Wonder Woman Learns the Logic Behind the Law  

Wonder Woman Learns the Logic Behind the Law

Written: 1/31/07 - 5/22/07
Revised: xx/xx/xx

CATEGORY: (M/F, Wonder Woman, Nazis, first time, reluctantly consensual sex followed by enthusiastic sex, light physical bondage, severe mental bondage. Steve Trevor plays a minor role.)

SUBJECT: There is a reason for the Amazon Law forbidding intimate contact between Amazon women and men. Very shortly after Diana arrived ‘in the world of men’, even though she was supremely devoted to Amazon Law, Diana learned the reason for the law.

Wonder Woman, fresh from Paradise Island, having arrived in America only a month or two ago, is still learning about the world of men. On her first trip into Germany with American Soldiers, she is captured by the Nazis. The chief interrogation officer decides to ‘soften her up’ before her interrogation begins.

This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

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When the Wizard announced his new contest in early in 2007 involving Wonder Woman set in World War II, I drew a complete blank! There was nothing that came to mind. And I was too busy to stop my other projects to write a story for a contest anyhow!

But, I thought of a number of photomanips I had seen, specifically, one by Nomad found on the Wizard’s Challenge # 17 (captioned, “Must . . . remove . . . panties . . .”) and one on Page 2 of Nomad’s Gallery on the Wizard’s lair (captioned, “And with one final will-breaking orgasm, Diana is defeated”) and several pictures from other Internet sites. Starting with these pictures in mind, I took Wonder Woman back to shortly after she had arrived in America, maybe a month or two at the most (which would return her to absolute pristine condition, and where the world doesn’t yet know about her golden lasso or her power belt or the Amazon law concerning an Amazon’s defeat in battle and becoming enslaved to her conqueror if she freely submits to him). With his premise, and I start writing. The following story outline quickly formed, but finishing the story took a lot longer.

By the way, I’ve shamelessly plagiarized the dialog and/or captions from the various photo-manipulations in my story. I’ve made every effort to highlight every caption so the astute reader can find the manips if he wishes.

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Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am borrowing them for my own pleasure. The Oberst belongs to me.

This is a work of fan-fiction. The story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided they are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. This includes ‘adult verification sites’. This story may NOT be posted to any site where money is involved, or to any site which sells its mailing list or member’s information to outsiders. (Hey, let’s be fair! If I’m not going to make money from my work, why should someone else?)

(If you do copy this story to another web page, please give me the courtesy of an e-mail, so I can see where my work is going. Who knows? Maybe you’ll introduce me to a new favorite website!)

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

Special thanks go to Woody, for proof-reading my story and giving useful and cogent comments. And thanks to Bob Cashman for his ongoing constructive criticism and encouragement.

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The story begins where Major Steve Trevor is given a mission to penetrate German lines to gather intelligence concerning a top secret SS facility hidden in a German castle in Bavaria. Steve includes Wonder Woman in his team. She is a new and largely unknown entity who has recently come to prominence in America,

Although birth control is apparently not used in this story, in 'real life’ every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Prolog: Behind enemy lines

Wonder Woman, and the small contingent of Allied Soldiers, moved stealthily through the Bavarian woods, approaching the target, an isolated castle where it was reported that the German SS had a research facility. This was actually Wonder Woman’s first assignment with the US military, having only recently arrived in America and making contact with the Pentagon. As an Amazon maiden, she has had only very limited experienced with men. However, she had already participated in several law-enforcement functions in Washington and already her reputation as a warrior was growing and was becoming solid enough that she was invited to join this elite military espionage team headed by Major Steve Trevor. They had successfully penetrated enemy lines and now their mission was to collect certain intelligence data concerning the activities in the castle and, if appropriate, destroy the facility. Beyond that, she knew little about the castle or what went on there, since she had ‘no need to know’.

“Halt! Hände auf!” The words were barked from the forest around them.

“Bitteschön?” responded one of the Americans, a sergeant named Eric who was also an explosives expert.

Die hände auf, bitte,” came the German command, and the Americans slowly raised their hands. Wonder Woman saw that Major Trevor had a hand grenade in one hand and the pin was in the other.

Seeing the Americans apparent surrender, the Germans moved in, showing themselves.

“Wach auf!” Major Trevor shouted, throwing the grenade into the midst of the German patrol. Immediately the Americans dropped to the ground, grasping their weapons as the grenade exploded, taking out several German infantrymen.

A firefight ensued and several American Soldiers were killed. Wonder Woman, Major Trevor and Eric were huddled together, defending themselves against the German assault. Wonder Woman, of course, was not armed, but she used her Feminum bracelets to deflect the German bullets. One of the deflected bullets ricocheted, hitting a grenade carried by a German soldier. The grenade, a concussion grenade, exploded and Wonder Woman was knocked out by the blast.

Chapter 1: Capture

When she woke, she was in the Castle. Her hands and ankles were tied to a sturdy chair, and there were a few German officers around her firing questions at her in German. The rest of the room was filled by a group of useless but curious soldiers and technicians, both male and female, all staring at the scantily clad American prisoner. She realized she was still wearing her power belt and her lasso of truth was still hanging by her side. She tested the bindings holding her to the chair and found they would be easy to break. The foolish men had ordered one of their female subordinates to tie her to the chair and since Wonder Woman had not been bound by a man and she had her power belt, she had her full strength.

Wonder Woman pretended that she didn’t speak German, and a tall, thin, slightly graying German officer stepped forward to question her in English. Immediately, the other Germans in the room deferred to him, addressing him as “Herr Oberst Doktor.” Wonder Woman hadn’t learned all the insignia of the German Army yet, but she recognized the double lightning bolts of the Gestapo on his collar.

He questioned Wonder Woman, asking her about how she had been able to deflect bullets with her bracelets, but she refused to give answers. Seeking to provoke her, he made some snide comments about her inadequate costume and how any self-respecting woman would dress more modestly. The men around him, those who understood some English, laughed as the Oberst insulted Wonder Woman and she took this as her opportunity. Breaking loose from her bondage, she grabbed the Oberst by his lapels and threw him against the wall. With little effort, she began demolishing the German guard detail. Suddenly, she sensed a movement: The Oberst had recovered and moved behind her. Too late, she saw a dark object in his hand flashing through the air toward her head. Her reactions weren’t fast enough and the German officer’s blackjack connected solidly with her head, dropping her to her knees where darkness enveloped her.

Chapter 2: Sensory deprivation

Wonder Woman was floating, her arms stretched out to her sides. Everything was dark gray and quiet. She saw and heard nothing. She was not bound, but she could barely move. She couldn’t tell if she was dressed or not, but her power belt was obviously missing because she didn’t have the Amazon strength it provided her. Also, her head still hurt from where she had been struck. She tried to struggle, but her movements were extremely limited. She could not even bend her arm and touch her face. When she stopped trying, she found the floating sensation rather relaxing.

She remained isolated from the world for what seemed like hours. Gradually panic began to settle in her gut, followed by dreamlike hallucinations. And she heard a voice.

“You are awake. Can you hear me?”

“Yes”. Her voice sounded a little hoarse and muffled, but the words are clear enough.

“What is your name?”

“I am called Wonder Woman.”

“We have heard of Wonder Woman. So _*you*_ are the new secret weapon of the Americans.”

Wonder Woman didn’t answer.

“Are you ready to answer a few questions?”

Again, Wonder Woman chose not to answer.

“Very well, I will leave you for a while. We will talk again.”

Wonder Woman felt very lonely and isolated. She didn’t want the voice to leave her. She wanted to see something, someone. She wanted to touch something. She couldn’t see or hear anything. Her arms were sluggish and she could feel nothing. She was totally isolated from any external stimuli.

“Are you there?” She asked. There was no answer.

“Come back to me! Don’t leave me like this!” she called as loudly as she could. Again, there was no answer. Time passed. With no external references, it seemed like she was alone for hours. Her mind started playing games with her. She saw things that she knew were dreams. Or hallucinations. Everything was unreal. More hours passed. She tried to struggle, but her movements were very restricted and made no difference. She began to cry in her loneliness and felt tears running down her face. How thankful she was that she could feel the tears. They were the only thing she could feel, and they reassured her that she was alive. She felt a change, but she couldn’t tell what had changed: maybe she was being turned over. And her tears no longer ran down her cheeks.

The Oberst observed the Amazon Woman enclosed in a thin rubber suit with a larger helmet floating slightly submerged in the tank of warm, saline water. Floating, as she was, put her in a gravity free environment and she could see and hear nothing outside of the helmet covering her head and providing her with air.

The Oberst was a medical doctor and researcher. He hated the Gestapo. But the SS had given him free rein for his research, provided him with adequate funding and as many test subjects as he wished. In his experiments, the Oberst had chanced upon a unique form of torture that had shown interesting mind control capabilities. In later years it would be called an Isolation Chamber or a Sensory Deprivation Tank.

But now he had taken his research as far as he could and he was tired of the Gestapo looking over his shoulder, questioning everything he did. He wanted out. He had taken considerable time to plan his own escape from the Gestapo and was simply waiting for an opportunity to put his plan in motion.

The isolation chamber, a device depriving the subject of any external sensation, was still a new concept for everyone. Wonder Woman’s arms and legs were encased with a second layer of rubberized material that was filled with water to reduce the movements possible. And completely encased in her rubber suit, she was floating in a tank of warm water giving her the sensation of weightlessness. The temperature in the tank was carefully controlled so the subject could not sense where she ended and her environment began. She could feel nothing, see nothing, hear nothing; in short she was deprived of all sensory input except when the Oberst spoke to her through the special telephone. Actually, very little time had passed since he had spoken with her, but lacking any point of reference, it felt like hours to the captive.

More hours passed, and Wonder Woman’s mind was going. Not understanding where she was, she felt she would go insane if she had to remain this way much longer. She craved someone to talk to. A human presence. A human touch. Loneliness and isolation engulfed her like the darkest night.

“Come back to me!” she wailed, bordering on hysteria.

Herr Oberst Krenneman stood and watched the weakening struggles of the figure in the experimental chamber.

He knew that she was ripe now and had a tasteless, odorless gas injected into her air supply.

“I’m coming to bring you back,” his voice whispered into her ear as she slipped into unconsciousness. When she was unconscious, he had her removed from the tank and he ordered the female lab workers to remove her from the rubberized suit and dress her again in her costume.

He was fascinated by Wonder Woman’s female attributes. Her face was lovely with high cheekbones and lips that always seemed to look wet and sexy. Her ebony hair shimmered and fell below her shoulders. Her full figure was mouth-watering, her breasts, enormous, but firm and well shaped with large areolas, her mature hips were broad and she had a perfect ass. Great looking legs seemed to lead to the provoking tuft of ebony hair that invited attention to her womanhood. His eyes were drawn back to her breasts, which were especially beautiful. In fact, they were beyond beautiful. They fascinated him as the female technicians had changed her clothes and then redressed her.

Then Wonder Woman was carried to the Oberst’s specially prepared bedroom and the Oberst ordered every worker from the room, even the extra guard that had been assigned to keep watch over Wonder Woman after her last attempt to break free.

The Oberst knew that when a person, especially a female, has been deprived of sensory input, the sensory deprivation can considerably strengthen the patient’s response to erotic stimulation. She will be inclined to experience an intense bonding with the first person she sees when she is brought out of isolation. Wonder Woman obviously was a spirited woman. In addition, she was probably the most perfect specimen of female flesh he had ever seen. And, quite frankly, he lusted for her! Spirited women are always more interesting to conquer.

He was probably the first to admit, at least to himself, that lust sometimes affected his judgment. Having witnessed Wonder Woman in action, as well as having observed her magnificent body fully displayed both in her costume and during the times when she was placed into and removed from her sensory deprivation suit, he wanted to be sure that _*HE*_ was the first and only person she saw when she returned to consciousness.

He especially wanted to enjoy her flawless body before her interrogation began because sometimes, even frequently, a subject was injured, or possibly killed during the interrogation process. After her sensory privation experience, if she followed the usual pattern and bonded when she awoke, a man with his skills could possess her with relative ease. Then once she had yielded to him, he could solidify their relationship, possibly even in one night. Making love with the American woman would help establish the bond between the two of them making it easier for her to answer the questions, the Oberst rationalized. In fact, he hoped there would be no resistance when he interrogated her.

However, he was still a prudent man, so took the convenient golden lasso from her belt and meticulously bound her wrists, and tied the end to a ring in the wall so he could get out of her reach if she turned aggressive.

When her eyes fluttered open, he was holding her hand.

She was freed from that place of loneliness, that place of darkness!

Craving the company of another human being, the touch of another person, her piercing blue eyes hooked on his. Wonder Woman clutched his hands, pulling him to her in a fierce embrace, a reaction the Oberst had experienced before.

Surprisingly, she asked him if he was the one who had knocked her out when she tried to escape. When he said yes, she nodded. _*HE*_ was the man who had defeated her in battle.

He withdrew from her, taking her wrists in his hands, inadvertently grasping the ends of the golden lasso and sincerely looked into her eyes telling her, “You must never attack me or fight me again, do you understand?” Although he felt a tingle from the lasso beneath his hands, he had no concept of the power of the golden lasso or that it gave his words the force of a command that she would have to obey. Wonder Woman stared at him, wide eyed, and nodded as the power of the lasso poured through her.

When he released her wrists he turned to the night stand to pour two glasses of wine. Since he no longer held the golden Lasso, Wonder Woman struggled against her bindings. She knew the lasso was unbreakable, but perhaps she could slip loose. But the knots were well tied. And she quickly recognized that a man had bound her since she had no more strength than a normal woman. She stopped her struggles when the Oberst turned back to offer her a glass of wine, which she refused.

After replacing the wine glasses, put one arm around her and took her hand in the other, his fingers inadvertently closing over the Golden Lasso. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

Wonder Woman was terrified. She had never kissed a man before! But the Golden Lasso required that she obey. He pulled her closer to him and their lips met, and Wonder Woman kissed him, a sloppy, fumbling first kiss, and she was much too frightened to enjoy it. But she held the kiss because he seemed to want to.

His hand rose to her breast, and shocked, she pulled away, with a terrified gasp, staring at him with saucer-sized blue eyes clutching her hands before her torso as a defense. It was the first time any man had ever touched her sacred body.

The Oberst smiled to himself at her response to his touch. “You’ve never been with a man, have you?” he asked benignly.

Still basically unfamiliar with the ways of a man’s world, Wonder Woman answered simply and honestly, “No, I am a virgin. And an Amazon princess.” A word of explanation was in order. “I am not permitted to be intimate with a man lest I fall under the influence of a man’s world.” Her face was a stunning mix of sexiness and purity. Thick auburn hair falling to her shoulders competed the fantasy.

He wasn’t sure what it meant to be an Amazon Princess. But he _*most definitely*_ wanted her to fall under _*HIS*_ influence, and that probably equated to falling under the influence of a man’s world.

“Of course,” he responded, and sipped his wine. “Does that mean you’ve never been touched by a man?” He raised his hand as if he was about to touch her breast again.

Defiantly, Wonder Woman declared, “Never!” But she cringed at the approach of his hand. The Oberst smiled, pleased that his fingers would be the first to fondle the sensational Wonder Woman he’d heard about.

“You know that we captured two other Americans with you?” he asked in an indifferent manner. She nodded. He continued in an offhanded fashion, “They will probably be shot tomorrow at noon.”

At this, Wonder Woman, who was still somewhat disoriented from her time in the Isolation Tank, became very upset, almost hysterical at the idea, so the Oberst quickly added, “Of course, I’m sure we can find a way to save them.”

“Oh, thank you!” Wonder Woman sighed and she clutched the lapels of his uniform, spontaneously pulling him to her.

“Of course, you must do some thing for me,” he rejoined, putting one arm around her and disposing of the wine glass.

“Of course, I’ll do anything!” Wonder Woman immediately responded, “What do you want me to do?”

The Oberst marveled at her innocent and pure demeanor. So pure! This innocence intensified her beauty far beyond any other woman he had ever seen before. Now it was time for the fun to begin. He would test her resolve, her commitment to the purity that she proclaimed.

“Remove your top,” he stated casually.

Shocked again, Wonder Woman recoiled, pulling away from him. Her mind was a caldron of seething and confusing emotions. He had saved her, rescued her from . . . that place of loneliness . . .And ever since she opened her eyes and saw him, she felt an attraction to him like she had never felt for anyone before.

Since he redeemed her, she felt appreciation, gratefulness, even loyalty to him. She looked in his eyes and his gaze made her tingle, and the tingle centered briefly over her nipples and more extensively between her legs.

Also, he seemed to hold the power to keep Steve Trevor from being killed.

Wonder Woman *wanted* to do everything that the Oberst wanted her to do! She wanted to be obedient and submissive to him. But she also was painfully aware that he had defeated her in battle. If she willingly yielded her body to him, which seemed to be what he was asking, she would become his slave for the rest of their lives!

Of course he didn’t know that. No one except the residents of Paradise Island knew that. So that couldn’t be the reason why he had asked her to remove her top. Maybe he simply wanted to look at a woman’s breasts. In the short time she had been in the world of men, she had learned that many men enjoy looking at women’s breasts. They even displayed paintings in special buildings called museums, and the published various books of crude drawings that displayed women in various states of undress. Maybe the Oberst’s words weren’t a lewd request, but rather a simple desire to see her, just the same as those who visited museums.

“I cannot undress in the presence of a man,” Wonder Woman whispered. “That might lead to intimacy and I am not permitted this intimacy because it might lead me to fall under the influence of a man’s world.” In her gut, Wonder Woman began to feel uncomfortable even being near this man.

“I understand,” the Oberst responded, putting an arm around her, drawing her to him, holding her tightly, pressing her against him. The Oberst had met similar refusals from captive women before (in his mind he called them ‘compulsive virgins’) and he was prepared to offer an alternative proposal. “Since you cannot remove your top, may I at least touch you through your clothes?”

She stiffened in his embrace.

This was a new thought to Wonder Woman. She knew that a man might try to touch a woman through her clothing if he was trying to seduce her. But she had just told the Oberst she was not available to be seduced. But in the short time she had been in America, she had noticed, casual touches seemed frequent: people would shake hands, a woman would hold her escort’s arm, men and women danced together holding each other. She might allow his touch out of gratitude for saving her.

It seemed like the Oberst was proposing a compromise somewhere between the two extremes, probably an exact middle ground. And there was no way she could lose her purity if she was fully dressed, was there?

. Her bound wrists attested that she was his prisoner, his captive. He had defeated her in battle. So far, she hadn’t given herself to him, but she knew that he could forcibly take her against her will anytime he wanted: She had been bound by a man depriving her of her Amazon powers, and he had commanded her, using her golden lasso, not to attack him or fight him. The fact that he didn’t understand the power of the golden lasso when he gave the command did not diminish the strength of the command he had given.

Amazon law forbad intimacy with a man. Her teaching had stressed that she should avoid any action that might tempt her toward intimacy. Was this an action that might lead her into temptation? Letting herself be touched, even through her clothes, would be the most intimate action she had ever taken with a man.

Although not completely comfortable with his proposed compromise, she was indebted to him for freeing her from . . . . that place of loneliness. She felt obligated to accept his compromise. Clasping her hands to her sternum in an attempt to defend her breasts, she leaned into his embrace and nodded her head. Immediately his hand slid up her ribcage. Wonder Woman held her breath in anticipation, but then she quickly spoke.

Chapter 3: Unwilling submission

“You can touch me, but please do not try to remove my clothes. I cannot permit that.”

“I won’t,” the Oberst lied. His hands passed between her elbows and grazed the inside of her breast. He felt Wonder Woman tighten her grip, pressing elbows and hands against her chest. It was obviously an attempt to make it more difficult for his hands to access her breasts.

He pushed her back on the bed with one forearm beneath her head and he lay slightly to the side. Her bound wrists pressed to her chest, her elbows in close to her body, she continued trying to protect her breasts but the effort that was doomed to failure.

Slowly, gently, but insistent, his hand found her firm, round breast, caressing it, circling it, and eventually holding it. Wonder Woman couldn’t believe the thrill passing through her body when he touched her. Relaxing her elbows, she looked down between them to watch his gentle hands exploring her bosom. Unconsciously, she gave an intake of breath when he found her nipple through her bustier, gently holding it and rolling it between his fingers. She was surprised at how sensitive her breast and nipples were to this tender stimulation.

Her nipples were growing harder between his fingers and her breathing speeding up. She was obviously becoming excited. She was still new to the ways of man, and didn’t know how to handle this situation. In her training, this possibility had never been discussed.

. He paused to gaze at her gorgeous mammaries. Her protruding nipples, rapidly becoming more visible through her bustier, made it painfully obvious how turned on she was becoming.

His hands wandered over her torso, passed her Magic Girdle of Strength and moved smoothly to her stomach beneath her belt. The touch made her feel funny. Again she tensed and tried to pull away, but the bed beneath her limited her retreat.

“I don’t think you should be doing that,” she whispered into his ear.

The Oberst kissed her cheek, a simple action that sent surprising shivers through Wonder Woman’s frame. “I promised I wouldn’t take of your clothing and you gave me permission to touch you,” the Oberst reasoned. “Since I cannot look at you, please don’t refuse my touch as well.” His words were smooth. Somehow the logic seemed to make sense. Wonder Woman gasped and shuddered as his hand moved over her Mound of Venus and encased it. She couldn’t believe the thrill that ran through her as he touched her.

“You’ve defeated me in battle,” she panted. “I cannot willingly give myself to you. If I do . . . . I . . . . I . . . . I . . . .” she couldn’t continue.

There it was again! She wasn’t simply protecting her virginity as he had originally thought. Keeping her virginity intact was certainly involved, but there was more to it than that.

“Is protecting your virginity really that important?”

“It’s not just protecting my virginity . . .,” she responded. It was getting difficult for her to breathe. “It’s the law. Amazon Law forbids . . . . forbids . . . . Oh, what are you doing?”

He had tugged her briefs to one side and now, one of his fingers was moving along her labia majora, caressing them. There was a definite dampness present beneath his touch, probably from the excitement of his explorations of her breasts. Her bound hand flashed downward, grasping his wrist pulling his hand away from her anatomy.

She gasped, “You said you would touch me THROUGH my clothing only!” Her tone was accusing. He was betraying her.

“I promised not to remove your clothing. I’ve kept my promise.”

Taking hold of her wrist, he insistently lifted her bound wrists above her head, securing them in place with the hand beneath her head.

“Don’t . . . . please . . . .” Wonder Woman begged, quivering and tensing as his free hand glided back downward, caressing her cheek and neck, fondling her breasts, briefly rolling her hardened nipples. Without conscious thought, Wonder Woman squirmed with pleasure, responding to his touch. His hand moved. stroking her stomach and mound and finally slipping beneath the leg band of her briefs. His finger found its way between her labia. The flesh-to-flesh contact was exciting her beyond comprehension.


Her stomach churning, her muscles twitching, she couldn’t fight against his invasion . . . he commanded her not to fight him as he had been holding her golden lasso.

His finger gently, insinuatingly, grazed her clitoris. She clamped her legs together around his hand, but this only increased the pressure of his digit on her clit. It was so arousing! Her legs separated slightly hoping to reduce the stimulation of his touch, but it also permitted him easier access to her. His explorations of her anatomy became more intimate and causing greater heat in her body.

“If you were to choose a man to take your virginity, would you choose me?”

She struggled to get her mind to work. It was so hard to think while he . . . . .

He had defeated her in battle . . . . as victor, he had every right! Willing or not, she was his to take . . . If he claimed her as his slave, taking her virginity would undoubtedly be his first act.

“I think so,” Wonder Woman responded, lost in the moment. “If I were to yield to any man, I think it would be you. You are the man who has the right to take my . . . . “ She dared not say it.

_*‘The right’ . . . ?*_

“You acknowledged that I’ve defeated you in battle?” (This seemed to be important to her. He felt her stiffen at his words.)


“And that to the victor goes the spoils?”

“. . . . Yes.” Again, it was a reluctant concession.

“Therefore, I am perfectly within my rights to take you, by force, if necessary.”

“Yes. But please dooooooooon’t,” she begged. He had stroked her clitoris again.

The Oberst bent down and kissed her breasts through her bustier. The stimulation of a MAN’s lips on her breasts overwhelmed Wonder Woman! It caused her to soar to new heights of guilty pleasures. She tugged her arms gently and he released her hands. She slid her bound wrists over his head.

As he kissed her, he rolled his hips to the side, unobtrusively unbuckling his belt and opening his trousers, pushing them down his thighs.

Fascinated, Wonder Woman watched him kissing her bosom. His kiss took her breath away and she used her bound wrists to pull his head and lips against her over stimulated mounds. After a few moments he raised his head and moved closer to her.

As his head moved, Wonder Woman saw the fullness of an enormous male erection freed from the confines of his uniform pants. The sight transfixed her. She couldn’t take her eyes from his maleness, even as his hand returning to pull her briefs aside once more to resume its skin-to-skin caress of her female sex. She had seen drawings in textbooks in school, but this was the first time she had ever seen an erect male penis ‘in the flesh’. And she knew with certainty that the Oberst’s penis would be coming to take her virginity.

He put one knee between her legs, forcing her thighs apart as his fingers did wonderful, exciting things to her. The tall beauty closed her eyes and tried to ignore the fire he had ignited within her, the fire that was growing between her legs and was spreading through her body. His touch was stoking that fire.

There was not the slightest doubt in her mind that soon his penis would replace the finger.

Amused, the Oberst was approaching this as a battle of wits, rather than simply taking what was his to take. He seemed to be asking permission, knowing that she could not give her permission. She knew that she would lose the battle. And she would lose a great deal more as well.

“I think I am the man you would like to take your virginity.”

“If I were to give my virginity to anyone, it would be you,” Wonder Woman whimpered. “But please don’t. I care for you too much. You brought me out of that place of darkness. I am obligated to you. But my faith in mankind would be shattered if you raped me.”

“I don’t want to rape you. I want to make love with you.”

Chapter 4: The temptation to _*Make love. . _*

_*“Make love . . .”*_ she sighed wistfully, still staring at his huge penis. “I’ve read about that.” Since she came to America, romance novels had fascinated Wonder Woman and, even though romance was strictly forbidden for Amazons, her curiosity had definitely been piqued by what she had read. Could making love be as wonderful as they say in the books? If it was, she thought, she would like that.

“I would enjoy making love . . . .” The words slipped out unbidden, and she immediately regretted them.

She shouldn’t be considering this at all! The topic was forbidden for her!

“Do you want to make love with me? Now?”

“Herr Oberst, please don’t ask me that.”

He moved over her slipping his other leg between her thighs, relocating himself between her legs. Wonder Woman lost sight of his penis but gasped. Her briefs were still pulled to the side and she felt a damp touch that she was sure was no longer his finger! She knew what would happen next, and the Amazon captive’s stomach churned with panic and terror. She could not fight him because of the command given while he held the golden lasso.

The Oberst felt her tense up. Frantically, she pulled at her bonds. She tried to move her hips sideways and back and forth, twisting her body in a futile effort to escape his erection. Of course, she lost the skirmish. Her resistance was like a bird beating against a pane of glass and equally futile. Wonder Woman moaned as she ceased her meek struggles.

“I cannot!” cried the woman. “I am an Amazon princess. You’ve defeated me in battle. If I willingly give myself to you . . . “ Her words faded out as he slid his knees beneath her thighs, raising her knees, opening her wide to him. He found the entrance of her womanhood. He was almost there. He could take her.

She was gasping and panting, her eyes were apprehensive and unhappy. He enjoyed that. Her womanhood was spasming against the tip of his manhood, shuddering, trembling.

“You said if you were to give your virginity to anyone it would be me . . . ” he whispered and Wonder Woman gave a sob as she felt her vaginal lips separate, his hot, wet organ prying its way between them. He continued: “And you said you thought you would enjoy making love with me . . .”. She moaned as his manhood twitched between her puffy lips.

She protested, “I cannot willingly give myself to you . . . .”

“You don’t have to give yourself. You can let me do it,” he whispered.
“Do you want me to make love to you?”, his penis was gently nudging. He waited, knowing that his presence between her lower lips was a powerful insinuation.

Paralyzed with fear, Wonder Woman shivered as his erect penis stood at the entrance of her vagina. Wonder Woman gasped, staring blankly into space, frozen by the sensation.

“Do you want me to make love to you?” he repeated into her ear.

It was inevitable. She couldn’t fight him. She couldn’t defend herself. There was no way she could stop him. She was his prisoner and obviously he was going to do whatever he wanted. Her situation was hopeless. He had defeated her and she couldn’t prevent him from . . .

The raven-haired woman could feel her face flush with heat, lust and embarrassment. She blinked and looked up at her abuser.

After a long hesitation, she whispered, “. . . . . . . . yes”. And it was the truth! She knew what was coming! He was poised at the entrance to her love canal. The very proximity of his penis filled her with suspense and anticipation. And even expectancy.

“Do you want me to make love with you now!?” he asked again, slightly increasing the pressure against her woman hood. She was so wet, the slight movement slid him into her a little more. She gasped again.

“Is that what you really want?” she asked, breathlessly and somewhat superfluously.

“Yes, “ he answered.

She dropped her eyes. He had defeated her. Now all that was necessary was for him to take her body. By accepting him, she would be giving up her Amazon heritage. She acknowledged she was his. She nodded her head.

He leaned back to meet her eyes. Then he bent to kiss her on the lips. Slowly, ever so slowly, he moved, stretching her, invading her body. She was tight! He resolved to proceed slowly with this woman. Wonder Woman gave an intake of breath at the penetration of her forbidden passage. Everything she felt for the Oberst since he had rescued her from her prison of darkness, her gratitude, her devotion, her appreciation, seemed to center in her sex, and she felt vagina melting like butter being cut by a hot knife as he moved deeper.

Exercising an enormous amount of will power, she whimpered desperately, “I don’t want this! I can’t do it! Please stop. I cannot be a willing . . . . uuuuuhhhhhh .. .. . . . .” Her eyes squeezed closed. The Oberst was pressing against her hymen and she grunted as the pain overwhelmed her causing her to clench around his manhood. His weight held her pinned to the bed.

He could feel her still intact hymen. Without giving ground, he answered her argument. “Didn’t you say that I was the man to whom you wanted to give your virginity?”

“I did . . . . ooooohhhhh . . . . “ The pressure against her hymen was increasing, “but I can’t! It’s . . . Ohhh! . . . Please stop! …… Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

Wonder Woman moaned loudly. Her hymen painfully tore apart before his penis and he pressed through that final physical barrier. Shocked by the instant pain, she reflexively clamped her arms and legs and vagina around him, effectively blocking any further movement.

“It’s too late.” he whispered in her ear. “We can’t stop now. Your virginity is mine! Your body belongs to me. _*You*_ belong to me! Now, try to relax! I don’t want to hurt you!”

He remained, unmoving for a few moments, permitting her body to acclimate itself to his presence within her. When she was ready, she would start to move her hips up and down on his cock.

The initial pain was fading. She felt a small trickle of blood, probably from her broken maidenhead. Defeated in battle, he had taken her chastity, her virginity . . . her body! Wonder Woman was lost! He had won. She was his slave! The law said it!

Whimpering she forced herself to relax as he had commanded. Without conscious effort, her hips twitched and rose spasmodically and retreated. She gave a pitiful, “Oooohhhhhhh . . . “ as he pressed deeper into her. She tried to compel her over-stimulated body not to move, not to respond to him. But she was melting, panting.

He withdrew, almost leaving her before he pressed into her again. Slowly, he began thrusting in and out of her, moving between her increasingly swollen labia and stretching her womanhood, pistoning into her vulnerable vagina, drilling deeper and deeper, gradually increasing his pace.

Wonder Woman slowly raised her hips. She began moving to meet his thrusts. The Oberst was intensely gratified as he felt her respond. He didn’t think he would get her to the point where she would respond to him. He was fucking the strongest, most powerful woman in American, and her actions were urging him to make her come. He didn’t want to disappoint her, so he continued to tease her skin as he thrust into her.

Wonder Woman’s grunts became more and more erotic. It felt amazing. She thrust her hips into his, increasing his pleasure beyond belief.

She suddenly thought of something: If neither of them climaxed, the act technically wasn’t complete. And if it wasn’t complete, maybe she wouldn’t be his slave.

“Don’t come in me!” she begged. She grasped at the first excuse that came to mind, something she had heard in ‘girl-talk’. She remembered the words even though she wasn’t quite sure of their meaning. “You’re not wearing a rubber and I’m not protected. I might get pregnant.”

Of course, her protests were futile. He was thoroughly into nailing her and there was no way he was about to withdraw and take a cold shower. He pounded furiously.

“Please don’t come in me . . . “ she begged.

Almost immediately, the Oberst seized and began grunting. He made inhuman noises of joy as all the tension in his body emptied onto her, consummating his domination of his helpless captive. She felt something hot and wet spurt inside of her as he poured his vile fluids into her, claiming her as his possession, marking her with his seed.

Horrified, she recognized what was happening. “Aaahhh!” The anguished cry escaped from her lips. She was receiving his sperm. He had successfully mated with her. Helplessly, Wonder Woman gave up, and even though she had not chosen to give herself to him, he was erupting with a massive climax, spurting his creamy white semen into her. He filled her womb with his seed. There was panic and total defeat in her soul as the warm rush of cum entered her luscious body lying helpless beneath her attacker.

Transfixed, she lay on her back, receiving his cum. It was the first time in her life she felt cum spurting into her body, but she knew it wouldn’t be the last. She accepted the evidence of his passion as it filled her vagina. She was a receptacle for his sperm. His sperm was already moving from her vagina into her womb. Even though this was not a fertile period for her, she knew his sperm was swimming into her tubes, seeking an egg to fertilize. But, of course, there was no egg there. It was not the right time for her. But, nonetheless, he had planted his seed in her. She had received it. There was no doubt that he had completed the act. They had mated. She belonged to him. He owned her. The beautiful ebony haired heroine felt the wetness seeping between her thighs and sobbed.

Chapter 5: Wonder Woman considers her status.

The Oberst collapsed on her, his manhood shrinking but still embedded within her. He felt warm and alive! For most of the past year, the SS had provided him with male subjects. As a result, he hadn’t had a woman for some time. ‘Blow on cold ashes’, he thought, ‘and you never know what will happen.’

He was satisfied that she had been a virgin, and there was always pleasure in taking a virgin, if for no other reason, than she had no one else to compare him with. But seducing a virgin always required a great deal of effort, and the initial rewards were limited, other than knowing he’d accomplished it.

But he had lusted for her body, and now he had possessed her. Taking her virginity had not been as difficult as it might have been, and ultimately, she had surrendered to him . . . after a fashion.

Now he wanted to proceed quickly with her training because tomorrow it would be necessary to begin the interrogation.

Since she was no longer a virgin, she would probably follow one of three likely paths: 1) she might return to her initial reluctance, possibly attempting to keep whatever virtue she still possessed, or 2) since there was no longer any point trying to save her maidenhead, she might simply lie back and permit him do whatever he wanted.

And of course there was always the third and most hoped for path: Since there was no longer any need to protect her virginity, she might throw herself into an impetuous life of debauchery.

If she returned to her initial reluctance, he would not continue gentle seduction: it was simply too much effort. Straightforward rape would have to suffice. Following this path, she would probably just lie there like a carpet while he satisfied his bodily needs.

If she took the second path of passive submission, the rest of the night would be pleasant, and he would enjoy her the same as any other whore.

The third path was always hoped for but never likely.

“Did you cum?” she asked innocently, breaking into his musings.

The Oberst nodded

“Inside of me?”


“Then I belong to you.” It was an unexpected response. It sounded like a simple statement of fact.

. But the Oberst quickly acknowledged it. “Yes, you do,” he responded.

“I am your slave.”

The Oberst still didn’t understand the game she seemed to be playing, but since he seemed to be winning, he’d continue it, whatever it was. “Yes, you are,” he replied

He rolled to her side. She slipped her bound wrists from over his head and her hands settled below her belly button, gently stroking her tummy, unconsciously examining herself to see if she could feel a difference in her body, now that she had been taken by a man. When he dragged his arm across her upper body, she gave an intake of breath as his hand settled over her breast and sought her nipple through her costume. They lay side by side, both unwinding as their bodies came down from their coital highs, and he spoke with her, asking how she felt, showing concern for what she said, all the time, he continued his gentle manipulations of her breast and nipples. Wonder Woman stared at the ceiling, her thought process all but shut down, responding to his question with monosyllabic answers. The Oberst lay, looking at the ravished, Raven-haired beauty beside him, his hand on her breast, still impressed with her magnificence, freshness, innocence, and even naivety. With a quick, downward glance he saw the confirming streaks of red on his penis and her thighs. His loins began stirring. He was ready to continue.

He dropped his hand to her mound and resumed his gentle explorations through her briefs.

Wonder Woman remained motionless on her back. She gave a small moan at his touch. There was already a hot wetness between her legs. She even felt his semen leaking from her. She knew she was his slave. But somehow she didn’t feel as though she was enslaved. His touch through her briefs excited her. If she was his slave, there was no longer any need for her to resist him. She began to think about engaging in sex with him again.

Now, she could be . . . no . . . as a slave she _*would always*_ be his willing partner. As his slave, she would submit to his basest demands. She could expect her body to be continually used by her master for his pleasure. But he would never have to rape her again. She would comply with any demand he made of her.

Wonder Woman smiled to herself. She suspected that sex would be much more enjoyable if she participated fully. She began to shiver with expectation, hope, and even anticipation.

She held her breath as his hand moved lower and she allowed her legs to move slightly apart to provide him better access to her womanhood. Her insides were steaming up as her libido increased. She was learning that she was enormously sensitive to sexual stimulation, and his hand was feeding her sensitivities generating unbelievably strong desire within her. Suddenly, she was jolted by his words.

“I know I promised I wouldn’t remove your clothes,” he whispered, his breath tickling her ear, “but it would give me great pleasure to see that beautiful, well toned, athletic figure of yours. Would you be offended if I asked you to remove your top?”

Wonder Woman stiffened and hesitated. She looked away, her face troubled. He had defeated her in battle. He had taken her virginity and he had planted his seed in her. She was his mate. He had mated with her. She tried to shift her mind into a slave mode of thinking. As his slave, she was obligated to do whatever he wished her to do. It was a paradox: as his slave, she would have the freedom to submit to his demands and eagerly to enjoy the ensuing pleasure.

She still felt a reluctance to exposing her body to a man. It had always been ingrained into her. Revealing her breasts in the presence of a man was not something an Amazon should do. It was not the way a proper way for an Amazon to act. Fear of becoming enslaved flashed through her mind. It was irrational since she was already his slave. But uncovering her body to him would obviously be a prelude to . . . .

His fingers excited her, distracting her. But even so, she was afraid . . . . .Oooooo, he found an extremely rousing spot . . .

“You want . . . ooooooo . . . again?” she asked.

“I certainly hope so.”

Wonder Woman was anxious. She had felt a certain excitement when he took her. What if she really liked sex?

“It’s probably not necessary,” She commented. Having taken her, she was his slave. Having sex again would not change that.

“Necessary?” It was a strange choice of words. But she seemed to have strange orientation toward sex, one he didn’t yet understand. “ No, it’s probably not necessary. But I’m sure it will be enjoyable.” He drew the elastic around the leg of her briefs to the side and again his fingers traced her lovely mound.

“Enjoyable?” she gasped as once again she felt his skin-to-skin caress.

“Come!” he whispered into her ear, encouragingly. “Take off your top!”

Sex with the Oberst had not been the horrible experience she had expected. Her reaction to what had happened was mixed. It had not been the grossly unpleasant, except for the fact that she had been taken against her will, and she had been helpless, unable to protect herself.

He had been surprisingly gentle. Her introduction to sex had been skillful, caring and considerate, nothing like the brutal, painful rape she had been taught to expected. If this was the way men normally treated their women, Wonder Woman saw there were distinct possibilities of continued pleasure, or at least tolerance of the sex act

There HAD been some pain, but mostly at the beginning when he broke through her maidenhead. She supposed that was inevitable. There was still some residual soreness, but no real pain. And there had been discomfort when he first entered her, but to her surprise her body had quickly generated lubrication that eased his thrusts into her.

But most surprising of all, she had experienced feelings of intimacy.

Ever since he had released her from that hell of isolation, she had felt close to him,. Maybe it was gratitude, or appreciation or gratefulness or even indebtedness to him, but in any case she had felt an emotional bond with him. And when he made love to her, even though she had followed her Amazon training and mentally resisted his conquest of her body, intimacy with him had been growing in her heart; closeness, and unspoken understanding and a connection between them. He had raped her, but she felt cherished, warm, snug, and even comfortable with him. Was this LOVE that men and women experienced? Was it possible for there to be love between master and slave?

Also, she admitted to herself, he was a GOOD lover. And she acknowledged that she was susceptible, strongly susceptible to sexual stimulation. And when he had taken her, there had been a stirring within her loins that she couldn’t describe. She wasn’t sure what it was, but if she was his slave, and if more sex took place between them, she wanted to experience more of that pleasant but unfamiliar stirring.

Chapter 6: Willing submission

Wonder Woman made her decision. If she was his slave, she couldn’t refuse him anything. “It’s your right,” she stated simply, sitting up beside the Oberst. Her wrists were still bound in front of her by her own golden lasso and she tried unsuccessfully to reach around to her back to open the fastenings of her bustier.

She gazed at him for a long moment. Then she turned her back to him and said something she never though she would say to a man: “Will you open the fastenings?”

The Oberst was amazed! Only moments ago, she had been so adamant about not removing her clothing. Now, it was his right. And now she was asking his assistance.

She had determinedly insisted that she could not willingly give her body to him. And yet now it appeared she was, moving in that direction, without resistance, even if it was reluctantly. Surely, the simple loss of her virginity wasn’t sufficient cause for this sudden and diametric change!

The Oberst examined her bustier and recognized the fastenings. Her belt covered her costume, so he unfastened that first. She felt the loss of power as her Magic Girdle of power loosened and was set aside. With a careful sureness, he opened the fastenings and the bustier came loose. Wonder Woman held it in place with her bound hands as she turned back to face him.

She was very afraid, and she didn’t know where the fear was coming from. A slave obeys her master’s wishes. She decided she was afraid because this slave business . . . this sex business . . . was so new to her. Goose bumps rose on her flesh and she shivered.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she lowered her hands to her lap, the bustier following leaving her bare, enormous firm breasts swaying gently before settling comfortably in place.

The Oberst stared as the perfect orbs jiggled before him. He took one beautiful, ripe breast in his palm, weighing it, steadying it, and lifted it as he bent over to languidly kiss it and take the nipple in his mouth.

Another blast of stimulation rocketed through Wonder Woman as his lips closed around her nipple and he began to gently suck. She threw her head back and lifted her bound hands to steady and support her breast, holding it steady for his mouth. She was breathing faster at the new stimulation.

After a few moments, the Oberst stopped and looked up into her eyes. “And now, would you please remove your boots.”

Of course, one thing follows the other, she thought. Obediently, but still hesitantly, Wonder Woman bent her knee to remove one of her boots, but he stopped her.

“No,” he said, putting his hand on her bound wrists. “Over there.” He pointed to a straight back chair beside the bed near the wall where he had a better view.

Wonder Woman slipped from the bed and moved to the chair sitting to remove her boots. The Oberst sat on the side of the bed and intently watched her as he removed his own boots. Barefooted, she sat, waiting for his next order as he unbuttoned and removed his shirt. The Oberst was on a roll!

“Now, remove your panties.”

Again, fear! Her entire life had trained her to protect her body from men. How can she be his slave and still be reluctant? She only had to give herself once to become a slave, and she had never thought about what might happen after that. Apparently, he wanted her again. That was his right as her master. But she was so afraid. Why was that?

Taking a deep breath, she stood and muttered to herself, “Must . . . remove . . . panties . . .” Her enormous blue eyes were fixed on his, her lips slightly parted as, obediently, her bound hands rose to the waistband of her blue, star spangled briefs. Hooking her fingers in the waistband, she pushed them downward. With her wrists bound, she had to lower one side at a time, but in a few moments, her briefs were at her knees while the Oberst sat on the bed, watching her with rapt attention, his own disrobing temporarily forgotten.
Wonder Woman stepped out of her briefs, and straightened, holding her panties in her hands. Her eyes dropped and she blushed deeply as, totally nude, she was openly displayed before his eyes. Why was she so ashamed? Why did she feel humiliated and afraid?

The Oberst let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. He was quite frankly surprised at how quickly and how completely she had submitted to him. There was still some reluctance in her body language, but since she had obeyed so far, he demanded another act of submission from her.

“Now, remove your bracelets and tiara. I want you fully uncovered!” Wonder Woman obeyed. It was appropriate for her to remove her tiara, because as a slave she had no right to wear that symbol of royalty. But the goddess had created the slave bracelets as a perpetual reminder of when her ancestors had been imprisoned, raped, and enslaved some thousands of years ago. The bracelets were a symbol of shame and slavery, worn by Amazons throughout the ages to remind them that they must never again submit to the will of a man.

When she lay the last item on the chair beside her, she stood, totally uncostumed and revealed, nervously waiting his next command: the summons to come to his bed. She shivered and blushed as she felt his gaze consuming her body. Self consciously, she folded her arms over her big, soft breasts in a The Oberst stared appreciatively at the display of her tanned creamy flesh and prolonged her agony by standing and slipping out of his trousers. Only his boxers remained with an obvious tent formed within them. With a smile, the Oberst lowered his boxers, openly revealing his massive erection once more to Wonder Woman’s inexperienced eyes.

He extended a hand and gave the command she had been anticipating: “Come to bed, my marvelous Wonder Woman.”

Wonder Woman hesitated only a moment before, shivering and blushing, she modestly dropped her eyes, obediently took his hand, and moved to the bed lying on her back beside him, her legs slightly separated, her knees bent. He caressed her, whispering endearments into her ear, his every touch stimulating her further and further. Her nipples were already hardening. His tongue played with her erect nipple, bending it, teasing it, and finally, taking her nipple into his mouth. Her long, well-formed legs didn’t even try to close as his hand moved downward, seeking her womanhood. She felt her libido steaming up as he fondled her, which was only appropriate for a slave serving her master.

His explorations of her anatomy were becoming more intimate and causing greater heat in her body. . Her mind told her this couldn’t continue. But her body yearned for everything he was doing. A few minutes ago, he had filled her with his sperm. And now she eagerly waited for him to do it again. She craved to receive him inside of her, to fill her again. She wanted to make her body available to gratify her master’s every desire.

He stroked her clitoris and Wonder Woman moaned with satisfaction. She looked at him through dark, liquid eyes. Her emotions soared as she submitted to the guilt-ridden pleasures.

Tentatively, she reached out to take hold of his penis. Even though it was erect, it felt soft and velvety to her touch. She was ready for him. And she knew it wouldn’t be long before the penis she held in her hand would replace the finger that was toying with her womanhood!

“This time, will you give yourself freely and willingly and wholeheartedly?” This seemed to be of some significance to her. The Oberst wasn’t sure why, but, like any good interrogator, he had picked up on it and since she had been so vehemently opposed earlier, he demanded it now.

Wonder Woman’s body gave a resounding, visceral, “Yes!” in response. But her mind and heart were filled with terror at the prospect. Why? She was already his slave, therefore, what difference would it make?

“Of course.” she replied. That would be what her master wanted, wouldn’t it?

Apparently her submission to him was complete! But he still observed hesitation and reluctance. There had to be more than the simple loss of her maidenhead involved in changing this headstrong warrior into a accommodating, albeit reluctant submissive. What was it?

“What about your Amazon law?” he asked

“The law no longer applies to me since I have become your slave.”

Slave? He had never heard a captive admit to being his ‘slave’ before. Certainly not this quickly. He decided to take her to the limit and demand what she had repeatedly refused.

“Bring me to you,” he commanded.

The confused look on her face indicated she didn’t know what he wanted.

“Take my penis, lead it to your vagina and guide it in,” he clarified.
Hesitantly, Wonder Woman knew that this was the moment of truth for her. She puzzled for a moment before releasing his penis and taking his shoulder in her bound hands, drawing him over her. Once he had settled between her thighs, her hand again found his still erect organ and, closing her eyes and holding her breath, brought it to her, leading it to her labia majora. Bending her knees slightly, it was easier to separate her puffy lips and guide the erect, pointed instrument to its target where it gently found and opened the entrance to her warm cavern.

Wonder Woman gasped as he paused, barely within her womanhood. Once more, terror flooded her. She didn’t want to become a man’s slave! But she was already his slave. And as his slave, she assumed sex was to be part of the arrangement. Impatience and lust flooded her, and even more, the anticipation of fulfillment of that lust gripped her with eagerness. As his slave, she wanted to enjoy the pleasures that had always been denied her and which she had only briefly tasted. The Amazon laws no longer applied to her. So why, then, was she so afraid?

This ambivalence exasperated her! As his slave, she would expect to satisfy his every desire. Why did she hesitate? She belonged to him. She was his to use in any way he wished, be it loving or perverted. Why not get on with it?

Feeling his cockhead between her labia made her twitching vagina burn with desire, her body ached with lust. She struggled to move her wrists between them. The Oberst lifted his upper body so that she could slide her arms upward until she slipped them over his head and around his neck in a crude embrace.

“Do you want to feel my shaft in your pussy?” His crude words were truly pushing the envelope, attempting to induce her to give herself freely and willingly to him: the one remaining thing she had said she could not do.

The terminology was new to her, and some of the words were new. But Wonder Woman understood what he was asking. She didn’t want to answer. Her Amazon training was still deeply entrenched in her mind. But Wonder Woman couldn’t fight her body’s desires any longer! She wanted him! Breathing rapidly, she slid her bound wrists downward, her arms encompassing his shoulders and upper torso.
Her surrender was almost complete. Egotistically, the Oberst wanted her to yield even that final bit of reluctance to him. His quiet, self-assured voice whispered in her ear. “Do you want me, Wonder Woman? Do you want to feel my cock between your legs?”

He didn’t move, almost as if he was giving her time to consider. But his penis nudged her clitoris, giving a highly persuasive suggestion to the woman who was already suffering from sensory overload.

Wonder Woman moaned, her lips close to his ear, her vulva spasming as his penis danced lightly beneath her furry mound, suggestively and sensually caressing the insides of her lips. Instinctively, she drew her thighs upward toward her breast, angling her womanhood better to line up with his penis. She slid her bound arms lower, encircling his waist, her fingers reaching downward.

She grasped him by the buttocks and pulled hard while at the same time, she thrust her hips forward, willingly, freely and without reservation throwing herself onto his cock and into the sex act. Her vagina was still wet with his semen so he easily penetrated her, sliding into her welcoming nest. The Oberst growled with pleasure as he felt her wetness and warmth envelop him. She gasped audibly and spasmed tightly around the Oberst as his huge member filled her. She felt intimacy like never before, and certainly never with a MAN!

But something was different!

Consciously, she relaxed her muscles so as not to hinder his penetration and, as one, they both backed off an inch, spreading her natural lubrication, and thrust their hips together, hilting him inside of her.

Her rational mind equated this to rape, but her very being delighted in everything he did as he began thrusting into her. She groaned with pleasure as unexpected sensations of gratification and fulfillment grew within her. She was growing accustomed to his cock as it opened her and it began generating delicious feelings, more intense than anything she had never experienced before.

She realized that she had been sex-starved for much of her life and now her body was begging to be fucked. She arched up and sighed with delight, humiliated that her body was enjoying this.

But something was different!

She moaned with satisfaction, burying her face in his shoulder, her arms and hands still clutching his buttocks rhythmically pulling him deeper and deeper into her while she rocked her hips to meet his thrusts. She clenched him tighter and within moments, Wonder Woman’s body transitioned from passionate to red hot!

It was becoming VERY different. Her body was responding. The adrenalin was flowing. Her emotions were soaring sending her libido into overdrive.

Perhaps it was because she knew she couldn’t stop him that the touch of his hands filled her with so much pleasure. And if he could do all this with his hands, her imagination wondered what would happen if he used his lips more, and his tongue and . . . . . .

The invading manhood inside her was driving her onward. Her libido soared in anticipation of the ultimate fulfillment of whatever was coming. Earlier, she believed he was simply taking prurient, lustful advantage of a captive, but now knew there was much more taking place between them. It was an expression of love, of devotion, of . . . . did she dare say it? . . . . an expression of _*intimacy_*. She was feeling expressions of closeness between two willing partners. Gratification swept over her soul.

Part of her wanted to scream and cry, but deep down, part of her longed for the contact, the touch from another person. The touch of a man! The touch of THIS man!

And she felt the change!

Chapter 7: Slave-hood begins

It was like a meaty hand encircling viscera, enclosing her heart in an overwhelming death grip, crushing the life force from her as the realization permeated body and soul, engulfing her like a flash flood.

When they were dressed and he had taken her, she had mentally resisted him. She had _*NOT*_ been a willing partner! Thus, even though he had mated with her, even though they had had sexual intercourse and he had taken her virginity, and even though it was possible he might have impregnated her, she had not freely or willingly given herself to him. The mere fact that sex had taken place between them was not, in itself, sufficient to make her his slave.

_*But*_ . . . . then he had ordered her to remove her costume and come to his bed, and she had obediently followed his instructions. And now, she was freely and willingly giving herself to the man who had defeated her in battle. As she surrendered herself to him, she felt her entire mental outlook on life change. And, just as the Amazon law had declared, _*she was becoming his slave.*_

Realization of the truth inundated her intellect and the mantle of slavery enveloped her like a shroud. She felt her freedom flowing from her like water flows through a sieve. Her entire consciousness shifted into ‘slave mode’.

And somewhere in the pit of her stomach, there was a sick feeling that came from the realization of what she had done.

Belatedly, Wonder Woman closed her eyes in an attempt to regain control of her bodily responses and to control her lust, but the effort was futile. She was swallowed up in a storm of sexual heat, Her whole body pulsed as the cock fucked her toward orgasmic oblivion. Her breasts began to tingle and throb as they were crushed against him, her nipples scratched by the hair on his chest; she welcomed his cock pounding deep into her pussy. . She was panting, as her pussy got hotter and hotter. Her hips ground against his body. The defeated slave bucked her hips onto the penis driving so deeply into her, all the while kissing him with unbridled passion.

Her body was adapting well: Her loins were hot and wet, her breasts sensitive, her body tingling with pleasure, anticipating the orgasm that was coming. Her mind had shut down. She was simply reacting.

“Ach, ja!” the Oberst gasped. “Almost there!” He was struggling to delay his climax, trying to extend his pleasure of the experience for as long as possible.

She thrilled as he drove her into a vortex of fantastic, sensual delights, the likes of which she had never experienced before. She was filled with such pleasure and satisfaction as she had never imagined possible. Her face had the look of a drowning woman who embraces the whirlpool!

“Me, too . . . . .” she croaked, “ . . . . I think . . . .”

The Oberst suddenly began pounding into her even harder and faster as if he sensed her weakness and vulnerability . . . her readiness. There was a sudden surge and something hot and burning and wet shooting into Wonder Woman’s womb, spurting again into her body with enormous force. The Oberst’s climax was so powerful that he roared as he poured his semen into her. Wonder Woman shrieked as she received his seed. And overwhelmed by his orgasm, almost immediately she screamed again with pure feminine pleasure as her own climax, the first TRUE climax of her life, exploded, tearing through her, filling her and fulfilling her. She orgasmed with a savage ferocity that surprised both of them.

"Oh! I'm cuuummmmmminnnngg!” she shrieked. ”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Her insides detonated as years of pent up emotions were suddenly released. She surrendered with a long, primal scream, her soul driven by sheer animal desire. She screamed and screamed again, totally conquered by the ongoing blasts of ecstasy within her stomach and between her legs. She was a slave to his cock! The conjunction of their bodies gushed, soaked by their fluids as she came and came, not wanting to miss the tiniest bit of the experience!

The orgasm made her throb with wonderful pleasure. It also sealed her indenture to her master. Her status as slave to the man who had defeated her in battle was finalized; the man to whom she had freely and willingly given herself.

Astounded, the Oberst experienced something that few men have enjoyed: a full-blown Amazon orgasm! Like a chain reaction, one climax set off another which generated yet another.

And outside the door, the guard smiled and shook his head enviously, jealous of the Oberst’s conquest.

Chapter 8: Afterglow

Wonder Woman’s eyes closed. She was covered with sweat. Lost in a dazed dream of shock and lust, her climax went on and on, continuing long after the Oberst was spent. She spasmed and gasped, even as her contractions forced him from her and he collapsed on top of her. And it was only after her muscles finally came to rest and her panting quieted that Wonder Woman collapsed back onto the bed in an orgasmicly induced fog, totally spent and sublimely satisfied. He rolled next to her and she began quietly sobbing. Her orgasm had been intense and disorienting, leaving her muscles feeling week, and her mind seemingly shut down. She had been fucked into a near comatose state! She was limp as a rag doll. Her wrists still bound, her arms hung limply around his neck. There was a mixture of euphoria and adoration on her face.

“I never knew it would be like this,” she whispered to no one in particular.

Although she was physically sated for the moment, her body was somehow alive with desire, starved for affection. No, it was starved for the physical expressions of affection and she openly admitted to herself she wanted to return to his amorous embrace.

When the Amazons of ancient history had been held in slavery, they had been bred to provide sexual pleasure to their masters. A gene had been bred into Wonder Woman’s race that became active when she was exposed to intense sexual stimulation. The gene elevated her sexual desire, uplifting her libido to enormous proportions. Once, this dormant tendency had been loosed, an Amazon would suddenly not only like to get fucked, but could easily be broken. . . or tamed, if you prefer. Her genetics, once activated, gave her a new calling in life. And now that she had found her calling, she yearned to learn the skills to fulfill her destiny. This would be the central focus of her life from now on. For the first time in her life, she had the opportunity, the compulsion to fulfill her lot in life: to make her body available to gratify her master’s every desire. She eagerly awaited his instruction to continue.

They lay together, next to each other, panting, as the Oberst recovered from the greatest climax of his life. Wonder Woman’s perception of life was torn. She mourned the loss of her Amazon freedom, but thrilled that she had discovered what she had been bred to do.

The thought of refusing him never entered her mind when he reached out for her limp and yielding body once again. It was obvious that people could have sex more than once a night . . . they had just demonstrated that. She had just experienced a will-breaking orgasm. She didn’t know how many of those she could experience in a night, but even one in a lifetime was worth enjoying, and if she never experienced another, she would treasure the memory. His fingers stroked her, stirring up fires that speedily began burning in her again as she soared to new heights. Somehow the pleasures filling her no longer made her feel guilty.

She belonged to him. She was his for the taking. He could stroke her, fondle her any way he wanted: grope her, stroke her clit. He could do anything he desired. Lasciviously, he played with her breasts, her nipples, her thighs, stomach. He cupped her mound, and used his fingers. She would permit him to do anything just to have a chance to make love to him again, to have him use her over and over, to continue to fondle her in his most wonderful way!

Never before had she felt so much like a woman!

His absolute domination over her, his complete control of her body was surprisingly comforting and exciting. It was exactly the way things should be. There was a security that she had never felt before based in the belief that all was well: she belonged to him and like a good master, he would take care of her.

Chapter 9: A slave fulfils her duties

They spent the night making love in as many ways as either could imagine. Wonder Woman may have been a virgin when she entered this room, but now that her sexual fuse had been lit, she was impatient to learn everything she could about sex as quickly as possible. The reluctance was gone. Her surrender was complete. She concentrated on everything that happened with an intensity that astonished him.

She moaned and writhed as the conjoining of their organs sang its song of ecstasy within her. The Oberst had never experienced such a willing partner, who desired only to be filled over and over again, eagerly responding to his every suggestion and wish. She screamed as orgasm after orgasm raced through her. She loved every one of them!

Although obviously inexperienced, her tongue quickly approached expert status. After she had been given minimal instruction, the Oberst discovered that Wonder Woman could suck like a powerful auto shop vacuum, and much sooner than he had expected, he was gasping in climax.

With her total and absolute sexual submission, it was obvious that there was no longer any need for her bondage, so he removed her golden lasso from her wrists. Once her hand and arms had been freed, he allowed her to explore his body, satisfying her virginal, feminine curiosities with awkward, inexperienced, hands. As her hand became more experienced, she rapidly became more inventive and aggressive as she rewarded him using her hands in new and creatively satisfying ways as the night progressed.

The night became one continuous manifestation of wild, mindless fucking with sexual satiation the only acceptable goal. Love was never a consideration and certainly not part of the process. It was pure sex. It was unadulterated, ravenous, voracious, ferocious sex. She was a wild woman, very much like a fantasy figure or the heroine of a hard-core novel. She was unquenchable! And although it was impossible to satisfy her, it was the Oberst’s pleasure to try. She moaned, she laughed, she cried as the now familiar cock pushed deep into her wet, willing womanhood. She squealed, she shrieked grinding her body against his and loving the feel of his cock inside of her. She screamed as she orgasmed, savoring the climax, bucking against her master. She did everything she could to please her master: she wanted to do whatever made him happy. And she was doubly rewarded when she enjoyed it so much herself. The only thing she wouldn’t do is stop.

She eagerly learned about every sex act she had ever seen or heard about. With her mouth, she learned how to make her master’s member firm and hard. Her fingers, tongue, lips and other parts of her body were used and she experienced first hand about the unbelievable sensation of his mouth and tongue on her sex.

She learned what it was to be a woman! Making love was a natural function, kissing a reflex, fucking a welcome release from everything else in the world.

The chest inflating hyper-arousal ultimately led them to exhaustion, and when the Oberst finally declared he needed some sleep, she whimpered and complained mildly, but once she had snuggled into his arms, she took hold of his penis and sighed contentedly. The multiple orgasms had literally wrung her out like a rag and almost immediately she fell asleep and began softly snoring.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In the morning, the Oberst took the pleasure of bathing with Wonder Woman, washing away the traces of the activities of the night before followed by a small continental breakfast.

Chapter 10: Escape

After breakfast, they both dressed and the Oberst used her golden lasso to bind her wrists in front of her again, then wrapped the lasso around her several times, tying it behind her back. He ordered her to go with the guard to the interrogation room where he would begin her interrogation in earnest.

In the meantime, he made a side trip to the message center to send a preliminary report to Berlin. He would be expected to wire a more complete report later in the day, so there had been no time for pleasure this morning.

The Oberst sincerely hoped that Wonder Woman’s interrogation would be quick and complete, so that he would not have to injure her and so that her magnificent body would not be damaged during the interrogation. But even so, he planned to take several days to complete the interrogation, giving progress reports each day. This, of course, meant he would have several additional nights with Wonder Woman. If he was forced to hurt her during the questioning, he feared that that would impede their sex-life.

Wonder Woman obediently marched down the hall under the orders of the corporal. There was suddenly a quiet commotion behind her. She turned, and saw that Steve Trevor had just dispatched the guard and quickly moved to her side. Although she was glad to see him, Wonder Woman was ambivalent about him now that she was the slave and property of the Oberst.

Steve raised one finger to his lips indicating silence and put his hand on her waist, grasping the golden lasso that was wrapped around her torso.

“We’re escaping. Be quiet and come with me. You’ll have to keep quiet until we’re out of here.” Her magic lasso in his gripped hand transmitted the command to her brain, and she had to obey without comment. Steve led her to a doorway where they met Eric, the third surviving member of their team. Wonder Woman knew that he was an explosives expert.

“Everything’s ready, Major,” Eric reported. “We have about 10 minutes.”

Quickly the threesome stole from the castle and entered the surrounding woods. When they were hidden in the woods, the first explosion took place, followed by myriad others. Horrified, Wonder Woman looked back and saw windows being blown out of the stone castle as one explosion followed another, destroying the complex.

They were out of the castle, so she was no longer commanded to remain quiet. She turned to Steve. “Steve . . . Major Trevor, we can’t leave! We have to get the Oberst and take him with us. We must go back!”

“No one in there could survive those blasts. The Oberst is dead!” Eric stated simply. Steve turned Wonder Woman around and began untying her golden lasso that bound her. “Now come with us. We have to meet our pickup to get back to the States. We won’t talk about the Oberst now.” And the Golden lasso transmitted the command to her brain.

Chapter 11: Epilog.

Back in the USA, the two military men who had survived the mission were debriefed by their superiors, but Wonder Woman could not be found to be debriefed. Ultimately, all that was known was that Wonder Woman, Major Trevor and Eric had been captured, separated and questioned. The next morning they had escaped destroying the German castle and presumably killing all Germans within.

Yeoman Diana Prince quietly continued her duties and remained less obtrusive than ever. Wonder Woman was not seen.

Upon her return to the United States, Wonder Woman sent a message to her mother, Queen Hippolita, reporting what had happened to her, what she had done, and yielding herself to the mercy of her sovereign, requested an audience with the Queen. Diana was surprised when she was notified that the queen would meet her in America after a month had passed. But, since Diana had violated the Amazon Law and willingly become a man’s slave, the Queen’s visit was logical. Diana expected the Queen to announce Diana’s banishment from Paradise Island and demand the return of her tiara, her Girdle of Strength, and her Golden Lasso of Truth. At first the delay confused Diana, but she quickly realized the delay was to give enough time for her to show signs of pregnancy, if indeed Diana was pregnant. She was not.

To Diana’s surprise, when Queen Hippolite arrived, she greeted Diana warmly with a hug and a kiss. After the Queen listened to Diana’s story, she was sympathetic. The queen asked about Diana’s sexual activities since returning to the States. Diana reported there had been none.

“Have you felt temptation since your return?”

Diana hung her head in shame and admitted, “Yes.”

The queen waited in silence, and Diana felt she had to continue. “There are times when I look at Major Trevor . . . he’s very handsome . . . and I begin to feel . . . attracted to him. I feel . . . my body . . . yearning . . . . .” Too embarrassed, Diana could not continue. She was sure that her admissions would insure her exile from the Amazon community forever.

“And what do you do?” the queen asked.

“I force myself to think of other things. I get to work or start a project, or . . . anything to take my mind off of what I’m feeling.”

The Queen observed, “It sounds like the Oberst used an isolation chamber or a sensory deprivation device.” She explained how they worked briefly. “I’ve heard of them and I understand they are diabolical, especially to the person who has been isolated in one.”

Wonder Woman was once more amazed at the extent of her mother’s knowledge of the outside world. How would the monarch of a small, isolated island kingdom learn so much of the outside world?

Momentarily skipping over Diana’s transgressions with the Oberst, the Queen explained that centuries earlier, the ancestors of the Amazons had been enslaved for many generations. During that time, their ancestors had been selectively bred and trained to be mighty warriors. This was common knowledge to Diana. What Diana didn’t know was that her female ancestors were also bred to have intense sex drives to be good mates and sex-slaves. The same gene that enabled Amazons to be the warriors that they were, thus, the great defenders of Justice, also cursed the Amazons with an intense libido. A libido that was so intense that it quickly resulted in an Amazon becoming enslaved to her sexual partner. When the Amazons broke free from their slavery, they formed their community on Paradise Island where they were isolated from men and they formed laws forbidding relationships with men. As long as modern day Amazons were kept isolated from men, they would never discover this tendency.

The Oberst had used psychological and sexual manipulation in taking Diana’s virginity, exposing her to the pleasures of men. Diana’s inexperience in the ways of men had made her easy to exploit. The Queen speculated that like any Amazon who was exposed to such stimulation, Diana had quickly succumbed to her genetic makeup, becoming enslaved to her sexual partner.

In short, the queen stated, Diana’s body was built for sex and her psyche was predisposed to thrive on sexual stimulation. Her only possible defense was her rugged determination not to submit when she was exposed to sexual stimulus. And, if the Amazon had been defeated in battle, she was doubly prone to enslavement

An Amazon, the queen explained, was born addicted to sex, and like an addict, any exposure to sex exposed her to the risk of quickly becoming quickly becoming a hard-core addict. Since Oberst is obviously dead, Diana was freed from her slavery to him. However, the Queen went on to warn Diana against the dangers of any sexual involvement with any man.

“You will continue to be attracted to men, like the desire you described when you looked at Major Trevor,” the queen stated, her tone of voice no different that if she were discussing what they might have for dinner. “You will be experiencing the same desires as any other human being except that your desire will be much stronger. Being tempted is not a violation of Amazon Law. Acting on that temptation IS a violation of the law.”

Diana could understand how a woman could become addicted to a cock like she had been. And once addicted, she would do anything at all just to have the man use his cock on her again and again (while he fondled her tits in the most wonderful way).

“By the way,” the queen admonished, “being knocked out from behind with a blackjack does not constitute being defeated in battle.”

Diana resolved that she would avoid any similar situation in the future. She enjoyed sex too much! She would never be able to take the chance. She understood why she had received unbelievable pleasure from making love with the Oberst. Obviously her body was built for sex and responded to even the slightest stimulation. Wonder Woman determined never to put herself in that position again.

Of necessity, the Queen placed Diana on probation for a reasonable period of time and permitted her to remain in America and resume her duties. Diana immediately accepted the merciful sentence, and returned to Washington.

There was one annoying thought that she couldn’t put out of her mind.

She didn’t know, for sure, that the Oberst was dead. What would happen if suddenly he appeared in her life again?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The end

* * * * * * * * * * * *

(And, of course, we all know that the Oberst died in the castle explosions. Therefore, he will never appear in Diana’s life again.

Or will he . . . . . . . . . . . . ?)

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