Wonder Woman vs The Green Seamen  

By Black7

WONDER WOMAN: Versus The Green Seamen {Fan}, {Preg}, {Reluc} ORIGINAL.AUTHOR: Black7 {youcanreachus@sympatico.ca} AUGEMENTATION.AUTHOR: Angel {0Jedi.Archangel0@gmail.com} AUTHOR'S.NOTE: "I adopted this story from Black7 off a superhero erotica website and have augmented the story to suit my individual tastes. kinda like before." "Steve, please, I told you to stop with this." Wonder Woman said on the tarmac getting ready to go help her best friend Batgirl with catching the Green Goblin. Steve had flipped when he found out she was engaged to an elderly black man. For some reason, he just wouldn't let her go and move one and she felt sorry for him. "Wonder Woman! This isn't right, he has some sort of spell. this is some sort of Amazon curse. Why won't you just talk with your mother about this?" Steve was clearly grasping at straws. Wonder Women had enough of this sniveling though. She had never done this for personal gain before but this was interfering with her job. She easily wrapped her lasso around Steve. "Steve, you will forget about me and move on. You will go back to your job and do what your country needs you to do." Slipping the lasso off, Steve just stood there stunned from the commands and what she just did. Doing that was the last thing she wanted to do but she couldn't very well have him running around trying to break up her marriage with Ben, on some fools quest to 'save' her. Wonder Woman glanced back at her passenger, as she stopped daydreaming about her confrontation with Steve earlier. The Green Goblin was strapped to the second seat of her invisible jet, the four point harness snug against his chest. The shackles restrained his arms to the ejection seat armrests, and the seat's ankle restraints held his legs in tight. He looked rather dejected with his current situation. As a rather small man, the seat dwarfed him by almost a foot, as the seat was designed for an Amazon woman, and he barely broached Wonder Woman's shoulders. She scanned across the instruments, everything in the green as the autopilot took them on a great circle route across northern Canada en route to Gotham City. She was bored, and her mind wandered back to the green thug's capture. Batgirl, and Wonder Woman, had prepared a honey trap for the Goblin based on intelligence Batman had wrong out of the Joker. Unfortunately, like all good plans, they never survive contact with the enemy. Diana had stealthily broken into the warehouse they were to bring the Goblin down in. They were where his nefarious devices were being prepared for shipment back to Gotham in. She crept stealthily around the wooden pallets and crates in the dimly lit building. A dull echo of voices spilled through the air from the open door of the manager's side office. Getting closer she recognized Barbara's voice, and that of the Goblin, soon she was able to peer into the office. Diana had a sharp intake of breath as the scene before her unfolded more clearly. Batgirl was bent over the desk; And, her ivory skinned ass clearly on display as the Goblin naked to the world worked his manhood into her. Her shapely legs were bare, and she could see her breasts swing freely. Her bat costume was pulled up to her firm, and perky breasts that were a rather small A cup. The voices grew more clear as she got closer to the action. "Aaaeee.. Aaauuu. auuuhhh. Fuck me. fuck me harder. ooohhh. ooohhh. aaaiiieee." Barbara orgasmed on the big green cock she was impaled onto. "nooo. nooo. not yet! Punch my. pinch my nipples. you bastard!" A green hand left her shapely tone thigh to handle her pouty nipples that were swinging to their rhythm. "Fuck me. ooohhh. aaaiiieee yes. that's it. fuck me. you green bastard. fuck me harder." The Goblin thought this was too good to be true. His big cock lurched in her bat twat, as he lunged deep into her moist folds. "Ohhhh you are so tight Bat cunt. you feel so fucking good." The Green Goblin grunted as he slammed his hips against her slowly moving the desk around the floor with each lurch. Bat girl's clit was constantly being rubbed by his banana curved cock. He was almost there but he was determined to make her come first. She moaned and whimpered again as he felt her start shuddering and he erupted like a fire hose with his seed spraying her ripe young fertile womb. The banana cock worked feverishly to pump the Bat twat full of his gooey cum. Plunging deep into her vagina he tickled her cervix and her stomach spasmed again as she came. "Oh fuck yes." Batgirl exclaimed as she collapsed against the desk in exhaustion. Wonder Woman was not a normal voyeur but the contrast between the Green Goblin and Batgirl had her thinking of her fiance Ben. That line of thought and she was not immune to the sexual energy in the air. The green cock stretched the Batgirl to full capacity nicely. Her cunt lips were clasping at the impaling rod in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm. Finally, Wonder Woman snapped herself out of her stupor and scolding herself, 'Diana, capture the creepy rascal' she told herself. She crept to the door as readied her lasso and she leapt into the door way. "Fucking SHIT! Man." Green Goblin exclaimed as just had pulled out of Barbara. The lasso twirled out to wrap around his shoulders easily. Wonder Woman smiled smartly to herself as she walked up to him. She reflexively tightened the lasso about his shoulders, and her eyes gravitated towards his banana like cock. The Green Goblin looked really perturbed by this turn of events. Diana marveled at how it curved that much. "You are my prisoner, you submit, and will keep yourself restrained at all times." Diana commanded absentmindedly. "Abso-fraking-lutely Wonder Cow. where the hell do you guys come from? The pervert factory? Hiding behind a box of crates like that trying to scare a guy half to death," the teenager exclaimed. Her eyes were still obsessed over his monster cock and over sized balls. Blinking rapidly Batgirl regained her composure, "Oh Wonder Woman!" Was all she could say in a husky voice. Straightening the desk, Barbara was oblivious to her walleyed boobies and her Kevlar pants still around her knees exposing to the world the stream of green spunk traveling down her inner thigh. Diana's mind refocused on the Goblin's member it was very impressive and she couldn't help but wonder what it felt like, and was a little jealous of Barbara for a change. 'Stop this wool gathering, Diana' she shook her head as she scolded herself again. Wonder Woman returned back to the invisible plan with the instruments, and the moving map display. The map showed she was on track over Northern Ontario in Canada, the sparse settlements and roads were far outnumbered by the lakes and waters below. 'Too bad I can't see the Lakes much. there is a solid layer of fog and clouds covering it' She mused to herself. Suddenly a loud bang rumbled and resonated through the plan, as she instinctively grabbed the controls and the autopilot kicked off. There was smoke filling the cabin and warning lights, with loud alarm bells ringing. "Mayday, mayday, mayday this is JLA-69 making an emergency landing in Northern Ontario. My port engine is on fire; Repeat, my port engine is on fire; please send rescue, over." The radio crackled without a response. The jet was already yawing as the port engine failed providing forward thrust. To keep from spinning, she reduced the throttle on the starboard engine and angled the rudder to compensate for the asymmetrical thrust. The port engine was shooting out massive flames and the bellowing smoke behind the jet was huge. Wonder Woman toggled her fire suppression system and sighed in relief as the flames died out. The plan was still destined to crash though as the smoke died out soon after the flames. The UHF radio was absent any of the common noise. "Damn" she swore as the Green Goblin continued coughing up his lungs from the smoke inhalation and stress. The cloud cover enveloped the sleek, but crippled jet as it descended on retarded power of one engine. What she didn't know. and couldn't know. was that a bird had given its life to start a fire in her port engine, the port engine then perforated her radio tower stack with turbine blades like a hot knife through butter. Time for the landing was quickly approaching as Wonder Woman concentrated on balancing the jet on course. Ice was rapidly accumulating as a tell tale sign of a opaque white streak appear on the windscreen. The Princess had been trying to advance the throttle on the remaining engine to climb back up out of the cloud cover but the engine was failing to respond. The air turbulence buffeted the jet and the control surface hydraulics became sluggish and unresponsive. The remaining engine roared back to full speed and Diana lost it, The jet flipped onto its back in a high-speed stall. The spin wound up, and the Gs caused the Green Goblin to vomit in his own face. "Hera? Damn it! Hold on Goblin things will get a little rough." She said as she punched the ejection. The escape pods bounced around in the swirling snow. They were protected from the elements but it was clear they were in the middle of a snow storm. The ground rose quickly as the two pods broke out of the clouds at 100 feet and a sea of pine trees rose out of the fog like spears on a nest of whiteness. "Bloody hell, cheap ass wench can't buy a proper plane." The Green Goblin muttered under his breath as he still had trouble not puking into his oxygen mask. The escape pods were coming down safely but the wind had them going at thirty knots. Trying to steer the chutes failed as a strong gust had her half way up a forty foot pine. The pod swing like a cats toy ball of yarn before being released. The chute riped at apogee and the capsule's energy was redirected horizontal through some more treetops before hitting the ground tumbling. When the tumbling stopped, and her head cleared, The Princess found herself hanging in her straps looking straight down at the ground thirty feet below. Everything felt ok, and she knew the straps had bruised her, but she'd definitely had worse. The cold wind ripped into the pod as she jettisoned the mangled canopy fall away into the snow below. "Okay now, I can release the harness" She spoke out loud but the Green Goblin couldn't care less. A rivet head jarred loose from her downward momentum of swinging her leg over the rail, and ripped her star spangled shorts. The burred aluminums quickly slit the hum and ripped the crotch right out of her shorts, stopping just short of the other seem. The sound of the tear was all but lost in the shrieking wind, so she was oblivious to it, as she managed her precarious hold on the rail as she sought to gain a hand hold on the branch beside it as the pod swung from side to side. She made it on her third try and was rewarded with biting pine needles in both arms as she swung towards the tree's trunk. Her movement in the branch was rewarded with a big chunk of wet snow from a branch above her head, that dropped right into her cleavage. "By Hera! A little help her might be nice!" She swore as the snow began to fall again. "That wasn't it." Muttering to herself again, she slowly made her way down the prickly branches, the pine needles stinging her cold reddened skin. The Green Goblin had managed not to puke in his mask and his pod had landed comfortably upright initially on the air bag as designed. Unable to release himself from the shackles he was a spectator to its slow tip sideways as the billowing canopy pulled it over in the gusting wind. Fear began to set in as the pod started to move across the small clearing. He was lucky the wet packing snow built up like a snowplough in front of the pod eventually stopping it. Just within sight of a small exposed stream right in front of him. He lay on his side watching the ice cold water trickle past. He noticed the padded footprints at the water's edge. Great someone lives nerby those are dog tracks. 'Big dogs' He thought to himself, and then he realized they were wolf tracks, not dogs. "God damn it! Get me out of here. Hello!?! Get me out of here you crazy bitch!" Diana made it to the ground the same time her pod did. It crashed to the ground onto a snow-dusted boulder of Canadian Shield. Her quick inspection confirmed the worst, what the pad hadn't spewed out in its tumble through the woods the centuries old granite had completely pulverized. Her survival gear was trashed. She had to find the other pod before she froze to death. Her power belt was fighting a losing battle against the elements given her attire. Climbing onto the boulder she looked around. A blue twinkling light glowed in the far ground, 'That has gotta be the other pods locator light' she thought. Staying out of the stream had been the highlight of this evening for the Green Goblin but the snow dam that had stopped him had redirected some of its water. The pale blue light of the beacon revealed the gradual advance of clear cold water. Soon it lapped on the windscreen, next it began to drip. drip. drip and then pour through the rents in the pods skin. Laying on his side he recoiled in shock as the first ice cold water touched his side and soaked his clothing. It rose along his back, down his leg, and arm." He started screaming to keep from hyperventilating, "God damn it!!! You crazy whore! Get me out of this god damn thing! Get me out! Get me out!" the snow was coming down harder now. Shaking with cold, Diana ran across the clearing as she could hear the muffled yelling of the Goblin in the distance, but the words themselves were lost in the wind and snow. She splashed through the water towards the pod, and her feet already numb in her soaked calf high boots. With a mighty effort she righted the pod, and open the chute release. The Goblin was screaming incoherently. She yanked open the release for both cuffs and his harness, carrying him over the slush and plopping him down in the snow. Diana then retrieved the survival gear from this pod and slung it over his shoulder. With a lurch the pod slipped cracked behind her as she found they were on a shallow lake, and not a clearing at all. Both were numb and hypothermia was setting in, as they staggered to the edge of the lake toward the shelter of the pines. She had an arm around him, and the survival kit slung over her shoulder. The snow changed directions and eased off of them for now. Ice, had already formed on the metal of her bustier and they both shivered uncontrollably as they stumbled on the rough ice surface. The small dome tent was intuitive and saved them from worse stages of hypothermia, as it only took a few minutes to set and get their supplies in. 'Damn it, where is the flash light' she muttered. There were only two sources of heat in the tent and Wonder Woman knew they needed to share their body warmth. "Strip naked and get into the sleeping bag." The Green Goblin followed her orders to the letter. Peeling off his sodden wet shirt, he quickly laid out, wiggling into the depths of the sleeping bag. She followed, her hands struggled on her bustier zipper but she managed to get it off with her star spangled shorts. Shivering she squirmed in beside the naked Green Goblin, their arms and legs causing mutterings as the both wormed their way into the bag. The cold metal zipper of the bag nestled against her sensitive boobies and she tried to squirm away from it. They flopped around like fish in a net caught together. Both now laying on their sides. Turning away from the zipper, she rolled towards him. The bag had been designed to accommodate an Amazon. In his survival instinct, he borrowed himself to the bottom of it. Silky smooth breasts with very hard, cold nipples pushed their way into his face. Wrapping an arm around the busty Amazon, kept his face pushed against her milk bags. The warmth radiating from the Green Goblin's body through skin-to-skin contact felt deliriously good to her still cold body. The hot breath directly onto her nipples had them squeezing as much warmth from each other as possible. He started sucking and nibbling on her nipple as she wrapped her arm around him to mirror his action. The sensation distracted her from the cold, though she wanted to push him away, she reluctantly let his sucking mouth continue kneading and massaging her boobies. The rich dark brown nipple became diamond hard from her arousal, and he worked greedily at her other teat. Always a breast man, he often fantasized about nibbling, chewing, and sucking on her breasts. He was amazed at how firm, and pert her breasts were even after having given birth to triplets. Her silky smooth flat, toned, stomach barely even hinting at how much is had stretched. He wiggled until he brought his other hand out and began kneading, and mauling, her other boobie. She hissed as his cold hand touched her and began milking her breast in time to his sucking. Reluctantly she still let him continue." The sensations were fantastic but Wonder Woman was starting to worry about it. Her experience with Ben had showed she had a weakness to saying no when she got horney and she was very horney. 'I'll slow this down' she thought as she rolled onto her back intending to break this grip on her nipple. However, if she had been honest with herself she would of opted for a more direct method to stop him. His arm locked around her back pulled him easily with her as they rolled with him laying on top of the princess still sucking on her boobies. Then her way out was of closing her legs and having his knobby knees dig into her, and be very uncomfortable or she could open her legs and let him lay partially between her thighs. She opened her legs and he lay comfortably between them with his head between her breasts. Her arousal left her breasts very sensitive and she enjoyed being groped, sucked, pinched etc it was one of the reasons Ben so easily got into her panties. The heat building left her determined to slow the pace as she gripped his butt and pulled him up off her breasts, and towards her face. Abruptly she stopped as his massive banana cock pierced her moist nether lips. Flashing back, her mind focused on the half circle his cock made after pulling out of Batgirl. Already horney to begin with, The Green Goblin's massive banana cock mushroom tip massaged Wonder Woman's G-spot perfectly. She could scarcely resist the frantic signals her pussy was sending her already heavily heated reptile. She found herself slowly caving to submitting to yet another male whose cock was driving her wild. He thought she'd get angry, and was somewhat concerned, but when he stopped moving to see what she would do; her hands came up and grabbed his ass pulling on him. Her momentary pause had him propping himself up to look at her on his arms. The change propelled his stiff arched cock another inch into her velvet lips. She hadn't pushed him out so, he took advantage of the opportunity to fuck his massive cock up into the princess and give her a deeply passionate kiss at the same time he started fucking his cock in and out of her. Driving hard across her pleasure spot, his arched cock's knob ground across her wet pussy into all the right folds. The reptile in Diana responded by taking control as she wrapped her arms around him and locked her feet on his ass to pull him deeper into her. The arched banana torpedo filled her completely and his slow methodical assault allowed her pussy to strength her reptile with maddened lust. "Oh. ooohhh. fuck me.. Yes fuck me. fuck. that banana. aaaiiieee aaauuu. aaaiiihhh. yes. yes. yes!!!" Wonder Woman had a massive orgasm as the Green Goblin fucked her brains out. He couldn't believe his luck and continued to overwhelm her brain with pleasure as he continued to hump and fuck her. The pleasure building in his balls he knew her tight vice like cunt was going to cause him to let loose soon. He pushed himself into her until his banana cock pierced her cervix with its mushroom head popping in. "Ooohhh noooo.." Wonder Woman groaned as she whimpered from the familiar pain, and pleasure. The feeling of his sailors pillaging and plundering her womb causing her to orgasm again. His unloaded eight loads of baby batter directly into her Garden of Eden as he thought it would be a real hoot if he knocked this Wonder Bitch up. His cock slipped out of her cervix causing her to whimper again as they passed out from pure physical exhaustion, and the sexual events. Sleep left them locked together and his cock corked up her tight snatch the entire night. The Green Goblin had wanted to ensure he kept her well filled, and when he woke first he grabbed the locator beacon and flipped it off before grabbing her golden lasso from her pile of cloths. He reached out and worked it around the beautiful princess. "You are under my command, you will do whatever I say." She replied subconsciously "I obey." "Wonder Woman, whenever you are fertile you will be very horney until you are impregnated. If your opponents bare your breasts you will surrender, and offer to fuck them immediately." "I hear and obey" Wonder Woman parroted subconsciously, still asleep. Of course, her previous commands were in effect but they were irrelevant to what he just commanded. 'That should make things much better' The Green Goblin smiled mischievously, his thoughts had him painfully rigid again. So, he slowly began to fuck her brains out again. Soon, she began to unconsciously respond to his attention. His little goblin grew harder and thicker than it normally did just thinking about knocking this wonder bitch up. Balls tickling his speed up faster slamming his hips into hers until finally grinding his cock into her cervix again causing her eyes to snap open as she whimpered from the familiar pain of having her ripe fertile garden plowed, and seeded, directly. He pulled his cock out and worked his way up her silky flat smooth stomach until he could lie his manhood between her orbs of pleasure. "Push your tits together, so I can fuck your boobs while you suck me." Confused, Wonder Woman obeyed and soon he had a steady rhythm of pumping between her boobies and up into her divine mouth. The sleeping bag was open but neither now noticed the cool air. He helped lift her head up as he fucked his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirling around his mushroom head as she hummed a delicious toon on his organ. The tingling came upon him again as he slid up over her boobs roughly and drover her head into the ground and his cock down her throat. She was bucking and rolling at this as he cut off her air passage, and the gagging sensation drove him over the edge as he gave her a protein shake and ejaculated directly into her stomach. His balls ached as his massive organ twitched in her now submitting, as it sucked, mouth. A loud pop echoed lightly as his stiff cock slipped out of her mouth. Shuddering, Wonder Woman ignored the problem of the Green Goblin dominating her and put her wet clothes back on. Soon, they had a fire going to keep warm outside of the sleeping back and dry their cloths. The snow had stopped, and a blue sky greeted them. Another two days of getting her brains fucked out passed before she discovered the emergency locator turned off. The Green Goblin especially enjoyed driving his cock down into her and popping her cervix; Causing her to merely moan submissively as she whimpered in pain. The compulsion was clearly bothering her but he kept her mind occupied on fucking like kangaroo in heat instead of thinking about the lasso. He discovered the rip in her star spangled shorts when the rescue team was due shortly. The position accented Wonder Woman's deliciously divinely shaped ass, and he couldn't help himself from slipping his cock in between her moist folds. She tried to stand up with her being almost impaled on his rod of authority when he pushed her bustier down, grabbed her tits to be mauled roughly as he dominated her mouth. Driving his ass down into hers, the mushroom head of his cock fully popped in and he immediately ejaculated into her steaming love pit. She hated herself for it but she moaned deliciously on his conquering tongue as she whimpered from the intense pain of her cervix being broken through. She felt the warmth from his seed explode through her womb and her eyes exploded as she finally realized what he was doing. "Nooo. nooo. Please, goblin. doooooonnnnn't." Wonder Woman groaned as he drove her ass into the ground as if he was planting a stake to mark territory. Filling her completely he pumped her full of one more load. Her breasts were bare and so she submitted to him flipping her around and kissing her passionately as they fucked twice more before they had to get prepared for the Rescue Party. As the helicopter came down to land, He had his hand down her shorts grinding his cock up into her from behind as he used her exposed breasts as hand holds roughly mauling the heavily bruised boobies. The Princess and Barbara sat enjoying their cappuccino at their favorite coffee shop in Gotham. Both had returned from the gynecologist. Barbara was first after they set the table, "Free and clear" She said happily, she was only sixteen years old and didn't have time to raise a baby. She still had High School to finish. "You're lucky," Diana lamented with envy as she patted her shapely belly. "What does Ben have to say?" After giggling profusely Barbara asked, "Oh I had to agree to introduce you two and let him have another go at the Drive-By-News Reporters." Eyes popping out Barbara coughed out her bagel, "What? And he thinks that I will just drop my trousers and let him knock me up then and there?" Diana smiled mischievously but shrugged, "I have no idea what he plans. So shall I tell him you're too afraid of him? A simple normal dirty old man?" Barbara stared at her friend shocked, that Diana would so obviously goad her into it. Something in the back of her brain warned her but she glared at Diana "Yell no, I will give him three dates and if he can't bed me then, he ain't ever going to." She said feeling self assured of the results. Both women were giggling when they saw the headline "Goblin escapes Gotham Prison: Inside Job" They read on, "it appears that three women assisted him in his escape. Brenda Wade his attorney, the Warden's daughter and secretary, and the Prison's Head Nurse. and all three are expecting." Diana responded, "Oh my. Well Ben isn't letting me out of the loft until he knocks me up again. so in a year or so maybe I can start looking for the Goblin. maybe, that is if we can figure out how to reverse his compulsion on me." Barbara looked at her friend jovially and laughed. "I should have video tapped what we saw while we were landing.. Both him and you were priceless. you looked like a wounded elk just suffering the horror of getting fucked senseless."