all stone, remarkably smooth and clean for having been recently crammed with slimy wriggling spiders. She also found the small radio unit Nefertiti had used to taunt her, the same device she had used to remotely trigger the trap. The battery was dead, but the very presence of the low-power device told her everything she needed to know. There was no way the radio signal from the radio controller could penetrate 100 feet of rock to reach the surface.

“You had better look out Nefertiti, ‘cause I’m coming to get you.” the Dark Angel muttered as she secured the sonic detonator to the floor of the sarcophagus. Once activated the device flooded the stone slab with high-power sonic waves of varying frequency, searching for the unique harmonic that would generate sympathetic vibrations. After a few moments the entire slab shattered like glass and the pieces disappeared into inky darkness beneath. Just as the masked avenger had suspected, the tomb was accessible through a secret cavern system running underneath the old Indian burial ground. The entire complex had been constructed from below.

“The entire thing? A phony? Barbara, what makes you so sure?”

“I’ve done a little research on the relics found in the tomb --- mhhh. All of them are from private collections seized by the Nazi’s before World War II. I have the --- ouch -- references if you’d like to review them yourself.”

“No I trust you. Say, are you alright, dear?”

Barbara was now dressed only in a tank top and panties, dabbing the tiny puncture wounds covering her body with anti-biotic lotion. The effects of the venom had worn off in a few hours, but she had lost a lot of blood to the Necro Spiders. The plasma her body would replace rapidly, but she would be missing the red blood cells for at least a week. Unfortunately, Nefertiti was still at large.

“Its nothing, Daddy. I gave blood today, and you know the sight of blood makes me whoosy.”

“Ohhhh, I see. So what about the tomb itself? It looks pretty convincing.”

“Built up from underneath. I’ve recently discovered that a series of caves runs beneath Knob Hill. Someone modified several existing chambers in the cave to be the tomb, then dug the long entry corridor until they were just below the surface. Probably only took a few months.”

“I suppose, dear, but if it is a forgery is seems to have even fooled Renuka Dagrose. Who could pull off such a thing?”

“That’s actually why I called. There are only a few people in the world that could have recreated that chamber, and one of them is Renuka Dagrose. I would watch her very carefully.”

“Very well, but no one will be taking anything from the tomb for some time. The entryway seems to have mysteriously collapsed last night. It will take weeks to reopen it.”

“How terrible.”

“Indeed. So Barbara, do you have any theories just what the motive could be behind all this counterfeit tomb business?”

“I’m not a cop, Daddy. You figure it out.”

With that Barbara hung up the phone and dabbed the last of her bites.

“Sorry, Daddy. I’m not a cop … but Batgirl is.”

Directly in front of her on the bed was the morning news. A sidebar article on the front page told of a mysterious break-in at the Gotham Supernormal Research Center the previous night. Officials at the Center confirmed that the recently discovered mummy was missing, but would not comment on what else might have been stolen. Barbara could make a good guess.

“Nefertiti was called the most beautiful woman in the world, and established the worship of Aten the Sun Disk, in ancient Egypt. Very convenient that all the missing girls were obsessed with physical beauty and all frequented the chain of Sun Worshipper tanning salons. According to the Chamber of Commerce, Sun Worshippers is owned by Sylvia Korbel, the health-care magnate who also owns Gotham’s largest most stylish health club: The Oasis.”

“To the Batcave,” croaked Charlie, her African Gray parrot.

“I hate to say it, but I think you’re right, Charlie. I’m sure Nefertiti is very pleased with herself now that she’s completed her heist at the Supernormal Research Center and thinks Batgirl is dead. I doubt if the police could touch her now, even if I told them everything.” Barbara gently probed one of the deeper wounds. “I’ll bet anything her hideout is at the Oasis, but just what is her master scheme?”

Barbara had done some work for the Gotham Supernormal Research Center as a sophomore and knew their collection fairly well. They certainly had many priceless Egyptian relics, but which one was Nefertiti after? And for what evil purpose?

“Well, there’s only one way to find out.” The redheaded vigilante dragged herself heavily off her bed and started packing her largest athletic bag. It was time to take advantage of the free trial Tai Bo class offered at the Oasis.

The ladies locker room at the Oasis was state-of-the-art, with padded benches, finger-print activated lockers, private showers, and a full-time massage therapist to help their affluent members relax after a hard work out. The Egyptian appointments of the club were subdued and high-tech: pyramid-shaped lampshades, palm trees growing in the numerous indoor gardens, and hieroglyphics carved in black marble along the ceilings. The touches were subtle but clear to Barbara Gordon as she emerged from a janitor’s closet just before midnight. Gone was the ponytail, spandex singlet, and nylon warm-ups of an aerobics student, replaced by the sleek violet-black fighting togs of Batgirl, the Dark Angel of Gotham City.

She virtually blended into the shadows as Batgirl made her way down the darkened halls of the posh facility toward the private elevators she had noted during her earlier reconnaissance.

“Now that I’m ‘out of the closet,’ lets see just what Sylvia Korbel is hiding up in the ‘members-only’ lounge.”

The Dark Angel arrived at the gleaming stainless steel doors and examined the single cylindrical keyhole in a nearby panel on the wall.

“The door is key-activated. Too bad my dues aren’t paid up. Fortunately …” Batgirl pulled a small rod from her belt -- a ratchet screwdriver. “Robin has shown me a thing or two about overriding security systems.”

The sleek heroine quickly removed the panel and ran a jumper between two integrated circuits. There was an electrical “snap” and a puff of smoke, then the doors slid open to reveal an elevator beyond. Grinning to herself, she reached back into her athletic bag and pulled out her special surprise or Nefertiti.

“First a little diversion. Then its time to bust some heads.”

“Excuse me, Your Highness,” a young, toga-clad cultist bowed to her mistress. They stood in the open-air courtyard at the center of Nefertiti’s lair over the Oasis Health Club where the madwoman was overseeing the work of a dozen other female followers as they installed the Disk of Aten on a tower directly over a regal crystal pyramid. Nefertiti’s male bodyguards watched over the prostrate servant suspiciously.

“What is it?” Nefertiti asked crossly. “Can’t you see we’re at the most delicate part of the entire operation?”

“A thousand pardons, Majesty, but someone has activated the private elevator without authorization.”

“Hmmm, that’s odd. I thought Batgirl the only vigilante in Gotham capable of unraveling my scheme so quickly. Very well, activate the sleeping gas and come with me. I will oversee the capture personally.”

The elevator lobby was inconspicuously located in one corner of the courtyard, flanked to either side by gurgling waterfalls. Fifteen cultists formed a semi-circle around the elevator, with Nefertiti’s bodyguards training their MAC-10 machine pistols on the door. The elevator opened with a soft ”Ding,” followed by a billowing cloud of escaping gas. After waiting a moment for the potent gas to dissipate one of the armed bodyguards came forward to investigate, gun at the ready.

“No one inside, your highness!” The man reported at last. “Perhaps it was a malfunction.”

“It was a malfunction alright!” Suddenly a dark figure swooped down from above with a flying kick that knocked the bodyguards over like bowling pins. She followed with a few gas pellets of her own that put the men and several women instantly to sleep. “A malfunction in your security system!”

Batgirl landed gracefully and released her rope, instantly flinging two batarangs trailing thin lines into the mass of Nefertiti’s followers. The lines tripped up another ten would-be attackers and Batgirl dealt the rest swift but non-lethal blows that sent them squealing for safety. In a matter of seconds all of the fighting spirit had been sucked out of the Villainess’s followers. Now only Nefertiti stood against the Dark Angel.

“Very impressive, Batgirl,” Nefertiti smiled calmly as Batgirl withdrew a pair of handcuffs from her low-slung utility belt. “I’ve never seen anyone with such combat prowess.”

“You haven’t met Rampage yet,” Batgirl said, “I sent him to death row last year -- I’ll see if you two can be cellmates. Hands behind your back.”

Nefertiti did as she was told, offering her wrists for the shapely heroine to secure. “But you can’t just arrest me, Batgirl. I’m so close fulfilling every woman’s dream…”

“Tell it to the judge Nefertiti. I’m taking you … in.” Odd. Nefertiti’s hypnotic voice again blew through her like a cold wind. Suddenly the thought of actually cuffing the beautiful creature before her seemed .. unthinkable.

“Of course you are my dear. Now, please place your handcuffs on your own ankles instead of my wrists.” A thrill shot through the Dark Angel's body as she stared down at her cuffs. Until that moment she hadn't fully appreciated the hypnotic power Nefertiti maintained over other women. She simply HAD to comply, though her entire body quivered from the effort of resisting the simple command.

“Hurry now, you don’t want to anger your mistress. Bind yourself. So how did you escape the tomb?”

“I realized … that hieroglyphics on the walls … were copied from other tombs,” Batgirl explained haltingly as she slowly secured the Batcuffs to her own ankles. The effort to resist was exhausting and the masked vigilante felt her willpower draining away. She gritted her teeth, trying not to talk. “That led me to believe … that the entire tomb was fabricated by Renuka Dagrose. To escape … please … I only needed to find your secret entrance. Nefertiti, please…”

“Sorry Batgirl. You were very clever in deducing my plan, and now you're going to pay. And considering your passion for deadly bondage, I have a new collar for you.” The intoxicating madwoman handed Batgirl a heavy wicked-looking leather collar. It was custom-fit to her dimensions, lined on the outside with capacitors and batteries and on the inside with flat gold electrodes. It was a high voltage shock collar. “So tell me, why would I go about creating a false tomb?”

The Dark Angel was silent for a moment as she fought a hopeless battle for control. Then with a sigh akin to a sob she continued. “You built the tomb so close to Gotham so you could gain access to the Supernormal Research Center.” Batgirl's heart was racing, but she put her head down and pulled her mane of silky red hair forward so she could slip the collar on. The torture device snapped snugly around her throat.

“Very good Batgirl. Now get one more pair of cuffs and slip off your utility belt - you won’t be needing it again. Do you have any idea what I was after at the Center?”

Batgirl removed her spare cuffs, then fumbled with the buckle to her utility belt. All thoughts of resistance were now gone, replaced by the desire to serve Nefertiti without question. “I think you were after the Disk of Aten, since it is tied to the rein of the actual Nefertiti in ancient Egypt.” Batgirl let her utility belt fall to the ground.

“Ingenious!” Nefertiti smiled. “Cuff your hands behind your back please. Now tell me, do you have any idea what the Disk of Aten was used for?”

“No … mistress.” The Dark Angel did not even hesitate, as she put her arms behind her back and cuffed them in place.

“Then perhaps I should show you.” Nefertiti clipped a short leash to the shock collar and led Batgirl the short distance to the glass pyramid at the center of the courtyard.

The pyramid itself was entirely constructed of clear Lucite, 15 feet by 15 feet and some 25 feet tall. To one side of the pyramid was a steel tower like a small radio transmitter and secured to the tower was a long arm extending to a point just over the very apex of the pyramid. On the end of the arm and some 6 feet above the pyramid was the Disk of Aten, or at least it looked like the Disk of Aten, but rather than being a disk of solid gold, it was actually a clear crystal lens.

“The Disk is actually a lens, mistress?” Batgirl asked, pulling at her bonds experimentally.

“Yes, covered with thin gold leaf to conceal its true purpose. The Disk has the ability to convert the rays of the sun into an entirely new form of energy. Energy that gives life and conveys eternal beauty.”

“It is convex-concave, it seems to focus the light.”

“Yes. It must be positioned precisely 8 rods above the pyramid. The light focuses to a point at the very top of the pyramid and fills the entire structure with restoring energy. If the lens is not positioned at exactly 8 rods then the resulting energy causes agonizing death."

"But mistress, the translations are unclear as to the exact length of an Egyptian rod."

"Yes, and that's where you come in. In order to protect your mistress, you will be our first test subject in the chamber. The lens is mounted on a track. Starting with you I will place my servants in the chamber one by one, gradually adjusting the lens until it is precisely calibrated."

On one level the Dark Angel understood that Nefertiti planned to use her as a human guinea pig. But that part of Batgirl was prisoner in her own mind, captive to the slave she had just become. "As you wish, Nefertiti."

"I wish. But you’re hardly dressed for a proper burial, Batgirl. Girls, please help our guest freshen up, then bring her to the mummification chamber."

“Stay away from me, you sadistic bitches!” A half dozen female cultists surrounded Batgirl, smiling at her futile taunts as they adjusted the implements arrayed on the heavy crotch strap for the bondage belt already wrapped tightly around the struggling firebrand’s waist. Batgirl was now naked except for her mask, the bondage belt, and a chest harness of black straps that held tight-fitting cups of black rubber over her firm breasts. The customized harness resembled a heavy rubber exercise bra, and it was easy to miss the fact that that it held in place powerful vibrating suction cups that completely enveloped Batgirl’s rock-hard nipples.

“Now Batslut, I’d be a little more polite if I were you,” one of the toga-clad girls preened, as she carefully applied lubricant to one of the two monstrous vibrators attached to the crotch strap. A third device - a flat ridged box resembling a squat pyramid -- was also attached to the belt directly in front of the larger dildo. At the apex of the pyramid was a triangular suction cup, precisely aligned with Dark Angel's engorged clitoris. “Considering what we’re about to do to you.”

Batgirl pulled desperately against her bonds, but it only served to prove her helplessness. The masked cutie was currently in what was certainly Nefertiti’s “mummification chamber,” a heavily reinforced, windowless room in the basement of the club. She was securely bound standing upright on a raised platform in the center of the room, held to a slim pole by steel hoops at the back of her shock collar, bondage belt, and at the center of the spreader bar running between her ankles. Rubber wrist cuffs attached to the bondage belt held her arms fast at her sides and the spreader bar ensured that the sexy heroine maintained the correct posture for the application of the crotch strap. Directly in front of her was another pole that stretched from floor to ceiling, and on this pole was a thick spool of what appeared to be heavy purple plastic wrap, clearly the twisted variant of the linen bandages used for ancient mummification. The spool itself was some 2 feet tall and was mounted on a small platform, which could be raised and lowered by means of a hydraulic piston set in the floor. The brilliant redhead could easily envision the operation of the device: the purple wrap would be drawn from the spool and attached to the pole to which Batgirl was bound and then her platform would begin to slowly rotate. Her rotating body would be wrapped in layer after layer of the rubbery wrapping as the spool worked its way up and down the pole to completely envelop her body. The spool was quite thick and the air-tight cocoon could well be lethal in itself, but the presence of the elaborate chastity belt and the warm mouths tugging at her nipples indicated that she would soon have more to worry about than simple asphyxiation.

“It seems I’m just in time for the fun part!” Nefertiti said as she strode into the room with her bodyguards. The villainess, dressed in a catsuit of gold lame with a white silk headdress and priceless golden Egyptian jewelry, stood before her sexy prisoner. She looked utterly stunning except for the malicious look in her eye. Nefertity tried her best to conceal the hypnotic quality in her voice, so that Batgirl could better appreciate her predicament.

“Your girls were just … putting the hard sell on me to join the club. But I don’t think its in my budget right now.”

“Still showing some spunk, are you?” Nefertiti ran her fingers through Batgirl’s red hair, now heavy with a perfumed oil and slicked down against her head. “Well, we’ll soon take care of that. Please secure Batgirl’s crotch strap.”

The vaginal dildo was by far the largest of the trio of appliances on the belt so it came first. It was a monster by any account, perhaps 15 inches long, wickedly curving to match the natural contour of Batgirl’s vagina and knobbed with rubber balls capable of spinning in their sockets. The fit was deviously snug for maximum stimulation and the young heroine gasped as her most private recesses were slowly invaded. Her feminine gasps turned to stifled moans, however, as the anal dildo parted her heart-shaped ass cheeks and was forced skillfully into her anus. The shapely heroine desperately raised her pelvis as if to lift herself off the twin implements but it only made for delightful sport she was progressively impaled to limits only dared by villains with little concern for the safety of the female enemies. When the futile battle was over at last the thoroughly violated Batgirl went slack in her restraints. With a final shiver she felt her clit being drawn slightly forward into a small gooey suction cup, ensuring the soundwaves of the sonic vibrator would be precisely focused despite her struggles. Every erogenous zone on her body was now wired for stimulation.

"Beginning to get the 'point.' Batgirl?" Nefertiti asked, as the belt was drawn up across the flat plain of the Dark Angel's abdomen and secured at the front and back of the bondage belt with dual titanium locks. Batgirl winced with each solid click - without the key it would take a week to remove the cruel belt.

“What kind of sick game is this, Nefertititi?”

“Oh its sick perhaps, but definitely not a game. A game would imply you had some chance of winning.” Nefertititi drew out a remote control unit as her assistants removed Batgirl’s ankle spreader and resecured her ankles together against the bar in classic mummification position. “You will make a most sexy mummy Batgirl, and as you can see I’ve prepared a special roll of bondage film just for you. If you think that dildo is a tight squeeze wait until you feel your burial shroud.”

“You evil bitch!” The torture devices were inactive at the moment, but already Batgirl’s pussy tingled with sexual tension. Muscles deeply within her pelvis spasmodically gripped the shaft of the dildo like miniature contractions; her nipples and clit were held in warm wet traction like an eternal kiss. All eyes were on her, drinking in the sight of the young daredevil as she struggled hopelessly in her sinister new “costume.”

“Your courage is remarkable, Batgirl, but such language. I’m afraid you’ll need to be gagged.” At that Nefertiti drew out a ball gag of wet-looking purple rubber.

“You’ll pay for this Nefertiti,” Batgirl’s voice waivered. But she opened her mouth to accept the gag. Resistance was pointless.

“Perhaps,” Nefertiti cooed in Batgirl’s ear as she strapped the gag in place. “but not half as dearly as you are about to pay, Batslut. The sonic disruptor alone is capable of stunning a man at 30 yards. Unfortunately for you, its precisely focused on your perky clit, less than half an inch away.”

Nefertiti's words stung like lashes as the villainess finished her gag work while her brainwashed assistants unrolled the first of the bondage wrap and secured the free end to the pole just behind Batgirl's right calf. Batgirl shivered as Nefertiti and her cohorts stepped slowly away, leaving the young vigilante alone in the center of the mummification machine.

Batgirl struggled delightfully as the platform on which she stood began to rotate and the bondage film began wrapping itself around her legs and working its way slowly up. The sickening material was warm, stretchy, and oily as it slowly enveloped her like a condom. And TIGHT - Batgirl could feel her legs pulled snugly together as a powerful unseen motor rotated her body against the stiff resistance of the bondage film. With each full rotation of the platform the spool raised approximately 4 inches, and the top line of the wrapping inched up to her thighs, then to her pelvis, then to her abdomen. Batgirl was numb with horror as she watched the wet purple sheath advance up her muscular body.

"Ready for a little passion, Batgirl?" Nefertiti held up a control and pressed a button. The suction cups on her breasts suddenly came to life, lapping and sucking at her engorged nipples like ravenous children. Then the twin rods sprang to life, stimulating the full length of Batgirl’s love canal with a powerful oily caress that was clearly intended to drive the daring redhead to her sexual limits and beyond. Batgirl's eyes were glassy and pleading as the bondage wrap crept up to envelop her breasts. Nefertiti held off on the sonic clit stimulator until the wrap had reached the level of the lovely heroine's neck. Any danger of escape was now long since past -- Batgirl was hers to toy with as Nefertiti saw fit.

"Take a last look around Batgirl," Nefertiti locked eyes with the doomed teenager. "It will be a long dark night."

Just as the wrap covered the Dark Angel's nose and mouth, Nefertiti activated the sonic clit stimulator on its lowest setting. Batgirl threw her head back in a scream that was completely consumed by the gag and the bondage wrap. Only her eyes told the tale of her suffering until they too were lost beneath a layer of glossy purple. A rotation later and the roll had completed its journey up the masked avenger's body, completely sealing her in a cocoon of purple. Batgirl twitched and twisted wildly from passion and asphyxiation as the roll started its way down again to tighten the mummy further.

"Add a breathing tube, Sekhmet, 100% oxygen."

"Yes mistress."

"And please lace it with a steady infusion of the dust of Isis. That should ensure Batgirl can properly embrace her ordeal."

"Of course, mistress." Sekhmet grinned. Her own pussy tingled at the thought of Batgirl breathing a steady supply of the ancient aphrodisiac while trapped in the embrace of the sexual torture suit. "But her heart could well burst before morning."

"Perhaps," Nefertiti turned her attention of the shapely mummy statue madly struggling in the center of the room. "But she is a strong one."

"I've never seen anyone so calm in the face of certain death," Sekhmet agreed.

"Yes, its as if she knew something we do not. Perhaps I will interrogate her at dawn before the first rays strike the pyramid. In the mean time I must oversee the final preparations of my triumph. I want everyone out of this room, the door sealed, and guards posted in the hallway."

"Yes mistress."

“And no playing with my Batmummy while I’m away. The motion detection device in this room is linked to Batgirl’s shock collar. If anyone should attempt a last-minute rescue and trigger the security system, then our little heroine will be instantly executed.”

With that Nefertiti strode from the chamber of death, even as the spool returned to ground level and started its path once more up the feminine mummy that was once the Batgirl.

“Poor Batgirl!” Sekhmet said with mock concern, as her hand strayed to her own moist pussy. "Who could possibly save you now?”

Nefertiti's torture device lived up to Batgirl's worst fears. Now alone in the death chamber, the Dark Angel writhed in sexual overload as the turning arm worked its way slowly up and down her body, depositing layer after layer of stretchy bondage wrap. Of course she couldn't breath in the slimy cocoon, but just before her attendants departed they had inserted a tube in her nose that delivered life-sustaining oxygen tainted with a sweet tasting chemical. The Dark Angel was no stranger to powerful erotic stimulants and she noticed the effects almost immediately. Her nipples seemed to tickle and throb even in the midst of the powerful suction cups, and her pussy began to ache with a desire that even the monster dildo's couldn't quite sate. Her own mounting state of chemically-induced arousal had amplified the sensitivity of her erogenous zones until her mechanical rape took on aspects of excruciating torture. The pleasure-pain was simply beyond human endurance, and Batgirl knew that at any moment her heart would simply burst. She had to escape immediately, but the tight bondage wrap and the flood of erotic stimulation made any coordinated movement impossible.

Time lost all meaning as the unrelenting stimulation drove Batgirl into a twilight world of semi-consciousness. But even there, she could not completely escape the sensory onslaught as her feverish mind wandered back to the other similar ordeals she had endured during her perilous tenure as Batgirl: Catwoman's sex slave training, Mindbender's psytrap where she was forced to confront the Dark Batgirl in the arena of dreams, Nightshade's possessed leather catsuit, the Inquisitor's trial of the Kama Sutra. The heights of pleasure and pain inflicted on her by the world's most maniacal villains were simply unimaginable to other women. But to 19-year-old Barbara Gordon they had become her greatest fear and deepest desire. Nefertiti had done well to create a deathtrap that put her among such elite company of other spectacular super-criminals. And at the moment it seemed unlikely that Batgirl would survive to encounter another.

Again and again, Batgirl had convinced herself that she was dying at long last as unconsciousness took her. Yet each period of peaceful oblivion was eventually shattered by her reawakening to the continuing horrors of her endless mummified rape. Her heart thundered in her ears accompanied by the rushing of her own blood. Her body screamed for oxygen, but each breath brought with it more of the potent aphrodisiac that would eventually kill her. She was completely helpless, preserved only by the whim of Nefertiti, and then only to experience a world of mind-shattering arousal. And somewhere in the back of Batgirl’s mind she knew that Nefertiti could keep her in this state indefinitely. Unlike most tortures, the Dark Angel’s mummification had caused no permanent physical damage. The thought that Batgirl could spend the next months or even years as Nefertiti’s shrink-wrapped fuck-toy constantly threatened to drive her over the edge to bottomless madness.

“Good morning, Batgirl. Did you find your brush with erotic death stimulating?”

In amazement, the Dark Angel opened her eyes to blinding light. She was hanging from an overhead bar in the midst of a powerful overhead spotlight, with her wrists chained over her head and ankles chained to the floor. The mummy wrappings were gone, though she still wore the locking chastity belt and breast harness. The suction cup, dildos, and sonic stimulator continued working her over but at a very low settings, as if just to remind her of her vulnerability. The figure beyond the beam she instantly knew was Nefertiti, though it took her a moment to recognize her surroundings. She was in the center of the crystal pyramid standing directly beneath the Disk of Aten. It was still dark outside, but the lens was still apparently able to amplify the ambient starlight into blinding radiance. It was hard to fathom just what the Disk would do with the first rays of the sun.

“Mhhhh,” the Dark Angel attempted a reply, but her words were dissipated by the ball gag. Though she dearly wanted to despise Nefertiti her heart was already swelling with adoration at the first sound of her voice. There was no sense in fighting -- the ravishing criminal simply had too many powerful weapons at her disposal.

“I almost regret that it is now time for the real thing. I must say strict bondage becomes you, Batgirl, and given your amazing sexual stamina I just couldn’t force myself to remove your little toys. Care to give us a demonstration while we wait for dawn?”

“MHHHH,” Batgirl moaned as Nefertiti again produced her remote control unit. Slowly the motion of the dildos picked up and the tickling of the clit stimulator rose to a delicious steady pulse. Despite all that she had been through, the tight bondage and eminent danger again ignited her young body, and she threw her head back in erotic pleasure. But then her eyes opened wide.

What was that? Motion near the apex of the pyramid -- something lurking in the shadows. Batgirl knew instantly what it was and for a moment her heart soared with hope that she just might escape this mess. But a moment later another opposing thought struck her - her escape would put Nefertiti in danger, and Batgirl soon discovered to her chagrin that her desire to serve her executioner overpowered her own will to live. Though the rational portion of Batgirl’s mind screamed for her to remain silent, she could feel herself opening her mouth to warn her mistress.

“Mghhhh. Nhhhhh Mhhhh.”

“Are you trying to tell me something Batslave?”

“Mghhhh! Mghhh!” Batgirl nodded her head emphatically, then shuddered as a delicous orgasm washed over her.

“Surely you’re not going to beg for your life, are you? I’ve grown quite fond of your unshakable courage.”

This time Batgirl shook her head. The shadow overhead drifted away from the apex of the pyramid. With a thrill Batgirl realized that the gag was actually working to her advantage. The longer Nefertiti hesitated in removing the gag, the greater the danger to all of them. This was actually a great improvement to her previous situation where the only one in grave danger was Batgirl herself.

“Mhhh! MHHHH!” the enslaved part of Batgirl urged through her gag. With a nod from Nefertiti, one of the servants slowly undid the buckles holding the ball gag tightly in place. No one else in the cramped pyramid shared the desperation of the red-headed heroine as she tried earnestly to warn Nefertiti and thus doom herself.

"Uhhh, please … mistress," Batgirl forced out through her stiff jaw as soon as the gag slipped free. “There’s something I must tell you.”

“And what is that dear girl? Remember you can keep no secrets from Nefertiti.”

“There’s … mhhhh …. there’s a Necro Spider above you.”

“Really Batgirl, I’m surprised at you. Surely you can’t expect me to believe --- AHHHHH!”

The huge white spider suddenly dropped onto Nefertiti’s shoulder and sank its fangs into her throat. Batgirl, of course, had brought the nightmare with her from the tomb and had put it in the elevator hoping to create a more spectacular diversion for her attack. Things hadn’t worked out exactly as planned, but its retreat to the comforting apex of the pyramid was well-timed. The villainess’s cry became a gurgle as she began to stagger, then fell lifelessly to the ground.

“My god, its loose!” one young servant yelled hysterically. ”It’ll kill us all!”

What followed was absolute mayhem as Nefertiti’s girls screamed and ran for the narrow pyramid door, desperate to avoid the 20-pound spider. One of Nefertiti’s body guards fought through the crowd to aid his mistress only to become the next victim. The ravenous arachnid paralyzed a third victim even as Batgirl struggled desperately to remove her restraints. By the time the teenage avenger slipped her wrists free from the stout cuffs the pyramid was empty. Except of course for Batgirl, the three unconscious cultists, and the Necro spider.

The creeping horror returned to feeding on Nefertiti as Batgirl slowly removed her leg bondage. It was tempting to rush through her chore, but Batgirl knew from recent experience that the spiders were drawn to warmth and movement. If she drew its attention while still partially bound she was a good as dead. Slowly, slowly, she slipped free from the cuffs that had held her ankles against the pole, senses still reeling from the stimulation of the chastity belt. Batgirl could not allow herself to climax again or it would almost certainly be her last.

The Necro spider had turned pinkish by the time Batgirl was free. The young daredevil would need to time her attack perfectly -- she was completely disarmed and weakened by countless hours of mummification, so there would be no second chances. With a muted sigh Batgirl swung herself from the center of the pyramid and landed near the downed guard with a graceful tuck and roll. The spider responded instantly to her leap, skittering toward her and springing for her throat.

But the Dark Angel was not easy prey. Even as the spider closed in for the kill, Batgirl dove for the unconscious bodyguard and scooped up his MAC-10 machine pistol. She rolled onto her back and squeezed the trigger even as the spider approached.


With a gasp Batgirl fumbled at the safety while the spider leapt for her throat. She could almost feel the sensation of the poison entering her bloodstream, bringing with it burning paralysis and doom. Then there was a click and the pistol thundered to life. It was an arc of deadly fire in her hand that brought down an rain of lucite fragments even as she steered the weapon toward her horrifying attacker. When the arc intersected the Necro spider it disintegrated in a spray of bloody gore, and an instant later the clip was empty. The thundering gunfire was replaced by the clamor of falling Lucite - the pyramid was beginning to collapse. Thinking quickly, the Dark Angel leapt for the door, pausing only long enough to pick Nefertiti’s pocket for the keys that would free her from her punishment suit.

Batgirl stood wide-eyed ,still clasping the smoking gun in both hands, scanning the glistening debris for any sign of movement. Her breath came in ragged gasps as she slowly regained her composure after yet another razor-thin brush with death. Nefertiti’s mind control powers still reverberated through her mind, despite the fact the villain was now sliced to ribbons beneath the mound of crystal shards. The other cultists had apparently fled the horrors of the Necro Spider and subsequent gunfire - one had even dropped her Batgirl costume in the haste of her retreat. Nefertiti’s reign of terror was over.

With shaking hands Batgirl removed the locks securing the chastity belt and gingerly removed the twin dildo’s, shuddering anew at the depth she had been impaled. Her whole body ached from the ordeals she had endured at the hands of Nefertiti, but the pain was minor compared to the rush of having defeated yet another viscous super-villain. Triumphantly Batgirl slipped back into her fighting togs, just as the sound of sirens emerged in the distance.

“At least you thought to bring me a change of clothes,” Batgirl quipped to the unconscious Nefertiti as she buckled her utility belt. “I’d hate to sneak back home naked.”

Batgirl vaulted from the ceiling into open space just as two police cars converged on the front of the building. Good old GCPD, always ten minutes too late to do any good. As the Dark Angel rode her repelling line into the treetops near the club is was clear to her that it was only a matter of time before Gotham City was again threatened by super-evil. The police would again be too slow to respond and only Batgirl would stand between the great city and disaster.

She only hoped that next time they would wait until AFTER midterms.