How Steve Trevor won World War Two  

By BigBoob 58

All the characters are borrowed, all the thoughts are borrowed although they’ve never been shuffled in this order before. If the thought of a scantily clad buxom woman being forcibly abused offends you, you really need to use a better search engine. This story shouldn’t be posted to anything requiring a fee to view. If you do post this sorry effort, please let me know or if you have any comments send them to:

How Steve Trevor won World War Two

by Big Boob #58

Sixty two years after the end of world war two, in a small Midwestern town, Diana Prince-Trevor sat on her front porch with her grandson Steven III. As though time stood still, Diana’s clothing remained nondescript as ever giving little evidence to a casual observer of just how fantastic her body truly appeared. Little Steven was the apple of his grandmother’s eye and she deeply regretted the fact that within three years she needed to return to paradise island for the fifty year process of reclaiming her immortality. Many amazons left Themyscira for a time to mate, raise families and when their partner died, they returned home both to share their knowledge and, if they produced daughters, to replenish the island’s population. In order to keep the island pure, only immortals could reside there, so a lengthy process to restore the Amazon’s immortality and powers was invented. Each Amazon could endure the process up to four times. This was Diana’s first time and she looked forward to it although the recent loss of her first love weighed heavily upon her.

Steven looked up at Granny Di and for about the hundredth time he asked her “How did you meet grandpa?”. Diana smiled sweetly at him and asked “Wouldn’t you rather hear how your grandfather won World War Two?”. Steven knew this mood and resigned himself to another long story, but he enjoyed his Grandma’s company so he acquiesced and responded “OK tell me that one.”

“Ok, let me think” began Diana. “At the end of 1944, the Allies through careful planning and significant amounts of luck had the Germans on the brink of defeat…….”

A) Missing in Arizona

The war department was abuzz with the latest reports from in and around a small town called Las Cruces, New Mexico. At least six people, all of whom had low to mid level government security clearance recently disappeared. General Blankenship called in his “best” man, the famous war hero Steve Trevor. Recently recovered from injuries stopping a ring of saboteurs in New Jersey, Trevor spent most of his time recuperating by issuing memos begging for reassignment to the front lines in Europe. Blankenship with assistance from Lt.s Diana Prince and Etta Candy had systematically intercepted and destroyed each request. Actually, Colonel Steve Trevor was far from the best officer. No matter what the General assigned him to perform, Trevor failed only to be bailed out by Wonder Woman. Blankenship only assigned Trevor to missions which Wonder Woman was needed to complete. Worse, if the high command ever evaluated Colonel Trevor, they both would finish the war peeling potatoes.

Trevor entered the general’s office and saluted smartly.

“So General, when do I leave for Germany?” he asked.

“As soon as I can spare you Colonel” replied the officer. “Just right now, I need to have someone I trust look into these New Mexico disappearances. I can’t think of anyone I trust more than you.”

“But Sir” begged Trevor, “The real battle is in Europe. Diana and Etta can chase down these missing level 12s and they can probably be back in time for Sunday’s Redskin game.”

“Colonel Trevor, I don’t doubt that the Lieutenants can find missing people with the best of them. I want my right hand man on the spot.” Wincing as he said that, Blankenship continued. ” There’s more to these missing people than a simple kidnapping. You’re the man I want. As usual, you have a free hand. Check in every three days. What staff do you require?”

Trevor knew he was beaten. An old friend was flying to London that evening and Steve hoped to catch a ride. With this new assignment, Steve couldn’t make that flight and it irritated him no end. He knew Diana alone could find these people. Then it hit him.

“General, if it’s no trouble, I want to take Diana, Etta, and that new Yeoman Sandra Knight with me.”

“Of course Steve, I’ll cut the orders and your flight to Phoenix will leave at 15:00 hours. You’ll arrive at 16:00 hours due to time zones and a driver will take you to Las Cruces where you can investigate. It’s imperative that you locate these people and stop whoever is abducting them.”

“Yes Sir” beamed Trevor as he snapped off a regulation salute. “My team will get to the bottom of this and we’ll have the level 12s home before too long”

He turned smartly on his heels and exited the office quickly marching to his own. Diana was seated in her usual place in the anteroom as Trevor entered.

“Diana, call Etta and Sandra.” Trevor ordered. “We need to discuss a new case. You all need to pack for 4 days and meet me at Moulton Army Air base at 14:00 hours.”

“Yes sir” responded Diana Prince. She called Etta and Sandra and they agreed to share a cab to Moulton in about two hours. Diana was thrilled to be with Steve on an obviously important mission. It seemed like a long time since Argentina and with the war drawing to a close, maybe she could reveal herself to Steve and finally marry him. Once she settled down with Steve, she could finally start to enjoy some really fashionable clothes. She knew her mission was necessary, but she longed for it’s conclusion and the 40 to 60 years of life that she could expect to enjoy as Mrs Colonel Trevor.

Back in her apartment, she stripped her uniform off and grabbed a quick thirty minute bath. Toweling off her massive mammaries and shapely ass, she stepped into a clean set of underpants and military issue brassiere. In moments, her uniform was in place, perfect in every fashion and just large enough that she looked plain as possible.

The yellow cab delivered the three soldiers to Moulton Air base at 13:57 hours and they quickly paid the cabbie. Locating Colonel Trevor, Diana was especially disappointed to learn that the Colonel was not traveling west.

“This is a simple search and recover mission” he began. “The six missing people, four men and two women are all civil service level 12 and working in a project I never heard of. The police know you’re coming and will share what they found. Last and most important, under no circumstances and this is a direct order are you to mention that I’m not with you to the General. If he asks, I’m in the field.” I’ll call you in two days to get the lowdown. Good luck Lieutenants, and Yeoman Knight.”

“Where will you be Colonel Trevor?” asked a slightly heartbroken Lt Prince.

“I’m flying over to London with a friend. One of our deep operatives on the German border got betrayed and the Nazis will capture her within the next 36 hours. There’s no direct line of communication and I need to get her out.”

“Good luck Colonel” chimed in the three officers. Trevor was flying east at least fifteen minutes before the plane to Phoenix began it’s journey. Fourteen hours later, Steve Trevor landed safely two miles from his agents small house. In this part of the mission, the Colonel encountered no trouble, nor with the extraction of his agent.

During the three hour flight west, the ladies studied the file material on the six missing civilians. Ed Wayne, Nick Arnold, Mitch Veltow, Tom Markus, Claire Finch and Bella Zubinik disappeared within the last ninety-six hours. The ladies were clerks and the men all had educations slanted heavily towards chemical backgrounds. None of them voiced any dissatisfaction nor had attendance problems. When their absence became apparent, supervisors tried to call relatives to locate the missing people. There were no common denominators, no reason why these six people were lost. The women discussed the theories presented in the file.

“I wonder” posed Etta, “Why don’t they think that Nazis did it.”

“Now Etta, Nazis aren’t responsible for every evil thing that occurs” offered Yeoman Knight.

“Yet there’s no gang activity, no evidence of gambling, and no spousal problems” observed Lt. Prince. “Therefore, the Nazi theory may not be out of line.’

The co-pilot stepped into the cabin. He looked at his passengers and observed that the WACs really were recruiting old maids for the war. ‘Why couldn’t one of these people have halfway decent looks’ he thought ruefully to himself. ‘I always wanted to join the mile high club, but not with these cows’.

“We’re twenty minutes out Sirs” he announced and thought ‘twenty long minutes’. “You may wish to freshen up. You will need to strap in for the landing in fifteen minutes.” He left without saluting and the ladies made their way to the head.

At 16:00 local time, the ladies collected their duffels and located their driver. Buck private (for the third and final time he assured his passengers) Aloysius Unsersik took off as soon as Diana gained her seat and the ladies each grabbed for their suddenly imperiled headgear.

“Are you certain this speed is safe” screamed Lt. Candy.

“It must be” retorted Unsersik, “It’s gotten me to my current rank at least twice.”

Diana smiled her thin prim smile as the jeep careened out of the airbase.

“It’s two and a half hours to our next stop” Unsersik shouted over the engine. “We’ll stop just inside the Arizona border for ten minutes for fuel and urr whatever.”

The noise from the jeep’s engine made talking pointless so the quartet rode in silence to the fuel depot. When they stopped, Yeoman Knight leaped from the jeep and kissed the ground loudly screaming thanks to an unnamed deity. Etta hurried to the ladies room while Diana chose to stretch her legs. As she walked, she thought she head something unusual. Shouting to Private Unsersik to wait for her, she raced behind a Quonset hut. Removing her hat, she prepared to spin into her alter ego. She never completed the first turn. A blackjack struck her perfectly and the lights went out.

Twenty minutes later, Private Unsersik fumed that LT. Prince better show up as he wasn’t going to serve KP for some dame with a faulty kidney.

“When did you last see her?” asked Lt. Candy.

“Oh, she ran off shouting something about waiting” replied the private and he pointed the direction in which she ran.

Lt. Candy and Yeoman Knight found her hat on the ground.

“There’s no sign of struggle” observed Yeoman Knight.

“I think Diana is getting a little more involved in this than she expected” said Lt Candy.

“You don’t mean… “ Trailed off Yeoman Knight.

“Yup” replied Etta, “She’s been kidnapped. I hope it’s the same people that took the other six people, because it’ll make it easier on us when we find them.”

Shrugging her shoulders at her companions’ improbable logic, Yeoman Knight went to locate a phone. She knew that General Blankenship insisted on hearing bad news as quickly as possible.

B) Bath, not a town in France

Diana struggled to regain her mind but something (actually an early derivative of PCP) kept her in a twilight state. She vaguely felt the ropes which held her arms in place and kept her legs from kicking out. Her ankles secured by a double knot with a thick rope leading to the rope which kept her knees tightly together began to ache from the unwanted restraint. As more consciousness returned, she felt the rope as it continued between her legs pressing against her pussy and threaded through her butt cheeks over her uniform dress. Her wrists couldn’t move more than a bit because of the double looped knot that secured them. A rope continued from this knot, wrapping once around her bosom and making arm movement improbable. Whoever knocked her senseless was polite enough to push her oversized glasses into her uniform pocket.

For several minutes, she wiggled and pulled against the simple bondage, but she sensed no progress and stopped preferring to conserve her strength for a better chance to get free. She tried to remember what happened, but nothing after the bump on her head was known to her. Strangely, she wasn’t gagged. Her sight became clearer and she noticed about ten to twelve other people laying in close proximity. Each of her “associates” enjoyed a similar level of bondage and none of them seemed happy. Diana could almost see perfectly now and she checked around for signs of anyone who might untie her or at least explain just what was happening.

As her hearing cleared up, she realized that the entire group lay in the cargo hold of some type of plane. Using Amazon techniques, she controlled the rising surge of fear. Without windows, she realized that there was no way to determine where she was headed. It seemed that the best course of action was to sleep without the influence of narcotics in order to be rested whenever her captor revealed himself or herself. After several hours passed, the door to the hold cracked open noisily and three grey suited blond men entered in precise order. They lifted the person closest to the door and carried her out. Diana knew from the silence that the plane no longer was moving or using it’s engine. Diana quickly reminded herself of the survival drill which all WAC’s learned early in their military training.

  1. Don’t resist no matter what happened.

  2. Don’t give anyone a reason to kill you (shoot, stab, strangle, etc)

  3. Look for a means of communication such as a radio or phone. Use the emergency frequency or dial the 555 number.

  4. Sit tight and wait for help. Learn whatever you can in order to help the army to eliminate whatever group captured you.

In fifteen minutes, the cargo hold was sealed, and the empty plane returned to it’s hidden airfield in northern Mexico. Each captive had the ankles and legs freed and they marched to the hatch of a U-boat. The machine guns which their ‘escorts’ held insured that no one would pass on their upcoming ocean cruise. Adding twelve people to a U-boat meant reducing the crew to a skeleton level of 10 people. The captain, Hans Zuker, explained in broken English that anyone who made trouble or resisted would be given swimming lessons courtesy of the Nazi party.

“The sharks are very hungry these days due to a lack of garbage from cruise ships and merchant vessels” he observed. “Our voyage will last twelve days rather than the usual nine due to the short crew. You should focus on resting and preparing for the great tasks Herr Goebbels has in mind. During the voyage, your legs will not be tied. Any attempt to impede our voyage or to make trouble and you will swim.”

The prisoners were placed in the limited bunks and the submarine set off for Europe. Without the sun, time passed quickly and before Diana could escape, the U-boat reached it’s destination.

Barely sustained by the quasi-nutritious gruel, most of the prisoners struggled up the ladder and into the Marseilles sunshine. Diana did not share the other’s weakness, but she made a show of struggling up the exit ladder. She gladly breathed in fresh air and followed the other captives to the wall they were lined up against.

A Gestapo officer addressed the disoriented line of Americans.

“You are alive because of the knowledge you possess. Your work on the bomb project makes you important people and as long as you cooperate, you live. Your first duty is to strip your American clothing off and proceed into the delousing station located through the door to your right. One never knows what germs or insects your type carries. Also you’ll get your new uniforms. Be warned, should any of you attempt escape, two others will be shot. As important as you are, there exist many people in your country and it doesn’t seem that anyone cares if they’re missing.”

A guard moved along the line and quickly cut the binding knots off each set of wrists and arms. The next guard collected each prisoner’s clothing. Diana hated to lose her uniform, but she needed to stay alert and wait for the best possible chance to escape. Most of the naked prisoners marched in somewhat contorted stances trying to cover their nudity. Diana walked proudly in an unmistakable royal manner which reflected her upbringing and her refusal to be ashamed of her body. The guards also noticed her and most of them saluted in their own way.

The delousing felt toxic as did the shower afterwards. Each man toweled himself dry. The women were toweled off by the guards. Diana spent the most time being dried. The prisoners now ‘clean’ underwent an efficient measuring process. For some reason, Diana needed to be measured three times. Then, still naked, the captives waited while their future outfits were altered. The five women other than Diana received their outfits first. Six of her group Diana knew from the files she’d studied in her flight to Arizona. She tried to learn the other’s names, but the weapons pointed by the Nazi guards pressured them into silence. At last, much to the disappointment of the guards, Diana received her new outfit. The other eleven captives wore loose fitting gray tunics, loose fitting slacks and slightly large flat combat style boots. Diana received a form fitting blouse that covered her bosom in the absolute minimum possible manner. If she shrugged, she was certain to lose any modesty. The skirt that the Nazis provided barely covered her below the point where her legs began. The last touch was 5 inch heels which fit her feet perfectly. The guard smiled in a lecherous manner as the captives marched 4 blocks to a train depot. Each guard jostled to be in position to closely follow Diana, but enough of them remained vigilant enough to retain all of their disoriented prisoners.

On the train, the six male captives were locked into a closed room and shackled separately in the room to the pole in the closet where clothing was normally hung. There would be no rest for the eighteen hour trip for the men. Each of the ladies was selected by a guard and propelled to private berths. Diana found herself in the company of the oberleiutenant in charge of the detail.

Inside their private berth, Diana gave no resistance as her keeper removed her clothing. Once she was naked, she observed that the guard was panting and fighting to keep his private parts from prematurely operating. As he started to remove his jacket, at the point when his arms were most vulnerable, Diana performed a punt which would’ve made Sammy Baugh jealous. In moments, the Nazi noiselessly tumbled in a heap. Diana shoved him into the private loo and jammed the door closed. Realizing that there may be listeners, She began panting loudly screaming

“Oh Fritz, It’s way too big OOOHH OOOHH AUGH AUGH”, and then she let a long moan out at the highest volume she dared.

Hearing footsteps trail away from the portal, she felt safe enough to begin the process that was interrupted two weeks and one continent earlier. She spun compactly and her extremely voluptuous body was replaced by a body which put almost all others to shame. The magic now engaged enabled her to become one of the three strongest mortals in the world, Wonder Woman. After completing her habitual check of Hera’s girdle, the magic lasso, and her royal tiara, she went to the window and effortlessly opened it despite bolts meant to permanently seal it. A quick hop and she was on top of the train car. No guards were visible, so she proceeded up and down the length of the train. Clear of obstruction, She mentally summoned her robot plane and instructed it to reform itself into seating for twelve. She retreated to the car she’d exited and methodically released the other captives. First, the six men were released from the closet and assisted into her plane, then one woman at a time was freed from a rapacious situation. It took thirty minutes to get everyone onto the plane. Deciding she needed to completely understand why this mass kidnapping happened, she ordered the plane to deliver her comrades to the War office in Washington DC and return for her in three hours.

The plane left and Dianna set out to locate the brains behind the abduction. She looped her lasso over her personal assailant’s shoulders and commanded him to regain consciousness.

“Who is behind this heinous plan?” She asked.

“ A civilian Gestapo operative named Bernhardt Klint” replied the Nazi.

“Is he on this train, or will he meet us when we reach our destination?” She asked.

“He will meet the train in Bavaria. He’s anxious to meet two of the professors who’ve solved problems with metal working which are delaying our project.” replied the helpless officer.

“What project?”

“The Nude bomb.”

“Why would you develop a bomb without clothing?’ She puzzled.

“The bomb appears normal” replied the prisoner while trying to resist the compulsion. “If we overcome the machining problem, we can create enough of these bombs to completely denude the English and their allies”

“To what end” Diana inquired now even more puzzled.

“The bombs destroy clothing and some metals. The theory is that a naked enemy has no choice but to surrender. Then we can develop more bombs using the English resources and repeat the process in America. And perhaps after that, we can visit your island.”

“Here are your instructions. You believe that all your captives are secure in the men’s prison berth. Order your subordinates not to enter that room. Return here and get a sound night’s sleep.”

“I understand” replied the guard who dressed and left to execute his orders.

Diana realized she needed to reach Bernhardt Klint and determine what he was doing. She expected to destroy his research and to remove enough memory to make him incapable of constructing any bombs.

C) Get smart, who’d believe a nude bomb?

Klint paced the platform at a quicker pace as the ETA of the train neared. German trains ran with POW labels on their roofs in order to evade little things like Allied bombers. This train actually had very important prisoners. Veltow, Arnold or Marcus alone could solve the ‘small’ problem of machining the uranium into the necessary hourglass form. No Nazi scientist to date succeeded. Any time one came close, either the OSS or the damned Russians thwarted the solution with their annoying saboteurs and assassins. Too many of his friends lay in graves although too many Germans overall were dead. Even though the outlook seemed bleak, his bomb might be enough to turn the tide. Even if the allies didn’t surrender, they might be deterred or delayed enough for Germany to develop more devastating weapons and avoid a defeat like the one in the great War of 1914.

When the train whistle sounded, Klint’s smile became broad. He could feel success coming at last. Diana spent the last two hours ‘recruiting’ captives and ordering them to put on uniforms similar to the former captives. She put her own Nazi provided uniform back on and when the train stopped, she followed them out onto the platform to await Klnt’s inspection. Each captive now responded to another name of a specific victim and it was enough to get past Klint’s initial inspection. The twelve people boarded an old bus and passively sat while they traveled to Klint’s castle. Diana was happy that none of her fellow passengers was recognized for the Nazi trooper they really were. The trip from the train station passed quickly and uneventfully. The bus unloaded and the passengers again lined up in front of a wall under the threat of Nazi arms. She heard Klint arguing with an officer she didn’t remember seeing earlier.

“Why did you bring twelve people?” Klint hissed, obviously irritated.

“We felt that the scientists would be easier to control if they believed themselves responsible for a companion. If we need to make an example of the unnecessary prisoners, we can pair the scientists and repeat the process as desired. I do not believe we’ll need to kill too many to achieve the results you want.” replied the officer.

The two men approached the line and Klint took a good look at his new guests. His face changed and Diana knew that he was moments away from erupting in a tantrum.

“Sturmfuhrer, these are not the scientists that I asked you to bring. Where are Veltow, Marcus, Wayne, Finch and Arnold?”

The officer reflexively backed away.

“These prisoners were never allowed out of the sight of an officer. They are the people you wanted” he replied by rote and as he did, he stared into the face of the man nearest him. Puzzled, he squinted and then blurted “Klaus, why are you dressed like that?” in perfect German.

The prisoner replied in his mother tongue “I am following the orders I was given.”

Klint released his luger from the holster on his hip and fired two shots into the rear of the officer’s head and looking at Klaus loudly inquired “Who gave you those orders, soldier?”

“A woman, barely dressed, but well endowed” replied the man. Diana began to flinch, wondering to herself whether it was time to abandon the pretense and finish her business with Klint. Before she could act, Klint made a signal and eight gas grenades dropped at the feet of the people lined against the wall. As consciousness failed her, she hoped that she hadn’t overplayed her hand.

After the effects of the gas wore off, Diana struggled to regain her senses. She knew she was laying on her left side and despite her efforts she couldn’t move her hands. A large man’s hand reached out and stroked her hair out of her eyes almost tenderly. She blinked and with a moments thought, she recognized Bernhardt Klint. She immediately noticed that her slightly smaller breasts stuck straight out far enough to block her vision of her toes. The base of each breast was tightly secured by a two inch thick leather strap, red for effect she supposed, and these straps were attached to a five inch thick shiny red leather strap which circled her upper torso directly beneath her bosom. Her wrists also wore red shiny leather straps and these were attached at the outside of the strap which circled her torso. This forced her elbows back and would require her to assume a provocative posture if she ever had the chance to stand up.

“Sleeping beauty awakes” pronounced Klint as he pulled her hair to make her sit up on he bed. “I hope you realize your position is hopeless Lieutenant Prince.”

Diana responded to him with a defiant stare but she elected not to respond. Klint rewarded her silence by backhanding her across the cheeks. This sent her onto to her backside and she made no effort to rise. Klint pulled her up somewhat less gently this time. After a moment staring at her naked bound self, Klint spoke again.

“I am a good judge of character Ms Prince.” he stated. “I do not believe pain will have much effect on you. I suspect your training is focused on resistance to that form of torture.”

As if to illustrate his point, he reached between her thighs and began pawing at her pussy with his left hand while his right hand grabbed the leather strap. Diana could not escape this unwanted advance. She tried to fight the three fingers which Klint forced into her slit, but in a few minutes she knew that she had no chance. Unexpectedly, Klint withdrew his hand. He reached for a bell and jingled it twice. A door on the far side of the room opened and a large guard entered.

“Bring in our other guest” Klint ordered and the guard left instantly.

Diana gasped as Colonel Trevor followed the guard into the room. His wrists bore manacles and he displayed all the effects of a lengthy beating. The guard caught him as he stumbled and then forced him to stare at the naked Amazon. Although Diana currently was in her ‘normal’ body, it was outstanding in every way and Trevor gawked for quite a bit of time before he composed himself.

Klint returned his attention to Diana and moved his hand to her left breast. Giving it a slap, he smiled and said “I believe you’re familiar with the Colonel. We lured him to Europe under the pretense of threatening one of his undercover moles. As the Colonel has learned, his moles are either in custody, dead, or also our moles.”

“Since you caught him”, she gasped, “Why haven’t you killed him?”

“You are somewhat blunt.” observed Klint. “The Colonel is bait for bigger prey. In order to win the war, we need to remove one of the allies greatest weapons. What better way to trap Wonder Woman than to control her boy friend?’

Klint gestured and the guard unholstered his weapon. He pointed the luger at Trevor’s temple and looked at Klint waiting for a signal.

“It seems that the scientists I ‘recruited’ from America, were freed by Wonder Woman. All of them that is except for you.”

Diana squirmed uncomfortably as Klint tightened his grip in order to prevent her from leaving his side.

“Lieutenant Prince, you need to produce Wonder Woman this instant, or Horst will empty his magazine into the Colonel’s brain. “

“OK Klint, you win” conceded Diana Prince. “In order to give you what you want, I need to stand up. I don’t suppose you might remove this binding…”

“I believe I like this outfit on you. I’ll let you stand up, but if fraulein Wonder Woman is not here in twenty seconds, Horst commences firing. If you or Wonder Woman try any tricks, Trevor gets shot. Understand?”

“I understand” she replied. Try as she might, she couldn’t figure any way out of this mess. Klint grabbed her under her arm pits and pulled her to her feet. When she got her balance, she spun as she had many times previously. The mystic lightening flashed and Diana’s bondage gear disappeared. Fully dressed as Wonder Woman, she stopped her spin and waited.

“Where is the woman?” asked Horst while keeping his luger tight to Trevor’s temple.

“Are you all fools?” Screeched Klint. “Obviously, Lieutenant Prince was Wonder Woman in disguise.”

Trevor felt even more foolish now than when he’d blundered into the Gestapo trap. For three years he’d been working with the woman of his dreams and he’d allowed an oversized pair of glasses to fool him.

“Wonder Woman, welcome to my castle” said Klint in a loud voice which belied the triumphant feeling he enjoyed at the moment. “Your presence insures my funding for my Nude bomb project. Once I figured out what happened on the train, I knew you had to be the damnable Amazon. Herr Hitler wants you in order to propagate the next generation of Germans. After you surrender your Belt and Tiara to me, you will be escorted to your new home. A suite of rooms, designed for your comfort and containment is on the lowest level of this castle. You will service the selected Nazi party members until you achieve a pregnancy. After the birth, you will repeat this process. Herr Hitler wants strong followers and you will deliver them. As long as you cooperate, the Colonel will live. Refuse and he dies. You new home is designed to contain you. Without your powers, you cannot possibly escape before the gases that your disobedience trigger will kill you.”

“Don’t do it Diana” screamed Trevor until he heard the luger cock in preparation of shooting.

Diana handed her tiara to Klint and unfastened her belt. As she surrendered it, she felt her power levels fade to levels much nearer that of a normal woman. Two burly Gestapo guards arrived and without looking at Steve, she followed them through a door in the rear of the room. As she left she heard Klint order Trevor returned to his dungeon.

After about 100 feet, the guards stopped and motioned her through a door. Inside the room, a tall blond valkyrie type woman instructed her to remove her uniform and step into a prepared bath.

“Clean yourself well for when you’re finished, you will perform the greatest service possible for our brave soldiers” instructed the woman who identified herself as Sigrid. Not knowing when she’d have the chanc, she bathed herself as thoroughly as possible. She stood up and received a towel from Sigrid. As she dried herself, she followed Sigrid to a bed where her new clothing presumably was laid out. She wriggled into a somewhat tight negligee which covered neither her breasts nor her pubic area. The negligee featured a thick row of feathery material that appeared to push her bosom up and enhance her naturally sexy appearance. Sigrid affixed a choker around her neck. The choker was neither tight nor loose, but she expected that that could change if her captors desired. Long gloves were worked over her hands and up her arms. The material was similar to sheer black nylon. A similar colored pair of nylons went onto her legs followed by very high heels.

Sigrid whistled. “In Amsterdam, you could earn a good living for a long time. “ Sigrid produced a razor and instructed Wonder Woman to sit at the edge of her bed. Sigrid trimmed Diana’s voluminous bush primariy to expose the entry her vaginal entry. Sliding her fingers into Diana’s slit, she trimmed the top of the mound down. Diana thought that she did this for no reason other than to get a cheap thrill at Wonder Woman’s expense. Finally, Sigrid doused her in perfume, presumably a scent designed to arouse one of the Hitler youth Diana was expected to entertain.

“Lay there whore and await your first master” ordered Sigrid. She picked up a phone and muttered some words which Diana was too stressed to listen to.

D) A craftsman never blames his tools

When Horst entered her prison, Diana didn’t know whether to be relieved or scared. At least Colonel Trevor no longer had a luger pressed to his temple. Horst wasted no motion in approaching the bed upon which she reposed. His uniform coat flew onto the nearby chair followed by his boots and his pants. At the side of the bed he barked his first order.

“Lower my shorts and help me get in the mood. Use your mouth to remove my shorts and your tongue to make me ready.”

Diana observed that he appeared ready enough for her taste and then in a panic thought about the pain she might be in for if in fact there was more to ‘Little Horst’ then already was already obvious. She got a mouthful of his foul smelling shorts and in a quick tug, pulled them down below his thighs. After a moments pause, she began the process of inhaling his member,

“Take it all you American slut.” Horst screamed and as an afterthought, he ordered (to his regret) “Suck it until I tell you I’m ready. Give it your best possible effort!”

Diana paused the half moment she dared and swallowed his cock almost completely. Horst’s equipment possessed the capacity to satisfy any normal partner. Diana inhaled for all she was worth. Despite the loss of her belt, she retained a great percentage of her power. What men perceived as weakness, actually was a form of shock that the mere hint of defeat brought upon any Amazon. Thinking to herself that her assailant chose his own fate, she sucked his cock and inhaled for all she was worth. Horst realized his error just a bit too late.

Wilhelm Klint raced into the room accompanied by Sigrid about two minutes into Horst’s uncontrollably agonized screams. In moments, Diana managed to suck the Nazi guard completely dry and in fact she was spitting blood in a vain effort to clear the taste from her mouth. The physical and mental trauma exceeded the capacity of the Nazi to withstand and in another minute he dropped dead on the spot.

“She is dangerous Herr Klint” screamed Sigrid. “You can’t breed vermin like this. You must order her shot now along with the stupid Colonel!”

“You forget Fraulein, that the fuehrer desires this harlot to be bred. There must be a way to control her. I do not desire to notify Herr Hitler that his plans cannot work. Would you like that honor?” Klint pointedly asked the German matron.

“Nein Herr Klint” she replied. “Perhaps if she had that marvelous lasso that Frau Groebbels wrote about in her report, we might use it to make her viable.”

“An excellent thought” replied Klint. “Wonder Woman, where did you hide your lasso?”

Diana made no reply which caused Klint to become somewhat excited.

“If you do not reveal where you hid your lasso, the Colonel will have lead added to this evening’s meal. Now, where is it?”

‘If only Steve had gone to New Mexico’ Diana thought. ‘ None of us would be here and I wouldn’t need to give my most powerful weapon to this madman.’

“My lasso is attached to my belt” she replied. “It isn’t visible because it vibrates at a predetermined rate. I can retrieve it, but you must promise not to harm Colonel Trev….”

A loud swat filled the bedroom, now silent after the passing of the ill fated guard.

“I’ll bring your belt and you will cease your meaningless demands. You lost. You exist at my mercy as does the incompetent Colonel.”

Klint returned much too quickly for Diana’s taste and threw the belt at the prone sobbing Amazon. Blindly, she felt for the familiar buzz of her magic lasso and seized it. To Sigrid and Wilhelm, it appeared as if an almost endless golden rope came from nowhere. She meekly held the rope in her right hand and recoiled as Klint seized it.

“Explain this thing to me” Klint bellowed. “Just what can it do?”

“My lasso is indestructible. It is infinitely stretchable. Any one encircled by the lasso, must tell the truth and must obey any order given to them no matter what they would do in normal circumstances.”

“Are you susceptible to the power of this wonderful device?”

“Yes” she replied. “No one is immune to it’s power.” Diana said and began sobbing uncontrollably. Klint possessed the intelligence to use her lasso to change the course of the war. Her terror rose as Klint started encircling her shoulders with the golden rope. He looped the lasso around her six times and after tossing Horst’s uniform off the chair, he sat next to the restrained Amazon.

Taking care to avoid her reach if she had the ability yo escape this rope, he asked skeptically “Are you sufficiently under the control of this rope?”

“Yes” she replied without any semblance of tone or emotion.

“To prove this you will kiss me vigorously. Use your tongue but do not cause me any harm. Stop after fifteen seconds.”

Helpless to disobey, Diana grabbed her captor and locked lips for all she was worth. In exactly fifteen seconds she recoiled, ashamed and frightened all at once.

“Oh Sigrid” yelled Klint. “Be a dear and come in here now.” In moments Sigrid returned, stepping around the prone body of Horst. Noticing this, Klint called for another guard and instructed him to take Horst down to the castle’s makeshift morgue. Returning his attention to Sigrid and Diana, he firmed up his grip on the lasso and ordered Diana to bring Sigrid to an orgasm using only her tongue. He apologized to Sigrid explaining that it was the best way to prove that the Amazon had no control over herself while under the influence of the lasso.

Diana shrugged off the lasso and pushed Sigrid into the bed up against the pillows at it’s head. She dove into Sigrid’s muff and using her head kept the Germaness immobile while munching her most private area in the most efficient method possible. In short order, Sigrid’s heavy breathing gave way to an incalculably loud scream and a most explosive orgasmic contraction. The sheer delight of Diana’s effort rendered the matron unconscious.

“Now you will become ready for your true purpose” gloated Klint as he rewound the lasso around his prisoner. “I’m sending in a series of fine German soldiers. You will receive each of these men meekly and you will fuck them to the best of your ability. Understand?”

Diana did understand. She also realized that Klint included nothing in his instruction about causing harm to her potential assailants. After Sigrid was removed from the room, Klint picked up the phone and called for the next soldier in line to enjoy the prisoners’ charms.

In his life, Hans Burger made love to twelve women. On average, he could maintain his lovemaking for almost two minutes before the inevitable lapse in capacity set in. With Wonder Woman, Hans lasted almost twelve seconds before her powerful thighs squeezed the life out of him.

As Hans Burger began to pump into her welcoming maw, she began to squeeze his pulsing erection. Hans realized quickly that he couldn’t withstand the Amazon’s love muscle, but he was not strong enough to extricate himself from his predicament. Wonder Woman gave another powerful spasm and Hans Burger let out a yell that comparatively made Horst’s screams seem like whispers.

As he returned to the room for the second time in under an hour, Klint reviewed his instructions and realized his mistake. Accompanied by two guards, Klint paid little attention to the dead Gestapo agent instead focusing on the minimally cooperative Amazon.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t have the colonel shot this instant” shouted Klint getting within inches of the Amazon’s face.

“Herr Klint”

“Not now, I’m trying to decide how to punish this insufferable wench.”

“Uh Herr Klint, you should look at Burger’s penis.”

“I’ve no need to do any such thing” retorted Klint sharply. “Do you think I’m gay or something” He barked quite loudly.

The guard grabbed his arm and pointed. Unable to ignore the man, Klint looked at the unfortunate Hans Burger and froze instantly. Burger’s malformed penis resembled the hourglass shape that Klint and his associates had spent the last six months trying to replicate.

“Get the night team up here. Measure that and confirm it’s configuration. And for God’s sake, let nobody touch that Amazon” Klint ordered.

Looking at Diana, he sneered and then smiled. “It seems that while your talents are not yet err reproductive, they most certainly contain the potential to be productive.”

Diana was puzzled by Klint’s seeming euphoria. The promise of a reprieve from unwanted sex did not balance evenly with the fear she felt observing Klint’s happiness. She heard the door lock and decided that she should attempt to rest. She hoped to formulate an escape plan.

E) Considering all the other crap you’ve bought into, this brief backstory is poetry.

One little reported consequence of Andros and Diana’s trip to meet all the major heads of countries early in the war was that the Gestapo became aware of the Skrill. Wonder Woman’s battles with these aliens are recorded elsewhere, but the thing that doesn’t show up is where a team of Nazis led by Bernhard Klint salvage a small Skrill craft and safely navigate back to Germany. The contents are relatively benign with the exception of ten ‘bombs’ that immediately drew the attention of Henrich Himmler. Each bomb is complete with the exception of the priming fuse. Only one of these fuses existed and that was used in the test on the small Swiss border town of Scheisskopfdorf. Even after 67 years, the Oktoberfest where the people of this small 500 person hamlet suddenly lost their clothing resounds in the annals of urban myth. Except it wasn’t a myth. Scheisskopfdorf refused to meet it’s manpower quotas for the was effort. Consequently, high ranking Nazis selected it to test the Skrill armament.

In retrospect, using the last arming fuse on a test prior to attempting to analyze it to facilitate duplication seems at best short sighted. Expecting the entire Alp to disintegrate, the Nazis observed the test from a plane ten miles distant. When Sturn und Drang failed to manifest itself, the airplane landed at the airstrip outside of town. Cautiously approaching the little alpine paradise, the hardened Nazis found themselves overcome… by laughter. There wasn’t a stitch of clothing within a 3000 meter radius of ground zero. The ground barely showed evidence of the bombs’ arrival or the device itself. The naked natives, enjoying a brisk 47 degree day were cowering behind vehicles, buildings or anything else which promised a hint of modesty. Bernhardt Klint’s next year encompassed one project. Assembling the best scientists from across the globe to figure out how to utilize the other nine Skrill ‘Nude Bombs’ filled each moment of Klint’s consciousness. The axis countries sent volunteer scientists and the conquered countries’ best minds were conscripted. Because the four directors of the project determined that radioactive material offered the best approach to recreating a priming fuse, several Americans working on a ‘Top Secret’ project in New Mexico were targeted to be kidnapped and forced to help with the last stumbling block. Klint managed to have all of the Nazi supply of uranium diverted to his project. No matter what the Germans did, they could not form the radioactive material into the proper shape for the priming fuse. Than came the sacrifice of Hans Burger.

After dispatching Burger’s corpse to the lab, Klint took a nap for four hours. Sleep came too infrequently and with a potential solution so close, he wanted to be fresh in order to enjoy his upcoming victory. He awoke and cleaned himself up a bit. Then, he marched directly to his lab. For the first time in memory, the greeting he received included many smiling faces.

“Herr Klint, six of us measured poor Burger” reported the man with the biggest smile. “The fit is exact.” With that pronouncement, the voices in the room exploded fast and furious.

“How many can we make?”

“Do we possess enough material?”

“Will the bitch be able to survive the radioactivity?”

Klint bathed for a long time in the glow the successful scientists emitted. He ignored the whining and the frivolous and noted the important questions. Then he realized, he needed the closure and he thundered over the din “Enough!”

The room quieted and Klint moved to the front to address his group.

“No matter how it happened, we finally found the answer to our biggest stumbling block. Using our guest” he chuckled, “We will manufacture the nine priming fuses and launch them at Great Britain. Once we clear our foothold, we can obtain the necessary materials to make more. Our devices will not need the special services of the Amazon, so she can be reallocated to Herr Hitler’s primary project.”

The room full of men laughed loudly realizing that Wonder Woman’s was in for a lot of penetrating experiences, if she survived. If not, there was an island in the South Atlantic and the thought of three hundred nude helpless women which resembled Wonder Woman held a certain appeal.

F) is for _______________

Klint returned to Wonder Woman’s cell much too soon. Diana noticed that he cradled her lasso like a lifeline. She offered no resistance when Klint looped the golden rope around her upper torso many times.

“Wonder Woman, you stand at the brink of your destiny. You left your island to win the war and I am the agent that fate intended to provide the means for you to reach your goal.” Klint said as he finished applying the golden rope. He gave a tug and Diana sat up straight.

“Among your many abilities, are you resistant to Radioactivity?” Klint inquired.

“Not in my natural state” she replied. “With Hera’s girdle, I could resist limited amounts of exposure.”

Klint pondered this before asking “does your belt allow you to resist the commands I might give you while holding your lasso?”

“No” she replied, still puzzled by the direction these questions were heading.

“Get out of bed” Klint ordered and the Amazon rose stiffly, trying to fight the irresistible order. Klint screamed for guards and a pair ran in almost as the sound of his order ended.

“Follow me. Make no effort to escape” he ordered Wonder Woman. They left her room and ascended one flight of stairs to the main lab. The far end of the contained an X-rack with especially strong looking manacles. Diana was directed to stand in the foot stirrups of the rack and make no resistance. In moments, her arms and legs were restrained. The X-rack elevated and to Diana’s horror, it moved her legs further apart than she desired. Next to the rack, a lead box rested on a lab table. From her elevated position, she observed several 6 inch tubes, one of which Klint’s assistants extracted. It bothered her that the assistant wore thick gloves while manipulating the tube.

“These are your orders Wonder Woman. You can make no effort to escape during the periods you are not fulfilling your new function. Until you are told by a man that your function is complete, you will remain in this room. Each day, you will allow me or any of my associates to insert one of these tubes into your vagina. You will treat the tube exactly as you treated our late friend Hans Burger. After a single squeeze, you will relax and allow the tube to be extracted. Any of my men may extract the tube. Once the tube is removed, you will sleep for four hours.”

Diana absorbed her orders desperately looking for an avenue of escape.

Elsewhere in the castle, Steve Trevor found himself doing the same thing-looking to escape, not looking to squeeze a radioactive tube into a priming fuse. The cell offered little in the way of hope. Besides the thin cot and the toilet without a seat, Steve was the only other thing in the cell. The Nazis stripped him not that it mattered. His haste to sneak here necessitated skipping the trip to the armorer and the amazing devices he relied upon in a tight spot. The liaison he’d shared months with the Undercover agent spurred him to recklessness and his only reward was a bump on the head and the terror of revealing the secrets General Darnall entrusted to him. Because of space limitations, Trevor found himself confined on a main corridor. He heard the chatter about the Skrill device and the pressure Berlin placed upon the upwards of twenty scientists trying to make the priming fuses and save their lives.

Earlier this morning, the confined American felt the atmosphere change and he instinctively knew it wasn’t a good change. The Nazis finally solved their problem and the allies were in trouble. Despite his bumbling, Trevor felt that once again he and only he could save the war effort. The fact that he never connected Diana Prince with Wonder Woman, princess Diana of Themyscira who returned him to the US after yet another mistake bothered him. However, the ‘All-American He man’ psyche Trevor possessed allowed him to table his shame long enough to develop yet another daring plan. Get out of this room, retrieve Wonder Woman’s magic tools, release her from her captors, destroy these Skrill weapons, and get the heck home.

Because Trevor read a person’s character extremely well, getting out proved simple enough. The afternoon guard possessed the lowest IQ in the castle. Trevor waited until the passageway emptied, then he had an attack. The guard never questioned Trevor’s ability to describe his importance in fluent German, or the hideous tortures that Klint may inflict on the guard if Trevor died before schedule. When the door opened, Trevor grabbed the loosely worn helmet, inverted it and brought it down on the helpless guard’s head. As the guard crumpled, Trevor grabbed his great coat and pulled it on. He stripped the guard and lugged the naked man onto his cot. Facing the unconscious man to the wall, he hurriedly donned his pants and boots. Stuffing the uniform shirt into an inner pocket, he made it outside the room in time to pass the modest inspection that a passing Gestapo officer made on his way to Wonder Woman’s cell. When the hallway cleared, Steve donned the uniform shirt and tie. He checked himself in an ornate mirror and resumed his new post of guarding ‘himself’. Just before he was due to be relieved, he banged the sleeping German on the head with authority to insure his silence.

Elsewhere, at the prompting of one of the scientists, Diana popped the fourth priming fuse out of her cunt. Immediately per her instruction, she fell into a deep sleep. After the second fuse, Klint tried to wake his prisoner making every nonharmful noise imaginable including discharging a luger less than a foot from her ear. Nothing could wake her until the four hours passed. After the second successful priming fuse was generated, the racier scientists spent the first two hours dressing the brunette bombshell in sexy outfits and exhausting rolls of film. As long as they obeyed Klint’s one order- not to touch her sexually, they could act as they wished. This war would end, one way or the other, but men always would part with cash for pictures such as these. Diana offered no resistance as a sheer cupless black lacy bra fitted snuggly over her enticing breasts. Matching crotchless panties joined the set and silk lace nylons appeared on her legs. Extreme high heels covered her feet and the cameras began to click. Many of the scientists took turns cuping the breasts of their unresisting victim. One of the scientists did nothing except to keep track of their two hour time limit. The moment it expired, the underwear was removed and Diana was secured onto the X-rack. Then, her vitals were read and compared to the brief history they had for her. Thus far, the belt appeared to protect her from the harmful effects that regular radioactive exposure caused. Once this process concluded, the scientists went off to tip back a lager or ten. Diana, unconscious and unclothed, hung in the restraints. Because they were scientists and because of their remote location, they never considered the possibility that anyone would try to rescue their captive.

Trevor found the lab and barely contained his amazement when he determined that the door was not secured. Of course, this discovery followed several hard thrusts of the butt of the rifle he’d liberated from his guard and a few shoulder butts that left him sore on his right side. Inside the lab, he fumbled around before locating enough tables to block the door. Next he searched for Wonder Woman’s outfit. As he neared the X-rack, he noticed she wore her belt. This gave him enough hope to continue his search, but the outfit wasn’t in the lab. Trevor moved over to the X-rack and loosened the straps. While he worked on the slightly rusty shackles, the four hours expired and Diana woke .

“Lieutenant, you certainly are in a lot of trouble” Trevor said harshly to her. His smile reassured her as he continued “I feel very embarrassed that I never figured out your little secret.”

“It’s not the kind of thing a lady shares” Diana replied. “I always intended to tell you, but I didn’t want to cause you any extra danger.”

“We’re in a war princess” exclaimed Trevor. “Every day, we face tremendous danger. However, I guess I appreciate the thought.”

“Steve, you need to get out of here.” She insisted, “I can’t escape. Klint used the lasso on me and even if you remove the shackles, I’m compelled to remain here.”

“ I could carry you.” He offered and he knew what her answer would be before she uttered a word.

“I don’t fit into this crowd very well. You aren’t likely to have enough stamina to lug me twenty miles to the Swiss border or to prevent me from returning as I’m compelled. Get to Switzerland and make contact with the OSS. Have them bomb this place otherwise in eight days, the Nazis will have their Nude Bombs and Great Britain will fail.”

As they spoke, Trevor realized just how close he was to Wonder Woman’s naked person. Even with his limited experience, he could tell she was aroused. Before she could object, Trevor dropped the slightly tight pants(actually tighter due to his body obeying the call of nature) and he turned to the Amazon.

“Diana, I may not make it to Switzerland, I may not be able to rescue you before the bombs erase this place. Before we lose this chance, I want to make love to you.”

Diana’s heart leaped and she felt better than any time since Klint captured her. Despite her failure, the man she loved still wanted her. In spite of her relative inexperience, she remembered what Etta told her about men. Certainly Steve could spare the 60 seconds or so prior to making his escape. After this awful process was done, she was doomed to a future of servicing German rapists. Surely her gods wouldn’t deny her one chance with the man she’d given up (temporarily) her immortality for.

“Of course Steve” she responded. “Be quick, we have no idea when the Germans will be back.”

Trevor was already excited enough to attempt entry and Diana willingly spread her legs to ease his attempt. As he thrust, she wrapped her legs around his lower back and gently pulled him in. Encouraged by her response, Trevor increased the speed of his penetration and trying to give his partner pleasure form their coupling. Diana never experienced a mutual coupling in hr life. Her experience with sex consisted of forced encounters from the enemies which tricked her or from the Olympians who played games with Amazons as a pastime. Being possessed by someone who she wanted to be used by, was extremely enjoyable and her shouting and panting increased as Trevor continued thrusting into her. At this point, the distracted couple became aware of two things. Their mutual screams attracted a large number of Germans that felt a desire to pound loudly at the door to the lab. The second concept occurred to Diana alone. While Klint held her captive in her lasso, he commanded her to make love with every bit of strength she possessed. He did this in front of his entire staff after reminding them of the importance of her genitalia to the Fatherland and the promise of future rewards in that area for temporary abstinence. Of course, he also had the corpse of the latest ‘Great hero of the Nazis’ Hans Burger in full view. None of the men harbored any desire to suffer Burger’s untimely end.

“Oooh Steeeve” she panted loudly. “ Steve you ….. oooh… stop….. don’t…..stop….don’t don’t…..stop”

Trevor perceived only an encouraging tone and redoubled the intensity of his thrusts. This must be Wonder Woman’s first time and he was obviously a master of the art. (At least between his ears.)

‘Oh my god she’s squeezing me tighter than any woman I’ve ever had the pleasure to have known.’ He thought. “Even though she’s enjoying this and even though I feel like I can go on all night, I better finish her and get out of here.’

The joint screams became loud enough to wake the dead. The sound of the Germans breaking the door to the lab was muffled by the mutual ecstasy the American soldiers achieved. Their joy vanished at the sound of Klint’s applause.

“Colonel Trevor if I’d known you were so..what is the American colloquialism horny, I would have sent Helga to keep you company.” He pointed to one of the woman scientists standing at the outskirts of the group.

“In fact Helga, why don’t you accompany the Colonel to our other lab?” Klint asked,” It seems that he is in excellent shape for someone who should be screaming nearly as loud as the late trooper Burger. Why don’t you determine how this happened, and please feel free to use any method you desire.”

Guards grabbed Trevor and dragged him away followed by the slightly drooling Helga a fine German women that was both five meters tall and wide.

Klint turned his attention to the naked Amazon. Diana made no effort to move or to resist as Klint returned her to the X-rack. He secured her in place and after donning the protective gloves and apron, he extracted the next tube from the lead container and inserted it into her yielding and recently lubricated orifice. Waiting the precise amount of time ordered, Diana then squeezed the tube in the prescribed manner and awaited the next step. Klint yanked the tube out as quickly as he dared and carried it to the next Skrill bomb. As Diana dropped off she thought she heard Klint screaming.

“IT DOES’NT FIT!” Klint shouted repeatedly for five minutes until his closest associate succeeded in calming him down. There was no error. The priming fuse unlike it’s four predecessors was noticeably too wide to fill the Skrill designed weapon.

“What did that bumbling American do to the slutty Amazon?” He screamed and most of the scientists cowered from him in fear of his wrath. He moved across the lab to the X-rack and slapped Wonder Woman. She didn’t respond because the commands of the lasso remained irresistible. After expending his initial rage, Klint realized this and acted upon the first thought he came up with. Retrieving the lasso, he wrapped it around Diana’s shoulders and in an imperious tone said “Ignore all my previous commands Wonder Woman. You need to wake up now.”

Diana immediately responded and as she regained awareness she uttered the first thought on her mind.


“You precious Colonel is being examined in our other lab Wonder Woman. We do not understand how he survived his exploration of your ‘charms’.”

“Isn’t that obvious Bernhardt?” She retorted,” Colonel Trevor is a real man who does fall apart under a tiny bit of pressure.”

“Laugh while you can mongrel” Klint responded with an obviously threatening tone. “You’re back under my control and it is my will that prevails here. Now shut up and listen.”

Diana immediately lost all speech capacity.

Klint spoke quickly, but not precisely. “First, you need to use your power to restore your entire body to the state it enjoyed prior to your romp with the Colonel. Next you will do your bit to reshape the next tube I insert in your cunt. Do you understand?”

Diana said nothing and made no motion.

“Amazon bitch, I asked if you understand?” He thundered and then it occurred to him that he’d deprived her of the power of speech. “You may speak in order to respond Wonder Woman” he added.

“Yes I understand your orders” she replied.

Putting the gloves back on, Klint removed the next tube and slid it into Wonder Woman’s cunt. Once his hand cleared her hips, she squeezed the tube and waited the short moment that it took the impatient German to remove the ‘manufactured’ fuse from her body. Dropping the lasso he raced to the Skrill bomb and placed the fuse.

“Impossible” he shouted, “This one barely fits at all.”

As Klint and his associates turned their attention to placing the fuse, Wonder Woman snapped the shackles restraining her wrists and kick hard enough to pull the ankle restraints off the x-rack. She stood up, a bit wobbly at first until her amazing constitution allowed her to recover, and with a practiced shrug and tug, the magic lasso fell loosely to the floor.

She took a quick inventory Hera’s girdle, magic lasso, no clothes, and a room full of inexperienced fighters. Moving quickly, she rendered 18 of the nineteen people in the room senseless. As Klint moved for the door, he experienced a sensation very familiar to countless Nazi saboteurs and sympathizers. The golden lasso settled over his shoulders and the accompanying tug yanked him off his feet. He landed at the Amazons legs and had a brief moment to enjoy the full view of Wonder Woman in all her glory.

“It’s your turn to answer questions and obey commands” she snarled. “First where is my uniform?”

“In that cabinet across from the X-rack. I do not have the key so I’m afraid you’re out of luck” he snickered.

“Shut up Nazi.” She ordered and she went to the cabinet. Not bothering to turn the knob, she yanked the door and half the frame off the cabinet. In a short time, she felt complete as she finished placing her tiara on her head. Then she turned to Klint and started issuing her orders.

“You will place all the Skrill bombs in the troop carrier that brought me here. It will leave the castle in 30 minutes. On the roof of the truck, have your men paint the Red Cross symbol. Tell them their destination is Dusseldorf and to fuel accordingly. Next call anyone who examined the Skrill bombs in here. Finally, use whatever means necessary to get Colonel Trevor in this room. DO IT!”

Unable to resist, Klint followed the orders precisely. Once the entire team of scientists entered the lab, Diana used the lasso to remove their knowledge of the bomb, any technology, and all of her secrets.

Klint was the last person she reprogrammed.

“Before you destroy my mind Wonder Woman” he begged. “Tell me why your body didn’t restore itself.”

“Simple Herr Klint” she replied. “That is not the type of order a person can obey. Sadly for you, since you left Hera’s girdle on, my body would have recovered in an hour or two.”

Klint screamed as the lasso was wrapped tightly around his body……

Assuring herself that any papers documenting her abilities were burned, Wonder Woman used the radio function imbedded in her tiara to contact Lieutenant Etta Candy.

“Etta, listen carefully” instructed Wonder Woman. She proceeded to tell the Lieutenant about the truck that Allied Air needed to bomb into oblivion. Assuring Etta that both Colonel Trevor and Lieutenant Prince were safe and that she would fly them back to Washington as soon as possible, she broke contact. “It’s time for us to depart Colonel” Wonder Woman noted. Trevor now dressed in the remnants of his undercover outfit nodded in agreement.

“Which way do we hike?” He asked, “I believe you told me it’s twenty miles to Switzerland.”

“We’re not walking Colonel.” She responded, “You’re Air Force so I believe you’d prefer to fly.” The pair raced to the roof of Klint’s castle where they found Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Strapping in, Wonder Woman willed the jet to follow the road in pursuit of the Nazi truck. In short order, they caught up with the target vehicle and watched as pinpoint allied bombing blasted it into the tiniest pieces. This caused the four active Nude Bombs to function properly since the fuses were in place. While the allied bombers sped away fast enough to avoid the effects, the invisible jet experienced the effect of the bombs. Diana’s magical uniform resisted the Skrill matrixes, but Steve Trevor’s normal outfit vanished instantly.

“Angel” he piped up, “I think I can understand why the Nazis worked so hard on these bombs. This would disorient anybody.”

Wonder Woman flashed her ‘instant hard-on’ smile at the Colonel. “I don’t think I can deliver you to Washington like this Colonel. I think we better detour to Themyscira so we can find you some clothing.”

He returned her smile and asked “how long will it take to get these, Angel?’

“I don’t think you’ll mind how long it takes to get there Steve. I think we can amuse ourselves even if it takes a week to reach home.” She replied as she flipped the jet to autopilot and unstrapped herself. Losing her uniform in record time, she slid onto Trevor’s lap and kissed him. His instant and enthusiastic response encouraged her to raise herself up and impale herself on his incipient erection.

“You are truly gifted Colonel” she observed as Trevor began to plow into her welcoming furrow. While they coupled, Diana mentally slowed the speed of the plane to the bare minimum needed to maintain an altitude.

G) All good wars must end.

On Themyscira, Steve and Diana learned how he survived his coital encounter while the Germans failed horribly. At the end of his first visit, when the queen realized that this man would eventually be her daughter’s first lover, the queen ordered him injected with the Themysciran herbs every Amazons chosen mate required to survive sexual encounters. At the time he was told it would make him heal from his crash landing inflicted wounds faster, but the Amazon scientists in the know realized it meant that their Princess has chosen him.

The couple stayed three days, enjoying solitude and each other on one of the satellite islands so Trevor wouldn’t invoke the Olympian’s wrath by stepping on Themyscira proper. On the evening before they departed, the Queen threw a giant feast to celebrate her daughter’s victory and impending departure. In private, the Queen told Diana that she could remain in Patriarch’s world with Colonel Trevor until four years after he died. The extra time would allow her to settle any issues and cover up her double life.

“Diana” whispered Trevor during the closing part of the evening, “are you going to use that lasso to erase my memories now?”

“No Steve” she replied, “For better or worse you know my secret. If you can’t bear to have me working as your adjutant, I’ll understand.”

“I think we can keep things exactly as they are, Lieutenant.” Trevor said as they both smiled. “And I think I like the sound of that for better or worse business. Perhaps after the war ends, we can give that some attention.”

Both smiled and as more of the intoxicated Amazons passed out, they slipped away from the party.


Leading Wo-fats’ handcuffed stooges away, Danny Williams pondered for the thousandth time whether McGarrett knew anything about booking procedures or if he was just plain lazy…... Oops channel selector slipped-back to our story……….

“and after grandpa Steve helped Wonder Woman to destroy the Nazi bombs, they flew to Washington in triumph. Your grandpa was awarded the Medal of Honor and because he saved General Blankenship from choking to death during the ceremony he received the Distinguished Service Cross later.”

“Is that the whole story Gram?” asked the suddenly apprehensive toddler.

“Yes Stevie, it is. Now it’s time for you to go to sleep.”

He kissed Diana, and fled up the stairs as fast as he could move. Diana noticed proudly that he had a small portion of Amazon speed. She stretched and felt her bones creak. ‘It’s time to go home’ she thought and closed her eyes.