Kim Possible and the Obedience Collar  

Kim Possible and the Obedience Collar



Written: 11/29-12/20/05


(M/F, Kim Possible, M/C, consensual, initial reluctance.)

SUBJECT: Kim Possible is captured and fitted with a 'collar of obedience'.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Kim Possible, Ron Stopable and Rufus belong to Disney. If Walt were still alive, I never would have considered writing this story. But his successors in the corporate world have continued to show a blatant disregard for Walt's morals and integrity, so following their guidance, I have borrowed Kim for my own pleasure. The story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It **may**be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided they are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. And it **may not**be posted to any site using an 'adult verification service' where money is required for membership, or any site which sells its mailing list or member's information to outsiders. (Hey, let's be fair! If I'm not going to make money from my work, why should someone else?)

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Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place. . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

Birth control is not used in this story; after all, Kim Possible is a 'comic book' character. But of course in 'real life' every reasonable adult knows that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Author's Introduction

In the TV Movie, A Sitch in Time[sic], Kim Possible and her allies face Shego and her cronies. Shegoobtained a 'time traveling monkey idol' which permitted her to travel through time. To equal the odds, a descendant of Rufus, Ron's Mole Rat, returned from the future to give Kim a "time travel chronometer."

Kim, accompanied by Ron and Rufus, travels into the future to find that Shego, using the power of the 'time monkey' has taken over the world and enslaved the entire human race. In her mad quest for power, Shego has even destroyed Bueno Nacho! Kim and friends are captured and taken to the 'attitude adjustment center' (formerly the high school) where they "will be drained of all individuality and spirit."

Since our Heroes resist the reconditioning process, they are about to be fitted with "obedience collars," but at the last minute are saved and freed. (Apparently, Kim has been absent for the past twenty years, but she finds out that her father, a famous rocket scientist who is totally clueless about his teenage daughter's approaching maturity, is pleased that 'Kim is just lost in the time stream, not staying out late with some boy'.)

After long battles, the 'Time monkey' is thrown across the room where it shatters on the floor, and all of the changes it caused in Shego's hands are undone. Kim, Ron and Rufus find themselves flashing through a time vortex back to the present and to Middleton High School where they are repeating their conversation from the beginning of the film. Their conversation goes something like this:

Ron, pleased with his 'first practice', boasts: "KP, our future is in the . . . . "

A wave of nausea passes through the two of them.

"Whoa! Brain freeze!" Ron gasps quickly recovering.

Also recovering, Kim tries to prompt him. ". . . future . . ."

"Oh, Right," Ron exclaims, snapping back to his normal self. "I was saying the future is bright!"

"Yeah, Ron, yeah! It really is!" And the two of them resume their conversation walking down the sidewalk, Ron gesticulating broadly as we get a view of Kim's shapely legs extending below the tight, short skirt that barely covers her narrow ass.

Since I'm not enough of a fan of Kim Possible to know every intimate detail about her, I've made certain assumptions for this story. The principal assumption is that she has reached her 18th birthday, and is no longer a minor.

Also, since the functions of the 'obedience collar' were not defined in the movie, I have given it the functions that I would like it to have. Mainly it functions the way Wonder Woman's Magic Lasso works: requiring obedience.

The narrator begins the story:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: Background

I've always had the hots for Kim Possible! She is sexy and shapely, if small, with pert breasts. Her animators draw her so that the profile of only one breast is ever visible at any given time. Her action uniform is a tight black top, almost a turtle neck, with 3/4 length sleeves. Some sort of funny belt holds up her baggy britches that seem to be a cross between harem pajamas and 'gangsta' pants. Those silly gloves and a bare midriff completed her costume. She's cocky, smart alecky, exceedingly competent, as well as being a martial arts master capable of taking on and defeating all comers!

Her eyes are wide and expressive and her hair always falls perfectly back into place no matter what has happened!

I watch her show occasionally, and must comment that her writers and artists keep her life quite sterile. There's never the hint of sexuality and Kim seldom dates. And when she does, there is always some sort of catastrophe that takes place before 'the boy and the girl' can spend any time together so there is never an opportunity for a relationship to form. The possible exception was when she went to the prom with Eric in the TV movie So the Drama. But of course, Kim was called away to save the world again aborting that relationship. (And Eric turned out not to be what he appeared.) In any case, any sort of erotic adventure never develops. What a pity!

However, I have a machine that I used several years ago on a Barbie doll that has the ability to snatch characters that are not alive, such as video characters, dolls, or even comic book characters, and give them real live bodies, at least temporarily. Then they can be returned to their medium or allowed to 'expire' after a certain amount of time. (See my story Barbie Becomes Real.)

I planned my adventure with Kim Possible carefully. First, I had to capture the instructor of the 'attitude correction center' and steal an obedience collar.

Next, I planned my capture of Kim Possible herself. I chose to 'snatch' her out of the time vortex returning her to the present at the end of the movie. I knew that once she arrived at 'the present', she would lose her memory of the adventure. And I wanted her dressed in her usual 'battle' uniform, so as I grabbed her, I would have to put her in her regular costume.

Finally, I selected and prepared the location where she would be confined while in my custody.

And this is what happened.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 2: Kim's Capture

Kim Possible staggered and fell to her knees, totally disoriented as she materialized. Without missing a beat, I stepped to her side and slipped the obedience collar around her neck. I heard a satisfactory 'click' as the collar locked itself beneath her magnificent mane of red hair. Then I pressed the button activating the collar and stepped back. The blinking light showed that the collar was operating correctly.

Within moments, she was recovering her senses and orienting herself to her new environment. There was just the two of us in a Spartan enclosure devoid of furniture except for a narrow daybed with pillows making it a sofa against one wall. On the other side of the room was a small table and a few chairs. I was dressed in nondescript sweats devoid of any identifying marks. There was a locked door that was impregnable from the inside.

Rising to her feet, she zeroed in on me. "Who are you? And why am I here?"

"Who I am is unimportant!" I replied. "You are here as my prisoner! Escape is impossible! Consider me just another villain in your life!" (I love talking this way!)

Her eyes narrowed in that typical distrustful look of hers. "Nothing is impossible for Kim Possible!" she snapped back, and made a dash for the door, but quickly found she could not open it. Turning to me, she took a defensive martial arts stance.

"What do you want from me?" she demanded.

"I have every intention of taking advantage of you. And having my way with you!"

Kim was confused. "Nobody really talks like that! What do you mean?"

"Sex, my dear Kim!"

Kim's eyes widened in unbelief. No one had ever spoken to her like that before.

"Sex?" the word came out in a strangled sound. Kim had never been with a man. She had never even considered it. Sure, some day, she might meet someone and want to get married. Then she would think about sex. And she had sat through all of those interminable and useless sex-education classes. But sex?

I nodded. "Sex. Sex as in sexual intercourse, oral sex, making love. Fucking!"

It was the crudity of the last word that jarred her out of her disbelief.

Her words faltered. "You want . . . sex . . . with . . . me?"

"Here and now!"

Kim had always followed a ninja code and fought honorably. Her opponents had always fought honorably. Vigorously, and deadly, but always with honor. Now, the casualness of my statement caused her to feel a lack of honor. Sex . . . just like that. . . wasn't honorable.

"I don't think so!" she whispered, and her body coiled for an attack.


She stopped. Confusion was written all over her face.

"You are not to do anything to injure me. You will not hurt me in any way! Is that understood?"

Unable to form a clear thought, her mind was in disarray. Unable to attack, she began to relax her attack posture and she nodded.

"You won't be able to fight me, or even resist me," I advised her.

The wide-eyed, confused heroine asked, "Why can't I?"

"It's the obedience collar. You must obey me!"

Her hand went to the collar. She hadn't realized it was there before. She tried to pull it off, but it responded by giving her some sort of shock. Soon, she relented and stood, staring at me, her shoulders slumped.

"Take off the gloves," I commanded. She obeyed. "Now the shoes." Again, she obeyed.

"Next, I want your top."

I could see the resistance in her eyes as her hand began to move to the lower edge of her top.

"Are you going to rape me?" Her voice was tremulous.

"Of course not!" I replied. "I detest rape! Everything we do will be by mutual consent. And probably you will be taking the more active role, at least for a while. Now, please take off your top."

Her lips tightened as she took hold of the lower edge of her top and with one motion peeled it upward and over her head revealing her perfectly shaped torso. As always, her hair fell perfectly into place forming a heart shape around her face.

Her breasts bounced freely with the movement. Apparently she felt she didn't need a bra, and that assessment was probably correct. For the first time, I saw both of her perky breasts at the same time. They were perfect. Small, probably 32-Bs, but they stood straight out, sagging ever so slightly, topped with small areolas and diminutive nipples, smaller than pencil erasers.

I sat on the side of the bed.

"Come over here," I requested. "Sit beside me. Your breasts are beautiful! May I touch them?"

Obediently, she came and sat beside me. Obviously, she was making every effort to resist, but the obedience collar was controlling her movements. Her lower lip began trembling and she begged, "Please don't do this. I'm a virgin! I've never been touched by a man . . . not that way."

"Poor child! I understand your reluctance. But tell me. Haven't you been curious? Haven't you ever wanted to be touched by a man? Maybe by Ron?"

She turned absolutely crimson and meekly nodded her head, her eyes downcast. The obedience collar demanded truthful answers. Without it, I doubt she would have answered my question.

"Haven't you wanted to feel the touch of Ron's hands all over your body?"

Again, a slight nod. "Sometimes."

"Will you permit me to touch your breasts?" I asked, kneeling on the floor before her.

Individual tears overflowed her eyes. "Ron and I have been best friends, like, forever. But . . . never like that! I've never really thought about it, but I really . . ." her eyes focused as she recognized thoughts that had been hidden just below the surface of her mind, ". . .I've been saving myself for Ron! I've been saving my breasts for him.Someday Ron and I will grow up enough, and . . . maybe _he'll_touch me." The collar had forced her to give me an honest answer once more.

"You're not in Pre-K with Ron any more, Kim. You're not a flat chested kid with pigtails and braces. You're a full-grown woman. It's time to start acting like it."

"I know," she replied. She was starting to babble. "But things have been different between Ron and me lately. There's something between us. No, it's not different. It's been there a long time. At least I feel there's something different, but I don't know if he does."

I ran my hands up her sides, and cupped her breasts, grasping her nipples between my fingers. She gasped, and her eyes seemed to fill with infinite sadness.

"Please don't!" she whimpered and her hand covered mine, trying to pull my hands away from her body. "I want to save myself for someone special. For Ron!" Her breasts felt as good as they looked, a combination of firmness and softness. Sitting on the bed, there was no way she could back away from me.

"Maybe, someday, Ron will become bold enough to touch you, to tell you how he feels," I whispered. "But today, you _will_give your body to me."

I saw the expressions on her face change, going through many variations as the obedience collar analyzed my last sentence, interpreted it as an order, and internalized it.

"I don't want to!" she finally whispered.

"But you will. You can feel the effects of the collar on you requiring your obedience to whatever I command you. I can use the collar to force your submission, but that would break your spirit, and I don't want to do that. You can make the decision yourself and yield to me. Then you will leave this encounter basically the same as you entered it. . . ."

She guffawed at that statement.

"Or you can fight it and the collar will drain you of all individuality and destroy your will. Either way, Kimberly Ann, I _will_get what I want! You will give me what I want. And you will _enjoy e_verything that we do together!"

Although my words appeared casual and offhanded, in fact I had planned them carefully. I wanted her to become a willing partner with me for the next few hours, but I didn't want her to transfer these instructions to the rest of her life. In short, I wanted her to enjoy fucking me, but I didn't want to turn her into a raging nymphomaniac when she returned to her normal life.

There was a long pause, her indecision, obvious. I didn't realize it at the time, but the collar of obedience Kim was wearing, had decided that my last sentence was an order and was writing that order into her subconscious.

I bent forward and kissed a breast causing another intake of breath and a stiffening of her back. Then she whimpered as I took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. She began to tremble, then suddenly stood and pushed her way past me toward the center of the room, folding her arms defiantly. I stood and gazed at her back. I didn't want to rape her! Or to break her will using the obedience collar. Where's the enjoyment in fucking the mindless shell of a body? I sincerely wanted her cooperation, her active participation! That was my fantasy: a cooperative, consensual, even eager partner, not one that was resisting me tooth and nail every step of the way.

"If you give yourself to me," I whispered to her back, "I promise I will be gentle with you. And I will do everything I can to make it easy for you."

Her trembling became more noticeable. Her folded arms moved to embrace her body as if she were trying to comfort herself. Then she walked to the door and half-heartedly tried once again to open it. It wouldn't open. Turning to face me, she suddenly dashed at me, her fist drawn back to deliver a devastating blow, causing me to cringe. But the magic collar would not permit the blow to land. She stood, inches from me, straining to strike me, but trembling because she couldn't.

Her arm relaxed and fell to her side as she drew herself upward. She began crying. "I can't escape," she sobbed, "and I can't fight you! I believe that the collar could break my will and spirit."

She gathered herself and faced me. "I will do what you want!" (After all, that was what the obedience collar required.) There was a tremor in her voice. "You know I'm a virgin. I don't know what to do."

Slowly, my hands moved to her belt, unbuckled it, and dropped it. Moments later, I put my hands on her bare hips and slid her pants to the floor, also. She gave an involuntary shudder as the cool air hit her nude pale skin. Not surprisingly, she was wearing plain, high cut white cotton panties. She was blushing deeply, but making no effort to hide herself. And I was awed by the vision standing before me. Whereas she was always trim and attractive on the screen, nothing could compare with her simple, naive beauty.

Unceremoniously, I pulled off my sweatshirt, then I slid my sweat pants down my legs and stepped out of them. I wasn't wearing underwear.

Kim Possible's eyes were wide with fear and amazement as she stared at my manhood. She stood transfixed, like a bird watching a cobra advancing. Her eyes darted to meet mine, then her gaze returned downward.

In an awed whisper, she said, "I've never seen a naked man before!"

"Would you like a closer look?" I asked.

Again, her eyes darted to mine, probably trying to determine if I was serious in my question. Immediately, her eyes dropped southward, and suddenly she looked away. This time, her blush extended from the waist upward. Almost imperceptibly, she nodded. "Yes! May I?"

Chapter 3: Kim looks

I pushed all the pillows from the daybed except one, pulled down the coverlet and lay on my back placing the pillow beneath my head, my legs slightly spread. I gestured, and she moved and knelt beside the bed. Her eyes never left my manhood.

"You can touch it," I encouraged.

She did, gently pressing it with her fingertips, then pushing the flaccid penis back and forth.

"Hold it in your hand," I coached.

Two things were working against Kim. First, of course, was the obedience collar: she was required to obey even though propriety demanded she refuse. And the second was the natural feminine curiosities that probably every inexperienced virgin feels.

She wrapped her fingers around it gently like it was a stick, feeling it's texture, squeezing softy, pulling delicately. She frowned in concentration as it pulsed and began to harden beneath her touch. Again, glancing at me, she asked, "Are you doing that?"

I shook my head, smiling. "No. You are!"

Her hand recoiled like it had just encountered a snake. But she still gawked at my somewhat less flaccid manhood. "It's bigger now!" she said in amazement. Then, looking at me, she asked, "When it gets hard, then you'll . . . .we'll . . .' She blushed again.

"Not yet. That will be later." I reassured her, seeing the relief in her face. "Now is the time for you to look and touch."

Again, her stare returned to my penis, which was already softening. She reached out and grasped it again and almost immediately it responded to her touch. She squeezed and felt it harden more. Smiling she began squeezing and pulling on it. Almost naturally, her tugs became strokes andShe quickly brought me to erection. I felt like I was shifting into overdrive, twitching and growing painfully as all of my blood rushed to where it was needed!

"It's so big!" she whispered, staring. And I remembered that to every virgin, especially one who is anticipating sex, the male instrument, even an average sized penis like mine appears to be massive

"Kiss it," I suggested.

She gave me a scandalized look, then glanced back to the penis she held in her hand and her expression changed to a naughty smile. Slowly, she bent over and lightly kissed the shaft. Lifting herself, she licked her lips and bent to kiss the crown. She noticed a droplet of precum and examined it. Then she cautiously licked it and sat back, concentrating on the taste. Apparently, it wasn't too bad.

Bending over me, examining the spot where the precum had appeared, touching the crown and feeling it's texture. Then she kissed the tip of my penis again, and her tongue ran around the crown, lickingit like a sweet piece of candy, tasting and savoring it. And she drew the crown into her mouth and gently sucked. She looked up to me for approval, and I nodded. "That's nice!" I assured her.

She took more of me into her mouth. Glancing up as I moaned with pleasure, she began sucking harder. I guided her head and she began bobbing up and down on me, and my breathing began to get faster. There was a hunger forming in her eyes as she tried to take even more in her mouth and she felt it growing larger. I wondered if she was also beginning to feel a pulse of her own in her womanhood.

After a few moments, she stopped and sat back on her haunches.

"I don't think I want to do that," she said, licking her lips and glancing up at me as if she were asking permission. I think she was afraid of what would happen if she continued.

"You don't have to," I replied and sat up. Standing and taking her by the shoulders I lifted her to her feet.

"Now, it's time for our next step."

She had been so engrossed in what she was doing that it took her a moment to call to mind what 'the next step' was. Her eyes widened in fear and she moved to kneel before me again. "Maybe I will suck some more!"

I captured her arms, preventing her from kneeling. When our eyes met, I shook my head. Her eyes took on a pleading expression.

Running my hands down her arms, my hands slid to her sides. She looked downwards as I grasped the waistband of her panties and slid them downwards.

I had expected her to be free from pubic hair, since that was something that animators don't want to be bothered with. I was surprised to find a narrow strip of carefully trimmed hair running down her pubis stopping barely above her slit. Apparently at least one of her animators had an occasional fantasy about her himself!

I moved the pillow placing it against the wall so that I could sit and lean back. Taking her hand I pulled her toward the daybed. She held back, gaping at my manhood.

"I don't think sex will work for us!" she gulped. "You're so big. And I'm awfully small, at least . . . down there . . ."

I smiled at her and caressed her cheek. "Everything will work out fine." I assured her. Then I gave her the BIG LIE. "Trust me!"

I wanted a willing partner. And if she was one of those women with a maidenhead that generated intense pain as it was penetrated, I had to reduce that pain or at least put her in a position where she could control of it, taking the pain as rapidly or as slowly as she could tolerate it.

She was trembling as she took a faltering step forward. Suddenly, she threw her arms around my shoulders. "Please, hold me close," she pleaded. "Make me feel safe."

I folded her in my arms and held her. Gradually her trembling grew less, although we were both extremely aware that our two naked bodies were clinging to each other, flesh against flesh. And my very erect penis was an obvious presence between us.

Consciously or unconsciously, she knew she would give her body to me. The obedience collar required it. And being comforted by my embrace generated mixed reactions in her: Like every girl, she liked being held and protected. Like every virgin, she was painfully aware of what was about to happen and she was afraid.

"All right," she stated, stepping back and looking down at the member that had been pressing against her stomach. "You promised you would be gentle with me, that you would make it easy for me . . . ."

"And I will," I assured her, sitting on the bed and drew her to kneel on the bed straddling me.

"I'm frightened!" she whispered.

Nodding, I reflected, "you're afraid of the unknown, of not being sure what to expect, of putting yourself in my control . . ."

She nodded. "All of those things," she confirmed. "And I'm afraid it will hurt!" One tear escaped from her eye. "I've heard . . . you know . . . stories . . ." She swallowed hard. "I'm terrified!" Only the collar of obedience kept her from bolting.

Chapter 4: Kim rides.

"I'll make it as easy for you as I can," I whispered in her ear. And I pulled her close to me until her breasts were pressing against my chest. I put her arms over my shoulders, and with one hand under her bottom, I lifted her over my lap. "Kneel above me, straddling me." I ordered.

She obeyed. Her knees on either side of my hips opened her to me. She cringed as she felt my erection brush against her lower lips.

I kissed her on the mouth and after a moment's hesitation she kissed me back.

"You're in control, now," I stated, taking my free hand to guide my penis toward its target. "With your hands on my shoulders, you can lower yourself onto me as quickly or as slowly as you wish. If it hurts too much, you can lift yourself off anytime you want." My penis separated her outer lips, a fact she was very aware of. "You control everything now."

She stared deeply into my eyes. She knew that I could use the collar to take her any way I wished. And, as long as she wore the collar, the union of our bodies was inevitable. Yet, I was giving her the power to control our joining in the most comfortable way (for her) possible.

"Thank you for being so caring, for being so concerned with my fears." There seemed to be a feeling of warmth and acceptance emanating from her. And appreciation for the efforts I was making on her behalf. There was almost an expression of love in her eyes.

We both remained motionless for an eternity. It took great control on my part keeping the tip of my penis between her lips, maintaining contact, but not actually moving to take her. Finally, her hips began to move forward and back. I kept hold of my manhood, holding it steady, and was thankful that there was enough friction to keep me from losing my erection. Still, I kept my word: She was on top; she was in control! And although she was rubbing against me, she wasn't lowering herself onto me. As I grew even larger, she moved slightly to maintain the same contact.

I was throbbing! Barely able to keep my control!

Her lips tightened as she prepared herself. Her arms braced on my shoulders, she rocked herself gently on her knees as with one hand under her bottom I guided her hips closer to my body while my other hand guided my penis to the opening of her love tunnel, further separating her labia. She must have been as stimulated as I was because her lower lips were swollen and wet. Her labia parted easily and I slid in further than either of us expected. She gasped as I arrived at the entrance of her vagina and her innocent doe-like eyes widened in fear. She tried to resume her backward and forward movement, unexpectedly bringing me into contact with her clit. This was a new sensation for her making her gasp and almost pull away. But she must have decided sheliked it, because she eased herself downward and her lips gently parted before me. Again, she slid backward and forward, manipulating her own clit. I

She managed a nervous little smile at me, and I nodded. Slowly she lowered herself further downward. Still guiding my penis with my hand, I begin to move inside of her vagina pushing her outer lips aside. She moaned and hesitated as the head slipped past her inner lips. She lowered a little more and gave an intake of breath. She was afraid to proceed. She began breathing heavily and her face was flushed. Her hips were quivering, moving on their own. She wanted more of me. But her mind was telling her that she was supposed to remain a virgin.

Following my guidance, she lifted herself slightly, which helped spread her natural lubricants around, then lowered herself a little more. Using little short strokes, she started pressing down,

making little cries each time she pressed down. Taking a deep breath, she held it as she lifted herself again, pursed her lips in a determined expression, then pushed down further and harder. Anticipating her, I thrust upwards hilting myself in her, eliciting a gasp from her, followed by a long, low grunt!

There was no hymen. Either this was an oversight by her animators or she had lost it as a result of her constant physical activities.

A wide-eyed, amazed look spread over her face as she realized I was completely embedded in her. Astonishment passed over her face. I was fully inside of her! The collar of obedience continued it's work, and to her surprise, she enjoyed the sensation! After a long moment, she dropped her saucer-wide eyes to mine and her tongue slowly ran over her upper lip. Now that both hands were free, I stroked her bottom, caressing her.

Wiggling her hips around me, she asked, "Are you all the way in?"

I nodded. "Are you OK?" My fingers brushed against her cheek.

She moved her hips around, rocking back and forth on me. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. It was the first time any man had entered her sex. And what's more, she had done it, not I!

"This is not what I expected," she said. "I thought they were lying to me . . . ."

Confused, I asked, "Who?"

"Women! Girls! My friends. Some of them told me horror stories about their first time, saying it would hurt like hell. But it didn't. Some told me it would be wonderful. But I didn't believe them." She lifted herself and settled down again on me. "I think, maybe, they were telling the truth!"

The realization of what was happening flooded over her. Her lower lip began to tremble and I felt her squeeze me. "Will you hold me," she whispered, almost begging, " . . . please!"

I sat up and pressed her to me, holding her firmly, offering her the comfort of a hug. She pressed her face against mine. I held her as tightly as I could, and remained as still as possible, my member twitched, still embedded in her, but it was awkward in the position I was in.

"How do you feel?" I whispered into her ear.

I could envision her brows knitting in concentration. Then I felt the corners of her mouth turn up. "I feel stretched! And I feel full! And there's something else . . . ."

Again, she lifted herself and dropped herself down on me, harder this time.

"I'm starting to tingle. I'm throbbing!"

I could feel her throbbing. And her throbbing was affecting me! Pushing me back against the pillows, she slowly, tentatively lifted herself upward for a few moments before pressing herself again on me. She gave a moan that was somewhere between a sigh of contentment and a moan of worry as she settled into place. I remained still and she did it again, beginning to move more, slowly developing an unhurried, shallow rhythm. Her face was a mask of concentration, but I saw her eyes beginning to relax and the corners of her mouth move upward. She had been instructed, through the collar of obedience, to give her body to me, and she had been told she would enjoy it. Was she beginning to experience some of the delights available to her, pleasures she could receive from the intruder pressing deeply inside of her?

Again, she lifted herself and settled firmly on me. "Uuhh! I'm still afraid, but I think . . ." again she lifted herself and settled back on me, ". . . I think you're going to cure that pretty quickly."

I relaxed, laying back, letting her do most of the work, but lifting my hips to meet her as she impaled herself. It felt great to me!

The indescribable hunger was returning to her face. She was establishing her own rhythm, her well-developed muscles rising to the task of lifting and dropping her back on me. The pressure was building up within me, within my testicles, within my penis. I began having difficulty breathing, she had me grasped so firmly within the tight warm, welcoming confines of her vagina. Seeing this beautiful face and perfect body voluntarily riding my cock was taking it's toll on me.

Her panting became whimpers and cries. She was approaching orgasm, too, but the confused expression on her face indicated she didn't really know what was happening to her body.

I felt myself pulsing with savage want and need! It came on me fast! My body was burning! And, I was feeling the visceral tightening that, all too quickly, would be leading me to climax. I felt the tightening in my back! I tightened all my muscles trying to delay it but it was no use. It was coming and there was no stopping it: I couldn't hold it back any more. Suddenly, my head fell back and I gave a long moan as I erupted, pouring long bursts of hot semen into her. My climax interrupted her rhythm, as slowly she realized what was happening. Instinctively, she tried to pull herself from me, belatedly attempting to keep my seed from entering her. I held her close, not permitting her to leave me as I pumped my load into her.

At some point, I'm not sure exactly when, she realized that a wonderful mystery called orgasm had been within her grasp. And although she was still highly stimulated, she had missed it. Frantically she tried to resume her rhythm, rocking and bobbing on top of me, but I was too limp by then and she only succeeded in forcing me from her.

She sobbed as she tried to find a way to rub against me to bring back the magic she had lost.

"What happened?" she asked disappointed and confused. "Why didn't you . . . ?" She began sobbing. "I was so close!" She leaned forward, lying on top of me, hiccupping small cries. "I missed it!"

Wildly, she reached between us to grab my penis and jerk on it, then stroke it, trying anything she could imagine that would restore it to erection. Of course, it was too soon for me to respond, and after several unsuccessful variations, she gave up.

With tears in her eyes, she whimpered to me, "Can't you make it . . . get hard? Can't we do it again? I'm not finished!"

I was astonished by the intense frustration of this girl crying out because she hadn't orgasmed. Although, I was momentarily sated, I drew her on top of me, pulling her body upward as she sobbed in frustration. As soon as I could, I took her nipple in my mouth.

"That's not going to do . . . " she started, continuing her castigation of me, but I slid a hand between us. With a surprised "Uuuuhhhh . . . . ." she stiffened as I found the spot where she lived. Again, I was thankful that at least one of her animators had made the effort to provide her with the complete female apparatus (probably on his own time and for his own pleasure).

Her breathing began to increase as she attempted to continue her tirade, "You're not . . . you're . . . Oh! Uuuhhh! You. . . . . . y . . . ."

She was arching her back, pressing her breast into my mouth. Her tiny nipple was growing, becoming more erect as her hands grasped my head pulling it to my breast. The rest of her body was writhing on top of me as I continued to manually manipulate her very gently. She had been close to orgasm a few moments ago, it wasn't too hard to regain lost ground.

"More . . . . . harder . . . ." she gasped out. Her frustration was changing to tingling and eagerness!

Pulling my mouth from her teat, I chided, "Shhhh! Let me do it. Relax. Don't try to control it yourself!" I felt her relax, but she continued to writhe, pumping her hips in response to my digital manipulation of her. She began to buck and moan and her eyesbegan to glaze over.

Her vocalizations increased and she was crying out, issuing loud groans of bliss with each breath. I watched as both of her nipples rose to full erection before me as her cries became screams and finally she sat bolt upright above me and shrieked, trembling all over, her thighs clamping down on my hips ferociously and her hips pumped up and down on my hand. She was gushing all over me!

She sustained her climax as long as she could. Her taunt nipples began to shrink again, then she collapsed on top of me. It was obvious she wanted to make it last longer, but she had also been physically satisfied. She lay on me, almost comatose except that she was still panting. Gently I extracted my hand from between us and held her panting body tightly against mine.

We lay entwined for a long time, our bodies returning to normal, both of us cuddling with each other enjoying the afterglow. I felt a stirring beginning in my loins.

"Can we do it again?" she whispered into the hair on my chest.

"How do you feel?" I asked again.

She didn't hesitate. Apparently she had been thinking about this before I asked.

"I feel goooooooodddd!" she purred. "A little stretched, and a little sore, but I've never felt more satisfied in my life! Oohhh!" She had felt the tip of my growing erection touch her perineum.

I smiled at her perfectly natural response. "I think you'll get your chance."

Looking up, hopefully, she asked, "Now?"

"In a few minutes," I assured her. I held her, pressing her chest against mine, and I rolled the two of us over so that she was on her back and I was beside her, my hands caressing her intimately.

Chapter 5: My turn

"This time, it's my turn to take charge," I declared as we rearranged ourselves on the bed. She looked up at me with her saucer shaped eyes, her copper colored hair splayed around her head like a golden wreath. Her perky breasts flattened as she rolled to her back, but her tiny, prominent nipples were as conspicuous as ever still offering their luscious invitation. If I had thought about it, I would probably have felt some disappointment that her breasts had flattened to the point of almost disappearing.

She had given herself to me. (She really had no choice since the collar of obedience demanded it.) But I had made it as easy for her as any woman could hope. She really appreciated that! And she had enjoyed it! (Again under the direction of the obedience collar.) And when I had climaxed before she did, frustrating her climax, I had followed through, giving her an orgasm of her very own! It had been her first orgasm, ever! And it had been indescribable! She couldn't believe the satisfaction she felt from physical lovemaking! (And of course, at least part of the satisfaction came from the leading of the collar.)Obviously, what we were doing wasn't 'right', but her small sweet smile tugging at her lips indicated that there was a sense of rightness in her soul.

She was ready for more! She seemed to slither into position, a movement most atypical for Kim Possible as she settled on her back, her knees bent and slightly separated, presenting herself in open invitation to me. She didn't know if two people could have sex more than once at a time, but she had heard stories from her girlfriends of multiple encounters. Maybe . . . . .

Reaching down, again she found my penis and purposefully urged it to full erection. Likewise, my hand slid down her stomach to touch her and get her ready. My efforts were totally unnecessary! She was as well lubricated as she could be, with her juices and my cum adding to her slickness. Still she sighed and rotated her hips into my hand as I touched her.

I think she was a little embarrassed after her last display, so she made no overt attempt to initiate more intimate contact other than to stroke me and look at me expectantly with absolute longing in her eyes.

I knelt between her legs, and took an ankle n each of my hands. Once her legs were supported, her head fell backward and she stared blankly at the ceiling, panting slightly in anticipation, her arms lying by her side.

I placed her ankles to my shoulders and lifted her bottom sliding my thighs beneath her ass. Her eyes dropped to mine with a worried look as I used my free hand to position my member at her entrance. This time, I would be in charge, and her old fears came back, but not enough to interfere with her desire to engulf me within her once more.

"Please, be gentle!" she whispered. She didn't move her hips but rather tried to hold them stationary to make it easier for me to find the target. I felt her knees and hips moving slightly, as if she were trying to open herself wider to make it easier for me to enter her. Again, she licked her lips as I moved into her and her face went blank, again staring at the ceiling. She exhaled as I drove home, almost as if my penis was forcing the air out of her lungs, but her vaginal muscles tightened around me, giving me a welcoming embrace. Her panting resumed as I began thrusting into her again. Somehow she seemed to realize that with her legs supported and pointed essentially skyward, she was open to deeper penetration, and she welcomed my thrusts into her depths.

As I began pounding her, her arms moved upwards from her side to rest beside her shoulders, palms up, almost in a classic 'I surrender' pose. But her panting began increasing and became interspersed with moans. Although her body was driven upward with each thrust, her breasts weren't big enough to jiggle. But she was definitely limber enough to drive her hips into me, meeting each plunge.

As satisfying as this was, I like to feel a woman's entire body pressing against me, so, keeping up my rhythm, I slipped her ankles from my shoulders, placing them, knees bent and flatfooted on the bed. Then sliding my knees from beneath her, I assumed the classical 'missionary' position. She sighed at the next deep plunge and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pulling my chest against her tiny nipples.Grabbing my head in her hands, she pulled my face to hers and she planted a kiss solidly on my lips, a kiss so passionate that it had me drowning in feeling. After a slight hesitation, she began rolling her hips eagerly trying to find a good rhythm for our lovemaking.

Our fucking became more rapid as the friction of our union began driving both of us mad. We were both quickly approached the point of no return. Although she had almost no breasts when she was on her back, I could feel her sharp, erect nipples pressing into my chest. With one hand, I traced her nipple with a finger before capturing it between two fingers and pressing down on it with a third. Her response was immediate and intense as she began wildly pounding her hips into mine. Our combined thrusts became deeper, faster, and harder. Her hand dropped to her bush, rubbing herself for a few moments, then, finding the spot, began rapidly manipulating her clit. Her moans and cries became more frequent, taking the place of her panting as her kegals began spasming, clenching me, drowning in our embrace. She was groaning, panting, growling, purring, sweating, and the obvious exhilaration of it all was taking over her body, driving her toward completion.

Her legs wrapped around me and she began plunging her hips against mine, driving me deeper inside of her. Our rhythms fell in to synch, and consciously, I had to hold back my climax long enough match hers. She bucked and writhed and I could see that she was experiencing that most wonderful of feelings roaring through her small body. She whipped her head back and forth and gasped out, "I think I'm coming!"

Unable to delay my climax any longer, my eyes rolled up and I came, shooting my seed into her glorious womb, pounding hard, trying to elicit her orgasm and I quickly I felt her spasms and saw the contortions on her face.

"I ... I ... Ohhhhhh, God!" she screamed as she tensed and pure ecstasy poured over her and she crashed over the edge. "You! You! You! Aaaahhhhh, you!" she screamed as her climax washed over her in a never-ending wave of passion. It was a sight to behold!

Holding each other tightly, we plunged and spasmed and cried, each pouring our passion into the other, as we both reached our culminations almost in perfect harmony**.** When neither of us could do anything more, I collapsed on top of her, both of us panting frantically.

Between gasps, she whispered in my ear, "I don't even know your name!"

Chapter 6: Kim returns to Middleton.

Satiation. Total satisfaction. That was the only way to describe her expression as she purred contentedly and rubbed her face against my arm. I couldn't believe the effectiveness of the obedience collar! The famous Kim Possible had given herself to me without reservation, and she had enjoyed every minute of it! I'm going to have to keep one of these collars for future use!

I lay beside her and she snuggled in my arms, totally relaxed. Her eyes were drooping slightly, so I urged her to sleep. Her fatigue and the obedience collar combined with my urgings and soon her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing deepened.

It was time to return her to her world. I wasn't sure how much she would remember of her time with me, but she belonged in Middleton, not here. Telling her to remain asleep, I roused her sub conscious enough to receive instructions, re-programming her back to the same mental orientation she had had about sex before we met.

After I had dressed her, I removed the obedience collar.

Carefully and precisely, I returned Kim to Ron and Rufus as they flashed through a time vortex back to their present and to their high school. They were repeating their conversation from the beginning of the film. But this time, Kim had a slightly confused look on her face as if she was trying to remember a dream.

Ron was pleased with his 'first practice' and boasted: "KP, our future is in the . . . . "

A wave of nausea passed through them.

"Whoa! Brain freeze!" Ron gasped quickly recovering.

Also recovering, Kim prompted him. ". . . future . . ."

"Oh, right," Ron exclaimed, snapping back to his normal self. "I was saying the future is bright!"

"Yeah, Ron, yeah! It really is!" And the two of them resumed their conversation as they walked down the sidewalk, Ron gesticulating broadly as we get a view of Kim's shapely legs extending below her tight, short skirt that barely covered her narrow ass.

Nobody noticed the streak of dried, white flaky substance on the inside of Kim's leg as Kim and Ron moved away into the distance.

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