Wonder Woman -The Balance

Author: Knyght
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Wonder Woman - The Balance Updated (7/19/99)

by knyght

Type: ( Female/Female Sex Mind Control Male/Female Sex )

Character: ( Wonder Woman )

Diana Prince finds a file that indicateds she is Wonder Woman and he has lots of plans for her

I.A.D.C. Headquarters, 5:45 pm

"I'm going home Diana, you're the last one here," Steve Trevor poked into her cubicle with a cheery wave. Diana Prince turned from the computer console, her raven ponytail tossing behind her and smiled back.

"Okay Steve. I'm going to stay awhile longer. Tell security on your way out."

"You shouldn't work so hard," Trevor shook his head. "The new boss knows you're a good agent; you don't need to stay late proving it to him."

"I know. I've just got a few case files I want to go over again. I won't be long."

"Well okay. Me, I'm out of here. See you tomorrow... apple polisher." He gave her a wink; Diana laugh and shooed him out.

The instant he was out the door, her smile faded. She turned back to her computer console and continued her work.

Three days ago, a man named Adam Moore had been appointed head of the IADC. It wasn't made public; the agency never advertised its leadership and didn't want its foes knowing who pulled the strings. But the transition had gone smoothly and nothing much seemed to have changed. Moore was young for his post, but those who met him came away confident that he was the right man for the job. By all accounts, he would make a fine agency head.

Something was wrong, however. She couldn't put her finger on it, but a sixth sense told her that Adam Moore was big trouble. She had learned to depend on that sense in her career as Wonder Woman and it had never failed her. She wasn't about to ignore it now.

She had spent most of the afternoon at her computer console, trying to gain information on her enigmatic boss. It wasn't easy. No known photos of the man existed and his hard drive was locked tight as a drum. But after several hours, she had finally found a lead: a set of case files from the new director's office, detailing all manner of classified secrets. She was certain that the cause of her unease lay within, and she wasn't about to stop digging just because it was quitting time.

She tapped furiously at the keyboard, trying desperately to maneuver some way into his hard drive. She wasn't the hacker that some in the IADC were and Moore's files were proving difficult to crack. Still, she felt she was close. Maybe if... she typed a few commands in and waited for the result.

*FILES... OPEN*, the console read. *WELCOME, DIRECTOR MOORE*.

"Yes!" she cried triumphantly, her voice echoing in the empty office. Time to see what her new boss was hiding.

The first few files were nothing interesting. Personnel reports mainly, assessing the competency of various agents. She nodded with approval as she saw Steve Trevor getting fine marks: an exemplary employee with a bright future ahead of him. But as she went through each report, she felt a sense of anxiety. Her own file was nowhere to be seen.

"What's the matter - haven't you gotten to me yet?" she muttered, flipping through the file program. Ah, there she was. Tucked at the bottom of the menu, at the end of a list of almost two hundred agents. She clicked the file icon and waited to see her own profile brought up.


Now that was odd. Nothing was there. Just a blank screen and a reference to another file. She went back a few paces and began perusing


"To hell with that," she muttered, typing in the hacked password.




She blinked in shock. What the hell did that mean?

"Open file." She typed into the computer, her anger returning. "What have you got planned for me?"


*WELCOME DIANA* the monitor suddenly flashed. She stopped.

*YOU'RE LOOKING IN PLACES YOU DON'T BELONG* it flashed again. All the other information had dropped away.

"Damn right I am, you bastard."


Suddenly, without warning a huge bolt of electricity shot out of the monitor. It engulfed Diana in electric blue tendrils, sending stunning shocks through her body. Her eyes opened wide and she tried to cry out, but the jolt robbed her of motor control She fell backwards out of her chair as arcs of blue played up and down her body. Shuddering slightly, her mind went comatose and everything faded to black. The electricity slowly abated, leaving her unconscious on the floor of her office.

The elevator bell dinged and the doors slid open. A lithe woman with brunette hair and the grace of a dancer stepped out into the hallway, moving purposefully towards Diana's unmoving form. She was dressed in a tight-fitting black catsuit, highlighting her ample chest and swaying hips. She was shorter than Diana, but moved with a great deal of atheletic confidence. As she stepped into the office and looked down at Diana's unconscious form, she couldn't suppress as smile. Leaning over, she gathered the IADC agent in her arms and moved effortlessly back to the elevator. The amazon's breathing was slow and regular as the door closed, and the woman holding her freed one hand to turn a strange key inserted into the control panel. The doors slid shut and they began to descend. Down down down down. The ground floor passed without a stop. Then the parking garage, followed by several levels of subbasement. The readout above the elevator doors stopped flashing numbers, but still they descended, going farther Finally, the lift came to a stop, and she lifted the unconscious Diana Prince into her arms once again.

They emerged into a wide laboratory, an area no one in the IADC had ever seen. Around them, computers hummed to life and monitors switched on, preparing for the task ahead of them. A strange chamber surrounded by plexiglass lit up, the floor beginning to glow with a soft white light. She laid Diana down on a padded lab table nearby, surrounded by monitors and machinery. Quickly, the woman stripped off captive's sweater and blouse, revealing a black lace bra which left a fair amount of cleavage visible. Diana's well-formed torso turned sensually as the agent moved lower, removing her demure skirt and pumps. A pair of black panties, matching the bra, covered her crotch, accompanied by black stockings and a black garter. The woman looked over her helpless body approvingly, then touched a button on a nearby console. Instantly, a series of metallic silver manacles slammed shut over Diana's wrists, neck and ankles, pinning her to the table. Her captive secured, the woman moved over to a microphone and switched it on.

"The subject is in place, sir. Shall I begin?"

"Yes indeed, Number Two. Commence connection procedures, I'll join you shortly."

Number Two nodded and moved to one of the control panels. At the touch of a switch, a set of probes and wires sprang to life around the bound amazon. A pair of diodes, connected to the machinery by long wires attached themselves to the flesh of her upper breasts. A silver belt cinched shut over her waist, connecting a strange metal box to the skin between her navel and crotch. A pair of cables snaked out from the bottom of the box, underneath Diana's panties. They gently probed her genitalia and pushed slowly into the orifice, taking care not to damage the flesh. Diana sighed and moaned compliantly in her sleep as the intrusion continued. Other probes attached themselves to various parts of her body: her thighs, her torso below the breasts, her temples, and elsewhere. Finally a computerized headband extended and Number Two fitted it carefully over the sleeping woman's forehead, taking care not to knock the glasses off Diana's nose. That completed, she stepped back to the console and awaited further instructions.

As this was going on, the elevator door opened, and a man stepped out. Tall and handsome, in his early thirties, Adam Moore didn't look like a typical intelligence head. He was dressed in a black body suit, with a holstered pistol and walkie-talkie on his belt. Under different circumstances, he might have been an ordinary security guard. But as he entered the lab, the head of the IADC reminded himself how out-of-the ordinary the circumstances were.

"Is she ready?" he asked.

"Yes, sir. The computer has established a full bio-link with her system and we are prepared to begin the neural insertion."

He gazed longingly at Diana's captive form, admiring the smooth curves of her soft pink flesh. Even when she wasn't in her Wonder Woman costume, she was a thing of beauty, and his member swelled just thinking about her. But tonight was not about having her, as tempting as that may be. Tonight was about ensuring that they soon would.

"Very well," he replied after a time. "Begin the procedure."

At the flip of a switch, the computer banks hummed to life. A surge of energy flowed into Diana Prince through the attachments, stimulating her flesh. She began to toss and turn unconsciously as her helpless body became aroused. The energy began to pulse, sending palpable erotic eddies that she moved in time with. Beneath her bra, her breasts swelled and her nipples began to harden. Her breathing increased and her fists clenched beneath the manacles. Sweat broke out across her upper chest and soon spread to her entire body.

"Aaah, aaah, aaah, aah..." she moaned, rolling her shoulders against the table. Still, she did not awaken, and her eyes remained closed as if in a pleasant sleep.

Meanwhile, the nerves behind her temples began to throb as the headband sent electronic signals into her brain. As a powerful amazon, her will was formidable, and if she were conscious, she would certainly resist the signals. Even now, they moved delicately, careful not to upset any of her mental defenses. Their task was a simple one: to find and trigger the subconscious command that controlled her transformation into Wonder Woman.

As they explored and searched the nether realms of her psyche, the machinery around her was doing an excellent job of distracting her. The diodes and cables pleasured her relentlessly, sending wave after wave of inexorable stimulation through her body. The probes in her vagina expanded and contracted against the tissue, while her chest heaved and contorted in time with them. Her nipples were now pert and hard, the flesh around them sensitive to even the slightest touch. Her toes curled and uncurled as the orgasm built within her, threatening to overwhelm her subconscious awareness. She twisted and writhed within the bonds, desperately seeking some respite. But the machines never wavered, pounding her body with a never-ending beat of erotic stimulation.

Moore watched all this with rapt fascination. As the tension grew and her moans slowly turned to cries, he reached out and released her left breast from the bra cup. Engorged and tight, it rippled sensually between his fingers as he squeezed it back and forth with a firm grip. He know he probably shouldn't - not yet - but he couldn't help it. The sight of her helpless body so completely under the machine's control was too much.

The orgasm erupted through her, and as it did, the mental probes found their target. She howled with pleasure as a massive set of shudders rocked her body. As she did, the lab was filled with a familiar blinding white light - but not around Diana, whose curvaceous form twitched uncontrollably. The light appeared in the huge plexiglass globe off to the side, one which the brunette Number Two was now watching with focused attention. When it subsided, the star-spangled shape of Wonder Woman's costume floated in its wake, freed from the dimensional netherworld where it usually resided. It hung suspended in the space within the globe, matching Diana's measurements perfectly. From the tight strapless body suit to the bullet-proof bracelets, the gold and red tiara, and calf-high boots, every aspect of her superhero's uniform stood floating before them. Even the belt of power and the magic lasso - the most important elements of the ensemble - were there, ready to be adjusted according to the plan.

"Begin second phase," Moore ordered, never taking his eyes from Diana's moaning form. Number Two walked over to another console and began typing commands. As she did, A spiderweb of circuitry appeared on the inside of the costume. Tiny computerized parts spread out across the fabric, forming a glittering tapestry of nano-electronics. They were so small and thin that no one would notice, not even the wearer. As the bustier and trunks were infested with the machinery, Number Two turned a lever. A new piece of the outfit - a golden collar with a single red star on the front - appeared in its proper place within the plexiglass. The inside of the collar was a maze of circuitry, and as nano-tech was added to the bracelets and tiara a tiny pair of prongs extended from its back - prongs which would enter the base of the neck of whoever wore it.

Her task completed, Number Two looked over at Moore, who has released Diana's tit. The heroine's body was bathed in sweat, and her post-coital noises were quiet and satisfied.

"Procedure complete," the woman called. "Wonder Woman's costume is now embedded with our control circuits. The next time she changes, her body will be at the mercy of the machine."

"Excellent. We're well on our way, my dear. Clean her up and purge her memory of the past twelve hours. We don't want her recalling any of this. I'll make arrangements for tomorrow."

Number Two's eyes widened with curiosity. "You've got a way to make her become Wonder Woman?"

"It shouldn't be too hard to get her attention. After all, crimes take place every day. I'll fill you in once Ms. Prince is deposited at home. In the meantime, finish up."

"Yes sir." Moore began to walk back towards the elevator. When he reached the doors, he turned.

"...oh, and have the machines do her again before you take her back. I'd say she's earned it."

Diana awoke in bed, feeling strangely happy. She sighed and turned over on her pillow, smiling quietly. Whatever dream she had been having, it must have been a good one. Maybe it was work; things had been flowing smoothly since the new boss took over. What had she been doing at the office last night...?

A glance at the alarm clock shook her out of her lethargy. "Nine forty-five!" How could she have overslept like that! Leaping up, she tore over to her wardrobe looking for something to wear.

Sitting in her car, she cursed the alarm for not waking her on time. As she maneuvered her way through the Washington traffic, she turned her mind towards the important tasks ahead of her - only to find she couldn't recall what they were. She had been working on something last night, that much she remembered. Something that seemed important to her at the time. The director...? Could it have something to do with the new director?

She was still trying to recall just a couple of blocks from the IADC building when something caught her eye. A dark-haired woman, dressed in a tight sweater and miniskirt, stepped out of a car near a canopied jewelry store. In her hand, she held a light submachine gun, and as Diana watched, she produced a ski mask, and trotted into the store.

"A robbery! Great. Like I'm not late enough." She pulled her own car over and ducked quickly into a nearby alley. She glanced around to make sure no one was looking, then removed her glasses and began spinning around. A bright white light engulfed her; when it faded, she was clad in the familiar silk costume of Wonder Woman. She dashed out of the alley and bounded over the street in a single leap, landing at the entrance of the jewelry store. She stepped inside, arms akimbo, ready to face the robbers...

Only to be greeted to an empty room. There were no display cases, no furniture, and no customers: just an empty space and the woman she had seen enter. He gun and ski mask were gone, but she held a strange-looking remote control in one hand.

"Who are you?" Diana demanded imperiously. "What's going on here?!"

"The continuation of our operation, Wonder Woman. Don't you remember last night?" the brunette touched a button on the control. Suddenly Wonder Woman felt a buzzing at her neck, and her body muscles froze. She tried to step forward, but she found she couldn't move an inch. Her body remained there, hands on hips, as the other woman sauntered slowly towards her.

"What have you done to me?!" Diana hissed.

"Nothing compared to what we're going to do. Sir?" she spoke into the remote. "The subject is acquired and off the streets. I'm awaiting instructions."

"Bring her below." A masculine voice answered.

"Yes sir. Follow me. The next phase awaits."

The woman gestured and walked towards the back of the building, and Wonder Woman found herself following her. Her legs moved of their own volition, carrying her across the room. She tossed her head in frustration (the muscles above the neck still seemed to be hers ), but could do nothing to stop her forward movement. She stepped through the far doorway behind the woman and vanished.

They emerged from the elevator into the laboratory. Moore sat at one of the consoles, checking the read-out on the screen. He turned as the two women entered.

"Ah, Number Two. Well done; I see you've brought our subject safe and sound."

Diana looked smugly at him, her arrogance undimmed by her apparent helplessness. "Adam Moore," she sneered. "And what does the IADC Director want with me?"

"The same thing I want of all my employees, Ms. Prince."

She gasped.

"Oh yes, I know all about your secret identity, my dear. As well as all the other lies you've told us."

"Big words coming from a man who's dedicated his entire life to deception."

He laughed. "Spare us your sanctimonious drivel, Wonder Woman. You're in no position to get high-handed.

"What do you want?"

"To keep you from escaping for starters."

Number Two reached behind her and removed the golden belt and lariat from around her waist. She inhaled sharply as she felt the strength flow from her body, leaving her as weak and helpless as any mortal. That accomplished, Moore reached over to the computer banks and flipped a switch.

"I think you'll find that muscle control has been restored to you. Don't get any ideas, though. We can reassert ourselves whenever we wish."

Diana gazed sharply at him, then reached up to feel what had caused the buzzing. A cold metal band around her neck greeted her.

"It's a collar, my dear. The circuitry in it is attached to your nervous system. Don't worry, it looks quite fetching."

"How did you do this?"

"As you were taking a nap last night. We needed a means to bring you here that wouldn't involve massive property damage."

She nodded slowly, while taking in her surroundings. There didn't seem to be anyone here save Moore and the girl. But weakened as she was by the loss of her belt, she couldn't risk a fight. Not yet anyway.

"So now that you've got me," she sneered. "What do you intend to do with me?"

"To enslave you my dear. To turn you into my toy."

"I hate to disappoint you, Moore, but I've heard that before."

"Not from me you haven't. These machines," he gestured, "are designed to brainwash an individual into whatever their user desires. Given enough time, we can program an entire personality from scratch. We usually use it for deep cover operatives, to make their aliases stand up to torture. But for you, they have an entirely different purpose: to utterly transform you."

"So," she nodded as realization sank in. "You're using the IADC to further your own schemes."

"On the contrary, I believe fervently in the IADC, and in America. I even believe in the need for a Wonder Woman, although I don't believe it should be you. But there will be time for that later."

"I believe in the IADC and America!" she protested. "How can you do this if we're on the same side!?"

"You were never on our side; we were only a tool to be used as you saw fit." He gestured at the monitor behind him and an image of Diana Prince flickered to life. As Wonder Woman watched, she saw herself entering the IRAC computer station, changing records and forging a false identity on the record banks. Diana had broken highly classified IADC codes in order to break into the computer, then filled it with the background of Diana Prince. When she was done, her secret identity was secured, and she could continue as an IADC agent without fear of discovery.

Wonder Woman remained passive as evidence of her own duplicity flashed on the screen

"Quite a bit of misinformation there. We've also done several CAT scans on our employees and found that you've altered numerous memories with your magic lasso. Steve Trevor, in particular, seems a virtual thrall to your little toy."

"But I was doing that to protect him!" she protested.

"I'm sure you tell yourself that. Shall we put it to the test?'

As he spoke the machines around him hummed to life, preparing for their task. Moore gestured at the silver lab table, the probes and manacles ready.

"It's time to begin your reprogramming Wonder Woman. Please step onto the table."

She shook her head. "Never!"

"Oh, I think you will. I could force you with the muscle control, but I want you to submit willingly."

He gestured at the monitor again and the image changed, to a live feed of Steve Trevor at his desk.

"As we speak, a poison dart has been aimed at the back of Mr. Trevor's head. One touch will kill him instantly. Get on the table, Wonder Woman."

Anger flashed across her face. "No!"

The camera panned to show the dart aimed at Trevor. It's tip dripped with toxin. "Connect yourself to the conversion machine, or the IADC will lose one of its best agents."

She looked desperately at the monitor, then back over to Moore. One glance into his eyes, and she knew he wasn't bluffing. Her shoulders slumped.

"All right."

She walked over to the table and lay down upon the surface.

"Lock yourself in, please." Glaring at him, she complied, locking the manacles of her ankles and neck around herself. Moore then walked over and closed the latches around her wrists. She tugged against them half-heartedly, but they held fast. Moore smiled.

"How does it feel to be helpless, Wonder Woman? To be utterly at my mercy?"

"Go to hell!" she hissed.

"Defiance! Good. This is going to be much more interesting." Reaching over, he produced a pair of suction pads attached by cables, and placed them on the swell of her cleavage. They attached to her skin and she felt the tip of what might be a wire touching her flesh.

Meanwhile, Number Two stepped behind her and placed a strange, helmet-like device over her head. A band within it tightened over her tiara, and she felt a series of monofilament wires snaking down through her raven hair to touch her scalp. At the same time, Moore snapped a pair of computerized circlets around Wonder Woman's upper thighs, just below the fabric of her costume. His fingers lingered on her soft skin after he had locked the circlets tight. She looked down to see the predatory smile on his face and gasped angrily

"So that's it. For all your talk about loyalty, you're nothing but a common pervert!"

"Tell yourself that if you like. The true purpose of the operation is to remove you as a threat, not satisfy my carnal urges. But if I can do both..." he patted her star-spangled rump and she twisted madly against her bonds.

"I've wanted you from the moment I laid eyes on you, Wonder Woman. Powerful, confident, beautiful in every way. I look forward to taming you; in time you will love me as only a slave loves her master."


"Time will tell. For now, let's begin."

He motioned to Number Two, who turned a dial on the control panel. The attachments hummed to life and she could feel a surge of energy move through them. It spread throughout her body, filling her with a warm and pleasant glow. The circlets send rhythmic waves up her legs and into her sex, while the diodes fired similar patterns into her globular breasts. She gasped involuntarily as the sensations flooded through her.

As that as going on, the attachments in the helmet began a systematic and patterned assault on her brainwaves. Connected to her tiara, the headband sent a series of telepathic messages into her brain, while the wires on her scalp fired signals designed to alter her neurons. The signals began to have their effect, and she soon felt a pressure within her temples, as if something was trying to break through her mental defense. She steeled herself, and despite the pleasure pulsing through her body was able to fend off the mental assault.

"Is this the best you can do?" she sneered at her captive

"Certainly not. This is just a warm-up." Number Two turned the dial to the next setting. The pulsing pleasure intensified, now running through her entire body. SThe circlets seemed to fire their energy directly into her clitoris stimulating the flesh in gentle yet powerful probes. She grew moist and wet and she felt her breasts harden beneath the fabric of her costume, even as the pounding in her skull continued.

"Wha... wha..." she gasped.

'The pleasure conditions you while the computer breaks through your mind." Moore smiled. "You can't fight your natural desires and defend against my probes at the same time."

"Aaahhhh... ahhh... ahhh," she panted, still struggling in her bonds. She could feel the climax building even as she fought the effects of the machines.

"But why should the computer have all the fun?" Moore quipped. Stepping back, he lowered his pants, revealing a large erect penis. Diana's eyes bulged in anger. There was no doubt what was coming next.

"Stay... stay away from me!" she spoke through clenched teeth.

"But I only want you to feel good my dear." Number Two turned the dial again, and she screamed as the power intensified yet again. Moore reached over to her thrashing form and pulled her tits free of the bustier. As he stroked them, she howled with the overwhelming sensation. The touch of his fingers seemed to work in tandem with the machines; every caress was an orgy of uninhibited sensation. Her breasts ripened instantly at his touch, and as he continued to squeeze them, her struggles began to match the rhythm of the machines.

Meanwhile, the helmet around her head continued its merciless onslaught, seeking a way into her mind. She could feel her mental defenses buckling, felt the computers tearing into them one by one. She fought with every ounce of will she had, but the physical manipulation could not be ignored. Her desires rose like a tidal wave and though she tried to resist, her body opened itself to the pleasure it was experiencing. The more she battled on that hopeless front, the less energy she had to resist the invasion of her brain. Flashes of light began to appear before her eyes, each one carrying words she couldn't quite hear - a message she couldn't quite read. Given the intense physical passion pounding through her, the fact that she was aware of them as all was a testament to her willpower.

After stroking her chest for several more minutes, Moore reached down and pulled her blue silk trunks down. Her femininity was thoroughly lubricated and each pulse of the computer made it more and more eager. With her trunks below her knees, he moved his hands up her sweating belly as her prepared to mount her.

"The first of many, my dear."

With a flash, he was in her, establishing a rhythm that matched her own. She felt her grow within her and screamed aloud, the pleasure becoming almost unbearable. Her legs thrashed in their restraints, instinctively trying to straddle him. They moved in time, him thrusting in and she opening herself to his presence. She felt ashamed at her helplessness, and tried desperately to reassert herself over her own body.

Can't stop... must... fight... she gritted her teeth, but it was too little, too late.

The orgasm exploded through her, sending violent shudders up her spine. The release ran through her like a wild animal, and it seemed as if every part of her was on fire. Conscious thought vanished in a bright white light, and in that instant, the walls came tumbling down. The computer moved at will through her psyche, adding subliminal triggers even as she drowned in sensation. She was vaguely aware of his orgasm, but could no longer acknowledge anything beyond her own animal pleasure. The screams and cries continued, before slowly dying down to nothing. As they did, the pleasure which had assaulted her slowly faded away.

Opening her eyes, she realized that Moore had dismounted her and was zipping up his pants. She blew out a long slow breath, the sweat bathing her body in a fine sheen. Beneath the helmet, her wet hair was plastered to her skull.

"You'll... you'll have to do better than that..." she groaned, trying desperately to summon some defiance.

"Oh, I will Wonder Woman, I will." Over at the control console, a computer bank flashed.


Number Two looked over and Moore nodded. The lithe brunette pulled a lever, and Diana felt the energy returning to her attachments. But it was different this time, less subtle. At the same time, she could feel something within her brain, like words pulsing just behind her eyeballs.

"What you just experienced was only the first part of the conversion. Now the computer has access to your mind and we can begin reshaping it to our will."

"Never..." she moaned.

"I beg to differ. And soon you will too. To help the process along, the attachments on your body are going to send some very specific signals to your nerves. The effect is similar to Pavlov's experiments, only infinitely subtler and more complex. Obey my commands, and receive pleasure."

He gestured and her loins flared as powerful energy pulsed through her body: a sensual joy that overwhelmed her conscious thoughts.

"Or defy me and suffer the consequences."

He gestured again, and the joy turned to agony. She screamed aloud as every nerve ending in her body exploded in pain.

"When you submit, the computer builds connections into your subconscious, shaping it to fit its program. When you resist, it closes doors to your old self, erasing memories, ethics, even personality traits. No matter what you do, the transformation continues. The longer you are connected to the computers, the more you become my slave."

"Damn you... AAAHHHH!!!!" she screamed as the pain intensified.

"It's already begun." he leaned over her trembling face, staring purposefully into her brilliant blue eyes.

"Say you are my slave, Wonder Woman."

"Nev... neverrggnnnnhhhhh!!!!!!" her eyes clenched shut at the agony.

"Say you are my slave."

"You... yyyyyyyyyyggggggg!!!"

Say it."

"I... I am your slave..." she gasped. Instantly, the pleasure washed over her and she sighed.

"Say you will do anything for me."

"I...I will do anything for you." The pleasure continued. Despite her recent calisthenics, she could feel herself beginning to build to another climax.

"Say that you only desire to serve me."

"I... I will never serve you!!!" like a switch the pleasure was gone and the pain had returned. She screamed.


"Say that you only desire to serve me."


"Say it."

"I... I only want to serve you."

"That's not what I said." A wave of agony coursed through her.

"I... I only desire to serve you." Again, the pleasure returned. Her loins pulsed.

"Say I am your master.'

"You... oooooo... are my master." Her face clenched with shame, but the sensation soon washed it way.

"Say you want to fuck me."

She twisted and spasmed in an effort to keep it back, but the words came out reflexively. She couldn't help it.

"I... I want to fuck you."

"Good. That's a good beginning, Wonder Woman. Now let's move on to something more complicated..."

The pulsing from the computer continued, and her eyes widened in horror. I can't take this much longer she thought as the second orgasm began to build..

By the tenth, she no longer thought at all.

Twenty-four hours later

Diana Prince stepped out of the elevator to her modest Washington apartment. It had been quite a day at the IADC... a lot of exercise, away from her desk. At least it felt that way. As she move from the elevator down the short hallway to her apartment door, she struggled to remember exactly what she had been up to. It was important, that much she could recall. And fairly strenuous, at least mentally. She felt exhausted. But as she tried to focus on the specifics, tried to concentrate on what precisely has taxed her so much, she found the details slipping away, like water through her fingers.

I must be working harder than I thought she said to herself.

Suddenly, she stopped, her musing interrupted by a sound beyond the door in front of her. A faint thumping noise could be heard in her apartment... like someone moving around.

"Looks like my day's not over yet," she muttered. Glancing from side to side, she spun in a flash, triggering her transformation. The star-spangled Wonder Woman stepped brazenly forward and threw open the door, ready to confront her erstwhile intruder.

"Whoever you are, you've just made a big mistake."

She moved beyond the archway into the living room beyond. There was no sign of anyone.

"Why don't you give yourself up," she called. "Diana Prince is telephoning the police."

"I doubt that," a female voice replied. Diana spun to face the bedroom, only to be greeted by a strange, dark-haired woman standing in the open door. She wore a black leather corset with matching boots and gloves. The material clung closely to the woman's pale skin, highlighting her feminine virtues admirably. She seemed familiar somehow... almost as if she had met her before... but her origins weren't what worried the buxom amazon. What worried her was the familiar-looking golden lariat sitting in her hands.

"How did you..."

"Control circuits on!" the woman barked, and instantly Diana froze A thousand electric currents hummed through her body from the hidden nanotech in her costume, holding her in place.

"You..." she hissed. In a flood, the memories all came back: the lab beneath the IADC office, the hideous computer probes... the violation...

Her captive now helpless, Number Two walked across the living room, and closed and locked the front door. Diana stood motionless as she did so, helpless even to lift a finger. Number Two turned and smiled demurely at her captive.

"Now that we have a little privacy, we can get down to business."

"What do you want with me? And how did you get my magic lasso?"

"We programmed it into your mind. Whenever you transform, the lasso now comes to me instead of you. Adam thought it a wise precaution."

"Adam!" Diana snarled. "When I find that animal, I'll..."

"I don't like your preaching anymore than Mr. Moore does. Which reminds me..." Twirling the golden rope, she looped it expertly around Wonder Woman's shoulders. Diana felt her will go the instant the material touched her flesh.

"You will not move unless I order you to, and only what I order you to. Understand?"

"Yes." the heroine spoke blankly.

"Computer circuits off," Number Two barked. "I want to do this the old-fashioned way." Once again, Wonder Woman's muscles were hers to command, but bound as she was, she couldn't use them; not without Number Two's permission that is.

"Now then, let's see what's in the bedroom!" She motioned and Diana grudgingly followed. Her eyes widened at the sights beyond the bedroom doorway. A pair of strange manacles hung on her bedposts: computerized bands that locked through an intricate series of microchips. A black duffel bag stood open by the bed, and a series of sinister-looking objects had been placed along the top of her dresser. She didn't want to think what they were for.

"Let me go!!!" she screamed helplessly, trying to summon her muscles into action. The powerful draining of the lasso was like a thick fog, blanketing her ability to resist. Number Two laughed.

"Certainly, Diana. As soon as we're finished." She led her captive forward, placing a gloved hand on the small of her back. Wonder Woman shuddered as she felt the fingers exploring her, helpless to do anything about it.

"How do you like the feel of your lasso, my dear?"

"It's awful! Invasive... paralyzing..." the magic rope forced the truth from her lips.

"And yet you've used it with reckless impunity. Destroyed memories, seared souls."

"No... I only used it for good."

"Your good Diana, defined by your rules. And now we'll define it by mine. It's not so righteous when you're on the other end, is it?"

"No... it's not." again the words came unbidden, compelled by the lariat's relentless power.

Number Two's gloved hands moved further up her back, exploring her bare shoulder blades and the soft flesh between.

"You're powerless before another person. Helpless to move as your body is poked, prodded, violated. If I liked, I could turn you into a vegetable, or erase every memory you've ever had. And you think you're allowed to wield the same power just because you're better than the rest of us."

"Yes! Mine is the right. I was chosen..."

"And now you're going to have to live with the consequences of that choice." Her hands moved around, embracing the helpless heroine from behind. Diana felt Number Two's face press into her hair, experienced a strange intoxicating rush as her bare flesh touched the woman's shoulders and upper arms. The thrill felt aritifical somehow - as if it had been placed in her mind by someone else. Number Two clasped her lower chest intimately, then reached over and kissed the paralyzed amazon on the cheek.

"I've waited so long for this moment..." she whispered. "...And I want it to be perfect."

With flash, she reached down and tore the golden belt from around Wonder Woman's waist. Diana gasped as she felt the strength drain out of her body, leaving her as weak and helpless as a kitten. Number Two stepped away from her, still holding on to the lasso, and fitted the girdle around her own shapely waist. Her eyes lit up as the amazon power filled her being, giving her muscles and bones the strength of a hundred. Diana cried out as she watched her captor revel in her stolen power.

"My God," Number Two breathed. "No wonder you're so arrogant."

"Take that off! It isn't yours... you have no right!"

"On the contrary, I have every right. As you'll soon learn."

She smiled and snapped the lasso, pulling it free of the amazon's shoulders. Her body control restored, the heroine turned and shot towards the open door. The smiling Number Two caught her with ease, lifted and threw her one the bed. Wonder Woman landed in a tangle of arms and legs, trying to get her bearings. Number Two leapt on top of her, straddling her waist with her legs. Although Diana was over six inches taller than the lithe dominatrix, she found herself helplessly pinned.

"Another power you enjoy flaunting over the rest of us. Strength to do whatever you wish to another."

Wonder Woman snarled and tried to yank the belt away from her, but Number Two grasped her wrists and forced them back. The amazon struggled madly as she was forced into the waiting cuffs with pathetic ease. The clasps closed above her bracelets, magnetically sealing to create an impenetrable bond.

"How does it feel?" Number Two asked.

"You... you terrible woman! How dare you!"

"I could very well ask you the same thing. You don't remember who I am?"

"Of course! You're Adam Moore's dancing puppet!"

Number Two smiled, now genuinely curious.

"No. Before that. You honestly don't remember?"

Diana continued to struggle.

"I've never seen you before! Never!"

"Hmph. Typical. Well, I'll have to enlighten you."

She reached behind and unzipped the golden busier. Diana's breasts sprang free, the nipples covered with a sheen of sweat. She cried and thrashed, her legs madly kicking while Number Two tossed the garment aside. Her tights were next, legs held firmly beneath the brunette's grasp. Finally, her red boots came off and joined the others at the floor. Her captive stripped, Number Two released her, stepping back to stand, arms akimbo, before the bound heroine. Diana continued to struggle for several more minutes, until it became clear she couldn't break free. She slowly stopped, her body revealing all its naked glory to her captor. Number Two waited, and then quietly spoke.

"My name was Mary," she smiled, a sad smile unlike her previous demeanor. "I was a junkie and a small time thief. I snatched purses to feed my habit."

Wonder Woman's eyes slowly widened. "Yes. Yes, I remember you. You were skinnier then."

"Not so well-built, either. Heroin will do that to you."

"But I caught you."

"Yes. You caught me and turned your witch magic on me. Wrapped that lasso around me and barked orders into my soul."

Despite her bindings, the smug look returned to Diana's face. "It was for your own good. I ordered you to go to the police and to stop taking that awful drug. And you did it!"

"Wrong! I stopped doing drugs all right, You took my habit away, and forced me to go straight to the police. But there was more. The drug was so much a part of my life, had such a deep hold over my soul, that when you wiped it away, you wiped everything else away as well!"

Diana gasped. "No... That's not right..."

"When I got to the police station, I was almost catatonic. I had lost my memory, my personality. I could barely eat by myself. I spent three years in a vegetable ward trying to learn how to speak again. You did that to me Wonder Woman. You and your do-gooder crusade."

"You're wrong! There must have been something else..."

"It was Moore who finally found me. Took me out of that place. He retrained me, gave me a purpose in life. I owe him everything I have, everything I am. All he wanted in return was you. That was okay, because I wanted you, too. An now we both can have you."

"You're sick! Disturbed!"

She leaned over and looked Diana in the eye.

"I can't tell you what it felt like. The invasion. The helplessness. I was prostate before your will, forced into acting without my consent or wish. No pimp or dealer ever violated me the way you did."

"I'm... I'm sorry..."

"Sorry isn't good enough, Wonder Woman. You took my soul from me, tore apart my very essence. You never thought of the effects you might have had, you never considered that what you were doing might hurt me. You just reached into mind and tore me apart, using your sanctimonious sense of 'justice' to explain it all away. Weel I'm here to tell you that your super powers and your self-righteous arrogance aren't enough this time. You took everything away from me, so now I'm going to take everything away from you!"

Emotions played across the heroine's faced, a symphony of guilt, ego, and frustration. As she struggled with these facts, Number Two turned and walked over to the bureau. She produced a pair of odd, computerized dildos a small box of machinery sat at the base of each shaft. With iron strength, she spread Diana's legs and pushed the first device deep into her exposed vagina. Wonder Woman felt it thrust deeply into her and cried aloud at the humiliation and pain. When it was comfortably inserted, her captor pulled the star spangled trunks back over her, effectively sealing the dildo inside. She then repeated the process with herself, lowering her black leather thong and inserting the device between her own widely spread lips.

She then produced another pair of objects, these silvery headbands. Computerized circuitry glittered inside each, and a long black wire extended down the back of one of them. Number Two fitted this over Wonder Woman's forehead, connecting the wire to an opening in her golden collar. She then placed the other around her own forehead.

"We're now psychically linked," she explained. "These devices create an unbreakable connection between us. The dildos are designed to facilitate mutual sexual pleasure. Every time I thrust my hips, your dildo thrusts in time; my dildo does the same with your movements. At the same time, The headbands form a bond between our psyche. I can project impulses into your brain that will support the programming already there, preparing your mind for the final transformation. Meanwhile, your headband will transmit vital information to me: your contacts, your home on Paradise Island, every facet of who you are. And all of it, of course, is helped out tremendously by a... distracting display of energy. Shall we begin?"

Diana shook her head madly but Number Two ignored her, sliding up the bed and draping herself over the amazon. She planted a deep, sensual kiss on her lips and both women instantly felt a stirring with their loins. At the same time, their headbands hummed to life, sending data back and forth at an amazing rate. Diana could feel a buzzing in her mind, sensed deep psychic probes extend within her being. But she was helpless to prevent the violation. Her defenses weakened by the earlier conditioning, she could only gasp as her deepest secrets flew out into the brain of the smiling woman on top of her. At the same time, information from Number Two's brain lanced into her with laser-like precision, containing orders, commands, even new personality traits. She could feel her synapses altering, changing into something new and alien. And though she fought madly against her computerized bonds, she could not stop the inevitable transformation.

Number Two slid her gloved hands down Wonder Woman's chest, kneading and massaging the enormous mammaries between her fingers. Diana tried to scream, only to hear it transform into a sensual moan. Her loins grew hot and moist, unable to resist the feeling of supple leather on her most intimate areas. Number Two thrust her crotch forward, and Diana yelped with pleasure as the dildo within her moved in time with it, matching the dominatrix's movements exactly. Instinctively, she thrust her own crotch forward, and heard Number Two give out a similar sigh ad the dildo within her did its work.

Her captor was just too strong. Number Two's newly powerful muscles forced the amazon to move the way she wanted, expertly guiding and shaping the heroine to match her sexuality. All Wonder Woman could feel was the tight leather on her skin, or the occasional tantalizing touch of the dominatrix's own flesh. The headband continued to issue commands, and she felt herself building to orgasm almost against her will; her total powerlessness before this woman was a turn-on she had never known before. Every time her heaving thighs touched the inner leg of her captor, she felt unyielding strength. Every time she tried to raise her head, another kiss forced her down. Her crotch throbbed with passion, her legs instinctively thrusting again and again. Somewhere deep down, she wondered if the desire was hers, or merely a command placed in her mind by the machine. To her horror, she realized that she didn't really care.

"UUUUAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed as the climax claimed her. Number Two rode her hard and merciless until she, too, began to howl with erotic pleasure. The minds of both women went blank, blinded by a wave of mindless sexual release that overwhelmed conscious thought. But the headbands were still there and continued their work amid the white noise - transferring memories, imprinting subliminal commands, and subtly brainwashing the helpless superhero.

When they were done, Number Two clambered down from the bed, and removed the device from her vagina. Wonder Woman lolled semi-conscious, still feeling the aftereffects of the process.

"Feels good doesn't it?"

"You... can't break me..." she sighed.

"Just keep telling yourself that." Reaching over to the dresser, she produced a new series of objects. The helmet slipped over Wonder Woman's eyes and ears, connecting itself to the still-running headband, while the clear suction-cup-like devices attached to her sweat-sheened breasts. The devices sucked every inch of flesh into their recesses, and as Diana slowly began to struggle again, she felt a million tiny computer wires spread across her twin spheres. The effect was extremely arousing, and she felt herself grow hot again even as the first orgasm faded away.

'You've got a lot of secrets in that brain of yours," Number Two spoke, now hidden by the helmet. "And now they're all mine."

"I'll get you..."

"I'm sure. Meantime, Moore wants you prepped and ready for the big change tomorrow. I'd do it myself, but I've got a lot to process, and I'll need to have things down pat before I become Wonder Woman."


"Oh, did I forget to mention? I'm taking your place. The world needs a Wonder Woman, even one who answers to Uncle Sam. Like I said, you took my identity. I'm going to repay it by taking yours."


"Don't worry, we'll give you a new one. Something fitting for your new station in life. Meantime, enjoy the rest of your evening; it's your last as a superhero. Computer! Activate Modulation sequence 1A3. Continuous loop."

The helmet hummed to life and Diana felt the real world fade away beneath the sensory depravation. The last thing she saw was Number Two, holding the eagle bustier up to her chest, as if testing the fit. Then her vision went black.

A string of words flashed before her eyes, accompanied by a pleasant-sounding feminine voice.


"Go to hell..." she spat.


"What?" she asked. Instantly, the cups on her breasts sent a surge of erotic electricity through her, while the dildo still within her vagina send similar waves through the tender wall. She rose almost instantly and screamed as another orgasm rocked through her. The machines seemed to know exactly where to touch her right.


"No..." she moaned. "please NNNNNNNNNNNN..."

Another wave of pleasure came through her. eliciting another climax. The wires engulfing her chest pushed and prodded gently, causing her flesh to undulate beneath the electricity. They did not fade with her orgasm.

*YOUR BODY MUST BE STIMULATED. YOUR MIND WILL OBEY* the computer repeated, sending another blast through her. As it did, Wonder Woman felt her conscious mind slipping away, drowning beneath an ocean of pleasure. She fought to remain conscious.



Another burst.






Still another burst, and as it swept over her, she felt herself slipping away. She began parroting the computer's words, each statement accompanied by another climax.

"I will obey my masters..."


"...I will obey my masters..."


"...I will obey my masters..."


"...I will obey my masters..."


Her mind switched off, unable to cope with the constant stimulation. Only her pleasure centers remained open, engulfed in the throes of Number Two's machines. The orgasms came regularly now, once every ten seconds. As they did so, the computer began purging Wonder Woman's mind of any thoughts of resistance... preparing her for her new role.

It took almost eight hours for the process to complete.

Downstairs. She had to go downstairs. The thought had sat at the back of her mind ever since she had come to work that morning. She couldn't put her finger on it, and didn't know precisely what it meant, but it tugged at her consciousness throughout the day. Diana tried to ignore it and get on with her work. A lot had piled up during her sick day, and she was anxious to make up the time. For a while, that was enough, and she managed to make it through lunch without thinking much about the strangely urgent need to go downstairs. But by about mid afternoon her work had slowed, and she found herself focusing on the little voice.

Downstairs... You're needed downstairs...

"To hell with it," she muttered, and shut off her computer. Stepping out of her cubicle, she almost bumped into Steve, walking briskly the other way.

"Hey, not leaving already, are you?" he laughed. "You just got back."

"I've just got to check something in the basement. Won't be a minute." She brushed past him and moved towards the elevator. Now that she was taking action, the voice in her head grew louder. Her legs seemed to move of their own volition, pulling her along without conscious thought. There was no denying it now. She needed to go downstairs.

The other passengers in the elevator all got off before the ground floor. Once they were gone, she reached into her pocket, and produced a key, a key she had never seen before.

"What's going on?" she thought hazily, even as she placed the key in its slot by the elevator buttons. The lift began to descend: down, down, past the basements and subbasements. Diana knew IADC Headquarters like the back of her hand, and she had no idea these levels existed. They must be far underground...

The elevator stopped and the doors slid open, revealing Moore's lab to her. At the sight, a part of her mind screamed in horror. Run away! Quickly! it spoke. But it was small and tiny, overwhelmed by the commands that now flooded her conscious mind.

The lab table where she had first been strapped now had a twin sitting next to it. Both were surrounded by an identical array of probes, wires and attachments. Computers around her hummed to life and she could feel the pulse of the machinery in her bones. Moore was standing at the computer console in front of the tables, alongside his assistant, Number Two. The dark-haired woman was stripped completely naked, arms folded across her pert breasts, with a cynical smile on her face.

"Well!" Moore exclaimed. "It seems Ms. Prince couldn't resist the siren call after all."

"About time," Number Two smiled. "I was beginning to catch cold.":

"You..." Diana whispered, coming to a stop in front of them. Moore grinned.

"Yes, me. It's time for the final treatment, Ms. Prince, the one that will separate you forever from your patriotic alter-ego."

"I...No..." she pleaded, realizing what he meant. Her will seemed trapped in a dream-like haze, unable to act in any way. Her hands dangled at her sides as Moore stood in front of her.

"Your taste in clothing is exquisite, my dear, but it's not what we need right now. Let's see..." He grasped the top button of her white blouse and pulled, opening the front down to her navel. Wonder Woman's golden eagle bustier shone beneath it, hidden beneath the mundane trappings of her office ensemble.

"How did that get there?" she quivered.

"We thought you would like to wear it, seeing as how it's your last day."

Number Two tapped commands into the computer as Moore slid the torn blouse off Diana's unmoving form. The black pants and shoes were next, revealing her bare legs and boots beneath the blue-star trunks. The red boots were cunningly hidden beneath a pair of fall-away heels. Even her bracelets were there, covered by the clinging long sleeves of her blouse. The only things missing were her tiara and golden collar. Moore tossed her clothes into the corner and gazed upon her once again. She stood statue-like, the frumpy discretion of Diana Prince vanishing beneath her costume's star-spangled curves. But her glasses were still on, and her hair was bound in a demure bun, contrasting sharply with the sexy costume covering her body. It was as if she were trapped between her two identities, waiting to see which one would emerge.

Adam Moore stood behind her and grasped her bare shoulder blades, moving his hands slowly down her arms. She remained unmoving, but her eyes closed and she could feel herself growing moist at his touch.

"She's helpless before us," he laughed. "An open book to be rewritten as we please." He gently guided her over to the waiting table, helping her into position as the restraints once again closed around her. Number Two, meanwhile, had taken an identical position on the second lab table, and smiled serenely as the bonds closed around her own form. Moore stepped back and typed a few commands on the computer.

"Please..." Diana whispered, summoning all her remaining will to utter that simple word. As she spoke, the machine began to connect itself to her, attaching diodes and wires to every part of her anatomy. A helmet slid down over her head, sending countless feelers through her hair to the scalp. As they touched, she could feel her mind opening to them, establishing a neural link between herself and the computer. Her soul lay barren before Moore's machines; every corner of her being was now intertwined with the circuitry around her. Similarly, the attachments on her body probed and analyzed her physical form, connecting to nerve endings, muscles and capillaries throughout her flesh. They pushed down beneath her uniform, using the circuitry already there to connect to the places where clothing hid. a pair of strange, clear VR goggles closed around her eyes, encasing her glasses within its form. Next to her, a similar series of probes and attachments connected to Number Two, establishing a similar link with her form. Within moments, both women had become completely interlinked with the computer; it became hard to know where the female ended and the artifice began. Number Two seemed to revel in the diodes and circuits exploring her, while the amazon could only squirm in horrified fascination.

"All preparations are complete," Moore reported. "Are you ready to take what's yours?" he asked Number Two.

"Absolutely!" she almost screamed, the excitement apparent on her face. Moore turned to the gaping Diana.

"Farewell, princess. Enjoy the final phase of your transformation."

He pressed a button and the machines charged to life. The VR goggles across her eyes winked on, flashing a blank screen before her. The room around Diana faded away to nothing, replaced by an empty expanse of glowing white...

...Her muscles tensed as she readied herself for some sort of threat. She was clothed in her full uniform, no trace of her Diana Prince persona within her. All of the honed skills and reflexes, which had been so hazy for the last few days, now felt crystal clear. Her old confidence flowed from her, filling her being with security and satisfaction, Surely things weren't so bad.

"Oh, but they are, Wonder Woman," a voice called from behind her. Spinning around, she found herself face to face with Number Two, standing some twenty feet away in the glowing expanse.

"Where are we?" the heroine asked.

"Inside the computer. We've separated the core personality of Wonder Woman from your mind and fed it into our data banks. You and I are now a series of complex binary codes, flitting through the circuitry around us."

Wonder Woman looked around. "So in here, I'm free of your conditioning?"

"Hardly. You represent the last vestiges of the Wonder Woman identity, the permanent core of who you are. Your Diana Prince disguise has been stored in a separate bank, safe from harm." she clapped her hands and a transparent cocoon appeared above them. The body of Diana Prince - naked save for her glasses - floated within.

"When we're done, we'll place her back in your body as the primary personality. She won't be an alter ego any longer; she'll be the real you. When she isn't serving us on her knees, of course."

"And me? Are you going to leave her in the computer banks?"

"Goodness no. I'm going to absorb you, devour you completely. Then I'll be able to appropriate whatever elements of your psyche I need and discard the rest."

Wonder Woman's jaw clenched in anger. Number Two spread her hands.

"I need it to be the new Wonder Woman. I have to take what you are."

Diana snarled. "I don't go down so easily."

"I'm sorry, my dear, I'm afraid you do."

Instantly, a pair of electric beams sprung forth from the woman's breasts. In a flash, they crossed the distance between the two women, engulfing Diana's own eagle-clad chest. She screamed as the connection was made; energy began flowing out of her and into Number Two. In a panic, she realized the awful truth: her form and mind, her very being in this void, were computerized constructs. Her soul had been reduced to raw data, and was now being sucked into the woman across from her. She tried to turn and run, but found she couldn't move. She tried to move forward, but her feet seemed rooted to the ground.

"You're as helpless as you ever were, my dear. You only feel strong because it's the last bit of who you are."

Diana could feel her personality slowly vanish, sucked from these beams of energy into Number Two. She tried to concentrate, to erect some form of defense, but found it impossible. Number Two squealed orgasmically as the contents of Diana's soul flowed into her. Her mind raced to absorb the new information, aided by the computer around her. Diana looked pleadingly at her captor as the process continued, now pulling the very foundations of her soul out of her. She clenched her eyes in one last burst of resistance, then thought no more. Her body flickered for a moment and reverted to an elaborate series of 1s and 0s. Even that was quickly drawn into the beams. In a final flash, she was simply gone. The electricity shrank back into Number Two's body, along with the last remnants of the world's greatest superheroine.

Outside in the lab, a flash of glowing light surrounded Diana's form, matched by a similar flash around Number Two's. When they faded, the Wonder Woman costume had switched places; Diana was now naked, and Number Two was clad in the star-spangled silk of the Amazon Avenger.

Moore nodded with satisfaction and flipped a series of switches. The attachments around his assistant closed down, detaching and retracting to their former positions. Number Two shook her hair around her new golden tiara and sat up.


"Success." Moore smiled. "Welcome to your new life... Wonder Woman."

"Thank you Mr. Moore. And thanks... for your faith in me."

"I wouldn't have given you this mantle if I didn't feel you were worthy of it." He patted her shoulder and she smiled.

"When's my first assignment?"

"Monday. I want you to take a few days and let yourself adjust to your new powers. Then, I'll tell you where to go."

The former Number Two put her hands on her hips and laughed out loud, then looked over at the silent form of her predecessor, still bound in the machine.

"And her?"

"The computer's reintegrating her Diana Prince persona as we speak. When it's done, I'll place the new personality underneath it. The one she deserves."

"Excellent. I want to be there when she first discovers it."

"I think that can be arranged..."

Epilogue: Somewhere in the Caribbean

Diana Prince closed the door to her hotel room, dropped her bags, and sighed. Her first vacation in years. She had spent the last three weeks tracking down a ring of international counterfeiters, culminating in a sting and a bust two days ago. Chief Moore had been so impressed that he gave her a week's leave on the spot. She had tried to demure, but he insisted. "You haven't been away from work in five years," he told her. "You deserve a relaxing break." He had even secured tickets to the IADC's private island resort. Seized from a prominent drug lord ten years ago, the Caribbean paradise had since served as a safe place for agents to relax and unwind. Attendance was by invitation only, and you had to take a private plane from Miami to get there. No one save IADC agents could attend, and apparent only two others were there when she arrived. Your tax dollars at work, she thought ruefully. Still the idea of a week on a private island, surrounded by no one save discreet staff, was immensely appealing.

She showered and changed into a black bathing suit, intending to catch a nap on the beach. As she tied on her sandals, the phone rang.

"That's funny; no one knows I'm here." Probably the front desk, asking if she needed anything. She picked up the receiver. "Yes?"

"Wouldn't you like to change into something more comfortable?" the male voice on the other end asked.

At the sound of the subliminal trigger, her eyes glazed over and the phone fell limply from her hands. She began to twirl, her form bathed in a burst of white light. When it faded, she was dressed in new attire: a twisted version of her old costume. The red corset top barely covered her ample bosom, swelling the golden eagle every time she breathed. A blue bikini thong with white stars hugged her hips, while a golden belt clasped her waist just below the navel. A gold tiara like her old one framed her hair, joining a similar golden collar around her neck. Thigh high red boots completed the ensemble, along with a pair of golden bracelets around her wrists. The bracelets sported a pair of locking rings, allowing her hands to be easily bound should someone desire it. Her face had a vacant distant look, as she stepped out of her room and walked towards the beach.

Adam Moore was waiting for her, dressed in a swimsuit and holding a cellular phone in his hand. Beside him stood the new Wonder Woman, clad in the uniform that Diana herself had worn not too long ago The pair gazed out into the surf as she approached.

"The army depot was a bit of a problem," the former Number Two commented. "But I don't think Generalisimo Hernandez will be threatening the Republic again."

"Excellent. And your control problems?"

"Getting smaller every day. It just takes a little getting used to."

They continued chatting as Diana fell to her knees behind them.

"Master, Mistress, I await your pleasure." The two turned.

"Ah, our entertainment is here." Moore smiled. "Welcome, Slave Woman. I see you have the proper humility before your Master and Mistress."

"I live to please you."

"Good, good." He gripped her shoulders and lifted her up, planting a deep sensual kiss on her passive lips. His hands began to explore her flesh, feeling the bare skin lying open to his command. She responded eagerly to his touch.

"I'll go first, if you don't mind," Moore commented to Wonder Woman.

"Sure, no problem. We've got her for a week, after all. I'll be in the playroom; send her in when you're done." The lithe brunette turned and sauntered slowly back to the compound. Diana bowed her head in obedience as Moore addressed her again.

"Tell me, Slave Woman, what do you most desire?"

"I have an powerful urge to perform fellatio on you," she averted her eyes as she spoke.

"Excellent! I permit you to orally stimulate me, Slave Woman."

Diana's eyes lit up with joy. "Oh thank you Master! Thank you!" She fell to her knees again and pulled his suit down, eagerly devouring his stiffening member. As she began to stimulate him, using exquisite techniques planted in her mind, all she could think about was how happy she was. To please her Master or Mistress was all she desired in the world!

Adam Moore, fingers wrapped gently around the back of her head, was already thinking of new ways she could please him.


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