The Cavern of the Satyr

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The Cavern of the Satyr, Part 1

"Are you sure about this Diana?" I asked, looking worriedly over the edge of the cliff. Two hundred feet down below lay the beach, studded with jagged rocks up against the base of the cliff.

"You're ready," she answered with that incredible smile that only she could give. My heart raced as her amazonian tunic wafted in the wind that blew up on this cliff. I reached up, pulling my long, curly long brown hair from my face, as my brown eyes looked into her deep, sky-blue eyes. Her golden tiara glinted in the morning sun, giving her a golden halo of light around her head. "I know you are ready."

I could only smile and nod as she reaffirmed her confidence in me. "Okay, Diana. If you think so..." I walked up to the side of the precipice, my bare toes on the lip of the ridge. "So, here I go," I said, glancing back at Diana with a weak smile.

"If you don't do it Jamie," she said almost laughing, "I'll come over there and push you."

I looked down at the beach below me again. 'Those rocks sure look sharp,' I thought to myself. I knew I had to do this sometime, and a little fear of heights shouldn't stop me from...

Suddenly I felt a hand against the small of my back. "No! Diana!! DOOOON'T......."

She pushed before I could brace myself. I flew off the cliff as her powerful body pressed against me. The beach came rushing up toward me as my eyes became big as quarters. I closed my eyes quickly, concentrating on the air currents that rushed around me. I arched my back, allowing my incredibly athletic body to lay flat against the air that lay between me and the ground. Slowly, I manipulated the air currents around me, letting them caress my body, bringing me under control. As I began to glide along, parallel to the beach below, I felt myself tingling as the air passed over every crevice, every curve, every protrusion of me. I felt lighter than the air itself as the breeze passed through my short tunic.

I arched upwards, working my way up through the air currents to gain some altitude. As I curved around, Diana waved. "I knew you could do it Jamie!" she yelled, the wind tousling her very short hair.

I smiled back at her, and worked my way higher into the air. The world felt completely at peace as the wind flowed around my scantily clad body, the skirt of the short amazon tunic whipping. Without really thinking, I gripped the thin gold belt around my waist, and unbuckled it. I reached down and pulled the tunic over my head, and let it drift down to the ground. I let out a sigh of happiness as I wafted through the warm morning sky, dressed only in my sandals and bracelets. I could feel every slight breeze, every change of direction in the air around, wholly one with the sky.

My mind drifted as I flowed through the air. Everything seemed at peace as the breeze passed through my long curly hair, caressing over and between my full breasts, around my trim supple midsection, and encompassing my tight buttocks as it trailed down over my strong, firm legs.

Unexpectedly I felt hands sliding around my lithe waist. As I opened my eyes, Diana pulled me against her naked, muscular body, her blue eyes smiling. Her erect nipples pressed against my breasts, sending a quiver the length of my nude body. Our lips touched, and I kissed her passionately as my hands ran over her bare body hungrily. We slowly descended downward as our kiss went on, and on, our tongues teasingly touching through our half-open mouths. Diana's hands passed over my tone waistline, and over my tight buttocks, while my own reached up and caressed the outside of her breasts as they bulged outward, pushing tightly against my own. Our long legs intertwined together as the ground gradually approached.

I felt Diana's long legs reach the ground first. Moments later the soft grass tickled my toes. We continued down to the ground amidst the trees of a small copse, never ending our embrace as my nipples slowly hardened, pressing into her large, full breasts. A moan slipped through my lips as Diana's thigh pressed against my vagina, sending a burst of pleasure throughout my naked body. We rolled across the grass, first with Diana on top, then me on top of her beautiful body. We rolled over about ten times, our bodies crushed together, our legs wrapped, each of us pressing a thigh into the warm groin of the other.

We came to a stop on our sides. My hair surrounded my face, trailing across hers. Diana ground her thigh against me, while pushing her vagina along my thigh. We continued to kiss fervently, as I leaned back slightly to grip her breasts with my hands. I wrapped my fingers around them, unable to hold all of them, as my thumb and index finger began to massage her nipples. She groaned as she rode my thigh, her hips moving up and down the length, leaving a trail of her liquid passion.

"Oh!" I cried out in surprise as she suddenly slid a finger between the lips of my puffy vagina. She drug it slowly along the length, eliciting another cry of sensation from me as she pressed down on my swollen clit. She smiled as my head lolled back. As she stopped over my clit and began teasing it, I squeezed her breasts with more of my great strength. Gently, Diana teased my tender spot, sliding her finger up and down the length of my wet vagina.

"Oh...Diana..." I moaned as she delicately pressed my clit between her thumb and finger. The passion slowly built up within me, like a balloon filling with air.

"Diana!" I suddenly heard someone yelling. "Princess! There is an emergency! Diana!"

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I heard Euboae's voice. Diana gave me a quick kiss, untangled our legs, and got to her feet. "Over here Euboae!" she shouted back, running off through the copse.

I leaped to my feet, and ran after Diana. I easily caught up to her as we weaved through the trees, our taut bodies gracefully working our way through. As we reached the edge of the woods, I saw the redheaded Euboae, standing short-winded on the slope of the grassy hill.

Euboae took a passing glance at our nude bodies. I turned deeply red as I looked down at my glistening leg, and my swollen labia. Euboae went on, as if completely unnoticing Diana's and my own obvious sexual glow.

"Diana!" she says breathlessly. "Menalippe is in the Cavern of the Satyr!!"

"Great Hera!" Diana exclaimed, a look of deep concern on her face. "Hurry!" she said, trotting off effortlessly back to the village, yet moving deceptively fast.

I followed easily, my powerful athletic physique flexing as I moved. "What in Hades' name was Menalippe doing in there?" Diana asked Euboae as the redheaded amazon strained to keep up with us.

"I.." Euboae panted, " not...know...Princess. Acantha......says Menalippe has been......studying the powers of the Satyr," Euboae sputtered out as I saw her visibly struggling to follow Diana.

"Oh dear Gods," Diana said quietly to herself as she sped up, slowly leaving Euboae behind. I also increased my speed, with an apologetic look at Euboae. We sprinted over the hills and through the trees of the island at an unearthly speed. The tree limbs around us bent as their leaves followed after our fleet forms as we passed by in a blur.

I easily kept up with Diana, as my eyes were distracted by her incredible physique. Her body flexed with each step, her thighs powerfully propelling her. My eyes ran down to my own body. My breasts remained firm and only shook slightly as I ran. My own form flexed energetically, my shorter legs driving me after her, leaving a trail of leaves flying through the air behind me.

In the distance the village came into view. The marble buildings shined in the bright, late morning sunlight. Far behind us Euboae trailed after us, straining herself to catch up. Diana dashed directly toward the Queen's residence, as I followed close behind. We streaked through the tiles streets of the village, our sandaled feet slapping against the marble cobblestones. A few amazons looked at us questioningly as we rushed by.

Diana took the ten steps of the Queen's home in one quick leap, and continued inside. Without a second thought, I jumped to the top of the steps easily, landing lithely at the top. We blew past the bronze doors, and into the crowded audience chamber.

Queen Hippolyta was standing in the midst of about fifteen amazons. Acantha, the small, blonde haired mate of Menallipe, was standing before the Queen, her eyes rimmed with tears.

"But my Queen! You must allow me to go!" Acantha was pleading to the Queen as Diana and I entered. Beside the Queen was Phillipus, her dark skinned general, wearing her armor and holding her spear tightly, standing with stiff military rigidity. Phillipus was easily the second most powerful amazon after Diana. In fact, I thought Diana might have now considered Phillipus more powerful than herself now that Diana had lost some of her powers.

"No Acantha," Queen Hippolyta said calmly to the smaller amazon. "The satyr is very dangerous. Only our strongest warriors must enter his realm."

Queen Hippolyta looked up at Diana and myself as we entered. "Diana! Thank the Gods!" "Mother! Euboae said Menalippe was in the Cavern."

"Yes daughter. Acantha said that Menalippe has been investigating the powers of the Satyr. Menalippe entered the Cavern some time last night."

"Princess!" Acantha suddenly cried, rushing up to Diana, her green eyes looking up at the Princess. "Princess! Please, I must go! Menalippe is my mate! I must help her!"

Diana placed her hands on Acantha's slim shoulders. "It is the Queen's decision Acantha."

Acantha turned quickly. "My Queen, I know I am a mere scholar, but I am trained as a warrior. I'm not as strong as Diana or Phillipus, but I am trained like everyone else. But, Menalippe is my mate! I must help her!"

Queen Hippolyta looked over Acantha to Diana. Their eyes met for a long moment, then they both looked down, as if an unspoken decision had been made.

"Very well Acantha," Queen Hippolyta finally said, "you may go."

Acantha's face lit up with hope, her green eyes smiling up at the Queen. "Oh, thank you my Queen," she said as tears trailed down her cheeks.

"But Acantha," the Queen said in a imperious tone I had never heard her speak in before, "you will be under the Princess' and Phillipus' orders. Understand?"

"Oh, yes my Queen. I will do all they say," she quickly answered, still joyful.

"Go get prepared Acantha, and be back here quickly."

"Yes my Queen!" Acantha said quickly, then turned and ran from the hall.

We all watched the little amazon run out, her lithe body bouncing down the steps hurriedly. There was a pause, then Queen Hippolyta turned back to Diana.

"I hope you aren't making a mistake Diana."

"I'll watch her Mother," Diana quickly answered. "But, Menalippe went into the Cavern last night?"

"Yes Diana, she has been missing since last night," the Queen replied, getting back to the subject. "My intention is to send a small group in after her. Perhaps yourself, Phillipus, Antiope, and now Acantha, plus perhaps one other..." she trailed off, her eyes looking into mine.

"I'd be glad to help Queen Hippolyta. Just tell me what to do," I said quickly.

"Mother!" Diana interjected. "You can't send Jamie! She is still learning her powers!"

"Princess Diana, you know my reasons," Queen Hippolyta replied curtly.

"Yes Mother," Diana answered with surprising meekness, her head looking down at her feet. "We will go prepare," she said, turning toward the door.

"Yes, and hurry Diana. Meet us at the Cavern."

I took a last glance at the Queen as she turned to Phillipus, then followed Diana out. We swiftly moved through the village, zipping around other amazons on the streets. She trotted swiftly to her home, and ran in the open door. She quickly opened the marble chest that sat across from her bed.

"Diana, what was all that about?" I asked as I followed her in.

She reached in, pulling out her uniform, and tossing the folded pile on the bed. "My Mother wants to test you Jamie," she said as she pulled her hair back with one hand while sliding her tiara on. She picked up her red bustier, and placed the cups under her firm breasts.

"Test me?" I asked as I walked behind Diana, pulling the bustier around her muscular body, and zipping it up.

"Yes. She wants to see if you can be a true amazon warrior. She apparently has her doubts."

I sat down on the bed as Diana pulled on her starry tights, the shiny material sliding over her long legs, and fitting tightly around her muscular hips. I looked up at her as she reached for her golden belt.

"Do you Diana?" I asked quietly. "Do you have your doubts?"

She stopped for a moment, as her blue eyes looking into my brown ones. "Jamie, you have not lived as we have, spending our lives training ourselves, body and soul. For the last two thousand years my mother and my sisters have been in training. You cannot, in just a month, hope to be as well trained as we are."

"But, you are strong, and smart," she went on as she looked down to buckle on her golden belt. "You have proven to me that you can handle your new powers."

"Thanks Diana," I said, beaming, as I handed her golden lasso to her. I could feel the magic within the coiled rope tingling in my hand. "That means a lot coming from you."

"It is only the truth Jamie," she said, as she snapped the lasso onto her belt. She stepped over to her bureau, reached in and pulled out a small bundle.

"Here Jamie, you don't want to go into the Cavern undressed," she said handing me the bundle.

I unfolded the clothes. It was a one piece outfit, with red sandals. The outfit was a red top with a golden eagle across the front, with a blue, white-starred skirt attached. I looked up at Diana questioningly.

"That is just a little outfit that was made for me to wear when I am home, but I have generally just preferred to wear a plain tunic."

"Gee...thanks Diana," I said, as I pulled the tunic over my head. As I pulled it down, it fit snugly against my firm high breasts, my nipples just visible in the middle of the wings of the eagle. I pulled the skirt down over my bare hips, feeling the silky material against my smooth skin. I sat down next to Diana to tie the sandals as she zipped up her boots.

"Thanks Diana, this is nice."

She stood up, three inches taller now in her heeled boots. "I have grown to think of you as a sister Jamie. I thought you deserved to see how much I think of you."

I stood up, looking up at her, feeling a little overwhelmed. "I...well, this..." I stuttered, trying to tell her how much it meant to me.

She reached her hands around my waist, and pulled me to her, her bustier pressing against my breasts. She leaned down slightly, and kissed me. I felt my nipples hardening against her as I kissed her back passionately. I ran my hands over her satin-covered rear, pulling her against my powerful body. Her hands ran up my back, and through my long curly auburn hair. Our kiss continued, our lips sliding over each others, our eyes closed as our hands hungrily feeling each others warm, muscular, powerful form.

Finally, we pulled apart, looking into each others eyes. She glanced down, and grinned. I followed her eyes down to my chest. As I saw my nipples pressing outward against the silk top. I blushed.

Diana smiled understandingly. "Don't worry Jamie," she said, "this bustier keeps that from happening to me, otherwise," she paused, a sly grin on her face, "I would be blushing too."

"But," she said abruptly, "we need to get to the Cavern."

"Oh!" I said, suddenly remembering why we were here. "Right, where to?"

"Just follow me," she said, heading out the door.

We ran again through the marble streets, Diana's heels clicking as she ran. She headed out of the city, and toward the mountains in the center of the island. I followed her easily, the sandals patting softly on the short grass. Our bodies propelled us easily across the open plain, the small group of mountains growing quickly in the east.

We began to run through a small gap in the tall hills at the base of the mountains. Up ahead, at the mouth of a nondescript cave, stood the Queen, Acantha, Phillipus, and two other warriors who were the Queen's guard. Acantha was wearing a bronze breastplate, as she looked nervously around from person to person, then glancing at the cave. The Queen and Phillipus were speaking in low tones.

"Ah, Diana," the Queen said as we jogged up to the group. "Are you prepared?" she asked, with a glance over at my outfit.

"Yes Mother," Diana answered.

"Here," Phillipus said to me with a slight sneer at my skirted outfit. "You will need this," she said, curtly tossing a long spear to me.

"Thanks," I said dryly, snatching the spear from the air.

"Amazons," the Queen said, "the Princess is the leader of this mission. All you are to do is go in, find Menalippe, and leave as quickly as possible. Understand?"

"Yes Mother. We will find her and leave as soon as possible."

"Good." She glanced at the ominous cave. I had never seen the Queen look disturbed about anything, until at this moment.

She hugged Diana with a quick move. "Athena guard you," she said, then looking at the other three of us, "and you all."

"Let's go," Diana said, and walked into the mouth of the cave.

The Cavern of the Satyr, Part 2

The cave was rough, but the floor had a smoothed over look, as if it had been walked on for years. It was narrow enough that we had to walk in two ranks. Diana was in the lead, holding a lantern which lighted our way. Phillipus jealously stayed to her side, with an occasional glance back at me.

I just shrugged, and walked behind Diana next to Acantha. The little blonde amazon seemed very nervous, holding her spear so tightly her knuckles were white. When our eyes met, she smiled weakly, but kept going forward regardless.

"Be aware," Diana said softly as she worked her way through the rough flooring, her heels clicking as she walked. "The Satyr is very sly. He knows we are in his lair I am sure, and he will have some traps ready for us."

I nodded as our eyes met. The cave was cool, but my new powers seemed to protect me from being cool. Now that I thought about it, Diana never seemed cold, especially considering what she wore. In fact, neither of the other two amazons looked uncomfortable in the chilly, damp cave.

We walked farther into the cave, but I noticed there weren't any offshooting caves. It seemed to head straight under the mountain. The walls of the cave still looked a little rough, but not jagged like a normal cave should. The cave occasionally opened up wider, then would become narrow again.

We walked into one of these wider alcoves, with an occasional boulder in the midst of the room, with the cave continuing on the opposite side. In the middle of the room was a small pool, with a steady drip of water falling from the center of the ceiling.

Diana walked out into the room, waving Phillipus to the left side of the room. She held her hand out, gesturing to have Acantha and I to wait at the entrance. Diana went to the right, making her way through the cave carefully.

Suddenly, a light shined from the exit on the other side of the grotto. In the center of the light stood Menalippe, naked, with her arms behind her back, her eyes blinking in the sudden light.

"Menalippe!!" Acantha shouted happily, and rushed toward her.

"NO!!" we all yelled at the Acantha, and moved to stop her.

Swiftly, in the blink of an eye, I caught up to Acantha just as she reached Menalippe. As I reached for her arm, the floor suddenly went out from under us.

As Acantha went falling under me, I turned the spear parallel over my head. It caught on both sides of the pit, and I hanged in the air from the spear. I looked down into the darkness, hearing Acantha land with a grunt. Then, below, I heard other voices from below, then a cry from Acantha.

"Menalippe!" I heard Diana cry out. "No, don't!!"

I glanced up, and saw Menalippe looking down at me with an evil smile on her face. She lifted her foot, and brought it down, snapping the spear that held me up.

I yelled in shock as I fell. As I crashed into the floor about a hundred feet below, I saw the pit above me close up.

My mind spun for a moment as I tried to get my bearings. There was an eerie, faint light all around, as I suddenly felt a set of hands grab me around the throat, and powerfully lift me off my feet.

I grabbed the hands as I dangled in the air. As my eyes adjusted, I could see that I was held by a man. Then I noticed he had two small vestigial horns in his forehead. Reacting quickly, I drove my foot into his midsection.

He howled in pain, and tossed me aside as he doubled over. I scrambled to my feet, and gave the man a quick glance. He was male from the waist up, with leathery brown skin, and the vestigial horns. From the waist down, however, his legs were bent and furry, and his feet were hoofs!

I stood for a moment, stunned at his appearance. Then suddenly:

"HELP!!!" I heard Acantha scream, sounding as if in fear for her life.

I spun around, and peered into the faint light that seemed to come from the walls themselves. On the floor in a corner was Acantha. Her breastplate was ten feet from her, as the two men held her down. Her wrists were under her, with a rope wound around them. Holding her shoulders down was one of the men. The other was between her legs, holding her breasts tightly.

The man was pushing his hips forward slowly, as Acantha cried out, her eyes wide. She finally saw me. "Jamie! Help me! Please!" she begged.

I started to rush forward, when something suddenly struck me in the back of the neck.

"UNGHHhhhh!!" I cried out as I hurled forward to the rough cave floor. White lights on a dark background was all I could see as I tried to rise. I got to my hands and knees when I suddenly felt hands on me, lifting my hips up into the air. The man's warm penis slid up against my thigh, working its way up under my skirt, searching and sliding slowly upward. "NO!! Not again!" I screamed as I felt its penis slid against my bare vagina.

A burst of adrenaline shot through me. I blindingly jerked upward on one hand, twisted my upper body around, and drove my bracelet into his cheek. He spun around with a spray of blood, and tumbled across the floor.

I immediately jumped to my feet. The man rolled around in agony, holding its face. I spun around, and rushed toward Acantha.

The man holding Acantha's shoulders quickly rose, as the blonde amazon was held down by the cruel hands on her small breasts. I took a fighting stance as it approached, glancing at Acantha.

She was panting and moaning as the man atop her rocked his hips faster and faster. "Oh" she begged, biting her lip as she trembled under his assault.

As the hooved man approached, I could feel the anger rising within me. As he lunged, I quickly stepped to the side with an agility he could not match. I drove my fist into his gut with all my amazonian strength, doubling him over. As his head came flying down in pain, I swiftly stepped back, and lashed out with my sandalled foot. It crashed into his forehead, sending him spinning head over heels, as he hurtled across the cave, stopping abruptly as he crashed into the cave wall with a sickening crunch. He fell to the floor, unmoving, and lying at an awkward angle.

Without a second glance at the broken man, I rushed to Acantha. Just as I reached the man atop her, Acantha cried out, her body surging upward in a burst of passion. I grabbed the man by the hair, and with a mighty jerk threw him across the cave, his penis leaving a stream of fluid across the floor as he flew through the air, letting out a yell of surprise.

I turned, and followed him. He scrambled dazedly to his feet just as I reached him. With my great speed, I sent my fist into his chin, hurtling him off his feet, and slamming him into the wall again. He slumped to the floor, unconscious, his penis still leaking its native fluid.

"Acantha!" I yelled as I rushed back over to the helpless blonde amazon, "Are you all right?" I asked, helping her to her feet.

The smaller amazon's body quivered as her knees gave way beneath her. I quickly grabbed her around the shoulders, supporting her. Reaching around, I easily snapped the rope around her bracelets.

She seemed to recover quickly as her strength was returned now that her wrists were freed. She still quivered slightly as she stood wide-eyed, glancing at the three men, one of which still rolled around the floor, howling in pain.

" did you do that Jamie?" she asked incredulously. "Even the Princess would have had difficulty defeating three fauns!"

I looked back at the three defeated men. "Fauns?"

"Yes, those are fauns, the male children of the Satyr," Acantha answered. A shudder passed through her body, as she reached down to her midsection.

"Are you okay Acantha?" I asked concernedly.

"I...I don't know," she said. "That faun almost had me." She looked up at me, her eyes a mixture of fright and gratitude. "Thank you," she said sincerely, "I couldn't have taken enslavement again."

I blinked. "What? Enslavement?"

"Yes Jamie, enslavement," she said with another shudder. "If one of these fauns takes an amazon..." she pointed toward the unconscious man, his penis still rigid, Acantha's juices glistening on it, "like that, the amazon loses her willpower, and maybe her sense of being. That must be what has happened to Menalippe. She and I suspected this, but we weren't sure." A very sad expression crossed her face. "Menalippe must have found out it was true. I would have found out too if you hadn't pulled it off me just in time."

I looked around the cave. "Don't worry about it Acantha," I said with more calmness than I felt. "We need to find a way out of here, so we can rejoin Diana and Phillipus.

I walked over calmly, and stood over the writhing man. I grabbed him by his hair, and lifted him up to his knees. Swiftly, I drove my fist into his temple, releasing some anger as I did so.

He jerked, but I easily kept my grip as he slumped over, unconscious.

"There," I said to Acantha, as I let go, watching with satisfaction as he collapsed to the floor of the cave, "now he won't follow us."

"Follow us?" Acantha asked. "Where?"

"There," I said, pointing to the dark cave that continued deeper within the mountain.

We worked our way through the narrow, smooth-floored cave, our way lighted by the rock I carried in one hand. The stone seemed to have a natural phosphorescence to it, as it had lighted the cave when I fought the three fauns. The light this one rock gave off wasn't much, but it was better than utter darkness.

Acantha had tried to repair the buckles on her breastplate, but she had quickly given up, and now carried only her spear with her. I could tell that the her near rape by the faun had affected her. Her body had trembled even after she had gotten her strength back. She stumbled through the dark cave, as I nimbly made my way. Over and over I had to catch the blonde amazon as she was about to fall. Each time she gave me a weak smile, thanked me, and kept moving on. I admired her; she wasn't nearly as strong as Diana or myself, but she wanted to free her mate, so she drove herself forward.

I have no idea how long we worked our way through the cave. I knew I could have moved faster without Acantha, but there was no way I was going to leave her behind.

Suddenly, like a shot in the dark, we abruptly heard a woman's cry faintly in the distance. I turned, and saw that Acantha had heard it also. I handed her the stone, and worked my way forward as fast as I could in the dark cave.

In the distance I could make out a light. As I got closer, the cries became repeated, almost rhythmic. Behind me Acantha struggled to keep up, but she was still weak, and even at her strongest had no chance of keeping up with me.

As I got closer, the cries became more intense, and desperate, then suddenly they stopped. However, the voice had seemed almost familiar..

"Phillipus!" I whispered to myself, realizing who the cries came from. I kept moving, working my way through the narrow cave, as the light ahead became brighter and brighter. Finally I reached to mouth of the cave. I stayed back within the darkness of the cave, and looked over the scene.

It was a huge grotto, lit up like the one in which Acantha and I had been attacked. Tables and chairs of stone filled one side of the room. At the head of the table was a very large, oversized chair. I let out a gasp as I saw what was happening on the table.

Phillipus was on the table, struggling desperately against the five fauns that were holding her down. One was holding her bound hands over her head, watching with evident pleasure. Another was straddling her chest, seated on her bare breasts and holding her head with his hands. He was looking over his shoulder, as if waiting for something.

A faun was holding each of her muscular legs far apart over the edge of the table. Between them was another faun up on the table. His penis was deep inside the dark-skinned amazon, and he was thrusting violently, ravishing the beautiful warrior.

Her teeth were clenched and her eyes tightly shut, as I could tell Phillipus was struggling to not climax. Her assailant was piercing her with all his strength, trying to overwhelm her resistance.

From another cave mouth suddenly someone else appeared. As I saw the light glinting off the eagled chest, and the magical glow around the lasso, I started to run out into the grotto.

Before I could leave the safety of the cave, Diana walked out. She had obviously been in a fight, because her uniform was scratched and torn in numerous places. Then I noticed that her starry panties were also torn, directly beneath her, and odd-looking stains were on the inside of her thighs.

As she stepped out into the light, behind her stepped another faun. This one was nearly eight feet tall, and carried a strange pan flute on a leather string over his shoulder. The Satyr!

He smugly looked over the scene on the table, a look of satisfaction on his face. Behind him walked out Menalippe. She was cleaner that Diana, but had an odd, glazed look in her eye. The Satyr put his meaty hand to Diana's back, and shoved her to the floor by the table.

Diana fell heavily, tumbling across the hard floor, but stayed where she came to a stop. "Get up Princess," the Satyr said, putting all his hatred into the word 'princess'.

Obediently, Diana rose to her feet. "Now, stand there and watch your sister," the Satyr commanded.

I had no idea what to do. There was the Satyr, and his five fauns. Acantha spoke as though I had gotten lucky defeating the three from before, and maybe I had. Could I defeat five, AND the Satyr?

Phillipus abruptly let out a long cry as her resistance finally shattered. Instinctively, I got up, knowing I had to try, and ran into the room.

Phillipus began to buck wildly, as her pent up passion built up for a final release; a release which would doom her. As I sped across the grotto, the Satyr's baleful gaze fell upon me. Before he could say or do anything, I launched myself, and crashed into the Faun impaling Phillipus. I drove him into the stout stone chair across the table, my shoulder in his side, my hand on the side of his face. As we hit the floor, I drove his head into it. Faintly, amidst the gasps and crashing of the chair, I heard a crack, and felt his head compress slightly.

Enraged, I jumped to my feet, straddling the still faun underneath me. The fauns on the table gaped at me. I quickly reached over, and grabbed the faun on this side of the table by the hair, and pulled him toward me, hurling him against the wall.

Phillipus suddenly jerked her arms loose, and smashed down on the head of the faun atop her. As it reeled back, I swiftly stepped forward, and drove a fist into him, spinning him around and sending him off the edge of the table.

Before even I could react, the faun at the end of the table slammed his fist into Phillipus' face, jerked her head aside violently. Her body slumped powerlessly as he slammed her head onto the table once more.

I leaped onto the table, and kicked the other faun in the chin, sending him flying past the Satyr, who seemed to be only watching, as if amused. I quickly turned, straddling Phillipus. The faun grabbed my leg, jerking me from my feet.

I landed on my hands so I wouldn't land on Phillipus. Before he could pull me the rest of the way off the table, I supported myself on my hands, and lashed out with my free foot. The heel of my foot hit him squarely in the gut, knocking him to the floor.

I calmly stepped off the table, and sent a punch into the head of this last faun. I looked around quickly, and saw that all five fauns were out! I blinked, surprised that I had done all this in seconds!

"Very good," the Satyr said, interrupting my self-congratulatory moment. I smoothed down my starry skirt calmly as I stepped to his side of the table.

I put my hands on my hips, standing defiantly before him. "Release my sisters!" I commanded, in the most heroic tone I could think of.

The Satyr looked at me with amusement. "I think I would prefer if you joined them, unknown amazon."

"Princess," the Satyr said sneeringly, "beat this sister of yours into submission, NOW!" he commanded.

"Yes, Satyr," Diana said in a monotone, "as you command."

"Diana!" I yelled in shock as she turned, and started toward me. I backed off, not sure what to do. I couldn't hit Diana, the idol of my entire life, could I?

Then I realized, if she defeated me, and I fell to the Satyr, there wouldn't be anyone who could defeat us...

"I'm sorry Diana," I murmured, as I stepped into a fighting stance.

Before she could react, I snatched her lasso from her belt, and slung it away before she could use it against me. I'd never used a lasso in my life, so...


As I pulled back, her fist hit me in the left cheek, spinning me around, sending my curly auburn hair splaying out in all directions as I stumbled back.

Diana grabbed a fistful of my hair, and drove her fist into my back, eliciting a cry of pain from me as I arched my body in reaction. Dazed, I felt her reach around me, locking her arm around my throat, and squeeze.

She was choking me! I wheezed, trying to get a breath as Diana steadily compressed her arm against my throat. Her knee struck me in the back of my knee, as she pulled me to the floor.

I was beginning to see little stars as my body's oxygen supply began to dwindle. I began to panic. I couldn't defeat Diana. She was Wonder Woman! What could I...

Panicky, I reached up, and pulled with all my might against the arm around my throat. At first, nothing happened, then slowly her grip began to loosen. I took a short breath, then, refreshed, tugged.

Her grip flew apart, as I yanked on her arm, throwing her across the grotto. I jumped up, sucking in air greedily, then raced over toward her.

Diana slowly tried to get up, the wall above her where I had thrown her cracked from the impact. "I'm sorry Diana," I repeated, and smashed a bracelet on the back of her head, knocking her back to the floor. Once more, she tried to get up, but another blow finished her.

I took a deep, almost depressed breath, as I slowly turned around to the Satyr. Before him stood Menalippe. He smirked at me. "You are powerful, little amazon," he boomed, his voice echoing throughout the grotto.

"Yes I am, monster," I answered, slowly, warily walking toward the huge demi-god.

A glint of anger passed through his eyes. "Monster? You dare name a son of Zeus a monster!?"

"Monster," I said simply, walking on toward him.

"You will regret your words, amazon," he said threateningly. He put his hand to Menalippe's shoulder. "You can defeat her, little amazon," he told her, as I slowly approached.

Suddenly, he grabbed her around the neck, with another hand between her legs, and hurled the redheaded amazon at me.

I instantly reacted, trying to catch her. She plowed into me, driving both of us back into the stone table. I heard it shatter underneath me, and I crashed through it, slamming against the back wall.

The grotto seemed to spin. I dizzily got to my feet, using the wall as a guide as I pushed Menalippe's unconscious body off me.

"Monster, ay?!" the Satyr boomed, stomping and crushing the stone table beneath his hooved feet. Before I could do anything but try and recover, his huge hand encompassed my face, and slammed me into the wall. Around my head, pieces of pulverized rock shot out across the room, as my ears were filled with the booming impact. My senses reeled as my vision was filled with pinpoints of light.

"Call a god a monster, will you?" he boomed. "For that the penalty is death!"

He pulled my head out of the cavity it had formed in the stone wall. I hung from his hand like a puppet with its strings cut. I could barely make out figures in the room, or understanding what he was saying.

Again, he drove me into the wall, sinking me deeper into the granite. Barely conscious, my head was a foot within the wall. My feet dangled in the air lifelessly. I couldn't feel anything, not even pain.

Slowly he pulled me out of the hole. I didn't think I could survive another encounter with the wall. Weakly, I reached up toward him, but I couldn't lift my arms.

"Never insult your betters, little amazon," the Satyr said smugly. "Of course, this was the only chance you had to learn that lesson."

He pulled me back, preparing for the final blow. As I weakly reached one arm over my waist, he pushed my head...

"AARGHH!!!" he suddenly roared in agony. He immediately released me, and I bounced off the wall, and fell to the floor on top of Menalippe.

Blearily, I looked up. Phillipus, a thin stream of blood running down her forehead, held her spear, with which she had pierced the Satyr's thigh. Her face was twisted with rage and defiance.

Phillipus tried to pull the spear loose, but before she could the Satyr jerked it from him, ripping it from her grip.

"HOW DARE YOU STRIKE A GOD?!" he bellowed. He spun the spear around, striking Phillipus across the head with blinding quickness. The dark-skinned warrior spun around, falling to the floor.

I reached up, grabbing the depression I had made in the stone wall, and pulled myself weakly to my feet.

The Satyr reached out, grabbing Phillipus by the back of her throat. "Now, instead YOU shall learn the penalty, amazon!" he roared.

"NOOO!!!" I screamed as the Satyr plunged the spear into Phillipus' back. It came out the front of her chest in a shower of blood as I screamed in horror. Phillipus screamed in mortal agony, her hands gripping the spear that protruded from her chest. Slowly, her arms weakened, and dropped to her sides.

The Satyr tossed Phillipus aside, as if already forgotten, and turned back to me. He looked down at his leg, then glanced up at me.

"Perhaps it is good that she attacked me," he said, with frightening calmness. "Otherwise I would have killed you, pathetic amazon," he said to me. "You are strong, and will make a very useful slave."

"Never!" I hissed, sounding braver than I felt.

He started towards me, then stopped, as if changing his mind. "No, you will be very willing, little amazon. I could force myself upon you, but you have spirit," he said, reaching for the odd flute on his hip, "and it must be crushed completely."

I could feel my strength returning slowly as I recovered from the pounding I had just taken. "You'll never..."

I paused as he began to play the flute. It was the most beautiful music I had ever heard. It seemed to fill every pore of my being as the eerie notes echoed around the grotto. A dampening numbness overwhelmed my mind and body. I felt utterly at peace, unable to even lift my arms. I could only stand there, breathing the music in deeply.

The Satyr's dark eyes bore into my own, as the music began to change slightly.

"Oh!" I murmured as I felt my body reacting to the music. It was the most sensual, erotic music I could have imagined. My body ached for the music, as I felt my body begin quiver. My legs started trembling, as a tingling, uncontrollably erotic pulse pumped through my body. I slid my hand under my starry skirt, running my finger the length of my moist vagina. I passed my other hand over my erect nipples, which pointed sharply through eagle-crested top.

My eyes caught his penis, erect, and pointing directly at me. I looked back up at the Satyr. His eyes pulled me forward, as the music slowly drove me insane with desire. I walked up to him, as he sat down on the edge of the shattered stone table.

A tiny, puny, pathetic voice in the back of my mind kept screaming at me, telling me to stop, but my desire, and the music, drove me on. I put one knee on the left of the Satyr, then, stretching limberly, put my other knee on the opposite side of his waist. His thick penis pressed against my belly as I pulled myself up against his leathery skin.

I could feel my juices running down the insides of my thighs, as the Satyr's music seemed to drown out everything else occurring in the world. I reached down, and gripped his leathery penis. It pulsed and throbbed in my hand, its potency evident.

A feeling of revulsion passed through the back of my mind, but the music pushed me on. With my other hand, I pulled up my skirt, as I lifted myself up over his penis.

Holding it tightly, I pulled it under me. I breathed a soft moan as I felt the knobby head press against my dripping vagina. I trembled with desire as I slowly let my hips descend. "OOohhhh...." I moaned as it parted me, sliding slowly within my aching, quivering body. I let go of my skirt, reached around the Satyr, and pulled myself down onto him. I could feel myself stretched wider than ever before in my life, as my eyes rolled up in my head. Twinges of pain shot through me, but they were drowned out by the erotic pleasure and the sensual music that surrounded me. A weakness filled me, as if all my amazonian strength was being drained by the penis between my legs.

"AAHHhh..." I cried as his penis reached deep within my eager vagina. I pulled myself as far as possible onto him, leaving a couple of inches still unengulfed. My head rolled back, my long, curly auburn hair trailing down over my back and buttocks, as I pressed my breasts tightly against his chest.

I began to slide off him, then pull myself slowly down again, as his music continued to fill the grotto. I moaned even louder as I engulfed his penis a second time. Up and down I moved, shifting slowly, feeling the pleasure shoot throughout my quivering body with each self-inflicted thrust onto him. Every sense was filled with pleasure as I closed my eyes, my mouth hung open, moans drawn from me each time I descended down upon the massive penis.

My moans slowly became louder, as the passion filled me, slowly building to a crescendo.

Every muscle in my body tensed, as my mouth opened wide in a long, silent scream. The orgasm rushed through me, as my fingernails tried to dig in the Satyr's leathery back. My vagina gripped his penis tautly, as if trying to crush it. My breasts pressed against him, as my mind was filled by the erotic pleasure of the powerful orgasm. I hung there, unable to move, as the orgasm washed the length of my body.

Finally, with a scream, I collapsed onto him, holding him tightly against me as the music continued to enrapture me. I laid my head against his massive chest, my hair sticking to my sweaty body.

Suddenly, the music ended. A fog in my mind seemed to clear. I was filled with horror as I realized my situation. My body was still trembling, as the sudden struggling and movement sent pulses of pleasure through me, with his penis still deep within my aching, tender vagina.

Weakness filled me. My arms felt like lead. "Wha...what's happening...?" I murmured as I realized how weak I was. I felt even less strong than when I was just a normal woman. The Satyr grabbed my weakly struggling arms and laughed. "Feeling weak, little amazon? Have you not been told?"

My arms were held utterly immobile, despite my struggling. "What do you mean...?" I asked, my voice low and puny.

He threw back his head and laughed. "You truly do not know!"

I tried to rise up off him, ignoring the incredible sensations that shot through me as his penis slithered the length of my sensitive vagina. Suddenly, his meaty hands grabbed each side of my shoulders, and drove me back down.

"AANGH!!" I shrieked as I was driven down onto him, his penis plunging deeper than ever before within my taut vagina.

"Now that you have humiliated yourself, amazon," the Satyr boomed, "it is time for you to serve me!"

He stood up, holding me impaled upon him. He stood there, watching my agonized, dazed body suspended high in the air, held up only by the huge appendage buried within my abdomen. His eyes narrowed evilly, as he suddenly drove me down into the floor, his body crushing down upon me.

"AAAUUGNNHH!!" I screamed as he drove his penis completely within me. Pain and incredible pleasure battled to overwhelm my senses. I vaguely heard the floor of the cave shatter as rocks and dust exploded outward, scattering across the room.

I weakly reached up with my hands, trying to push him off, but it was impossible. He roughly grabbed my breasts, shredding my red top. I wailed as he penetrated me relentlessly. The air was driven from my lungs as he crashed down atop me with each driving thrust.

His breaths became grunts, as he continued to drive into me frenetically. My legs trembled violently as they spread out widely, jerking and twitching every time the Satyr crashed down upon me. His teeth gnashed together, as he grunting with each brutal stab into my thrashing, flailing form.

"OH GOD NO!!!" I screamed, feeling the violent climax building within us both. I thrashed wildly, my hair whipping all around, as he mercilessly impaled me over and over. My fingers clawed weakly at him, but they twitched helplessly as another orgasm began to build again.

"NOO!!!" I wailed helplessly as I felt his thrusting penis fire a thin stream within my stretched vagina. With the last of my resistance, I reared back, and struck him in the side of the head as hard as I could with my bracelets.

The Satyr grunted as his head wrenched to the side slightly. "Foolish amazon!" he bellowed, lifting me up by my sore breasts, and slammed me down onto the granite floor.

"UNGH!" I cried out as I was once more slammed into the floor, sending another shower of granite dust and pebbles across the grotto. Everything around me whirled as I reeled in the depression under me.

"Time for your new life to begin, little amazon," the Satyr grunted between heavy breaths. With a savage thrust, he plunged far into my aching body with a terrifying finality.

Every muscle in my body contracted as he filled me completely. He grabbed me by the shoulders, holding me onto his huge penis, as it began to throb and swell.

"AAAUUUUUGGNNNHHH!!!!" I screamed as my orgasm wracked through my helpless body. I cried out over and over as the crashing waves of erotic pleasure washed over me. My long, athletic legs shot straight out, my toes twitching in the sandals on my feet. The Satyr gripped my shoulder painfully, as he let out a howling moan of release. I lolled my head back dizzily, clamping my eyes shut. I knew this was it for me.

Suddenly, his hands left me, as his penis pulled out of my aching vagina. I could vaguely hear him step away, and a female voice in the background. I opened my eyes, looking around at the spinning room. I made out the Satyr, kneeling on the floor, with a golden, glowing rope around his chest.

"Diana...?" I murmured, rolling over on my side, trying to overcome the sensation within me. "Oohhh..." I breathed as I brought my legs together, holding my breasts with both arms. I tried to focus my eyes on the lasso, and followed it back.

"Acantha?" I said, stunned, as I made out the lithe blonde amazon holding the end of the lasso.

"Yes, Jamie, it's me," she said, her eyes wide and watching the Satyr. My own eyes moved to the huge furred demigod. He was glaring at Acantha with unconcealed hatred. "This will cost your life, little amazon," he growled, slowly starting to walk toward her.

An expression of fear and determination shot across Acantha's face. "I command you to stand still!" she said, jerking on the lasso.

"You think such a strand can control a god?" he said, but obviously straining against the magic of the lasso. He stepped in front of Acantha, dwarfing her with his great size. "How, you too shall learn what it is like to trifle with a god," he threatened, raising up a hamfist to strike Acantha down.

I got to my wobbly legs as sensations raced up and down my body, but I could tell I was recovering very quickly from the blows the Satyr had given me. I quickly leaned down and picked up the huge stone table top. "Forget about someone?" I shouted at him with more bravery than I felt.

The Satyr paused, his fist still high in the air, and glanced back at me. As he did, I slammed the table top into his side. The table exploded in a cloud of dust and debris, sending the Satyr flying across the grotto, the lasso following him as it was yanked from Acantha's hand. The weakness in my body was quickly dissipating. I launched myself across the cavern toward the Satyr. He got to his hands and knees just as I reached him. With a loud crash, I rammed my feet into his head, sending his face crashing against the floor in another explosion of stone.

Before he could react, I grabbed the lasso, and wrapped it around his neck. Putting my legs on either side of him, I mounted his back like I would a horse, and pulled on the lasso. All the anger within me swelled to the surface, and only added to my strength as I squeezed. A gurgled shout welled up from him as he frantically began to grab at the lasso, my hands, my legs, anything he could reach. But, I was implacable. My teeth clenched tight as the lasso bit into his neck. His cries and struggles became more panicked and futile as I arched my body back to put more pressure on the indestructible lasso strangling him.

His huge hands kept trying to pull mine away from the lasso, but his strength began to wane as my anger and strength reached their peak. His body slumped to the floor, followed by his hands. Finally, he quit moving. I waited a few moments more, then got off his still form.

Acantha was agape. She could only stare at me. "Come on," I said, unravelling the lasso from the Satyr. "Let's get the others out of here..."