Wonderwoman and the New U Salon  

By Ghost Hand

By Ghost Hand

This story takes place in the New U Salon created by zon18.

Diana walked in the door of her apartment and tossed the mail on her coffee table. She proceeded to kick her shoes off and drop heavily on to the couch. Between her government job and her superhero career she was wore out.

“I need some time off.” She said, ” Thank the gods it finally Friday!”

She had been looking forward to this all day; with the week she just had she barely got to slow down for five minutes since last Saturday. But now it was over, her work promised not to call her all weekend and she was off call for the justice league.

‘A weekend all to me! I won’t know what to do with myself, but I’m sure I’ll find something.’ She thought as she smiled.

‘Maybe I’ll check out a few museums or the zoo.’ She thought. She also thought about going home to Paradise Island, but ruled that out. ‘If I go there,’ She thought, ‘someone will wind up having trouble with somebody and will need rescuing from something. And of course I’ll have to be the one doing the rescuing. I spent all last weekend foiling the cheetah’s latest scheme, and I didn’t even catch her. I’m really not looking to spend another one chasing someone else around.’

As she sat there thinking about what to do she noticed a bright pink envelope mixed in with the mail. She bent over and brushed the bills off of it and picked it up.

NEW U SALON, FREE HAIR STYLING IF YOU HAVE THE WINNING LETTER!! She read. ‘Another scam I’ll bet, probably just a coupon for 10% off their over priced hair cuts.’ she thought as she opened it.

As she opened the envelope she caught a whiff of a flowery perfume. As she took a deep breath of it her senses seemed to tingle. “Wow that’s some potent stuff.” She said as she pulled the letter out.

‘Congratulations you are a winner’, it said, and then it gave a phone number and a verification number. ‘Call this number right away and set up your free appointment!’

‘Yes,’ She thought ‘I should call right away.’

If she had not been so tired she might have noticed that she was following the suggestion on the letter a little to obediently, but in her current state she just reached for the phone and dialed the number.

“New U Salon, how may I help you?” The voice on the other end said.

“Hi, my name is Diana Prince and I received a letter saying I won a free hair styling. I would like to set up an appointment for this weekend if you have any openings.”

“Well actually we just had a cancellation for this evening, could you be here about 6:30? We are in the Hawthorne mall on 23rd street.”

She looked as the clock and saw that it was almost 6:00. The mall was only a couple of blocks away; she could walk and still make it easily. “Yes, I believe I can just walk and be there in time”

“Great I’ll see you shortly then, and don’t forget to bring the letter. Good bye for now.”

Janice at the salon turned and said, “she’s on her way, are you ready Suzy?”

“All set, she doesn’t stand a chance.” Suzy said with a grin.

“Don’t get too cocky, she is a very strong willed individual it won’t be easy.”

“Don’t worry I’m ready for her. I mixed the chemicals extra strong just for her.”

“Ok but be careful, I would hate to see what would happen if she found out what we are up to.” Janice said gravely.

Meanwhile Diana had put her shoes back on and was on her way to the salon. As she walked she tried to figure out why she was doing this but as she looked at the letter in her hand she thought ‘Well, at least I’ll have a fresh haircut for the weekend,’ as she continued on down the street.

When she got to the salon she saw that it was a new store, they didn’t even have a sign up yet. They just had a sign it the window of the storefront. The Hawthorne mall was a small strip mall on the edge of the shadier side of town and was always having businesses moving in or out. Diana had been by it but had never actually shopped there. As she walked in she saw that it wasn’t as she expected to see with beautician stations lining the walls, but instead had a very elegant waiting area and a reception desk with six doors leading to a private room.

“Good evening, how may I help you?” said an elderly lady from behind the desk.

” I have a appointment at 6:30.” She said as she looked around.

“Oh, you must be Ms. Prince. Hi, I’m Janice I talked to you on the phone. Your beautician will be out in a moment. Please have a seat. You must be thirsty from walking here, would you like a glass of water or something?”

“Yes thank you.” Diana said as she sat down. “Do you need this.” She said as she held out the letter to Janice.

” Yes, thank you” Janice said as she took the letter and handed Diana a glass.

As she took the glass she noticed that Janice had on a pair of rubber gloves. ‘ She must be one the beauticians and getting ready to color someone’s hair.’ She thought, ‘maybe I should get my hair colored?’ and then laughed to herself as she thought of the reaction of everyone when Diana Prince an Wonder Woman both wind up getting their hair colored at the same time and the same color. ‘So much for my secret identity, and why would I want to get rid of my beautiful dark hair anyway for some fake color?’ she thought as she drank her water. As she sat there she began to feel the same tingling but it didn’t seem to bother her as she became very relaxed. She looked through a hairstyle book as she finished her water wondering what she would look like with the various hairdos even though she knew she couldn’t change her hairstyle without compromising her identity.

She was interrupted from her thoughts by a voice. “Hi I’m Suzy, if you’ll come with me we’ll get started.”

Diana’s jaw almost hit the ground as she saw Suzy. ‘This woman belongs in a porn movie instead of doing my hair!’ as she looked at the over made-up blond with huge breasts.

Suzy saw the look on her face and quickly said “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. And I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. You can trust me.”

Diana’s face relaxed as she thought, ‘Yes I can trust her.’

“Well what can we do for you tonight.” Suzy said as she led her to room four.

“I just need a trim.”

“Ok, have a seat and we will wash your hair so I can trim it.” She said as she put on a pair of gloves.

As she sat down she saw the room was filled with all types of beauty supplies for hair, nails, makeup, even ear piercing. “Wow, this room is stocked! How many of you work out of this room?”

“Just me, I’m a full service beautician. Would you like a full makeover? I’ll give you a real good discount since you won that free hair styling.”

“Oh no, just a trim.” She said as she leaned back into the sink.

“Here let me take those.” Suzy said as she took Diana’s glasses and proceeded to wash her hair. As she wet her hair and massaged the shampoo in Diana felt the strange tingling again.

“What’s in that? It feels odd.” She questioned.

“It’s a special shampoo that we have made just for our salon. It stimulates the scalp and it does wonders for your hair. It also has a very relaxing feel. Don’t you feel relaxed?”

“Yes I guess I do.” Diana said as she started to feel a calm come over her.

“That’s good, you just lie back and relax and let me take care of you.” She said as she smiled down at her.

‘She’s such a nice person.’ Diana thought as she lay there and smiled back.

After about ten minutes Suzy finally saw what she was looking for as Diana’s eyes seamed to glaze over. “I think that’s clean enough,” she said as she rinsed her hair and wrapped it in a towel. “You know, it’s too bad you have to wear those glasses. You have very beautiful eyes. Have you ever tried contacts?”

“Actually I really don’t need them. But that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone, ok?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t tell. After all, we’re good friends. And friends don’t tell the others secrets.” Suzy told her. Diana felt very reassured by her. “So why do you wear them? Are you a spy or something?” She said as pulled the towel of her damp hair.

“No I’m not a spy” she said, “I’m Wonder Woman actually.” She whispered.

“Wow, I’ve never met a real superhero! Where do you hide your costume?” She said as looked at her. “You obviously are not wearing it.”

“It’s in another dimension until I call for it”

“Can I see it? I would love to see you in costume! I’ll lock the door and nobody will bother us.”

‘She’s been so nice to me, I guess that’s the least I could do for her,’ she thought. “Ok.” She said. After Suzy locked the door she stood and started to spin around and summons her costume. It took her a little longer to call it as her head seemed real fuzzy, but she finally accomplished it and stood there in her familiar star spangled uniform.

“That’s awesome, can I get your picture?” Suzy asked.

“Sure, go ahead.” She said as placed her hands on her hips with her long legs spread in her normal superhero stance as Suzy snapped a few shots of her.

“You know, I have the perfect style for you. Why don’t you slip you costume off and put this robe on. I would hate to mess up your beautiful outfit.” Suzy knew that even with all the drugs in her that with her costume on she would shake the effects quickly.

“I don’t know if I should do that.” Wonder Woman said as she started to feel nervous about what was going on.

“Don’t worry, we’re both girls. You don’t have to be shy around me. You trust me don’t you?” Suzy said with a hurt look on her face.

“Yes, of course I trust you.” Wonder Woman said. “Its just that I feel a little nervous right now.”

“There is no reason to be nervous. I’ll take good care of you, besides I can’t do your hair with your costume on. You do want me to do your hair don’t you?”

Wonder Woman looked at Suzy and felt a bit ashamed of herself, she had been so nice to her and here she was not showing her good friend any trust. “Of course I do. You are right, how can you do my hair with this on?” She said as she started to remove her costume. “Sometimes being a superhero makes it hard to trust anyone, even friends like you. So what do you have in mind for my hair?” As her costume came off the peaceful calm seeped back into her mind and all the worries she had minutes ago seemed to just wash away.

Suzy couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous Amazon that stood completely nude before her. She was almost perfect, a little small up top, but she would take care of that soon! “I think you would look great with a nice curly perm. It would really make all the guy take a second look with all those big curls flowing down your back.”

“I don’t know, what about my secret identity?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Everyone will be to busy noticing how beautiful you look. Now, don’t even think about your secret identity any more. You just let me worry about that. I’ll make sure that it’s not a problem for you. Ok?”

“Ok, if you say so.” She said as she sat back and let Suzy get to work.

Suzy worked fast getting Wonder Woman’s hair rolled up. She knew she had to get the special perm solution on her head quickly before the earlier drugs wore off. Once the hair was rolled and the solution was on Suzy quietly breathed a sigh of relief. “There we go, now all we have to do is wait.” She said as she looked into Wonder Woman’s eyes and saw them completely glaze over again. She then proceeded to walk over to a drawer and take out a pack of cigarettes and light one up. “Would you like one?” She offered to Wonder Woman.

“No thank you, I don’t smoke.”

“That’s too bad. I’m sure you would love it if you tried it. It tastes wonderful and it looks so sexy! Most me love to look at a beautiful woman smoking a cigarette. ”

“You think I would look sexy smoking a cigarette?” Wonder Woman said while visions of herself smoking and drawing stares from men started to make her wet in the crouch.

Suzy could see the aphrodisiac was starting to kick in. “Oh certainly, and I think if you tried it you would be hooked forever. You would probably wind up being a very heavy smoker, two to three packs a day at least. I think you really should try it, you will just love it.”

“Well ok, but I’ll probably cough my head off.” She said as she reached for the offered cigarette.

“For you it will be nothing but pure pleasure. Just do what I do.” Suzy said as she lit the cigarette for her.

Wonder Woman followed Suzy’s instructions and drew hard on the cigarette and watched as the end glowed brightly. Her mouth was filled with the most delightful taste and as she inhaled the thick cloud of smoke she felt as if she had breathed in the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced. As she exhaled smoke slowly overhead she said, “Wow! You were right! I love it!” as she proceeded to take another long drag and inhale deeply.

“I told you that you would.” Suzy said as she watched Wonder Woman smoke her first cigarette. She was amazed at how powerful her suggestions were. Some of the drugs in the perm solution would help her body adjust to the nicotine but it was Wonder Woman’s own mind that suppresed the gag reflex and made the cigarette taste so good to her. “So, I bet you know all the other superheroes quite well don’t you.”

“Yes I have known some of them for years.”

“So, what’s that hunkey Superman’s secret identity?”

“Clark Kent.” She answered without hesitation. “He’s a reporter at the Daily Planet news paper.” She said as she sat there smoking. As she thought about Superman she felt her nipples getting hard. She imagined herself lying on her bed smoking a cigarette with Superman between her legs eating her out. She took a long drag and had a slight orgasm as she exhaled.

As Suzy watched Wonder Woman shudder slightly she knew she had her completely under her power, and she smiled wickedly.

Forty minutes and seven cigarettes later Suzy had pumped Wonder Woman for every bit of information she could get. Meanwhile Janice was in another room listening in and had all the information wrote down.

“Well, I think its time to rinse your hair out.” Suzy said as she leaned Wonder Woman back and got back to work on her hair. As she finished removing the perm rods and rinsing her hair she looked at Wonder Woman’s hands and asked, “Why do you cut your fingernails so short?”

“It’s hard to do all the different things I do with long fingernails.” She replied.

“Well men like women with long fingernails. And if you want to look sexy and attract men, you need long fingernails. You want to attract men don’t you?”

“Yes, of course I do. Can you please give me some long sexy fingernails?” “Sure, come on over here and have a seat. I’ll fix you right up.” She said as she led her over to the nail station. As she started to do her nails she said “You know, something else that would help to make you even more sexy is if you had bigger breast.”

“Bigger?” Wonder Woman said in surprise.

“Oh yes, I mean yours are nice but they are not even as large as mine.” Suzy said as she hefted her FF breast. “Don’t mine look great? And men love huge breasts.”

“Yes your breast look lovely, but there isn’t very much I can do with mine right now. You think I should get a breast enhancement?” she said as she looked at her insufficient breast with shame.

“Don’t worry, I have something right here that can fix it.” She said as she pulled out a syringe and opened Wonder Woman’s robe and injected the fluid into her breasts.

“Thank you. You are such a good friend.” Wonder Woman said as she sat back and drifted off in blissful sleep dreaming of big breasts.

When she awoke awhile later Suzy was done with her nails. She looked down and cupped her now huge mounds in her hands and smiled. “Aren’t those much better.” Suzy said. “I’d say they are at least HH! Those will definitely get the men’s attention! But we really need to do something about all this hair down here.” She said as she rubbed Wonder Woman’s crouch.

“You mean my pussy?” she moaned.

Suzy knew the fluid had erased the words vagina and breast from Wonder Woman’s vocabulary. They were tits hooter cunt and pussy or some other degrading words now. “Yes your pussy.” She said as Wonder Woman moaned again. She also knew she would become highly aroused at the first degrading word she heard. “I think we are going to have to shave your pussy. That will make it look sluttier. A slutty pussy for a slutty woman.” She said.

“OH yes,” Wonder Woman moaned louder. “Give me a slutty shaved pussy.” She cried as she came hard.

“I think you like the word pussy. I think I’ll call you Pussy from now on. You like that name Pussy?” She asked as she fingered Pussy’s clit.

“Yes it’s a wonderful name.” Pussy said as she played with she new huge tits.

As Suzy shaved her cunt Pussy set there smoking another cigarette and playing with her tits. Suzy noticed Pussy was smoking like she was putting on a show taking long slow drags, and then opening her mouth wide so she could see the smoke slide down her throat then tilting her head back and exhaling slowly overhead. “I bet a lot of men know this as familiar territory!” she said as she rubbed Pussy’s cunt.

“No,” Pussy pouted. “I think they find me intimidating.”

“That’s because you are so smart. Men don’t like women to be smarter than them. They like slutty bimbos. The dumber they are the better.” She said as she finished up shaving Pussy’s cunt. “I can fix that for you too.” She said as she picked up a bottle. “This is a bimbo wash. Guaranteed to lower you intelligence.”

“Will I be really dumb? A total bimbo?” Pussy asked excitedly.

“It depends on how long I leave it on as to how dumb you get. How dumb do you want to be?”

“Well,” Pussy said as she thought about it. “The dumber I am the better I guess. I mean I have a great slutty body.” She said as she fondled her tits and ran her long fingernail up her cunt. “What do I need a brain for, right?”

“So you want the works then?” Suzy asked.

“Yes,” Pussy said as she sat down in the chair at the sink.” Make me as dumb as you can. A complete airhead!” She said with a big smile.

“Ok, here we go.” Suzy said as she poured the wash on Pussy’s head and massaged it in. after a few minutes she said, “How are you doing Pussy?”

“Great! It feels like my brain is just leaking out my ears!” she giggled.

“Here drink this.” Suzy said and handed her a small glass of blue liquid that Pussy drank right down.

After about fifteen minutes Suzy finally saw a blank look in Pussy’s eyes. ‘That sure took a long time. There was a lot of brain up there. Was being the key word.’ She joked to herself. “Can you read this Pussy?” she asked as she handed her a bottle.

Pussy looked at but couldn’t make sense of it. “Nope.” She grinned. “Is Pussy a bimbo now?” She asked high bimbo voice.

Suzy smiled. Her latest potion worked. It had adjusted Pussy’s voice to the perfect bimboish pitch. “Yes Pussy you are a total bimbo now.”

“Goody, Pussy loves being a bimbo! Pussy’s head feels so empty now!” She giggled. “Now Pussy can just fuck and not have to think anymore!”

Suzy noticed that Pussy had lost the capability to refer to herself in the first person. After she had rinsed Pussy’s hair she dried it and began to finish styling it. It took almost a full can of hairspray to get it just right. “Well time for you to get dressed Pussy. I have the perfect outfit for you to wear to you new job.” “Pussy has a new job?” she asked.

“Why of course. You can’t still do your old job; you aren’t smart enough for that.” “What’s Pussy’s new job?” she asked.

“I got you a job as a street whore! Isn’t that great? Now you can get fucked all the time and also get paid for it!”

Pussy almost started to cry as she gave Suzy a huge hug. “You are the best friend a slut could ever have!” She cried. “That is the most wonderful job that Pussy could ever of asked for!”

“Well go get dressed, we still have to do your make up. And I have some great jewelry for you too.” She said, as Pussy quickly got dressed. After Suzy had done her make up and jewelry she stood her up before a full-length mirror. “So Pussy, what do you think of the new you?”

Pussy looked herself up and down and took a long slow drag off her cigarette, “Pussy loves it! Pussy is just fuck meat now!” she said as she rubbed her cunt and exhaled a thick cloud of smoke upwards. “Pussy is going to be the best street whore in the whole world!”

‘I’m sure she will be’ Suzy thought as she pushed a button under her table.

“Well I think they are done.” Janice said as she looked across the room at the person that contracted them for this job.

“Well lets go see the new Wonder Woman.” Catwoman said with a growl. “And this better be as good as you said it would!” During her confrontation with her last week Catwoman had managed to get a tracer on her and find out her secret identity.

When Catwoman entered the room she saw Suzy standing on one side of the room and another woman in front of a mirror primping her huge hair. When she turned around Catwoman’s jaw almost hit the ground. “Wonder Woman?” She sputtered.

“Pussy isn’t Wonder Woman anymore, Pussy is Pussy.” She said. “Pussy cat want to play with Pussy’s pussy?” She giggled.

Catwoman looked Pussy over and couldn’t believe her eyes. She started at her feet which were clad in black ankle boot with six inch silvery metal spike heels, up to her long legs covered in black fish-net stockings attached to garters that extended below her very short black leather micro-mini skirt that was so short that she could see the clit ring that Suzy had gave her. She then looked at her hands. Her long two-inch cherry red nails were each adorned with several cheap silver nail rings and each finger had at least two rings with several that had chains leading to slave bracelets around her wrists. She then scanned over to her huge chest. Her HH tits were barely covered with a tight black leather bustier the pushed her tit up into mountains on her chest. Catwoman could see the outline two large nipple rings through the tight leather and a small silver ring in her navel. Around her neck was a dark red leather choker with a small pendant that said whore on it. She could barely make out her face under the heavy make up. Her lips looked swollen and were painted a bright shiny red. It made it look like she had a permanent pout. Her eyes were rimed in heavy black eyeliner with extremely long black lashes that looked completely fake. Her eyelids were covered with a silvery purple eyeshadow and her dark eyebrows were tweezed thin and in high arches. Her ears each had four big silver hoops dangling from them. She also had one small silver ring it the right side of her nose and two more in her right eyebrow. As she opened her mouth to inhale another large cloud of smoke Catwoman could see that her tongue was also pierced. She then looked at what had most surprised her. Her lovely dark mane of hair was gone! It had been replaced with long flowing curls of pure white hair. Her now platinum blond hair was teased up into a very big slutty eighties style. She looked like the ultimate wet dream from the darkest corner of someone very perverse mind.

“Can Pussy get fucked now? Pussy is so horny.” She moaned as she rubbed her cunt.

“In a little while Pussy, here you can play with this.” Suzy said as she opened a drawer and handed her a twelve-inch vibrator.

“Oh, thank you Suzy.” She squealed as she immediately turned it on and started to run it over her body.

Suzy, Janice, and Catwoman stepped outside of the room as Pussy sat down in the stylist chair to play with herself. “Ok, let me explain all the changes to Pussy for you.” Suzy started. “First off her sex drive has been boosted to where if she isn’t having sex she is thinking about it. She is in a state of constant arousal, permanently. The drugs have made her infertile and she no longer has a period so she can fuck all the time. Her IQ is around sixty to sixty-five with complete illiteracy. She is dumb as the proverbial rock. Since I know that some of the other superheros can find someone by a familiar heartbeat I also made her a heavy smoker. That will alter her breathing patterns and increase her heartbeat. Her brain pattern has been altered so much that even the best psionics will never be able to find her.”

“What is the possibility of her breaking the conditioning?” Catwoman asked.

“You misunderstand, her long-term memory capacity has been totally destroyed. After around three weeks she won’t even remember being anything but Pussy the street whore. There is no going back for her. Whatever life you set up for her will become her whole existence.”

Catwoman handed Janice a large suitcase saying, “Here, I think you earned this.” As Suzy handed her a box with Wonder Woman’s costume and a small notebook. “You will find all the information you asked for in the notebook. Now if you will excuse us we really must get going.” Janice said as she motioned to several workers that had already started to take the inside of the store apart.

“Not going to stick around I see.” “Not after such a high profile job such as this. Besides, we have a job in Colorado. A mother and daughter that need a little attitude adjustment.” Janice smiled.

As they turned to supervise the workers Catwoman returned to the room to get Pussy. When she walked in she just shook her head at the sight she saw. Pussy was slumped down in the stylist chair with her legs spread wide as her platinum blond hair formed a halo around her head. A cigarette was dangling from her mouth and her hands were playing with her large tits and ramming the vibrator quickly in and out of he wet cunt. Pussy was moaning loudly and Catwoman couldn’t help but smile at the vision of pure lust before her. “Come on Pussy, its time to go.”

As Pussy came out of her sexual stupor she gave Catwoman a sexy pout and slowly pulled the vibrator out of her dripping cunt. She then took the cigarette out of her mouth and deep throated the vibrator sucking all of her own juices off of it before placing it in her purse. After she straitened her clothes and applied a fresh coat of her lipstick she followed her out the back door to a waiting limo. As they pulled away Pussy leaned over and gave Catwoman a passionate kiss. As she slipped her tongue in her mouth Catwoman could feel the tongue stud and taste the cigarettes and pussy juices on her breath.

As Pussy finished the kiss Catwoman asked, “What was that for?”

As Pussy’s hands started to pull the bottoms of Catwoman’s suit off she told her, “Pussy know that you are responsible for Pussy’s new look and Pussy just wants to thank you for it.” She said with a wicked grin as she knelt down on the floor and began eating her out.

Catwoman ran her hands through Pussy’s long platinum blond hair and smiled. After Pussy had brought her to several orgasms she finally pushed her off and pulled her clothes back up. As Pussy lit another cigarette Catwoman pulled out the notebook. ‘Now who shall I take care of next.’ She thought with a sneer.

Saturday night a new hooker appeared on the streets of L.A. and Wonder Woman was never heard from again.