Penguin's Wonder Whale  

By Black7

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman looked down at her multi-functional display, a pair occupied the space directly below her sightline in the cockpit of her invisible jet. The left one was showing a thermal scan of the water she flew over, the other displayed her flight instruments, indicating she was level at 1000 feet and loafing along at just over 100 knots perfect for finding her quarry. The automatic target detection software buzzer rasped in her headset, and she looked down to see a thermal plume on the display. Steve Trevor's automated voice came across the intercom, "probable contact, submarine snort mast," she smirked everyone had heard of 'bitching betty' on the F-18s she had just customized it to suite herself. Yup just as intelligence had predicted the Penguin's sub would be, outside the 12-mile limit, waiting for darkness and then to quietly sneak in on her electric motors to deliver the contraband. Well this will surprise the Penguin, she thought, good thing he was running an older diesel electric boat, intelligence had speculated that he'd bought it used from the Libyan's an old Soviet Foxtrot class boat. Why the Penguin had replaced her twin screws with those ridiculous paddle blades and duck feet she couldn't understand mind you the individual was obviously off balance anyway. But it sure did change the acoustic signature she thought looking at the acoustic lines as she toggled her display to read out the sonar buoys she had dropped to confirm the subs location. Well let's surprise the bastard. She flipped up the red protective covers on the armament panel and toggled the switches to the armed position on a pair of 500-pound depth charges.

She banked the invisible jet into an attack run and lined up the heads up display with the attack header indicator set for the depth charge release point, easing open the speed brakes to slow down in the dive. At 500 feet she double clicked the trigger and felt the jet lighten up as the depth bombs fell away. She eased back on the stick, closed the dive brakes and advanced the throttle in a singularly smooth fashion; Steve wasn't the only one who could fly well. The bomb bays cycled cleanly closing to restore the stealth features of her invisible jet. The weapons dropped in a ballistic arc and straddled the shallow submerged boat aft of the snort mast and conning tower. From her orbit above she saw the forward looking infrared flare as the heat plume from the detonating weapons spike her display adjacent to the snort mast and its trail of diesel smoke.

The Penguin was annoyed that his air search radar was broke down again, bloody Russian junk he thought, and as he kicked the electricians mate responsible. Oh well it would soon be dark and the batteries were almost fully charged anyway. The twin blasts whipsawed the boat violently sending everyone in the control room flying into jumbled masses of people and loose articles of gear. The white lights shattered, and water burst from a number of fittings, to add to the panic. The lights flickered and died to be replaced by the red eerie glow of the emergency battle lanterns. The talker replaced his headset just in time to respond to the Penguin's "I want a damage report from all compartments, now, mister." "Captain, sir, were taking on water in the after torpedo compartment, engineering reports, main engines are out, fire in the motor compartment...." He hadn't finished the report but was cut of by the Penguin's below "emergency surface, blow all tanks." More reports came in, the aft torpedo compartment had been sealed, but one of the big diesel engines had broken loose from her mount, and her shaft was buggered and their was water coming in through the gland space that drove the flippers, it wasn't a bad leak but they couldn't afford more water into the engine room either. The fire had been put out but they badly needed to ventilate the space with fresh air.

Diana saw the sub broach the surface bow first, oil appeared to be leaking from the port side, and she was stopped dead in the water. The sea was dead calm and the boat seemed to be trimmed down by the stern. Wonder Woman thought about finishing the boat off with another brace of depth bombs but decided against it, that just wasn't her style. She decided it would be more elegant if she dragged his sorry butt in to the Coast Guard. She punched in the return coordinates on the autopilot and auto recovers on the invisible jet to take it back to Paradise Island. Unbuckling her harness she got out of her ejection seat, and opened an equipment locker to get a marine radio and steer able parachute. With her chute securely on, and her equipment bag attached she popped open the jets belly hatch and dove headfirst out into the slipstream. Stabilizing herself quickly she popped the chute and was rewarded with a mighty jerk as the chute deployed. Grabbing the toggles she steered the chute towards the wallowing sub. The hatches had been opened and a wisp of smoke eased from them, obviously they had a small fire, no crew appeared on deck, no doubt busy doing damage control. She gracefully flared the chute and dropped lightly to the black deck her red boots making no sound at all as they kissed the deck lightly. She punched her quick release harness and let the chute drift off in the light breeze across the port saddle tank of the boat. Now for the big surprise she thought as she made for the open after hatch.

The Penguin had grabbed the periscope, into the upscope mode as soon as he had ordered the surface he had to see what he was up against. He did a quick 360 survey, and then dead astern he saw her, "that bitch again, it's the Wonder Woman, and she means to board us." He grabbed the 1MC mike all hands prepare to repel boarders protocol 1, break out the emergency breathing apparatus now, activation of the system on my mark." He quickly grabbed for his on EBA and tugged the mask onto his head, his hand in the air. He surveyed the control room crew to make sure the crew was masked, and swung his eyes back to the scope. The big titted bimbo had shucked off her chute and was walking up the casing to the open hatch, he gave the cut motion to the Chief of the boat. The big bald tank of a man began opening up valves on a main line colored purple.

Diana couldn't see well down the hatch the thin wisp of smoke, the glare of the water of the sun low on the horizon. It didn't worry her she was as Amazon and use to working with scum in the dark alleys, this was no different. She clambered down the ladder quickly and quietly, the wispy smoke curling around her. The odor was of ozone, then diesel, then something entirely different as she hit the deck of the boat. It was overpowering, it was chloroform! Already she could feel her lungs rebelling as the evil gas worked its way into her system. She fell to her knees on the deck, he arms grasping the ladder in a valiant last attempt to pull herself back up before she passed out. A masked crewman looked over the fallen heroine, before he grabbed the compartment mike and hailed the control room.

Diana awoke, she was bound spread eagle to the periscope railing in the control room, and her head was throbbing as she recognized the latent effect of the chloroform. A gag muzzled her and she could just look around. She could hear the Penguin discuss the situation. "We'll have to go back to base, most of the cargos in the aft torpedo compartment and its flooded beside with the port main engine out we'd be a sitting duck if the Coast Guard caught us, and no doubt they'll come looking for the bimbo". "Boss what ya want me to do with her, dump her over the side with some weights?" "Oh no I have special plans for her, but we must get back to the sub pen first." She drifted off to sleep again as more chloroform was applied by her watching guard.

Diana looked around the sub pen, it was dimly lit but appeared to be some kind of cavern. She was tied to a medical gurney, and found herself being wheeled off the underground jetty into a brightly lit area, an alcove that had the faint antiseptic small of a hospital ward. She could feel the fear creeping up as she was wheeled under the bright lights. "Ah my dear Wonder Woman, good to see you awake, I'm sorry the journey couldn't have been more enjoyable," the Penguin prattled on. "You see you have set me severely behind schedule so I'm going to have to change my plans." Her fear was beginning to rise again. "You see I was going to acquire a young lady for breeding in Gotham, using my new DNA replacement theory I was going to create a new breed for my new city, but you went and bombed my sub so we had to return here. However, it occurred to me that I had sufficient prototype serum in the lab for a trial, and off course I have a perfect specimen, if you don't mind." What was the big oaf talking about, she didn't like the implications, her a Royal Amazon, breeding stock. "Don't worry you won't notice a thing, at first," he giggled.

The Penguin, bent over to the drum sized casing, punched a couple of buttons saw the indicators turn green, smiled then stood up. "Yes my dear everything is ready. He grabbed the handles above her head and began to wheel her cradle out into an adjacent room. It held a moon pool that connected to the rest of the sub pen but looked more like a pool with its tiled bottom and aquamarine water instead of the darkness of the sub pen. He wheeled her into the brilliantly lit room and placed her contained on what looked like a handicapped elevator. Engaging the catches at the waters edge, the Penguin stepped clear of the rig. He stood up behind the carriage and undid the restraints on her arms. Diana eyes scanned quickly back and forth across the area, looking for a trick, a way to escape, what was going on, why was she at waters edge, it couldn't be true. With a hiss the carriage lowered into the water up to her waist, it felt warm and wonderful. With a click the casing opened up and tilted dumping a free Diana into the water. Looking down she was astonished to see the tapered blue green form of a Dolphin's body ending in a pair of flukes covered her lower body where her legs should have been, she screamed. She almost went under but instinct took over and she kicked and her body sent the panic signal to her new muscles and she popped almost completely out of the water as her powerful flukes pushed the water like a pair of props. She came down with a mighty splash. Sputtering she tread water with her arms trying to understand her body. Out of nowhere three dolphins popped up beside her chattering away at her, as they gracefully circled her in the moon pool. Their chatter seemed to penetrate straight to a part of her brain and although she couldn't understand it, for some reason the appearance of the whales and their chatter gradually calmed her down. She was a, mermaid, it was impossible, it was unbelievable, she was still in shock but instinct kept her trying to figure out her new form as she tested her new body while treading water.

The Penguin was beside himself, with his success mumbling to himself, his quacks and giggles finally attracting Diana's attention. "You must reverse this, I can't be seen like this, I'm an Amazon Princess! "No my dear you are now an aqua princess, and you must learn your new skills, oh and by the way don't try to escape I have sharks in the lagoon equipped with devices so I can control who they hunt", he motioned to a large video display that showed one of the prehistoric predators as it patrolled the lagoon just outside the sub pen. "Go anywhere you want in the pool, the lagoon, you'll notice some colored marker buoys, cross those and your shark bait, now go my Princess learn your new kingdom, oh and supper is at 6pm here in the moon pool." She watched him go, and then burst into tears, the sobs racking her body such that she almost went under again and made for the pool edge. Her raw emotions over coming her. The dolphins soon crowded around her again, and their chatter began to comfort the distraught superheroine. Come on now women get it together, this isn't any worse than when the aliens banged you senseless, she tried to rationalize. Better figure out how to swim if I'm to get to a place where I can have this reversed. That's it girl, power of positive thought. She pushed off with her arms and began the process of learning to swim with her new body. The Penguin looked on from his control room as she paddled out into the pool.

Diana had always been a quick study and by observing the dolphins she had quickly mastered the swimming technique. She could cruise the bottom of the pool and lagoon effortlessly with her techniques and enjoyed the sensation in the water. She had almost succeeded in banishing the horror to the dark place in her mind while she worked out with her dolphin companions. She had named her newfound companions Larry, Mo and Curley. The dolphins went everywhere she did and became constant companions in her exploration of her new water environment. Today Larry, Mo and Curley seemed particularly frisky. She wanted to return their attention grappling their bodies and stroking their flanks with her long tanned arms. They would swim up to her and rub their noses along her flanks and flukes, it tickled. Diana enjoyed the attention; it was like a warm nuzzling in her brain. They took turns stroking her and she soon found it was turning her on. Diana felt a tugging on her back as Larry, tugged at the zipper of her bustier. Mo rubbed his nose up her lower body and as he reached her belly he opened his mouth. His razor sharp teeth split the fabric of her bustier like wet tissue. He bustier floated free into the pool exposing her fabulous melons. Curley nuzzled her his muzzle stroking her dolphin skin and belly his snout working up between her breasts like a monster tit fuck. Her nipples became rock hard. Diana's brain was lost in the warmth of their caress, she wanted their touch she wanted them to rub her body. Mo was the first to try and on his second attempt speared Diana's changed cunt with his phallus. The stroke spiked her pleasure centre; she realized she wanted them to fuck her. She grabbed him by his dorsal fin as he drove his mammal meat into her. Oh yes she thought as he penetrated deep into her. She could feel his discharge, and she gulped air as they both went under locked together. She pulled him loose and swam to the surface to get air, only to have his companion run up between her tits and spear her and she went under in another splash as the mammal tit fucked her and drove his member deep into her lubricated canal. Diana was in heat and had been giving off mating signals ever since she hit the water and although her logic brain couldn't recognize the signals her animal brain knew exactly what it was doing. Finally sperm exhausted the three dolphins nudged her towards the pool side, and worn out from her exertions Diana hauled herself out of the warm water and onto the cool stones of the pool where she feel asleep.

The Penguin walked into the pool area, he could see Wonder Fish, well that wasn't entirely correct, he'd have to find a new name, wow what tits she had, he bustier nowhere to be seen. He could feel his manhood already starting to get erect. As he got closer he sensed something further, more attuned to his animal instincts he could detect it, oh yes he thought she's ripe for seed. He quickly stripped off, kneeling beside her he began to run his hands over her smooth skin. He gently caressed her breasts stroking small circles around her hardening nipples. She moaned reliving her pool ecstasy. Rock hard the Penguin straddled her and guided his meat into her opening. She woke with a start just as he plunged his huge endowment into her. God she was tight. Diana close her eyes and grabbed his back her animal state demanded his meat, her human mind rebelled against the pain, the intrusion, and lost as baser instincts for reproduction overcame the pain and replaced it with lust. He grabbed he big tits and rode the superheroine, she was crying out for more he continued to pump her pacing himself. He would have this Princess to his will. Diana already wet in a dream quickly erupted in a mind blowing orgasm. Feeling her spasms the Penguin joined her pushing his enhanced seed into her unprotected womb. Oh yes this is just the beginning my beauty he said to himself pulling out his cock. Oh yes just the beginning. He gathered his garments and padded off to his suite for a refreshing shower. He'd be back to deliver another load, his mother had always said when their ripe to deliver a couple of quick loads to make sure the deed was done properly.

Diana didn't feel well, it must be all that sushi she'd been eating, she rationalized. For some reason she had taken a serious shine to raw fish and kelp salad. She finished her circuit around the lagoon and came back to the moon pool. Hoisting herself onto the edge of the pool she let her flukes dangle in the blue water. She cut quite the figure, her auburn hair hung across her bareback slowly streaming water, her hands by her side she could have been posing for playboy. Diana's large breasts jutted outwards, her ripe nipples hardening with the light air circulating across her wet body. She had given up trying to wear a bustier or bra, for the dolphins had taken delight in removing the garment and she'd finally given up, much to the delight of the sub's crew. She had taken up teasing them by lazily swimming on her back with her large buoyant endowment exposed for the boy's to see. Diana figured it wouldn't hurt for everyone to be complacent with her, and if she showed a little titty or rather alought of titty they wouldn't expect her to be plotting her escape. She looked down at her reflection in the pool, was that a little bulge in her midriff. No way with the exercise regime she was on she couldn't be gaining weight, her body was drum tight. She kept having these wild dreams of being pregnant, well maybe their was another reason, could she be pregnant! It would explain the sickness, she thought wryly. Well that might change a few things, and her mind began working on plan B.

Wonder Woman had always had a deep maternal streak within her and she had longed to become pregnant but her iron will and devotion to duty had prevented her willingly to become a mother. However with her new body she really didn't have to be Wonder Woman for a while so her thoughts began to turn toward having a child even with her current body condition. With each passing month her body began to show the definite signs of a pregnant mermaid. Her breasts also seemed to be pacing her expanding belly although the changes were subtle to her, they were very evident to everyone else. The Penguin had stopped fucking her was it became evident that she was knocked up, and she actually missed his attentions. He enjoyed bringing her his meals so he could watch her tits wobble and bounce he had such a tit fetish, and she enjoyed exaggerating the motion for him. Each lunch hour he would fondle her breasts after they had eaten. Her areoles had become bigger her nipples larger, he enjoyed cupping her breasts, and rolling the boob flesh in his large hands. Diana knew he liked her breasts, and she actually didn't mind the attention, her breasts had always been sensitive and she enjoyed his caress. Diana could feel her nipples hardening. This time he began to roll her nipples in his hand, he increased the pressure and began to gently tug on her nipples. Her breasts felt heavy today, and coupled with his tugging she leaned toward his pulling motion her breasts easing forward as he tugged on her hard nipples. She could feel a building pressure behind her nipples, it was both painful and extremely erotic at the same time. Diana closed her eyes, and leaned forward some more, her breasts hanging down, and being tugged down. The Penguin felt the first bit of moisture wet his hand, as the first drops of milk leaked out of her heavy breasts. He had noticed over time how her breasts had gotten bigger and heavier recently. He increased the pinching and tugging and was rewarded with a steady stream of milk. Diana opened her eyes wide to look down and see hi place a jug under a breast. She leaned forward in a female pushup position and let him milk her. One hand pulled on her tit and the other on the nipple pumping away, she had never experienced the sensation before. Oh god I'm a cow, but "oh does it feel so good", she found herself saying out loud, "don't stop, the other one to please." Her nipples were sore and her tits felt somewhat saggy Diana curled up on the warm deck for a nap. The Penguin fresh milk in hand proceeded to the subs wardroom, fresh milk for the officer's coffee in hand.

For the next few days the Penguin indulged himself in milking Wonder Whale himself. Diana's body reacted to the ministrations as expected and she looked forward to the release of her breast milk as her bosom became heavy with the rich latte. She would adopt the half push up position on the pool deck at the appointed hour letter her bosom hang to assist the process. Soon the wardroom steward, who arrived one morning with a mechanical device to complete the task, replaced the Penguin. It was built with suction cups that produced an intense suckling effect and achieved the aim in half the time. The violent sucking effect caused her to quickly orgasm. She easily conned the steward into sucking he tits once he had machine milked her to quench her sexual desire. After a week of using the machine her nipples had doubled in size and her breasts had become even larger. The machine was much more efficient at getting to the hind milk and couldn't wait to be relieved of her milk each morning. One morning the steward indicated he wouldn't be back the next day for a couple of days, he couldn't say why but Diana figured the sub had been repaired and would be making her voyage, this would be her opportunity to escape.

Diana awkwardly pulled herself across the pool deck and grabbed her lasso, which had been neatly hung beside her boots, shorts and tiara. She wouldn't need the rest of the clothing but she gathered her power belt and lasso and slithered back to the water. Diana pulled herself along on her arms, her breasts getting in the way like a pair of beach balls out front. She milked herself using the machine one last time, the steward had left it available to her poolside. I t was time for the big escape. She figured she would find a passing vessel to orient herself and then make for Paradise Island where she would have the child and get her mother to help reverse this process, and she would then come back for the rest of her stuff and revenge. Diana finished the milking herself a little slower than when the steward conducted the operation she noticed the device had a number of speeds and the bastard had always had it on its highest suction setting, men, their all the same. That done she pushed off into the pool, her mind working on how she would get rid of the shark sentry. Their had been nothing like a boat hook or staff she could use to fend off the animal, she had her lasso but didn't think it would be very useful. Soon her dolphin companions joined her appearing out of nowhere as they always did with that amazing fluid grace. Diana wasn't as fast as she used to be her belly had become more pronounced recently as had her breasts.

Diana crossed the buoy line and made for the lagoon exit where she had watched the sub depart. She figured she would circle the Island first. As soon as she crossed her companions began chattering away at her but she ignored them. She could feel their concern buzz into her brain almost as if they were communicating their warnings with her. Doesn't matter fellas I have to do this she thought. Soon they stopped and for a while they paced her and then just as quickly as they had come they disappeared. Taking a breath, Diana saw the telltale triangular fin she was hoping not to see. It was the Tiger shark she had seen before. The fin changed in orientation and she knew the animal had sensed her. Diana dove below the water, swimming cleanly, she didn't want to give the impression of a wounded fish, but she fought a rising sense of panic. The water was clear in the lagoon and she could see the predator begin its circle around her as she slowed to watch his approach, she had gathered a large rock to bash his nose with but it seemed pitiful in reality. The shark came round for another pass but veered away as she moved directly at the animal demonstrating she wasn't afraid or weak. Diana knew she would need air soon, and slowly kicked to the surface with her flukes. She grabbed a lungful and dove beneath the surface to site her attacker. The shark flicked its tail and rapidly turned toward her mouth open, its rows of jagged teeth at the ready. Diana prepared to dodge and strike at the same time. She kicked powerfully and wrapped her body above the shark's lunge just missing its snapping side-to-side motion. She delivered a hard smack to its nose with her rock. Unfortunately the sharks rough skin cut her forearm just behind her bracelets as she delivered the blow but was struck sideways by its sweeping head. A red tinge of blood swept into the water. The shark raced outward its body convulsed once in a full body shrug as it sensed a wounded prey. The shark changed direction again for another attack. Diana braced herself for another dodge and strike, but she needed to get air soon. One minute the shark was charging her the next it was bumped from below and then from the flank. Blue green blurs off her boys had slammed into the predator in a one two three blow. She pushed for the surface for air. The shark twisted snapping against his attackers still in the grip of a feeding frenzy and unwilling to let prey escape. Localizing on Diana again it resumed its swim more wary. Mo charged in from a front quarter, catching the eye of the predator who sprinted toward him, the dolphin flicked away, just outside his reach as Curley slammed into the shark again. From one side followed by Larry right after. The predator was determined however the control signals wouldn't let it quit despite the punishment it had already taken from the body slams by the traveling mammals. It turned to attack again. This time the feint was from another direction, not a particularly bright animal it was rewarded with another series of blows this time stunned the shark drifted away. The blows had dislodged the transmitter, and after a few moments the battered animal swam away from the lagoon. Diana surfaced and was soon joined by the dolphins that chattered away at her as she patted their noses in gratitude.

Diana and her trio set of around the Island, after a few hours they came across another lagoon, with a large three mast sailing vessel at anchor. The sound or rock music and partying echoed across the lagoon. Diana, was still as she gathered her thoughts, should she approach the vessel, she needed to know where she was. She could sneak aboard at night but he mobility on dry surface was pretty dismal, but if she arrived she'd be quite the sensation. Mind you that might work in her favor. Ah what the hell, she'd crash their party make it memorable, get her info then slip away. Decided she swam closer to the vessel. A banner proclaimed "spring break boob cruise, sponsored by Penthouse and the National Enquirer," she didn't pay it particular attention. The vessel had obviously been fitted out for diving and tourists, it had a well deck just forward of the after cabin and mast. That is perfect, we'll she thought this will be interesting. She gathered her courage, took a breath and dove under the vessel. Diana emerged into the well deck amongst ten ladies lounging there feet in the water. They were all topless with huge tits. She popped up waist only exposed, her magnificent tits dripping water as the photographers clicked away with their camera. "Hi ladies may I join your cruise for a moment," initially startled Big Boobs Bev replied sure, "I'll make room." She moved over, it was obviously to everyone that although clearly in the running with the majority of the silicone enhanced babs, this new one was also sporting a family way issue. But no one was prepared for Diana's other attributes when she pulled herself out of the dark water and had her mermaid flukes appeared along with her trio of chattering dolphins. A few screamed, one fell into the water, and the cameras refocused on this latest addition to the popular magazine's special feature on big titted babes. "Holy shit, a mermaid" was all the editor could say, as the cigar fell out of his mouth. Gathering some composure the ladies readily made room for the camera crews and men's mag reporters. "Where did that bitch come from?" complained one red head, "she's stealing all the attention." Diana raised her hand, gentleman I'll answer your questions, once you answer mine?" "Oh yes mermaid mam, go ahead what do you want to know." "Gents my friends and I were out for a swim and I need to know where we are, could you show me a chart, I'd really appreciate it, boys, she winked." "Look at the tits on that mermaid said one cameraman, check out the bracelets kind of odd, I've seen something like that before but can't place it," came the reply, 35mm rolling. The Captain of the vessel arrived in the well deck, with chart in hand, "ah miss, what shall we call you?" he asked. Diana coyly replied, "Miss mermaid will do." "Ah, sure Mizz Mermaid, he rolled out the chart, the vessel is anchored here in this lagoon on Anna Island, is that what you need?" "Oh Captain that's perfect, that you ever so much." His eyes wandering from her tits, observed the laceration across her arm, "what happened to your arm?" Well captain I was attacked by a Tiger shark, that is why I became a little disoriented you see" she replied. "But how did you survive, I mean when that fish takes an interest in you, I've seen a surfer after an attack, twasn't pretty, that's just a scratch." "Well my boys Larry, Mo and Curley," she pointed to the chittering dolphins, "they drove it off, darn near killed it, I travel with them, you see." They all didn't it was just too weird but what a story, what eye candy to go with it, a knocked up mermaid with huge tits, traveling with three dolphins who save her from a shark, this was front page Enquirer stuff for sure. "Won't you stay for lunch, Miss Mermaid, we have so many questions." They passed Diana a drink, "just water please, she said rubbing her swollen belly." With things becoming a little more normal the girls crowded back to speak with the mermaid. A few of them were dykes and couldn't help themselves, "here let me rub some lotion on your back, before you burn, we've had a time out here in this sun not burning" replied a redhead who had obviously baked herself. Before Diana could reply she was covered in sunscreen front and back and hands were massaging her body as the cameras rolled again. One buxom lady cupping her large melons got a gleam in her eye as she felt the weight of the mermaid's tits. She soon started to roll Diana's nipples and before she could say anything was rewarded with a nice squirt of mothers milk. It was so embarrassing Diana's face turned beet red as she squirted milk all over the front of the Captains shirt. He just grinned and said "mama this is the boob cruise after all." Another big titted woman wrapped her mouth around Diana's other teat and began to suckling, she obviously had lots of other sucking experience and was soon rewarded with a gush of milk as well. Diana sat back on her arms and enjoyed the sensation she actually needed the release and this felt great. The boob cruise participants soon joined in with an orgy of bodies that became disrobed, not that they were wearing much to begin with. The journalist if you could call them that with a straight face and camera types were soon active participants in an afternoon of frolic. Diana already being worked up by her the gushing of her tit milk found the Captain wanted his turn. He dropped his Bermuda shorts to reveal a huge Johnson, pushing Diana onto her back gentle he began straddled her. Cupping her tits with his beefy hands he proceeded to give a tit fuck, his hard rod plowing between her breasts now well lubricated with her own milk. Pistoning faster she could sense his climax and arched her head forward to catch his seed. She had developed the technique with the Penguin, and was rewarded with a salty dollop of jizz across her tongue. The party broke up with the smell of a BBQ.

The reporters having gotten good case of blue balls figured they had better get some more story info. Keeping her answers about her background bland she distracted the boys by allowing them to take her measurements. Once that was done she offered to pose for them on the deck and with her dolphins in the well deck. The latter was a bit of a subterfuge because she really just wanted to escape and needed a good reason to get back in the water, it was obvious that the Captain intended to snare her with a net her had one of the hands bring up. Overruled by the photojournalists she plunged into the water and with a wave disappeared below the surface. The captain yelled at the hands when she disappeared to get a zodiac ready, this was worth a fortune. By the time they got the engine fired up Diana had disappeared out into the lagoon exit and was gone.

Supergirl and Batgirl were sitting around the kitchen table in the latter's apartment, discussing what had happened to Wonder Woman she had disappeared for months. They had checked Gotham with a fine toothcomb, nothing, Supergirl had literally put the squeeze on so many minor hoods that the term no meant cracked ribs and nothing. Batgirl bored with reviewing the cold leads leafed through the pile of papers she hadn't had time to read. At the top was the National Enquirer, its bold headline read PREGNANT MERMAID CRASHES BOOB CRUISE, dolphins save her from shark, see page 4. What a rag anything for headlines, and look it shows bare breasts, on the front page what smut. Something caught her eye, that woman has bracelets on just like Wonder Woman. Her eyes widening Babs quickly flipped to the photo pages. Their was the WW emblem on the bracelets, the power belt between her dolphin form and her human form, and confirmation from Supergirl who said "that sure looks like Wonder Woman's lasso" pointing to another picture. Linda commenting, yup that has to be Wondy, look at the size of those boobs." Both women had always been jealous of her big well-formed breasts. "The article says she disappeared to sea with the dolphins, well at least we know she's alive." "She must have some story to tell, a mermaid and a knocked up one at that, I wonder where she is right now?"

Diana using her companions, and the stars made it safely to Paradise Island. She was discovered on the beach almost exhausted by one of her sisters. They took her to her mother the queen and rested her poolside. Her mother the Queen of Thermopile received her daughter's story. She knew the mans world was a difficult one for her daughter. After much deliberation over whether to attempt to change Diana back first or for her to bear the child first, the Queen came to a decision. She finally pronounced to the gathering, Diana shall have the child, there is too much risk to both Diana and the child in reversing the DNA process while still with child. But after that the process will be reversed the Amazon returned to her final form and Diana will be returned to the man's world to seek revenge on the miscreant that didn't this to her. The child shall be raised as an Amazon here on Paradise Island. Diana was grateful for her mothers consideration over the child and torn about having to leave her child here on Paradise Island. She looked forward to nursing her. With the others along Diana raised the question, "yes my child I understand your maternal desires, but don't worry her grandmother shall nurse her as well for you see once an Amazon's has born a child her bosom will always bear milk". "You mean my breasts will always be this large, mother Diana said cupping her 50DD breasts, yes my dear, she said that is why mine bosom is so large after I bore you and your sisters.