Leather Leather Everywhere (A House is not a Home)  

By BigBoob 58

As I surfed the internet, I found an interesting site and thought 'What a Wonderful place for a superheroine to visit'. Most of this followed quickly before I took a short break from the writing process. I suppose I need to remind anyone reading this of the standard thoughts. Several characters belong to other people and I'm using them without actually affecting them permanently. Everyone returns to normal and this episode doesn't fit anywhere in their published lives. The story includes adult situations that may be offensive. If you are easily offended, please stop reading here. Otherwise, it is my hope you enjoy the following nasty piece of business. If you feel motivated, please drop me a comment at R_burrows@sbcglobal.net.

A House is not a Home, by BigBoob58, Aspiring Author

The images on the internet disturbed her and provoked her to take action. She found the web site while looking for her friend Barbara Gordon. Her fingers slipped and she hit her return key causing the screen to fill a number of options to the type of place she was determined to eradicate. She selected one of the options and was shocked at the sheer volume of women in severe forms of restraint. Leather garments filled her screen although few of them covered the breasts of the featured females.

"That has to hurt!" she exclaimed aloud despite being alone in her apartment. She watched in a combination of horror and amazement as a busty brunette was dressed in a tight leather garment that hid little of her body. Her breasts were pushed up and away from her body and several tight metal clamps were attached to her nipples. Her legs were bent double and confined in tight leather sheathes. The sheaths laced closed and the final tugs to confine her lower limbs elicited loud screams. Her arms were then confined in similar leather sleeves, with her hands bet back to her shoulders. She was no better than a turtle when the male who confined her finished. He lifted the helpless woman and carried her towards the door. Wonder Woman clicked on her sound and she barely heard the guttural whine the woman emitted as she was taken out of range. Then the camera or whoever carried it, got up and followed the prisoner. The brunette was situated on a wooden support that fit under her thighs just below her waist. She rocked slightly but managed to stay atop the split frame where she was perched.

Then her situation worsened. A pole was introduced into the picture and a small rubber or plastic object was screwed onto the tip of the pole. Diana gritted her teeth as she recognized the dildo atop the pole. It was green, thick and a little long. The woman's head was directed to a position where she couldn't help but see the toy. She sobbed but she didn't give her captor the satisfaction of a struggle. She was lost and kept her cool even as the rubber device entered her pink lower lips. For several moments, the pole was sawed back and forth and the woman showed evidence of arousal. Then the sawing stopped, and end of the pole was set on the floor while the dildo remained buried inside her. The sound of bolts being tightened unnerved Wonder Woman as she watched.

"I need to do something for these people,' she thought and she began backing out of the live feed until she reached the home page. She looked at the name of the web site and the address in small print underneath shocked her. This evil place was three miles south of Diana Prince's apartment. She drove past the round building several times without paying any attention to the innocuous structure. This time she would stop and visit.

She opened her door slowly and then exited her apartment when she was sure the hallway was clear. Using the stairwell, she raced to the roof. Her building was the tallest one in the area and the roof had a privacy wall which the owner Wayne Enterprises installed after she moved in. She cautiously checked the roof for nude sunbathers or other residents but no one was present. She moved to the southern side of the building and after a moment tensing, she launched herself into the sky.

It took less than four minutes until she reached the structure and she alit on the grounds outside the only door in sight. She approached the door and as she did, she considered her next move. If she burst in and was somehow wrong about what was going on inside, so she knocked three times.

For several moments, nothing happened. If anyone drove by the place, they would have seen a good looking woman in a familiar red, gold and blue uniform pacing in front of the door. Then to her relief, the door cracked slightly ajar and a tall man of equal height stuck his head out.

"May I help you?" he asked the Super heroine.

"I want to see your boss, unless you run this place." She responded. "If you're in charge, I want to talk to you."

Her host considered her and finally said. "Did you bring your forms with?"

"What forms?" she asked.

"You must be here for tonight's super heroine spectacular," the man replied. "You are a lock to win best costume. You can't get in without the proper permission papers and insurance waivers."

"I don't have any," Wonder Woman replied. She was about to make a comment about how she felt about what was going on inside the building when she thought it might be simpler to play along until she could meet whoever was running this nightmare.

"Do you have any blank ones handy?" she asked.

The door closed for a heartbeat. Then it opened wide and the man gestured for her to enter. He pointed to a chair and handed her a clipboard with four pieces of paper on it.

"Finish these in five minutes," he told her. "Don't be late. Whistle when you're finished."

Wonder Woman flipped through the forms and used the personal information of her Diana Paradise undercover identity. Everything she wrote would stand up since all inquiries would be directed towards a subsidiary of Wayne Industries. She signed the three permission slips despite the language that granted the institute's operatives free use of her person and the promise of complete submission to all instructions she might receive. She whistled and the doorman returned. He carefully examined her documents and then he scanned them into the copier next to the doorway she just entered.

"I'll escort you to the holding area," he told Wonder Woman. She hesitated and didn't stand until he signaled for her to do so. She took two steps and he held up his palm.

"Since you've just arrived, you haven't learned the proper behaviors so I won't whip you this time," he told her. He opened a drawer on the night stand that held the lamp which sat next to the doorway and pulled out an object she couldn't see. He turned to face her and looked into her radiant blue eyes.

"When you're being escorted between buildings or assignments, you need to wear an approved leader."

Wonder Woman looked at him and confusion filled her. He held up the rope he'd taken from the drawer and displayed a thick stuffer that was attached to one end. He stepped into her personal space and reached between her thighs without a thought. He slid her royal blue hot pants away from her skin and to one side. Then he introduced the stuffer to her lower lips. Wonder Woman gasped as she was stuffed with the thick phallus. She tried to pull back but the stuffer was already in and the man had her hot pants in place. He pulled the short leash and she moved towards him. Without another word, he led her back out the door and around the building to a spot she hadn't seen on her approach. Hidden by a rich green hedge was a stairwell and Wonder Woman was led down the metal stairs to the next lower level. Her body was responding to her invader. The phallus seemed to be a simple piece of rubber without any remarkable characteristics. She was wet but under control as she was led to wherever this holding area was located.

The man she followed had a short buzz cut that exposed his rounded head to his advantage. He went shirtless and she could tell he knew his way around a weight room. He wasn't excessively muscular, yet she could see he was strong…for a man. His pants clung tightly to his lower body. Wonder Woman allowed herself to enjoy this view. She'd seen a lot worse in her time. He didn't pull the rope but he maintained a steady pressure on the lead and she kept pace just to avoid any more empty threats. In a fair fight, she wouldn't break a sweat knocking her escort senseless.

They passed another male in the hallway. This one was blonde but otherwise he was an identical twin to her red headed host. The man appraised Wonder Woman and exchanged a quizzical look with the red head. He made some signal with his hand and the other man kept walking in the opposite direction. As they continued down the hallway, Wonder Woman became aware of a strong aroma. The scent was pleasant and in some ways familiar but she didn't identify it until the pair turned a corner and walked into a large open area. They were in the midst of nearly fifty women and Diana was the only one with free arms and hands. The number of ways to restrain a body were greater than fifty, but these seemed to be the most popular methods, at least in Diana's mind. Women dangled from the ceiling, from sturdy stands, hooks anchored in walls, and other mechanisms. At least three were closely shackled to the floor and unable to move. Each woman had some sort of device placed close to their respective pussies. Some of them had plugs stuffed in their mouths and others wore metal 'jewelry' on their breasts, nipples or both. Wonder Woman stared at the helpless women on every side of her and her blood boiled in anger. She couldn't understand how these women allowed themselves to fall into such dire situations. She was glad she'd come here and couldn't wait to meet the person in charge. Surely that person would listen to reason.

The room where Wonder Woman walked had a twenty five foot ceiling. In a small press box sized room, two men sat behind a bank of monitors. The men were exact duplicates of Wonder Woman's escort except for their hair color. They worked a control board moving a number of unseen cameras across the vast room. AT some point, each of the women filled a screen. The only exception was Wonder Woman. The men worked furiously to keep her off camera. Her escort, who was known in the House as Master Lee, received clear instructions on what path line to follow through the nearly invisible blue tooth device in his ear.

Wilver Handcock gave very clear orders not to allow her to appear on the House's streaming Web feed or on any of the films being created to show the various forms of bondage on display in the main room. Master Lee panicked when Wonder Woman had knocked on the front door and he nearly bolted in fright. He called for orders and the Headmaster at the time, Master Vee instructed him to invite her inside and learn what she wanted. Master Lee kept an open channel and the Headmaster sat with two of his trusted associates listening to the prattle of the buxom brunette. Master Vee decided to make the heroine complete permission slips. In the worst case, the House or anybody else could claim ignorance of her true identity. The House was, after all, a place where consenting adults gathered to experience the cutting edge of the bondage arts (It said so on their web site).

The two technicians watched closely as Master Lee steered their guest towards the invisible door twenty yards ahead of where they walked. Several of the other Masters working the room paused in their abusive behaviors to watch the only clad female in the room make her way along the painted green line in the floor. They noticed her butt as it wiggled a little more noticeably as her walk progressed. Smiles were exchanged but the Masters kept their attention to their confined partners. The pace of the technician's fingers slowed as Wonder Woman and her escort approached the wall. More of the room was available to broadcast and the two cameras that might capture her image were pointed to the ceiling. Then her trip across the large room concluded and she disappeared inside the exit.

"Good job," the voice of Master Handcock filled their communication plugs and they exchanged smiles. By prior agreement, they'd taken a camera off line and filmed the heroine exclusively for their own enjoyment when they finished the shift. They also knew their associates and Mr. Handcock would require copies of the private images.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Master Lee stood alone inside a locker area. Lee gestured with his free hand and Wonder Woman moved towards the open wooden bench that was attached to the white plaster wall about two feet off the floor. He gestured again and she sat down. Master Lee acted without hesitation. Sometime during their passage through the crowded room, he managed to attach a small rubber piece to the open end of the rope. Wonder Woman saw that it was an elongated tube. She discovered that it functioned as a gag when Lee pinched her nose. Her mouth opened wide and he slid the elongated tube inside. He released her nostrils and she looked up at him. The anger in her eyes wasn't disguised. He grabbed her right wrist and forced it into the surface of the bench. Wonder Woman felt the wood clench her wrist and as she tried to remove it, Master Lee trapped her left wrist on the other side of her body. He left her alone to accustom herself to this situation and when he returned, he carried a thick metal visor. He opened the strap on the rear of the visor and slid it over her eyes. He fixed the strap and threaded it until it sat tightly on her forehead covering her eyes completely.

"The heroine party doesn't start until eight PM," he told Wonder Woman. "You can watch the video on your visor and learn the House rules. Unless you like being whipped, you'll want to learn them all."

Wonder Woman blinked and then a number of images filled her vision. The first images were female breasts of all sizes and shapes. A long parade of women's reproductive holes followed and she watched while waiting for the show to make its point. Her anger built as detailed pictures of the bound women flashed by in rapid succession. Then the screen went black and a baritone voice filled her ears. She realized the visor blocked her ears in addition to her eyes and she wondered if she was alone in the room. The voice listed a number of acceptable behaviors for women while they were in the House and after all twenty five basic rules were recited, the voice started over with number one.

  1. The proper place for a woman is under a man's control

  2. Unless directed otherwise, while in the House, women will kneel in the presence of men.

  3. Your orifices are always available

  4. If a woman is not in a private booth, she will wear a leader of accepted design

  5. If a woman receives free time, she will first maintain her personal hygiene

  6. Any physical changes, such as sores or fatigue will be reported immediately to a woman's current Master

  7. A Male's pleasure always supersedes a woman's.

The list droned on and Wonder Woman's anger built until she finally snapped. She flexed her wrists and arms and burst free from the wooden restraints. Her hands immediately moved to her legs and she slipped her hot pants to the side and pulled the rubber dildo out of herself. It exited easily and she held it at arms' length, watching the natural lubrication her body provided drip from the surface.

'Gross' she thought and she flipped the visor off her eyes and ears. The droning voice finally ceased; it was probably listing the three blow job directives again; and she looked for a trash can. She spotted one forty yards across the room and after removing the plug from her lips, she quickly wrapped the disgusting things in the rope and tossed it on a straight line into the receptacle. She sat back against the wall and relaxed, her legs spread apart and her chin drooped towards her chest. She allowed herself about five minutes before she considered her next step.

To Wonder Woman, it seemed like only a moment had passed but her stomach told her otherwise. Her eyes opened and she found herself seated on the same bench in the same position and thankfully still alone.

'I shouldn't be this tired,' she thought to herself. "I didn't do anything that strenuous.'

She stood on her feet and checked her magic girdle along with her other adornments. Everything was in place so she returned to the door through which she entered the room earlier. She tried it and found it locked. She walked through the locker area looking for another exit. The walls of the locker room were covered with women in painful looking devices, bound cruelly, and otherwise abused. Wonder Woman shuddered as she took in image after image of tortured women. AT least t her eye they looked as though they suffered. Many of the faces were covered, most completely and others only enough to muffle any sounds. The variety of gags astonished the Amazon. She reached the back of the locker room and found three similar looking doors. The handle on each door was designed to allow the door to open by lowering the fancy extended handle on the door knob. Wonder Woman tested each handle without opening any of the doors and each handle was unlocked.

She considered her choices and before she made a selection, she found the plaque on the side of the far right door. Moving towards it, she read the details and laughed sardonically. The middle door featured pain which she determined from the small tube showing a woman undergoing a sever whipping. The left door offered a number of devices. The one she saw clearest was some hybrid cow milking machine. The machine held a large breasted red head helpless to prevent the visible flow of white liquids through the tubing taped to her body. Over her shoulder, Wonder Woman saw bits and pieces of other women struggling in different nefarious machines. Wonder Woman was sure she would have heard the screams through the door if these women weren't all gagged. The gags looked awful without any of the additional mechanisms. The right door screen showed stringently bound women, suspended in similar methods to the people she'd passed earlier in the company of Master Lee.

"I wanted to see whoever was in charge of this zoo, not experience an Eneg fantasy." She muttered to herself and startled when she heard the sound of someone behind her clearing their throat. She spun quickly and assumed a defensive posture. The man she faced was Master Lee. In his hands, he held the leader he'd jammed in her on her arrival and he wasn't happy.

"You must have learned some of our rules from the induction video," he scolded and he moved forward with the intent of replacing the leader. Wonder Woman was prepared this time and she slipped a step back while she freed her golden lasso. Forming a loop and slipping it over Master Lee's shoulders was second nature to her. Lee froze when she tugged her lasso and pulled the glowing glden lariat tight against his bare chest.

'A well toned chest,' she thought before she spoke. "I didn't come here to play games or participate in some freak show pageant. I want to talk to whoever runs this madhouse and get it shut down."

Master Lee smiled and didn't reply.

"Who runs this place?"

"Master Handcock." Replied her prisoner curtly.

"Does he have the authority to close this place down and release all these poor women?"


"How many psychos like you are in this place?"

"If you mean Level V Bondage Masters, then the answer is ten."

"How many levels of 'Bondage Masters' are there?"


"So you can still hope for promotion?"

"Yes, and I'm very close."

"Which level is this Handcock?"

"He isn't classified on a level. He owns this location."

"This isn't the only place like this?" she asked and her face fell. She had hoped to close this place and be finished with this mission tonight.

"There are four in the United States, one each in Canada and Mexico, Ten throughout Eurpoe, Four in Africa, seven in Asia, two in Australia, and at least one off planet."

"How do you manage to have such a masochistic operation like this in outer space?

"Some yellow skinned alien discovered us, visited and enjoyed himself. He provided the technology in return for a few volunteers to train other members of his race. There are a lot of people who enjoy S & M."

"I don't," Wonder Woman told him and she paused to consider the next step in her plan. "Is this Handcock person in this building?"


"Take me to him."

Her captive shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. Wonder Woman kept pace with him easily, following him back into the main room. It was dark and vacant. She pondered where all the women she'd seen earlier might have gone but her focus remained on Handcock and she followed Master Zee to a door hidden in the wall. He pressed a stud on the wall and after a few moments, the wall split to reveal an elevator. Master Zee entered, Wonder Woman followed and the door shut. Master Zee required no prompting to press the correct button and the elevator descended.

As they rode the elevator Wonder Woman made Master Zee tell her how many people to expect and other details about their destination. Master Handcock spent his time in the control center of the 'House'. He directed the lower level Masters and selected the best images to post as videos or stills on the web site. On occasion, he might step in and use one of the submissive women himself. These events never were filmed as Wilver Handcock didn't want to share his techniques. The control center was the place where Wonder Woman's progress through the room the first time was recorded and now edited for internal purposes. Three other men, all of whom were Level III Masters or higher in addition to their technical skills, were in the brightly lit room. When the elevator opened, Wonder Woman came face to face with her quarry.

"Master Lee," Handcock said in a pained tone, "Isn't the woman supposed to be the one on the leader?"

Master Lee turned colors as his shame registered. Wonder Woman instructed him to freeze. She loosened the knot and removed the golden lasso. Then she set it at her hip and used the magical technique to make the lasso vibrate. No one else could see her weapon now or touch it.

"You are Wilver Handcock?" she asked the grey haired male who'd addressed Master Lee.

"I am," he responded.

"I want to talk to you about this er..House," she said.

"You would be welcome to join us," Handcock told her. "With your body, you would be among the most popular subs here."


"Submissives," Handcock answered. "Women who come here tend to be submissive. We fulfill their needs."

"That's hard to believe," Wonder Woman retorted sharply. She flicked her neck causing her unruly dark black mane to swirl and move out of her eyes. "You're keeping these people against their will, torturing them, and broadcasting it for profit."

"They're consenting adults. The people who subscribe to the House's website are of legal age. Nothing illegal is happening here." Handcock told her. He became emboldened by his own rhetoric and approached his uninvited guest. "You aren't welcome here with your prudish attitude. Nobody needs rescuing. These women want to be here."

"You're violating three specific Virginia state laws. Your property is within the state line. I'm in my right as a deputy to enforce those laws," Wonder Woman shouted and paused to catch her breath. "Do I need to contact the authorities or will you release your captives?"

Handcock shrugged his shoulders in response. He looked at the buxom heroine for a little bit longer than polite before he spoke.

"Nobody is going anywhere except you. Please unfreeze my employee and allow him to escort you out of…."

Handcock stopped speaking when Wonder Woman's golden lasso ensnared him at his shoulders. She snapped her wrist and the rope was secured tightly against Handcock's chest. Wonder Woman smiled. In a few moments she would be done and this time she would succeed without any embarrassing mistakes.

"You will assemble everybody in this building in that large room within the next ten minutes," she ordered.

"Twenty is more feasible," whispered one of the technicians who was trying to stay out of the Amazon's line of sight. Wonder Woman started to say something and she realized a few of the captives might require that long to be unbound safely.

"Assemble everybody within thirty minutes. Anybody in this room that isn't completely essential needs to go help untie, unchain or otherwise liberate all those women."

The men scurried away, including the now able to move Master Lee.

"While we're waiting, you need to make a list of all your current prisoners and employees. Get going," she said to Handcock and he calmly sat down at one of the work stations. He typed simple commands into the open database and the printer to his left spewed sixteen sheets of paper. He grabbed the pile, flipped through it and presented it deferentially to the heroine. She ordered him to remain still and then she read the lists. There were thirty four employees and fifty women in the building not including Handcock and herself. She missed the fact that one of the women listed was her pseudonym, Dianna Paradise. She looked at the chronometer on the wall and told Hancock to stand.

"Everyone should be there by now," she told Handcock. "We shouldn't keep them waiting."

They emerged from the elevator into a loud crowd that was voicing confusion and annoyance at this interruption. Wonder Woman led Wilver Handcock to a podium that sat near the elevator door and they climbed the four steps. Handcock was visible to everyone. Following Wonder Woman's instructions, he ordered everybody to dress and leave. He explained that he was closing the House permanently and he thanked the employees for their faithful service.

Wonder Woman beamed. Case closed. Heroine triumphant.


Well that was fun. Our heroine walks into a bad situation, badly outnumbered, unprepared and emerges triumphant. It makes you feel good about life!


Wonder Woman directed Handcock to precede her down the stairs and she started towards the elevator. She was confused because she expected to be congratulated by the women she just saved. Instead she heard someone call her a dyke, someone called her a bitch and then a few of the women she just freed huddled together.

"Stop," she instructed Hancock and quickly amended her command to "Stop walking. Stand here and wait for me."

She loosened her lasso and secured it on her magic girdle. She restored the vibration to her lasso and it vanished. She walked towards the huddled women and started to encourage them to go home. One of the tall women scowled at her.

"You shouldn't have come here," the tall blonde told her. "We were happy with the way things were. We didn't want your help nor did we need it."

Wonder Woman was confused.

"If you tried our lifestyle, you might learn to enjoy it.' From around the tall blonde woman, noises of agreement filled the area.

"Nicole is right," came a squeaky voice from somewhere Wonder Woman couldn't see.

"I think we should give her a taste," another voice said and Wonder Woman saw this person. She was a large breasted blonde with several piercings and a Mohawk hair cut. "We all need somewhere to sleep now and a way to find our next meal thanks to that brunette."

Tension built as more of the women joined in. Wonder Woman raised her arms in a gesture of peace and started to ask for a little patience when she felt two tiny sets of fingers probing down the front of her royal blue hot pants. The hands were skilled and wasted no time finding Wonder Woman's vulnerable muff.

"Cut that out," Wonder Woman whined at the woman behind her. As she turned her head to see her attacker, another pair of hands seized her bustier and pulled. Wonder Woman's hands rose to defend her top and she felt other hands tugging on her magical girdle. A voice from behind her that probably belonged to the cold hands told her to be careful since none of these women were criminals and Wonder Woman couldn't hurt the innocent. This stymied the heroine long enough that her assailants were able to pull her magic girdle off her hips. Her nipples were exposed but her bustier remained on her torso covering less essential body parts.

"Those things are sweet looking," one of the women said and the others added their agreement. Diana pulled against the woman rubbing her pussy in an effort to free herself and lose the unwanted stimulation. Her girdle was close and she managed to drag her petite assailant forward until she could nearly touch the source of her power. The crowd around her increased and her buster was ripped off her body leaving her topless. She'd come close to her girdle before the sheer weight of twelve women pusher her back. AS she struggled to twist and escape the constant rubbing, she felt wet lips on both of her nipples. The tongues flicked at her sensitive buds and they became aroused rapidly. She still hadn't seen the owner of the hands that were driving her over the edge. Her tiara was ripped off her forehead and she saw it fly a short distance away. She was held to firmly to get close to that weapon and she could no longer see her girdle.

"Slut's really wet," announced the squeaky voice from the woman she couldn't see. What she did see was her royal blue hot pants complete with a noticeable wet spot as they were held in front of her face.

"Open wide," ordered one of the women and she clinched her jaw tight. That lasted until someone located her throbbing clit and pinched it painfully. She gasped and as her mouth opened, her panties were stuffed inside. The women made certain that the wet spot was inside her jaws. The salty taste added to her humiliation. She was lifted shoulder high and carried towards the darker side of the large room. As the women carrying her approached the darkest section of the room, the lights went on full blast. Wonder Woman was flipped onto her back and dropped on a leather padded bench. Before she could act, her ankles were confined within shackles fettered to the base of the bench. More lips sought her nipples and the sucking resumed. Her arms were pulled straight over her head and three inch wide leather straps placed at her wrists, midway between her wrists and elbows, just above her elbows and on her chest above and below her breasts. Each strap was tightened to ensure her restraint. A larger hand replaced the tiny cold hands and it began to work her lips in a practiced manner designed to arouse her as if she already wasn't. She heard wheels rolling towards her but she refused to look at what might be coming. Had she looked, she would have seen a specially designed dildo mounted on a steel pole. The pole was fixed to a complex set of pistons and the women had the machine running at a low speed while they wheeled it into position.

Wonder Woman felt the rubber head of the dildo as the women adjusted the height of the pole to match the height of the bench. Then the pistons were stopped, the rubber head was inserted into her moistened entry and the pistons started again. Wonder Woman blurted out a series of unintelligible noises as the dildo moved in and out of her. The women working on the device moved it forward to allow it to penetrate her as deeply as possible. Her hips were quaking and she tried to pull away from the invader but her shackled ankles held her. She started to shriek as the dildo worked her to a series of orgasms. The women watched her as she struggled against her rubber lover and they laughed as she had orgasm after orgasm wrenched out of her.

A heavily tattooed female approached the bench where she lay and said, "Pleasure time's done. Now for some pain."

Despite that announcement, the machine was left inserted inside her and the speed actually increased. Wonder Woman was gasping for her next breath as the friction continued and additional orgasms experienced. She felt hands roughly twisting her pink buds, pulling the flexible flesh to its extreme length before applying painful metal clips to the sensitive buds. Wonder Woman screamed.

"Take them off please!" she shouted. "I'll do anything you want!"

"The big titted bitch can't handle a small pain," observed the tattooed female. "Wait till we get to the real painful parts."

Diana sobbed helplessly. Her ankles were unshackled and she was pulled to her feet. Multiple hands steered her towards a thick wooden post and her wrists were secured inside the shackles that were welded to the top of the post. She looked at the clips that dangled from her nipples and noticed that small hooks were attached to the painful clips. She watched as two small buckets from a local pub were placed in the hooks and the additional weight made little difference in the amount of pain she felt.

"Any of you Masters need to pee?" asked one of the women. A pair stepped forward and loosened their leather pants. Bar stools were positioned next to the post and the first man climbed on top. He displayed his ten inch member to the Amazon and began pissing in the bucket dangling from her left nipple. He filled it part way and the pain in her body increased.

"While you're in the House, you need to remember our rules," the male told her and she realized immediately what he wanted. She puckered her lips and bent to kiss the flaccid member drooping in front of her face.

"If that's the best you can do, you're gonna be renamed stripes," the Master told her. She grimaced and opened wider to inhale his member. She worked it with her tongue until she felt the warning sign. He felt it too and he put his hand on the back of her head and pushed himself further in her mouth. She felt the heat as it shot down her throat and he was gone. She finished her second blowjob a little faster and the second man produced less sperm. When he hopped off the chair, one of the woman looked at her and started to laugh.

"Got Milk?" she said and the ladies that surrounded her erupted in laughter. Then the woman took turns paddling her exposed behind, pausing only when another Master took a leak in the pails and received a blowjob. Her ass pulsed in pain and her throat was raw. Her nipples were distended horribly as the buckets neared. Finally the pails were full and four of the women surrounded her. They were trying to decide how to dispose of the piss.

"Should we make her drink it?"

"We can't," replied a second women, "Those types of stories aren't allowed on this site." The other women stared at her but nobody understood.

"Her hair looks mangy," said the squeaky voice of the woman who started her abuse.

"That's gross," one of the other four remarked. "Besides who wants to get their hands in that stuff?"

In moments two volunteers showed up and they used the stinky yellow effluence to rinse Wonder Woman's unruly mane. Then they used her hot pants to dry her hair. The tattooed woman returned to the post holding a three line whip.

"Burn that shit," she said as she pointed to Wonder Woman's uniform. "Bitch won't need it anymore. What she needs is discipline."

Room was made and the tattooed woman began whipping Wonder Woman's vulnerable buttocks. The three stripe marks showed fairly quickly and the tattooed woman made certain that the lines crisscrossed.

Her toys were quickly removed and she yelped as the clamps roughly released her tender skin. Fully naked, she was seized by two of the burly men who worked for the house.

"You bitches have about ten minutes to get yourselves where you really belong," the shorter man told the group of Wonder Woman's abusers. "Break time is over."

Wonder Woman was carried towards the hidden door and returned to Handcock's office. He sat motionless in his large chair, frozen by her commands. His minions must have carried him here from the floor. Wonder Woman saw her lasso draped around his shoulders and she began to plan her escape. Her plans dissipated as the men deposited her on the floor and three others moved to block her view of Handcock.

"You don't have a choice," she was told by the man who'd carried her. "You will restore Mr. Handcock. Whatever he decides to do with you, it's your own fault. Now restore him to normal or we'll make what the submissive women did to you seem like a stroll in the park."

Two of the men lifted her, placing their hands under her armpits and straightening her out. As she adjusted to being back on her feet, her hair was pulled away from her neck and a cold leather collar placed on her skin. The collar was five inches wide and she had to adjust her head so she could breathe. She felt pressure on the top of her unruly mane and as her head was pushed forward, she felt her windpipe constrict. Then her head was released. Her left arm was twisted behind her back and three of her captors forced her towards Handcock's desk. She felt a hand rest atop her head again.

"You only need one hand to grab that golden rope," the leader of her captors told her. "Anything you say that doesn't fit into the sentence 'Mr. Handcock, return to your normal self' will result in your left arm being broken and you choking to death before you can do anything about it. Understand?"

Wonder Woman shook her head as far as she dared and she was forced towards Handcock. She released him from all her previous orders and was taken down to her knees while one of the men pulled her hand off the lasso. Handcock recovered in moments and made his way around his desk. As he examined her naked body with his green eyes, she felt the venom emanate from him.

One of his henchmen groaned.

"What is it?" Handcock snapped at the man.

"We should have made her make you give us raises," the man replied. Handcock lauged.

"I think I can give you something better," Handcock replied. "You two take her to room eighteen"

He pointed at the men restraining her as he spoke. "Get her in a simple spread eagle tie. Since you're doing the setup, you two can go first. I'll be in room eighteen tomorrow evening at eight PM. Until then, you six who managed to free me can do whatever you want to the slut."

The men grinned and slapped hands in celebration.

"Leave the hair on her head in place. Everything else is available to you. I'll let her know her future when I get there tomorrow. Have a good time boys!"

The men dragged her out of the office and Hancock sat down. He gestured for the man who led the group to remain and dismissed the rest. They discussed the club's status and Handcock was satisfied with what he heard.

"Did the sluts burn her uniform?"

"They wanted to but we weren't sure what you would want so we took it from them. It's been washed and I can get it for you in five minutes."

"No need Simpson," he replied. "She won't give up easily. If I let her go, she'll be back. If we keep her, someone will come looking for her."

"Why not use that rope to make her forget about us?"

"That's a good idea," Handcock replied. "After I play with her for a week and maybe let a few of the members have her, I can wipe her mind and drop her at one of the monuments without a clue where she's been."

The men shared a smile and poured a drink to the next seven days of fun.

When Diana Princereturned to the I.A.D.C. offices, she found all her privileges rescinded, her employment terminated, and an outstanding warrant for her arrest. Diana Prince's career was over. In a short period of time, she lost her apartment, her Justice League membership, her access to her home on Themyscira and just about everything else that mattered.

As she thought she reached the lowest point of her life, she heard an ad offering employment with a local hospitality organization. The office was a non-descript white building, circular in design with no apparent entry. She circled the building until she met a man who seemed strangely familiar.

"You're late," the man told her. "It's a bad habit. I know a few ways to train you to lose that fault."

Diana smiled shyly at the man and followed him inside the building.