Batgirl & Supergirl: Divided We Fall  

By Argos

Wizards Lair Supergirl and Batgirl Team-Up 2006

Chapter 1.

He tickled you?" Supergirl asked, half incredulous, half aghast.

"Well, if he didn't behave unconventionally, he wouldn't be insane, now would he?" replied Batgirl, somewhat defensively.

"He tickled you," repeated Supergirl.

"Yes. He tickled me."

"And it worked?" Supergirl couldn't contain her surprise.

Batgirl sighed. She adored her blond alien friend, but Supergirl's superhuman powers meant she didn't fully understand the concept of vulnerability. Batgirl knew she was both tough and courageous, but she was also human, and had a human's frailties, something Supergirl took advantage of in her many battles with the street thugs of Metropolis, but never fully understood. And for all Batgirl's deductive skill, she was lost at how to explain such a silly vulnerability such as ticklishness to someone who had always been able to take a bazooka blast to the face without so much as a bruise. How to explain a sensation so maddening and overwhelming that even a strong superheroine such as Batgirl would eventually agree to anything, anything, just to get that damned feather away from the soles of her feet?

"Maybe you should just tell me why you called," said Batgirl, changing the subject.

Supergirl actually blushed, somewhat embarrassed at the thought her questions were putting her black-clad friend off. She truly admired Batgirl for fighting crime, armed not with alien powers beyond human imagining, but with her wits and skills alone. OK, the utility belt was cool, too. In any event, Supergirl was never sure that she would have Batgirl's courage to face the things she faced without her Kryptonian gifts.

"'s Lex...I know he's up to something...he's been moving money out of his legitimate businesses for weeks. Also, I've heard from sources inside some of the minor bad guys' organizations that Lex is approaching them for something...unfortunately, tracking down where he is or what he's up to isn't really my thing...," here Supergirl looked up at Batgirl nervously, unaccustomed to asking for help.

"And Superman?" queried Batgirl.

"Is in outer space with about half the JLA. Apparently Mongul's being a dick again," said Supergirl, still unable to hide her disappointment at being left off that mission team.

Batgirl shook her head. Earth villains were bad enough. "You want me to call Batman?"

"Ummm...he kind of creeps me out," said Supergirl nervously.

"Only kind of? You're very brave," said Batgirl, teasing. "All right, we'll make busting Lex a girls thing. How'd you find out about the money thing?"

"Jimmy Olsen. Clark gave him a way to contact me if he heard anything interesting, and apparently he got it from some Daily Planet anonymous source thing. I've got printouts, bank statements, all that back at my place in Metropolis."

"I'll need access to a computer," said Batgirl, already plotting how she would use the records to map out Luthor's intent. "You don't still have dialup at your place, do you?"

Now it was Supergirl's turn to sigh. "No. The three thousandth time somebody made fun of me was enough. You comfortable flying?" She held out her arms.

Batgirl laughed and jumped, twisting sideways to land gracefully in Supergirl's arms. "I was afraid you wouldn't ask. Batman never lets me in the Batplane."

Supergirl shot a glance down at Batgirl's tiny feet in her dark, leather high heeled boots. "So, if I took off your boots and tickled your feet, you'd do whatever I said?"

Batgirl laughed, kicked her feet, and responded in a sultry tone of voice "You're much cuter than the Joker - you could just ask."

Blushing and stammering, Supergirl quickly decided to begin the flight from Gotham to Metropolis, lifting herself and Batgirl up in the air and setting off, before realizing that Batgirl had her so flustered she was headed in the wrong direction.

During the flight, Supergirl couldn't help but ask "I just don't get it, you sound like you almost liked being captured by the Joker."

"The," said Batgirl after some thought.

"What, you'd like to be captured by somebody else?" asked Supergirl incredulously.

"There really isn't any way to understand it without experiencing it, and I can't imagine it'd even be possible for you to be helpless," pouted Batgirl. "But it's actually very exciting to be someone's prisoner. Being helpless gets me going, I admit it. Not having any say in what happens to you or what you're going to experience, being restrained, dominated, forced to's intoxicating when done right."

Supergirl knew her friend was telling the truth. Her pulse and breath rates were elevated. Just talking about it was clearly turning Batgirl on. And while Supergirl certainly had never experienced anything like Batgirl was describing, the idea was causing her to flush a little bit as well. She couldn't help but wonder what it might be like to be under someone's control.

Supergirl struggled to speak without wavering. "Isn't that...dangerous? You know, thinking like that? I mean, with someone like the Joker? He's nuts. One minute he's tickling your feet, and the next, who knows?"

"I usually, stress usually, remember who I'm dealing with. But what can I say, some baddies know what they're doing. I do have an out for my...desires, though. You know Dick?"

"I've...been with a couple of guys...," said Supergirl awkwardly.

Batgirl laughed so hard Supergirl almost dropped her. "I mean Dick Grayson, silly! You know, Nightwing? He and I have an understanding. When I get to the point that I can't think about anything else, I call him, and he comes over and...captures me."

Supergirl couldn't restrain herself. "What does he do with you?"

"That's the point. He does whatever he wants. Of course, I know I'm never in any real danger with him, so there's never any need to escape. Not that I could, of course. General rule, when someone trained by Batman ties you up, you stay tied up. Besides, he's very good about keeping a girl's mind occupied...among other things."

Now Supergirl was definitely blushing. "You're making me wish I didn't have all these powers so Nightwing could capture me too. Any other dirty stories you've been keeping from me?"

Batgirl thought for a moment. "Well, there was this one time Catwoman got lucky and knocked me out. When I woke up..."

"I hate to stop you," Supergirl interrupted. "But we're here." She gestured down at her apartment building. "Much as I've enjoyed your stories, it's time to go to work."

Later - at Supergirl's apartment, Supergirl stood over Batgirl while the detective ran a series of searches. Armed with access to every major law enforcement database and world-class hacker skills, Batgirl quickly built on the information contained in Supergirl's tips.

"He's definitely funnelling money into something big." Batgirl said. "And that's not the worst of it."

"There's something worse than a Lex Luthor 'big idea'?" asked Supergirl.

"Yep. Here's a transfer of a quarter of a million dollars into an offshore account used by the Joker."

"Wait. You know where the Joker banks?"


"Why not shut the account down, then?" wondered Supergirl.

"Batman said not to. If we shut down the account, he'll just set up another one. Knowing where his money is lets us trace where it goes, and let's us find out what he's up to in time to stop it," explained Batgirl.

"So, what's Joker buying? Feathers?" asked Supergirl mischieviously.

Batgirl shot a wry look at her blond friend. "Someday, someone's going to figure out a way to make you ticklish, and I just hope I'm around to see it." Quickly becoming serious again, Batgirl continued "No, Joker isn't buying anything. He's being bought."

"By Luthor."


"That's not good."

"We'll make a detective out of you yet," teased Batgirl. "And he's not the only one. Similar payments have been leaving Luthor's accounts for a number of destinations. I don't recognize most of these accounts, but I think it's safe to say they're people like the Joker."

"And what's he paying them for?"

"That I don't know, but I think I know where we can find out. The money he's not spending bribing supervillans is going towards construction materials and labor. He's set up several shield companies to hide where the money is going, but he obviously didn't think anyone would be looking that hard. Checking the construction companies work schedule - they were all assigned to a remote location a few miles outside Metropolis."

"So, that's where we're going, right?"

"Sure. But here's the thing. The materials he's bought - the electronics, high-end refined titanium - this place is going to be an incredibly tough nut to crack."

"Thank God," replied the blonde heroine. "I was starting to feel useless. Knowing there are big heavy walls to rip out gives me a renewed sense of purpose."

"We need to try and be subtle, Kara," said Batgirl, concerned. "We don't know what he's got there."

"It's just a building. And I know Metropolis. However many villains he may have contacted, they aren't here yet. It's just Lex, and maybe that freaking Amazon he calls a bodyguard."

"Mercy? She's tough."

"She's human. Let's go."

Sensing her friend's mind was made up, Batgirl nodded as she printed out page after page of information on Luthor's purchases, determined not to let her partner's massive powers make her lazy.

Just after dusk, the two heroines landed in a overgrown field. Supergirl used her supervision, Batgirl used the latest in technology to view a small concrete outpost.

"'s lined with lead," said Supergirl, revealing the one substance that had the power to block her X-Ray vision.

"Told you," said Batgirl, all business as she scanned the landscape. "Scan the ground. I'm thinking that little door is just the tip of the iceberg."

Supergirl looked down, and around. "I can't see anything."

Batgirl never looked up from her binoculars. "Awful lot of lead to just be in the ground naturally, don't you think?"

Supergirl's eyes widened with comprehension. "The building is underground!"

"Yep. We just have to find a way in. A way in that won't tell everyone down there we're here, and I'm betting that above-ground front door isn't the way," said Batgirl, frustration beginning to creep into her voice.

"I got an idea," said Supergirl. "I'll bet the didn't lead-proof the whole building. Give me a second." With that, Supergirl lifted off the ground and flew a few hundred yards away. To Batgirl's surprise, she dove headfirst into the solid earth, her superhuman strength driving her quickly below ground and out of sight. Batgirl stared, mouth agape at Supergirl's casual display of strength when the blond heroine flew out of the hole she dug. Stopping beside Batgirl, she brushed dirt off her blue top and red skirt, and paused to kick more dirt off the bottoms of her red boots before looking at the detective with a grin. "Come with me."

"See, I told you. No lead on the bottom." Supergirl and Batgirl stood under Luthor's hidden structure, using the tunnel Supergirl had managed to dig in just a few seconds with her massive speed and strength.

"I stand impressed. How many people in there?" replied Batgirl.

"Best I can tell, only two, and they're about fifty meters to our right. About three rooms separate us from them. That far enough to enter without arousing suspicion?"

"The two are probaby Luthor and Mercy. I'll bet nobody who built this place has any idea who owns it. Nobody knows they're here."

"Except us." Supergirl stared intently at the floor above them and a red line began cutting its way in a circle. After a minute, Supergirl's heat vision had cut away a hole wide enough for both heroines to climb through.

Once inside, Batgirl took the lead, methodically searching each room. She found a massive conference room, several living quarters, and what appeared to be offices and storage rooms that were not yet furnished. Supergirls' powers of flight and Batgirl's stealth ensured that the searches went off without a sound. Finally, the two intruders stood in front of the only door left. The one Supergirl identified as having the two people in it. Batgirl knelt to remove a set of lockpicks from her utility belt, but Supergirl, having grown tired of being patient all night, stepped forward and ripped the door off its hinges, striding fearlessly into the room.

Behind a large oaken desk in the center of the room sat Lex Luthor, resplendently attired even at this late hour in a two-thousand dollar tailored suit. Behind him stood his statuesque bodyguard Mercy, striking even with her long blond hair tied behind her head and her flawless figure concealed under a suit jacket.

"I really wish you'd just have let her pick the lock, Supergirl," said Luthor dryly. "This facility is expensive enough as it is."

For a split second, Supergirl stopped. "You...knew we were here?"

"Surely you don't think I didn't have cameras at my perimeter, did you? I knew someone would try to stop this enterprise before I got it off the ground, I just didn't know who. That it's the two of you is better than I could possibly have hoped for."

"And what is that enterprise?" asked Batgirl, stepping into the room.

"I'll tell you once you're safely secured," said Luthor. With that, a dart flew out of a hidden panel on the wall behind the two heriones, embedding itself in Batgirl's shapely thigh. Batgirl's eyes fluttered, and she collapsed to the floor. Supergirl rushed to her side, scanning her friend for signs of injury. When she saw her friend was all right, she looked to see Luthor approaching her.

"Sorry for that shock, but I had to take her down first. Otherwise, you might have been able to stop me from pulling this out of my lead-lined desk drawer." Supergirl looked to Luthor's hand, where she saw a glowing red collar. She froze in shock as she recognized the material.

"That...shouldn't exist...," she stammered as Luthor approached her.

"Red Kryptonite...actually rarer and more expensive than any expense I've had. But between you and Big Blue, money well spent, I'd say, especially if I wanted to keep one of you around, as the red version saps your powers without killing you." As if to demonstrate, Supergirl swung at Luthor, who easily caught her wrist. Mercy then lept into action. Deprived of her powers, Supergirl was no match for the athletic bodyguard, and she soon found her wrists wrenched behind her back and secured with soft plastic restraints. A similar pair then fastened her struggling red-booted ankles together. It was only then that Luthor personally put the glowing red Kryptonite collar around Supergirl's neck, while Mercy similarly bound Batgirl and removed her utility belt.

"You've never been vulnerable before, have you Supergirl?" asked Luthor. "I guarantee, you're in for an amazing series of experiences. I've been imagining having you in this position since I first saw you flying across the Metropolis sky, and I assure you, the scope of my imagination is something you cannot possibly least not yet."

Supergirl could only stare helplessly at her captor as he rose up, barking out an order to the bodyguard who had subdued Supergirl, a woman whose threat she had laughed off just hours earlier.

"Mercy, prepare them."

Chapter 2.

"Comfortable?" asked Lex, a wicked grin on his face. Mercy had been busy while Batgirl was out. The two heroines were laying on top of a wide table, side by side. Supergirl's costume mostly remained intact, her tight blue spandex top and short red skirt still on. However, her bright red boots had been removed, exposing her petite bare feet, complete with red toenail polish. And the red wisp of silk Lex now carried as a trophy could only be Supergirl's panties. And, of course, the red kryptonite collar still glowed softly around her neck, depriving the alien adventurer of her phenomenal powers.

Batgirl's dress had undergone a more dramatic alteration. Her utility belt, gloves, and boots had been removed, although she retained her black domino mask across her eyes, protecting her identity for the moment. All she wore on her body now was a dark purple sheer nylon crotchless bodysuit, with a small yellow bat between her breasts to help identify the captive heroine.

Both women were securely bound. Nylon rope secured each captive's wrists, which were pulled overhead and secured to a bolt on the edge of the table. A rope around each waist secured the captives to the table, and further bonds at the thighs and ankles ensured that neither girl would doing anything terribly heroic anytime soon.

"Mercy," said Luthor. "Enlighten our guests as to what we've been doing during their brief rests."

Mercy smiled evilly and held up an empty syringe. "A side effect discovered when researching nerve agents..."

Lex chipped in "you'd be amazed how many upsides there are to being a merchant of death. Continue, please."

Mercy nodded demurely at her boss. "The effect leaves the victim's skin hypersensitive to touch. Pleasure and pain are both magnified exponentially. And the good news is, it came from a formula initially designed with Superman in mind, so it will definitely work on Supergirl. And, of course, Batgirl received a dose tailored to human chemistry."

"Which leaves the question," Lex interjected, "of what to do with two beautiful, helpless, hypersensitive troublemakers? Fortunately, I was recently speaking with my good friend the Joker, and he told me something very interesting about Batgirl." As he spoke, he slowly drew his fingers up Batgirl's stockinged right foot. Her toes clenched involuntarily, and she gasped. Lex smiled at her reaction, and then began scratching at her sole with his fingers.

"No...," she tried to say, but Lex's ministrations overcame her before she could get the word out. "Hahahahahaha!!!!" she laughed, thrashing on the table as best her bonds would allow. Unfortunately for her, her bonds had little give, and the straps around her ankles held her slender feet virtually immobile. With her feet secured next to each other, it was simple for Lex to begin working over both helpless feet. Her sheer stockings offered her no protection as Lex sadistically worked his way from her heels, up her quivering insteps, teasing her long toes. He quickly found an especially sensitive spot under her second toe, and took full advantage.

Lying next to the Batgirl, who was shrieking and begging as her body jerked and writhed, Supergirl was transfixed by the sight. Her friend Batgirl, whom she had seen face death and seemingly impossible odds, was now being completely dominated by nothing more than Lex's fingers dancing over her stockinged feet. Realizing then that she was exposed, barefoot, and just as helpless as Batgirl, Supergirl than began to wonder if the injection Mercy had given her would cause her to react the same way. Her phenomenal powers had caused her to never be in a situation where she was completely under another's control, and she couldn't deny the prospect was somewhat exciting. Torn between fear and excitement - she shuddered.

Lex noticed, and while he kept Batgirl squirming and laughing with his left hand, he moved his right and began caressing Supergirl's soft, tiny feet. Supergirl whimpered as Lex's rough hands gently stimulated her tender soles.

"You've never been vulnerable before, have you?" asked Lex. "You have no idea what you're in for." A gentle tickle on the ball of Supergirl's left foot gave her an idea. Unprepared for the sensation, the blonde heroine began giggling almost immediately. Heartily encouraged, Lex began tickling more strenuously, and moving his skilled fingers over both soles of Supergirl's defenseless feet. The Kryptonian captive's reaction was instantaneous. She bucked wildly, laughing and shrieking. Her struggles were so intense that Lex, for a moment, was concerned she would break her bonds. Fortunately for the villains, the red kryptonite collar continued to do its job, and held Supergirl powerless to free herself.

Supergirl had no frame of reference to understand or endure what she was feeling, and was unable to control her reactions. She struggled and twisted in her bonds, and laughed and screamed wordlessly and Lex tortured her bound soles. Meanwhile, next to her, Batgirl was suffering alongside her bound friend, as Luthor dextrously kept both his prisoners in ticklish torment. Batgirl's nylon-covered soles jerked and quivered alongside her friend's smaller bare feet. Only when their laughter faltered to wheezing gasps did Luthor stop his domination of his captives' feet, not yet ready for them to pass out.

"According to the Joker, Batgirl probably would have responded just fine on her own, but Supergirl's reaction to the formula is a bit of a wild card. Mercy, if you'd mind checking our guests' reaction?"

"Of course, Lex," replied Mercy. Mercy's heels clicked on the floor as she approached the bound heroines. Lex had ceased tickling, and was now gently massaging each heroine's feet. The two captives, beyond any conscious reaction, merely sighed as Lex skillfully manipulated his bound heroines. For her part, Mercy had removed her gloves, and began to gently stroke the area between each captive's legs with her fingers. Both Batgirl and Supergirl writhed sensuously as Mercy and Lex worked over their sensitive bodies. Supergirl let out a low moan.

"As you predicted," said Mercy, "both prisoners' bodies are highly responsive. Their current state should permit relatively easy training. Shall I bring them to climax now?" As she spoke, her fingers brought out breathier and deeper moans from both Batgirl and Supergirl, and she worked them to the brink of orgasm.

With some effort, Luthor brought his own hands away from the two pairs of pretty feet bound before him. "No, they're not conscious enough. To get to come, they will need to fully recognize that it is only their submission that permits that privilege. Prepare the stage. I would like to see Batgirl dance."

"And Supergirl?"

"She will be my guest during the show. I'm sure our innocent alien friend will find it most informative."

Shortly thereafter, Batgirl was bound in a new position. She was standing, her wrists secured together and pulled over her head, although not high enough that she couldn't keep her feet flat on the floor. As for her stockinged feet, they were each individually shackled to a pole. More specifically, they were shackled to a metal casing around the pole, allowing Batgirl the freedom to move laterally, however, the chains prevented her from lifting her feet more than an inch or two off the ground.

The pole Batgirl was secured to was in the middle of a floor of a large open room. The floor Batgirl was standing on was divided up into a series of metal tiles that felt cool on her tender stockinged feet. She was confused as to her captor's plans, but a ball gag kept her from inquiring further.

Nearby, Lex Luthor sat in a large, comfortable leather chair. On his lap was Supergirl, wrists bound behind her back, and her slender ankles secured as well. A scarf gagged her, and she whimpered and mewed softly as Lex's hands worked their way around her body, firmly squeezing her plump breasts, groping and pinching her rounded ass, and intermittently sending a hand up her skirt to briefly stroke the wet area between her legs. Humiliated, scared, and excited all at once, Supergirl offered only token resistance as her captor enjoyed his prize, occasionally looking nervously at the desk next to Luthor's chair, on which he had arrayed a selection of vibrators, clamps, floggers, and feathers, the effects of which Supergirl alternatively dreaded and anticipated.

"Are we ready?" asked Luthor. Somewhere out of sight, Mercy replied in the affirmative. "Dance for me, Batgirl," Lex commanded, his voice quite and authoritative.

Batgirl stood firm, glaring defiantly at her captor. Lex raised an eyebrow, the captive crimefighter proudly furrowed hers. The battle of wills continued for several moments, the only sound in the room being Supergirl's gagged cries as Lex continued to explore her bound body. Finally Lex smiled, tilted his head in salute at his determined adversary, and looked at Mercy and nodded.

Batgirl looked puzzled, unsure of what just happened. Then she was surprised when the floor panel under her left foot delivered a sharp shock to her tender sole. She squealed into her gag and quickly pulled her foot away as best her bonds would allow. Immediately the panel under her right foot delivered a similar shock. Batgirl jumped and tried to pull away, suddenly realizing the point of Lex's sinister trap. Whenever her feet touched the ground for more than a second, the floor delivered a painful shock. To make matters worse, while her ankle bonds allowed her to move around somewhat, she couldn't pull her feet far enough away to avoid the effects of the electrified floor. The result was Batgirl reluctantly complying with Luthor's command to dance, as a random series of shocks kept the shackled superheroine jumping from foot to foot, causing her breasts to bounce with each jump. To add to her humiliation, she couldn't stop herself from squealing when she was too slow and endured a shock to the sole of her stockinged feet.

Meanwhile, Supergirl was whimpering on Luthor's lap as his fingers slowly twisted one of her nipples. His other hand was occupied deliberately working the vibrator between his captive's legs, continually teasing the bound blond without allowing her to climax. The entire time, Supergirl was forced to watch Batgirl, twisting and jumping in her bonds - should Supergirl try and look away, Lex would pull her hair forcefully to make her look at her friend's torment, then punish her for her disobedience with a series of sharp spanks on Supergirl's round bottom. Overwhelmed, Supergirl gave up resisting her captor, and meekly allowed herself to be controlled by Luthor. She could not stop herself from sighing as Luthor's hand caressed her ass, then worked its way over her soft thighs, down her calves and slender ankles to gently stroke her heels and the smooth soles of her feet, playing with her helpless toes before working his way back up to continue his frustrating teasing. Supergirl understood that Luthor was demonstrating his complete and utter control over her entire body, and she was helpless to anything to resist him. And as much as she struggled against the feeling, the Kryptonian captive couldn't stop her body from reacting pleasurably to her bondage and teasing.

Meanwhile, Batgirl was beginning to tire. Her tender feet stung all over from the shocks that kept forcing her to jump and dance. She whimpered quietly into her gag, and the defiant expression in her eyes had been replaced with a desperate, pleading look.

"Are we going to behave now?" asked Lex. Batgirl meekly nodded, and Luthor pressed a button, turning off the electrified floor. Mercy unhooked Batgirl from her shackles, and the exhausted adventurer collasped to the floor in relief. Without a word, Luthor's assistant then removed Batgirl's bodystocking, leaving her completely naked except for her mask, then placed a bondage belt around Batgirl's waist, securing her wrists to the belt, leaving Batgirl's arms pinned to her sides. Her ankles were tied together as well, although in her current state, Batgirl was definitely not going anywhere.

Luthor sat Supergirl on the desk and turned to face her. "Your turn to dance now?

"Please, Lex, no...I'll do whatever you want, but I can't take that...," Supergirl begged, speaking almost before she had a chance to talk.

Luthor smiled and put Supergirl's bare feet into his lap. "Perhaps we can find something else for your feet to do," he said, opening his pants and revealing his erect penis. Supergirl had never used her feet to pleasure a man before, but she gently ran her toes the length of his shaft, and took encouragement when Luthor shuddered in arousal. She gently massaged him with her soles, and stroked his balls with her toes. Occasionally Luthor would direct her to do something with her toes, or press down on him with the soles of her feet. Supergirl complied every time, eager to show her captor her submissive feet did not need to go on the electrified dance floor.

Meanwhile, Mercy was massaging the sore, semiconscious Batgirl. Barely aware of her surroundings, Batgirl could only appreciate that her tired muscles were being relieved by a series of strong, firm strokes. Mercy dipped her fingers in a pot of gel, and began rubbing the cool ointment into Batgirl's stinging bare soles. Mercy worked her way up Batgirl's legs, kneading her round buttocks and teasing her damp mound. The dazed heroine reacted automatically, slowly writhing and moaning with pleasure as her captor slowly stroked her into a helpless pile of jelly.

Luthor was enjoying the show, watching his sexy assistant manipulate the Gothamite gangbuster. Meanwhile, Supergirl's small, delicate soles gently stroked the length of his shaft. He shifted his glance to Supergirl, who looked concerned as her toes brushed across the tip of his cock. Luthor looked her in the eyed, then smiled. Supergirl surprised herself by smiling back and even blushing slightly, forgetting everything but the idea that she was pleasing her master. The idea that the Invincible Maiden of Might really shouldn't have a master was, at the moment, far from her mind as she concentrated on satisfying the man between her arches.

Luthor's breath began to come in rapid gasps as Supergirl's feet began to bring him close to climax. At first Supergirl pulled back, concerned she was doing something wrong and was about to be punished, but a quick order from Lex brought her back, wrapping her arches around his member and gently stroking. Luthor watched the show Mercy was putting on with Batgirl's helpless body, then exploded with a gutteral moan. Supergirl started again, but quickly recovered and continued to massage Lex until he was completely spent. The conquered Kryptonian was unable to control a shudder at Luthor's whispered "Well done."

After Luthor had regained his composure, he turned his attention to Mercy, who having relieved Batgirl of the tension caused by her time on the dance floor, was now causing it by teasing her to the brink of orgasm without releasing her.

"Have them cleaned up and brought to my office. We'll need a little more instruction before they're ready to meet our guests."

Chapter 3

"Now, it's important that we understand each other perfectly," said Lex Luthor. He was standing in front of a massive wood desk in an elaborately furnished office. At his feet in front of him were Batgirl and Supergirl. Both women were dressed in similar costumes. Each wore a sheer lycra top with holes cut out to expose their breasts. Batgirl's was dark purple, with a yellow bat-symbol across what was left of the top's chest, and Supergirl's was blue with the famous red "S" symbol on hers. Batgirl wore a very short purple skirt, Supergirl a red one. The legs and feet of both heroines were bare.

In addition to being dressed alike, the two captives were also bound alike. A ball gag silenced each prisoner, allowing only whimpers and mews to escape. A long nylon cord wrapped its way around the torso of each captive, encircling their breasts and causing them to stick out. The cord also ensnared each girl's wrists, crossing them behind her back. A second cord wrapped around each captive's waist and her thighs, forcing the prisoners to kneel with their bottoms high in the air. Another cord secured their ankles. And for the grand finale, a tiny piece of twine secured each prisoner's big toes together, keeping each heroine nearly completely immobilized in their humiliating position.

Mercy was pacing back and forth behind them. In her hand was a thin leather riding crop. As Luthor spoke, she would periodically bring her crop down on the upturned cheeks of the defensless heroines. The helpless heroines squirmed and whined into their gags as their tender backsides were punished, but their bonds held firm. Occasionally, the crop would come down instead on a captive's bare soles, each blow an exclamation point on Luthor's declarations.

"You belong to me. Completely. I have taken Supergirl's powers, and I have taken Batgirl's special toys. I must say, you're a very inventive young lady, Batgirl. Mercy and I found something new on you each time we changed your costume. I trust you're not hiding anything from us now, are you?" As Luthor directed his attention to Batgirl, Mercy directed a series of strikes with the crop to Batgirl's cheeks, thighs, calves, and soles, even directing a well-placed whip to the captive's exposed sex. Batgirl squealed into her gag under the sting of Mercy's whip. The lower half of her body was turning pink under Mercy's skillful torture. Next to her, Supergirl suffered alongside of her friend, as her fear dueled with a surprising feeling of jealousy that she was not currently the object of her captor's attention. Had Supergirl been capable of pondering her situation, she would wonder where these feelings were coming from. Why, when she and Batgirl were in such peril, would she feel aroused and secure when she was bound and helpless at the feet of her greatest enemy? Had this part of her that was reacting so strongly to being controlled always been there, just never getting a chance to come out due to her magnificent powers? Eventually Supergirl would get the opportunity to contemplate such questions, but not yet. Sensing her distraction, Mercy refocused Supergirl's attention with a hard strike to her upturned cheeks. Crying out into her gag, Supergirl's attention was now where it belonged.

"You will remain in my possession until I wish you to be somewhere else. The only choice you possess is whether your captivity is pleasurable, or painful. As you have no doubt discovered, I can enjoy your situation either way."

Down came the crop on Supergirl's bottom, followed swiftly by a swat to the pink soles of Batgirl's feet. At a glance from Luthor, Mercy then began to spank the captive crusaders without...well, without mercy as blow after blow rained down on tender bottoms and soles as the bound heroines squealed helplessly. When Mercy finally finished, the two tamed adventurers looked up meekly at Luthor with tear-stained eyes. The sight excited him more than he'd ever imagined was possible.

"Do we understand each other?" he said sternly. Batgirl and Supergirl quickly nodded, and he instructed Mercy to prepare them for the next phase of their training.

Shortly thereafter, Supergirl stood nervously on a thin canvas mat, watching Mercy remove first her tight black jacket, then un-pin her hair. Though Supergirl was unbound, she had been sternly warned not to try and remove the red kryptonite collar that drained her powers. Had Supergirl thought rationally, she would have known she could not hope to remove the collar and get it far enough away from her to restore her powers before Luthor and Mercy recaptured and punished her, but in truth that had nothing to do with why she stood by demurely, waiting for Mercy to finish preparing for the wrestling match Lex wanted them to have. The truth was Supergirl was beginning to lose herself in her captivity, and could not easily recall why she would disobey an order from Lex. She shivered quietly as Mercy removed her high heeled shoes and stood barefoot in front of Supergirl. Even shoeless, Mercy still towered over the petite Kryptonian. Supergirl gulped quietly, knowing that without her powers, she would almost certainly be no match for Luthor's highly trained bodyguard.

The contest began without warning, as Mercy grabbed Supergirl around the waist and quickly flipped her to the ground. Supergirl gasped as her breath was driven from her body, then moaned as Mercy twisted an arm behind her. Mercy seamlessly moved from one body part to another, as Supergirl flailed helplessly, completely outclassed without her powers. She swung wildly, but never connected as Mercy swiftly tied her in knots. Her unbelievable strength and endurance meant she never really trained in any specific fighting arts, despite her cousin telling her it could come in handy. And now, here she was, pounding her fists on the mat uselessly as Mercy twisted her bare ankle behind her.

Lex Luthor watched the one-sided contest from a nearby chair. Between his legs knelt Batgirl, her wrists bound behind her back and her ankles and big toes tied together. Her lips were wrapped around his throbbing erection, and she slowly slid her mouth up the length of his shaft.

Batgirl had been well trained in her task. She recalled a time when Ra's Al Ghul had captured her with the intent of making her his concubine. He used his centuries of erotic experience to tease her into submission, then trained her to use her lips and tongue to maximum effect. More recently, the thug known only as Bane had given her a somewhat rougher lesson, forcibly moving her head up and down his massive tool as punishment for daring to think she could take him on herself. And, of course, there were the times her memories of her more erotic adventures got the better of her, the nights she spent as the willing captive of Nightwing. Finally, she recalled her very recent experience at the hands of the Joker. Everyone knew that he had tickled her crazy on her tender bare feet, but not everyone knew what she had agreed to in order to stop her torment. Every person who had ever had Batgirl under their control had enjoyed a different method, and Batgirl put it all to use for the benefit of her current captor. She licked the length of his shaft, and took him in her mouth, then bobbed up and down at varying speeds, knowing instinctively that Luthor was not in a hurry...he wanted to enjoy both Batgirl's attention and Supergirl's domination.

Meanwhile, Mercy had Supergirl firmly under control. Supergirl lay on her stomach, futilely kicking her pretty bare feet as Mercy wrenched her arms up behind her, pinning the heroine down with her foot. Supergirl then whined helplessly as her tormentor picked her up, then dropped her spine-first across an outstretched knee. It was then that Mercy added a twist to the Kryptonian's humiliation, reaching a hand under Supergirl's skirt to tease her while bowing her across a knee. Supergirl's mind reeled at the combination of pleasure and pain. After teasing her to the brink of orgasm, Mercy wrapped her legs tightly around the battered blonde and squeezed, causing Supergirl to gasp. Mercy then reached around and gave each of Supergirl's nipples a rough twist. Leaning close, Mercy whispered a series of commands in Supergirl's ear.

The conquered crimefighter quickly complied with all of Mercy's orders, shouting her surrender in the manner her tormentor instructed: "Please tie me up!" begged Supergirl. "Tie me up and have me kiss your feet! I'll be an obedient toy, I promise!"

Luthor tightened his grip on Batgirl's hair as he heard Supergirl beg for bondage and humiliation. Understanding he was ready, Batgirl moved quickly, sucking his full length rapidly. Batgirl's skilled lips quickly brought off Luthor, and he firmly held her head in place while she swallowed everything he had to give her. Allowed to turn her head finally, she saw Mercy seated in a chair, her legs crossed and a self-satisfied smile on her face. At her feet lay Supergirl, tightly hog-tied. Her wrists and ankles were swiftly and securely bound to each other, leaving the alien adventurer practically immobile. Batgirl couldn't help but be impressed at how quickly Mercy had bound her friend. True to her forced promise, Supergirl was meekly licking Mercy's bare toes. Occasionally Mercy would turn her foot so the submissive superheroine could lick her soles or her heels. The entire time, Supergirl kept her eyes on her mistress, a pleading expression making it clear how much Supergirl wanted to please her captor.

Luthor watched the show for awhile, then finally interrupted his aide. "Finished yet, Mercy?"

"I suppose we could pick up again later, couldn't we sweetie?" asked Mercy with an evil grin on her face. Supergirl quickly nodded, then planted a final kiss on the tip of Mercy's big toe.

"How was she?" asked Luthor.

"She definitely needs more practice. She's obedient enough, but her technique needs refining. I assume Batgirl is already proficient?"

"Very, although I'm sure she could benefit from a session at your feet,"

Mercy stood up gracefully, and walked over to where Luthor sat, Batgirl kneeling between his legs. "How about now?" she asked, lifting one of her long legs and stroking Batgirl's face and chest with her toes. "You know how I love having a beautiful woman worship my feet." Her tone taking a harder edge, she pinched Batgirl's nipple with her toes, making the heroine squeak in surprise. "And I also love making them when they don't want to on their own."

Luthor smiled and pulled his bound captive to her feet. "I'm sure there's nowhere Batgirl would rather be than under your feet, but that will unfortunately have to wait. We need to prepare for our dinner engagement tonight. Set our pets up in my shower, then go get ready yourself. I need you ready when our,,,invited guests arrive."

Mercy nodded, then released Supergirl's hogtie and untied her feet before dragging her to a standing position. The two captive heroines were then marched to an elegant bathroom, where they were each stripped naked, save for Batgirl's mask. Then each prisoner was placed in the shower, where their wrists were bound and raised over their head and secured to hooks coming down from the ceiling. Mercy tested each captive's bonds with a tickle to their ribs, and when each heroine squealed and pulled without escaping, Mercy turned on the shower, causing warm water to cascade down each girl's naked body. Blowing Supergirl a kiss, Mercy left them alone.

"Will we ever get out of this?" asked Supergirl plaintively.

"Eventually," said Batgirl. "He'll get cocky and make a mistake. We just have to be ready to act on it."

Supergirl paused for a moment. "I understand what you said earlier about getting lost. I've...I've never been helpless before, and what they're doing is just so...overwhelming. When they dominate me, I forget who I am, who they are, everything except how amazing all this feels. I'm sorry I haven't been any help," she put her head down, ashamed.

Despite their predicament, Batgirl couldn't help but smile. "Believe me, I understand how you feel. I've been in positions like this plenty of times, and it always feels like the first time. All you can do is try to remember that we need to take any opportunity to escape that comes. People are counting on us."

Supergirl sighed. "I know. But when I was tied up and kissing Mercy's feet, when she looked at me and smiled, I actually felt...happy. She tortured and humiliated me for Luthor's enjoyment, and all I could think about was how glad I was to be pleasing her. Is this who I am, Batgirl? Is that submissive slave girl someone I always was that just never came out because of my powers?" she asked, worried.

Batgirl couldn't lie to her friend. "A part of you, yes. Just like there's a part of me that feels the exact same way. There's a part of me that would love to just forget the world and lose myself as Luthor's slave. But we have to remember who Luthor is, and that he's up to no good. Remember we need to escape."

The captives' conversation ended at that point, as a naked Luthor stepped into the shower. He bathed himself first, ignoring his captives until he had washed his entire body. Then he took a soapy sponge and began to stroke Batgirl's body with it. Batgirl whimpered as the gentle pleasure of Luthor's attentions took hold. He cleaned her breasts and back, her round ass, then knelt down to clean her legs. At a short command, Batgirl lifted up her feet in turn to Luthor could clean her soles. When Batgirl was clean, he repeated the process on Supergirl, who sighed and twisted her body into his as he stroked her.

"And now it's time for the traditional villain speech where he tells his helpless captives his plans," said Luthor. Before he began, he put his hand between each captive's legs, and began gently stroking each heroine's helplessly damp sex. Batgirl and Supergirl moaned softly as Luthor dextrously worked them into a heightened state of arousal.

"I assume you know I have been building this compound, far away from prying eyes, and contacting members of the non-law abiding community. The power and genius of the people you call villains is immense, and could control the world if properly channelled by the right leader," Luthor declared, continuing to tease the naked girls who twisted helplessly in his grasp. "I am that leader. Tonight I am bringing many of the finest outlaws the world has known under one roof, where I will persuade them to unite under my banner. You two are going to assist me," he added. Sensing Supergirl particularly was nearing orgasm, he slowed his intimate caresses, while continuing to stimulate the heroines. "When they see you two under my control, they will flock to my banner. You may wonder why I have yet to unmask Batgirl. I intend to reserve that privilege for those who join me. You two will serve first as demonstrations of my power, and then as rewards to be given out to those of my followers who successfully complete the tasks I set out for them. In time, my power and wealth will be unmatched in human history. What do you say to that, my pretty little playthings?"

In response, Batgirl and Supergirl could do nothing but come.

Chapter 4

"Greetings, my friends!" said Luthor to the host of villains gathered in his elegant dining room. "I'm pleased to see you all here tonight, and while I'm sure my financial inducement had more to do with that than any interest in what I had to say, I think you will find your time here to be well spent."

A bevy of customed miscreants looked up at the tuxedo-clad mastermind with skepticism. After all, many of them possessed powers and abilities far behind mortal men. Luthor was brilliant, sure, but he was only human. While the villains had been well bribed to hear him out, they were not, generally, predisposed to seeing him as their leader. Luthor smiled. He had been wondering for weeks how to overcome this natural doubt, when the solution had suddenly sprung into his lap.

"The whole idea of the world's costumed criminals uniting under one banner is hardly a new idea. Where we begin to fall apart is when the discussion begins of who should be in charge."

"Let me guess," said Captain Cold, lurking in the back. "You think it should be you."

"Well, of course," replied Luthor. "My resources and intellect can make the best use of the amazing talents assembled in this room. Under my direction you will achieve power and wealth beyond your imagining."

"Your direction?" interrupted the Weather Wizard, letting a small display of lightning from his wand light up the room. "No disrespect, but those of us out here have been in the trenches with the Flash, Batman, Superman. You're just a rich guy with delusions of grandeur. What's supposed to convince us that you can lead us to victory over Justice Leaguers?"

"I'm so glad somebody asked that question. How can Lex Luthor, who is, after all, just a man, expect to defeat the finest heroes of the day? Well, perhaps we could ask our guests of honor tonight. Mercy?"

At a cue from Luthor, Mercy pushed a button, and a curtain fell away, exposing a stage on the far side of the dining room. On the stage were Batgirl and Supergirl. Both heroines had been re-dressed in their original costumes, with the exceptions of their boots. Each heroine was secured to a metal frame with thin leather straps. Straps at the wrists and biceps held each captive's arms extended from their sides, and straps above and below the breasts both secured each prisoner to their frame, and displayed their tits as well. A "V" frame composed the bottom half of the apparatus, and each girl's legs were slightly spread and fastened at the thigh. Their knees were bent, drawing their feet up behind them, where further straps at the calves and ankles left each heroine slightly elevated and competely helpless. Supergirl's feet were bare, while Batgirl wore dark purple stockings. Both heroines were silenced by ball gags, and Supergirl, of course, retained the red kryptonite collar that kept her powerless.

"Now, I'm sure your natural instinct is to believe that these are two common whores, dressed up as a pair of beautiful, if annoying, antagonists of ours. So if someone familiar with one of our friends would care to join me onstage. Selina, would you mind?" Lex extended a hand, which was taken by the slender, leather clad hand of Catwoman, who gracefully rose to her feet and approached the helpless, wriggling form of Batgirl.

"Let's see here...," purred Catwoman, as she looked deeply into Batgirl's pleading eyes. She ran a leather-gloved hand over the curve of Batgirl's breasts and down her sides, trailing over her taut backside, where she delivered a sharp smack and listened intently to the whimper her blow produced. Lifting a glove, she bared a single sharp claw. "May I?" she asked. Luthor nodded his assent, and Catwoman slowly drew her claw across the fabric of the crotch in Batgirl's costume. Retracting her claw, she reached between Batgirl's legs and gently stroked the moist area that now lay exposed.

"Mmmmppppphhhmmmmm," was all Batgirl could manage as Catwoman teased her. Raising her now damp fingers to her mouth, Catwoman sensuously licked her fingers, tasting Batgirl's wetness before turning to the crowd at large.

"Well, I wouldn't know the blonde skank from Paris Hilton, but I can say with absolute certainty that this young lady is most definitely Batgirl," said Catwoman.

"Keep checking!" yelled the Trickster from the back.

Catwoman laughed. "Boys," she said with a shake of her head as she took her seat to whoops and applause from the nearly all-male villainous contingent.

"What about Supergirl?" asked Toyman. "How do we prove it's her?"

"Shoot her in the face!" yelled Deadshot. The general acclaim that went with Deadshot's suggestion caused Luthor to step in quickly.

"Frankly, the simple truth is nobody has ever had Supergirl under control to this...indeed, to any degree. So there's nobody here who could convince the lot of you that she is who I say she is. The methods I've used to keep her bound also make her vulnerable, so shooting her in the face is only going to kill her, and more importantly, irritate me, given the trouble I went to putting her in this position in the first place," stated Luthor, an edge creeping into his voice. "At this point, if I haven't convinced you of what I'm capable of, I'm not going to, so you can feel free to leave. Any questions?"

Bolt raised his hand again. "Yeah, if we stay...any chance we get to play with your party favors?"

Lex smiled broadly "Now you're beginning to understand. Batgirl and Supergirl are going to be my guests for the foreseeable future. Those of you who choose to join me may have a little taste, under, of course, the direct supervision of my assistant Mercy. There will be a few rules. Do not damage my toys. Do not unmask Batgirl - being present for that delightful experience will require some proof of loyalty. And most importantly, do not cause either of my toys to climax. There are certain rules they have to follow before they recieve that privilege. I'm sure you understand."

Bolt stepped towards the stage. "And Supergirl? She isn't...invulnerable anymore?"

"At the moment, no. Would you care to test her?" With that, Bolt stepped towards the bound blonde, who recognized Bolt as a second-rate mercenary with minor powers of teleportation and electric blasts. Normally, someone like this she would smack aside in an instant. Now, she could only wait nervously as he stood leering in front of her. A small current of electricity leaped from his fingers to her left nipple.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!" she squealed into her gag. A second charge, a little stronger this time, connected with her right nipple. Supergirl whined helplessly into her gag as Bolt tortured her tender nipples, only to stop when Mercy, deciding Bolt had upped the voltage too much, raised what looked to be a massive laser cannon.

"Remember the rules. No damage," she said softly. Bolt, never known for his bravery, vanished from the stage, reappearing in his seat, where he exchanged a high-five with Deadshot.

The demented criminal genius known as the Riddler next approached Supergirl to take his turn. He stood behind her with a question-mark shaped cane as he asked the gagged heroine a riddle.

"What lacks sentience and form, yet still makes cold what once was warm?" Well gagged, Supergirl was incapable of responding, causing the Riddler to bring his cane down hard on Supergirl's backside, causing her to yelp into her gag and squirm uselessly in her bonds. "Time! You brainless blond bimbo, it's time! Formless, shapeless, nevertheless it is ultimately the death of all!" Very pleased with himself, Riddler brought his cane down with another harsh swat on the helpless Kryptonian, who let loose another muffled plea for mercy. "I'll try something simpler - Why did the chicken cross the road?"

Batgirl looked helplessly on as Riddler quizzed her friend, than spanked her bottom red when her gag prevented her from answering. (Not that she would have gotten the time one anyway, thought Batgirl.) She looked forward, then her eyes widened in fear when she saw who had just persuaded Luthor to take a turn playing with her.

"Hello, my pretty!" said the Joker, his evil grin dominating his entire face. He held up a long plumed feather. "Remember us?"

Captain Cold and his paramour, the Golden Glider, had now taken a turn with Supergirl. The Glider had sliced open Supergirl's costume top, exposing her milky white breasts. Using his cold gun, Captain Cold then turned Supergirl's nipples into minature snow cones, covered in frost. Supergirl shivered, then moaned when Glider and Cold warmed her up by covering the frigid tips with their mouths, gently sucking and nibbling.

Next to her, Batgirl twisted and shrieked into her gag. Joker was kneeling behind her, working her tender nyloned feet over with both his feather and his fingers, all the while taunting the captive crimefighter.

"You know, Batty, you really hurt my feelings when you escaped. I mean, you made me a promise, remember. I remember it like it was yesterday, it touched my heart so. 'Just stop tickling me, Joker, and I'll be your slave,' you said. Remember?"

"EEEEEEEHHHHHHHMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHHHHH!" shrieked Batgirl into her gag, as Joker timed his question with a burst of tickling on a tender spot under her toes.

"Our relationship got off to such a great start, too. You stroked my cock with those pretty little feet of yours, then sucked me back to attention before begging me to fuck you. And then you go and not only escape, but you ruined my plan to blow up the stadium during the Gotham State Homecoming game. That was going to be my wedding present to you!" said the Joker in a mock hurt tone of voice, as his feather worked its way over Batgirl's jerking arches. He adopted a Bogart voice as his fingers criss-crossed Batgirl's wriggling soles. "We could have been something kid. But you know, as great as it's been catching up, I think I'm over you. I wonder if Blondie over here knows what a promise is worth." Quickly returning to his regular voice, he stroked Batgirl's feet with the feather while his other hand darted across Supergirl's bare feet. "How about it, Super-Toots? When you promise someone you'll be their slave, do you have the decency to not squirm out of the damn ropes?"

Supergirl gasped at the surprise assault on her hypersensitive feet, then cackled maniacally, jerking for all she was worth. Her bucking caused her to jerk away from Cold and Glider, causing the two Rogue's Gallery members to bump foreheads.

"Hey!" said Glider.

"Stay on your own side!" yelled Cold, raising his gun threateningly.

"Oh, let's not fight. Let's stop and smell the flowers," said Joker, leaning forward to aim the flower on his lapel at Captain Cold. A blast from Mercy's cannon was all that separated the two villains.

"All right, obviously there's not enough self-control around here yet to allow you too much access to my possessions," said Luthor. "Nevertheless, my trust can be earned. Anyone who wishes to earn it, leave your contact information with Mercy and I will let you know your role in my plans. Those who perform well will not only earn wealth and power, but will earn the privilege of spending time with one or both of my pets."

"Show's over," said Mercy, pulling the curtain and cutting Batgirl and Supergirl off from the room of villains. After they had taken information from nearly every villain in the room, they returned, where their two captives were still breathing heavy with humiliation and arousal.

"I'd like Supergirl to join me tonight. Do you want to play with Batgirl at all?"

Mercy smiled. "Thanks, Lex, but I'm kind of tired. I'll make sure to put on a show for you tomorrow, though."

"Fair enough. Prepare Supergirl, and put Batgirl in the cage, and make sure she has the right kind of dreams."

Sometime later, Batgirl was squirming helplessly in Mercy's arms as the sexy bodyguard carried her down a hall. Batgirl's wrists were tied behind her back, and her slender ankles were crossed and bound as well. Her ball gag remained, keeping what was probably a constant stream of verbal abuse to a less defined series of "mmmphhhs." Mercy carried Batgirl to a large metal cage, about ten feet by ten feet, although not high enough for a captive heroine to do more than kneel in. Two large body sized pillows lay in the cage, and Mercy placed Batgirl on one of them.

"Now, Lex wanted me to do one thing before you went to sleep," said Mercy, reaching her hand between Batgirl's bound legs. Pushing her way past her captive's thighs, Mercy found the opening Catwoman had made earlier and began to gently rub Batgirl's sex. The Gotham Gangbuster tried to pull away, but Mercy grabbed the rope holding her sexy feet together and the bound heroine had nowhere to go. Mercy's expert fingers quickly found Batgirl's most sensitive area, and before long, the angry protestations of the helpless crimefighter turned into the mews and moans of a woman dominated by arousal. Mercy took Batgirl quickly to the edge of orgasm, then slowly brought her back down to earth. A second journey took longer, as Mercy's fingers slowed to a gentle teasing. Still, Batgirl found herself inexorably driven to the brink of a mind-blowing climax, only to have her tormentor withdraw, starting the climb again before Batgirl had any opportunity to regain her senses.

"You know, Lex really enjoyed watching me dominate Supergirl. But I'll bet you can put on an even better show, can't you? Even sexier, more submissive?" Batgirl nodded desperately, willing to agree to anything at this moment to get that one extra stroke of Mercy's fingers that would certainly defeat her, but at least quench the maddening thirst her torment had brought on. Sadly, it was not to be. Mercy withdrew fully, and closed the door to the cage. "Well, you spend tonight thinking about that, and in the morning, we'll see if you're right."

Mercy's heels clicked as she walked down the hall, the only other sound the whimpers and thrashing of Batgirl as she tried without success to find a way to give her bound body some relief.

Meanwhile, Luthor entered his bedroom. He looked at the massive four-poster bed in the middle, and appreciated his assistant's work. Supergirl lay bound spread-eagled to the bed. Soft nylon cords stretched her wrists and ankles out, and lifted her hands and bare feet slightly off the bed. She retained her Supergirl costume, but Mercy had slightly flipped up the skirt so Lex would know his prize wore nothing underneath. She was no longer gagged, and mewed softly when Lex entered the room. Lex smiled, and put his hand on Supergirl's right foot, letting his fingers fall on her soft pink sole. Supergirl immediately twitched and tried to pull away. Luthor quickly tickled her sole, causing Supergirl to shriek and buck helplessly, though her bonds held fast and never allowed her to pull her tender foot away from her captor's dancing fingers.

"Were you trying to escape me?" asked Luthor sternly.

"No...," begged the helpless blonde, when allowed to gasp for air and mercy. Then, sensing she was supposed to say more, she added "I know I can't escape."

"Really?" replied Luthor. "What do you know?"

Supergirl's response came from a place inside her she couldn't identify, and would have denied existed if asked prior to this night. "I know I'm helpless. I know that I'm your plaything. I know that whether I get punished or pleasured is up to you, and I know that even though I try to resist, eventually I'll always surrender. And I know that when Mercy was dominating me earlier today, that it was really you who was in control."

Luthor was entranced by Supergirl's submissive litany. He began gently massaging her sensitive foot, and knelt on the bed so he could stroke her other leg with his remaining hand. "Tell me more," he commanded.

"Everyone who tortured me was you, Lex. It was always you..."

Lex moved closer to Supergirl. His robe opened, exposing his stiff erection. "And do you know what I'm going to do now?"

Supergirl nodded weakly. "Say it," the triumphant villain commanded.

"You're going to fuck me," Supergirl whispered. As she said it, Luthor entered her. Supergirl gasped as Luthor filled her, and cried out with each thrust. Her back arched, her toes curled, and her hips thrust forward involuntarily as the Kryptonian dynamo received her most intimate introduction to domination she had yet received. Luthor struggled to control himself as he felt Supergirl writhe and moan beneath him. He varied his pace, thrusting furiously only to withdraw slowly, quietly giving thanks for the various medicines he took to ensure his stamina, as the sight of the blond heroine, bound and overcome with arousal, was a sure ticket to a quick ending.

For her part, Supergirl never had a chance. Controlled and stimulated all day, she had no idea how much frustration had built within her until Luthor finally gave her an avenue to release it. She came long, and hard, and repeatedly. Her captor never allowed her to come down from one crest before quickly driving her to the next one. Her moans and cries became ragged gasps, and her furious thrusts became weaker and weaker, but still she came until finally Luthor exploded with a gutteral cry that reignited Supergirl's desire and gave her one last shattering climax. By the time Luthor had withdrawn, Supergirl had gone limp in her bonds, utterly spent.

The criminal mastermind gazed with wonder at his prize, still beautiful, though unconscious and dripping with sweat. Her body had been exceptionally responsive to everything he did, and for a moment, he contemplated keeping her bound in his bed all night. But he knew that if he did, he would have no chance of the good night's rest he needed to get started on his real plan - the plan to unite Earth's most powerful villains under his banner - a plan that Supergirl and Batgirl had made more likely to succeed by their unwitting presence.

Luthor smiled to himself as he freed his captive from the bonds that secured her to the bed. Many villains had not responded to his invitation, especially many of the most powerful. He was not concerned - word of his conquest of Batgirl and Supergirl would spread, and he would have an opportunity very soon to impress a new batch of villains, and reward the ones who joined him first. Soon, very soon, he told himself, everything he ever desired would be his. He bound Supergirl's hands behind her back, and crossed and bound her slender ankles as well. Supergirl let out an unknowing sigh as Lex's hands roamed across her sensitive soles. Luthor knew that merely having this amazing creature under his control would be more than enough to satisfy the dreams of most men. But, he reminded himself as he scooped up the conquered Kryptonian, he was not most men. He was Luthor, and the dreams of ordinary men were nothing to him.

Batgirl remained perfectly still when she heard Luthor approach. The darknight detective could smell Luthor's scent on her friend as the bound blond was placed in the cage alongside her. Her mind quickly snapped to full alertness when she realized Luthor was leaving the two of them alone. When he strode off towards his chambers, she slowly inched her way towards her friend's sleeping form, knowing this may be her only chance...

Batgirl and Supergirl lay still on either end of the cage when Mercy and Luthor appeared in the morning. Mercy snapped her fingers, and Supergirl crawled out after her on her knees, where Mercy freed her hands. Luthor was mesmerized as he watched her perfect backside sway as she crawled submissively after Mercy, knowing she was in for nothing but bondage and humiliation. Batgirl was pulled out by her stockinged ankles and carried into Luthor's office. Holding up a taser, Luthor inquired whether or not he would have any problems. Batgirl quickly shook her head, and Luthor unbound her, only to resecure her. Her hands, balled into fists, were crossed at the wrists and secured over her head on a large desk. Her legs were spread and each ankle was secured to a side, leaving Batgirl in an inverted "Y" formation.

Luthor next withdrew a pair of small metal objects from a nearby drawer. They turned out to be a pair of clamps that he placed wordlessly on Batgirl's nipples. The captive crimefighter cried out in surprise when the first clamp pinched her tender flesh, and squirmed and twisted in her bonds, trying without success to prevent Luthor from attaching its twin. Batgirl writhed helplessly as the little clamps send shivers of pain through her tender breasts. Luthor could not contain a smile as he stared down at his helpless plaything.

"Just a little something to focus your attention." He then removed a silver vibrator and slid it between Batgirl's legs. Once it was inserted, he unbound her ankles from their spread position, and tied them together, adding another strap at her thighs, to keep the vibrator securely locked within her. Another cord secured the rope at her feet to a bar on the desk, preventing Batgirl from moving her bound stockinged feet. Luthor then held up a small remote. "A quick demonstration," he said, pressing the button. Batgirl shuddered as the vibrator sprang to life. After a brief stimulation, enough to excite Batgirl but not enough to relieve any of the frustration that had built up since her capture, Luthor turned the device off.

"As I told you before, the only choice available to you is whether or not you enjoy any of this experience. You will not disappoint or anger me by resisting," said Luthor, as he twisted the clamps on Batgirl's nipples, causing her to cry out in pain. "Should you act like you are more than a toy, I will persuade you otherwise, and I will enjoy persuading you very, very much." Luthor stopped twisting, causing Batgirl to feel relief as the pain in her nipples dropped back down to a more bearable level. Just a few minutes ago, she was outraged at the stinging sensations the clamps produced, now she was almost grateful to have her suffering limited to this more tolerable level.

"On the other hand, should you accept your helplessness and follow my commands, there will be rewards," continued Luthor, once again pressing the button that activated the vibrator. Batgirl arched her back and moaned loudly, but Luthor cut the device off after just a few seconds. Smiling at the frustrated captive before him, Luthor reached into a drawer again, and pulled out a long feather. Batgirl's eyes widened as he rested the feather on her stomach.

"Submission requires more than just accepting that I can do with you as I will. Simply enduring my desires gains you nothing. You need to reach out and ask for them," said Luthor. Batgirl held her breath, afraid of what Luthor was requiring of her. "You have a weakness, do you not?" asked her captor, looking deliberately at the feather.

Batgirl swallowed hard, knowing that if she went down the route Luthor was directing her, she would risk losing herself in her role as his captive, and even worse, risk losing the opportunity to escape. Struggling to keep her fists clenched, and telling herself she had no choice, knowing she was rationalizing, she nodded.

"And what is that weakness?" asked Luthor, smiling evilly.

"I'm...ticklish," whispered the bound beauty. Luthor picked up the feather, and brushed it softly over his curvaceous captive's body.

"And where are you most ticklish?" he asked.

Batgirl gulped. She would tell herself later she was unable to stop herself from giving her tormentor what he wanted. "My feet. My feet are the worst."

"You couldn't bear it, could you?" asked Luthor, getting Batgirl to nod in agreement. "But what if I told you that your suffering was also the key to your reward?" Here Luthor gave the button a quick press again, reminding Batgirl of the toy lurking between her legs. "What would you want?"

She couldn't help herself, she would swear afterwords. "Tickle my feet...please," she begged.

Luthor nearly came right then at the sound of Batgirl begging to be tickled and teased. He brushed the feather across the tips of Batgirl's captive toes, causing the hypersensitive heroine to gasp and giggle. Luthor then used the feather on Batgirl's wriggling toes, while the fingers of his free hand began to scratch the area around Batgirl's heels. Batgirl shrieked with hysterical laughter as Luthor's feather tormented the balls and insteps of her feet while his fingers dominated her soles. After several minutes, he stopped, allowing Batgirl to catch her breath. As soon as she could speak, she immediately began begging.

"Please...I surrender. You win...I'm yours...bind me, tickle me, fuck me...I'll beg for anything you want. You promised if I was promised...," she said weakly, that part of her she strived to keep secret in full control of her now.

Luthor feigned surprise. "What? Oh, yes! I completely forgot!" he suddenly recalled, pulling out the remote to the vibrator. "Was there anything else you wanted to say?"

Finally sensing relief in sight, the single minded Batgirl wiggled her toes. "Tickle my feet...master," she said.

Luthor granted her wish immediately, pressing the button as he set his hands working across her soft nyloned soles. Batgirl's mind left her as her entire body became a mix of overwhelming sensation. Teased to the brink and left there, she came quickly and furiously, while her ticklish feet registered Luthor's actions there as well. Her mind veered wildly between the unbearable orgasms she was suffering one after the other and the unbearable tickling she was suffering on her sensitive nyloned feet. The loud crash that came from outside the room did not register at all to her...but it did to Luthor, who stopped tickling Batgirl immediately.

"What the hell was that?" he called out, a hint of concern appearing for the first time.

"Uhhhhhoooohhhhhmmmmmaaaahhhh," was all Batgirl could respond, still being dominated by the vibrator. Luthor looked down at his captive and quickly shut it off.

Batgirl's mind returned to reality surprisingly quickly, as she realized her desperate plan of last night may be bearing fruit. "We'," she gasped, as she finally opened her fist, revealing the red kryptonite collar she had painstakingly unbuckled from Supergirl's neck last night as the two captives shared a cage.

Luthor's eyes widened, unable to believe he had been so overconfident that he had failed to notice Supergirl's collar was missing. Before he could formulate a response, the door to his office ripped off its hinges. Standing in the frame was a barefoot but still formidable looking Supergirl, a look of grim resolve on her face.

Luthor quickly grabbed for the collar in Batgirl's fist, only to be cut off by a pinpoint blast from Supergirl's heat vision. Frightened at last, the villain backed against the wall.

"You can't come in here!" he bellowed. "The collar will seize your powers if you come any closer!"

Supergirl held up a fragment of the door she had just shattered. "Then I guess I'll need something to throw."

A very small sound emitted from Luthor's throat, as he stared down the woman he had captured and humiliated just yesterday, now in full command of her awesome powers. Pushing a button on the wall behind him, he quickly disappeared into a secret passage. Supergirl dashed to Batgirl's side, then faltered as the Kryponite drained her again.

"Quick! Untie me!" pleaded Batgirl, as her friend struggled with the cords that bound her wrists. Batgirl worked on the straps binding her thighs while Supergirl worked on her ankles. Just as Batgirl broke free, Supergirl was felled with a shot to the back of her head.

"Never pull your punches, sweetie," muttered Mercy, as she swung at Batgirl, who only just moved out of the way. Batgirl was nowhere near peak fighting form, but obviously Mercy had a great deal taken out of her as well. Batgirl threw a punch that connected, but Mercy barely moved. Batgirl was still faster than her larger foe, and avoided several blows and kicks, delivering a number of shots in return, but in her weakened state, Batgirl knew she lacked the strength to defeat her foe. As Mercy charged again, Batgirl whipped her arm out to the side, allowing Mercy to hit her in the jaw, sending her sprawling.

As Mercy stood over Batgirl, the Gotham gangbuster smiled. "I just tossed Supergirl's collar out of the room. She'll be back to full power in a minute. Want to bet I can hold out until then?" Mercy did the math, then quickly lunged for the secret panel her boss had fled through, closing it behind her. Supergirl and Batgirl collapsed in relief. They appeared to be free at last.


By the time Batgirl had located the lead box and secured the collar, allowing Supergirl to fully regain her powers, Luthor and Mercy had long fled. Batgirl's computer skills allowed her to download a large amount of useful information, however, after which Supergirl methodically and completely razed the multi-million dollar complex, destroying every structure and system the two heroines could find.

For several days, they never spoke directly about their ordeal, instead concentrating on the task at hand. One by one Batgirl tracked down the locations of the villains who attended their humiliation, and very firmly advised them to discontinue any business dealings with Lex Luthor. The overconfident villains who so enjoyed their bondage and torment revealed one after the other their true cowardly nature.

"Here's a riddle for you - how many places on your body can I make that cane fit?" asked Supergirl, when she and Batgirl tracked the Riddler down. Edward Nygma couldn't answer - he fainted at the very thought.

Captain Cold and the Golden Glider stood silently by, (having been sternly warned about speaking out), while Supergirl compressed Cold's freeze gun and Glider's skates into a useless wad of metal. Meanwhile, Batgirl had devised a way to thwart Bolt's teleporting power, and delivered a very satisfying beating to the lecherous mercenary.

Even those the two vengeful heroines couldn't reach got the message. Deadshot disappeared underground and wasn't heard from again in months. The Weather Wizard relocated to a desert island..."for his health" he told people, which Batgirl wryly noted wasn't far from the truth. Their quest finally ended with a thrashing of the Joker that the authorities were should could have only been perpetuated by Batman.

It was only several weeks later, when the heroines believed they had fully put Luthor's plan to rest, that Supergirl finally said something. The two heroines were in Barbara's apartment, thrilled to be lounging in sweats, t-shirts, and bare feet after so much time spend in uniform.

"Bar...I'm sorry I wasn't there quicker," said Supergirl after a lengthy pause.

"What are you talking about?" asked Batgirl.

"When Mercy led me out, she had me follow her on my hands and knees. I felt my powers coming back, but I...didn't care."

"You forgot," said Batgirl simply. She understood.

Supergirl nodded. "She had me kiss her feet again. I sucked her toes knowing I could put her through the wall anytime I wanted, but I got wetter every time she called me 'slave' or 'pet', and I didn't want it to stop. I didn't even think about what Luthor was doing to you. I could have flown out of there, but all I wanted was to stay on my knees, licking her soles. I nearly came when she said Lex would be so proud of how well trained I was."

Batgirl put her head close to her friend. "But you remembered. You came back for me."

Supergirl nodded. "I was kissing her arches when she got a call. I overheard her talking to Parasite. He wanted in. He had heard about me. It took the voice of a man who'd nearly killed Clark a dozen times for me to remember who I was, and who I was supposed to be." She looked at Barbara, begging for understanding. "How can I be Supergirl and that person I was back there? Begging Lex to take me felt as natural as flying. What do I do the next time someone has the power to put me in that position?"

Batgirl shook her head, smiling wryly. "I don't have the answer to that. I deal with that every day. Well...not every day...," the serious mood was broken up by a welcome bout of girlish laughter. "If you ever find yourself in that position, you just have to steel yourself not to lose sight of what you have to do. You can always fantasize later in the safety of your own home."

"Easy for you to say," said Supergirl with a trace of bitterness. "The only way I'm ever going to get to feel that way again is if a bad guy figures out a trick to make a Kryptonian helpless. Since the only two of us left are white hats, it isn't like anyone on our side has bothered to figure it out." Shaking her head, Supergirl sighed. "I'm sorry. It's not your fault. I'm going to get something to drink. You want anything?"

"Diet Coke would be great," said Batgirl. After Supergirl left the room, she took out her phone and dialed a number from memory. As she waited for an answer, she pulled a small lead box out from a nondescript section of her bookshelf. Opening it to reveal the red glow inside, she quickly closed it as her call was answered.

"Dick? Hey, it's Bar. What's up? Harley Quinn? Tell me it took you less than five minutes. She's nothing without her 'puddin,'" said Batgirl. "Yeah, crazy thing about the J-Man. No, I don't know what got into Bruce either. Hey, listen...I'm kind of know...unrestrained...and I was hoping you'd be free tonight to...correct that? You are? Great! Oh, and if you come by tonight, I might just have a very super surprise waiting for you. All right, bye," she said, hanging up just as Supergirl came in with their drinks.

"Who was that?" asked Supergirl.

"Just a friend," said Batgirl. "Look, you want to just hang out here tonight? Watch a movie or something?"

"Sure," said Supergirl. Inside, she smiled to herself. As bright as Batgirl was, sometimes she forgot about the super hearing.