Wonder Woman: Trust Issues  

By BigBoob 58

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Wonder Woman: Trust Issues

by BigBoob58

'Diana Prince's body resembled Wonder Woman's body rather closely" thought her neighbor Mark Jensen as he followed her to her storage shed. She recruited him to help move five boxes out of her apartment and as a good neighbor, he was happy to lend a hand. He watched the well endowed brunette for years but she rarely spoke to him. At times he thought she didn't even know he existed. Now the pair were toting boxes to the doorway of bin 1671. He set down his burden as she punched her access code into the door pad. The bottom of the door popped up and she bent over to lift it fully open, Her ass was so shapely it hurt to watch as she wiggled it slightly. She wasn't overweight by any measure but her butt cheeks were plump indicating a bit of flesh to grab onto while driving his member into her moist hole. Jensen shook his head trying to banish the image but it fought hard to stay in his mind.

"Would you stack those near the bench in the back?" she asked as she walked back to his minivan for the next carton. Mark watched her butt sway back and forth as she returned to his vehicle. It was a great pear shape and if he stared too much he could see the start of the crack at the top of her jeans. For a beautiful lady, he didn't remember ever seeing her dress very fancy. When she went to work or returned, she wore a business suit. In the rare times she was home on a weekend she wore the same blue jeans and loose sweat shirt that covered her body now. Mark carried the box to the work bench and set it on the floor at the right side of the empty table. As he turned, he started to actually look at the contents of the storage bin. His image of his neighbor changed in moments. Stacked neatly in piles were dozens of bondage devices including four separate posing stands, two pommel horses with shackles attached, and a device that resembled a racing sulky. The wall to his right as he faced the exit featured more chains and manacles than Mark Jensen ever thought existed. The wall to his left held an equally large assortment of dildos, vibrators, and other stuffers. In front of the wall holding the chains were two department store clothing racks jammed with skimpy leather and silk garments.

'Diana is a major S&M freak.' He thought and then he went to collect the last box from his minivan. He smiled at Diana as he passed her and he hurried to get the final box. 'I need to know what all this shit is for.' He thought as he rushed to get the other container. When he returned, she was unpacking the first box and entering the contents into a small lap top she must have carried in.

"So how is it that you have an inventory that would make a sex shop owner blush Diana?" he asked abandoning any pretense up front.

"Well I've picked these up in the course of my assignments with my agency." She replied as she entered another item into her database. "I keep them to study their properties and to plan effective escape strategies."

"And you've been confined in each of these things?" he quizzed.

"No," she responded. "Some of them came from my friend Wonder Woman. She uses these things for her own research and we share notes whenever possible."

"It's a shame to keep all this stuff locked up." Mark observed. "A loving couple might have a good time with some of the toys in here."

"Would you like that?" she asked coquettishly.

"It would be a lot more fun than what I have planned tonight," he replied.

"Tell you what. I'm free tonight. I need about thirty minutes to enter the things we brought today. Why don't you shop around and select an outfit for me and maybe a 'toy' or two and throw them in your car. When we get back and wash the dust from this place off ourselves, you can dress me up and I can be your helpless captive for the evening."

"What if I decide not to let you go?" he teased in reply.

"You seem decent Mark," she said. "I wouldn't have asked for your help if I didn't think I could trust you or that you could keep a secret.'

She resumed her data entry while Jensen walked through the sizable storage room. Diana must spend a fortune in rent for this. He immediately found an outfit that he knew would look great on his buxom neighbor and he grabbed it. At the base of the clothes rack were a number of bags so he liberated one and tossed the outfit in it. He looked at the large selection of stuffers and put two in his bag along with an open cup bra, two different nipples clamp sets, a clit clamp and a pair of high heel shoes. Then he noticed a folded metal frame under the variety of manacles. Pulling it from the wall, he spread it open and began drooling. Neatly folding it back he took it to his minivan and loaded it followed by the bag of goodies. When he returned, Diana was done working on the PC and was placing several bondage devices near other like functional things.

"I'm done here," she said and smiled brightly. "Time to go home and see just what you chose. Remember, tonight anything goes but tomorrow everything returns to normal."

"I like that idea," he replied. He smiled as she stretched out to grab the door and drop it in place. He didn't watch as she entered the locking code and he followed her without making contact as they got in his minivan.

After they parked in the underground garage, He suggested that Diana carry the bag up to her apartment and he would follow after he stopped to check his messages.

"Good, I hope you wouldn't mind doing this in my place. I won't need to collect my toys tomorrow." She said and she headed for the elevator. After the door closed, he pulled the metallic framed device out of his car and caught the elevator to her floor. Her door was slightly ajar and he knocked before entering.

"Come in," she called. "I'm just getting ready for my shower. Did you have any messages?"

"Nothing vital," he replied. "Since we're about to go way over any line, do you object if we share the shower and conserve some water?"

Diana poked her head around the corner and looked at her neighbor. He had above average looks and would be a good enough lover for the evening. She needed a little loving, not another three day episode of sexual abuse and Mark seemed nice enough. 'I may as well look over his merchandise before trying it out.' She thought.

"OK with me," she replied hoping she hadn't answered too fast or hesitated too much. Diana finished removing her clothing and dumped her outfit in her hamper. Jensen stacked his clothes in front of her bedroom door and followed her into her walk-in shower. He looked at his naked companion and marveled at her large firm breasts. Her nipples were huge and betrayed a touch of excitement. In an unspoken agreement, they soaped each other up and he moved to allow her to rinse clean before taking the removable shower head from her and cleaning himself. He used a washcloth to wipe her from her shoulders to her feet and she used a separate cloth to reciprocate. They rinsed each other again and she retreated to her bedroom to towel dry while he toweled himself.

"I didn't look in the bag," she said from her room. "What did you bring?"

"If you let me come in, I'll be happy to show you," he replied. "Do you mind if I dress you? I've never done this sort of thing before and it might heighten the experience."

"Sure that's OK," Diana said. "Do you want to role play?"

"What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"Well, you've given me a drug and I can't move and barely speak. You're going to bind me and take advantage of my plight."

He walked into her room and became breathless. Diana was beautiful. Her large breasts barely sagged and she sat with her leg s spread allowing him a clear view of her untrimmed pubic bush. Though it was thick, he could see her love entry and he expected to get a bit closer during the evening's escapades.

"OK, you are unable to move starting now." He said and he pulled the royal blue under cup bra out of the bag. He put her arms through the shoulder straps and seated her heavy breasts in the open cups. As he put them in place, he lightly stroked the underside of both. Then he secured the bra and reached into the bag for a red leather collar. She responded to his touch and flinched slightly. He lifted her hair and put the collar around her neck before securing it in place. Diana remembered the previous time she'd worn this thins and grimaced inwardly. Mark couldn't know how long her nemesis the Cheetah had kept her in this thing. Her next garment was a pair of crotch less royal blue panties. Cheating, she lifted her ass to allow Mark to tug the undergarment in place. As he smoothed the garment, she moaned in response. Once she had these on, Mark gently pushed her onto her back.

"Don't move," he smiled and went to her door. She lay still as she heard a vaguely familiar series of clicks.

'I did tell him to help himself' she thought as she waited for him to return. When he came back, he carried a jar of Vaseline. He began applying small dabs to her lower entries making an effort to cover her completely. Then he pulled a half mask out of the bag. He twisted her hair into a pony tail and threaded the end through the hole at the top of the mask. He pulled the leather hood down to the top of her cheekbones. Then he secured the item in place and zippered the eye covers closed. Trusting her neighbor, Diana offered no resistance as she was lifted and carried into her living room. She felt a cold metal bar on her rear and another at the top of her back. Her arms were strapped to the upper metal bar and her legs were spread wide and strapped in place at the bar under her fanny. Then Mark opened the eyeholes.

"I didn't know you brought this," Diana observed as she recognized the 'love chair' in which Mark was confining her. The chair was a metal frame that rested on two long poles that provided adequate support if the occupant chose to struggle. The arms that held her ankles were adjustable allowing Mark to spread her legs open. Her wrists were strapped to the upper arms and lifted above her spreading her wide open. Her ankles were strapped in place and were nearly as high as her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and extended well above the mounds of her breasts. She smelled the scent of her pre-arousal fill the room. Mark kissed her and asked "Are you comfortable?"

"I am as long as you honor our agreement," she replied. She saw that Mark was rock hard and he wasted little time positioning himself between her legs. Then he began gently probing her entry stroking just her lips for several moments before making a small thrust. He kept this up and her voice became husky as she began to beg him to push inside. Finally he used her natural moisture to ease his member inside her. He pulled out quickly and then returned and plunged a bit deeper. He sawed in and out until she was on the verge of an explosive orgasm. They climaxed in unison and Diana Prince congratulated herself on selecting such a considerate partner.


Mark pulled out of her and returned to her bedroom. He carried the bag when he returned and he placed two nipple clamps on her chest.

"Are those necessary?" Diana asked as she recognized the painful clamps.

"I want to take you again before our understanding ends but I need a little rest. These will keep you amused."

"And if I ask you to stop right now and let me go, what will you do?"

Mark's hand came out of the bag and in a single motion, he pushed a thick penis style gag into her mouth. In a single motion, the gag self secured at the back of her neck. Mark ran his hands over her responsive breasts and began working the base of her taut nipples. She became even harder under his ministrations . The nipple clamps covered the lower portion of her engorged buds and tightened painfully by a small screw at the side of each.

"Just say the word and we'll stop," he replied to his captive. The exposed end of her gag featured a small reservoir and he pulled a tiny vial out of the bag.

"This is labeled an aphrodisiac. Let's see h w it works Diana" he said as he unstopped the vial and poured the contents into the reservoir. Diana saw the label and screamed silently. The contents were one of Granny Goodness's efforts. If Mark fucked her within thirty minutes, she might end up as his lover permanently. The fluid worked its way down her throat and she felt the effects instantly.

"You're sopping wet down there," Mark observed. "No need to wait until I recover." He continued. "I'm a considerate partner.' Saying that, he pulled two large bitch tamer 2020 dildos out of the bag and showed them to her. He applied a small amount of Vaseline to one and worked it into her rear end. She was sweating now because she knew no normal woman could survive one of these devices. Mark now insinuated the other into her vacant pussy. She was so moist that it slid nearly completely inside without effort. Mark took several moments to fix the attached straps around her hips. Even with free hands, it would take five minutes for her to remove her new lovers.

"I'm going to catch sportscenter," he told the quivering captive. "You should relax and enjoy the experience. He held up a remote and she felt the low end of the cycle as both bitch tamers came to life. He turned to go and then stopped.

"Forgive me Diana," he said. "I forgot the special feature on your toy." He extracted a small device attached to a wire from the Bitch tamers' lower housing and stretched the clit clamp to where her throbbing nub sat. She wanted to scream again as the clamp seized her most sensitive flesh. Her hips bucked as much as her confinement allowed.

"You look very happy Diana,' Jensen said. He escalated the pulse of her invaders and she began to orgasm in rapid fire explosions. She was nearly finished and she couldn't conceive of anything but how good she felt. Mark Jensen was seated in her favorite chair watching the midnight sports center when the batteries died in both bitch tamers and it took another twenty minutes for her pussy to stop pulsing uncontrollably. She sagged against the minimal support of the cold metal bar until Mark returned at the end of the highlights and looked at her confined body. Her breathing was rapid and her large boobs rose and fell rapidly. The confining bra accentuated her large breasts increasing Mark's attraction to his captive. The stuffers no longer buzzed and he slid them out of her openings. Her natural fluids made this a simple process and he took a moment to drop the moistened plastic tubes into the shopping bag. He grabbed the last thing in the bag, a tube of what he assumed was a lubricant and twisted the cap off. He squeezed a dollop of the contents onto his right hand and applied it to her recently emptied pussy. Using his thumb, he massaged the white cream into her slit and he spread the rest over her pouting lips and the adjacent area. She was instantly aroused and the aroma of her love scent filled the room.

Diana felt the cold cream as Jensen applied it and as it took hold, she realized just how much trouble she was in. The cream was devised by DeSaad during a period of captivity by DeSaad's master Darkseid. Her will was gone along with her self control. She needed him inside her as fast as possible and she prayed he had the stamina to satisfy her. Jensen became erect as he applied the cream and he wasted little time pushing his erection into her welcoming folds. She clung to him as well as she could and was fortunate in that he wanted to be there. He pushed in and sawed back and forth as much as she allowed. Her muscles were strong enough to hold him and he became increasingly excited by her willingness. She was shaking again due to the effects of the cream and she held onto his tool for all she was worth. Despite her reduced strength, her love muscles were greatly stronger than any normal woman. When Jensen ejaculated for the third time, he tried to pull himself free. His companion refused to release h m and the pain in his member began to grow. The residue of the cream that Diana's body hadn't absorbed was making his penis burn. He desperately needed to wipe his member clean but Diana refused to release him. In desperation, he reached for her bindings and somehow managed to free her arms while screaming for her to let him go. When she finally released him, he slumped in a pile between her legs. She sat up and tugged the hood off her head. Her pussy still ached and she struggled to reach her confined ankles for many minutes before freeing herself. She went to the hidden compartment in the rear of the closet in her bedroom and retrieved the portable purple healing ray. She bathed her lower entry for several minutes until the effects of the cream subsided. Then she unfolded her beau laying him flat on his back and bathing him in the purple healing ray until his near coma became normal sleep.

Even though Mark Jensen lay insensate, Diana still removed herself from his line of vision before spinning and becoming Wonder Woman. She released her magic lasso from her hip and moved quickly, bending and wrapping the prone Jensen several times. Then she gently slapped his cheeks until he woke. She held her lasso firmly and said, "Do you hear me?"

"Yes Wonder Woman," he replied.

"Diana is as much at fault for tonight as you are. I guess that I can't justify castrating you like a normal Amazon would. However I do need to administer some sort of punishment. You will forget the details of the day. You will remember that you stood Diana up and didn't help her move her things to storage like you promised. You will avoid Miss Prince and the next time your lease is up, you will move as far away as possible. Understand?"

"I understand," was all Mark Jensen was able to say.

"Now, go back to your apartment and go to bed." Wonder Woman ordered and Jensen left. Once she locked her door, she reversed her spin and resumed her Diana Prince persona. She unsnapped the bra and released her neck from the collar, depositing the items in Mark's shopping bag. Then she unscrewed the nipples clamps and tossed them alongside the other toys. "Bad decision Diana" she said softly to herself. "Yet another reason to believe mother when she tells me I can't trust men."