The Joys of Being Sleazy in the Big Easy  

By Abashful1

The Joys of Being Sleazy in the Big Easy

By ABashful1

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Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction written for nonprofit enjoyment of adult superheroine fan fiction. Wonder Woman, Justice League and other heroes, heroines, and super villains use in this story are the sole property of DC Comics.

Summary: This story is set prior to the New 52 in the DC Universe. Wonder Woman decides to take an impromptu vacation to New Orleans to observe the strange custom Mardi Gras. On the streets of the great celebration, the heroine encounters a hooker who challenges her understanding of the absoluteness of right, wrong, and life on the fringe.


Wonder Woman smiled warmly as she made her way through the Bourbon Street crowds. The celebration rivaled those of Dionysus! After days of parades, dances and masked balls, the party shifted here for the grand climax. The streets were crowded to overflowing with brightly costumed people taking part in the many pleasures offered. While the reputation for drinking was well earned, the wonderful food and stellar offerings of local musicians was beyond compare. There was much here for the Ambassador to Man's World to appreciate. Although this strange local bead custom was a bit…much. One of the Royal Family of Themyscira does not readily provide such a boon. In any case the parades and revelry were well worth the price of admission.

Diana couldn't help but think that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold would be jealous of the Amazon princess at this moment. It was a conversation they had with Fire that sparked this trip. As Bea da Costa happily recounted her memories of Carnival in her native Rio de Jeniero, the boys went on and on about how they always wanted to go to a real New Orleans Mardi Gras. As the weeks since passed, Wonder Woman's own curiosity on the subject grew and grew until a few days ago when she decided to take this private little vacation to see for herself. She thought it best to not tell any of her friends or comrades. She did not want this experience tainted with Booster's immaturity or Guy Gardner's constant testosterone fuelled idiocy. Batman would be monitoring every traffic and security cam while Superman would be hanging overhead like a human kite. No, this was far better. In fact, there was nowhere else in the world where she could walk around in her uniform without drawing the slightest notice from anyone. She had seen six other women in matching costumes herself. She could see for herself, judge for herself, and enjoy this experience far better in anonymity. It was actually quite a rewarding experience to participate in this festival without the trappings of her superheroine celebrity. But as contagious as the frivolity was, when Diana passed an alley she could see that there was a dark side to the joy all around her.


Jillian Robertson had lived and worked here for decades and this was by far her favorite time of year, but not for the same reasons as most; at least not primarily. Of course, the fit and lovely 38 year old woman loved the party as much as anyone else, but unless the Superbowl was in the Big Easy, this was her busiest time for work. If nothing else, 20 years as an independent street ho had taught her that. Today alone 'Candy', as Jillian was known on the street, had turned over 30 tricks already and the sun wasn't even down yet. She was getting $150 alone for the guys she was doing right now. As the huge biker behind her reamed her pussy doggie style, she alternated between hand jobs and blow jobs for the two ahead of her. The guy behind her wasn't half bad. He might even get her off before they were done but either way, in 10 minutes she would be done with them and ready for her next trick. God she loved Mardi Gras!

As she could feel the guys in the front start to tense up for a nice cum shot, the guy behind yelled "Hey bitch! What the fuck you lookin' at? Find someone else to watch before I kick your ass!" He was drunk as shit, but Candy took a quick glance while she continued to work. Sure enough there was a broad in a Wonder Woman costume staring them.

If there was a comic con in town this chick would have won first prize, but at Mardi Gras and with a body like that it had to be another hooker looking for work. As the whore opened her mouth to change dicks, both guys in front sprayed her mouth and face with hot sticky jizz. Candy looked up and cooed "Mmmm, that was fun! Thank you, boys." She then turned to their audience and purred with a wink "I've got things covered here, hon. If you go up a couple blocks there is a good spot in the alley by the Old Absinthe House that will net a lot of business."

As the first two john's zipped up their pants and walked back to their bikes, the drunk behind her growled "Oh Fuck yeah! After I finish poundin your pussy I'll get your friend to clean my cock. Call her ass back here! YeeHaw!"

From down the far side of the alley a little voice called out "Daddy? Daddy, Uncle Johnny and Uncle Billie took their bikes and left. Are we going too?"

Candy turned to see a scared little girl standing in the alley. The poor thing couldn't have been more than 6. Shock and rage filled whore as she snapped "You brought a kid… To watch… THIS! Are you out of your mind?"

The drunken biker was a big man. He pushed Candy off his dick so hard he nearly rammed her head first into the brick wall. Like a snarling animal he turned on his daughter and growled "God damn it you little shit! I swear, since your bitch mother died you've been a damn pain in the ass! Get your butt back to the sidecar before I kick it to the middle of next week!" The poor child cowered in mortal terror as the large man shouted at her. As the girl cringed Candy could see the bruises the girl already had. When the biker decided that the child wasn't moving fast enough, he marched menacingly toward her, but he stopped in surprise when the ho ran past him.

Candy ran to the child and whispered "Stay behind me, sweetie and get ready to run." She then turned to face the father and growled "You are *not* going to touch this child!"

The drunken biker laughed "Fuck, bitch, after I beat you to a pulp and take your stash, I'll do whatever I fuckin want. I'm gonna fuck you up so bad you won't be able to sell blow jobs to hobos."

As the man charged, Candy yelled "Run, baby, run!" His fist sailed for her face with enough force to break her jaw, but she ducked right and rammed her knee into his balls. Candy twisted back to keep an eye on her assailant and backed away to give herself some distance. She knew better than to let him sneak up on her, but this giant of a man was not out of the fight yet. As he got back to his feet he grabbed a 2 by 4. He snarled like a feral animal as he hoisted the weapon back and charged again.

As Candy prepared to duck again, something moved swiftly past her. Suddenly the make shift club stopped in mid swing as a deeply feminine voice growled "Care to fight someone who can fight back?" Candy couldn't believe her eyes as the woman that had been watching them held that 2 by 4 as motionless as if it were a Nerf bat swung by a toddler. With equal ease, the Amazing Amazon twisted the lumber out of the drunk's hands and grabbed him by the throat. As he dropped to his knees she growled "You are a pathetic excuse for a man! You are selfish, violent, and unworthy of the Gods given gift of a daughter!" The gasping biker's eyes went wide as the enraged Amazon snatched him off his knees like a rag doll and planted him firmly against the cold masonry of the alley wall. While her left hand held the goon effortlessly, her right snatched her famous lasso of her belt and dropped its loop over the dazed man's pinned head.

The heroine turned away from her foe for a minute as a noise distracted her. From the far end of the alley, tiny sobs could be heard "Please… Please don't hurt my daddy. I'll be a good girl." As Candy moved quickly to comfort the scared child, Wonder Woman turned menacing eyes back to the drunken fool she had jacked to the wall and growled "That child is a *blessing* you do not deserve, but *that* changes *now*. You are going to make her your top priority. You are going to straighten up and be a good and supportive parent. Just in case that is in *any* way unclear, allow me to outline how you *are* going to make that happen!"

Candy had already straightened her clothes and wiped the spunk off her face before she approached the child. The lovely woman smiled sweetly as she cooed "It's alright, sweetie. You *are* a good girl, you sweet angel." The little one turned pleading eyes to the woman as Candy knelt down to speak to her "She won't hurt him anymore. Don't you recognize her? That's Wonder Woman; the *real* Wonder Woman! Now what's your name sweetheart?"

The child's mouth dropped open as she answered "My name is Angie." Her little head moved to the side so she could watch the heroine "Mommy told me about Wonder Woman. She's pretty… Like an angel! But she still looks really mad at Daddy. You sure she won't hurt him?"

Candy ran her hand through Angie's messy hair and replied "Well, Daddy wasn't being very good, was he? Sometimes when people are being real bad you have to be strict with them to get their attention but I'm pretty sure he's listening now. So what happened to your Mommy?"

While Diana used her Lasso to 'educate' the delinquent dad, Candy calmed little Angie's anxieties. From what she could tell, the child's mother died 6 months ago of something like cancer or AIDS that slowly ate her alive. Her dad had been a hell raiser and gang member before her mom came into his life. Whatever drew them together, her love is what got him to straighten his life out and everything went well until she got sick. The insurance couldn't cover and they had to spend all their money for her treatments. It wasn't long after that when the father fell back into his old bad crowd to make money to keep things going. When the mother died, he crawled into a bottle and never came out.

It didn't take long for Candy to get the girl to smile. She had always had a way with kids and this one needed a smile far more than most. Before long the neglected child was bubbling over with laughter with her new friend but too soon, the deeply feminine voice of the heroine interrupted "My, but that is such a big smile, even for as brave and good a girl as you." The girl stood stock still as Wonder Woman wrapped her lasso about the child. The Amazon cooed gently "Daddy has been very, very ill, my sweet girl, and I used my magic lasso to cure him. He will be just like he was before Mommy got sick; I promise! But, I want to help you now. You have heard of the expression 'forgive and forget', right?" Angie, still awestruck to silence could only nod her head in agreement as Diana continued "That's good, sweetheart. And I'm sure someone as good and pure as you are has already forgiven Daddy for anything he did that was bad, right?"

Now the little girl found the courage to answer "Oh, yes miss Wonder Woman! Daddy has been so unhappy since Mommy died. I try to be good… but…"

Both Candy and Wonder Woman gently stroked the little girls hair as the heroine continued "Shhh, baby, it's alright. You haven't done one single thing wrong. But due to your Daddy's… Illness… You have seen many things that a child should never see; things that I am going to help you forget. That way you can forget what you have already forgiven. Daddy can have a real second chance. Isn't that good?"

Soon Wonder Woman had worked her magic on the child and sent her off to a deep sleep that would last until well after dawn. As Candy picked up the sleeping girl she called to Wonder Woman over her shoulder "My apartment is about 4 blocks from here. I'll put Angie in her Pop's sidecar and drive his bike there. You can take big boy there yourself. If you fly at roof top level you won't be noticed. No one is looking up tonight."


After putting the deeply sleeping father and child to bed in Candy's bedroom, Diana and Candy spent the next few hours talking over drinks in her living room. Of course whiskey was hardly affective against Wonder Woman's constitution but the women weren't trying to drink each other under the table either. Wonder Woman had been impressed with Candy's courage and selfless act to protect the child but her choice of lifestyle confused the heroine. The good humored debate had lasted for hours and finally Candy said "Look, I told you like a hundred times; there are as many reasons for hooking as there are hookers. Some suck. In fact, the way most of us get in does for sure. But there are a lot of ways that it can be a good choice. The only way to really understand is to go through it."

Wonder Woman smiled as she waved her hands again and replied "And for the hundredth and one times, if you can't vocalize it then you are rationalizing it. Really, I can't understand why you do it at all."

Candy smiled as she laughed "Fine, we don't see eye to eye. I have a solution. We both get a turn with your lasso. If you can lasso your target and I can't lasso mine, I will give up hooking. Fair enough?"

Wonder Woman looked at the woman incredulously as she answered "Hardly! I haven't missed a target with my lasso since I was six, but since you have challenged me then so shall you be tested. Now what is my target?"

Candy pointed at her window and said "See the beer bottles on the window sill? Lasso that one on the left!"

Wonder Woman scoffed at the challenge and adeptly threw the mystic lasso securely about bottle and with a quick jerk sent the object flying back to her waiting hand. The heroine laughed as she handed the woman her lasso and gave her some quick instructions on how to throw it, as it only seemed sporting to do so. Candy smiled and looked intently at the remaining bottle on the window sill. As the woman twirled the mystic rope above her head, Diana leaned forward to watch her new friend attempt her throw, but instead of going forward to the bottle, the lasso just loosely fell around the heroine. Wonder Woman laughed deeply as she said "That was pathetic, my friend, but at least you will be moving on with your life."

Candy smiled as she pulled the lasso tight and said "Why? I lassoed my target; now shut up and sit still!" Candy looped the mystic tool three more times and tied it tight before she continued "OK, Diana, you are going to answer my questions to the best of your understanding of my intent and with all appropriate information. Understand?"

Wonder Woman glared daggers at the whore but she was compelled to reply with a low growl "Yes, I understand!"

Candy replied sweetly "Lighten up babe. I'm doing you a favor. You want to understand whores and I am here to help. Now first, everyone knows your lasso compels truth, but I saw you change memories and implant new ideas and even a new personality. Is the Lasso capable of that?"

Wonder Woman tried to keep the answer to herself, but the Lasso could not be denied "Yes, but only when the proper spell has been invoked first."

Candy asked "I assume there is a spell to turn it off as well. Did you use that spell yet?"

The captured Amazon answered "No, the counter spell has not been used."

Candy smiled broadly as she continued "Great. You will not use that spell. I like the lasso the way it is, thank you very much. Now you wanted to understand whores and I told you repeatedly that the only way to do that is to be a whore. So, from now on you are no longer a heroine. You gave that up to be a hooker. You will work for me and will give me 20% of your take as training and management fees. Do you understand that Diana?"

The Amazon princess glared at her captor with and intensity that would melt steel as she growled "Yes 'Mistress' Candy. I understand that you will exploit me as a common street whore now. You will profit on my servitude and the trust I mistakenly placed on you."

Candy smirked "Cute! I see we are going to have to work on that attitude a bit, but before we start, here are a couple stats for you. First, of the girls that survive the first month working the street, half of them will be a hooker as long as they can get paid. Second, of those that last 3 months, only 5% will ever give up whoring completely. Since you are an Amazon we will give 18 months of service to me as my whore. That will give you a good understanding of why women keep on hooking. How does that sound sweetie?"

Diana flexed her muscles futility as she replied "It sounds demeaning and horrible! How can you do this to me? I thought I saw a noble soul in you and here you are making me a slave to perversity!"

Candy gently put her hand on the furious Amazon's shoulder and replied "Sweetie, you keep trying to make it this about exploiting and punishing you, but that isn't it at all. You are here to represent all women, right?"

Diana growled "That is part of my charter as Ambassador to Man's World."

The veteran whore continued "Well, there you have it. You have admitted you don't understand prostitutes, strippers or porn stars. That is damn near 2.5 *million* women in this country alone! That is a pretty damn big audience to miss. Now let's get into the people that have had adulterous affairs. Did you know that 60% of married women admit to having an affair? That's well over a third of all women! Now how about the casual slutty woman? Did you know that over 80% of single women admit to having casual sex? Now with that added in, we're talking about 2 thirds of all women that you just don't understand! That's the lion's share of the people you represent; most of whom hide their wants and desires because the male dominated social values. Men want to enjoy all the hedonistic benefits while making the woman the evil ones in providing it. To make it all worse, the women that aren't playing men's slutty games are rightfully pissed off! That leaves two thirds of your audience stuck between a rock and a hard place; either hiding their real desires or being hated by everyone. *That's* what you are missing! *That* is the part of the whole modern dynamic that you will *never* understand or help unless you immerse yourself in it! Now do you understand why I am doing this? Do you see that I am honestly trying to help?"

Wonder Woman nodded her head as she considered the woman's words. Candy's every intonation, expression, and body language screamed sincerity, but now the Amazon was made very weary by recent events. After a few seconds of contemplation, the heroine replied "You seem sincere, but taking me prisoner and forcing my compliance speaks for itself."

Anger flashed across Candy's face as she responded "Now hold on there, sister! We spent *3 hours* talking about this and while I was trying to make this point, all you wanted to do was convince me to change my life. Do you know how much money I lost in 3 hours? This is the busiest night of my year! That was enough money lost to pay for this apartment for 2 months; including rent, utilities, and food! I gave a lot already to try to at least get you to see that you are missing your audience. Like they say 'There are none so blind as she who will not see!' Thanks to your lasso, I can *make* you open your damn stubborn eyes!"

Wonder Woman sneered "Yes, I can see your concern for money. That is why you will take 20% or my ill-gotten earnings!"

The veteran whore hissed back "That's right, Princess. I'll bet you haven't a fucking clue about the real world, do you? Royalty never see how the peons have to hustle their asses to stay alive! Yeah, money is what's needed to keep us fed and sheltered. We have to be careful to save up some for retirement to; especially in this job! You might not have to worry about growing old, but it's damn near amazing that I have been able to stay a good earner at my age. It isn't genetics that does it though; it's being smart and taking care of myself. But let's put that to the side for now. Yes, I will be taking 20% of your take. For the next year and a half we are going to need a bigger apartment for us and that takes more money. You need supplies and food, which also take money. You are going to need to get a wardrobe and some major makeover shit; guess what that takes? Money you don't have and that I'll have to supply! And then I have to spend my time training and taking care of you which means I will earn less. I was hoping to retire this year, but that isn't happening with teaching you how to work the streets. Oh yeah, then there is the money I am already losing on you tonight. I needed that money! You know why? Because, when the clock hits midnight, then the party is over! By dinner tomorrow all the tourists will be on their way home, so there's no money coming from there. In the meantime, the locals will be playing all nice and wholesome during the first month or so of lent which will make work be pretty damn scarce!"

The two women stared at each other angrily for a couple minutes as Candy gathered her composure. After a couple deep breaths, the whore resumed the conversation "Ok, I guess we had to get that out. I get that you don't like being manipulated; something you admit to have done to others. Still you don't like it when it happens to you any more than I like being looked down on or accused of being a lazy pimp stealing from you for no other reason than to make a profit. Can we at least agree that whether we understand each other's point of view that we are acting in what we feel is a benefit to others?"

Diana snarled as the lasso compelled a reply "I will admit some lingering doubt that you might be acting under some misguided sense of righteousness, but would be more willing to accept that if I were at least allowed to speak my mind at will! You currently have me as a gagged witness to my own damnation!"

The Amazon's captor smiled slightly as she replied "Fair enough. I'm not unreasonable here. You can't yell or use your voice to try to escape but by all means you can speak for yourself. I don't guarantee you can talk me out of this, but I'll give you the opportunity. Let's see if you can demonstrate your understanding and ability to learn enough that we don't have to go down the hooker route, OK?"

For the first time since the ordeal began, the Amazing Amazon smiled slightly as she replied "A chance is all a warrior asks... Or needs. Let this contest begin!"

The lady of the house chuckled "Wow! A genuine smile and all it took was letting you talk. Well, this is taking a good turn now, but you are missing one thing. This really isn't about winning as much as you understanding, but if that is what it takes for you to actually try to understand, then I'm all for it. Now, let's start with what you find so degrading about self-employed prostitution?"

Wonder Woman smiled as the Lasso forced an answer "Well put, Candy. You know that much of my objection rests with who employs the prostitute, but I have plenty to say on this subtopic as well. Whether she works for another or for herself, the selling of one's body is, in and of itself, degrading. She becomes the sexual plaything of the client for the agreed upon task or time. She becomes his toy, his entertainment, and his slave if only for a little while."

The lovely whore was quick to reply "So a butler is a rent a toy? He's a slave for hire? And what about the factory worker for big corporations? Now some of those CEOs are dirty bastards that make the average pimp look like a saint. Are the people working their legitimate business jobs slaves and toys of the depraved?"

Diana growled "Of course not. There is nothing wrong with working legitimate jobs. You are twisting my words."

Candy corrected her prisoner "No, I am trying to get you to see where you refuse to look. Your problem is with sex, not prostitution, and I can prove it. Now listen to my next three sentences, repeat them after me, and accept them in mind, heart and soul as the unvarnished truth. There is absolutely nothing wrong with consensual sex between two adults. You will no longer have any negative bias or disgust towards any type of sex act between consenting adults. From now on you will only base your like or dislike of any type of sex on your feelings *after* personally engaging in that act with a fully open mind."

Diana couldn't help herself as the Lasso overwhelmed her with the compulsion to obey "There is absolutely nothing wrong with consensual sex between two adults. I will no longer have any negative bias or disgust towards any type of sex act between consenting adults. From now on I will only base my like or dislike of any type of sex on my feelings after personally engaging in that act with a fully open mind." The heroine shook her head as she tried to shake the feeling of the Lasso's power washing over her, but it was too late. The heroine glared at her hostess and growled "Hey, you made a change to me; a PERMANENT change!"

Candy chuckled "No, I opened up your perspective and not as much as you did to the biker I might add. Besides, I did it for a purpose and without hiding what I did. If you talk me out of Plan A, you will be able to change it back so relax. Now, if prostitution were legal, what do you find so degrading about self-employed prostitution?"

Diana went to continue her tirade but the Lasso demanded an honest answer first. The heroine stuttered "Well, that's… I mean… As stated, I can't think of anything degrading now, OK? If it were legal, which it's not, there is nothing degrading about it but that doesn't make it right and you had to alter my mind to get me to say that!"

Candy smiled as she replied "No, I removed a prejudice; there's a difference. And be honest, all I did was take negative information provided by others and instruct you to make your own informed decisions. Is that worse than making a man change his views against his will?"

Diana huffed "Well, when put like that, it doesn't appear to, but I must admit that whether it's for good or ill, I do not like having my perspectives altered."

Candy answered "Well, that is another good learning experience for you I would imagine. I think we are making good progress now, but we have a long way to go. For example, there are places in the great state of Nevada where prostitution is legal and regulated. It has rules to protect the prostitutes and the clients, especially health wise. Did you know that no working and legally registered prostitute has ever tested positive for HIV there? All other STDs show much smaller occurrences than the general population as well. So with that in mind, what is so bad with being a registered legal prostitute in an approved brothel?"

The Amazon princess was quick to answer "Oh, I'm sure that everything is great for the prostitute; as long as she loves having any and all orifices repeated stuffed with kinky sex toys and hard cocks for days on end!" The Amazon stopped to lick her suddenly dry lips. She couldn't help but imagine the hooker's ordeal, but with her newly opened perspective on sex the visions were actually turning her on. The warrior shifted her seat as her pussy and nipples began to tingle with erotic need. Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly with embarrassment as she continued "But let's talk about the men that use them, shall we? Many of these men treat them like slaves or toys. They dominate the women and, if even for a short time, make them their submissive slaves." Diana's rock hard nipples were now sending maddening waves of erotic pleasure throughout the Amazon's firm body and her love mound was getting wetter by the second. She had never been more turned on in her life, but still she continued her answer "On top of that, what about the faithful women that these assholes are cheating on? It is wrong for one woman to profit on the pain of another! And what about the married men? That's not just wrong; it's illegal. Even in a legal brothel, it's adultery and a punishable crime!"

Candy smiled knowingly at her prey. It was plain the sex worker recognized Diana's sexual state, but when she spoke it was all about answering questions "Let's talk about the *clients* first. Every time you mention them you say *men* but there are many women that use our services too. We'll get back to that point in a minute but for now, let's talk about 'cheating' clients. Sure, many of our clients have someone else in their lives and most of them are married. Not all of them are actually cheating on their spouse though. Many know what their lover is up to and not only do many of them accept it, there is a growing percentage that participate with them."

The veteran hooker never looked away from the heroine's eyes as they talked but she could easily see the rapidly growing dark patch on Amazon's panties. The bitch was horny as hell and getting 'wonder cum' all over her couch! She idly twirled a lock of the gorgeous Amazon Champion's dark mane as she continued in a deeply sensual purr "But that isn't what you were talking about either, was it sweetie? You wanted to talk about the people that are cheating on their partners; the ones that are getting as much action on the side as they can afford or get away with. They don't give a flying fuck whether they are married or not. Where we differ though is what we feel our responsibility in all that is. You seem to think that it's all our fault, but trust me, nothing could be further than the truth! A cheater will find a way to cheat regardless of their spouse or the availability of willing slut. No, there are always a new generation of naïve kids and an army of people too lonely to think straight that predators like cheaters can use to get their jollies. In fact the only thing that *might* stop them is getting caught with their zippers down, but the sad fact is they'll just find someone else to pair up with and then the whole cheating cycle starts again. The truth of the matter is the best protection of the innocent victims is a strong surplus of open minded whores!"

Being a very competitive woman, Candy was enjoying each and every sign that she was winning Wonder Woman over. It was a heady feeling but it also distracted her from the consequences of commanding through the Lasso. As it were, decades of repressed sexual needs and removal of all sexual taboos was having a similar effect on the trapped Amazon. Wonder Woman listened raptly to her captor as the unintended commands clung to her nearly defenseless mind. Diana now trusted Candy without reservation and accepted that sluts and whores were a valuable and needed segment of the population. The heroine tried to make sense of the new Lasso enforced 'facts' when she asked "So whores and sluts are not bad? They simply use their natural desires and talents to provide services that protect the gullible from harm? It would be so noble; almost heroic if… If it wasn't illegal."

The sultry vixen purred back "Well sure it's illegal, at least in most places, but so are a lot of things like jay walking, sharing music, or using a pseudonym on the Internet! Oh, yeah, want to know another thing that is illegal? Being a vigilante! That's right; it's illegal for someone that isn't an employed law enforcement professional to take the law into their own hands. So they are breaking the law every time they go out to fight evil and protect innocents, not that the law doesn't look the other way most of the time. Hmmm… Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I mean providing services that break the law but make people happy and help protect the innocent from predators? You better believe it baby! Whores are noble and as heroic as your superheroes are!"

Wonder Woman's mouth opened in abject awe as the hooker's words, burnt into her consciousness by the power of the Lasso, ripped a hole in her belief system. The heroine gasped "But… It's so wrong... To be a hedonistic slut. I mean, the cravings of the body blind us to our true potential. They bind us to our most animalistic drives and distract us from what we can be. It's so wrong!"

By now, the pretty harlot had figured out her mistake and realized what she had done to the mighty heroine, but she was enjoying the once virtuous woman's situation too much. Candy may have seriously fucked the Amazon's perceptions by accident, but it was all Diana who was getting off on the idea of turning tricks for lots and lots of sex. It was painfully obvious how very badly the heroine wanted to be an unrepentant slut on a subconscious level; something that her heritage and modern society severely repressed in the woman. In fact, this new information on the Amazon Princess simply made it all that more important to continue. After all, Wonder Woman not only needed to understand her audience better; if Candy waivered now, how would Diana ever be able to express her inner most desires?

Candy brushed her victim's cheek as she cooed "Now there, baby, is the biggest and oldest lie of all! This lie was ancient long before your people left for Paradise Island and it's just as strong now as it was then. Men have been spreading that lie since they first learned to communicate. I'm sure you have noticed that men think well of womanizers while sexually active women are branded sluts and whores. They are treated like dirt, and why is that? Because they enjoy sex? Hell no! It's because men have always used women as a shield for the things they are ashamed of. They fear public opinion for their sexual exploits, so why face retribution when you can throw the women that fuck them under the bus? 'Sluts' take all the blame and not only do other dickhead men pat their whoremonger pals on the back for it, even other women condemn the sexual babe! I mean *you* have needs you have been avoiding simply because you never challenged the lie. Why should you go without your needs and desires? Admit it, you really are a slut. I can see you cumming all over the couch. You're a slutty bitch that wants to fuck her ass off, aren't you?"

Distracted by her deep lusty need and overwhelmed by the perception shattering torrent of implied commands, Diana looked confused for a second as she answered as honestly as her newly updated perspective demanded "Yea… Yes… I can't… Deny it any longer! I am a slut! I'm a craven whorish tramp! I have denied myself so very long. I can't help myself any longer. I want… No, I NEED sex so badly!"

Wonder Woman may have looked perplexed at the beginning of her reply, but by the end she was smiling most wickedly. Her manipulator giggled as she continued "Damn straight, baby! And there isn't a thing wrong with it either. If men can be cooze hounds, then you can be the slutty, unabashed tramp you want to be too. Now, seeing as you used your great abilities to be a vigilante up to now, is there any reason you shouldn't take this great need of yours and use it for a great and noble public service?"

The Amazon's head was now spinning with the power of the lasso drove more filth deeper into her mind. Not only had she admitted to being a slut, now she hadn't the slightest shame in it. It was what she wanted to be! Candy's use of the lasso had eroded the foundations of the heroine's perceptions to the point that she now looked at her captor with wicked enthusiasm as she replied "Yes, it all makes sense now. I never understood why so many heroes have secret identities, but now I do. They need to pursue their passions for life as well as their drive to serve humanity. I… I can do both! I can serve humanity as a heroine and both pursue my passions as well as continue that service in a new secret identity… As a whore! Where do we start? Now that I understand I can't wait to start my new secret identity as soon as possible!"

Candy smiled wickedly as she looked deviously at her victim and asked "You're not joking are you? I mean, when I remove the lasso you won't change your mind and leave, right? You are *really* committed to this? Promise?"

The genuine enthusiasm of the Amazon beamed from her smiling face as she replied "Of course I won't change my mind! This is what I really, really want with all my heart. I swear to Zeus himself that I am fully and completely committed to becoming a streetwalking prostitute for the rest of my life!"

Candy had heard enough and knew that since Diana had said it with the lasso on, it must be true. Truth be told, Candy couldn't wait to get her protégé started either but it was already after midnight and by the time she got Wondie ready for the street, the cops would have already sent all the revelers packing. Still, the manipulative wench couldn't stand to wait until tomorrow. That was when the big idea hit her. The new pimp leaned in close to her ho and purred "We'll begin tonight. We have a perfectly good john right in the other room waiting to break your fuckholes in!"

Diana's eyes went wide as she gasped "No, not him. I changed his ways. He would never do anything like hire a hooker now!"

Candy patted the heroine on the cheek and replied "Don't you worry about that for a second. I have it all covered. Trust me, babe, it's all worked out." Diana immediately relaxed as the enchantment reinforced words sunk deep into her mind and soul. She trusted her pimp completely. There was nothing to worry about. As Candy removed the lasso and started toward the bedroom, Diana struck her most alluring pose for her first client and tried not to let her excitement get out of control.

The scene in the bedroom was touching. The young girl had curled up happily in her father's strong arms as they slept. Candy couldn't help but think that this might be the first time in months that this precious child had been truly happy and from what she could see, Wonder Woman's commands to the father had taken completely as well. He had a look of contentment as well like he truly treasured his daughter. Well, she would put him back the way she found him, but right now she needed a little of the old nasty biker to break Wondie in. The drunken pimp surrounded the sleeping man's torso with her mystic toy and cooed "Wakie, wakie stud. I need the old you to come back for a little bit. Now you're going to put the things Wonder Woman commanded on hold until…"

Before Candy could finish her statement, the biker rolled toward her and head butted her in the cunt hard enough to knock her off her feet. As the whore gasped for breath, her attacker slipped out of the lasso and wrapped her in its mystic coils. He smiled evilly at her as he growled "Don't move or talk unless I command it, bitch. Thanks for removing the super cunt's mind control, but I like the old Randy just the way I use to be. From now on, you are my completely loyal and obedient slave and what I need from you is the 411 on what's going on."

Diana had heard a thud coming from behind the closed bedroom door a minute ago, but the cheerful laughter of Candy told her that all was well. Soon, the bedroom opened and out came her pimp and the man she had throttled earlier that night. Diana licked her lips as she thought "Gods, was he that handsome before or has lust clouded my vision?" The hard muscled stud had a wolfish grin as he looked down on her. His bald head and green eyes made his hard chiseled features stand out just as his tight boxer briefs made his impressively muscled body look superhuman, especially the rock hard muscle that lay under the briefs! As Diana lustily eyed the biker from head to toe she cooed "Well, hello handsome. What's your name?"

The man didn't answer immediately. Instead he leaned in and gave the Amazon a long fiery kiss that set her libido ablaze. If there was any resistance to her conditioning or the slightest of second thoughts, they were long gone now. The Amazon explored the body of her soon to be lover with delight as he whispered in her ear "The name's Randy, baby, but my gang calls me Viper." The man pulled a dollar bill out of his waistband and cooed "I hear you want to party, baby. I'm afraid I don't have much, but he's a buck to make it all official. How about you climb on top and show me what you've got?"

Diana gladly took the dollar and shoved it into her cleavage. She knew that any of her services would cost far more that this pittance, but at this point it was mostly symbolic. She had to accept money for sex to be a prostitute, so she welcomed money as well as looked forward to her first trick. She couldn't wait to teach this hot stud the meaning bodily pleasure!

As she started to undo her bustier, Randy grabbed her hand and commanded "No! Leave the uniform on. I want to see the great Wonder Woman rent her fine ass out to me as a common street hooker. I want to know that I'm the world's favorite heroine's first ever john." He moved her hand to her own crotch and continued "Rip open your panties for me, ho, and climb on my dick. Your trick wants to see what a great deal he got, cunt… Come on and make it worth my while!"

Normally these words would have driven her wild with fury, but now it was wildly sexy dirty talk between lovers and the new hooker couldn't get enough of it. With a wicked smile, the heroine tore the crotch of her panties off and pushed her client onto the soft couch. Now it was her turn to put her lover in a passionate embrace as her wicked hands explored his muscular body and her supple tongue danced with his. All the while, the slut rubbed her damp cunt lips all around his throbbing dick head. As she pulled back from the kiss, she leaned into his lap and impaled her virgin pussy with his huge cock. As the Amazon laughed with wild abandon she threw her head back and began pistoning up and down the meaty shaft. For several minutes she reveled in the euphoria of fucking the man, but soon an all too familiar sensation was added to the mix. Her eyes went wide as she realized that she had yet again been bound by her own lasso.

As her paid lover drank in the dark delight of her first paid sex act, Viper had not been idle. When he had kissed the heroine, he hid the lasso in the cushions of the sofa and waited until she was so into her sex act that she would be defenseless against him. When Diana looked down on him, Randy/Viper growled "Well don't stop now! You're a ho and ho's don't stop fucking a paying client for anything. Now get back into and really enjoy yourself. After all, you LOVE being my HO!"

After all she had been through, Diana's resistance to the Lasso was completely spent as she threw back her head in delight and screamed due to mind numbing orgasm that wracked her body. Her voice came back in breathy gasps as she said "Oh GODS! You've made me your ho! Hera help me, I can't resist. I love it so much… But what about Candy? And what about my life as a heroine? I can't give that up!"

Viper pinched the Amazon's nipple as he roared "You'll do anything I fucking say, bitch, and like it! Now don't you worry about Candy. She's already my whole hearted slave so she's good with what I have planned for her, but now you need to understand where you fit in. You are 100% mine now and you wouldn't have it any other way. You are all whore and not the candy ass, granola crunching ho this bitch was trying to make you. You're not straight. You're not even bisexual. You are OMNISEXUAL and that means you'll fuck anything, anywhere and anytime; especially if I tell you to or there's money involved! And the heroine shit ends now. You are an utterly immoral, lawless, slutty hooker and proud of it. In fact, you're a total sociopath! You could care less about laws and never met a crime you didn't like. The only thing you have close to 'morals' is you completely unwavering loyalty to me; your pimp, your lover, and only person on the planet you are completely and undyingly in love with. Of course, as my bitch and whore, you have no jealousy what so ever." Randy could see the former heroine's eyes roll back into her head as the lasso pounded his commands into the deepest recesses of her very soul and smiled, but he wasn't done yet. "Oh, and as far as your identity, from now on you're Roxie Rider; my nasty, wicked biker slut. In fact, all your memories as an Amazon and heroine are gone. Not forgotten, they're wiped completely from your mind and gone forever like they never existed."

The woman straddling his massive shlong continued to erotically bounce up and down on him as the Lasso burned her noble mind away to cast the perverse slut permanently in place. When she opened her eyes, Roxie purred to her man "Oh Baby! I love when you take me so much! It's the only thing better than making mischief with you. When are we going to hit the streets again?"

Viper just grinned as he replied "Soon, baby, soon. I have a little business with the lady of the house first before we hit the road." Roxie raked her nails across his hairy chest as she squealed in delight and redoubled her efforts to make him cum.


Jillian Robertson happily did the dishes while her daughter cheerfully ate her breakfast. Little Angie was the joy of her life. She would do anything to provide a good life for her daughter. That is why she continued to be a hooker known as Candy on the streets of New Orleans for so long, but that was behind her now. Jillian was going to close out her accounts today and move her little family to rural Pennsylvania. There her savings would allow the mother and daughter to get a good start. Of course, Jillian was still young enough to catch the eye of a good man and if he took care of her daughter, she would gladly be his devoted loving wife as well as loyal sex slave at home, but that could wait at least for a little while. First she needed to get established and then see what fish swam in the small pond they would be living in. It would be a good life. A safe life. A happy life.


The Azguard Corporation Waste Facility in Southeast Missouri was a truly busy place with lines of disposal trucks lined up as far as the eye could see. At one time, this whole county use to be one of the biggest lead mining areas in the world. It supplied lead for armaments since well before the Civil War as well as for batteries and chemical plants in the last century, but as the new millennium rose, so did a new business; toxic and radioactive waste disposal. The very ground here was rich in the heavy element and that made it good for little else, but that is what made it great for storing man's deadliest byproducts as well as the perfect hiding place for criminal's dirty secrets. It had over 60,000 acres of deep underground siloes to hide things that no one in their right minds would touch for at least 10,000 years. In any case, it was no big surprise for the swing shift guards to see a couple choppers pull into the main office building.

Over a dozen men worked the late shift as guards and 10 times that in maintaining the disposal sites as well as the constant stream of waste trucks that flowed into the place. As the first biker entered the facility it was clear that he had been here before. The Shift Sergeant greeted him "Hey Viper! Are you here for poker or… business tonight?"

Viper put his helmet on the desk and replied "Hi Vic. It's a little bit business and a little bit pleasure. You still have those 'trash bags'?"

Vic chucked "Does a bear shit in the woods? What size ya need? We've got everything from wallet sized to sleeping bag."

Viper looked over the stock of black plastic bags and said "Something in the 3 or 4 gallon size will work." As Vic handed him the bag Viper could feel the cool, almost clammy, material. This shit could be cut by something hard and sharp enough but would never rip on its own. That, coupled with the strange property that no chemical could dissolve the stuff, made it perfect for this kind of nasty disposal work. The huge stainless steel siloes were lined with the material and the guards frequently raided the supply hut to get some to make disposal bags for the clients wishing to keep a lower profile. Viper smiled as he inspected the goods and he asked "Got any siloes getting sealed tonight?"

Vic nodded as he moved to the site map. There were four active sites each of which might have a dozen or more siloes taking the toxic materials. After reviewing for a minute the security chief replied "Yeah. I've got just what you're lookin' for… If ya got my $400 disposal fee!"

The shady security chief's expression changed from a wicked smile to open awe as he was answered by a deep sultry voice from the doorway "Only $400? Damn, doll, I never worked so cheap before but Viper told me to fuck you each and every way you wanted for an hour. You tell me, handsome, is that worth your 'fee'?" The woman leaning seductively in the doorway was a vision or pure sexual perfection. Her hourglass figure would be the envy of any porn star and her face was beautiful enough to make angels cry or love goddesses jealous; yet it's what she did with that heavenly body that would have made Satan himself and all his succubae cum in pride and delight!

Viper smiled in satisfaction as Roxie sensuously lit the cigarette dangling from her supple crimson lips and took a long drag. Of course, no one would ever recognize the former Wonder Woman now that she had flowing scarlet tresses instead of her trademark raven black locks. The steamy tattoos adorning her heavenly body, featuring full length floral arm sleeves and sexy demon vixens cavorting seductively in ways that would make a priest beg for her depraved talents, should have been impossible to do to the Amazon had he not known of the meta-human bitch that could make any change to a body she chose. Of course, Roxie's bod was perfection from the get go so the new hair color and tattoos were enough for him. Best of all, a little lesson from the Lasso completely wiped all memory of changing Roxie away from the bitch. As Roxie prowled seductively to her prey, Viper asked "So, Vic, are we good here?"

Vic was practically drooling as the biker slut ran her perfect hands over his body and gasped "Huh? Yeah… FUCK YEAH! We're fuckin' fantastic." He took a long minute to savor the fiery kiss the whore placed on his lips as he melted into her arms, but when she ripped his shirt open, he snapped back to Viper "Damn, she's fine. The radiation suit is in the other room and the keys to a rover is in the top right desk drawer. Take your shit to Lot 127, Level 7, Silo 12-H. Move your ass, pal, cuz I want plenty of alone time with this babe!" Before Viper had the keys in hand, Vic's pants were a tattered rag on the floor next to his shirt and Roxie was ardently fulfilling her contracted performance.

The drive to the silo was almost 3 miles and brought him in on the other side of the line of trucks dumping their legally registered toxic loads. It was obvious that, as usual, the crew stopped filling this silo at the 95% mark and moved traffic to the next silo in case a high rolling player had something they wanted to disappear. Since Viper was dressed as a worker, no one had a second thought about him being there. He took a second to double check the contents of the disposal bag before stepping out of the lead shielded jeep. Inside were Wonder Woman's boots. The left boot contained her Lasso and her uniform packed in tight to keep the cargo in place. The right boot contained her belt. In one final adjustment, the biker put a chunk of green Kryptonite in each boot. He then forced the tiara into the top of the left boot and the gold eagle breast plate into the top of the right boots to keep the cargo in place. Once he heat sealed the bag, it was ready and he took it to the silo.

Each silo was a 50 foot wide by 100 foot deep cylinder made of tungsten steel reinforced concrete with a stainless steel wall on the inside and lined with the same material as the 'trash bag'. Between the silo construction and the high lead concentration of the ground, this was the best place on earth to dispose of man's nastiest byproducts.

Each lot was a square mile strip mine stretching 2000 feet into the earth. As each layer of the lot was completed, another smaller layer would be built on top of it until the final level stood 800 feet above the ground and was buried under the lead rich earth that had been mined to start this project. This silo would then be nearly dead center of the toxic, radioactive pyramid that this lot would soon become. Vic looked at the seething mess of junk and liquid below him and thought about what he was doing. Sure, he could continue to use the Lasso to get what he wanted, but now that he had Roxie, did he really need it? No, it was now a liability… a tool that someone else could use to destroy his bitch and re-create the heroine she once was. Then there was the rest of her stuff. He could make a fortune selling it, but that was the trap. It is just evidence to start the investigation that would eventually lead the heroes right to him and his ho. No, it all had to go and with a last effort of will, he threw the bag deep into the silo. He spent a couple minutes watching as the bag slowly sunk into the ooze before he smiled wickedly and signaled the dump workers that this silo was now back in business.


For 7 hours, Viper sat in the Jeep and observed the completion of the events he set in motion. It took an hour and a half for the trucks to complete the filling of Silo 12-H plus another hour to put the stainless steel cap in place and weld it on. The prefab molds for the concrete were up within another hour and so was the steel reinforcement bars. The concrete trucks had been working steadily ever since and now that the cap was completely buried in thick slop, he was finally satisfied that no one was getting near that Lasso for a few millennia, Viper started the Jeep and returned to the office.

By the time he got there, Roxie was leaning against the front door counting her earnings and smoking a cigarette. The evil vixen smiled wickedly at her lover as he pulled up in the Jeep and purred "Hey Baby. It was just like you said. The guys here were falling all over themselves to put their dicks in me. I damn near ran through all their money before they collapsed from exhaustion. I pulled $8,450 bucks in 8 hours. Not bad, huh?"

Viper smiled appreciatively as he took the wild whore in his arms and kissed her hard. Of course, guys had been lining up to fuck her since the second she started turning tricks just due to her beauty, but in the three months he had her working the streets from New Orleans to here, she had honed her skills to legendary proportions. She had a reputation of not only never turning down a paying trick, but thoroughly enjoying it as well. She was a bad ass biker, a wild whore, and a wicked crook. All said, she was his personal angel and no one could possibly hold a candle to her.

As he pulled back from his bitch, the pimp cooed "Our business is done here. Time to move out."

As he took off the protective gear and threw it into the Jeep, Roxie purred "Works for me Babe. Where we off to now?"

Viper didn't miss a beat as he straddled his bike and replied "West. I want to get a couple hours between us and this place. Then we can hit a motel for a little R&R. After that, I'm thinking we work Vegas for a while."

Roxie started her motor and replied "Love to see Vegas. It's a tough town to work the street but I think I've got more to offer than the brothel bitches. Can't wait to steal their Johns! But first, Baby, I've got some serious lust to burn and I hope you're ready of a long hot fuck fest!"

Viper smiled and nodded as he and spurred his bike forward. The bikers hit 100 MPH before they got to the main road, but that was nothing compared to how hard they would soon be playing beneath the sheets.