Wonder Woman and the Research Facility  

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Wonder Woman and the Research Facility by John T

At the research facility there were rumors of a major event something truly world changing. All the top officials from the lab and their government sponsors gathered to watch was leaked to be world changing. As they gathered in a room deep beneath the outskirts of Washington D.C., they witnessed the incredible. A platform was set up with a dog sitting on it and as the room watched the lights dimmed. In a flash the dog disappeared. As the watchers spun looking to the area next to them, there was a second flash ! The dog appeared on a similar platform ! The room nearly exploded with cheers and high fives ! "We did it ! The transporter worked !" Plans were made and more research was immediately approved. The project was made above top secret instantly.

Six months later.

A revolution erupts across the world. A senator calls the IADC. "I need Wonder Woman! My daughter was captured by some violent rebels. I have to get her back fast." The Director tells him Wonder Woman is hours away even with her invisible jet. He angrily responds, "I know... but she can be outside of town in 20 minutes. Order her to meet me at this location!" Sending him the address for the secret lab and Wonder Woman is instantly redirected. Nearby she arrives in minutes to see the Senator. They walk and talk as he is too worried to even sneak a glance at her 36Ds as he explains his need for her help. She is surprised that they enter a complex and travel down a well guarded elevator. "Do this for me! Take this risk! I'll do anything - support anything you want!" As they enter the transporter room. Wonder Woman starts to ask but is interrupted, "It is a transporter. I can send you to save her in 30 seconds! Send you in to the exact room to take out her captors." Giving her an fast explanation as he panics trying to convince her to help. A technician in the helps correcting him, "The direct room may be dangerous. We could transport her in to someone walking around! Or if she moves while materializing her clothes could materialize inside Wonder Woman killing her!" As the Senator and Wonder Woman instantly realize the danger and the risk she would take he looks at her ready to cry. "I can't order you to do this. Please there must be a way."

Wonder Woman understands the risk as she looks at the Senator and technician looking at the layout of the rebel complex. "Can I be transported in to this empty room with my clothes and artifacts separate?" With my lasso and surprise I can make quick work of them!" The Senator looks so happy and grateful, "Thank you Wonder Woman! We have to do it soon there is a rumor they will be moving in to caves outside of where they are holding her now and the teleportation location would be impossible to guarantee then!" Wonder Woman looks over the 'intel' from 10 minutes earlier. "I'm ready!" Then she quickly strips off all her artifacts, ear rings, her super suit and red boots. Walking naked to the transporter pad she tosses her things 5 feet from her to be safe. Standing there her amazing naked body on full display - The technician struggles to focus as he stares at her 36Ds with her nipples stiff in the cool air. Her neatly trimmed pussy something he only could dream of right there, no imagination needed. As she smiles seeing him stare. "Focus on your job! I don't get a second chance if you mess up!" As he snaps to attention, "I will triple check everything !" As Wonder Woman nods, "Good! Check it a fourth time and send me fast!"

On the other side of the planet, the naked Wonder Woman reappears! Her amazing body trembles for an instant as she adjusts to new location. "I wasn't expecting that." as she can hear something moving. As she looks down to find a bed six inches from her legs realizing how close she came to having made a disastrous decision. Next to it is a rebel staring as if he had the best dream ever! Without her power belt Wonder Woman sprung in to action with a round house kick that laid him out on the bed barely making a sound. "That was close too close." Gathering her artifacts she gets dressed. Minutes later, the nearest military installation receives a message. "Everything is 'wonderful'. Rebels neutralized. Package is safe and ready for extraction." The Senator is listening and relieved. His daughter is safe.

One Week Later.

Wonder Woman meets the Senator at the transporter at her request with the technician that helped them and the lead researched on the project. After exchanging his thanks she asks for his support. "With the dangers in the world, I will need to respond as fast as possible." Smiling looking at the device, "I want to have access to this." They all looked at her if she was crazy, the researcher smiled, "You must be joking. That was so dangerous if I wasn't over ruled six times it would never have happened. The locations are hard to be exact with. We could transport you in to a wall!" Wonder Woman nods, "I know the risk." not mentioning her near miss with her legs. "I need to respond to issues faster than ever. This will save lives every day!" The researcher protests, "You were the first human test subject. We did it on your word. I need you to sign every permission approval our lawyers can think of. That is why we didn't do any human testing." The Senator smiles, distracted by Wonder Woman's 36Ds then he offers a compromise. "Wonder Woman has been on thousands of classified missions. We can trust her and she wants this! Let's compromise - Wonder Woman sign off on any disclaimers you need her to but for the next month I want you to work here. No missions. I want you to fully understand what you are agreeing to do. You will be agreeing to be her human test subject!" The researcher smiles, "Test subject? Wonder Woman? We could spend the month using you to test the systems as we refine the coordinates." As Wonder Woman thinks it over the technician interrupts, "She is Wonder Woman not a lab rat! I can't belive we are considering using her. That time was an emergency and a mistake to be so act so quickly." The technician's remarks made her decision. Arrogantly she smiles, "I make my own decisions." Grabbing a piece of paper writing down 'I Wonder Woman accept all risks relating to using and testing the transporter. Any test or use I view as too dangerous I have the right to refuse. Any test I participate in I accept the results. Signed Wonder Woman.' The technician shakes his head as the researcher smiles, "Welcome to our team Wonder Woman!" as both the Senator and her sign off on it. Smiling as Wonder Woman asks, "What are your names I know the Senator and if he trusts you then so do I!" As the Researcher says you can call me 'Kim' and the technician says 'John'.

Wonder Woman pauses realizing there could be dangers but with the right of refusal she tells John. "When we do a test you are going to send a GPS device first from 1 foot from where I will stand on the platform. Once confirmed and triple checked then I'll go." He smiles back, "I'll be careful. I just don't want to be the person that killed Wonder Woman in an accident." Wonder Woman nods, "I understand and appreciate your concern John. I don't want either of you to be that 'person'! You'll just have to keep your focus and get used to seeing me naked !" as she winks - pulling down her bustier in front of him showing him and all of them a close up of her incredible 36Ds and excited nipples. Stripping off the rest of her clothes as she says, "Kim - can you get me a GPS. I want you to send it then me across the room. Time for some testing!"

As promised they send the GPS safely and check it as it appears 6 inches above the floor before clattering down. Then Wonder Woman steps on to the platform. "Great idea give me 6 inches to play with but I'd prefer 8 inches!" as she jokes with John to put him at ease. The Senator, Kim and John all watch as Wonder Woman is transported 8 inches off the ground. She drops down on to her bare feet as her 36Ds bounce before firmly setting high on her chest. Almost giggling, "That feels good. Almost tickles !" as her body trembles slightly as she looks herself over. "I made it!" The Senator nods, "I have to get back for a vote. It looks like the team is set. I'll keep restrictions on the lab to you 3 and anyone you specifically include." As he leaves taking an extra look back at the naked Wonder Woman as she brings the GPS with her back to the first platform. "Kim - lets get some data. Your 'lab rat' is ready !" As she has Kim and John repeat the process ten times adding data collectors on both sides to track her body as it dematerializes and rematerializes. They quickly generate hundreds of Giga bytes of data. John analyzes as much as he can but has to send it to a team of researchers. They instantly learn human tests have begun but are kept from learning anything about the test subject. The data is checked as John and Kim monitor them and listen in with Wonder Woman around. "No issues found. The transporter and locators are working perfectly! Tell the test subject we say 'thank you' and wish him or her well! Just keep the transporter clean!" As they think they turned off the phone only to be overheard - one person chuckling, "Better keep it clean I've seen the movie 'the fly'" as others talk in the upstairs room - *I can't believe they got a volunteer* / *Must be some nut case thrill seeker !* / *Very brave* / *Poor stupid lab rat !* /*Wow - they found someone crazy enough to be teleported !* /*Not brave.. suicidal!* /*How stupid* /*Such a huge risk* Wonder Woman reaches for the phone a little concerned about their comments in private. Picking it up, "You didn't hang up your phone - I can hear everything and you are all a little right. But I accepted the risk and need your full attention and best work. My life depends on it!" as they quickly apologize not realizing who they were talking to as Wonder Woman hangs up.

Kim and John try to explain the team's fears and worries as Wonder Woman smiles, "Just human nature." as she changes the subject. "The movie the fly - is that possible? Could you combine my DNA with something to make me better suited for a mission? Wings like a bird? Gills like a fish?" Her change of subject question has John smile, "Accidents are possible but we keep this room clean. The changes you are thinking of are theoretically possible. But - We would never risk you like that !" Kim takes it as a serious question. "Day one and Wonder Woman is looking to add even more risk? We would have to scan you at the molecular and atomic level and anything you would be combined with to add their parts to you and remove them safely." Then before Wonder Woman can respond she turns to John. "We should scan her completely in case there is an accident and we have to transport her out of come creature or thing!" He nods, "We will do it immediately." As Wonder Woman listens a little concerned but happy they are planning for any possibility no matter how remote. "What do we need to do then?" as John goes to the console. "I'm setting it up right now. Wonder Woman lay on the transporter. The scans should take 24 hours total and we will have to break it up over 2 days." Without hesitation Wonder Woman goes to the middle of the platform and as the aggressive arrogant Heroine lays down she tells them. "Get it done. We have more testing to do in 25 hours!"

Wonder Woman lays their motionless. John and Kim are amazed at her determination to make this work. Only taking 15 minute breaks every 6 hours to check the scanners. The scan touches, probes and records every cell in her body as Kim sits next to her telling her all about her ideas and plans for the transporter and agreeing that hybrid people is a possibility some day. She uses the time to update Wonder Woman on the history of the transporter program and the successes and even failures offering her the opportunity to get out of the program. "This is super risky and I know how brave you are. No one will ever know if you changed your mind and left the program. Volunteers have been hard to find but I can find another 'lab rat' to replace you." trying to warn her and talk her out of doing anything more risky than what she has already done. At the next break Wonder Woman sits up, smiling at Kim "I will not quit. I'm not a 'lab chicken'! I'm a 'lab rat'!" As her arrogance shows as she didn't want to be talked out of her decision as she had time to think and worry about the tech geeks' comments earlier. Playfully she tries to worry Kim, "Tell me about your riskiest ideas." As Kim knows she made a mistake but tells Wonder Woman, "The biggest risks are the accidents. Can we pull you back out of an object? Can your DNA be identified and extracted if you were merged with something else?" As Wonder Woman smiles teasing her, "Maybe I'll sign off on one of those accidents one day." As Kim ever serious doesn't realize she is joking, "I would never allow something like that. I'm not stupid enough to allow that or to take that kind of a risk with you." As Wonder Woman corrects her, "I was only joking. You think I'm that stupid?" While John laughs, "She isn't used to working with 'lab rats' as smart as you." Only to have Kim smile back, "You aren't that stupid but I'm afraid you are arrogant enough to try. You would never have agreed to this if you weren't a risk taker." As Wonder Woman's scan restarts before she can reply. She lays there thinking about taking some very controlled risks.

Two Days Later.

The scans completed and the transporter rechecked after such a long extensive use. Wonder Woman repeats her 10 transport test with her GPS leading the way in the lab. As she loves feeling her body tingling as she rematerializes naked each time. Wonder Woman pulls Kim and John aside and wants to expand the range. "I want to get transported around the hallways down here. Then further away. You can send me to thank the guards for their service. Without my Tiara and artifacts they'll never recognize me. You can call me Diana so my true identity as Wonder Woman is a secret." Kim smiles and agrees, "I figured you'd want a little more risk soon." Then for the next 3 days - Wonder Woman and her GPS do 10 transports a day, twice to each location. The secret lab location means few guards but Wonder Woman was getting used to running around naked almost like on Paradise Island. Enjoying John's attention between transports and leaving off her robe a little longer than she should between transports. With greater distances to the complex grounds above Kim decided to send a robe with the GPS each time so she wouldn't be naked for long. The guards at the gate knew her and let her in each time robe and all. They didn't have her materialize in front of anyone to keep the program a secret but her returning to the complex was curious to the trained observers but they just did their jobs.

A week in to her commitment, Wonder Woman loved her agreement. She would soon have free use of the transporter she was verifying. Her 7 days, full body scan, and 50 transports without any glitch were better than they ever imagined. Kim, John and her were working great together and the technical team was getting their checks done even faster. Now that she was being transported further she could feel the 'transport tingle' lasting longer. She loved feeling her body tingle and shiver for a couple minutes after her transport. It didn't affect her ability to move or react in any way. John and Kim noticed it early on from her giggling and told her to monitor it and update them. The issue was that without a watch Wonder Woman couldn't tell that it was increasing in duration although slightly each day.

With the increased use of the transporter Kim decided to give Wonder Woman and the team 2 days off to rest from all their data crunching and to check all the wiring used by the transporter. Wonder Woman missed that 'transport tingle' almost to the point that she wanted to start back up early. She spent her time trying to convince Kim and John to do 20 tests a day and over longer distances. Going so far as to confirm that her power belt was the source of her abilities and asking for it to be sent next to her so she could use her super powers to hurry back faster. Then taking the initiative to talk with the tech team to make sure they could crunch the numbers in half the time to make sure she could do 20 tests a day. Kim was so impressed and loved the idea so much she never gave it a second thought when Wonder Woman insisted on increasing her risk with 20 transporter tests a day when the program restarted. Forgetting that Wonder Woman was such an aggressive risk taker Kim put her own research first but confirmed the information Wonder Woman gathered to make sure 20 tests a day would work. Over the next 5 days Wonder Woman was transported 100 times! Each time she paused to enjoy the return of her 'transportation' tickle' to the point where she was so aroused she had to finger herself and orgasm. Then as the week was ending a new GPS arrived and Kim had to test it. Using it across the room it worked perfectly and Wonder Woman smiled. "Bonus test!" as she was successfully transported. Her body started to tingle just as intense as the others. Her body trembled as she hornily rubbed her pussy as Kim and John watched excited at the show at first then realizing the signs. It was the 'transportation tickle' only this time it lasted for a shocking 10 minutes as Wonder Woman orgasmed at the end! Wonder Woman seemed normal but this wasn't what was supposed to happen. She should never be this distracted after a transport!

After 152 transports Kim and John were stunned. Before Wonder Woman finished trembling they had already sent her data to the tech team for a closer examination. Finally Wonder Woman smiled realizing they were watching her with great concern as her trembling finally stopped. "How long has this been happening?" As Wonder Woman jokes, "I've been enjoying myself for years!" as she laughs Kim tells her, "We have to understand this. The testing is about to be suspended until we know what is going on." Wonder Woman is upset. She should have told them she knew it - now everything she was doing this for was at risk. Wonder Woman looked down at her feet as Kim surprisingly ordered her to the platform. "One more transport! This time you go 5 feet then lay down on the platform after it and we will scan you completely again!" They all agree. Wonder Woman is transported. Her body trembling she moves to the platform and lays down. The scanner starts immediately. Data is pulled and shared with the Tech team up stairs as they were put on high alert.

The 153rd transport was the most critical. Within minutes, John saw it. A residual energy left in her body resulting in the 'tickle' as it dissipated. Kim confirmed it. As the tech team worked on a fix the scan was stopped. Wonder Woman sat up sadly asking. "What is wrong with me?" Relieved that she knew what it was Kim unleashed on Wonder Woman, "You arrogant... you stupid risk taker! Why didn't you tell us? Why? You could have killed yourself with silence. That was residual energy in your body. It could have done anything to you as it intensified - it could be killing you right now. Luckily it just made you a horny bimbo!" As John calms her down, "Everything is going to be all right. We will find the cause and fix it. It is just a delay. It is good we had a test subject." As Wonder Woman is relieved at the news apologizing, "I made a mistake. It felt so good. No issues were in the tech team's reports and I checked them every day!" The tech team interrupts - They already identified the issue and the fix. The energy will still be there but should never last longer than 20 seconds once the energy control unit is fixed. They work the fix using the planned 2 days off to identify it so the third week can start on time.

The next morning, Kim goes to Wonder Woman's room. She apologizes for blowing up at her as Wonder Woman says she understands, "No one wants to be the person that destroyed Wonder Woman. That is why you are playing it so safe." Kim laughs, "You think any of this is safe? Every test we run I'm afraid will be your last!" Wonder Woman spent the night thinking about the risk she took and how good it felt when it tickled her body as she smiles thrusting out her robe covered chest, "I'm a 'big' girl. I know the risk. It is my choice." Wonder Woman's mind wanders thinking about the tests and the energy making her body tingle she can't help but tell her. "I loved it. It was so exciting! I loved those 'risks'!" Referring to her orgasms as Kim is amazed that Wonder Woman's odd response. "If you want a risk then lets take one! They took the energy control unit off. You want a risk? You like the 'transportation tickle' ? Transport now and you'll get a full dose of residual energy. Can you take that stupid risk?" As Wonder Woman arrogance kicks in thinking of how the energy made her body feel and knowing she wanted to feel it more powerful and lasting longer, "I guess I am that stupid. Lets go! I'll take the risk for a longer lasting more intense 'transportation tickle' !" They leave for the empty transporter room seeing who will stop this test first.

Wonder Woman smiles thinking of how much she wants to feel that tickle again and knowing it will last even longer. She looks up at a camera in the transporter room, "For the record. I'm doing this test without the energy control system. I know it - I accept it - My risk! My decision!" As she steps on to the platform, "Transport me!" Kim doesn't back down... pressing the button. Instantly Wonder Woman's naked body materializes nearby. A distinct yellow glow surrounds her trembling body as she tries to walk to Kim at the console excitedly smiling her hands already working over her pussy, "You... you ddddid iittt ! Th...thank... yyooouuuu..." as she collapses in to a shivering, trembling, giggling, glowing, orgasming mess loving her energized tingling body and pussy ! Kim is frustrated as she grabs Wonder Woman's trembling feet. Dragging her down the hallway as she giggles fingering her excited pussy - John looks out. As Kim tells him, "She wanted to take a risk! She decided. Leave her enjoy 'her' decision!" As she slides Wonder Woman in to her room to enjoy herself in private.

The next day passes.

Wonder Woman never leaves her room as she is heard giggling and panting the entire time so they at least knew she was alive. Finally the testing is ready to start the following morning; the transporter is fixed as they wait for her. Over two full days after her test, Wonder Woman stumbles out of her room to the lab. Her body is shaking making her 36Ds jiggle. She can barely lift her feet as she shuffles to the transporter. Giggling, "I'm almost ready." But clearly she isn't her raven hair is a mess her eyes blood shot like she hadn't slept in days and they knew she hadn't as they joked trying to guess the number of orgasms she enjoyed over that time. But the energy glow is gone as she is almost recovered taunting Kim, "We just need to take off that energy control unit and I'll go again!" Kim spent the 2 days horrified at what she might have done to Wonder Woman but her teasing was too much. Kim gave the order. "Remove the energy control unit. It is want Wonder Woman wants and the risk she wants to take! Time to teach her a lesson!" The headstrong women look at each other not flinching. Wonder Woman is not in her right mind after the last test and her 2 day orgasmic haze. The disheveled somewhat confused Heroine hears John tell her to wait and think this over only to see her look up at the camera, "Make it 5 transports and you've got a deal !" John is horrified protesting. "You can't do it! It could kill you!" but he is ignored. Kim watches Wonder Woman stagger to the transporter. "This is what you wanted. You know the risks?" Wonder Woman in not herself as she giggles, "I accept the risk - shut up and transport me! Five times!"

Kim checks the system and immediately transports Wonder Woman 2 feet to the left on the platform - Then 2 feet to the right. Five times in total in a 10 minutes! Wonder Woman's body stands there trembling violently. The yellow glow is now a bright red one as she slumps to her knees while making an inaudible groan. Wonder Woman is not enjoying this feeling for sure as tears fill her eyes. Her head shaking wildly as she falls to the ground having what looks like a violent seizure! John watches horrified. "What did you agree to do Wonder Woman?" The camera in the room catches it all. Then to their amazement after 15 minutes of suffering and writhing on the floor for the devastated Heroine - an orange ball of energy comes out of Wonder Woman's trembling body... raising up above her before winking out and disappearing completely. John and Kim rush to Wonder Woman as she lays there still writhing in pain. Kim smiles, "Amazing Wonder Woman! I never thought you could take all that energy. You were right. I'm glad I was wrong! But I went along to teach you a lesson... I think I did." As Wonder Woman whimpers trying to move as they help her to her weak wobbly feet as she knows something is horribly wrong with her, "I made a terrible mistake. Help me! Save me ! Forgive.... Arrrggghhhh! NOOO!". As Kim and John are surprised and worried.

They each have her by an arm supporting the once might Amazon. Her powerful arms suddenly feel 'rubbery' losing their form surprising them and sliding out of their grasp. Wonder Woman's once sexy feet are horribly swollen to the size of clown shoes and swelling more each second. They are swelling as her legs shorten compressing while growing in width. The energy in her body altered every one of her cells robbing them of their strength and integrity! As each cell 'pops' under the weight of the cell above it. Kim cries out in desperation, "Wonder Woman! What is happening to you?" Her arms drop from Kim's and John's hands as her amazing legs compress like huge water balloons. Wonder Woman can't respond, the pain it too intense! Every cell in her once powerful amazing body is imploding or suffering some combination of dissolving or disintegrating in a horrific chain reaction! Her feet and legs explode under the pressure as the rest of her body drops and hits the floor like a giant Wonder Woman sized water balloon. Her genetic material is a pink slimy watery mess splatter over John and Kim as 'she' spils across the floor.

John is stunned and devastated! Kim is horrified! As she panics, "You heard her agree to this? Right? This is what she wanted? Her risk! Her messy failure! I have it on video. Save it. We can't tell anyone about this. I have to figure out our next move." John looks around holding his head like he has a migraine. "Figure out our next move? We just liquefied Wonder Woman!" As he takes charge, "We have her initial complete scan right? We need to collect every drop of her and get it on the platform - NOW !" Taking off his Wonder Woman splashed clothes and making Kim do the same. "No drop of Wonder Woman can be lost or leaves this room! Go get containers to hold her and I'll get the wet/dry vacuum to collect her!" Kim finds several large buckets from the upper floors. John was already using the vacuum to suck up Wonder Woman's liquefied body. Carefully filling the containers before mopping up the floor making certain he did not missing anything. Wonder Woman's life and their careers and futures depended on getting her fixed. After an hour of cleaning the floor collecting Wonder Woman, nearly 14 gallons of her are on the platform in various buckets and containers. He included all the clothes, towels, and mops used to collect her. As Kim shouts, "We did it. I'll start the scanning program to restore her." as John looks over the platform. "Stop! We have to adjust the scan and filters. We have to separate out the materials and check for any residual cleaning agents in the containers." Thinking of all the things to add and seeing specs in one of the buckets, "Ohh crap ! The vacuum - there is all the stuff we usually filter out through the clean room. Dust, plant matter, parts of flies, spiders, and ants. We have to separate out everything and the system has to identify ever atom of material to pull out only Wonder Woman or she will be an abomination without a chance to ever be fixed!"

Kim adds all the potential criteria sobbing, "This could take days." As John corrects her, "Weeks is more like it with only about a 20% chance of success." John calls the technical team upstairs telling them the project is suspended for 2 weeks and they are to leave immediately. As he quickly adds their system's computing power to the lab scanner. Then he starts the 2 week process to scan for and save Wonder Woman drop by drop !

(Can this actually work ? Will it work ? If so how many weeks will it take to decode Wonder Woman ? Did Wonder Woman take one risk too many ? Will Kim's error in judgement be the end of Wonder Woman ?)

(Of course it will !)

Four days later.

The system scans of Wonder Woman's liquefied body are complete with the contaminants identified. The extra computing power compressed a month's worth of data down amazingly. But none of the accomplishments matter if it doesn't work. With Kim's approval and crossed fingers they start the transport to save and hopefully restore Wonder Woman. All the data in the overworked system slows it down taking an agonizing 10 minutes before a flash happens and all the particles fall to the transporter platform and bottoms of the buckets. They quickly turn to the rematerializing area - Wonder Woman's body reforms in the laying down position 3 feet off the floor. Then drops her with a *thud*! Kim smiles seeing it working, "No splash this time." as Wonder Woman stands up naked and smiling. John smiles relieved, "She is definitely not an abomination. She looks amazing." As Wonder Woman walks over to them like nothing ever happened smiling at John. "Thanks for the compliment! That was a rough transport we need to get the tech geeks on that!" Wonder Woman can't understand their happy looks and the relief on their faces.

Over the next few hours they realize that Wonder Woman doesn't remember anything after the energy was affecting her body and apparently her mind. It explained Wonder Woman's reactions and foolish risks. Leaving Wonder Woman thinking she just finished her first week of testing not knowing anything about the 2 weeks and her near destruction. John and Kim know they have to tell her what happened as Wonder Woman refuses to believe them. Then as they recheck the system they have Wonder Woman watch the videos of her agreeing to take the risks horrified at what she said and agreed to. Clearly she wasn't in her right mind. As Kim tells her that the month of testing has a week left but the resources are gone. Telling her she will honor the agreement. Wonder Woman refuses. "We found a major issue with the testing. I can't remember the past 2 weeks. More testing is needed to make up the 3 weeks I've cost you. Add those 3 weeks to my time as your test subject I still want this to work for me and for all those that need saving and a fast response." John and Kim are amazed but know how much Wonder Woman wants this device to work not just for her but for other agencies. As she winks at them, "Besides now that I know you can restore me maybe we can take a few more risks?" As they all enjoy a good laugh.