Wonder Woman Falls Prey to Steve’s Unintentional Commands  

Wonder Woman Falls Prey to Steve's Unintentional Commands

By Barnabus

(M/F, Wonder Woman, M/C, non-consensual sex, romance)


Steve Trevor uses Wonder Woman's Golden Lasso to steal a kiss. Inadvertently, he reprograms her mind and finds he can take her to bed.


This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature, including graphic descriptions of non-consensual, "vanilla" sex. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are copyrighted, trademarked, and owned by DC Comics. I am simply borrowing them for a while for my own pleasure and to allow them to have a sex life. This is a work of fan-fiction. This story is written for enjoyment and entertainment purposes only, and no commercial profit is expected to be made from it. It may be copied for personal use or for posting on other sites, provided the sites are free sites . . . it may NOT be posted on any site that requires a "membership fee" of any kind. Posting is permitted on sites where 'adult verification services' are used, provided they only cost a few dollars a year for access to many sites, (the way Adultcheck used to be), but posting is prohibited on any "Adultcheck Gold" site, which requires much more money.

Like most stories of this ilk, at the end of the story, (unless there is a sequel) the characters are magically returned to their original condition, undamaged, unharmed, and unchanged in any way with no memory of the events that have taken place . . . It is as if the story had never happened, because, after all, it never really did.

Birth control is used in this story, because in 'real life' every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1 - Steve steals a kiss.

Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman were seated at a table in the living room of his house, papers spread before them. The crackling in the fireplace furnished a counterpoint to their conversation. They held these private and informal meetings about twice a month to review government paperwork and to be sure that it did not contain any information that might compromise Wonder Woman.

Together, they reviewed a report that included mention of Wonder Woman

capturing a Villain using her magic lasso. Steve and Wonder Woman agreed that the magic aspects of the Golden Lasso of Truth should be omitted from the report. Steve was aware of the properties of the rope, but agreed with Wonder Woman that secrecy should be maintained concerning its powers.

Steve had seen the rope often, and had watched Wonder Woman use it, but he had never examined it up close, so he asked if he could look at it. Diana was a little reluctant to give an item that possessed so much power to anyone. But she knew that if there was any man she could have confidence in, it was Steve. She released the fastener and handed the rope to him.

Just then, the sound of burning logs falling in the fireplace drew their attention. Steve went to the fireplace and rearranged the firewood before putting the fire screen back in place. Turning to return to the table, he noticed that Wonder Woman's back was to him and she was studying some a new report.

"With all the restrictions Amazon law places on you, is there any way that you can ever trust a man?" Steve asked.

"No." Wonder Woman answered without looking up. "Amazon history is full of stories of women being abused and subjugated by men. Our culture was established on a basis of mistrust, and we are trained to always have this foremost in our minds, lest a man capture us and repress us again."

She was no longer looking at the papers, but her back was still to Steve. He reflected that by having her back to a man, she must be breaking some sort of Amazon law, because she certainly had to trust him to permit him to be where she couldn't see him. He valued the trust she had for him, and realized that it must be a considerable act of faith for her to grant that trust to him, a man.

On the other hand, she could not see him, and he held her Golden Lasso of Truth, which also demands complete obedience, in his hand. Had the fates provided him with an opportunity that he never would have expected?

Moving closer to Wonder Woman, Steve asked, "And can you trust me?"

Wonder Woman shook her head. "Amazon law tells me I shouldn't even trust you. Because no matter how good a friend you are, you are still a man."

Steve had wanted to kiss Wonder Woman for years. Although she had given him a chaste peck a few times, she had never permitted him even any kind of real kiss., And now, all he had to do was to slip the rope over her shoulders and she wouldn't be able to refuse him a kiss. An innocent kiss would not be unreasonable, but Steve was certainly too much of a gentlemen to demand anything more than a kiss.

He hadn't thought about using the Lasso in this way before. Now that he had the opportunity, he blundered into it without having thought it through and without considering the consequences.

The golden lasso quickly passed over her head, binding her arms to her side. Her response was immediate as she attempted to escape being bound by the rope, but Steve quickly pulled the rope tight.

She started to rise, but Steve quickly commanded, "Stay seated, and be still!" Wonder Woman had to obey as she felt the magic power of the rope flowing through her, compelling her obedience.

"The rope makes you obey, doesn't it? And it makes you tell the truth?"

Wonder Woman nodded, her eyes wide and uncertain. This was certainly nothing that she had ever expected from Steve.

"Using the rope, I can make you do whatever I want, and you must obey, isn't that true!"

"Yes," Wonder Woman replied, fear beginning to creep into her eyes. What was he going to do now?

Steve knelt beside her chair, so that his face was almost on a level with hers.

He spoke, "You must tell the truth. The rope commands it. Do you love me?"

Steve knew that she loved him. Her actions had proven that time and time again, but he had never heard the words come from her lips.

Diana struggled, trying not to vocalize an answer, but in the end the rope won out.

"Yes," she whispered, dropping her eyes. How could an Amazon ever admit that she loved a man?

"Are you in love with me?" Steve persisted.

"I think so!" was her reluctant answer. This was an admission she had resolved that she would never make to anyone, let alone,. Steve.

"Have you ever wanted to kiss me?"

Her eyes met his and her entire demeanor softened. "Yes!" Her response was barely audible.

"I've wanted to kiss you for a long time," Steve whispered back. "I'm going to kiss you now. And I command you to kiss me the way you've wanted to." He leaned into her and their lips gently met and held each other for a long time, neither willing to break the contact. Their breathing became noticeably more rapid.

Finally, Steve pulled back, releasing the kiss. Both of them were totally engrossed in their feelings. Wonder Woman had never before received a romantic kiss from a man, and it had affected her more than she cared to admit. Her breasts tingled and she felt a warm dampness forming in her star spangled satin panties. Her breath was rapid and shallow.

Their eyes met, gazing deeply into each other.

Steve was too engrossed in his feelings to be thinking clearly, or to even contemplate what he might be doing.


"You like that, don't you?" Steve asked. After a moment Wonder Woman nodded.

"You like being kissed by me?" she paused, her eyes still locked on his, but she didn't answer.

"Hold me. Embrace me!" And she held him tight,. He put his free arm around her, still holding the rope with the other hand.

"You seem to like holding me," he sighed into her ear. "I really like holding you."

He ran his hand through her hair? "You like being touched by me?" He backed away and again gazed into here eyes. Then he caressed her cheek. She liked being touched by him so she nuzzled his hand, and he continued. "And you like my touch on your skin," he observed, watching her actions.

She nodded. And she ran her hand through his hair. "And you like touching me, don't you?" After a moment's hesitation, she nodded again.

"You wouldn't refuse me, would you? If I asked for another kiss?" he asked, still caressing her cheek. And after a moment's hesitation, she shook her head.

"Did you like my kiss? I seemed to lose all sense of reality as we kissed. It was the same with you, maybe?" he asked.

Then, suddenly, Steve became acutely aware of the impropriety of what was going on. It was unfair for him to be taking advantage of this woman, when the rope kept her from mounting any form of resistance to his advances.

"I'm sorry, Diana, I am behaving improperly." He released her and his hand moved to the rope, but hesitated for a moment. "You trust me, don't you?"

After a moment's hesitation, Wonder Woman answered, "Yes, Steve." And he removed the rope from around her shoulders and handed it back to her.

"Steve," Wonder Woman spoke as she received the rope back. "Please don't ever do that again! You have no idea how vulnerable I feel when I am bound by the Golden Lasso. Binding me like you did gives you more power over me than you can imagine.

"I trust you, Steve, but promise me you'll never do it again! Please!"

Suddenly embarrassed, Steve was instantly repentant and promised he would never try to use her rope again to get her to do something she might not otherwise do.

Steve sat at the table and they resumed their work for the evening.

Once the business was done for the evening, Steve and Wonder Woman sat at the table talking. They often shared moments of affectionate conversation like this when the work was done, and before Wonder Woman left for the evening.

Wonder Woman knew she could confide in Steve. They had often shared intimate thoughts that couldn't be shared with anyone else. So she took this opportunity to share some of the things she had heard at a 'bachelorette party' she had recently attended. When the bride-to-be had admitted that she was a virgin, many of the other women had offered free advice. And from their advice, it became apparent that they seemed to agree that it was entirely appropriate for a woman to give her virginity to someone she loved, even if they weren't married. Wonder Woman had heard conversations like this before, so she asked Steve if this was 'normal' behavior in women.

(Although Diana wouldn't admit it to Steve, conversations of this nature always troubled her, because she knew she could never have a relationship of this nature because of her Amazon background. But hearing her girlfriends talk about the ecstasy shared with their boyfriends sometimes made Diana wonder if perhaps she might be missing something.)

Steve acknowledged that prior to World War II, a woman's place was in the home for the most part, and that her identity was bound completely with that of her husband, with a few exceptions. Virginity before marriage was assumed in a woman (but strangely, not required of a man). However, during World War II, most of the men had gone into the army leaving a dramatic shortage of laborers in the work force. Women filled that shortage and started working in factories, parachute plants, and other formerly 'men-only' careers. As women earned their own income and began to carry their own weight in the work force, they also became more independent and started thinking for themselves.

Wonder Woman accepted that women who hadn't received Amazon training might think differently than she did. But the differences seemed to be so great that it almost felt that they were a different species. How could she ever identify with women who seemed to derive their whole identity from their husband or boyfriend?

Chapter 2 - And one thing leads to another

Both Steve and Wonder Woman reached for the water pitcher at the same time, and their hands brushed. Normally, both would withdraw from this sort of physical contact, but somehow Wonder Woman enjoyed the touch of his hand, and they both froze, their hands touching, neither withdrawing, both staring at their hands. After an eternity, Steve took hold of her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it.

The effect on Wonder Woman was electrifying! She had never permitted any such familiarity, but now that it had happened, it sent chills throughout her. She had never felt a thrill like that.

Steve was uncertain, because she had never permitted this before. And yet, she sat at the table, staring at her hand being kissed, and making no attempt to withdraw it.

He turned her hand over and kissed the palm of her hand, and noticed a shutter running through Wonder Woman. Again, she made no effort to resist his attention. What was happening?

Still holding her hand, he stood and moved beside her chair to put his arm around her bare shoulders and gently hug her to him. Wonder Woman liked being touched by Steve, and although her conscious mind was telling her that this should stop, there was something about being held by this man that she couldn't refuse.

Steve mumbled something about the sofa in front of the fireplace was more comfortable, and nodding agreement, Wonder Woman moved to the sofa with him. They sat side by side, his arm still around her and she found her rubbing her face against his shoulder.

Steve kissed her on top of her head, and she knew she liked being kissed by him, so, although she knew she shouldn't. Raising her lips to him was the most natural thing in the world to do.

This kiss lasted longer and became more passionate. Both were panting when the kiss broke. Again, he stroked her cheek She liked being touched by him so again she nuzzled his hand. His hand circled her ear, sending shivers through her body, then ran down her neck and explored the outline of her collarbone. They kissed again.

Both Steve and Wonder Woman were too engrossed in what they were feeling to be thinking clearly.

Never before had Wonder Woman allowed anything greater than a chaste peck of a kiss. How did it happen that she was falling into his arms now?

Steve was living a dream that he had had for years. So what it if didn't make sense. He would probably wake up soon, and then all he would have would be the pleasure of the memory. But what a wonderful memory it would be!

Wonder Woman was feeling both passionate and confused. Had she somehow fallen under the influence of a man's world? This should stop NOW! All of her Amazon training was screaming at her to pull away from him and leave. But she LIKED being kissed by him. Was this the thrill the girls had talked about in their relationship with men? It seemed like her entire existence centered around the contact of her lips with his.

This might be a dream that Steve would wake from soon, but he decided to enjoy it as much as he could until the alarm clock woke him. This was too good to be real! It had to be a dream. And if it was a dream, well then, what the hell!

Steve hand slipped downward from Wonder Woman's collarbone and settled over her breast, cupping that magnificent orb and squeezing it slightly.

Wonder Woman's existence suddenly expanded. She gasped, and tried to pull back, but he held her lips firmly to his. The touch of his hand on her breast terrified her! Yes, she had been groped before by villains, but she had never felt the hand of a lover on her body. And she liked being touched by Steve. Still overcome by the fright of having a man's hand on her breast, she knew she didn't want to refuse him. And beside, she LIKED it! Once again, she leaned into his kiss and found herself pressing her chest into his hand.

Her reaction was certainly no less than what he might expect, if in fact she was as virginal as she had let on. But Steve was surprised at how quickly she accepted his touch. Something strange was happening, and he didn't know what it was. But he didn't care, either. He was going to live this dream to the fullest! His hand moved to the top of her bustier and caressing her bare skin, slid his hand around to her back to where he knew he would find the fastening to open the bustier.

Steve had watched Wonder Woman for years, and had studied her costume. Although he had never considered it possible, he had eventually observed the hidden closure on her bustier and had figured out how it was released. When his hand actually found the fastener, he was surprised that it opened as easily as it did, and the entire garment loosened.

Diana wondered how this could be happening. She was being kissed by a man. He had put his hand on her breast, and now he had found the fastener for her bustier and released it. Somehow, as she kissed him, she began to lose all sense of reality. His hand on her breast hadn't seemed real. But she liked being touched by him. His hand, now moving around her rib cage, gently pushing her bustier aside didn't seem real either, but the fact that she liked his touch on her skin was VERY real.

They both gasped as his hand found and cupped her breast. Almost immediately, Steve rolled her nipple between his fingers, causing her to whimper and squirm at the same time. Wonder Woman was on her back on the large sofa (how had that happened?) and Steve was over her, one arm around her, his other hand cupping her breast and rolling her nipple. Wonder Woman was experiencing sensations she had never felt before. As stimulated as she was, and as lustful as she was feeling, there was no sense of reality in what was happening. This couldn't be real. How had things progressed so far so fast?

Steve was kissing her chin, then kissed his way downward as she raised her face to give him access to her neck. His kisses passed her collarbone and she held her breath as his mouth drew closer to her bosom.

Steve knew he should stop. But Wonder Woman had never permitted him this much license before. What was different about today? Why was she allowing him so much liberty? His hormones were raging. Would she actually permit him to . .. . . . . . no, he couldn't even think it.

He kissed her superb breasts, and within moments, his kisses made a circle around the edges of her areolas before his lips caressed her fabulous nipples, gently stroking them, pinching them, and finally, capturing the nipple and applying suction.

Wonder Woman almost swooned, allowing a great gasp of breath to escape as her nipple was drawn into Steve's mouth. With sudden fervor, she threw her arms around his head, pulling his face into her bosom and thrusting her nipple deeper into his mouth. Gasping for breath, she clasped him to her until he had to pull backward to avoid being suffocated by her succulent mammaries.

Steve was too engrossed in his how feelings to be thinking clearly. <When he had bound Wonder Woman with her Golden Lasso, he had intended each sentence to be a question, but without realizing it, he had phrased each sentence as a statement, relying on the inflection of his voice to make it a question. Meanwhile, under the influence of the Golden Lasso, Wonder Woman's subconscious mind was accepting each sentence as a statement, and as long as the golden lasso was around her shoulders, each statement became an order for her to obey.

Thus, when he said, "You like being touched by me?", her subconscious mind interpreted it as an order. And when he asked, "And you like touching me, don't you?", her subconscious persona interpreted it as an order, followed by a question.

Likewise, when he had caressed her cheek, since she had been ordered to like being touched by him, she had nuzzled his hand. When he observed that she "liked my touch on your skin," and "You wouldn't refuse me, would you?", she had internalized two more orders. >

Her conscious mind had known that Steve was not intending to give her instructions, but her subconscious mind was busily integrating all of his 'instructions' into her persona.

And now, the boundaries of Steve's entire universe were delimited with his hand and his mouth. He began kissing her again, moving downward from her breasts, and she continued to be enthralled as he kissed her and caressed her body. When he reached her Golden Amazon Girdle, he kissed her stomach all along the upper edges of the belt. And again, he knew where the fastening was and very quickly the belt loosened.

Feeling her Amazon strength drain out of her as the belt was pushed to the side, Wonder Woman felt herself melting under Steve's hands.

As his kisses reached her satin panties, his dream was nearing completion. He knew the only way he would wake up from this 'dream' would be if she changed her mind, and he hoped to complete his conquest before she had time to change her mind. Lusty anticipation was governing his every action. Still kissing, her stomach, he took hold of her panties and began to peel them downwards.

"Oh, Steve, don't! Please don't. We have to stop! We can't go on. Steve, noooooo!" Wonder Woman's arms came to life and she grabbed his wrists. She knew where they were heading. Although she loved Steve, the realization that he was removing her panties shocked her out of her erotically induced trance and brought her back to reality. Regardless of how much she enjoyed touching and being touched, she was an Amazon Princess, and she had to regain control of herself and of him.

"Oh, Diana!" Steve moaned. " I love you so much! I want this! I've wanted this for so long! Please, don't refuse me now!"

"Steeeeeeve!" she moaned, her grip on his wrists softening. "I can't refuse you," she whimpered as her hands fell to the sofa beside her hips, "But please don't do this!"

But Steve had already resumed the removal of her panties, and simply couldn't hear her. Momentarily, Wonder Woman had wavered, but somehow he had gotten past that hurdle. Her fur covered mound came into view, and he kissed it. Blushing from embarrassment, she turned her face to the side as her panties progressed down her thighs. Steve continued to kiss her mons as he pulled her garment further. Finally, he had slip to his knees beside the sofa to pull the panties over her boots.

She was a vision, lying there before him. And he knew if he didn't possess her quickly, he might lose his opportunity. And if that happened, he had no way of knowing when he would get another chance.

He ran his hand over her leg and kissed the knee, unbuttoning his shirt with his other hand.. Pressing her leg against his face, he maneuvered his shoulder between her knees. From this position, he continued to kiss her inner thighs as he moved his body between her legs and kissed his way upwards.

Flushed with embarrassment at being virtually naked in the presence of a man, Wonder Woman was confounded. Whenever she wanted to refuse anything Steve did, she couldn't. Why was she like putty in his hands? Was it because his hands were doing such wonderful things to her?

No man had ever kissed her thighs before, and his lips were sending tremors throughout her body, and especially in her womanhood. She shrieked when unexpectedly his tongue ran up the length of her feminine lips. All thought left her as his lips encircled her clitoris and he began gently suckling on that small organ. She seized the hair on his head and forcefully pulled him away from her private organs and drew his face to her lips where she planted an intense kiss on his lips. She felt his weight on her, settling between her breasts and between her legs. Their bodies were pressed together, flesh to flesh, and she realized his hand was between them. The tongue she had pulled away from her womanhood had been replaced by a finger, she assumed, and it was caressing the opening to her womanhood, lifting her emotions higher.

Steve was in heaven! His chest was cushioned on her abundant mounds. He had opened his pants and prepared himself and now his hand was guiding his penis along her slit picking up plenty of lubrication by sliding against her womanhood. And there was still plenty of lubrication available. Savoring the anticipation, he eased the head of his member past her outer lips until he was about an inch inside of her.

Once again, Wonder Woman suddenly returned to Reality.

"Steve, stop! I can't! I'm an Amazon princess and this is forbidden. I caaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn't - - - - - - "

Confronted with objections at this juncture, Steve responded as any lustful, virile, red-blooded American man would: he thrust into her well lubricated vagina, encasing about half of his length into her. Immediately, her muscles clamped down on him.

"Steeeeve!" she moaned.

Steve gave the same response countless men have made in similar circumstances.

"It's too late!" He withdrew an inch, picking up more lubrication, "I can't stop now!" and he buried the rest of his member into her, forcing its way past the clenched resistance of her tense muscles.

"Uuuuuhhhhhh." She moaned as his pelvis met hers and she felt his testicles slam against her bottom. Paralyzed with mixed emotions, wanting him and knowing that having him was forbidden because of Amazon law, she froze, not knowing what to do next.

Immediately, Steve began thrusting inside of her and suddenly, the woman in her came to the forefront.

"Steve, don't! I'll get pregnant!"

Grunting, and without missing a beat, Steve gasped back at her, "It's OK. I'm wearing a condom."

"But Steve - - -"

"Diana, please!" . Steve was thrusting hard, claiming full possession of her body as he pressed into her as deeply and rapidly as he could. "You can't refuse me now!"

And Wonder Woman COULDN'T refuse him! That order had been planted in her mind and had rooted in her sub-consciousness.

She loved him. She had been in love with him for a long time, but never before had the possibly of physical intimacy occurred. But she knew from her conversations with her girlfriends, that sexual expression was accepted and frequently practiced when two people loved each other, as she and Steve did. If she thought about it, she knew that her Amazon code would demand that she resist him tooth and nail as she had when she had been taken by rapists in the past. But she loved him, and she couldn't refuse him. She looked at him with a mixture of confusion, adoration and pleading. Her thighs gave a violent spasm and she surrendered, relaxing her clenched muscles, allowing his penetration. Her legs relaxed to give him easier access to her and she was whimpering softly.

Taking an unwilling Wonder Woman as she resisted excited Steve. But he felt the change in her movements, and sensed that she was accepting him into her. Her acquiescence and yielding to him thrilled him and gave him greater satisfaction than he could ever have imagined. As her body relaxed under him, his thrusts slowed to a gentler, more loving pace. He was no longer claiming her as he possessed her, but rather was making love with the woman he loved.

He had taken her and entered her, there was no way Wonder Woman could undo that. And she knew that she couldn't refuse him, although she didn't really know why. She couldn't understand why she was feeling this way. Quickly, the passion of her own senses began to overshadow her deeply engrained Amazon training. She embraced him, drawing his chest tighter against hers. His throbbing inside of her seemed to blot out all rational thought that warned her to stop. Her hips began to match his movements, slowly at first, then with more conviction. Steve changed his position slightly to provide greater stimulation to her, and felt the satisfaction of hearing her moan at the increased stimulation. With each trust into her, she gave a gasp and he felt her squeezing down on him, creating a wonderful tightness. Her enormous breasts pillowed him as they clung to each other. Wonder Woman's body began to climb toward a climax. She wrapped her legs around him to pull him even deeper into her as she made whimpering, gurgling noises in the back of her throat..

During her battles against the Nazis and as a crime fighter, Wonder Woman had been raped on several occasions, so she was not a complete stranger to sex. However, she had never experienced the gentle loving she was receiving from Steve. She realized that sex between lovers was very different than being raped. Rapists had climaxed her, but as her breathing increased and her vocalizations become more intense, she knew that she was about to experience a very different kind of climax.

Steve's pace increased and she felt him growing larger inside of her, and she knew that he was approaching orgasm also. Like a well-oiled machine, the two of them rose to their climaxes in complete synchronization, both screaming as they peaked simultaneously. She clenched him so tightly it was almost painful as she arched herself into him. And Steve experienced something that few men could claim: a full-blown Amazon orgasm. She melted in his arms as their fluids merged.

Chapter 3 - winding down.

The silence in the room was deafening as they both came down from their orgasmic highs. Their breath had returned to normal and their heartbeats were the loudest sounds in the room.

Both were embarrassed, Diana because she had violated Amazon code, and Steve

because no matter what else was said, he had essentially taken Wonder Woman by force and coercion. She had said 'no' and he hadn't accepted it. And although their sex had culminated with a very satisfying orgasm for both of them, she had not freely accepted their coupling.

Steve rolled off of Wonder Woman and sat on the floor next to the sofa. After a short while, Wonder Woman rose and put on her costume. Without a word, she moved to the door. She hesitated, to look back at Steve, still sitting on the floor beside the sofa, watching her with longing eyes. She returned to kneel beside him where she gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. Then she left.

After that night, the relationship between Steve and Wonder Woman reverted to what

it had been before. Although Wonder Woman's subconscious had effectively been reprogrammed, Steve never realized what he had done. He never realized that Wonder Woman was his for the asking, any time he wanted. All he had to do was to ask her not to refuse him. But he never dared to ask again.

Wonder Woman had learned that regardless of what she had learned from her Amazon training, sex between a man and a woman who are in love with each other can be an extremely satisfying and rewarding experience. She wished that Steve would ask her again. And if he did, she knew she wouldn't refuse him. But she would never consider taking the first step herself.

Thus their platonic relationship continued, even though they both cherished the memory of their one night together.

The End