The Reign of Chaos 02

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Superman’s body ached like never before. The creature before him, which the media had dubbed ‘Doomsday’, would not fall. They had been battling for days now, neither willing to give up. By now, large sections of Coast City lay in ruins, a terrible casualty of this titanic battle. Superman prepared for another colossal exchange of blows, while Doomsday crawled out from under the building that had collapsed on top of it when it had just been thrown into the structure.

Superman had flown to California several days ago to answer a distress call from the President. A mysterious being had crawled out of the ground beneath the city and started wreaking havoc, killing every living thing that was unfortunate enough to gain its attention. Attempts to stop it by the National Guard failed miserably, leaving hundreds of soldiers dead and millions of dollars in equipment destroyed. Even the Martian Manhunter lay in a hospital, still recovering from his encounter with the being; his Martian shape-shifting ability was the only thing keeping him alive.

When Superman had arrived in Coast City, he’d found the powerful, rocklike creature smashing everything in sight. All attempts at communication had failed; the creature seemed exist only to kill and destroy. Determined to stop the death and destruction, Superman had engaged the monster without hesitation.

Now, three days later, he seemed no closer to defeating Doomsday than when he’d first started. Superman knew he was running out of steam, but he had to keep going. If he fell, no one else would be able to stop this thing, and soon the whole world would fall. Forcing himself to ignore the ever increasing pain, he once again engaged his foe.

Ducking a powerful blow from Doomsday, Superman sprang up and thrust his arm upward with all he had. The blow connected with Doomsday’s chin, causing the monster to stumble back, momentarily stunned. Focusing his eyes, Superman sent his searing eye beams into his foe’s chest.

Meanwhile, the demon, Chaos, sat in his new dwelling, feeling deeply satisfied as he stared into his crystal ball. Moving the ‘Doomsday’ entity from underneath Metropolis to Coast City had been a brilliant idea. Not only would it destroy Superman, but Green Lantern was sure to be enraged by the destruction of his beloved Coast City and come after Doomsday as well. Then, when they were both destroyed, the most powerful opposition to his plans would be eliminated. He just hoped that his plan to get rid of Doomsday, once it had accomplished his intentions, worked properly. Reducing the Earth to a lifeless ruin was definitely not in the archdemon’s plans.

Back in Coast City, Superman was now lying on the ground with one of the creature’s powerful claws gripped tightly around his neck. As the Man of Steel struggled to break free, Doomsday repeatedly pounded his other jagged fist into Superman’s face. His own blood started to run into his eyes, stinging them and making it hard to see. At last, grabbing Doomsday’s legs, he flipped the beast up over his head and down onto its own back, thus breaking its hold on his neck. Superman propped himself up on one knee, desperately trying to regain his breath, while Doomsday rolled over and slowly made its way back to its feet.

Up in the sky, Superman noticed a lone figure flying toward him. It quickly became recognizable as the beautiful form of Wonder Woman! Finally, he thought, some reinforcements; now we have a real chance to end this at last. Then Doomsday roared and charged at him, forcing him to resume their stalemated (for now) struggle.

Wonder Woman leisurely flew to the ground as the battle continued in front of her.

"Thank God you’re here, Diana," Superman managed to shout in a spare moment between Doomsday’s blows. "Feel free to jump in anytime!"

"Sure thing, Clark," said Wonder Woman calmly, "Zeus sends his regards." With that, she removed a piece of glowing green rock from a pouch at her side and tossed it at the feet of the two combatants.

Immediately, Superman fell to his knees as the Kryptonite rapidly took effect upon his body. "Why?" he whispered as he helplessly watched Diana rise into air and, without saying another word, fly towards the horizon.

Doomsday’s fist came down toward the weakened Superman with lightning speed. With the Man of Steel’s powers gone, the creature’s blow smashed into his spine and crushed it instantly. The fist did not stop, however, and continued forward until it burst free from Superman’s chest.

The gory wound was unquestionably fatal, and Superman lay on the rough ground as his life rapidly left him.

On the other side of Coast City, in a section that remained undamaged, Jennifer Walters (AKA the She-Hulk) wandered the streets of the unfamiliar city. Where the hell did they go? she thought, I can’t believe Tony and Wanda would just take off on me like that. She had been wandering these strangely empty streets for several hours now and until several minutes ago, she had been in the company of her fellow Avengers, Iron Man and Scarlet Witch. Unknown to her, however, was that the boundaries between dimensions were eroding. She and her companions had been sucked into this parallel universe, but then her two friends had stumbled through yet another invisible portal (which had transported them elsewhere in California) while her attention was momentarily distracted.

Jennifer was now alone in Coast City, and would soon be finding out about one of the many dangers that lay there. Most of the people had evacuated Coast City when Doomsday first appeared, leaving her with the town pretty much to herself, except for a few looters and other undesirables.

When the sky filled with dark clouds and it started to rain heavily, the tall, green-skinned woman forced her way into one of the now vacant houses in the residential district where she’d found herself. As she took shelter from the downpour, she realized that she was exhausted. Since it didn’t look like the rain was going to let up any time soon, she decided to find a place to rest for a while. She went upstairs, found a soft, dry bed, and soon drifted into a peaceful sleep.

As she slept, a demon moved quietly into the house, homing in on the She-Hulk’s powerful aura, which his sorcery allowed him to detect. Coast City was, by now, infested with dozens of demonic offspring, all spawn of Zeus, the grandson of Chaos. This creature, however, was far more important than that. He was a newborn demonlord, the son of Fairchild and Chaos, and in order to create more of his own kind he needed someone other than an ordinary human woman. She-Hulk, with her powerful body, would be the perfect mother for his children.

Clinging to the ceiling, it crawled up to the second floor of the house, sniffing out the lovely scent of She-Hulk as it went. Moving slowly into the master bedroom, it skirted across the ceiling until it was directly above the unaware She-Hulk. Staring down at her, it admired her lovely form, which she had acquired when she’d received a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner (AKA the Incredible Hulk). Her muscular body was exquisite, and appealed to him very much. Her green skin would provide a very unique experience he thought, as he crawled down the wall towards her head, which was seemingly cradled in her beautiful long green hair.

Sensing the awesome strength of his intended prey, he knew he would have to bend her to his will before she awoke, or she would easily be able to destroy him, due to his young, still developing body. Extending his lower abdomen out, he positioned the end of it above She-Hulk’s open mouth. The chitinous shells began to writhe, and soon a clear, sticky substance started to excrete from his body. A small drop fell and landed inside Jennifer’s mouth. This disturbance almost woke her, but instead she rolled over onto her side and unconsciously swallowed what was now more than mere saliva.

Confident that she would soon be his, the young demonlord moved to the foot of the bed and stood there, waiting for She-Hulk to react to the substance she had ingested.

Soon, she awoke. Unbeknownst to her, the drop of fluid she had swallowed was already affecting her mind. Her whole body felt empty, it needed something to be satisfied. She wasn’t quite sure what it was, but somehow she knew she’d know when she found it. Sitting up and opening her eyes, she finally saw the beast at the foot of the bed.

The creature resembled a very large insect standing on two of its legs, while the other four rested along the footboard of the bed. Standing fully erect, it inhaled deeply, causing the chitinous shells on its chest to spread apart. Underneath was a light brown slimy mass, which was covered with several dark brown tentacles that began squirming into the space in front of the beast.

Jennifer didn’t know why, but she wanted this creature to touch her. She felt no disgust at that thought, something she found very surprising.

"Would you touch me?" she asked in a soft voice.

Without speaking the demonlord leaned forward and placed his four ‘hands’ on her legs, immediately taking notice of how firm they were. He was eagerly anticipating the coming events as he slid his hands up her legs, causing her to gasp with excitement. Continuing his exploration of her body, he slid his hands over her hips, then slowly up to her hard, flat stomach. Her clothes were no longer needed, so he decided to remove them. Grabbing what was really not much more than a dark colored bathing suit, and digging his claws into the cloth, he violently ripped the material. She-Hulk was now naked before his gaze.

She did nothing to stop him as he lowered his head toward her large, firm breasts. Pressing his face between her mounds, he extracted his tongue and began to lick her. Moving up towards her right nipple, he continued to taste her tit-flesh, stimulating it with the chitinous protrusions near his mouth. Taking her nipple into his mouth, he began to suck on it, gently lifting the erect bud up and down.

Jennifer leaned back until she lay flat on the bed. She’d realized this creature was the only thing that could satisfy her body’s craving, and desired to let it do anything it wanted to her. She gently moaned as she felt the warm, slimy tentacles wrap around her crotch. Several ran across her firm ass, squeezing tightly. More encircled her thighs and calves, running their tongues across the soft green flesh. Another latched onto her waiting pussy and began to suck. The sensation felt wonderful and She-Hulk wrapped her arms around the creature, holding him close to her body.

The beast continued to move up her body, running its tongue across her neck, and up to her chin. Jennifer opened her mouth to allow him access to her throat. Its tongue snaked into her waiting mouth and slid deeply into her throat, coating her mouth and tongue with slime. Closing her lips tightly around its tongue, she began to suck as much slime off it as she could, swallowing the lovely fluid like it was candy.

Lowering his head, the demonlord pressed his mouth against hers, closing his mandibles around the back of her neck. Several small feeler tentacles entered her mouth and began to explore the orifice. Multiple tentacles consumed her breasts as they wrapped themselves around the wonderful orbs of flesh, exploring her curves. Several more opened their mouths and began to suck on her soft flesh, leaving behind a trail of thick slime.

Jennifer felt the creature trying to spread her legs apart. She obediently let him open her legs wide. The tentacle licking her cunt backed off while the creature’s lower abdomen began to quiver. Several of the chitinous shells began to shift, revealing a massive cock. The black member dripped gray ooze onto the bed as he positioned it in front of her womanhood. It pulsated slowly, the surface rippling continuously as it was pressed against She-Hulk.

She could feel the penis-head began to enter her. Her pussy was spread to its limits as the tip penetrated her, the green flesh yielding to the invader. Soon she could feel the thick shaft sliding deeply into her. It seemed to have a life of its own, writhing inside her. Moving his face away from hers, her demonic lover listened to her soft moans of submission as he had his way with her body. Sliding into her with slow, long strokes, he pleasured the helpless woman for hours, her pussy tightly wrapped around his stiff pole.

The whole time, She-Hulk was fully aware of what was happening to her. The pleasure was unbelievable, and the cock, guided by its own will, touched her in ways that would bring the greatest response from the green woman. She stared down between her legs, watching the member slide in and out, seeing her belly swelling slightly with each thrust into her. She had orgasmed countless times, but her body never seemed to tire, which was fine by her. She wanted to take as much as she could from this, the most heavenly experience of her life.

Finally, the demonlord flipped her over and placed her on her hands and knees. Again it entered her eager body and began to pump in and out of her tight pussy. Pressing himself against her back, his hands and tentacles explored the rest of her muscular figure.

Picking up the pace, he began to ram his cock forcefully into her. Her whole body rocked back and forth from the assault, her breasts swinging gently. She panted heavily as she attempted to impale herself on the member pounding into her. She could tell that soon the creature would cum inside of her. This excited her; she wanted him to enjoy her as much as she was enjoying him.

The end of the creature’s penis began to swell to an even greater size, lodging itself inside of She-Hulk. It continued to grow, until his cock filled her so completely, it couldn’t even move back and forth inside her anymore. Finally, it seemed to explode, releasing a torrent of semen into the woman. The hot gray substance coated her insides, preparing her for the seed that was yet to come. Laying her on her back again, the demon pressed his chest against her cunt. Slowly, a demonic embryo emerged. It crawled its way up into She-Hulk’s womb and attached itself to the walls of her uterus.

Standing up and spreading his large, gossamer wings, the demonlord picked up the enamored She-Hulk in his arms. He would take her to a safe place (far away from Doomsday) while his child grew within her. He was happy, thinking about how he would be able to enjoy his new mate, and formulating plans for his new empire. Exiting the house and taking to the air, he slowly disappeared over the horizon, taking his captive with him.

Doomsday continued to lay waste to Coast City, unhindered by any attempts by other superheroes to stop it. The news of Superman’s death had discouraged all the others from trying the direct approach. By now, well over than half the city lay in total ruin, and thousands of dead littered the streets. Anyone unfortunate enough to still be in the city was mercilessly slain by the Armageddon machine.

Then, several days after the Man of Steel’s defeat, as Doomsday was making its was through the city, destroying everything in its path, the creature was suddenly hit hard from behind. A green, glowing blast of energy sent it flying, eventually landing and skidding along the ground. Standing up and turning around, the juggernaut faced its new opponent--a mature, impressive-looking man dressed in a green and black outfit.

"You’ve destroyed my home, killed or injured many of my friends, and caused much suffering," stated Hal Jordan. "I am here to wipe you from existence."

Doomsday had no comprehension of the words spoken to it. The creature existed only to destroy, and that was what it planned to do to the being now before it. However, it also had no comprehension of the power Hal Jordan possessed.

It began to lumber towards the man also known as Green Lantern. Its speed began to quicken until it was moving so fast that it wasn’t much more than a large gray blur. Raising its fist, Doomsday brought it down hard towards Hal. The blow, however, was stopped short, its fist connecting with a large green force field.

Hal retaliated with another blast of green energy, again sending Doomsday flying several hundred feet through the air. Several long seconds later, the behemoth finally landed, causing a loud crash to echo through the air. Hal stood there like a statue for several seconds, no emotion showing on his unmoving face. He waited, but Doomsday didn’t rise.

That is wrong, thought Hal, Doomsday shouldn’t fall this easily. Cautiously making his way towards Doomsday’s body he soon could see that Doomsday was, in fact, not there. Instead, there was a large tunnel dug into the earth. It’s underground! thought an alarmed Hal as the ground began to rumble.

A split second later, the ground below him burst upwards and Doomsday emerged, sending hunks of dirt and cement (and Hal) flying into the air. Hal had just enough time to erect a partial force field around himself before the attack. Completing an ungraceful arcing flight, he landed hard on the rocky ground, several hundred feet away. He slowly stood up, his right arm broken, along with several of his ribs. The pain only served to fuel his anger.

Doomsday let out a roar and once again began to charge towards Hal, whose eyes closed to mere slits as he concentrated on his adversary. Focusing all his anger on his opponent, he unleashed a massive blast of energy, targeted with pinpoint accuracy at Doomsday’s head. The giant stopped in its path, falling to one knee, and clutching at its skull.

The pain from the massive amount of energy he was directing was almost too much for Hal. He opened his mouth in a long scream of agony as his nose began to bleed. He was in almost as much pain as his victim--but only almost. Soon, Doomsday’s head began to glow green as the creature slowly rose to its feet. The giant was adapting to the pain and was no longer affected by it.

Doomsday moved towards Hal, but as it drew near, the air began to crackle from the energy being channeled through it. Hal was momentarily shrouded in brilliant green light, which then blasted towards Doomsday, striking its head once again. A backlash from the powerful release crashed into Green Lantern. Losing consciousness, he had no idea what effect his final blow had on Doomsday.

Deep in his lair, Chaos again stared into his crystal ball. He gazed in utter disappointment at the lifeless form of Doomsday. A large crater now existed in the creature’s skull where its face had once been. Hal Jordan lay several hundred feet away, possibly dead, but he couldn’t tell.

Since Doomsday had not taken care of Jordan like he’d intended, his plan ‘B’ would have to be put into effect. The crystal ball clouded up, then, after several seconds, the globe cleared, revealing an image of Zeus, who at the moment was in a cavern, conversing with a humanoid figure that appeared to be constructed mostly of metal. In an instant, the archdemon telepathically informed his grandson of the situation, and issued orders for what must be done.

"You know how to get rid of Doomsday," Zeus told his companion after he explained what Chaos had told him. "Make sure Superman is disposed of, and inform me of Hal Jordan’s status."

"As you wish," stated his ally, before he turned around to leave the cave. As he left the shadows, the light reflected off his robotic frame, revealing the only piece of humanity left on him. A small piece of skin that still remained attached to the cyborg’s upper face.

Felicia Hardy lay on top of the building, licking her wounds so-to-speak (though not literally, like her namesake would). Only a few short minutes ago she’d been on the losing end of a battle with the symbiotic Carnage, the psychotic spawn of Venom, which was in its turn the entity created when Spider-Man’s living alien costume had merged with former tabloid reporter Eddie Brock. In her alias as the Black Cat, Felicia had been helping Spidey combat Carnage’s latest evil plot, which was somehow tied into a serious attack on New York City by numerous demonic creatures.

Slowly, she managed to pull herself to her feet. Her whole body ached from the previous battle, and what was left of her black jumpsuit hung in shreds from her body. The usually white fur that lined her costume’s neck, wrists, and ankles was now mostly red with blood.

I’m not facing that thing alone again, she thought to herself, I’d better find Peter and see is he’s found Mary Jane yet. Several days before, as part of his diabolical plan, Carnage had kidnapped Spider-Man’s wife.

Scanning the city from her high vantagepoint, she could see the rampant destruction that had been inflicted upon it. There was hardly a building that had not suffered some kind of damage--many were completely destroyed.

"I’m definitely not in Kansas anymore," she said to herself as she began the long climb down to the city streets. "I need to find something for my wounds, before they get infected."

Soon, she was making her way through the abandoned streets, looking for anything that might be of help. People, a working vehicle, a medical facility; it didn’t matter at this point, anything would do.

Several blocks away from where the Black Cat was searching, Mary Jane Watson-Parker lay unconscious on the ground. Her husband, Peter Parker, also known as the Amazing Spider-Man, stood over her, fighting off a newly born demonlord. Unfortunately, his webbing had proven to have almost no effect on it, the large pincers on the end of its arms being able to cut through the sticky strands in mere seconds. He was barely strong enough to fend it off physically, but he had no other choice; he had to protect Mary Jane from it.

Dodging the creature’s large, fang-filled mouth, Spider-Man grabbed a large pipe that was sticking up from the ruined floor and started pummeling the creature in the head repeatedly. The blows seemed to momentarily stun the creature, as its head swung side to side with the impact. But that was about it, the black exoskeleton and large tusks protruding from the demon’s lower jaw stopped the brunt of Spider-Man’s blows.

The creature viewed the red and blue costumed adversary before him with eight eyes that seemed to show no emotion. This man was nowhere close to a match for a mighty demonlord, but his determination was admirable. The demonlord’s long centipede-like body was snaked throughout the building, making it hard for him to gain the speed he needed to connect with a blow against his dexterous opponent.

Spider-Man realized he had to think of something fast. He couldn’t continue like this for very much longer; sooner or later the thing would connect with one of its many attacks. Shooting his webbing towards the ceiling, he pulled as hard as he could. The already damaged building gave way to Spider-Man’s strength and caved in, burying the large creature.

"Whew, I need a break when this is all over," he thought out loud while picking up his wife to carry her to safety. He barely made it outside the building before it collapsed completely, covering him in a cloud of dust.

Setting his wife down, he took several moments to examine his situation and catch his breath. He had no idea where he was or how he’d gotten there. He was just happy that his wife was now safe. He also hoped that Felicia, wherever she was, was all right.

Just then, his spider sense buzzed a warning of imminent danger through his head. At the same moment, the rubble behind him seemed to explode as the creature freed itself from its temporary prison. Startled, Spider Man had just enough time to turn his head before the demonlord was upon him.

A large pincer encircled his right arm and closed effortlessly. Spider-Man fell back in pain. Looking down, he saw a bloody stump here his elbow used to be--his arm had been cut off! Panicking he tried to get up, but the pain and shock were just too much. Almost mercifully, the creature ended his agony by slamming its other arm through his chest. It held the corpse high in the air, as if pronouncing its victory, then discarded it onto the ground.

Turning, its bright yellow eyes focused on the unconscious woman lying in the street near him. His many legs brought him closer to Mary Jane, who he examined for several minutes. Then with blinding speed, he dove towards the redhead.

Barely ten minutes after Spider-Man’s final defeat, the Black Cat’s search brought her to the site of his death. She stared in shock and disbelief at the scene for some time, before eventually falling to her knees and weeping beside the body of her longtime friend, who had helped save her from a life of crime. When she finally regained some of her composure, she spent the next several hours giving the body a proper burial. It was the least she could do for her friend after all he had done for her.

She finally finished the laboring task and sat on the ground to rest for a while. She was still lost in her grief, when a dark shadow loomed over her from behind. Her white hair whipped around in the air as she turned to see eight yellow eyes looking down at her from a grotesque, tusked face. A forceful blow to the side of her head sent her sprawling to the ground as her consciousness left her.

Upon awakening, she first noticed that she was covered with some sort of sticky semi-fluid. Looking around, she saw Mary Jane next to her, her long, red hair shifting as she also started to regain consciousness. They were both bound to a wall that looked like a honeycomb of some sort, and which excreted the thick, sticky substance that held them tightly. The underground cavern they were in was lit only by a small sliver of sunlight shining in from a hole in the ceiling. The large room was not manmade; stalactites and stalagmites littered the cavern and a small pool occupied one corner.

Felicia felt unusually relaxed, almost euphoric, and she also noticed that her wounds were healing at a rapid rate. In fact, they were almost completely healed already. She decided that it must be an effect of the fluid on her. Looking over towards Mary Jane, the two women made eye contact.

"Are you alright?" Felicia asked.

"Yeah, I’m OK, I guess," responded Mary Jane, "What happened, how did we get here?"

Both women’s voices were extremely calm, without any trace of nervousness or distress. In fact, they weren’t even worried about their current condition. Felicia had even forgotten all about Spider-Man’s unfortunate fate. The slime holding them fast had been absorbed into their bloodstream and acted as a wonderfully euphoric drug. The longer they stayed here, the more it would alter there their thinking patterns.

"I don’t know," said Felicia, "But I think we’ll be OK. I feel much better than I did earlier. I’m well rested and my wounds are healing. Whoever brought us here must be watching out for our well being."

"You’re right," agreed Mary Jane, her mind just as clouded as Felicia’s, "I don’t think I want to leave here, either."

The wall holding them suddenly started to slowly give way, absorbing the two women. Relaxing, they let it pull them into it. After several seconds of sliding along a narrow tube, they landed in a small ‘room’ inside the honeycomb. The wall released its hold on them and they were now free to move, despite the fact that they sat chest deep in a milky, semi-transparent fluid. Next to them the creature that captured them sat, unmoving, watching its new toys.

My new ally, Carnage, has kept true to his promise, thought the demonlord. I’ll have to reward him with a position in my new empire. These two women he led me to are definitely prime candidates to mother my children.

Not disturbed by the creature’s presence, the two women continued about their business. Mary Jane’s white blouse now clung to her shapely body, and the wet shirt gave Felicia a good view of her friend’s ample chest.

"Those wet clothes must be getting uncomfortable," stated Felicia slyly. "I’ll help you get them off." Moving towards Mary Jane, she reached for the buttons on the front of her blouse. Felicia was not a lesbian by any means, but right now she felt a desire to touch her friend’s body.

After slowly unbuttoning the wet blouse, she peeled it off Mary Jane’s body. All that was between her and the redhead’s luscious tits was a white, frilly bra. Swiftly moving forward, she planted her lips against a surprised Mary Jane’s mouth and slipped her tongue past her friend’s lips. Mary Jane didn’t resist. On the contrary, she was ecstatic that Felicia had the same feelings that she did. She ran her tongue along Felicia’s, while planting a tight grip on her firm ass.

The two continued to suck on each other’s tongues while Felicia released the clip on MJ’s bra, and let the undergarment fall into the slime below. Gently cupping Mary Jane’s soft breasts in her hands, Felicia brought her lips down, and placed them around her right nipple. Flicking her tongue across the sensitive skin, she soon felt MJ’s nipple harden with arousal. Closing her mouth, she gently clamped the nipple between her teeth and pulled slightly on it. Mary Jane arched her back and tilted her head, enjoying the pleasure she was experiencing.

Pushing Felicia away from her, the redhead placed her hands on her lover’s shoulders and began to work what was left of her jumpsuit off her body. Years of physical training had done much to keep her friend in shape. She began to drool in lust as she slid the outfit off Felicia. Again pushing against Felicia, she forced her white-haired lover against the wall of the globular chamber. Straddling Felicia, MJ lowered her face to the woman’s chest and began to greedily consume her friend’s breasts. Hastily running her tongue along the soft flesh she attempted to explore as much of her new lover as she could. Dipping her fragile hand into the slime, she rubbed it onto Felicia’s soft tit-flesh. She pressed against her friend, the two kissing each other passionately while their lubricated chests rubbed against each other, their breasts squashing tightly together.

Felicia pushed herself along the wall and lay back onto a ledge just above the slime. Mary Jane followed and grabbed the other woman’s panties. Ever so slowly, she pulled the thin fabric along Felicia’s long legs, tossing it aside once it was off. Placing her lips on Felicia’s ankle and slowly sliding up her leg, she tasted the sweet, slime-coated flesh. Wrapping her arms around Felicia’s firm legs and placing her hands on her flat stomach, MJ lowered her face into the soft white hair between Felicia’s legs. Her head rapidly bobbed up and down as she ground her tongue into Felicia’s cunt. Her tongue explored the folds of her friend’s pussy, occasionally sliding right into it. Felicia arched her back and placed her hands on the back of Mary Jane’s head. Moaning as she immersed herself in pleasure, she didn’t notice that the creature in the room with them had started to move.

Mary Jane made no move to stop the creature when he grabbed both of her thighs from behind and began to spread her legs, causing her short skirt to ride up her slender legs. The head of his long member, which appeared to be a series of chitinous shells linked together, pressed up against her hot pussy. Wiggling it back and forth, he slowly worked the armored invader into her tight snatch, splitting her panties in the process. MJ stopped sucking on Felicia’s cunt and rested her head on the other woman’s stomach as she experienced immense pleasure emanating from her own cunt. As each link of chitin slipped past her pussy lips, she let out a cry of pleasure. She lay there in ecstasy while the creature’s claws held her up on her knees and its cock probed deep into her.

Felicia stood up while the creature turned Mary Jane over onto her back and placed her on the ledge. Felicia straddled MJ’s face, and once again placed her womanhood against the redhead’s lips. She also guided the creature’s face towards her large chest. Taking her left breast into its large mouth, it slid its tongue along the smooth surface, wrapping it around the breast and squeezing gently. The large tusks on its face curled around behind her back, pinning her against the creature’s face.

Mary Jane continued to orgasm while the creature pummeled her red-haired pussy. Its claws gripped her slender legs harder and the demonlord picked up its pace. Raising its head, it lifted Felicia into the air, her chest still pressed tightly against its greedy mouth. MJ began screaming in ecstasy as the creature had its way with her and her body slid along the slick surface of the slimy slab she lay on. Setting Felicia down, the creature now focused its attention on Mary Jane’s bobbing breasts. Opening its mouth wide open, revealing thousands of tiny teeth, he clamped onto one of the soft mounds of flesh. He sucked fiercely, pulling her breast deep into his mouth, tasting the creamy flesh.

His mouth continued to explore MJ’s slender body while he assaulted her pussy. Ripping off the small skirt, he placed his claws around her small waist and began to piston in and out of the submissive woman at a furious pace. She orgasmed almost continuously, and gripped the sides of the ledge that she lay on as the pleasure swam through her.

The semen that finally sprayed into her cunt caused her belly to swell from the pressure. He held himself deep inside her as he continued to spray his hot demonic seed into her. Felicia leaned down and licked up what spilled out from between MJ’s legs. Already, Mary Jane had started to drift off into a deep sleep, her body exhausted. The demon moved the sleeping girl across the chamber so he could have fun with his other toy.

Opening her mouth, Felicia greedily consumed the creature’s monstrous cock, sliding it all the way down her throat until her lips touched its base. She bobbed her head up and down as she softly hummed, trying to satisfy her master as best that she could. Her lips lewdly slid over the surface of his armored cock as she pleasured the beast. Soon, she could feel his cock vibrating in her throat. The semen flooded out, much of it dripping out of her mouth and onto the floor below. Despite the fact that it burned wherever it touched her, she leaned down and licked up as much of the lovely fluid as she could, before the creature repositioned her onto her back. Sliding its tusks along her ass, he pressed his head between her long legs and clamped his mouth over her pussy. His slick tongue slid deeply within her and tasted the depths of her womanhood. Sucking hard, it pressed against her cunt, the folds of her clit rubbing along the thousands of teeth in its mouth.

"Yes, Yes!" she screamed continuously as the pleasure drove her on. Wrapping her legs around the thing's head, she squeezed hard, driving her pussy harder against its mouth. She came again and again, writhing on the slippery ledge as the ecstasy ran through her. The demonlord swallowed her womanly honey as it came forth, then after twenty minutes of such activity, the creature finally raised its head.

He stared at his prize for several seconds while running his hands along the length of her lovely legs. Knowing what was next, Felicia spread her legs to allow the creature better access to her. Grabbing its cock, she helped guide the organ into her. She let out a long, drawn out moan as the hard member slid deeply into her and the ridges on the cock rubbed against her most sensitive areas. The creature slowly slid its cock in and out of the young woman, savoring her tight body.

His tongue snaked out of his mouth and entered her own open mouth. It tasted so sweet to her and she pressed her tongue against his as it pistoned in and out of her throat. Closing her mouth, she pressed her lips tightly against his tongue.

He deliberately kept a slow pace as he fucked her for several hours, causing her to orgasm multiple times. Soon, she lay there exhausted as the creature slipped its ridged cock into her over and over again. The only thing she was aware of was the total pleasure she could feel. Eventually, Mary Jane woke up and joined in, licking the creature’s cock when it exited Felicia, then sticking her tongue slightly into her friend when the creature pushed into the girl.

Finally, the creature started slamming into Felicia at a furious pace. Mary Jane moved out of the creature’s way and fondled Felicia’s breasts, extending her tongue out of her mouth and running it along the surface of the soft orbs of flesh. Felicia let out short gasps as her pussy came alive from the stimulation. At last, howling in relief, the creature shot another burning load into the woman, causing her belly to swell from the sheer amount of fluid entering her. She lay there exhausted as the creature withdrew from her. As she fell asleep, she felt MJ licking up the semen dripping from her cunt.

The satisfied creature sat back, watching Mary have her way with the sleeping Felicia. He smiled as he thought of how much fun he was going to have in the future. He knew what his father had planned, and couldn’t wait for those designs to be completed. He also knew of his instrumental part in those plans, for he was the first demonlord born in many centuries, the product of Chaos’ union with Supergirl. In several days, these two would be able to lure many other women to him and then he would be able to build his army.

Leaving the two women to their fun, he went to see what Carnage was up to.

Doomsday’s body lay on the hard ground; the crater in his head was almost completely healed. The new hero of the day stood over the body.

The Cyborg had come to the Earth just a short while ago. In the wake of Superman’s shocking death, he had helped organize a group of four powerful superheroes to combat evil in guises intended to honor the Man of Steel’s legacy. However, unbeknownst to them, or the world, he had his own hidden agenda that wasn’t so nice.

"I must take him off the planet," stated the Cyborg, the evil gleam in his one flesh eye almost revealing his true nature. "He will wake up soon."

He and his companions would be known as the New Supermen of the era after the death of the true Superman. He picked up Doomsday and looked at the others: Steel, Superboy, and Power Girl.

"Search for Superman and Hal Jordan," he commanded. "They deserve a proper burial for their great deeds." He had to fight back the laughter that welled up within him while trying to speak such horrendous words. Soon, Zeus would have enough of a hold on this planet that he would be able to end this little charade and reveal his true intentions. He disappeared into the upper atmosphere, taking Doomsday to its final destination.

The other three scoured Coast City; however, they found no traces of Superman or Hal Jordan.

That evening, the sky began to grow sick. A thick purple darkness began to mix with the bright colors of the setting sun. The plans of Chaos were finally starting to swing into full force; the alteration of the destinies of some of the most powerful beings in existence had seriously damaged the fibers of reality. It was now only a matter of time before that fabric would be ripped apart. This thought caused Chaos shiver with anticipation. His plans were coming together and no one but his offspring and his mates even knew he existed.



[Note: two months have passed since the end of the last chapter]

"This is shuttle mission Delta. We have contact with subject. Now commencing landing sequence."

"Roger, shuttle. Proceed with caution."

The space shuttle slowly descended towards the drifting asteroid. Several weeks ago, NASA instruments had begun picking up strange readings from this giant chunk of space rock; this mission had been launched to find their source. The government hoped this would hold the key to stopping the environmental chaos that had gripped the Earth for the last two months. These same readings had been picked up in California shortly before the tumult began.

Suddenly, the shuttle’s captain shouted, "Alter course! Incoming asteroids at ten o’clock!" He began to hastily flip switches and press buttons, trying to divert the ship from the path of the rocks.

The large engines activated, shooting flame out from the rear of the shuttle as it began to change course. The nervous crew watched anxiously as several chunks of rock flew past in front of the windshield. They all sighed in relief when it seemed the last of the small asteroids had drifted by, and the danger had been averted.


The whole shuttle vibrated, knocking the crew all over the cockpit.

"Shuttle, come in. Shuttle, come in," radioed NASA.

"This is Shuttle Delta," answered the captain, after a delay of almost ten seconds. "We took a nasty hit here, but the hull integrity seems to be holding. We should be alright, but we’re sending out a man to inspect the damage."

"Roger that, shuttle. Please inform us of your status when you have updated information."

Several minutes later, the airlock vented its oxygen and the hatch opened. A crewman exited and began examining the side of the vessel.

"Captain, this is really weird," the crewman radioed. "This doesn’t look like an asteroid collision. I’d swear these are claw marks on the side of the shuttle."

"What was that?!" answered the captain, the fear obvious in his voice.

No answer.

"Stillman, come in." Ordered the captain.

Still no answer.

After several tense minutes of waiting, a crewman in the cockpit suddenly choked off a yell and pointed out a viewport. Floating into view were the remains of Major Don Stillman. His left arm was missing and a gaping hole had been torn through his chest.

"Oh God," whispered the captain. "Were getting out of here. Fire up the engines."

The shuttle successfully turned around, but as it started its return to Earth the whole ship was again shaken, as if struck by a powerful blow.

<> sounded a computer voice throughout the ship. Confusion reigned as the astronauts struggled to don their spacesuits, their precious oxygen rapidly leaving the ship through the hole in the hull.

When he had finally suited up, the captain immediately made his way into the ship’s cargo area, which for this mission had been converted into additional usable crew space. He was armed with only a large wrench, but he had to find out what was happening if anyone was to make it back to Earth alive. Several dead crewmembers floated by him, their bodies horribly mutilated and dismembered, but he pressed on nonetheless. And when he neared the rear of the cargo area, he was rewarded with a brief glimpse of what had caused this death and destruction.

Just before a giant fist crushed his head, his faceplate reflected the horrible stony visage…of DOOMSDAY!

"Space shuttle Delta, this is base, come in."

No response would ever come.

Back on Earth, Washington D.C. to be exact, the four supermen (Cyborg, Superboy, Steel and Power Girl) were special guests of the President at a reception in their honor. Their efforts over the past months had been of great service to the country. The rebuilding of Coast City was proceeding at a rapid pace, crime in Gotham had been kept down despite the mysterious disappearance of Batman [!? You’ll find out what happened to him eventually], and most importantly, thousands of lives had been saved by the actions of these four heroes.

If there ever was a time when heroes were needed, it was now. For the past two months the sun had not been seen clearly from the Earth’s surface. A blanket of thick, dark purple clouds had taken the place of the normal blue sky. During daylight hours, the sunlight that made it through the clouds bathed everything in a sickly purple hue. At night, of course, the light of neither Moon nor stars could be seen. Plant life all across the planet was suffering from the lack of real sunlight.

Accompanying the suffocating purple haze had been dozens of other natural disasters; earthquakes, tidal waves, and volcanic eruptions seemed almost commonplace now.

The world’s people needed someone to look up to and give them hope. The four supermen were that someone. Their efforts to minimize the effects of the natural disasters had caused them to be held dear in the hearts of the entire planet.

Late that evening, however, after the reception had ended, the Cyborg stood alone in the night, his gaze affixed on the White House. Spend several hours participating in those damned ceremonies had been pure torture. Now, the time had finally arrived for him to show his true colors; and have a little fun.

Walking up to the White House gates, he was stopped by two security guards.

"I’m sorry, Cyborg, but we can’t let anyone in at this hour without authorization," the first guard began, "If you’ll just wai-" The man was cut off when the Cyborg’s powerful grip crushed his throat. Before he could react, the other gate guard was hurled into the air, dying instantly when he landed on the spiked fence.

Other guards near the gatehouse saw what had happened and began to draw their weapons, some of them attempting to radio for reinforcements. Beams of searing heat emitted from Cyborg’s eyes, quickly reducing them all to ash.

All too easy, thought the Cyborg. And all too fun. Marching forward, he rapidly made his way towards the front doors.

None of the secret service agents inside the White House were any challenge to him, and he quickly made his way up towards the presidential quarters. So quickly in fact, that none of the agents were able to get to the President and warn him of the danger.

Meanwhile, the President had an attractive young White House intern bent over an endtable at the foot of his bed, and was vigorously pounding his cock into her naked body, while he repeatedly grunted, "OOHH yeah, baby!"

His midnight activities were interrupted when his bedroom doors were blown into dust by the Cyborg.

"My, My. Look what our wonderful President does when his wife is away promoting charity," taunted the Cyborg as he slowly walked toward the shocked Chief Executive.

The young intern screamed and jumped behind the bed, while the President looked on in fear and slowly backed across the room as the Cyborg closed in on him. Help, however, was closer than he thought.

The roof suddenly gave way in a cloud of plaster dust and wood splinters, and armored, dark gray figure of Steel landed between Cyborg and the President. He held his hammer firmly in his right hand.

"My hammer’s been itching to hit something for a while now, Cyborg. You’re going down, traitor!" challenged the angry Steel.

"The young upstart thinks he can stop me?" countered Cyborg. "I’d be more than happy to see him try."

Without any further warning, Steel sent his hammer flying towards his adversary. Cyborg easily deflected the weapon with a blast from his eye beams.

"You’ll have to better than that," he taunted. "A lot better than that."

Cyborg charged Steel and the two combatants collided. Clinging together, the two wrestled against each other for several minutes, trying to gain an advantage.

Ignoring the young woman who still cowered beneath the bed, the President used this opportunity to make his escape. Fleeing into the adjoining dressing room, he opened a secret passage into the tunnels below the White House and began the long journey to safety.

Meanwhile, the two warriors carried their battle outside. The White House itself became a casualty of the struggle, several walls were destroyed by the two combatants release of the raw power they possessed. Secret service agents and soldiers continued to arrive and tried to assist Steel by firing on Cyborg, but their weapons had no effect on the powerful, robotic being.

Eventually, Steel was forced down onto his hands and knees. Cyborg straddled his back, trying to strangle the life out of the armored hero.

"I never…let you in…on all…the abilities…of my suit," gasped Steel with what air he could get into his lungs. "It can… take control…of computers…and guess what…your…whole body…is one big…computer!"

At that moment, Cyborg suddenly let go of Steel and began to take several clumsy steps backward.

"What type of sorcery is this?" screamed Cyborg, no longer able to control his body. His hands balled themselves into fists and began smashing into his own face. "I’ll make you suffer for this humiliation, Steel!" shouted the enraged Cyborg. He then switched to an independent auxiliary control system within his body.

Taking advantage of the split second he had after regaining control of his body, Cyborg bolted forward and dug his metal claws into the chest of Steel’s battlesuit, disfiguring the large "S" emblazoned on his chest.

"Guess what," taunted Cyborg, "I can do the same trick!"

Steel began to shout in agony as his suit betrayed him. Cyborg began to assimilate the suit, causing it to grow internal spikes which began to slowly enter Steel’s body, turning his own armor into a painful torture device. Cyborg laughed maniacally while Steel dropped to his knees and screamed for several minutes from the agony he was experiencing.

Once Steel was injured to the point of incapacitation, Cyborg leisurely strolled over to where Steel’s hammer lay and picked it up off the ground. He walking back to Steel, slowly lifted the hammer over his head, and with a loud scream of triumph, slammed it down. The hero’s skull was crushed, and his life brutally ended.

"No one can beat me!" shouted Cyborg. "The world is mine!"

He continued to gloat to the sky for several minutes, while overhead in the starless inky blackness, a storm broke, unleashing an acrid downpour upon Washington D.C.

Tony and Wanda had been trapped on this parallel world to their own for many weeks now. The heroes known as Iron Man and Scarlet Witch had joined forces with the witch Zatanna, and Kyle Raynor, the newest member of the corps of Green Lanterns, to try and provide relief for the people of California. Scarlet Witch and Zatanna had discovered that by combining their powers of sorcery and magic they could calm the continental plates, thus stopping earthquakes and tidal waves. Both sorceresses were amazed at what they could accomplish with their powers joined.

Tony’s Iron Man armor was also well suited to help during this time of crisis. Despite his dislike of the childlike antics of Kyle, he knew the people would suffer greatly without the help he felt duty bound to provide. The energy blasts from his suit caused landslides, which formed barriers that held back floodwaters. Able to fly, he could rescue people trapped with no other way to escape certain death. Kyle, with his newfound powers from his Green Lantern ring, moved people by the hundreds to safety away from the flood and earthquake ravaged areas.

The four heroes had their work cut out for them. California was where the strange purple in the sky had first appeared and had been devastated by natural disasters more than any other area on earth. Strangely, however, Coast City was almost untouched, seemingly residing in the eye of a metaphoric hurricane of catastrophe. With Coast City largely rebuilt, many people from other parts of the state had relocated to the relative safety found there, and the city was once again thriving. To many of the old residents, however, it seemed to be populated with total strangers and created a feeling of uneasiness.

This evening, the Scarlet Witch and Zatanna were in Coast City, enjoying a brief period of well-deserved relaxation and rest. The hard work during the day had taken its toll on the two women. The sun had set and they were finishing up dinner in one of the city’s busy restaurants. When they were done, they intended to immediately head off to bed for some much needed sleep.

From outside the restaurant, however, Jennifer Walters (AKA She-Hulk) was carefully watching the two wizards. Her purpose tonight was simple--she got lonely when her lover/master was away conducting "business," and he had finally given her permission to make some "friends" to keep her company. When she felt the time was right, she walked forward, knowing that her children were waiting in the deep nighttime shadows for her signal.

Soon, Zatanna was startled by the sudden look on her new friend’s face. Wanda had stopped talking in mid-sentence and dropped her fork onto her plate, and was now staring intently at a point behind Zatanna. Turning around, the witch saw a tall, muscular, tough looking woman walking towards their table. She was dressed simply in a T-shirt and jeans. The feature that immediately made her stand out was her skin and hair--they were both green! Zatanna was awestruck for a second, but then realized that this must the woman called the ‘She-Hulk’, who Wanda said had been sucked into this universe at the same time as she and Tony, but had become separated from them soon afterwards.

While she walked towards the two women, She-Hulk’s eyes scanned over them. Her old friend, Wanda, was quite a piece of work. Her long, silky red hair looked stunning in the dim light of the restaurant. When her red cape opened, Jennifer marveled at her friend’s ample chest, the low cut of her red costume revealing much more than most women would dare. As for Wanda’s new friend--it looked like her lover would have his tentacles full in the near future. The other woman wore what looked like a magician’s assistant outfit--a tailed tuxedo top combined with fishnet stockings and black high heels. The tight outfit left very little to the imagination, and her long black hair completed the look.

"Jennifer!" Wanda exclaimed excitedly, "You’re alive! We thought you must’ve been killed when Doomsday destroyed the city."

"I’m fine" answered Jennifer. "I met a guy named Mantis and hid with him during the rampage. I’ve been staying with him ever since, and I finally managed to track you down."

"I’ve never heard of a ‘Mantis’ before," Zatanna thought out loud. After introducing herself to She-hulk, she continued to speak, "Sounds like this Mantis must’ve been sucked here just like you and Wanda."

"Oh no," replied Jennifer, allowing only hint of slyness to enter her voice. "Actually, he’s lived in Coast City all his life. Why don’t I take you two to meet him; he has plenty of extra room and you two can stay there."

In another part of the state, the demonlord, Mantis (so-named because of his insectoid appearance), lay hidden in a forest. Above, he watched as Iron Man and the newest Green Lantern worked to divert floodwaters. Closing his eyes, he began to focus his considerable mental powers on the unsuspecting Tony Stark.

"Alright, one more for the home team," shouted Kyle as he pulled a child to safety.

"I’m getting really tired of your childish antics," yelled an angry Tony. "We have a serious job to do, and you should act like it."

"Whoa," returned Kyle, "I was just trying to liven things up a little, nothing personal."

Driven on by Mantis’ subtle mental manipulation, Tony’s increasing annoyance with the young Green Lantern reached the snapping point. "That’s it! I’ve had enough of this shit," he shouted, unleashing a beam of energy from the chest blaster mounted on his red and gold armor.

The unsuspecting Kyle was hit squarely in his own chest by the blast. He managed to recover, and erected a force field around himself. "What the Hell are you doing?!" he screamed at Iron Man.

Tony answered with another blast, which was deflected by Kyle. Deciding it was time to fight back, Kyle sent a bolt of green energy towards Tony, touching off a general melee between the two heroes.

As they fought each other in a stalemated battle, Mantis flew up from the forest toward the two of them. Picking up speed, he began to streak directly at Kyle. Spotting the large, buglike thing flying towards him, the young hero turned to defend against this new threat.

With his attention focused on Mantis, however, Kyle was easy prey for Iron Man. Tony quickly closed the distance between the two and unleashed his fist against the side of Kyle’s head. The hard steel of the glove, combined with the enhanced strength of the suit, instantly knocked Kyle out cold. Mantis moved to the side and watched Kyle’s unconscious figure fall past him, landing in a heap on the hard ground below. The young man’s body lay there, broken, as several small demons scurried up and took the power ring off his finger. The little demons then left as quickly as they came, returning the ring to their father’s lair.

Meanwhile, Tony’s mind couldn’t stop the overpowering mental barrage that Mantis now directed against him. He floated, unmoving, in the air, waiting for the demonlord’s next command.

It came as a complete surprise when, as the three women walked down an empty city street, Jennifer Walters suddenly turned on Wanda and hit her friend over the head--hard. The blow immediately knocked the unsuspecting Wanda unconscious. Jennifer couldn’t risk her friend’s ability to alter probability affecting the outcome of tonight’s events.

She had convinced Zatanna and Scarlet Witch to come meet her new friend, Mantis. Unknown to Zatanna and Wanda, however, was the fact that Mantis was really one of the demonlords wreaking havoc on the world.

Now, Zatanna was left to face the She-Hulk--alone. The bad part of town where Jennifer had led them assured that Zatanna would get no help from authorities.

"lemmup kluh-ehS!" shouted Zatanna when she realized that Wanda’s so-called-friend was up to no good. She spoke backwards to invoke the power of her magic.

She-Hulk flew back, a powerful force smashing into her chest and knocking the wind out of her. Startled, she began to rise to her feet. Wanda’s new friend was tougher than she looked. Grabbing a Dumpster and lifting it over her head, she launched it at Zatanna.

"tcetorp eM," incanted Zatanna. A shield of red glowing energy appeared and intercepted the Dumpster, causing it to fall harmlessly to the ground. "I don’t know what you’re doing," shouted Zatanna, "But I won’t allow you to harm Wanda. On ria rof refinneJ."

An invisible force seemed to reach into Jennifer’s throat and pinch it off, making it impossible for her to breathe. Falling to her knees, her vision began to cloud. She cursed herself for underestimating her foe.

However, Jennifer had an ace up the sleeve. Her demonic children, which had followed the three women, leapt from the shadows and quickly ran towards Zatanna.

"You want some too," taunted Zatanna, "Take this. Htrae, wollaws eseht…"

Her spell was never completed. The little demons pounced on her with superhuman speed, one of them clamping his hand tightly over her mouth. Their strength was amazing, especially for their small size of only about two feet tall. Zatanna was rapidly overpowered and soon the demons had her held down on the ground.

One of the demons crawled on top of her chest and spoke. "Release the spell on my mother, or feel our wrath!" Its squeaky high-pitched voice didn’t do much to intimidate Zatanna, but her current situation compelled her to release She-Hulk from her magic.

Now that she could breathe again, Jennifer quickly got to her feet and scooped up the unconscious form of the Scarlet Witch. She ordered her children to bring Zatanna along, then opened up a sewer grate and descended underneath the city.

After a short journey through the foul smelling tunnels, they entered a large chamber. It looked like the room had once been used to house workers, probably while the sewer system was being built. Now, however, it was the lair of Mantis. Large towers, made of a black and gray rocklike substance, dominated the room. Dozens of little insect-like demons scurried between them, carrying out their work. Mantis stood proudly in the center of the room, eyeing the newcomers to his home.

You have done well, my little flower, said the demonlord in the mental speech used by the more inhumanly shaped demons. He walked towards She-Hulk, his feet clicking on the hard floor. She dropped Wanda’s senseless form to the ground and the two of them embraced, engaging in a long open-mouthed kiss.

This shocked Zatanna, and gave her a strong idea of what was probably going to happen to her. She tried to break free from her captors, but to no avail, the little demons had a firm grip on her.

"Why don’t I get Wanda ready for you, while you welcome our other guest," She-Hulk whispered to her master.

As the means of communicating his agreement, Mantis began to quiver. His lower abdomen started to secrete the same fluid that had enslaved She-Hulk two months before. Leaning down, Jennifer let the stuff fill her cupped hands.

Walking over to Wanda, she used one hand to force open her friend’s mouth, while holding the precious fluid in the other. Tilting her hand, she let the stuff fall into Wanda’s open mouth. When no more ran from her hand, she began to rub the remainder onto Wanda’s exposed cleavage, making her chest start to glisten.

Meanwhile, Mantis slowly walked toward his ‘guest.’ "Don’t worry," he confidently stated, "In a few minutes you will be so overwhelmed by my skills, you will never want to leave my side."

Zatanna began to shake with fear, tears rolling down her cheeks. Never had she ever imagined anything this repulsive would happen to her. Mantis’ clawed hands reached out and began to slowly unbutton her top. After releasing the first few buttons, he pressed his face against her chest and slid his long tongue down between her perky breasts, leaving behind a thick layer of warm, gooey slime. Zatanna turned her head in disgust, hoping something would happen and she would get a change to escape.

Across the room, She-Hulk slid the Scarlet Witch’s costume down about a foot, fully exposing her friend’s chest. Leaning down and opening her mouth, she took one of the soft, creamy mounds into her mouth. The skin was smooth and seemed to glide effortlessly beneath her green tongue. After running her mouth along the gentle curves of Wanda’s breasts, she took a nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it, her tongue pressing hard against the tip.

Mantis opened the plates on his chest, revealing his mass of brown, slimy tentacles. Wrapping one around Zatanna’s throat, he dismissed his children. Zatanna’s mouth was now free, but whenever she tried to incant a spell, Mantis squeezed hard around her tiny neck, cutting off her air supply and preventing her from completing her incantation. His claws had finished undoing the front of her tuxedo and now spread the fabric apart, leaving her chest uncovered for Mantis’ inspection. Liking what he saw, he greedily pressed his face against her chest. His mandibles scraped along her soft skin, leaving a red mark where they traveled. His mouth opened and his tongue squirmed out and began to sample her firm breasts. Encircling her tit, the tongue slid back and forth as it squeezed. Pressing his mouth against her nipple, he closed gently around it and began to taste it with the feeler tentacles in his mouth.

Wanda still lay unconscious as Jennifer slid the rest of her outfit completely off her body. Leaning down, she pressed her face against Wanda’s red haired bush and slid her tongue into her friend as far as she could. Clamping her lips over Wanda’s pussy, Jennifer eagerly sucked up Wanda’s juices while her tongue explored Wanda’s womanhood.

Zatanna was laid down onto the ground, barely hanging onto consciousness as the creature kept a tight grip around her throat. She could feel a tentacle pressing up against her lovely lips. Unable to fight anymore, she did not resist as it forced open her mouth and entered. This tentacle had a small mouth on the end of it, which began to suck on her tongue. The creature released the tendril from around her neck, but since her mouth was full of tentacle she still couldn’t speak to cast any of her magic.

Its claws continued to remove the remainder of her outfit, splitting open the fabric from around her waist and pulling it away, until only her fishnet stockings and black high heels remained. Two clawed hands gripped her legs just above her knees and spread them wide open. Zatanna regained some of her alertness when she felt pressure against her cunt. She again tried to break free, but the demonlord’s strength was too much for her, and she remained in her current predicament.

Foolish girl, spoke Mantis, You fight against the great pleasure I am trying to give. Soon you will have a change of heart!

An intense pain shot through her body as she was mercilessly impaled by Mantis’ massive penis. The rod began to squirm within her, going about its vile deed. Gradually the pain diminished though, and was replaced by a mostly enjoyable feeling. She still felt disgust for this creature, however, and continued to struggle against him.

She-Hulk carried Wanda over and laid her down next to Zatanna. Then she lifted her T-shirt over her head, letting her large breasts swing free. Lying down on top of Wanda, she embraced her, while inserting her tongue into the girl’s mouth. Wanda slowly began to awaken, and the effects of Mantis’ secretions had already begun affecting her mind. She welcomed Jennifer’s advances, and returned the kisses, sucking greedily on She-Hulk’s tongue.

At last, Zatanna’s struggles took their toll and she began to tire, which rapidly progressed into total exhaustion. Relaxing, she no longer fought the demonlord’s advances. Letting go of her legs, Mantis tightly gripped her small waist and began to pump into the woman. Her belly swelled on each inward thrust, her small frame barely able to contain Mantis’ huge rod. The tentacle in Zatanna’s mouth withdrew, but she merely groaned softly as the demon continued his thrusts, her will to resist completely drained.

The show in front of them filled Jennifer and Wanda with lust. Sliding off her tight jeans, Jennifer turned around and pressed her crotch against Wanda’s face. She began to explore Jennifer eagerly with her tongue, while Jennifer leaned down and placed her own face between Wanda’s soft legs. They continued to sixty-nine like this for some time, before Jennifer finally approached climax. Lifting her head up, she groaned in pleasure as she dripped her womanly fluids down upon Wanda’s face.

Wanda, however, never reached orgasm. Mantis’ secretions being so fresh in her bloodstream assured that only he would be able to bring her the ultimate fulfillment. Wanda sat up and cradled Jennifer’s head in her lap while the two girls watched Mantis have his way with Zatanna.

The witch lay there exhausted, her body gently sliding along the ground as Mantis thrust into her. Soft moans escaped her ruby red lips every so often. Her chest was covered in a mass of tentacles. They explored the soft curves of the submissive woman; several ran their open mouths lewdly across her supple skin, tasting her lovely flesh. Mantis continued to grip her around the waist with one pair of claws, while another supported her limp legs by gripping behind her knees.

Mantis’ body thrust into Zatanna with a never-ending rhythm. As he penetrated the girl, his body slapped up against hers creating a loud sharp sound. He continued to have his way with the lovely woman for hours, while his audience looked on with eager anticipation. Zatanna’s body experienced countless orgasms, but the exhausted woman showed no outward sign, she just lay there letting Mantis go about his business.

Finally, his penis began to swell. Zatanna moaned softly as the member grew within her. After several more minutes Mantis stopped pumping into the woman, his cock lodged so tightly inside her that it would no longer move. Zatanna was barely able to make a sound as pain once again shot through her body. Letting out a long sigh of relief, Mantis released his load into the small woman. Zatanna’s womb was filled with the hot, gray substance that sprayed out from Mantis’ cock. He then withdrew from the woman, gray fluid still oozing out of her crotch. Picking her up and setting her aside, he turned towards Jennifer and Wanda.

Wanda hastily leaned forward and took Mantis’ slimy still-hard cock into her mouth. To her, the black member tasted delicious and she eagerly sucked the gray fluid off of it. Mantis ran his claws through her luxurious red hair before gripping her skull and guiding her mouth up and down his shaft, driving it deep into her throat. Wanda serviced Mantis for almost a half-hour, before her lips finally began to tire, and she pulled away, looking at Mantis with a shy expression.

You are a good little girl, he taunted, I guess you deserve a reward.

Positioning Wanda on her hands and knees, Mantis pressed his cock up against her red bush.

"Fuck me," moaned Wanda lustfully when Mantis gripped her hips.

His penis began its invasion of her body and her pussy was spread wide open. She grit her teeth in pain as its head pushed its way past her pussy lips. Once completely inside her, his rod began to perform its magic. Wanda began to moan lustily, her body moving in sync with Mantis’ thrusts, her soft belly swelling slightly from the huge invader.

Jennifer knelt next to Wanda and enjoyed the attention of the dozens of tentacles that began exploring her large chest. The mouths pressed themselves tightly against her firm mounds, while another tentacle fucked her breasts with a furiously fast pace. She gripped another and plunged it deeply down into her throat, her full green lips wrapping around the slimy tentacle.

Mantis effortlessly flipped Wanda over onto her back. Gripping her knees, he spread her soft legs widely apart. Repositioning himself, he began to ram into the woman with hard, fast strokes. Wanda let out short gasps as his penis pressed against the back of her womb.

Wanda slid along the ground, her full breasts bouncing from the momentum. Mantis lowered his head and nestled his face between her lovely mounds, licking the soft sweet flesh. Sliding up, he clamped his mouth over her left nipple and began to suck on it, his tongue flicking back and forth against her swollen nub.

When Mantis released Jennifer to focus on Wanda’s chest, the green-skinned woman lay down next to her friend. She began to slide her tongue along Wanda’s neck and cheek, leaving a trail of saliva behind as she licked off the sweat.

Mantis pressed his mouth greedily against Wanda’s full, red lips and wrapped his mandibles around her head, pinning his face against hers. Her tongue was absorbed in a mass of tiny tentacles, while Mantis’ tongue explored down into her throat.

Leaning back, Mantis grabbed Jennifer and placed her on top of Wanda. The two girls embraced, and began to suck on each other’s tongues. Moving behind them, Mantis took turns penetrating each of the women. He delighted in their submission when he forced them wide open with his penis head. The pain meant nothing to them as long as they knew they were pleasing him.

Finally, he decided to stay inside Wanda, causing her to writhe with pleasure, while Jennifer explored her from above. Eventually though, Wanda began to tire; the numerous orgasms ripping through her took their toll. She moaned softly as Mantis held her legs open and pumped himself into her tight pussy. His penis slowly began to swell in size, the new sensation causing Wanda to perk up a little. Soon, it became lodged inside the girl, causing her to again grit her teeth from the sheer size of it. Relief came when he climaxed, releasing gallons of hot fluid inside of her, much of it spilling out and landing on the hard floor below.

Jennifer slid off of Wanda, extending her arms, and gently took ahold of the tiny demonspawn that was emerging from Mantis’ chest cavity. Lowering down between Wanda’s legs, she helped it crawl up into its mother.

You were a very good girl, Jenny, stated an amused Mantis, Would you like me to fuck you now for what will seem like forever?

"Yes" answered Jennifer softly. She lay on the ground and spread her legs for her master.

The young demons could hear the sounds of Jennifer moaning in ecstasy as they carried Zatanna’s sleeping body down the tunnel. Reaching a manhole cover, they opened it and emerged into the alley above. Leaving the sorceress on the street, they once again entered the sewers, closing the manhole behind them.

Several hours later, Mantis sat at his "throne" made out of chitin, while his two lovers lay at his feet. He eyed the green ring taken from Kyle’s dead body. Eventually deciding to put it on, he started to slide it over one of his claws…

The President sat down for a moment to catch his breath. He had been in this maze of tunnels for hours and had long ago gotten lost. He was concerned that a rescue force hadn’t found him by now. All he really cared about was surviving; the Cyborg could easily kill him if he found him. Standing back up, he began to move along, his rubbery legs barely able to hold him.

Suddenly, the lights in the tunnel began to flicker, then went out completely.

"Great, now I’m fucked!" cursed the President.

"More than you know," answered the Cyborg from out of the darkness.

"No, leave me alone, I never did anything to you. Why would you do these evil things?" asked the terrified President.

"Because it’s fun. Hahahahahaha…" laughed Cyborg as he neared the President.

In the darkened tunnels, the President never knew what hit him. His body easily broke under the tremendous strength of his murderous attacker.

Hal Jordan sat alone upon the hill, staring down at Coast City. He was physically fully healed from his battle with Doomsday, but he found himself unable to break out of the mental depression caused by what had happened to his beloved city. Sure, the buildings had been rebuilt, but what about all the people that were killed. They couldn’t be rebuilt, they were just gone. The pain he felt in his heart was more than he could bear.

Coast City WILL be restored to its former splendor, thought Hal as he gazed upon the city he once called home.

The Source would have the power he needed to restore Coast City. Almost no one had ever been there. Many had tried and failed, becoming a part of the great wall that divided this universe from the Source beyond it. Looking down at the coffin shaped box next to him, he made his decision.

"Take care of things while I’m gone," said Hal to the box, his green energy starting to take effect on the being inside it.

With that done, he launched himself into the sky and headed for the Source. While Hal disappeared into the pitch-black nighttime sky, the coffin lid slid open. A being, covered head to toe in black robes, awakened from its slumber and arose.

The Cyborg and Zeus sat together in an old abandon warehouse, discussing their future plans. With the President dead, America would fall further into chaos; and this fit right into Zeus’ schemes.

The only other people in the warehouse were Wonder Woman and Zealot. Princess Diana, having first been enslaved by Zeus’ father, had become very loyal to her son (and lover). Zealot, on the other hand, had never succumbed to Zeus’ foul magic, even though for months she had been regularly abused by the demon. She now almost never moved or spoke, her mind closing in on itself to avoid suffering the horrors Zeus inflicted upon her.

"…We must do something about her," Zeus was saying, as he watched a monitor on his computer console. Using his power to control technology, the Cyborg had set up a complex computerized communications and spy network for Zeus. "Power Girl has shown too much zeal for justice and could hinder our plans in the future."

The monitor displayed an image of Power Girl flying around the Empire State Building. An earthquake had just hit in Manhattan, and she was busy pulling people to safety before the building collapsed.

"You’re right," answered the Cyborg. "She might try and confront me while I’m out taking care of business. I’ll make sure to eliminate her soon."

"No!" snapped Zeus, "I have a better idea. In one shot, we could both eliminate her and create fear in the hearts of other superheroes. Do you think you can capture her alive?"

"Hey," answered the confident Cyborg, "If I can deliver Doomsday to an asteroid, I can easily take care of that little bitch. What d’you have in mind for her?"

Zeus leaned forward with an evil grin on his face and began to relay his plans to his ally.

Bruce Wayne sat in the Batcave, resting his hands on his chin as he thought. The computer monitors in front of him displayed the information he had collected over the past several months. Forsaking his mantle of Batman, he had taken on a personal vendetta against the beings that had attacked and paralyzed Barbara Gordon. Now, he finally concluded that the demon who’d escaped him several months ago was residing in Coast City. All the information pointed to it, from the large number of demon sightings, to the origins of the purple darkness in the sky.

Shutting down his computer system, he made his way towards the back of the cave, where his updated "Demon-Hunter" armor was stored. Soon, Bruce flew out of the cave in his personal Bat-Jet, speeding towards the West Coast at more than twice the speed of sound.

Back in the Batcave, an ancient dusty tome still lay open on a desk. The pages talked of a demon named Chaos who had ravaged the world countless centuries in the past. The book also talked about the one weakness these demons had--a rare glowing green rock that the wizards of that time had summoned to earth. After reading this tome, Batman had guessed correctly that the green rock was actually Kryptonite, as several unfortunate demons had already found out. Not that it made any sense that these beings were vulnerable to the remnants of a long destroyed planet. It was just another mystery to be solved.

Deep underground, the archdemon, Chaos, had made his home. For this phase of his grand design, he would stay here while exerting his influence over his children. Then, when his plans were complete, he would emerge as the new ruler of the Earth. His cavern had been decorated in manner befitting his future status. Many gold and silver statues littered the chamber, intricate oriental rugs covered the ground, and the finest antique furniture had been brought here from around the world. His magic had given him the finest treasures from this earth, including Caitlin Fairchild, who lay spread out on the massive bed before him.

Since he had ‘acquired’ her, Fairchild had become his favorite toy and he enjoyed her body several times a day. Currently, her muscular legs were wrapped in slimy tentacles, which were pistoning her onto his cock while his powerful hands explored her huge breasts.

Supergirl and Catwoman slept soundly on the bed next to Fairchild, both having just been ravished by their demonic master before he turned his attention to the redhead.

Suddenly, Chaos was distracted when an eerie green and blue light appeared in the cavern. The light began to fade almost as fast as it appeared, leaving behind a very lovely looking woman. Chaos arched his face in concern. Who could have found him here in his secret lair? He decided to discover what this intruder was seeking, before he added her to his collection of lover-toys.

The woman wore very little, just a small black bikini-like outfit, the top of which was held together by a small golden skull between her gigantic tits. Her arms and legs were covered by shiny, skintight black leather. The striking feature about this woman, however, was that her skin, hair, and even her eyes, were completely white! She was definitely not an ordinary woman. She also bore an ornate, obviously magical, sword that reminded Chaos not to let his guard down just quite yet.

Leaving Fairchild on the bed, he slid toward the intruder on his slug-like lower body. What brings you here? he asked, his words directly entering her brain.

"In my realm, I am known as Lady Death," answered the woman, "I detected a strange new dimensional rift, which emanated tremendous magical energies. I decided to investigate what lay beyond it, and see what it offered me."

Unknown to Lady Death, Chaos had telepathically activated his crystal ball when he saw her enter his cavern. The ball, behind her and hidden from her view, was able to surreptitiously scan her and display to Chaos all the details about her life. Thus, he now knew that, in her universe, she was a damned soul who had defeated the Lord of Hell himself and usurped his nether-kingdom. With his dying breath, however, the Devil cursed her, preventing her from returning to Earth until all human life was exterminated. Chaos reasoned that since she was on this Earth, the curse couldn’t cross dimensions and only applied to her own Earth. Whether she was aware of this or not was another question.

Learning her history enabled the archdemon to identify the source of her power. Knowing this, he began to alter the physical makeup of his body in order to gain the greatest possible resistance to her magics if she tried anything hostile.

This world will be mine soon, stated Chaos, trying to impress upon this woman the extent of his power. Soon, all will bow to me.

"I propose a bargain," responded Lady Death, "With our powers combined, we would be unstoppable."

The crystal ball began to show the most recent events of her life, revealing that her claim to be merely investigating a new rift was not entirely truthful. In actuality, a demon/vampire crossbreed, known as Purgatori, had formed a resistance against Lady Death’s reign in Hell. Unprepared for the attack upon them, her forces were soon overwhelmed and, in order to avoid being captured and left in Purgatori’s indelicate hands, Lady Death had been forced to flee. It was at this point that the gateway between universes had opened, and she had escaped through it. And now she stood before Chaos.

Lady Death became unnerved when she sensed a feeling of amusement from the demon. She noticed he seemed to be staring behind her. Turning around, she saw the crystal ball displaying the events that had led to her arrival in the cavern. Facing the archdemon, she took several backward steps as Chaos began to slowly advance on her. She realized he knew her bluff, and she didn’t like her situation at all. She had seen what the demon was doing to the women on the bed.

You should be honored, Lady Death, taunted Chaos, After all, you will soon be a queen.

"Hold on," warned Lady Death as she drew her sword, its magical energies crackling in the air. "I’m sure we can come to an agreement."

It was obvious, though, that the demon had already decided his intentions, so Lady Death attacked. Jumping forward, she swung her sword in a powerful arc, intending to sever her opponent’s head in a single blow. Chaos, however, used his amazing agility and flattened his body, causing the sword to swing high above him. Shooting one of his tentacles forward, he connected with Lady Death squarely in the chest, knocking her over and sending her sliding across the floor.

I know all about you, and have adapted my body specifically to fight you. You cannot win. Surrender now, and spare yourself the humiliation, taunted Chaos, as he closed in on the stunned Lady Death.

Feigning injury, Lady Death propped herself up on her knees and waited for the demon to get close enough. As he reached down to grab her, she struck suddenly, thrusting her sword at the demon. She scored a direct hit and the sword sank deep into Chaos’ chest, embedding itself up to the hilt. Stumbling back several feet, a look of pain crossed Chaos’ face.

The archdemon, however, quickly regaining his composure and stood fully erect, looking down at the sword in his chest. Chuckling to himself, he wrapped a tentacle around the weapon and slid it out of his body.

I told you, I have altered my body to fight against you. Now surrender, before I get angry with you, commanded Chaos.

Lady Death’s heart sank. She realized now that she couldn’t beat this creature; her sword held powerful magics, but they’d had no effect on this demon.

"What are you going to do to me?" asked the saddened Lady Death.

Only show you the pleasures that have been denied you until now, said the confident Chaos as he leaned down and picked up Lady Death with several thick, powerful tentacles, her struggles not hindering his actions in the slightest.

"Please, leave me alone," begged Lady Death, as she was laid down on the large canopied bed.

"Who’s our new guest?" asked Fairchild, who had a look of fascination in her eyes as she began to stroke Lady Death’s soft white skin.

Let’s make her welcome, Caitlin, said Chaos, before he positioned Lady Death on her hands and knees, keeping a tight grip on her arms and legs.

Grabbing her bikini bottom with one of his hands, he ripped the thin fabric off her with a powerful yank.

Tell me you want me, ordered Chaos.

"Go fuck yourself," answered Lady Death defiantly.

Wrong answer, returned Chaos.

Grabbing her firm ass with his powerful, clawed hands, he spread her cheeks apart. A thick penisoid tentacle moved down and pressed against her anus.

"NO!" shouted Lady Death as the tentacle pushed into her.

The white-skinned woman screamed as she was sodomized, the thick member tearing her delicate tissue as it forced its way into her rear. The archdemon, however, ignored her cries of pain and protest, continuing his brutal assault on her ass.

Tell me you submit and I’ll stop, informed Chaos, All you have to do is ask me to stop.

The tentacle pounding into her continued to bring agonizing pain to Lady Death. She resisted for several more minutes, but eventually the pain just became too much for her to bear.

"OK, I submit, please stop, you win!" she finally shouted in defeat, unknowingly allowing the demon’s foul sorcery to invade her mind.

See, now that wasn’t so hard, taunted Chaos as he pulled the tentacle from her ass, which began to bleed from the punishment it had received. Let’s fix you up, then we’ll have some fun, said Chaos. He waved his hand across her ass and his magic completely healed her, causing the blood to dissipate into the air.

Lady Death was lifted into the air and placed down onto her back. There was a burning warmth rising from between her legs; she was beginning to get horny and felt herself actually wanting this creature. The mere thought still made her sick to her stomach, but something was driving her to please this creature.

I see you’re a little more submissive now, said Chaos, I like that. No trouble makers in my harem.

Several tentacles snaked down and began to lick and suck on her thighs. One moved down between her legs and latched itself over her pussy, licking the pale skin as it nestled itself in her white pubic hair. Chaos released his hold on her arms and legs; Lady Death no longer fought to escape.

Fairchild fumbled with Lady Death’s bikini top, releasing the clasp between her large breasts. The fabric fell away, revealing Lady Death’s lovely round orbs and tiny light pink nipples. A wide smile crossed Fairchild’s face and she lowered her head towards Lady Death’s chest, taking one nipple into her mouth, and licking it fiercely, while cupping Lady Death’s breasts with her hands.

Moans began to escape Lady Death’s mouth as the tentacle worked its magic on her cunt, sliding its tongue through the folds of her pussy. Several others joined, running themselves through her pubic hair, sucking on her soft, white flesh.

Fairchild let out a short gasp when a tentacle entered her. It began to slide deeply within her, while another moved along beside it and also began to force itself into her. Resting her head on Lady Death’s flat stomach, she began to enjoy the attentions of Chaos. One of the tentacles between Lady Death’s legs slithered into Fairchild’s open mouth, sliding down her throat. The redhead closed her lips around the shaft as it began to fuck her face.

Lady Death began to grow jealous that no tentacles moved towards her face so she could suck them. The pleasure from her pussy was so great though, she couldn’t find the willpower to lean up and grab a tentacle. Sensing this, Chaos moved a penisoid tentacle towards her face and hung it a few inches from her full lips, forcing the woman to work for her prize. Lifting her head, Lady Death wrapped her lips around the penis head tightly so it couldn’t escape from her mouth. It tasted magnificent, and she ran her tongue along the slimy, smooth surface for several minutes. The tentacle moved past her tongue and began to slowly inch its way down her throat, forcing Lady Death to open her mouth wide to accommodate the shaft siding past her lips.

Two more tentacles wrapped around Lady Death’s wonderfully large breasts. They left behind a trail of thick blue slime as they explored the curves of the soft tit-flesh. Several more tentacles descended on her and clamped their mouths over her hardened nipples, sucking on the sensitive skin while their tongues tasted the soft pink flesh.

At last, the tentacles between Lady Death’s legs coiled back up to their master. Chaos let his skin split open, revealing his massive cock. The thick veins pulsated as his demonic blood ran through them, the member waiting to go about its work. His clawed hands grabbed her legs just above the knees and spread her firm legs wide open. At the same time, he began to send his wishes into Lady Death’s head.

Tell me you are my slave, wench, commanded Chaos, who withdrew his tentacle from her mouth.

"I’m your slave, do with me as you wish," answered Lady Death, willing to do anything to satisfy her lust. This final act of submission allowed his evil magic to complete its domination of her. She would forever be his to do with as he pleased.

She let out a long drawn out sigh as the massive member slowly embedded itself inside her. Gripping the sheets, she lay there, concentrating on the pleasure she was receiving. Chaos sank into a slow rhythm, enjoying the woman’s tight pussy wrapped around his pole.

Soon, he also withdrew his tentacles from Fairchild and picked her up. Holding her upside down, he placed her crotch against his face and let her head dangle between Lady Death’s legs. His mouth pressed hard against her lovely pussy, his tongue probing deeply into the young woman. Fairchild sighed in pleasure as his dozens of tiny tentacles stimulated her while he tasted her womanhood. Grabbing Lady Death’s legs for stability, Fairchild pressed her lips against Chaos’ massive cock. Her tongue ran across the organ as it slid in and out of Lady Death, tasting the woman’s fluids on Chaos’ huge rod.

Eventually, Fairchild began to grow dizzy from the blood running to her head. Chaos set her down and again forced tentacles into both her mouth and pussy. Lowering two more tentacles down towards the girl, he crammed those into her cunt alongside the other one. All three pounded into her at an inhumanly fast pace, causing the girl to orgasm almost immediately. Excited by his victory, the tentacles began to squirt their evil seed into her. Fairchild continued to orgasm as the tentacles took her, filling her with their load.

Lady Death began to scream loudly in ecstasy as Chaos’ attentions brought her orgasm after orgasm. His strokes began to quicken, sliding the woman across the sheets as he pounded into her, his body slapping against her pussy as his penis fully entered her. He continued like this for another hour, before he finally released his foul seed into the battered woman. Pulling out of her and relaxing, he waited for his semen go to work. This particular seed was unlike any other he had as yet deposited into his many brides.

As Lady Death lay on the bed, completely sated, she began to change. Two bulges appeared on her forehead and a pair of black horns forced their way out from under her skin, which itself began to darken from white to a bloody crimson. Her hands distorted as her fingernails extended and became razor sharp claws.

Her body continued to change as Chaos watched with pride. When the transformation was finished, Lady Death would be gone forever--in her place would be Lady Demon. Chaos could hardly wait.

Space shuttle Delta entered the Earth’s atmosphere, falling uncontrollably towards the planet below. The crew was long dead, and no one was able to stop it as it headed on a course towards the center of Los Angeles. When it finally crashed into the ground, its unburned rocket fuel exploded into a huge ball of flame and destruction. Merely the latest in the long line of recent newsbreaking events that had killed thousands of people. No one knew, however, of the terrors to come.

Doomsday was once again on Earth! Crawling out of the crater, he was ready to kill again.

Not all that far away, in San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge suddenly twisted and buckled. The thick purple mist in the sky seemed to shift and a vortex formed above the bridge, generating an enormous suction. As the structure struggled to stay anchored to the ground, Power Girl arrived on the scene. The powerful blonde began to fly occupied cars off the bridge, taking them to safety on the land at either end. Acting as fast as she could, she tried to save as many people as possible before the bridge was sucked up into the sky.

"I wouldn’t worry about them," taunted the Cyborg as he ascended from out of the waters below, "You have much bigger problems to worry about now."

Power Girl’s brow cringed in anger. The killer responsible for Steel’s death was now within her grasp. Letting out a battle cry, she flew like a bullet towards her foe…

To Be Continued…