In Space, No One Can Hear You Cream  

By BigBoob 58

Sometimes these things write themselves. Part of this story occurred to me several months ago and I delayed writing until I was about sixty percent sure of what needed to be included. As I wrote the parts I knew, twists in the story suggested themselves. After seven straight days, this is the finished model. Hope you enjoy the package. For the unaware, the title was a comment I overheard leaving a screening of Alien II. Please let me know at . Standard warnings apply, adult situations, sex, bondage, submission, forced, Female/alien critters, etc. This is not for the faint hearted but it isn't bloody either. Many characters are borrowed from their real owners and should be considered returned at the conclusion of this story without any changes-at least on my part. This is a super heroine fan fic that is free, intended to be free and should you choose to post it somewhere, please do me the courtesy of dropping a line to the above address.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Cream. By BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

I-What's going on here?

The pursuit was over four days old and the buxom Amazon Warrior trailed by the smallest margin in over thirty hours. Wonder Woman was driven by the need for revenge against her quarry Kwattro and she was tireless. The proximity of her target increased her desire to conclude this business. Kwattro's craft encountered an asteroid field and she used his distress signal to identify his location. Kwattro's vessel occupied a deteriorating orbit over an earth-like planet and the long range detection devices on the Amazon spaceship Athena indicated no life signs on the doomed craft. Wonder Woman slipped into one of the specially designed extravehicular activity suits and headed for her airlock. She used the preprogrammed codes to secure the Athena against any unwanted intruders or space-jackers. Her suit incorporated a tracking mechanism which allowed the Athena to retrieve her if she needed help. She could activate the retrieval process herself as a redundancy, but her mother's science experts designed the process to work automatically if she didn't mentally communicate a safe word every forty eight hours. Wonder Woman swallowed the device. It would remain in her body for six months. Her mother could pull her away from any situation until her body excreted the device. Despite her misgivings, she had no choice, as a single adventurer with no immediate back-up, Amazon law required her to obey all rules that related to space travel.

Wonder Woman finished zipping the clear EVA suit closed as the airlock sealed. The flexible helmet finished sealing as the outer door opened and Wonder Woman exited her ship. She used a hand propulsion device to cross the short distance to Kwattro's veseel and she cautiously entered the open airlock that faced the Athena. Once inside, the doors closed and the atmosphere was replaced with something she could breathe. A voice said "Welcome back Lord Kwattro." and she ignored it. A floor schematic located outside the inner airlock door revealed all the places where Kwattro might hide. Wonder Woman memorized the map in moments and headed for the bridge. The craft was unsecured and every door opened for her as she approached. When she reached the bridge, she found nobody in sight. The portable body heat detector she carried revealed she was alone. She sat at a counsel and typed generic questions into the ship's information system. The asteroids that pelted Kwattro's ship damaged both main and backup impulse drives. Indirectly, this rendered the warp capability inaccessible. Portions of the hull needed immediate repair. Kwattro's vessel lacked the momentum to maintain the erratic orbit and without repairs would enter the outer atmospehere within nine hours. This meant that the vessel would break up or burn. The main system indicated that the planet possessed protective satellites and these were moving in position to prevent the ship from causing any damage on the surface. Wonder Woman left the counsel without bothering to learn about the planet she was orbiting and this would prove to be a mistake. She hastily made her way to the private quarters and to the large cargo bay where Kwattro kept her Amazon sisters after he kidnapped them.

Kwattro arrived unexpectedly a month earlier and landed near Themyscira. Wonder Woman's people greeted him politely. After a few days of their best hospitality, Kwattro tricked ten of her sisters into visiting this ship. The ship was designed by interstellar slavers and the visiting Amazons were restrained in the kennels Wonder Woman was now staring at. She controlled her rage and returned her concentration to discovering where Kwattro fled to. She raced to the shuttle bay and was not surprised at the lack of a shuttle craft. Kwattro was on the planet and most likely looking for a replacement ship. Perhaps he was waiting to be rescued by his cohorts. She used the terminal to learn if any SOS signal was transmitted. The asteroids had helped her there. The interstellar antenna array was wiped out. She checked to see if the shuttle craft contained a locator beacon and was rewarded with a continuous blip. She used the mapping resources to zero in on the craft and found it parked outside a small village. Satisfied at the result, she made her way back to the airlock and left Kwattro's ship. Once she returned to the Athena, she used her communications array to send her location to her mother and to Themyscira Space Command. Hyppolyta led a group of specially trained Amazon stealth troops in their effort to recover the missing women. Kwattro managed to deliver her ten sisters to the infamous Slaving Market in the Orion system. Hyppolyta used her diplomatic skills and the promise of a large reward to make the Slave Market's managers embargo the kidnapped Amazons from sale. Kwattro fled just as the Amazon Starship Hera docked. Wonder Woman acted immediately and took the interstellar capable shuttle craft Athena in an effort to capture the yellow skinned slaver. Twice, she nearly captured Kwattro but he used his familiarity with the planets and space sectors to elude her. Then she became convinced he was gone. For thirty six hours she had no contact and at the very moment she decided to return to Orion to rendezvous with her sisters, Kwattro's ship wandered into the asteroid belt and lost its cloaking capacity.

Once she notified her mother of her location, she transmitted a message to the planet she orbited. The message included the standard greeting and she added the information related to the basic details of her quest. A reply arrived immediately and invited her planet side. Specific instructions for her flight path followed in a second message and Diana translated the instructions to the Amazon Operating system language. She strapped herself into the pilot seat and as the ship dropped to the surface, she exchanged her usual earrings for specially designed earrings that included translators. The instructions she received directed her to land at the same village where she located Kwattro's shuttle and that helped her confidence. She used the ships computer to analyze the local atmosphere and found it to be suitable for extravehicular activity. She slipped out of her EVA suit and returned it to the bin where it belonged. Once again she engaged the Athena's security system and she synced her locator exactly as the Amazon space travel code required. Since she wasn't certain what she would encounter, she initiated a hair trigger opening program for the outer airlock door. If she needed to access the thickly hulled ship during a pursuit, the door would open at an accelerated rate and close once she was safely inside. Then she triggered the normal exit program and as the door opened she adjusted her magic girdle and tiara. She'd been doing this for so long that she was completely unaware of the behavior. Her long dark hair covered the upper portion of her back and nearly hid her shoulders. Her tight fitting red bustier with the armored gold accents served to display her voluptuous torso and provide the appearance of support for her large bosom. The sharply colored royal blue hot pants with the five sided white star accents hugged her hips making observers believe her hips to be larger than they actually were. Today she wore the fully red patent leather fashion boots with the three inch heels that would kill a normal woman but merely served to highlight her other body features. Wonder Woman looked fantastic as she approached the orange skinned group of men who emerged from the nearest hut.

"Greetings err Amazon," said one of the taller members of the group. Another separated from the group and pointed what appeared to be a black box in her direction.

"Greetings," replied Wonder Woman. "I come in peace."

"That won't do," one of the orange skinned men muttered in a low voice to his associate. "That will aggravate a lot of the paying customers."

Wonder Woman barely noticed the comment as she continued to focus on the man who spoke first. "My name is Diana and I have traveled a long way in pursuit of a being who is somewhere in this very village." She said slowly to allow her translator to cleanly convey her message. While she spoke, another of the men approached her carrying a tape measure and two other tools she couldn't identify. "Without meaning any offense, I'm glad to see you're all orange skinned. My quarry is yellow skinned and somewhat taller than most of you."

"Oh then you have a lover you're scheduled to meet?" asked the tall alien.

"No, I'm pursuing a being named Kwattro who committed unspeakable crimes against my people. I'm here to capture him and return him to face justice." As she spoke, the alien with the tape measure attempted to loop the tape around her shoulders at her bosom. She started to scowl and stopped when she remembered that she was unaware of the customs on this planet.

"This is most unusual," the tall alien replied. "I am Hokii and I administer this resort. Are you aware of where you are?"

"No, I was too busy with my pursuit and I didn't take the time to learn the name of your beautiful planet."

The man with the tape measure poked a finger at her gold plated bustier right on her nipple. He tried to find some method of touching her bud but the armor protected her. His other hand probed her royal blue hot pants. He expertly located her love mean mound and again probed for a means to touch her directly.

"What are you doing?" Diana asked and she attempted to recoil from the unwanted attentions. Another of the aliens had moved behind her and grabbed her upper arms to hold her steady. The first alien was about to resume his examination when Hokii ordered him to stop.

"This is Betelgeuse IV, the most popular pleasure planet within six thousand light years." Hokii said to Diana and he gestured for the alien holding her to release her. "Policemen do not come here nor do any other type of visitor except those who want to seek and receive pleasure. I think your race calls it sex although I know of thirty better descriptions for the acts that people experience here."

"Can you mean that this entire planet, the people who live here spend their time copulating and nothing else?" Wonder Woman asked incredulously.

"That is accurate. My associate Glorii assumed you were a new pleasure giver and meant no offense," Hokii replied. "Ellii, stop transmitting her image. I am removing her from further scheduled sessions until her status is settled."

The alien with the black box pressed several buttons and the machine dimmed noticeably. He returned to the building and to Wonder Woman he appeared disappointed.

"You, Amazon, follow me," Hokii said. "We will speak in my office and determine how to proceed. Glorrii, bring your tools and accompany us."

Wonder Woman followed the tall orange alien. He stood about six foot nine inches tall and had two arm like appendages and two leg like appendages and Wonder Woman assumed his other features were similar to humans. Glorrii followed too closely for Diana's comfort but she decided to wait until everything was made clear. Hokii led the others through the outer space and into a private office. He gestured to a chair and Diana sat down. Hokii situated himself behind the desk and sat in a large throne like chair. He rested his legs on the desk and looked at the Amazon women closely. Glorrii took a position to the left of the door and set his tools on a small desk beside the entry. Before anyone in the room spoke, another of the orange beings stuck his head inside the office and said "There are six sir."

Hokii shook his head and muttered "I'm so close to retirement. Why do these things happen to me?" Wonder Woman looked at him curiously.

"You are on a planet where people come to enjoy themselves and nothing else," Hokii began slowly. "Since everyone who comes here usually knows where they are, we don't waste a lot of time making explanations. Beings arrive from across the universe, Glorrii or someone performing his function taking measurements and allowing our clientele to become familiar with every arrival's genitalia or other sexual organs. Then sessions are requested and mutual pleasure is enjoyed."

"So you arrange hook ups and provide a private place to get intimate?"

"Everything you said is correct except for the privacy portion. All sessions are broadcast and recorded. Several of our guests never encounter another being during their stay with the exception of my concierge unit."

"Can you help me locate Kwattro?' Wonder Woman asked.

"Certainly. From your attitude towards him, it is entirely possible that he is an undesirable guest. We guarantee our guests a good time, nothing else." Hokii said earnestly.

"Why do I hear a 'but' in that answer?" Wonder Woman asked. She sensed she would not like the answer.

"Before I can help you, I need to know what sort of guest you intend to be," Hokii replied. "You seem resistant to our standard mind probes and we only receive certain surface data from you."

"That is a trait of my race," Diana replied.

"We've had humans here before and none of them could resist a mind probe."

"None were Amazon Warriors,' Wonder Woman replied proudly.

"You seem to have been an ambassador for a time. Is this correct?"


"Then you are trained to respect the customs of the places you visit in your ambassadorial capacity?"


"Before we determined your identity, the central data hub received six requests for sessions with you. Not all of the requestors are human or humanoid. Your willingness to fulfill these requests would make my life easier. I blocked all further requests for the moment."

"What if I decline politely?"

"I can force you. You will enjoy yourself more as a willing participant and I will block all further requests. As a willing participant, I guarantee that you will be restored to your original condition at the end of each session and when you depart. Additionally, you may set limits on your participation."


"Are there any types of, what's that term …sex, that you don't enjoy?"

"Okay. So I can refuse to be chained or otherwise bound?"

"Is that everything you want to disallow?"

"As long as I have my uniform handy, I can tolerate anything else."

"That may be a problem," Hokii replied. "We prefer that our guests dress in a standard outfit which serves to reduce the difficulties of interspecies sessions."

"What if I decline to remove my Uniform?' Wonder Woman asked. At this point she realized just how relaxed she felt and she noticed that her entire body was sunk into the chair in which she sat. To her horror, her bustier floated to the surface of the chair and Glorrii grabbed it before she could react. She struggled for a few moments and realized she was unable to move a muscle. Her boots slid onto the floor and her magic girdle bubbled to the surface followed by her star spangled hot pants. Glorrii removed her tiara leaving her naked and confined in the alien chair.


Her protest was cut off when Glorrii inserted one of his tools in her mouth. He pressed several of the studs on the side of the long cylindrical tool and Wonder Woman waited for the inevitable unwanted feelings. None came to her surprise and the tool was removed. The upper portion of the chair continued to restrain her arms while the seat receded exposing her lower entry points. Glorrii inserted his tool in her navel, her pussy, and her anus. Each time she felt no stimulus from the invader. Glorrii left the device in her pussy and anus for a lot longer than he left it in her mouth and belly button. When she thought he was done, he inserted the device in her nostrils and her ears. Then he left her alone in the seat. Hokii watched the proceedings and pressed a button on his desk just as Glorrii finished his investigation.

Another of the orange men entered the room as Glorrii departed and he placed the gun shaped device against Wonder Woman's neck. She heard a click as he squeezed the device's trigger and felt a pinch at the point the gun touched her skin.

"Now we will know where you are during your visit, Amzazon." Hokii said. "the only thing to settle is whether your stay is a willing one or if I need to provide a compulsion in your outfit. I guarantee that your uniform will be returned to you after you fulfill all six session requests"

"I'll remain willingly for those six sessions," Wonder Woman said. "I hope you will help me locate Kwattro after I fulfilled your requirements."

"That is acceptable," Hokii replied and the chair returned to the simple form which Diana sat in when she first entered the office. Diana decided to sit exactly as she was. Any attempt at modesty or covering herself would go out the window once her sexual sessions were broadcast. Another of the orange aliens entered the office and stood at Diana's side. Hokii looked at the screen imbedded in his desk. The Amazon woman had readings unlike any he remembered. Whoever shared a session with this woman was in for a good time. Hokii considered placing himself on the session list but a lifetime of service prevented him from the selfish act.

II-Princess Diana, the early sessions.

"You will accompany Duolii," Hokii said to Wonder Woman. "He will dress you and assign you to your hut. Your sessions will happen twice each day starting in sixty of your minutes. When you fulfill your list, Doulii will escort you back here and we will restore your precious uniform. I advise you to try to enjoy yourself."

Wonder Woman followed Doulii through the outer office and out into the common area of the small village. She walked with her hands at her sides allowing anyone who took a moment to notice the chance to see her near perfect physique. Within five minutes they were inside a second, smaller hut and Doulii gestured for her to stand in front of the bed. Doulii opened a drawer and removed a shimmering sheer garment and held it up for Diana to look at. He ran the garment over her flaccid nipples and her buds jumped to attention. Diana was surprised at her reaction and just how painfully hard she got at the slight touch of the unisuit.

"You will enjoy yourself in this outfit," Doulii said and he gestured at her right leg. Wonder Woman lifted her leg and Doulii guided it into the outfit. Once he'd worked it up to her calf and smoothed the surface, he gestured and she returned her foot to the floor and lifted her left leg. Doulii had her legs in the outfit and perfectly smooth and then he tugged the remarkable garment up her thighs. Her legs were on fire and Diana could hardly control her reaction to the feel of the outfit against her legs. When he pulled the outfit over her rear end and covered her groin she expected to lose complete control. She looked down and saw that the place where the uniform would cover her legs was open. Doulii continued concealing her body in the form fitting outfit. When he finished, her entire body below her chin was covered by the sexually charging material. The only places she was exposed were at her anus, her pussy and at her nipples. Her entire aeroele were exposed. The remainder of her breasts were covered by the sexy garment.

"Are these pubic tresses important to you?" asked Goulii as he finished smoothing a few spots on the outfit.

"I've been shaved before," Diana replied. 'It always grows back."

"This doesn't look like it was recently shaved," Doulii said grabbing a hold of Diana's hair on her head. She realized that all hair was pubic hair to these aliens.

"Still, if you have no objection, your first session's partner is repulsed by hair."

"I agreed to this. Do whatever you need to do." Diana replied. She expected some sort of razor or scissors, but the alien merely pointed a small stick at her and a beam eliminated her beautiful tresses in moments. He lowered the stick and her pubic mound was gone leaving her naked as a baby.

"Follow me," Doulii instructed and he led Diana across the room to a full length mirror. She looked at herself in the uniform and saw her every curve exposed and in some ways emphasized. She also noticed the long strap hanging at her rear.

"If you get bored," Doulii said. "Let me demonstrate."

He reached between her legs and threaded the strip so it covered her rear hole and pussy. He pulled the strip tight against her and the effect was instantaneous. She was at the brink of orgasm almost as soon as the garment touched her. Doulii undid the garment and her relief was immediate. She was panting as if she'd exerted herself for several hours. Doulii helped her back to the bed and assisted her as she lay on her back. Doulii ran his finger over her pussy and noted the moisture that covered the pink opening. He used his finger to remove her cum and he swallowed it. The Amazon was very sweet. He cursed Hokii for limiting the number of sessions this one could share.

"Your first session will arrive in ten minutes. Please be ready for him. Since he requested you, you are required to do whatever pleases him. Enjoy yourself." Doulii said and he started for the door. "Oh, I almost forgot.'

Doulii returned to her bed and attached a small disk that looked like a mole to the stud that extended from her neck where she'd been injected in Hokii's office.

"That device will monitor your sessions on a different level. Your specific wishes will be respected."

Then Doulii departed and Wonder Woman was alone in the hut, trying to recover from the orgasmic effect of her uniform. She felt her body surrendering to the effects of the strange material. Her confused mind managed to for the thought of trying to obtain a sample of this material for use when she returned home. When the door opened, her first session began. The other being was a multi tentacled being which stood nine feet tall and weighed nearly a ton. It passed a device over her new mole and looked at the screen.

"No bondage," her partner said and she felt a bit of melancholy in the voice. "Well, I can be contented in other ways."

Two of his tentacles felt their way along her body. The contact pressure against her torso enhanced the effect of the sexy material and Diana felt her body respond. The tentacles stopped their journey at her breasts and gently encircled the large orbs. In fact, Diana thought her breasts were increasing in size as the tentacles squeezed. She began to breathe heavily and the octopoid applied two more tentacles to her legs. The effect was similar and her excitement grew. An additional two tentacles probed her anus deeply. She was impaled and uncomfortable and at the edge of a mind blowing orgasm. Then a small tentacle discovered her clitoris. Her body became a sexual machine, orgasms occurring faster than she believed possible. She convulsed uncontrollably in the grip of the octopoid and didn't last long before exploding at a level she never dreamed possible. Diana's body was completely spent and although the octopoid continued to caress and squeeze her, she was unable to respond. Her consciousness vanished.

When she recovered her senses, she found herself nude and alone. Hokii was seated in a chair speaking in muted tones to Doulii and she couldn't understand a word they were saying. She reached for her ear lobes and discovered her earrings were gone. Then Doulii noticed she was awake. He held a collar out to her and gestured to her neck. She nodded and he placed the collar over her collarbone and snapped it securely around her neck.

"Do you understand me?" Doulii asked.

"Yes," Diana replied. She was sore everywhere and felt completely satisfied.

"M*ERt wanted your earrings as a souvenir and we weren't aware of their second function." Doulii said in what might have been an apologetic tone. "Are you OK?"

"I'm sore everywhere," Diana replied.

"Follow me," Doulii instructed. Hokii nodded to him and left the hut. Diana followed Doulii to a spot on the wall and doulii pressed a panel. The wall popped ajar slightly and Doulii pulled it open.

"Go in," Doulii instructed and Diana did. He closed the door and her body was bathed thoroughly in a beam of light. As the bath continued, she felt the aches and pains disappear. Then the light stopped and the wall opened. Diana exited the chamber and Doulii closed it. She stared at the wall but had no idea where the little room was. Doulii gestured and she followed him back to the bed. Only it was a completely different bed. In the time she spent in the regeneration chamber, the first bed was replaced by a classical style bed complete with an overhanging canopy. Diana sat on the edge of the bed and Doulii told her to hold still.

"You second session mate has a weakness for blondes." Doulii said.

Diana looked at him and considered everything she'd experienced. She had no doubt that she could be blonde in short order and offered her approval. Doulii began applying a cream to her body and to her surprise, he applied the cream everywhere. He instructed her to stand and he completed covering her from head to toe. Then he used the same stick on her and he pointed it at every part of her body. In short order her entire body was covered with long thick blonde hair. Only her eyes, mouth and nether openings were free from blonde follicles. Doulii told her to lay down on her back and move her arms and legs slightly apart from her body. After she achieved his required position, he placed a small ring just inside her asshole, he placed a second ring in her pussy opening and a small band around her engorged clit, and a final ring in her mouth.

"This partner has peculiar tastes." Doulii. He pointed the small stick at Diana and then he left the room. She tried to move or adjust her position and found herself immobile.

'My God,' Diana thought. 'I've become a fuck doll."

The door to the hut opened and a small four foot tall greenish blue creature entered, He had an enormous cock(someone positioned several mirrors throughout the room and despite her inability to move, her eyes could follow anything that happened in her small domain) and he wasted no time working it into her pussy. She could feel warm ejaculate as it streamed into her love channel. Then she was flipped over and the little cock invaded her rear end. Another dose of hot semen like material shot into her ass. Next he used her mouth. Then he began at her pussy again and continued his trip around her body. She lost track of the number of times he used her. Every once in a while, he wiped his member clean of his ejaculate at several points on her body. In the mirror she saw herself becoming caked in jizm. Then she heard a buzz and the small creature stopped. He pulled his clothing on and left.

Doulii returned wearing what must pass as a hazmat suit and he lifted the inert love doll off the bed. Diana was carried back to the regeneration chamber. She thought she was in for a longer amount of time before the doors opened and Doulii lifted her out. She didn't have any evidence of blonde hair anywhere. He reached into her mouth and then her lower orifices and removed the rings. Diana could move again but she was unsteady. When Doulii led her back to the bedroom, she had a new bed. There were two thick mattresses and a comforter which was turned down earth style. Diana wanted to sit down but she waited until Doulii gestured for her to do so. When she placed her naked rear on the bed, she was overcome with the need to sleep. She lifted her legs and inserted them under the covers.

"Sleep well," Doulii said to the fading warrior. "You have two more sessions scheduled tomorrow and one may prove very brutal."

"Why am I so tired?" Diana muttered as she fought the need to sleep.

"We want you to be here tomorrow," Doulii replied.

"I gave my word," Diana protested as she yawned. Sleep seized her and she remembered nothing until the planets sun streamed through the hut's window the next day.

Her second day in the hut began early. She found herself wide awake and free to move around. She went to the door and looked out the high window. There was little movement in the village and a few background sounds of beings enjoying themselves. Diana could see the Athena parked where she left it and she briefly considered making a run for the ship. Her breasts ached slightly and her pussy was sore but none of her pains were extreme enough to require any special attention. Diana looked for Doulii and became concerned when he didn't appear. Then there was a knock on the door and she went to open it. Nobody was at the door, but someone left a large plant. A note was attached to the planter and she bent to read it.

'Bring this inside. It will prepare you for your third session.'

Diana easily hefted the plant despite the lack of her magic girdle. Her strength and resilience was far greater than normal people and she was proud of it. She placed the plant directly in front of the largest window so it could receive as much sunlight as possible. Diana tried to imagine her next session. After what she experienced, she had no idea what could be coming. Then she felt a petal from the plant as it moved up her belly towards her breasts. Her nipples were normally at ease but the previous day left her nipples nearly solid. The plant frond continued it's examination of her and when it reached her left nipple, it covered the red bud and grabbed hold. Diana was momentarily startled but not surprised when a second shoot from the plant made its way to her right nipple. Now the plant had her most vulnerable exposed skin solidly in its grasp and it lifted her by the increasingly hard buds. Thicker shoots erupted slowly from the base of the plant and encircled her legs before spreading them wide. She lost the ability to use her arms when additional fronds grabbed her at her bracelets of submission. The plant lifted her and she made no effort to fight the plant. She looked down between her legs and observed the center of the plant as it split apart. Two thick stamens emerged into view and rose to meet the lower openings of her body. The plant positioned her over the thick stamens and began to lower her onto the newest growths. Diana was lifted and pulled down in rapid succession and she felt her body lose control and another orgasm build deep inside. The plant stopped and rested her before resuming its manipulation of her pulsing body. This time she nearly came and then the pistoning ceased leaving her in agony. She needed for the plant to finish her off and she tried to scream. The moment her lips parted, her mouth was filled with ta thick stamen that might have been wider than either of her lower invaders. She gurgled as the newest invader drove into her throat. Then she was pulled up and down again. The plant worked her perfectly bringing her to the point of climax and denying her the release she now required more than oxygen. The fronds continued to caress her but she was held motionless for an extremely long period. Than the puling and pushing began in earnest and she realized as she exploded that her latest lover had no intention of stopping this time. She covered the plant in her female juices and the stamens inside her widen as if in response. Diana came again and the piston action continued but the pace changed. The plant was varying speeds and her body was out of control as it reacted to the latest method of attention. She experienced seven separate explosions before she heard the sound that stopped her small lover yesterday. Diana was completely spent when the plant released her and she al of sagged to the ground in a pile much like loose rags.

Diana was barely aware of the orange men who removed her plant lover or of the arrival of Doulii. She recovered her train of thought midway through the healing treatment. When the door opened, Diana was able to walk out of the chamber. She felt exactly as she had when she arrived on the planet. As they passed a mirror, Diana saw that her unruly black hair was back in its normal place and volume. She smiled and wasn't surprised when yet another bed was in place in the spot where she endured her sessions.

Doulii grabbed a chair and sat opposite the bed. He motioned to the edge of the bed and Diana sat.

"You are setting records for viewership Amazon," Doulii said. "The highest council wishes you would stay longer or agree to return after you finish your quest. Is this possible?"

Diana could never remember feeling as good as she did right now. She needed to complete her mission before she could begin to consider the recent events she experienced. Amazons did not spend time making love, but that might be a mistake.

"I will not commit to anything now," Diana replied. "After I finish my commitment, I intend to capture Kwattro and take him to justice. Beyond that, I haven't any specific plans."

"You have about two hours before your next session," Doulii said. "Would you like to do anything during your rest time?"

"I would adore a bath," Diana replied. "Is that possible?"

"Absolutely," replied Doulii. He pulled a small pad from his belt and entered several keystrokes. The floor split open and a large tub filled with suds roe from the depths before the floor reformed itself. Diana got off the bed and stuck a toe in the water. It was just shy of scalding, perfect for her, and she looked at Doulii.

"If I asked you to wash my back, would that count as a session or invalidate my agreement in any way?"

Doulii smiled at the naked Amazon as she got fully into the tub.

"If you don't mind being filmed, I suppose it can be an unscheduled session and not count against you." Doulii replied. He kicked off his tunic and dropped his underwear before joining the Amazon in the tub. He leaned forward and whispered to Diana. "You may want to make this offer to Hokii before you complete your sessions."

He was hard in a short amount of time and slid inside the receptive Amazon woman. Diana was amazed by the length and girth of her latest lover and she appreciated his no nonsense method of using her precious charms. She was at the edge and over in short order. Then she bathed and luxuriated at the touch of her orange lover. When they finished, she toweled him dry and he reciprocated.

"Put these on," Doulii said as he presented Diana with a pair of white gloves. Diana slid her arms into the fashionable gloves and tugged them up to their natural stopping point two inches below her shoulders. Doulii gave her a similar styled pair of stockings and she slipped her legs into them. Doulii provided something that resembled garters and she positioned these as Doulii instructed.

"You last session of today is a double." Doulii said. "Then you will be allowed time to rest for tomorrow."

Diana smiled and Doulii departed.

The next being to enter the room was a Sauroid in physical appearance and for the first time Diana felt fear. Sauroids always dominated conversations concerning interspecies cruelty. Many of Diana's team mates in the Justice League came from other planets and each of these heroes related multiple stories of vile acts and barbaric acts committed by the Sauroid races. The oldest Amazon archives included stories of Sauroid encounters, None of these tales were complimentary of the reptilian foes. Diana fought the urge to flee. She lay as still as possible watching the sideways eyelids blink as her latest consort started towards the bed. His claws retracted as he reached for her ample breasts and he grabbed large handfuls of breast meat and squeezed tightly. Diana winced but made no other sound or sign of recognition and the Sauroid released her tits. Her tits bounced freely and she noted that with concern. Her bosom usually remained firm no matter how much sex she endured. The continuous stimulation might be affecting her physiology. The Sauroid had no idea what she was thinking. He produced a pen sized object from the small bag at his waist and pointed it at Diana. A sharp red beam generated from the end of the stick and Diana watched helplessly as her left leg was separated from her torso. She was amazed at the lack of blood and equally amazed when the Sauroid used his weapon to remove her other leg and then both arms. She wriggled furiously as the Sauroid moved her limbs away from her body. Diana swore she could feel the cold blooded beings hands as he grabbed each limb and piled it on top of the previous one on the chair where Doulii had just been seated. She could feel each of the other limbs in the pile but could not command them to do anything.

The Sauroid removed his codpiece and revealed a large thick phallus, solid green and smooth except for two bumps possibly placed through evolutionary growth, Diana braced herself for the inevitable. The Sauroid used his weapon and removed her head from her torso. He lifted the newly freed orb and placed it slightly back from Diana's uncontrollably spasming body. Then he seized her torso and situated her pussy over the tip of his phallic member. Diana watched in amazement and horror. She felt his hands on each side of her body, she was becoming excited as the Sauroid rubbed the tip of his phallic member against her growing clit and she was completely confused at how she remained alive. The Sauroid continued to use her front and rear entries as it saw fit and Diana mouthed the expressions of pleasure. No sound emerged since the Sauroid severed her head above her larynx, Her mouth continued to mime screams of pleasure as the Sauroid relieved himself in her torso. Finally, her torso was deposited on the pile of her limbs. The Sauroid grabbed her head and forced her mouth open. He pushed hs member into her disconnected head and began pushing in and out in a rhythmic manner. Diana used her tongue to lick the cold invader as best she could but the Sauroid did not hold still long enough for her to effect any pleasure. Then a thick gooey stream of blue material jetted out of the opening at the end of the Sauroids phallic member, through Diana's mouth and out the other side onto the pillow where her head rested moments earlier.

"Messy," observed the Sauroid.

Diana had a thousand questions for her 'lover' and no way to ask a single one. The Sauroid stared into her eyes and a hideous smile formed on his lips.

"You are the best of your race I've ever experienced," the tight lipped being said slowly. "I must remember you since I hope to meet again. At this point in a normal Sauroid-slave/human relationship, I would be cooking your head and enjoying your other body parts. Once you leave this planet, you are fair game. I intend to meet you again and make love in the accepted style of the Oozoid race."

The Sauroid dropped Diana's head on the bed and she rolled directly face down into the mass of steaming Sauroid ejaculate. She heard the Sauroid pull his cod piece in place and the door open and close. Almost at the exact moment the door sealed, the usual stop signal sounded. As before, Doulii arrived precisely fifteen minutes after the session's end.

"I see you're having a little trouble straightening yourself up," the orange skinned alien said and Diana detected a bit of mirth in his voice. She felt him carry her body segments two at a time into the regeneration chamber. He carried her head last and took a moment to wipe the Alien's jism off before he set her cranium gently atop the rest of her body segments. The door sealed and the healing ray projected into the booth. In her previous treatments, the rays soothed her and the duration lasted no longer than five minutes. This time, Diana felt extreme pain and lost consciousness. When she woke, she was still in the room and the rays color changed to aqua. The treatment changed to a pain free nature and she observed that her body was whole again. She tried to detect the places where her limbs were disconnected but she had no luck. The ray dimmed as she rose to her feet and finally the process concluded. After a moment of delay, the door popped open and Diana exited the chamber.

Doulii led her back to the bed and she noted that the previous evening's mattresses and comforter were in place. Diana controlled her anger about the lack of trust her alien hosts displayed, but she felt too tired to voice a complaint. She went straight to the bed and climbed in, pulling the sheets over her as she settled in. The sleepy effect came immediately and Diana didn't fight it. She snored voraciously in moments. Doulii regarded the buxom sleeping beauty and turned the lights out as he departed.

III-If you don't know who's coming next, you aren't reading close enough.

When Diana's eyes opened, she sat up in the bed. The comforted was gone just as it had been the previous morning and she was naked. Her breasts seemed larger and they drooped a bit more than she remembered. A slight moisture emanated from her pussy and she wondered if she'd been used during the evening. The bath tub she shared with Doulii was back and she could tell the water was the correct temperature. Diana wasted no time hopping into the tub and happily found soap and a rag and she cleaned herself thoroughly, taking her time. Emerging from the tub, she took the bath towel and positioned herself in front of the main camera position in the room. She made several exaggerated motions as she toweled herself dry. She dropped the towel and washcloth in the newly empty tub and went into the other room to examine herself in the full length mirror. Her body remained perfect. Her nipples seemed slightly more excited and her areolas appeared expanded. The additional degree of sag in her breasts concerned her, and her hips seemed wider. She noticed that the last treatment In the mit regeneration booth restored everything but her hair. She was naked and could see the slight trickle of moisture emerging from her lower lips. She was being fucked too often and her body experienced a normal reaction to the situation. Diana smiled. Today her involuntary commitment would be finished and she could collect Kwattro and get off this brothel planet.

Doulii arrived just as she sat in the seat facing the bed. Diana uncrossed her legs without a second thought as Doulii pulled a second chair into the sleeping area.

"Your two sessions today will offer completely opposite experiences. The first partner wants you to put on specific clothing, dance for him and then submit to his desires. Once his session is complete, you will be escorted to the science hut. A rather lengthy transformative process is required for your final session and there are few moments to spare between your two experiences. When the second session concludes, another associate will oversee your restoration and return to this hut. Tomorrow, Hokii will meet with you and assist you in settling your affairs on Betelgeuse IV."

"Why won't you be there to escort me to the science hut?"

"My assignment with you ends after I finish preparing you for your early session. We should start that right away. He arrives in forty minutes and the costume is complicated. Shall we start?"

Diana took the bag from Doulii and deposited the contents on the bed. She unfolded the paper that came out of the bag and used it to check for all the parts of her new outfit. She held up the red corset and noted that the gold highlights were strategically placed to mimic Wonder Woman's uniform. She situated the corset below her breasts and Doulii finished the process of enclosing her midriff. He laced her tightly into the garment. Her breasts were propped up and pushed away from her torso making them appear larger than usual. While she was laced into the corset, she situated a garter style belt just below the bottom of the corset and snapped it closed. The belt fit her perfectly and four elastic bands dangled from the bottom. After Doulii finished lacing the corset, she sat down and pulled the sheer nylon stockings over her feet an up her claves. She slipped the stockings in place and straightened the seams just like she recalled many harlots on earth doing when they wore similar apparel. Doulii applied the white cream to each of her nipples and massaged the cream until it took hold.

"I'm going to remove the translator collar and replace it with this costume component. It contains similar translation software. Don't panic."

Diana felt the collar she'd worn for the last day and a half slide away and shivered as a tight leather choker replaced it. She bulled her neck muscles to retain as much capacity to breathe as possible while she wore the sexier model. The new collar forced her chin upward and held her head facing forward. She needed to turn her entire upper body to look to either side. While Diana applied bright red lipstick, Doulii placed a pair of large hoop earrings on her lobes. A second set of earrings shaped like cuffs joined the hoop earrings. Doulii pulled her hair into a thick single strand and tied it with the hair ribbon her next paramour included. Doulii stepped away from her and appraised her. She could tell from his reaction that she was attractive. Doulii led her to the full length mirror and allowed her to see how she looked. Wonder Woman was a complete slut, at least in her current costume.

Doulii checked a time piece and declared, "I need to go now. Good luck today and in the future. I hope you decide to return here sometime in the future." Then he departed.

Diana did half turns and observed how her outfit accented all her womanly assets. The corset forced her hips forward making her pussy more accessible. The lipstick solidified and she couldn't close her mouth and her nipples began to itch under the white ointment that she wore. She retrieved the piece of paper and turned it over. Instructions for the dance she was expected to perform were simple and she mentally prepared herself for that ordeal. Then the door opened and Kwattro walked into the hut.

Diana froze for a moment, then her hand slid to her waist but her lasso was locked up in some bureaucrats office along with her uniform. She launched herself at the blue skinned slaver. He easily avoided her lunge and used his right hand to knock her to the floor. With his foot on the back of her neck he spoke.

"You're here to please me, not assault me. Maybe one of your other clients wanted that. I want the dance I instructed you to perform and the corresponding striptease. If I lodge a complaint, your punishment will be severe."

He pulled Diana to her feet and crossed his arms. Slowly she performed the required dance and then she began undressing in as sensual a manner as possible. Diana kicked her heels off between dance steps, slowly unchained the garters and sat to unwrap her legs rolling each stocking down her legs individually. When she removed every article other than the corset, Kwattro motioned to her to stop. He took her wrist and pulled her towards the bed. Every fiber in her body wanted to reach out and punish te blue skinned slaver, but she needed to finish so she could take him back to justice.

Kwattro pushed her roughly onto the bed and began to attach her right wrist to the embedded chain in the bed frame. When he finished with her wrists, he pulled her legs apart. Before he could secure her ankles, the door to the hut burst open and orange skinned men rushed into the room and seized Kwattro. The blue skinned alien protested the treatment and refused to shut up until a gag was placed in his mouth. Hokii arrived and reviewed the scene. He instructed one of the officers to free Diana and he instructed the men restraining Kwattro to bring him forward.

"You've violated the most basic rule on Betelgeuse IV," Hokii said flatly. "You are hereby expelled from the planet and banned for five solar cycles."

Diana was off the bed and at Hokii's side.

"You promised to help me apprehend this man," Diana pleaded. "If you kick him off the planet, I may never pick up his trail. Can't you hold him until my obligations are met? I've done everything you required of me."

"If you were willing to reside in our main visitor center for two of your months, I might be persuaded."

Diana looked downcast. She wasn't sure she could endure two months that matched the previous two days. Her body already displayed traits normally found in non-Amazonian women. In two months she might transform into a wanton slut. Her vengeance was not worth that much sacrifice.

"I can't do that," Diana replied disgustedly.

"Then I am compelled to follow the laws of Betelgeuse IV and expel this man."

Kwattro smiled at this pronouncement.

"Further, our satellites detected a space vessel that claimed to be here to transport you elsewhere. We will provide a shuttle for the usual payment."

"Wait!, Diana shouted. "What if I forgave him for his violation?"

"That would allow us to forgo the expulsion order and the five solar cycle ban. It would not prevent this being from leaving on the next scheduled shuttle."

Diana acted before Hokii could stop her and she seized his pad. She located Kwattro on the list of visitors and reserved him for a solo session the next day. Hokii grabbed his pad out of her hands and looked at what the naked woman did.

"Very resourceful Amazon," Hokii said. "You're still blocked and I intend to keep that ban in place." Hokii turned to Kwattro and gave him the bad news. "You're assigned to hut XXX. You are scheduled for a session tomorrow. Your violation remains in place and your expulsion and ban are intact. After your session, you will depart in the company of this female."

When Kwattro tied to complain, the guard with the gag in his hand inserted it back in his mouth. They removed Kwattro from the hut leaving Diana alone with Hokii.

"How long does this session still have?" Diana asked.

"About forty five of your earth minutes."

"Are you busy at the moment," Diana asked the tall orange skinned administrator.

"I'm scheduled for a break," Hokii replied.

Diana fell to her knees and tugged at Hokii's loin cloth. He helped her free it and then he completed Kwattro's session. The film was watched nearly as much as Diana's record breaking first session. When the buzzer sounded ending the session, Hokii loosened the corset allowing Diana to wriggle free. Her escort to the science hut arrived as Hokii closed his codpiece. He beckoned to Diana and she quickly fell in step behind the new alien. The walk was brisk and she barely kept up with the officer but they finally reached their destination. Her escort accompanied her inside and led her to a lower level. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she beheld herself or to be precise fifty times herself.

"We need to complete this process in two hours so please cooperate. We haven't much time to spare." said one of the scientists. The hall was illuminated and Diana saw herself, then she saw herself again and again. She stared at around eighty clones of herself. She saw collars around each of her necks and one of the aliens approached a helpless clone and used a laser device to sever the top portion of the first cloned wonder women as Diana was directed to an upright stock. Her head and wrists were placed in the lower half and the top closed holding her immobile. She felt the heat of a laser tool working on her back as one of the subordinates led two of the lower legs of one of her clones over behind her. She felt more heat and was aware that she now had four legs. The process continued as additional clones were surgically altered with their upper bodies removed and lower bodies incorporated into Diana's body. Periodically she was asked to respond if she felt the scientist pinch her newest body parts. Before long, Diana had fifty pairs of legs and fifty slightly large asses. She also had fifty pussies. The scientists rubbed each of her new sex organs and she felt each finger separately. The affect was disabling. She noticed her breasts start to lactate in response to the stimuli. Then the scientists stopped and she was instructed to follow the man who brought her here back to the ground level. Her new body stretched eighty five feet long and it took several moments to exit the science hut. A large tent now stood in the center of the village square and Diana was led into the open end. The orange man leaned over to her and notified her that her session would begin in five minutes.

A large Insectoid being entered the tent at the appointed minute and sidled up to the mutated Amazon woman. The Insectoid also sported one hundred legs and these were paired side by side similar to Diana. She caught sight of fifty short appendages, each of which dripped a gelatinous fluid and she realized that this creature was the most well endowed male she ever met. The other distinctive feature the Insectoid displayed were a series of tendrils or antennae all along the length of its body and several situated atop its back and below its belly. The tendrils acted in a manner that revealed the creature was in complete control. Diana moved closer to the Insectoid hoping to get her ordeal started and done quickly.

"I spent a fortune preparing you," the smelly creature said to her when his front segments aligned with hers. "I understand there is no hope I can impress you enough with my talents to convince you to return to my home world after your stay concludes. Still, if the administrators did their job well, you may enjoy yourself."

Then the creature moved closer and its arms lifted her additional legs high in the air. The multiple antlers combined flexibility and strength and Diana knew she was the Insectoid's captive until it decided to release her. Diana was off balance as the Insectoids arms found her fifty pussies and began rubbing the sensitive rims of her sexes.
Diana was overwhelmed by the multitude of sensation that bombarded her brain. She was wet in every opening and eagerly accepted the insertion of the Insectoids fifty large members. The Insectoid hadn't been bragging, he was extremely skilled in the art of lovemaking. Then the next wave of assault struck Diana's faltering mind. Her pussies started to ejaculate one at a time. Within ten minutes she experienced fifty explosive orgasms. She smelled as foul as her consort and as she began to acclimate to the intense and constant stimulation she was struck by the start of the second wave of orgasmic ecstasy. Her hands reached for her heart and she felt it might burst under the strain. The second wave barely subsided before the third wave cascaded throughout her entire being. This finished her conscious awareness of the session but her body continued to respond to the Insectoid's ministrations. The dry earth in the tent was now a large pool of mud as her female juices fell to the ground. The Insectoid withdrew and waited patiently while Diana's mutated body struggled to recover from the session. Her eyelids fluttered open and she tried to stand up but found it impossible. The pleasure of the multiple orgasms was replaced by severe and continuous waves of pain. She looked down as best as she could manage and she saw that each of her wombs was engorged. Further down her body she felt the movement of small creatures and she noted that her bellies were e exploding approximately every two minutes. Each explosion followed the birth of four Insectoids. As the buzzer ending her session sounded, she finished giving birth to her two hundrredth Insectoid baby.

The little nippers were consuming her recently added legs and she was pulled away from the final children by the orange skinned officers. Her lover gathered the newest children up and placed them in containers. Buttons were pressed and the youngsters entered suspended animation. Several officers arrived to load the hibernation chambers onto the Insectoid's specially designed space craft. He blew a kiss to Diana before he followed the hibernation chambers onto the craft. In moments the craft disappeared. Diana was hustled back to the science lab and her body was restored to it's original state. Then she was returned to her hut, allowed a short treatment in the regeneration chamber and led to bed. She crawled under the comforter and was sleeping before her escort could depart.

IV-Completing her mission.

She rolled onto her side and bumped into a hard object, Her eyes opened and she found a pad similar to the pad she borrowed from Hokii the previous day. Diana opened the pad and a display lit up. The language appeared English to her and she assumed that everyone on the planet experienced the same thing whenever they used a local pad. She read the short message and typed her response The governing board needed her requirements for her session with Kwattro. Her deadline to respond was thirty minutes and she received a guarantee that her needs would be met. The message encouraged her to make a precise request. Diana typed a detailed description of the legendary Amazon male chastity harness. Any male that wore this device lost his capacity to ejaculate or even enjoy pleasure from any sexual activity. The device acted as a disconnect. Males wearing the device retained the ability to provide pleasure Then her fingers began to act as though they possessed a separate intelligence. Diana watched as she requested a sexy negligee for herself in a style she knew accented her body. The color she requested matched her uniform's color scheme exactly. She stopped typing and considered erasing the portion related to her own outfit, Uncharacteristically, she decided to send the message intact. Before she closed the pad, she received a message from the resort's manger approving her choices. Her requirements for the session necessitated scheduling the start for early afternoon. She was invited to use the bath tub that appeared as she read the reply.

Once again, the water was her preferred temperature and she slid into the tub. She lazily massaged the soap gel into her olive skin, rubbing circles over various parts of her body. She remembered that everything was filmed and she let her mischievous side take over. She propped her left breast up with one hand and used the other to tease her nipple until it solidified. Then she applied a dab of the gel and massaged the nipple until the gel was absorbed. She repeated this on her other nipple. She continued to use the gel as a prop and cleaned her entire body, standing so the camera could capture her fingers sliding inside her moistened slit. Then she collapsed into the tub and soaked for a long time.

In the communications center, almost every form of activity stopped cold and each of the technicians watched the Super Heroine play with herself. Not a word was spoken as she put on her sexy display. When she stopped, the technicians almost tripped over themselves seeking any of the amorous couples to fill the suddenly dead air. Complaints about the sudden end of the show or the short duration filled the communications center and the guests were told that the show was unscheduled and just a special bonus, a prelude to her final session in the afternoon prime time slot. Wonder Woman's ratings exceeded those of any other individual or couple within the previous century. Unknown to her, she was earning a fortune in planetary currency. Every viewer paid to watch her exploits as a love doll, a dismembered love object, a mutated Insectoid and even the mini-trysts with Doulii and Hokii. She might be the richest person on Betelgeuse IV by the end of her afternoon session. In addition to a ridiculously small part of the viewer fee on planet, she received an equally insignificant royalty from every download across the allied planetary system. Unknown to Diana, she was the most popular porn star in sixty seven galaxies and her legend was expanding with every video.

Diana finished toweling herself dry and emerged from behind the privacy screen. As she walked she noticed her breasts were bouncing freely and she stopped moving for a moment. Her breasts never bounced, well at least not as she walked. During vigorous lovemaking or forced sexual encounters, they barely moved due to her superior physical conditioning. Now she was so loose that she could barely breathe without jiggling her large mammaries. And she noted th at they appeared much larger than they were three days earlier. She needed to get home and see the physicians. She hoped it was a side effect of her forced sexual conduct. As she pondered the consequences of her change in physiology, the door to the hut opened and an unfamiliar orange skinned alien entered.

"My appellation is Googii," the alien said."This is the outfit you requested. Do you require any assistance putting it on?"

Diana nearly declined the offer until she remembered that this too was being filmed. She explained to the alien exactly how the garment worked and endured his pawing at her while sliding the negligee up her legs and over her torso. Googlii made certain to position her breasts several ways before tying the garment securely enough for her to walk. Her outfit included a thong that barely covered her in front and disappeared inside the crack of her hind end. She noticed that her ass was swaying more than normal as she walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. Googlii put her four inch red heels on and helped her to her feet. Diana followed him out the door and across the village square and down a street to the hut where Kwattro waited. Overhead cameras and a few well placed lenses captured every movement as she struggled to keep pace with Googlii. The heels were much too high for her and required too much concentration keeping herself upright to prevent her voluptuous body from putting on a fabulous show.

In the communications center, one of the ratings measurers noted that more people were watching the Amazon slut go for a walk than watched everything broadcast the week before she arrived- combined.

At the door to Kwattro's hut, Googlii related the final details about her session.

"You have 150 of your minutes to pleasure yourself and partner in any way you care as long as you obey the limits. Kwattro listed two limits. He doesn't want to see bare feet and you are not allowed to place his phallic member in your mouth. You may do anything else."

"A buzzer sounded and the Hut door released. Googlii held the door for her and wished her an enjoyable session. When the door closed, he departed. Diana entered the hut and found Kwattro flat on his back in his bed. The bed was larger than hers and definitely more masculine. Kwattro leered at the half dressed woman as she walked towards him.

"I wonder what you have in mind for me," Kwattro said as she she sat next to him. She reached under the harness and he reacted in surprise.


"Shut up," Diana ordered and he fell silent. She stroked his cock slowly and then built speed. He saw what she was doing and his face showed his disappointment when his member failed to respond. Diana rolled on top of the prone alien and ran hr hands up and down his chest. He had an attractive body and she enjoyed herself as she teased every exposed portion. She flipped him over and gave him a deep massage making certain to rub herself against him as much as possible. Then inspiration seized her and she turned him onto his back. Kwattro sweated furiously, unable to react to the stimulation his body was receiving. Diana slipped the G-string off her body and waved her moistened pussy at the sweating alien. Then she positioned herself over his mouth and spread her lower lips with her hand exposing her most intimate pink meat. She nested atop Kwattro's mouth and said.

"Use your tongue and make me cum."

Kwattro's mouth was fully buried in her hairless muff and he extended his tongue into the moist welcoming valley of her crotch. He licked slowly and then began to rotate his tongue to various parts of her pussy. Diana was bouncing up and down on his tongue. It was thick enough and long enough to serve as a penile device and she enjoyed the skill with which Kwattro attacked her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her head rolled all the way back as she screamed in ecstasy in response to the well applied tongue action Kwattro provided. She was lost in the moment and did not notice Kwattro;s hands as they slipped beneath the pillow under his head. Her climax hit her fast and she exploded in a flood covering the alien's face completely and blowing out fifteen percent of the communications circuits on Betelgeuse IV as people tried to adjust their video feeds to enjoy this display as thoroughly as possible. Her reverie was interrupted by a loud and final sounding click. She opened her eyes and immediately screamed as she saw the Venus girdle secured at her waist. Kwattro's leer had transformed into a very evil smile.

"Get off me now you Amazon trollop," he ordered and she jumped to obey. "Remove this foul belt immediately."

Diana had the chastity belt off Kwattro and on the floor in record time. Kwattro told her to stand at the foot of his bed and he left the area to clean her cum off his face. Diana strained against the power of the Venus girdle even though she knew there was no possibility she could resist her newest garment. She cursed herself for visiting Venus and for bringing the technology to Themyscira after she rescued Steve Trevor. She considered the pained look of the many villains her people kept docile using these belts and she almost understood their anger. She realized Kwattro had ordered her to stand in a specific place but he failed to order her not to move. She mover her hand to the secret safety release that would free her and allow her to fight Kwattro on better terms. She placed her finger atop the stop as Kwattro returned.

"Freeze!" he ordered. "Don't move one of those week female muscles."

Kwattro strode to her side and looked at what she was trying to do. Then he considered his next order.

"You don't have time to trigger some hidden escape button, You need to pleasure yourself with those hands. Lay on the bed and begin stimulating yourself. You need to let me know how excited you are and just to be perfectly clear, you must warn me ten seconds before you climax. Begin."

Kwattro started to set up a device on the foot of the bed on the side where Diana was busy fingering herself. While he assembled the new toy, he ordered her to take as long as possible to bring herself to the brink. Diana worked her moist pink skin slowly, tracing circles around her clit, pushing her smallest fingers in and out of her pussy and constantly progressing towards the orgasm she knew Kwattro would deny her.

Kwattro finished his toy and pointed it at her opening. He made her stop and identify her love bud and he used a targeting device to center the beam precisely on the most sensitive part of Diana's body. Then he ordered her to finish as fast as possible, remembering to tell him when she was close.

"Now!" wailed Diana as her hips gyrated up and down and her breasts bounced with abandon. In her proper state of mind, this event would have scared her but she was lost in a moment. Then Kwattro turned his toy on and a white beam hit her clit dead on. She immediately realized she was frozen in the moment. The ecstatic feelings filled her mind blocking all other thoughts and sensations. The orgasmic explosion which usually rewarded her during sexual congress failed to arrive. Diana teetered on the precipice unable to move forward or to recede into a calmer emotional state. Her heart was pumping and her chest was rapidly inhaling and exhaling but there was no relief. Beads of sweat began to form. Kwattro noticed her reaction and said, "No sweating. No anything other than breathing and enjoying your predicament. Her body quivered despite Keattro's order and he decided to allow it since it really didn't help the tormented woman. He appraised the brunette with practiced slaver eyes and realized that she would fetch enough for him to live comfortably for years on his share. One needed to be sure to pay the Orion Intergalactic Slaver Federation their percentage if one wanted to remain healthy.

Kwattro decided fifteen minutes was enough punishment. He reduced the ray and ordered her to remove her fingers from herself. Diana finally calmed from her pre-orgasmic state and her body stopped twitching. Kwattro removed the device from the bed and joined her. He felt her over the negligee and watched her reaction as he pushed his fingers in her various entries. "On your hands and knees now." Kwattro ordered and Diana was in place as quickly as she could position herself. Kwattro was off the bed, standing behind her and sizing up her large rear. "Bend forward slightly." He ordered and she reacted accordingly. He returned to his place behind her and she smelled a new aroma. Diana realized it was Kwattro's pre-cum and she yelped as his large member plunged into her pussy without and warning. Kwattro drove himself as deep as he could into the moist pussy and his hands moved under her torso until he was able to grab two handfuls of massive soft breast meat. Kwattro squeezed the surprisingly soft tits and he tugged at them pulling them forward as he continued to ram his way inside her. Diana quickly returned to the throes of a massive orgasm. She bounced off his lap as he twisted and lifted her off her limbs. Kwattro used his handhold to lift and then pull Diana up and down along his stiff member and she screamed her joy loudly as Kwattro used her completely. Her Venus Girdle suppressed her will and Kwattro's skilled cock was literally erasing her mind. For the first time on this god forsaken planet, Diana, Princess of Themyscira surrendered herself without reservation. For four minutes, she was Diana the complete brazen slut and if Kwattro kept this up, she was finished on every level. She would be his slave in all ways possible. Tears formed in her eyes. She never experienced such a complete defeat.

Kwattro spent himself deep in her womb, filling her with heat that renewed her sense of loss. He pushed her off his rigid member and ordered her out of the bed.

'No cuddling,' Diana thought. 'Exactly like an earth man.' As she enjoyed the thought, she positioned herself on her knees and was instructed to look into Kwattro's eyes. Fear filled her when she looked up and Kwattro positioned her hands on his still solid member.

'Somehow he knows,' Diana thought in sheer terror.

"While I transported your sisters to their fate, I took the time to learn about them. The young brunette shared some interesting things. It seems that if one of your tribe swears a specific Oath of Servitude, she belongs to the male she give the oath to forever and she is prohibited from doing anything to harm her new master. I assume you are aware of this."

Diana nodded her head affirmatively. Tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"Stop crying," Kwattro ordered. "This is the happiest moment of your life. You will learn to enjoy me and I may even give up my business. Your recent wealth is more than enough to support us in style for several lifetimes."

Diana was puzzled by this comment. Kwattro continued speaking.

"You will now repeat the oath and you will mean the words as you recite them. You may begin."

Diana heard herself recite the most hated words in Amazon culture. When she completed the oath, she bent and kissed Kwattro's feet as required. Then she kissed his member carefully avoiding taking him inside her mouth. He hadn't banned skin to skin contact and the lack of orange skinned Nazis made her certain that her action was allowed.

"Tomorrow we will relocate to the residential section of this planet. I intend to enjoy you exclusively for several months or longer if you maintain my interest. Then I will get you a position doing exactly what you've done since you arrived. You will have a good life and I will enjoy your wealth."

"What wealth?" Diana asked. Kwattro stared at his slave and wondered how managed to speak. He remembered ordering her to remain silent. Neither of them heard the buzzer that ended the session sound. Kwattro enjoyed the sound of his plans for the future so much he tuned everything else out and Diana followed her orders to listen to him to the exclusion of all other noise.

"Don't you realize how popular you are?" he asked the kneeling Amazon, "Every session you completed was broadcast across the planet. By your third session, practically every received on Betelgeuse IV was watching you. Each of these viewers pays a fee and each participant on camera receives a small royalty. Your live feed royalties were massive. Recorded broadcasts were created and exported to all members of this galaxy's Interplanetary Federation. Your fee from those is slightly greater although multiple deductions occurred as your popularity destroyed ten servers. It takes a great deal of effort to even force a server off-line. Nobody ever fried a single server before much less three at one time. You are as legend on many levels. And you are rich as long as you live here. You would destroy the entire planet's economic system if you removed more than ten percent of your wealth-well our wealth now. That's why we're staying here. The climate is great, the cultural idea of entertainment is amenable and I'll enjoy all of your assets and never need to take a risk again."

Sadly for Kwattro and happily for fans of scantily clad large busted super heroines dressed in very little, his plan come to the inevitable point where it fails miserably. All villain's plans fail otherwise the next episode would need a different heroine. Anyway…….

The doors to the hut opened and Kwattro reacted angrily as ten of the resort officers entered the area. Diana didn't recognize any of these officers but they were well aware of who she was.

"You and your friend destroyed another six servers in the last two hours. You are really popular and to the amazement of our economists who sliced your participation in profits to nearly zero, your wealth doubled."

Our wealth doubled!" Kwattro exclaimed. "What a woman!"

"Sir, you are an undesirable who cannot follow simple rules. Before this session, you were served an order of expulsion and this woman is the person who volunteered to remove you without charge. You will be held until she is ready to leave tomorrow and you have no wealth or claim to this person."

"I defeated her. I made her submit. She's mine. Didn't you watch our session?" Kwattro screamed at the bureaucrat.

"Perhaps this is why you are undesirable. You need to know the rules of conduct on Betelgeuse IV. Each of the Amazon's Sessions occurred under the standard codes of conduct including article fourteen slash nine."

"What does that mean to me?" Kwattro yelled as four of the officers grabed his arms and pulled him towards his bed.

"When each of her sessions concluded, she was guaranteed to be restored to her original condition. In consideration of her term of service, liberties were taken and she was modified in small ways to increase her feminine assets and degree of receptiveness to male desires." The officer replied to the scowling blue skinned slaver. The officer turned to Diana. "You need to remain here one more evening. You will sleep in a specially designed chamber tonight and your needs will be met by one of our senior Hoorii. When you wake tomorrow, you may elect to take a bath or shower as you desire. Your belongings will be restored to you at that point and any necessary officers will escort you and the undesirable to your shuttle craft. It is completely space worthy and fully fueled."

While the officer spoke, another officer placed his hands on her shoulders and an additional officer bent and removed the Venus Girdle from her hips. Diana tried to stand but the officer held her on her knees without any effort.

"You will be complete tomorrow. For now, please endure one more invasion of your body."

Diana saw the needle in the officer's hand and watched it penetrate her left shoulder. Then she was lifted to her feet. She discovered she could not move her body. Two of the officers lifted her off the ground as if she was a mannequin and carried her out of the hut. She saw Kwattro try to resist as the sleep inducing comforter was placed over his body. He was asleep and she was taken outside.

A short distance later, she saw the first orange skinned female alien since her arrival.

"This is Oozii. She will tend to you during your restoration."

The orange woman fell in step behind Diana's escort and they walked a block and up a few stairs into a . highly advanced room that looked like a mad scientists well maintained lab. The Hoorii directed the officers to a specific pod and Diana was set inside the half bowl. She lay in an odor free solution and the Hoorii began applying ointments and gels to her body. A feeding tube was snaked in her throat and she felt a warm fluid work it's way to her stomach. Then she passed out.

The tub was ready for her when she woke and the water temperature was perfect. When she hopped out of the tub, none of her body parts jiggled. Her uniform was cleaned and laid neatly on a table. She hurried and put it on. When she closed her magic girdle, the sensation of power returned. She lifted the table with two fingers to satisfy herself then set it down gently. She placed her tiara on her brow and checked for the vibratory pattern of her golden lasso. The lasso remained invisible the entire time and she was certain her hosts were unaware of it. Diana the slut was finally Wonder Woman the heroine and she felt great.

Hokii met her at the doorway. Two accountants accompanied him and explained her new financial position. If she abandoned her wealth, the state would seize it. They tried to convince her to stay or at least to return.

"If I promise to return, will I be able to retain my earnings?" she asked and the accountants bent their heads together and whispered for several moments.

"Only if you or your favored companion administers the funds and makes proper tax payments." Concluded the accountants who believed this might make her stay.

"What is a favored companion?" Wonder Woman asked.

"You race would call that person a significant other or a spouse."

"Oh," replied Wonder Woman. "Are you allowed a single favored companion and how do you initiate this relationship?"

"You may have as many favored companions as you can afford," replied Hokii. "The only requirement is a .

significant display of affection in public and the acceptance of the companion."

"Would you please ask officer Doulii to meet me at my shuttle?" Wonder Woman asked. Hokii groaned and agreed to her request.

They collected the belligerent Kwattro and transported him to the Athena. Wonder Woman secured him in a holding cell. The cell was large enough to confine him standing and the shackles held him immobile. An IV inserted in his arm insured nourishment and an uncomfortable catheter guaranteed a sanitary transit through space. Wonder Woman returned to the surface, pausing to make the universal sign of unavailability before anyone could reserve a session with her. Doulii joined Hokii and the accountants outside the door to the craft. Wonder Woman grabbed him around his shoulders and then grabbed Hokii in the same manner. She turned to the accountants.

"If you review the broadcasts I've participated in, you will easily locate evidence of me freely demonstrating affection for both these officers. I formally offer both of them the honor of being my favored companion. Do either of you agree?"

"I do," replied both officers in unison.

"We are now favored companions," Wonder Woman pronounced. "I promise to return some day. Meanwhile, I implore you to use my wealth to benefit any residents who lack wealth, and to maintain yourselves as befits my favored companions. You are free to accept other favored companions. At such time when I return I will reserve sessions with both of you."

"There's no need princess," replied Doulii. "You are now off limits to anyone but us. You may come and go freely and we hope you will return soon."

V-Return to Aphrodite's Pride.

Diana kissed both of the aliens, waved her goodbye and boarded the Athena for her flight to rendezvous with her sisters. She double checked her prisoner and then she sealed her hatch. The Athena began the pre-flight routine and after five minutes the automated warning of an imminent takeoff. Wonder Woman took her seat at the pilot console and strapped herself in. She elected to let the vessel fly itself and the departure was flawless. The Athena used a gravity based power system which allowed it to land near structures and depart without damaging anything. When the Athena reached orbit, Wonder Woman disengaged the autopilot and entered the last known coordinates of the Orion slave pens where her mother, her sisters and the interstellar cruiser Aphrodite's Pride waited. Hyppolyta allowed her four weeks to track down Kwattro and she had over nine days remaining. The onboard computer estimated her return trip at sixty hours. She allowed her eyes to shut and slept of her own volition for the first time in over two weeks.

A thump woke her from her slumber and Kwattro screamed at her to do something. Wonder Woman enabled a status report and learned that the Athena endured two direct hits before she woke up. Some sparks flew but the computed indicated no significant damage. The shields protected the Athena from the style of weapon her assailant employed. She attempted to hail the belligerent ship and after four tries, the view screen filled with the face of her Sauroid lover. He was in a single person vessel which her computer revealed carried heavy armament. The Suaroid's use of his lighter artillery meant he wanted to take her alive. She remembered hs comment and shvered involuntarily.

"Well Kwattro, what do you think?" she asked the captive alien at the rear of the cabin."Should I go to light speed, return fire, or challenge him to individual combat?"

"Don't be a fool Amazon," Kwattro snarled. "Blow him to bits. He's too dangerous to fight one on one and I think he wants you for dinner. Until you kill him, he will follow your scents and pursue you."

Diana took direct control of the craft and zoomed upwards.

"Foolish Amazon, think carefully about your enemy."

"What do you mean?"

"How do his eyes work?"

Diana considered her assailant. His eyelids blinked side to side. When she moved up or down he followed her progress easily and his targeting skill increased. The Athena took more hits and certain propulsion systems began to reflect the stain.

"Are you certain he won't abandon his pursuit?" she asked Kwattro. Kwattro wanted to slap his head. For warriors, these women lacked a killer instinct. Kwattro scowled at her and remained silent. When her sensory array detected the activity on the Sauroids ship that preceded a volley of incoming fire, Wonder Woman veered directly to her left. She looped once dove down and veered right. Kwattro was correct and the Sauroid appeared to have lost her as she pulled onto the same plane as the attacking ship but her craft was directly behind the Sauroid. Too late he realized where she was. Her two space torpedoes launched and completely annihilated his twin engines but left his cabin intact. Wonder Woman hooked onto the vessel with her magnetic pulse beam and slowed it's inertial progress. When she was certain the ship was dead in space, she hailed the craft.

The Sauroid filled the screen and he seemed to be screaming. His audio did not work. His communications array must have been partially destroyed when his engines were vaporized. Wonder Woman smiled at the cold blooded creature.

"When I reach my destination, I'll send notification of your current location to your home planet. Until then, sit tight." Wonder Woman said and smiled sweetly as she disconnected. She initiated the self repairing programs and was pleased to learn her ship suffered only minor harm. In thirty minutes, the Athena resumed course and Wonder Woman decided to expedite her journey. She programmed top speed into her navigation system and the craft reached it tops speed of 9/10 light speed. Minor corrections for her increased velocity and she learned she would arrive at Aphrodite's Pride in forty six hours. Wonder Woman returned to her nap.

After a few hours, Wonder Woman realized she needed to relieve herself. She pressed the designated sequence and a standard space toilet appeared directly in front of the spot Kwattro was confined. She unbuckled and as she started towards the toilet, she released her magic girdle. She placed it over the pilot's chair and reached inside her waistband to untie the cord which held her royal blue hot pants in place. She shimmied a bit and her pants were at her ankles. These were collected and draped over the magic girdle. As she walked bottomless to the toilet, she realized that Kwattro was located directly in front of the toilet and worse, he was staring at her shaven pussy. The technician apologized when thy completed their work restoring her. Their science was imprecise in restoring pubic hair located so close to sex organs. Wonder Woman assured them it was no problem since her beautiful hair pie always grew back. Now she was completely exposed and Kwattro drooled as she approached. At first, Wonder Woman wanted to slug him but she managed to stifle that urge. According to the navigation timer, they would be stuck together for another sixteen hours and it wasn't like the bastard hadn't seen everything she had before.

Wonder Woman took the fluid receptacle and positioned it over her pussy. Suction from the clear plastic receptacle held the device against her body. Next she positioned the solid waste receptacle against her rear. The device adjusted itself to enclose her anus and she started to relive herself. Kwattro watched her intently as she performed her necessary eliminations and the stream of drool on his chin increased in volume. Wonder Woman noticed his member begin to swell in size and the inserted catheter started to slip out. She was close enough to reach the device and she pushed it back into the near rigid member. Kwattro screamed in pain.

"Are you hurt?" asked Wonder Woman in a surprisingly demure tone. Kwattro nodded and Wonder Woman said, "Too bad.' She used a clip to attach the catheter to one of the many bars that held Kwattro immobile.

"You shouldn't allow yourself to get so excited," Wonder Woman said. "If a little bit of urination turns you on, what would you do if I decided to pleasure myself more fully?"

The image played in Kwattro's mind and the catheter became increasingly painful. Diana looked at the pitiful creature and then she disconnected the toilet accessories from her body. The toilet returned to storage and Wonder Woman pulled her hot pants back on.

"That's probably your last look at me in anything other than my uniform," she said as she secured her girdle. "Now be good and be quiet. I can get a good fourteen hours of sleep before I reach communications range with my sisters."

Wonder Woman fell asleep immediately and Kwattro seethed in silence. When the Athena reached a distance one and a half hours from the Orion Slaving Markets, a tone sounded and Wonder Woman woke. She studied her console, checked several levels and initiated the Athena's self diagnostic program just to assure herself of the ship's status. Everything performed at optimal levels and there were no intruders. Kwattro was confined and his bindings remained intact. The food disburser provided a small cup of hot tea and the sweetener Wonder Woman preferred and she quickly drank the beverage. She unbuckled herself and inspected her prisoner as regulations required. Satisfied with his condition, Wonder Woman attempted to hail the Aphrodite's Pride. There was no response. After she considered several possibilities, she decided that the Slaving Markets probably broadcast some type of communications inhibitor and unless the other ship was specially synched up, she couldn't communicate through the Orion technology. At this point a special light on the left side of her console lit up and she removed a small device from her magic girdle. She texted four messages, each one in a specific language and each one transmitted via secure technology. Wonder Woman expected all of the messages to succeed, but her experience taught her not to skip any of the mandated steps especially when she was thirty minutes from the least civilized civilization in the galaxy.

Lessons Batman taught her came to mind as the Athena neared its mother ship. When she saw Aphrodite's Pride docked at a remote bay on the near side of the busy Slaving Market port, Wonder Woman activated the standard ship to ship communication protocols. In this way, Amazon ships, whether interstellar transports or simple sailing craft communicated the true status. Every ship's crew included a number of trained personnel who maintained secret communication devices and allowed for warnings to broadcast even if standard radios were disabled. Aphrodite's Pride did not transmit any distress messages. Even so, Wonder Woman remained alert. The shuttle bay began transmitting the standard tractor beam and the Athena shut down its propulsion system. Wonder Woman checked and she determined she possessed about half of her original fuel. She sat in the pilot seat and strapped in as a precaution. She slipped the emergency breathing device over her lower face, reconsidered and unstrapped herself. She quickly put her transparent EVA Suit on and returned to the pilot seat. She strapped back in and replaced the emergency breathing device over the outside of the EVA suit. She looked as calm as possible as the ship reached its designated parking spot and thudded to a halt.

"Where in hell are we?" screamed Kwattro.

"We are aboard the Amazon interstellar vessel Aphrodite's Pride," replied Diana. "It's time to move you to a larger cell." Still wearing the emergency oxygen mask, Wonder Woman unstrapped herself and went to let Kwattro out of the alcove.

"May I please use that toilet?" he asked and she stared at him wondering what he really had in mind. She pressed the sequence of buttons that returned the toilet to the ship's deck.

"I don't know how to use this thing," Kwattro said. "Will you help."

Wonder Woman shrugged and pointed at his pants. He loosened the garment and let them fall to the deck. She had the fluid receptacle in her hand and placed it over his slightly rigid organ. As she did, Kwattro made a grab for her magic girdle. He was surprised to be blocked gy the EVA suit and she looked at him crossly.

"If you want to do this, keep your hands to your self." She said and she pushed the receptacle roughly onto the blue skinned organ. She placed the other receptacle and busied herself at the console while Kwattro hummed for several moments.

"Done!" he sang out and she pondered the thought that he seemed happy, almost too happy. The toilet was stored, Kwattro dressed and they lowered the exit ramp. Wonder Woman removed the emergency breathing mask and instructed Kwattro to proceed her down the ramp. Nobody greeted them and she told Kwattro which way to walk. She reminded him that she could easily break everything in his body and he offered no resistance. Still he remained happy as they walked. She directed him towards the lower level of Aphrodite's Pride to the holding cells where she would place him in stasis. Then she would search for her mother and sisters. When the elevator opened they encountered a small green Orion who must be a guard of some sort. He grabbed for Wonder Woman's bustier and attempted to pull it away from her body. Her EVA suit preserved her dignity and frustrated the Orion. She hit him between his three eyes and he fell like a sack of wet cement. Kwattro looked at the fallen alien, shook his head and proceeded to drag the unconscious guardin the direction Wonder Woman instructed. They reached the holding cells and Wonder Woman started to enter her access code. In moments, the Orion was in a deep sleep and the next cell was open for Kwattro.

"Take care Amazon," Kwatro said as he stepped into the cell. "These are not tame earthmen. When they find you, they will punish you. Thy aren't aware of your legends or even how beautiful you are. You're another piece of meat to sell and if you're black and blue, the auctioneer will describe it as an improvement."

Diana considered this for a bit.

"Where will they hold my people?" she asked Kwattro. The blue alien looked at her blankly.

"What makes you think I would know?"

"You do a lot of business here," Wonder Woman replied. "You probably are aware of how they handle their cargo."

"I have no reason to tell you anything." Kwattro said. Wonder Woman unzipped her EVA suit and uncoiled her golden lasso. She flipped it and it settled around Kwattro's arms. A tug secured it and she smiled.

"Now, tell me where my people are held." She said sternly. Kwattro described the most likely location, a large private sale area which had enough space to hold ten of her shuttle crafts. The room was less than seven hundred yards away. Kwattro told her she had little chance of making it on her own.

"The only way you get into that room intact is if a known slaver leads you in under full restraint," Kwattro said. "When the Market Director learned he was about to acquire a large number of virile bipeds that would make his sales goal for the next three years, he instituted a security lockdown unlike any the workers here ever experienced. They vaporize unescorted females of any race no matter if they're dressed for battle or sporting the standard available merchandise outfit."

"No short cuts or hidden access at all?"

"If there is, it isn't shared with off-worlders."

Wonder Woman considered her next move. Kwattro could get her where she needed to be and she might rescue her people without help. She decided to take a huge risk. Wonder Woman freed her lasso and restored it to its hiding spot on her hip. She removed her EVA suit and placed it on a hook. Then she used the computer to create a special tesseract and she removed her uniform. Folding it neatly, she placed it inside the tesseract and she added her magic girdle, boots, and tiara and tiara. She looked at herself and noted her pubic mound was restored enough to provide some cover. She removed a tiny band and fit it on one of molars. The band allowed her to recall her uniform at need.

She entered more commands and the replicator under the counter pinged three times. She slid the plastic cover up and removed a small orb. She walked to the cell where Kwattro rmained and she told him to come out.

"No stasis today?" Kwattro asked.

"You're going to take me to my people so I can rescue them." Wonder Woman told him.

"Says the big boobed naked slave-to-be," Kwattro smirked at her. She was taller than him and stronger even without her magical support tools so he refrained for reacting physically. He wanted to see what she had in mind.

"Open wide," Wonder Woman instructed.

"Which hole?" snapped Kwattro in a smarmy tone.

"Your obscenity filled mouth will suffice,"

When Kwattro obeyed, she flipped the orb into his throat. "Swallow!" she said and he did since he knew she wouldn't knowingly harm him no matter how angry she got. He felt strange almost instantly and he stared at the naked Amazon. He tried to ask a question but he couldn't speak. Additionally, he couldn't move at least none of his voluntary muscles responded.

"Can you get one of these available merchandise outfits in my size?" Wonder Woman asked or at least an image so I can fabricate one?"

The question served as an order and he responded. "There are storage bins all around. I don't doubt that one is within twenty feet of this ship."

"Go obtain one and get back here. Do not let anyone see you. If confronted, say you found another Amazon and need to prepare her for the market. Do not bring anyone back with you. Use your wits. Also, make no attempt to escape or to remove the control device. I will do that when you earn it. Now, go!"

Kwattro did as he was told. He believed he knew her plan and he wouldn't miss playing his part for all the wealth the Amazon bitch had on Betelgeuse IV. When he didn't encounter any guards, he concluded that it was the mandatory seventh cycle rest day in the Market. He selected a standard available merchandise outfit and every accessory he could grab before his legs forced him to return. When he entered the lab on the science level, Wonder Woman was seated at a console, drinking a cup of tea and finishing a replicated banana. He watched her lips surround the cylindrical fruit and inhale it and he cleared his throat. She moved her fingers across the keyboard and closed or diminished the screen in front of her.

VI- Market Day in the Orion Slave Market (something for every slaver).

"Let's see my new clothes."

Kwattro laid the components of the uniform on the table next to where she sat. A three inch wide belt that looked small was the largest visible part of the outfit. A tight leather like collar with a short leash, heels without visible lasts, a nearly clear gag molded like a penis, two discs which probably would fit around her newly hardened nipples and a few cosmetics were the highlights of the costume.

"Tell me how I put this on," Wonder Woman said, undaunted by the prospect of wearing the skimpy uniform.

"Sorry, but it is impossible for a slave to put this on. If everything isn't completely correct, you'll be vaporized before you reach the door to the private market." Kwattro replied.

"So you or someone like you has to put me in this slave suit?"


"Let's do it," she said and held her hand up to stop the newly eager blue skinned slaver. "When we're in the room and the Orions are satisfied that I'm properly presented, will they continue to monitor me?"

"Unlikely," Kwattro replied. "The true connoisseurs will be enjoying your appearance." He started forward but she gestured for him to wait.

"Explain the gag to me. Omit nothing."

"This is a standard oral plug. Once I secure the strap, it will expand to fill your mouth pinning your jaws open and immobilizing your tongue. It's porous so you can breathe. Your nose ring or the successor may block your nostrils."

"Enough. When we're in the Market, you will disable the gag and make it return to this size so it appears intact and functional."

Kwattro groaned. The damned Amazon had a plan and he would help her. Then he considered where she was and he decided her plan couldn't possibly work.

"May I start?" he asked and she said "Yes. Please explain the functions of each piece while you work."

Kwattro took the collar off the table and gestured to Wonder Woman to lift her long unruly hair clear of her neck. She did and he placed the collar on her skin. She felt warm to his touch as he threaded the three straps into the receptacles and the collar fit tight against her smooth skin.

"This will allow anyone to direct you where to go until you receive advanced training." Kwattro said and he ran his hands over her shoulders. She flinched at his touch and he reached around her and under her arms which she lifted in anticipation of having another confining item placed on her. Instead, the blue fingers grabbed the base of her breasts and mimed the effect of bouncing the weighty orbs in the air. He massaged te base of her breasts and her nipples reacted by expanding and solidifying. Kwattro kept at it for several minutes and finally released one of her melons to grab another item off the table. He positioned a clear plastic tube at the slightly widened end of her nipple and he pushed it onto the turgid red bud. The lastic was cold and it stimulated her. Her nipple grew until the end extended past the opening of the tube He imprisoned the other nipple in the same fashion and massaged her breasts until both nipples were longer than the tubes. He applied two small clamps to the tender ends and tightened the clamps. The pain was extreme but Wonder Woman knew she needed to reach her mother so she gritted her teeth.

"This will prevent you from focusing on anything but the pain." Kwattro said and he grabbed the belt off the table. The belt was at least a size too small and he told her to inhale. "This is a secondary guidance mechanism and an anchor for several painful toys should your purchaser choose to add them. Under the current state of alert, I am required to add at least one punishment device to the belt. I will do that later." Kwattro placed two thick shackles next to Wonder Woman. He removed one of her Bracelets of Submission and replaced it with a shackle and then the other was taken off and the second shackle put in place. Kwattro pressed a stud and additional metal expanded out of the shackles and enclosed her hands. She held up her wrists and looked at the smooth balls that concealed her fingers. Another surface emerged and padding covered the orbs.

"Reduces your chance to escape," Kwattro said. "The padding will protect any guards or the demonstrator at your auction." Kwattro pulled her arms behind her and concealed her forearms in a strong clear tube. Although she couldn't see this new confinement, Kwattro told her it would hold her arms ten inches apart. It forced her to adjust her posture and thrust her breasts forward. A small pole connected to the cross b ar between her forearms and her new belt making her unable to adjust her arms position.

"It's best that you stand up now," Kwattro said and Diana slid off the stool she was seated on for the initial stages of her preparation. She saw the device in his hands and began to question the wisdom of her plan. Wonder Woman forced herself to relax and she spread her legs before Kwattro could tell her to. He worked the device into her rear and pushed it home. The device was a deep ring which allowed anybody with the control to expand her rear opening or contract it. The companion piece was inserted in her pussy. Kwattro demonstrated the device for five minutes of pain and discomfort. He expected her to order him to stop, but Wonder Woman held her tongue. Kwattro knelt on the floor and placed thick shackles on her ankles. When he stood up, he demonstrated how the shackles made her spread her legs or pull them together. Another escape prevention mechanism. He knelt again and put her four inch heels on her feet. The clear material allowed anyone to see her feet without obstruction.

"Two more items and we'll go find your sisters." Kwattro told her. "Open wide Amazon." He said, mocking as best he could her earlier order. He inserted the gag in her mouth and worked around her unruly hair to secure the gag. Wonder Woman felt her mouth fill. She panicked until she remembered she could breathe and then she calmed and her respiration returned to normal. Kwattro ran his hands over her body testing for points that made her react. After he rubbed her from head to toe, he stepped back to review his effort. The standard Orion available merchandise outfit never looked better. He held the thick metal circles up so Wonder Woman got a look at the last ornaments to her costume. Kwattro slipped the rings on a finger and opened the largest ring. His other hand reached under her nose and pulled the fleshy area between her nostrils down. He pushed the thin needle through her skin and snapped the ring closed. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her so she coul look at herself in the mirror on the wall in back of her. The silver ring dominated her face.

"No other purpose than debasement Amazon." Kwattro said as he continued to obey her instructions. "With additional debasement to follow."

Her nipples continued to expand during the dressing process and there was plenty of additional skin to accommodate rings at the end of each of the buds. Kwattro pinched her nipples for a few seconds to extend her as much as possible. Her scream as each of the new silver ornaments snapped in place were muffled by the invasive gag. Wonder Woman tried to calm herself since she was now completely dressed. Nothing else to endure, or so she thought.

"Your clothes are complete and you look adorable. I'd ask you out, but you already have a date." The sarcastic alien joked. "One more thing and we can go find mama."

Wonder Woman was puzzled by that comment. She watched as Kwattro extracted a thick round wand from the bag he carried at his waist. He walked to Wonder Woman and said.

"This is the reason that the Orions have the most successful slave market within five thousand light years." Kwattro reached down and spread Diana's confined pussy lips wide. The ring inside her lower mouth stretched with her skin. Wonder Woman realized it was bonded to her flesh, She pondered this while Kwattro warmed the wand in his hand. He placed the wand at the opening between her legs and he began to press the wand against her flesh. The effect was immediate and disabling. The wand excited every nerve in her vulnerable pussy and she felt as though she was losing her mind. She couldn't focus as the erotic massage continued and her female juices began to floe over Kwattro's fingers. He looked at her eyes and saw them glass over as her ability to focus or think diminished. She teetered on her heels and he grabbed her before she toppled over. The wand forced her to respond in the most intimate fashion. Her knees were weak, her eyes disoriented and she could barely stand.

"Even dressed like you are, you would probably walk like the proud Princess you must be at home." Kwattro said to the stunned Amazon. "You would be vaporized immediately after you entered the Market and they might hit me accidentally. Now you're safe and we're good to go. I'll bring the wand in case you require additional treatments."

Kwattro tugged the leash and Wonder Woman followed meekly after him. She was free from thought since she hadn't recovered from the intimate assault and barely noticed leaving Aphrodite's Hope, or entering the Slave Market. The duo made their way past a number of checkpoints until Kwattro told her they were outside the door where her fellow Amazons were held.

"Just to be sure you're ready," Kwattro began and he spread her pussy lips again. The wand inflicted the same sensations on her and she retreated inside her subconscious to avoid the overwhelming sensations. This was worse than having forty nine additional pussies and a cock in all fifty. Kwattro took an exceedingly long time treating her before he returned the wand to its place at his side. He lifted the Amazon in his arms and carried her into the room where her sisters were held.

"What's wrong with the new meat?" asked the Orion guard just inside the door.

"She can't handle her B'Shop wand treatments," replied Kwattro. He carried Wonder Woman to the registration desk and set her on the floor in front of it.

"Is that the last unit?" the Orion at the desk asked.

"Yes, this is number fifty one," replied Kwattro.

"We're amazed that you managed to get eighty percent of them to deliver themselves."

"These Amazons do not understand intergalactic behavior very well."

"They have a lot of time to learn," the guard said and both laughed at the dry joke. "Can the meat keep her balance long enough to complete the recording process?"

"Doesn't look like it," Kwattro replied. "Hand me the portable please."

The guard presented Kwattro with a roller, an ink pad, and he removed a page from the inventory book. Kwattro opened the pad and liberally ran the roller across the surface. He applied the roller to Wonder Woman's tits right on her npples. Despite the various restraints and ornaments, the pad applied the ink-style substance to her skin. Her nipples sported goosebumps as the ubstance was well below both room temperature and body temperature. Kwattro positioned the inventory page and pushed her breast the against page at the designated point and then pushed her other breast in its recording point. He slipped a finger in her slit and wiggled it. When he withdrew his finger, it was covered by her female juice. Kwattro rubbed the juice in its proper spot. He recorded her name and physical characteristics. Then he returned everything to the guard who ponderously reviewed the page.

"I must love wasting time," the guard said. "You've done so many of these, you probably know more about them than out most senior marketing executives."

Kwattro beamed at the recognition and pulled at Wonder Woman's leash. She wobbled to her feet and he tugged again, leading her into the market place. The first people she passed were six of her most buxom Amazon sisters. None of these wore a stitch of clothing. Clear plastic cups each sized exactly for the wearer covered their breasts. A tube sat right at each nipple and a continuous flow of white milk was sucked into the hose. The hoses weren't long, the reservoirs sat at each of her sisters left and right sides. Each of the women wore a belt similar to the one Diana wore and the milked maids wrists wore the same style shackle. The shackles were secured to their belts and in order to insure that the milked maids would remain to carry on their task, their ankles were shackled in the same style as Wonder Woman's ankles and the milked maids ankles were connected to the pole that stood between their legs. The pole sat anchored in a thick looking metallic box and extended into each woman's pussy. Wonder Woman didn't register what she saw, but if she had, she might have seen the combination aphrodisiac and nutrient fluid slowly rising up the restaining poles. Next she passed her childhood friends Electrina and Rosalita. Both of the brunettes were completely shaven and restrained by solid metal frames in kneeling positions. Each frame was mounted on a short riser allowing their mouths to rest at the average height where a normal Orion male's cock stood. Both women were servicing Orions with their tongues and the slimy substances that covered the front of their bodies indicated they had serviced a number of creatures. The duo continued walking and Diana made out an elevated chair through her hazy mind. Some Orion dignitary was seated their and a long line stood waiting his pleasure. Wonder Woman and Kwattro continued their slow procession towards the elevated chair and passed several more of her sisters. Spreader bars held arms, legs, arms and legs and crossed between limbs. Each of her sisters wore the same belt and shackles she wore and each was in severe pain.

Finally, Wonder Woman stood before the High Market Manager and she saw her mother, Queen Hyppolyta seated to his left. Hyppolyta's luxurious brunette hair now was a rainbow of odd punk colors and cut at various lengths. Her hair was an odd mess of ugliness and as far from elegant as imaginable. Like Wonder Woman, Hyppolyta's body was pierced. Her nose had a small nose ring, her nipples had large rings and along the underside of her breasts a succession of increasing sized bronze rings dangled. A spiked ball gag filled Hyppolyta's mouth and threatened to cut her skin if she didn't hold it exactly as it was placed. Her breathing was ragged as a result of the thick phallus that filled her front and rear. The phallus was golden and split to enable it to fill all her 'needs'. Wonder Woman remained incoherent or she would have heard the low hum of the vibratory feature of Hyppolyta's lover. A barbed twine encircled both Hyppolyta's legs right at her hips and held her in a seated position on the low stool that supported her fanny. Despite the pain from the barbs Hyppolyta appeared to be trying to stand up. Had she managed to break through the twine, the thick collar and shoulder set would have kept her in a seated position. The collat was gold and twice as thick as Wonder Woman's own collar. Hyppolyta's own body fluids pooled at her ankles because the considerate Orions placed her chair in a wide bowl. They reasoned that her purchaser might have some method of inflicting further humiliation on the stupid sow who walked into an Orion slave market and demanded the release of properly inventoried slaves.

Orion science focused on obtaining and restraining females for the purpose of profitable sales. These fifty one wenches were valued highly enough that the accountant predicted a record breaking sale and commission. Life was good and everyone in the market place was rewarded with an extra rest cycle both in thanks for the extra work and because Kwattro promised to deliver one more slave who might double the value of the upcoming sale by herself. When Kwattro stopped communicating, the Managing Council directed K'nortt to begin final preparations for the retail extravaganza. Then Kwattro's hidden signal reactivated and the workers were given the holiday.

Now that the set was complete, the sale would occur the next day. Buyers who cooled their heels for a week and a half now emerged from their temporary quarters and orbiting ships to make one final inspection. The Orion fleet sequestered itself, making plans for a series of covert visits to the previously insignificant planet where these women lived. Ted. Two Orions lifted Wonder Woman as easily as an earthman lifts a can of beer and carried her to the spot next to her mother.

"Standing for the moment," said K'nort and a pole rose from the floor. The Orion's pulled her legs apart and the pole buried itself in her quivering pussy. The tip of the pole featured a B'shop wand and the mind warping technology instantly elicited a stream of female juices from Wonder Woman's tortured sex. K'nort looked at the latest addition to his inventory expecting to see the same look of horror on her face that her sisters displayed when they were prepared for display. Instead, he saw a smile on Wonder Woman's face.

'What could make that slut smile?' K'nort thought. 'Nothing I can imagine in this universe can save her now."


Electrina and Rosalita lay topless on the Eastern beach of Reformation Island sipping cold fruit ades and watching the box that rose and sank in the tides off the shore.

"It was like nothing I could imagine in the universe," Electrina said and Rosalita agreed.

"They came in waves and I didn't think the attack would ever end."

As Wonder Woman settled atop the B'shop equipped pole, portions of the ceiling started to crack. Then her fellow Justice Leaguers, Justice Society members, Doom Patrol, Teen Titans, Power Company, Green Lanterns of every race, Ravagers, seven Legionaires and others she didn't know swarmed through the new holes in the ceiling. The strongest members forced the Orions to retreat and the less strong focused on freeing the captives and moving them to their space craft Aphrodite's Pride. The ship launched the moment the last hero was aboard. Two parsecs out the engines failed and Superman recruited the strongest members and a third of the Green Lanterns to provide propulsion.

Electrina rubbed her bald head. The queen dictated that all Amazons would shave their locks and those with unsullied hair would donate the shorn locks to a charity that provided wigs for patients who lost their hair while undergoing medical treatments. Hyppolyta vowed that she would undergo a second shearing once everyone's hair was restored. As they watched the large box bob and weave in the surf, the Amazons discussed their chances in the next contest to become Wonder Woman. Hyppolyta stripped her daughter of the title before her hearing in front of the Queen;s Council of aadvisors. Diana was determined to be innocent of the serious charges. She was convicted of unapproved interspecies sexual activity. Amazaons were restricted to taking lovers only once a decade. Wonder Woman hadn't sought permission. Despite the circumstances, she was found guilty. Since Amazon justice had its own code, Diana was sentenced to three months on Betelgeuse IV. Her Favored Companionships were suspended one week after her arrival and the remainder of her sentence she was available for three sessions per day. Hyppolyta hoped the constant activity would cure her daughter of the need for unscheduled fucking. Most of her sisters managed to watch the transmissions of her sessions.

"I just signed up for the expedition to retrieve Diana at the end of next month, Rosalita gossiped to her friend.

"Were you lucky enough to obtain a session?" Eletrina asked. Rosalita colored.

"Is it that obvious?"

"You're the twelfth volunteer I've spoken to today,' Electrina said and she stretched, "I'm going too. My session is on one of the last three days."

"You're a mink Electrina," Rosalita said in a scolding tone. Aftere a pause, she added one syllable, "Yes.'

She got up and began tugging on the rope that held the box anchored to the beach. Rosalita helped and the box was back on the beach. While Rosalita unsealed the top of the box, Electrina stood poised holding the Orion stun gun as Kwattro emerged from the box.

"You still stink," Rosalita said. "Unfortunately, Mala wants you back in your cell now. Tomorrow we should provide soap."

Kwattro trudged up the beach towards the tree line. Even without the gun, he knew he couldn't outrun his guards or overpower either of them. Hyppolyta sentenced him to life and these daily baths were his only escape. The large shark was beyond feral. The one instance that he managed to get out of the cage/box they confined him in for his bath, he was nearly eaten by the island sized critter.

Captivity did little to change the day to day existence on Themyscira. Life was normal and would remain so until the Wonder Woman role was filled. A contest involving all of the Amazon warriors would last three days, the Queen would bar her daughter from entering, a masked woman would win, and Princess Diana would return to Patriarch's world for further adventures and a lot of getting screwed. No other Amazon woman wanted the role. Who would willingly abandon paradise for the crime ridden city of Washington D.C. ?


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