Germany’s Most Wanted  

By Big Red

Germany’s Most Wanted

By Big Red

The meeting of the German High Command had just begun and already Hitler wanted to know when and how it was it was to be done. With fists clenched he wailed that he wanted that American bitch in chains and in front of his court. For the American bitch known to us as Wonder Woman had caused his war machine to stumble, and no woman of any kind would do that. Hitler ordered all his commanders to make up a plan to catch Wonder Woman and bring her before him. Every commander had a plan that they thought would work. After hours of debate, Hitler made up his crazed mind. Every commander was to implement his own plan…the one who brought him Wonder Woman would be granted god-like powers.

Goebbels and Goering both thought that they had the perfect plan. But, a little known captain. Erick Von Haills, had the plan that would bring the Amazon to her knees before Hitler. All he had to do was get everything in order, and that would take time. His plan needed Wonder Woman believing that he had built the super weapon of all time and she would come.

The smart captain started out on his plan, building fake factories and getting slave labor there to look like something was going on. The captain had large amounts of supplies brought in and stacked all over the area. Hangers where built and test bunkers set up. And actual working jet engines /were brought in to run and to simulate tests. And of course, the leaking of information to the right people so it would get back to the warrior.

His plan took almost a year to get all set up. Others had failed in their attempts to capture the woman Germany hated. Everything was in order the facility looked like it was running full swing when, in reality, it was a large prison for one woman. The bunkers went deep into the ground with a holding cell that no one could escape from. Chains were mounted in its thick walls to secure the super strong heroine. A electric force field was set around the place…if anything went threw it, it was fried to dust. And to top it off all the concrete was lined with a foot of lead to keep unwanted lookers out. With a call to his spy in the states, the trap was set in motion.

The German agent in the states new that he would be praised for his effort in capturing the dreaded heroine and was looking forward to his rewards. He had talked to Diana Prince several times about things that where taking place in Germany. All the things that he told her, of course, were not true at all, but he knew that wherever Prince was, Wonder Woman was not to far behind. So, with this in mind, he set out to bait the trap. Miss Prince was told of a new powerful weapon that incinerated tanks and troops with ease…and that it was in working order and ready to go into production very soon. Diana thanked him for his concern for human life and his efforts toward the axis, and hurried off to get to her invisible plane.

Within an hour Wonder Woman was airborne. Little did she know, she was expected. With a stop in Greenland and one in England for fuel…even invisible planes run on fuel…she made the German coast. The spies in England radioed that she was on her way. Erick could not wait to spring his surprise. Given the coordinates by her snitch, she headed strait into the middle of Germany. Wonder Woman circled the factory several times checking it over. It looked well guarded, and she searched in vain for a weak point. Deciding a small turn in one wall was a good place to sneak onto the facility, Wonder Woman put the plane on hover, stepped out on the wing, and, with the grace of a dove, slipped off into the night air. Little did she know that, when she was twenty feet off the ground, an alarm went off telling everyone on the ground where she was. Worse yet, they also knew where her plane would be.

As soon as she touched the ground, an electrical shock was set off in her area. It would have fried most people to nothing, but she was not mortal; still, it shook her to her soul. Her teeth chattered and her hair frazzled…it was to much of a shock to take for even her. She hit the ground with a grunt and went to her knees in pain. After a few seconds, the shocking had put her out cold.

Troopers moved in with guns ready, but when she didn’t move they stared in amazement. The sergeant then strapped a gas mask on her and turned on the lethal gas. With a smile he announced that wonder slut was out for the count. She was drug by her hair to the new bunker build to hold her. Wonder Woman was put in the chains with the gas mask on. Erick came in to look at his handy work. He had done what no one else had done before…he had the Amazon in control.

Now he had to deal with that dam plane of hers. Antiaircraft fire went up all over. About twenty minutes later, a smoke trail was seen and Erick smiled…he had her, and now her plane. It was a great day for Germany indeed. A call was made to the supreme ruler. Hitler would be there in two days to pass sentence on Wonder Woman himself. Wonder Woman waited her fate chained and gassed into nothingness.

Hitler arrived to glorious music and a fanfare never seen. He looked over the invisible plane and ordered in set to secret labs to be analyzed. Then he went to the holding bunker and looked at the woman who caused him so much trouble over the last few years. He was amazed at her body but knew she was nothing but trouble. With that, he ordered a court be set up in the bunker so she would not be taken out of chains. But he wanted her awake for her condemnation. The gas mask was removed, as was all her clothing. It was a souvenir for Hitler and the Third Reich.

Wonder Woman awoke to flashing lights and people looking at her. Her head felt like it was three sizes to big. A slap to the face brought her around. Wonder Woman looked up and was in disbelief…before her stood Hitler himself. He accused her of trying to stop the will of the people of the world, and proclaimed she was to be punished. She spat at him called him a disgrace to mankind, which pissed Hitler off all the more. He snarled, “I have found you guilty of all charges and shall punish you in kind. You should be either hung or crucified, but I’m a kind man.” With that, Wonder Woman said some things that would make the devil flinch. The gavel went down, and it was done. Her fate was to be encased in a tomb for all eternity. German medical technology was very advanced…she would be put to sleep but know everyday that passed.

Wonder Woman was given the needed shots over the next two weeks...the drugs kept her alive, but barely, and the experience was very painful. She was beginning to wish that Hitler had hung her. Every muscle needed to get a shot…some more than one…and it caused her to scream in pain, but no one there cared at all. The last indecency was to have her head shaven, and the German Cross tattooed on her head.

The last night she was used by all her guards like a common slut. Every hole was used several times. All the shots over the weeks had taken the fight out of her, plus she was given just enough gas to keep her mind in neutral. The last insult was to have a ball gag put in place and two huge dildos stuffed in her ass and pussy.

The big day arrived and, with cameras rolling, Wonder Woman was moved out of the bunker and taken to her tomb. She was placed in chains and then wrapped in leather bondage gear. Her eyes where kept open so she could see, and was given the final shot that put her in a semi-sleep. Wonder Woman was then put in a metal box, strapped in it tight, and the metal box was put into another heavier box. She was then lowered two hundred feet into the ground into her cement tomb…the cement door was then poured and let to set. After it was set, the whole area was filled in. Within a year there would be a dam over the whole area.

All Wonder Woman could do was look straight ahead at nothing. They figured, with the drugs she was given, she would last at least 10000 years before she needed even a breath of air. It was going to be a long time for Wonder Woman.

The war went on, Germany lost, and people forgot about Wonder Woman after a few years. Some thought that the Germans had killed her…others that she just went back to wherever she came from. Those that knew the secret had long died, and still Wonder Woman stared at nothing…her mind working…driving her a bit more crazy every day.