Ignorance, Arrogance, and Fortune  

By Abashful1

Ignorance, Arrogance, and Fortune

By Abashful1

Wonder Woman usually did not spend time pursuing pimps or prostitutes. The good officers of the law were more than capable of handling such problems and, frankly, there were far more pressing issues in Man's World that needed the wisdom and insight that an Amazon possesses. The threats to international security alone were enough to keep her busy as a rule, especially considering maintaining her secret identity as Diana Prince. That is, until the mayor and chief of police had gone to congress to ask for more funding to 'remove the unsightly blight of prostitution from recovering neighborhoods'. A contact that Wonder Woman had with the office of the Senate Majority Leader asked her if she could help.

It didn't take long for Wonder Woman to decide that it was a worthy endeavor. Besides saving money that could be put to far better use for the common good, she would have the opportunity to enlighten the poor prostitutes as to their rightful place in the world and free them of their self imposed slavery to their pimps and johns. Wonder Woman committed one month of her time to clean up the area and both city and federal authorities gladly accepted her terms. As Diana Prince, she arranged for a one month leave of absence to be with her sick mother which her friend and boss, Steve Trevor was only too happy to give her.

Raymond, or Stingray as he insisted on being called, was not the brightest of men. It was the fact that he was the favorite nephew of Crusher Nash, a notorious crime lord, that kept him in business. Crusher cycled some of his best men through Stingray's prostitution operation to insure that Raymond remained safe and the operation remained profitable. It was an easy and very rewarding assignment for the men, but they knew the price of failure. If Raymond were to get harmed in any way or the operation would become unprofitable, Crusher would have the gang members *and* their families eliminated immediately. It was more than sufficient incentive to keep things running smoothly in spite of Stingray's lack of intelligence, experience, or leadership. When the news of Wonder Woman's new war on prostitution reached them, they were highly motivated to be prepared.

It was Wonder Woman's forth day on the anti-prostitution campaign and the results so far were mixed. She was successfully closing down operations all through the city at a record pace, but she was very frustrated with the women. They could care less what the Amazon princess thought of them and treated her like a particularly clueless idiot bullying them. They not only were the most vulgar creatures she had ever dealt with they seemed proud of it. She had plenty of opportunity to observe the hookers. She had witnessed enough of their talk, attitude, style, vices, and opinions, let alone the vile sexual acts she caught them in to last 10 lifetimes. They didn't even stop having sex when she barged in to arrested them. Thanks to Diana's photographic memory and the hundreds of arrests she made she now had more detailed images and knowledge of every sexual act imaginable than the Karma Sutra indelibly etched in her mind. As unsavory as that was, the sheer bullheadedness of the women was worse. She arrested almost all of them multiple times, some as many as 5 times. She could not understand how these women could be so mindlessly content to enslave themselves to the pimps and happily spend their lives obediently following their every whim.

Wonder Woman's opinion not withstanding, the hookers were not stupid nor were they the mindless sex addicts that Wonder Woman cast them as. They did have their various needs to fulfill as we all do and viewed the pimps as necessary evils that protected them on the streets. As Diana closed down two thirds of the prostitution rings in the first few days, the pimps that were caught laid low thinking that the heroine would be gone in a few weeks anyway, but the girls couldn't afford to lay low. They needed the money now so they found other pimps to work under. Due to his connection to his uncle, it wasn't long before Stingray had the biggest stable in the history of the city. His modest 25 woman operation had grown explosively to well over 500 woman and threatened to top 1000 before the end of the week. Stingray was overjoyed, but his men knew this was going to be trouble soon.

Stingray's men did not have long to wait. On the fifth day of her war on vice, Wonder Woman found their operation. The last pimp she busted was more than happy to give her all the information on Stingray and his expanding network of street walkers. She was almost staggered at the size of this ring. More than half the women she had encountered had joined Stingray and almost double that number of hookers without pimps had joined hoping for some protection from her. Diana observed as Stingray addressed his men in an alley behind their warehouse headquarters. After a few minutes of observing the situation, the Amazon Princess found her plan of attack. She carefully lassoed a well placed light post attached to the building and swung down to ambush the men.

The gang members, inspired by the consequences of failing to protect Stingray and his operation, had made many plans and preparations for this eventuality. Imagine Wonder Woman's surprise when the post, which was missing all but 1 support bolts, broke mid swing. Surprised, but not defeated, the heroine hit the ground several yards from the men in a crouch and rolled to dissipate the impact. The men were well prepared and accounted well for themselves, but they were no match for the heroine. They sacrificed one of their own to an attack to her body while others attempted to hit her first with crowbars and then with bullets, but she was too fast and experienced to be felled by their attack. All their planning appeared to be insufficient. She quickly recovered from her bad start and disadvantage to the brink of a clear and decisive victory. That is until her forgotten lasso found its purchase around her own neck.

From behind her she heard Stingray yell "Freeze bitch! Don't even think of messing with me or my boys." It was hard to tell who was more surprised; Wonder Woman when the lasso forced her compliance or Stingray when she actually obeyed him. He was woefully ignorant of the heroine, much as he was with almost any subject. But as most ignorant men tend to be, Stingray often talked far bigger than he had the ability to back up. "That's right bitch, you obey me now. You know I'm the boss here and you are just like all my other bitches. They do what I say when I say it and so do you now, don't you?" All the men were shocked when she answered "I do what you say, when you say it." Stingray ignorance was eclipsed only by his inflated ego, and this turn of events certainly fanned the flames of his ego. Thinking it was fear of him that kept the heroine in check, his confidence soared.

Wonder Woman knew she was in trouble her. The lasso already compelled her to obey this fool even after the lasso is removed... at least for a time until her will could fight off its effects. Still, this was clearly not the brightest man and she was confident that he would soon give her the opportunity to escape. Coolly, she made her preparations.

"Damn straight you obey me bitch!" the pimp gloated. "I think the cunt wants a job. What do you dawgs think? Go ahead bitch, tell my boys you want to be one of my hos." Again, the lasso compelled Diana to answer although she resisted with every fiber of her being "I... I want... to be... one of your whores." To herself Diana's thoughts fumed 'Keep talking fool! As humiliating as this is now I will have vengeance on a scale your scant mind could never imagine.' Of course, far better and smarter villains had tried to subdue the Amazon before and had been on the receiving end of her fury, so her threats were well grounded.

Still, Stingray just laughed "That aint very convincing bitch. I am the best pimp this city has ever seen. It's an honor to be in *my* stable. I know you want this bad. You've gotta be thrilled to even be considered." Again the lasso's power hammered at her perceptions. For the first time in her life, being a prostitute, especially for Stingray, became a highly enviable career. One that Diana wanted badly and the fact that *he* wanted to have her was thrilling to her. She had to admit her feelings but was able to resist acting on them by holding fast to her duty to her mother, the Amazon, and women everywhere. Women needed to be strong enough to face their destructive desires and rise above them. Wonder Woman was *just* the woman to show them how it was done.

"I think me and the boys can use some convincing. Whadda ya say boys?" Lustful leers and rowdy cheers greeted Stingray's question. "You heard them bitch. Start stripping and make it good and sexy." Now is my chance Diana thought as the Lasso compelled her to obey. First she undid her top, and slowly freed the magnificent breasts. Teasing and tantalizing the criminals with peaks of one and then the other breast as she seductively danced for them, she finally whipped her top off and flung it into the horny thugs. Still she danced and ran her fingers through her raven mane to further tantalize the men as she reached for the lasso. As she started to work the lasso, a quick tug from Stingray ended her hopes for an easy getaway "No, not that baby. Your are doing great, but I like my bitch in training leashed. Don't try to take it off again till I tell ya. Understand?"

Diana responded "I understand." Thanks to the Lassos compulsions, Diana found herself more excited at the prospect of having to complete initiation than disappointed with her initial failure. Now she knew she had little hope to escape these men before being accepted as a whore. She could hardly be held accountable for the Lasso forcing her to do something so wonderfully erotic, but make no mistake... These men could never break or keep *her* under their spell. *She* would never enslave herself like a common prostitute to them. And when she escapes, they will pay for this, but for now there was no harm in enjoying her situation. Diana continued her seductive dance until she stood before her captors in all her naked glory.

"Now the fun begins babe!" Stingray gloated, reinforcing Diana's Lasso born enjoyment of the situation. "Here is where you show us everything you know about whoring. Start by giving me head and keep going with the boys until they are exhausted or you run out of tricks." Even with the Lasso forcing her to revel in her situation, Diana's jaw dropped as she realized that after all she witnessed the last few days, this could take hours! Stingray saw her hesitation and growled at her. "Ok, drop the act! You know you want it. You know you *love* it. Now no more pretendin... its time to get your freak on and we all have a good time."

Part of Diana knew she would eventually break the Lasso's command, but it will take days even after it was removed from her. As she took Stingray's shaft into her sex hungry mouth, the repressed sexual energies took over. For the first time, Diana realized that between the sexual pleasures she was feeling and the lasso that she would soon be whoring herself for Stingray. Not only could nothing stop it, she knew she would absolutely love it. The thought of her immediate future and the magnificent feel of her conqueror's hard cock in her eager mouth brought the first of many orgasms to come. As one of Stingray's thugs stuck his huge prick in her virgin ass, Diana stopped thinking about anything but pleasing the men. Lost in her lust and unable to hide her lasso enhanced love of sex, Diana was an unbridled sex machine. Counting Stingray, there were 15 thugs present and in four hours, Diana sated them as they have never imagined. They were exhausted long before the Amazon began to fatigue. In fact, the sex was actually energizing to her.

When the initiation orgy was over, some of Stingray's bitches brought Diana her new work clothes. As the thugs watched in pleasure, the girls dressed and made her up. The same women that she had arrested in the last few days took great pleasure in inducting this stuck up bitch into the ranks of street walkers. In a matter of minutes Diana, still leashed by her own Lasso, posed seductively for her new employer. Stingray smiled wickedly at his prize as he inspected his newest whore. Diana's hair was teased up and flowed down enticingly over her shoulder. Her lips were painted with shockingly red lip gloss while bright pink and blue eye make up drew attention to her cobalt blue eyes. Her face, breasts, and tummy were lightly dusted with fine glitter to help attract attention to the lovely whore. Diana wore a white see through half shirt that not only displayed her magnificent breasts, it proudly displayed her rock hard nipples. Her skirt was a black skin tight leather micro mini that hugged the curves of her ass like a championship Indy race car hugs the track. The matching black leather jacket, purse, and 6 inch stilettos completed the ensemble, but it was the black fishnet stockings that rose up to her black crotchless garter belt that completed the look as well as brought out the luscious beauty of her gorgeous legs.

Diana loved having her pimp leer at her. After nodding his approval, Stingray reached into a pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. After taking one fro himself, he offered Diana one. Diana looked at the pack and with a look of disdain said "I am sorry Stingray, but I do not smoke. I am afraid I really don't like tobacco products."

Stingray's approving smile quickly changed to an angry sneer. "You know what bitch? You seem to think you are some kind of princess, well *forget* that! You are *no* princess and you never were! *Got* it?" Again the Lasso blasted his commands through her open mind, wiping out all her memories of her Amazon past. The shocked heroine could only nod in agreement as the lasso wiped out most of her past.

One of the women that made her up spoke up then. "Yeah Boss, she thinks she is a superhero and a cop too. What ya think of that?" Diana snapped an angry look at the whore that spoke. The woman just laughed and flipped her the finger.

Stingray took charge again "She does, does she? Well forget that shit too. Forget everything you thought you knew before you came here and get this through your head... From now on you *walk* like a ho, *talk* like a ho, *think* like a ho, and *act* like a ho. You know why? Because that is all you ever were, and now you are *my* ho! That's all there is to it baby, now and forever."

The lasso again blasted the commands through the former heroines soul. Her low estimation of prostitutes sealed her fate. She became the became the stupid, bullheaded, mindlessly devoted slave to her pimp that she thought all whores were. Her prejudice against the hookers and the power of the lasso made sure that she had neither the intelligence nor the will power to resist a sale on second hand toilet paper. As she accepted the smoke and the light from her beloved pimp, she blew a thick plume of smoke out and giggled. "Fuck yeah Boss, I'm *your* ho. Now n forever baby!"

Two days later, the mayor and the chief of police met in his office to report the success of Wonder Woman's war on prostitution to Congress. "Yes sir Mr. Speaker, Wonder Woman did a *wonderful* job before she had to move on to a world crisis she said couldn't wait. No sir, she did not tell us the nature of the crisis other than it required some amount of international surveillance. Yes sir, she said she would be in contact but that may take a few weeks. Yes sir and thank you for all your assistance." When the Mayor hung up the phone he smiled wryly at the other people in his office. "That should keep anyone from looking for her for a while and with our good word, they will look anywhere but here when they do start looking."

From the couch on the opposite wall, a beautiful vixen rose and sexily approached the excited mayor. Her foreboding companion, Crusher Nash, spoke up. "Excellent gentlemen! I am sure you will enjoy the fruits of our pact now that the authorities have been dealt with. Now I am sure my girl Desiree will easily surpass the fantasies you earlier expressed.

As the Chief prepared to mount Desiree from the rear and she looked up hungrily at the Mayor with his erection in her mouth, the Mayor had a moment of fear. "Are you sure she remembers..."

Crusher interrupted "Desiree only remembers her life as a whore and that *all* that is important to her. Isn't that right baby?" The former heroine hummed in agreement as she began to pleasure the men that less than a week ago briefed her on the prostitution situation in the city. She of course could not remember that or anything else from her former life, thanks to her own Lasso.

Crusher smiled evilly as the former heroine enthusiastically screwed the corrupt officials. She is now completely devoted to his favorite nephew and a prized employee. He knew that she would not be able to harm him or Stingray, but this was an unbelievable bonus. What no one else knew was it wasn't the family bond that made Raymond his favorite nephew. It was Raymond's metagene that brought great good fortune to him and those most loved by him as well as horrible misfortune to those that sought to harm them. Yes 'Stingray' would always be his favorite. His livelihood depended on it