By Barnabus

"Following Wonder Woman's lead, Lt. Diana Prince "falls under the influence
of a man's world."

(M/F, romance, Wonder Woman, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, first time)

Wonder Woman's relationship with Steve has changed. Now what will happen
between Steve and Diana Prince?

This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature,
including graphic descriptions of consensual, "vanilla" sex. If you find
such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please
bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked,
and owned by DC Comics, a Time Warner company. No copyright infringement is
intended. I am simply borrowing them for a while to allow them to have a
sex life. This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for
enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is
expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for
posting on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT
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requires much more money.

The story is set in the 1940's, the latter part of World War II. I've
given Yeoman Prince a wartime commission, making her a lieutenant, thus
avoiding the problem of an officer fraternizing with an enlisted person.
But I've chosen to ignore the 'non-fraternization within the same command'
rules, leaving that problem on Steve's conscience and for him to handle.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, the characters are
magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and
unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place . .
. It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never
really did.

I don't know if there will be any further chapters. It seems that this
story could go in a number of different directions from here. For the
moment, however, I'm content to leave our lovers simply being happy and in

Condoms are used in this story. And, of course, in 'real life' every
reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when
participating in sexual activities and they wish to avoid unwanted
conception and the spread of disease.

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MAN'S WORLD", Wonder Woman was exposed to a 'magic dust' which would cause
her death within a 24 hour period. The only antidote was for her to have
sex during that period.

As she felt the life force draining out of her body, she had sex with
Steve, curing her of the influence of the 'magic dust', but triggering the
Amazon law that states "when she willingly gives herself to a man, and they
have sex, she becomes his slave, and he her master."

It took Steve much of the night to modify the relationship so that She could
continue her duties as Wonder Woman, and their relationship in the eyes of
the outside world would appear unchanged.

Chapter 1.

Lt. Diana Prince took one last look in the mirror. She was wearing a long
unlined white silk nightgown that revealed more than it concealed. She
noted her nipples outlined through the diaphanous material. Then placing
her eyeglasses back in place, she reentered the bedroom, where Major Steve
Trevor was awaiting for her.

Diana smiled as she observed the lights turned low in the bedroom and Steve
apparently naked under the covers of the bed, waiting her return.

Six weeks had passed since the night when Wonder Woman, under the influence
of 'Passion Fever Dust' had yielded her virginity to Steve. The next day,
when Steve had reported to his office, he was confronted by orders to
proceed immediately to France, then to Germany to collect certain data for
reporting to his superior officers. He had been unable to get a message to
Wonder Woman before he left, but had left a note for Lt. Prince asking her
to notify Wonder Woman of his departure.

Unable to complete his mission in Germany, Steve had sent a message to Lt.
Prince to send certain necessary information that he needed by courier. He
had been surprised to find that Lt. Prince herself had hand carried the
information across the Atlantic to deliver it herself. Once she had
arrived, Steve immediately relegated her to her position as his assistant.

Lt. Diana Prince had acted strangely ever since she arrived in France with
the package of dispatches for Major Steve Trevor. Her attitude toward him
had changed, losing some of the aloofness. She had even fetched coffee for
Steve as he was studying the dispatches, something she had never done
before. Gradually a suspicion began to form in Steve's mind.

After a day of carefully observing her, he took her to dinner at the
Kaiserhof Restaurant on Bahnof Strasse, one of the fanciest places in town.
As dinner drew to a close, he had bluntly asked if Diana Prince and Wonder
Woman were one and the same. After a moment's hesitation, Diana had nodded,
and Steve had invited her to return to his room after dinner. He had been
surprised when Diana had suggested that they should go to HER room instead.

As soon as they had entered her room, she had fallen into his arms in a
long embrace and a passionate kiss. When the kiss broke, Diana had
suggested that Steve should open the bottle of wine he had brought. She
found two tumblers by the sink and they sat on the edge of the bed talking
and sipping the wine. After two quick glasses, Diana had become slightly
giddy, and suggested that she should 'get into something more comfortable'
and that Steve should 'get out of his uncomfortable uniform and wait for
her" with a nod toward the bed. Taking one of her bags, she had retired to
the bathroom where she had shed her uniform and put on the silk nightgown
she had brought from America specifically for this purpose.

Diana moved to the side of the bed and slipped under the covers next to
Steve, resting on his arm as she nestled her cheek to his shoulder. Steve's
free hand caressed her cheek and shoulder, before removing her ever present
glasses. After placing her glasses on the night stand, he caressed her
cheek. Then his hand moved downward to cover her breast. Had Wonder Woman
lost weight in the six weeks they had been separated, he wondered. He
noticed that she had lost muscle tone also during that passage of time: her
breasts were not nearly as firm as they had been. But, enjoying the
sensation of having this vibrant, sexy woman beside him, he gave her breast
an extra squeeze, causing her to gently moan, then he took Diana's nipple
and pinched it.

"Ow, that hurts! Take it easy, Steve. Be Gentle!"

Surprised, Steven asked, "You didn't mind last time, Wonder Woman. Is
something wrong??

"I'm not Wonder Woman, I'm Diana Prince!" She softened. "Please, Steve,
be romantic! Be gentle!"

Steve cupped her breast, enjoying the smaller size and slightly different
texture than he had felt before. And a thought occurred to him.

"Diana," he asked. "Wonder Woman has become my - - - uh - - - servant.
You don't seem to be acting the same as the last time we were together, not
that I mind it."

"The last time, to which you're referring, you were with Wonder Woman!"
She answered emphatically. "Wonder Woman became your slave under Amazon
Law. **I** will never become your slave unless your love making technique
becomes a lot better with me than it was with Wonder Woman."

Shocked, realizing he might not be with Wonder Woman after all, and that he
might be taking shocking liberties with his adjutant, Steve started,
pulling his hand away from her breast. The quickness of Diana's response
startled Steve, as she grabbed his hand, and raised it to her lips.

"Wonder Woman let you touch her because she had to in order to save her
life. After that, it was because she was your - - - uh - - - servant."

Diana kissed Steve's hand again and led it back to her breast. "I, on the
other hand, am letting you touch me because I want to be touched by you."

Steve was flabbergasted. "I don't understand. You said you were Wonder
Woman at dinner, now you talk as if she is someone else.

Diana Prince smiled. "I'm afraid you asked the wrong question. You asked
if Lt. Prince and Wonder Woman were one and the same. The answer is yes. I
share existence with Wonder Woman."

"Are you Wonder Woman?" Steve asked.

"No, I'm Diana Prince. I am separate and distinct from Wonder Woman. But
I share an existence with Wonder Woman. When Wonder Woman is needed, I have
the ability to transform and become Wonder Woman."

Noting his confusion, Diana continued: "I was created using Amazon Magic.
I have a different body that she has, a different mind, I think differently
than she does. She thinks like an Amazon, while I think like an American
woman. And, believe me, the two are not the same! I'm not nearly as strong
as she is. And - - - "she looked down at her breasts, slightly self
conscious, "- - - I'm not nearly as big as she is."

"Are you a 'real woman'?"

"Oh yes. One Hundred percent. I even have cramps once a month."

Steve blushed at her candor. "You're saying that I've made love with
Wonder Woman, but not with you????'

Diana nodded. "That's exactly what I'm saying. But I want to correct that
inequity tonight."

Steve floundered for words. Finally he eked out the question, "But, why?
Why, all of a sudden, did you decide . . . "

Diana melted in his arms a bit, and tried to explain. "Diana Prince was
'created' when Wonder Woman needed an 'alter ego'. The amazons considered
and rejected the possibility of simply disguising Wonder Woman and allowing
her to have a 'secret identity'. Then they decided it was necessary to
create a new person: me. I was patterned after Wonder Woman which explains
the resemblance." Steve took a fresh look at her face, and noted that
without her glasses, she did look quite similar to Wonder Woman. Diana

"I came into existence shortly before I began working with you. I am a
person with no past, but complete memories, and memories of lots of

Steve objected, "But I've read your file. I know where you were born and
when and . . . '

"The Amazons were very thorough when the created my past. They have even
used their magic lassoes to implant memories in people so that they will
remember me when 'I worked with them' in the past.

"My basic personality is similar to Wonder Woman's, except that my
viewpoint is flavored with the "American Woman" background while Wonder
Woman's is flavored by her Amazon background. Most of our tastes are
similar, which is why we both fell in love with you."

Steve considered these revelations. Then asked,

"What would have happened to you if Wonder Woman had died from the effects
of the 'Passion Fever Dust'?

"I'm not sure. I think that if she died without changing back to me, that
I would never have appeared again. But I also believe that if sex with you
hadn't cured her, she would have changed back to me and hoped that I would
be able to survive, even though she couldn't."

Diana hesitated a moment, then continued. "That's why I'm here with you.
I know how close Wonder Woman came to dying. And that made me aware of my
own mortality. It's entirely possible that I would have died with Wonder
Woman. I don't like that feeling! It's made me think about the things that
are important to me. It's made me decide to do the things that I've wanted
to do, but never done. And one of those things is making love with you,

"You love Wonder Woman. Since we're basically the same person, you should
feel for me also. Diana's hand moved downward under the sheet until she
found him. Her ever-so-light touch sent a jolt through him as his limp
member began to stir.

Steve had been fixated on Wonder Woman ever since he had first seen her.
His lust for Wonder Woman had become a fetish consuming many of his waking
hours. Now, he knew he could have her whenever he wanted, and he was
tempted to simply ask Diana to 'transform' into Wonder Woman.

On the other hand, once she removed her glasses, Diana was a very
attractive woman herself. And she was here in his bed . . . or to be more
correct . . . he was in HER bed, and she was making it clear that she didn't
want him to leave until he had satisfied her. She claimed that she and
Wonder Woman were in fact different people: Steve wondered how different
they might be once the lights were turned out.

Her hand touching him had caused his member to grow to semi-erection, and
although she wasn't doing anything to actively stimulate, he still found he
was thinking more with his 'johnson' than he was with his mind. The fact
that she was his adjutant bothered him briefly, but that thought fled his
mind as she wrapped her fingers around him.

"Do you have any control over when it hardens?" Diana asked as her fingers
closed around him.

"A little." Steve answered, absently. "It generally takes care of itself."
He let his hand caress the soft breast. She squeezed his penis slightly,
causing Steve to shudder. Suddenly things were progressing and he found
himself swept up in the tide. His hand moved from her breast down her side
until he grasped the hem of the nightgown. Drawing the material upwards, he
let his wrist slide along her naked leg. She lifted her hips to allow the
material to slide under her backside until it bunched under the small of her
back. Diana reluctant released her grip on Steve's penis and lay backwards
on the bed, allowing him free access. The gown was full enough that this
allowed Steve to push the material above her breasts. He pushed the bedding
downwards, exposing her breasts in the dim light.

"You're beautiful!" He whispered, gazing at her chest. His hand moved
toward them, but then stepped.

"May I?" he asked.

"Of course." Diana answered.

Steve outlined the breasts with his fingers, then caressed them with his
palms, weighing them gently. It must be true. Her breasts were definitely
different than Wonder Woman's. They were at least two or three sizes and
probably one cup size smaller than Wonder Woman's. But in all honesty,
Wonder Woman was SO big, that even the smaller Diana was still generously
endowed by any reasonable standard. Diana's breasts were softer and
slightly less firm and Steve noticed an ever-so-slight droop, something, he
realized, that could only be expected in a normal woman of Diana's size.

"Uuuh, Diana", Steve faltered. "You said a while ago that my love making
technique had to be better than it was with Wonder Woman." Stammering,
Steve continued, "Uuuh, - - - were you - - - there?"

"Not really," she answered. I said I share existence with Wonder Woman,
and that's true. In a way, I WAS there that night you spent with Wonder
Woman, but what happens to her is similar to watching a black and white
movie. I know what happened, but I really didn't experience it with her."

"Does SHE know what we're doing now?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm! That's nice!" Diana sighed as Steve gently rolled her
nipple between her fingers. Steve kissed the nipple between his fingers,
then kissed her other nipple.

"I don't know," Diana answered. "I think she knows what I am doing the
same as I'm aware of what she does.

"Oh, I like that! Keep doing it!" Diana said, interrupting her own
thoughts and arching her back pressing into Steve's hand.

"Are - - -," Steve hesitated. "Are you two - - - uuuh - - - that is, do
you two - - - "

Diana smiled. "We don't compete with each other, Steve. I'm glad that
Wonder Woman and you finally got together. I've been waiting for that to
happen for years. I'm just sorry of the circumstances involved. I believe
she'll be happy for me, too."

"You mentioned my - - - uuuh - - - love making technique - - -"

Diana kissed Steve. "I'm sorry for the way I talked. I was probably too
harsh on you."

"Yes, maybe - - - ." Steve continued to falter. "It's just - - - I've
never been married, or really had a long term girl friend. Sure, I've
gained a certain amount of - - - uuuh - - - experience over the years, but -
- - I've never really had a girlfriend long enough to - - - uuuh - - - to
learn - - - everything that - - - I probably should have - - -"

Smiling at his stumbling attempts to explain, Diana placed her fingers over
Steve's lips. "Let's both of us learn together," Diana suggested, and she
drew Steve into a deep kiss. His hand slid downward, reaching her mound,
gently caressing her.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm! That's nice, too," Diana purred. His fingers parted her
lips, gently caressing her opening, then inched into her. Steve was pleased
as he noticed that Diana was lubricating nicely. She whimpered.

"Gently, Steve. That's another difference between Wonder Woman and Me.
We were both virgins. But Wonder Woman lost her hymen years ago during
athletic activities. My maidenhead is still intact. Let's save the
fingerwork for later. Do you have a condom?"

The expression of surprise on Steve's face answered her question.

"That's all right, I do!" Diana smiled as she reached under the pillow
and drew out a package, ripping it open and withdrawing it's contents.
"Would you like to put it on or should I?"

Suddenly unsure, Steve sputtered, "Can you do it?"

"Of course," Diana replied, pushing Steve onto his back.

She pushed to covers down, exposing him and paused, staring at his erect

"It's so biiiig!" she gaped. When Steve caressed her cheek, she broke from
her reverie and asked if he would help her. The two of them rolled the
condom into place. He rolled her onto her back again and, leaning over her,
kissed her deeply.

"Steve, you're too big! I know Wonder Woman was able to accept you, but
I'm not an Amazon." She pulled him close to her and he felt her tremble.

Like every virgin, Diana was terrified that Steve would be too big for her.
Being realistic, Steve knew he was not so well endowed to cause any real
damage to any woman. He gently reassured her.

"I know you're afraid, Diana. Everyone is afraid of their first time, even
if they really want to make love."

"Oh, I do, I do!" Diana protested, clutching Steve to her bosom. "I WANT
to give my virginity to you, - - - to the man I love."

"Then relax, Diana. I promise I'll be gentle!" Steve promised.

Diana relaxed a little. "Steve - - - " she faltered. "Do you love me?"
she whispered.

"I do!" He kissed her. "I apologize that I was so fixated on Wonder Woman
that I never bothered to pay any attention to the beautiful woman who was by
my side. But now that we've spent some time talking - - - I mean, really
talking, I know that I love you, too. You're absolutely special to me!"

Diana smiled, and working together, they gently repositioned Steve between
her legs. Steve nudged the head of his member between her lips. Diana
relaxed, but she was still trembling. Her arms were loosely around his
torso. "I love you, Steve!" She whispered. "Make love to me!"

He inched into her, slowly, slowly, slowly, their eyes locked on each
other. He inched further, and she gasped and tightened, closing her eyes.
Steve stopped, waiting for her, but did not withdraw. After a moment, she
relaxed and her eyes met his again. There was a tear at the corner of her
eye. Steve knew he could thrust quickly to break her virginity, but he had
promised to be gentle.

"I love you, Diana!"

"I love you, Steve!" she answered, and nodded to him. He gently pressed
forward and she squinted, holding him tightly to her. She gasped, and he
was through. She exhaled a long breath, and relaxed beneath his weight.
Without opening her eyes, she whispered again, "Make love to me, Steve!"

He withdrew slightly, then pressed deeper, and within moments they were
completely joined. "Yessss. . . " she cooed. "Yes!"

Steve began to gently move in and out of his lover, and soon, she was
rocking her hips to match is thrusts.

Their lovemaking was slow, almost dreamy. Although they began a gradual
crescendo, their lovemaking was always tender, gentle, caring, considerate,
selfless, loving. They gradually rose to a tender culmination and climaxed
within seconds of each other, Steve, exhaling and moaning, while Diana
sighed, "Ooooh, Steve!"

"I love you!" They both spoke at the same, smiling at their unison
actions. Diana eagerly lifted her lips to his, and they gently kissed.
When the kiss ended, she put her cheek against his, feeling the scratch of
his beard.

"I was wrong!" she purred, feeling him soften within her, and becoming
aware of the wetness that was escaping around the sides of the condom. "You
weren't too big at after all!" She could feel Steve smile against her
cheek. "Thank you!"