Wonder Woman : Superheroine's Best Friend  


WONDER WOMAN: Superheroine's Best Friend
by JR

DISCLAIMER: The following story is an adult-themed
parody of the Wonder Woman comic book. Wonder Woman
and all related characters are property, copyright
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WARNING: The following story contains adult themes
and explicit descriptions of extreme sexual events.
MINORS MUST NOT READ THIS. Many so-called adults
shouldn't, either. If you are below your country's
age of legal majority, kindly bugger off.

NOTE: This is based very loosely upon a story
featured in the Wonder Woman comic book,
Now without any damn censoring, of course.
This one is pre-Crisis, and results compatible with
the TV show, so you are free to imagine LC as WW.

WONDER WOMAN: Superheroine's Best Friend

The plane flew silently over the snow-capped peaks,
light sliding over its surface in ways that would
have baffled mankind's scientific communities,
rendering its sleek presence effectively invisible.

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, who the world knew
as Wonder Woman, searched the landscape below her
for the clues the Allied intelligence had given her.
Somewhere in that area of the Balkans was her
objective, and if the hard-earned information was
correct, finding the hidden German project was vital
for the course of the War.

"A-ha!" she muttered with a smile, as her keen
eyesight found the landmarks that defined the
objective. There was no visible place to land, but
she had known that.

The invisible plane flew low, and Wonder Woman
opened the side door of the cockpit. The wind made
her long black hair fly wildly about her as she
rose from the pilot seat, and stepped out.

The figure of the tall beautiful woman clad in the
small swimsuit-like costume bearing the colors of
the United States of America, dropped through the
cold air like a knife.

She struck the snow-covered ledge with an impact
which would have turned all of a normal man's bones
to jelly, on the tip-toes of her red-booted feet.
The long, muscular legs bent in a deep squat to
absorb the shock of the landing, and then she stood
up with casual grace. Wonder Woman had no need for
the slow and clumsy workings of a parachute.

She looked up to see the invisible plane start to
fly over her in long circles, and nodded. It would
continue to do so, awaiting her further instructions.
She then twisted and lifted back first one leg, bent
at the knee, and then the other, and smiled with
satisfaction to see that the high heels of her
boots had not been damaged. Diana had been baffled
by such impractical footwear, back when she had first
worn the special costume the Amazons had fashioned
based upon the picture drawn on the outer shell of
Steve Trevor's airplane, but she had long become
used to it, and it made for a greater challenge to
her near perfect sense of balance during the various
combat situations.

Ignoring the wind which struck at her with air at
almost freezing temperatures, the Amazon Princess
strode, knee-deep in snow, through the tree-covered
mountainside. The costume of blue star-patterned
briefs and tight red bustier with its golden eagle
emblem, exposed her gracefully muscled arms, her
long legs down to the tall red and white boots, her
wide shoulders, and most of her back, as well as
much of her generous bosom, which threatened to
overflow the tight confines of her strapless top,
yet her only apparent reactions to the extreme cold
were the growing bulges of her hardening nipples
pushing against the fabric of the gold-plated bustier.

She walked slowly, looking for the small concealed
hints of the entrance, when suddenly she heard a
small noise, behind her and to a side.

Turning immediately, Diana lifted her arms to guard
position before the men could even speak out.

The squad of soldiers shouted in German and began to
fire. Regulation-issue rifles and machine guns spat
deadly lead at the young woman.

No intention of asking for surrender, Diana noted,
while she moved her arms at blinding speed, her metal
bracelets easily deflecting the bullets. The guards
had been ordered to shoot to kill on sight.

She bent her legs slightly and jumped, covering the
distance separating her from her attackers with ease,
and landing among them to explode in furious action.
rendering all unconscious in a matter of mere seconds.
She hoped they had not had time to report to their
base her presence.

She moved the guards and lumped together them below
a large tree, hidden from sight, and wrapped her
golden lasso around them.

"Sleep," she commanded, wishing them to remain out
of combat for several hours, her will focusing
through the magic of the lasso into the unresisting
unconscious minds, where the need for sleep was an
acknowledged true constant in a soldier's life.

She gathered her lasso and fastened it to the belt
cinching her slender waist, confident that the
soldiers' combined warmth would protect them from
the cold, when she heard the growls to a side.

Another two soldiers appeared among the trees several
paces to her right, each holding the leash of a huge
mastiff-like dog. Wonder Woman opened her eyes wide
in surprise. She had never seen canines of such size
and feral appearance. A wolf would seem a docile
household pet in comparison.

She took the golden tiara from her head and threw it
just as the first guard let go of his leash. The
tiara struck his head and knocked him out instantly,
his helmet dented by the impact.

The enormous dog reached her with uncanny speed, and
with a low growl leaped at her.

Wonder Woman sidestepped and twisted, letting the
dog pass harmlessly by her side, just as she reached
out to pluck from the air her ricocheting tiara, as
it returned to her like a boomerang.

The second guard had already released his own charge
and was unholstering his sidearm when the tiara,
thrown anew, hit him, taking him down to join his
companion in unconsciousness.

The first dog, snarling with obvious anger at his
narrow miss, had turned and sprung upon Wonder
Woman again, just as the second one did the same.

The nimble heroine ducked, and the two animals
crashed into each other in midair, falling together
in a heap. Wonder Woman stepped away fast, as both
dogs scrambled up with angry growls. Even though
the knee-high snow slowed her down, she was still
fast enough to dodge the two beasts indefinitely,
but she had no time for such games, yet she was
loath to harm the poor dumb beasts, which were just
followed their training.

With sudden bursts of speed, the animals charged at
her, this time one jumping high, aiming at her torso,
while the other rushed low at her legs, from a side.

Surprised, Diana doubted for an instant, and the
animals were on her. She fell back, protecting her
face and neck with a forearm, which became lodged in
her attacker's mouth, preventing the deadly fangs
from closing, while letting her legs move with the
lower animal's rush, and pulling them in and up.

She completed the backwards roll, and using a coiled
leg, threw the dog on top of her back and over her
head, twisting to her knees just as the second dog,
mere hand spans away, attacked her. With a grimace,
she slapped at the incoming dog's head, and sent the
creature flying to a side.

She stood up and turned around, ready for a further
attack, but there was no trace of the first dog.
The edge of the natural platform where she stood
was several feet away, and she realized with a pang
of regret, that she had most likely thrown the poor
beast off the side of the mountain. She approached
the second dog where it had fallen, and saw with
sadness that its neck had been broken by her blow.
She had not meant to kill the poor things, but she
had reacted automatically with her warrior training.
The animals had been faster and stronger than what
she had expected, and their concerted attack had
hinted at unusual intelligence or extensive attack
training. The dogs had not even barked while

The scratches and teeth marks on her arm and legs
were not serious, she noticed, and her healing
abilities, much faster and more effective than those
of a normal person, would made them vanish completely
in a matter of minutes, leaving no marks on her skin.
She had walked to retrieve her fallen tiara, when she
heard a soft whimper behind her.

Walking to the edge of the platform, she saw with
surprise that the dog was precariously perched on a
small ledge several feet below, the large front paws
clawing at a mass of dead protruding roots which
snapped and gave under the weight. The dog groaned
and whimpered as it fought for support, slipping off
the snowy ledge more and more, until finally it fell.

The golden lasso flashed thru the air and clasped
the falling animal around the thick torso, stopping
its fall with a sudden jerk.

Focusing her power on strength and stability, Diana
pulled on the lasso, bringing the animal back up.
Though extremely heavy, the animal was an easy load
for her superhuman strength, but finding adequate
support on the snow was not as easy, and she had to
focus on grounding herself, unless she wanted to
slide off the side as well.

With a final heave, she brought to dog to her side.
The enormous canine, slumped on the ground, lifted
its head and looked at the Amazon Princess, its
deep brown eyes showing confusion.

"I am your friend," Diana said softly, her hold on
the lasso making sure that the animal absorbed the
message. Communion with the animals was part of her
gifts from the goddess Artemis, and the bond of the
lasso ensured that the truth of her statement broke
through the attack conditioning.

The animal moved its head to a side in a strangely
eloquent gesture, and began to move its short tail
in friendly fashion. Approaching Diana, he sniffed
at her outstretched hand, and then proceeded to
lick at it.

"Good boy," Diana cooed, freeing it from her lasso,
sensed no malice anymore. Standing on its four legs
the dog was over four feet high, she noticed with
surprise. It seemed more like a small pony than a
canine. The dog licked at Diana's hand a few more
times, and then walked towards its fallen companion,
stooping down to sniff and nudge at it.

"I am sorry for that," Diana apologized sincerely,
and turned to leave. Her mission could afford no
more delays, she knew as she moved away. What the
Nazis had done to such noble creatures was further
reason to seek their downfall.

As Diana disappeared behind the trees along the
almost imperceptible trail up the mountainside, the
dog settled down and its sharp fangs began to tear
at the body of its companion, feeding on its flesh.

As the informant had said, the door was almost
unnoticeable, disguised in the craggy rock face,
but the continuous edges could be made out if you
knew where to look. Planting one foot firmly on
the rock to a side, Wonder Woman grabbed at the
edges with her delicate fingers, and with a grunt,
she pulled.

The door tore out in her hands, thick metal hinges
and security bars tearing like paper. Alarms began
to ring immediately in the narrow corridor before
her, carved in the rock. Tossing the outer door
aside with ease, she ran into the corridor.

Several paces before her a metal door was slowly
sliding down.

Running faster, Diana threw herself into a forward
roll, tumbling on the ground beyond the doorway,
getting to her feet in a single fluid motion, and
continuing to run towards a third closing door.
She could not get there in time despite her speed
so she continued to rush forward and jumped at the
last instant, leading with her right leg.

The powerful kick threw the thick metal door into
the large storage area behind, crushing beneath its
weight several of the guards posted in a circle
around the doorway.

As the remaining guards overcame their shock and
began to shoot, Wonder Woman was already jumping
above and beyond their field of fire. The crossed
gunfire resulted in most guards shooting their
fellows on the opposite side of the circle.

Landing by several crates and stacks of automobile
parts and crates, Wonder Woman grabbed at a pile of
thick tires and threw them in fast succession at the
guards still standing, knocking most senseless
before the rest could turn around to shoot at her.

Her arms moved in a blur and sparks flew where the
bullets met her bracelets, until the firearms ran
out of ammunition. As she took a step forward,
the few remaining men opted for wisdom instead of
bravery and run up the corridor for the outside.

Wonder Woman let them go. She had to reach the
core of the subterranean installation before the
contents could be activated or destroyed.

There were no more guards remaining when Wonder Woman
reached the lowest level of the facility. Dozens had
been left scattered in the floors above, dead from
the ricochets of their own bullets against the
bracelets and the narrow walls, or unconscious from
the work of her fists or her lasso.

Kicking open another heavily reinforced door, she
entered a large enclosure, where massive machines
connected by a complex network of pipes and cables
shuddered and hummed. At the center of the devices,
several tanks of transparent material held large
volumes of thick greenish liquid, which glowed and
churned with violent turbulence.

Wonder Woman could see figures floating in the
tanks. Humanoid figures.

With a grimace of disgust, she tore a large segment
of thick metal pipe from a nearby machine, and with
a powerful swing of her arm, she threw it at the
largest of the machines. The device exploded in a
paroxysm of sparks and fire, and Diana continued
with further projectiles until most essential
machinery was destroyed, and the greenish fluid
itself seemed to catch fire.

The forms in the tanks convulsed violently for a
few seconds as the flaming substance consumed them,
but soon grew still.

Wonder Woman exited the place with her eyes brimmed
with tears, both from the smoke and the horrors she
had witnessed. The Allies would have wanted the
installation to be captured untouched, but she knew
that such unnatural experiments should never be
continued anywhere else. It was a violation of the
laws of Mother Gaea to dabble in such monstrosities.

She still had to find the offices and the scientists
responsible, she thought as she walked down another
corridor, and her lasso could help her make such
madness be forgotten from the Science of Man.

A loud angry shout greeted her as she entered a new
chamber through an open door. Gathered at the other
end of the room stood a group of elderly men in
stained lab coats and a short man in full SS Colonel
uniform who loudly cursed at her.

"You accursed Amerikaner whore!" the Colonel yelled.
"You haf destroyed da work uf a lafftime!"

"Colonel Heinrich, I presume?" Wonder Woman asked
calmly, striding forward. That the one behind such
gigantic horrors was such an insignificant runt of
a man seemed ironically fitting. Such was Man's Way.

"You presume too much, Amerikaner whore!"

"I am Themysciran, actually," she replied.

"You are dead!" he shrieked, making a sudden gesture.

Wonder Woman heard the attacker coming from above
and behind her, but he moved at such a speed that
she could not evade him completely. A enormously
muscled arm wrapped around her long graceful neck,
and fingers strong as pincers grasped her arm.

Instead of trying to pull away, as her attacker
expected, the Amazon grabbed his forearm and with
bent legs, threw her hips back, the side of one
hard, round buttock slamming against his groin,
just before she straightened her legs and bent
forward and to a side, throwing her opponent over
her shoulder.

The man crashed against the floor and scrambled to
his feet with a grumble.

Wonder Woman's eyebrows rose in surprise. The man
was a head taller than she was, but at least three
times as massive. His chest was an impossibly wide
barrel of bulging muscles beneath the tight black
t-shirt bearing a swastika, his bare arms were
thicker than her own muscular thighs, and his legs
resembled tree trunks, the thick linen trousers
seeming about the burst at all seams. His head,
disproportionally small, was covered by a black
hood with only eye-slits to reveal the rabid gleam
in his eyes.

"You may haf destroyed our long-awaited third
generation batch," Colonel Heinrich gloated.
"But Otto vill prove dat even second generation
Uber-mensch are more dan a match for any uf the
Amerikaner heroes! His strength and speed haf no
equals! His rage is boundless, as is his devotion
to da Reich! He vill break you, fraulein, and
prove da utter superiority uf da Aryan ideal!"

Otto roared, and charged forward with incredible
speed, his powerful, oversized arms reaching for the
young heroine.

Wonder Woman steeped forward and her right fist
shot out from the hip.

With a loud crash, Otto fell back, unconscious.

"Tsk, tsk," she said. "Like all men, much ado
about nothing."

"Nein!" Heinrich shrieked, unholstering his Luger.

Wonder Woman blocked the shots almost despondently,
until the clip was spent. "Is that all you have?"

"Release the beasts!" Heinrich yelled in German,
and one of the old scientists pressed a large red
button on the wall. A thick metal door to a side
slid open, and a dozen enormous dogs sprang forth,
each as unnaturally large as the ones she had faced
in the outside.

"Meet our first generation prototypes!" Heinrich
hissed with glee. "Careful crossbreeding uf da
most formidable breeds, and da first successful
use uf da genetic enhancement process! Your
decadent body vill feed their hunger!"

With bloodcurdling growls, the animals charged at
Wonder Woman.

The last of the beasts yelped as it struck the wall
and fell in a heap. Another staggered to its feet
and cowered away in a corner, its stubby tail
between its legs.

She had been forced to slay many of the beasts, but
the remaining half-dozen had already learned to stay
away from her. Animals were not much different from
men. You had to show them, most often the hard way,
who was the one in command.

Her lasso encircled the beasts in a single loop,
and she let her will assert itself on the already
submissive creatures. "Sleep," she commanded,
and all the pack slumped down.

Suddenly she heard the noise of the doors slamming
shut and turned to see that Heinrich and the
scientists had fled. Futile effort, she thought.
A few more doors could hardly stop her.

She strode forward when she opened her eyes wide at
the hissing noise. Gas, she realized. She
gathered her lasso and spun it fast, seeking to
disperse the noxious fumes that were spraying into
the room, but all doors had been closed, and her
action only spread the gas further. She rushed
towards the nearest door, but when she reached it,
her kick only dented the thick metal. She tried
again, but with even less effect. The gas clouded
more and more her ability to focus and summon her
strength. She tried to kick once again, and fell.


Wonder Woman awoke slowly, her head pulsing with a
lingering headache. Her whole body was clumsily
unresponsive. As she tried to rise up, she realized
with shock that she was bound at hands and feet.

She strained against whatever held her hands and
her arms bent over her head, but her efforts yielded
no result. Her bracelets had been tied together
with her own golden lasso, she realized, a hard knot
forming at the pit of her stomach. She was now

She was lying face up on some kind of medical
examination table, she realized, in what seemed a
laboratory. The frame beneath her was cold metal,
tilted at a slight angle above the horizontal, her
arms were tied above her head, and her legs were
stretched wide apart on extended metal stirrups.
It resembled a setup for gynecological exams, but
she suspected its purpose was much different.
The thick leather straps in the stirrups were
rather ominous.

She tried to free her legs, but her lasso had been
tied around each ankle as well. She had some
leeway to move and turn about, as well as arch
and twist her torso and hips, but not more.

"Awake, are you?" Heinrich gloated, entering the

"No, I'm still asleep and dreaming," she replied.
"See the pink clouds?"

"Your insolence vill be gone soon," Heinrich spat
with a sneer, making a broad gesture that swept
the room.

As Diana turned her head to grasp her surroundings,
she stared with eyes open wide in shock at the film
cameras set up around her. That did not bode well
at all.

"Vill you beg for my pity, fraulein?" Heinrich
asked with a smile, his bony face coming close to

"I'd beg you to wash those pitiful teeth, if I
don't faint first from the stench," Diana replied
with calm demeanor.

Heinrich slapped her viciously.

"I vill make you cry for mercy yet, you damn buxom
whore," he promised. "I vill teach you da true
meanings uf fear and pain, ja!"

"Is there a diploma, too?"

"You think you are so smart, whore, speaking with
an uncouth tongue, and strutting your decadent,
obscene body vith its exposed smooth legs and your
jiggling big teats, in dat shameless slut dress!"
he ranted. "You think it gives you power over men!
But such as you are fit only to be the toys of da
superior race!"

"You really had a bad childhood, right?"


"You didn't feel loved by your mother?"

"Speak not uf my mother!"

"Did she ever hold you?"

"Der vas no such veakness in my mother or me!
Only strength begets strength!"

"Do you resent her for that?"

"I do not resent her! I lofed my mother!"

"Did you ever tell her that?"


"Did you ever tell your mother that you loved her?"

"Dat is not something to speak uf!"

"Are you ashamed of that?"

"Of vat?"

"Or loving her, or of not telling her."


"Then you did."


"Tell her?"


"Oh, poor thing, why didn't you just tell her?"

"Dat would'af veen a veakness! I could not-"

"She would have wanted you to."

"You think so?"

"Every mother would."

"But my mother vas so-"

"Uh, excuse me, Herr Colonel," a thin corporal said
in German, entering the room. "Were these what you
wanted?" he added, showing a bundle of whips and
bondage paraphernalia.

"Oh, ja, ja!" the Colonel replied. "Put them

"I didn't know we had horses here," the corporal
said, frowning.

"We don't."

"But these-"

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Heinrich yelled. "THAT'S AN ORDER!"

"Ja! Hail, Hitler!" the corporal saluted and left.

"Ja, hail, Hitler!" Heinrich said, before turning
to face the bound Amazon. "Don't you ever speak uf
my mother again!"

"What would she think if she knew you would rather
not remember her?"

"Dat's not true!"

"You won't speak of her."

"NO! YOU mustn't speak uf her!"

"Then YOU do it. What was she like? Was she beautiful?"

"Oh, ja, she vas! But she smiled so little and I-"
Heinrich began, his mouth twisting in a sad grimace,
before he halted and stared with bulging eyes at

"But Herr Colonel," the corporal said, entering again.
"You just told me-"


"Ja, Herr Colonel! Hail, Hitler!"


"You said to call everyone, sir."


The corporal looked baffled for an instant, his
young face contorted in indecision, before finally
leaning so only his head exited the door. "COME!
called out.

"Gut, gut," Heinrich muttered.

"Was your mother angry at your being afraid of
women?" Diana asked softly.


"You are afraid of me."


"Excuse me, sir?" Hans asked baffled. He could
not understand English.


"Untie me, then."


"Then you ARE afraid!"


"Hail, Hitler!" the first of the elderly scientists
said, walking into the room.

"Hail, Hitler!" Hans replied.

"Hail, Hitler!" Heinrich echoed.

"Hail, Hitler!" the second, rather portly scientist
said as he walked in.

"Hail, Hitler!" Hans replied.

"Hail, Hitler!" Heinrich added.

"Hail, Hitler!" the first scientist echoed.

"Hail, Hitler!" the third, shortest scientist said,
entering followed with arthritic difficulty by the
oldest scientist, who muttered as well: "Hail, Hitler!"

"Hail, Hitler!" Hans replied.

"Hail, Hitler!" the first two scientists echoed.

"Ja, hail, whatever," Heinrich muttered.

"HEY-IL, HIT-!" Otto began as he stooped to enter
the door.

"We know, we know!" Heinrich cut him off. "Can we
get started?"

"I didn't know we had horses here," the first
scientist said, pointing at the whips, bridles
and assorted objects.

"We don't."

"There is a horse here? Where? I can't see it!"
the eldest scientist muttered. "Who the fuck took
my glasses?"

"HORSEY?" Otto asked in a guttural voice.

"There are no horses here!" Heinrich exclaimed.


"No place for horses here, anyway," the shortest
scientist said. "Terrain too abrupt. Now, back
where I come from-"

"Forget about the horses!"

"Where the fuck are my glasses?"

"NO HORSEY!" Otto affirmed.

"Oh, great," the portly scientist groaned. "Now
he'll go on and on about that all day."

"Told you he needed more brains!" another said.


"We could grow some, you think?"

"More brains?"

"No, horses. We do have tissue samples-"


"Where the fuck are my glasses?"

"SHUT UP!" Heinrich screamed. "ALL SHUT UP!"

"Are they always like this?" Diana asked.

"All da damn time! Dese cursed civilians-"
Heinrich began, before closing his eyes in anger.

"What did she say?" the elderly scientist asked.


"She sounded nicer than that."


"Well, this does explain that poor Otto," Diana

"You dare muck us?" Heinrich asked with gritted



"I dare mock you, not muck you."


"Someone had too much coffee this morning," the
eldest scientist muttered

"You think you can laf at us? Da Third Reich
shall haf da last laf! Do you suspect vat we haf
in store for you?" Heinrich asked with eyes
narrowed to slits.

"Well, I am tied in rather suggestive fashion, so
I can make a guess," Diana replied. "Not the most
original thought, I must say."


"I rather get this a lot, you know. Is the whole
bondage thing taught at the SS training courses or


"Never works out for your people, though. Lots of
menacing words and little action."

"Der vill be more dan words here, slut!"

"Promises, promises,"

"You like being da center of attention, don't you,
slut? You parade around haf-naked to tempt da
lusts of men, vith your luscious teats and round
buttocks! So ve shall give you dat attention!
Der vol vorld shall see you fur da slut you are!"
Heinrich ranted, pointing at the cameras. "Dese
are used to record vital procedures, but now dey
will record for the vol vorld vat a slut you are!"

"You said that before."

"Oh, yes, sorry. Ah, now da world vill see how
da mighty Vonder Voman is just a slut to service
da needs of the Aryan Ubermensch!"


"Ve know all about you. Ve know that you are
helpless if a man binds your vrists, and ve know
dat you shall lose your pagan powers if you are
forced by a man!" Heinrich declared with glee.
"And who better to possess the mighty Vonder
Voman dan a symbol of Aryan power! You vill
become Otto's sexual slave! You vill become a
powerless plaything to serve the Reich as a whore!
Ve shall present da Fuhrer vith you as a gift,
and da film of your utter humiliation and
possession vill be shown in all da vorld, so the
Aryans vill realize der power and the inferior
races vill see dat der time has come!"

"You do love to hear yourself talk, don't you?"

"Otto! Prepare yourself! Show the whore the
instrument of her perdition."


"Put down your pants, you idiot!"

Otto nodded and with some difficulty, unbuttoned
his pants, which fell around his ankles.

"Merciful Hera!" Diana whispered, her eyes opening
wide in amazement.

"Ah, so that's why you had horse tissue samples!"
the shorter scientist said.

"HORSEY?" Otto asked.

"Oh, don't make him start again!" the portly
scientist groaned.

"Marvel at da symbol of Aryan supremacy!" the
Colonel said, whispering in her ear. "Dat glorious
symbol of manhood will possess your body, and take
away your power forever, as you moan and vhimper in
pain and delight, while you beg for more and more!"

"It is impressive, I admit," Diana muttered.
"But can he use it?"

"HA! You vill learn dat first-hand, woman, as
Otto impales you upon his mighty spear, your tight
maidenhood pierced by his enormous weapon!" he
ranted, spittle flying from his mouth, as he
grabbed her face with a spastic hand, while the
other rested on her bound wrists. "You vill enjoy
every single thing dat is done to you, and writhe
in delight as you are possessed!"

Diana blinked twice before replying: "Talk is cheap."

"GO OTTO! POSSESS THE BITCH!" Heinrich roared as
he strode towards his lackey. "TAME HER! DESTROY


"No Horsey, damn it! Fuck the bitch!"




"Uh, he may need some more detailed instructions,"
the portly scientist said. "He isn't all that
sophisticated, Colonel."

"Sophisticated? I'm not asking him to dance a polka!
Look at the woman! Look at her voluptuous body!
Look at that figure and her long spread legs! What
more hints does he need?"

"Perhaps if we helped him a bit?"


Reaching with both hands, the Colonel pulled at the
edges of Wonder Woman's bustier, moving it down her
torso and exposing the lush globes of firm flesh and
the rosy nipples in their large aureoles. Grabbing
then at her star-spangled bottom, Heinrich tore the
fabric away, exposing Wonder Woman's neatly trimmed
bush and the velvety outer folds of her sex.

Diana voiced no complaint, but her eyes narrowed.

"LOOK AT THAT!" Heinrich commanded. "See those
magnificent big teats! That luscious cunt! Is
that hint enough?"

Otto looked at Diana's exposed nudity with eyes
open wide in shock. He leaned forward and stared,
frowning at the junction of her legs.

"NO THING," he observed.




"MY THING MINE!" he protested with fear in his

"No, no," the portly scientist explained.
"No one will take off your thing, you just lend
it to her."


"Yes, you...ah, stick it inside her, you see."


"You, ah, put it um, inside her!"


"All men are the same," Diana sighed softly.

"If you just order him to kill her it would be no
problem, but this..." the scientist explained.
"I don't think he can do it."

"WHAT?" Heinrich asked in disbelief. "Look at that
monster between his legs! How can he not do it?

"He hadn't seen a woman ever before, and the
forced growth process-"

"I don't want excuses! I want results!"

"You can't ask a child-"

"That thing there is not a child's!"

"But his mind is childish. Training him to kill is
one thing, but sex is a much more difficult thing."

"This is ridiculous!"

"Perhaps we can just get him on... ah, top of her,
and take pictures, you know, faking it," another

"We need to take her power away!"

"Maybe he can be warmed up to it."


"Maybe someone can... ah, give him a hand."

"You mean-?" Heinrich asked before understanding
struck him. "GOOD IDEA! Start now!"

"What? I didn't mean myself."

"It is your idea!"

"Surely someone else..." he began, just as all
others made a point of looking away. Even the
eldest scientist found something interesting to
study in his beard. "Oh, crap."


"It isn't working."

"Keep at it," Heinrich ordered, waiving his handgun.

"It just doesn't work! And we may be giving Otto
just the wrong direction!"

"He has a point," one scientist said.

"Maybe Otto just cannot achieve tumescence," another

"The anabolic steroids in the mutagen! I told you
they could have undesirable side effects!"

"Ah, but look at that magnificent muscle mass!"

"What the use is size if it cannot serve a function?"

"May I stop? My hands are cramping!" the portly
old man complained almost on the point of tears.

"Oh, yes, it's of no use!" Heinrich sighed.

"Oh, thank you, thank you."

"Maybe if he got on top of her anyway, nature may
take its course," another suggested. "The girl
IS quite appealing, after all,"

"Is she?" the oldest scientist asked. "Damn!
Where are those glasses?"

"OTTO! Get on top of her," Heinrich ordered.
"And... uh, grab the big globes in her chest and
squeeze them and bite the pointy things there, and
so on!"

"Oh, great," Diana muttered. "Experts on foreplay."

Otto nodded and tried to step forward. The pants
bunched around his ankles hampered his attempt and
he fell forward, striking his forehead on one of the
metal stirrups.

"Oh, shit," Heinrich groaned.

"Fifteen stitches," the short scientist said,
returning from the infirmary.

"Thankfully his head is hard as a rock."

"Unlike some other thing."

"Felt strange to see someone so big cry like that."

"You tell me, had to give him almost a pint of

"It is getting a bit cold here," Diana complained.
"Anyone has a blanket?"

"We just need another volunteer," Heinrich said.

"Well, he can achieve tumescence," a scientist said,
pointing at Hans.

The young corporal looked away from the Amazon's
exposed body with shocked surprise and covered his
obvious erection with clear embarrassment.
"Sorry, Sir, Colonel, Sir."

"No need for that, Hans," Heinrich said. "Your
youthful vigor will bring pride to the Fatherland!"

"It will, Sir?"

"Yes, Hans. Who better to symbolize the Reich than
a young, idealistic soldier? An everyman who
asserts his Aryan superiority over the decadent
Allied slut! Get ready!"

"Uh, yes, Sir."

"Leave your jacket on, so the world can see that
the German Army is victorious!"

"Uh, yes, Sir."

"Gruber!" Heinrich ordered the portly scientist.
"Start the cameras!"

Hans moved between the spread legs of the bound
woman, growing pale.

"Grope her first!" Heinrich ordered.


"Grab her tits! Bite them, lick them, do anything!"

"Uh, sorry, miss," Hans muttered, closing his eyes
and reaching for the heroine's bosom.

"This is your first time, is it not?" Diana asked
softly in flawless German.

"Uh, yes, miss," Hans answered surprised. "You,
you are very pretty."

"Thanks," she said with a warm smile. "How old
are you, Hans?"

"I-I'll be nineteen ne-next month!" he stammered.

"It is alright, Hans. It is normal to be afraid."

"I am not afraid!"

"Don't speak with her, damn it!" Heinrich

"I must do this, miss," Hans whispered. "I'm sorry."

"I know, Hans. Touch me, it will be fine," she
said, as he touched her breasts with his trembling
fingertips. "Remember that all Germany will see
you doing this, Hans. Everyone will see what you
do and how you do it."

"Don't listen to her!"

"Your friends, your neighbors, your family, too,
probably. Your mother, maybe. So do it as well as
you can, Hans."

"A GAG! GIVE ME A GAG!" Heinrich yelled, moving
to cover Diana's mouth with his hat.

"I-I," Hans whimpered, and looked at his superior
with pleading eyes.

"Oh, damn!" one of the scientist lamented. "That
used to happen to... a friend of mine as well."


"I-I" Hans began before turning and running away.


The sounds of heaving could be heard from the other

"That happened to my friend, too. Nervous stomach."

"COME BACK HERE!" Heinrich said from the door,
unholstering his handgun. "DON'T YOU DARE RUN AWAY!

"My friend used to hide in his closet."

"Never have a boy do a man's job!" Heinrich stated.
"One of you do it!" he ordered, pointing his gun
at the scientists.

"Are you joking?" Gruber asked. "I am seventy
years old! I haven't had an erection since 1936!"

"Ha! I beat you! 1938!" another said. "Invasion
of Poland!"

"Oktober, 1932," the third one stated sadly. "Helga
the librarian."

"You did Helga?"

"No, but thinking of her got me my last erection."

"Erection? What is that? That word sounds familiar,"
the oldest scientist said. "Where are my glasses?"

"ARGH! If you want something done you should
always do it yourself!" Heinrich exclaimed, opening
his jacket, and fumbling at his belt. "Consider
yourself lucky, voman, dat I vill honor you by
deflowering you myself!"

"'Deflower'?" Diana muttered.

"Turn the cameras on again!" he ordered, pulling
his pants and underwear down. "Prepare yourself,
woman, to service my proud staff!"

All of the scientists looked down with blank

Diana's eyebrows rose in surprise and softly
began to snicker.

"Vat?" he asked her. "What is it?" he added,
turning to the scientists who looked away fast.

"I guess the Nazi threat is much smaller than
reported," Diana whispered in German and began
to laugh out loud.

One of the scientists began to cough, and another
soon followed. Tears were welling to Gruber's


"EXACTLY!" Diana replied and laughed even louder.

"What is she laughing at?" the older scientist
asked, baffled. "Where are my glasses?"

"They would not help, believe me," Gruber whispered.

"Stop laughing!"

"Oh, come on! It's no big deal," Diana said before
laughing harder than before.

"Fine! Laugh at me!"

One of the scientists broke out in loud laughter.
Snarling with fury, Heinrich shot him.

"You said it was fine to laugh," Gruber muttered,
now completely serious.

"I was talking to her!"

"Oh," Gruber said, looking at his fallen companion.
"Poor Pieter. Always so literal."

"Laugh at me, vill you?" Heinrich hissed, turning
back to Diana. "I'll show you!"

"More than before?" she asked.

"I'll kill you! Da most horrible way possible!"

"How? Showing me that thingee again?"

"Gruber! Get the dogs! We'll see how she laughs
as she is torn apart by a pack of savage beasts!"
Heinrich commanded, while reaching for a whip.
"And I will start to get you in the mood."

"Can't wake them," Gruber said.


"She must have done something to them. They cannot
be awakened. Just like the troops."

Heinrich cursed, gasping for breath. His arm and
shoulder pulsed in pain, and the Amazon had yet to
scream, beg or even whimper. Her breasts and legs
were criss-crossed with the marks of the short whip,
red streaks running across the soft, otherwise
perfect skin.

"Is that all?" Diana asked. "I was beginning to
like it."

"Damn you, woman! Stop soiling our mother tongue
with your lips!" Heinrich whined, letting the
whip fall, before turning to Gruber. "There are
none left?"

"Only a couple in exterior guard detail, but no
one is answering the radio and-"

"Go look for one, then!"

"Like that one?" asked another one of the old men,
pointing at the large beast which came sniffing
down the corridor.

"THERE IS ONE!" Heinrich shouted in glee.

"Don't shout! You know they can go wild at the
smallest thing!"

"It must have come the way Hans exited. Go get it."

"Who, me?"

"Yes, you!" Heinrich said, waving his gun.

"Here, doggie, here..."

"Ah, woman, now you will meet your end! We may not
get the humiliation spectacle we expected, but the
film of your being torn to pieces will warm the
Fuhrer in the winter nights."

"A fireplace would work better," Diana said.

"Easy, boy, easy," the short scientist said as he
led the enormous dog into the room.

Diana lifted one eyebrow as she considered the
animal. She had seen that one before.

"Ah! The instrument of your doom!" the Colonel
gloated. "Does it have a name?"

"This one is Brutus," Gruber said peering at a
tag in the thick spiked collar. "Like the Roman
historical figure, you know."

"Ah, quite fitting!"

"I wanted to call him Hermman, after a writer I
knew, but the others out-voted me. He had these
notes for a novel about a man who seeks his
own animal, wolf-like true nature, and-"

"Yes, yes. Brutus is a good name. The slayer
of Julius Caesar! Just like our powerful beast
will slay this haughty emblem of Roman paganism"

"Greek, actually," Diana noted.

"I wonder if he ever wrote that book," Gruber mused.

"It was a gang-up, too, the murder of Caesar,"
the shorter scientist observed. "So the analogy
does not-"

"Shut up!" Heinrich spat, before tugging at Brutus
by the collar and pulling him to the center of the
room, a few steps away from Diana. "There is your
victim, Brutus! Prepare to rend her flesh! Gruber,
start the cameras again!"

"You may want to ah, buckle your pants again,
Colonel, just in case you are in the shot."

"Yes, yes. Now start."

"Pity in will be in black and white, she has such
beautiful skin, whip marks aside."

"She has? Where are my glasses?"

"I've been thinking of a process for-"



"Go Brutus! Attack!"

The dog stood motionless.


"She is not moving, Colonel. He is unlikely to
attack a passive target."

"Uh, excuse me, could you move a bit?" Heinrich
asked Wonder Woman.

"Untie me and I will."

"I mean, squirm and toss in your bonds."

"Don't feel like it."

"Damn you, voman! Cooperate a bit, vill you?
Ve don't haf all day!"

"Uh, the blood may excite him," the shortest
scientist said.


"The whip marks. Blood may excite his feral

"Good idea. Gruber! Whip her some more!"

"I am filming!"

"Hauer! You do it!"

"Must I?" the short scientist asked. "She seems
such a nice girl."

"She can kick through steel!"

"But I'm not good at the violent stuff!"

"It was your idea!"

"That's what we do. We have ideas and others apply
them. See, I design nerve toxins but-"

"Welcome to the real world. Now do it or you join
Pieter," Heinrich said, waving his gun.

Grumbling, Hauer took the short riding crop, and
approached Wonder Woman.

"Sorry," he said, and began to whip at the long
extended legs. "No hard feelings, I hope."

"Not since 1938, right?" she replied calmly.
"You should put your back into it," she added
after a

"Like this?"


Brutus began to growl, as the strikes left bloody
streaks in Diana's legs.

"Yes! It is working!" Heinrich exclaimed as the
dog's growling grew. "Faster! Harder!"

"This is tiring," Hauer muttered. "Could give a
man a heart att-"

With no warning, Brutus attacked.


"Poor Hauer," Gruber muttered, pale as a board.

"What happened?" the eldest scientist asked.
"Have you seen my glasses?"

Heinrich's mouth opened but no sound came forth.

"At least it was fast," Gruber said. "I think it
broke his neck before ah, tearing the throat out."

"Who? What? Where the fuck are my glasses?"

"I could have been the one whipping her," Heinrich
muttered in a faint voice.

The eldest scientist craned his neck forward and
squinted. "Oh, the puppy was really hungry."

"Maybe you should shoot the beast," Gruber suggested.

"It still may continue with her."

"Or us," Gruber said. "Maybe we should exit the room."

"Good idea. Leave the two together, and watch
through the observation window."

"Really hungry!"

Diana watched the three men leave the room with slow,
careful movements, before shutting the door with
desperate urgency.

The dog's head rose from the body of Hauer, its
large tongue licking its bloody maw, before turning
to regard her.

"Good boy," she whispered in a soothing tone,
knowing that she was powerless to defend herself.
"Nice boy."

The dog moved its head to a side, watching the bound
Amazon Princess with its large eyes, before getting
closer to her, striding between the stirrups holding
her legs apart, sniffing first at one leg, then at
the other. The dog's head was well above the height
of the inclined table holding Wonder Woman, so she
could see how it bent its head down to sniff at the
bloody streaks on her thighs. After a moment of
apparent study, the dog's long tongue flashed out
as he licked at the warm blood droplets. He lapped
at them, pausing to sniff briefly between streaks,
appearing to relish the taste.

Diana gritted her teeth, preparing herself. If her
had time had come, she would face it as suited a
Princess of the Amazons, enduring whatever happened
with proud stoicism.

She was not truly prepared, however, for what did

"Now, now," Heinrich hissed. "You like the taste
of her blood, don't you? And you want more! Tear
her apart! Devour the damn who-!"

"Oh, my," Gruber said after a moment of shocked

"What happened?" the eldest scientist asked.

"What is he-?" Heinrich muttered in disbelief.

"Where are my fucking glasses?"

"You did tell him to eat her, Colonel."

Speechless, Princess Diana stared at the huge animal
head between her legs, as the dog lapped eagerly at
her exposed sex, the strong tongue rocking her whole
midsection with each powerful stroke. The rough
texture of the tongue made each lick impossible to
ignore, as she found herself gasping softly at the
truly intense sensation of each of the more powerful

It did not feel bad at all, Diana realized with

There was no finesse or technique at all, but then,
it was a male, and there was a lot to say for sheer
power, speed and enthusiasm. To her surprise, she
did not feel repulsed, horrified or humiliated,
but rather baffled, perhaps even intrigued. The
deadly creature which had just slain a man before
her, was now happily lapping at her in a most
compromising spot with the same bloody mouth that
had done the previous awful deed. The situation
was certainly unusual.

Diana began to squirm as the lapping became more
forceful and insistent. Surely no man or woman
could match such a pace, she thought, as without
consciously acknowledgment, she slowly relaxed the
tension of wariness in her legs, to be replaced by
a different kind of intermittent tension, matching
the rhythms of the dog's actions. The roughness
of its tongue seemed much less noticeable, she
noted, as his saliva appeared to have coated her
sex throughout with warm wetness.

A soft cry almost escaped Diana's mouth, as the
growing warmth in her sex suddenly was replaced
overstepped by a series of flashes of intense
sensation. To her utter amazement, she recognized
these as pure, undeniable pleasure. Her clitoris
had swollen and become large and prominent enough
to be stimulated directly by the dog's tongue, she
realized with embarrassment and confusion.

Blessed Aphrodite, she thought, could she really be
enjoying it?

She prided herself on recognizing the absurdity of
the prejudices which crippled most gender relations
in Man's World, and in finding almost all sexual
mores ridiculous and pointless, but the idea of
receiving pleasure from an animal was still not
something she had contemplated before. Of course
she knew about zoophilia as a sexual fetish since
ancient times, and could comment scholarly on the
many sociological and psychological aspects, but she
had never considered practicing it. She was after
all, a Princess of the Amazons, and it did not
seem dignified.

But she was enjoying it, she admitted, as her
breathing grew faster. A lot, actually.

"The cameras are still rolling, right?"

"Oh, yes."

Diana held back a moan, as she felt the pleasure
grow from her loins in expanding waves. She felt
like her whole awareness was centered in the hot
core of her sex, focused on the rising response
to the intense licking. She would have bucked her
hips and writhed in delight if she would allow
herself such indulgences.

The dog was going to make her come, she knew.

"Well, this was better than what we expected,"
Heinrich muttered, his eyes wide as saucers.
"To see the Allied slut shamed by submitting to
a dirty beast."

"She does not seem too ashamed to me."

Diana felt her control slip away, and closing her
eyes, she let a soft cry signal her climax, as she
let the powerful pulses of pleasure flood her body
with glorious warmth, the tension of anticipation
dissolving in sheer delight.

"Well, that was pleasant," she muttered with a
sigh, looking up to see the dog panting before her,
her fluids dripping from its hanging tongue.
"Thank you, dear," she said, smiling.

The dog whined softly, his deep brown eyes staring
at her.

"What?" she asked softly.

With a single motion, the dog lunged up and forward,
and his upper legs planted themselves solidly in
the examining table by Diana's shoulders.

Startled, Diana stared at huge animal face over
hers, before glancing down. Her mouth opened in
shock. Fully out of its furry sheath, the dog's
enormous erection hung massively between her open

"Hauer was really fixated on the size thing, eh?"

"Down, boy, down!" Diana said, trying to sound
firm, without wanting to irritate the animal.

The dog's long tongue lapped at the Amazon's open
mouth just as she spoke, in a sudden, sloppy kiss.
Diana immediately looked away, and the tongue then
lapped at her soft cheek, ears and long, sensitive
neck. It was just being friendly, she told herself
without much conviction.

The dog traced a path with its tongue down her face
to her torso, where it began to lick at the whip
marks on her chest, its powerful laps making the
firm flesh of the large orbs slosh about. It then
licked one large nipple, still partially erect from
her previous arousement, and the bud reacted at once
to the sudden stimulation, growing and getting
stiffer in response. Her extremely sensitive
breasts still hurt from the recent punishment, but
the rough caresses on the tender skin still made
Diana breath in sharply at the sensation.

She was obvious still in an excited state from her
recent orgasm, she knew, or she would not react so
readily to the animal's actions, nor feel such bold
thoughts cross her mind. Surely arching her back
and pushing her chest forward was not much of a
concession, but her mind kept returning to the
brief kiss they had shared.

The sudden flash of the animal tongue on her lips
had been more shocking than distasteful, she knew,
and she had likely tasted her own vaginal juices as
much as the animal saliva. The taste had not been
disgusting at all.

When the animal rose from her saliva-coated breasts,
and his tongue darted at her face, Diana did not
turn away again. She closed her eyes to better
feel the fast dashes of his tongue on her lips,
and when her slightly opened lips felt its probing
tip grow more daring, they opened wider to welcome
it. The thick, long tongue entered her mouth and
she sucked softly on it.

The tongue darted out, moving fast over her face
and lips, and she sought to trap it again eagerly,
to continue the deep kissing. It was a challenging
thing, to kiss a dog, she realized.

Suddenly she gasped and stiffened all over.

The hindquarters of the dog had leaned forward much
closer to her, and the enormous length of erect dog
phallus had slapped on top of her pubis and lower
abdomen. As the dog settled lower, the thick shaft
now pressed between Diana's mound and the animal's
body. Not stopping its lapping at Diana's face and
torso, the dog rocked back and forth, and the huge
member rubbed insistently against Diana's sex.

Diana gasped, eyes opening widely in astonishment.
It felt incredibly hot and big, both in length and
thickness, and it was rubbing on her at just the
right angle to stimulate her still oversensitive
clitoris. After a few seconds, she let out a soft
moan, and began to press herself against him, while
she returned her attention to his sloppy kisses,
her small delicate mouth peeking out, seeking to
met his.

She felt embarrassed at what she was doing, but if
she had orgasmed as the animal licked her, why not
seek more such pleasure rubbing against him? After
all, as long as she was not being penetrated, they
were all just caresses and nothing more.

"She is really into it," Gruber said with amazement.
"Heavens! Look at her and that thing!"

"Where are my glasses, dammit?"

"She is doing it just to spite me," Heinrich
muttered, frowning. "I mean, that was supposed to
be a punishment! It isn't fair!"

Diana rocked back and forth, eyes closed tightly
and teeth gritted, as she pressed herself with near
manic desperation against the massive shaft wedged
between her body and the enormous dog. She could
feel her second orgasm just a few strokes away, and
the pleasure consuming her loins was almost painful
in its intensity. Just a bit more, she knew, hungry
for release from the delicious torment.

The huge dog humped with greater enthusiasm, and
suddenly staggered back as its hind legs shifted
position, before thrusting forward again with even
greater strength.

"NO!" Diana gasped with shock and instant panic, as
the constant rubbing that was taking her so close to
orgasm was gone for a beat and immediately replaced
by a sudden explosion of terrible, overwhelming
pain at her loins.

As the dog had adjusted its position, the massive
shaft had slid down along the slick channel of her
swollen folds, which, drenched in her hot fluids,
when the beast had pushed forward again, had led the
enormous member straight to the well-lubricated
entrance of Diana's sex.

The pain was almost unbearable as the gigantic
animal phallus thrust powerfully into the tight
depths of the beautiful Amazon Princess. Diana
fought for breath in the shock of her brutal
penetration, and as she felt the monstrous
member pierce her to the hilt, her whole body
seemed to explode in an all-consuming climax.

"Oh, fuck!" Gruber muttered at the unbelievable
sight of the voluptuous young beauty screaming
loudly with pleasure as the monstrous animal
penetrated her. "Look at that!"

"Who the fuck took my glasses!"

"She is doing this just to spite me," Heinrich
repeated in an almost nonexistent whisper.

Princess Diana tossed her head from side to side,
moaning and crying out loud with abandon. Her large
breasts shook and jostled in all directions as she
thrashed wildly, straining in erotic fervor against
her bonds while the huge dog over her pumped into
her depths with savage, single-minded fury.

The explosive climax she had experienced just after
being penetrated at the exact moment of her maximum
sensibility, had not faded away, just stepped back
and phased into the build-up to a further orgasm,
whose crescendo now threatened to overwhelm her
awareness. She was simultaneously aware of a dozen
different facets of her rising pleasure: the warm
saliva dripping from the dog's open mouth onto her
trembling torso, the feeling of its thick fur
rubbing against the delicate skin of her hips, the
maddening brushing against her swollen clitoris of
a strange bulge at the base of the dog's penis each
time it hilted her, and the intoxicating sensation
of dueling pain and pleasure as each violent
thrust filled her tight depths completely.

The dog's frenzied pace became even more savage,
and Diana went over the edge with a gasping cry,
trembling in the throes of her third climax, just
as the huge member embedded inside her began to pulse
with fast, intense spasms.

After an apparent eternity while Diana felt wave
after wave of soft secondary pleasure wash over
and through her body, the dog jerked back and
with a tug dislodged his till erect member from
inside her, his withdrawal accompanied by a cry of
pain from the breathless Princess as well as a
flood of thin animal sperm spilling from her still
spasming sex.

"Good boy, Brutus," Diana muttered with a smile of
utter satisfaction. "Very, very good boy..."

"Damn! Was that something!" Gruber said, whipping
sweat off his brow.

"Just to spite me..." Heinrich muttered.

"What the fuck did I miss?" the eldest scientist
asked banging his foot.

"Go get Otto," Heinrich ordered. "She is powerless

"Damn! Look at this!" Gruber said with a sigh.
"My first erection since 1936 and I didn't even notice."

"Ha! Now you are revealed!" Heinrich said with
a triumphant smile as he entered the room.
"Da vorld vill know you as da bitch you are!"

Wonder Woman just let out a soft sigh, slumped
back with an expression of complete exhaustion.

"Take the films, Gruber," the Colonel ordered.
"Otto! Grab that damn animal!"



"AH, NOT HORSEY," Otto said as he went to clasp
a leash to the dog's collar.

"Untie her, Gruber. She is no threat to the Reich

Gruber slowly untied the golden lasso around the
Amazon's ankles and wrists, and as he removed the
last loop, Wonder Woman stood up in a single bound,
and slapped Gruber aside with disdainful ease.

"NEIN! NEIN!" Heinrich shrieked, fumbling for his
gun. "You must be powerless! POWERLESS! OTTO!

Wonder Woman's right foot lashed out and hit the
Colonel's hand, throwing the Luger away from his
grasp. The Colonel fell to his knees grabbing his
broken hand, gasping with pain, while Wonder Woman
turned to face the rush of the charging Otto.

Stepping forward with almost delicate precision into
a side-facing low stance, Wonder Woman grabbed one
of Otto's outstretched arms while slipping one hand
between his legs, to rise twisting up and to her
other side, throwing Otto over her head and shoulders
to smash against the farthest wall.

Heinrich scrambled on the floor to reach for his
fallen gun with his other hand, when he deep growl
stopped him. Inches away, Brutus bared his fangs
at him.

"Good doggie, good damn doggie," Heinrich muttered
reaching out for the gun, but he pulled his hand
back immediately as Brutus growled louder and
made a short forward lunge. "GOOD DOGGIE!"

"He is, isn't he?" Wonder Woman said with a smile
while rubbing Brutus behind the ears. The huge dog
closed his eyes and let his tongue hang out from a
side of his mouth.

"You were fucked, woman!" Heinrich protested in
German after his extensive knowledge of profanity
had ran out. "You should have lost your power after
being raped! YOU MUST! Everyone knows that!"

"But Brutus is not really a man, is he? So it just
did not apply," Diana said with a dazzling smile as
she wrapped her lasso around the men. All marks on
her skin were already vanished. "Also, perhaps by the
time the coitus happened I wasn't really that unwilling."


"You should really try to speak with your mother more
often, Colonel," Diana said. "You need to work out
your feelings of aggression towards women."

"I DON'T-!"

"Excuse me," said Gruber. "I just want to point out
that I was just following orders here, so perhaps
you could just let me go and-"

"You are worse than him!" Wonder Woman said.
"He at least has some personal issues, but you?
An intelligent, experienced, man of science, giving
his support to such immoral acts! You should be
ashamed of yourself!"

"I had to pay the bills, you know."

"HEAD HURT," Otto complained.

"Now, you will forget all of this. Deep inside, you
know that all this is wrong, so you all will forget
the details of the project, everything that can used
to duplicate this madness," Wonder Woman commanded,
focusing her will through the lasso. "You will
sleep now, and will afterwards remember only the
magnitude of your guilt and your need for atonement,
and... you will forget the things you did and saw
the last few hours."

"I didn't see shit! I couldn't find my glasses!"
the eldest scientist protested before falling
deeply asleep.

Placing the last of the film reels on a stack,
Wonder Woman sighed. She should destroy these at
once, she knew, before the Allied forces arrived.
She should not be ashamed of anything, really, but
men could not understand so many things.

Taking the lasso again in her hands, she concentrated,
commanding herself to disregard the previously stated
compulsions. The Colonel had not even realized what
he had done when while touching the lasso that bound
her, he said that she would enjoy anything to be done
to her.

It had not been a proper command, of course. Using
the power of the lasso needed concentration and
defined purpose, and it could only reach into the
true natures of people. But it had been enough
to help her go through the whippings smiling. As
an Amazon, she was no stranger to pain, and being
able to endure against adversity was part of both
her Amazon training and her own true nature.

About Brutus, she was not so sure. Had the lasso
simply helped her tap into her basic sexual desires
and allowed to her let go even under the unusual
circumstances, enjoying what she would have never
accepted otherwise, or had it been a much more
complex effect? After all, she had always found
the stories of Leda, Europa, Pasipahe and such other
classic heroines to be curiously titillating,
and did learn as fact what others thought myth,
though of course Brutus was no god of Olympus in

Diana shrugged. There was only one way to make
sure, and the Allies would take several hours to

"Merciful Hera!" Diana gasped as she let her head
fall forward into her folded arms, while her legs
and buttocks still shuddered with her latest
orgasmic explosion.

Brutus dismounted her, his quivering organ slidding
off her with a wet sound, as dog sperm spilled
down Diana's legs. Clearly content, he lay down
on the floor next to where she knelt in her just
crumpled all-fours positions, and proceeded to
lick at his still engorged member.

"It was even better!"

So it was well settled that the compulsion of the
lasso was not necessary for her finding pleasure in
mating with Brutus, she thought. If anything, the
sex had been even better.

"No wonder the gods used such forms for seduction!"
Diana whispered with a breathless smile, staring at
the enormous phallus that had just plasured her so
completely, amazed that it was still fully erect,
and marveling at its size, its bright red-purple
colors and the strange bulge at the base, much
larger than a man's fist.

Surely it could not get any bigger, she thought.
No wonder it had hurt so much at first.

That a Princess of the Amazons would desire to
mate with a lowly animal was undeniably an
outrageous thought, but perhaps that was what
had made it so exciting. That, and the monstrous
thing that she had wanted inside her again so
badly. Also, it would have been ridiculous to
have mated with a dog and not been fucked

She fell to a side, eyes fixed on how Brutus licked
himself, and wondered how such a thing would taste.
He had already done it for her, after all, she
thought, licking her lips, so it was just fair to

The very idea made her get wet again.

After all, they still had some time left, and
perhaps she should even try to take that big
bulge inside, too.

"Come on, Diana!" Etta Candy called out.

Diana stepped out of her apartment, wearing the
thick glasses and unflattering clothes she used in
her secret identity, the baggy and badly cut
blouses and skirts hiding the exuberance of her
curves. "Hello, Etta!" she greeted.

"Let's go! Macy's closes in just two hours,"
the chubby Etta said.

"Just a moment," Diana said, as a huge figure
tried to follow her through the door. "No, dear,
you stay. I'll be back soon."

"Oh, my God! What is that?"

"Oh, just my new pet," Diana said, rubbing the
huge dog behind the ears where he liked it so
much. "Don't say out loud. The landlord would
flip out if eh knew."

"What kind of dog is that?"

"Oh, Great Dane, Rottweiller and wolf crossbreed,
I think," she said. "You know how these mongrels go."

"It's awfully big! Are you just going to leave
it inside your place?"

"Oh, he is very intelligent. He'll behave,"
she said, leaning to hug the big head.
"Be good, dear. Till later."

"Wow, it must eat a fortune!" Etta said as Diana
closed the door.

"Oh, he is worth it."

"Sure! With that monster around you must feel so
much safer from intruders at home!"

"Oh, I do feel a lot better at night with him,
indeed," Diana said, with just the smallest bit
of her full smile showing. "Now, were can I
buy one of those film projectors?"


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