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This is a work of parody, enjoy. DC Owns Maxima, Superman, and Supergirl. Marvel owns She Hulk.

Maxima uses a new weapon to bring down Superman

Maxima floated in deep space, sulking. Her ships powerful sensors were locked on a little blue planet floating in the inky darkness. "Such an insignificant little world" she sneered, "why should they have the Kryptonian and not me?". She had again been rebuffed and sent packing by Superman following her latest proposal. "Why can't he accept that I'm his most logical mate and submit?" Her hands squeezed the armrests of her Captains chair, deforming the ultra-hard alien alloy. The crew pretended not to notice, having long ago learned to blend into the background when Maxima was in a bad mood. Currently they were scanning Earth for any significant concentrations of Krytonite she could use to bend him to her will.

Unfortunately they'd come up with nothing. Aware of his glaring weakness, Superman's allies had been helpling him round up any sizeable pieces for several years. Maxima, in her usual good grace, took it well. She only used her telekinesis to crush the head of the crewman that told her they'd failed, and not the whole team. "Chief engineer, get up here!" she yelled. "God she's hot when she's pissed" he thought as he ran passed the crewmen carrying their dead coworker to the garbage ejector. The red head stood to her full 6' 2" height, her fiery mane cascading down her back, telekinetic energy crackling around her. "Am I to understand that the crew has failed in their latest mission?" The man cringed, last time a crew had "failed", Maxima had returned to Almerac on an empty ship. "No your highness, they haven't failed. We were able to locate kryptonite, however any quantities in usable size are already heavily guarded. The reality is, there were no other deposits to find." He closed his eyes, shaking as he stood before her. "Reality huh?" she mused, turning away from her terrified subject. "Luckily some more intelligent members of the Almeracian scientific community have been working on something that may help with this, "reality", problem we seem to be having. Tell Dr. Hezz he can proceed. Inform me when we're ready." With that she walked off, leaving the stunned engineer to carry out her orders. Soon she was in the virtual reality chamber, dominating the Man of Steel with her superior body, relishing in the feeling of his form submitting to her muscles and her will.

Several hours later she was again on the bridge, waiting impatiently as the Dr made the final adjustments. The chief engineer hovered nearby, scared shitless of proceeding, but not entirely willing of testing his luck with her twice in one day. Finally he chose a known fear over an unknown and spoke. "Your Highness, this has never been attempted before, even in testing. The risks are to great!" Maxima raised her hand and made a flicking motion towards him, causing him to bounce off a nearby bulkhead. As he slowly got to his feet she spat out "When I want your opinion, I'll ask for it. Just make sure the sensors are ready to scan as soon as we make the jump." The scientists finally finished fiddling with the machine and nodded at Maxima. In a low voice she asked, "Are you sure we can jump to an alternate reality AND back?" "No," he replied, "but I'm 90% sure." "Fuck it" she thought, and hit the button. Instantly there was a bright light and she felt as if she were being turned inside out. Judging from the screams she heard from the crew, this was a common feeling. After a few moments things returned to normal and the bridge quieted down. "Begin scanning!" she shouted and sent another psi-flick at the engineer, "And that's for doubting my judgement!". She soon saw that the Watchtower, the familiar space station of Superman's allies the Justice League, was nowhere to be found. Infact, Superman's distinctive energy signature was nowhere to be found either. Just as she was beginning to furrow her brow in frustration, one of the tech's leapt up. "Your Highness! Your Highness! Kryptonite!" The stunning amazon strode over to his station and looked at the scanner's display. Sure enough, something giving off the same radiation as Kryptonite was on the screen. "But why the hell is it moving" she thought.

Jennifer Walters, more commonly known as She Hulk, walked confidently out of the courthouse. She was on top of the World, having won a large case. The fact that she hadn't had to slug it out with any supervillians in at least a week added to her mood. Finally finding a store that carried XXL kevlar bras helped also. "I love New York, you can find anything here" she thought, passing a bum ranting about the alien conspiracy, who promptly screamed and fled when he saw her stunning green body. "Nothing could ruin this da..." as a bright beam flashed down from the heavens and she disappeared. Her briefcase lay where it had dropped from her hand for approximately 7 seconds before another bum ran off with it.

She Hulk calmly studied her new surroundings. Then she punched the first crewman within range through a wall. "Who the fuck are you little freaks" she shouted, raising up to her full height, and shredding most of her business suit. She saw Maxima peer through the new irregularly shaped hole in the wall and addressed her. "Alright Red, what the hell is going on?!" In a moment of crystal clear thought, Maxima mumbled, to no one in particular, "That is definately not a lump of kryptonite....." Shulkie apparently did not deem this a satisfactory answer to her question and lashed out, snapping a crewman's thigh and crushing another to the floor with a single overhand blow. The green skinned heroine waded through the crowd of crew, swatting them aside like flies, until she reached Maxima. Flicking the last of the her determined attackers off her shoulder, she peered down at the not small herself Maxima, stuck a green finger in her face, and bellowed "I asked nicely before, and this happens to have been a good week, so I'll try again.....WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE, WHY DID YOU BRING ME HERE...........AND WHERE THE HELL IS MY BRIEFCASE?!?!?!?"

Maxima was momentarily stunned. As a member of the royal family, as well as a known superpowered spoiled brat, she was used to being treated with respect, with a hint of fear. This buxom green giant showed neither. Breaking out of her stupor, Maxima's eyes flashed with anger and she reached out to slap the impudent being before her. Her immensely powerful arm struck with amazing force and speed, but was stopped dead cold by a green hand latching on to her wrist. "Bad move...bad damn move" whispered She Hulk.

Jade muscles proved more than sufficient to propel the stunned princess off her feet to be slammed to the deck as Shulkie swung her around by the arm. Raising the red head up again, she began pounding the womans stomach. The first several blows thudded off Maxima's well defined 6 pack, but soon She Hulk's raw power proved to much and her fist sunk deep, driving the air from Maxima's lungs. Releasing the arm, Jennifer slammed a green fist into Maxima's jaw, sending her reeling into the wall. Maxima was stunned and tried to turn away as She Hulk advanced on her. The green woman quickly closed the distance between them and wrapped her arms around Maxima. She clasped her hands in front of the princesses tits and squeezed. Maxima's body was pressed back against Jennifers own immense breasts, which had suprisingly little yield. Jenn felt the other womans boobs begin to flatten, tearing her top, and the air rush out of her lungs. The red head thrashed, struggling to break the gamma grip on her body. She Hulk smiled and lifted the smaller woman, until her ultra strong legs were lifted off the ground, depriving her of any leverage. Maxima could feel Jennifer's huge tits digging into her back, threatening to push her spine through her chest, and began to feel light headed.

"How about next time we ask politely before abducting people, hmm?" whispered She Hulk in her weakening opponents ear. Suddenly she bent backwards and suplexed the other woman to the deck. Getting to her feet, she was suprised to see the beaten form at her feet still conscious. "I'll give it to you Red, you're tougher than most." The princess looked up at and with hatred in her eyes and unleashed a psi-blast at her. She Hulk felt like her famous cousin had sucker punched her in the back of the head. She staggered back, clutching her head, and dropped to a knee. Maxima stood and smirked. "Well, you seem to have me in the raw power department, but it looks like you aren't enjoying my psionic abilities". She sent another blast toward the jade amazon, sending her crashing into the wall. She kept up the attack, pinning She Hulks body flat against the wall. Jennifer struggled against the force to no avail. As Maxima grew closer, the force increased, causing green skin to quiver and ripple as waves of force washed over it. She Hulk felt her clothes being torn off her body, including the much sought after kevlar bra. Enraged she managed to break free and tore a section of the wall off, which she held infront of her as a shield. The statuesque red head was stunned, as nobody, even Superman, had been able to simply overpower her psychokinesis. She again poured on the power as Jennifer slowly inched forward, like she was walking upstream. Then the memory of her feet dangling uselessly came to her, and she switched tactics. Instead of pushing against She Hulk, she simply lifted her into the air.

Jenn was shocked as her body was hoisted off the deck. In frustration she threw the wall section at Maxima, but it crumpled against the force field she was now projecting. Mighty green legs churned the air, but with no leverage, and lacking any sort of flying ability, Shulkie was stuck. Finally she stopped struggling, placing her legs together, crossed her arms, and fixed Maxima with a look that said "I want to disembowel you with a dull, rusty, spoon." "So what now?" was what she chose to put into actual words. "Now, I believe, is payback" said a cruelly smiling alien.

She used her psychokinesis to bend the green woman backwards to the limit of her body. She Hulk grimaced in pain as her back felt like breaking. Maxima looked at the jade abs pulled into stunning definition and absentmindedly ran a hand over her own impressive, yet less amazing six pack. She then straightened the woman out and began pulling her arms behind her back. Besides the excruciating pain, this also had the effect of jutting out her monstrous tits.

For the first time, the Almeracian really looked at the giant before her. "My god" she thought, "her body is amazing!" Once she got over the staggering size of She Hulk, she realized that her proportions were still VERY feminine. Her huge tits seemed to defy gravity as they stuck out from her powerful chest. Her defined abs led down to a trim waist and to a pair of world class legs. Despite pining for Superman, Maxima was never really discriminatory when it came to sex, and this woman was sexy. Maxima decided that she wanted this fight to end body to body. She spent the next 15 minutes bending and twisting the helpless jade giant to weaken her before she began her endgame. The fiery red head created a forcefield around the already weakened Jennifer's head. Jenn's eye popped wide in panic as her heaving breaths quickly used up most of the oxygen. Her struggles intensified and she thrashed uselessly in the air. Just as she was beginning to black out, Maxima released the field and dropped her to the ground.

She Hulk slowly rose to her knees but Maxima gave her no time to recover. She drilled Shulkie with a ship-shaking right to the jaw, followed up by a double axe handle between those green shoulders. Jennifer dropped flat on her chest, moaning. Maxima flexed her arms in a double bicept pose, "You're not the only one with some power greenie!" She grabbed She Hulk's hair and lifted her enough to deliver a humiliating series of slaps to the face. Her hands then moved below Jenn's face and she wrapped her thighs around Jennifer's waist, pulling her into a standing scissor hold. Her legs exploded with power, the muscles now very evident under her tan skin. She kept up the pressure, looking into the tortured eyes of her opponent. She Hulks arms tugged ineffectually at Maxima, trying to separate either her arms or legs, to no effect. She was already to weak to break free. Her large fists thudded uselessly against Maxima's six pack, causing the princess to laugh at their weakness. She released the hold and lifted Jennifer's barely conscious form one handed by the neck. This caused Jenn's tits to be eye level with Maxima, who decided she wanted to test their firmness once more. She dropped She Hulk into a chest to chest bearhug. Her arms trapped She Hulks larger ones and she pressed their bodies together. Her tan tits pushed against She Hulk's immense green orbs, and Maxima relished feeling their nipples rub each other. She inhaled deeply, increasing the pressure on the weakened woman in her grasp. She Hulk wanted to break free and swat this girl away, but she was simply to tired and weak from the torture she'd endured. Maxima watched as She Hulk's head began to sway, and her eyes became heavy. Slowly she sagged until her head rested on the acre of tit flesh between her and Maxima. After another minute the spoiled Almeracian royal felt her lose muscle tone and go completely limp. She lowered her to the floor and looked down at the beaten superheroine. "I just might have to make another vr program" she thought. Then she looked up at the few remaining conscious crew and snapped off commands. "Get her to the lab, and clean this place up!" gesturing to the pile of crew in various states of injury.

Later, in the laboratory, she came to check on the progress her scientists had made. She'd stopped in her quarters to shower and change. She'd orgasmed twice in the shower just thinking about her domination of the physically stronger woman. "So Doctor, how the hell did we mistake her for a piece of kryptonite, besides being the same color?" "Well your Highness, her color actually does have something to do with it. You see, she essentially is infused with kryptonite radiation." "How is that possible?" replied an incredulous Maxima. "We were able to access one of their communication satellites to analyze this planet's global information system. We found that this woman is called She Hulk. Her cousin was irradiated with what they call Gamma radiation, and then passed it on to her through a blood transfusion. This caused her growth in size and incredible strength. What they call in this reality gamma radiation, we call kryptonite radiation." "So, in addition to having strength on par with Superman.....she would actually weaken him just by being close?" "This appears to be so your Highness" replied the scientist, reasonably sure he wasn't about to be psi-flicked. The alien amazon walked over to the still form of She Hulk. She placed a hand on her flawless green skin and traced her finger from her belly button to her tits. She rested her palm on one of the jade mountains and began softly kneading it. "You, my exotic beauty, are going to make my dreams come true." She then looked at the chief engineer, "Go tell the good doctor to get us back to our reality, we have a date with my future husband."

She Hulk woke with a start, the shock of reality hopping bringing her around in time to hear somebody complain about their guts being turned inside out. She tried to rise but found herself restrained. A terrified crewman appeared at the very edge of her perripheral vision. She vaguely remembered using him as a club to beat another man earlier in the day. Now he spoke in a terrified stutter, "'!!" Jennifer heard shuffling and the red head appeared in her field of view. "Ah, my dear, so you've decided to come back to us. Did you have a nice nap?" she smirked.

"Red, I'm gonna cram that tiara where the sun don't shine if you don't let me up and give me some answers." Maxima could see that despite it's earlier resistance and her weakened state, She Hulk was actually beginning to slowly bend the restraints. She decided that talking a bit might distract the giant and buy a bit of time before she broke free. Maxima rose up to her full height, proudly jutting out her chest, and placed her hands on her hips. In her most regal voice, she announced, "I am princess Maxima, heir to the throne of Almerac. I have led my people to numerous conquests and will be denied nothing I desire. And with this, you will help me." She Hulk frowned, "And why would I do that tiny?" she said in as sarcastic a voice as she could muster. "Damn she's cute when she's angry" thought the spoiled royal. "Your muscles say no, but soon your mind will say yes."

The red head peered down at She Hulk and unleashed her psychic attack. Jennifer felt a warm buzzing sensation in her head. Emotions flooded her mind, and strange thoughts clouded her judgement. "Why am I fighting her" she thought, "she's beautiful." "That's right honey, just give in. You will live in happiness if you merely end your resistance and serve me. Your mind is not nearly as strong as your body. I can feel you weakening, your will already bending to mine." She Hulk began to feel weak, as the other woman's voice soothed her. Maxima had trained for years to enhance her natural royal abilities. She'd worked with some of the most powerful telepaths on Almerac and had dominated many enemies over the years. She Hulk proved no match for her power and experience. Within minutes She Hulk had no thoughts of resistance. Maxima severed the psychic link and stepped back. She motioned a crewman to release the bonds. After the restraints fell away, Jennifer sat up. She swung her legs over the edge of the table and slowly stood. As the crew slowly inched towards the exits, she walked up to Maxima. To everyones suprise, she touches the princess, pulled her close, and kissed her deeply. "Wow, I guess I did lay it on a little thick" thought Maxima. Upon breaking contact, Jenn sank to a knee and looked up at the princess. "And what is your wish, my princess?" "Well my green dear, we're going to go visit my fiance."

She turned to a crewman, now sporting serious wood over the kiss, and told him to locate Superman on the planet's surface, and to get She Hulk some clothes.

Superman was cruising at 10,000 feet. He was feeling good, just having saved the Swedish bikini team when the boat they were shooting their latest calendar on ran into trouble. As a result he'd had to hide a raging erection by wrapping his cape around his waist and was now thinking about finding somewhere to go beat off. The last time he'd tried it at his apartment he'd blown his load through the wall, so he was now thinking about a cave of some sort. For the millionth time he thought about fucking Wonder Woman or Powergirl, about the only 2 women on the planet who might survive, other than his cousin Supergirl, who was out of the question. He hated the fact that he and Lois would never be able to get it on, and thought it ironic that the most powerful man in the world, the subject of many a female fantasy, was a virgin. Shit, even Krypto the superdog had gotten laid, although he blew the bitches head across the yard.

Suddenly the sound of far off screams came from a nearby town, capturing Superman's attention. The disturbance was almost directly in front of him and he accelerated while simultaneously decreasing altitude. A pillar of smoke and dust rose from a street corner and Kal-El made his approach. Below him he saw several twisted cars and a crater, although mercifully he saw no casualties. It almost looked like a bomb had gone off, but he saw no charred areas and the continuing screams told him the danger was ongoing. Suddenly as he was preparing to land he was caught in the chest with a large chunk of conrete, knocking him into the side of a building and crashing to the ground. As he got to his knees a suprisingly sexy voice became apparent. "Aww, come on...that was just a love tap." He looked up, not really having been injured, just caught off guard. What he saw was just as unexpected. A large green woman, taller than him, was effortlessly bending a light pole into the shape of a heart. "I made this for you" she said sarcastically as she crushed it down on his skull, partially burying him in the concrete. Her hand wrapped around his neck as he was hoisted off his feet. Her fingers squeezed tightly, cutting off his air, but he was atleast afforded a good view of his attacker. She had several inches on him and appeared very buff. Her body was covered crotch to tits with what amounted to a tight fitting spandex bathing suit which hugged every delicious curve and every valley of her muscled body.

His arms reached up to grab her forearms and attempt to pry her fingers loose from his neck. Kryptonian fingers worked against green flesh to no avail. "How is she so strong?" thought Superman, feeling unusually weak. "Awww, you're so cute when you're trying to breathe" cooed the green goliath. Finally She Hulk shook him like a puppy shaking a sock and casually tossed him down the street. Superman hit the ground and rolled, slowly rising to his feet.

A flash of red from his eyes and a blast of heat vision caught She Hulk square in the chest. Jennifer staggered backwards a step and looked down at the neatly burned hole in the spandex between her breasts. "Well big boy, I see where your attention is focused." She stomped her foot down and watched as the pavement rose in a wave toward him. The mass of dirt and pavement slammed into Superman with tons of force and left him partially buried in debris. Jenn walked over and grabbed the cape protruding from the debris. She hefted him out of the pile

and slung him into a parked cab. The vehicle deformed around his flying body. With a screech of metal, he tore himself lose and hurled himself at her. He wielded the destroyed car's axle like a club. Using his superspeed, he managed to land a serious blow that sent the green girl crashing through a building. Superman stood panting in the street, still holding his club until he was creamed by a copy machine flying out of the hole in the building Jennifer had just created. It impacted in a cloud of plastic parts, toner, and paper, leaving Kal El blind to his adversary's approach. She picked a manhole cover off of the ground and flung it frisbee style at him. The cast iron disc impacted his gut, shattering against his abs, but still hurting in his weakened state. As the man of steel straightened back out he was shocked to find the Jade giant immediately in front of him. He raised his arms and they locked in a test of strength.

In all his battles, Superman had never met another who he couldn't atleast match in strength. For a few moments, he was able to push back against She Hulk with the same amount of force she was using. But very quickly he began to feel week. Jennifer could feel his arms beginning to tire as she slowly forced them back. A smile spread across her face. "What's wrong honey? Is the big mean girl too strong for you?" Superman redoubled his efforts, litterally quivering with effort, but still his arms were forced back. Slowly she pressed downward, forcing his knees to bend. Waves of weakness flowed over him, as unbeknownst to him, her irradiated body constantly sent our gamma/kryptonite radiation. Her flawless jade skin was stretched taught over her superhuman muscles. Every muscles was defined as she continued to force him downward to an ever submissive position. She chuckled at how quickly she was weakening him. The laughter caused her massive tits to bounce nicely on her chest, barely contained by her damaged suit. The green orbs danced up and down as Superman struggled mightily to resist her power. He was forced to stare up at her, the only view of her smiling face available between her tits. "How" the kryptonian gasped as a knee made contact with the ground. "Don't worry baby" she cooed, "you'll find out soon enough. With a burst of strength he was unable to counter she brough both his arms together straight above his body. She wrapped one of her large hands around both of his and pulled her newly free arm into a bicep pose. Green mountains of muscle rose as she showed the power that allowed her to thoroughly dominate him. She easily held him a bay as she pumped her arm. His heart sank as he could now tell she was in a completely differeny league of strength from his current condition. Jenn suddenly released his arms and brought both her fists together. She crushed them down in a double axe handle that pounded him to the ground.

Her green body rippled with power as she knealt down and grasped his iconic red and blue suit. The normally invulnerable costume, similarly affected by her radiation, ripped like tissue paper in her strong hands. She calmly stepped behind him and lifted his barely conscious nude body into a full nelson. Her powerful arms held his immobile as she bent his head forward. His muscled legs dangled uselessly below him as he was hoisted off the ground. Jade pillars supported their weight as she strode toward a fire hydrant spewing high pressure water. "Lets get you cleaned up a bit, shall we" she said as they entered the stream. Water slammed into Superman's face and began to fill his throat. He sputtered as his weakened body fought the flow. Finally she pulled his face out an allowed him to breath. Tightening her arms she simultaneaously took a deep breath. He could feel her wet, slick tits sliding against his back. Suddenly the increased pressure on her outfit caused it to rip, freeing the mounds from their lycra confinement. The orbs massaged his back, the distinctly pointy nipples easily felt. A happy noise quietly escaped her throat as she held him completely in her power. The close physical contact continued to rob his strength, her radioactive body stealing his alien borne power. Superman could feel his muscles loosing effectiveness, while she seemed barely exerting effort to crush him. She slid his body up her wet, slick chest until his head rested between her jade mammaries. His head was almost completely swallowed by them and she released her arms and instead wrapped them around his chest, pinning his arms in the process. Using her excellent muscle control, she squeezed her breasts together and inhaled to expand her chest as much as possible. Her tits seemed to engulf his head and face, his nose barely visible from the front. The pressure was incredible, almost causing him to blackout. She ground her amazing abs into his back as her arms pressed them together. Her tits continued squeezing like an anaconda, relax, squeeze, relax, squeeze. Sensing he was about to pass out, she unceremoniously dropped him to the ground, wishing to prolong her fun. She walked several feet away to give him a breather from her weakening effect. As the sun beat down on his body, slowly revitalizing him, she ripped away part of her torn outfit until it was a rough thong bottom, exposing her luscious 6 pack.

"Hey leave Superman alone" a shrill voice cried out. A mildly annoyed Jennifer looked over her shoulder. 2 early 20's waitresses from a wing restaurant were shouting at her from the doorway. Both were attractive and fit, with larger than average busts shown off by their skimpy tops. Their tan skin shined with youthful health and their hair shook as they shouted, one blond, one brunette.

The green woman grinned and stomped her foot down, knocking 2 pairs of young tits to the ground. Rushing over she grabbed their tops and pulled, exposing the young boobs to the world. "Is there a problem ladies?" she asked as she pulled them to their feet. After a moments stunned silence she pulled them forward, pressing their faces into her green tit flesh. They struggled for air as the green skin sealed their faces. Jennifer loved the feeling of their young faces pressed against her tits, nuzzling her nipples as they fought for a breath. "You see girls, this is how you use a real set of breasts". Superman looked up from the ground to see her tormenting the young attractive women. A part of him found some strength as he found the display strangely arousing. She Hulk saw him looking and taunted him. "Aren't you going to save them stud?" She released some pressure, letting their semicounscious heads roll against her dominant tits. She shifted them around so their backs were against her chest and wrapped an arm around each neck. She lifted so their long tan legs hung limply as they ineffectually tugged at her jade arms. "Come on superhero, are you just going to leave them here?" Superman could see the brunette had almost completely stopped struggling and the blondes large breasts were jiggling as she fought the losing battle. She Hulk flexed her arms and the muscle surrounding the women's necks grew larger. Their tan skin shined with a layer of sweat from their exertions, reflecting the sun. Superman got to his feet feeling stronger. The green amazon struck the girls heads together with a sound like coconuts striking and dropped their unconscious bodies at her feet. Superman launched his own naked body at her, landing powerful blows against her jaw and midsection. His hits moved her back slightly, but he could feel his fists thudding into her abs with little effect. Each hit felt weaker and weaker and he staggered a bit.

Flying back out of range, her tried to comprehend the situation. He looked at his opponent again. The green sexpot was big, but he'd fought bigger. What distressed him most was that she wasn't the least bit exerting herself, and he felt like he was on his last leg. His healing abilities were kicking in again, but he didn't know how long he could last if she was serious about ending the fight. He felt like kryptonite was sapping his strength, but his quick look around with xray vision couldn't find any in sight. Deciding that it was better to live to fight another day (and wanting to get his nude butt out of there before the news media arrived) he turned and did something unprecedented: he fled. Kal El had barely gotten a few feet in the air when he heard her reaction. "Oh no you don't mister!" Jennifer's ultrastrong legs propelled her into the air and she crashed into his back, bringing them both down to Earth. Still on his back she legs wrapped around his waist and she crossed her ankles. His kryptonian muscles instantly yielded as her green thighs crushed his midsection. After an initial burst of pressure, she rotated him so her legs were pressing on his stomach and back, rather than his sides. She leaned back, supporting her upperbody on her elbows and resumed the squeeze. Like jade pythons, her legs squeezed and relaxed, punishing him for his insolent escape attempt. His fists, once able to penetrate armor, pounded uselessly against her limbs. "Aww, how cute. You can feel my legs if you want. Aren't they sexy? I've spent a lot of time getting them toned and in just the right shape. They like feeling you" as she gave an extended squeeze. Superman arched his back, feeling undreamt of levels of pain. She Hulk was careful to allow him some air between constrictions, still enjoying their little game. Her pillars of power quickly reduced his abdominal muscles to mush. Within minutes the torture and energy drain had reduced him to a limp, groaning wreck. Jenn uncrossed her ankles and bent one leg at the knee so her foot came back toward his crotch. Her green toes began stroking and kneading his limp krypto cock. Showing his beaten body still had some energy reserves, it immediately began swelling. She was happy to see it continue up to a respectable 10 inches of pleasure giving length and was easily the hardest thing on his body at the moment. The Krytonian arched his back against her strong thighs as a sensation other than pain materialized in his mind. She continued her efforts, slowly pulling a toenail up the length of his shaft. Superman groaned and quivered, a small amount of precum exiting the tip. Jennifer released his midsection and stood. She left his body to again recover as she stood back and admired her work. When he again began to stir she walked behind him and pulled him to his knees. She took hold of his wrists and stretched his arms out to the sides and straddled his neck. Her thighs again proved more than adequate to overpower the beaten hero. "Come on honey, struggle. Just try and beat my body." She methodically tightened her gamma enhanced muscles and ass. Superman's cock still stuck out like a flag pole, despite the fact that he was entering tunnel vision. Her legs and buns proved harder than the man of steel and his head flopped limply. She slowly relaxed pressure and some color retured to his face. Slinging him over her shoulder she lazily strolled over to a still standing light pole. She pressed his unconscious form against it and coiled part around his chest, holding him suspended in the air. Satisfied that he wouldn't escape immediately upon awakening she looked up to the heavens.

Maxima peered at the viewscreen as She Hulk searched the skies for a sign. The alien princess had been watching, captivated as her newest toy wiped the street with Superman. She'd been rubbing herself as he proved powerless to resist the dominant woman, doing a fair amount of damage to her bed as his cock had made it's appearance. She quickly composed herself and activated the holographic communicator. A beam flashed down to Earth, and a holographic image of Maxxima appeared on the street in front of She Hulk. "Nicely done slave. You shall be greatly rewarded." "And what do you wish me to do now, my princess" replied the kneeling former superheroine. "Continue" said the red head, "continue to beat, squeeze, suffocate, and dominate him. Suck him, fuck him, rape him, until he cannot even think of resisting that luscious body of yours. Then you will return with him, and we shall celebrate." The green woman rose, grinning. "As you wish."

The flickering image disapperead and Jennifer looked back. Superman was displaying no meaningful motion, so she walked over to a neighborhood store. Inside she grabbed a drink, a bag of chips, and some suntan oil. Outside she sat on the hood of a nearby car, denting it, as she ate. Polishing off the chips, sour cream and onion was her guilty pleasure, she drained the soda and set about rubbing down with the oil. Soon her entire body glistened like an emerald. Every delectable curve caught the sun and shined.

She caught her reflection in a storefront window. "Damn do I look good" she thought. She clasped her hands behind her back and tightened her midsection, enjoying the stunning definition she possessed. The pose also nicely thrust out her chest. She slowly rotated her upper body side to side, causing her tits to sway nicely. The green domes seemed completely impervious to gravity, yet were somehow still soft enough to have just the right amount of bounce with her motion.

Suddenly her fun was spoiled as the glass shattered and she felt something impacting her back. Turning, she confirmed Superman was still dangling, unconscious in the pole's steely grasp. She felt more hits and heard the telltale rattle of automatic weapons fire. 50 yards down the street a SWAT team had taken the ill advised plan of advancing against her. One member ran forward as the other fired round after round. Their accuracy was good, but the hits proved just as ineffective as the misses.

Jennifer slowly shook her head. "Seriously, are you guys retarded? 'Cause I usually cut retards some slack in a fight." Green legs churned the pavement as she sprinted towards the group. To their credit there was no sign of panic and they kept up fire. As she got closer on man tossed a flashbang at her. It exploded in a blinding flash which only served to leave a slightly dark smudge on her oil coated skin. She reached the first team member and stopped inches in front of his rifle's muzzle.

Looking down at him she quipped, "Oooh, that's a big gun, not compensating for anything are we?" Her jade fingers reached out and stroked the barrel, finally pulling into the deep chasm between her tits. The stunned officer pulled the trigger, only to be stung by bullet fragments bouncing off her flesh. He dropped the rifle and furiously clawed his belt for another weapon. Jennifer simply flicked a single finger against his body armor, sending him flying back to knock himself out on a car.

Reaching down to his body, she pulled the stun gun off out of it's holster and thumbed the buttom. 500,000 volts sparkled between the 2 metal contacts, making an angry crackling noise. She slowly pressed it against her stomach, enjoying the tingle it made on her abs. She moved the device up to a nipple, directing the small stream of man made lighting through one of her most sensitive spots. Her lips formed an "O" as the sensation thrilled her, until the device exploded as it was hit by a 12ga shotgun round.

The green woman furrowed her brow as her head swiveled to lock on the cop holding the shotgun. She purposefully strode towards him. Seeing that even this more powerful weapon had no effect, the officer sprayed her with pepper spray in desperation. Feeling nothing from the cloud that enveloped her, Jenn took a deep breath, sucking a great quantity in her lungs. She grabbed the terrified man, she placed a hand on each side of his face and pulled his lips to hers. Initially he was shocked, until she began exhaling. Burning fumes filled his lungs, nose and mouth. He struggle to pull himself away with less force than she could bring to bear with an eyelash.

After 30 seconds she released the writing man, who collapsed to the pavement. A third officer continued to fire at her over the hood of a patrol car. Just as she reached the other side the female SWAT member turned to retreat, only to have Jenn catch the back of her vest with a long green arm. Pulling her down face up on the hood, she grinned and leaned across the car. The smaller woman's view of the outside world was blocked as a jade torso hovered above her. Kevlar tore like wrapping paper as She Hulk pulled out her prize. The woman's tits spilled across her chest, being utterly dwarfed by the green pair above her. Jennifer's arms ran down the other girls sides, pinning the weaker limps, and her hands reached the womans breasts. While not overly large, they were nicely formed and firm. She kneaded them as her thumb and forefingers tweaked the captive nipples. Her own mammaries slowly descended until they covered the horrified face below. The gamma goddess could feel the womans mouth working against her tit flesh, attempting to suck air where there was only oiled jade skin. She continued to play with the tits in front of her as the cop tried to arch her back or rock out of captivity. She watched the trim stomach frantically contract as the diaphragm registered the brains desperation for oxygen. The green lips formed a smile as the body below her slowed, then ceased all voluntary movement. She lifted her suffocating boobs and released the tits with a final squeeze.

She could see the rest of the team retreating up the street to a roadblock. She picked up the unconscious girls badge and flung it at the last officer just as he reached the barricade. It struck his helmet, sending him pitching forward into a line of cops, knocking them down like dominoes. She pulled the radio off her fallen foes belt and keyed the mic. "That constituted a warning. I generously spared these fools any permanent injury. This will be the last time. The fight is between me and that pathetic mass of man hanging in the street. Interfere again and all restraint is lost." She crushed the radio in her fingers and picked up the sleeping girl off the running cruiser's hood. Stuffing her in the back seat she quickly did the same with her two comrades. She aimed the car up the street and flicked the gearshift into DRIVE. The car carried it's unaware occupants towards their fellow officers at idle speed until it crunched into the barricades. The amazon could see other's quickly pull them out and hustle towards waiting ambulances. As the last one was loaded she could hear the screech of metal behind her. "So the little boy is awake."

Clark cringed as the green woman turned. He could see the grin on her face as he dropped to the ground. His battered body had healed as always, but it was taking longer with the damage She Hulk was dealing out. He rose to his knees as the green amazon sauntered over. "So do you want to keep resisting, or just choke yourself out?" she asked with a grin. With a burst of superspeed he swung at the giant, but she merely sidestepped the attack. Rising to his feet he kept up a flurry of punches, but she dodged each one in turn. "I love the way your dick swings when you're trying to fight" she giggled. She then launched a jab that stunned him. She followed up by seizing his wrists and stretching his arms out to his sides. This pulled him against her body, and he was forced to look up to avoid having his face buried in her breasts. "Do you wonder why you're so helpless against me little man? Why your vaunted strength does nothing to my sexy bod? Well let me fill you in." Already She Hulk could feel his strength fading as the skin to skin contact drained him. "I'm from a different dimension. There my body was infused with what we call gamma radiation. It turned me from an average woman to the pillar of power currently beating the hell out of you. Gamma radiation seems to be identical to the kryptonite radiation which leaves you weak as a kitten. It also gives me my incredible size and strength."

Jennifer could feel his muscles begin to twitch as they weakened further. She released his wrists and trapped his arms against his sides as she pulled him into a bearhug. His alien ribs bent inward as her steel biceps powered down. Her giant tits absolutely dominated his chest, sucking the life force from him.

"You see, even without robbing you of your power with this delicious, flawless body of mine" She Hulk flexed a bit more, eliciting a groan from the trapped man, "I would still be stronger than you. That additional ability just makes it a bit faster. You can feel it, can't you?" she mocked. "You can feel all that sun given power fleeing your body. With every touch and caress of mine, you just keep getting weaker and weaker."

She slightly shook him just to get his attention. His head rolled, coming to rest on one of her green tits.

"That's ok honey, just lay your face there. I know lots of guys would love to be in your position." To emphasize that fact she manipulated her abs, rubbing his kryptonian member. Gradually his rod stiffened, the tip bouncing along the ridges between her trim middle.

Superman couldn't believe it. He was being held like a child by an extrademinsional amazon who was calmly explaining how she was destroying him, and he was still getting a boner. At least the weakness he was feeling was making sense, although the information seemed to late to help. Worst of all, he truly believed her that she was his physical superior. Her stunning physique, rock hard muscles, and flawless jade build all shouted "power".

Jennifer snapped her arms inward, causing incredible pain to the man in her muscle prison. She rolled them up and down his back, easily brushing aside his resistance. They could both hear his ribs rubbing together and he was feeling light headed from the lack of oxygen. Suddenly she lifted him up over her head in a military press. He was suspended in the air by her inhumanly strong arms as she calmly walked through the streets. Finding an unbroken store window she turned so he could see his reflection. The worlds strongest man was being treated like a plaything by this woman. He looked at himself in the window. Held aloft by her strong arms, he was absolutely dwarfed by her massive musculature. His arms and legs dangled below his once powerful body, and he barely had the strength to hold his head up. Her body continued draining his remaining strength, his skin tingling where it met hers.

Enjoying the expression of helplessness on Supermans reflected face, Jennifer pulled him down onto her strong shoulders. Her right hand pressed down on his face and her left snaked between her legs to rest on his crotch. She pulled downward, stretching his back almost to the breaking point. His scream broke most of the remaining glass within a 2 block radius.

As the sound trailed off, Shulkie's fingers began to work his shaft and balls. Still held firmly by her muscular arms, Superman could feel his cock stiffening. His ultrastrong abs had long given up the fight to protect his back, but his body found the energy reserves to enlarge his organ to it's full length and begin throbbing. Her grip alternated between steely and silky, as she stroked him like a pro. At times she wrapped a fist around his length, others a single finger teased it's tip. The familiar weakening tingle enveloped his cock, but it maintained it's rigidity.

"Such a brave little superhero, still trying to resist cumming for the mean green girl" Jenn mocked. "I can feel your weakness. I know how close you are to the edge. I will take everything from you. Your strength, your resistance, your pride. Soon you'll be nothing but a slave."

Angered, Superman struggled to pull himself from her grip, but her jade arms easily powered him back down. She resumed stroking him and was rewarded with a steady drip of precum. Smearing it along his cock, her newly lubed hand increased it's tempo. "Come for me, little man" she said softly and his head dropped as a white shower erupted from his dick. Her lips parted into a smile as she continued to knead away his resistance, keeping his juices flowing for nearly a minute. "Good boy."

Her left arm released him and his body swung downward, stopped only by her right arm wrapping around his neck. He hung nearly motionless, save for the final twitches of his cock as it began drooping. She again washed them in the stream from the fire hydrant before depositing him on the roof of a car.

"It's going to take forever to truly break his will if he keeps passing out all the time" she thought. She could see his muscles beginning to regain some of their firmness as his skin soaked up the suns rays. This gave her an idea. She scooped up the unconscious superhero in her dominant arms and leaped into the air, headed for the desert outside of town.

As her alien mistress was dropping her off, She Hulk had noticed a solar power plant outside of town. Hundreds of mirrors reflected the solar rays onto a single point, concentrating it's power. She laid the broken man down at this point and watched as he regained consciousness within seconds. Clark could feel the power surge through him, but as soon as he opened his eyes he saw his giant conquerer shining in the reflected light.

She seized him in a sleeper hold and said "Let's try a little experiment". She placed him in a sleeper hold. Her jade skin tightened as her bicept grew hard against his neck. He struggled with his restored powers but the outcome was the same. His attempts to free himself slowed and he heard her softly repeating "Go to sleep for me" as his eyes closed.

However seconds after the darkness overcame him, his consciousness returned. "Now that's better" she said. This time she held him in a full nelson, forcing her huge tits into his back as they drained his strength faster than it returned to him. Laying him down she herself dropped flat at a 90 degree angle. As he came around, her moist mouth engulfed his limp rod. Her arms kept his legs and chest from rising. He became hard as her tongue overpowered his resistance. Able to literally suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, she created a suction which would kill most men. His body quivered and shook, struggling to throw off her controlling appendages, to no avail. Her head bobbed up and down as she controlled his cock. Her teeth slid along his length and he let out a groan. The jade giant could tell he was close and soon felt the twitching of his captive dick.

A surge of power ran up it's length as he shot his load into her warm mouth. As before she kept up her ministrations until she'd sucked him dry. When he'd stopped moving she rose and spit, looking at his beaten form. He began to come around again. As he staggered to his feet he swung a wild haymaker which thudded against her rock hard middle. She doubled him over with her own punch to the gut, raising his feet off the ground. Facing him, she laced her arms under his and clasped them behind his head. She then pulled his face into the dark canyon separating her tits. He panicked as her cleavage swallowed his face.

With the reflected sunlight, he could feel that he was at full strength, yet she overpowered him just as easily. The tingle of weakness flowed from her tits to his captive face and he could feel the energy drain. Her soft supple skin sealed around him, cutting off his air. His arms flailed and struck her, with no apparent effect. Leaning back slightly, she pulled his feet off the ground. He struggled to suck in air. "Aww, the little man can't even beat the softest part of my body. Are my big tits too much for the mighty kryptonian? Let them give you a hug." She flexed her pecs, and the giant mammaries squeezed in, placing incredible pressure on his skull. His useless body hung from her gamma enhanced boobs until he inevitably ceased resistance.

She released his body and it fell. As always his healing power brought him around shortly. She lay down and grapevined his legs with her larger ones. Her hands trapped his wrists and pinned them to the ground. Her luscious abs began undulating, pulsing against his trapped cock. His attempts to rise were as futile as ever. She looked over the top of her huge tits at his face as he struggled. "You keep fighting it, but we all know how this is going to end." With a burst of power she flipped him over so his back was against her chest. Her legs once again trapped his. Holding him against her with one arm, her other hand stroked his shaft. He could feel her sexually magnificient body sucking away his life force, know that every smooth touch brought him closer to his end, but still his cock grew stiff under her fingers. He tried to twist out or throw her off, but her firm grip held him to her and her steady rhythmn wore down his resistance. Soon, she detected a faint thrusting of his hips, and her pace quickened. His mighty rod spasmed and shot it's load out over the ground. His head lolled back onto her tits, as the radiation and exertion put him out again.

As soon as he stirred, She Hulk lifted him to her chest. She wrapped his legs around her and surrounded his cock with her green domes. Superman swung his fists with all his considerable might. He struck her all over her face and head. His hands crashed down on her back. Through it all the woman smiled. Soon the physical contact exhausted him and the blows slowed. Jennifer began massaging his dick with her tits. They contracted around it, and she could feel his thundering pulse through them. Soon their soft embrace had overwhelmed him, as their supple mass conquered his rod. The former heroine could feel his breath coming in ragged gasps as he fought for control. She simply smiled and continued her anaconda tit routine. Within minutes she could tell he was ready. With a final long squeeze, he erupted. The thin white stream shot forth from her fleshy prison. He sagged against her and she could feel his length softening against her all conquering tits.

Jennifer sensed that his mind was nearing the end of it's resistance. While his body renewed it's energy stores, she decided to take the next attack to the next level. Full on rape.

When Clark rose to face her again, she grabbed his arm and flung him into a nearby rock outcropping. Sprawled on his back, he was unprepared when she lifted him and dropped his body onto her knee. His back felt broken as she drug him to a reclining position against the granite. She was pleased to see his cock already beginning to stiffen even without direct manipulation. She gave it a few quick tugs to speed the process, and then straddled him. The look of terror on his face told him that he knew what was about to come. She reached down and ripped off the remaining pieces of her costume and impaled herself on his alien dick. While 10 inches was a lot of cock for most women, with her size she easily took his length. He tried to pull out, but her strong hips rode with his motion. She pulled her long gams under his, locking them together. She overpowered him and forced him into the age old rhythmn. Her hands pinned his to the ground as she rolled her hips. "You see Superman, I can do whatever I want to you. Even pop your cherry. I can tell this is your first time, but I won't be gentle." His cock burned with the radiation as his strength was sucked through it's length. She released his arms and straightened herself. She placed her arms behind her head, and thrust out her chest. "Not bad for a newbie" she thought. She reached down and raised his hands, placing them on her tits. "It's ok stud, they won't hurt you this time." She Hulk's snatch squeezed his dick powerfully and she varied the pace. She could feel his strength fading fast and decided she needed him to cum soon. A few slow, powerful pump of her hips and he came like a fire house inside her. Even in his weakened state, she'd never felt such a powerful orgasm. Her pelvis continued it's dance until his body went limp below her.

Having been thrown clear of the mirror, he recovered much slower. As the jade giant stood, Maxima's holographic image reappeared. "I believe it's time for the final fall" the princess said. "He seems like a breast man, so we'll give him a little treat. I think you'll like it as well" the sparkle in the royals eye faithfully reproduced by the hologram. Instantly twin beams of light flashed from the heavens and enveloped Jennifers tits. A tingle deep within the vast mammaries told She Hulk something was happening. Soon the lights disappeared and the amazon caressed her tits. They felt a bit firmer, but otherwise unchanged. Then Jennifer squeezed and was rewarded with a stream of creamy white milk. A smile spread across her face and she waited impatiently for Superman to rise.

As his mind underwent a restart, Clark tried to think of anything he could do to defeat her. Coming up empty he rose to try again to physically best her. She immediately seized his neck however, and pulled him close. "You look a bit parched, little man, how about a drink?" He struggled mightily, but was steadily pulled towards her until his lips made contact with a green nipple. Expecting to be smothered again, he was unprepared for the stream of liquid which forced itself into his mouth. He tried to close his lips, but she forced him tighter onto her tit. In order to avoid drowning, he was forced to swallow, but his mouth soon refilled. It actually tasted wonderful, he thought, drinking down a third swallow. But he could feel the toll it was taking on him. The wonderful liquid continued to radiate gamma as it sat in his stomach, weakening him from the inside. Milk began to spill out from the sides of his mouth as he was unable to swallow fast enough, dripping white streaks down the sides of her massive orbs. His eyes fluttered closed and his lips lost their purchase on her domineering nipple. The stream continued for several seconds, the lethal white liquid dripping down the beaten man's chin. He slumped against her massive body as a larger beam of light materialized next to She Hulk.

Maxima smiled as she sexily sauntered over to the victorious woman. The man in her grasp was clearly beaten, no longer the powerful protector of an entire world, now just a limp form hanging from her sculpted arms. The princess brushed the hair from his face and traced a finger over his muscled chest. The kryptonian didn't move.

"I think your fiance is a little tired". She Hulk held him out at arms length with one hand, the other arm pulled into a bicep pose, "I guess I was just to much woman for him."

"You've done well my dear, and you shall be rewarded." The spoiled royal walked over to the posing jade giant and kissed her. Her tongue reached out and collected a rivult of milk which had run down the flawless breast. She tasted the sweetness and reminded herself to actually compliment the scientist who'd figured out how to alter the woman's already mutated genes. "Later" she promised.

The green woman smiled and shifted the unconscious man in her grasp to a full nelson. She walked to the center of the mirrors and held his body in the reflected energy. Slowly his muscles regained some of their former firmness and his head began to move. Slowly his eyes opened and he strained against her muscled embrace. The green goddess smiled to herself as she felt his power peak around normal human strength, the sweet, lethal milk in his stomach limiting his potential. His struggles ceased when he saw the grinning face of his fellow alien

"Maxima" he groaned.

The princess smiled as she stepped closer to the formerly formidable man in the giants grasp. "Hi sweetie" she whispered, "would you care to reconsider all those previous rejections? Because this is as strong as you're ever going to be again. I'm taking you back to Almerac with me, where the sun is a beautiful shade of red."

The defeated kryptonian continued to stare defiantly at her deceptively angelic face, still locked tightly to She Hulk's muscles body. Maxima responded with a flirtatous wink.

"Suppose I kiss it and make it feel better" she said as she knelt before him. Taking his limp cock in her hand and raising it's tip to her lips. Despite his resistance it hardened immediately. Her warm mouth surrounded his length and a new wave of weakness swept over him as her tongue stroked the shaft. Pulling it out with a "pop" she nestled it between her golden tits. Although not as well endowed as Jennifer, she gave a credible tit fuck. Up and down she slid her royal chest over his captive cock. She looked up at the look of utter defeat on his face as his dick quivered under her complete control.

She Hulk enjoyed the scene before her, as her mistress completed the destruction of the vaunted man of steel. She saw the eruption of white spray across the red head's tits as the hero lost his last battle.

The villainess slowly stood as the beaten kryptonian slumped in her green minion's grasp. She held out her hand and a beam of light obligingly shot from the heavens and dropped a washcloth into it. Wiping herself down she glanced up at the object of her desire. "He should be ready to listen to reason" she thought.

She approached and the jade woman lifted him slightly, holding his head steady between her tits. His weary eyes tracked her, the draining of his little strength tiring him. The princess met his gaze and a mental beam bridged the gap between them. Their alien minds fought for mere moments, but his weakness after the continual beatings prevented a thorough defense. Soon she was inside his thoughts. "Your mind is weak. Although you resisted, my superiority allowed me to brush aside your defenses with ease."

He squirmed in the grasp of the large woman as the princess stared deep into his eyes.

"You feel yourself weakening. The one holding you answers me unquestioningly, as you soon will. Her luscious body drains you, makes you weak, and easy for the plucking. You're helpless before us. You WILL give in to my wishes. They will become your wishes. Your only thoughts will be how you will please me."

A new wave of weakness fell over him, different from the one She Hulk was imposing on him. He tried to think of why he was fighting her, but was unable to recall. He knew that he should keep resisting, but couldn't remember why. He could only look into her beautiful eyes, and hear the words which did not come from her mouth.

Suddenly a sound like ripping cloth was upon them and a fast moving plume of dust was approaching rapidly across the desert. Maxima turned and frowned. Picking up a small blue and red speck at the head of the plume, she spoke. "It's her."

Supergirl approached just under the speed of sound, several feet off the deck. She'd been alerted to the trouble by the news reports chronicling Superman's defeat.

Maxima took a step back behind Jennifer. "Handle my light work, won't you dear".

Supergirl planned to swoop in and grab her cousin before the green beast had a chance to react. Just before making contact, however, She Hulk rotated Superman away from the smaller girls grasp and gripped her wrist. The contact altered Supergirl's fligh path and her momentum carried her into the rock outcropping several yards away.

Jennifer handed the semi-conscious man to Maxima as she strode over to check the second kryptonian. She could see the rock beginning to move as the slender heroine dug herself from the debris. A green arm buried itself up to the shoulder, and reemerged holding the back of Supergirl's costume. The stunned girl was then brutally slammed into the rock repeatedly. The boulders cracked as her body slammed against them. Finally the heroine managed to turn herself and seize the arm holding her, pulling the other woman off balance.

She Hulk released her opponent and stumbled forward several paces. She looked up and saw the other younger woman rise. She was wearing a blue and red unitard with an "S" symbol sprawled across her impressive chest. Although several inches shorter, her bust appeared as large as Maxima's. Her tan young skin had a youthful radiance, and covered toned muscles. Blond hair cascaded to her mid back. Her eyes flashed and She Hulk felt a familiar tingle on her tits.

"What is it with you Kryptonians trying to burn my tits off. All you've accomplished is to give yourself a warm drink of milk before you go to sleep."

Supergirl, Kara, could tell her heat vision was having no effect and instead tried her superbreath. She sucked in air, her powerful lungs compressing it mightily. She blew out and hurricane force winds lashed She Hulk, stirring up tons of sand that temporarily blinded her. Using her foes distraction Kara launched herself forward and began striking the jade giant.

She Hulk felt the girl hitting her. Small fists landed with earth shattering force against her green body. The superheroine struck her chest, stomach and face, circling her with superhuman speed to land blows to her back and kidneys. The kryptonians legs lashed out at her green pillars, trying to bring the giant down. Jennifer finally cleared her eyes of sand and they focused on her determined attacker. Jenn could already see her starting to slow slightly, unaware of her radioactive effect. She Hulk's body was taking all the punishment her young foe could muster.

Kara was putting all she had into her attacks. She knew that anybody who could take down Superman was a foe to be reckoned with. Her fists thudded against the plateaus and valleys composing She Hulk's abdominal section, sounding like they were striking rock. Suddenly a huge arm swatted her to the ground.

Jennifer had put a lot of juice into the strike and was satisfied to see the girl go down. She quickly seized the girl's wrists and pulled her upper body off the ground. As Kara shook her head to clear it, Jenn's mighty thighs surrounded her chest. A sudden burst of power, and the flawless green skin grew taut over the inhuman muscles. Kara cried out in pain. She Hulk pulled the slender arms out painfully as her legs relaxed some of their killing pressure.

Weakness flooded Supergirl, her strength rapidly leaving her from the squeeze and skin contact with her tormentor.

Jennifer began a slow, rhythmic squeeze with her python like thighs. After each interval she was careful to let the weaker woman get a breath or two. Then her muscles would relentlessly expand, crushing Kara's chest with their might. Sweat began to form on the young girl, making her tanned skin shine.

Maxima shifted Clark so that he could see the state his helpless cousin was in. His eyes focused on her. With his xray vision he could see several ribs broken already. "...Kkk..ara.." was all he could get out, in a whisper.

The girl in the giants grasp heard his raspy voice with her super hearing. She struggled to raise her head. She looked into his eyes, but had no air in her lungs to speak with, so she could only mouth "help me".

Maxima nodded to Jennifer. After one more long muscle embrace, her legs released the weakened woman. Maxima turned Clark's eyes to her and resumed her mental assault. "Soon your young cousin will join you in slavery, if i allow her to live." Superman struggled to pull his eyes away to check, but was unable to fight her gaze.

Kara heaved for breath as She Hulk took a step back from her battered body. She managed to sit up, an arm wrapping around her chest, feeling her bruised and broken ribs. Suddenly a massive green foot kicked her in the back, lofting her a hundred yards to land in the field of mirrors.

The solar energy flowed into her, and she could feel her body beginning to repair itself. She could see the green woman casually strolling towards her. "You can't win girl. I was able to repeatedly crush your cousin's resistance, and as you can see" she stretched out her arms and twirled around, "there isn't a mark on my fabulous body. So what hope do you have of surviving, let alone winning?" She crouched and took Kara's face in her suddenly gentle green hand. "Why don't you just give in and pray my mistress wants another kryptonian slave?"

Supergirl suddenly struck with all her fury. Her fist created a sonic boom as it plowed into the bottom of Jennifer's chin. The uppercut literally rocked the desert, cracking several of the surrounding mirrors. Jennifer was catapulted off her feet, to land on her back several feet away. She easily stood, however, and simply glared at the girl. "Bad move babe."

Kara rushed forward to deliver a haymaker, only to find her fist caught in She Hulk's massive hand. A green fist landed a rapid series of strikes to her own mid-section. The first 2 met resistance from her trim abs, kryptonian muscle contracting into fleshy armor. Soon though, they weakened and turned to mush as a blow sunk deep, driving the air from her lungs. The green hand released hers and grabbed the "S" on her chest.

With minimal effort Shulkie raised the girl over her head. Her other hand reached to the helpless heroine's crotch, and brutally slammed her to the dirt, her head and neck taking the brunt of the landing. The girl didn't stir.

Jennifer looked toward the rocks and could see Maxima sitting against them. The broken man of steel was pulled against her, back to chest. The mental path still connected them, but the princess was stroking his cock. Jade lips smiled. The man was clearly doomed, no posibility existed for his continued resistance.

His cousin still offered entertainment though. Her sexy little body began to move, and Jennifer could tell the yellow sun had worked it's magic.

She flipped her opponent in the air with the merest effort of her foot and slammed an elbow into the rising body's mid section. The kryptonian folded around her arm before falling back clutching her damaged stomach. She Hulk stepped back and the girl rose to her unsteady feet.

They advanced and locked hands in a foolish test of strength. The sun bronzed skin tightened and showed that Supergirl's model like body did contain powerful muscles, but they were pebbles against the mountain. The woman towering above her easily forced her back down and bent her painfully backwards.

When quivering tan legs finally were forced to their knees, Jennifer released the girl's hands and brought her arms down. They trapped their opposites against the woman's body and then squeezed her tightly to a dominant green chest.

Kara's young, large tits were pressed against Jennifer's larger, bare orbs. It was no contest. Jennifer's jugs seemed to engulf the young crime fighter as her arms relentlessly crushed the air from her lungs. Kara's eyes went wide with shock at the power, as She Hulk looked into them to convey that there was plenty more. The girl's legs thrased uselessly beneath her as she was squeezed into oblivion. Massive green biceps powered down, their attached arms crushing the strength from the young alien.

Kara tried to flex her young body, arching her back to no avail. Her own arms struggled to escape their entrapment. Soon only her fingers twitched her failing resistance.

Jennifer relished the feeling of the young girl's body pressed against her own. Her "enlightenment" by Maxima had given her a new appreciation for the female form, and she was certainly enjoying feeling the young girl rubbing against her. She Hulk pressed the girl tighter, her vulnerable body being drained of it's strength by her embrace.

Kara could feel the tingle, feeling for all the world like kryptonite but emanating from this giant of a woman. Her appendages hung limply and her pretty face came to rest against her betters huge green tits. Excitement had made the green nipples pointy, and she could feel them rubbing through her costume. Finally with a deep groan, she lost consciousness.

Jennifer smiled and released pressure, one hand grabbing the back of her victim's costume and holding her aloft. She turned in Maxima's direction and asked for instructions. The alien princess had superman on his back and was riding him hard. She shot a mental communication to her green minion without breaking her rhythmn. "Have some fun with her, but don't kill the bitch, we might want to keep her around for girls night."

Jenn casually tossed the girl out of her gamma field to recharge. She watched the "happy couple" until she was struck in the back of the head. "The little bitch is tenacious, I'll give her that" the green goddess thought.

Kara was flying now, trying to use her powerful gams to kick the green woman's head off. Never before had she wanted to actually kill a foe, but this woman scared her and she never wanted to face her again. When the green giant turned, Supergirl tried to put some distance between them, but the woman grabbed her slender ankle and slammed her to the ground back and forth, like in a cartoon.

She Hulk released her and paused a moment while she stood. She then pounded the girl mercilessly with her fists. Kara's head snapped back and forth and soon she was seeing stars. She dropped to her knees once again.

She hulk stood behind the girl and leaned her back against her strong body, the blond hair rubbing her perfect abs. She flexed her muscles to feel their power. She knealt down and wrapped an arm around the seemingly delicate, slender neck. Her arm swelled with power as the small hands attempted to loosen it's hold. "Now this is power honey" she cooed to the struggling girl. Her other arm reached up to Kara's chest and took hold of the symbol. With a simple flick of her wrist, the costume was torn off, exposing the epic boobs of the young sexpot. They perched high on the young chest, defying gravity, but heaving with the girls struggles.

"Are you feeling weak little one. Maxima tells me you're normally considered a formidable opponent. I seem to have that effect on you sons and daughters of krypton. My body just proves too much for you."

Jenn threw the girl to the ground and watched her soak up the sun. The girl moved and slowly stood. "Great" she thought, "not only is she strong as hell, she's a bisexual pervert."

Jenn ran at her and speared her, breaking a rib, before slamming the girl's back into the rocks. Kara was draped across the grainte. She Hulk's hand gripped the girl's forhead in an iron claw.

To Kara, the pain was unimaginable. In her many battles she'd occasionally been hurt, but never on a scale like this. "And the bitch is just playing with me" she despaired. The pressure on her skull was causing her to blackout. Suddenly the green fingers granted her a reprieve.

Soon her eyes cleared enough to see her tormentors angelic jade face hovering before her. Like her cousin before her, she was shocked when her ruby lips were dominated by She Hulks. She Hulk's hips thrust against the captive girl's. Her pelvis repeatedly slammed the smaller woman's into the rock, grinding it to dust. Soon the lack of air caused the panicking crime fighter to feel light headed.

Jennifer was enjoying the feel of the girls helpless body. Her hands ran over the flawless tan skin, feeling it's soft texture over the firm, but infinitely weaker muscles. She groped the perfectly round tits and tweaked the alien nipples. The girl bucked weakly beneath her.

The limited view of the world Kara could see was spinning wildly. She hadn't had a breath in several minutes and the green womans body was draining her strength with every second of contact. The tingling weakness wherever their bodies met was crippling in it's intensity. The fallen hero thanked the heavens with the life sucking green lips released hers.

She Hulk broke the lip lock and Pulled the girl off the pulverized pile of rocks. She hefted her to her chest, the girl limply falling across her titanic boobs. She placed a hand under the girls buns of steel while the other wrapped her limp legs around her waist. She repositioned her immense arms around her foes back and pressed their bodies together.

The kryptonians bronze boobs flattened against hers and the girl resumed her struggles. Her long legs tried to squeeze her waist, but had no power left. Soon she was barely moving and her head dropped to her tortured and overwhelmed chest.

Jennifer repositioned, trapping the the pretty face between her conquering tits. "Jealous honey? This is a real pair of hooters. How's it feel, knowing you used to be the most powerful woman on this planet, but being defeated by another woman's tits?"

The pressure on the blonde's head increased and the supple jade skin sealed her air. Jennifer's pecs powered her tit flesh inward, milking the remaining strength from the crime fighter. Kara's face burned as the gamma rays drove the power from her. Nestled deep in the green cleavage, her superhuman body was powerless to resist the unstoppable might of the She Hulk.

Jenn could feel the girls heart quicken as she futiley tried to free herself. Soon, though, her body grew too weak to continue the fight. Jennifer smiled as the body in her grasp went limp. She released pressure and the beaten kryptonians head rolled free and drew a breath.

The gamma goddess lifted the girls body and laid it across her broad shoulders. The tan 6 pack rested against the back of her neck as she sauntered over to Maxima. She had proped Superman's back against the rocks and was on his lap as she continued riding his pole. He was licking one of her breasts and appeared completely under her mental command.

Maxima stood and surveyed the beaten girl. Her voluptuous tits pointed skyward as she lain across the powerful green shoulders. Her long tan and toned legs hung impotently as her golden hair waved in the light breeze. "That is one sexy little hard body" she thought.

"She looks a little thirsy your highness, should I give her a drink?" asked the gammazon. She longed to feel the girl's lips around her nipple as the power draining milk flowed from her tits and into the young body, making her helpless. To emphasize the point a thin rivult ran partway down her tits, before forming white droplets that fell to the sand.

"Actually, I have a suprise for you. I think you'll like it, who knows, I might end up liking it too." She pointed to a small, shaded cave in the cliff face. "Toss her in there, I don't want her recovering too quickly this time."

A slightly bemused She Hulk walked over and deposited the battered heroine in the shaded alcove. She walked back to the princess.

"This might feel a little weird, but I think you'll like it." With that the royal glanced skyward and winked. "I have some wonderful genetic engineers that I haven't killed yet."

The all purpose green beam lanced through the clouds and struck the slightly darker green goliath. She felt an odd sensation, not uncomfortable, but not pleasant either. The beam ceased and she gave herself a quick once over. It came up normal until she reached her crotch. Hanging between her massive legs was another large appendage.

Jennifer quickly looked at the princess with shock. She met the red head's eyes and received a smirk in return. "Well, check it out" she said.

Jenn's hand reached down and fingered the jade shaft. It swung heavily and twitched at her touch. Her fingers wrapped around it's impressive circumference. Her fist closed around it and she was suprised to see several inches protruding still. The tool was at least 12 inches long. She stole a glance at the former man of steel and saw that she compared rather favorably.

"I hope you like it" said the princess. "You're shooting blanks, so to speak, and won't be making babies with little miss Krypton, but your cum should have the same effect as your milk."

She Hulk glanced at the prostrate form in the cave and confirmed she was still out, although her injuries appeared to be healing. As she took in the nude form though, a new feeling emerged from her crotch. The green log started to stiffen and soon stood proudly. Jennifer stroked it and felt herself go weak in the knees from the pleasure. She watched as it bobbed slightly with the beating of her mighty heart. The tip bounced against her firm abs with her movement.

Her green fingers began to work her newest organ and the pleasure built. A pleasant warmth spread throught her crotch as her speed increased. Soon a few small drops of precum appeared at the tip. Faster her hand worked. She steadied herself on a nearby rock and bit her lip as the first spurts issued forth.

Finally with a roar of pleasure, she shot her wad. The thick liquid struck the rocks, causing small chips to fly off with it's force. The stream continued for several seconds as Jennifer caught her breath. Within a minute or so her rod began to soften as she straightened herself.

Maxima sashayed over, smiling. The ground was covered with at least a cup of gamma spooge. Jenn was still stooped over, leaning on the rock as Maxima reached her side. A thick line of cum hung from the tip of her green cock.

The princess lay her hands on She Hulk's broad shoulders. "Feel the power big girl?" She glanced down at the green meat swinging between the woman's muscular legs.

"That was amazing" Jenn said between her jade lips. "No wonder guys are all sex crazed."

Maxima's firm hands guided Jennifer to a sitting position on the rock. She knealt before the green giant. Her hand reached out to the flacid prick before her.

Jennifer was shocked as she began to get hard again. She'd been we a fair number of guys, both super and non, and they all took some time to "recharge" between rounds. Yet with the red head's encouragement, she was rapidly going from limp to log.

Maxima's finger would have put a trained pianist to shame. She worked with the dexterity of a surgeon, the speed of a magician, the touch of a masseuse, and the experience of a first rate whore. Within 30 seconds the cock was at full size.

"With this tool I have given you", she paused to nestle the rod between her deeply tanned tits, "you will beat her." She pressed her boobs together and rubbed up and down the tube. Cum smeared the soft domes, lubricating her action. "You will crush her". Her lips kissed the green tip. Jennifer's back arched with pleasure. Maxima increased her pace, the slick skin rubbing giving pleasure to them both. "You will break her".

The princess looked up, meeting She Hulk's eyes. She created a mental connection, reinforcing her control over the muscular woman and heightening her pleasure. Slowly she stood.

The green rod was standing firm, aching for release.

Maxima glanced over at the cave and saw Supergirl starting to rise. Maxima focused on the sexy blond and a pair of invisible hands seemed to pin the girl's arms to her sides and lift her off the ground. The struggling heroine was flown straight into She Hulk's waiting hands.

A huge green fist smashed her to her knees. When her eyes cleared, she was staring straight into a porno size dick.

"Say hello to my little friend" said Jenn in a terrible immitation Cuban accent. With a twist of her muscled emerald hips, she slapped Kara across the face with her new appendage.

Maxima smiled at the wet smacking sound, which had Kara momentarily stunned.

Jenn reached out and placed a hand on the back of Supergirls blond head, pulling the beaten girl's face into her all conquering crotch. The smaller woman struggled, using both of her mighty alien arms against Jenn's one, but her face was still steadily pressed against the green flesh.

Jennifer maneuvered the tip of her cock into Supergirls warm mouth. The ruby red lips of her opponent stretched wide to take her impressive girth. The small amount of pre-cum left a salty taste in Kara's mouth. Her young, inexperienced tounge wrapped around the green invader. Her mouth tingled as it's massive prescense weakened her.

Kara's eyes went wide with panic. The tool in her mouth poked at the back of her throat, blocking all air flow. Her kryptonian arms continued attempting to push herself away to no avail.

She Hulk looked down past her massive breasts and chiseled abs at her victims gorgeous face, framed by her golden blond hair. As he hips rocked back and forth, her hand on the back of the girls head ensured she couldn't pull away. Her rod glistened with the heroines saliva.

Kara began futiley striking the jade woman, pounding her stomach and legs in an attempt to free herself from the weakening effect. One hand wrapped around the green shaft, trying to pull it from her young mouth. Her eyes began to roll back as the contact, lack of air, and increasing amounts of precum robbed her strength. Her arms lost their momentum, finally resting against the slick skin of her tormentor and sliding down to rest on the firm, green ass.

Just before the sexy little alien lost consciousness, Jennifer pulled her meat free from the girls red lips with an audible "pop". A thin line of saliva trailed from the tip of her cock to the heroines mouth. With the hand on the back of the girls head, she lifted the battered body until the long, tan legs dangled uselessly. With air again entering her lungs, Supergirl began to slowly resume her struggles. As her body rose, the green monsters cock tip brushed against her flawless skin, bouncing over the clefts between her abs.

"Weak little girl" Jennifer cooed, "how did you ever manage to protect anybody?"

With that she slammed the girl down on a table like rock, leaving her dazed on her back. Green pillars swung down on either side of Kara's stunned body and Shulkie straddled her. Her cock retraced it's path over the girls hard stomachm leaving a glistening trail until it came to rest between the tan mounds thrust out from the girls chest. Even in her weakened state, they seemed impervious to gravity, yet were easily pushed apart to accept the green tool.

Jenn rested on the girls trim middle and grabbed the extraterrestrial tits, pushing them together into a mammary cock sheath. The girls remaining saliva lubed the process. The massive tool glided between the equally massive tits. Green fingers massaged the domes, thumbs occasionally tweaking the stiff nipples.

Supergirl struggled to breathe. Between the constant drain from the physical contact and the cum she'd already ingested, she was having trouble supporting Jennifers great weight on her stomach. Her impressive looking abs were being crushed into failure by Jenn's rocking jade ass.

Jennifer smiled as the girl thrashed, trying to throw her off. Jennifer knew the girls impressive body was already far to weak to succeed. She enjoyed the feeling to Kara's world class tits rubbing against her strong cock. She lengthened her strokes, poking the aliens chin and throat on the upstroke. She released the globes and leaned forward, pinning the girl's arms to the ground. Her own green giants hung down over the struggling alien as she looked down at the scared face, her hair lightly brusing the girls skin.

Her powerful core kept up the humping motion. Maxima looked on in awe as Jenn's perfectly formed abs, hips, and ass powered the undulations which continued to sap the smaller woman's strength. The jade skin danced as the muscles underneath increased the rhythmn.

The motion began to reduce the rock underneath the blondes back to dust and pebbles. As the boulder began to crack, She Hulk lifted the heroines hips and stomach slightly, wrapping her own legs underneath the girl to hold her in place. She continued tit fucking the young crimefighter as she applied new pressure to her midsection, the green legs crushing yet more air from the girls lungs.

Kara tried to arch her back to relieve some of the pressure, but the motion succeeded only is pushing her tits farther out. The increased friction finally pushed She Hulk over the edge. With a roar, she arched her own broad back and shot her wad between the girls rack. The flood of spunk quickly filled the girls cleavage and ran down to the valleys of the abs and splashed upward to the thin neck, giving her a devastating pearl necklace.

The kryptonian instantly felt a wave of weakness as the gamma charged liquid coated her chest. Her mouth opened wide for a scream, yet with no air, little sound came out.

Jennifer continued pumping for several seconds, thick ropes of cum issuing forth from her cock to cover the girls tits. She looked into the girls face and coulde see her eyes fluttering with weakness and pain. She unlocked her mighty lungs and swung off the beaten girl. The feeling of power surging through her was amazing. She placed one foot slightly in front of the other, flexed her arms and roared at the sky once more.

Maxima admired the image of pure feminie power along with the the barely conscious image of youthful sexiness. The life draining cum was being rapidly and completely absorbed into her skin. Laying in the direct sun, the girl was very slowly gaining strength, but wouldn't be able to get much stronger than a human with the gamma dose she'd already received. Slowly she rolled off the rock and dropped to her hands and knees.

Maxima looked over to She Hulk, "Time to finish this, but we can play with her more later, I promise."

Jennifer nodded. She finished flexing, the high of dominating the girl and rush of cumming still pulsing through her muscular body. She strolled over to the struggling girl and flipped her over with a flick of the foot. Kneeling down her left hand began stroking the sexy tan skin. Her right gripped her semi soft shaft and began massaging it's length. As her fingers traced over the tits she'd just conquered, the stomach, and strong legs, her organ began to harden. "Enough foreplay honey, time for the main event."

She stood, taking Kara with her. Her hands rested under the blondes tight buns, maneuvering her for entry. Finally she lowered the girl onto her rod, feeling the girls strong love canal stretch to take her girth.

Ruby lips parted into an "O" as their owner gasped. Kara was nearly as inexperienced with sex as her cousin, and this was a new experience. Jenn forced her down until her cock head pushed against the virgin cervix.

The womens tits began bouncing in concert as She Hulk built up a powerful momentum. Kara placed her hands on the green woman's shoulders as seismic level quaking occured in her pelvis. The rod rammed in and out of her at a steady pace but with such force the air was rammed out of her with each thrust. The familiar tingle of weakness engulfed her crotch as the assault continued.

"My God, she's going to break me in half" she thought.

Jenn moved one hand up to the small of Supergirl's back. Slowly she walked up to a boulder and pressed the woman against it. Held against the rock wall, Kara could no longer rock her own hips to lessen the impacts. She looked into the green woman's eyes and saw no mercy.

Pulling the girls face close to hers, Jennifer whispered "I'm going to fuck you into submission little one. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Pulling away from the wall, she bounced the blonde up and down several times, eliciting a moan from the girl. Kara released the womans shoulders and weakly fell back, held in place only with the strong arms of her captor. As she bent backwards her tits were thrust forward into She Hulks face.

Jennifers green tounge darted out and traced a path around a bouncing nipple. The girl's head was hanging limply from her thin graceful neck. She Hulk could tell she was not long for the fight.

Shulkie stopped her thrusting for a moment. Muscled jade arms lifted the girl off the rock hard dick. Her body was rotated and lowered, re-penetrating her, now back to front.

Jennifer's strong hands held the heroine's taught sides. She resumed the age old rhythmn and battered the blondes pussy. Kara's mouth was sucking in air as she fought to remain conscious.

Jenn moved a hand over to the blondes stomach as the other moved across her tits. She increased the pace, pounding the girl with unheard of intensity. Straightening her legs and rising to her full height, She Hulk pulled the other woman completely off the ground.

Mixed signals of pleasure and pain were flooding through Supergirls mind. Her thoughts were becoming cloudy. Gradually she leaned back, resint against the dominant green boobs to her back. Her head rolled back, resting on She Hulk's shoulder.

Sensing the right time, Jennifer rocked her with a series of quick, ultra powerful thrusts and came hard.

Kara squeeled and with her last strength, her pussy clamped down on the invading dick. Life sucking cum flooded her as if spewed from the victors rod.

Jennifer's arms squeezed the girl tight as she finished pumping into her. The former superheroine could feel the smaller girl loose muscle tone and go completely limp. Releasing her grip on the blonde, the girl became completely supported by the stiff cock impaling her. Jenn could feel the girls heart beating and feel an occasional quiver, these being the only signs of life from the defeated beauty.

The green conquerer slolwy walked over to her mistress, the smaller girl dangling limply from her dick. Stopping infront of Maxima, she pulled her arms into a double bicep pose and flexed, her stunning musculature a stark contrast to the beaten body completely under her control. She peeled the beaten girl from her crotch and dropped her to the ground next to her unconscious cousin, Maximas attention apparently being to much for him.

"You've done well my dear. Let's adjourn to the ship and get you cleaned up, and ready for your reward."

Jennifer picked up the last remaining kryptonians as a green glow engulfed the area, leaving only empty desert.