Wonder Woman Belted  

By AokII2000

Before reading the story I guess I should begin with this proviso: What I've written here is a parody of a character in the DC universe. As such, this story is meant strictly adult entertainment and should not be viewed by children, nor should not be sold in any way to make anyone profit, monetary or otherwise. This is fantasy, not reality and I don't intend what goes on in this story to be taken seriously. This chapter contains fairly graphic depictions of sex. Later additions to this chapter will contain far more graphic depictions of sex, non-consensual sex, and possibly bestiality. If you are offend by this sort of thing, DO NOT READ IT. Otherwise, enjoy what I've started. Please feel free to comment.

CHAPTER 1 - Modifications

Wonder Woman gritted her teeth and ducked under another blow. The huge fist flashed by her head, smashing through the brick wall behind her. The brute was new too her, but was apparently the built from the stereotypical super-powered bruiser mold. All brawn and no brains. She rolled away from her adversary while he struggled to extricate himself from the pile of bricks he'd just made with his fist.

Diana took a few steps away and paused a moment for tactical analysis, her hands on her star-spangled hips in typical heroine fashion. He was well over 6 feet tall and exceedingly muscular. She couldn't tell much more than that though as he wore a full black body suit that covered his face entirely. Nor had he spoken at all - he'd just hit the bank, smashing through the vault, and run with the duffel bag filled with cash. Not much to go on.

16-year-old Raymond Barnes crouched behind a chimney a few rooftops away, watching the Amazon Princess through a pair of binoculars.

"I can't believe it," he murmured. "I thought she was supposed to be an experienced crime fighter. Can't she tell this is a set up? Donnie just waited for her to show up and then took off."

He shook his head, "I should leave him there to get pulverized."

To his surprise though, it seemed to be working. He watched her, hands on hips, sizing up his hired help as he pulled his arm out of the rubble. If his plan worked out, he'd not only rid the world of Wonder Woman, but he'd get to have lots of fun with her as while he was doing it. He couldn't help but grin in anticipation.

He flipped a small switch on the binoculars he was using and a blue aura immediately swirled into visibility around the Amazon. He nodded. Here was the source of her power, the magic field generated by the mystic girdle she wore around her waist. He'd studied Wonder Woman and her magic belt for some time now. He wasn't experienced or powerful enough to remove the magic altogether. He could, however, alter it in subtle ways.

Pressing a small button on his belt, he activate the head mic he was wearing. "OK, Donnie, stop goofing around. You know you probably won't get a good hit in on her - she's just too fast. Besides that won't deliver our surprise anyway. You've got to get a hold of her somehow like we planned."

Ray watched through the binoculars as his muscular friend crouched down in a wrestler's stance, acknowledging the orders.

Diana noted the shift in stance and smiled. She'd had enough time to judge that his speed and strength probably weren't on a level with her own.

The Amazon crouched down low, her arms spread wide, "So, Strong-and-Silent-Man or whatever your name is, you think you're man enough to take me on, huh? Well, this isn't that sissy WWF. You're going to be in a world of pain by the time the police haul you off."

Her adversary's only reaction was to begin circling, looking for a good moment to strike. She purposely turned a little slowly, hoping to lure the brute in by appearing inexperienced. The trick worked as the bruiser lunged in, trying to pin her arms to her side. With blinding speed, she reached in under his armpits and wrapped her arms around his massive back, sweeping the man into a bear hug and squeezing. Hard. The man threw his head back and let out as though he were screaming, but not sound came from his mouth.

"Holy crap," Ray whispered as he watched as the heroine slowly squeezed the stuffing out of his friend.

"Hold on Donnie, I'm going to activate the device." With that, he pulled what looked like a small remote out of a pouch on his belt, and depressed on of the small buttons on its face.

As Diana pulled the over-sized muscle man closer to her, unbeknownst to the heroine, a small compartment opened in the villain's belt in response to Ray's signal. Inside laid the key to the two young criminal's plans. A tiny spider-like device crawled out and affixed itself to the heroine's belt. Once attached it slowly began releasing a carefully written spell of it's own, fusing its magic with that of the belt.

Through his ensorcelled binoculars, Ray watched as the blue aura surrounding Wonder Woman suddenly flared brilliantly and then faded again. The Amazon princess screamed and released her hold on her opponent as her senses were momentarily overcome with the sudden flood of pain. Ray blinked a few times before his eyes could refocus and then looked again at the downed heroine. The magic aura surrounding Wonder Woman was still intact, as he'd expected. However he now detected a faint pink hue underlying the original pristine blue.

He smiled and activated the headset once again. "Alright Donnie, I'm gonna get us out of here, before she recovers enough to kick your ass all over again."

His partner stood up from where Wonder Woman had dropped him and trotted over to collect the bag he'd put the cash in. As he picked it up, Ray depressed another of the buttons on the small remote he'd used to activate the device he'd just used on the Amazon. The air around his accomplice crackled, blurred, and then his muscular friend was gone. Ray stayed behind a few moments to watch as Wonder Woman struggled to her feet.

Oh yeah, he thought, this is DEFINITELY going to be fun.


CHAPTER 2 - The beginning of the end?

Activating the transport device again, Ray found himself in his parents' basement after a moment of dizziness. He staggered over to a ratty old couch and threw himself down on it, recovering from the transportation effects.

"Remind me why we're doing this again," came a voice from across the room. It took Ray a second to register that it was Donnie.

"Because, you idiot," he replied, "it's going to make things a lot easier for us in the future if we can take down Wonder Woman. And because it's a challenge. She's undefeated. Period. That's enough to take her on by itself. I thought you liked a challenge." He sat up and began rubbing his temples, looking over at his still black clad friend sitting on a chair across the room. "How are your ribs? You looked pretty bad off there."

The big man got up and pulled off his mask revealing a baby faced, blond haired young man. At 15 Donnie wasn't just huge for his age, his was enormous. Gigantic even. He reached under his neck a slowly unzipped the black uniform he was wearing and pulled the outfit off. Lifting his right arm, he probed the area where Wonder Woman's arms had been wrapped around his chest and winced. Ray could already see bruises starting to form along his massive trunk.

"Well don't worry," Ray said, getting up off of the couch. "I hung around long enough to get a good look at Wonder Woman, and I'm pretty sure our plan worked."

Donnie shook his head, "OK, brainiac, I wanna know what exactly we just did to her, and what the heck we're going to do with all this cash," he said, shaking the over-stuffed bag.

Ray smiled, "That's fine with me," he replied as he walked towards the computer stashed in the corner. "Doing magic," he began, "I mean REAL magic, is just like computer programming. It's got commands, subroutines etc all written in a kind of language. All I did was just put a virus in the program that makes up Wonder Woman's belt."

Donnie dropped the duffel bag that he was still holding onto and sat down once again. "So, what does this virus do?"

"That's the best part," Ray replied, rubbing his hands together. "I couldn't break the magic of the belt altogether, but I could make its operation contingent on a few things. The first new command ties the power of the belt to the purity of the wearer. Every time Wonder Woman fucks someone, that weakens the link between the belt and the magic. Eventually after she screws enough people, the link will be broken and the belt will be just plain old piece of clothing. Second, I did a little research on our super heroine and I found out that she's pretty much a virgin. At least according to relatively reliable sources say on the Internet. If she's not fucking, then our plan won't work. So the next command did 2 things. First is the belt will increase the intensity of every orgasm, making each one better than the next. Finally, it slightly altered her nervous system - not enough that it was so dangerous that the belt might ward the spell off, but just enough to make the required change. Essentially, it made Wonder Woman slightly horny."

"Wait," Donnie interjected, "just slightly horny?"

"That's all we need," returned Ray. "The enhanced orgasm effect will act like conditioning and the enhanced horniness just makes it far more likely that she'll at least masturbate. Once she does that she'll start to feel more and more like sex and she'll be started down the road to destruction. The final command I inserted is the kicker. My research also showed that Amazons are extremely long lived and only can get pregnant once every 100 years or so. The belt will also slightly accelerate her aging so that she goes into heat early."

The smile on Ray's face broadened, "Not only are we going to get rid of the belt, but we're going to knock Wonder Woman out of the game for a long time, by getting her knocked up."

Across town, Diana was making her way towards the police, now clustered around the bank front that her mysterious adversary had trashed.

A young officer caught site of the stilled stunned heroine and rushed towards her. "Are you alright Wonder Woman?"

"I'm OK, officer, but the man who did this managed to get away," she replied shaking her still fuzzy head. It wasn't just the dizziness that bothered her though; her whole body was tingling in a strange way. She was actually aroused! What strange timing, she'd just gotten pulped by a strange villain, and here her body was getting all hot!

She shook her head again, "I'm going to try to find the villain that did this officer. I'll stop by Police Headquarters soon to give a full report." She smiled, "Hopefully I'll have the thief in tow then too."

Turning around and walking towards the building next to the ruined bank, she gathered herself and leapt to the rooftop using her super powered legs. With incredible speed she began bounding from one roof to the next, heading for home. By the time she reached her apartment, the friction produced between her legs by the super leaps was causing her no small amount of erotic agony. It was a good thing no one could see her here, crouched on the roof. Her pussy was had was in overdrive and she could tell that her juices were slowly soaking through the tiny G-string she wore under her uniform. It would be extremely embarrassing to be caught like this!

Peering over the ledge of the roof she was on, she scanned the street and waited until no one was around. With a quick jump she was on the sill of her apartment window. She deftly pulled the window open and hopped into the bedroom of her apartment.

With a sigh, she threw herself down on her bed, reveling in its comfort after a long day. The comfort didn't last for long though as her pussy reminded her of its presence, its tingling warmth spreading up through her body. Without even touching herself yet, she could feel the hard little nub of her clit slowly becoming erect as it rubbed against the fabric of her panties.

Wonder Woman sighed; perhaps I ought to take a cold shower she thought. On the other hand, she hadn't had any sexual pleasure in months and the fact that she was a virgin and forbidden sexual contact with men meant getting that pleasure was all the more difficult. Well no one told me I couldn't get myself off from time to time.

Before she'd even completed the thought, the Amazon champion's hand began to slip underneath her costume bottom and worm its way toward her vagina. As she got close to her pussy she gasped at how damp her bottoms were. She looked down to see a sizeable wet spot had formed around her crotch as her uniform absorbed her pussy juices. The sight only served to arouse her more as she began to slowly massage her clit with her middle finger.

With her other hand she pulled down on the top of her bustier until her huge breasts sprung free of the confining golden cloth. She moaned as the fabric caught on her aroused nipples and then pulled free. With her now unoccupied hand, she began massaging one of her breasts, slowly pinching the nipple, then gripping her breast and raising the erect nipples to her mouth to loudly suckle on her mammary.

Had anyone walked in the great heroine at that moment they would have been stunned. Here was the paragon of femininity, purity and power lying on her bed with her legs spread wide, fingering her own clit and sucking on her own breast.

Her soft sighs slowly grew into louder moans and groans as the heat in her pussy and tits built up. With a grunt she pushed herself further back on the bed. She raised her hips and with a quick yank, pulled the star spangled costume bottom down to her ankles. Not bothering to kick the panties away, she spread her knees as wide as they'd go and plunged two fingers into her now steaming honey pot. Her juices now seeped into the comforter on her bed forming a growing wet spot. With her other hand she continued massaging her now fully erect clit. Her hips jerked back and forth in time to her own thrusting fingers and her groans increased to cries. She began to sweat as she pushed now a third finger into her overheated vagina, sawing them in and out as far as they'd go, occasionally bumping up against the barrier of her hymen.

With each growing second she could feel a massive orgasm approaching.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah!!! Goddess, I'm going to cum, Oh Hera yes!" she moaned. Both hands were now greasy from all of the pussy juice and sweat flying off of her body. Her bustier was now a sweaty gold and red piece of cloth wadded up around her muscular abdomen, and her booted ankles were securely bound by the knotted uniform bottom tangled around her legs.

As Wonder Woman's climax approached she took her hand from her clitoris, still coated with her juices, reached under her firm, athletic ass and slowly pushed her well lubed finger up into her own anus.

The added pleasure of being penetrated in both her ass and pussy was too much. Her eyes rolled back into her head as an orgasm washed over her like never before, flashing out of her gripping cunt and shooting through her entire being.

"AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" she screamed, as her back and pelvis shot up off the bed, arching in pleasure. Fluid spurted from her vagina as it clamped down on the fingers still penetrating her cunt.

Caught in the throes of her climax Diana failed to notice the faint pink glow emanating from her belt. As the orgasm subsided so too did the pink light shining from the girdle.

After what seemed like an eternity, the pleasure subsided and the Amazon settled back onto the bed. "Great Hera, I've never climaxed like that before," she sighed contentedly. Unbuckling her belt, she tossed the magic girdle over the side of her bed and slowly removed the remaining, sweaty, cum soaked bits of her Wonder Woman uniform. Not bothering to shower or clean up, she burrowed under the covers of her bed and fell fast asleep.