Brightest Day

Author: Arson Jack
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Part 1- brightest day

Wonder woman and all characters in this story is the property of DC comics.

Wonder woman aka Diana Prince slowly climbed out the shower rubbing the water of her impressive physique. She then walked toward the big mirror to check whether her bruises had completely healed from the battle from last week. Although she was born and bred to be a warrior, Diana was one of the most beautiful woman in the world, her voluptuous figure, her round firm breasts that seemed to defy gravity, her muscular yet soft body, her raven black hair that reached her hips and other qualities made her seem more of an elegant goddess rather than a warrior. She started to walk towards the window naked to open the curtains fully when she saw they green lantern Guy Gardner floating outside, admiring her nude body with a smirk on his face. Diana quickly covered herself with the curtain and screamed,

"What are you doing spying on me Gardner?", "There is currently a problem in Oa and the lanterns need your help" replied Guy as if nothing had happened.

"Well you could have contacted me via the communicator" said Diana and closed the curtains to get herselfdressed. "And miss this pretty sight" murmured Gardner to himself.

Diana was not very fond of Guy, as he was the cockiest person that she had ever met and he was known to be flirtatious around the Justice League women. But he was also one of the gutsiest person she knew and this was a quality she admired even in her enemies. After getting ready she met Guy outside, he then encased her in the green light to quickly reach Oa at an incredible speed. Then reached the planet within a couple of minutes and was met by the youngest Earth green lantern - Kyle Rayner. Diana had liked this young teenager as he was the most passionate and the most imaginative of the lanterns, however he seemed to be very shy around her. Although she didn't blame him for this since most league members were sexually aroused around her even when she wasn't in her costume.

"Hello, Wonder Woman", said Kyle starting to blush and trying to avoid looking at her. Kyle could'nt believe the woman who he had naugthysexual fantasies about was right in front of him. He noted he had to team up with this goddess more often to get close to her and maybe even seduce her.

"No time for greetings" chipped in Guy, "Us three need to go move immediately to planet incepto in sector M. I'll explain why we need you Diana, along the way". As they started to fly Guy explained, "Sinestro and his yellow crops have recently started to attack various planets in random sectors, we believe that he is doing this to distract us from this planet. This is because none of the lanterns have seen Sinestro and this is a very unique planet as it contains some unexplainable magical force that even the guardians seems to be vary of. We know Diana that you have experience in battling against magic forces before and that you're armour is capable of withstanding against such attacks. So our mission is to scout the planet to check whether there is any threat from this planet an if so report back to headquarters. Diana nodded her head in agreement, as they reached the planet she was confused to find that she was able to breathe just like on Earth, noticing her confusion Kyle explained that "one of the weird aspects of this planet is that it has a similar atmosphere to Earth", "you'll soon find out other weird things" promised Guy.

"Is there anyone else other than Sinestro, I should be aware of ?" asked Diana.

"There has been reports of sightings of some meta humans that has been hanging around Sinestro" answered Guy, "just in case you get captured just play the damsel in distress, I will come and take you to safe place- my bed" he continued. Diana ignorned this stupid remark and reminded herself this was neither the time nor the place to get angry.

"The plan is to split up and search the planet for any mysterious activities and report to each other if we spot Sinestro via the communicator" said Kyle.

They soon split up and started searching different parts of the planet. Diana started to wonder whether this planet contained any life but definitely felt some powerful magic force from this planet. This planet seemed like a never ending desert with stars to provide the light, there didn't seem to be any natives or at least life on this planet. While Diana was distracted looking for anything signifcant, she was suddenly hit by a purple blast that knocked her miles away towards the ground and destroyed her communicator. She then heard a voice that she wasn't expecting.

"Hi Diana, did you miss me?" asked Circe mockingly. Diana started to pick herself from the ground and turned to face her. The enchantress Circe was wearing gold plated bikini armour with a purple cape. She was one of Wonder woman's formidable foes and was very known for her cunningness.

"I should have known, what's your part in Sinestro'splans?" asked Wonder woman.

"You dumb amazon you still haven't figured it out have you" mocked Circe.

"Just give yourselfup", said Wonder woman, "makes it easier for the both of us". Circe ignored her threat and started to walk around the amazon admiring her assets. Although Circe hated Diana, she wanted to tame this self-righteous bitch and make her own exquisite pet. Circe stopped in front of Diana, and started to rub her thigh with her right hand which snaked slowly towards her clitoris and started rubbing it though her star spangled shorts. While her left hand began to rub Diana's left breast. Diana was at first taken back by this forwardness but soon regained her composure to pluck both of Circe's hands firmly from her privates. Diana thought that Circe's lust had caused her own downfall as one of her weakness was that her hex powers were weak at close range.

"I have you now", said Diana, Circe just smiled and said" you dumb bitch". Diana realised that there was something wrong but it was too late, electricity as powerful as Zeus's thunder starting flowing through her body via her hands. "This place doubles my power due to its magical nature, which makes you my prey" explained Circe. Diana soon started to tremble and fell on one knee; Circe was now the one holding Diana's hands firmly and started to kick the amazon's crotch and stomach repeatedly. Diana couldn't even protect herself with her hands and finally she got kicked underneath her face with a knee, causing her to flip backwards and crash into the ground.

Diana started to get up slowly after that unexpected attack; the witch waited for her and then started to throw purple blasts at her. Wonder woman began to avoid the blasts until she found an opening; she then quickly flew towards her blocking the blasts with her gauntlets and started attacking Circe. Circe somehow seemed to have a higher durability and withstood against the attacks, she then started attacking Diana, who avoided her punches. When suddenly Diana felt a rope coil around her neck, she realised too late that Circe had somehow created an illusion to distract her while she stole her unbreakable lasso. Circe pulled the lasso backwards to pull Diana towards her and quickly did a spin kick to propel Diana forwards, which caused the lasso to tighten around her neck. Circe then began to tie the lasso around her own wrist.

"We don't want you to go running around asking for help, do we?" said Circe.

Diana was angry at herself for losing a valuable weapon, but at least the witch couldn't do any more dirty tricks. Diana started to run towards the witch before Circe pulled the lasso and tightened the rope around her neck. Diana threw some punches that Circe avoided, she got the feeling that she was being played and need to come up with a strategy soon.

Then suddenly Circe threw a blast close range at Diana's crotch which not only hurt her but also ripped her shorts and made her vagina visible. Diana was surprised by this attack when Circe went around her and wrapped her hand Diana's neck to lift her off the ground.

"I love when you play hard to get" Circe said next to her ear.

Diana tried to elbow Circe with her right hand but was stopped in mid-air and was locked in between their bodies. Diana tried price Circe's lock open with her left hand but was no use. Circe then began to finger Diana's vagina as she began to lick the sweat off her face. Circe then began to strangle Wonder Woman as she was both pleasured and hurt at the same time.

Then unexpectedly Circe let Diana go and let her drop to the ground. "You're not getting off that easy", Circe joked. Diana was on all fours trying to crawl away, while Circe started to admire the amazon's big rear.

"Come here sweetie" said Circe as she began to fly lifting Diana as well, she had to use all her strength just to fly and not to choke on her own lasso. Circe flew in front in front of Diana seemingly not afraid of any sudden attacks and said, "Here let me take that" and began to untie the lasso from her neck and began to drag her in mid-air with her hair and threw her to the ground. Circe then threw the lasso down, and stood above Diana; Circe was ecstatic she had been waiting for this day ever since she met this bitch. Circe then took off her cape and armour; Circe was also a beautiful woman with big breasts and an athletic body that would rival a model. She began to chant a spell that gave her a purple phallic like object on her vagina, she slowly approached Diana who was unaware of what was going behind her and pulled Diana back with her hair and whispered,

"I'll teach you real punishment…sweetheart" she said in a sisterly manner, and then began to rip the shorts that covered Diana's buttocks and slammed the object deep into her anus, Diana was deep in shock as a big object penetrated deep into her.

"UH..UH…Circe..No..No", Diana screamed as Circe kept pushing in and pulling out. Circe then used both her hands to firmly grip Wonder woman's hips as she kept fucking this unattainable beautiful woman. Today she was the victor and this was her prize, Diana's breast kept moving forward and backwards depending on Circe's thrusts.

Diana just bowed her head down her hair dragging along the ground and sweat starting to form on her. She tried to be quiet not letting Circe have the satisfaction. She was a amazon she would not be humiliated and beaten this way. Circe not happy with Diana's reaction decided to get rough, she picked Diana up with her hips, she was now sitting completely on Circe object with her body off the ground entirely. Diana was amazed with this strength; Circe used one of her hands to pull Diana's bustier down to get a good view of her juggling breasts.

She picked Diana up and down with one hand and tweaked her right nipple with the other. Diana was started to get lost in this rigorous sex, and started to moan and groan. Diana had never experienced this feeling before and she was slowly starting to be broken by this unorthodox method. Circle realising this pulled Diana back with her hair and looked into her eyes gloating in victory. She then roughly brought Diana's face towards her lips and kissed her for a while. Diana tried to break the kiss but Circe's grip on her was strong and only when Diana was out of breath did Circe let go.

"You like that….princess", asked Circe who was out of breath. As Diana was about to cum Circe stopped and dropped her to the ground.

"Wait for a while, will you. I have to make a call, they will be glad knowing I have captured one of the greatest super heroines."

Diana knew this was her chance and she didn't waste it, while Circe was busy contacting her partners Diana quickly got the lasso that was on the floor and waited when she finished the call. Diana quickly kicked Circe in the back towards the ground and quickly jumped on her. Circe was completely amazed by how quickly the amazon recovered just when she thought she had her.

Will Wonder Woman be able to contain Circe? Will she find the secret to the planet incepto? To be continued.