Dr Dominators Top 10

Dr Dominator has provided us with a list of his top 10 stories (in no particular order). While the list continually shifts based on new findings and new stories, this is a fascinating list of top tier stories curated by the #1 author on The Heroine Project.

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RW's Missions of Supergirl story set
So many great individual chapters in this series but the chapters involving Swift Bear, the shaman of the Red Willow Creek people, a Native American tribe are especially fine! His interactions with SG are extremely hot.

Steven Bell's Miss Marvelous story set
Honestly any one of these chapters is a treat unto itself. The Prince Lomac chapter and Johnny Hawkeye are fine examples of the inescapable troubles his lovely heroine encounters.

Marat is a writer of uncommon skill and wonderfully adept since he has two excellent story sets: Wonder Woman and his own creation, Crimson Flare. The story where Wonder Woman is subjected to a weakening drug that kicks in whenever her adrenaline does is simply delicious. (Wonder Woman: The return of Kane) Sorry I don't remember the exact story on that one. And his Crimson Flare series is no less captivating, a particularly enjoyable sequence of chapters is Ape's Grab for Power.

Supergirl and the Mayan Prophesy
Tallyho's entire story set is very worthwhile but my hands-down favorite remains Supergirl and the Mayan Prophesy, a wonderful tale of fights, intrigue and courage that I found just so inspiring and sexy!

Supergirl: United We Stand and Supergirl: Divided You Will Fall
abductorenmadrid's story sets...This gentleman from Spain delves into character and plot twists with incredible skill and detail. It may be too much set-up for some but when you travel along this writer's path, he gives you a wonderful sense of intrigue, peril and sexy scenarios that I feel are worth the effort. His world-building is exceptional. If you like Supergirl stories, he's got two that involve Supergirl fighting against superior odds; one story being against a deadly brother and sister combo inhabited by an alien who has SG's number (United We Stand) and the other story of her going against some very high-tech armored machines manned by that same alien in a different body. (Divided You Will Fall) Enjoy!

Damselbinder's Enhancegirl story set...This series captivated me right off the bat and I couldn't get enough of his sexy original heroine. He wrote out so many great individual chapters that you can't go wrong with any of them but my favorites are when she teams up with Spectra (a very sexy original heroine of his in her own right!) He doesn't get nearly as graphic as I like but nobody writes a better chloroforming or drowsy druggy scenario better than this guy, his stock in trade!

Fuschia Fox
Centurian's Fuschia Fox story set...This author (sadly, now gone from this world) is probably the only writer who could write R-rated SHIP stories that I found sexy, intriguing and just too darn good to ignore. His heroine is plucky, resilient, and very sexy in her fuschia-colored costume. She gets into plenty of scrapes. I even enjoyed the stories at the point when the writer flirty-but-nice started collaborating with Centurian. She talked him into or added her own extra sexiness to the wonderful mix of action and peril.

Supergirl's New Look
SupergirlX and Cliff Secord story set...It was never quite clear to me how much actual writing the Japanese authoress SupergirlX provided and how much Cliff Secord filled out, or vice versa. Suffice it to say, they made a wonderful team, always putting Supergirl in awkward scenarios where she couldn't use her powers fully for one reason or another. One favorite story was Supergirl's New Look wherein SG receives a new costume from a generous sponsor. It doesn't go well. Another story who's title I don't recall took place when SG was in her secret identity posing as a stewardess who has to deal with a very handsy passenger.

Supergirl: Imperium
Seraoni story set...Not afraid to get brutal and yet still retaining excellent character detail and plot development, this writer pits Supergirl against some of her nastiest foes and they're pretty unrelenting. Yet somehow she keeps defeating them until the next encounter. Supergirl: Imperium Parts 1 - 4 are quite a roller coaster!

Supergirl Meets the Kryptonite Kid
RRB story-Supergirl Meets the Kryptonite Kid...I don't know that I've ever read a second story by this author but this one sure caught my attention. If the author's out there or if anyone knows him I'd love to hear from him or her and get permission to share this story with those who PM me.