Powerdoll and Vehemoth

Author: Alx Orange
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Added Date:1/27/2024

"Thanks for coming, PowerDoll," said General Thicke to the sexy superheroine who posed before him, "Some damn little liberal terrorist shit has stolen an experimental weapon from the lab here at our restricted research facility and now he’s threatening to destroy the government unless we bow to his demands."

"What weapon?" asked PowerDoll.

"Our most recent prototype of the Behemoth Project. It’s a sort of giant robot suit; not unlike something out of one of those Japanese animated movies."

"But I thought that project had been discontinued because of budget cuts," said PowerDoll.

"Well, the project was much too important to loose its funding just because a bunch of bleeding heart liberals would rather shelter the homeless or educate the poor," explained General Thicke, "so we added Behemoth to our list of super secret research."

"So, what can this suit do?" PowerDoll’s voice resonated with an air of indifference.

"The suit is made of a supersymbiometalloy which morphs and melds to the nervous system of the operator. The operator controls the suit as if it were his own body, albeit a nearly invulnerable body with a weapons arsenal of mass destruction." The general paused, then mused, "One man in that suit could take on an entire conventional army."

KABOOM! A nearby building erupted in a thunderous explosion. PowerDoll shielded the General from the shower of debris as the surrounding soldiers scrambled for cover.

"Yes Sir, this looks like a job for PowerDoll!" PowerDoll snatched up Thicke and flew him out of harms way. "You know, it’s men like you who are responsible for situations like this, but that doesn’t mean I should let him blast you to bits!"

As she set General Thicke down he replied, "I just follow orders and do my job."

"By the way, General, what ARE the terrorist’s demands?" the proud heroine inquired.

"He has only two demands. Firstly, he wants all military spending to cease until everyone in the world has unlimited, uncensored Internet access. You know, the usual bullshit about power to the people and such. Secondly, he wants to meet you, PowerDoll. Maybe, one out of two..."

"I’m going to make him sorry he ever made that demand," interrupted the supremely confident heroine.

Thicke shrugged. He couldn’t help but watch PowerDoll’s gorgeous ass as she flew back towards the huge plume of smoke now rising into the air. It was hard indeed to blame the guy for demand number two.

As she approached the scene of the explosion she could make out a large metallic-looking figure in the road. With little effort the figure pushed aside a transit bus parked in front of a barracks. In the tradition of blonde superheroines, she took the direct approach. She streaked straight for her foe’s chest. She figured one superpowered blow should bring a quick end to this little confrontation.

WRONNGGG!! PowerDoll bounced off metal man’s chest and slid to the pavement, her whole body vibrating from the force of the collision.

"You’re face kind of rings a bell," giggled the geek in the suit as he raised one huge metallic boot to crush the heroine. Now it looked as if it was PowerDoll who would come to a quick end, but she flew away just as the boot came down, creating a large impact crater in the asphalt.

PowerDoll swooped back and hit her foe with a flying tackle that carried them both through the wall of a brick building. As stone and mortar crumbled around them, PowerDoll was surprised as her head rocked backwards. Big grey fists pummeled the blonde’s beautiful face. One particularly fierce uppercut sent the superheroine somersaulting back into the street.

PowerDoll tumbled to a stop. As she got to her feet and began to dust herself off she suddenly sensed the growing shadow of a rapidly descending object. Too late. It hit her. A bus crashed down from above and came to rest where PowerDoll had been standing. The grey giant admired his toss.

"That’s what I call a bus stop," he chuckled.

For a split second there was no movement, but then a blue-gloved hand rolled the bus aside. PowerDoll’s hair was mussed, sweat streaked the dirt that now caked her bodacious body, and she was more than a little dazed.

"Feel like you were hit by a bus? No rest for the weary," declared her opponent as he delivered a straight right hand that sent her flying through the front windshield of the bus. The stunned Doll came to rest in the back of the bus.

"He...he really hurt me," the nearly invulnerable heroine whispered to herself in shock and surprise as she wiped a trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Huge grey hands began to crumple the bus like it was an aluminum can. There were explosions of glass and the tortured screams of metal tearing and scraping. The behemoth proceeded to compact the bus into a ball with PowerDoll trapped inside. Finally satisfied with his efforts, the awesome grey villain took aim at a dumpster down the alley.

He entertained himself as he launched the shot, "Seconds to go...he takes the ball and shoots from half court...it’s good!"

The big bad shot-maker put his hands up in the air to celebrate victory, but in seconds the dumpster began to rattle about. Once more came the sounds of metal on metal and finally PowerDoll dragged herself out of the dumpster. Her red cape and white bodysuit were ripped and torn in numerous places, exposing sneak peeks of her glorious superflesh.

As PowerDoll got to her feet the grey giant attacked again. A bone-crushing blow to the gut drove all air from her lungs. Her large breasts heaved as she gasped for air. The grey goliath hoisted her up by the cape to deliver another blow. PowerDoll kicked out as hard as she could with one blue boot. THUNK! His head rocked back, but he maintained his grip on her cape.

"My turn," he said. WWHOPPP! The back of a big grey hand separated PowerDoll from her cape and sent her cartwheeling back into the street. The grey giant followed with a big piece of red cape still clenched in his fist. PowerDoll took to the air as he approached.

"Go ahead and fly away, PowerPussy. You are no match for VEHEMOTH," declared the gunmetal grey monster. He was an angry young man who had become the ultimate weapon. Vehemoth raised one big grey fist which morphed into a cannon as he pointed it at PowerDoll. "My plasma cannon can blow a hole through twenty feet of reinforced concrete--let’s see what it does to you."

An orange blast of pure energy raced toward PowerDoll, but she arched her back and dodged the blast.

"You’ll have to hit me first," she taunted.

"AAARGH!!" A second blast hammered PowerDoll in the chest.

"You were saying?"

A ball of flame with arms and legs crashed to earth. The pavement collapsed and the fireball known as PowerDoll tumbled into the sewer system below. Vehemoth peered into the hole in the road as PowerDoll struggled to her hands and knees. Tongues of orange flame continued to dance all over PowerDoll’s super body.

"I’m...on fire," gasped PowerDoll as Vehemoth entered the hole.

"Yeah, yeah, I guess you are pretty hot," he admitted, "but I know how to put out the fire."

Vehemoth ripped up a section of pipe and directed it at PowerDoll. Foul smelling liquid sprayed all over the heroine, dousing the remaining flames.

"Oh Shit!" exclaimed PowerDoll as the cold water drenched her.

"Exactly," said a laughing Vehemoth as he pointed to the ‘raw sewage’ warning on the side of the pipe.

PowerDoll was in trouble and she knew it. The beaten babe cowered against the wall of sewer and awaited her fate. For the first time in her life PowerDoll was actually trembling.

"Smuggling raisins?" inquired Vehemoth, looking at her heaving breasts beneath her soaked bodysuit.

PowerDoll’s nipples were dark and taut from the effects of the cold water. Vehemoth reached down, grabbed two handfuls of hooter and lifted PowerDoll into the air by her tits. Vehemoth gripped the back of PowerDoll’s neck in his right hand and held her up like a trophy. As he stood and admired the bodacious, curvaceous perfection that hung limply from his hand Vehemoth suddenly began to grow a new energy cannon. He ripped away what was left of PowerDoll’s bedraggled bodysuit and pressed his tungsten tube against her shivering flesh.

"Oh my god, it’s so big!" she gasped, her eyes as deep and wide as oceans.

"Want some super sex?" he asked.

"I’ll take a raincheck on the sex and just have some soup."

Nervous, PowerDoll nearly choked on this terrible pun. She leaned forward and wrapped her candy-apple lips around the top of his organ’s big pipe. It was her first time to give a superblowjob, but she was a natural. She began to suck this huge phallus like no phallus has ever been sucked before. At first she could sense the rumbling of a train in the distance, but it soon became the powerful reverberation of an oncoming locomotive. This big boy was about to blow! PowerDoll pulled away just as the geyser erupted. Her tits and face received a violent steam cleaning.

PowerDoll quivered with anticipation as Vehemoth lifted her up by her blonde hair. The time had come to ride his turgid titanium tool. Their fusion was like a nuclear reaction, his power rod plunging in and out of her red-hot core. The smell of ozone hung in the air and bolts of electricity crackled all around the two supercharged bodies that came together in a cloud of energy particles. As they approached critical mass an eerie orange glow lighted the sky above the base.

From more than a mile away General Thicke watched the meltdown in horror. "Damn, I might as well kiss my ass goodbye."

SSHROOOOM!!! A familiar phallic cloud rose six miles above the earth. All the weapons of mass destruction housed at the government’s secret research facility were completely vaporized. At the bottom of a crater nearly three miles across and a mile deep lay two naked, smoking superbeings.

"Glad to make your acquaintance, Doll."

"First time, big boy?"


"Me too," she whispered hoarsely.

"Doll, was it good for you?"

"Just like I always though it would be."

Suddenly they each began to speak, "Want to do it again?!?"