Wonder Woman at the Museum  

By Disciple

Wonder Woman at the Museum

By: Dede

Wonder Woman was on cloud nine, literally and figuratively, as she glided gracefully out of the sky, downwards, towards the Hall of Justice.

While the rest of the leading members of the Justice League were a million miles away, on a galactic peacekeeping mission, Wonder Woman had been left all alone to face the newly reformed Injustice Gang, once again led by Lex Luthor. They had decided that this would be the most opportune moment to strike, with so many of the JLA away. They figured that the odds were prohibitively in their favor, with seven of them against one lone heroine. And they were wrong.

The Amazing Amazon, Princess of Themiscyra, and the most powerful heroine on Earth, had been more than up to the challenge. It took the use of every single one of her amazing abilities - super strength, speed, flight, and fighting prowess - as well as all of her amazing weapons - her lasso, tiara, and bracelets - but in the end, every single villain had been subdued, and securing them all together in her lasso, she hauled the entire Injustice Gang off to jail.

Her confidence was never higher as she gracefully landed on her boot-covered feet and walked into the Hall, sitting at the terminal to keep an eye out for any further trouble. There were a number of lesser heroes and heroines about, that she could contact to handle any minor emergencies; but things were mostly quiet now that the Injustice Gang was once again out of the way.

She was about to get up and get herself something to drink, when the JLA computer beeped. "Incoming Message", it said. Diana stopped and turned to answer it, thinking it might be from Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the others, reporting in from the edge of the galaxy. Instead, the video monitor flickered in front of her, with the image of a plain-looking, well-dressed man, sitting in a wheelchair.

"This is Wonder Woman. What is the nature of your emergency?"

"Ah, Wonder Woman. You are just who I needed to speak to. There's no emergency - not that I know of…"

"This is the Justice League Trouble Alert; if this isn't an emergency, then-"

He cut her off abruptly. "I'm a collector. I'm starting a…superheroine museum, of sorts."

"A superheroine museum?" He had her full attention now.

"Yes. A way to showcase the world's greatest superheroines, in all their amazing glory…"

Wonder Woman couldn't help but smile. Could this day get any better? She had singlehandedly defeated the strongest group of villains on earth, and now she was being told all this… "Yes, go on…"

He smiled at her response. "As I said, I am a collector. I am collecting the world's greatest superheroines. And you, Wonder Woman, will be my first acquisition." The camera panned over and back, so Wonder Woman could see what was sitting on the floor next to him…a large, rectangular-shaped, glass case, with her emblem and the words "Wonder Woman" in large letters at its base.

Diana gasped in total shock.

"Your first acquisition?" she blurted out as she stared at the empty case on the monitor. "You don't mean what I think you mean…you can't…that's just crazy…"

"I mean exactly that. By this time tomorrow, you are going to be inside that case."

Wonder Woman had put up with her fair share of nutjobs and fanboys, but nothing quite like this. "I don't know who you are, or what your problem is, but you have a lot of nerve calling me up and…and…"

"Can't think of a good comeback, heroine?" He laughed. "You should be thanking me. I have given you twenty-four hours to come to grips with your destiny. Maybe I shouldn't have even bothered. I guess what I heard about you is true."

"Thanking you? THANKING you?" Wonder Woman exploded. "I know all about my destiny, a lot more than you will ever know…and what do you mean, what you heard about me is true?"

"Your destiny is to be inside that case. And you will be. You'll be begging to be put in there."

"Begging?" the outraged Amazon replied. "Never! You know absolutely nothing about me! All you've done is waste a few minutes of my valuable time, loser. Go back to playing your stupid little games, or whatever it is you do there…!" And she clicked off the call in disgust. 'I've really seen it all now,' she thought as she once again got up to get that drink she had wanted a few minutes before. When she returned to her chair, she had almost completely put the unwanted exchange out of her mind.

And a few hours later, she had completely forgotten about it, as she was in the air, flying towards Tokyo, to deal with a real trouble call. "A monster is destroying the city, please hurry, Wonder Woman!" had been the frantic request. 'Godzilla all over again,' she thought as she approached downtown Tokyo, into a thick cloud of smoke, gliding down gracefully towards the scene of the damage.

An overpass was about to collapse, and there were a lot of people trapped underneath it, seconds away from being crushed. Without hesitation, she flew underneath it and held up the heavy load long enough for all of the people to get to safety.

She flew back up into the air, and just then she heard a buzzing sound behind her, soft at first, but growing louder. She turned to see the 'monster' approaching her…it resembled a giant housefly, about twenty-five feet long and maybe ten feet high, about the size of a school bus. It was mostly black, with two large antenna on top of its head, and was buzzing so loudly that it drowned out any other sound around it. It didn't look 'real' but more like an animatronic creation, or a robot.

"So, you're the one responsible for all this…!" Wonder Woman shouted at the giant fly. Its response was to buzz even louder, and for its antenna to start to glow, as if they were about to shoot some sort of energy. Diana got her bracelets up just in time, as lasers shot out from both antenna, directed squarely at her. With amazing precision, she deflected both shots, deflecting them right back at the creature. One connected with an antennae, frying it, as it made a loud popping sound.

The fly backed away, wounded. Wonder Woman quickly reached for her lasso, acting before the creature could get away; she tossed the loop around one of its legs, and pulled, stopping the retreating fly in its tracks. She started slowly pulling the giant mechanical thing towards her, and then without warning, it snapped its leg back powerfully, sending the unsuspecting heroine flying sideways, bouncing off a couple of buildings, before taking off with her in tow.

As it pulled her, the connection she had made with it, with the lasso, was confirming to her what she had thought; this was a machine, nothing more. No mind, no soul, not alive, just a programmed machine, following its orders. She would have no issues destroying it, she thought, as she deflected a few more lasers directed at her from its one remaining antenna. Then, she started flying towards it, her fist raised, her plan to simply punch a hole in its side and start tearing it apart. But, before she got close enough, it started moving again.

The motion was different, though; the fly wasn't moving away, or closer, but around; it was starting to spin, like a giant top. It started slowly first, but gradually spun faster and faster, and Wonder Woman, holding onto her lasso tight, was getting spun right along with it. It kept spinning, and spinning, and spinning…and then suddenly, without warning, it stopped. Wonder Woman's momentum threw her hard into the side of a nearby building; dazed a bit, she slowly turned around to face the creature as she gave her head a moment to clear.

She never saw it coming - if she had, she would have thought it looked exactly like a giant, black fly-swatter. "WHAM!!" it slammed into her hard, knocking her back against the wall with incredible force, and then, just as quickly as it had hit her, it pulled back.

"Uuunnnhhh…", she groaned, as she finally saw what it was - attached to one of its 'legs', it had been hidden from view until now. Wonder Woman struggled to clear her head and stay in the air, still holding onto her lasso, as the swatter raised itself up above her again. "WHAM!!" It slammed hard into her again, once again against the wall, just as hard as the first time.

"Hera…uuunnnhhh…" Wonder Woman mumbled, as she once again moved towards the fly, but her movements were slow and erratic. The twin blows from the swatter had made her quite disoriented and woozy. The fly held the swatter aloft as it pulled its leg back towards itself, the one that she had lassoed, pulling Wonder Woman towards it, as the stunned heroine tried somehow to recover.

She saw two lights approaching, blurry at first, but slowly coming into focus a bit as she got close to them; they were glowing green, and in some kind of container…a container than she was rapidly being pulled into. The last thing she thought was that the thing she was going into resembled some kind of giant bug zapper…and then, the lights made contact with her chest, one on each of her breasts, sending giant jolts of electricity into her…

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!" she screamed, as the incredibly powerful currents surged through her. The moment they stopped, the bottom of the container dropped out, and she started to fall. She was unconscious before she even hit the ground.

She came to a bit later, still in the same spot, and surrounded by mostly Japanese photographers and reporters. "She's alive! She's awake!" came the excited shouts in both Japanese and English.

"Uuhhhh…" Wonder Woman mumbled, as she slowly sat up. Her head was still sore, and her breasts were still tingling from where the electricity had entered her. "Where…" she looked up into the empty sky, "where did it go…"

"It flew away, right after you got zapped," an English-speaking reporter replied. "It's gone - nobody saw where it went."

She got to her feet, still a bit unsteady, as the flashbulbs went off all around her.

The reporter grabbed her arm to help steady her as her head finally started to clear. "Thank you, Wonder Woman, thank you!" he exclaimed excitedly.

"Thank me?" She turned and looked at him in surprise. "That thing…beat me…"

"Yes, but now we have an incredible headline for our paper tomorrow! 'Revenge of the Fly: Giant Insect Swats, Zaps Mighty Heroine'." All of the reporters and photographers were nodding excitedly as well. She shook her head as she looked down to her waist.

"My lasso," she gasped, looking around. She tried to locate it using her mental connection to it, but she couldn't, it wasn't anywhere nearby. "It took my lasso…I must…get it back…"

And, despite the protests of the reporters for her to stay, she took off, flying up into the clouds, as she continued to try and mentally locate her missing lasso.

Wonder Woman flew higher, and towards the ocean, away from the mainland, and finally she was able to make a very faint connection with the lasso. She started to fly back towards America, and as she did, the connection slowly became stronger. Once she was back over American soil, the connection was strong enough that she could get a lock on it - it was in the mountains somewhere, in the mid-Atlantic, halfway around the world from where it had been taken from her.

She found the mountain, she could see city lights on the far side, as she descended towards the near side of the mountain, and spotted an opening in it, like a tunnel or a cave. The connection with her lasso was pulling her towards the opening, which meant, to her amazement, that it must be somewhere inside the mountain! Without hesitation, she flew straight into the opening.

It was very much like a tunnel, and the only light was from the opening she had entered, and in a matter of seconds that light was gone, and there was only complete darkness. She bumped into a wall once, then got back up and took off again, only to bump into another wall, as she continued to follow the lasso's connection. It was very, very strong now.

"Hello?" she shouted into the darkness. She flew around a bit, without hitting anything, and figured she must be in some kind of large open area of some kind. She just couldn't see anything at all, no matter how hard she tried. "Hello?" she shouted again.

And then, she heard it: a soft buzzing sound, that was gradually becoming a bit louder, and was very familiar. "Hello? Where are you? Show yourself! Where is my LASSO?" She found a wall and hovered near it as she tried to figure out exactly where the buzzing sound was coming from…

"WHAM!!!!" The swatter slammed hard into her, without warning, knocking her hard into the wall. As it pulled away, she tried to shake it off, as she felt something else from the contact - a kind of stinging sensation where the swatter had hit her. She looked around but could still see nothing. "Where are y-"


"Uunnhhh…stop this…who's…doing th-"


The repeated blows had once again knocked her silly, making her dazed and disoriented. As the swatter slammed into her once again, she finally realized what must be causing the stinging sensations - it was her lasso, it was somehow wrapped around the swatter!


"Sooo….dizzy…can't…stay up…" and she started to slowly slide down the rock wall, but then something stopped her. One of its other legs had reached out and pinned her body against the wall. She reached out weakly to grab at it with both hands, trying to loosen its powerful grip, still unable to see a single thing around her. She could sense her lasso getting close again, and braced herself for another blow from the swatter, when she felt something close around her neck. The leg holding her torso let go, leaving her hanging there by her own lasso, which had been looped around her neck.

"No…" she gasped, as her hands instinctively went up to try and loosen her lasso, as the giant fly started to swing her around by it. "Have to…get it loose…" And then she saw the two green lights come on, just a couple of feet away, blinding her eyes, which had grown accustomed to the dark. She had no chance to react before they once again made contact with her breasts…

"AAAAAHHHH!!!" she screamed out, as her whole world went dark. The fly released her from both the zapper and her lasso, and her unconscious body dropped to the floor below.

She awoke again, and found herself in some kind of chamber, with rock walls and ceiling and a dirt floor, and light coming from two torches mounted on opposite walls. She looked around, her head still foggy and her chest still buzzing a bit from the latest zapping she had endured. She couldn't see a door or any way out. She tried to connect to her lasso again - it wasn't in the room with her, but it was close by. The ceiling was about twenty feet above her, so she decided to fly up for a closer look.

As she got close, she could see something there, embedded in the ceiling, it was some kind of grate, maybe to an air duct, she thought. There was also a small button next to it. Her hand went up to the button and then she paused as she realized she had no clue what the button was going to do; she hoped it would open the grate and give her a way out, but she couldn't be sure. She tried to think of what other purpose a button there could possibly serve; maybe to turn on a fan above? That made sense too. So, without taxing her brain any further on the subject, she pressed it.

A moment later, there was a sound of a motor turning on. Wonder Woman looked up, into the grate, waiting for some sign of what the motor was running. And then, before she could move, white flakes descended down through the openings on the grate, covering her before she could react.

She hovered there in surprise for a moment, and then, almost as quickly as it had started, the motor stopped, and the flakes stopped falling. Wonder Woman descended down to the floor, and lifted her hand to her face as she identified the substance covering her.

"Cheese…?" was her surprising discovery. "Why would someone have cheese coming out of their ceiling…?" she asked out loud to herself. It was then that she heard a tiny squeaking sound coming from behind the wall. Curious, she knelt down and saw a tiny opening down by the floor, and looked into it, and saw what was making the sound.

"A mouse!" she exclaimed. "It must have smelled the cheese…" She backed away from the wall quickly, as her heart stopped for a moment.

A memory flashed through her mind at that moment, a story that her mother had once told her, about how the Amazons had once been defeated by Hercules and an army of mice…She had encountered a mouse before, here and there, but never one coming towards her like this, and she felt a chill, and tried to shake it off. "I can't be afraid of one little mouse," she said, "that's just silly!"

She was still on her knees as the mouse came through the opening towards her, and she fought back the sudden urge to back away, or get up and run. She stood up, fighting her sudden and unexpected fear, as the mouse scampered around the base of her boots, nipping at the bits of cheese there.

Her eyes widened as a second mouse came running through the opening. She stood there for a moment, frozen, not knowing what to do, not comprehending why she, the mightiest Amazon of all, could be so terrified of two tiny animals…she knew she had to think of something, but her mind was too busy dealing with the fear it had never expected to be experiencing. 'It's just two mice,' she kept telling herself, 'it's just-'

She looked up as she heard a squeak above her, and a third mouse slipped through an opening in the grate above her, falling directly towards her. "Eeeek!!" she screamed, her voice suddenly as high-pitched as it was when she was a little girl. She managed to move just enough to avoid it falling into her mane of thick, dark hair; instead, it fell into the opening in the top of her bustier, between her large orbs.

"Great Hera!" she screamed, as her hands went to her chest, fumbling awkwardly as a fourth mouse darted through the opening, and two more came down from the grate. "No…get off of me…get off of me!" She tripped over her own boot and landed squarely on her rear, as her attempt to dislodge the mouse from her top only succeeded in pushing it down farther. She could feel tiny nibbles all over her as more and more mice entered the room and climbed onto her body. They were in her hair, on her face, her arms, her legs, and all over her red-and-gold bustier and star-spangled briefs.

"No…please…don't…get off of me…eeek!!" she screamed over, and over, and over, as her face turned pale, unable to fight off the abject fear that was consuming her. She let out one more high-pitched shriek and passed out cold on the floor.

Wonder Woman awoke once more. This time, she was lying on the floor of a beautiful, well-lit room. There were no signs of any mice, or cheese. She sat up slowly as everything came into focus.

She was sitting in the middle of what appeared to be a large, professional office, with beautiful artwork on the walls. She shook her head as she took it all in, the memories of what she had experienced that day still fresh in her mind. There was a large curtain on one wall, apparently covering a large window, and a single, small door next to it. She blinked, and then turned to look the other direction.

She got to her feet as she saw him…the man from the night before, the one who had called her. He was sitting in his wheelchair, and wearing a long white coat and thick glasses. He looked to be about middle-aged, with thinning, balding hair, and slight of build. "Welcome, Wonder Woman. You're right on time."

"You," she growled as she approached him, hands on her hips.

"Yes, me," he replied. "I'm glad you remember our little chat from last night. And here you are, just as I said you would be. I see you've met my little pets," he added. "My fly, and my collection of mice…"

"This was all YOUR doing?" she shouted angrily. "Who are you, and what do you want with me?"

"I thought I made that clear last night," he smiled. "I forgot, you're a heroine, sometimes you need things repeated. I'm a collector, I'm starting a superheroine museum, and you're my first acquisition. Thank you for agreeing to be the first part of my collection."

"What?" she hollered in disbelief. "I didn't agree to any of this! I have an important duty to protect the earth from real villains, and you and your…fly…what is that thing, anyway?"

"Ah, yes, my little creation. You see, unlike most of the 'real villains' you face, I don't have any special powers. Quite the opposite, in fact. All I have is this," and he pointed to his head. "I designed this wonderful machine, and decided to make it look like a fly, because I always had a soft spot for them. They don't hurt anyone, and yet, people are always swatting them and zapping them for no reason…So now, my fly is helping me avenge them, in a way."

Wonder Woman blinked. "You're insane…" is all she could muster for a response.

"Perhaps," he chuckled, "but aren't we all a little off? Look at you, flying all over the place in your underwear. Don't they have any sense of modesty where you come from?"

She was getting quite steamed now. "What's wrong with the way I dress?"

"Nothing, dear, nothing…" he laughed. "But back to my fly…I figured you would use the lasso on it. And as I've learned through my research, the lasso works both ways. My machine was able to collect all sorts of useful information about you, things you didn't even know about - such as, your irrational fear of mice…"

Wonder Woman couldn't help but blush a little upon hearing this. Then her indignation rose again, as she stood there in front of him, hands on her hips, feet shoulder width apart, looking down on him. "And after all of that, here I am, perfectly fine, and much stronger and more powerful than you could EVER dream of being! You thought you could do all these things to me and just get away with it? I'm going to make sure you rot in a cell forever for what you tried to do to me…!"

"Wow, Wonder Woman, you are so right. You are so much stronger than me. I mean, look at me, you must think I am the most pathetic human being you've ever met, right? Whatever could I possibly have been thinking?"

The sarcasm in his response was completely lost on her. "That's right, you are pathetic! Totally pathetic!" She moved a step closer, and grabbed his coat lapel with her right hand roughly.

"That's right, Wonder Woman, I am. And yet, I was able to knock you out not once, not twice, but three times, as well as take away your precious little lasso." He paused to let the magnitude of his comment sink in.

"Well, I don't care, you've wasted enough of my time today!" She shook him a bit with her hand as she glared at him. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just throw you against that wall over there right now, you pathetic little loser!"

His right hand had been sitting still, next to him, the whole time. She hadn't seen that it was holding something. She still didn't see it as he slid the hard metal rod he was holding between her open legs, and brought it up quickly, smashing it hard between her legs, against the front of her star-spangled briefs.

Wonder Woman let out a barely audible gasp as her hand let go of his coat. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she staggered back, stunned by the unexpected attack. Wave after wave of dizziness emanated from the spot where the rod had hit her, her mind unable to comprehend what had just happened.

"There's a good reason."

Her hands went to her head as she spun backwards, the shockwaves from the attack only getting more intense. No villain had ever attacked her in such a way, so she had no way to know how it would affect her - and now she was finding out. She gasped again as she watched him stand up from his chair with absolutely no problem, striding towards her, the rod still in his hand. He pressed a button on its handle and the end of it began to buzz with electrical energy.

"You…can…walk…" she gasped weakly, shaking her head, her hands still on it, backing away from him in shock.

"Yes," he chuckled, "very well, in fact. One of the oldest tricks in the book; make yourself look as weak as possible, so your opponent lets down their guard." He backed her against the wall, and moved the buzzing metal object in his hand to the front of her shorts.

"So many stars," he said, as he moved the wand around in front of her panties, stopping at each and every star on its fabric, like he was doing a connect-the-dots puzzle. "But, which one do I want?" He grinned as he paused it directly in front of her still-aching pussy, the end aiming at the star covering it, the same star he had aimed for when he had attacked her a minute earlier…

"I want THAT star." And he pressed it suddenly against the center of the white star, sending a powerful jolt of electricity deep into her most sensitive area.

"Ohhhh," Wonder Woman moaned helplessly, as her knees buckled, and her head spun like never before. "No…more…please…"

"Please?" he laughed as he looked down at the whimpering, dizzy mess below him. "I'll bet that's a word you haven't used in a long time, is it? Do you remember what I told you yesterday, about your destiny, Princess?"

"Yes…Great Hera, my mind…so…dizzy…"

"All those amazing powers of yours, they're quite useless without a mind to direct them, aren't they?" He pressed the rod against the star again.

"Ohhh…no…please stop…can't…think…" She was trembling all over, there was nothing she could do to get her mind to clear at all. "Please…"

"There is a way to make it stop. A way to be safe, to not have to worry about feeling like this ever again. Do you want that, Wonder Woman?" He brought the rod up in front of her glassy-eyed face.


"Good. Turn around."

Still on her knees and shaking, the defeated Amazon Princess turned, and saw that the small door she had seen earlier was directly in front of her.

"That door will give you that. Just ask me one more time, and I'll open it, and you can go through it, and this will all be over."

She moved closer to the door, still shaking her head in a desperate attempt to clear it, desperately wanting the feelings in her head and between her legs to stop. "Please…please…open the door…"

He walked over to the door, and pushed a panel next to it, and the door slid open; she couldn't see what was on the other side, but she didn't care. There was enough room for her to crawl through it on her knees, and she did. The door silently closed behind her.

"Welcome to my collection, Wonder Woman." The lights suddenly came on, and she saw she was in his 'museum', filled with glass cases, all of them empty.

All of them, that is, except for one…

The one she was in.

That was the last thought she would ever have, as an invisible gas poured into the case, putting the once-mighty heroine into a state of suspended animation, or stasis. The last thing her eyes saw before her mind went blank forever was an image of him, standing outside the case, admiring his first acquisition in his soon-to-be amazing collection. In his hand was her golden lasso.

He pressed a button on the wall behind him, and a panel opened. From behind the panel, someone stepped out. It looked exactly like Wonder Woman. As she approached him, he handed her the lasso.

"My robot duplicate Wonder Woman," he smiled. "Go, and take her place. I have uploaded all of her knowledge you will need to do her job, and do it well. And when I need you, I will call for you, and you will come, and do what I ask."

"Yes, Master." Even her voice sounded exactly like Wonder Woman's. She walked out of the museum and took off, flying towards the Hall of Justice.

He turned back to admire his beautiful prize, trapped forever under the glass. And then he glanced around at all the empty cases, and then back to her. "One down," he whispered, "and many more to go…"