Is This As Good As It Gets ?

Author: A.G. Poe
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On a border line of Germany and a small village inn, three men in dark suits had gathered. They looked like ordinary people for this village. . but they were far from that......... One was Max , who was gestapo, he worked always under cover. On each side of him was Kurt and Gerard...his two trusted bodyguards... They had been gathering every shred of information on Germany's most feared enemy...Wonder Woman.. This gorgeous amazon princess had been crushing every German advance for months...and had to be stopped... Max had been working with a professor Wilhelm..who was obsessed with capturing this Amazon. Wilhelm and Max had agreed that Wonder Woman was unstoppable.... but could be captured and controlled thru Diana Prince.... Who worked with a captain Steve Trevor , head of intelligence.. .they had discovered that Wonder Woman and Diana Prince were the same person while Gerard had been following her .

Kurt nodded to Max that professor Wilhelm had arrived...On his arm was a stunning tall blonde haired beauty of about 25 years old and near 6 feet tall.. and a chest that always was in front of her".Gentleman" .he my aid and companion Helga... All men rose and bowed slightly...feasting their eyes on this beauty. Please be seated said Max... Helga sat and crossed her long statuesque legs that every eye caught... Wilhelm cleared his throat said to Max.."Has everything been arranged"..."Ya....they have been watching her for hours now... It shouldn't be long now". "Good ..good...lets get to the castle..." ride with me... I may require some of your talents later tonight." Yes Wilhelm"...she said..

Meanwhile..Diana and Steve were finishing their dinner at Diana's hotel. "The food here is excellent Diana " said Steve.. .as he made small talk while he still admired this smart looking woman hiding behind rimmed glasses, lose fitting clothes, and her hair tied up in a bun. Nothing could really hide Wonder Woman's beauty. " Thank you Steve..the service is good too... "So Diana 3 days off?" Have you any plans ?"replied Steve. " Oww yes Steve...I'm planning a long hot bath and about 24 hours of good sound asleep...I'm simply exhausted. " I don't blame you Diana. ".said Steve...." you have been pushing yourself pretty hard "Sort of thinking I'd like to join you too"..."Why Steve? "...What an attractive offer"...blushing..., Steve quickly changed the subject back to business...."but I must get back to the meeting with the big brass and try to figure out what Hitler's planning next."We know something big is going to happen soon. "We have learned that a professor Wilhelm is in Germany to meet with Max Heinrich. a top Gestapo man So, it's something big. As they were finishing their coffee , Steve's driver arrived and told him his car had arrived and was waiting outside. "Thank you" replied Steve."Come Diana" let me walk you to your room".."Ow no Steve....I'll be fine....get to your meeting "Steve nodded and gave Diana a kiss on her cheek, turned to leave. Feeling the hotel was secure.." .Good night Diana, rest well"."Thank you Steve...good night".... she she started for her room on the second floor..not realizing that another pair of eyes was watching her too...

When she reached her room, Diana proceeded to enter...As she walked in , she noticed all the lights were out.. As she fumbled around in the dark she felt a strong hand grab her from behind and cover her mouth...another arm wrapped around her chest .... grabbing hold of a magnificent breasts...holding her still and firmly while a rag was placed over her nose.. .forcing her to inhale fumes of a few moments ....Diana's beautiful blue eyes rolled to the back of her head...and the Amazon princess fell into a dark sleep...".Quickly.".. .one of the men spoke..".bind her and get her into the truck".."Ya " came a reply.

When Diana awoke, she couldn't move Her hands were cuffed behind her back . Both her ankles were tied together...and a gag muffled her mouth...But the real horror .... she .was completely naked..She also felt a rocking motion, which told her she was in a van or truck of some sort. She sensed something or someone was near and began to look around.. Diana spotted a big man....over 6 feet....broad shoulders ...and a clean shaved rather handsome face "Ahhhh Fraulein...I see your awake and back with us"..he said.. .while reaching over and rubbed a finger along one of her perfect globes ..."MMMMPPPPPHHHH.....MSTFHOPP "... .she muffled thru her gag....."I have just been admiring your beautiful body my dear miss Prince".." .Or is it Princess?"... as he smirked and got more into fondling her breasts...Diana struggled to get his hands from her body..."Ahh, come , come, Fraulein... this doesn't hurt you" as he rolled her nipples between his two fingers..."MMMSSMMPPP" she moaned....twisting ,and glaring into his eyes ...."I'll ripe your heart out when I get lose " thought Diana.... "Diana."..he said as ,,,he continued his fondling," you may call me Hans. if you wish "And soon all your questions will be answered...Hans moved his hands along Diana's face now....admiring her beauty. .".hmmm yes you are a princess indeed....his mind drifting into her big blue eyes.. "But right now we need to take care of business.".said Hans..As he produced a cotton swab and a syringe..."MMMMMMPPPPHHHH"...moaned Diana with bulging eyes.. ."Hera help me....they intend to drug me "Her struggles increased .... but were useless as Hans inserted the needle into her muscular Amazon leg...

.... Diana felt an immediate tingling surge from here head to her toes ... her skin tingled all over ....then became light headed...with everything appearing to be slowing down...The drug was taking it's effect on Wonder Woman.. ."Soon you will be feeling much better Fraulein"as Hans returned to Diana's tits....rubbing them softly....MMMMMM...Diana moaned ... .but this time there was some passion in it..."OHHHhhhhh..Hera.. She thought .... "What's happening to me? Why am I responding to his touches ?"Diana began to sweat .. Her breathing increasing to panting ...."Owwwww...that feels good .. she she raised her tits forward....pushing them harder into the hands doing magic on her tits... Hans was sensing her change...."Ahhh princess ....getting better ? " he thought...."How's this Diana?" As he raised both hands on her huge breasts....firmly squeezing them...."AUUUgggggg" she sighed.... as Diana began to rotate her if humping the air ...."MMMMMmmmm.... ."Why am I liking this ..what's happening to meeeee?"she thought .."I must fight these urges "....but her body began to give way to her mind.. She was feeling the lust building in her.... "Feeeelllll soooo .horrrnnyyy.....owwwww yes....squeeze them harder...Diana moaned into the gag... "Ha ...she's near ready."..grinned Hans..."My time now" As he leaned to Diana's and whispered ..."If I remove the gag Princess....will you be a good slut and be quiet?". Not really knowing what she was agreeing to ...Diana nodded her head in agreement...."MM....MMM...MYYSSSS"... Hans leaned over and removed her gag... Diana stretched her jaws to relieve some soreness...then whimpered .."why are you doinnng this to me ?".. "Not now princess....answers come later".replied Hans.

"Right now we will do something to calm you down and help keep you quiet Fraulein With that he began to remove his pants and short.... Diana had a look of horror on her face.

Hans began to stroke his average ..but fat cock..bringing it to stiffness. Diana began fo fall backwards...away from that monster cock.. Hans took his hand and placed it on the back of Diana's head....pulling her mouth close to his cock,!!!

"No!! No!! Don't do that!! Pleeaassseeeee!! No No, I beg yyooNNMMMMmm" Her pleas were replaced by slurping sounds as his cock disappeared into her mouth. Diana tried pulling away, but hans kept the pressure firm on her head, and started sliding her head and mouth up and down his erect cock. " You better learn to give good head Fraulein.. .it is something you will no doubt be doing a lot of.""MMMMMmmmm I doing this? "I can't stop myself....I..I..seem do enjoy this....NO .No ...Diana get a hold of yourself... .but her body was heating up with lust...she continued slurping..."AHHhhhh..Yes ...Yes ... " Hans moaned "that's it ...go slowww...steadyyy...up and downnnn."MMMMMM now take your tongue and circle the head of my cock...."Owwww yesss..Vonda baaaaas my slut cocksucker.....Diana couldn't believe she was actually sucking a mans cock...much less enjoying it .. ."MMMMMmmmm slurp...slurp.."AWWWwwww...but how am I liking it ?"..."How can I be allowing this?" ...but her body still betrayed her ...her lust continued....heating into her pussy....her tits aching... She heard his instructions and closed her eyes tightly and worked on his cock... .Diana felt a deep itch deep in her pussy...She ran her tongue along the shaft and his balls... . " AWWWwwwww" ..Hans groaned , and felt his cock head hit and go into her throat more than more nnnnnmmmm....suck ....suck whore....Diana was learning fast... ." Underneath Fraulein...lick my asshole while your down there.....see how you enjoy that""NoooNooo.... I will not "....shoot into her mind....but her tongue went under....her lips kissed his ass... and she closed her eyes ....and swirled her tongue around and up into his ass hole....mmmmmmm she moaned as tho she did this all her life

Hans was watching Diana bob her head up and down on his rock hard cock.... "Owwww yes my slut ....lick the head" a foggy daze just obeyed his wishes...slurp...slurp was all that could be heard...Hans dropped a hand and started rubbing Diana ˜s pussy....Owww Hera that fells sooo good...said Diana as she pushed into his fingers to get them inside her.. .he swirled his fingers and they were covered with her pussy juice.... Hans lifted his hand and rubbed his fingers along her lips..".MMMMMMMM."...Diana sighed .... recognizing the taste as a fellow sister from Paradise Island...

Diana sucked the fingers into her mouth and began licking off the juices "Ahhhhhh...yes....tastes good"....Hans was heating up too...He raised Diana up some and cupped her cheeks in between his hands and planted his lips on hers .... driving to a hard passionate kiss...MMMMMMMmmm....she sighed onto his lips as she returned the kiss back .... with wild abandon.... she parted her lips and hans took advantage to enter her mouth and duel with her tongue.... .Diana fenced back at his she caught it between her lips and sucked it like it were a cock...."Ahhhggghhhhhh"......she hummed onto his tongue.... Diana had given in she was lost in her lust and passion...her body and pussy wanted more... "OHHH Gods of JUPITER.

I'm soooo fucking hot....whyyyyy" she screamed out loud.... "Hush Princess".....suck this again" replied Hans as he pushed his cock back into her mouth ..."slurp...slurp...slurp...gulped Diana as she wildly suck his cock back to her throat.... jamming it deeper with each wild thrust...Diana was driving herself into a heated frenzy.... Hans was making noises and now couldn't control his moaning...."Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Suck me my cocksucker ... suck".hearing his panting sighs....Diana felt he was going to cum..."owwww no.... not my mouth "she thought.."mmmmm. "she moaned and tried to pull his cock out of her mouth.. Hans grabbed her head with both hands to force her to continue...."Mmmmmmm" she struggled...The cuffs held.. " Agghh..she moaned "Here it is Frauline, be a good slut and swallow it all.".. " No!!Noo!!!...

struggled Diana....Hans let his load go, and Diana almost choked....being forced to swallow.. wave after wave of his cum....

With his cock completely spent ....hans pulled his cock out of Diana's mouth.... She gulped huge breaths of air into her lungs....her tits rising up and down .... "Now Fraulein, be a good whore and lick me clean" her hot and lusty condition... began to just follow instructions and began licking the head and the shaft clean.... and kept licking and again drawing the now soft cock back into her mouth .....not wanting to stop... ." Very good Fraulein ...very good."....Diana had just given her first blow job, and could still taste his cum on her lips and in her throat....Hans sat back....admiring his new cock sucked....slurp....slurp .... Diana sucked on ...His hand went down to her pussy....It was sloppy wet from her excitement.....Diana knew it and hated herself for it ....but couldn't avoid the lust she felt throughout her body.... ."Wet my slut?"...I think we shall take care of that too".... "We have at least another hour before we arrive and I have a few Horney men here for you too....In the dime light ,Diana saw 3 men gather to her. One stepped in and began to fondle her breasts.. Diana began struggling and moaning ....nnnoo stop please....but knew it would be useless... .She felt hands on her tits....fingers were tweaking her nipples to hardness again ...mmmmmm she continued to moan.... She opened her eyes wide when a hand touched her mound of Venus"Ohhhh Nooooo ,noooooshe sighed .... trying to turn away another hand was inside her thigh.....softly caressing her..mmmmm... Diana was heating up again....Not realizing what she was doing ...Diana began to open her legs... .enjoying these men she had never meet before...A finger stroked her clit...."Owwwww Godssssss....mmmmmm.".she sighed....Diana,s mind drifted to thoughts of Steve ...wishing it were him between her legs doing the loving on her hot naked body... Suddenly she was snapped back to reality as she heard a dreaded noise ...The sound of a zipper ... Did she fear this moment....or would her lust craved body welcome it?...These men were good at what they were doing ....and worked her body like a fine tuned Violin...they rubber her tits and stroked her wet sex with perfection.... "Ohhhggghhh she shook her head in denial...."mmmmmmmm"she moaned... .how were they arousing her so? Diana moaned and turned her head left and right ... her back arched and her hips moved in a rounded motion...."Ohhgggghhhh help me " she sighed....a hot breath was on her neck ... .a wet tongue licking her ear lobe....."owwww mmmmm ughhh."..A mouth was sucking on her tit .. .A hot tongue had her cunt lips sloppy wet..."Ugh!!Ugh!!she sighed ... .lifting her pussy into the hot tongue....They were driving her crazy with need"O Hera... .sooooo ggoooooooddd...soooo fuckinggg gooooodddd"...It was something like she had never felt before. Diana then felt a hot rod begin to paint her lips ....One of the men presented her mouth with his cock....not thinking or caring ...her arousal peaked ....she open her mouth and welcomed this cock...she sucked instantly. swirling her tongue along the head of this rod. ."mmmmhhhmmmmhhhmmm..slup!!slurp!!!slurp!!! "Diana bobbed her head up and down....trying to get it to her throat...... mmmgghhmmm she moaned.."slurp!!slurp!! Slurp!!"

˜Then the silence was broken ..."5 kilometers " a voice said ... Suddenly the man pulled his cock from Diana,,,, mouth with a " pop " sound ..yanking up his zipper .."WWWAATT...Noo Noo " cried the Princess..."Don't stop nowwww".. ."Get her ready " said another man ..."ya..we move quickly "was replied...Then Diana felt a rag on her face again .... and a blackness fell upon her ...

When Diana awoke she was in a huge room....dimly lite with candles... the walls with hanging carpeting...trying to clear her head...she realized she was still bound....but now lying in a big bed .....spread-eagle....and still naked.. Her struggles interrupted Wilhelm..who was seated at a huge desk on the other side of the room..."Ahhh my dear" he said."Our guess is awake". He rose and approached the bed.."Well welcome Miss Prince..I'm professor Wilhelm...."What'S THE MEANING OF THIS... DO YOU KNOW I"VE BEEN RAPED AND MOLESTED???" "Please ..please..calm down my dear...all will be explained to you....said Wilhelm.. As Diana yanked at her bonds...twisting...Wilhelm reached out to touch her black hair.. .Diana pulled back...."What do you want with me?"she asked..."That's a simple one",.. I plan to tame Wonder Woman"..Realizing she needed time to figure out what she was into... Diana went into a defensive mood..."So what have I to do with that ?"she said ... still struggling one the bed ."Come, come my dear...I know who and what you are....Wonder Woman... I know you're an Amazon...and I know as Wonder Woman...your near invincible ....but.t.t I intend to defeat you as Diana Prince...and I will succeed"."Release me now can't do this to me... the Guinevere laws state"..."ENOUGH .... DO NOT THREATEN ME Fraulein"... YOUR FATE IS WRITTEN"..."And I'm the Author...he said as he released the bun that tied up Diana,s hair... As the hair released...Wilhelm was stunned momentarily by her beauty.... even in just candle light...Touching her cheek..."Ja..Wonder Woman indeed" he sighed to himself. ."Look " said Diana.."There has to some mistake...I'm a secretary working fo....""Nien Fraulein.. .there is NO mistake"...As they spoke... Wilhelm rubbed Diana,s ear lobe....causing the amazon to lean a bit into his hand a tingle shot up and down her spine.."mmmmm" she thought ... "Feels good".."Wilhelm ...P p p lease stop.."He ignored her plea.. Diana again began to twist and struggle with her bonds..."what do you want with meeee?".. Let me go"..Release meee.."she began to sob...."Soon my dear Princess...there will be no need for the bonds.... you will be begging me for my pleasures.."stated Wilhelm... Both there attentions turned to a knock on a door....."Enter "...replied Wilhelm..Heinrich...Gerard and Kurt entered the room....carrying a tray with a syringe and some cotton swabs .. " Ahhh...Now we shall begin my Amazon..said Wilhelm.....Diana began to sweat....these men seem sincere that they know my true identity...she thought...Struggling again ..she moaned ..."Noooo".... The professor leaned in with the needle and inserted it into Diana's muscular amazon thigh..."Ugghhnn....what are you doing ... .what is that....wwhhyy...??""You've already had the first injection Fraulein..... this one will turn up the heat and block the furnace ."Everyone laughed..." Ja .Ja "... " You see my dear Wonder Woman ...your almost invincible....planes...., guns ..,tanks...all useless against you... Troops crumble before you...You couldn't be defeated...But I.....Wilhelm....shall be your master ...Ha..HA ..HA" ..."I'll never bow to you or any man ...said Diana... You can drug me but my mind and spirit will never be broken ".." We four have studied you for months Fraulein....we know everything of you ....and your fly boy....

" Trevor"...You see Wonder Woman ....we will tame Diana Prince....not Wonder Woman ...the Amazon Princess"...laughed Wilhelm.... "Soon you will be begging me and whomever I choose suck and fuck you silly....YOU WILL BE MY WHORE...

Diana couldn't believe what she was hearing... They actually knew her secret identity..Her mind swirled....searching for a way out escape her eyes scanning the room ." I can see it in your eyes Fraulein....but there is no escape ... .Once bound by a man an amazon is like any normal woman".he chuckled... and yours will not be removed till you are tamed and call me master...and then I Wilhelm will have tamed and conquered Wonder Woman"..." Your mad " replied the amazon ..." I'll get loss from here somehow ...and then you and your cronies will pay ....and include that paper hanger too""I'll never give will never break me ""We shall see Princess"..."Never...Your torture won't break my will...she said... ."Oww Yes Fraulein"...said Wilhelm.."you will feel torture,,but the pain will bring pleasure.. .and you will learn how to beg for more ".."Enough"said Heinrich...."We waste time with idol talk...let us move on "..."Are they ready Kurt?"asked the professor.... "Ja...the group are all here and ready"said Kurt..Diana felt a cold chill run up and down her spine... "Group???...Oh Hera...What now ?"As Gerard went to open the door...Wilhelm approached Wonder Woman touched her forehead.... as to check for a possible fever...Nodding his approval. .he began kneading and fondling diana,s magnificent tits..for even as Diana Prince...she was breath taking...nothing could hide her beauty.. Wilhelm pinched her nipples between his two fingers and rolled the nipples to rock hardness. "Mmmmm...that feels good"...moaned she pushed her tits up into his hands... a tingle running up and down her spine...that feeling she had in the truck returning.. "OHHH .... mmmmmm" she moaned ...rotating her hips... .cursing her body for it's weakness....Wilhelm leaned forward and whispered into Diana,s ear.... "Horney Princess? Your pussy getting wet?...would you like to cum ?"...Diana reached down to her last fibers of resistence...glared into Wilhelm's eye's and said .."I'll ripee yourr heartt out ffor thisssss" then Wilhelm lowered his hand to her wet mound...moving lightly over her cunt lips..."AhhGhhhaaahh....Diana her back arched up and her hips reached for those fingers... sweat formed on her brow....her breath in a panting ramped now...her chest rising up and down ... mumbling "mmmmmm...owwwww..yes ....touch meeee...."Ready to cum Princess?" Diana rolled her head from side to side....She moaned ...."pleassseee...".... she felt a ripple in her stomach...."OHHHH Heraaa"...Wilhelm stopped suddenly and got up.... ."I think she's ready to become my whore ."Panting ..Diana opened her big blue eyes and looked about the room ...."No ..Noo !!!Don't stop now".. "Yes Fraulein...I stop will the team and everyone else".. .".You will beg to be sucked and fucked ...You will be our slut"... "That injection was a Psychoactive formula I perfected from seven of the most effective afferdiesiacs in the world ...all now working it's magic on you dear princess of the amazons "... Diana slumped back onto the bed ...her mind working ...searching ...trying to calm her inner self ...."I must remain calm ....beat this drug ....Ohhhh Hera ...give me strength...Watching Gerard open the door.... Diana gave a shriek...."Ohhhh Nooo" she saw six midgets enter the room... "These are Professional sex to tame you my dear"said Wilhelm..." the final injection you yourself will have to beg for".. "Only after that injection will you be able to orgasm"... "you will sell your soul for an orgasm before I finish with you Fraulein..And as Diana Prince falls .... So will Wonder Woman ..Ha! Ha! Ha ! " roared Wilhelm.

Diana knew she was in trouble... she could feel the drug in her already making her light headed ....a heat running through her body....her breathing getting heavier.... The six midgets approached the bed ....circling around Diana.. Once more she tried another attempt at her bonds..It was a weak attempt.... "O Hera.....I beg thee.....give me the strength I need"....A blond haired midget ..holding a tray containing balms and scented oils.... from behind her ...another midget began to comb and brush her hair..".mmmmmm .feels nice .."The brushing was soothing and she felt relaxed ,removing her tension.... The blond midget began massaging a fragment oil onto her forehead ....working down to her cheeks .... then across her lips....Instinctively ...Diana licked her lips and felt a tingling on her lips and tongue .... Diana then pursed her lips to a phantom kiss..Already Diana was sighing.. ."owww....there like little children. ".mmmppphhh....fells soo good" ...The working hands began moving down her neck....and Diana knew they weren't stopping there ...down across her magnificent breasts ..... rubbing the sides of her globes ...then to her nipples.... tweaking the nibs into hard like rocks "owwww...godsss......Pleaseee....spare meeeee...mmmmppphhh...auhhhhgggghhh...

they are good...mmmmm

just right ..yessss..she moaned and began sweating...feeling the heat in her .... Diana braced herself as two midgets began massaging her feet.... each spreading he legs apart..looking up into her glistening mound ..."uggguuhhhh" she sighed as they began working up her legs... Diana felt the weakness in her and the tingling sensation going up and down her spine...she arched her back ....moaning .".mmmppphhmmm "..."release her bonds" said Wilhelm.. ."Are you sure?" replied Gerard..."She's too far under to resist ... the injection and the oils will put her in a semi trance .."Smiling Wilhelm said .. "Soon she will be the slut and whore I will train....

˜oww....Waaa....mmmppphhh "..moaned the princess... .unsure why her bonds were removed..Diana still lay pron .to all the hands working her body... "Keep on going boy' those long beautiful sexy legs "...said Kurt.... Diana's mind was saying no !no !....but her lust and body were betraying her ... The two midgets working her upper body were experts....and the two between her legs ...were rubbing upwards as if they intended to meet ...Moaning....twisting her head left and right ....she voluntarily began to open her legs ..."Mmmppphhhmm....ahhggghhhaaahhh"she sighed....Spotting this opening... .the fifth midget dove between her legs and borrowed his face into her well trimmed cunt... Diana jumped the instant his tongue slithered across her wet and aroused clit....."OWWWW...MY GODDDD."..AAAGhh"

"Nooo"..she sighed... .The sixth and final midget moved in and grabbed Diana,s face and lay a kiss of passion on her lips .... "mmmppphhhmmmphh"she hummed into his mouth as he forced her lips open...their hot tongues dueling in each others mouths... Diana broke the kiss and began screaming ..."Yesss!!Yesss!!!Suck Meee....Make meee cummmm".... Surprised Heinrich "Mien Furhar....less than 4 minuets and she wants to cum""Suck her hard men... lick that honey and make her beg."Diana knew she was there....ready to cum.....She felt doomed .... "O.K. Now I think it's time the amazon participates..""you two...begin"... Glassy eyed and panting with lust and passion thru out her body ...Diana Prince....Noo...Wonder Woman .... Princess of the amazons...realized she couldn't hold out any longer....Her mind fell a notch ... .as she told herself ."Ohhh Heraaa...I do want this " And relaxed to let it happen.....

The men sucking on her breasts started again... passionately sliding over her belly and around her tits with gentle caresses ,loving kisses,,,and hot wet tongues... they were very talented

˜mmmppphhhhmmm Diana moaned ....the fire washed over her body .... ."You Willy....Suck it out of her "Diana sprang up as Willy slammed down on her wet clit.. " GODS HELP ME " she moaned ..Then a voice told her ..."Diana ...Wiggle those pricks".. In her hot lusty trance ...Diana reached out and grabbed a prick in each hand.. .squeezing them and stroking them slowly..."You...between her legs ...finger her pussy"...said Heinrich.... as if conducting an orchestra...."UUGGHHH...Hera forgive this weakness". .sighed Diana...She felt her mind slumping to thoughts of lust ...She pumped the cocks in her hands ... Someone began to kiss her again ....Diana opened her mouth and sucked in the tongue.. . "GGHHUUUMMMMPPM..more

Give me what you have "Someone bit into her nipple as he sucked her tit .... "AHHGGUhhh..she screamed into her kissing partners mouth ..It was all a foggy ... sweet wonderful sensation to Diana ...she was totally absorbed in lust.. She didn't care what anyone saw or what they thought..The drugs and oils had done their jobs on her ... Diana fell ...and with her went Wonder Woman...The excitement running through her weakened body was irresistible. She knew she would do what ever they asked of her ,as long as it was hot and wild ,and full of sensation.."She's primed ".said

Kurt..." Lets start counting "...he chuckled.. ."You .,,,Yes you...scramble up and rub that cock on her meat...yess good"...he said .."AAAHHHHGGGG....sooo good " moaned the amazon ... all heated and craving desire .... " Ha..she likes that too...You the blond one...up on her tits...lets see

how she sucks cock..."Diana heard the words...she knew what was coming ...but didn't care ...her mouth fill with saliva..her taste buds weeping... she ran her tongue across her lips getting them ready...wanting to suck that sweet cock..."MMMMMmmmm."..she sighed ... as the man slapped his cock across her mouth...Diana opened...and hurried to suck in his cock... .her lips wrapping in ardor.. Diana hungered for the taste... "ohhhh...good frauline" said the blonde haired man. "Mmmmmmmm"Diana hummed on the cock as her tongue fought his cock.... Meantime ..the cock at her pussy lips slide easily into her.... filling her to the hilt.."AARRGGHHUUGGHHUU

"YESSSS !!MORE !!!MORE!!"she screamed... Reaching she grabbed the ass on her tits and slammed the cock in her mouth into her throat.... gagging she pulled back...and with her tongue She wallowed it around the cock head .. working the skin with her teeth..and sucking forward again...driving it back into her throat.."UUGGHH!!UGH!! UGH!!.she grunted...arching her back and pushing her hips to meet the cock banging deep into her wet, sloppy pussy.. Diana began meeting his thrust's even humping back faster.."EEYTTEEE!!!" cried the man in her pussy, Sending a gush of hot sticky cum into her love nest ..He stiffened and dropped away."NO!!NO Cried Diana...keep fucking meeee"but another just stepped up and slid into her ..."AAAHHHH Yesss"...The cock in her mouth pushed back in ....grabbed her head...and shoot his load down her throat....Diana gulped and swallowed all she could...losing some on her chin... She wrapped her arms around his ass to suck him dry..."SLURP!!!SLURP!!!"Oh Hera . .she thought .make them give me more ...I'm burning inside..."Two down...four to go" said Kurt..."You next ...yes the big one .This will stoke the fires some"Diana...her eyes glossy and body panting..lusted for the huge cock...The man climbed in the bed and slide between her legs .... "Put it in slut"...Diana never hesitated a bit .. grabbing and pushing her body onto him .. "GGHHHAAWWWWWHHHHH" Diana,s moan caused a silent hush in the room .. "SLURP!!!SLURP!!!SLURP!!"went the cock inside her ...."UUGGHH!! UGH!!UGH!! UGH!!"gasped Diana.. now getting the fucking of her life......."UGHH!! UGHH!! UGHH!!!Fuck me you bastard...deeperrrr...UGHHH111Ughhh111

Diana bent up and grabbed the man fucking her and pulled his mouth to hers ... her lips crushed into his him a kiss man would die for....sucking in his tongue.... and taking it like a cock into her mouth...The man speed up his pounding into her pussy... Diana meet every thrust...."ugh!!..ugh!!ugh!!Ugh!Fill me you fucking half pint fucker .. .fill meeee"...."Aghhhhhh" The man cried." she is sooo fucking hot."as he shot his gusher load into her ... "No ! !Noo!.not Yet"..Diana in near tears yelled.."Ohhh Aphrodite....I need to cum"... "O.K..You three finish her off"said Wilhelm ....Paul moved first... He climbed into the bed and grabbed Diana,s legs and rolled her over ,making her kneel and lean forward on her elbows her drugged mind, Couldn't understand why she was so submissive... Her mind was saying.."Stop! Stop!." her body betrayed her... Paul slid under her and rubbed his cock head along her wet cunt lips..."No!! Please!..No More"she moaned ...Paul entered her about an inch or so..."mmmmmm"she moaned as she sagged slightly on the hot rod.. .wiggling her hips ...allowing a little more penetration. Diana's pussy was weeping..preparing for a union.. She wiggled more..arching her back Paul's Cock slid deeper into her.."Ohhhh! More...she sighed ... give me more"Paul grabbed her hips and held her still while nodding to Gerard... Diana's lust filled body wiggled as Gerard stepped up and rubbed some oils into his hands...then along Diana's butt cheeks..and around her ass hole... Inserting his finger in her too. Diana bucked and tried to move forward..Kurt moved onto the bed in front and held her shoulders... Gerard worked the oil up into her channel with Diana yelled With the pain of his fingers as he worked it in .. "NOO!! Stop it hurts "she cried.."Get it out!!" Paul removed his Diana a short reprieve... As he plugged his cock into her.."OHH Godss...the pain "...she sighed..Seeing Gerard enter ... Paul pumped his cock slowly and rubbed the walls of Diana's pussy...spreading her cunt lips .. "OHHH." she sighed..Diana felt like a butterfly pined to a cock..Her mind gave way to having two cocks at the same time...She was glassy eyed and panting... she reached up and pinched her nipples with her fingers..."UGHH!.. Ugh!...Ugh!" she began fucking the cock in her pussy...Watching...Gerard made his move now.. He spread Diana's ass cheeks with his thumbs positioned his hardened cock to her anal chambers He inserted just the head into ass...Diana's head flew up...."WWWHHAT are you doing to mee?" "Owww Godsss it hurts so much ... get it out!!!!get it out !!pleassseeeee".. Kurt pushed her shoulders back..driving Diana back into Gerard's cock.."OWWWWW!!!" she screamed... As Gerard pushed forward and slammed into her ass to the hilt ...his balls slapping her cunt.. Diana lowed her head and moved it left and right ...trying to fight the pain ... Paul began a steady motion in her lower channel as Diana began a moan ...Gerard timed his in with Paul's out... Diana lifted her head and turned back to look at Gerard... The pain was being replaced with a tingling sensation...."Ugh!! Ugh !!ugh!!ugh!!" she sighed....The heat and lust were returning...Diana needed to cum... She joined the two cocks fucking her silly"Yes!..yes!!yes!!Ugh ugh ugh ,deeper Fuck me harder you Bastard's...More!! More !.Kurt acted next now..seeing Diana's passion rising he gently placed her head to his crotch ,his huge hard on starring her in the face...Diana's Lust gave way to reason...Diana surged forward and slurped the cock into her mouth, and began sucking for all she was worth.. ."Ahhhhh"sighed Kurt.."Oww Frauline, your mouth is like butter, suck you slut... suck for your pleasure".Diana nodded some and "mmmmmmm" onto his hot flesh...Wilhelm smiled a smile as were from the heavens....There she was ..."Diana..Princess of The Amazons"..."WONDER WOMAN " molded by the all her naked glory....

Being fucked up the ass...slamming a cock in her hot pussy... and eating a cock like a Starving whore.... "Owww..Yes Fraulein...soon...very dear, ,you will be mine, forever. Diana's eyes were glossy in her passion ..her left hand pinching her right nipple...Her need was fierce....Her lusty mind in over ride.... " I must cum ohhh gods...I must cum..Hera Help meeee"...Diana sucked the cock in her mouth like a blowing bellows....Kurt slammed it deep into her throat...Diana gagged..but sucked harder..."MyyyAhhhhggg"Waled Kurt.. As he Blew and shot a hot load down her throat.... "swallow it you hot cocksucking whore...swallawww Diana swallowed....gulping it all in....she wrapped her arm around his ass holding him in her mouth and continued sucking his cock.....Gerard...sweating and panting... kept pounding into her ass. "agh,,,agh ..agh...Diana pushed back...exciting a moan from Gerard.... .":mmmm'UAAGGHH take it in the ass you whore !!!!"as his load filled her channel.. ."OHHHHGODDSSSS....more... More "Diana yelled as she released the cock in her mouth.... "Ugghh!!..UGH!!..UGH!!UGH!! She sighed as she slammed onto Paul's cock...still berried up her pussy...Gerard rolled away from Diana and "popped " from her ass... a stream of cum dripping from her hole and running down her cheeks...."Owww..Harder" she yelled ... "Do It...Do It .. Make me cummm"Now groaning From deep in her throat..."Goddsss...let me cum"...Paul sped up his pace....hearing this sex crazed goddess begging to be fucked...pounding deep into her pussy.. .in to the hilt...".ahg! ahg! Ahg! Ahg!..."he panted....Uhgg! .slurp! Ugh! Slurp! Ughhh! "sighed Diana... ".Fuck me you Bastard!!!....Pleaseeee let me cuummm"..Paul's surging stopped...pausing...then bowing his head back and yelled...his cries echoing the one big final pump into this Godss...sending his hot load into her wet hot he bit the dust with a wild orgasm.. He slumped back ...arms spread across the bed ..laying there motionless...Panting... .lusting... burning with desire Diana began rubbing her hot pussy lips ....trying to induce an orgasm... Tears welling down her cheeks..mumbling....moaning ....praying for a release....rubbing frantically.. .as her eyes rolled up into her head...and she slumped over unconscious.... The endless fucking taking it's toll...

"Helga !"cried Wilhelm.. . "Come get this slut cleaned up, we have more use for her ". "Kurt give her a hand."..."Gerard...get these midgets out and pay them."... ." can assist me but I need complete silence for the next step for our guest."..."Oh and Helga ! Were the cameras on ?"..."Yes my love...all three were fine, replied Helga..... "Excellent " said Wilhelm...

An hour later...Wonder Woman was returned to the room , bathed and clean and led to the bed and set onto it. Diana was stretched out and they marveled at her beauty.. .her breasts never sagged a milometer ..her thin waist moving slightly,,, and her long perfectly shaped legs slightly Spread open...showing her trimmed mound.....indeed she is a goddess.... Wilhelm approached the bed and whispered into Diana's ear.... "Diana " the voice said..."Yes". she answered . " It's me Wilhelm and I'm here to help you".."Help me ?" said Diana..."Yes., and to set you free.".said Wilhelm.. "Oh .I must get free." she replied. "Good!,Good! Princess, but you must help me to help you."said Wilhelm.. "How ?" said the Amazon. "You must release your mind to me and my friends so we may help you and free you."said the professor."What must I do?" She said.."Well Listen carefully my dear and I'll explain.".. .Diana was hearing Wilhelm's words and following His details..but couldn't understand why she wasn't fighting back....Her mind trying to piece why she was here and what was wanted of her...Her eyes glossy and her mind drugged...she had no alterative , but to listen to the voice.....

"Your problem Diana is you can't orgasm no matter how hard you try.".."Yes that's true, please help me ."she pleaded.."O.K. Diana, If you do everything I tell you I promise you that you will have the best, most mind blowing ,mind melting climax that you have ever had in your life." "Would you like that Diana?"..."Yes ! Yes! "She replied... "Listen to my voice Diana."..he said..

" You do want to climax don't you Diana?".. "Yes! I do." she pleaded.."are you on fire, do you want to be fucked, do you need a hard cock?" Without any hesitation Diana said "Yes I do." "Then tell me who you are and what you need . "Again without any hesitation she said ."I am Diana .Princess of all Amazons of Paradise Island. and I need a hard cock to fuck me, I need to cum, I want to cum, I need it bad." "Listen very carefully Diana." said Wilhelm, "Your name is Diana Prince, and your addicted to sex; It is what you live for.". ."You do need sex right now don't you Diana ?"...Diana answered..."Yess!!Yes .I do need sex right now ." in a sexy voice. "Good," replied Wilhelm "We know nothing else about you." "all we know is you love to fuck and love to get nasty, you are very perverted when it comes to sex and you're here to feed your Perverted sexual desires, you love the taste of sperm; you love it more than chocolate, ice cream , or cake. You love the salty taste from men and the sweet taste of nectar that comes from pussy ..any pussy, Your mind will tell you it's wrong, but you will fight it and win.,and that will give you a greater and harder orgasm. "When you hear the words ,"COCK", "PUSSY", "ASSHOLE" ,you will only think of sex, you hear the word "cock " and you always want to put one in your mouth. When you hear the word "pussy' , you crave sexual release., When you hear the word "asshole" it makes you crave a cock up and in your ass. You have no control over this, Your cunt and your asshole want cock,.and your mouth wants cock, you have to have cock ,you crave cock, any cock."Do you understand this Diana?""Yes ! I understand." said Diana "O.K. Then tell me Diana " said Wilhelm ..."Where are you from?".. ." I don't know." said the Amazon ."Why are you here Diana ?" ...Diana replied . " I need to get fucked ."

"O.K. Diana, " now listen closely ; you are going to get all the sex you desire and crave .When I say the word "NOW"... you are going to have the strongest and best climax of your life Whenever you are having any kind of sex, no mater with who or what, in order for you to climax, you must hear another person say ,"NOW"." No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to climax unless you hear another person say "now'. Do you understand Diana?".."Yes I understand ". She said.."Good Diana, you are a cocksucking, whore, a slut in heat, and can never get enough cock or even pussy. "This is all we know, you remember nothing, and go to sleep after your affairs .remembering nothing .Do you understand Diana ?".." Yes I understand" ...said Diana... As she closed her eyes and remembered nothing and went into a deep sleep..Wilhelm , before shutting the light, sat to admire this beauty in this woman... .Indeed you are a wonder my dear,..a true "Wonder Woman ".. .who can only be taken down as Diana Prince...Wilhelm got up and shut the light ,walked to the door and let his comrades enter."Well?" asked Kurt.... "Did she Respond ?" "Yes! " replied Wilhelm. "She's sleeping now awaiting us .".."Everything went well."..."Sad too." said Heinrich..."Watching the fall of Wonder Woman "...."She was a wonder, and will be our fuck toy ."."Ha !,Ha!,Ha!...He bellowed.... "Ja" said Gerard...."we shall all enjoy this beauty.".. ."Make ready." replied Wilhelm as he approached the bed where Diana slept, he

sighed again and paused once more to stare at her beauty..........

Wilhelm leaned over and grabbed Diana's cheeks and gave her a passionate kiss that opened her big blue eyes, "mmmmmm.....mmppphhhmmmm.".she moaned into his mouth ...not realizing why she began to respond. She tingled some , her naked body moving slightly

"Hhhmmmmm" moaned he ravished Diana's mouth with his tongue., while running his hands up and down her statuesque body...soon their passion was rising and their tongues were Doing a duet inside their mouths."Ahhhh"she sighed...reaching for Wilhelm's head and pulling it forward ..mashing their lips together..Heinrich..not able to wait any longer. ,moved in next Opening the Amazon's legs with no resistance, and buried his mouth on her pussy lips and began sucking...and sucking ...and sucking.. Tearing her lips from Wilhelm.,Diana pulled her head back "Mmmmmmpppphhhhaahhhhh"She screamed..Wilhelm.. looked into the beautiful sea blue eyes of Diana and said... Diana "NOW"....IT BROKE...The dam of resistance could handle no more.. "Do me ! Do me!..Fuck my hot pussy...suck me dry... Use all my holes....I'll be your whore....a fuck toy...anything you want .. .but put that fucking needle in meeeeeee" ."Please!!! please!!! I need to cum...need to cummm"Grinning. Wilhelm reached for the syringe and cotton swob and inserted the needle into Diana.... Heinrich got up wiping his lips....Diana calmed some and sighed..."O Hera Thank you ...thank you "... "Let her rest some now ...we can return later " said Wilhelm .. "Ja." they agreed as they turned to leave the room....watching the princess fall back to sleep...

But Diana's sleep was not peaceful....Flash dreams were in her mind .. Or were they real???She saw faces ....but they were faceless... She knew she was always naked..Her body always tingled..Her breasts were sensitive. Someone was on top of her..a cock was in her .a steady slow rhythm was being used on her.."mmmmmmm" she was able to moan... With each thrust a new spark of pleasure erupted in her.."Ugh..Ugh..Ugh. She was grinding her hips...her mind crying out .." fuck me!! fuck me!!...Harder !! Harder !!..the cock slammed to the hilt inside her wet pussy...her mind said "now".. and Diana shuttered , and knew she had an orgasm in her Dream...."Aaaagggghhhh yes!!" she pleated...reaching up and pulling the face to hers... .locking on to lips with a deep passion....then drifting off to sleep again.....

Moments , days, or weeks...Diana, not knowing or caring which... was in another dream like state."Ughhh!!Ughhh!Ughhh! she grunted..dreaming of a cock up her ass...her pushing back against it "harder ! Harder!....gasping while a huge cock pounded her sore pussy.."Ughh..Ughh Ughh...Oh Godsss...Too much ...Too much " she gasped... .then her mind said "now".."Aaaggghhhhh..came her orgasm...Sleep came again.. .and as did another dream...and another cock in her pussy...Ugh..Ugh..Ugh..this time on her back ...seeing another faceless face... "Fuck me ! Fuck me! She sighed. She had a buzzing in her ears. A wonderful tingle exploded in her hot body. Her fucking tempo increased Ugh! Ugh !Ugh ! She sighed. The tingle crept to her Magnificent breasts, circling to her nipples. "Oh Gods." she groaned. Her eyes fluttered open as She saw two men playing with her nipples..which were standing out proudly. Diana felt a pressure in her pussy., a pressure that kept building and building . The Amazon princess realized She was being fucked with a monster cock. She whimpered "Ohh Yesss...Sooo Gooddd" .Fuck me good. Pleasure began to replace the pain. Diana rocked harder, siting on this monster cock . That was consuming her lust."Ughh..Ughh..Ughh. She panted .In her dream ,the man pulled her Towards him and they kissed... A kiss like never known to any man, "mmmnnppphhhhmmmm " She moaned into his mouth as the man fucked into her slowly, letting her enjoy his cock. "wonna cum...wonna cum..." she sighed.

Diana was gushing with lust .Her pussy stuffed with a fat cock."Ugh..slurp!Ugh.slurp " She panted ,as she ran her lips all around his face.. Kissing him with all her passion.. Suddenly Her head shot up..A pressure was on her ass."Ohhh..Not again".,she screamed . But the second cock continued to push forward .Hands covered her body, fingers pinched her tits ,then rubbed her beasts slowly, the cock pushed further up her ass.."Ohhhh the pain , it hurts ...get it out" She Moaned . But she was pulled forward into another wild kiss of passion." mmmphhmhm" she sighed,,and leaned into the back the passion .Her mouth was full of tongue.. Her Pussy was stuffed with a fat cock....and now her ass was also filled to capacity... Both cock's rocked with rhythm.."Aahhhggghhhh..Oh Hera...No More...Diana panted.. She never felt this full in all her life . She was pressed between two hot bodies, slick with sweat. "Mgugh.! Mgugh Mgugh" she moaned moving the cock inside her pussy, the warmth spread , and she felt her body react." "ump.ump..ump ump" she grunted as she pushed back into the cock in her ass now too, yearning to meet both "Ohhh Godsss " she screamed in her dream.. .then it was "NOW". "..Aaagghhh Yiieeeeeeeee I'm cumming. OHH fuck me you bastards Fuck...fuck.. .Ohhhhh pleasure ohhhhh Yes the pleasure..... Then back into a new sleep........

Diana was awakened by the sound of a door closing. She opened her eyes, not knowing where she was or how long she was there. She lay on a silk sheets covering a huge bed... still naked ..but her wrists were handcuffed behind her and a single cuff held her left ankle, with a chain leading to the bed post. "Good morning princess... I hope you've been resting well"said Wilhelm, as he entered the room. Diana looked him in the eye replying "What have you done to me you scum?"Wilhelm reached the bed and produced a key. "And why are you doing this?"As Wilhelm spoke..."Because I can".. He unlocked the cuff from Diana's ankle."And a million dollars in gold is a lot of money to fuck and train a whore ." He then rolled her on her side and uncuffed her wrists..."I'll see you hang for this."she said.." I'll be missed."..."You are on German soil now princess."Replied Wilhelm ."And your fate is sealed here."Diana was confused....she knew her body felt sore and used, but she was clean and smelled fresh.. As she rubbed her sore wrists...Wilhelm tossed the cuffs on the floor saying "Let me show you how wrong you are Wonder Woman ,Ha .Ha .Ha."as he sat on the bed and reached over and began fondling Diana's breasts.."You like this Diana?" as he rolled her nipples with his fingers. "Mmmmmm .Please stop" she said with a low whimper from her mouth.. but her body was already betraying her.

"Well listen carefully WONDER WOMAN....listen "NOW"....

Diana's body shuttered...a strong tingle entered her body... Her mind told her to fight this urge."Now Diana .On your knees and suck and worship my cock, begin your new life here and "NOW" as my cocksucking, slut , and whore . Wilhelm opened his robe and Diana viewed a big cock between his legs. She licked her mouth as she slid her wet tongue over her lips.."AHHHH what's wrong with me?" she thought.. But leaned forward and started laying kisses on Wilhelm's cock.."Ahhhhh..yes fine fine my beautiful slut"... Diana's mind continued saying "No..No."but her body still betrayed her... She lifted her hand and fondled Wilhelm's balls.."Aaaggghhh"he sighed..Diana's mind also betrayed her now...thinking all this was still a dream. Staring at his cock, Diana opened her mouth and lunged for his cock like a professional cock sucker. "Mmmmmm" she moaned .."Not bad tasting."

As Diana was servicing Wilhelm, .... Heinrich ,Kurt and Gerard entered the bedroom and witnessed Diana's head bobbing up and down Wilhelm's cock.. "Is this a private party ?" asked Heinrich.."Ya" said Kurt "The slut looks busy". Wilhelm looked up."Ahhhh ,the whore will handle all you can give her .She "NOW" belongs to me"Heinrich approached Diana... turned her chin...."Up princess"..Diana...wiping her lips Ross off her knees. Heinrich grabbed her to him and kissed her deeply.. Diana felt herself melting against him."Mmmmpphhhmmm"she moaned returning the kiss passionately.. ."This isn't right" her mind said.."Mmmmm" I like this" her mouth said..Again her mind spoke to her"This is wrong"... But feels sooo right "..."Ohhh Yes " she moaned ,as his hands ran up and down her body and over her breasts. As his fingers found her hardened nipples, she grabbed Heinrich to her as hard as she could and ground her groin against his bulging cock..."Ahhhhh. My Frauline learned well"..Diana grabbed one of Heinrich's hands from her hardened nipples and dropped it down between her thighs to her wet pussy.."Yes Yessss" she cried out as his fingers sought and found her clitoris and began to tease it from it's hood."Ohhhhhh godssssss!!Yesssss That's it right there. Make me your whore":Diana hissed as his fingers began to flick her clit."Mmmmm "she moaned into his mouth as she sucked his tongue as it were a cock. Diana dragged Heinrich down on top of her as she fell back upon the bed, spreading her legs for him.. She grabbed his head from behind his neck ,and pulled it downwards so that his face was against her breasts"Oh yes..suck it you Bastard...suck me like the slut I am" she cried, as she thrust her breasts up to him and began to moan as his tongue began to swirl around her nipples."Suck them! Suck them!" she moaned as his fingers kept moving across he clit..Diana was lost in a sea of lust, and pre orgasmic delight. She could stand no more," Please please ,get your cock inside me now, I need a cock in me nowww" she growled,

Heinrich had been waiting for this moment. He rolled off Diana as her made a grab for his cock, but he was too fast for her and managed to get up and to strip off his pants. Heinrich saw the desire in her face and the lust in her eyes as she lowered her hand to her clit and began rubbing."Aaaaahhhh!! Fuck me .fuck me"she said ,moaning and twisting .Feeling the lust inside her body and her need for cock Diana couldn't understand her feelings for this man after all the things he had made her do and would make her do in the future.

Diana moaned," Ahhmmmm" as her orgasm drew nearer due to her lust. She longed to bet him, scream at him, but knew that would only please him and make him torment her still further, so she gritted her teeth. Knowing how wet and ready Diana was , he rolled on top of her and commanded.."Put it in slut". Diana reached and grabbed his magnificent cock and placed it at her hot and wet pussy. Heinrich slide it in easily into her slick channel..."Grrrggoo...Aaagghhh fuck meee..please fuck meeee"

˜"Oh yes Princess..We will fuck you and you will enjoy every bit of it . You'll experience pleasure you have never felt before ." Kurt and Gerard now moved to where Diana's head was. Heinrich started to move between Diana's spread legs."Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. ugh." she panted.

"Ohh yess yess fuck me good....let me be your slut" as she shook her head left and right, the lust burning inside her hot body. Diana arched her back up to meet Heinrich's thrusting cock.."ugh . Slurp.slurp ugh ugh ugh slurp"..echoed in the room as his balls slapped against Diana's ass."Ugh ugh.slurp.slurp ughgggggoooddddssssss It feellsss sooo good", she sobbed. As Heinrich fucked her long and deep, Kurt and Gerard placed their hard cocks on each side of Diana's face..Diana's mind dropped another notch."I must not." she thought ,"but I'm a slut and a whore". Kurt rubber his fingers along her beautiful lips as Diana moaned. Then he guided her mouth to his erect member..Glassy eyed, Diana licked it to his balls. then turned and did the same to Gerard's stiff cock also.

Gerard placed his hand on Diana's head and pulled her head towards his throbbing cock. Shockingly without a command or bring told, the Amazon princess parted her lips and sucked the cock between her lips and into her mouth Diana knew she should have shown some sort of defiance to these's men's actions by trying to avoid these cocks, but her body again betrayed her and she eagerly accepted the cock going into her mouth. "Mmmmmpphhhh"she moaned."Slurp! Slurp!slurp!" as she wrapped her tongue around the cock she now craved in her mouth.

With a glassy eyed far away look in her eyes, Diana enjoyed the sexual assault of these men. Her back arched as her hips gyrated slightly about on the bed, as Heinrich continued his pounding assault into her pussy." ugh ..ugh..slup slup ugh..ugh ugh.".on and on , breaking into a steady rhythmic thrusting as Diana accepted it "mmmm slurp..slurp...ugh..ugh..ugh.. .on and on . Diana released Gerard, turned her head and sucked Kurt's cock into her mouth,"Ahhhh"he sighed.."Suck me good my slut.""Mmmmm.".slurp..slurp" mmggmmoommnddd" Heinrich pounded her for 15 min. before he felt his balls twitch some."Ahhhh my bitch... "Now' it comes "."YES. Yes!! Cried Diana..."GHAAAAHH." Groaned Heinrich... "AAIIIIEEEEIIIIIEE"

Screamed Diana as "NOW" gave her a mind blowing orgasm.. "uhh..uhhh cum in meeee"..Diana's dam burst...she came and came hard still screaming... "Yess11Yess!! Heinrich ,gasping, backed away Kurt, having his cock abandoned , with Diana's screaming, quickly replaced Heinrich and easily slid his cock into Diana's now soppy wet ,slick pussy. He slammed his cock hard into the Amazon Princess.."Ohhhh more ..Yes !!More...I can take moreee.... Fuck me harderrr" she moaned "ugh..ugh..slop..slop..slop.." she grunted...arching her back and meeting him thrust for thrust..."Ahhh Yes the perfect slut a good whore and fuck back.." as his balls banged against her ass cheeks with each thrust...

Diana's lust now knew no boundaries..Acting only as a complete slut . Seeing Gerard's still hard and erect cock at her head.. she reached out and grabbed his balls in her hand. "Ahhh!!!still your favorite cock princess?""Then suck it good.". ."Mmmmnnnppphhhmmm"she moaned as Diana began to make love to this magnificent spear. With each penetrating push from Kurt's cock, Diana's tits jiggled along her gorgeous body., while still servicing Gerard's cock with her oral talents . After several minuets Kurt cried"Ahhhhggghh.."Now" it cumsss"...

"Aaaaiiiieeeeeee"screamed Diana...again a mind blowing orgasm...Kurt slumped exhausted..

"More sex! More loving!" moaned Diana, as she rolled to her left and wrapped her arms around Gerard's ass and pulled it into her face as she gulped on his cock. ."mmmmpppphhh"she sighed ..Sucking him deep to the back of her throat.. .Diana was overcome by lust...

Wilhelm was viewing this show with a rock hard bulge between his legs. He knew she was ready and so was he. HE wanted her now but he wanted the unused hole. He wanted her ass.

"Gerard" he said ."Lay on your back". .Gerard did as he was told and lay on his back with his hard cock straight up in the air." More" said Diana."I want more cock". .Wilhelm replied ," Then crawl to it Princess, You know what to do, don't you?" Diana was guided to the tall spear of a cock, on her hands and knees. She needed no instructions as to what was expected to do, as she immediately took his erect cock between her lips. "Yes Princess ,that looks sooo sexy."said Wilhelm."Suck that cock hard Diana. You like cock between those luscious lips don't you my Amazon slut?""Mmmmmnnnmmmm" she cooed. "Would you like another cock in you Diana?"

Diana ..lust giving way to thought, innocently and obediently nodded her head in an affirmative manner..sighing.."mahh hhmmm" As Wilhelm was giving all these instructions,,,he was also busy fondling Diana's perfect breasts, which were handing over Gerard."Oww.Hera"

It feels so fucking good"

Diana was enjoying the cock in her mouth.,licking the length then sucking. Lust quivered

her body. Wilhelm was squeezing her tits which hung so invitingly as they swayed back and forth..Wilhelm then reached under Diana's waist until he reached her cum soaked clit. He pushed two fingers in, then pulled them out coated with what would be lubricant. He then reached up and carefully began to insert his index finger into Diana's arse..

Diana's blue eyes opened wide as she pulled her mouth from Gerard's cock. Arched her back and yelled ."Ohhh! Aphrodite not there again ?".. .but lowered her head and returned her mouth to the awaiting cock."Do you like sucking young cock Diana?" .."Huh??Oh,Oh,Yess"she pleaded, as she continued to lick the cock. ." Shall I fuck the whore's ass Gerard?" he chuckled."Ja 'yelled Heinrich as he approached them. "But why not all three holes at once?"

Diana heard the words and knew what was coming ,but still felt a chill run up and down her spine thinking of doing three at once."Would you like that my beautiful whore? Would you like three at once?" Defeated in ever way ,Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons, just meekly nodded her head yes, but still was locked onto the cock in her mouth. Wilhelm then lifted Diana from Gerard's cock with a popping sound coming from her mouth .He then told her to turn around and mount Gerard's cock.. Doing as instructed Diana turned and easily slid down an the awaiting huge spear."Ahhgghhhh" she moaned as she slid to the hilt on the cock.

Wilhelm spoke to Heinrich,"You take the front, give her mouth a fresh cock." Wilhelm pushed Diana's back forward to help her along. He then placed a finger on her ass with more lubricant, and wiggled it around after sliding it in some. "Oww it hurt's" she cried .He removed his hand and with a great deal of lubricant Wilhelm coated his cock. He then leaned forward and placed the head at Diana's opening, pushing into her arse. He was now ready to replace his fingers with a much bigger object. He pushed it in slowly. Diana pulled her mouth from Heinrich's cock and moaned "gghhooowwww.. Ohh..HERA..Ohh Godss..NNO" she screamed

"Hold still",he said. Diana moaned "mmmmmm" not daring to move for fear of more pain.

Wilhelm remained still, letting Diana get used to the felling in her rectum. He wanted her to orgasm while being ass fucked . Heinrich sensed what Wilhelm. had done and pushed his cock to the back of Diana's throat. She gagged some, pulled back and continued to suck for pleasure.

"Mmmmmppphhmm slurp..slurp..slurp" Then Gerard lifted his cock into her pussy.."ugh..ugh..

Slop ugh slop.."Diana just wanted to fuck on and on and on....

Diana was making it sound as good as it felt. She held her breath and felt him ram his hips once more with a powerful grunt, jamming the silky , stiff cock up to the hilt. Heinrich still smashed into her mouth. Diana's mind took over again."Sooo Goodd...I'm a good whore...ugh ugh..slurp slurp..this slut loves it allllll...Ohhh Aphrodite...I fucking love it " Gerard felt her quivers. "GOD!! This bitch wants to cum. she's so fucking hot. what a great fuck she is"Diana heard all this and knew that what he was saying was true. Shame washed over her body."Do you like this Princess..., three cocks at once?"said Heinrich. "Mmmmm" she hummed on the cock in her mouth. Wilhelm had barely begun pushing forward with the brutal length of his prick into her ass before she felt the chilling sensation of anal penetration and let out another howl."EEIIyoww"

Wilhelm smacked her hard across the ass, leaving a red print on her cheek ass."Stop" he said .Diana relaxed , much against her wishes, and felt the prick in simulate again at her ass hole.

Wilhelm leaned down over her , grabbing her tits as they swayed with his thrusts , his cock digging into her as hole. Diana felt his muscles tense all over the front of his body. Gerard below her , was twitching and pumping ever so slightly with his large hips."Hold her Gerard" said Wilhelm." Cause here I go" Diana felt Gerard's strong arms encircle her as Wilhelm's cock spread her sphincter to it's fullest and plowed it towards the vital organs in her ass. The chamber of her ass expanded to make room for the searing cock as it plunged in. "Aggghhhiiieeee..the gods have abandoned me" cried Diana. " Relax" said Wilhelm. Relax your ass."

Diana panted, with a cock sticking half way up her tender ass. Wilhelm eased his motion.

Soon Diana began to adjust to the cock."ugh..ugh..ugh" She could feel the two cocks stuck in her two holes as they rubbed against one another."ugh..ugh.." she pushed on the cock.."gha..gha.gha

she pushed back with her ass. "Relax" said Gerard," we're going to fuck all your holes so relax and enjoy it",."Ahhggghhh" she moaned, as Heinrich held her face steady while fucking her mouth. She tasted pre cum and quickly swallowed it down moaning "mmmmmm that does taste good" ˜Gerard go in rhythm." said Wilhelm as he shoved his cock back up the slick rectum while

kept only the head of his prick in her cunt. The pressure diminished, the pulsing cocks even made her feel warm and secure in a perverse way."mmmmmhhhhhh" she moaned deeply and was able to relax into this degrading display of carnality for the first time. "Mmmgghhu OH Hera can I feel so fucking good doing this" she thought ," I can't stand the want of needing more"OWWWWWWWW ,fuck me fuck me"Heinrich's cock continued fucking her mouth. She sucked again as soon as he began to calm down and the cock hit the back of her mouth , he bucked again. She had control now and she liked it." I will be their slut.. I will be their whore. I will suck ,I will fuck. I AM A COCKSUCKING WHORE"she screamed at her mind. "Look at her go "said Heinrich".'Yes! " cried Gerard,"she's liking it more and more"Diana was as hot and heated in lust and passion as any woman could possibly be."Mmm slurp slurp..slurp..slurp.." she sucked the cock."ugh..slp..ugh..slp.ugh.slp.."she fuck the cock in her fiery cunt..ght..ght...ght,,,gh

she fuck back into the cock taming her ass to near orgasm.

Diana sucked again, and the head of the turgid cock sunk into the opening in her throat."

Aaaggghhhh yes said Heinrich," sweet, sweet mouth" :His animal groans told her of his excitement .His cock fucked in rhythm. Diana felt the itch in her cunt. The fire in her belly along with the it in her pussy, told her that even against her will the passion had been ignited in her..

Heinrich grunted,"ggrrhhhh" and held Diana's head still, his cock pulsing wildly , He held her head tightly now and was holding it still. Diana was waiting for him to start pumping her head again on his cock .She was beginning to love the feel of his thick rod in her throat. Heinrich yelled..."SUCK YOU WHORE !!SUCK"

Diana found out soon enough as the thick , heavy fluid began to pump into her mouth.

Her throat began contracting sporadically around the member, taking big gulps down willingly.

Heinrich had emptied his seed into her"Mmmmslurp.slurp,slurpmmm" "she hummed along his staff, and continued sucking."mmmmmm" first for her pleasure and then began cleaning him off too. Heinrich rolled away exhausted and completely sated. Diana could feel her nipples harden

against the soft hair's on Gerard's chest. The nubbin's seemed to be pulsing at the same rate as the cock in her hot reddened cunt. Diana sensed an empty feeling in her and tried to push herself back down to impale herself more fully on the chabby cock , working her juicy cunt."ugh..ugh..

slop,,slop..slop..ugh. ugh...she emitted as she worked the cock in her pussy. She relaxed again,

as Wilhelm kept going up her ass. Gerard was sensing Diana's rising passion and lust as she panted." ugh..ugh.ugh"and slammed on his cock. Gerard was pumping slowly, pushing up into her pulsing cunt. Now the two cocks were pistoning in her like a two- cylinder engine, pumping fuel for the fire of her passion."Ugh!!ugh!!slop..slop..ugghhhnnn. yes! yes! I like it !I like it.

Diana was panting, her head was beginning to swim from the fire in her ass and cunt. She could feel her sphincter spread wide each time the cock in her ass hole hit the base, and hair tickled her rectum. Two different delicious sensations were careening through her body at the same time . "It's ok!..It's !Owwww..keep going, keep fucking..ahhhggghhhhh fuck you bastards fuck meee"

she screamed and slammed her body wildly on both cocks...

Diana was ashamed of herself for beginning to enjoy the "torture" they were putting her through, but she knew that she couldn't do anything else but feel the awesome pleasure that was happening to her ass hole and cunt ." Gerard ..pick up speed " said Wilhelm. "Ok...OK. " he replied, straining between strokes..."uhg..slop...uhg..slop..uhg..slop..""ohhhggggiiieeeee..godsss

sooo fucking gooddd..I can't take any moreee "Diana she felt her pulse racing as their pumping increased. "Ohhggguugggg" her cunt twitched wildly , pulling and holding Gerard's cock like a vacuum. "Aw!!! aw!" her ass hole began to wink like a small fist of pleasure squeezing in Wilhelm's cock to new fullness and rigidity. ."Yess..yess..harder ..Gerard harder" .she cried. "Deeper ..Wilhelm..deeper... I need it alllll..

The two men lost control of their rhythm and began pumping wildly and without restraint.

"Ugh..ugh..ugh..ugh..ohhhh yess " Diana screamed as she felt her insides ready to explode with the pressure...but inside her knowing she couldn't yet.. Diana withered between the two horny cocks." gghu..gghu..gghu.." she bucked and heaved.."awwwiiieeeeeee" .she sighed as she took Gerard's cock deeper into her cunt, her slick ,inflamed cunt lips rubbing the prick to new hardness. "Ugh..ugh..uhg..ugh..ahhh ahhh aaahh.panting as she pushed back fucking into Wilhelm's impaling cock, her ass hole spasseming around him." Aaggghhhiiieeemmmmmm"

Diana yelled.. only to have her cry choked off as Gerard buried his hot thick tongue in her mouth, swobbing the opening opening to her throat. Wilhelm wiggled his hands between her and Gerard's chest to squeeze savagely at the tenderness of her gorgeous full tits. Diana felt her fires increase."Gglloowwwhhmmmm" Diana cried . Unable to speak around the probing tongue.

Diana's chest was rising up and down..she was lost in a sea of lust and passion...she knew

she felt this was wrong..but was compelled to go on. In one more final attempt to find her identity

Diana tried to search her mind back to where it all started. Then she felt a cock in her pussy hit a spot .Her eyes closed and she moaned."mmmmgghh"Her mind shattered and she heard her thoughts echo to her. " YOU'RE A COCKSUCKING WHORE..ALL YOU NEED IS COCK.


Diana wrapped her arms around Gerard's neck and kissed him a kiss as no man was ever kissed before. She impaled herself first on one cock, and then the other, seesawing back and forth in a deliciously sensual manner. She pushed her ass hole up to Wilhelm's cock, and then dropped her cunt rapidly down on Gerard's waiting cock ." Ohhhh Hera!!!soo good feels sooo good, I'm a fucking slut and a whore..Ahhhggghhhiiiieeeee and I love it" she screamed. The two men were going crazy with their own lust and passion, but they remained motionless as they could under the circumstances. Diana could feel her fires. "Ggoooddddsssss.." she sighed .She could feel Gerard's cock swelling up in her like a balloon , stretching the heated tissue of her cunt even more ,Ugh..slop...uhg..slop..ugh..slop.." please..please, I'm sooo fucking horny " she cried. Out in anecdotic delight as the first scalding burst of Gerard's cum exploded in her tender cunt .

"Ohhhhgghhhh" Gerard sighed .

"Ohh yes yes ..yes. Fill me you bastard ,let your slut have it." She trashed wildly against him .rubbing her inflamed clitoris savagely across his spewing cock. "Soo.soo.ggoodddd"she cried her cunt was on fire .Then she felt the spastic palpitations's of Wilhelm's cock pulsing into her ass hole and fill her bowl's with his hot sperm. H e leaned forward..squeezing Diana's tits and said.."NOW MY WHORE " .It triggered her orgasm with a devastating force..."Aarruugghh

uggiiieeeee.."Ohhh greattt Heraaa..gggrrrhhhiiiieeee" Diana went wild..she thrashed so blindly that both Germans were nearly thrown clear off the bed., With both cocks fountining their thick cream into her bowel's and belly , Diana felt her cunt tighten and release in time with her clinching asshole. Her back arched and stiffened under Wilhelm's continued thrusts, the red hot knot of pleasure expanded in her cunt,.. sweat dripping from her gorgeous body glowing in it's glory, never has she ever felt this full .Gerard and Wilhelm staggered and withdrew from the bed their cocks still at half mast's..Diana was still in a sexual maze. ." Noo..noo! !more..I need more cock..fuck me againnn" reaching for their cocks in front of her.. Kurt then stepped in "I'll fuck you again Fraulein." as he approached stroking his lance long cock. " Yes ! ! yes ! !" said Diana " more cock...more cock..." as she wearily slumped back and opened her beautiful long legs ..." More cocckk....moorrreee cooccckkkkkkk.."

"More ...more ...more..." yelled Diana as she jumped up in her own bed ,in her own room sweating...." Great Hera...when will these crazy nightmare's ever leave me?".. Then looked into her mirror and said...'Or is this as good as it gets???"

THE END ??????