Wonder Woman: Domination

Author: Apolo Sputnik
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Introduction… (Readers Digest Condensed Intro)

This story is meant as a fourteenth and final episode for the first season of Lynda Carter’s TV Wonder Woman. The first season of Wonder Woman follows the adventures of the legendary Amazon who is an ambassador to man’s world during the Second World War.




There it goes again.

The organic sound of flesh pounding into flesh echoed loud enough to stir Diana Prince from her deep slumber. The sound was too familiar to her. Someone could be getting punched. Tortured. Or worse. The noise was becoming so intense; she fought off the overwhelming nausea and drifted from a state of unconsciousness to consciousness.


Her eyes slowly opened, and she fought to focus in the overwhelming darkness. It took her several moments to come to her senses. But, even before she had fully awakened, she was aware her environment was completely unfamiliar to her.

The only bit of light was seeping in through a crack at the bottom of the door, and was more a liability as an asset, as her eyes burned against the brightness. It was hard to see.

The air was cold and bitter. The ground was damp. She was shivering. Why was she wearing her silk evening teddy? This was obviously not her bed. Where was she?

Her hands and feet ached. The pain was familiar to her; swollen wrists and ankles. She tried to get comfortable, but found that moving was difficult. She looked down at her hands. Her eyes finally focused in the darkness…

She gasped in terror as she noticed her hands and feet were shackled with gigantic heavy manacles! She was on her back, and her arms and legs were bound by heavy steal. She was chained to the floor like some animal!

Her body twisted and turned as she struggled to break free.

“Uhhhh!” Her soft girly grunts echoed throughout the dark chamber during her futile struggle.

She couldn’t…even lift…her hands…off the ground!

She gave it one giant effort.


After a moment of struggling, she stopped.


Diana Prince had no memory of where she was or how she got here. And that noise. The pounding sound that woke her. She was afraid to examine the source of the commotion.

Her curiosity got the best of her. She glanced towards the general direction of the constant noise.

Directly next to her was a woman-chained, just like her, but spread eagle to the cold stone floor. A man was on top of her, ravaging her, violently thrusting his penis deep into her exposed vagina.

Diana was appalled.

Her overbearing sense of empathy put herself in the woman’s place for a moment. She tasted the naked man’s sweat. His hot, rotten breath against her exposed neck and breasts. His silent lustful stares tearing into her virgin soul.

Chills of pure fear engulfed the helpless yeoman. What is this place? How could she help that poor woman?

Diana tried to break free from her bounds. She tried to lift the heavy metal shackles that bound her arms and legs together.

“RUUUUH!” She grunted. It was no use.

Finally, she took a breather. Without her Amazon Strength she could hardly lift the steel that bound her. In fact, she was not even able to lift her hands from the ground! She wasn’t going anywhere!


She faced the poor woman again.

This time, the rapist noticed that Diana was awake and stared lustfully at her. Diana gave him her best look of defiance, trying to intimidate him. He just smiled and winked.

“She’s ready.” He barked in German. His accent was thick. His voice deep and menacing.

Two uniformed guards were standing so still in the darkness, Diana did not notice them until they moved at the rapist’s orders. She never knew the guards were there! Like they were shadows themselves! She wondered who else could be in the room with her that she could not see?

The guards each grabbed one of the woman’s legs. In perfect union, they lifted the woman’s legs high up over her head. They held her legs firmly in place, despite her pathetic attempts to struggle free.

The man continued to pound his throbbing member into the helpless woman. In a few moments, he groaned in delight as he climaxed.

The poor woman knew what was happening. She cried out in total defeat. “NOOOOOOO!”

Her cries filled Diana with a sense of doom.

The man pumped every ounce of semen deep into the woman’s womb. The woman could not stop sobbing during his entire assault.

“You beast!” Diana yelled. “Leave her alone!”

The man looked deep into Diana’s eyes. He smiled, and dismounted the crying woman.

The guards checked the woman’s belly.

“She’s knocked up.” One of the guards reported.

“Take her to the incubator.” The rapist demanded.

Through their native dialect, Diana Prince assumed she was dealing with the Nazi’s. Only they could be so inhuman!

The rapist waited as the guards unchained the broken woman. She tried to escape, but the two men easily restrained her.

Effortlessly, they bound her arms behind her back with rope. They tied her feet together, and pulled them back as far as they could, so her wrists could be tied to her ankles. A ball gag silenced her screams. A single piece of wood was placed between her tied wrists and ankles.

The guards got on either end of the wooden beam, picked her up and carried her off as if she were a pig about to be roast in a fire. Diana could not look away as the woman was dragged out of the dungeon. The door slammed behind them.

Diana’s attention then focused to the rapist as he walked over to her. He knelt beside her. The two stared defiantly at one another in the darkness for what seemed and eternity.

Without a word, he reached for her legs. He up lifted the soft silk of her teddy, exposing her thighs and her crotch. Diana watched in terror, not knowing what to do. She was shocked that a man tried to touch her like this!

Then, just to taunt her, he ran his finger slowly down her naked belly towards her exposed crotch. He could feel Diana tensing as he got closer to her womanhood.

“No! Don’t! LET…GO OF ME!” She cried out in defiance.

He ignored her pleas, continuing to explore her soft flesh with his dirty fingers. “The way you tremble. No man has ever touched you before.”

Diana’s eyes widened as the fingers slid down her belly, past her shaved pubic region. The probing fingers slid down into the valley of her closed legs. She pulled her legs together as tight as she could to prevent him from touching her most private region.

He rubbed the soft skin of the vaginal lips, opening and closing them with his thick fingers.

“OH! OH GOD! STOP! STOP!” She cried out.

His unwelcome touch made Diana want to gag. It was the most egregious, disgusting feeling she ever endured. Her body wiggled as she tried to break her bonds. The man watched in sheer delight as she squirmed aggressively, but pointlessly, against her bonds.

“UHHHHH!” She cried out.

The more she struggled, the more he played with her pussy’s lips. Then, then he started to rub her clit. The over bearing sensation was almost too much for her to take, and she thought she was going to pass out. Or vomit. Or both.

“LET GO OF ME!” She finally yelled.

The man continued to ignore her cries, savoring the tightness of her pussy.

“You are a defiant virgin. I will enjoy breaking you.”

With little effort, he plunged his finger between the closed lips of her vagina, forcing his finger deep inside her.

“Urrrrah! No! Stop you…you animal!”

The man continued to fondle her. “We’ve never had a virgin in here before!” as he continued he spoke in a stoic tone. “We never had proper introductions. Allow me to introduce myself.” The man withdrew his finger from inside her.

Diana breathed a sigh of relief.

“Don’t…ever…TOUCH ME AGAIN!” She barked.

The man waited until her guard was down, and continued his attack on her. This time, he plunged two fingers deep into her. Her pussy opened wider than it ever had to before. Diana gasped in terror.


He raised his voice to talk over her struggling and crying. “My name is Heinlein. I am the General of this base.”

She cried out as he continued his assault. This never happened to her before! She could not believe this was happening to her!

“Welcome to my mating facility, Yeoman Prince. You are our special guest of honor!”

Diana’s eyes widened with sheer terror. The words spoken to her put fear into the deepest regions of her heart…mating? Was she to end up like the other poor woman? She was an Amazon! It was forbidden for a man to touch her…or Gaea forbid impregnate her!

He used his other hand, and stuck a finger up her ass. He worked both hands violently pumping in and out of both her holes. He body thrashed violently.


The violation was too much for her to bear. She moaned in disgust, but her verbal protests fell on deaf ears.

She struggled to catch her breath during the attack. Diana managed to mutter out only one word under her breath.


The general stuck a third finger into her pussy, stretching her vaginal lips even further apart. Diana screamed again.

He worked Diana, watching in delight as her body heat rose a few degrees. She was heavily sweating from the ordeal.

Heinlein smiled, and continued to molest her as he spoke. “I will return in a few moments. When I do, we will begin your breeding immediately!”

The General picked up the pace with his aggressive violation of her ass and pussy. He finally saw a tear roll down her cheek. She did not whimper, or cry. But seeing that tear was a victory for the General nonetheless. He will see her cry in time.

“Before I go, I want your body to betray you. You will get wet for me.”

He focused his attack by rubbing her sensitive clitoris. She could feel her body temperature starting to rise higher and higher. Beads of sweat dripped all over her firm body.

“We are developing all types of breeding technologies here. Like hormone inducing chemicals that will enlarge your ass, hips and breasts, making you the perfect child bearing machine. We have incubators that will allow you to carry a baby to full term in just thirteen weeks. We are going to turn you into a Nazi Super Soldier Breeding Whore.”

The General noticed her vagina was moist.

“You see, little whore. Fight all you want to. But nature made women for one purpose…breeding. Even against your will, your own body just betrayed you. Your body is prepared to take my seed, even if you don’t want to. A bit more, and I could get you to have your first orgasm. But I think I will wait till I get back before we can experience that joy. Get use to the idea that you will live out the rest of your life fulfilling your…motherly duties to the Nazi party.”

He then withdrew his fingers from her crotch and ass. He pulled his hands away.

Diana closed her legs tight, ashamed.

He put the damp fingers that were inside her towards her lips. She tried to turn away, but he grabbed her head with his other hand, and forcefully inserted his fingers deep into her mouth, forcing her to taste herself.

“MMMMMMMMM!” She tried to cry out, but was silenced by his intruding moist fingers. She tried to pull away, but he made sure she got a good taste of herself.

His fingers went deep into her mouth, and he kept them there long enough to ensure that he delivered a massive blow to her resistance and her mental strength.

After a few moments, he removed his fingers from her mouth, and let go of her head. He sat there and stared coldly at her, smiling at her predicament.

He removed a small metal, round canister from his pocket. He opened the lid, and wiped a small dose of the cream inside on his fingertips.

“This one of many chemicals we will constantly inject into you. This is just a little taste....”

With that, he reached for her breasts. She struggled to break free, but it was already pointless.

He took one of the straps holding the teddy in place, and slid it down her shoulder, exposing one of her massive 36 CC breasts. Diana gasped. Without hesitation, the General grabbed the exposed tit with an iron grip, and held it firmly.

“NOOOOO! LET GO OF ME!” She cried out.

Diana struggled to get away. She could not break her breast away from the General’s grasp. He held her firmly, squeezing tightly.

“AHHHHHHHA!” She cried out.

He lowered his free hand towards her nipple. Diana noticed the fumes coming from the slimy substance on his fingertips.

“Get…that…away from me!”

He ignored her, and rubbed the cream on her nipple. It was cold, and wet, and slimy. The General rubbed it into her flesh, working it into her pours. The dampness of the chemical enhanced the cold damp air. The General could feel her nipple getting hard.

Instantly, something started happening. She felt…an odd swelling, a pain…inside her tit. It was getting sore. Expanding. She could feel it grow. Her nipple felt wet. Was her nipple now leaking?

As if...it was producing milk at an astronomical rate!

The General waited a moment, then gave her breast a firm squeeze. Breast milk squirted from her nipple like a geyser.

“What have you done to me?” Diana cried.

“Like I said. A taste of what is to come. Now, imagine what happens when we give your entire body a bath in this concoction.”

Diana stared at her breast in horror, watching it grow, and spraying milk like a beer can that’s been shaken too much before it was opened.

The General laughed, and got to his feet. “Let me get your operating room ready. I will be back in a few moments, Cow. The quicker I prepare your body, the quicker we can get you impregnated.”


The General exited the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

She could not help but stare at her bare mammary gland. It continued growing-it was at least one more breast size, and counting. And…it was still leaking milk over her shivering flesh.

She knew she had to get out of here. It couldn’t end for her. Not like this. All she had to do was turn into Wonder Woman, and she could easily fight her way out.

She tried lifting her arms and legs, but the chain was just too much for her to lift.


She tried to stand, but again, the weight of the steel prevented her from getting off her back.


There was no way she was going to lift the chains! She had to spin into Wonder Woman if she had any hope of getting out of here! She tried to escape again, with all her strength.

And again.


And again.


It was no use!

A voice came from the darkness. “You have to escape.”

Diana looked in the direction of the voice. It was so dark that her eyes had to adjust a moment to pinpoint where the voice had come from. A silhouette formed as her eyes adjusted. It was the form of a chained woman, also spread eagle on her stomach. Another body in the darkness she did not see.

“My name is Dorit.”

“Diana. How? How can we escape?”

“Free yourself from the chains. Break through the door. It’s impossible, but it’s the only way.”

“Are we alone?”

“Yes. We’re the last two women left. At least in this cell. The Nazi’s must really want to impregnate you. It usually takes them weeks to alter your body with their injections, and surgeries, and tests. My…my breasts are so large, I don’t know if I can even stand. I have to get out of here. The next step for me is breeding. I don’t want any of those men’s seed inside me.”

Diana sighed. “I…I don’t know if I can even move. These chains are so heavy!”

“Try. Please, before Heinlein returns. Once he gives you the shots, your body will become a breeding machine! The shots will ruin you! You have to get out before Heinlein gets back!”

Diana tried to get up again. “URRRRRRR!” She pulled with all her agility until she managed to get the chains off the ground.

For a second.

With a loud THUNK! the chains crashed to the ground again. It took all her strength just to get them that far off the ground! It was no use. How could she spin into Wonder Woman if she could not even get up? If only she could build momentum, like falling. Something. Momentum was her only chance to lift these heavy metal shackles.

Diana then noticed the floor was at a slight incline. And she was only shackled, but not chained down. If only...

Diana used her body weight, and tried to roll across the floor. It took every ounce of her strength to do it, but she started to gain momentum. She was rolling unevenly across the floor.

Diana managed to pick up enough momentum to roll across the floor. A blue light exploded around her body.

Dorit watched in amazement, as Diana Prince transformed into Wonder Woman!

The light dissipated. Diana Prince was gone!

Wonder Woman’s rolling body slammed into the wall. The heroine didn’t miss a beat as she tried to remove her shackles. Even with her superpowers, it took her a few minutes to break free from her bonds.

But, she did it. She then tore the metal away that bound her legs together. She was free! The heroine walked to Dorit.

“You…spun around…and became Wonder Woman! It appears a true miracle has occurred!”

“Let’s talk about that later. First, let’s get you out of here.” “What about the others?”

“How many others are there? The woman prisoners?”

“Dozens. At least.”

“Dozens.” Wonder Woman said in shock. Someone had to put a stop to this facility.

Wonder Woman went to work to break Dorit’s bonds. Even with her super powers, she struggled with each one.

“These chains…are hard to break.”

After a moment, Wonder Woman frees her, and helps her to her feet. The two exchange smiles. Dorit had trouble standing, but found her balance. “Thank you.”

Wonder Woman looked sadly at her fellow woman. What did the Nazi’s do to her? Her breasts were so abnormally large, they were just sagging like a giant beer gut. The heroine could tell it was hurting Dorit to stand, much less walk-or run.

“We have to get out of here. Tell the Allies about this place. Then…then I will personally return to put a stop to this. Free the other women imprisoned here. I promise. Can you walk?”

“I’ll try.”

Wonder Woman arrogantly strode to the door. She put her hand on the knob, and ripped it off. She then lifted the dungeon door from its hinges, and set it aside. She looked around. No guards. The cocky Nazi’s were confident that these poor women would never escape.

Confident the cost was clear, Wonder Woman looked at Dorit and offered her a smile. “Let’s go!”

The two women exited their cell. The hallway was just as dark as their dungeon was. There were men’s voices off in the distance somewhere, but in the other direction.

The women resorted to whispering.

“How do we get out of here?” Wonder Woman asked.

“Follow the running water. It will lead us to the water fall. We can swim our way out! It’s the only way!”

There was a solid stream of water running through the middle of the complex. Wonder Woman took Dorit’s hand, and the two ran down the corridors, following the creek of water running down the middle of the hallway. The further they ran, the wider and deeper the stream became.

Eventually, it engulfed the entire hallway.

The water came up to their ankles.

The hallway turned into a cave.

And at that point, the entire floor was covered in water.

The women pressed on.

The water got deeper and deeper, it was now calf high.

The women continued their escape in silence, listening to the cries of poisoned women and children crying off in the far distance behind them. To force a woman to reproduce…it was beyond inhumane. It made the heroine’s blood boil.

The water was just above Wonder Woman’s thighs, making it nearly impossible to walk.

“Before we go any further, I have to change into my dive suit. There could be mud. Since Amazons were created from mud, certain types of clay can be dangerous to us. My blue suit protects me from…”

The tunnel came to a fork. There were three directions to go. Wonder Woman studied her surroundings. If they were trying to get to the waterfall, the water should be running right to it. But it seemed to run into all three corridors.

“Which way?” The heroine asked.

There was no response.


She turned behind her. Dorit was gone! Was this exit booby-trapped? Did the Nazi’s capture her?

“DORIT!” She shouted out louder than she intended.

Wonder Woman made out something moving in the distance, back in the direction she had come from. It was moving towards her. Her eyes struggled against the bright light to make out the figure. Was it Dorit? The Nazi’s? She felt a tremble come across her. She had no idea how to get out of this place. She didn’t even know where she was!

“DORIT!” She yelled again.

Her voice echoed throughout the corridors. Someone was approaching her. Maybe it wasn’t Dorit.

The figure got close to her. She couldn’t make it out.

They didn’t answer back. Whoever it was, they had to know where Dorit was!

She got into her battle stance.

She heard a laugh.

She was already blind enough, but several spotlights came on, shining on her face, and illuminating the cave. Wonder Woman looked in the direction of the laugh.

Behind a giant spotlight, stood the General, and three-dozen armed guards. Dorit there too. There was something…odd about the silhouettes of the soldiers… The blinding spotlight made it difficult to see.

It didn’t matter. She had to get Dorit back. Then get the hell out of this place.

“We knew Diana Prince and Wonder Woman was one in the same. But until now, we had no idea how you transformed. Thank you for helping us learn this secret, Dorit.”

Wonder Woman got a chill up her back. Dorit was working with the Nazi’s! And they knew about her secret identity? How? What was happening here? The heroine could see the rapist General standing with a dozen armed Nazi guards, and Dorit, right next to him. She had set her up! Why?

Dorit offered Wonder Woman a smile.

“As Diana Prince, you are worthless. Weak, pathetic. But as Wonder Woman, you are priceless! I asked Dorit to spy on you. Learn the secret to your transformation. And, if you turned into Wonder Woman, her orders were to lead you here. The water is deep, and it is difficult for you to maneuver, giving us the advantage over you.”

“Dorit, you are a woman. How can you allow these men to do this?”

“I am also a Nazi! This is Hitler’s vision! To create the next generation of Nazi’s! Soldiers with more power, more agility, more…”

“Enough!” The General barked. “She does not need to know any details…yet.”

“I will enjoy bringing you down General! You and your men will pay to what you do to women here!”

“No, Wonder Woman. It is you who will pay for your crimes against the Third Reich! You have intervened in our plans quite often. If not for you the American economy would have gone bankrupt! (“Last of the 2 Dollar Bills” - G.G.) We would be able to control the weather! (“Judgment from Outer Space” – G.G.) If you were not so vital to our program here, you would be dead by now. I hope this doesn’t hurt you…too much!”

It was then that Wonder Woman noticed the General, his guards, even Dorit, were now wearing full body rubber suits!

She glanced down, and realized her predicament. She was standing thigh deep in a giant body of water!

The General flicked a switch. The electrical current passed through the water into the heroine’s body. The initial shock threw her against the stone wall.


She screamed in pain as the powerful current continued to surge through her body in wave after relentless wave. She could not help but convulse intensely as the powerful electric current continued to fry her. She could smell the char of her own flesh popping under the immense heat. Every hair on her body was standing on end. She tried to fight it, defeat it, but it was a losing battle.

She could only stand there, shaking, as more and more electricity pounded her. Her chest felt as if it were going to explode.

“Not so Wonderful now, are you, Wonder Woman?” Laughed Dorit.

Moments later, the General gave a nod, and the power to the generators were shut off.

Wonder Woman fell into the water face first, and floated lifelessly until the Nazi guards could reach her. Two men pulled her head above water and checked her pulse.

“She’s alive.”

“Any human being would have been fried ten times over. Her body is extremely resilient. She will make Hitler the ultimate breeding machine.”


Wonder Woman awoke days later. Her eyes danced around the busy room.

Unlike the previous dungeon she had stayed as Diana Prince, this room was extremely large and well lit.

Wonder Woman was chained, spread eagle.

Members of the Nazi party surrounded her with cameras on tripods. She also noticed her lasso was tied around her waist.

The General was waiting for her to awake. He held on tight to the end of her lasso.

“You cannot try to escape. You must obey, yes?”

“My...my lasso…compels me to obey. I won’t try to escape.”

“Long time no see, Wonder Woman.” A voice cried out.

Wonder Woman was so sore; she was unable to move her head. But she managed to move her blue eyes enough to look in the direction of the familiar voice. Her eyes widened as a man dressed in a white lab coat stood to her right.

“Last time we met, you were with Andros. You were forced to surrender your lasso, bracelets and power belt to me for studies, for a period of time. That is, before your rude escape.” (“Judgment from Outer Space” -G.G)

Professor Graebner. Nazi scientist and weapon designer.

Wonder Woman remembered him well. She had fallen prisoner to the Third Reich after she failed to rescue Andros. Graebner tried to unlock Andros’ weather displacement device. He also studied her captured Amazon attire. Amazon science was decades beyond Graebner’s thinking. Such a man full of malice was below unlocking her sister’s magic, just as the Nazi’s were unable to unlock Andros’ secrets.

“Last time we met, you escaped. But, not before I was able to take samples from all your Amazon attire. Your belt. Lasso, Tiara, Bracelets. I thought Andros’ weapons would be the most beneficial to the Third Reich. But in reality, it was you, Wonder Woman, who would be our greatest asset.”

“You are greatly mistaken, Doctor.”

“Since we last met over two years ago, I was able to make breakthroughs in my research of your artifacts. You are about to be tested to turn my hypothesis into concrete actual scientific theories!”

“Enough small talk!” A voice barked.

A man approached the helpless heroine. Wonder Woman’s eyes widened in shock! It was the man himself, the epitome and embodiment of what the Americans, and the Amazons, fought against…Adolf Hitler!

Hitler approached the Amazon, with one hand behind his back. He knelt down on one knee before her. “The last time you were in the motherland, you kidnapped a guest of ours. A man who belonged to ME! Where is the American they call Andros?”

“He…he…he was as American as he was your guest.”

Hitler removed one of his leather gloves, and slapped her face. “Where is the American Andros and his weather weapon?”

“It was not a weapon…and he is gone…he…he returned home…to his people.”

“To outer space?” Mocked Hitler.


“Andros was an American spy! There is no such things as aliens! Doctor Graebner, are you sure this lasso works?” The Fuehrer barked.

Graebner smiled. “It works. Allow me to demonstrate. Remove her bindings. All but her golden lasso!”

“We risked to much to capture her. We have captured her several times before, and she always managed to escape! Not this time! This time she will serve the Third Reich!”

Hitler’s gaze met Graebners. “I assure you, my Fuehrer, there is nothing to worry about. We have taken every precaution to insure Wonder Woman will never escape on her own merit.”

The guards in the room waited for Hitler’s direct order.

Hitler nodded. “If she tries to escape, shoot her. I would rather her be dead than continue to foil our plans against the Americans!”

The guards knelt down and unlocked the cuffs that bound her hands and ankles. One by one, the chains were removed. After all four chains were removed, the Amazon remained on the floor. She did not move.

“Why aren’t you trying to escape?” Graebner asked.

The lasso forced the prisoner to answer. “You…you ordered me not to.”

Graebner faced Hitler again. “Let’s take the experiment one step further, shall we?”

Hitler scowled. “Yes. I am not fully convinced! We need to unleash the Tamer on her!”

“Patience. Let me demonstrate the power of her lasso first.” Graebner knelt down beside the heroine. The rapist General handed the end of the lasso to the Professor. “Let me acquire some leverage before we continue with my experiment. Wonder Woman. Have you ever been with a man? Sexually?”


“Have you ever wanted a man? A man that you would do anything to protect? A man you love dearly, and would never want to fall into Nazi hands?”

Wonder Woman’s body twitched as she fought with every fiber of her being to not answer. But despite her best efforts, she was unable to disobey the power and magic of her own lasso. “Y…yes.”

“What is his name? This man you lust for?”

Again, the heroine tried to fight the answer. “St…” Her body tensed again as she continued to try to attempt her lasso. “St…” She knew she had to answer. Her fighting was pointless.

“Steve…Steve Trevor.”

“I know this man.” Graebner barked. “He tried to rescue you and Andros. He even tried to rescue you during Operation Fraulein. But you had to rescue him both times!”


Hitler turned to the General. “Have our U.S. operatives find this man. Bring him to me. Alive.”

“No…please…leave Steve alone…”, Begged Wonder Woman.

“It is not Steve Trevor you should be worried about, Wonder Woman. You should be more concerned with the plans we have for you.” Snickered the rapist General.

“Fine. I am convinced. Unleash the Tamer! I want to see that our investment in Amazon artifacts have paid off, Graebner!” Hitler ordered.

Graebner smiled, and began dictating to the helpless prisoner in a calculating voice. “Let me explain my revelations to you Wonder Woman on your Amazon technology. The belt around your waist maintains your strength away from your homeland on Paradise Island. It is made of an unknown gold metal. The same gold material stitched into your red bustier, that blossoms around your breasts in the form of an eagle. And, I confirmed before you woke that this gold material is even lined on the inside of your blue satin trousers. So, why do you have the same metal that gives you all your supernatural Amazon powers in direct contact with your female sex organs? It is not so hard to believe the essence of your Amazon magic is bound by your…sexuality. My theory is, if we were to taint your sexual prowess, we could tap into your Amazon power source and corrupt the very magic that gives you your strength.”

“What the doctor is saying, Wonder Woman, we believe that if we get you to orgasm, it will cause a rift in your Amazon powers. Any man who mates with you AFTER your orgasm, will be able to tap into your power source. Drain you of your powers with each invading thrust, until all your powers belong to the man who raped you, and you are robbed of your Amazon magic. I guess an easier way to put it is, this process will rob you of your Amazon Strength and transfer it to the man robbing you of your virtue.”

“Eventually,” Greabner added, “your powers will be depleted, and your magic will then force you to transform into your alter ego, so your belt can recharge. This is the beauty of it! Your magic allows you to reach full strength again, even if all your powers have been depleted! Once your belt is recharged, we will repeat the raping process until you have given us an army of Nazi soldiers, all with your strength.”

“Absurd!” Wonder Woman barked.

Hitler slapped her again in the face. This time, he hit her as hard as he could, leaving a welt on her cheek.

“What if we impregnate this cow in the process?” Asked Hitler.

“Then that baby will have her powers as well. We will put her into the incubator, with her Amazon agility, she will give birth in days. Perhaps hours. Either way, you will have your super soldiers.”

“N…never! I will never…let…you touch…touch me!” Defied the bound heroine.

Hitler slapped her again.

“I want this cow’s spirit broke. Her feisty attitude upsets me. I want to see fear in her eyes! Discipline! Respect! BREAK HER! Quit wasting time and introduce her to the Tamer!” Hitler walked away from the heroine and towards one of the cameramen.

The General pulled Wonder Woman’s hair, forcing her to look over her shoulder. There, on the table next to her was a white device the size and shape of a banana, but glossy in texture. Greabner picked the item up, and approached the heroine.

“I spent the last two years to build this device. The Nazi’s have code named it the Tamer. I never dreamed you would actually fall into Nazi hands so soon. There are so many experiments I want to conduct on you. So many theories I have about your Amazon Technology and Magic.”

Graebner turned the device on. With a loud hum, it came to life, wiggling violently, squirming like an aggressive snake picked up by its tail. It also expanded and contracted randomly, growing four times its original width. Finally, it seemed to recoil into itself into the bottom of the device. Then it spring out violently. The recoil feature repeated rapidly several times.

“Amazon magic feeds from your sexual purity. Once we put this device into your child bearing aperture, the Tamer will disrupt your Amazon Magic, forcing you to be stunned until the device is removed. It keeps you in a state of paralysis. You will still have all your Amazon powers, but as long as the device is inside you, you will be in a comatose, paralyzed state.”

With that, Greabner turned the device off, and it quit moving. It looked harmless to the Princess now, just a rubber banana-like device.

The whole concept seemed absurd to the Amazon Princess. These Nazi bastards would never have the ability to unlock any Amazon Technology. Everything coming from the Professor’s mouth was pure nonsense.

The General took the end of the lasso. He leaned in, and with his heavy breath, breathed an order that sent fear into the darkest places in Wonder Woman’s heart. “Take the Tamer, Wonder Woman. Insert it deep into your pussy yourself.”

Wonder Woman fought to disobey, but in moments, the magic of the lasso took control over her. Her trembling hand took the rubbery device from Greabner. It wiggled and slithered in her firm grip. It was not even turned on, but was just a limb, slimy, disgusting tool.

“Spread your legs.” Ordered the General.

The heroine obeyed.

Hitler watched in sheer astonishment. He pointed at the heroine’s crotch. The camera man zoomed in, making sure he got all of it on film.

“Here. Let me help you.” The General noted. He reached down, and moved the thin piece of blue satin fabric aside covering her womanhood. The cold air hit her pussy lips, and Wonder Woman shivered.

Wonder Woman’s body trembled as she fought the order. Her hand lowered the Tamer between her spread legs. She set the pointy tip against the clenched lips of her womanhood, and she held it there, fighting the order. She blinked and swallowed nervously, as she tried to fight the command.

“Insert it! NOW!” Barked the General.

Wonder Woman fought the order another moment or two, but then, against her own will, her hand began to push the device inward. She gasped as the head of the device slowly pushed its way between her pussy lips, plunging inside her virgin hole.

“H…hera!” She cried out.

Goose bumps ran up and down her entire body, as she felt her temperature rise. She closed her eyes to hide, knowing she could not win.

She pushed again, and the device went further inside her.

“OH…OH GOD!” She cried out.

Graebner yelled to all the cameramen. “Be sure to get this all on tape for my studies!”

“And for anti-United States propaganda.” The General added. “The Americans will be saddened to see what their icon has been reduced to.”

Her entire body began to tremble, as she felt herself growing weaker by the second. Graebner was right! She was falling into a state of paralysis! She let out a tiny cry as the device was finally pushed as far as she could push it.

“Uh…uh…uhhh!” She muttered under her breath.

She never felt so weak in all her life. She could not move! How could this be? How could this be happening to her?

Her hand fell limp to her side, and the General watched in lust as her breathing increased rapidly.

“Pl…pl…please,” begged the heroine, “please take…take it out.”

The General took the end of the device, which was sticking two inches out of her pussy, and he began to rotate it in a circular motion. The device was thick, and it was painful. Wonder Woman let out another whimper.


“A whimper is not good enough. I want to break you. I want to see you cry.” The General barked. “Tears and all! I want to see the pain in your eyes, bitch!”

He continued to stir the device as if her female opening was a cup of coffee. She grunted and groaned with each turn.

“Please Gen…General! Please st…st…stop!”

He smiled to hear her beg. He placed the fabric he put to the side over the dildo, securing the Tamer inside her. Her satin briefs were very form fitting, and it took some work to get them to expand enough to cover the extra 2 inches that the device stood out from her pussy. Once the General finished, he stood up. The dildo was contained in her crotch. She had a small bulge in her satin briefs where the tamer head poked out.

The General picked up the end of the lasso again.

“My Fuehrer. You are still not convinced how helpless Wonder Woman is. So allow me to give you a final demonstration. You may go now Wonder Woman. All you have to do is get past the men in this room and you can go.”

With that, he untied her lasso. “It may be the only way you can save your Steve Trevor.”

Free from her lasso, Wonder Woman opened her eyes. She tried to get up, but the dildo inside her had rendered her nearly paralyzed. The Germans watched in amusement as the woman struggled to get to her feet. She had to lean on one of the operating tables in the room to be able to stand. She moved very slow, and each movement drained her physical and mental stamina.

She tried to remove the dildo from inside her crotch, but her form fitting sating shorts made it impossible to get to. Especially in her current state. She could see and feel it sticking out of her, but it was too deep, and she was unable to use her powers with it inside her.

“The TAMER is not even turned on yet, just sitting inside her, and it has rendered her powers neutral!” Greabner proclaimed.

Wonder Woman stumbled towards Hitler, but the General stood in her way. She grabbed him by the uniform, and tried to throw him, but her weak hands had enough trouble holding on to his fabric.

The General bitch slapped her, sending her Tiara flying. She fell on her back a lifeless slump. The General grabbed a chunk of her hair, and pulled her to her feet.

The heroine tried kicking her opponent, but her leg landed against his ribs, and did nothing to him. Her powers were totally rendered useless. He took her leg, and pulled her close to him. He reached up under her legs with his free hand, and grabbed the dildo through her blue satin tights. He twisted and turned the device as he held her close to him. She cried out in agony.


“From this day onward, you are no longer Wonder Woman. You are just a cow!”

The General grabbed the Tamer, and pulled it out as far as her satin blue shorts would let him. He leaned in to whisper into her ear.

“I promise, I will break you, American Bitch!”

And with that, he slammed the dildo deep into her, as far as it would go. He pumped it in and out of her several more times. Each time, she would cry out in pain.

She fell completely limp. The General had to hold her up as he violated her. Wonder Woman let out another girlie cry, as the general let her limp body fall to the floor.

The General kicks her several times.

She had never been so humiliated in all her life.

But she was not beaten.

The heroine climbs to her feet again, and looks the General in the eye.

“Is that…the best you’ve got?”

“Show her the true meaning of humiliation!” Ordered the General.

Greabner turns the device on by remote.

Wonder Woman’s eyes widen. Slowly, the Tamer starts to move. It wiggles. Slimy. Slithering. Like a giant snake slithering, but deep inside her pussy. Every muscle in her body tenses. It’s slimy texture gliding up and down her exposed, defenseless clit.

It was unbearable. She opened her mouth to scream again, but she was unable to bring herself to cry out. She can feel herself get weaker and weaker.

Wonder Woman fights to keep her consciousness, and is no longer able to stand on her own accord. She falls against the wall for support.

“Uh…uh…uh…uh…” She continues to mutter, at the mercy and physical prison of the Amazon Tamer.

The device then expands and contracts inside her, stretching her pussy wider and wider.

“Oh…oh God!” She screams. “NOOOOOOOOO!”

The heroine falls to her knees with a scream. The device then recoils. There is a moment of silence that gives the heroine a glimmer of hope. Hope that the device has failed and is broken. But then the spring-loaded device fires out back to its original large shape, firing the head deeper into her snatch than anything had ever been before. The firing had such a kick, that if her star spangled panties stretched with each firing of the powerful recoil!

Wonder Woman screams in again, and falls to the floor.

“The power grid is set at 1. It goes up to fifteen! She is defeated with the Tamer’s weakest setting!” Graebner boats.

The General walks past her again, kicking her as hard as he could in her rib cage. She smashed against the floor with a violent thud.

Wonder Woman is so weak and in so much turmoil from the Tamer, that she hardly notices.

“Set it for rapid recoil.”

Greabner obeys. The device recoils and fires rapidly, several times a second. Wonder Woman’s body shakes in violent convulsions. She cannot take much more.

The Nazi cameramen capture every moment on tape. Greabner’s men take notes. Hitler smiles in amusement. And the General glares at her. It is only a matter of time before her powers will belong to him!

Moments later, with a simple nod from the General, Greabner uses his remote to shut off the device.

The machine slowly powers down, and eventually goes limp. Wonder Woman just lies there, quivering.

The General takes the edge of the lasso, and reties it around her waist. He gets no resistance.

“You must obey me?” “I have to…yes.”

“I want you to give your new master a present. I want you to give him a blow job.”

“I…I don’t know…what that is.” Wonder Woman responded, not sure she wanted to really know. The General laughed at her innocence.

“I’ll talk you through it, virgin cow. Crawl to your master.”

Wonder Woman gets on all fours, and crawls to Hitler. Her curvy ass shaking side to side with each walk. The heroine was weak from the TAMER, and stumbled most of her humiliating crawl.

She wanted to fight back, but she was as weak as a sickly, bed ridden child! Plus her lasso overpowered any ability she had to disobey. She was at the Nazi’s mercy!

The General holds her golden leash as she crawls, following her. Once she reaches Adolph’s feet, she stops.

“Get up! On your knees.” Wonder Woman, under the power of her own lasso, had to do so.

Hitler looked down on her with angry eyes. “You are too arrogant!” He barked at her. “You need a lesson in manners!”

“Unzip his pants.” Ordered the General.

Wonder Woman flinched in disgust. “Wh…what? Why?” Before anyone could answer, the lasso forced her to obey. Her trembling fingers fumbled with the man’s zipper. She saw a bulge in his crotch grow. “Undo his belt, and pull his pants to the floor.”

Wonder Woman obeyed. “Pull his underpants to the floor.” The heroine again tried to fight the order, but had to obey. The undergarments hit the floor, and she closed her eyes to escape. She could only imagine what was next.

“Open your eyes.” Wonder Woman did. Hitler’s penis was only an inch or two away from her face. “Open your mouth. Wrap your lips around his penis and suck on it. And, I want you to think of your beloved Steve while you’re doing it!”

“Pl…please…n…no…” Wonder Woman pleaded.

Hitler did not hesitate, and bitch slapped the heroine, and she landed on the floor with a violent thunk. A trickle of blood ran down her cheek. The General grabbed her by her hair, and pulls her back up to her knees.

“Follow your orders, Cow!” Wonder Woman opened her mouth, and put her lips around the head of his penis.

Hitler let out a moan. “Put it all the way in your mouth.” She did.


Wonder Woman sucked as if she was sucking a straw in a thick shake. Her mind started to blur as she looked up at Hitler, her mind convincing her she was seeing Steve Trevor’s face. It aroused her a bit, and she got more into what she was doing. The penis was large, and it nearly chocked her.

Hitler grabs a fist full of her dark hair, and rams his penis deep into her throat. Wonder Woman stops sucking, and coughs, gagging on the cock.

“Suck him off!” Orders the General.

“Mmmmm!” Wonder Woman tried to scream, but was silenced by the throbbing penis lodged deeper and deeper into her throat by Hitler’s violent thrusts.

“Keep sucking him off. But stand up. Get your entire body into the blow job!”

The heroine is forced to obey. She struggles to her feet. Her legs spread into a V shape, bent over with her ass sticking up in the air, she buries her face into his crotch. “Throw your ass into it! Wiggle those wide hips.”

Wonder Woman obeys. Her body moves side to side as she sucks off the Fuehrer.

She kept thinking about Steve. The lasso had complete control over her. She got more into what she was doing. The lasso even convinced her mind to the point when she looked at Hitler, she saw Steve’s face, smell his OLD SPICE aftershave.

The General takes the end of the TAMER, and thrusts it in and out of her pussy as she continues to suck off Hitler. Because of the effect the Tamer has on the heroine, she falls to her knees. “Don’t stop sucking him off!” Orders the General. Wonder Woman does her best to obey, despite the fact that she was moments away from passing out.

Hitler grabs her hair as he climaxes, and blows his load deep into her mouth. The heroine nearly chokes on the steamy liquid that is shooting down her throat. She tries with what is left of her strength to pull away, and Wonder Woman manages to break free from his grip, falling to the ground. Hitler is still cuming, and blows his hot steamy cum all over her limp body.

The Amazon Princess scowls as the jizz drizzles over her limp body, getting into her sweaty mangled hair, dripping all over her satin tights. How could this be happening to her?

The realization that it was not Steve both angers and embarrasses her. These bastards are going to pay for doing this to her!

“She has something she wants to say!” Sneered one of the cameramen. One of the cameramen gets close to her to capture the reaction of her humiliation.

Wonder Woman spits a mouth full of cum back towards the Nazi’s. She hits the lenses of the camera, and a drop falls on Hitler’s boot.

“That is it! Tame her! Break her!” Hitler orders.

Greabner turns the device on again, and Wonder Woman lets out a cry in pain.

“Turn it to 3! Put her out of her misery!”

The Tamer is so intense, complied with the sheer exhaustion of her recent ordeal, that her eyes roll to the back of her head and she passes out.


Wonder Woman wakes up again.

She could still feel the Tamer still inside her.

It is shut off. But just being here renders most of her powers worthless.

She is chained spread eagle to the floor again.

As Wonder Woman comes to, she has no memory of how long she was out. All she knows is she has to get away before their plans of stealing her Amazon powers can be realized.

To escape, she needs to use her powers. She cannot use her powers with the Tamer inside her pussy.

“Think Diana! There has to be a way out!”

She repositions herself, and tries to push it out of her pussy, using her vaginal muscles, as if giving birth.


Nothing. She then realizes why her plan would never work. Her satin shorts are pulled over the Tamer, which keeps in inside her.

She is chained. Maybe if she could gather enough power…

She groans as she struggles against her bonds.

Nothing. The chains do not budge.

She remembered how hard the chains were to break even when her powers weren’t neutralized. Hera help her! There had to be some way she could escape!

Her body twists and turns trying to fight the steel menace.

She lets out a tiny cry of frustration. “UHHH!”

It was no use. They may have her captured, but they will never break her! She thought of her little revenge against Hitler. She only spit his cum on his boot, but she still got him. It made her smile. It was the only thing she could hold on to at this point to maintain her sanity.

The door to her cell opens.

Her heart sinks. “Oh, no! What now?” She thought to herself. Could things get any worse?

“Wonder Woman!” Steve Trevor shouts.

Wonder Woman’s heart sinks as he is thrown into the cell with her.

“Oh no! Steve! They got you!”

He is blindfolded and has his hands tied behind his back. The guards throw him to the ground, and storm out. They slam the cell door shut behind them, leaving the two alone.

“Wonder Woman? Who? Who kidnapped me?”

“Nazi’s.” “Where are we?”

“I…I don’t know. But you have to…help me.”


“There’s…a device inside…inside of me. It is rendering me powerless.”

“Inside you?”

“The Nazi’s have exploited several new weaknesses I never knew I had. Now that they have you…I have to save us Steve.”

“What do I have to do?”

“You have to get this thing out of me!”

“What? How? I can’t see! I don’t know what you mean by inside you.”

Wonder Woman hesitates. She always dreamed of his touch against her naked skin, over her forbidden womanly areas. She always wanted to experience mating with this man. But never like this. Even still, she had to guide him. He was her only way to escape, and their only means of freedom.

“I will guide you. Turn around and scoot towards me.”

Steve obeyed. He slid across the cold stone floor, unknowingly crossing between her legs and the chains binding her legs apart.

He slid between her spread legs until he bumped into her crotch. “Stop.” She said a moment too late. She felt his warm hands against her thighs. It made her shiver with delight that she had never known.

“Wonder Woman? What’s going on? Where are my hands?”

“I need you to move your hands up…more.”

“Is this what I think it is? Wonder Woman?”

“I’m too embarrassed for details, Steve. Please use your imagination. And trust me when I tell you we have to get out of here.”

“Wonder Woman? These are your satin briefs aren’t they?”

“You need to lower your hands.”

She tingled in her crotch as his hands rubbed against her womanhood, his fingers pressing into her soft silky flesh. He ran his hands down her satin shorts, until he felt the rubber object protruding from inside them.

“Is this?” “It’s my…”

“Your crotch?”


“There’s something…inside…your crotch.”

“Yes. It neutralizes my powers while it’s inside me! Steve. Please! You have to help me!”

“Inside you…Those bastards! Hang on. I’ll get it out.”

Steve grabbed the end of the Tamer through the satin briefs, and pulled on it, trying to remove it. Each jerk sent a jolt of paralyzing pain throughout her entire body. Wonder Woman let out a few whimpers with each tug. She took the pain as long as she could, hoping for progress.

Finally, it was just too much for her to bear.

“Stop! Stop!” She begged.

“It’s…you’re too tight...”

“You have to remove my bottoms.”

“I…I can’t do that to you.”

“Steve, you have to. Please.”

Steve waited a moment to gain his composure. He reached behind her as she used most of her strength to lift her ass from the ground. He ran his hand up the crack of her ass, right up to the small of her back. There, he found the end of the zipper to her uniform. His fingers grabbed the end of the zipper, and with a tug, he began to unzip it. Wonder Woman got the chills again as the cold air hit her exposed ass. It took a moment, but Steve finally got the zipper undone. He then positioned himself under her, and with a few violent tugs, he finally managed to pull the sating briefs off her curvy hips. He scooted his body down while holding onto the satin panties. By doing this, he slowly slid them down her long curvy legs. Her legs were chained spread eagle, so the blue briefs couldn’t make it any further than her knees. But it was good enough.

Even with his eyes closed, he got a good mental image of the sight in his mind. Wonder Woman chained to the floor, legs spread eagle. Her panties dangling from her knees.

His penis was rock hard. He had always dreamed of being with the Amazon Princess. But NEVER like this.

He reached under the hammock of her satin shorts hanging between her two spread legs, and found the end of the dildo. He had to crawl on top of her to get better leverage. He got as firm of a grip as he could, and he took a deep breath. Wonder Woman knew it would be painful, and she closed her eyes.

Steve then gave a strong yank to the Tamer. Wonder Woman let out a cry of pain.


She was the most powerful woman in the world. She had endured more than any other man he had ever known. For her to be screaming like this…the pain must be unbearable. It hurt Steve to hear her in such agony, but he knew he had to get this thing out of her. She was counting on him for once, and he could not let her down. He continued to pull as long and hard as he could.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Wonder Woman begged.

Nothing. Why did it come out for the General and not for Steve? Graebner must have installed another fail safe to prevent her from moving it.

“You’re just…you’re too tight.” Steve pronounced.

“Steve, if we never make it out of here, there are a few things I have to tell you.”

“Don’t talk like that! We’re both getting out of here.”

“Steve, I love y…”

Suddenly, the heroine thrashed around violently. Her mouth was open to scream, but nothing came out.

Steve herd a hum noise. He reached down and grabbed the Tamer. It was thrashing like a gator drying to drown a gazelle.

“It’s moving…on it’s own! Like…like a worm!”

“Hurry Steve!” She cried out. “If it gets too active, I could pass out. Or worse!”

She knew if it took too much of her power, it would force her to transform back into Diana Prince. She didn’t want Steve to know her secret identity! And who knows what other damage it could do to her or to the Amazon magic that she depends on.

Steve gets the best grip that he can on the device. He pulls with every ounce of strength he has in his body. He could feel the device buzzing inside her. Wonder Woman let out a whimper as the Tamer picked up momentum. How could such a small device have such complete domination over her?

“What’s it doing?” Steve could feel the unit expanding and thrashing inside her. It was shaking and moving so much, Steve could no longer keep his grip over it.

“Steve! He…help mmm…” Her eyes rolled back, as the device’s domination over her was complete.

Wonder Woman’s body fell limp, quivering and shuttering as the inhumane device slithered and thrashed violently inside her. Wonder Woman wanted to tell Steve to hurry, but she could only whimper.

Steve could not get any grip on it. The device was not coming out.

“I…I don’t know what to do!” Steve cried out, frustrated.

Just then, the General came in. Steve got to his feet. He was blindfolded, but ran in the direction of his footsteps. He rushed over to attack the General. “You bastard!”

Before Steve could reach the General, one of the guards prods him with a cattle rod. Blots of electric current shoot through his body, sending him falling face first to the ground. He broke his nose on the fall, and laid there completely limp, blood rushing out of his nose.

Wonder Woman could only watch in terror. She tried to move, but the Tamer left her completely paralyzed.

The General knelt beside Wonder Woman. He removes a remote, and turns the Tamer off.

“Do you want me to kill your Steve?”

“No…don’t hurt him. Please, I’ll do anything you want.”

“I want you to prove it. We’re going to play a game.”

“You’ve won…You defeated me…Let him go!”

“He is here as a barging chip. If you try to escape, or disobey, Steve will get tortured. Or worse. I will kill him myself. And make you watch. Do you understand, cow?”


“Do you admit defeat?”


The General slowly undid all the chains that bound her.

“The tamer can’t be removed from you unless you have the remote. We let Steve in here to put the anti-removal device to the test.”

The General unarmed the tamer, removed it from her.

She let out a groan as it was removed.

Wonder Woman felt her power gradually return. She wanted to jump right to her feet, and knock the General around. But she saw two guards were holding a gun to Steve. She would never get to him in time!

“Okay. Now what?” She asked. She reached for her blue bottoms that were hanging off her boot, but the General grabs them. He runs the fabric down past her ankles, and throws them to a guard.

“Your mission is to seduce me, virgin cow. If it’s the best sex of my life, Steve gets to live. Otherwise, we’ll shoot him right here, right now.”

Wonder Woman cringed with disgust. The General sat on the chair in the corner of the room.

Several of his men laughed at her. She shot them dirty looks. When she looked their way, she saw Steve. One of the guards was holding his head up, forcing him to watch. Embarrassed, she then faced the General.

“Fine. You win.”

“Take off my pants.”

She couldn’t stop thinking about Steve. She would do anything to save him. And the General knew it. He was about to see how far she would go. She undid his buckle and zipper. She then yanked his pants all the way off.

“Underwear too.”

She did so, silently, defiantly.

“You’ve been here before, haven’t you, Princess?” Mocked the General.

It was the longest, most disgraceful moments of her life. The man who held her captive was now naked from the waist down. Almost defenseless before her. If they didn’t have Steve, she would toss him around like he was-

“Sit on my lap. Facing me.” His orders breaking her train of thought. Wonder Woman hesitated, but obeyed. She sat on his lap, feet together, like a child sitting on Santa. He pushed her off, and she fell to the floor.

“Straddle me, Cow!” Wonder Woman got back up. She spread her legs, and sat down on the General’s lap as if she was mounting a horse. It was the most uncomfortable she had ever been, being this close to him. His face just inches from her own. Worse, her exposed pussy being pressed up against his exposed, throbbing penis. To make things worse, she could feel his penis pressing against her crotch. She was so disgusted, and it was written all over her face.

“Dry hump me, Cow. Get me in the mood.”

“You’re a bastard.” She wanted to mutter to him. But she knew she couldn’t, and she had to obey. She closed her eyes to escape, and started to rub her crotch to his, bobbing back and forth. She could feel his member getting harder. It was so gross.

“Faster, Cow!” He barked, grabbing her ass. She obeyed.

The General watched in sheer delight as her massive breasts bounced up and down. Her cleavage spilling from her red bustier.

He noticed her eyes were closed. It made him smile.

“Kiss me.” He ordered.

She leaned down, and gave him a peck on the cheek. He grabbed a fistful of her soft raven hair, and pulled her face to his. He plunged his tongue through her soft lips, deep into her throat. She wanted to gag.

She could feel his penis as it leaked a small drizzle of sperm on her leg.

She got to her feet, disgusted.

When she did, she saw one of the guards punch Steve in the back of the head. She started towards Steve, but the other guard cocked the gun he had to his head.

“We’re not finished.” The General barked.

“Don’t do it Wonder Woman! You’re free! Beat that Nazi bastard to a pulp!”

The guards brought Steve back up and made him watch. Wonder Woman turned around and faced the rapist General.

“Remove your red top.”

She hesitated, but eventually complied with his demands. She reached behind her back, and unzipped the red top. It fell to the floor, and her massive breasts spilled out. Her nipples were fully erect in the damp cold air. Every man in the room was staring at her in complete awe. All she had on was her golden power belt, and her boots. It was so embarrassing to her. But the most beautiful sight any of the men had ever seen.

“Lean over me. Bend over as far as you can and put your tits in my lap.” She did so, leaning over him in the chair, bending over enough to have her face in his chest, and her breasts sitting on his lap.

The General took his penis, and placed them between her two towers. “Press your tits together. Hold them like that with your hands.” He ordered. She cringed, but did as he asked. She could feel his dick wedged against her two breasts. It was the most disgusted she had ever felt.

“Ride me.” He ordered.

Wonder Woman slowly bobbed back and forth. “Press harder! Smash your titties together!”

The General pumped his penis in and out of her spilling cleavage, until he came. He pulled out, shooting the hot sticky cum all over her soft hair and pretty face.

Wonder Woman pulled away. She felt the irritation on her breasts where his dick rubbed against them raw moments before. But what really disgusted her, was the loads of semen dripping from her face. She tried to wipe it all off, and fell to the floor.

“Get to your feet. We’re not done yet, Cow.”

Wonder Woman had to obey. She stood up. “Stand on one foot. Lift your leg as high as you can-above your head, and hold it. Try to keep your balance.”

The heroine sighed. She obeyed. She was so flexible, she was able to stand on one leg and lift her other leg straight up in the air, over her head with ease.

The General scooted his chair up to her.

“I am going to play with you. If you lose your balance, or fall…Steve dies.”

“What kind of sick game are you playing?” She demanded.

The look on his face told her how serious he was. She held her pose. She then noticed that her pussy was eye level with the General on the Chair! He plunged his middle finger deep into her ass.

The General liked her clit at the same time. Softly, at first. The contact of his drippy tongue nearly caused her to fall over. But she held on for Steve.

“Please stop this, General! Please…”

One of the Guards took the Tamer from the General. The guard then forced it inside the Amazon’s mouth! She wanted to scream, but she had the damn thing all the way into her mouth!

The Guard then took a plastic bag and put it around her head, keeping the Tamer inside her mouth, and making it difficult to breathe!

The General removed his hand from her ass, but kept licking her. She tried to scream a few times, using up the oxygen inside the bag. She couldn’t get any air, and she took deep breaths trying to get air. Her body shook as the Guard pulled the bag tighter, keeping her from getting any air.

Graebner brought out two more tamers, and handed them to the General. He took the first one, and shoved it into her ass. It took the General several moments to pound it inside her.

Each thrust nearly sent the Princess falling backwards, tearing her ass cheeks wide apart. Here eyes widened in terror knowing there was more than one of these damn Tamers in the world!

He took the last one, and turned it on vibrate. He went to work on her clit with it, and it took every ounce of power to keep the heroine from falling over.

After a few moments, the guards removed the bag, and she took in a huge lung full of air. Just as she did, the General turned up the intensity from the Tamer on her clit. She nearly fell.


Her body shook as she tried to keep her balance. It was a losing battle, and in moments, she fell to the ground. She landed on her ass, which shoved the Dildo as far into her anus as it could possibly go.

She screamed out in pain, and immediately rolled over, trying to get it out.

She got the dildo out of her mouth and tried to get the one out of her anus. The General grabbed an ankle, pulling her close to him. He then threw her on her back, and got on top of her. She stared him in the eye, and his hot breath and spit smelled like sour milk to her.

“You will be broken, Cow!”

And with that, he reached down, and violently shoved the Tamer deep into her vagina. The paralysis hit her aggressively, and instantly.

Once again, she was unable to move. He stirred it around for a moment, watching the painful expressions on her face.

He got off her. “Take Steve to the back and shoot him.” Ordered the General.

Tears filled the heroines eyes.

“NO! NO! PLEASE!” Tears fell, she started to cry. He saw the pain in her eyes and on her face. She was now truly defeated. Her reaction was all the General wanted to see. She proved just how much she cared for this man. Knowing that, the General smiled knowing he had everything he needed to completely break her. It was now just a matter of time.

“You’re no Wonder Woman!” He sneered, and started to walk away from her. Then, he heard her move. He turned around and watched.

Wonder Woman started to crawl towards Steve.

“Let him…let him go!”

Her legs were limp, and she had to use her hands to pull her entire weight.

“Amazing, your will power. Even with two Tamers making you an invalid.” The General nodded, and Steve was dragged out of the chamber by two guards. The door slammed behind them.

“Say good bye to Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman.”


She reached out for him as he was removed, trying to grab him with her trembling hand. And again, the General took in the her total look of loss, defeat, surrender and heartbreak that was written all over her face.

The other guard came up behind her, and stuck the cattle prod in her back. She screamed out, and shook as the electric currents flowed through her body.

She screamed, “STEEEEVE!” The guard repeated the process three more times before she finally passed out.

Wonder Woman fell into a deep sleep.

In her mind’s eye, she relived her final moments as a free woman.

She was Diana Prince.

She just got off work from the War Department.

She was at a bar. Drinking juice. Waiting for Steve to get off. It wouldn’t be the first time he stood her up. He was so in love with Wonder Woman. If only she could tell him she and Wonder Woman were one and the same.

She took off her hat, and looked around. A man approached her. He sat next to her. He was charming. Good looking. But, he wasn’t Steve. She suddenly understood why Steve felt the way he did about Wonder Woman, how she was the only woman in the world to him, and she laughed at the irony.

She didn’t drink liquor. He almost seemed offended by that. But he did buy her a cranberry juice.

She drank it.

Her eyes felt heavy almost immediately.

She wanted to leave the bar. He offered to give her a ride. She said no, but he was so persistent.

Wonder Woman turned in her deep sleep. Almost realizing now the mistakes she had made. He slipped something in her drink. How could she be so stupid?

He took her home. She had trouble saying “no” to him.

He took her upstairs. Into her apartment. He took off her top. It was the drug he put in her drink, but she almost obeyed his every command.

She explained to him that she could not get with a man. It was against the rules. There were repercussions, her mother would say.

He got her down to her bra and panties before her logic kicked in and she tried to fight him off her. She ran to her bathroom. She heard him leave.

She went out and checked. He seemed to be gone. She closed her front door and locked it.

She changed into her teddy nightie, and readied herself for bed. She wondered what got into her, letting a man get that close to her. It was at that moment that she realized that he may have drugged her.

There was a sound coming from the living room.

She got to her feet to check it out.

It was the man from the club! She told him to leave. He wasted no time in forcing himself on her. He held a syringe, and stung her with it! He held her as the new drug kicked in, and she suddenly felt very agreeable to everything he said and did.

He remembered that he molested her. And she let him!

Thank God he didn’t take her virginity! Her mother warned her of the importance of an Amazon’s virtue! Still, the thought of him touching her in her private areas made her mad!

She cringed at the thought of it.

He tied her up.

She struggled against it, but it was too late!

The last thing she remembered was a rag over her mouth. Chloroform! Her body swayed as she pushed and shoved to escape, trying to break free.

It was no use.

“MMMMM!” She cried out.

The rag made her drowsy. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and her body fell weak. In moments, she had passed out.

She didn’t know how, but those evil men smuggled her out of the United States, into the hellish dungeon she is in now!


Wonder Woman wakes up.

She has been sitting on a chair in the corner of a large dark room. The only thing she was wearing was her magic belt. Otherwise…SHE WAS COMPLETELY NAKED!

At least the dildo was out of her ass and sore pussy. She tried to get up, but was unable to. She did not know why. She sat there a moment, and allowed time for her blue eyes to struggle through the bright light as she batters her eyelids rapidly.

“How was your nap, Cow?” The General asked, noticing her waking.

The heroine did not answer.

“Still defiant, I see. Hitler’s orders were clear. You are to be broken. I think I know just the solution.”

The General points to a bed in the middle of the room. Wonder Woman looks at it. “Watch.”

The door opens, and Steve Trevor is brought in. Wonder Woman smiled with delight to see him still alive. They must have ordered his execution as a mind fuck. She wish she could say it didn’t work, but it made her realize how much she loved this man. How little her life would be without him.

“Oh, how I long to see you broken. You have whimpered often, Cow, even had tears. But I have not seen you broken. Let’s remedy that, shall we?”

Her smile dissipated as she saw the bruises all over his naked body. He was tortured! All because she loved him! She lowers her head in shame, and tries to look away, but for some reason, she cannot help herself but watch him.

Steve had his hands handcuffed to his back, and his eyes blindfolded.

“What are you going to do with him? Please don’t hurt him!”

Steve is thrown on the bed. Professor Graebner approaches him.

“Please…I’ll do whatever you ask. Just don’t do anything to him.”

“We’ve already established that. Watch your man, bitch.”

Wonder Woman’s eyes widen in terror, as Graebner removes her magic lasso and ties it around Steve’s waist! She wanted to look away, but again, found she was unable to.

“While you were taking a nap, I took the liberty to command you to remain in the chair, and to watch this presentation. Even if you are unconscious, your belt can still compel you to obey my orders. Even if you want to look away, you won’t be able to.”

“No…” The heroine begged. “You have me. I will obey you. Please, let him go. Please…”

Graebner was set. He held the other end of the lasso firmly, and he spoke to Steve with an arrogant tone.

“Major Steve Trevor. Are you in love?”


“What is the woman’s name?”

“Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman let out a sigh of defeat. She never knew how he felt. Well, maybe she did always know, but to hear him say it. It was just devastating under these circumstances. And now, by confessing to the Nazi’s, he just concealed his own doom.

“Do you have sexual feelings towards her?” Again, Wonder Woman let out a painful sigh as she felt her heart break in anticipation to the answer.


Wonder Woman fought back her feelings as she watched the spectacle.

A woman entered into the room. It was Dorit! The woman posing a prisoner! The one who lead her right to the Nazi’s! She was wearing her costume! Minus the belt! (Because Wonder Woman was still wearing her own belt).

“I order you to let go of your pent up sexual aggression. I will give you a woman, and in your mind, you will live out your fantasy. You will think she is the object of your desires. You will see her as Wonder Woman. In your mind, we are not here. You are not in danger. You are alone with the woman of your dreams. Do you understand?”


Graebner untied the lasso from Steve. Dorit sat next to Steve. Steve sat up and looked at her. A moment later, he reached over, and kissed her on the mouth. She consents, and the two passionately lock in a long kiss.

Wonder Woman wanted to tear her eyes away, but she was forced to watch, bound by the orders given to her previously. “I…I can’t watch this!” She cried out.

“Oh, it’s about to get worse.” The General handed Wonder Woman the dildo. Wonder Woman refused to take it. Graebner approached.

“You have two choices, you arrogant Cow. Take the device on your own accord, or be bound again by your lasso and we will force you to take it.”

Wonder Woman remained silent, still refusing the order.

“Very well. DORIT!”

Dorit then moved her hand to Steve’s rock hard penis, and started to rub it.

“No…what is she doing to him?”

Wonder Woman wanted to cry, but held back her tears. The General saw the look of defeat on her face, and smiled.

He had her. Steve was the key to her weakness.

Graebner walks to the General and hands him Wonder Woman’s lasso.

He tied the lasso around her waist. He held the other end of the lasso tight. “Take the dildo.”

Wonder Woman reached over, and unwillingly took the device. But this time, she moved as if her world had been torn apart. She was on the verge of being broken!

“Put it in.” Barked the General.

Steve was pulling Dorit’s red satin top down. Dorit’s 48 DD breasts spilled out. She turned around and sat on his lap. Her massive breasts bounced up and down as she rode her ass up and down his erect cock. Steve ran his hands all over her.

“Steve?” Asked Dorit.

“Yes, Wonder Woman?” Steve asked, like a mindless slave.

“I want you to penetrate my virgin body!” Dorit begged.

“Don’t do it Steve!” Wonder Woman shouted.

“Put it the Tamer, Wonder Woman, or I will have Dorit rip Steve’s penis off. Would you like that, cow?” The General barked.

Wonder Woman was forced to insert the dildo inside her. This time, she hardly noticed the painful paralysis engulfing her body as the rubbery device penetrated deep inside her. She groaned a few times with discomfort, but finally, she had the device firmly planted into her sore womanhood.

“Turn it on, Professor. Low power, level 1.”

With a hum, the device began wiggling inside her. Instantly her body tensed. Her body temperature began to rise, and she found she hardly had the power to hold herself up in the chair.

None of it mattered to her. All she could think of was Steve.

“Oh, Wonder Woman!” Steve proclaimed, as Dorit stroked his cock to full hardness.

“P…pl…plee…se…stop this!” Wonder Woman blurted.

“Fuck me Steve! Impregnate me!” Dorit barked.

“No…” Wonder Woman cried out. “Do…do…don’t make me…watch this…please stop…”

“Do you have a request?” The General coldly snickered. “Perhaps you would want to watch Dorit fuck Steve in a special way that YOU always wanted to fuck him?”

Beads of sweat started forming all over her naked body from the Tamer inside her.

“Do it Dorit! Gaebner, full power!”

With the flick of a switch, the device inside the Princess kicked into high gear. It began to expand and contract.

Wonder Woman let out a muted cry.

Moments later, it started firing it’s spring loaded head, recoiling inside itself, and firing the recoiled head in a repeated pattern that made the Amazon warrior want to scream.

Still, she could not take her eyes off Steve.

Dorit pulled the blue fabric to the side, and got on all fours. Steve mounted her from behind, riding her hard. Dorit was just staring at Wonder Woman, smiling, as the man of her dreams fucked her from behind as she was forced to watch.

Steve and Daria. It was so painful to bear. Especially when they wanted this for each other…Steve thought he was with her, Wonder Woman, Ambassador of the Amazons! And the worst thing was, being forced to watch it all. He was fucking the very woman who betrayed her to begin with. It was just all too much for the heroine.

Finally, a few tears ran down her cheek.

Just then, her body began to convulse in small intervals, as she had her own orgasm. Her first orgasm. It meant nothing to her. Nothing did but Steve.

Then, just as Professor Grabener predicted, as soon as she finished her orgasm, a blue light covered her body, and she continued glowing.

“It’s working! She had her orgasm! If you want to steal her powers, now is the time!” Grabener proclaimed.

“Get up!” The General ordered. Wonder Woman did as she was told, although it took her some time, barely having the ability to obey cause of the TAMER. The General forced her legs apart, and violently yanked the rubber device from her. Wonder Woman instantly felt her powers return.

“Bend over.” The General ordered. The heroine obeyed.

He took the Tamer, and rammed it inside her ass.

“AHHHHHHHHHHAAAAA!” The heroine cried.

He took off his pants, and grabbed the princess’ wrists. He got up behind her, and used her arms as leverage to pull her close. Wonder Woman remained bent over. The weight of her breasts dangling were killing her back! But the lasso forced her to obey. And all the while, she was still watching Steve.

She hardly noticed the General rubbing his throbbing penis all over her exposed ass cheeks. But her eyes nearly fell out of her head as he violently thrust his pulsating cock deep into her Vagina.

She let out a scream.

The blue light covering her body began to trickle over to the General. Instantly, he felt his own power grow. His muscles expanded. His testosterone surging. In moments, he was ten, twenty times stronger than he was moments ago. With each thrust, he grew stronger, and the heroine he was robbing grew weaker and weaker.

She could not take her eyes off Steve. Her eyes filled with tears as she watched Dorit pumping her ass into Steve as he plowed his penis in and out of her vagina. Dorit never took her eyes off Wonder Woman, as if to taunt her. A cruel snicker emerged. She knew it infuriated Wonder Woman.

“I…I’m going to cum!” Steve announced.

“Blow every drop deep inside me Steve. Knock me up!”

Steve let out a groan, as he shot his entire load deep inside her. As soon as he was done, Dorit got up. “You want to keep fucking?” She asked Steve.

“Yes!” Steve replied. Daria got on her back, and spread her legs wide. Steve approached her, and she rested her legs on his strong shoulders. Daria looked back and winked at Wonder Woman. “Call me the super whore Steve!”

“You’re a Wonder Whore!”

Wonder Woman’s heart sank.

“How do you feel, bitch?” The General barked.

“D…def…defeated…hope…hopeless…” she muttered out.

Her body grew weaker and weaker, as the last bit of energy was fleeing from her. The general grabbed a handful of her thick black hair, and yanked her head back as far as he could. Her last image before she passed out was Steve cumming. Dorit wouldn’t let him pull away, as he shot his entire load deep into her womb.

Wonder Woman’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as her final bit of energy ran out. Her limp body would have fallen limp on the floor, but the General kept hold of her hair and her wrist. He continued fucking her even as she had passed out.

An explosion of light transformed her back into Diana Prince. He pumped until he shot his entire load into her tight virgin pussy.

The then let go, and she collapsed on the floor, with hot steamy cum dripping from her cunt.

The general felt his new power, and laughed.


Diana Prince woke on the floor. Her ass was in so much pain. As if it was going to split in two any second. She reached back, and found the Tamer in her ass.

It did not have the paralysis effect as it did when it was in her vagina. Or it could be it did not have effect on her as Diana Prince. Either way, she pulled it out of her, and threw the slimy rubbery device away from her.

She cried for nearly an hour in the darkness, recalling the horrors of her previous ordeal.

She had to escape. As soon she could use her own lasso and make herself forget this nightmare. Make Steve forget.

She was wearing her silky teddy, and nothing else.

There were no guards. No chains. No Tamer. It was her chance to escape.

She put her arms out, and spun around. A blue light emerged her, and she transformed into Wonder Woman. She was completely naked, except for her powerbelt.

“What the…” She thought, confused. “Where’s my costume? What’s going on?” But then, it hit her. She knew instantly why her costume was missing. She was naked when she was forced to transform to Diana Prince! The Amazon technology allowed for her to return exactly as her previous state when she transformed previous. Since she was naked last time, that’s all she got this time.

Luckily for her, there were options. Wonder Woman possessed a few costumes for various occasions. She would just have to use another costume.

She put her arms out again, and in another twirling light, she managed to transform into her Ambassador uniform. The short mini skirt, the red top, boots and her cape. She busted the door locks, opened the door, and ran down the hallway.

It felt good to have her costume again. It almost made her feel invincible.

She approached the dark tunnel ahead, hoping it would leave her to Steve, when she noticed a man was standing there, blocking her way out. It was the General.

“You made two mistakes General. I am not bound by your lasso and your tamer isn’t inside me. You are going to pay for what you did to Steve and I!”

“I don’t make mistakes, Princess. I need to test something if we are going to invade your home on Paradise Island.”

Wonder Woman’s eyes widened in terror.

“Your entire island was defeated before. Oh, yes. Your pathetic Amazons were defeated by normal Nazi men who had no super powers (“Feminie Mystique” - G.G.).”

“I will not let you hurt my sisters!”

“I am a man, and naturally stronger than a woman. With your powers added to that, I should be STRONGER than you! If I am right, you will help me make an army of SUPER SOLDIERS. With your powers, and my invasion force being men, the Nazi’s will easily be able to dominate your sisters once we invade your home on Paradise Island!”

“I can’t allow that to happen!” Wonder Woman protested.

The General approached the heroine. She got in her defensive stance, and when he was in striking distance, she kicked him.

Again, he grabbed her leg, captured in mid kick. He simply threw her into the wall. Before she could react, he put his hand on her throat and started to choke her.

Wonder Woman gasped in shock. The General was right! He was physically much stronger than she was!

The heroine slapped his hand away. She tried to punch the General, but he easily moved out of the way. He kneed her in the stomach, and she toppled over with a grunt.

“No more lasso. No more Tamer. I will take you now, by force. If you don’t mind, we have to speed things up if you are going to help us with my invasion force!”

“Never!” Wonder Woman screamed.

She kicked again, this time striking the General in the ribs. He slammed into the wall. The heroine was on him fast. She took his hand and tried to flip him. He easily reversed their positioning, and moved in behind her, putting her in a full nelson.

He took her head and smashed it into a solid steel support column. He did it again, even harder this time.

He tried to do it a third time, but Wonder Woman kicked her lets out against the pole. She pushed back with all her might, causing the two of them to fall backwards. He let go of her, and she got to her feet as quick as she could.

The General was already on his feet, throwing a punch. His fist smashed into her face, cutting her lip open. Droplets of blood splattered on the floor next to them. The punch threw the heroine off balance. The Genreal took his other hand, grabbed her by her hair, and smashed her forehead into the steel column again. This time, the force of the blow left a dent in the steel beam, and Wonder Woman’s body fell limp.

The General grabbed the top of her bustier, and yanked it down. Her massive breasts spilled out. She gasped in astonishment. She tried to punch him, but he easily caught her fist, and yanked her arm behind her back, forcing her to bend over. He took his time unzipping the back of her satin shorts.

She tried to struggle against his hold, but everything was so dizzy. He lifted up her skirt, and pulled her blue panties down her long legs.

He forced the Amazon on her back. “No! No!” She cried as they fought. She was trying to keep him from taking her panties away. But, with little effort, he pulled her panties off and tossed them aside.

She continued to struggle, until the General punched her as hard as he could in the forehead. Because she was on the ground, she got the full impact of the blow, and she fell limp.

The General got up.

“Mount her!” The General ordered. A Nazi officer got on top of the limp woman, pulling her skirt up. His cock penetrated her exposed womanhood.

He rode her hard, feeling her tight ass cheeks jiggle with each intruding thrust.

“Stop! Stop!” She begged.

In moments, her body started to glow blue. Her body quivered with the inevitable orgasm. In moments, his body was glowing blue too as her powers were once again robbed and transferred to another man.

Hitler watched the ordeal with Gaebner. “This takes too long. Each time we take her powers, she passes out for nearly a week to heal. It will be months, or years, before we can invade Paradise Island.”

“There is a solution. The Tamer.”

“How do we get the tamer in all the women on the island. Impossible.”

“I can use their technology against the Amazons. We can transform a tamer inside each Amazon on the island, simultaneously. They will all be rendered helpless, and a dozen men, without super powers, could easily conquer the entire island.”

“Can it be done?”

“I’ve been working on such a device. I believe I can have something ready for you soon.”

“Test it on Wonder Woman when she awakes. Judging her previous performance, that gives you one week.”

Wonder Woman woke again as Diana Prince. She was strapped upright on a chair, with her legs spread eagle, chained above her head. Her arms were also chained together, hung high above her head.

Graebner was there, waiting for her to wake. He reached over, and grabbed her nipple through her silk teddy.

She groaned in disgust. “You’re sexy as Diana Prince. But I like you better in your Wonder Whore costume.”

The entire apparatus she was strapped to began to spin around. In moments, there was a flash of blue light, and she was transformed into Wonder Woman. She was in her ambassador’s costume, minus her panties (which did NOT make the previous transformation.)

The device stopped spinning. Wonder Woman noticed the Tamer was not inside her! She could break free!

She struggled against the chains, and they started to stretch. She grunted as she tried harder.

“I don’t think so.” The Professor smirked.

Graebner held a device which resembled a large flashlight. He turned the device towards Wonder Woman. It shot a red a red laser light on her. He aimed it at her crotch. He kept the beam on her, and in moments, a small blue light exploded around her vagina.

Instantly, the chains felt too heavy for her to do any good. Her powers fled her body, and she went into her near comatose state that was all but too familiar.

Her eyes widened with confusion.

The Tamer was inside her now! How could this be?

Greabner could see the bulge in her satin briefs. That, and the look on the prisoner’s face told him it was a success! He turned the tamer on. The women let out a tiny cry of defiance.

The General laughed, and approached.

They ignored Wonder Woman’s constant girly moans, as the device went to work.

“You are sure you can do this simultaneously to ALL the women on Paradise Island?”


Wonder Woman let out another cry as she started to orgasm. The two men stopped for a moment to look at her.

“She is still defiant.”

“Her will breaks a little more each day. And we still have the Steve Trevor card to play. Wonder Woman will spend the rest of her life on this machine, making us super soldiers.”

“Her sisters will join her soon.”

Wonder Woman’s body was glowing with a blue light.

“Get another guard to mount her. She’s ready.”

As another Nazi soldier inserted his dick into her opening, and pounded away, the General approached her.

“We are invading Paradise Island tonight. Your sisters are all doomed. And it is all thanks to you.”

“I…will…stop…you…” She sput out in spattered breaths.

“In moments, all your power will be gone. You will pass out for a week. When you awake, the entire island of Wonder Women will be chained down here, sharing this WONDERFUL experience with you. What a great pun.”

Tears rolled down her face. “No…please, show us mercy!”

“Prepare the men for the invasion of Paradise Island! It’s over for these Amazon bitches.”

“N…n…oooo...” Wonder Woman was hit with the darkness of the dream world, as her powers were stolen from her, and she was forced to transform back into Diana Prince.

Dru sat on the edge of the beach.

Her sister was missing for months now. No one saw her, or knew where she was. She had pleaded with her mother to let her go to America as Wonder Girl to find her. But so far, her mother’s fear of loosing two daughters prevented her from any such rescue mission. And it made Dru antsy.

Worse, her mother had picked Michelle, another Amazon sister to lead the Amazons in Diana’s absence.

“Diana needs me.” She thought to herself. “And the longer I wait, the more trouble she could be in.”

Instead of saving Diana, Dru was assigned to guard the beaches. It was only two years ago that the Nazi’s invaded Paradise Island, and even though they erased any memory of the Amazons from the minds of the invaders, her mother was still paranoid.

Something caught Dru’s attention. Something small in the distance. Perhaps nothing.

But it seemed to get closer.

And closer. It was a raft!

There appeared to be a dozen men on it.

Michelle had seen the raft too, from her watch post, and ran to meet up with Dru. Michelle was exotic, with a dark tan, and long black flowing hair. Her eyes were slanted, and her lips full. Her figure was tall, and thin, but full of curves that nearly rivaled Diana’s. Michelle’s short silk attire ruffled against the wind. The purple bringing out the deep blue of her eyes.

“Is that what I think it is?” Michelle asked.

Dru nodded her head yes.

“We should warn mother. It is our duty as the lookout of these shores.” Michelle commanded. “All our people were enslaved the last time a man set foot here.”

Michelle noticed a second raft. Her eyes widened. It was already on the shore. The occupants of the boat were already on the island, unloading supplies on the beaches. There must have been a dozen of them! No problem for an Amazon. “Go!” Michelle ordered. “I will hold them here until you return with our army!”

Dru took off, running towards the homes.

Michelle took off towards the raft on the beach. She knew she would have to defeat these men before the other raft arrived. Two dozen men would be too much for her to handle alone.

She got within a few feet of the boat, and stood there. She put her hands on her hips. “I suggest you surrender.” She snapped arrogantly.

One of the men fired a gun at her. She easily deflected the bullets with her bracelets. She mocked them with an arrogant smile, before grabbing the nearest man, and throwing him into the rocks. A second man threw a punch at her. She took his fist, and bent it. A third man came up behind her. She kicked them in the face.

She turned to face the rest of the men.

“Is that the best you’ve got?”

One of them aimed a flashlight at her. The red light hit her body. “What is this? Some kind of joke?” She said, and went for him.

But then, a blue light exploded around her crotch.

Michelle’s eye widened in terror as her body went limp. She fell to her knees. Her face said it all, as she felt the slimy vibrating TAMER working it’s magic inside her pussy.

She tried to grab it out, but two of the men took her arms and held them.

“The Tamer is set to it’s maximum level. It will only take a few moments for this woman to climax.” One of the Nazi’s barked.

She let out a few cries, as her body betrayed her. She fought against the overwhelming joy of sexual release, as her virgin body quivered as a wave of orgasms hit her. Her body started glowing blue.

“Steal her Amazon powers! She’ll be out for a week!”

One of the guards pushed her on her stomach. She hit the sandy beach, unable to move. He took off his pants, and got on top of her. He lifted up her skirt, showing her curvy ass and thighs. He reached down, and removed the tamer from inside her. Without missing a beat, he mounted her.

She cried out as her powers were stripped from her, and transferred to her attacker.

Dru had stopped to insure Michelle was okay. The Nazi’s overcame her! In a flash, she had changed into Wonder Girl. Although there was no need to do so, because she was on Paradise Island and naturally possessed her Magical strength, it was a scare tactic. She knew, at least in her mind, that the Nazi’s feared Wonder Woman. As soon as these men saw her warrior garb, it would strike fear into their black hearts.

With an Amazon high jump, Dru landed in the middle of the Nazi’s who attacked Michelle. Before any of them knew what was happening, she started throwing men to the left and right, working her way to Michelle.

It was now down to Wonder Girl and one guard, who was protecting the man raping Michelle. “Get off her!” Wonder Girl demanded.

She noticed a red ball of light around her crotch. Before she could think, there was a blue explosion. Wonder Girl turned around to find the second boat party had landed, and one of those men pointed his light at her from behind while she was distracted. She felt her body froze too, and she collapsed onto the beach floor. She let out whimpered cries, as one of the Nazi’s took off his pants, and waited for her to orgasm.

The General, who was in the second raft, didn’t seem to care much about Michelle or Dru. He watched in binoculars as three Amazon guards ran into the city that was in the distance.

“We were still spotted by other three Wonder Women! Shall our snipers take them before they warn the others?”

“No. We want them to warn the others. I had Wonder Woman explain the security protocol of her people. Once the queen discovers there are intruders on her beaches, she will summon all the women of the island for an emergency meeting in their council building. All we have to do is concentrate Grabener’s Tamer Transporter on that building, and the entire population of this island will INSTANTLY be rendered helpless!”

The General watched as the last bit of power was taken from Dru and Michelle.

“Their silly costumes grant us such easy access.”

Diana Prince knew she was dreaming. How long was she out? Two or three days? A week? She had hoped that she was able to force herself to awaken earlier, knowing the danger her sisters were in.

Her body and mind were pushed so far beyond her limits, that she had tremendous difficulty to bring herself back to the conscious world. She was still in a dream state, but was aware of her surroundings. She was left spread eagle on the gyroscope device, waiting for her powers to return, so the Nazi’s could force her to transform back to Wonder Woman. She knew she had dried drizzles of cum on her leg that had leaked from her exposed vagina. Her hair was a mangled mess.

She knew it was hopeless.

The Nazi’s had thought out every angle of her capture, and took every measure to insure she would remain their prisoner.

She could not bring herself to wake up. Her torn up mind and body would not permit it. Even knowing HER ENTIRE ISLAND was about to meet this same horrific fate.

“Diana? Diana Prince?”

The voice was familiar. His sound instantly calmed her down. Perhaps her subconscious attempting to take her away from all this insanity.

She felt a hand on her.

A touch that was not like the groping hands of the Nazi’s.

“What have they done to you?” The voice asked.

Steve Trevor? Was this real? Another Nazi mind fuck?

She didn’t care. She so desperately needed to know. His voice was the coaxing she needed to wake up.

She tried to open her eyes, but her beat up body refused to obey. Maybe she was dreaming.

Steve’s voice rang again. “They kidnapped you too?”

She smelled his scent. She felt the warmth of his hand on her forehead. His voice motivated her to overcome her baron state, and she opened her eyes.

There was Steve, standing before her. Was he under Nazi control? She recalled the horrific ordeal of watching him with another Woman. It made her burst into tears.

Steve held her a moment. “Shhh. It’s okay. We’re leaving!”

Diana just wanted to sleep in his arms for a week. Steve let go of her and was busy untying her arms and legs. Once finished he picked her up and set her on a bench.

“Am I dreaming? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Steve said. “The Nazi’s have Wonder Woman too, although I can’t seem to find her. Can you walk? We have to get out of this place.”

“How did you get out?”

“The Nazi’s were fleeing some of their outposts, when the Allies found this place. The war is coming to an end! Berlin is days from surrender. I don’t know how the Allies found us, but I am sure glad they did! When I was rescued, all I wanted was to find Wonder Woman. Cover her up before some random GI finds her. God knows what state the Nazi’s left her in. Then I found you here too. Who else do they have down here?”

Diana tried to get to her feet. She could barely stand.

“The Nazi’s. They were going to invade Wonder Woman’s home. We have to stop them!”

“What? How do we stop them?”

“I’ll find Wonder Woman. You get a force together, and she will take you to her home.”

“You sure?”

“Hurry Steve!”

“Are you going to be okay?”

“There’s not much time! Go!”

Steve turned and exited the room.

Diana waited until they were all gone. She put her arms out to her side, and nearly fell over. She was so weak. Her body needed a week to recover, and it was only a day or two. She was so weak. She pulled herself back up.

She doubted she had enough power to transform into Wonder Woman!

She tried again, putting her arms out to the side, and spinning around in a circle. Nothing. She didn’t even have enough power to transform into Wonder Woman! Her powers were so drained, that she needed much more time to heal before she could transform. But how was she going to save Paradise Island without telling Steve about her alter ego?

Just then, she saw her old uniform. She remembered when the Nazi’s stripped it off her.

She ran to it, and took off her Diana Prince attire, and quickly changed into her Wonder Woman costume. Her super powers would be gone, but maybe she could make herself up enough to convince Steve. Then he could help her save Paradise Island.

The Allied U-Boats raced to the shore.

“Are you sure there’s an island here? It’s not showing up on our maps. We even have these new radar units, and there is no island there.” Shouted the Naval Officer.

Diana Prince, dressed in the Wonder Woman costume nodded her head. Without her powers, she was freezing in her skimpy costume. But she had to hide that from these men. She had to convince them she was Wonder Woman.

“I am sure. Amazon Magic keeps the island hidden from the modern world.” She had to lean against the wall, as she was nearly too weak to stand. Steve stood next to her.

Steve was angry with the horrible things they made him do. The Allies had liberated the breeding facility and Steve managed to escape with Wonder Woman. He was assured that Diana Prince made it off too.

But it wasn’t over yet. The Professor and the General led a party to Wonder Woman’s home on Paradise Island. They had to stop them. Poor Wonder Woman. There was no way she could be taking this well. She served as the Amazon Ambassador to man’s world, and her hospitality was repaid by vile Nazi soldiers seeking to use her people, her own sisters, as super soldier breeding stock.

Steve looked at Wonder Woman. “Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yea. I just hope we’re not too late.”

Wonder Woman looked pretty battered up. He wanted to wait until they were alone, but he couldn’t wait.

“Look, I’m sorry about what they made me do to you.”

Wonder Woman knew he thought that he fucked her. It was really Dorit, but because of the power of her lasso, he was ordered to believe it was Wonder Woman.

“They made both of us do terrible things. When this is over Steve, I promise, I will use my lasso and erase all these memories from our minds. Restore things to the way they were.”

“What if the Nazi’s found the island? What are their chances of defeating your sisters?”

“With the new weaknesses in our magic that Grabener exploited, I would say, with the element of surprise, a pretty good chance. Steve, we have to stop them.”

“We will.” He promised. She reached out and took his hand. He looked at her and smiled.

The two rode in silence for the rest of the trip, but held on firmly to each other’s hand.

The U-Boats landed on the Amazon shores during the cover of night. Over one hundred soldiers exited the boats, and stormed the beaches. Wonder Woman, the moment she stepped onto the island, felt a slight recharge of powers. Her body was still severely damaged from what happened to her, from having her powers completely drained, and it would take some time before she could reach full strength.

None of that mattered. Hopefully, the Allies beat the Nazis’s here, and she could save her sisters from the same fate she endured.

The soldiers wasted no time in advancing on the Town Hall in the middle of the Island. Wonder Woman had previously shown the Allies the layout of the Island, and where the Amazons would meet in a time of war.

The entire island was black under the cover of the midnight sky, but all the lights were on at the town hall. Wonder Woman knew she was too late. She knew that is where the Nazi’s were. She just prayed that the Nazis had not stolen any of her sisters powers yet, or the tide would quickly turn on this fight.

The invading troops surrounded the entire building. Wonder Woman, Steve and five dozen armed men entered the town hall, and snuck around the top of the building’s rafters to spy on the Nazi’s below.

Wonder Woman’s eyes filled with tears instantly. Women, Amazon women, were all tied up on tables throughout the entire facility. They were all unconscious. The Amazons all had Tamers inside them. Others were lined up as Nazi men rob them of their powers, one by one. The Nazi’s made an assembly line of the process. There only appeared to be a dozen men.

“They have our powers! How are your men going to defeat them now?” Wonder Woman asked.

The leader of the invading force smiled. “They aren’t wearing your bullet proof bracelets!”

“You can’t kill them!” Wonder Woman exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. I just want to immobilize them as they did to you!” Replied the commander. “But I won’t kill them.”

He got onto his walkie talkie. “All snipers. Take out their knees.”

Normally, Wonder Woman would protest against this too. But a part of her knew it was the only way.

Gunshots fired in unison. And all the Nazi men screamed in agony as they had both their kneecaps shot out.

And just like that, it was over.

Wonder Woman and her conscious sisters who did not lose their powers, erased the minds of the Nazi’s and Allied soldiers. The Amazons then erased their own memories of this horrible event.

Until finally, the last two were Steve and Diana.

“Guess this is goodbye.” Steve said.

Wonder Woman did not want to leave Steve, or man’s world. But the danger she put her sister’s in, it had to end.

“Steve, If you ever have a son, be sure to raise him to be just as good of a man as you are.”

Tears fell from her eyes. Steve leaned over, and kissed her. She kissed him back.

She put the lasso around Steve, and ordered him to forget.

She watched as Steve left the island with the Allied troops and their Nazi prisoners.

Graebner got away. So did Dorit. But no one else knew of the events that happened in the Nazi breeding facility. Except for one other person.

Wonder Woman tied herself with her own lasso, and ordered herself to forget. She knew if man’s world was ever in danger again, she would be there.

But for now, her mission was over.

The war had ended. The Nazi’s surrendered. Professor Graebner managed to escape with his copy of Operation Fraulein, posing as a farmer with his pregnant wife, Dorit.

“What are we going to do with the book?”

Graebner looked at Operation Fraulein.

“We will release this book on the black market should we ever see Wonder Woman again. Let all the criminals of the world know how to deal with this Amazon bitch.”

“And what of my child?”

“We will raise him to hate Wonder Woman. We will train him in all we know about the Amazons, so that one day, he will finish what we started.”