How Wonder Woman and Steve came to get married  

How Wonder Woman and Steve came to get married

By Barnabus

Written: 3/11/05 -4/3/05

Revised: x/xx/05

(M/F, First time, Romance, Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor.)

SUBJECT: Steve uses Diana’s Golden Lasso to command that she place her own devotion to him above her dedication to the Amazon Law!”

WARNING: This is an adult story, containing sensitive material of a sexual nature. If you find such material offensive or are underage, do not read further, but please bypass this story for one more suitable for you.

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The author does not endorse or encourage the nature of unprotected sex described in this story. Every reasonable adult should know that he or she should behave responsibly when participating in sexual activities and he or she wishes to avoid unwanted conception and the spread of disease.

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Chapter 1. Dinner at Steve’s.

World War II had come to an end. And in recognition of his meritorious (and often secret) activities that helped to bring Allied victory over the Third Reich, Major Steve Trevor was in line for promotion to Lt. Colonel. It was also rumoured that Wonder Woman, Major Trevor’s frequent partner against the Nazis, was being considered for the Congressional Medal of Freedom.

And although it was not public knowledge, both you and I know that Steve had ‘the hots’ for Wonder Woman. But that was not news.

In celebration of the end of the war, Steve and Wonder Woman met for a quiet dinner, at Steve’s house one Friday Evening. Steve produced two bottles of a very rare vintage wine for the occasion. Since Amazons generally do not imbibe, Diana had always refused offers of alcoholic beverages in the past. But Steve insisted, stating that it was a very special old wine, almost a collectors’ item. So, to please Steve, WW sipped the wine. It might be very special, and very good, but still Diana didn’t really care for the strong, sharp, bitter taste.

Not being not used to alcohol, Diana soon found herself giggling. She felt like a silly schoolgirl. Unconsciously, she began flirting with Steve. She had always been attracted to Steve, but the requirement that she maintain her chastity kept her from almost any direct physical contact with him.

Diana knew that a touch could lead to a caress. A caress to an embrace. An embrace to a kiss. A kiss to more intimate touches. And more intimate touches can lead to . . . Diana shut off that line of thinking.

After dinner, they sat before a crackling fireplace. Steve had taken the wine bottle and refilled their glasses. He enjoyed the way her hair glistened as it reflected the flickering firelight. Diana was feeling giddy, which was most unusual for her! She teased, flirted, and the two began playing lover’s games. The back of his hand grazed her breast as he handed her a wineglass. She slapped his knee as she laughed at a joke. After Steve put another log on the fire, he returned to the sofa, sitting considerably closer to Diana. In fact, their legs made contact, causing a visceral reaction in both of them. Suddenly, the room became quiet as both stared into the fire. After a long pause, they looked at each other. The wine had emboldened Steve and had lowered Diana’s inhibitions considerably. Steve leaned inward to kiss Diana on the lips. Diana didn’t cooperate. She didn’t kiss back. But she didn’t turn away either.

Kiss broke away. Self-consciously, Diana pulled back. “I have to leave soon.”

But since neither wished to end this idyllic evening together, she stayed a little longer, and they continued talking. When the conversation lagged, Steve asked Diana about the Magic Girdle of Strength that Wonder Woman always wore.

Diana trusted Steve and told him about the belt and how it worked. In the process of discussion, she took the belt off to show Steve some of the special handwork incorporated in the belt. She held it out, allowing Steve to touch it and examine it, but she would not release her hold on it or allow Steve to take it.

“This wine seems to be affecting me,” she commented. “I have to go to the lady’s room.” She excused herself and placed the belt (with the Golden Lasso of Truth still fastened to it) on the table before rising and going to the bathroom.

Steve eyed the belt, and more specifically, the golden lasso. He had seen Wonder Woman use the lasso and knew that someone was bound by the lasso was required to obey the person holding it. And they had to answer all questions truthfully.

Diana seemed to be taking an awfully lot of time in the bathroom. And all the time, Steve stared at that lasso, thinking. What if . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapter 2: Diana is captured.

Carefully inspecting herself in the mirror, Diana made certain that her costume was in place and that the bustier was up high enough so as not to reveal any more of her flesh than necessary. She knew that the exposed flesh of her costume was a distraction to most men, especially criminals, which gave her an advantage over them in an adversarial situation.

But the same exposure of flesh was a distraction to Steve when the two of them were alone together. Maybe she should design a more ‘conservative’ costume for informal social occasions, she thought.

Diana tugged the bustier up a bit. She didn’t want to tease him too much. Diana was in love with Steve. She had fallen in love shortly after they first met. But Diana was an Amazon and the Amazon code forbade her from being intimate with any man.

Smoothing some wrinkles out of her costume, she idly wondered what it would really be like to hold Steve, let him touch her . . . touch herall over, take off her clothes and . . . .

Sadly, Diana had to quench this line of thought. These thoughts had been coming to her frequently tonight, perhaps an effect of the wine she had drunk. But maybe the wine had made her more observant. She had seen a telltale bulge in Steve’s trousers on more than one occasion this evening! But there was no way she could indulge in this kind of fantasy if she was going to live according to the behaviour required of all Amazons, and especially Amazons living in the world of men.

She still felt a little light-headed as she opened the bathroom door to return to the living room and Steve. The door swung outward, but Diana didn’t see Steve. Her eyes alighted on the coffee table where her Magic Girdle lay, but something wasn’t right! It took her a moment before it registered that the lasso was missing. She stepped into the room to retrieve the belt when Steve, who had been standing behind the door, slipped the golden Lasso over her shoulders, lightly binding her.

Instantly, Diana felt the effects of the Golden Lasso and turned to see Steve. She to pull away before her will faded completely, clutching at the lasso.

“Don’t resist!” he whispered, and immediately Diana was required to obey. “And don’t try to take the rope from your shoulders!” he added. Although those two commands immediately kept Diana from trying to escape from the Golden Lasso, neither Steve nor Diana realized at that moment that the first command would also influence what happened later on that night. And for that matter, for the rest of their lives.

Steve led Diana to the sofa where they sat beside each other. Unsure of what to do next, Steve spoke hesitantly.

“I won’t hurt you, Diana! I love you. You mean the world to me! I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you.” Steve took a deep breath. He had to ask the question.

“Do you love me, Diana?” The lasso would require her to speak the truth. She couldn’t waffle or prevaricate as she usually did. If Diana said shedidn’t love him, Steve resolved that he would have to accept a life where Diana would never really be a part of it.

“Yes,” was Diana’s monosyllabic answer.

She had given the answer that Steve had hoped and prayed for. Eyes wide in disbelief at this simple statement, Steve repeated, “Yes? You do?”

The power of the golden lasso was surging through Diana, as she recalled how her feelings for Steve had developed over the years. “I was attracted to you the first time we met. Then when you risked your life to protect me the first time we were on an actual assignment together, I began falling in love with you.”

“And now?” Steve prompted.

“I am deeply in love with you!” came the artless reply. “I fall deeper in love with you every time we are together.”

Steve was amazed at the depths of feeling she was expressing. “How can someone as beautiful as you be in love with someone likeme?” It was a rhetorical question to Steve.

“Because, you are more beautiful than Apollo!” came the guileless response.

Steve could say nothing! He knew that Diana had probably seen Apollo. And Steve was humbled at the comparison. Gazing on her striking features, Steve felt overwhelmed by her exquisite beauty.

“I want to kiss you!” he said simply.

“And I want to kiss you!” came Diana’s totally honest answer. (She really did! But never before had she permitted herself to think such a forbidden thought!)

Slowly, like in an artsy movie, Steve moved toward hers. After a moment’s hesitation, Diana moved her lips toward his. Their lips met in a gentle, loving kiss. Steve put his arm around Diana’s shoulders, still keeping hold of the lasso. And the kiss deepened. Since neither was willing to end the kiss, it lingered as he pulled her closer to him and finally, she melted into his arms.

Both were panting when the kiss finally ended.

“Wow!” Steve exclaimed!

Through hooded eyes, Diana responded, “Yes, “ and the next word she spoke was a Greek word that Steve didn’t understand.

“I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I wanted to kiss you like that!” Steve confessed.

“And I’ve wanted to kiss you, too!” came Diana’s simple response. Everything she said under the influence of the Golden lasso was direct, straightforward, uncomplicated: a simple statement of truth.

Confused, Steve asked, “You’ve known how I felt about you, haven’t you?”

“I have known that you are in love with me,” Diana replied.

“Then why haven’t you let me know? Why have you . . . been so . . . reserved?” Steve wanted to say ‘stand-off-ish’, but carefully selected a milder word.

“The Amazon code forbids intimacy of any kind with men, lest the Amazon fall under the influence of man’s world.”

“But letting me know how you feel doesn’t equate to intimacy!” Steve questioned.

“An admission of attraction can lead to a touch. A touch can lead to a caress. . . . “

“I get the picture!” Steve interrupted her. He thought long and hard before asking the next question.

“All these years we’ve been together, you have maintained . . . a distant reserve . . . because of your dedication to the Amazon way, is that right?”

“That’s right,” Diana replied, simply.

Steve pursued his thought. “If you weren’t committed to obeying Amazon law, . . . would you have been attracted to me?”

“I have always been attracted to you, Steve,”

Flustered, Steve rephrased his question. “If you weren’t committed to the Amazon law, would your relationship with me be any different?”

Diana didn’t want to answer this question. But the power of the golden lasso coursed through her. There was a long pause, as she analyzed the myriad of thoughts and feelings she had experienced, both conscious and subconscious, during the years she had known Steve. She also had to consider thoughts that had been immediately rejected at the time. Ultimately, she gave the most honest answer she could. “If I were not committed to the Amazon law, I would have married you years ago. And if you didn’t want to marry me, I would have been willing to shared your bed so that come what might, at least I would have had that much of you for as long as I could! If you left me after sharing your bed with me, at least I would have had the memory of that intimacy to keep forever!”

Steve was stunned by the brutal frankness of her answer. This was the 1940s, and women just didn’t say things like that! “Your feelings for me are that strong?”

“My love for you is that strong!” Diana replied. “If I couldn’t marry you and have you all to myself, I would have taken whatever you would be willing to give me!”

It was a profound statement of love! One that Steve could barely comprehend.

“And the only reason you haven’t acted on your feelings is your allegiance to the Amazon Law?”

“The only reason I haven’t acted on my feelings is my commitment to the Amazon Law.” Diana confirmed.

So there it was! Amazon Law stood between Steve and the woman of his dreams! Steve gazed into her beautiful face. He loved her! He wanted her. He wanted to marry her! He wanted her as his very own! Hesitantly he asked the next question.

“If I commanded you to place your own desires above Amazon law, would you change your priorities and place me first?”

“The golden lasso commands me to obey your instructions.” It was a simple and unaffected answer. Steve had loved Diana since he first met her. He also lusted for her body! He deeply wanted her love. But he would settle for simple sex if he had to! Steve decided to take a chance and go for it.

“All right! Icommand you to place your own devotion to me above your dedication to the Amazon Law!” Steve had no awareness of the far-reaching consequences this command would have on the woman he loved. What he intended as a short-term boost to her libido would affect Diana for the rest of her life!

Again, Diana replied, “The golden lasso commands me to obey your instructions.”

And that was it! What more could he say? Either her priorities had changed or they hadn’t. And even if they had, would her behaviour change? When he removed the lasso from his shoulders, either she would be his, or she wouldn’t. And ultimately, there would be only one way to find out!

Steve reached out to loosen the golden lasso binding her shoulders. But he paused for a moment. He had seen Diana remove criminal’s memories. And what satisfaction could he receive from this evening if he couldn’t remember it? He didn’t understand the full workings of the lasso, but he hoped for the best. “I also command you NEVER to use your golden lasso on me, to make me forget what we have discussed tonight! Or what has happened tonight. Or what will happen between us.”

“The golden lasso commands me to obey your instructions,” came the rote answer.

Steve signed. Either it would work or it wouldn’t. Either he would be permitted to remember, or he wouldn’t. Ultimately, it required a step of faith.

Taking a deep breath, he removed the golden lasso from Diana’s shoulders.

Chapter 3: Bold Wonder Woman

Diana gazed at Steve. She felt the influence of the Golden Lasso leave her. But the command that she would allow her personal feelings to take priority over Amazon law was still there!

Diana leaned into Steve’s arms, curling herself into his embrace. “Oh, Steve!” she whispered into his ear. “What have you done to me?”

“I have simply done what I always have done. I have loved you! And I do love you!” he reaffirmed!

“Kiss me!” she demanded. And kiss her he did!

Diana recalled her home on Paradise Island. She was a princess, and as royalty, she had the responsibility of setting a good example for her subjects. She had never permitted herself the common pleasures of the flesh that might be acceptable to others.

Of course, ever since she had entered the world of men, there had been constant temptations in the work place, when she walked down the street, in tabloids and magazines that were always so prevalent, even in mail order catalogues! But Diana had always maintained her strict royal scruples resisting temptation however it came.

The fact that she had been raped various times had not altered the fact that she had to maintain her personal standards.

Steve’s hands caressed her back, and she held him close to her. The sensation of Steve’s hands touching her royal body excited her. This was not rape! It excited her beyond anything she could ever imagine. She had never felt like this before. And the temptations of Steve’s demands upon her were beyond anything she could comprehend.

Eventually, his hand moved to her side, below her arm. They both recognized it for what it was: he was asking for permission to touch her breast. She raised her arm, encircling his neck, pulling him closer and tacitly granting him permission to touch her.

His hand slipped over her bustier to enclose the lovely mound.

Gasping with pleasure that he had finally taken the initiative (never-mind the fact that she would never have permitted this before), Diana relaxed as his hand took possession of her bosom. She knew that she was starting on a road leading away from everything she had been taught, everything she had lived by for all of her life. But her own needs took precedence over Amazon law. She had known Steve’s desires for years. And wanting to fully satisfy his wishes, she reached behind her and unzipped the bustier.

Steve felt the garment loosen as his hand pressed her mammary. Seeming to move of it’s own volition, Steve’s hand slid inside her bustier, encircling her naked breast, capturing her engorged nipple.

Feeling flesh upon flesh, and freed from the necessity of blind conformity to the Amazon law, Diana gasped, “Oh, I love you, Steve!”

“I love you,” Steve whispered as his lips moved downward to capture her nipple.

Once he had captured her nipple between his lips, his hand slid downward, covering her star-spangled briefs, caressing her mons veneris. It was the touch she had desired for years!Timidly, she allowed her hand to slide down his stomach to search for the bulge in his pants. And she found it! It seemed awfully big.

During her life as a crime-fighter, Diana had been raped on various occasions. And some of the rapists had been much larger than Steve. But touching Steve was different! She was in love with Steve. And Steve’s manhood felt more desirable than anything she had experienced before! Diana knew the mechanics of sex. She had painfully learned them! After her experiences in the past, Diana knew that Steve wouldn’t be too big for her. But if he was too big, if he hurt her, she would most gladly suffer the minor pain for the pleasure of satisfying her lover. And her own needs, also! But she had no knowledge of the language of love! If she was going to take Steve as a lover, Diana had no idea what to do next!

Diana moaned as Steve’s hand slipped inside of her panties. Diana held herbreath as, suddenly, the unthinkable occurred! He found her labia and ran a finger along her length. Then his dampened finger repeated its performance coming to rest over her vaginal opening. Steve’s finger sent thrills throughout her body setting her senses on fire with lust, anticipation, desire . . . and love!

Suddenly, the years of Amazon training and conditioning snapped into place. Panicked, Diana lurched away from him, grabbing his wrist, then immediately running her own hand inside her panties to capture his fingers and violently pull them away from her.

And just as suddenly, it passed. Amazon law was still solidly embedded in her psyche. Now, she had to decide whether to permit Amazon law to dominate her activities or if her own personal wishes, desires . . . needs . . . would be paramount.

Steve was watching her, his face a mixture of disappointment, and concern.

“Do you want me to stop, Diana?” he asked gently.

Ambivalence plagued Diana. She was in love with Steve. She wanted him! For years, she had repressed her feelings for him, living in obedience to the Amazon laws. The Amazon laws were good laws! And there was a reason why the laws were in place.

But Diana made to a rational, conscious decision that the time had come to fulfill her own needs! It was a difficult decision, turning her back on Amazon law. Nevertheless there were things she desired in life that were forbidden by the law. And she wanted them! She wantedSteve! And she wanted him now! Diana resolved to surrender to Steve!

Yes! She was going to make love with Steve! She was profoundly, passionately in love with Steve and finally, she was going to enjoy making love with him! This was going to be a great pleasure for her!

Diana released her grip on Steve’s hand and gently pressed him back against her mons veneris as she answered his question.

“No, Steve, I don’t want you to stop!” Diana lifted her hips and she slid her briefs downward. Steve’s hand left her, helping her. Diana was amazed at how natural it felt to be slipping out of her panties, leaving her naked to Steve’s touch and attentions. It was the satisfaction of her utmost joys. Kicking her panties over her toes, Diana recaptured Steve’s hand and purposefully returned it to the entrance of her temple of love.

The wine had lowered her inhibitions. And Steve’s command, using the golden lasso had altered her priorities in life so that her devotion to him took precedence not only over her obedience to Amazon Law, but everything else in her personality as well! Never having been in this situation before, Diana spoke with an honesty and frankness that startled Steve, and would have startled her, if she had fully been in possession of her wits!

“I don’t want you to stop!” she repeated, her voice deepening with passion. “I want you to mount me and put your penis into . . . my . . . my . . .” could she say it? “. . . intome! And I want you to ejaculate your semen deep inside me, marking me as your own!” Diana raised her hips into his hand as he separated her lips with two fingers and once again pressed gently against her vaginal opening.

“I want to feel you cum inside me!” she continued. “I want you to make me cum, make me scream with pleasure! I want to feel**your** seed dripping from me!” She turned her head, detecting the wonder in his eyes, his astonishment at the straight-forwardness and boldness that he heard her words! “I want you to make love with me, Steve!” Diana concluded. “I want to make love with**you**! I’ve wanted that for so many years! Do it now! Make me your woman! Do whatever pleases you.” Diana sighed. “But don’t stop!”

Steve kissed her lightly. “Do you want me to use protection?”

Diana’s gaze was so deep he couldn’t see the bottom, but she shook her head.

“No!” she replied. “I want your love! I want to feel all of your love! If I get pregnant, then it will definitely be a love child! And if we get married, we’ll raise the child together. Diana’s eyes misted a bit as she concluded, “And if you don’t want to marry me, then I still want to have your child!”

She slid her hand to cover his naked buttocks. _Naked_buttocks? What had happened to his clothes? So much the better! She drew him over her, and Steve slipped between her thighs. He pressed between the lips of her labia majora! Ohhhh, this was something she had wanted for years! Now, at last, her secret fantasies, her desires, could be fulfilled! Even so, both gasped as Steve’s hardened shaft passed her inner thighs and began entrance into her holy of holies!Her hips surged, responding to his entrance into her.

And like every woman entering into a new sexual relationship, no matter how willing she might be, Diana was suddenly afraid.

Diana fearfully looked deeply into his eyes as Steve entered her, her eyes wide and innocent! She didn’t know what amazed her most: his violation of her body or her willingness to receive him. She didn’t feel like a vanquished superheroine! Indeed, she had the man she loved! She wanted him! She loved him! She lusted for him! And now he was hers! If anything, she was absolutely victorious!

He backed off for a second before pressing deeper. Ohhhh, yessssss! Diana tightened her arms around her lover, pressing him to her bosom. She was sorry she couldn’t give Steve her virginity, her purity, . . . her honor! She had lost all of those things. But she gave Steve her love! It was something that she had never given any man before. And joyfully, she gave it to him! It was the greatest desire of her life!

Slowly, Steve worked his way deeper and deeper, sliding between the tightened, spasming muscles. Consciously, Diana tried to relax her muscles as she yielded to his masculine strength irresistibly forcing itself into her, penetrating her to her very core!

Steve backed off an inch, spreading her natural lubrication around and pressed deeper into her, eventually bottoming out as he reached the greatest depths he could! Diana felt stretched and a little sore, but she wasn’t afraid any more. She wrapped her legs around him, embracing him tighter, and opening herself more to him. Both felt incredible love in their hearts as Steve began to pump slowly and rhythmically in and out of her. Diana moaned and thrust her hips into him, receiving his love, offering her own. Diana felt and she experienced what she had denied herself for years: an explosion of pleasure spreading throughout her as she rhythmically began to match Steve’s movements.

Any resistance Diana may have felt waned as she yielded her body to her lover’s slow, steady thrusts. The two established a rhythm, moving in concert.

Diana’s erotic moans and whines, combined with Steve’s grunts of exertion, were the only sounds in the room. They were punctuated with endearments and expressions of love. Diana’s libido, suddenly released by her Golden Lasso, combined with Steve’s touch and whispers and kisses and his ultimate onslaught on her body were taking their toll on Wonder Woman. She began to wiggle about violently. The intense, strenuous activity she was going through; the kisses she had received and given, her breasts being gently and lovingly caressed and her vagina being ruthlessly penetrated generated a heavy, tingling wave starting at her pelvis and slowly moved toward her chest.

"Steeeeve! Should we . . . Uuuuuhhh! Steve!" she screamed in her mind and whispered in his ear. "How can I do this . . . how can this feel so good . . . Is this what love is all about?" she wondered in disbelief as her climax began to build. She didn’t resist the oncoming event. But her self-control was severely weakened by her everything she was experiencing.

She felt that wonderful heat that ran from her privates through her breasts to her brain and she felt it turning into something more! Something both wonderful and terrifying.

The tingling heat that was growing deep in her belly was too much to ignore, and she certainly didn’t want to ignore it. It threatened to overwhelm her and conquer her.

Suddenly, her hips thrust and surged quicker and quicker as she blurted out passionate moans. Steve could feel the oncoming wave quickened his pace. Diana’s sensations were overwhelming, her powerlessness to resist him, his hands groping her, the defenseless position she was in, these all raced through her mind as her body plunged upward in one last lustful surge.

“I’m cumming . . .”

“Uhhhh . . . . me . . . . t - t - t - uhhhh”

Then with a monstrous release, they both reached the consummation of their of love, their bodies tensing, rising toward climax for long moments. And finally, they both gloriously climaxed together . And, yes, Diana screamed with pleasure! Everything she had held back for all of these years, she eagerly and willingly gave to Steve! She collapsed into his arms as the first climax changed her stubborn, Amazon will power to self-indulgence

It was a striking and beautiful event for both of them!

It was exquisite!

Chapter 4: Diana Leaves

Steve lay beside Wonder Woman. He was dazed by the intensity of their union and how rapidly it had progressed. Absently, he was caressing her breasts, snuggling with her, spoon style with her back pressed against him. Diana was perfectly willing to lie beside her lover, receiving his attention, cuddling with him. His touch generated such pleasure as she had never encountered before! This was the first sexual experience she had willingly had with a man, and she had enjoyed it. There was something enthralling about being the absolute center of a lover’s attention.

Diana could feel some soreness down below. She wondered if she would lose her powers as the legend stated. Also, she wondered, had she just indentured herself to become Steve’s slave? Would she be his slave for the rest of their lives? If tonight was any indication, Diana certainly would not mind being Steve’s sex slave! But would the old legend prove to be true?

Maybe Steve would marry her. They had mentioned marriage. What would it be like to be married to Steve? Marriage would certainly include sex. And children. After all, both were part of the agreement. At least it was understood to be part of the agreement unless other arrangements had been agreed to beforehand. But Diana realized with a sinking feeling that she was the only person to mention ‘marriage’: Steve had never said the word.

As she pondered these questions, she also enjoyed the gentle caress of her lover’s hand and the soft endearments he whispered in her ear. The sweet things he whispered meant more than anything else to her.

Diana felt Steve’s caress becoming more insistent and his penis growing, pressing itself against her leg. Instinctively, she knew what that meant! Her mind began spinning, and within a few moments, she came to a decision.

“All right, Steve,” Diana declared authoritatively, firmly removing his hand from her breast, and pulling away from him, sliding from the bed. “It’s time for me to go.”

“Go? Go where? Diana . . . !” Steve stated in disbelief. “Where are you going? You can’t . . . .”

“I am not your slave,” responded Diana. She slid her panties back into place and reached for her bustier. “If I want to leave, I can and I will!”

“I don’t want you to be my slave. I want you to be my wife, and I want to share my life with you. Come back here!”

Her bustier firmly in place and her belt in hand, Diana paused, staring at Steve. He had said the word,wife! And he had also ordered her to come back to him! After a moment’s hesitation, she answered simply, “No!” and fastened her belt in place.

“Diana!” Steve said almost wailing. “What’s wrong? What happened? What did I do?”

Diana smiled and fastened the Golden Lasso to its holder on her belt. Again she looked at Steve who was now sitting on the side of the bed, his shirt open, his trousers bunched up at his ankles, pleading with her.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Steve. But I’m leaving. Oh, and once I’m outside, I will pick up your car, if you don’t mind.”

With an unbelieving stare, he shook his head. “I don’t mind. But please don’t leave me like this Diana. Why?”

Not bothering to answer, Diana took her formal cape, draped it over her arm, and walked out of the bedroom door. A few moments later, Steve heard the front door of his house open and close.

Seconds passed and Steve sat in a daze, half-naked on the edge of the bed, unable to come to terms with her abrupt departure.

He and Diana had just made fabulous love! Then she stood up and walked out on him! Well, maybe that’s the meaning of “slam, bam, thank you, ma’am!” And Steve was on the receiving end!

What could he have possibly said? What did he do that was so wrong?

Chapter 5: Diana returns.

Then suddenly, without warning, the door barged open and a radiant Diana stood in the doorway.

“I’m back. And if you’ll have me, I’ll stay. I’ll stay for as long as you want me to!

“What?” Steve burst out. “I can’t believe it!”

“I can,” Diana responded. “I decided to leave and I did it. The old legends simply aren’t true! As much as I love you, I’m not your slave! I decided to leave, and even though you commanded me to come back to you, I left. And outside, I picked up your car! I still have my powers!”

Through his astonishment, Steve once again noticed that Diana’s skintight costume revealed every line of her ripe body. A body he had seen exposed in all its glory just a few minutes earlier!

Diana sat on the bed beside him and ran her hand across his bare chest. Then she peeled the shirt off of his shoulders, down his arms and threw it on the floor. Steve gasped at her touch, as her hand ran downward, over his stomach, and wrapping itself around his limp member, beginning to pump it. Steve’s response was immediate and obvious!

Sitting back, Diana’s free hand went to her boots, deftly removing them.

“Steve, we’ve been in love for years. For years, I’ve wanted to be your wife!” Dropping the boots, first one, then the other, to the floor, her free hand slipped behind her back, loosening her bustier. All the while, her hand insistently slid up and down his penis was causing him to grow beneath her touch .

“I’ve been afraid to even let you touch me because of my dedication to Amazon law.” The bustier came loose and unceremoniously, she dropped it to the floor on top of her boots. Wonder Woman’s strikingly beautiful breasts swayed, freed from the restraint. “I allowed Amazon law to rule my mind while my heart suffered.” Diana smiled downward at Steve’s stiff manhood within her hand. It pleased her that she could stimulate him so easily and quickly.

Slipping from the bed, Diana released his erection. Kneeling before Steve, She pulled his trousers and underwear over his feet. As soon as they had been dispatched, she peeled his stockings from his feet, leaving the astonished Army officer stark naked.

“You used my golden lasso to change my priorities. Now, I want to put my wishes first. I think it’s time for me to start acting like your wife.” Diana stood and faced him with a conniving smile on her face and slid her star spangled panties down her legs. “If you’ll have me, can we get married?” She said. She slipped her panties over her feet and kicked them away.

She rose to her full height, gloriously naked before him. Steve couldn’t help but notice her tiny waist, her long body and her high bust line, although her enormous breasts took precedence over all of her other spectacular physical attributes. She pushed Steve backward onto the bed admiring the erection that had grown since she had returned to his bedroom. “And if you don’t want to marry me, I still want to start acting like your wife!” One hand again closed around Steve’s erect member. It grew to heroic proportions!

Diana crawled onto the bed, taking Steve’s rampant penis in her delicate fingers as she straddled him, guiding him toward her treasure.

Steve started to speak, and she put the fingers of her free hand over his lips.

“I always thought the husband made the advances,” she said, sliding gingerly downward onto his penis. They both gasped as Diana impaled herself on his erection. Then with a tight voice, she concluded, “But I guess a woman does what she must in this world.” Steve sighed as Diana came to rest atop him with him imbedded inside of her, settling into place, engulfing him entirely. Both were content two remain motionless. Steve reached up to caress her breasts.

Somehow, he managed a … smile. “Are you sure you want me?” he gasped with a strangled voice as she began bobbing up and down on him, her breasts bouncing in rhythm with her movements. “I mean, do you want to marry me?” It was becoming harder for him to talk, distracted as he was. Diana had a way of wiggling her hips that drove all rational thought from his mind.

With a wicked downward thrust, Diana purred, “I’ve already wanted you much too long.”

Harshly grabbing her breast, Steve pulled her down on him, and slid his arms around her. “Then, will you marry me . . . ?” and he thrust into her. He gasped as her vagina grabbed him.

“Oohhh, yes,” she replied, her voice becoming ragged as she increasing her pace. “But not until you’ve finished what you’ve staaaaaaaarrrrrrrrted!” Diana’s sudden climax shook her deeply. She was lost in Steve’s arms.

Steve let her climax roll as he held her closely. Then he rolled the two of them over so he was on top and began thrusting anew. Diana, still coming down from her own orgasmic high, voiced approval of his tactics and began humping her hips upward, responding to his thrusts.

There weren’t many words that passed between them for a while.

Diana was a most compliant and willing partner, although definitely NOT servile! In fact, as rapidly as Steve orgamed, she took the lead encouraging to another sexual tryst.

Diana put on no airs. Everything she did was generated by an outpouring of intense lust that had been bottled up much too long inside of her!

Steve, of course, did not have the recovery powers of an Amazon, so it was a very exhausted Steve who fell asleep late that night, only to be awaken by new demands from an insatiable partner who had been waiting years to cast off her celibacy. Now, she wanted to try everything she could imagine, catching up for lost time.

On more than one occasion that night, she mentioned in astonishment that abuses she had experienced at the hands of rapists and criminal tormentors actually became expressions of love when performed by a lover.

The two lovers spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday in Steve’s bedroom, leaving the bed only to attend to necessary personal needs and to prepare and consume much-needed nourishment. After these unrelated activities, they quickly returned to bed, where they continued exploration of each other’s bodies as fully as they could! Sometimes, they didn’t make it back to bed! When they weren’t making love, they shared the personal secrets and thoughts that are shared between intimates. Steve was unable to believe that his mousy Lieutenant, Diana Prince, and Wonder Woman were the same person. Diana had to demonstrate her change of identity before Steve finally accepted the truth. And then, knowing her secret, he eagerly made love with the mousy Diana Prince, who, it turned out, wasn’t so mousy at all, once she had been properly stimulated!

Chapter: Epilog.

After one particularly intense session of lovemaking, Steve climbed out of bed to kneel down and formally proposed marriage. Diana immediately accepted!

On Monday morning, they stopped at the courthouse where Major Steve Trevor and Lieutenant Diana Prince were married before the two of them returned to work. At the Pentagon, everyone realized something new had happened when the couple appeared, walking hand in hand. Their co-workers raised eyebrows at the impropriety of two officers in the same chain of command becoming romantically involved. But the radiance on their faces told it’s own story! Of course, Diana was immediately transferred to a different assignment, but that didn’t really matter, since she came home at night to Steve’s house and shared Steve’s bed.

Steve received his promotion and Wonder woman received theCongressional Medal of Freedom. Shortly after that, Wonder Woman disappeared from sight! Soon, a new Amazon was assigned to take Wonder Woman’s place. But Diana made it a point to spend time mentoring the new Amazon.

And everything was as it should be! Diana had found and married the love of her life. Unfortunately, this was contrary to the Amazon code. Diana regretted that! But she had Steve! The two of them were madly in love. Nothing else mattered!

Steve and Diana lived together in domestic bliss with relatively few arguments. Steve never ‘cheated’ on Diana. And of course, since Diana’s dedication to Steve took priority over everything else in her life. She never considered looking outside of her marriage for satisfaction, although the opportunity arose several times for both of them. Although Diana generally submitted to her husband’s wishes, she definitely never became his slave. Both of them made it a point during their first few years of marriage to learn each other’s sexual idiosyncrasies, so that as Steve grew older, Diana was always able to be a satisfying partner for him. Their sex life remained good throughout their married life.

Although they tried for many years, Diana never conceived, so the couple remained childless.

Diana seldom wore her Amazon Girdle of strength, and gradually her strength became that of every other ‘normal’ woman.

Since Amazons age at a much slower rate than normal humans, Diana had to start putting artificial streaks of gray in her hair so that her appearance would match that of her husband as he aged. But it was still a frequent comment of male friends that she was ‘still a damn good-looking woman!”

Diana remained magnificently in love with Steve. Eventually, in his old age, Steve died in his sleep. After burying her husband and remaining ‘in seclusion’ for a proper period of time, Diana sold their house and ‘moved away somewhere‘. Actually she retired to Paradise Island where she is living to this day. Diana realized that she had, in fact, been Steve’s slave all these years. She had been his slave ever since she had willingly given him her chastity. But her slavery had never been a position of servitude, but rather it was a commitment of her heart that made her his slave. And that commitment was stronger than any shackle or chain could ever be!

She still mourns the loss of her husband.

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